#444 - Burnie Blames Blaine

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, and Burnie Burns as they discuss PUBG and teamwork, Comic-Con trailers, going to the gym, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on July 24, 2017, sponsored by Blue Apron (http://cook.ba/29J4MMj), MVMT (http://bit.ly/2vXl1zZ)

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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone Welcome To The River this week and movement Blain Bernie youngest feel like you shouldn't say end because he says end it does for me off listen I'm doing it my way I'm doing it the right way and he's trying to take I'm doing chores and last bill he has been stealing last billing from me this entire time about lost billing and guest starring on Gavin and introducing Burnie burn what was the 4:50 I think you like to put that on the posters like Peter Peter Sellers like the old movie stars it's like funny sometimes it's like you like that or not like that if it's done right. You can go ahead and play Jack and Jill drive-in movie theater watching it very specific answer to Jack and Jill's Adam Sandler playing as his Jack and Jill on the correct part of the story what you mean if you don't take it to the movie with a sad blowjobs that blow job sometimes you know you could be watching the sunset and gate getting a blowjob what happened to be watching Jack and I took myself out of the situation I realize like I hate Adam Sandler and Adam Sandler's adorable show me back I have to act like the other two families around me I need to like look like I'm enjoying the people the car then what is gone suddenly the Roses up maybe it's just like you're in the car and you like his Anderson wife in the station wagon excuse like he's upset that his girlfriend went to the hotel I'm just say I was a young adult 21 21-21 21 22 at the time and you don't have a lot of money in Elgin Community College so I don't have my own place so it's like what are you doing you got to go in the car I was going to give me a call to this point I could write Kevin Kline has twice played himself and his know himself as a person but he's played a character and his dad and had the younger character kill the dead and then become him who's Kevin Kline Jack Russell and Kevin Costner played the character and his dad get killed so he dresses up as his dad twice but didn't say it fish called something something profound Fish Called Wanda remember his thing about it was way too young to be watching that movie yeah right I'd love to have one day at one point but I didn't like that was so good so so so so good what was wrong with faith creatures in the head by accident is he hit man in that one too nice is an idiot so it kind of looks like the Christopher Guest route where they have the same Ensemble and just like hope to recapture that magic think like with the Christopher Guest movies he just has all those people there and they just film improv for like 2 weeks and I are able to make three movies out of this one of those people in that Ensemble Ed Begley Jr and here in LA and I got a really funny story after the fact from one of the brothers in the Ed Begley Jr podcast into what I should we had this like all these notes for me and he told the different podcast unfortunate camera with the name of the podcast was but a bunch of linked it to me this weekend where he told the story about interviewing me and he thought right up until the interview started that he was interviewing Bonnie Bernstein from ESPN by accident but after and was prepared for that interview and then he saw me in the waiting room is like the lamp post is like one of them he said but I know it's so funny it's so funny to hear that perspective from somebody else aside but at the guy who's worked entertainment for as many years as he has no idea that I was like it's actually not really but essentially he thought I was going to be somebody else I would have that we would have a guest on the podcast and I would have done all my prep for the wrong person right oh okay I've no idea what's going on exactly leave I'd come sit down you like so how did you get the part as Spock in the new oh my god really funny story of how I met Tom Arnold ever it's like that you could make a better story than that he asked you like really vague and general questions or did you like have specific things about your sort of I mean he was Wikipedia article and and then I said as I said stuff and told stuff like he doesn't have course it's normal conversation so it was cool and it was funny to have that recontextualization like several months later it's pretty funny important in my relationship with Gavin because it's the only way I can get them to come over is that got him I've talked about on the podcast before but I got him his own copper mug that lives in my house that no one else can use it I only get it out when Gavin comes over has anyone ever used it since I've been probably not. I never know what are those things in your in your arm when you push the cup when it sprays war of it now I have a dishwasher out of cups that you may not use all the time see that lady look me in the eye Texas wonderful things he does not bother yeah watch out and you decide not to is that bad luck that the water but don't make eye contact as a cancel it out or does that like in the city of what babies are okay and they don't make eye contact I don't know wait go back to the place I lived in La for a few months with a high rise building it did not have a floor 13, this is interesting did not have a floor 14 was that that's bad luck in Chinese culture cuz of the four cuz I had to go but I was I was perplexed as to why the fortune was there an L explain to be it's probably cuz it's bad luck if she'd spent some time in Hong Kong 17 because 17th bad luck somewhere else is well and the truth I mean a lot of investment money coming in the new construction the u.s. is coming from China to see that and more buildings this is the solve here you just you put those building floors in for 13 minutes number to something else yeah but that means the floor is still in use by humans that's correct there is a fourth key floor of the building equipment in the body's the ghosts encourage me to think about it for numbers do you think you seen every time wow that's a really good what do you mean what you mean by that like it's 5:13 right now sure see you at 2:46 on a car like I bet like around four to five 6 a.m. is Will Follow You from you I bet maybe during college-age you complete on average you complete your times not this anyway I'm throwing you have like a wash and stuff like that cuz I was costing check so I have just seems like we talked about it but I think you've been so shity for the pubg thing podcast let's play in pubg it was A2 hour long did well you shit on me afterwards because we've got like a thing that might be happening in in basically we were going to get teamed up is going to be like in our group and in and I was like yeah I know I can get Teddy to do a g and then I'm like okay well then I talk to you about whatever I need to talk to you about I left I turned the corner of Steel in earshot and then you're talking to Johnny like head around the corner like I'm right here in my defense Freddie Wong is a fucking ringer at that game ringer he's great with the other day with a night we'll talk about that in the moment we okay I've given up on all my friends he wasn't there he didn't were John and blame there when you started the game how did they get there on my pudgy skills it was your fault he was in the black was from Blaine to me and John has lunch pubg Caitlin that I have been playing with them every fucking week we recorded for 2 hours in the other day to play constantly we've been having name finally Plum Squad Target prune no thought whatsoever no thought nothing my feelings for her he was a joy to me to my face and behind my back Blain was when we started when I got at Blaine was pretty pretty down about it is a little mopey it destroyed my confidence he was he was like he was on that be back in my office like Sprite out like Bernie what did you watch the video that he cut together of your antics and then you put them on character more than I did because I was going out with y'all it's there buddy go read those comments you're going to go ahead and pay day I thought he tweeted at me they said they were shooting at the jumping guy who ran by you cuz I thought that was the guy who was shooting at them all the time I knew what it was I wouldn't Perrone Heating polling hours of this game I don't even have it I don't even know if you guys all get together and play the game but don't record it recorded record that one with three people big one or two people who watched it noticed that like when you run for that long sometimes inevitably there's like a sync issue where it's 60 frames a second more left buttock 1pc might be 5994 and other ones like 5998 and then as time goes on like you hang out with a little bit of drift and also what are the pieces must have been struggling because John's game audio became distinct from his game play is done with a different computer yeah but we use Elgato just to record HDMI from a PC as if it's a console I have enough for all for running Simona yes I'm asking me that she took Dirty Laundry to Australia so my mom can watch it bill I didn't think I'd ever done when I move back from Lakewood to the age of 44 I had a ring in a box and I just checked that was just a box of like you know like a ring like dude I actually got a Ferrari 308 you think you should people at the airport headed to the checkout lady take out lady just slap the label on it through in the bell ringing in your ear vindicating moment this weekend I would ask you to you see with my girlfriend and she bought a Batman action figure those look really cute and I'm going to have to like send it separately or mail it or or something carried on I can I can put it in my checking and I was like let me let me let me pack your bag for you and proceeded to like hold her close tightly so I got all her shoes in her bag so you can apparently that was such Pride wait like Jesus what in the world just because you guys have been you know well thank God we have the last 5 minutes of podcast dedicated to apologies on an ongoing basis I will add that one of the list the major fuck up on the podcast make an apology about some stupid stuff that was on the podcast have to do it too often I'm grateful for that but you know if you like you know something you've got to own up to it available to play pubg later this week on our team for because I like to know I just did something today that was like involved we're not coming on the spots can be like the best on the spot ever but it involves loss ass so I think that's also kind of carrying over into this podcast right now I listen to it yeah but you didn't buy any way you would listen to it but you weren't watching him directly I didn't know like it's like that would be the audio part and I'll be kind of lame like it I like relaxing too because I enjoy that games to play in the same game where I just pop in replace playing at see if I do but I I tried to do you want you want because I'm in the driver seat of any of you when you get hit but we are all of our attention turns to you cuz you got run over we see in the background you can see that other u-az go by two other guys wind up ambushing us up later. Really yeah yeah the guys are going to the gun range they're going to the firing range I would like to invite you to play with us anytime that you would like to get is a tremendous game you can come over or did it really even come over my house I got a perfect that I would love that you know I got you like I said he'd make out for Game of Thrones came up on Friday which was our buddy Drew was in town by 9:15 o'clock he's just he's just chaos in human form he was like taking selfies with it while I was walking by and then I saw something soaking wet across the street and you show me this video I just got some random stranger cross streets for 5 minutes to go to the pool with him I said hey I can't wait to the Austin Yacht Club Mike okay what is that because of the California Yacht Club and the Austin Yacht Club and said he know I'd like to go sailing with somebody and you can just Cruise you know their yacht and he said yes bring whoever you want if you guys were specifically you can bring as many people as you want as long as they're not 60 years old that's good I guess the yacht club his supposed to be okay that was a group of us went out Ellie Barbara Andrew you want to go and I'll be like tomorrow are definition of the word yacht like when I say yacht what do you think of big old thing that we are going yachting my joke of Drew is that he always looks like he just stepped off yeah. But it does and when we were going out there to do this blog you don't seem like fucking your sister yeah I like we're going on a run Ralph Lauren how you have three Yachts but you've never stood on any of them who is very small with great people that James and I was going to fill up noses Union Forest on it they're all very cool how many times it comes to run Forrest run number one of the guys was Australian and phillipus from London net worth Barbara from Canada Ellie's from Kent and then me and Drew are the Americans to melt ice but we were all city of failing so and tell he lost a winch handle over the side of the boat which it was funny it was obviously in the blog like that we're going to go like this massive like 300 foot massive yacht cuz that's what I was thinking I got I got the drone crash into the lake I feel like that's happening all the time now planes are cracking the Lake Travis now 5.1 crash right now in the last 2 weeks that's crazy but what's the reason I want to lose power and like they try to land it on water on the lake and everyone has been okay and I feel like I've heard that you could land on land as opposed to water the angle that you think it's better for me to hear from you I think the angle is a lot more strict on water because if you get it wrong you can flip the plane where are some land you have a lot of like skimage room clean a you could drowned be your plane just like it's funny when you've lost power outage in the plains by the Lost bored I just want to get down to step out of this I don't care if I bet they jump into put pinky and your best friend bring it makes fun of you the one who made the most of you like we don't play like what happened in your brain got that you didn't think to invite me computers in there how do you usually buy for my personal computer and we do for you know there's only three I told you that I thought we found I was bringing my personal one idiot Siri to tell me that the fucking fat cats with two computers each I don't know I need it for what year did the movie The Corner be mean way you used to be there what if you just don't have it so good in that we haven't good God We Are the Champions We Are The Champions you should over here did we have a shoot in there all the time all the time what are you doing about your case for keeping dust in that room but we should keep in the room just cuz it's like Gus's little signs for him doing stuff that you really undercutting that you're not you're not selling it while here so I don't know when it happened but I feel like it's slowly happened to where people try to wait for Comic-Con to release trailers and now the kids, just like trailer palooza other trailer that came out the first love the Ragnarok first trailer super excited about it the music it's all you can make it happen I'm sure it's so I don't give a rat's ass about trailer I feel like they're giving away a huge thing already right it's like the world's relaying Superman dad will putting all me to give you a time limit to talk about the Justice League trailer trailer I was hoping you'd show up or something like that all can save the world or something it's like all the different logos of the superheroes in the fucking Superman logos right there in the middle of the end of the Lost movie in the movie happy with all of the I just actually just read an article that Henry cavill's sick fucking sweet mustache is messing up reshoots for Justice League cuz I just paint it green or they're saying it's costing them a lot of money from those some solution for having a mustache a while ago there were like you think he's definitely in it after the success of Wonder Woman Wonder Woman Wonder Woman have either like this one has her too yeah I could definitely ride in that the comedy and it's like drama dark it's more like remember this but they had this poster out those tickets at United 7 and he's like 7 people so there's six if you count Superman including all the guys that we've seen so there's one missing person I think the person at the end was not Superman Martian Manhunter Australian man borrowed like that those great yeah you don't talk very often anymore you're still wrong if you would like the Galaxy if you like okay for is looking mad or of the first one came out I was like they're making a fucking movie about Thor the Norse god hero how to make it work where Thor was the character in Avengers ultimate where he had to go to harness lightning everything but was a vest that he had with the circles or six circles and was a vest and it was made by a lab that was run by his brother and he kept saying he was the Norse god and it was very unclear whether it low-key was fooling him or fooling everyone else into thinking that he wasn't a Norse god and that you do know for everything was crazy cuz they play music Norse god it's about was the whole thing of like is this guy or his knees like you couldn't figure it out what they pretty much went full-on with the dean of the Norse mythology with the movie nights like this is no reason to like this towards the Galaxy also great I thought Gardens Galaxy was going to be trashed and it was great also really really good popping in it and go the way that we like the Guardians of the Galaxy movie title like that have you seen other stuff he's got a really cool and like you know silly like it but I'm just like old 80's commercials and stuff like that so like I don't think they can Guardians of the Galaxy I don't think they're not replicate his voice he's a lot like James gun but he's not replicated he's got his own thing going on I watched Valerian very disrespectful to Wekiva movie but also value my time a long time so it took it was uncomfortable to sit from the beginning to the credits if I had it I hate it I thought I caught I can't even explain it I guess I just didn't care about any of the characters it was very pretty looking it's very nice looking movie I just didn't give a shit about any of the story or anyone in it and I'm Anthony Carboni who helped us hostar E3 coverage he tweeted a little screenshot of a snippet from The New York Times review of valerian and I think you likes it I would like to flick a summary of his own tweets I can read the whole thread because he highlighted from The New York Times review was imagine crushing a DVD of The Phantom Menace into a fine powder tossing and some Adderall and ecstasy and a pinch of cayenne pepper and snorting the resulting mixture for wearing a virtual reality have Set It Off agus karaoke bar that's loud visual very wordy I mean it was it was like it was like if anything it was it reminded me that the Fifth Element could have been bad you either Matrix fan or Fifth Element I like both of those movies you like one more bigger following you like it better he said everyone like The Fifth Element was like I think Matrix a precedent for future movies about the production of The Matrix come out like 2 or 3 weeks ago the movie presented the film of the studio studio didn't trust them that mean anything so they made with it bound yesterday was happy with that so they even 10 million dollars to make the Matrix the app was just me cinematic building scene for the money but that is absolutely crazy to think that I'm in such a huge movie like you said so many iconic Thanksgiving I called bullet time existed for so long if using it for so long after that I'm working for motion action center Shot completely different after the Matrix if you like but I feel like it was the first movie like perfected the bill on more like the ramping I think things just didn't go to slow motion and put away if you would stay in the shot slow down and then wrap backup haven't really seen that before they did a lot time slice which hadn't really been seen you at that time was it Jason fell down you had a story like that or just saw someone get in a fight on a bus once I could use Elementary School and the kid in the fight with like like the coolest thing in the world change life I love sex I wish you was around more just hanging out and come around as much as you invite him he's always up to go I mean you might need someone to step in Twilight rabbits waiting for it to everyone this after the receipt podcast is also brought you by Blue Apron fresh high-quality ingredients to make a real difference so it's important know where your food comes from Frozen for less than $10 per person per meal Blue Apron deliver seasonal recipes and ingredients to make delicious home-cooked meals variety of Call of Duty I'm surprised you recipes are not repeated within a year so you'll never get bored some upcoming bills and food co chicken and creamy pasta salad creamy shrimp rolls and chili butter steaks Deliverance first few properties of every ingredient delivery arrives ready to cook or they'll make it right customized each week based on your preferences boyfriend has several delivery options you can choose what fits your needs I only get deliveries when you want them to get your first three meals free with free shipping but going to blueapron.com you love how good it feels incredible home cook meals to Blue Apron so don't wait that's blueapron.com / Rooster Teeth Blue Apron a better way to cook ex-boyfriend I Like Your sponsorship and I like your food all very delicious who's the female character in Ragnarok would that keep on chat right I think the trailer I was most excited about that didn't know was coming from Comic-Con was bright but the new Netflix movie with Will Smith pay their looks really good on it looks like someone made a Shadowrun movie world where humans elves and Orcs And like the differences in the Ender's like magic and like modern day technology as well or like Training Day with fantasy Tony Hancock was probably like 10 years too early it probably would be there at 10 if I know I know but it wasn't like it is now Marvel Cinematic Universe it would've thought about Darden Marvel Cinematic Universe Iron Man Iron Man came out 2008 I feel like that was kind of the start of the whole Iron Man Superman. Garbage Superman Lex Luthor have the coolest thing with a bullet in his eyeballs you play the playlist can you find it crazy that we have several good interpretations of the Joker but really no really good interpretations of Lex Luthor who is the human Gene Hackman a little bit but it was definitely a Twist on the Lex Luthor's it was definitely an early cinematic interpretation of character and I feel like the more difficult than just the evil mastermind and he's crazy but he has to still have like Direction and a path right about to get right I think the Animated Series interpretation it's like Mark Hamill's the perfect Joker and Clancy Brown did the voice for the Superman Lex Luthor and I thought he was perfect not too I know but he did play a flash villain he was doing the voice that every convention he goes to like that viral video from like almost every convention that Mark Hamill set foot in there that he's doing something is the Joker this last one was he was reading Donald Trump's Tweets in the Joker voice and they sounded great it's been a correction that they'll Kathy's not spend the entire 10 million dollars on the opening sequence what happened was they were going over filming schedule so they polished up to film the opening sequence to get the movie theater to give him more time to get to finish filming the only have 90 days and then I'm going a hundred eighteen yeah I was one of the first movie ever heard of that was shot down in Australia what I mean a lot of high-dollar visual effects movies were made in Australia in Hancock was by the way I would still get sold a superhero movies Star Wars no be great and is a connection with London as a result was a truck Darren was in Hancock gray yeah I know I did not like it there's nothing compelling about the commercial that has an amazing soundtrack something that face I watch something recently of his probably what happened now I mean what happened because you won't last forever in that movie of exhaustion throw that fight is one of the best I've ever seen the movie Atomic oh my God yeah they live Roddy Roddy Piper the Arbiter Arbiter holding on how old is Adalia cuz he made music for a lot of movies and he does the music from his movies and also like some new album called Lost themes word likes Carpenter's old yeah but like I want to go to John Carpenter's put the glasses on suplex he's 98 I think there's almost a hundred right maybe 99 Stanley the kind of brings back to Comic-Con trailer my favorite but I think that the west-world so soon but they have some footage shot yeah who do you want to win I heard the stranger things I haven't seen any desire to brush up on me I feel like I'm done my research Stranger Things 2 trailer was really good I heard though it was like people watching me like they just walked away with the feeling of like the children said hey we have a lot more money than the Ready Player One trailer came out that's the reason they got Steven Spielberg involved right to grease the wheels to make that licensing stuff easier I can't imagine once you got like a holy that's why they got Spielberg Spielberg wanted to make your movie like that movie doesn't matter I'm sick yesterday and it was cool but like I don't think it's not going sensory overload I mean it's like if you read the book all the criticism I'm seeing exactly the same lines the book which is a good sign for people who responded to the initial material you know right you know that's a good thing I ever make that movie two possibles all the licensing Bentley it's no big deal I like the X-Wing and stuff like that you know there's like certain parts that they have missing they had to have a lot of Pop Culture stuff in there but like missing element how do you know they don't have the X-Wing cuz it's what is the universal I mean Microsoft amount of money you can write checks to make sure we just came full circle in the conversation Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy with John Wick you lost me I Tinker Tailor pamphlet in the movie theater to explain what the movie was so good I got really drunk and I bought it for doing it I like the receipt from Apple on my phone it's over love it he like the movie cat tail stones but yeah I fell asleep for 2 hours for them to pay off at the very end I didn't get that like every awesome actor in The Pale feel like sewed but what is this based on the pantheon like gay like that the traitor the movie like to try to find the traitor the whole time yeah if you watch it again it's exactly how it's cuz knowing what Star Wars for the first hour and a half the movie sitting there reading the Death Star plans out loud that was that would be what it would be I'll look it up with 7 or 10 so we give it to her I'm doing and who you want to win I don't know who was the name Texas to pornstar Texas Presley trying very hard so I got to train her to take him out she's actually really hot so you know why did Eddie Blake oh my God he's like you can't even recognize the dude no hey try to recognize me to show you how do you people find time to be at the gym so I talked to James about this and he in people are always like what what gets you motivated to go and stuff like that and he said what are you talking about Macho Man Randy Savage he said just treat it like it unless I got to do you know like make it something that you absolutely have to do during the day and then makes me very much when was the last time that you went to the gym have you ever been to the gym and worked out never happened either if you feel me and try to figure out what the machines do and how things work I wouldn't know I'm going to kill myself Blaine believe how much stuff do you use do you like to order the gym that usually shows yeah yeah what do you do if you work in like multiple yeah I like arms our backs in traps in ABS one day I don't do chest triceps is it as a separate thing that baby okay unbelievably ripped is it didn't notice he's like he's like this fucking wide now it's crazy shoulder so fucking wide now know is that what you look for in a man that's what I look for in a man nice. Break it up and I have like all these different than what you have her leg day and it's nice to have certain body part 2 3 days in a row and then you hit it like 4 or 5 days late I do biceps back straps ABS in a hazard a and then I do triceps chest shoulders abs and calves and I do a leg day just like straight up 3 on 1 day off 3 on 1 day off with Kate in my house all the equipment that you use how much money would that cost cuz I don't want to go anywhere you can do versions of my lips like I don't use machines all that often you can just get a bunch of free weights but like you know it it's not like I have like specific days for specific you know muscle groups cuz I like to isolate things and hit make sure I hit everything like specifically like the way you do it at the gym with what you use how much would it cost to replace all this machine machine the Fair concerts yeah I don't know how much that would run you but I think that that can get you by for sure it's just I can I squat rack the bench that you can push ups are you can do that you can do curls in my head on your shoulders and then you squat down with the wait on you and if you get in trouble you'll be able to drop and the debarges good I'm with you not having a safety meeting really the exact squat rack that they have at my gym that's literally it right there the woman showed the dudes at school who I like they've clearly decided that going to be buff dudes and I was like I guess I could just become that because I saw them be skinny ones in there was like I want to do that one day and now that it's like 12 years later I still haven't done it now cuz I'll never do it ever cuz I'm never going to feel like I have enough time to do that but you may be like that pic shape like six pack abs something I could do naturally to be weird if I was like if I don't lie you if I live with my head on that I think your face actually kind of changes to like you the weight distributed differently act like I don't know people say that like you're not like if your face I should take different structure for guava Georgia when you text what do people take that for people in stem cells now anyway button OK Google best m-cellz sure cab talk about them like steroids are old news I should take some stem cells and rub on your gum you're going to go visit Mel Gibson do it themselves human growth hormone a certain age like there's nothing like it's whatever you're you're you're going to die in the next like 10 years anyway so it's like when I just like look fucking fantastic so I think I'm pretty sure like Stallone and Schwarzenegger all doing some shit that's making it look like be so you don't think they were all doing that stuff in the seventies when I'm sure they were as good as possible I don't care yeah. Competing not mean that kind of are but it's different you know I don't know for sure looks like it like the craziest stupidest World Records Stanley what does human growth growth oh my God I thought I'd a document onto any other night I couldn't sleep so I was just like found myself in a wait hold on YouTube is watching night hunting videos and stuff and I got really have read that he killed a day that argument the argument is still happening in my to the chaos Dimensions even cat fell asleep after that but because I said I gave like a little gross morning because blood came out of the day so I was like I haven't yelled at me for doing that disapproving tell me about this hunting thing just because I warn people that was blood people get likes and I was a pansy and giving him giving me grief and stuff might have been the phrasing like the gross seem like an afterthought saying that the act itself was gross gross Delta flight Behavior right right not just an image that uses for food is just like you either understand that that happens or you should be a vegetarian which is a totally normal lifestyle web you want to see doctor yet no dealing with the gross reality of where your food comes from hunting tweet by just didn't understand why the guy got emotional from why did you scream like lunatics when you got 100% achievements in Peggle why took his for years been killed like that in crazy he might do that once every two years are going to be super happy that you killed when I was growing up and I knew I would never hunt with bow but I would either I knew a bow hunter and yet he said he would potentially go years without killing one that's what he would do is he would literally like you don't cover himself in Deer piss and sit in a tree flight 8 hours a day waiting to see if a deer came close and that way he can shoot it because you think with far inferior bows and arrows that's how people had to eat around for Millennia people naturally smell like piss so what showers yet yeah you got in your shit either the thing that was fucked up about that and I haven't watched that video Again lyrics by seeing it but the fact that he's like celebrating having a selfie interviews himself whatever it is they're having this Great Exchange while the things like suffering in the back is like go kill it kill it still okay if I watch a video and it lasted long enough for me to think it's exactly what we thought was to get out of the tree go fucking cut that thing's throat the month of the West I could have just one comes out their mouth know they drown in their own blood kin to do I did never gone or anything I've never hunted in my life but it was interesting to see the point of view of hunters of like population control and the Damage that because of you no answer. population analyze to do like tons of damage to Vons on the run which is really interesting to me because there's a time for the 30s wear white tail deer were on the verge of Extinction really in this country and the conservation policies that we came for hunting and limits and things like that now brought them back to the point where they basically almost like pets and definitely some types of Wild Hogs are in parts of the US and it's funny to me because we talk about stuff like climate change a lot of the opponents of climate change are people that fall in the same category as hunters and farmers who are more affected by climate and who also understand the policies the impacts of things like conservation and yet it's supposed to be World communities who fight the climate change stuff like fucking crazy I always attributed to the fact that with the coal industry but then John Oliver just in the story of the coal industry industry 146,000 people meet like $15,000 for the population 350 text by the resistance to climate change policies by people who are more conservative liberal communities who honestly are more outdoorsy than the rest of us like a guy living in New York isn't going into the air polluted streams or anything like that it's like that person more likely to be worried about climate change policies I've always been fascinated by the disconnect the complete and total disconnect I grew up in a very rural area with a lot of ranchers and you know hunters and stuff like that and I think a lot of them were very Big Lots in the early nineties so it totally different world lot of them were very interested and curious about 5:15 I think they were very inquisitive about it and we're concerned I think maybe that I don't know how much I don't know what's changed since then yeah and game Gus's dad was game warden which is to me one of the most dangerous jobs in the fucking world because you're rolling up to a camp to enforce hunting laws and limits and probably would you roll up everybody's drunk at the camp and they all have fucking done while you're trying to write him a ticket for the government like showing up to tell him they can't do that or whatever like I never thought about it I only went to work with him once you've been sick and had to go out for some reason and suck the middle tonight's when he works right like he's out there and I got I know what time was it sometime really late at night and we saw some people who were poaching off in the distance and you know my my dad turns on the lights in his truck he's like you know me to go out there I'm going to talk to them we see anything go down and there's the the M14 that you can you get behind truck you just give me covering fire so I can Retreat back to the truck conversation with your father said that I haven't had that conversation with my kids yet you have to lay down cover fire for me I guess I have but I was recently in Alabama with Dustin and guns everywhere they they will have guns and I was just in his kitchen and he had two pistols on the counter and I looked at them and I was like this was my kitchen in England and police came in at the jail the laws is so different if I thought I would be jailed and he just has them in his kitchen just like the cash would like as a spoon as a gun that spaghetti you know it's just like casual so weird to me was it spaghetti or that spaghetti is the plural of spaghetto I thought you said oh is Immunity Form of spago which means like twine or little line thin string or twine communitive of spago portal diminutive of thin string or talking with the one spaghetti is a spaghetto yeah the question is can you buy just one stick it out if you go to the store and buy some blood from the rough area spaghettis in the region to put in there I missed it you missed it she probably turned away. 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That's what I thought like one of them was like this woman was embarrassed about it looks like if I got my finger butt hole how many bottles of me see how different that you talked about guns being different weird television television is between the UK and the US what do you guys think and I'm not I don't want to like start some weird like debate you know I would like fight or breastfeeding in public because okay sure what about if it's like what if it's the person sitting right next to you on a plane and I don't have anything no problem at all it did the touch you no but the baby was touching me while sucking on the tables made a very intimate experience I mean it's like that but I was going to plant in a locked in my seat and it did kind of feel weird cuz I looked over and he's like right there yes on you yes the baby was grabbing me feel like eating pot normal milk in your eye that would be inappropriate my girlfriend your girlfriend I don't sure I don't like when people say that they can go to like the bathroom to do that right now I want to eat you out of the fucking bathroom I think I get upset about his people who hate kids it's like you were fucking kid people just don't want to see a breast but we were all children ever had to be child but I hate being so I don't know what I mean convenience buy them I want to hate them to go out of their way to tell you how much they hate kids good for you and your fucking God damn well that would be the best if you say she was just like sat in this place and she was like hey everyone my babies. Any of you want to come in just finished off one of these tits would you find that inappropriate what are you on about yes what is this hypothetical situation shit your pants so you would give you a shout by full grown man doing it yeah the Farrelly brothers yeah that's in situation what are okay with me like would you drink it cuz it doesn't have a bottle biologically if men could nurse babies would you do it at that point if it was already like men could nurse then it wouldn't be a stick of butter on staying there would know if mid couldn't nurse I don't think there would be a stigma against men nursing as I'm saying yeah but also I would like to be clear I don't I don't stigmatize to that like I have no problem people breastfeeding probably was just a kid and drive my shirt was little on confirmation by the way the dude would be the person to ask you hey you want to finish this off at that would be a guy thing to say I think that's if I had if I had milk would you have some if I had milk not even in your coffee it's not romantic what if he had just like the finest cold this delicious assist me and you had a bowl of cereal and you ran out of milk and you're hungry and you like Gavin you got me cold then he called milk and cereal in India and it ruined for the rest of his life builders hotline that's like something's wrong, that point what is wrong with the couch tonight that was a valid question it was like settling the line and the baby is what makes it fine thank you for writing it out but could you imagine if someone was feeding a baby out of a like a baby jar with a spoon and going hole here comes and somebody had a baby so terrible just a terrible remind me of when we were in India when we got the hot milk are never afraid you are incredible are incredible guide me and Sewer you know what you were saying I was robbed so Rob told us answer we looked up the weather the day we were leaving it was 125 degrees 125 degrees and we were commenting on how hot it was it was halfway to Boiling think of that that's crazy crazy the road is melting 25 degrees and he looks any good guy my way meet the lie and he goes oh yeah the National Weather Service will lie about the temperature because it's actually much harder than that but they won't put that out there cuz you know all the farmers will commit suicide so they just like yep I think Dad is funny that's what that's real life hit you in the face man Alanna told me about in Australia that every now and then we'll have these like he weighs all these hot days so in Texas we don't get snow that often and some new most places to get snow and hey we can't stay cool it's a snow day you can't the roads are icy excetera will they have the opposite which is still gets too hot will cancel school because it's like it's just too fucking hot like it's just dangerous or not like air conditioner there's something I'm sure they do. Maybe I don't know I mean I feel like I'm being dead serious my Facebook I know people who live in Seattle we're like a couple years ago that a big Heat Wave and it would go to the movies during the day because I know air conditioner France it happens a lot when it's totally normal for a bunch of old people just fucking call Mike sold in Australia old sharks like 35 if anything I just corroborate his story because it happens to be where I've been to why am I not a legitimate source of people not complete my story not just individual the same thing as like what if you're like let me tell you about this movie called Star Wars just start to make fun of each other on this play did you see the other day that Christopher Darden had an AMA on Reddit no he was one of the prosecuting attorneys for OJ Simpson during the murder trial he was brutal like like you always always hope that someone will be very honest and very direct and give you the opposite you're curious about yeah he was off no filter 100% just like Q&A in written form of people just as hell it's really weird and example guess I'm going to I'm going to look for one here it said where was okay someone asked if you were walking down the street and saw OJ or he approached you how would you feel what would you say his answer was I wouldn't feel anything one way or the other I sure as hell wouldn't be afraid of him I probably tell him to get the fuck off my sidewalk and take his ass across the street really really brutally honest someone else asked is it true that come out publicly now