#45 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth gets worked up about late night television

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Recorded: 2010-01-20 20:14:06

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

wow that was black of a start I would say I'm waiting for the lyrics to drop in and he was like that was freestyling I don't know but so far it's just you me and just Jeff Carson burni this week DragonVale Double Jay influence passed out all day at the office four year 5 year maybe maybe maybe five years maybe they anyway in our new employee missed the first one and then the second one you sent me a message not sure what it is I'm getting it was the first one with and was like there's a meeting new employee doesn't he said it was a good meeting there was a lot of fun and I did find his occasional snores to be helpful and insightful can I get judge how good a response than an idea. Because of how much it's true for the a weekly update we had a pitch session is really called where we went over a bunch of different ideas for short and other projects as well it was fun it was great a lot of fun last a lot longer than I thought it was surprisingly number one get rid of the podcast you were coming up there probably like a 2 month old hait some like that yeah that's right Jeff write about three months away then we put out the first one first couple December write anniversary information and we are we're trying to retrofit and figure out where our anniversary was podcast that day even if all the comments that podcast for hait is the one you're in I'll be there at the same time as it was April 1st that was number to April 10th May 1st contents like something new and different every day and I think this is maybe the Wednesday of that week okay Red vs. blue would have been on the actual anniversary and then we start doing the shorts as well as in the podcast I think that's what it was on April 10th that's what he said we skipped between three and four weeks based on the feedback I've gotten more about football coaching changes never regretted not getting in on a conference call so much a lot of the world doesn't follow football write well that's their loss but then the particular kind of football that we were talking about what we like is college football you couldn't pick a more Regional support sure thanks probably college football the region is America and not everyone in the state of Texas even likes the team that we like him in the hundred miles away and everybody hates that TV that a professional sports the Texans and the Cowboys are really been over 200 miles away college football for territorial that The Closer you are to the team the more you hate them what do you mean drunk tank of participants so we figured you would have some insight Jac was here we talked about earlier too but I want to bore you guys know the first one talking about the sequel Army of Two 40th day it's kind of like a more Co-op Center Gears of War feels very much like yours working slow shooter not mean like the passing years it kind of slow a lot of ducking for cover here's the problem I was playing I play to the whole game with Jac so it would be hard for any a a partner not to be better than Jac notoriously bad at shooters Jeff by the way completely trying to do the exact opposite I supposed to do yeah that was awesome that was called trying to do I couldn't get Jac to build stairs in the garage the garage I really appreciate that a lot of discussion about the most for their $60 12 hour shooter you just playing you're playing a game that ends up with like 4 or 5 or 6 Stiller levels write that just aren't interesting and they're just putting that you end up with a lot of levels a day they just put in there that had the time and I'd rather play like another 5 hours 2 to 3 year and it's designed well enough that I want to play it through for 5 times then play a longer FPS once I did not like the movie Avatar more than I liked Inglourious Basterds because it was longer but you know it wasn't 2 hours 30 minutes like 2:45 nobody knows how long was 72 minutes pretty short Jac has just joined how long was Toy Story remember Toy Story it was a shorter movie I don't know it was less than 90 but I'm not sure what are you doing my biggest disappointment was Dana Carvey Master of Disguise which is only like 70 how many levels in his heart than his for 2 years at a very vital part of getting out of surgery but I think heart is the last surgery he was heart write her heart or balls or brain for he had never heard that before her surgery preemptive heart surgery there's no such thing in my opinion I'm not heart surgery proactively close to a hospital underwent open heart surgery for blocked artery in 1997 but had the wrong artery operated on later for medical malpractice and was awarded 7.5 million dollars you have to undergo five operations as heart burni I saw things where he had some Sho some sketch comedy show The Dana Carvey Show that is now The Daily Show and The Colbert Report had a tremendous amount of talent write until Carell and Stephen Colbert write somebody that's fucking crazy funny comedians in the movie producer that was pretty outrageous over the groundling unfriendly this thing it's okay I like the Weekend Update with Seth Meyers talking about how NBC is like having two wives that was kind of funny all the things he said about Jimmy Fallon he can't go back to being interview Jimmy Fallon play some okay and then then Seth Meyers replaced Tina Fey and Amy Poehler is going on to smaller and better things I don't know about better but I just saw that for the first time parable watching it was just watching the office but in a different the longest I think that's the appropriate feeling that's what I thought yeah and he was one who had the really funny part in observe and report and I haven't seen Seth Rogen Mall Cop movie which was good he said I want to see Matthew his name but it was something I did not not Adam McKay but they got it down and I can't think of what his name is he's also been there for thinking this way but this guy was the director would make sense TV girl from Foot Fist Way in a surf report late he's like a corndog girl that's what I thought it was going to be like 2 and then if you go see it it's it's it's a twisted stick movie I was thinking about this today actually have cable TV at home that's it like as far as watching TV and everything like that like you can't go home write you can watch Daily Show last night yeah but you're missing things that are very very in the moment to the new way of looking at that sort of Television media and art not nothing television media but if you don't watch TV as much as you know I don't know I mean it's like I don't know the future now I'm looking into doing this project for my TV at home or I'm trying to figure out how to build like a little home theater PC that I can use as a DVR with my antenna and so that I can use it to watch like Hulu and other stuff on the internet on my TV and have the remote control looks like a more traditional experience 400 computer to do that that's like 3 months but I like to watch any Gordon Ramsay cooking show not time sensitive at all unless you're watching something and you know it's someone spoiled it for you the fuck is going 2 people man I love that show yeah anyway I told every kitchen product when late 30 Rock in the office I can wait a day to watch a Nissan 240 yeah but anyway you have an antenna I still even though I have an antenna you gave me I still choose to watch stuff online at my convenience I don't I don't need to watch 30 Rock on Thursday night I don't have that burning desire last one comes out it works out Project Runway as well as 30 Rock in the office that's it I bet you motherfuckers want to go back to football he had a project while I don't make a griffin someone had a Project Runway sewing machine in their living room W Jeff that's why she needs to be like the Project Runway sewing machine of it because it was a quality product actually 2 to host of other than okay actually right now because I mean that that that Sho will make you stupid that it was you sit there and watch it I saw it before I watch Harry Potter which is Awesome by the way and I saw the bathroom I thought it was this Sho she's always talking about I've never seen it I got about four minutes into it and like the dude had a chick who had a kid and he was like trying to play it cool like he actually was in due a chick with a kid when everybody knows that he wasn't this fucking lame and all those people within the first 5 minutes completely adjust and act like this is normal but I this is something that would have was watching a commercial I was watching something on TV I'm watching 30 Rock is there anyway for The Bachelor comes on and it's like what a woman yelling at another woman she's totally accuse someone else of being fake I miss you I really want to marry somebody in a reality show whose pitching even though you know there's 25 people I think it's will they start with the idea that this is my type a go for the reality show type and I can just find this great one out of all these super duper qualified women I can't imagine that who wins in this situation the guy who gets to make out with 12 hot chicks on a day-to-day basis and it doesn't have to marry the one who a lot of a lot of things going on there at 12:12 women at 12. Dude think about it for months the plumbing that has got to be this we just lost our 2 female listeners Johnny Sunshine talking about someone being positive and work for me that I can't stay I can't stay on there in a couple of big sequels for games coming out in the next few weeks in Mass Effect 2 in BioShock 2 and I went back and I just finished Mass Effect for the second time I played it since it came out and I didn't play it but just knowing you and of the question of Richard I felt like you were probably being overly critical the first time I played it if you're coming to pick something up with Mass Effect when you in it you and me will Dark Void came out yesterday write today today you ruined it yesterday yesterday Jeff your plan and are you enjoying it it's only about 5 hours long which means I love it really short earlier even try to put it off because you weren't here but we said we were going to show up at 1 p.m. again for work today 1015 Central Time the traffic the way the hell up north 7th and the frontage road of 35 will have the same computer all about 2 months away from being debt-free Cameron other than my house Deadpool I got my rental property Ben 10 ultimate who profited off the the thing I don't know that anybody ever profit this much money and I've been just really renting a place to live there for many years burni over there I don't know you got on Melancholy Hill Bad cast member was how I actually met Jeff and I'm thinking you had I bought it in May 11th can I prove the fact that Jeff had a job and say you know I can verify this and that he has the salary for his mortgage application of who is this guy out here who works for us than buying a house and he wasn't there level one of the time yeah I was like I was a level one entry level position he was buying a house I found myself understand that's crazy though back in the day was great 7% Washington closing costs and by the way I also found that Toy Story running time was 81 minutes so it was short but it was 7 minutes that would be inappropriate the run time does that include the credit I don't know how much it is the case that movies probably right around 80 minutes and I'll get as opposed to 81 starting the beginning of the movie beginning of the credits and ends at the end of the credits not from when you hit play Movie 2 when you return back to the main menu to and I will back a Blockbuster account and then I'm turning in my Resident Evil 5 and my Prince of Persia that I got from GameFly and I'm canceling my GameFly account to play for the personal things to add to my list probably eight months ago and I've gone through download 2 rounds of for turning into games trying to get games I want and they're just going down to like number 8 and number 2 when I had GameFly had a very similar problem that you're having what I had to do was remove all but the game I want it from Michael and I have one game in my queue sometimes too and I would be the only way to get games and you just sitting there address that I send my stuff back to is in Austin that's cool at least I get there puberty Left 4 Dead 2 and Dark Void which comes out tomorrow right so I could turn it in tomorrow today whatever yesterday so I could turn in my Crash Bandicoot of saturda it takes one to turn on the game it takes about 6 to 7 months to get the game you want pretty much but you'll get something in the mail in the next 3 or 4 days but it is very difficult to determine who's getting Left 4 Dead 2 in this example who earns the most I got Gears of War to for them and I held that game for probably about 5 or 6 months and then I get Prince of Persia in the mail write and then I go on their site and I look 25 bucks a month and the game is about 30 bucks to buy the game so it's actually kind of Sho you can't this game for less than the car about the same cause your GameFly and I don't think the problem is with GameFly and how it's different than Netflix in a movie and you watch it and return it the next day nobody's returning games at for 2 months now most people I got Prince of Persia in the mail to me with Resident Evil 5 on the site I can hit a button keep it if I keep it they're going to charge me $12.34 so why would I want that why would I want from GameFly the cost of my account that's half the cost of my account for the month cheaper just to buy it from them to the mail that isn't write in places like gambling system and hoping that you get it Resident Evil 5 by the way keep for 19 bucks why hasn't there been why doesn't Netflix come out with their version of Netflix and somebody you like why is there no competition here is prohibitive some kind of deal write some kind of understand of first on who can pretty much do whatever you want to with it as president by the company's the video rental company probably looking at Netflix can buy the DVD for 12 bucks and rent it out and get back the next day or by game for 60 and have somebody keep it for 6 months and I think that doesn't for whatever reason because it's a digital copy and a hard copy if we wanted to tomorrow we can pool our money and open up a rental shop viewings of DVDs or games or whatever because of the Blu-ray Blu-ray from my account with your account and then they increase to feel like an extra dollar a month to have Lucas and I'll do that if you like another $3 a month cast of Blue write lesson the lifespan when it comes to a rental that's their problem for the movie The layer that protects from scratches would we always talked about this before Blu-ray and hd-dvd came out on your for your member we talked about since the day that was packed more densely under the same surface area write as to whether or not it would become corrupt more quickly because a scratch or pit is a lot more likely to hit a Dana Point Ben it would on the other on his on a CD or dvd even make sense for Netflix I mean I've really never had a problem since the first year that suggested getting a movie that was - like you not even blew me off at 1. We're going to do I don't remember will feature on the site and then we never did it for one reason but we all had trouble getting Blade Runner the director's cut write whatever reason that was the one that we had trouble getting and remember we all tried for a couple weeks to get it and we were we were testing the Netflix who gets priority for the movie I had the eight movies out of the time I count would give me Priority Access and it didn't seem to return my Netflix but remember that that was the Blade Runner HD DVD that's what we're all going for a swim meet on the HD DVDs were another option you can put on Netflix and those were her man who was Blade Runner not streaming HD by the way last night I was reading it for a while because you couldn't play Xbox and couldn't The Hangover and 30 minutes the wolf Will Will Ferrell scene is probably the funniest scene in the whole movie that is the funniest thing in the whole movie I just I couldn't would seem so to me I don't watch it would make it through GameFly how much you are actually and then how long have you had GameFly burni not like you turned it back on probably about 6 months ago I think you have everything worked out and then I ended up paying for games that I had forever in Saints Row 2 I just kept them forever didn't make a 64 TV maybe I'll get much sleep anymore discs wow this is great we love to make it to work and get 4 games out of the time you know what they should introduce a service like GameFly is a teeth late you have like a tiered level we always talk about with the Alamo where you can pay extra to make sure you get the game you want 2 extra a month for 2 games guaranteed by the game back to GameFly for probably 6 months tonight and speaking of which I just got notification that I have another 7 free days of wow so you can expect me to see you back on the wow can I get all my would track you on the armor again? You product model of your and like a picture preview of in the WoW armory what does that mean you can look at your model and like rotate it and see it with different armor sets on so you can see your character in your browser pretty cool actually I guess I haven't played in a while let me see if I can pull up can you put the best you can look at other people's characters and you can also look for like weapon upgrades see there's my character better interview I think I'm close to the end of the game for it and then that's like 80% it's okay I feel like the it a lot of Concepts taken from other games like mashed into one game it's okay let me know if I can and maybe A7 so far we'll see how it pans out inspiration from a lot of her place would you guys most excited about coming out in the next few weeks I don't know I'm just of Mass Effect 2 to Dante's Inferno Bioshock because I played a little bit of time so I'm excited about that I Can't Tell You Why the first one but I barely remember the first 120 people in the corner dancer invisible and stab you in the back I'm sure that I danced at some point images of the town justice last man the hell out of it though I will just go to the training level you can attack other people 2 to level you know it's very first started we had to call 343 and the first thing I think of jordaan and razor Hill gas station to 202 Rose and visible way back in the day other than when I stopped on a hill and they all turned and looked at me and looked up the hill and I just wave at them red Ridge Mountains tonight I would consider him like a Godzilla like a sea monster like for the alliance has never been there come out in like terrorizing everyone around like an undead Warlock and I have one of my pets is a succubus write invisible walking watching a run out there that like Fireball looking at the coil on the drunk tank have been sort of a slow and down lately wow list it's been a little long that we've been pretty busy the last few months how so that's probably when I'll come back will be this year though okay do you think you think the Old Republic got pushed back due the cataclysm you think they're scared of it get Indiana the market right now that's open the first week of March or something oh yeah that's right I'm looking forward to Oscar nominations are going to be going to be like February 1st when they announced the nomination there any surprises Hangover 1 best comedy God damn due this Saturday over the weekend Richard would like wow that's really close that's just the rating starting just like it's some kind of big deal or something next week I thought how great would that be a big Senor Spielberg off and I didn't know what you thought I didn't like it I don't know it wasn't funny it wasn't a comedy people say it was a comedy and it wasn't your to Heart because Brandon described it as the perfect company so I asked him what's the funniest moment in the movie and he said I can't think of any problem I guess I mean I recognize the value to the film because it made 277 million dollars which is extremely impressive especially for a comedy but when I watched it I kept thinking I'm going to last okay well they're going to tell her she was walking towards that was funny it was horrible wow to say the movie was alright it wasn't against you 2000 Telugu movies not going to look at it this way you disagreed with brain interview but at least when you asked him about the movie he didn't fall asleep until about noon I don't know if you like a son of a bitch I would think so so I mean the other large you could use launch make sure we can handle it work out the in a balanced bugs that I'm sure any and I was going to have right out of the gate and then go from there but if you like every MMO it's like where are we get started it's pretty touchy that property 2 because Star Trek fans trekkies are so like the end it's about that universe and they're going to be super super critical I would argue even more so than Star Wars fans I would argue those who don't really exist anymore you think so I think they think the game takes place in the timeline okay will you wear would fit in with the movie and all the other stuff the movies in the prime Universe this is in the universe I mean isn't all alternate realities once the users get involved write me again so you know what else comes out February 2nd lost lost I'm so excited like what 2 weeks away from now nerd armor and I think of fucking Vaughn talking about write it on there too it is that the same day February 9th I think of February 9th as well as the second week of February Ben Marshall to Sabrina and on test results February night this could be a big week for us funny actually I was thinking about how he looks at his neck grew but the guys have the same haircut and hairstyle for 20 years to present my dad had a mustache since I've been born before I was born I've never seen him without a mustache like a mustache it was always just a mustache Babies R Us long-running having two years where we watch all the has she seen Avatar yet she said she's not going to and she's trying to do everything in her power to get out of going to see I want to see because I mean when I describe my wife taste in movies is that she would not go see the Matrix because the Matrix is a cartoon exactly what you said I don't want to go watch a cartoon that's a cartoon movie on the IMAX des and he's running 3 hours of fake blue people in a this exactly why you need to go see it because you think that we should go see it yet nope nothing doing too bad such a good feeling and it's 500 million dollars and fucking it's going it's going to take over Titanic so it's like 85 million 99 Titanic domestically in two weeks Monday over the weekend a 54.6 million point try to be part of that record and probably would like yeah yeah yeah usually it's only if it 1.6 right now yeah 222 million behind Titanic worldwide it can probably break both of those records at the same time for a movie cost 500 million everything and it makes 1.5 billion it'll have made the profits of about 15 Blockbusters do at that point is I mean he's on a different level so what's next I heard there was talk about that is a true lies sequel as well I've heard about that rumor's been waiting forever but I know it hasn't ruled out doing more movies like I think he supposedly is Expendables I think so really I think so you know we talked about how some of the vehicles in avatar look like Halo Vehicles appearanc James Cameron talked about that interview on X-Play he said that his design yeah he said that but I mean he knows that a lot of the stuff he's created has entered like pop culture can and I would like some alien and I only write so he said that you know of course you know that interesting this time around the best name level in the history of video games for Modern Warfare Meyers because it's named after Red Dawn and I'm just like that mean your prices like to move it move it pull out all the stops right now I just think it's cool that he's going in unexpected places the 9797 would Jon Stewart is he's like I don't care whatever you feel like it's okay like what you like and don't like for MTV Movie Awards Ben Stiller Vince Vaughn pitching for Titanic 2 where it was then pitching in the water or something Jac and still living in the ship you know James Cameron terrible so freaking of a late night talk shows um yes I tried telling her anything yet I'm the one 2 first piece of your mail. I'm glad I shared an office and when he gets and it's always entertaining to be there at Ground Zero for it he got so pissed it was awesome Conan is the one being can but it's really Jay Leno who is doing so poorly that NBC wants to put him in a Conan time slot and Conan what's Conan wants nothing to do with it so now he's trying to leave altogether when they talk about these things and don't have all the facts before opinion about them knowledge and I don't really know what's going on then off PostNet that Jay Leno is on the outs with NBC right here right and that's why they're putting it back in the Tonight Show will spout off about stuff that they don't understand good lord they're giving it back after quitting kids to go and regulate on Saturday this kiss this kiss is different than the guy who puts this kid actually it's funny cuz this kid messaged me said that you know I know you've been like saying good things about me but I'm not actually got your first everything was awesome yesterday last week and Conan on NBC and this weekend yes you don't give a shit man I went so far my favorite people in the world and I went through and I watched all of his appearances on Conan is fantastic so that's the perfect example of who doesn't give a fuck Conan first show and he could be this last number is Patton Oswalt I would question a lot of words in the head title for a terrible article kind of a serious note I want to run just fine I don't know that he should have been given the Tonight Show would feel it was number one of the rating unless we're number one in the rating you know significantly the number not to make all these switches but Conan was the one who was kind of in the driver's seat and Jay Leno didn't raise a big fucking stink when he was leaving it was number one on these guys are making bad decisions whatever you probably should have taken himself situation and and I don't I don't find Conan particularly funny it's just that my brain to feel really goofy guy and he's endearing but I don't know if you just really like the guy who can be in the driver seat of America's late night television experience the linchpin he is I think he's a funny guy but I think he's nice funny write and we just well at his original time slot he was like yeah I think to fill that time slot you really need to appeal to that like wholesome Middle America environment would definitely did Carson terrible not funny not funny nothing funny about someone took one of his shows I want to 10 o'clock shows he did and took out all the product placement to mention like product he mentioned by name it's like 6 minutes long of just him saying different names of product wow I don't agree with what he's doing now where he had time to really develop 130 140 I don't think that you know that's like 5 or 6 seasons of a regular television show will you make that argument on you on your Journal post and then I mentioned a number of months that the other hosts have been on Johnny Carson Jay Leno they want Carson as on for 300 months and Leno was on flight 370 and then he give to you can come at 7 that's nothing compared to what those guys do a hundred and forty chances to get fat if if Jay Leno had come on to the show and had lost as much rating as the change in a who Johnny to Jay as Jay 2 Conan Jay would have gone and I don't know we have that scandal with a prostitute I like that but that's what it is right there this right now what's going on right now could be Conan the great interview like this could be what Spurs people start watching it but nobody but nobody there watching me last week and in the middle of all this stuff last week Conan is going into this having some of the worst rating is leading in to a show that anyone's ever had because because even like the local news and the Jay Leno show Jay Leno would Conan comes in that's what you want to Sho is a compromise thing that's going on with the 10 p.m. hour and you can't run Sho existing on Hope of lead in a menu that has to be a reason for people to then you can just hope that they'll stay on the channel because they're already watching it that's not the way to build an audience there needs to be a reason for people to turn in their nest if it's a good show and people like it and it has a broad appeal then people will watch it and I'll turn on the television show season 3 Alex is killed Conan and Jay Leno I think I want to see Conan cuz I think this is really Conan has now become sort of this is that like the head of a sort of this internet generation like gu sort of taken that wow I don't get that it's like that it's a five-minute title fireflies the television show of the internet generation last month if you're lucky I mean if there's no internet generation does exist you can look at anything a anything and in 7 months correction I'm looking here and The Tonight Show actually has double the rating letterma last week last week real people meters in a local market Richard wheeler and 2.8 million we're watching The Tonight Show which was less than 1% of the entire nation and it was all the headlines we had those numbers last week trying to make is that right and he didn't get to try to get the right and it wasn't working out with the controversy of him leaving now they're getting rating either way it doesn't matter he didn't get the ratings and now he's leaving will be right back to where he was my problem with Conan is what he's doing to The Tonight Show which is that is a cultural Touchstone in this country that it is not his to dismantle it is not his to like do things like put it up on eBay or sell it on Craigslist or anything like that or just Dana sabotage the future tonight Sho that's not the point we're in BC said we're going to move the Tonight Show that's when all bets are off I don't think they were changing The Tonight Show and they were literally change their right to do it they own it also to him and his contract this week stuff should have been done Conan James actually has history because this is happened before with The Tonight Show in the eighties the the dentist or the the the backup host for The Tonight Show was Joan Rivers always Joan Rivers everybody love Joan Rivers and Joan Rivers would like The Heir Apparent if not David Letterman to The Tonight Show and more so that their lives more so she's there was it was pretty much universally understood that she would probably take over the Tonight Show from Johnny something she was probably sure she doesn't call me but Fox came along they had a gap in their late night show and they said to Joan Rivers would you like it Sho on our late night lineup and she said absolutely for sure how long it'll last like 2 months maybe he was off on the time you Johnny Rivers to be the backup will never realize not sure because of that Johnny Carson never spoke to her again she went from being the guest host of The Tonight Show air apparent to The Tonight Show biggest Sho in US history would be Sho you want to have such as I hope she goes on the tonight she doesn't have children River Sho there too much as you burned it she said publicly when Fox cancelled I could have just stayed where I was and had everything right and fox took me in and they canceled me immediately so I know she's on his face like that letterma to be his replacement and then that was 1991 and then somehow let him in and out of the job because of some reason or another was on Letterman behind the desk and was probably the one of the coolest things I've ever seen But Johnny Carson retired from The Tonight Show he disappeared he went to live on a boat we never saw him again and Jeff you heard a really cool room watch the Carson on Letterman when he died Carson wa Stiller funny funny guy it was the right now who Stiller Latrell not really he probably would have been OK a, after he left he would still write monologues for letterma could even have anything else to do this and on that boat and he still thought of funny shit to say so he wouldn't mail in an email in like jokes to let him at 11 the reason every night on the show and he would do the late would you like to swing any time I was a Carson SHO I did not know that there's a number one though didn't exist for The Tonight Show this works rating letterma night and so they stuck with it worked letterma letterma night I love letterma salute you I would prefer to watch in all of this and I think it rating letterma to have an affair in every few weeks off The Tonight Show because Jay Jay is doing poorly that's not the case overall Conan sadly I for teeth write Conan goes to Fox or wherever Conan goes you might get some initial High people might be excited to see the new Sho you know wish him back and then in six months don't have the same money comes always had would you be shocked if he can go to like Comedy Central not going to take any kind of a step down if he's not going to go anywhere in contract buyout which apparently now is nothing 2 NBC has lost hundreds of millions of dollars the argument they made so cheap with her now so we have five hours of programming every week that are doing absolutely terrible will they were talking about on the and the day I don't know I heard that there was a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes there was a huge struggle where Leno's people and told us people were constantly fighting over gas the Leno always one that struggle wish that doesn't help Conan once again I mean Conan in the slot The Tonight Show he still can get gas yet Conan goes to for your choices and give him with the average on if you're going to watch Leno going to watch Conan or going to watch Letterman I think anybody that would watch Conan is going to watch letterma and I think the audience Conan preserved for The Tonight Show was the hardcore tonight Sho on in to do that's just what they watch and they're used to watching them and I think you were going to go for that brand of humor you're probably going to go for letterma who is Carvey the happiest in the world right now probably so Jimmy Kimmel he's on a TV show starts at 12:05 Eastern so he's at 11:11 p.m. to 10:30 tonight not 11 so if you had accepted the tonight 30 minutes later he tank Jimmy Kimmel not The Tonight Show tomorrow for the East Coast your tattoo artist is very talented you know it's like you just kind of going to be getting upset actually and I just draws and paints constantly and so we went to the tattoo thing to do it from Griffin's friends and I thought that he would be really excited about getting the crr to put something permanently to understand that's forever yeah she didn't care she gets herself all the time and all over her legs and she can't do that she said tattoos the artist who lives in San Francisco and she comes in once a year for that connection so we went to see her so the girl from getting more tattoos or just just a family one who found you some down time that you want more you drink after our conversation on the shoulders of giants Carson and he's Carson tell me they can't find late night host that can have a conversation I watch that stuff because he told me to watch it Chuck and Conan dear Lord that was painful to fucking watch it was like give me a fucking break and then you watch Carson would Pryor Richard Pryor and its a conversation with your love with Richard Carson on on YouTube or wherever you can find it doesn't matter who it will still be entertaining to you even though it's 30 years old and completely irrelevant the dude was town no doubt about that absolutely and let him in the same way I mean may not be the same level as Carson but let him up there and let him make an interview is doing really really well right now he's getting a lot of good conversation with somebody as much as I like Conan I really do horrible interview he really is try to get like 2 or 3 minutes a funny skits that's fine but you have that 80% that Sho is 2 due to a due the lady talking on the couch and if you could do that part well that doesn't matter what why does Craig Ferguson to 30 minutes of my life is you only have 1 guest I think he only has one gas Jeff Wyler watching not good enough Sho night and try to to take apart this franchise that everybody loves and everybody is built up and I mean I guess once again it's all about him all about him and he's not getting that on television he was really believes like Jac does that he's the voice of the internet generation and they're all the following the fox not even watching television clearly I think we don't even watch TV DVR it doesn't matter what time when I was a kid I would always fight with my parents to let me stay up to watch Leno Letterman and Carson and back then like that was that was kind of insight into actors and musicians and I just was like I don't know somebody that you like was on it was a big deal because I was like I only get to see them once a year in a movie or I can see Michael J Fox like on letterma to the point he's like no I mean I spend hours a day surfing celebrity blogs write and she like that you know it's like and gossip sites and it's like we just all that information is available all the time Will Ferrell on The Tonight Show on television experience that does not look like a sustainable audience to me it's a bunch of people in t-shirts and they're just looking like I wouldn't be impressed by that I'd like to see more pictures honestly over half of that picture it was like the street with cars a very good picture showing the people so it's what is internal this was indeed what does it mean to due this a fair answer 16 to the level that he was no note but he'll that Leno will be on The Tonight Show until he dies you know I guess that I should will do okay it'll probably not be letterma from here on out so who only lever will ever want to replace Leno on this night you know I'm not a great class I didn't really forget about it why does I don't think for this happened before letterma for Conan take over what could I mean I think you forgot I think it'll be back and just find a year no one will remember tonight Sho a benefit for a number of years in which it didn't have any real competition for a late night interview Sho and it was one of three things to watch on TV and that's a very good point was tonight Sho night line there were two other channels for letterma 10:35 I don't know I mean there's like and remember there's a pretty good chance it was off the air yeah I know not once Ben a this was on ABC forever that's off the air TV shows would shut off shut off get your American flag and I understand that probably went back and watched it they were focusing on something it was going to come yeah I of static Channel and what if I don't know what it is but I got a lot of Spanish channels by the way over there now yeah that's the one thing you spot it looks good Jay Leno eating pizza in the in the line here in this crowd they're not passionate about burni I mean what is an NBC would love to have that younger audience teeth at 18 to Leno 40 year old male audience but apparently Conan doesn't yeah you know cuz they have the t-shirts are on the internet I mean TV shows all the people who wanted to capitalize on wearing the T-shirt I really don't I see I see a bunch of people who are excited to be out doing something so they all got together and I guarantee they organized this meeting on the internet and then we'll just go back to the internet talked about it and have people watch The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien that night they made them and see if they got on the internet and everyone gets very excited and then it just goes away and it doesn't fucking matter to be cancelled because the internet we don't know what's true anymore I bet nine months ago you would have said that most important yeah but you got it internet portable Sho though honestly Family Guy's the generation that still on absolutely not the Family Guy's the Sho of the people who spent $30 to buy the DVD generally write back because they sold a million and a half to change the way they are and you probably won't watch it you can be sure the Conan O'Brien is going upside Sho due drunk in the world and although I really annoying because like you said you were with you right now it'll be blasted with tonight and for two and a half million people out of 300 on this country it doesn't matter nobody really just don't watch it last year 365 days how many times I watch the first two shows of Conan anyone pissed off about this is the fact that was coming back more than anything else is like Conan isn't working we're replacing him with Leno what I mean when people Leno in general is not a funny person and they're replacing someone Conan who has shown that he's been a very funny person that other times in the rating of the rating start showing it now but I think that's the big point that people are really pissed off about that but my guy is getting replaced by this shitty I would agree with that 100% of people thought Conan was so funny when they watch the show the people watching the show super super minority in the country making a mint I just like in life that people don't hear back from commercial we can make it through Vegas to Austin and getting off the plane in Austin like guys hitting each other on the plane and one of them was like he's never heard of them makeup Zachary you want from for Garth Brooks - Brooks & Dunn finish filming you at the time the Brooks is covered Jac how much late night TV view lot lately a lot but before this I washed I watch the first few Conan is when I was on the way because it literally it started up while I was living in Los Angeles I watched a few like the first couple weeks and also I don't have a job so I was sitting on the couch for a bit and then you know it's tapered off but I'm not then Levi watches Daily Show and Colbert Report and then I'll do I'll catch up on my shows that I missed during the day at night like I watch How I Met Your Mother whatever it was it night before I go to sleep but as far as watching late-night TV I don't usually do it but now I've been watching I've been watching Conan and then part of Jimmy Fallon most night like the last couple weeks just like the stuff that I enjoy and take for granted that it's even there and now that I know it's not good being there anymore it's I feel bad about and I think a lot of people don't like going through that right now okay that makes sense it is hilarious from Polar came out of there when they said sit down of a grinder girl the grind a girl he did like that kind of stuff but everything on NBC now technically they own the rights to all of that stuff that was created during Carson during Conan shows of course it is trying to move somewhere like masturbating you know that's that's what you work any job I can in who pays the bill gets the gets the reward the person who paid to develop a the person to develop that the person who paid someone to develop that would make sense I was using them to come up with this idea to masturbate TV show Naruto when I heard about interview yes if you were Ben Stiller Conan and I Jay Leno could care less about I don't like those Cool Ranch Doritos ads from like Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Kimmel said to Leno on his own show when Leno interview them like he brought him off for like 10 to 10 or whatever and and and Kimmel said Jay leave me and Conan alone you've got four hundred million dollars in a night a hanger full of cars we have wives and kids please just leave our shows whole phone on when I was on Sho Kimmel triathlons nobody fucking will try to get rating like trying to drive a wedge and I like to give me wrong but he's like trying to a business is a .0 Leno doesn't have any kids with a shitload of cars what I feel like Conan and I know what that is I'm hoping somebody else to talk about it we talk to Cynthia who's the chick from and Cynthia Hendricks at the golden Christina I might have to replace my obligatory Kim Kardashian photo with a photo of her to shut up on my radar that I had not yet heard about which is a Martin Scorsese mini-series for HBO on it supposed to be something like a cross between Sopranos in Mad Men which really has coming up during prohibition era like in New Jersey or somewhere like that like it's on the boardwalk or something wallpaper write their lovely designs got a meeting with such a juggernaut Johnny Bravo telling you the of junk mail Publishers Clearing House this is the way to selling magazines write the standard The Neighbors for that but I feel like at least I always get the letter that was like if you feel like it the $50 that start with like golfing tournaments show up at somebody's door unannounced and they give them the giant check for $10 I think the greatest thing in a cash deposit I want a giant check a 2 foot by 6 would check I want that but I want to be legal tender in the snow at the Bank of America 40 billion. I'm pretty sure I can find a place to buy a giant check online how are trophies coming I'm glad you were there they should be ready very soon where we have to order a part from eBay for them I don't want to spoil it but as our part from eBay gets in will will be done for the very thing that's brought in the Bungie store I'm paraphrasing here from memory that's only Bungie for some portion of the proceeds goes to relief funds for the victims of the Haiti earthquake and they also have the other shirt where they will donate money for everyone who plays Halo Wednesday or Thursday of this week and get the official times at Bungie dotnet 12:01 a.m. Pacific time Wednesday through 11:59 p.m. Pacific time Thursday can this is for every thousand people they will donate $100 up to $77,000 so go ahead and hit the max 770000 people we can do it not be hard for them you're back in a not exactly rooster teeth.com slash drunk tank and we're also going to be having a community playdat wear until 10 p.m. we're all going to be on playing Halo 3 as well or Halo ODST will probably hait will probably a good idea will do our best to accommodate everyone otherwise we will see you on Xbox Live this Thursday sorry