#445 - Sir Gavin of Business Class

Join Gavin Free and Burnie Burns as they discuss Gavin’s travel reputation, pets, the SNES Classic controversy, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on July 28, 2017, sponsored by Casper (http://bit.ly/2bgC0nt)

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Recorded: 2017-07-28 19:00:00

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Transcript (in progress):

hey welcome to this special Thursday edition of the podcast intimate that we like to go out every now and then for bad to just catch up with each other yet but we have been able to do that in her for like 7 years I've got all the conference rooms at 4 so why not schedule it on a podcast when we get paid for this edition of the podcast and this product at is Titan been playing video games all day have you really video game today and got his office and it was even said it's like I know that a lot of time I think this is our job but it's really fun when we actually get to sit there and play with other people because he's got like that's where you guys go to do VR the Champions right it would if we still made that show you don't you don't. I saw somebody posting about that recently cheated there's no VR the champion didn't come out very hot to make contact with her because it never is a must have to watch it it's have on your head and eyes ever game of playerunknown's Battlegrounds it's very fun I can see why I was being a pervert Yeah it's so much build-up to being shot in the face but less than the normal amount of people and so it was one of those things and you got introduced to our playthrough team and hey Patrick how you doing first of all yeah I'm good what was the seat and I was ready and waiting yeah okay but you all the time but I'm sure it will be in the blog we were shooting one thing like we were recording a let's play together yeah over in stage 4 at the same time I was recording the blog and then we came right up against the podcas we had three Productions all of us walking from one video to another and it was 4:59 p.m. through our five minute Adventure Time I was late for the podcast because I forgot that it was at 5 on the way just recently changed it and someone in real-time me leaving a Hitman let's play and I'm coming to town it took me like 40 seconds to get from A to B to record a podcast let's play or something we give ourselves enough time to do it but always always it's 20 minutes 30 minutes of set up at the very least stuff goes wrong the last minute even if you say test all your stuff there's always one thing that someone went test but she went to six people trying to record the same video recording I'll guess I'll just died like one second before we start we played Jame played in the in a match we have our podcas group that would like to match the kind of like warm up before you shut up and we actually got our first ever Squad chicken dinner in this in person we ever going to the squad with Plum squa with all four of us because you and Blaine and got played without me so that could never happen we would never play with you I don't think that can happen you just you just put yeah driver anyway I can married couple but that's not anything to be embarrassed about your crappy driving in video game that's all you get footage on we have footage while he said he's fine here and a motorcycle into the side of my car I was waiting in the car waiting for Jon to come up here because the first time we ever played a game you didn't have your audio working and I ran you over it is true I was one time I didn't have my you just play the first time audio super important Fairy dance game and I had we were doing a let's play had all this technical difficulties my computer got rebooted got into the game you recording all right as I got it honey audio in my headphones have no game audio I was deaf and then tell me where people shooting from everything and then I walked out on the wall and John and run into because I could hear the car Kelly numbers between the cardinal directions yeah cuz it all came through just put like and any people who called that stuff out and says the right here the right here on things that when you are not going hard on the game to mess with when we before we are playing A Duos match and the pan the pan in the game did you come across the panda. It's actually serves as armor and so if anybody up in a house during a rain mattress also weird sound kind of thing to add to the match when that happens and we were just in the house waiting to take my suppressed handgun shoot is pan and just freaked him out and just watch him to try to figure out what's going on and are you driving to wall typically stop it stop it has a complex because of you he doesn't like super hyper active mode reads do need to go in with our Squad I flipped the car I was driving and I flipped a car flipped over from a goddamn bush why have anybody anybody else comes over to my house and you can even get gas to go to lunch with you yesterday I know where was he said he was going to lunch and he wouldn't go with me now I get you to go to lunch though we lost power outage yesterday with a power outage yesterday that like just touch the wire the wrong way and yes I'm going to probably just some bloke up the cherry picker went oh shit and a lot of spots rain down and then all of our power Mikado cash you write our whole business stops we go outside and there's the electric company working I'm sure they'll have specific duties that they have to do but when one person is like I'm going to pull and there's like 7 other guys in the shade like to sit in there it's like can you just like to get up there in like maybe you wrap a couple hours today and eventually got turned back on but it didn't get turned back on until we said screw it Gavin could have lunch make a lot of people had decided to go home because he thought the power be off a lot longer they were told it would be told me like 3 hours so we just went to lunch go halfway there found out that I was on the 10th we was a nice moment because of your time I have cool was good being able to go to lunch together then we got upgraded lunch to lunch and then we got the message that the power is back on and Gavin goes I might go do you want to go back to you want to go back on the lunch but then we meet Allie just turned around and came back drive though it was nice I guess the only if she if you think she was nice enough to give me lunch and I asked her to talk to you and you had already eaten in the meantime not now I'm skipping meals lately too I'm going to purposely but I didn't like having lunch it's to take too long at lunch if I'm ready to record more but you eat mean don't you guys bringing lunch almost every day this one time and she can Hunter are you guys recording that much we recorded today from like 10 until 4:59 it's that you don't like I got to say it's really weird because for a long time I dealt with when we were working on the conversion of $90 button stuff like that I was dealt with this thing up like Michael Jackson being pulled away from the team in our office but when I go into the gym in her office it was like there's like three or four people in there there's always like somebody else missing from that and it was or it was like four and everybody's gone I'm just like court now but then you guys do these huge blocks of recordings that right was very rare the 06 are in the same room so if we win what's going on right now that would keep it right now like what's going on today was 60 today I mean it was split because I was doing thing and thing and we were doing let's place I know this thing wasn't trying to think you try to be discreet but I know that's been made again. I don't even know what you're talking about come back from lunch it's because Jack and Jeremy and myself only going to come in if we are going to make videos the three of us so I felt bad if I went to lunch for an hour and they were just unable to make videos while the other three were doing here isn't yeah and then cutting out I had to go to the late dinner yesterday and I went home and got super upset I got sick and so sad about that I got with the house in the pond the pond in the front I come home and this is if we were dead clearly dead and floating at the top of the pond as a holy shit I thought you know did they die from heat and then the other one was in there and it was like in really bad shape so I like called Ashley she she came racing home I got the bucket try to get the fish out try to get it to Environ try to figure out what the fuck happened to these fish and nope nope they were just they were just dead fish and the other one was like kind of like it was in bad shape it was like swapping every now and then and then like trying to swim between sideways and having lots of problems and I asked Ashley about it I was like what's going on with them just the day before this happened on Wednesday and Tuesday. That's what it what is it and it's like why is the water level in the pond So High by accident you know the way that the pain is aerated that's what the founding anyway it turns out to be a people to come over to the house lady come work works the house and in the summer I think this is what happened I think this would happen if she tends to bring her kid somebody somebody I guess saw the pain was a little bit lower and the pain is like 64 feet deep pool 4 feet deep and it was down like a half foot but it was down a little bit from the no big deal but the problem is we didn't fill it back up on when we fed the fish that night because when you're filling back up the hose you got to sit there and dump this little chemical in there was the chlorine from it to just four more normal tap water right has a little bit of chlorine in it but the fish can't even have that little corn for the guilt and I guess somebody I don't know who died I pulled the hose out of the pond and it was running the somebody thought they would top off the pool which probably would have been okay but they just left it on and left it running in there in the the pool had overflowed and all the treated water I guess got pushed out and it was all replaced with tap-water and that killed all the fish at least I have the one that was in this trial will fish die to the two little fish I need the price tag on them living Bean but they're fucking what what kind of fish and I found out we were trying to figure out we bought the house we like doing Securities fish do you want to do that and then we doing a garden center in a koi fish for sale some of them for like like 2,300 bucks for fish and it was you know this is a big one I think as they get bigger they are worth more money said you having for dinner just loading I tried to save the other one in my sink and Ashley really tried to save them when she got home she can get the dead ones on the time put them in the sink trying to revive them and you know what you could call me I would too because the love fish look dead that can jump out of that fish bowls and be dead and then put back in there quickly treat the water that I feel the same way if we get smaller amount of water she tried didn't say the fish so now today we're going to bury fish burgundy Buick at 12 it has no appreciation for fish as pets at Pet cuz I said my fish my fish is dead and I'm sad about that I said my fish died which is weird like it was horrible when I was saying whatever thought it was one fish two dies at my fish died and I'm sad about that should have said fishes I said I don't know I guess so my face is all my fish died so I probably should have said normally when you post like oh I lost my beloved pack a dog for 12 years I had to put it down today everyone's like oh my God I'm so sorry everything like what is lots of other fish in the sea they really didn't care at all for you like fish sticks for dinner can you imagine he has no sympathy picture of pet you getting out I think the operative word in pets pet if you can't pet it's not a pet can't put a fish camp in a bird eater I don't think birds are pets I don't think you can push your face on its head that something you would do. She's a she's a very flat cat nutmeg is a Siamese cat and is she came with Ashley she's her dad had nutmeg in Utah we got her one day traveling to cats the worst dude that one in the hallway in a poop looks like a fear poop which is never a good poop I guess that the technique should be scared the shit out of it before you leave or you starve the cat for a day or something like that jump itself actually literally just text me I bought us a shovel I'm sure okay this is so real it's real $300 fish thinking about getting a bunch of goldfish and putting them in there for sure I mean we honestly the fish live for 2 and 1/2 years with us I was constantly worried that we were going to kill those fish and whatever happened wasn't her fault we called a bunch of different people to see who put the hose in and you know nobody would own up to it so I can know what to you later but I did but I buy fucked up on the recording of a recording subset wrong you know and I wish I could have seen it but I would just blame somebody but I just had like that is close to there yeah I don't know what I did wrong have here some I definitely did wrong what's up I asked Ashley if she put the hose in the pond I asked her one too many times because she fed the fish so they could you put you try to feel the pain with water it was a little bit low but I didn't have time to sit there and put the chlorine stuff in so I can do that and then I was like man I don't know how this happened in like 30 minutes later I'm like I think I might even said I said if you did put it in I just want you to know you can tell me that was yeah yeah yeah she was not happy that I asked the third time you like I was a kid it seems like totally a little kid thing to do like you know if it's too advanced for a kid why would a kid fill a pond 10 or 11 year old to know the hoses right there and you can walk around where the hoses turn it on and then dunk it you know and you know why we could think of water would kill a fish you know like a Sherlock thing like like what happened where in this is now you sure it wasn't you oh yes I'm sure it wasn't me cuz I didn't help Ashley feed the fish and I she felt bad about that if it was you you could tell me thank you that the third will you have to ask that question are you guys doing how are all your pets and everything though can I get wait we have a problem in that we love one about cats waiting on the other one he loves me but he's not he's not cuddly but all I ever see is pictures of you with your snugged up on me I mean I shook him yeah but he doesn't want it as much as Columba what come and climb all over you yeah Joe the cat will climb on you literally would climb on my chest and sit there until I pet him and when's your e-juice Day to my house when he was here last week did you get a chance to see Drew and he was wet cuz you just went in the pool that's right you something after school Adventure but I took him instantly Joe the cat and dog but we slowly turned her into a loving cat so we actually like her probably on par with Joe the guy just say if the cats purring a lot it loves it more and Smee doesn't purr Columbus text yeah I forgot you had a cat Sofia Sofia the cat was the name of Sophie was the name of Matt and honest cat they got those cats are one of the cats with Sophie and Romeo and Sophie when she died they got like 20 years oh my God that other like old married couple and the kids of course at math kids were sad but when the ashes came back and they spelled the name wrong spelled Sophia and it was just like a weird moment of their all super sad but then like the the typo like brought brought it home or made it a little bit later would laugh about it everything like that was weird I have that type of help them at this little bear little earn they had with engraving Facebook 10 years Kaya Kaya she she's just a feral cat Don found her in an alley way yeah yeah she's really feisty like she had lately but when she's done she will. She come and snuggle up yeah she's a big snuggler II I wasn't a cat person until this cat I was all dog I've done the same with with Meg and that she was definitely dog person that make a big person I think it was just way easier and they smell good I could talk smells Frank Bless you just wiped it just know right I mean it's just runs about for a minute takes a dump comes back in it he's going to wash it yeah otherwise it smells like dog wherever the Buckeyes I also feel like dogs are if you leave him alone too long it's just your bad on it right if you have to spend 50% of the time at least with the dog cabin for that you don't even go to the gym in your life yeah I believe that never been to gym in your life never never really have time have you ever and ever like you don't care enough to apply time to it have you ever gone running for exercise she's going to have a jog I don't like that either you can't do it now it's impossible in the kids are walking to be exercise yeah what you do that did you get that for the The Slow Mo Guys videos yeah I got it for the video and I never took it down and now I just found surrounding it for shits and giggles which have neighbors who would like your kids don't know about fun but it's weird for a just and I don't find out how to get Toy Boy hits a ball I gave you have one but you have to acknowledge it off I believe so there's there's videos online of one wind storm oh yeah The Landing you got your certificate is brave enough to stick with the bouncy castle no super depressing thanks for that talk about fishing Pawtucket yeah we are I almost got who invited how you're saying but not me so I didn't know about the trip while the yachting turned out to be a sales person of all invited you we had a great time but if I invited you out and I said we're going yachting which the way it was presented to meet you and we actually had we recorded this part of the blog where we talked about how we met all of us have never been jotting because one of them to happen with a Blog is when we do stuff that's interesting is that people get upset the money was spent I think Michael dealt with his son off topic about a $200 controller Titan spray paint the thing that was the end of the the touchy part of the things we've done so far was a helicopter ride for Ashley's birthday in San Francisco and everyone's like must be nice to be able to take a helicopter ride the helicopter ride was probably one fifth of the cost of the overall trip like to get us out to San Francisco to stay in a hotel for 4 days was easily three times the cost of the helicopter trip but what made the trip memorable you know it's weird how people key on certain things I don't know why money is one of those things where people have something to say about how you spend money because if you want it yeah yeah I know I get it I think it's a relatability thing that comes across and then they want to try to tell you that your unrelatable if you are a like followed somebody to follow PieDiePie for 10 years and you read an article that he's the number one person YouTube when you read an article that he made you know this enormous salary you know which they estimate and people kind of freaked out when that happens but when she would you want the number one guy on the biggest platform the world to be like paid look like other people in other Industries like you know for playing Iron Man for the billionth time it's like a big thing and I'll be like I mean I wouldn't spend money on that but I'm not like I'm not have an issue with that they wanted that and they like work to save save up and buy so why would I have a problem you know what that's from them that's a long time and I buy a car bought an iPhone on Wheels with the Tesla but I don't I would have been the kind of person you note for me it takes me forever to pull the trigger on buying something over three hundred bucks I just like I will sit on it for 6 months and not buy it and just wait and wait and wait and I finally bought that robot litter thing that you but you recognize you like it and you know just just thought process of like waiting to buy stuff if it's sometimes feel like all right I know I'm going to need this I know this will make my life better and I just kind of putting it off and every moment I put it off I get less value out of it really more than anything else I found because I was so rarely spend money on pick stuff I don't ever buy close all my clothes of very high-quality merchandise that I get paid in a few weeks ago because I didn't know that it was coming soon I thought it was out there selling LTX and so it was a delayed release to the store so I think it's sold out of most of its eyes like that almost instantaneously that's cool yeah I was just waiting to pull the trigger on a TV cuz I wanted a new TV 5 I was like four years in to one of the new TV sounds like I should just get one and I will end up going to Best Buy like 20 times just to look at TVs every so often just to see how much they were and I decided you could get it to Best Buy I was like I should be volunteering my time a lot more and I've probably spent more than the TV in my time just by wasting time thinking about the TV and not buying it Bailey monsters like perusing TV buy a new console anything like that you know because they are you excited about this Nintendo SNES yeah you are on it that I don't have anymore how do you say how do you say the abbreviation you do you say you should be very happy that we're not on a podcast with Gus tonight cuz I can't stand it to England I knew coolest as that one guy because I saw this happened to many times I like the idea of that if you spend a certain amount of money like if you decide my dad told me this was with hardware for tools it's like you can buy super cheap tools $20 rent you can buy for 10 bucks but it'll break on you in the first year at $20 French will last you for the rest of your life lifetime guarantee he was bringing the tools and all that so earlier it's like if you know you are you something if you need it you know you should invest in that and get a good one and the problem cars is like one of the only thing that you can't buy the big to buy the most expensive one and it's the best because if you if you were somebody who's like okay I'm going to buy a Bentley and you got you by Bentley though say the first time you show it to anybody else that slightly different but at that same level and it's just like and it's really weird for someone who's going to buy something like that I would never want to hear like that if I try spent like if I went out and bought like a Ford pickup and bought one it was like $30,000 and $30,000 in the car then it really hear that it's garbage you know from somebody else hey how you doing Michael Jones everybody thirty-year-old Michael Jones I got 20 I have a surprise for him you did for tomorrow on the Pokey yeah stupid stuff to do and so I can give her stuff to do that challenges her her brightness so I asked her to do something today it was very on British who's like at 24 hours so you know what do you know what if you're going to spend money on something and get the best one you know you can do that with mattresses podcas is brought to you by Casper Casper is an online retailer of Premium mattresses for a fraction of the cost fraction resellers passing that savings directly to the consumer affairs mattress at a very fair price Casper is made of supported memory foams for a sleep surface with just the right thing and just the right balance plus it's breathable design leave school to help you regulate your temperature throughout the night so you can hot at night now when it's like in the summer he tries to question you have to answer questions you want to do is make like a does she like she wants nothing to do with me in intensive snuggles at night most I doubt upset me like most months of the year July and August in Austin I wish Ashley was like that kind of because here's the way it works in our room is bed me Ashley and all the cats have like 5% moved over to her side of the bed and then I woke up and come back the other way is she says I have bad circulation I'm very cold I just think I'm a fishing with heat like sure if I'm cold I'm not losing as much energy is given off as waste heat to move to a mattress at the breeze and get some air going on it's just his garbage by Easley online and completely risk-free it'll be delivered right to your door in a compact box Casper understands the importance of truly trying out of mattress that in all reality you spend a third of your life on the 2nd Casper offers free delivery and painless returns within a 100 day. So you don't have to lie down in his showroom you can take me to ditional $50 off towards the mattress purchase casper.com RT and entering the promo code party that's ours and Richard Cheese and teeth and promo code RT terms and conditions apply free shipping and returns to us and to our friends in Canada that Casper money spending decisions I always go for where I spend the most time and the things that use the most often in in the stuff that I want to be nice not a good mattress good TV could share to edit on now that makes sense sorry how much would you spend on the toilet Brandon wants to know I was just saying I was browsing those anal spray toilets and this one that like cleanses the ball with UV after you're done that's a bit much the most the most expensive one I could find was like 10502 it stick on seat 2200 too much for its some shit since. How much how many ships does the average toilet take toilet flush it and it's too expensive and constipated you be like I'm not getting my money's worth this is why I said I would say there's 2 things that affect your like taste going forward when you have an early job like I sold luggage was one of my first jobs that I ever had and because I told luggage I know how what Folly luggages versus not quality luggage so I probably spend too much money on luggage brand what was your first job that you ever had everything we actually on the Block I was a shity waiter of the city restaurant where would you do you know I didn't like poison anything but it was just people in Food Service admitting that they want to put people's food put stuff in people's food that's weird to me no it was just a I was a trashy play things like a Bennigan's and I think I can say that cuz they're out of business but like they had so many different kind of work for the company I'd love that job was just like shit they were bulldozing the been again so they don't give a fuck why we never remember the different salad combinations on the menu cuz I'm not really good at anything but you did yeah but it's like they would you like they come in and they would ask you questions about the men you have to remember off the top of your head like how much a side salad is dollar I think it's a big menus remember that God damn it you better get your Cheesecake Factory no there's a lot there's a lot of thing I saw a lot of gross stuff every guy who come in in order to montecristos your mother Montecristo nothing but yeah Jam not jelly when you called yellow but yeah so did you ever work two jobs we like sold anything that manufactures or anything yeah I worked at the Renaissance Festival in the air and I sold gargoyles by the most expensive gargoyle Marvel related items like the dragons in How to get a discount on the merchandise no no now I'm thinking about it though are you picky about fruit and veg yeah yeah I mean I just wash it well let me know what you select yeah that means nothing because it's probably someone dropped it yeah probably about grocery store stuff to be a TV that cigar basic grocery stores at Kroger or Safeway if you're somewhere else you guys would use a grocery delivery service delivery services in ride-sharing and everything else so it's if it gets that gets super addictive of like oh I don't want to go grocery shopping I can pay like 7 Bucks and have someone do all my grocery shopping for me you know what I mean it just shows up at a certain time that's really fucking cool that was like that's pretty new that's like 2 years ago pretty wicked and if and if you have time to figure out what your time is worth but if you look at the things you do you think it's probably not worth putting out to go shopping when I can pay 7 Bucks to have it brought to me but then that's a shame that's like that's not the future that thing other people's time it didn't seem like the last thing you're in time you're really funny tweets right word it made me think where the person wrote imagine how badly we've screwed up as a species of robots are about to do all of our work and that's a bad thing and that's a really good point what do we get to the point where robots taking away our jobs and robots doing all the all the work that we all do everyday that the crisis for us you know that we had to make money if your Roblox it's because we've all grown up in this environment where you have to have a job and you have to have to work it so I can only work is like this thing that we just meet up at some point you don't even like going to do what we do or you know I'm going to run a cash register anniversary that's like at some point was made up thing like nobody wants to be tied up I seen what you going to do the rest of your life and I think you like your desire for food like motivates you to figure out what can I do for somebody else to grow it where you going you leaving I want to talk to you real quick before you go cuz your time at luggage and everything like that are you in a rush rush okay so I'll come back and point II want to talk to you I want to talk to you about sharks. But l e l e y G Shock waitress or Ellie is the reason why the podcas was late today so just want to clear that up but I wanted to do this thing for off-topic tomorrow so it took a little bit before we have a gift for Michael that he's going to love that she had to go to a very American Outlet but I already came in like percentages of the original him that you wanted so to take we should have gone to the grocery store where they make all the position your life is no longer normal life I feel like I need for graduate cap and gown tonight at 6 thanks can you get those you like on it can you just say that no 10.2 and said the way we met was if I recall correctly it was the million dollars but episode that was the Jason Bourne one and the we had this interrogation room with the one we are the Jason Bourne scenes as I do that it was a office building right around the corner from here and had a market research thing that they used and that's why they had the one-way mirror but it was such a cool room as I could and it was like they said she did and it was Allie and I was like how she find cool stuff so that cursed yourself that's always the current finding cool stuff in a foreign land is difficult that's true but I live pretty proud of what I wanted to do for tomorrow I think it's going to be good though I know you should be enjoyable but fun enjoyable for Michaels birthday because I forgot what you do for my birthday your birthday I wish you happy birthday thanks I just texted you and it is your birthday so many happy birthday message yesterday what happened because the time difference it was still today in America so they put his Wikipedia but they has the wrong day on Twitter I just wish somebody a happy birthday just randomly and then of course the new Twitter we work with me follow both of us that Twitter mentions would explode we have brought this up before and so if you want me to bring it to you why in the world do you check a bag when we trapped why do you do that since that you been calling me out publicly for calling out publicly I would say employee review to watch her a hug and see what the requirements were with flying domestically what you can and can't do and it's alright Phoenix you just have traveled like a comb but I need to bring things but now I've talked to Ashley and she's helped me figure out like the a good way to travel quickly as a woman yeah she got in trouble one time one time I had this bright idea that I would watch actually go back and forth with her makeup we should make it home and then she for the know when she was going on camera she need to make up some one year for her birthday I thought Andrews Christmas our anniversary dinner that I made you think we're going to replicate her makeup environment both places and she can just go back forth and have her makeup of the places I had no idea how much makeup is that's ridiculous least I had no I don't like it when was compact the pattern it was like five bucks every day you need to get your face the best pictures of acetyl chloride in it and I don't we can say it starts next Monday I don't know if either one of us has been announced yet but I had her look the part where is the main cause of a piece of shit American what are British Airways British Columbia person willing to help you out because it's a British Airways operate flight and you can upgrade to do you use the phrase are you sure there's nothing you can do like me but Stanley British way and then they come back 5 minutes later or something else you've been on hold for a while and you been about your own business it's going to be a okay put me on to be a and I said what I said was wondering because if you don't then you're to blame right you will like doing this thing I was bending late can you do that sounds like yeah I need to fly on American Airlines and then I thought that's because you can book coach you through it might be operated by British Airways I said yes but I need to fly on American Airlines operated flight and that is the specific as I Forget You drama PA so then I was like well I'm not fight America now you like right under the mat at mean so I can sleep in a bed flying I don't look there's no way on this point on. I'm going to be in business class give you a business class ticket which I bought with my own money if you could buy her a business class ticket to go there yeah just announced that he's going dark text London and from the UK would not come with us it's not heavy equipment I grew up in Kent and then I went to school in London so I so if I'm from both just need to say from London if you slept on the way then you going to be like bouncy and more you know in what form when you get there I'm sorry I would have to spend your company money on an upside proper argument ever then if we have a choice but the flight put me on American I'll happily fly to the person reading that is going to know the distinction so what I please play me to playing with American Airlines written on the side of the plate to get my free upgrade because I'm extra all right. You're okay with the connection it depends on the Connection Dallas that's like you're up you're down now just do it again sleeping it's great that fight because the entire company was going on that one fly on that on that day and it made didn't make sense to me that one person would be upset if I hope my location that's stupid that was a big bet you just rather do I get to Shady reputation now because now I'm like fussing about to think that I was a peons and economy I will happily flight economy I'm just going to be crabby okay I'll take it if I can get it do you think do you think I wouldn't be nice to someone on the phone really brittle still your email, like the modern-day phone know you said to me the other day that sounds like a lot of extra words I'd have to use and that is the last thing that I don't have I don't have like the fluff that goes around it's not. It's just saying hello sorry I have a bit of a problem was wondering if you could help me out say I wouldn't do that I would really like that that's no information that I could be like the whole thing and I supposed to guess the rest you just throw in a load of extra fluffy you want like maybe like helping out grade I got to go meet this once because I could have been dry cleaner and I said hi what time you happen to know what the hell I would have been like how I'm just wondering all the stuff for what is that cheap that's just wasting my time, people and that's nice that's nice to be full of as a person and I don't like it was across when you're at a hotel and you have to call the front desk or if you can order room service or whatever do you tell them what room you're in pain when they pick up not cuz I know I know that but it's like I will tell them what room and I feel like that's fluff like that is I know that they have that information because it's like they say hi I was just wondering if something that's nothing there right now should be giving people bags of clothes and it's boring and he has a phone call to talk to someone in retail doesn't want any of the human actions to be as brief as possible so they can crack on with that crossword All Star Cheer so if I knew you were at work at waitress in fruit and veg you would prefer I just walk up to you and go squash and you go right there I be like spaghetti I get more information I would want more if I want just the information to say where does Henry effectively to my life apparently Pelican Point Blank how did he get raised in the same country if you get if you buy the best thing it ruins you for it she work in a coffee shop and she now is very super picky about coffee she's very very very picky because but she's also by the way no offense a terrible coffee shop in my two weeks notice because I got a job here and then I would like you can just leave right where she would like make notes of like the coffee the undertow Sanchez coffee shop in town as a couple of them of Cedar and Blinder in it and it tastes like this you'll appreciate this cab and every time they made her do that there are it taste like it's your right coffee every time you lost your fluff lost my fluff along the way somewhere I would also like quite visibly sigh when someone entered the room and the interaction to take 30 second step 3 and 1/2 minute I didn't provide but wouldn't you rather have a short interaction with a customer but I'm not supposed to 20 minutes human interaction for you is the worst thing that's ever happened to you in the history of our relationship is we had an elevator right I remember so well we're in the parking garage at the Congress building we got on the first floor we went to the 8th floor and I talked to a lady in the elevator who's with us and when she got off the floor before she said that was horrendous like you couldn't believe that you would talk in a list together and everyone else has to listen to you and I recently wrote in an elevator with this YouTuber and I got in they said hello to me I said hello back then somebody else went to get in the elevator and they stop those people from getting in the elevator and said take the next one and I'm in the elevator that's wrong right that's weird and wrong right now yeah that was that was that was bizarre and I like this person yeah just so you know I mean it was like a blip see that to me sounds way worse than anything I've done either in person or email to be rude I'm just trying to be just information operation you have your chip really cool thing going on where you have any YouTube Red show like the flagship shows they're doing new shows that there YouTube red shows but they're on the main YouTube platform a really cool behind the table but still really pressured about that question you feel pressure like because you're one of the first one when they announce your show they announced a thing with Katie remember that thing you a thing with Katy Perry thing with James Corden and then somebody else other holy shit that's like Gavin's up there was a Heavy Hitters prices on The Price is good you ready for it you so much and thank you for the you'll see tomorrow hopefully if it works out we'll see what were the what were the shows are the channels that started basically in the same era as Slow Mo Guys I'd like to give me he wants I'm just saying like what are some shows like Epic Meal Time maybe around the same time when I started so I wasn't really is lost of this going away they aren't big anymore it's so funny too because it's either we were a lot of times in the blog talk about like getting started doing stuff game time is all about how people that started their careers then we talked about this on the game time you and I did but when you were starting Slow Mo Guys one of these that can slow you down in those early days is somebody else does something similar that you already have in your head in fact immersion the first episode that we did with the third person car I was in a rush to make that video cuz I was positive somebody else was going to make it and then as soon as I made the video Freddy called me Freddie Wong called me like I was going to say I was like I knew somebody else was working on this I'm sure had in their head and will you see somebody else doing an idea that is similar to yours that you haven't started on it can really put the brakes on your car show break room and we saw a Wreck It Ralph you like fuck now we can't make the show because going to look at the river or whatever we shouldn't do that because I remember we've been talking about what became Slow Mo Guys for a while and then some other website put on a thing where they had a slow mo video like once a week or something like that but it was really specific they would just break something I remember well I just want to bring it up let me know if you want me to bring it up and I told him I told him the story of A Child's Play Charity Dinner really Seattle really cool really want to go to Seattle very often anymore I was like 5 years ago I'd already been putting out splitting my face years before the Channel star since like 2004 was when I put the first one and I just uploaded in hosted in myself put in my journal yeah and then ended up on a break so we've been doing stuff for a long time and then I actually started shooting some of those I wanted to have like 10 videos done before we started uploading them entering that. Well we start shooting before we uploaded this the other day will act fast something you said something better hurry or you about it cuz I think I put up a video of the next week you can do the same stuff and do well in the runway yeah Steven suptic the great example that because even though he doesn't call his stuff Vlogs I think most other people classified as a Blog but it's just so different do you watch ZR 22 Steven stuff I got hooked like a melee when I started watching that stuff and it's funny cuz when he's like on shows like on the spot and everything it's very mixed reaction because there's people who are you know the lot of people like that in the family there is polarizing which makes no sense to me outside of our family Greg Miller scene is this icon of ministry you think your game of the year heading home like Sony has a press conference or something like that he's hosting the thing and everything and it's like it's out of our family he has taken on this bill and roll and he's really good at it but there's a lot of people like this great Valor and not everyone is willing to take on that that feeling he'll roll I think we established that too in the first thing he was in right The Gauntlet season to have anyone who is this person on the show we can't have anyone that loud yeah in the entire company will you take off their shirt when they probably shouldn't take off their shirt but yeah he's always like someone who can go all the way you know it's like he's all in on everything he's doing you know it's just I did on the spot it just happen to like you the full show is Jon Risinger so pretty funny an episode of on the spot that we did which was a Dragon episode we had a local local guest local drag performer and she's great she was a lot of fun and we do this episode and then it's so this environment today with Donald Trump is crazy it's so crazy everyone is still a hell of a week so far what we shot the show on Tuesday what the show on Thursday Wednesday right and in the time between when we made it we were going to air it Donald Trump came out with his executive order that bans all trans people from military service it's not like it really talk to anyone in government for anyone in the military so that people who are transgender and that I don't have no idea where it's coming from and I I believe I believe that he has an innate ability even if he doesn't realize that he understands media on like an organic basic fundamental level in the way the lot of people don't and you know that the process by which he got elected in the way he does stuff like this is about him and then he can just you know he can make some tweet everybody gets Furious about it and they were so distracted for a day and then the next day there's something else to try to the problem is and this one that is traction is like set it take some tires portion a community in our population and throws them right under the bus and sets us all back just so we get like a little bit of attention distance from the last event that we had it's super frustrating super frustrating and I even like the the Scout leaders have to apologize for his speech at their event or something to happen yeah yeah cuz all he did was brag about winning the election and I get as well but being political or whatever but there's some point it's like when it affects actual people and it affects him I feel like we have a responsibility to say something and say something that supported and with this thing it's like that the timing of this episode of on the spot it's really weird because transgender and drag they're not the same thing they're not did not do not related related in any way and but at the same time it was we found ourselves in a position where we felt comfortable with it we went to Patrick and we felt good about it and you know we had cupcake there and everything and it just like it was more so I was like it was just bad timing in the in the world to put that thing out so we bumped it to the following week next week next Wednesday at all stream live just to clarify real quick that even though they are separate things there are drag performers who are transgender right right right across so just so you know people have that in their help me out here how is how is drag not offensive just added the Bay score because to me it seems like an extension of you know taking two guys in dresses and make him kiss and always know that boys would kiss each other you know it just it seems like it does seem to be owned and it's very well accepted by the LGBT community yeah it's I think what dry performers are really hard as it's just like a singer or an actor or anything I mean it's a cracked and there's a process to it and they learn it and perform in the hole in it as I go in you know as you elevate your craft you find yourself you know there's some dry performers who make incredible livings doing it I mean look at RuPaul RuPaul you know exactly enormously popular show yeah and so what when we designed this episode we took that into consideration that we wanted to be about dry perform in and out about just the guys being in wigs and dresses and trying to kiss each other cuz I had never even happened really not so it was it was more about you know just having that fun and that's why we included a cupcake who is great and I because we wanted someone who actually does this and it was kind of like the challenge of like can you beat this Grill performer and that's what this was all about it that's like I would be so intimidated to do it but I can head to head back to the very beginnings of this company for me and Jeff and Matt Joel blessed because they were on the same side of the company unless you on the video games have the company website reviews about when we talk about the games we didn't like putting scores on anything you never did reviews for you know that and it was your teeth we've never done that like even know doesn't give you a review and tell you this game is a good game this game is making our approach he's been talked about of course things we don't like but she's always been that we want to focus on things that would like to celebrate things that we like and that's always been our approach because we don't tell you like if you like something when I can tell you not to like it you know that extends out to everything else it was a very celebratory episode and every one of the energy was really great and everything but then was alright let's maybe put a pin in it till next week because you know maybe celebrating right now is not the correct approach to this particular Community because of what they're having to deal with from the executive you know because I don't want to waste the position I have in the world like there's a lot of people follow on Twitter so if something horrendous happens with Trump and I like yesterday whatever I still want to voice my opinion about it I think it's important for me to not say nothing and you know that disagree with you or even though they followed me for an entertainment that I'm going to follow me for my beliefs but it's a waste of the people following to not expressed disappointment that I kind of think it's like what's the level of notoriety where are you no longer a human with an opinion you know what there is a point where people say I hate you stupid celebrities you know what I'm talking to like Alec Baldwin you know hey you stupid celebrities don't weigh no politics that's not why we like you're still human being the job that you can go get them a lot of notoriety but it's like what's the level of what's that level of Fame words just like your opinion shouldn't be voice the more you know and I don't know it just seems like the only measuring stick for that is whether or not they agree with you which tends to be the thing wooden controversial does that it's like such a polar separation of time is Spectrum where if you don't say anything you're ignoring it or sweeping it under the bus and if you say anything at all you should shut up because nobody else here you're safe but we definitely do have to walk that line especially in like the way it feels safe anything but if ever we mention it so I'm not subscribed to watch you play Minecraft and talk about politics because people will lose interest it's just it's just like finding the right balance yeah yesterday was garbage is basic human rights and I don't know how you can tell an American that they couldn't have the same rights something to fight for the country and not going to do it for the country that is at me left and he didn't fight for the country any point that you are correct and there's a lot of allegations that he got deferments and avoided some obligations that he had to the military I didn't get up till like 5 to firm it's like I think the first ones were for school and then the last one was for his foot the scary thing about putting it in like three parts and in the first we didn't say anything about transgender people it was just very open-ended about talking to my generals the United States will not stand for this and other people in the government the Pentagon will read it were like oh my God are we going to war and it was like a full 11 minutes before he specified or before you explained it like it's scary to announce something that could just cause chaos and cause panic you make me feel like a melee worry about their livelihood so something that came up this week and I'm sure they'll be something by the end of the week you know something new no wonder why we're talking about his old issue that doesn't matter and I am trying very hard to always see the other side of the argument and everything are you yeah because you always get people who are just like searching the tags you're searching Donald Trump and I'll reply to anything anyone says he doesn't like to verify thing but it is interesting see everyone else is on the side like I did not hunting to eat the other day interesting responses I agree with that I think there's times where I thought I don't do that and this would be one where I don't know she like you go look up when I looked up old images from the civil rights when the National Guard had to walk black students into a what were all white school says they were going through mandatory integration and you know you can see these people that are lined up screaming like you know other white students are in a white people from the community and adjust screen because he like the hate and the anger in their face still photograph in her mouth is open in there screaming and yelling and it's just I'm not sitting there trying to figure out what their side of the story is you know he's just at you I'm not looking back in history think yeah they were dealing with a lot of change and things are really going to be super fast and strong they just that's it and it's easy it's I think it's okay to say that I'm just surrounded by the same people so they think that right right I think it's okay on some fundamental things like telling someone that they can serve in the military because of the way they identify with a specific gender it's just it's if it doesn't make any sense it just doesn't make any sense to me and I'm okay with that that's wrong wrong thing anyway it's not like that's being forced on anyone else I just have to go through this with like I mean is everyone going to have to go through this every one not conform to like this one specific thing is if we go through this enough times I don't ask don't tell you know we went to civil rights alright everybody's okay you know I think that's that's why everyone's kind of reeling from the sad because it felt like we were making so many so much progress yeah and we were like Crossing off these things that were you know if taboo before and then all the sudden now we're just rolling back and we're just watching it happen and it's it's Carrie yeah and it leads to other things like a panic about some federal ruling where they date they ruled that the Civil Rights Act on a federal level does not protect LGBT employees from discrimination or some of that but if you were single it doesn't protect your son the state level anyway they're not on the federal level so it does matter but it's like I'm just like you know all this horrible news coming out it's just seems to be never ending you bought it at all the time I'm just getting worried I'm so wore down um I'm getting through the same thing just horrendous day for this is one of many yeah yeah it's weird how quickly it all came about it all just came together so fast earlier which is the concept of work and how we did to the truck that at some point but somehow the idea that were going to lose it overall I understand if we're to work based society and individual people to lose their ability to work that that's a problem because that's the way Society works but this idea that robots are going to take away all over jobs now somehow a bad thing as opposed to looking at how the fuck do we speed this up and make sure robot steel I told jobs should be robust some jobs definitely like cleaning sewer pipes that could be a robot sure like stuff that's just like beneath what a human would be happy to I just like the people are dangerous jobs that kind of thing to be like scraping out you know I don't believe any job is below anybody like I'm one of those people that I've had a job every day since I was 17 but I've never been worried about losing my job because I feel like I could go work late I like I would go wash dishes or you know you know dig ditches or something like that that I would be doing that very happy with that job at it might not be a job that you're happy with the surely there are some jobs that humans at this point shouldn't be doing well according to an ideal Society know but had to work robots did everything and we can spend our time you know doing anything are like life that I feel like the human mind doesn't like that I look at Minecraft right the game is working but when you have everything that you need and you go there so it's a nation there's nothing left to do in it when you've got a block of diamond don't want to play anymore getting to the point of working up to it to completion that's what that's what Minecraft is that's what it is but nothing left after that and it's your topped out at that point if I was perfectly satisfied with everything I've achieved my current HR hey that you've always be working towards anything what do I do did you have anything left on your list what having fun doing this yeah but we will look like 10 years from now but I'm not going to be super tired I mean it's I get it because today is the normal recording this is the 10th anniversary of the kill coming out this is when the first video was posted 10 years ago today and I believe 460 very important show in the history of web series examples of in the history of Alicia Keys where you work number one you know we weren't the number one destination we didn't have the number 1 series but it's whatever she's over time has been this one of longevity it's that while we were in the tale of of other people eventually another other series that we were chasing you don't even know we had I feel a very consistent presence in web video but the the guild was a juggernaut you know it was this app it lasted for six seasons but it's like some guys wear Diamond play button at this point less than five hundred thousand steps about the same time pretty close but we're like I'm talking like 9.1 on YouTube about like the risky channel in general like we were thinking about doing some different stuff with that slot is a lot of stuff on there you know what you would like for Matt's podcast and stuff like that but are you are you impressed by the same power of it as of how long it stayed in normally popular because very few things do that I sent me feel very lucky yeah yeah it's not it's not like it's not as if if the graph is like this has been tons of channels that have way bigger and I'm not sure about timing and they Trail off down I'd much rather be the slowest climb we had viral hit that can you Prepare spuds exterior steps with never had like hydraulic press levels of growth. We're like every single ends up on the front page of Reddit or dig or whatever it was it but I'm right and if it does it's a gift that I needed way you've had that steady growth as well yeah we talked about the meaning of the Rooster Teeth podcast there's even a video game stuff on with Tucson game fight there's an animated shows as well there's live action shows blogs things like that it's like it's that's a lot of different formats and I look at something like some guys buy her some guys I watch a video I know what kind of you I'm going to watch and I also know I'm going to see two dudes and that's that's what I'm going to say that that was me you guys posted last week but honestly I think that's actually the format that YouTube like the YouTube channel. I'm talking about our bar side or our platforms or anything like that but YouTube definitely seems to like a very very focused presentational contact eyemed curious to hear people's thoughts if you're watching this ways we can do that when we should get something to think of it from an outsider but you and I identify white people subscribe and like people subscribe and like to see two dudes sometimes one if she wasn't available but it's a couple of jerks and I'm trying to change that keep that going to Holt I'm sure when you call Verizon Sean electricity this much harder to identify what people sub for bills are four different views of the same level because right and shirts are like sub for shows that we don't make any more subs for shows that are now another chance but that's the best mistake that doesn't mean the channel is bad not if YouTube has changed so many times in the algorithms changed so many times that it's it's like it's still one of the most successful channels even though I have a totally different set-up to my child has like almost the same as described as yeah this is so many different when you hit it if you knock on wood if you will hopefully. I know you have you would like done in the election of when you might think you might hit 10 million sent you a reply to that out instead of you that I'm full time at RoosterTeeth yeah it's crazy crazy Gavin introductory let's play Achievement Hunter RoosterTeeth then Slow Mo Guys because that's my job of 10 years from now you doing Slow Mo Guys