#446 - What Makes a Puppet a Muppet?

Join Miles Luna, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss The Emoji Movie, internet outrage, context in emails, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on July 31, 2017, sponsored by Epic Games’ Fortnite (http://bit.ly/2wf0jvd), Jersey Mike’s (http://bit.ly/2uP5moE), MeUndies (http://bit.ly/2aGm9yg)

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Recorded: 2017-08-01 17:00:00

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Participants: Burnie Burns, Barbara Dunkelman, Gavin Free, Miles Luna


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Transcript (in progress):

miles and Barbara could have done it but she didn't do it and are our sponsors for tonight are Fortnight Jersey Mike's and me and Mike I'm so excited about that because I almost tweeted legit with Fanfare stuff and I was wondering if any of our stuff come in today for Michael Menzies baby for Iris a little like mini sub on it and it has like a little drizzle that aggravate me nothing pretty much a great week but I had to I had to talk to Tyler about this Tyler somebody wrote to me they watch the RTA about my friends in college who I knew who dognapped Texas A&M mascot and it is thought it was just a made-up story and then they looked it up and they saw this article from I don't know if my ignition for to get to traditions in Texas A&M and it would have been to mention was that revely was dognapped in 1993 and then specifically mentioned the felony charges that they were threatening the University of threatening my friends with at the time which freak them the fuck out you know because our college kids you can level a felony a time they're going to ruin their careers and their lives for how long was it for like wasn't it like 2:10 or something like that yeah it was because reverly was the name of the Indian mascot what's a collie Border Collie get past the fact that it looks like 1980s Moscow on campus that restaurant they have in town is what else is great friend wants say that if the world was too attached is the head of the corps Cadets at Texas A&M what is bread from incest left at like the full shade at Texas A&M University Oklahoma are conference went to the SEC can you get that I was like good luck you know cuz the paint in their fight song it references the University of Texas. I mean the whole song is about beating taxes they go to a place called Fish Camp which day that I get brainwashed you know the dog is crazy like everything is a tradition in a class and Barks keeper of revely nose everywhere with that person on the weekend in the barracks if it jumps into bed with you you have to sleep on the ground what is an institution that is restored in Tradition tradition because students stole BMO branded the entire side of the cow in tire side with a score of the last name of 13 to 0 and supposedly the legend goes University students took the 13 to 0 Dash 13 Dash 0 and we work at into the word Bevo and that's where the mascot got its name. That what they did was it was $13,013 but they put the one in the three too close together so is BVO the most recognizable mascot and most profitable mascot in their country if it's not that it looks like I was giving a TED talk right now because these guys I knew in college that dognapped revely it was very funny but then the university went into panic mode after they had Bragg 4 years constantly that our mascot has never been stolen I think there's was the only NCAA mascot that had never been stole that is asking for it I don't have done something to the dog that's a different story but just kidnapping the dog and let's let's be honest here they did the dog a favor if that was to be anywhere in the world Austin you can go everywhere I go. I've been lazy dog restaurants in College Station but 1993 is the restaurant called where you can have a dog that used either want or need to have with you all the time but you also want to go out and be a social alcohol drinking fun person come to your bar where we have a little pain for the dogs to do their thing and more ice cream shot them up and it's cool I like your bar on college mascots is been happening for years decades and it's happened multiple times and stealing the University of Texas mascot when was felony charges with I thought of super low class move and she put their dog in danger cuz I know it sent those guys into a panic mode they don't know how to get the dog back to turn over the dog they're going to know it was you and slap some cops on you I don't know what you and then you were hiding watching to make sure the dog was okay so that somebody came and got the dog because if they called and somebody thought it was a prank the dogs fucking tied to a tree on Lake Travis how close do you want me to just hit in head with a shovel and bury why would why would your first black Let It Go the dogs are going to snitch on your actions at them in a lineup am I just want you to know you like me or something or put treats in the other suspects pocket does 1993 if memory serves and this is now going to be the 25th anniversary of when it happen next year next December I think Texas A&M University in the corps of cadets to issue a formal apology for overreacting and trying to scare college kids with a potential felony charge for doing something today have done multiple times appreciate it yeah you never got to sit here talking to an hour and a half and drink beer I can't think of the last time I went to the gym I think it's been a fortnight is that how fast does it's not having sex with me because I got mad at me Lawrence sonntag one action building online game that includes elements of Co-op RPG it also allows players with vastly different play-style team up what are they like Shooters Survival Games building or support have a great experience together Early Access PS4 Xbox One PC open free access 2018 find out more at 4 tonight. Combat sport night.com be sure to check out some of the Let's Plays we've done in the game from she bought her Funhouse and US podcast let's play psych Gus very good in America not widely used found out one of your strike from the term 14 nights LOL if Old English to Spanish or in the UK for you making reference to doing something in 2 weeks from now on a Monday so if we're going to do something Monday whatever Monday August 4th 4th 5th or 6th you call that next Monday or do you call that Monday hey Barb let's go out for drinks Monday or next Monday today is Monday next Monday if it was it was like tomorrow I say Monday I want the day is past that's when you can start I forgot about the time I'm constantly saying next Monday or next whatever because in my mind is literally the next one the next Monday I don't think so next Tuesday you think I mean tomorrow I was thinking me next week degree done anything this Monday next Monday today for now we are already on Monday this Monday this Monday or next Monday then that means the coming on this post this can't be in the past Monday I feel that this last Monday this lost this Monday I don't believe you I think you're wrong actually I think your mother passed Monday when exactly what that means of the phrase let's do it Monday week how do weekly that week from Monday in America is that a British thing Monday Monday week a couple is definitely too view is I think it's supposed to be 3 a.m. or it gets muddy I fucked up a couple I got a couple of referring to specifically to the dude with the dog from the bar together one day of the month Monday on Monday I had like a stroke or something I don't like 28 days even though I know that's not right. Just how I do the calculation of my head a month Tuesday is 21 day British school if I can go over there now I don't believe you for a second about learning the English language is is all the text you what's up like even miles just saying it's slightly different now I completely understood exactly what you're saying but you don't get that you don't get inflection and tone and contacts when you're learning a language or something or texting thing that that's got me in trouble I think it's got a lot of people in trouble when you text something or tweet something and you've got an infection in your head but it doesn't quite come with email constantly I'm always like an email but of course we're going to take you being rude in my head it's like that all the time in email. why it's important to get your back up off the wall company forget about it in person that would be funnier than just n a h in an email to try to drink a beer was like that I was going to pass me over because of that because of my fear of being misunderstood as being like upset or something cuz I knew a person that they couldn't stand if I just responded with sure cuz they're like like like I'm sure you every time! LOL that's funny I'm like I'll add some like I don't know I personally think it's kind of stupid LOL just so it doesn't come across as a person I think it's kind of stupid I feel like the LOL comes off as passive aggressive LOL. I feel like looking around the room lol lol LED on the Thursday podcast what you do is very properly Terry Devon down I was waiting on you about not to rehab a British prizefight they were both talking about edit it for about 20 minutes and it was one of the most entertaining discussion to make it better or is it was it was a good visit like a one-on-one podcast do you feel like yeah too much do you know the story but Miles when between the time I was divorced and Ashley when I was dating in there one of my favorite things I heard was a girl who over text didn't want to talk to me anymore she said she said it's so hard to talk to you I never know what you're thinking because you don't use emojis literally what she said she was dumb I miss her I have a question how would I know you and I feel like no matter what even if your kids begged you to take them to the Emoji Movie still wouldn't do it but you still we went there for Mom sabotage me off at Emoji Movie cry because they're going on vacation I just like to spend some time with the kids this weekend if I know I'm not going to see him for a week it's like what a bank up my days with the kiddos text again no problem she didn't tell me that she had bought them all take like 10 kids to get to go to the Emoji Movie actually took the bullet with me we all we all went and saw the Emoji movie on Rotten Tomatoes they wanted to license the clip from YouTube using that movie I don't think I ever responded to the apps featured in the movie as well who is on what was on one of the smartest shows on TV Silicon Valley great fucking show and he plays such a great character in that show and then he gets in the Emoji me and Deadpool and other stuff as well that he doesn't want to do things like play the same character over and over again for six seven years he wants to parasail in to the Canton Festival what you fucking did for the Emoji Movie because that I'm paraphrasing here from memory he said that's what's next in funny like that's the next big thing in common Bernard funny I don't like tries to like make that point and embarrasses himself the TJ Miller character is the Mac emoticon guy in The Boardroom at Sony animation would like about to be there is in the middle of the Met icon Emoji the pie five I can I can I make a guess as to what the moral of the story is go ahead that you don't have to play the role that you're dealt yeah okay sure they go app and then you know what is the target audience entertained straight-to-video Disney movies that are terrible beauty or VHS ones like Cinderella to your world Little Mermaid 2 or whatever the fuck they had their I don't know what everyone is like and then the children of the last heroes learn the same lesson of their parents replace Robin Williams with the Simpson cuz you know what they want the whole drama with Latin was Robin Williams right that's coming out around the same time and it was Robin Williams in Hook very excited about that film film Disney like a butt like be the genie apparently agreed to it cuz he was sure that it was just a bit like side part and he was going to be like a huge part of the movie was Aladdin story with Jasmine story and the genie was just there for some like comedic effect I took a rate well below did that movie for $800,000 which Robin Williams is you know what he's going to do a bunch of like pop references in funny voices because that's just who he is and what all do in front of a hot mic and the directors and writers went I can keep a turkey that take you out and then it came out in gratitude for his success with touchdown pictures Good morning Vietnam Robin Williams voice the genie for sag scale pay of $75,000 versus his normal asking fee which at the time was a million dollars that they couldn't be around him exclusively and that's all they did was put in my merchandise and everything else I think it is will it specifically says that no one else can take over the role remember something he has in his will something about the movie Aladdin it was not a good experience of your blending together to use he was great in the good old days musical bits Jessica Nigri do you like Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie or something like that right just kidding you can make anything look great and be like yo I would love it because she does look good though yeah I mean you. It didn't say how he lives in the house when he comes up just trying to get our child Jim Henson at the end of the difference between a doctor who could be a puppet but no how do you feel about that Doctor Who don't have an opinion on it cuz I don't watch Doctor Who I know there are some people that think it's like non like it just makes sense with the store and it doesn't actually like it's like ROM for the story of woman which I can't have no opinion on cuz I've never watched any Doctor Who I don't know if the storyline at all but I am always happy to see more women and stuff so I was surprised at first I was watching all the people reacting to the backlash and I think I'm talking about this on the podcast for but I feel like now I'm like two layers deep where I never see the initial I only see every one of my feet outraged by now if I did try to go to look for people who were mad about there being a female doctor and I couldn't I couldn't find it but I can easily find one of the old. This was a note about it Ellie yeah yeah yeah I was just texted her to come talk about it she's here okay I don't like it wouldn't make sense within the plot to have a female doctor by sound like the way they are I don't know anything about generate or like when they die they just generate anybody every cost the cuz I'm supposed to be able to regenerate 13 times to my knowledge but then they're like like forced him to regenerate as like a punishment remember about this too quickly praise Myself by the way Jim Henson Muppet came from combining the words puppet and marionette but he also said that he just like the way the word sounded there is no Define difference between a muppet and other than the link to Jim Henson fired the voice of tired I just thought I knew he was doing anymore what are you tired and maybe I'm using the word fire in a project costing is roll I can't do it anymore and he's very devastated maybe maybe there's some like new on here that wouldn't defined as being fired but if you want to continue doing it and now somebody else is doing it in email on can you know I can't nobody can do that I've ever met Donald Duck what everyone does that boy let me hear Donald everyone I mean everyone besides me I can you do it now I don't need it give it your best shot I want you to give me your absolute best to do that we let me know I just went for a super, we actually did a panel with some other voice actors it was the guy who plays Steven Universe Steven universe cartoon Steven Universe I know it's like she was happy that it's very Progressive that would kind of suck in Five Nights at Freddy which I don't know that video didn't even know he had a baby to have the jump in here and talk to us about Doctor Who we're talking about the controversy surrounding the controversy of the doctor now coming back as a woman at the other problem is mad because I lost a role model for a boy does not enough to choose from but it what is the problem with there being a female doctor there it depends on which sort of part of the cannon you're looking at there never has been but there have been female time Lords right so there's been like time Lords and like time ladies but they've also had specifically in the show reincarnated as a female and that was the specific block Point regenerated into a female and it was missing who's been a big character the last season's and by the way it is amazing and so that was really kind of setting up for this to happen for them to get the audience used to the idea that kind words can change gender but it's been heated up for ages like in the 80s one of the like like original Riders are craters on the series was like it could happen it would be nice if it happened one day in the future what is the character that ever going to be, be recast as a female this text it to me makes sense because the character regenerate go time just buy probability we should have had six to seven females at this point between the could have been gone a long time and they could have regenerated several times in the time between a lot of gaps between when they go to completely regenerate all that sells to the point where I like the hair and age and I colored voice is different that makes sense that you might not have enough money to female character ever been a male Percy Matt female Thor Thor 2 Thor was like a space billy goat in Beta Ray Bill yeah what do you think took it over and I said but I can't I can't think of a time when a female church was recast the mail is that happened I mean there's not that many to make sense that's what this all for me I feel like of all the types of fancy pissed about this sci-fi fans would have been the last people I would have pegged to be upset about like some Progressive changing it up let's look at this in a different way type thing to it but then if you look at any of their actual official announcements it just filled with vitriol it's so weird I go all of the characters to be upset about like being a woman for a little while and makes perfect it's for the doctor we're talking about a time-traveling alien with two hearts that changes all the time and has been wondering why they weren't a lady in the past. Smith regeneration he checked himself he thought it was only because of because of you like check hair and was disappointed he wasn't a woman or a Ginger and like was like checking out here thing like no way dude you Barbara a lot of people saying that it's been confirmed in the show that it's possible for a Time Lord to swap gender in a few people saying I know a few people that are very upset about the 1br the doctor being a woman but those people are always mad about something I feel like that's a lot of the internet everybody just wants me to write about something and you two personalities and someone show or prozd fucking hilarious him like that he's such a good boy videos to get it but especially if you love like jrpgs and tropes in that he has a fantastic video that you put out recently about when you're watching a series for the first time with a friend and they really clean to a character that you know is going to die later and how you react to that I'm going to check it out some long prozd very funny yeah I'm bummed I haven't run into my back on yet cuz it seems like a very cool dude dude dude boilers you guys all see Game of Thrones what year was going to come out anyway. Cast crew for a second and see when you can okay so so we are at the Grimm episode this is a couple of a couple of weeks ago now and great character who is Daenerys in this Sunday. Guess so so pretty which one was the question what's going on downstairs I don't think he's got no penis okay yeah I thought they mutilated all this stuff it's not even there and the army of an unsullied right saying that in the game of skin pop pop pop on there in the Game of Thrones wiki in the lore unique means what asking if if greyworm have a penis right we looked it up I found out don't have a shaft or balls but with in the Game of Thrones wiki just got home that he still has a shot just not the ball in the unsullied was seeing just cuddling with Force yes it's all going to be okay and we did not understand why why Grey Worm went down on her that I would say the number of fingers he said most and I was on her side lady Muriel Maryland Greyhound discussion thank you I don't even know how it came up and if he had balls or no balls sitting on that couch the beautiful day not have a dick because I had read on the Game of Thrones wiki but he didn't have a dick I mean it sorry but he did have a decade and how many bolts and so will that we are talking about it and I was like yeah I don't like a baby can stick I'm not sure so then I was like I'm going to ask Twitter and see what Twitter thinks and then these motherfuckers we're like the will if you had it like why would you go down on a very bad for a any lady that might have been in can you do anything about why he was doing it why we were so focused on that and we didn't see what he had going on but she took it as why would he bother doing that so what you're saying is the question reposing was why did the director spend so much time showing and provide oral sex when we could have been sing Clayton janitor it's about fairness last two major events in the Game of Thrones universe and they both happened off Street they both were left in a moment where something was going to happen and it all happened I'll string that's like that dude we've been building up to some of this stuff but tell me what's going to happen this week Grey Worm and his girlfriend out because that was a pretty fucking nice graphic shot the hell out by the way just that visual Supercenter yeah I was I was worried that the nudity might just be for Jason Miller all right down to one mic fine this is a game of this week that when you there you can put a stop to it was this you know she's making out with Barbara on The we have no I feel very scary scary scary now she's licking Jeremy's face on the contact with the face there was too much icing so hairy it was like to see clicks but then you went to bed and it was that was committed by the time I kissed Max cranky recently and kissing games with facial hairs weird yeah that's got to be strange strange for a woman cuz if the mustache is creeping into the lit part you have to like like a lift it trying to lift you left it with your lip you wouldn't let me know what the hell out of the way good night y'all believe you can we just get a little like you're so beautiful and you just do that I always want to hit the way more attractive go in at like an angle like Barbara I know this isn't always open but I got to ask I've been fucking shit on for bring up sex topic well just so what is over at Ashley you can wait until 2 if you want to break up what is the percentage of people that going down is part of the standard routine I don't need it usually the low percentage Barbara when I'm like in that moment I'm like ready to go like I don't want to waste time what's up in the Office Park Drive for play I don't like you don't like it I like it like we could be fucking right now let's yeah that's like that's like giving the the previews before the movie you want to see if you want to see that new James Bond Daniel Craig Zinn it I just wanted to know it's like 80% 80% offer yet other people of like in your whole roster like me and two other guys for like percentage of just that Spartan I know maybe a third Maybe not no no no no bad boyfriends sad so sad so apparently actually been dating the podcast did I mean I think part of it to you want to go down on people because it just adds to the fanfare actually it's more than a sandwich it's a sub and a damn good one at that their Giant Subs just got even more legendary because now you can order from Jersey Mike's online right now when you order your sub online Jersey Mike's will hook you up with 10% off Jersey Mike's has piled their stubs high with sliced to order Meats cheeses and fresh veggies and maybe doing it that way since 1956 so it will take a minute to take down what are the Giant Subs it won't take you any time at all to pick up one when you order it online it's my new go-to move I haven't done that I would absolutely do that any place the order online now you can get 10% off when you order online at jerseymikes.com RT Podcast or use promo code RT Podcast on their app for 10% off thats jerseymikes.com RT Podcast or promo code RT Podcast for 10% off if you use their app get in get out get eating at Jersey Mike's wow you didn't even know the time will be so perfect perfect joke that we made that their tub or the sub in a tub that Matt was upset because they presented it with no Fanfare yeah he's kids to this day bring it up every single time like Matt's disappoint yeah she had more Fanfare what you might kids it's like if Teddy especially he watches the RTA is more than anything else. Maybe it's over that 2 years ago so they sent in like little what is called the things you blow in Augusta for party favors but that's what I don't party roll up a character that said like Jersey Mike's we don't know what these things are just mentioned someone pointing at something that I was actually pretty surprised by cuz I like the way language is based typically on early language is based on things that we did before like technology and society and civilization came to some of our most basic language is from like basic human existence if you need food you are what hungry you're hungry and if you need water you are if you have to go the bathroom you are what does your word for that word like hungry or thirsty but for having to go to the bathroom I think it's because you're expelling something so what it's like but you would say I need to go to bed at 8 you have tired for when you need for you do you want to go and get dinner you would say yes I need to eat food you know it sounds weird to say I'm hungry and I never thought about that before but I thought it was a really interesting point invent that word I know I'm full of I don't know where does the word Easter come from the right I need to leave early because she was it says so they say soy and what the Philly thirsty describe two really annoying people I don't think about what people think I'm mean I'm joshing by the way it's entirely possible you might be fucked you might have lost your back but you made with l e v o American Airlines premium economy day for business class at this point I think you might be I overheard a phone conversation I really hope that I'm not because I don't want to lose eight grand to put Ellie in a Bloody Business Class this is what I was thinking about it is the kicker if she gets you upgrade to business class then you owe her a business class seat what could happen if you just give her your seat and put yourself back and Coach to pay your back that's genius I never said which flight I'm putting her this is how I'm going to put on a business cost plane to somewhere she doesn't want that'll prove that you really nice to people Ellie for about for 6 months now I can tell you she's stubborn she will not take a single fluffy for the rest of the year just to make sure that the only one flight she takes that you can upgrade Rod London didn't hear something like that you're caught in the moment dude I think you might be screwed because you're so confident that it wasn't possible yeah she's a freak with the plan it's really not that hard what could be nice nice I'm just not trying to be wasteful with time it is being nice will get you stuff that you don't even necessarily need some typing like I used to people being rude and mean that they're not used to people adding a Fluff I have my car towed not too long ago and effort when your car gets towed that sucks your past maybe it was your fault maybe some stupid fucking sign they didn't see you really angry about it tonight to pay like $3 at the bastard that cost me $200 doesn't make you any less mad though I remember the the first time I got my car towed I went to the towing location it was like in the middle of fucking know where was impossible to find I finally get their fuming mad it's hot and I get there and there's this just like small little box with a woman sitting behind bulletproof glass and burglar bars and a little there because people get their car back like she no one knowing that she interacts with that day as a customer whatever he's happy to see her can't take people's property charge them to get it back and expect to have good cut yeah interacts going to suck and the night I just dealt with it and then with the most recent time it happened I was I tried to reply and I said thank you man thank you very much when she got my car back she says hey just so you know the the the market we used to write on your windows to mark them whatever you're going to want to use my camera with some I like you get off at like a dry something something something something water it's just going to smear I normally don't tell people that but you've been really nice to me today so be all things like a yes ma'am thank you have a nice day and that you don't agree that you should always be nice and play free no I did not enforce traffic laws but there's something very offensive on a personal level when somebody takes your property away and you're not part of law enforcement there just just like Skyrim that you can leave stuff in the barrels in your house how do I get my back. You didn't leave your property out in the world which is not our dude it's a car this couple different things about my car that are super embarrassing but one is embarrassing to me on a personal level is Larry from Achievement Hunter late night I got there like 10 at night and where is out there had a flat tire and I got super excited I'm like a dad and a Christmas story and then the case in this fucking parking lot in this in this campus I got a nail in my tire for probably the 5th time since we've moved in here and what it is like people just like throw nuts bolts and Nails out of this fucking parking my car in the batteries on the bottom there's a very specific place in which you can pick it up if you Jack in the Box in to the left or the right you can potentially puncture the batteries and according to what this guy said do but $40,000 worth of damage to the car cars worth of damage to your car if you have to pay for a car to fix your car and so as a result of that when you get a fucking flat tire in this car spare in the car there's no Jack you have to call a tow truck like roadside service for a flat tire so in regards to that area is that floor third standing there with the tow truck driver try to pretend like I'm a real man sitting there talking about how to change a tire like I could prove to him that I know how to fucking do it but I just can't did you just change his time for him to prove it flat tire and the other without any problem electric are especially in place like Austin that I haven't we talked about because I don't want to ruin it and got a good thing going and that is ever notices but the only thing is awesome the Green City every parking lot has electric space right but I can go in there all the time I can always give spot in the front you know because I have an electric car and so it's like in his parking those I've never seen a car charger to charge my card I never once by the way those charging stations are there fucking miserable like an outlet that have to have in my house I had to have a like a dryer Outlet electric dryer that massive plug it every hour to charge it put like 3 miles out of the car so if you're in the grocery store like a mile of charged your car basically where is with my dryer Outlet not sure how the math works but I got about 30 miles an hour or so if it's hard to care for 8 hours I had 240 miles of range to the car yeah yeah because it doesn't like right there on the side of the garage and it's big conduit going to paint that eventually but I haven't done it so far everything is different than everyone else's charger it have a fucking adapter make it look like an iPhone of cars cars with phones and everything it's no longer like their designing in a way where you can just fix the problem yourself if you want to do it you have to go and get a specialist or genius shoot a true Monarch are you open the hood it's just a black box basically the cover the engines you can't even get in there and do anything dangerous is a Tesla if you mess with it like to electrocute yourself to death with what a heart with a normal car battery you can really fucking shit up I guess that's cute is to death but if you survived execution know the difference between kitchen Lightning Electric can try but I think you can be electrocuted to death you get your shocks your shotgun is it too late to die and that's electrocutioner you can even hit a you can touch a hot wire and sweet and kind of viral this weekend I'm Ridin High defeated the soap my top to tweet on Twitter now they send those metrics are I hate my kids and I hate my cat he has the most viral thing any of us ever put on social media like 450,000 retweet is beautiful. Donald Trump yes I'm sure how many retweets to join the Paris to rejoin the Paris climate agreement and that so many people they thought that was real and then be were like you guys just spread more fake news like are you an idiot it has it has the 400 7000 light does electric Gaffney been there we talked about it this is a moment of Triumph you know way electrocution is death caused by electric shots electric current passing through the body from Electro and execution how did you know that stutters come up in conversation and I've been confused about in the past and look it up exactly how I want to just like filed it away at work it out you know I'm going to clean the victory I'll take that triangle like I was strangled I was still that meant to death but it doesn't that way you can be strangled strangulation for different things like your way because if you're not technically that would be someone choking you that would be the case where a person with the force what else do you hear it like somebody coming to look so you said you don't often have guys go down on you because you're ready to go but do you find any more often go down on guys yeah yeah right you'll enjoy it like a man what the man Doctor Who would have been down there already you like me like wave them off red card say like I'm inpatient put away from topic what are you considered foreplay what's the lineup for play like when does sex begin when women have sex if there's no penetration penetration when you so when you start the clock on how long you're having sex with somebody likes beer gut him and sex for 5 hours like when does the clock the clock start the penetration penetration 75 hours of sex I do not envy you cuz that sounds painful how to make an hour ever on oral sex for 5 hours like you had sex kid jaculated took a few minutes break and I did it again like that other word for whatever it is whatever you're a chess clock I could never check the time ever I'm sure I have it some point so you like the second hand come around me like how to make it a long session is it nice you eating if you leave your Fitbit on a jerk-off does it count if I guess we have to pretend like it's a stranger I don't use the same idiots called um I'm going to have the highest step count never let Dad. That we know you're watching your welcome you are a few takeout ww.w off of the like a blanket and take that. Out if you like basically just give youtube.com whatever the URLs it takes you to a page where you can make it no it's super easy you just tried where you want it and you cannot text all that shit gets crazy frustrated by how difficult my iPhone makes simple things to do that should be able to do like cut and paste or save an image you never use Force push push push it it still doesn't work great for me like podcast dinner tonight Jim brisket there's nothing left by the time I went there but I have been eating for some reason the Sugar Pine 7 guys came in town and they want to go to barbecue a reservation somewhere else in traditional land party style to play as my kids have computers are all set up in like this ring and if they come over and play Battle Ground like a party last night you guys know Aaron and Eric two of our old friends they came over and we did that and got it was a fucking nightmare I have to say you got hooked into that came over to watch Game of Thrones airing his longtime members of moderator longtime member with an honestly very responsible for a number of different people who have come to work at the company and as a result of that responsible for some really big Productions like I met Jack pattillo through air is that why you don't like Aaron as much anymore what that Aaron is probably and Eric are probably the main reason why I got Segway you want to look good in your underwear and be comfortable Right Barber you know you want to look at you or out of them but that perfect balance is hard to find don't sacrifice style or Comfort check out me undies August is National underwear is making it easier than ever to try the world's most comfortable underwear by giving you a risk-free guarantee all national underwear month-long if you don't love your they are free me undies are made from Zig micromodal a sustainably-sourced naturally saw fabric that's proving to be three times in the cotton micro modal is an all natural breathable eco-friendly fabric extruded from Austrian Beech trees that actually inhibits odor of cool and cozy meundies me undies are the ultimate feel good for when you want to feel naked but not actually be naked been there for the fellas meundies diving seen the pouch cradles your jewels and gives you the support it needs without feeling too tight all national underwear month-long you can feel them for yourself risk-free it's simple if you don't love your me underneath they are free now until August 31st get 20% off your first pair plus free shipping at Mia undies.com me undies.com roosterteeth.com number to Miyabi's only recently to go to Florida and that's not the case for me cuz I know it out and those things are like Timothy written forgot cuz he does the reason I don't know when you going to be here anytime so we can talk about the underwear that comes with not in sales I was like a word just one word that's all you ever get stuff mattresses well I'm not going to talk about some things I really wish that Columbo so ever since then when I get done comes to stay what's the rest of this story miles what is Dan have to do with the cat pissing I'm going to say that Dan loves the catalog and get lots of pets and now the cat is upset that that he's not received as much love as he was going to say that Dan got too drunk one night and he actually peed on your mattress and boy I like Barbara's version way better he's been around 31 stance on what is Wok Olathe wed by the bed smells like that and then he will just unload truck hit the Pistons while when he doesn't really like that man everytime that comes back he but cat pissed on the bed again and now we're at the point where the mattress is just my toolbox news / 1/8 put a litter box on Dan's bed after you leave I had a friend at a friend what a coincidence cats are are vengeful with their movements take some point so I had I had a friend in Middle School who whenever the family would leave town they learned that look at a bit someone come and take care of the cat and like check on the couch with the cat would go into everyone's bedroom and shit on their beds whenever they were gone cuz you didn't like them being gone I thought we left her door just slightly ajar they came back from Disney World because her room was the only one that mountain bike ride with the best day of his young child by like just crunching up the covers weather is in the robot litter box robot litter box and it's stupidly expensive and the cats are not going anywhere near this fucking thing from the Redbox in it and then they immediately went and use that one robot litter box. I'd rather have the caveman cage by Tire not yet maybe I can scoop some of that and put it in the neck did you that I added something to take away the giblets in this oh I wish they made the video right make you stop Beanie Babies what is a bucket as a box of Beanie Babies upstairs what's tonight the cat will get off my bed walk all the way upstairs SelectOne Beanie Baby and come down with it in its mouth and dump it at the foot of the bed and then go back to sleep. So consistently we not we have a nest camera looking at the beanie babies not really incredible does he spend time like picking through them like that one do you think he's he's like bringing a dead animal is a gift to you because he wants to see it I dated someone who had a cat and that cat would always bring in dead rats and mice that it would fill out and then I do with a still alive last night it was screaming Mouse of screaming that was really is that back was really better than that yeah I agree how's this video is working right this guy he decided to make you probably seen it maybe two to try to make a chicken sandwich from scratch like you made the bread and it wasn't very good costume $1500 at it took him like 6 months to grow all the stuff you needed and then he just bites it's okay baby I love the way mass production work just like 30 bucks if you had to make that ceramic but even that I couldn't do 4:30 bucks does a great stand-up comedy routine The Joe Rogan does specifically about this about how most people going to have anything is fucking made and it's like 1% of 1% of population that can actually get stuff done and if those people want to wait until I can also be like I don't know nothing but I thought you know how to do it will keep me updated about to walk into a power station and eventually figured out fuck now there's a button that does it back when it was going to be a feature-length thing and not got to series the main character was a guy who worked the third shift at a power plant and the whole purpose of that was he was able to explain why the power grid was able to maintain itself for 5 days wide are still street lights and traffic lights and things like that why those things were still on and his character was able to describe the power grid night sleep and wake up the next day night usages is way way down and sell the generator can run themselves I talk to people to the power company at Pedernales Electric Co-op those are people that I talk to and lower you know usage of the overall power grid if I can easily last for 7 to 10 days next week August 6th on Sunday this Sunday Sunday it will be on Sunday will be on Sunday but it's all good I've had a lot of fun to hang out with and don't like them family and they always do stuff together and always taking photos together I totally separate group anyway yeah only kind of a family episode in season 1 the word right is that sleep deprivation you quickly lose your mind that's that's what happens you know is that easier you know before your body fails your mind fails rapidly so in a lot of Apocalypse like walking dead there's all these characters who are just organelle Mad Max so motivated than people just lose their fucking shit because they aren't they can't sleep there hallucinating and everything else so they really explore some of that stuff in season 2 off the fucking charts quality on that show alone is amazing just not slept and then going to work and it's not it so awful. Morning wanting to watch Game of Thrones and I physically could not do it I could not stay awake but that's just being tired you have to get stuff done and you haven't slept in over a day oh yeah it makes time slow but I was waiting to leave work for like a month I felt like I was just wait until like 4 p.m. or something I got real busy if I'm tired I erased everything that was Sonic West Yellow Buckle if you were to run from that the right over that it would be that would be a blow Michael new game you can play Barbara which is instead of explaining to a caveman explain this to a good looking person in a bar like these are actually a limited edition run from Japan Tokyo great City over there it's a very high-quality very, it's based off of a digital sort of you're welcome I just watch your eyes glaze over it man I we were it's been a minute we're coming facial hair earlier my cat grow back fast enough I had to shave last week for that stuff on the spot that comes out this week yeah yeah and hey I'm so glad I'm so glad I'm