#447 - Geoff the Hermit

Join Geoff Ramsey and Burnie Burns as they discuss the Jack Pattillo “firing,” sobriety, trips to LA, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on August 3, 2017, sponsored by Day 5 (http://bit.ly/2wsiC0l)

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Recorded: 2017-08-04 20:00:00

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Transcript (in progress):

hello and welcome to the last video this company will ever make Dave Dave 5 season 2 comes out August 6th that I just wanted for today last week we did a one-on-one with mr. Gavin Free I sat down with Kevin and then this week you caught me off-guard but loving personality I've been coming up with excuses for six years and you finally caught me off-guard and I was like what was it what was it that made it work just you weren't paying attention wasn't paying attention I didn't make like a specific place in the conversation I didn't realize you'd snuck a podcast asking there and then I felt like I can't say no to that read and write what you mean you would think that off top of your own podcast not very often what's that I try not to be on it very often why I like to I don't fucking I don't like to listen to me I don't know anybody else would happens from week to week in my life to talk about it no it is you have to build up a lot of recording for 15 hours a week in fucking Let's Plays anyway whatever. Whatever small thing happens to me at a fucking fast food restaurant when I get my dick stuck in something whatever I've already covered it like 2 or 3 times but I'm outside just like I just feel like I'm taking up space when I'm on the podcast 2 or 3 weeks in a row so I try to do it like every 3 to 5 we got that three five weeks as my goal and a half you guys finish that podcast they look like I'm bored or like I just have hit the Michael wall or whatever it is I just I just eject but I came in with cheddar biscuits were there and then I came back later to get another one and you were like long gone back to my office to go to answer emails I've done enough here. Here is done and then you just scoot say that was racist probably bar taxi I am definitely my dad side I'm like almost entirely Irish I was going to go to Notre Dame my whole life and then got in we can afford it so it's just like how I'm from Alabama so I can say stuff like redneck please we have also we worked together second 12 hours a day playing earlier we go back in the earliest maybe 18 hours 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. 2 a.m. everyday yeah maybe not everyday but probably 5 days a week yeah it is entirely possible you might be the only person my life is like it is entirely possible that I have had every conversation with you at every possible conversation if we were married we would have to get no no worries just because we would just be out baby that like old couple that just sits in like looking at Golden Corral's nothing to say what used to be like the newspaper last week I did say something that I didn't know his new information about this day go looks a lot of respect around here at mom to the podcast more often IDL does people like one time I fucking blue my voice out yelling at those fuck I just did a what's a funny what's so goddamn important over by the fucking Funyuns I made a reference to the time that Jack pattillo got fired address something in a different format that initially came up giving people that don't don't see it or whatever also can I pick of the information but for us this is 9 years old is one of the most important people at the company created extra life doesn't work obviously a huge part of Achievement Hunter and starting that kiss your ass you a little bit but it's like we wouldn't you know we wouldn't bring up something and joke about it if there was actually a problem what's the problem way way way back and it was when she made her very first started the best hugger in RoosterTeeth I want to go there yeah yeah this is our percent understand that this is something out there already I think less than 10 people know the the story behind this so we can talk about you getting hit up on social show me a fire how do you almost destroy Rooster Teeth on a bike and then I need to figure out what happened and then I traced it back to burning talking about me getting the mouth about what is less than a year into Achievement Hunter I would say it was just you and I at that point and we've been working with with the companies out there and I we had received like for one of the one of the early signs ever we receive some stuff probably the first times ever yeah we have access to some software and it was on a piece of Hardware that I had in my possession and so I'm at that point I was still working at home every now and then I'll bring up the office kind of back and forth Hunter where we all shared computers and you and I will have to wait until people were done producing red versus blue or GameStop commercials or whatever it was like this was a very much was a nights and weekends type reduction and we would literally have to borrow computers when other people weren't using in Legos of time with everybody in the company didn't have a computer we have production computer I was using easier for you to go home and fill my home at your set up there then to ask Nathan please don't animate that thing for episode 92 because Jack needs to make a guide in Dead Space going to change locations and it wasn't an actual discussion and his Rhymes part of it and I was like I wasn't super happy about it but I was like okay go ahead and let's change locations for this piece of heart and soul and I should put out to this was like literally it was the main five Nathan and me that was it there were there were seven of us in that office that point I was pretty random Premont so anyway so I had it with me in my in my car and I actually went and saw a movie that night I want to see if it was something it was something at the Drafthouse downtown yeah but words in the movie my father starts calling me I'm like that's weird okay and I'm going to keep calling over and over again so I grabbed my phone to go out and he's like hey the police are next to your car you need to get over there right now I'm like oh God and so I leave I'll run up the street and sure enough the driver side window in my car been shattered and the bag that had the hardware in it was not there anymore right and that was just like information for me by the way I didn't know it was in the back okay and so my heart thinking I was like oh my God oh my God oh my God I mean I'm not I'm just like part-time like just doing contract work I was not full time at all or anything and so I was like oh my God what am I going to do I think I called Bernie first call I was in the movie I can tell you I was at milk Burnie and Jenny Gavin and Griffin were seeing a movie together when we get with gavish of the summer he said that was the time Jack got fired or something like that and so I don't forget the order got me and I said would happen anywhere like are you kidding me like he's all the joke and then I said I wasn't and I can see your I can see your face drop and then because it was freezing cold and I was driving home with no driver side window just like shaking with like oh my god what have I done and then I called then I think you told me to call burning I called Burnie and then same to you and I was like oh my God oh my God and then I told you back if you ever get there and then obviously got home I was like well fuck alright I don't think I'll ever work for Rooster Teeth and so yeah and then that's where you guys would step in because this point I was just like I don't know what to do because pretty much I knew it was it was bad yeah I can't would you like some short Illustrated like I lived in dumpsters trying to find this thing pawn shops in Dead Cops constantly calling the cops yeah man yeah it looks like kicking down doors and when I was I was in a non Craigslist a big deal. It's no big deal I'll be like real life I can say about that but like the way we handle this stuff now is you know it's for big company way better procedures for those kinds of things way better security it was just a collection of things that we did we did wrong you know you mean everything that I think that I really hope that he was stopping with it in the car when we had such a big step but that's where that's where you and I kind of fell off and the hard part for me was happy call the developer get out and tell them that this it happened it's like a month before the piece of software comes out and say I mean you can pretty much right like you knew we knew that we could be like headlines the elite and you know or something like that and we like scoured piracy sites for like 30 days everything all we did for a month is when we just beat ourselves up about it nothing ever happened and even though the developer to the credit was like this kind of stuff happens to it they didn't they were such a small company where I was on the phone I never everyone was around me and like waiting you know cuz I couldn't hear it and I hung up cuz I guess we're okay you know it's you know they're not furious with us and get it right side of the bus you know for this this thing so yeah we did it was 30 days but nothing ever came of it but we still didn't talk about it cuz we just felt like fun idiots about and feel terrible about you in my life thank God nothing happened but it's like I could have been responsible for incredibly horrible horrible things I never got to work for Rooster Teeth and so I'm going to Los Angeles all this so you know that I'm not going to be able to get a job there and I was the only company I want to work for in Austin I was like well I'm going to go ahead and leave and see what I can do in LA started your career and I started my point and I know that that's are going okay and then I just started doing other stuff I start doing like I made a map that the just spotted and you got a hold of me I was very very shocking so yeah we had talked about if you like give me overreact because all the people that were in the industry didn't like it was telling us it's like this kind of thing happens police reports all that stuff you guys you know you just commit the crime my kids too it's like JD especially so rules oriented and I said look there's so many people that are trying to break the rules don't worry that like you're misinterpreting the rules I'm going to get in trouble for doing nothing wrong you think there are people who are actively like trying to break the rules and I think you know that's what brought me back around the center was I was like here's this guy it's like they made a mistake but it wasn't hit you know he was a victim of a crime impact a lot of us as well and had a conversation or anything like that I think I talk to you that night yeah I don't think I talk to you again for 8 months I think that was the last time I actually spoke to you until I was back in the office and so cuz I went out to LA and I was out there for almost 6 months and then I drove back in October of 2009 is when I started helping out Joel stuff and doing it she must achieve on her stuff and then December 1st 2009 was when you guys offered me full time so yeah it was that was basically from yeah roughly like March April of 2009 until you know what I guess September like a lot of credit your small company were doing all this crazy stuff and we go to Wild West and you know they're doing other stuff and nobody else is doing it was crazy times and we look at the back of that possibly but then it's like stupid shit where we fucked up and that was an instance where we fucked up and honestly I think we both believe in the potential this thing I just don't know if it's worth it to risk everything else you know that we've done and we just had those conversations and so it was that I'd like randomly just brought it up because I could have just tank to a bunch of my new friend to me at this point I don't even working with you guys less than a year I would say I mean I started doing the force enjoymen those preaching on her yeah that was I pitched you guys some contract work and he brought me in and then obviously then you didn't Jeff pitch the idea what she wanted to me and that was at Red House Pizza not there anymore but I was like probably March or April of 2008 when he pays me the idea we have it up and running in July 2008 you so much better with dates that I am I coming to the podcast and we did some Red vs Blue PSA so I get a cheap 190 achievables PS I was in the 27th of July 2008 the 28th was the first one we put a Burnout Paradise was the first video first step cuz I'm talking about like the receipt Channel versus you and her Channel like it's a big deal is like this is like you're seven or eight of the company we were at 7:40 and he was directing season 7 other than read not reconstruction you know we were trying to get other stuff going here we had this thing that we had bleeding how to get a big potential and take this misstep and it's like fuck are we going to be back to one show doing those things we talked about that before I was in the room with you when you did that was that was just basically he like so initial back in the day YouTube had all the list of all the the most it was a hundred videos on your my videos channel a tab and there was a box we could check it in like all I want to do you get the one above the one that's the most recent one was selected everything and then just deleted everything so it wasn't as bad like I think of a worse days being in the downtown office as far as I did before in terms of hours and exhaustion and work and like like living season 6 not then go home I think I like 3 weeks so bad when he was just like living on the sofa and he smelled and we got a hotel room across street yeah yeah yeah and I was just exhausted and I just was tired and my brain just wasn't working so so tired and I need that number 151 and I think it was the rage quits impossible game yeah we're an experiment where you guys put Achievement Hunter videos you guys to produce 3 videos a day we were in the same problem when it was Archie news all the time you look at our Channel and it looked like that's all it was cuz I got hurt videos in experiment where if you put a video up on the roof Shamicka $80,000 I think and if you put on your own channel got 40 thousand years just shows how like how much things have changed right yeah but anyways I'm very very happy to be here still thank you for giving me a second chance. And thanks for saving all those kids from cancer November 11th how much money have we raised for extra life all total over 3 million Jesus Christ I think over the past over the past six times we've done it five big ones and then you and I did that one and I 636 I wanted you to my office back in the day I was a very first 24 hours in regards to the check I'm also glad that worked out Rob leaving me I love you with all my heart I love you too it's been an absolute pleasure to work with you anywhere just go straight home it was a big deal and I wanted to spend the action of like letting people go or deciding you're not going to work with him or you got to do that if people if if people make big mistakes you've got to be able to do that and it's like I think any company the bigger it gets really hard for people to take to get fired and it shouldn't be that hard I don't think so you know you probably don't know this but you gave me what happened people and I was a team leader I was struggling with my first fire and I'm super empathic a lot of people have dealt with that side of it it's hard yeah and I was like I was asking you for tips and pointers I had to work with this guy a lot to try to save him as an employee and in my head it's like I'm taking I'm taking food out of his mouth and I'm taking away his ability to pay his rent and it's incredibly stressful and just like and I feel as his manager that I failed and and it makes me want to try over and over again this me at 27 years old 26 years old and I was really struggling with this kid and and you and I asked you for tips sites in you fire about people and and you told me something that I will never forget the rest my life and you probably have no memory of doing this you told me that I wasn't firing and he was firing himself okay and that if it got to where it was and I have done everything that was in the rulebook you know that I've gone down a checklist of things to do then I wasn't taking anything away from him he was making the decision himself and I was just delivering the news essentially and totally changed my perspective fired so many people have to fucking the hell we bring him in just a fire people person in like the head of public relations order people will find out yeah but I also feel though by firing to is it's always super shity but at the same time you're you're also doing them a favor like there if they're bad in this job is nothing worse than being bad at a job and I think that's something it's like you and I especially got this well we worked in a long time we worked in a creatures that were not entertainment-based every day we get to do this at least for me I hope maintain that perspective I think just having this job where it's like I could do what I wanted his hobby that turned into a career you know that's never ever ever lost on me I don't think I eat people joke about the time when I like I want to kill myself every day and it looks so miserable being here but yeah I know it's a perspective that I don't think I can ever lose because I was five and a half years of TMI managing at export company that I didn't give a shit about I was not my passion I have fond memories of our job hard hard job it's not like I was passionate about fixing people's computer yeah the guy who owns the company was unbelievably giving in terms of the responsibility he was younger people like you had a lot of faith that you know identify people that took one look like you got a lot of tattoos Old School guy but yeah I was very appreciative of that when people talk about their old jobs like at the moment so we leave the company they were like they're ten years you start talking shit about it's like I said it was positive. We used to deal with that all the time we have friends that would leave and then all you like stop hanging out with him cuz all they want to do is hang out at casino or some bar and bitching about working there nothing like people go through in their mid-20s or not you guys you guys are really competitive and passive aggressive about stuff I just hated that job really positively about their last job you know I mean Texas is not a normal thing you don't leave it when you like it I guess just sitting over there and I don't know why email with a calendar invite for 4:30 to 6:30 and all I know is I'm here sit in the seat where Patrick said last week internet box or going to hire I hope I hope so okay yeah I think so I think we already die alone sorry my phone is still two left is the time now in the spot like every 3 fucking weeks and 2 that sucks sounds like money well spent on that you know I'm working on my parade is right now it's good I like it better now than it was back then so you're pretty cool stuff for you talk about this Star Wars prequel 312-399-9070 Gunther. That movie Star Wars movies but they're not bad movies about baby tigers worst movies on par as the original trilogy or we want knowledge so you know it wasn't about bad movies 333 is generally good to is trash one has moments I know I don't call you in 3 or separate movies it all just blend together to me what is trash 2 and 3 schizophrenic you're the George Lucas on record as saying the reason why he's sold to Disney was the internet for criticism between the first flight to set the trilogy's that the internet came about and then he's like everyone hates my fucking movies I thought everybody loved my movies and then he was like I'm done with this pace it though that if you were a time traveler looking back or a story and looking back to the year 2002 and reading comments about Star Wars you would assume it's the most reviled Zone franchise in the history of the world even people who love it talk about it like fucking garbage Starkiller base you still whiny I just can't do that to me like I should have been brooding yeah you are selling the rebel series all the stuff I've seen everything. I'm pretty much caught up on everything Canon Jeff and even know if I want to answer the question hey have you been to see the Emoji Movie I have not okay thank God no I fucking kid it's awful it's a steroid so she fucking threw me under the great woman she was like I was on vacation and I was like hey I just want to let you know what weekend you know I know it's like on the calendar or whatever and we go back and forth superfluid about that and I always appreciate it for that she fucked me over this time she didn't tell me she fucking bought these tickets to the Emoji maybe she'd agreed to do it until that act like she got all the credit for doing the garbage fucking movie and then she just at the last minute she pulls the fucking Houdini and gets out of it on me I would have given all this kids whiskey and TJ Miller no no I won't do that trust me these are an idiot you lead like it it's an idiot savants nerds to know a couple weeks ago and he really yeah you just made the Emoji Movie what he quit fucking Silicon Valley Silicon Valley where the smartest shows on TV he said that he wants to do more stuff like the Emoji Movie and parasail into the can a Hiatus from here to know it was pretty good I think the first time I ever saw him using this Nathan barnatt video that dance video this week we talked about and it's almost like saying the name of the devil star Pax panel in his underwear asshole it with the headband yeah yeah like Nathan's owner had a low T-cell count who's the dude from Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V in real life Trevor I was trying to say the Andy slow but he edits the simple stuff yeah but this is so weird connection it's weird how things come back every time they crash door panel their underwear you know that I remember that but then they were kind of bad at it yeah yeah they were given take they just wanted to take over payments like them we were like she's going to get the fuck out here ScrewAttack figures right eye so we have that comes back around by the time I forgot what that was like her first exposure to screw attack to use a Better Call Saul is in GTA V property to GTA V Albanese like I'm always on the map or somewhere like that start showing up in a ton of stuff for Nolan North play Nathan Drake and Via actually has a boyfriend out really well he must not have been so great or he'd still have her what are the two big Uncharted who's going to play the character who plays Noah North is the guy should be in it by the way when something we were out in La this week it's a weird Los Angeles Los Angeles at least now they just they call it a Louisiana LA because we could go and drink in Louisiana because I'm 18 years old Louisiana to La drive to Louisiana dr. Midstate New Orleans, Louisiana on your personal life one thing I like about it is that casually and more frequent for Charlie is out that I told like four or five years ago and before you know it up see if I can remember it and I tell the story the exact same way and it's like I'm glad I like the facts for off or something like that then I would have a problem haha you just say that I do the same thing I've learned the memories not good as gone and I was amazed that the names I couldn't remember for people they were like friends of mine and I guess I am 42 because I just got this week the first time in like eight years yeah maybe and didn't fucking everything works and cancer and you know what that are antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea I don't have that if you want to but stuff for whatever I'm in my forties like a colonoscopy or a prostate exam every day when you said that he was like no you're good and I was like really I thought it like 40 I had to get a colonoscopy he's like they have one in your thirties cuz you're diverticulitis yeah I had the same conversation when I turn for the doctor cuz my mom died of colon cancer family history like I think it's like if you get done just like I'm going to be like ahead of the curve on something like this you know if I had to deal with it and I said I really think that I realize I'm like he's getting uncomfortable yeah I'm trying to convince making me feel like a shithead I will say the doctor went to town on my balls for a while and then comfortable bunny said no he was looking for I guess he's like it was a little long on the ball was just so what was that did you go like anticipating that you've recently entered a period of sobriety is it fair to say that the plant but I would like to think so that when I moved to LA this year it's like I moved here in 1990 27 years dude, take a picture it's taken years hit so I can and then I went to the doctor I wanted to wait a while till it got out of my system in like my body regulated before I went to the doctor to make sure I will my liver didn't fall out or anything. You do the same thing and then the two days ago the day that happens this kid sent me an e-mail want me to do something weird I was like it is not poop for tography repetitively or anything it was something worth nobody went out here's a photo of you and I meeting and it was the day I thought maybe I'll start drinking again and I saw that photo that's crazy don't even look like you bloated swollen Ness and I thought only the only indication I had it I couldn't you see somebody everyday it's like you don't really think of a regular basis maybe the new audience not as much because they haven't been with us this whole time but people have been around a long time there's still the idea that you and Matt and Joel and Gus and I all work together and I could go weeks without seeing any of you and that would be not necessary right at me and like I I'm I go I may be talking about once every 3 weeks you know it's like once a week but after hours and hang out with him what's up yeah yeah we went out for drinks like what like if you're not drinking I got to watch you drink diet coke everywhere are you okay with that one of those people who needed to put your hand to the other 112 DUI and I ran into one time and he was like he was okay still drinking and I was like yeah are you still not drinking I'm happiest I've ever been drinking or whatever it was last time you drank intervention and I promise that I'll take all this point to him how's it going right out of this conversation I'm not going to be that person who like I go to bars all the time problem I'm pretty straightforward and I will talk to people about stuff I really well and I know I never thought of you as having like a drinking problem I thought you had an identity built around drinking but it was never a point in time where I thought to Jeff's drinking is out of control or anything she got away from me at the end yeah and I was and I did a very good job of not I think I did a better job than you do and sure between you and I not seeing each other that much but it got away from me last couple months I think I did because I had to but it was pretty fucking easy to stop so I don't know he said I said make up my mind to quit and it's been 5 months 5 months in Number the number to really mean anything we decided to drop that but I was in the shower I remember when I thought about it I noticed it was we were we were looking at a video of someone we've known for years and you referred to them as all bloated and crazy and I and I will I laugh and I was like yeah you know he's in pretty bad shape and I had a moment where Gus look better than me use the word addicted for you but a dick addiction is something that I've come up against in my life like I have family members that that have been addicted to alcohol I feel and I've watched how it affects their lives but I'm also like cuz I don't feel like I have that but I'll drink a beer here on the podcast and like I'll get i'll get fucking hammered but then I won't go back and drink the next day I forgot I probably won't I can't make myself do that and I will drink for like a month or anything like that and I have like one drinking session a year Primo's I'm always like horrified by it afterwards yeah you know no candy or video games or beer or whatever I don't have any desire to drink that beer right now so it's not hard but if I drink that one beer I would have to drink the next 15 beers yeah once you start opening up a box of like Laffy Taffy it's the whole box big Newton the bottom of box of cereal make the best decisions in the world in the grocery store I want the salad I love you that once for 5 seconds and then I'm stuck with a fucking salad if I put in my house like she'll get like a jug of candy in a piece of candy out of it or something or Cookie sleep one of them out every fucking 3 weeks and I'm like if I can have some to eat in 10 minutes. If it's sitting there I'm just going to grab one of the time slowly over the course of a day I've moved here like snacking cuz he got a snack so I just buy nectarines because I like nectarines and they're like 30 calories in nectarine death but I know I can't eat one I'm going to be like 4 and by the time you've ingested for that cleans your fucking full and calories in plums it's what you do there are so many hours in the day that there weren't they weren't before I read a lot you know it was nice cuz I had to get a diet and all in personality now I just read for three or four hours a day I do what I do and I'm healthy amount but is no such thing as unhealthy reading so I read a shitload I play a lot of Rainbow Six Siege how to read the book A Week 3 weeks I have an old Mac desktop that I don't just collect dust like I don't like I need a lot I need a computer 10% of the time maybe well I mean I have my I have my laptop because I have my laptop right I didn't almost everything on my phone from social media same boat you know I put her I like cuz it's writing you know they made and honestly it's probably like I probably shouldn't do it because it's scratch that itch of writing it if I didn't do it I probably would be like writing a lot more everyday to me and I kind of like yes baby I feel like the colonel that but like I said I've learned because we produce so much content at such a high rate you know it we're literally talking about 10 to 20 hours a week as unedited recording a podcast or whatever at least admit that I save everything for that if I leave here I don't talk I go and I said I read or I don't even go out I'm kind of a Hermit I don't go out with people a lot I will go out to like I went out the other night with sugar pine because I want to talk about that some stuff with them and they were in town but that was I go to the movies by myself a lot now I just really sad for my daughter when the car's been out of town all summer quiet very quiet life because I got I know that I'm going to get up tomorrow I'm going to talk for 6 straight hours and I just like you just like save all the energy for that so funny to think of the way you're describing is exactly we both Howard Stern fan it's a lot like the wall but that's what he takes a nap when he gets up and you listen to anything people want to say to him when he goes home and he watches TV goes to bed and it is very quiet yeah yeah yeah America's Got Talent all that stuff I think that that dude desperately wanted to be a game show host his entire I mean I've been missing since 1996 and it's been a Common Thread the entire time and that was his attempt and chance at doing that and I think he enjoyed it as much as he can allow himself to enjoy anything for about a year and the obligated himself to doing it for longer and then eventually allowed himself to quit yeah what time you want to come back early scratch that itch the game show Double Jeopardy game show meet whole I got out of the guy Drew Carey Price is Right type thing well we just went out to LA and we went to LA and when I was out there it came up at the last meeting of at midnight was good was happening 600 episodes for years before I talk to my dad about Twitter since we were on that topic hugely viral tweet and I had a party at the Emoji movie tonight when everywhere and it's like you were keeping it back to me and then I looked I thought I want to see analytics on Twitter and I looked at it and the Tweet was seen by 2 million people it was retweeted something like eighteen thousand times I think Larry has retreated for $50,000 like something like thirty thousand people clicked on my profile you can see these are all standard things that shows you down down down down down number of people to follow me because of the of the Tweet 18 people 45050 thousand likes that's impossible how many people can you send me that same page to me from your thing cuz his thing was way bigger his total Impressions on that Trump to eat were 35753000 per second at a 10% of America that's a good point and more than 10% of our country it's like 12 and a half percent of America and he had digital 785000 people click on the details of the trip between 545000 people to click on his profile and went to his profile from it he got 405,000 retweets on it 150 7000 likes he got $130 from everyone thinks viral is so important. Allport yesterday that Twitter lost users month-over-month Creighton I don't know I don't know how long I didn't read that part of the article but they went from I don't know what their Global but they're active user base from 70 million to 68 million month after month formatting June to July that is such a black woman as big as Twitter can lose 35 million people and their 68 million users in America so like I mean obviously was seen by more than people more countries in America the Twitter population of America $1,550 3103 scouting said I love when the brain deals with media to have actual like physical meetings with people like in a business things I got to build relationship stuff like that and I think that I'm glad to see people pivoting back to that as opposed to just like trying to like have so many subscribers are fighting or that kind of shit you know I'm glad to looping back around it amazes me how much self-worth people derive from those numbers to the measuring stick are the flip side of that where they just feel bad about themselves or something like that yeah they don't like they don't have any Social Media stuff on the Facebook so they have a totally normal amount of Twitter followers and then if I changed my relation with a mistake this is so fucking stupid it's so stupid it's a place to make like one liner jokes is all it is you know what I mean is a little bit stupid or even episode but you know over 14 years Jeff yeah Bruce was telling me it was on tour guide quit pretty recently and Bruce was telling me that like hard work at a I don't know his personal story like he had a real problem we're getting a late at talk about how how much happier the guy is and he was like you should talk to him sometime because you'll tell you how much better life is that alcohol if you ever like get that moment where you you feel like you need to go back which I haven't yet but you know Jay's liquor literally like one of the nicest guy ever you know it can be frustrating you meeting you like this person with Jim Lee could be an asshole and that would be totally normal and then they're not there you know they're just super nice and he is like the epitome of that I also think too it's like you know you should be like a Beacon of Hope for people who struggle with addiction because he's pretty open about the fact that he stopped drinking for two years ago he can do the same thing for the pictures of Lake you know Chris Hardwick you know drunk you know where some of that you see pictures of what you know what you look like back then looks entirely different as he does now fourteen years later you know he looks at me and everything else so fucking Robert Downey jr. Frozen in time though because he's healthy $250,000 cuz nobody wanted to employ him for the first Iron Man even though John Fabrie was like this is brilliant that he's really trying here like next to nothing but then that open the door to the fact that they had to renegotiate the contract when he's like I want 40% of the Avengers movie from now on the Marvel franchise I did I'd like to know I did feel like you're going to say you didn't absolutely I thought it was the first time I didn't realize that they never hit the tone perfectly until I saw that movie twice to me Spider-Man and Spidey and he cracking around I really liked it a lot. Totally that movie was perfect like the villains they like draw out to Spider-Man particular some of the worst fucking bills like it's all from the fifties and sixties like he's not like here's the hero what's this make the evil version of the hero that's it you know Ant-Man you know a guy last week on the podcast and he does he's great like if he was calling that I was like the Marvel videos but we went out to the state employee review discussion British so part of the problem with the whole Jackson which type of earlier this is phenomenon that we've noticed receipts we just like we all have flash. Titles yeah we hire someone to do something specific like just that thing like social media with Barbara friends and family make it worse like there's some Calamity that happens as soon as we put that person in that position that I love Barber salt of the earth was the relationship ever since the first time I get to system that we travel together she missed a blanket she had to check a bag on the specimen travel together a second time, where she was going to make the flight to check her bag if she was past time and understanding if I carry out of them like you would like an executive platinum and I need to go so I'll see you in Austin I bet it I bet you did you copy shop and I was very gracious to let you know you can just leave me to fill out a form Lego has notes of whatever whatever bulshit coffee on here and then it was like there's a Bob Newhart's in the modern hipster version of that was in the hotel with the house with a code to unlock a door then you're in a common area and is it called noon on Sunset Hill City Dike bait Alex Evans we have 270 pasta look at real estate Jeff was going to buy a house in a place called Martha remember and I was like he's amazing and it was like dirt cheap view of a junkyard trailer park deal of a lifetime what's going on even though they had the thermostat for this hostel Little Rock and Roll box eat it and it said it to 78° your general swizzle stick man crying like an idiot Al Gore global warming and every weekend for the past five weeks I'll have you really like a hundred and five degrees here it was 107 degrees last Wednesday it was 96° what are you doing Style Bar Norway yeah right video with Hannah Hart and we're about to buy land in the Yukon like way ahead of the curve on that are you going to buy land in the only livable place in the world when that goes wrong you're not to go she's me I live here dying people but because she works in a coffee shop Ellie always gets like the most pretentious coffee which I appreciate but she went into a place this morning at 8 a.m. flight the guy said to you it was like 6 in the morning as I wasn't for pad and he was like I really like the interpretation of your outfit and what is like it's like a commentary on Dunham sacrifice I like the interpretation of what I think he expect me to be an American Idol she should be like fuck off call the cops on the guy interpretation of commentary on denim so overall I was the first person to book travel and I got fired from booking travel because I booked Gus and Bernie into apparently like a cracked in my floor but I was told keep it cheap so I kept the cheap that was an interesting so that's why I went through she has never used for B&B I want bougie overall overall pretty good last night which was cool because he was Colton Hannah Grace Helbig Maple done. He's one of the best of snipe I'll let you watch episode thank you for getting it in there yet, we are 911 Thomas seems like a guy I would like I would like he lives lyrics I feel like I'm giving away is all like friends and family as well yeah he was there and I found out I don't have anything to say to her now but yeah yeah yeah she'll take a fucking selfie so I can Gavin his Facebook account okay yeah it's always okay I thought you were super British and polite about it though she crossed over she's like a little bit bulldogges but then also will be like like super British in like proper and what's a thing like people trying to cut in front of us in line today she was giving them decide I but then when she's on the phone with somebody and they tell her like we had a dinner party! Cancel the date of the next day I booked it to the wrong day except your dinner tomorrow night I beg your pardon and then I like went through and sent them every email that they sent to me and I was like that since she was at the tone used to be most British phrase of all time is like when someone says I'll try to fix it for you and the response is yes I suppose you better had accident Ellie from New Jersey but there was fun you know it was you got other stuff I have two meetings and stuff and then Hannah wanted to shoot a video and then when we were shooting a video together I know it's like the lights were out in the studio tonight and then from there I was like learned that the @midnigh screams at night and like just do you find when you go out to LA from meetings cuz I do the same quite a bit that I'm on the way home you're like I probably could just FaceTime that one got the plane now no product says we're going to make more business-related but man I just like I couldn't get it done cuz I didn't realize I built this backlog of professional meetings and in like personal meetups that likes had a backlog built up for the first two weeks was like breakfast lunch Drinks dinner done and it's just like I gained 10 lb going out to LA for two months is actually having a conversation with Harley morgenstein more talking to him about Canada from LA to be still in Canada and I don't know why why why did you leave La you were there for 3 years mother why'd you decide to leave me cuz I wanted to get work done yeah the place like I really like the lady but then it's like it's like this last time it was so like sweaty and just like I think it's whatever interpretive coffee there there's nothing happen everywhere people live there I mean I get when I didn't for years there no but it's like it is super easy to get up you know opportunities in like a lot of stuff that gets done in the entertainment industry doesn't happen in a conference room sure you know where you're not interviewing for a position you know I mean even auditions like a lot of stuff you just like you give me people the problem with that is I find is that we want to have a normal social interaction there are people who are never off the clock they're always working you know you mean and I would say that the whole fucking City little bit I like having assistant before I did so I'm alright talk to you and said was it's a good idea to get an assistant so family fixer for sure pictures of terrible I'm not fat or skinny not thinking you've been making fun of me for having a Blog every every time I've seen you just about you made fun of me for having a Blog because you for everything you guys posted that you had a snuggle I know where this is going there tonight they're going to be there going to be accepting any boxing is that coming out what are you up to today yeah he's a easy get a bald fox.com if you just enter in keyword it's true I guess I mean it certainly wasn't conceived as that but that's just kind of want to turn it in because people send so much stuff it's been great though because everybody likes to open a present Bobby it's like like hit you just open up and it's like here's the bounce castle like all great that's 3 videos we can make out of that funk you've been obviously I know how do you spell got in bed I don't want to spoil I don't spoil anything that but I'll tell you about it later but yeah you just get like here's a grenade launcher Airsoft if you like I can grab a bucket of that or whatever you know and then suddenly you have content that you wouldn't of had because somebody on the somebody in Wisconsin is super creative and funny and thought to send you you know crowdsourcing call Daniel Carson comedy that's the new modern New Media term for that crowd sourcing sure tag RT Podcast and have any questions for Jeff and he know everything about you how would they have questions I'll see you in the six more years and years and then Jeff will come on I had nothing to do with it was all the shitstorm some get set up and then need to have to rectify it. Cuz I don't wanna make you happy the audience loves when I get political but I don't know if you saw the reports say that Mueller has impanel a grand jury doesn't mean anything other than they can subpoena documents phone records Financial records those kinds of things and you can't serve in a diamond without a grand jury indictment but there's no way I can research them self but what's a what's a trumped-up to get reelected he will but let's say he doesn't see people should before you go any further understand absolutely that none of this means Trump is out of the White House is our president for the next three years three and a half years and then he will get real life it is 8 years there's nothing there's no there's nothing if I don't want to speculate on what it would take all the hot takes on Twitter won't matter nothing is going to matter the man is going to be president for 8 years that's all there is to it just resign yourself to it and accept it and this is what politics in America looks like now what do you mean like even after I say like the most like it swings back in that person is going to be just constantly attacked the entire time in office as well this is what this course looks like now for the foreseeable future unfortunately Andy warhol's Vision realized to the nth degree in the thing that makes us it's a thing that makes the ability for us to have the career that we have right that we were we were able to have a platform we recognize a very early on we were very fortunate but I think also for thinking enough to to to latch on and to realize that we can play around platform and get it in to get it two eyeballs and in a way that was never possible before without going through social media and the thing that isn't that enabled us to do that enables everybody in the world yet to have a voice for worse and better and for worse and they had to cut through the noise and then this amount of white noise the only way to cut through the noise is to be Sensational and seek negative attention that's right and that's where we are even if it's negative work can you like that you agree with you know it's like you're politically aligned with those people they still have to go to Extremes in order to get noticed hire Society course correct for that I don't think you can yeah I don't know I really don't know what it would take to aside from sadly some sort of a terrible tragedy that would be I don't know how you I don't know how you pull back from where we are yeah the world is a very small place it's you can touch anybody in the world via the Internet at any time and you can there's no filter and it's this is this is what it looks like and it's only going to get it's only going to start using it at such an early age so happy my kids are like a religious family is not at all or politically that you go back and forth such an important part of the ear that kids like not doing into it my family is not like yeah I know right it's like I'm appreciate the fact that they're like you don't know how to use it cuz I don't want to be so out of touch that they can adapt to the changing climate and I think it is I think it's like man if I like I wouldn't want to see how many times I check my phone in the day I wouldn't want to see it cuz I just do it without thinking I didn't have my phone today it's for 2 and 1/2 hours cuz I had to get my screen fixed so I can drop it off and I had to race back to the film the video and then I had like a lunch meeting that I had to race over to get it and I was fucking lost for 2 and 1/2 hours on the phone I just felt so out of Clans how to contact people I thought what if I'm late for this meeting right now will I let them know I can't like I didn't I needed to meet up with Luis and I didn't know how to contact him so I had to ask Trevor to contact him for me to let you know I was coming it's like it's yeah yeah it's really weird and it's one of those things where you feel it every second that you don't have any also used to not having it when you don't like I had to give up my phone for a month more measured about how much I use this thing usually something that works exactly where Wars itself so it's like it's his thing is constantly just like pick it up information dopamine has constantly all the time you know that's why I just I can't have no time for social media because I want to get sucked into the states it's a become so all-encompassing I just add I know me I just I would I would do it would be it would not be good as long as you don't consider YouTube video, but I'm I mean that I'm generating contact I'm getting paid to make and that I was a part of my career if I can stand what's up I think all people should treat them this way concert posters like it's good to go in and look at the comments as soon as you put a video how to make sure there's nothing technically wrong you get a good snap shot everyone are going every once in awhile to get a snapshot of like what the general tone is without going too deep into it you look a likes and dislikes you looking views if you was up with her eyeballs and when you don't go much deeper yeah damn some stuff to you it's like we can talk about this on the porch so I could go to the purchaser and everything like that it's like there's some things I like but it's a guy really is mainly come down to that like dookie watch your don't they want when they change it up in the comments are dominated by that but those have less views you know I mean it's like that's that's why there are some metrics that like supercede other ones do you know this week Gavin I mentioned the Gavin and Jack film that episode of which is a show we made our super excited about it and eight people were super excited I hope they keep making it and I'm going to tell you right now we're not going to keep making it because I did is going to come out prove me wrong it's 142 180,000 views and and and we're just it's not going to make it because the amount of effort that goes into continue to make it for so that the audience for the majority audience doesn't want to watch it it just doesn't make sense yeah from a business standpoint but also from a pleasing the most amount of people that we can all business but it's also I have here and people vote with with their views and I get that constantly like they can go I just don't know when to stop making X show in this people stop watching it and we're making we're in the business of making content for people to watch it money aside I want every video I made to get a million views like that's the goal because that means a million people or 500 twice million washer once whatever day it was it resonated enough that it resonated with those people to that degree and that's a good that's the best metric for me to determine what people want to watch is what they watch as we measure things as well that came up on the several people do they measure a response like summer weight of measure we talk a little bit about the way to eat that we measure stuff and with like YouTube views and an average views and stuff like that and then in or something I just take on stuff is like to make stuff I don't have any substance that contributes to the noise for a handful of people want to watch if I actually cancelled this week about cancer stuff and the main reason I don't use the word cancelled ever is because I think it's sticks to a person you know you made out and I feel like doing that and when we change my blog to differ Dayton to fucking be used it went down like $100,000 I finally got cancelled and I'm not worried about her but then Kevin came up to me and said I know you want it I know you want to like just cancel it and cut it but he said you should get these metrics in the metrics was he knew exactly what the show me you showed me that it was the oldest show on the program on the channel like it was by far the oldest audience watching I was like. Yeah that's the reason to keep it around that time you know he's miserable today that sucks like a billion years ago and we got a guy who's having the worst day ever the guy that yeah I know the guy I said like weird in cheesesteaks do they make a cheesecake Lady Legasus I forget what do you want mushrooms and peppers and onions anything I said yes and he just goes I really like this guy likes the manager should go you but you don't work anymore yeah I fucking hate this job it's like it's making your life miserable just like he was pissed off all the time and like a cap or was he was giving the hay were making our final descent Austin to put away your tray tables near large Electronics Etc StarTalk it's hot so fucking massive turbulence and like I grab my drink and do it and I look at him and just as I guess he just goes in her company I thought this guy was on edge I almost asked the guy out for drinks last in a fight it's like me I know you park or like Papi emergency