#448 - The Fake Fiancee

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Josh Flanagan, and Chris Demarais as they discuss milk, filming Day 5, strange bar stories, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on August 8, 2017, sponsored by Blue Apron (http://cook.ba/29J4MMj), Casper (http://bit.ly/2bgC0nt), Squarespace (http://bit.ly/290ucbK)

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Recorded: 2017-08-08 14:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Chris Demarais, Josh Flanagan, Gavin Free


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to the receipt podcast this week brought you by Blue Apron Casper and Squarespace I'm Gus Gavin I'm Josh I'm Chris immediately and you talk about first week because we have a lot of people watching what and guess we need to talk about first wee because obviously a lot of people watching right now on YouTube normally we'd live stream the podcast only for first member through Steve this is Live on YouTube right now that's why I'm here they brought the big guy that was a joke at first week and Tails starting to be free to watch just like this all week long to celebrate the release of day 5 season 2 season 1 will be free to watch all week so you can get caught up you won't feel left out free previews of some of our first only shows like theater mode backward-compatible fanservice and once again like last first week after school I learned some stuff when I found out our stretch goal we didn't know the number 1000 sexy got calendar you didn't know about that they talked about potentially doing I didn't know you're doing that 3000 subscribers pets of RT Instagram account 5002 Ruby chibi holiday episode at 8000 new game time with Bernie at 13000 first members will create an episode of cooking with Geoff and Gavin did you know about that I feel like maybe you're going to learn how to drive in Bernie's car for this but someone did come out to dry for video and I responded only if I use bunny car free check it out and you can help us reach our goal if you're arguing first member by gifting first membership to a friend of your supposed to have it so I me what your enemy the reason I was flustered and I didn't say my name is we also have new shirts that are first member-exclusive and I was supposed to show them off and on the fucking. Came straight out of coffee and he spilled coffee all over the shirts I have to show first of all we have a costume people come all the way through to the other shirt as well Ricky first I can get behind that one V people like grapes shut not so much mileage of it wasn't even a joke it was just a statement about people in grapes no it's okay Gavin already fucked it up the idea to make them every color of grape is that why they've chosen that color but not for what they are grey shirt there was a green text yeah that's true you're the cotton candy grapes yeah yeah I don't know what they do to them like that just the way they're grown they taste like cotton candy don't like rub sugar on them or anything but they're both really good selectively bred grapes across several generations to like bring out the street where they taste like cotton candy people last evolution there is no but like going to breed people to to wear like certain I don't like their they taste good selectively breed people also eat pineapple and all the other things to make people taste good right I think that might be a crystal talking about the best tasting man specimen 100 years from now you'll have it such a long time colder yeah but when the aliens come on the woman who to give them what would suck dolphin enjoy. Mcconaughey live in human who is there a way to measure the most Pleasant taste scientifically the best tasting semen on the planet who is this man Tony love pineapple I mean when your mouth Burns a little bit when you eat it because it's actually a really good Segway I read a story I read a story the other day that the world record for the longest penis got broken if a man in Killeen whose penis is 19.1 inches long number so you guys exactly how big am I keeping you in what state is it earlier talking about 19 and I almost made a joke about that being a big penis was like you could literally suck your own dick too long can I see a pizza place in Killeen Killeen Texas to live there unfortunately it goes below the knee tweet tweet he's in Texas could get him on the podcast we get swinging on the on FaceTime right now what how do we show it without being like 6 iPhone going to get a little of wide angle attachment lenses on the on the iPhone find us something to old record with 18.9 in so how disappointed that guys like but it could you imagine if both of them had a three-way with a girl they would make it almost understand and I think I could go through someone but we just finding stuff table almost one hard drive bigger than the other that is measuring a computer now now it's as long as the computer tower give me those shirts let me clean up this beer 3 cylinder specific one advantage to have no no I mean it would you get like four inches into a woman and be like yourself in the world if you even if you could show up at the pole thing I can put the back of it into someone else I still want to meet in the middle what are you doing Chris I'm saying what would happen if two people have a threesome one once in the middle weight are you doubling a penis right you're so happy when I cry when I read it and then it would be even more unbelievable than I popped out the tape measure to start measuring like a sword swallower how did he get that each other from YouTube call up Guinness Book of World Records like hey we measure my dick I put it down it would go out as back apparently but yeah all the ways you can imagine that you did it unbelievable yeah that's like me trying to be nice to the pancreas I get diabetes and trap the bell end in your knee if you like bend your leg yes I'd like I don't think you can wear shorts right I guess yeah I mean he got an erection while wearing shorts fit what if it was the right system that big like it doesn't actually get that hard I feel like I've read that you have to have is there a way to like pump yourself full Dexter blood when I know but like okay so you know how your blood pressure I assume that's like how pressurize your blood is sure if you know you get blood transfusions whenever you go to the doctor need more blood if you just give yourself an extra extra extra blood is that going to give you like a firmer harder erection instead of like taking Viagra you like slowly leech blood off of yourself and put it on your penis is open your closets bags in one right before sex power my erection which human blood to other topics on the subject of dicks if if I don't I was having a discussion earlier I think with Jeremy we're talking about getting your penis pierced and you know how I like a Prince Albert what's that one with the ladder ladder Jacob's Ladder or do you have barbells through it going up the penis my question is is when you get your penis pierced do you have to do it flaccid or Rec I assume you defrosted because here's the deal is if what if you don't flaccid and then you don't account for erections So then whenever you get a wrecked all the sudden it's like ripping and does it stretching and if I literally have it figured out who's going to stay for that my blood to shoot every why wouldn't it I don't know but I don't know enough about this with a one way or another I'm not even what we need to do is test this on someone who has extra penis to spare so Friday we can't we can't do anything with that and what a fucking great introduction the first week or every one thing in first week I think so welcome thank you for joining us I did something really stupid and I've never done before last week I spilled an entire cup of water on my laptop dead onto it straight in the middle of it we were filming a good please and I had to cut a glass of water next to my laptop and I was talking and it all went right into the laptop I want to see it so I just shut it down when I just started shaking it and like all the water was trying to get all the water out of it quit putting my car for like 4 hours cuz I was really hot that day to bake it out and then opened it up and it turned back on electronics right I don't know man I would like it affects the microphone might be ruined but I actually like bored I think I can have it wet if it's not on but it was on there was on we have probably a couple days before that happen I was looking at replacing it cuz it's been super old already getting ready to replace it at the end of the world have an hour just refuse to die in a mile what you doing that really old MacBook for a long time and we're filming Captain Dynamic and edges of something on it was over and over again and it still works after that it was Matt's actual working lapto for some reason we don't have a problem yeah we are not long ago and it did not fare as well as years and now the mouse pads all fucked up so it like it's like doing a Ouija board like you put your fingers on it but the the thing just going to let it grow really creepy written any messages out to you know I thought someone hacked it at first but you like press really hard on it you can hear it like crunch out whatever's wrong with it and it works for 5 minutes and you got to repeat maybe just keep in a place for like a week put in my car and let it bake Kimberly that survived that I saw a video of the other day someone was like trying to debunk Ouija boards and like they are grandfather and I'm so happy my grandfather says he's at peace and the other person's going to be like oh you believe this is a good way to communicate a blindfold all you pretty black girls all of them and has them do it and course like it's not even hit the letters X you don't know what you doing on the poker first wee goal what is the name of the dead person the focus before we could be a first what happened to Jess first distributor like the one you can buy like at stores yeah weird product if you can with the plan brought to you by then sorry when did we reach that point where this was like on a Colt thing Witchcraft and now it's a family fun home game Harry Potter man Harry Potter pop cultural thing where it became accepted and not not go stalk yeah too much people on brave enough to even try it I'll do it who's actually writing if if you and I did it I was knocked out something out like most what's the science that one of mine is just one of us is like I don't know it depends on how forceful someone someone's lying is it just subconscious maybe I didn't know who you're talking what if we just did it and we weren't we didn't ask to talk to someone's Grandpa you know just see what happens who would you want to talk to if I can talk to anyone who you who you're contacting dead people like maybe I don't know why Hitler came to mind but why not going to get tips on how to how to breed people what he was thinking when he died why he never mind go back to pick up north let me think I'll think of another Amelia Earhart yeah I would like to know how she died because I heard stuff about crabs with what I heard things were she was like trapped on an island there's like crap yeah I like she got trapped on it on a little island or something and try to live there and they were giant crabs on the island and she ended up like a Giant Food Source yeah well whatever she might have died or been haunted by giant crabs I also heard she ended up in Japan or something there's rumors that or not was it a good thing or maybe maybe other tragedies that we don't know what happened I just I guess JFK would know who shot him what about Lee Harvey Oswald he didn't live much longer after that is crazy that footage of him being Baptist is on camera film yeah JFK to make sense he's the president so I mean he wasn't doing anything official like it was it was a just a random person who had a camera look like specific protection to prevent him from getting that he was being transported like that crazy or just some random citizen had to happen to have a camera up to Lee Harvey Oswald and Point Blank Shooting and then get away and nobody knew what happened that's the face I make when I got shot ask him about that face to someone who Jesus Maybe true person so Jesus or someone who like way back in history that you know we don't really know what happened to you don't like people there's someone before Alexander the Great who also like Concord a lot of the world I can't think of his name but we don't really know much about there wasn't a lot of things no I wasn't mad I don't know who would you pick I thought I think I like the Amelia Earhart one that's in it she wanted me I feel like she's been in the news again lately for some reason but you got one of mind I die tell Monty how good Ruby turned out two people tonight right how did how does it work when I pick Hitler and god dammit Gavin talking about that I saw this really crazy story earlier today or this couple in the Bay Area bought a private road in front of mansions for $90,000 and now they're trying to figure out how they can make money on it so they're thinking about charging all the millionaires in their houses to park on the street what is on a space in the mansion ground to pot are no visitors maybe wait but aren't roads public hunting by it was a private road but it's the only road to the house of houses are all built on it apparently they just never paid the property tax on the road for 30 years and is only like $14 a year it was just like overlooked so the the city repossessed the road I've been putting up rocks to the pay the tax bill and some couple bought it for $90,000 is a lot of money the block law on private oval Street line by 35 mega million dollar mansion mansion forgot it's just an oval Street just looks like it's just south of the Presidio in San Francisco someone bought it another 2 years ago they said they didn't tell anyone please consult an attorney for 2 years. How to make sure that they legally you cannot be taken away from them yeah I guess just have like a membership to the road I mean that would work if you eat and if they're multi-millionaires then you just charge them like crazy even Someone who lived at who is like a billionaire there's no way they'd be happy with that $934 I said overlooked paying it for three decades and see how they can make money pacemaker of a 90 grams of a prophet mustela road back to them back to the people who yeah when you own a road where does that end in begin like does that include some does that go to the sidewalk like what is that they said that with this particular Road it's an old road that comes in off the street and that at the point where it meets the public street that there's a guard shack there only the gravel of it later on the grass you're okay I guess I've replaced it with quicksand 07 Chevy that then there's no reason why the road off me OIC rather than yeah you can make it so and pain level and annoying and I would line the top with bird nest shaped like a fecal rainstorm is the drive-thru I'd like to buy the road and I'll take the boat to away what would you sell it for what's your markup on a road by 40 foot in 9 cm are in 22 years with Tony 15041 $50,000 want me to get a band together to buy back their Road or is it just be one person if they have like an HOA or something that had owned it took 30 so many mansions are squashed in 35 millionaires so if you charge them a million dollars for it $28,500 each so you basically trapped those houses and mansions on the inside they can't go anywhere like if you didn't want them to see if you're rich enough to have a mansion some land as well just walk over there throw clothes with another stories I've read in recent memory I can imagine you two ways and how I screw them over at like you turn it around and you really screw the HOA over what it what is do I say that they would do with the right to put out to the internet are tags hockey but I think you use hashtag art on how do you call it cost to let us know who is this Independence Day Nitros going to make some dollars for those people that's right it still talking about Ouija boards still here is brought to you by Blue Apron fresh high-quality ingredients make a real difference with supporting to know where your food comes from the $10 per person per meal Blue Apron deliver seasonal recipes of armor pre-portioned ingredients to make delicious home-cooked meal recipes each week or light blue apron culinary team surprise you recipes are not repeat it was in a year you'll never get bored, Queen meals included basil pesto chicken sauteed shrimp and miso butter salmon blueprints first Guaranty promises that every ingredient dinner delivery arrives ready to cook or they'll make it right customize recipe each week based on your preferences when you want them sprint.com you look how good it feels and tastes great incredible home cook meals with boyfriend so don't wait that's blueapron.com RoosterTeeth Blue Apron a better way to cook thank you boyfriend I'm a little sad that they took the tape measure what is like a must have gotten away hunt imagine what that guy must feel ya put it where like goes right in front of my face is 19 guys name what is his name was Gary or something and then you go around how much would you charge if you had that penis how much would you charge for someone to see it to see it and anyone could just be like I want to see it yeah you know pictures videos just to just to see it I'd say 400 bucks would you do when you pay that to see it would be like can I get a bunch of people to chip in oil then we are going to try to get Angie to get a bunch of people in there and get 400 people to pay $1 yeah how many people like how far away from a penis do you have to be before you can't really see it if I was like right down the end at the far fence you could see that you know the distance that I'm just so fresh blood about critical decorate flight distance probably 40 feet I'm sure depends on the penis in Italian so we talked about this before you and I about that Horizon milk that stays good forever yeah that's the one with the red is red wine good for like 3 months or something you refrigerate it or no I read this weekend that you don't have to refrigerate it before you open it call what is the stuff of drinking ultra pasteurized like a really high temperature and then once they steal it it's fine that you don't have to refrigerate it once you open it you do I refrigerate it but that they don't keep it on the shelves because people don't trust warm milk right nobody would want to buy milk at HEB now and buy some I just leave it on the set for like a month longer than a month they will last a month in the fridge once it's opened foot long as it we should leave it for a year and see if we can drink in a year or just do the just just push it to the Limit maybe just do the three months 3 months I think once we open it would commit to you got to drink okay I will get some of that with milk we could do one extra life I don't want it next year's extra life I like that cuz I've had times where it's been like Christmas time and I've gone home for like a week or something. Going home to renew my Visa which takes way longer to come back and my milk is still good and that to me is insane like living in the wet all the milk I ever had was because bad in like 5 more like I don't drink a lot of milk and if I'm traveling mainly just have it like cereal and putting it into you and stuff Stonyfield Horizon you like the times I've been to Europe not not England but my brother was in Berlin like they drink warm milk to or like when they buy it it's warm like I when I wanted fresh milk or like refrigerated milk it was hard to find in my Relic relatives by marriage my brother's German wife thought I was a weirdo for one and cold milk and I was like milk on the rocks and it was strange I mean that's how it comes out naturally warm yeah but I got the assisted with the way you grew up drinking it if you grab drinks at warm it's really weird that you wouldn't need your mailbox anymore crap invention your what Oh I thought that was like an ice box or a cold mailbox refrigerator I have to rush home and save your milk just have a fridge outside my front door so yeah yeah seen it so you what you ugly and chained up fridge and what if someone just came in like taking your truck what I could just go by the tag deer email Prince temperature happens that people stole in your mail before people have their mail mild crime know it seems like he stole my milk if someone that I would be equally annoyed you call police officer really yes officer someone stole my milk what more I have this bridge you have a mailbox for groceries delivered and Patrick kissing milk leaves a cow and 101 degrees Fahrenheit and it's probably cool and start at 40 degrees Fahrenheit so not frozen but place got some hot 101 and I looked up Ultra pasteurization which is that process that they use for Horizon is the process of heating milk to approximately 280 degrees Fahrenheit for just two seconds and a chilling it back down rapidly Papa's if you go longer to start back for you I guess I have you ever had fresh fresh milk from from the milk from fresh milk from a cow fresh goat milk but never had fresh cow milk never had fresh milk other than when I was a baby we get Ben to go and get cow would you like I do not like squirting in my mouth or actually sucking on the teeth is not much different ones the little dresser. I think someone was like if I guess I can do it Josh to live coming back on the grossest thing you've ever done Google Play on the level of sucking straight from reality mine would have been something on extra life stream I ate like a God Like You guys and all that weird stuff and then baby bird it to Aunt play that double down with Jack's beard hair I think of mine I really used to trick my little brother and the drinking pee that was in Mountain Dew bottles at the kid brother who did it wherever one trip we're driving we're riding in my dad's truck and he had my nose my two younger brothers the older of the two had made the younger one drink and just started crying and no one knew why what's wrong and then eventually got out that he had me pissed in this Mountain Dew bottle of me and drink and my dad was like hard I can even pull over spank your ass right now or you can take a big chug from your cell so you take the bottle when he puts it to his lips and he tries to fool people that he's like no drinking is doing that sideways trick where is present for brother's go straight down his throat and he stops and he's fine and all the sudden how much would it take for you to drink your own pee depends how much directly behind the pineapple on Earth well then it would probably probably not much I don't know I probably I'd probably do it under some some could I fun things right past my taste buds like into the gullet through a hose now but I wouldn't do it yeah I have a neighbor who is a friend like growing up like they weren't many kids in my town in the sky I don't know we were just friends because we are approximately the same age but like I never even as a kid I never really like hanging out with him because I knew he would lie all the time and like pathological liar like stuff that's not even though yeah I went to the sake of it to the grocery store today and I know you didn't remember we went to the end but yet he told a story like that once that he was lied about stuff why would you lie about this but he told a story once about how he was taking a piss at the toilet beside you want to know what it tasted like they pointed it up at his mouth and write it I was like I know you didn't do that dude give me this look like you just want impressed that didn't happen did you ever have to like hang out with people like that when you're younger and like your car or any way to to get anywhere else in trapped in the life today 5 come out right came out and yesterday yeah yeah I already cancelled and straight to the season breaks ratings 8 8 episodes in the whole first season is free right now on RoosterTeeth we were looking around all 50 I don't know I was looking around I was verifying that that is correct information now you have no choice you can you have to watch it there will be a quiz episode 1 of season 2 I said previously on day 5 in the shows every single thing like back-to-back every season but four and a half hours you can do it you can do it tonight and it was still be today so they can you also filmed a lot longer this time we play with me I'm shocked that it's out already I figured post would have taken a lot longer I have only did it can currently so we started Shootin shop for 13th Street weeks of three three months straight which is the longest Chute rooster teeth ever had and I think the season 4 season was was the last record holder at 10 weeks shooting mid-February and so even like for the first week we were already in post why would be on Sat show running or directing if it was a specific episode and then I would basically like any free days I'll be in at the post house already cutting stuff so I know it was the most out of the orders here at like a feature film so we had to do it by location so friends like we went to Alpine to Marfa for 3 weeks since I found out there and we had pieces of all the episodes it take place out there until I meant like having different directors out there and Chris and Erin and then we have two other directors the seasons doing there were days where for directors would hand off the rains in a single day yeah and the wind is straight are set in West Texas to we built this big beautiful camps at end of day one it just picked it up and threw it and I like we're going to the soundstage so like flipped over with the shit ever send those guys just like 5 minutes is wet down how long does it take to build like 2 weeks ago it was nice yeah which is weird what did you think of like the weather that would impact the shoot I feel like wind is not the first thing you think you know it's like lightning or rain storms or something but don't shoot the letter that stuff Blow Away on Star Wars trip one way that that temp City helped fucking amazing I was cool and there's like three or four generations of it to Wheaton over here next door at stage 3 a rebuilt a 1/10 but there were like there was one that was ignore the supposed to be the interior and then I was like an Outer Perimeter and there was kind of like a big family tent and they were just reduce the way they can we block shot so if there was any episodes are required the interior of the camp we have to shoot him then and then rebuild it take a day to rebuilding so I walk through that set with you in like when you walked in if you were in the middle of it felt like you were yeah in the desert like in the middle of a of a cab somewhere didn't seem at all like your honesty I would actually go between takes or 13 and cameras outside I think I'll go take a nap and one of the other 10 since you can make the PA find me he could have blown away just yet I could have been in this one have any lines or was it just you just did your thing and that was it hey oh yeah yeah dog did you actually get in I know you're pushed in yeah we built that specially for for the show too cuz it turns out that we did some more wall right when we don't look like that anymore like they're basically walk-in freezers now oh yeah and so we couldn't find one to filmon so we blew a bunch of money just building a wall and only two of the drawers actually work that we left him to it isn't out but as like a scene that happened in that very same place is like a quite important scene in the movie for in the exact same area where I was once animal draw yeah crazy how much has happened literally in that exact spot where you are that's me going to play in like an hour ago that lets play Battle thing came to be hey welcome to this evening I just saw you running tomorrow and that's one of the toughest things that the show is finding good cameos for adversity talent and not making it distracting cuz I think it's really easy to be like even if you just do someone in the background as a bodybuilder hottest burning but there's like a really emotional thing in the foreground cjgamer ATX what was the funniest episode you did the funnest funniest maybe he sounded pretty good episode there's so many different types of scenes and tones and yeah there a lot of actual comedic scenes then also love like Christ stuff and cries and got up yeah yeah William Sadler who is death in Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey isn't Shawshank Redemption and then he's the naked yoga bad guy in Die Hard to see and he said that that was not in the script and then those Renny Harlin he said you can come over before like the next like the day before there was supposed to shoot it was like oh yeah I like but I think it would be better if you were naked and so we had them into the end of Die Hard to shoot so that he could get in good enough shape to be naked together but looking good yeah that way you could ask for more money yeah it was cool I mean that I'm weird enough I ran into him I didn't talk to me but I saw him on the street in New York when I was there for the lazer team Premiere like like a year-and-a-half ago it was weird that like a year later is actually in our production so like when you get to work with people and you just like lightly crossed paths before yeah nice ice breaker sometimes those it was a stressful was it like pretty smile at someone for a long time I did that was the drugs know the yeah it was tough as a really touched like it was super fun but it was definitely a mean just because of the order we shot in and had an overlapping post with shooting just like him I wasn't on said I was definitely doing something we also like rewrote a lot like while we are strong we were shooting yeah and because we weren't filming in order we had times where we had written and Phil find the payoff scene in episode eight and still had the Retro revised scenes from like episode 5 and 6 or something to make them fit and it's just like trying to keep track of all that stuff is just not as Madness yeah but I think it worked at all I don't know how I know I don't know how but it all came together and make sense into it like feels really good yeah the camp stuff I'm super happy that has really that's like a bunch of locations we did that season 1 - episode of red Joe Estevez when he's a crazy news reporter and that new station is actually like 5 different locations stitched together depending on the shot so I always have said you most looking forward to coming to 7 minutes. Yeah I'm good I don't I think we weren't super like we'd always kind of felt like as we get the original season one we've written as 10 episodes in an attempt to sit down at 6 and then at the end I think we kind of felt like we would have liked 7 episodes of really kind of Bill to flush it out and then because of that we always we always feel like at the ending we left a little bit too much I don't like any of it's a little more of a seasonal answer I think we really got to stick the landing for season 2 million pays off I really like the cost let me see him quite a lot of stuff there was about a real fun too she the shit and get drunk with especially Walker get him drunk know if she's out there Shannon if you're watching what does he have hot and her something and Shannon baby loves you talk about it yeah so we called Shenanigans it's a good one every Sunday Premier just came out last Sunday and I'll run for 7 more weeks so you said about how long the whole time they will be TimeWise like running time around like 6 hours for the whole season TV hour 45 minute episodes we got delivery of the milks at the milk that do recognize this this carton I've definitely seen this can I get a Sharpie also cuz they're cold right now cuz like I said they sell them he's expire on the 23rd or 21st temba not even the 21st to open by sell-by date it's not that far out open by then over a mugshot of the day off I thought it was like three months it last that long okay so that's what I'm going to get off here and there on the front and I'm going to write extra life 2017 kind of wet so I'm going to wait cuz it's not going to guarantee he's lactose intolerant so you better show Casper mattresses for a fraction of the cost Casper makes outrageously comfortable mattresses you probably heard about a million times on podcast but I can tell you it does live up to the hype and that's true. 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You don't have to lie down NFL room get $50 worth any mattress purchase were visiting kasper.com RT use promo code RT terms and conditions apply free shipping and returns to the West Canada and now the UK UK is included episode podcast I have a question about President Trump is the 45th but that was once president who he did ideas but not back-to-back correct does that mean he was two of the present I believe so yeah yeah yeah yeah the parking system in the 44th President 44th different it's like if we'd all be really mad if this happened but if lucasfilm repackage Star Wars episode 1 and releases episode 8 it would still be episode 8 even though it's already come out and that was all I was thinking about in the shower this morning something from this milk brand FAQ how long can I keep milk after the date on the package the date on the package is called the best by date to ensure they use the wrong and short to ensure the highest quality of product we always recommend using products by the date stamp on the Container Park open before the best by date should be refrigerated all times I should stay fresh for approximately 7 days after opening seven days Horizon go to the whole refrigerator sectional final with a date for this and if you can't get the extra just some poor guy that always gets like the one day he's got wanted to drink his milk at thanks stupid deal without even reading or listening the freshest kind of faded on the Shelf over there when is November 11th this year alright I'm going to try to come back to life this year I don't I'm not going to do what she's Master late night then I'll probably come in the middle of the day and see video game time I got into something this weekend in video games people been talking about this for ever hears 2018 I just missed it and I finally got into it I don't know if anyone here places to play stardew Valley damn yeah I played that for a while like I tried it once before and do it man this weekend like it's all I could think about like I would fall asleep thinking about stardew Valley then in the morning my eyes open okay you always the guy you dumb shit little farm and get your character who inherit the farm and are using manager Parkview like clean up field you decide what to plant get the water it everyday when you go to town and like sell your crops or buy new seeds and then there's a mine you can go to and you can mine or and make metal bars to make other equipment it's about time management and planning your day with just that other game Minecraft know that came out and Super Nintendo in N64 the farming game from know the farming game in Harvest Moon and every day I finally got a recipe for a sprinkler and I was so excited but it's like that shitty for sprinkler you get that I got so fucking mad yeah you can walk away up farming game iridium and stuff on upgraded school you have to take it to some bloke and he keeps it for like over a day how did the dates as there are there in game days or is it like real time but you have to make sure you're in the mind if they make sure you get back home I'll let you pass out from being tired and you lose some crap I almost happen if he wants are you like I got in my bed like at midnight on the. I had it I think I only played it for 2 or 3 weeks but it was like every spare moment I would just load it up I put bootcamp on my Mac just so I can play at photos of black version The Moment I Saw didn't play it one day I was like I think I'm done with it and I just never touch the extended version which is really scary are you serious you're coming out later this year I don't like you said it sounds really dumb but I don't know there's something about it it just grabs you might even touched like you can give people a gift every day or two gifts and then you just like give people The Right Stuff didn't do any of that then you cash it about I wanted to farm and I went to mine and catch some crabs and shit but I don't want to talk to anyone else in the game like romance some of the water slide at everyone has a schedule like a certain days of the week like you know I'm going to be at home because it's Monday but if it was Saturday should be at the market right now yeah they stock people with with with with a light flowy Blobby things and you have to complete the never do that I thought I feel that few of them feel less Pages they have like dating simulator games right right now play a little bit yeah you are really into that was that about I believe your I just played a little bit of the opening bit with the no wonder you're a dude with a daughter who moved to a new town and you meet like all the other dudes in the town of figure out who you want to roll Mass from them or who like this is a compatible number what was the one I played that played the most is that hatoful boyfriend which is the pigeon dating simulator where you figure out like which pigeon is the best match for you and you go on with it why you a pigeon I don't remember maybe maybe not everybody was a human to human Shack Pigeon hope everything haha but I'm not going to judge what does that come to switch that's what I want to know about a couple years ago but I'm so dumb it's just like that picture to show two pigeons kissing their dating apps are just video games but real and I like dating simulators yeah you know you still do that stuff yeah you know even worried that someone will know who you are there yeah I'll try to avoid that I don't have any public stuff on me you know I don't have it by I don't have like my public Instagram link to it or anything like that if use a real name people find it right I don't know how a real name is Chris is a while ago while you had a meeting up with a girl at a bar and I go to this bar and I and I'm there a little early so I sit down and I see there's a set of this parcel in this other girl who sat next to my set down she just looks at me like big eyes big eyes I'm like oh someone sitting here and she was like no no no you can sit here and then so I sit down and rest I order a beer and I'm waiting and waiting and then she starts like humping my leg like this but she's not looking at me so she's face away and just like something my leg and I'm like I look over and there's just like old dude talking to her if she wants me to like rescue so I was like oh hey does this and I'm like act like we know each other you know and we're talking and then this old dude like he's drunk she's like yeah we're talking to you like he was like to know each other and he's really drop out like where I am engaged oh my God she looks to the other side and he was like well you didn't say prove it but he was like what do you mean you're how do you know cuz I cuz I walked up I would like to have a ring or anything we just rings and stuff wouldn't you believe in rings well it's a religious thing cuz we wanted to believe that like like their love it love is not should not be bound by materials and and it should be like open and an is an emotional connection out of a physical connection between he kept talking to her and then she and the girl was she was like she got kind of touchy with you yeah so then she was like she she can't like put her arm around me and then eventually she starts rubbing my cock where is cuz it was below your knee and this girl she's just like like I'm like to make it believable going to be looking at your car next to you on the other side I don't know if anyone was at the edge of the old guys getting really mad and jealous and then what's cooking old man oh my God how long after that did you break up with a girl oh my god well I've never had a stranger around my cock in a bar so I'm not living a real day off. I just left we had left with her though I didn't want you like to come grab it huh no no no wait which one do you want to my fiance know that we weren't I don't know I wasn't I don't think it was more of a one-handed type thing what one hand like she would just her hand on my cock that was it step fucking bizarre making big eyes that you at the beginning cuz she was like save me I thought you're going to say she recognized you no no no no no she was making me like like help me I don't know what I thought she was like don't sit here so did you want to stop fiddling with you or do you think it was an elaborate set-up that woman in the other guy I don't think it was that I think I see you like you wanted to see her but I think she actually wanted the gold due to leave her alone but then also at some point in that interaction started hitting on me legitimately first Ford way of doing a male to female I was just kind of like I was like kind of taken aback by it sounds like I'm just going to what do I do typically in history of such pieces of shit when it comes to sexual harassment as if you not trained to recognize when you're being sexually harassed but you could have been like what you do it you're touching my penis thing and if she just started like moving it did you guys send me at least it's going to happen didn't you buy a ring just in case that happens again just know where in Jersey Jos is my girlfriend I guess this is as good as time as any one night so that the other girl that I was supposed to meet she left and then I was like well I'm going to go and then the fiance was like let me give you my number to give me your number it's near where I live okay God your help Chris guy yeah we're talking about Chris's Illusionist the other day and we were time of this flight we took to Sydney together and we were on the plane that Sydney and the stewardess comes up she has two meals and she goes chicken or fish and he goes genuine no no irony what do you recommend like he just stares at amigos it's chicken or fish none of it I know it's probably not the best which of the two is better wait wait what did you end up getting I know he got chicken probably checking cuz I was probably isn't a good idea on an airplane why not smell like something about fish it's like it's the opposite of of air airplane in the air which is below sea water like the farthest thing away from being in the air is technically I'll give you that just buy pure sea level numbers what's at the mountain lake or something and then not so much so you don't like to eat stuff sourced far from your location at an Oceanfront Seafood presumably pressure cuz you're near the ocean if you're in the middle of like I don't know this guy the sky or like a landlocked state you're not going to order the seafood Fest 2017 in Technologies good enough to keep like to keep milk like the best sushi I've had is it Austin know that's pretty good sushi is good and I've had sushi in like a coastal and I had in Tokyo on the way back for the class line back from Tokyo a couple years ago I was playing on All Nippon Airways which I've never flown on before and it was interesting because that they come around to bring all the meals and it's a Japanese Airline so they're only speaking Japanese everything like they like you want to ask me if I wanted the Asian meal of the western meal with me and I we finished eating and I'm looking at my plate and it's not you. It's like that tray with the tray liner and then all the containers on top of it and I look over at hers and like your says you're a winner she's like what information you are a winner like alert your flight attendant she want a price to come by to like pick up all the tree and then I'm like look like I put it out like it says for Trey says she's a winner like really City prizes you can choose from it was like a beach ball a coupon book can I purchase room Beach Boy on a plane so weird that place and you can every 15 plates that you shove down the slide you got a little probably going to go I need to go to eat more it does I've had a couple 38 x Twilight have diabetes but Lake Worth it and you get to fight the squid and then like Yeah we're definitely at a point where it's like I'll take ice four more plates and we get another prize and I like try to convince people to eat more than where I think we're like 28 and I don't want any more edamame and cheesecake to select ground out of place so apparently Bernie's texting down and I right now my phone is going to take ship I don't know he's saying that apparently it looks like 2 hours ago Nerdist tweeted a huge Game of Thrones spoiler like I'm in the title it as did did something hashtag Game of Thrones something get spoiled by MDB and like with a photo holy shit I did was it like I did last night episode spoiler why I think they're just like reporting on the story but it's all I got to give it away in the head I have my full the story before I had Annex where is an ex-girlfriend where she was she was reading on she's on Facebook she goes out oh my God so and so on Facebook just posted the spoiler for blah blah blah and they said this and this and this and this to me it spread like a virus that people being annoyed Game of Thrones was really good last night pretty good I haven't seen it yet I'm waiting just watching secret and I don't know I didn't look at that look at what I've been waiting for us to come together I'm like wait for them to me and now that it's happening and that they are trying to kill each other but I don't want that looks like anything like even talking around it really happy with this season so far but I got really annoyed cuz I realized the end of the episode that we're halfway through the season yeah yeah yeah yeah, this West welcome back between the next season know I was going to take at least it like a year-and-a-half so at least they've started shooting something yeah they have been I did not expect to see any footage yet I thought it would be the kind of thing where they start shooting in January yeah cuz he and his wife I think that show their stack of projects won't let them do it I think that Westworld season 2 until like episode 8 yeah it was really far and I think the season ended written anything for season 2 the guy that did the music for Game of Thrones did the music for Westworld what other shows has he done music for good that's a good way to tell if that was his name Rami German he did or a career he did Blade Trinity collaborated with the Open Season Open Season 2 pokedit the main title theme score for Prison Break he did additional music for Hans Zimmer in Batman Begins and the island stuff I don't know Iron Man What specifically he did The Clash of the Titans movie the 2010 one the 2010 Medal of Honor Video Game they needed Game of Thrones is he did Pacific Rim the strain Warcraft movie Westworld the Great Wall I want to see a zoomed out version of the intro to Game of Thrones with a map but I think it's on the inside of a little round with that thing in the middle I just kind of want to like I want to know more about the geography of whatever that is I want to see all of you can have it all ready to give me a call if you got to stay by a big bull that you could climb into and stand in the middle and it'll be like as not to scale in the intro where it where was seems like the thing that they have at the Citadel in that library is the same thing from the intro yeah we should wait because when it shows Old Town in the intro and Eatery here is also brought to you by Squarespace where do you need a domain website or online store make your next move with Squarespace you create a beautiful website or online store with an award-winning template it's an all-in-one platform does nothing with stall Patra upgrade ever worthless space is flexible for any kind of website for Creative people musicians designers artist restaurants and more inventory process order customized email also has powerful marketing tools in the ensure that search engines can find your store online provide real-time analytics to help you gain insights and let you connect with customers on Facebook Twitter and more fly first enter offer code Ruth to get 10% off your first purchase that squarespace.com offer code RoosterTeeth for 10% off your first purchase thanks for helping people make their own website so we're talking about your shows right now we're talking about Game of Thrones Westworld excited about that they would announce but they haven't said anything about it is that the new True Detective season 3 I think they said that they'd be one of the actors will be in it that's it I just started watching season one like last week are you actually excited I'm super excited I think that I like the ideas behind it I didn't hate it as much as everyone else I thought I thought it was okay it was not nearly as good as season 1 season 2 I mean I did not care at all but I remember the the Press hang out of HBO like that the present of HBO's like like we know like the season like starts kind of felt the Slow Burn but it all pays off I guess it's all going to like make sense in the end and the finale is the worst episode of That season yeah bad finale he does everything that just put your mouse over two years the end of season 2 does what I was worried the end of season one was going to be which was Bleak and make everything so pointless and like nothing mattered in the season has a nice up there to take him out my biggest complaint people