#442 - Monday Night Scumbags

Join Gus Sorola, Chris Demarais, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss Tuesday Night Game Fight, pronunciations, the Snapchat hot dog, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on July 17, 2017, sponsored by Audible (http://adbl.co/2uvRPmB), NatureBox (http://bit.ly/2uvjLXA), Squarespace (http://bit.ly/2uvjLXA)

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Barbara Dunkelman, Chris Demarais


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone in the world can I bypass this week to buy audible NatureBox and Squarespace I'm going to drink 4 beers yesterday and I'm still kind of fucked-up from it a lot it is for me I'm such a fucking lightweight I never drink Washington never drink I drink like regularly on the podcast like that is this will be like my only beer or two I have the entire week like we don't drink unless it's at work which is very weird what's weird Geoffrey Rush Hour production going to be dunks on Snapchat like a lot just because there's a lot of parties and events that we want you're hanging out with you tomorrow can I go to make sure when I drink out of it I don't know about the Tuesday night game fight logo Patrick did you know if someone comes to Tuesday night game fight they get one of those in the audience live live audience to get a Tuesday night game fight cup broadcast shows in Rooster Teeth which I guess would be actually taking the role of Our Lives to do shows like this the podcast off topic which please and now she's is anytime somebody gets a new set it's always like just another the next level for what are said to be in Tuesday night game fight is the same space as I can't take me to tweet that he would be very flattering to do Tuesday night game fight sets but he was throwing shade at the RT Podcast that at the same time I don't know if you realize that you to that game fights it looks so amazing I can't believe the same place where they film the RT Podcast Tony said that she got that footage ready to go right away it looks so different I think it's what he means like the fact that some things that are going to the game fight what night of the week could I watch that Patrick Tuesday. What is Gamefly could I watch it on this Tuesday tomorrow or if you're watching this site Tonight Tonight on YouTube on YouTube on YouTube do you know yet Thursday so watch it tomorrow regardless of where you're seeing this get your fucking Tuesday night game fight on even if it's Thursday Thursday night I can have to be for that show go ahead so always open on Tuesdays and it was the one day a week or we could tell him cuz there's so many Productions we do so many things we saw them everyday and we had to stay locked in we have found every Tuesday at around 3 when you're good to go and then all the sudden we decide to make a show on called Tuesday night game fight which means broadcast has to take out the entire film at the late night game fight Friday night game fight like literally anything else but they're like one or Tuesday so we had to move our for you. I thought you were going to kill me when you found out that we were doing another RT Podcast on Thursday cuz you always open on Thursday drinking a lot and so it's like I'd be nice to fill in later in the day or the afternoon and then we couldn't cuz the park has no phones at 5:30 noon on Thursday at always open bumped my flock to a different day of the week for release so all the time to fly to different will always open I had to move like twice already get the fuck out of here blog yourself yourself pass me nothing did you find it weird that here we are for 14 years after the company started and you and I still worrying about what shows come out in a little bit I trusted programming Department to have that stuff more so you're being pushed out of your office whichever you prefer what kind of out a room where we are they go oh don't worry we'll get one of the old guys to move like the office yeah I don't have the perfect space I need for what the space is used for 6 I was in the conference room for two years like a year-and-a-half two years to make the decision so what am I going to be able to get out of their office so if somebody needs my office for 16 people remember I also down at 6:36 I was in a cubicle for about a year or year-and-a-half what chemical in the dungeon you are there might be like what what's your office here in there too and now there's just one interesting and so now anytime there's like it's like a fight for who's available to do it it's been turned into like a post audio Yeah so just right but the room just let you write in a text like sheep anything else Doctor Who let's be honest to Stage 2 nobody wants to work and it's already at CityPlace to work you have to work in stage 2 or you got to work in the Bungalow Bungalow air-conditioned building which direction does Austin have air conditioning directions to the hot box of State because of all the stuff that's going on there I had to finish working already done that so I make the rounds were all of our Administration traditionally has been Thanks directions to be in Stage 5 and then I wish I was in The Bungalow for Lazer team a hotel lobby bar you can actually go to her office words in the Sofitel is 7th and I apologize to everyone Barbara 619 Congress Hotel go by and see that place I had some of the attendees like some of the visitors there you know exhibiting at our checks on people known for using for the Casual guys just Nigri you were there then some of her friends Australia Naomi he's in town from the community we all went out to dinner I've always wanted an excuse to do this cuz is that Steakhouse real loco Perris in that building used to be a bank so they kept the old vault as a private dining room so if you get like if you need 18 people though to make it work and so I just said to Ellie 6 months ago reserve and then we'll figure out like Huda populated no cell service whatsoever not big on social media and like love doing Snapchats or whatever and condition it makes for a better evening I tell you to do that shit Dopey filter on and all that stuff but if you want if you knew there was going to be some sort of nuclear war and you book that room at the time in which of the bonds were going to go off so you live I don't think it's Chris what are the five private yacht playing League of bunkers push it back like 7:33 like no really can't be mad at the building for the woman got trapped in the duct I believe it is Gus yeah she was drunk and she was trying to get into the restaurant and try to go into the air. And got fired or something going into the air do you like breaking back into the sea got fired in the beginning it isn't my fault that would require firing anyway Petros be Austin airport and I I forgot to bring something probably like a month ago cuz I was going back and forth between Austin to La a ton and I got to Austin and I was like outside still hot as me all bitchy California typical typical SoCal and waiting for the newly reintroduced Uber service which is now back in Austin for using Uber and I was like you're absolutely right so I'm back to using ride Austin fuckers they turned off what 20,000 jobs anyway I was out there waiting for my ride and I do this thing I cheat in Austin where instead of going down to the departures level I wait for right up the arrivals level and then they're waiting to get right and I can't find you it's super easy and all the fucking people getting picked up two turns on meth dropped off way easier to get picked up let's put it that way while I'm waiting for the car to come around I hear cat meow like in is a ledge and it sounds to me like it's out on the ledge so I said if somebody else I go I go to that little kitten meowing and it's hot outside everything I wasn't worried about this kitten and they're like I don't hear it I get a little kick me out like that right there she's like I don't know I don't hear it was like so I go in and get security nobody get in the three people nobody can hear this kitten but me and I was like where I'm hearing a kitten up there but it's like I don't know what else I can do besides climb the side of the airport that point in time what happened I don't know I didn't hear it after a while and I start to feel like a crazy person quite frankly Uber left so but you know that we're all thinking about a dead kitten I know that's not like an adult cat that came and it wasn't like I could kind of hear it it's not like playing Battlegrounds with Blaine someone's in the door coming to the drag her this kid because no one else can hear it I thought I was going insane what are the symptoms of a stroke is there any specific complaint about the Austin Airport so they built that new stupid parking garage at the Austin Airport other people can park there for like 2 years while they're building the stupid garage that they charge way too much for I started to travel discussions damn it sorry I did not know what is a nother done with that I was like thank God they're done with that I can park back in latte against my favorite lots of parking close permanently because that one you can walk to the terminal you have to wait for the shuttle and it doesn't cost too much of the garage which is right there in 15 to check the bag level 3 backpack from Battle Ground do the guy who had it RTX and I like your backpack he goes to play that game and I go yeah I guess you can ask you about this damn backpack all weekend I guess I have played this game apparently my BuyBacks ordered it is in the game that it was a military backpack for gas cans dumpster and like a 3,000 rounds of chemo last name of that was his birthday and also his best friend did you get all that stuff right what happens what's the prize you get to like be friends with you have to maintain, technically Princess Peach podcast let's play in Battlegrounds and terrible the movie we can't do that either but we were shouting Evergreen at the whole time we have multiple people run over by our own vehicle you should probably show cuz he didn't put this in this little clip this was our first round we played and we got started and after we got started there was a problem my headphones working here no game audio fuck it will just go with it whatever but actually in this game being able to hear is super duper important so I can literally had no game sound at all I only had the other people chat. Do it led to this girl have a video up there but I got to go to the music so I'm hoping let's play ready by this weekend it's like 2 hours so it's just so much what it should go through like I said on the radio there's a schedule can you text your sugar it really is sleeping all this group chat guys here now in Austin yeah I know what they're talking about we talk about what we talked about some interesting stuff I don't know if you're aware of this there is a big battle on in the real world coming up very soon you guys from here to Gregor versus Mayweather 180 million dollar purse is that right for this thing I don't understand what you're what kind of the macgregors a huge UFC guy Floyd Mayweather is retired boxer what was Mayweather's record when he retired he was defeated by retirement to fight this guy who's moving over from UFC to just just straight box which is that doesn't always translate you know but we'll see what they're fighting for their boxing I think that McGregor's at a disadvantage the boxing start really fighting a very specific things like get their asses kicked I mean I know if you're worried about the guy's a big loud mouth but I kind of like them Mayweather was making it rain order the trailer for this thing the paper you send me like a hundred 220 bucks like a hundred bucks of a pay-per-view for $29,000 2929 thousands like a car when we were younger and people would get really pissed off at Tyson fight music be over like in 10 seconds or even come out and knock some of that early 90 seconds was a very typical Mike Tyson fight over immediately don't go get a beer don't go to the bathroom just stay there and watch it going to be over immediately $29,000 for 30 seconds 9 seconds 90 seconds by bad like you pick one celebrity in that that's your go-to for Lord's here horribly by saying she's like the dreams I have that might be attainable like if I really tried super hard play things right way other people I have a real person like if I can get her on the right night you know and I smell like soap you know then it's like no whose winter early movies video that hasn't come out yet I'll have to buy Indian okay I came out recently recently Cowboys and Diesel the Cowboys in the Cowboys Native American movie when he plays racist guy who skipped bail on a drug charge and the police or the county could take away her family's house because of that and she has to prove that he was killed and he didn't actually skip bail wish I know someone else is going through people who make drugs and sell drugs are trying to figure out who killed her father and then finding proof of it that you can take you to thority so you don't take her family's house away if we ever have our conversation I feel like getting all my information gaps in my knowledge and then have nothing to talk about exactly there's no I don't know if I have one I'd never really thought about you right now delegate count every fucking time on the internet got out good. Big and Hebrew is so I thought maybe that ghetto Gal Gadot and I want to point out that there's precedent from Waiting for Godot and Brigitte Bardot which is why when you look at that what I look at that name Brigitte Bardot Brigitte Bardot and Brigitte Nielsen Builders of Brigitte Bardot I might not I'm I wrong no what about the first one first name mid podcast the world what how to pronounce from that stupid YouTube channel that has started last night and every time we talk about Game of Thrones people on the internet love to tell me that I'm pronounce the wrong American pronunciation of Brigitte what I am I crazy in the stuck did you ever have any of those things whenever you're a kid you read a word and one way in your head and then are you pronounce it loud and it's wrong like my my my cousin pronounced she's reading so ignore a moose I have I had one that was I was like I'm really beat her mind that even the term into the word as epitone every time I read epitome I read that every single time when I was kid and she didn't know the biopic was the way you're supposed to say about that the name that I pronounce and I believe I pronounce it correctly and it will correct people for pronouncing it correctly is in the show Game of Thrones the Queen's name is Cersei and everyone else to see anything but it's the actual name is pronounced Cersei and even George RR Mountain gifts at Jeff's so not everyone who makes something is Right which one is the pronunciation of the word Machinima Machinima and that the the word Machinima which that's the way I pronounce it comes from machine in cinema so it all depends on when you start the transition from one word to me that's how I know how to say it but I needed that flog where you had someone who's talking about their Machinima Machinima yeah machine and also it's misspelled that's the big problem the word that second cinnamon and an EMA and machine and the nanny it should be an easy there and if he was there you would probably for nothing machine about me I started we watching Sopranos recently Game of Thrones watch the battle of the bastards last night before you watch the new season opener wood boilers by the way you know the episode that aired already but we watch the battle of the bastards and it made me think fuck I could really really watch this entire series I've been doing that have you spell the word for now cuz the new season just started but I was trying to watch all of Game of Thrones before the season started and realize how much foreshadowing happen I reread all of the book before season the last season started thinking surely the next book will be out around the same time and obligations now of the seasons of the show weird super weird yeah sorry it's already vastly what point you get to Ghost Rider down with him go hey here's the story that's what I would do if I was treated this but the guy who plays tommen Lannister he played a different character earlier on his number so yeah and then heading to Batman is also the the crow or whatever he is to Birdman in Spider-Man if not to feel like this is the same show the same series he was Batman not like in the same universe yeah that's weird but like this is the same fucking show in the same show like that's weird to me Marvel Marvel experts in the room Human Torch from the reboot is now also been cast as a different superhero in the Marvel universe so the Human Torch is like the entry level for if you want to be a Superhero in Marvel we get started listening to Game of Thrones before last season for the perfect time to say thanks to Audible for supporting this episode of podcast Audible has an unmatched selection of audio books original shows Muse comedy and more audiobook The Great to listen to while you're driving at the gym or shopping driving, at the gym that's how I listen to the Game of Thrones series twice now or Song of Ice and Fire check it out if you like the show and for audience audibl free audio book with a 30-day free trial audibl has it just go to audible.com Artie and browser on my selection of audio content download for free and start listening it's that easy get a free audiobook audible.com / RT that's audible.com RT what a great time to go and realistic all of the Game of Thrones series of books that we can get caught up for when Winds of Winter eventually come to you and the great time to listen to Game of Thrones is Tuesday during the day and then Tuesday night once shame for the leading up to the season premiere Game of Thrones on Sunday Esther really wasn't that excited about it but she was like I had it been so long as I can have whatever when I tell you if I'm going to put Battle of the bastards have a laptop and watching it tomorrow awesome best way to approach her about it I was like out of mind I was just busy and then whatever I sat down to watch and then they're like people like showing the pre-show in like that sounds like Game of Thrones day everyone I think I was late to work this morning after Game of Thrones play the John hopefully be out this Saturday this Saturday hopefully if I get it, we talked over it. John is driving in this one is driving alone supposed to pick up Bernie and Blaine M&C done and runs me over and over Bernie video I'm screaming first game immediately disaster and I think the second game going to forget how to get into a car you got no fucking first of all and it looks like have his help getting in a card you ever run at it in the middle of the street I'm going to get in the front yes I was dead because Blaine did not come help me he was Scavenging for a gun with no ammo is carrying around right now so it's great premise so every game 100 people to win the lobby then y'all getting a plane and jump out of the plane over and Island you have no equipment to find everything on the island and whoever dies last the kills everyone else win Island and the way that they've game escalate is there's an area like you know in Hunger Games that Dome yeah that thing gets smaller and smaller so does ring of like electricity that so we moved its way in and then it'll reset go okay now the Rings going to be here and see me a little smaller and I'll be here is to be a little bit smaller cars to go towards it and there's always there to try to help you work with the team cuz you guys are getting together man Squad Squad or you can place of course you didn't work nothing is more challenging I Got 5 shotgun Century 5 chicken dinners so that's to me I had fried chicken at the office the other day because of that you did John Oliver celebrating happy we had Gus's Fried Chicken I ordered it you think she's going to eat that make more sense if not this year but last year I don't know there's someone says he's lived in Austin for like most their life is never had Gus Fried Chicken never had it but I think I am okay then why did it take you out to do a Pastaria it does it is not correct is correct I mean you're right it does I looked it up to look it up I looked it up my last name is clearly your fucking hey guys let's not fight but we save that for Tuesday night Tuesday night so I don't have to make sure what time can I watch it on Tuesday night if I wanted to Patrick 5 p.m. Central 3 0% grammar on Tuesday night game tomorrow is Sugar Pine 7 wow what's going to be playing are you saving that payroll for Tuesday night I see how it is Monday night scumbags inside information how come I haven't seen you did I said no I don't do that but I haven't seen the answer should be we offered one to God you go around the truth what is it was Patrick I'm never around turning the Cup starting our Cup starting our product you hear about the the new reclining names that start with every other building at Disney yeah I read it but it did totally didn't register in my memory at all I should have called it the inner Rim the thing is there an internet or is it is called the outer rim of the planets in the outer rim and Fir knows me that joke before probably not called me out earlier for my what is Gamefly a joke because you out so that's what's open for 19mm. I want to go and then that Nintendo area at Universal Japan. 20/20 Nintendo area Super Nintendo World Universal concept Play-Doh pizza Pacific Lee Super Nintendo Super Nintendo World so I don't know if that means it specifically Super Nintendo Nintendo maybe they want to have it ready in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics it's only like the cover for Acura right yeah yeah but happening under ground below it Blow the construction site I even remember when it came out it was all the video I want to go about Mario Land in Universal Studios what was this photo you just showed us a picture of Mario yeah I was going to go to the Shell open March 31st 33 Booth Street price of a day-night cycle grossed $40 plug on a 110 budget this is why I'll never get with Scarlett Johansson cuz I wouldn't be able to not bring that up so we're dead we're dead that's why that's it back to you thanks I just got it at the store it cost me less than 40 million of which is what goes in the show me the Box Tops fuck Johansson doesn't matter immediately after getting off the plane that was maybe the worst film to possibly watch after getting off of a flight to New Zealand recliner movie theater is that like some local or New Zealand movie right made movies in New Zealand is what it looks like it was a very specific okay let's go see the Scarlett Johansson movie instead but it's like Scarlett Johansson like mac and out with Woody Allen couldn't take me maybe do you have a chance I think he smells like like an old sock and gay but that's like I didn't get soaking in like toilet water Menthol or something what are the things about time travel. I think you look at like these romantic. Like the old west German evil times it's always in my head I was at the Getty museum with my kids were looking at the Renaissance Era paintings and it's always in my head that yeah this is really cool I can square everything but I just can't help but imagine how bad everything smells horrible almost two things I think about what this time travel is one how bad everyone smelled and to how terrible the food must have been terrible crazy to think that for centuries Empires and enormous wealth was built on salt and pepper yeah it's super expensive paper packet and I got rid of it that was probably as valuable as gold at one point in time so it's like that so food must have been unspiced and just fucking awful back here man I could have just because you got the ocean like it's right there though she's right there. Everywhere and yeah pretty much most places are water even though I even a hundred fifty years ago did you see the ocean from here would have been a fucking nightmare and they didn't taste good without a lot of overweight people what up cuz I didn't have like the stuff we have now like saturated fat for in Rich tweet you know where they they bleach it and then like a loaded back up with but fake nutrients are there any I mean I'm sure there was some but yeah you know it was supposedly overweight you know it's increasing in frequency for sure as the phenomenon of people being overweight so you said you had a very negative reaction to a specific Game of Thrones scene last night helping you out too much good Lord we had beef stew that's how was the Game of Thrones night we're actually made Guinness beef stew so good to me like 4 hours to cook it and then we got what we call a crusty bread which are you know we go to Whole Foods and go to the bakery pie with the big lobes that are like hard crusty are you squeezing and you could like here at gas gluten and everything else in there and that's what we did we had a very traditional Game of Thrones meal we had for appetizers we had cheeses and various Meats also with some honey and some nuts on the Slate cheese board that we made and then for the entree we had crusty bread and beef stew with potatoes and carrots and a wooden bowls bowls with that and then for dessert we had birthday cake ice cream remember that episode of Game of Thrones theme came up and everyone I just saw slowly but they're even worse is that we have other bills that have a handle on them and if we'd done that I think at that point so you like white gotta wait for that because like the crusty bread like the fancy bread did they have them knock off one Central Market I didn't check all of somebody sent me you are getting pictures of butter all the time that's why we weren't sending me pictures of butter but somebody sent me a single stick but it was like this big what dude 2311 do multiple 100 tennis molten gold are you talking about I have yet to be proven wrong multiple times you said you would be do it seems like it's a single video it's like the one part of the video the Brilliance of your favorite videos video bike for my heater 30 isn't it but that doesn't make any sense the only good boomerangs I've ever seen like you flap your hair down at the camera or something I can't remember exactly what the first boomerangs that actually it looks cool going in reverse I think it makes a good image of someone like me me me me me now it's like midnight you guys runs fucking Gauntlet Chris of social media Snapchat now I can do Boomerang now it's like 30 fucking minutes just doing the dumbest like Jump Around horseshit you know for every little piece of social media is just like some of these fucking platforms just bite the dust Vine it I like how we have our new social media manager there listening I divorced you do boomerangs really boomerangs not that special occasion what platforms are you supposed to chew today star tattoos and I do Marissa all of them you heard it here first Snapchat Snapchat just updated to include links which is actually very cool never had like literally every fucking thing from stabenow Facebook so I mean Facebook I don't even like at my old relative Facebook has a much older than that are up in the balcony yelling at everyone else about something that we don't like his were old and we got you explain to me and then we'll have the money will tell us what is wrong what is the fucking hot dog it's on the ground where like how do I see the photos of it I don't know what the fucking hot tub that boy put it on stuff and then it stays there when you move the headphones on and everything that comes up in a meeting with people around a conference table and they call it like I was going to fucking love this hot dog it's the kind of thing that should not you don't know how I think they came up with this if you put the hot dog on me I just going to be in a relationship right now right shoulder blade hot dog hot dog overrated the hot dogs actually Island matches really have a career year you know where is Liberty the island is so perfect I think I'm hot dog came from the dancing baby really thought about dancing baby was a how can we make that 20 years ago hot dogs I need a hot dog you can what is the hot dog have lower to it the hot dog dancing hot dog Halloween costume I will bet nobody else will try to find someone you know personally and there will be very few people doing the hot dog costume I'm doing it will you'll do it just to win the stupid bet I'll do it that hot dog is going to be like a racist KKK mascot in the next two months if that's exactly what's going to happen when you don't one thing I was talking about like he was popular I know people would you want to be naughty Halloween right and there was a very specific to be the only person who did very unique look to it when I did when I was doing unconventional I went to Santa Con in New York I'd say maybe a quarter the people encountered were worried like the comprable Christmas version of that instead of jack-o'-lanterns it was like Christmas trees around for awhile market like people didn't dress up to do with pumpkin but they went to the website because it wasn't available at the Christmas Halloween it was like maybe 2 or 3 weeks before Halloween and still nobody dresses David S pumpkin pie for you it was hard to find it was really hard I'm David a few weeks ago and he was in that episode session brilliant such a brilliant brilliant pandering to them it's like to be a promotion that guy is the head of content development now it's fucking Snapchat cuz he's like what is what is wrong person could put the dancing hot dog on a podcast it while you're watching it that's my girl what do you do when you realize your self-control resist the temptation please you eat the junk food but start snacking healthy with NatureBox NatureBox make snacks that actually tastes great and are better for you crazy with high-quality ingredients that are free from artificial flavors or sweeteners can feel great about stacking the great ones like honey Dijon pretzels mocha almond bars you can cancel at anytime simple go to naturebox.com check the snack catalog does over a hundred next to choose from and are costly adding delicious new snacks snacks he wanted to deliver them right to your door when Nature Box on board their new snacks each month expired by real customer feedback will replace it for free right now you're even more electricity at naturebox.com Richie for 50% off first order naturebox.com pineapple here it's a good one over there working man or sitting here doing nothing the entire time that you're keeping this podcast of float on a business level over here making a bounced around on your lap while I don't work you don't have to add a hotdog there what does Square market cap on Snapchat now I know it's Fallen but it's like 15 billion dollar hot dog Daisy company 47036 billion dollars 17.36 billion dollars. It all the time why why why is that and I'm going to put them in the Tuesday night game fight snack container actually got something of a big, big photos of myself when I was like a kid or when I was a teenager so I had to like ask my mother to send me photos like old photos and I guess it's like a standard thing they want like a normal kid Horror Story Pepper in the white and I'm going to dance just in case someone putting hot dog hair do not know why your Sinclair to go at this is very obvious feature but I figured out how to do on Snapchat when you could see if your friends have watched your story you just swipe up on all your friends I had no idea that existed until a few weeks ago I watched it multiple times almost no one to watch my stories more than once cuz I just see their name I'm going to watch that Snapchat put your friends up on top and used to be just a huge list but I think within the last month and a half or so they changed it to your friend Barbara where you can animals like delete your post after 24 hours kind of thing they give away that kind of thing like showing your friends are watching your thing to me that hinders activity if you want them to like people to be on Snapchat like looking at other people's stories even if they don't want the person to know they're doing it did all those weird people and there's one that says that that you're best friends with somebody you should use speech at the more than buddy else but then they have a different icon if they chat with you the most but you don't chat with them yeah it didn't work what tell you that I just knew about that I qualified for that for him and yes I sent me that I was like fuck you fuck you using it old and decrepit ice to be a teenager once you get icq number I don't know my password for my number but I cannot work what was it doesn't matter what kind of a micro Elderberry never used to a lot of money to be a millionaire I do okay then I can do it wait like 2 years invent a new check point where they what's up Bobby Facebook it's already heard about it for some of us at least Snapchat number 20 billion bucking flag is worth what now a ridiculous amount of money on the books I really don't know what April 2016 slack was valued at 3.8 billion dollars and in June of this year it's up to 9 billion dollars if someone I think it's great I don't know what's great about I don't know if people fucking love it the only people love about chat client. Is that the people other people use it that's it it's what does the word about chat like I don't know I just like I'd like oh it's like Works what is the differential equation what in what way you just make it worse say something what's your favorite integration hello all the time my phone rings twice a day nobody's there couldn't control my mailbox is worthless romantico can I rent about the fucking Postal Service I'm convinced that the Postal Service intentionally loses packages that are not priority mail it or don't try to take you down to use the more expensive priority mail. I had something that was supposedly delivered to me it's important couple weeks ago the scam delivered at my place I looked into something my mailbox look at my neighbor's mailbox is cuz it gets fucked up all the time cuz they don't know which one's mine after package to have it so it's okay this is my package is my tracking number says it was delivered it wasn't one was very apologetic she was super nice like I'm so sorry I'm taking your contact info I'm going to look for it and I will let you know if I don't hear any hotels near call you back I'm coming back tomorrow and I'm going to ask if we come back didn't hear any recourse come back the next day she's not working it's like some other dude explain everything again going to hear from me some look for the package it's already happened yesterday I wasn't the case number anything he likes cost at the post office or have case number I'm coming back in 24 hours I need to come back cuz I'm going to get right let me guess nothing at all nothing but meanwhile after talking with the postal service on Twitter call and the same guy who told me was costing me I'm looking at the things I had to print out he just let me hold a printout he's like look look I so here it was delivered and the GPS on the on the tracking system says was delivered at your address so why don't you tell the kind of fucking have it so be well after talking with him on Twitter and then on Twitter that next day they're like oh yeah we looked at were looking at the GPS and it looks like the package was delivered for houses east of your actual house where the fuck is that guy lying at me telling me was delivered at my house the Jets with the GPS says they're like we're going to go and we're going to knock on every door where to try to find your package eventually a week later the package just in our mailbox shut up what the fuck does doesn't take a couple houses down to put in the right mailbox I'm sorry I'm sure it was never delivered to anyone yeah buddy come after it was good to get a ticket home fucking bullshit I've held my mail before I rip it doesn't get delivered I go to the Post on the K I have my mail held cuz I was out of town. Can you get it for me like yeah we don't have it but I was out of the country for 2 weeks and you've lost all my mail I will call you will call you to the office call me the post office has God what a fucking what a fucking sham yeah I'm glad it's going out of business and is outdated we'd like hybrid government agency Private Industry it's just like you know you got like zero account of accountability how do I get weird have you heard of your other daughter that you and Kristen bride I guess the letter that doesn't run like a birthday thing this at this happening to me years ago there at the said I could take him there at the FedEx shipping something and there's a guy at behind them who was very impatient and kept tapping his foot and like like looking and and he kept saying like we hurried up here some of us have places to be very patient and so after you finish up with it the guy came to the counter and it's like these forms need to be on my bosses desk by Monday morning it was a Saturday and he was just like please take these right now this instant I don't want to wait anymore and he's being very rude to the service people and the guy take somebody looks at the address because this is a PO Box we don't ship to PO why do bosses desk and he's just like sorry like we don't we don't ship to PO Boxes okay where's the nearest where's the nearest post office and they're just like Sunday bro and apparently after you said that the guy's head just exploded and ran out the door I don't understand how people do not understand the difference between FedEx ups and the post office open on Sundays from post offices anytime I go to The UPS Store to drop off a FedEx package to FedEx store to drop off a UPS package fuck do people live their day-to-day life South Bay walk into the store and Chris's just outside like hanging out let me come out mad cuz like this is my FedEx mail I don't know if I want to work there a lot of angry about some of it I think I think they're doing good work had to go like go get a job tomorrow and like you want to go do the job over to be well I always thought it would be okay but the animal thing I do that anymore way too many things on the internet me how many videos and things were like well I could be near the worst thing about you and how you making out with this guy Zach on the pictures and there's a loser a kiss I would probably have no I mean conversation something I said on a podcast first green cursing a lot of embarrassing like on-the-spot maybe some stuff you've done but like I don't recall any script you've been in we had something that was actually in his underwear not Ben Heller naked naked naked man dies but I was naked I don't even like to kill I heard a kid Forum Revelation that before the podcast that we take the RTX is where I delete like 3 podcast before the karate chop method came to light during RTX the water into a crack I could have been wanting to buy for a year but there's some things I just can't pull the trigger on buying it looks like I can't do it I can't make myself spend the money on it was one of things I absolutely hate I love my cats have two cats have nutmeg and I have Joe the cat and I like them very much catch it in the Box until this and that's awesome and to deal with that on an ongoing basis it lower the quality of my life to deal with the cat shit that's in the box so in the past I have been ones with like they're motorized and have a little break that goes to it those are ten times more work because the rates get gross and then you have to sit there and clean this thing for your dishwasher that he saw which is like a big egg which is like damn course I love to kiss your lips and shape but it's like a $400 cat litter box like it's hard to explain cuz I don't know and it does it get the poop why I can't stand it I know you had a lot of cash at the end there like right at the tail end of that clip here comes and they're gone for good and you have to deal with the musical band he's like all works for Mindy and Biffy and Paul and will Joe which is debatable because JD is allergic to cats and I feel like shity Father ever since I found out the Genie's words of cats that I got cats but we need to do what do you do if you were in the cats you like yeah but I know you're looking at right around that looks like a hyperbaric chamber I got like two massive air filters in there that just like suck every ad yeah I just like you walk in their precious. Remember I don't know why I'm doing my own room yet but it's the way to go but I'm like in my Amazon cart right now like literally sitting there right before I bust your cat poop value I get out of it and they go less than a grocery store get with Gavin tweeted right well everything to print things don't work for him I think you just have to retrain it that's why I have a hole in it that his fingerprints change and he can't use I think that's what did it do that but when it says the man who won't touch this but gross the outer layer of skin he looks like a locust that's coming out of the old shells like you just going to shed his whole body and give me a fresh pink Gavin's molting yeah by the way I feel great all your skin with his crust and had to bust out and you guys would you rather do it like a snake like at the kid to hook it on something like flicks flicks peel a snake with you I just can't describe it is gross but they outgrow their shell and then they have to like Altima Travis stops it's always time lapse crap stops and sitting and sitting there and break in the back of the shell crab we have to pull its arms out of the arm shelf that would be like being a coffin if you feel like if you were like trapped geometry of a crack at what point is like oh that's not my body anymore with your out of it yeah Krabs doing the shell exchang get together on the beach and they'll line up from biggest to smallest know your enemy the end like you get fucked cuz I didn't always think I'm mad it's like scuffle and fight for the city of Phil they figured what is a really cool video no cuz you don't get it tell if you had like the one at the at the little and it's like it's like a bottle cap or something it's like it's really shitty so when the one at the end with the biggest blue crab coming in the Blue Frog yeah they're all just lined up why. That's a fucking orgy it's true it's called you and I like the first one has to come out. The first one is the biggest biggest one is the first one that comes out find a Shell look at that it's like it's a big bug antenna for the delicious though yeah most of these witches got to protect the the sensitive or find a poisonous Stinger it wouldn't surprise me that's weird that's weird right Barb yeah I don't like this at all I liked it at first and then seeing him take his little thing out and Scopes the five crab meat in Crab large crab extra large and double XL crap windows for Less extra large ghost keys to big enough Rochelle Hospital bigger shell Mario collection large medium or small cells is at the crab with no shell there like around that's where the supply-demand Falls part cuz it starts with the biggest ones going to be the end of it was one she left a bunch of little crabs fight over that New Rochelle that makes sense it like there's a bunch of new little crabs at want to get in this like daisy chain or of shelling because if everyone's getting a new show on the biggest crowd gets out and he's no bigger sell to go to the big deal you just dial have to rewash it in the video I need to re-watch it to Shell economics a website to Chronicle hermit crabs changing the shell the website to buy Squarespace Shel Silverstein make your beautiful award-winning designer you can create a beautiful website or online store with an award-winning template all-in-one platform or upgrade ever escort service provider Ward winning 24 7 customer support and they offer unique and simple to set up Squarespace is flexible for any kind of website if use my wide range of creative and creatives and people musicians designers artist restaurants and more squarespace.com offer code to get 10% of your first purchase I think one of the things we don't talk about I just realized this coffee with you have to update anything before we have like a WordPress installation or the something the next of widespread security vulnerability in the soccer using have to go in to pack everything don't worry about it don't worry about it go there go to website I get started and stuff when we're doing the Battleground don't look at me like that I didn't cut you out on purpose Ellie was like get out of here and I was not entertaining enough and then how did they break into the entertainment industry whether that was at risk either the previous jobs at their started there in the same crew Burger King in a movie theater and then her break was that the guy was his cousin worked for WatchMojo I was able to get a job as a video how to measure for a few months is my first time ever like in front of a camera model I feel like it's two different things like we actually having to speak and present their different than just like staring meaningly into a camera video I'm sure they did the World's Fair 1886 diesel engine fucking very happy to see that movie early stuff like who is it I don't understand we Bridge who does like like that early films like the horse running or like humans running yeah all of that stuff and how it works it's so crazy to me how far we've come in such a short. Of time ice cream ice cream ice cream the youngest assistant manager at MorseLife history in Longview Texas to Big Bend six and a half or 17 which meant that because I was an 18 yet but I still have like I had to like you all the money stuff in like right up the money reports and do all that, but it was because I was an 18-year so they could come and try to take your job is like call Matt is all I threw up and counting money and then like saying you can be alone or what because I wasn't 18 yet yes they can be held like a cannibal not as accountable or something I don't know yeah mine is your nightmare that kind of stuff did you leave a universe which degree in money I owe you no money and ice cream too there's a lot of ice cream so excited. There's like 30 degrees or something amazing the things you can freeze you know you can freeze the gummy bear so hard that when you throw it against the wall shatters the Frozen there's a way if you can get off of straight out of my way to get water out of that perfect temperature where is like about to freeze and you could pour it on this Frozen Stone and it would it would freeze while reporting it to the column of water yeah and you create like a little like frozen Bridge of ice ice man exactly like boiling water bottle freeze before it falls in water what yeah you throw it into the air and it looks like maybe electric Cloud Vapors yeah. But I want to do that after Awesome everything have to be in -3 degree winter did you watch the game called Bethany knows it was a gave Bethany a list of elements and Astrid tell me how just not tell me which ones would tell me how many in this list appear in the periodic table and and it was like water dirt salt and steel was in there diamond diamond was in there