#450 - Szechuan Sauce Taste Test

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss Szechuan sauce, friendly wagers, VR, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on August 14, 2017, sponsored by Audible (http://adbl.co/2uvRPmB), Dollar Shave Club (http://bit.ly/2rYSFna), NatureBox (http://bit.ly/2w7owrm)

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Recorded: 2017-08-15 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Barbara Dunkelman, Gavin Free


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Transcript (in progress):

everyone to look at the receipt podcast this week brought you my audible Dollar Shave Club and NatureBox there their way over there this I was going to wait for 48 or 53 supported this episode like 2 years ago for a smart make a time machine and do that if that's the way numbers work that's even more once before so not quite 2 years when sweating our numbers I think October Sun we did it right it was like fall Prospect punch by the Nazi party was contacted by someone who got some of that McDonald's Szechuan sauce and tartar Preston please explain the story of the Szechuan sauce and then how it came to fall into your possession only four bottles out there right now 64 oz two of them was given away to the creator of Gravity Falls and Justin Roiland and two was giving away it just by the way what he doesn't know is the creator of Rick and Morty who confided osmania to begin with back in previously in his life and that's the only way you could eat Szechuan sauce looks to be like a medical sample of this, so there's there's four 64 oz bottle okay can you got what 3 oz of looks like for finding that my friend I jokingly message on to send me at any actually ended up doing it I was going to share with my friend David which I found out you guys hired David paper towel to wipe it down or just asking for paper towels I wasn't asking for someone's wear eBay how did they win only a few people only a few people saw the hashtag which ducky and a few other people then it wasn't many people who caught the LifeStream well you know anybody know famous ducky previously Land Before Time did the ducky what is that you want the dinosaurs like the way I put a dinosaur make sense when you get the name Ducky from but he had one Szechuan sauce what is that mean what are the odds on a dying to taste it for us so this was a special laws that McDonald's released for the Mulan Happy Meals right well they just remade it all to me wipe down this water that twenty-year-old sauce how old is Justin Roiland if you like 14 McDonald's in 1998 for the drug sell on eBay for like $15,000 and $10,000 I believe there is a big going between Notch and Deadmau5 so I don't know who won some Chinese dude way better but that sweet and sour sauces I don't eat ketchup on food I'm not a big fan of adding extra food to my food for a one chicken nuggets to taste. So we'll use like everyone's getting every last sitting on $300 $400 cool thanks for sharing your sauce present thank you, so I have plenty of them to attention 15000 divided by 64 do we have a special thing that makes this one special for this sentence for bottles intently McDonald's I would say is very family-friendly kid-friendly especially this thing in particular was associated with Happy Meal associate like Rick and Morty is being a kid show like it's not at all so it's weird that McDonald's chicken nuggets before the podcast mashed up like chicken thighs not sure about that I'm pretty sure if there was a big pink slime heard it was real white meat chicken which I don't know what that was pink Slim So This is I feel very special to have witnessed it with my tongue over the line report I will not read this to you Wednesday 2012 report on the process meat product pink slime that there was something I could get something wrong I think I would have had a demonstration with a shield what goes with chicken nuggets and it was like just this process group is what they cleaned and in what she'll do a strainer and all the kids I said you wanted me to pick you up and all the kids really no no no no no movies I don't think of me as to what is in a chicken nugget thank you enough is there's only four shapes kabut right here this is the boot bone bone and then someone is on puppy boot bow ties bow tie Barbara would you like to do it cuz I might be right there that's good stuff when you go to early out to buy Big Macs mine Tyler myself I've never ordered anything else so you're allowed to order more I could break my lifetime Street McDonald's Big Mac and if you and I discussed this I said it like it was delicious. You can make it nearly as good food you can reach geranium to replicate without a lot of money how much does it cost to like from scratch make a Big Mac Big Mac sauce from scratch made his chicken sandwich he made a chicken sandwich from scratch so much work to do at like 6 months to fully complete it it's okay I think I should be that the punk-ass challenge I'm not doing something I'm not doing anymore cuz I have a strong feeling that I did a one-on-one podcast in the summer we're doing Special Thursday podcast on it and business class on a free upgrade going to buy her a business class ticket to go to that I stop by on that is like flight Wiley Subway damn it is a terrible back cuz if I lose I lose by trying to feel you get Gavin's go to like canoodle out of it he's going to get like some kind of little little the best part about this would be is if Gavin just want to spend the money so we have to go in the same place and then give her his business class seating that he has to go either way I would never ever spend the money on business card and I looked at the price to pay for one of those absolutely ridiculous I mean when we fly to Australia like we do like LAX to Sydney every fly coach I think is like between 1500 $1,000 that's like prices from 5 years ago if you want to fly business I think you're looking at like 15 to $20,000 12 but still outrageous Barbara outrageous people don't pay for that they just get the upgrade on by one of our corporate Partners benefactors they flew me to Redmond Washington last minute like I think was less than 12 hours to book the ticket the only seat left available the whole plane was in first-class domestic flight and I was like holy shit in the neck interests are they send me everything it was like to fly from Austin to was like $290 First Class 12 hours before the flight was like I want to get that rate how the fuck is I'm sure you know this company fly people all over all the time and they get a great rate all the time but I can get for like 2 weeks in advance and I need the same thing as a case for Qantas or you know whatever you fly to say I'm sure it's not like I even like a reward system is just owner of company talks to owner of company and has a booger in my nose like I can't let him bug like 9 times if I knew what you were talking about the other container not got a bid from what I'm reading here the the two high bitters on the auction of course instantly became unresponsive and weren't going to fulfill the auction so Deadmau5 Todd and went ahead and bought it on eBay speak out deathbed got to give a shout out to notch this is kind of a silly thing and you know it was probably for some reason but not she's always awesome when anybody has an extremely Humble Bundle always shows up and fucking goes crazy on everyone of extra light say enough good things about that watch the live stream and then like makes these incredible than any other was like 2 or 3 years ago actually if you don't even like $20,000 or something like that I jokingly said it was ridiculous I just figure out how I can get out of paying us for the Christmas stuff and then I'm just going to donate it to charity hidden give your business class ticket to charity if I have to buy one instead of buying it for Ali Abdullah Ali saying economy I'm donating this to Cherry what is what are you referencing cuz he was because we had like those trials but we had going on everyone. And that he said that if I won if you want he would give it to Cherry that I want and then I had to get my charger but anyway if you avoid buying the thing I just gave the same money to Cherry then that's like that's how you when I get out of a ble death like 5 hours of comfort 6 hours that's me giving Ellie economy I've also given it would be like for Grand will ever touch re that's what keeps it from being a dick soda spilled all over me it's a messy sloppy podcast wop is a weird way to reference a rocket launcher and then I never said it was the movie Lost in Space X ever done right now we're out of information but it will not like the way it wasn't supposed to CNN will be one of the top headlines I'm sure it's not her son what was that supremacist SpaceX launches NASA cargo to space station sticks rocket Landing again is that went off his lunches cry play delivered on Szechuan sauce right now it's like a coffee yes you can shut down yet Captain the Lemur lemur if that comes out edible how do you how do you find it you buy online know if you can eat twice but I figured if I had two coffee beans and I put them out would you have that coffee no I do not feel like you're not going to get infection from a lemur poop bring me to sold if it was better I'm not going to eat your shit but if it's like the coffee beans are taken out and cleaned and like sanitizer did you have to have a clear conscience of giving it to burn a copy of a load of corn dogs are in the Pooh and each was taken out until eventually have a bowl of poop corn cornbread out of that you would you like to watch Barbara eat another coin that you didn't system perfectly intact and then it was clean and sanitize to Medical standards Department very consistent on the podcast very consistent she's not put off my body stuff I think it's cool I think it's cool to not nothing nothing when I talked about that British Show on Netflix that I watched embarrassing bodies what shows that people who are embarrassed of things you have like a problem medically and they're embarrassed to go to the doctor about it to talk to TV doctors about their embarrassing problem what people told me on Twitter after the fact was it gets them bumped up to the front of the line for private medical stuff the UK and that's why they would do that. We'd have to wait to finish this is what the skin tag keep hearing about that took a wart but it has to be some sort of like fungal think I've seen it before I got a little one that you are one of my eyelids I forgot which one it is one they bleach forever they just don't stop everybody in the neck area have neck hair that comes up like it just one tiny little hair and I'll find it when I'm like doing my makeup something and I'll plug it and then like 2 days later it will show up again but in a different spot it what if what if you don't have it here if you don't pluck it is the second one going to show up anyway I'll test that I have one I want hair in my eyebrow that if I let it will just grow to like waist-length if I were you I would like double cut the entire length of my eyebrow and I can let bury them under your hair yet no I don't have that is going great in your ear to hear better what's the point of a Blog yeah keep stuff out and I noticed yeah I heard if you pluck your eyelashes possible you talked about this before but supposedly Keanu Reeves for his Matrix Group Odyssey he got rid of all of his body hair and I mean Canadian put like clear you and I Bernie tried to convince me very briefly to actually shave my eyebrows before you shave your eyebrows back for you would you do it from them in a little bit okay so I'm a little reluctant to talk about something that has to do with somebody else's appearance at the company and it looks like you has no eyebrows sometimes have you ever 20 years have deputies said it's a picture of him that I'd rather just know their first but it's not like a bad thing it's just the way he he looks and I guess in some lighting or like the way he had an angle sometimes made it looks like you always get them it's the phenomenon of YouTube, Three get to one person who notices it and then just can't let it go like they're just like I just think they got everything about it but it's like hearing Converse office I don't like those I like that one I thought it was a great one from me I like those headshots I think Congress was thinking 6 or 7 Up and brings out all the facial detail HDR Wichita Falls word everybody wants that can let me OK Google people who don't want to like cause or like skip ahead and do that you could do that thanks to audible audible audiobooks original comedy and more audiobook The Great to listen to while you're driving at the gym or shopping like we said you can listen to the entire Game of Thrones series if you want to use an audible for audience audible's offering a free audiobook for the 30 day free trial audibl has it go to audible.com / rtn browser unmatched selection of audio content download for free and start listening it's that easy I swear I'm going to redownload all of the Game of Thrones books again before the next comes out 10 years from now free trial at audible.com / RT that's audible.com / RT I saw a story to make a recommendation for audible book that you should definitely check out an audible is Hannah Hart buffering the story of her life while reading a book was like a revelation for like how to grow up and everything else was really credible and her show iHeart food is starting if you're watching this live stream days starting tonight on the Food Network so after you guys first marriage watch the saliva should go check out her show on the Food Network and it's available and I saw a commercial for that she'll come up and I was like getting a book about you write your book and see if you get sick so one of the prank that I wanted you for a long time was that you wanted to write a gust biography and then publish them and it didn't like 20 of them and I would just go put them in the airport when we were at the airport together and wait to see how long before Gus discovered his that I wrote his biography that have wrote the book pages and then just repeating what the fuck that came out when you would see it in airport to autograph one and leave it there on the idea that people use I think it's a it's an Apple Watch app that measures your heartbeat and they had a lot of users opt-in to measure heartbeat during Game of Thrones episode so they could track Game of Thrones heart rate they're watching different episodes Thief like we made people's heart rates go up at four of the five top moments where does dialogue with just like with not combat Game of Thrones writing this season they are very subtly at times unbelievably Suddenly at times really really rewarding people who are highly invested in that show it is incredible some of the stuff that has come up in the last two episodes to watch any promo for last week's episode you'll know what it was it was a computer pay off for years and years of watching that show and in this episode feels like things to three things that were just like massive things that were just like casually said it's been told to just goes and then all the bits with there was a character that came back and all the stuff with him was tremendous. Tremendous yeah I know that throwback like season 1 season 2 online may have been said in like a random episode in season 2 another slyke Fleer back around and now it's important people know it's Thursday I think some of those moments like those up to be big moments when they came out all those years ago like there was one of the reference back to her isn't this season like that was a huge thing that people talked about at length when that scene happened originally thought that might have stuck with people different plot line story lines that are finally coming together it's like I want to call it like Game of Thrones The Reunion like all these characters are finally getting that reason act as a lot of the Gods from last night and I suppose it was the one that had the play and re I had to go and get an actress oh yeah one of them the person in that play who was playing that stock was one of the Gods lost not a good memory. Really what's an app to watch The Game of Thrones will also watching the new episodes episodes like they just reference the reference to Heart home where they had the big fight with the white walkers that was just fucking nuts great yeah that was really nice and really good though this season has been one of my favorite like Throwbacks was when Jaime Lannister was talking to you lady Tyrell and she references his sword they seem to be going out of their way to point out where the Valerian blades are very carefully like peppering that through all these episodes of where that came from. He was a cont wasn't he one of my favorite scenes when the hound and Arya are talking about needle her sword Irving throw something in that world that like if you need restored if I could have fuck out of here but I forgot I heard that's really really cool example one of those like really fanservice see things that are not really didn't freak out did you see what somebody redid the fight scene between Aria and Brienne of Tarth with lightsabers Oberyn and the mountain okay I'll try to remember what it was now you behind on my laptop my hotel room I notice at this point right so last season and a half of Game of Thrones spoilers no longer count after the show airs something last week about it I mentioned it to me about it on Twitter they said did IMDb spoiled the return of person's name on Game of Thrones know but everybody I will stay right by the way to care to return yeah if you'll someone who's been watching each season yeah each year and you haven't gone back and watch them if you pinch the entire show is phenomenal yeah right way to watch season 2 before the new season started and now I'm like why don't want to keep watching every tiny little mention of whatever is important and it's reference so much you don't know is if you watch once a year and then random Breaking Bad the same thing was true we were sitting down at lunch with Aaron today and he revealed that he's only seen 4 episode 2 season finale for every season of Game of Thrones that you're having a lot of people walking through the hallways he also can't justify why he doesn't watch it next time I see this point that travel doesn't exist anymore did people leave and come back in the same what the fuck that cool amazing Barbie people can make make it seem like that if I saw you I would believe that those are lightsabers fucking around make it up millions of dollars back in the day to do that I cannot wrap my head around after effects you should absolutely crazy Trump tweeted that like covfefe or whatever that was the video that scene from Twilight where it's the girl and a guy named Bella and they're in the forest and he's like I know she's like I know what you are and he's like say it and she goes vampire but I just dumped over him but it was the shittiest called I still in the video on my computer with my phone and then it did like an audio recording of together you edited something together for a tweet showing yourself in 3 different videos of in the span of like 2 minutes I just put together so that she'll timeline or as much as I could anyway God game with all those lips by people and Anna podcast firefuse Dakota RT Podcast version okay he's a rooster teeth oh yeah but you for your part in it we had first week last week yeah we have four or five I don't know if we have our goals you wanted me to cover your not going to be driving Burns car we just have to make some food and pretend let me know what day exactly yes every time I would make steak make it was delicious also you also make good steak and you guys got sick how is it that you were just all over the place to she was throwing up using her Squatty Potty I'm throwed up in years I don't even know I drank a big cup I think that's what it was like a big cup of coffee from Starbucks I was fine then like an hour later I was like doubled over my stomach fucking killing me as I was going to vomit I felt I like the sweats at work yeah I wasn't sure if I can make it to the podcast I feel like it but it tastes like really bitter and burnt panels I have a saw you do you left in the middle of it to go in vomit I have to stay in bed cuz I'm pulley Baidu vomit cuz I'm going to eat bad, and you shoot yourself is it because of my cat won't yeah but look at all the time I guess the top of my cat's head feels like maybe he's not that great at least once a day I feel like it's good that it's at my buddies like I don't know what I can handle it. Yeah maybe I do not like the cold I don't because I usually go for the fifth month past this point I never get sick just give me the price of that every can mention that it was inevitable that it does not happen to me either but I'm very diligent about hand sanitizer and antibiotic which you not supposed to do anyway but at least I have some misconceptions about my face best all of your orifices are like right by each other that's how you get sick people so I feel like she don't know how when you're hugging someone is different doesn't like you want just don't like the right on your hand if you like to get my hands a Bola pulled out and then wash it someone. You can't have any the golden nuggets Now list of goals and this was proposed to me probably like 3 months ago was actually to be the successor to game time where I would go with somebody and go do something that was me and you I took you to go zip-lining right before always opened a Buick then we work the formatting working in 04 that where it was wasn't enough time there's only like 11 to 15 minutes edited game time and the 101 podcast sitting down talking was in the car right then the rest of it was kind of focus on what you're doing fantastic I'm so happy I did a performance review for Ellie I gave her her first quarter performance review is it real or is it just that your job is to make as stupid as possible that's literally the whole point I'm not even going to ask if she's embarrassed to talk about what she does for a living if dinner party that my mission is complete but the internet like that the 101 podcast actually I think we're a much better replacement for game times then were the blocks and I think the audience response has been the same I'm actually even though we publish this thing I think I would like to hit that and not do episode of GameTime I would like to do more of those like 101 podcast as a more formal show cuz we're about to stop making me Thursday night podcast in a week or two end of the summer when was the last Thursday podcast four more to go back to other formats. They was never the plan to make the new Concepts like a podcast podcast Gilmore sidecar stuff I think it's always open as a shooting right now what's up I think I might do something along those lines play a game while I ask you a question and that person to get a person playing the game my dear bar was that because they were concentrating on the game they wouldn't think about the ranchers too much they would just answer right but a lot of people just kind of distracted by the game when they were watching the show too so which one play Ricochet and if I was getting into like a story that when I would just like walk around in the very bad at multitasking we we did you and I begin time I did we did Daisy thinking still not out of him that was 3 years ago pubg just be it could be a mega so into pubg favorite way to play a solo yeah you can get really fall by not killing anyone calling you are the best I ever did without ever firing a shot as I've gotten to the number I got the number to doing that and I've waited all conflict but it's like I have no way to kill the last guy and we were we were he was fully stocked I've nothing so he told me mashup super couple that of the game is really interesting to watch it is you don't ever really see such a huge number of people from every perspective play you guys and have a firefight with you Michael shot me in the back of the face yeah I didn't even notice that has happened Michael is so blind because you guys brought up in a jeep yeah and there's a broken pot cheap yep 40 that so when I saw this Jeep come over I was like you want to get behind this discover Michael just his Jeep and shoots the nearest thing to a Jeep in front of him he even see you guys you just shot me in the back of that yeah that's a whole what's the deer someone right there someone highlight reel and it's amazing from people submit clips for pubg to Tim and he had for a while wasn't in this week to nothing but he always had a segment which is like someone's scoping and then they fired if they fire you see their teammate like completely dark in the scope running by and just like this happens all the time if you would like walking in front of other people's going to get shots what Rainbow Six Siege cuz you can one shot kill a teammate and it will I can't recommend does highlight reel snuff once you watch one of them to go nuts the really really good fantastic game 7 Days to Die late but I was really shocked because there's a new the pill taking animation like when you take the painkillers like you take it the second animation for it now they're doing it doesn't the game doesn't take me 10 minutes to take a pill just want another that will help for him back on my God I just wanted to see what I can get all that mess and sorry for you I feel like I wouldn't be trying to get you to eat stuff if you finally bought it from or like to get the reason I'm still up for you and I just like we waited airport and he bet me that I wouldn't eat the entire like it was the party platter for sushi never get sick I never get food poisoning yes I can get you food poisoning or going to eat airport Sushi and you can eat the full boat like was 40 pieces of silver because of the pressure of going in the air too and like you missed last week maybe the most speaking of fish and airplanes are you list may be the most brilliant Chris Damaris analysis ever and he decided against the fish because fish are the opposite of air so dumb I wouldn't say he's dumb he's brilliantly got weirdly understand what he was trying to say though because there's money on the ground like below the ground in the ocean so that even further from people on planes the fish is more out of place it's a fish out of water if you got the chicken and fish special person speaking of observation Dollar Shave Club is the smarter Choice when it comes to saving get a great favour at a great price can be Lee delivered right to your door awesome life hack a no-brainer choice you no longer have to flip the store to buy cheap disposable razor that gives you a cheap shape or spend a fortune on razors with give me to save text that you just don't need they're dr. Carver's shave butter is transparent for more precise shaved help prevent ingrown hairs and fight razor bumps you to come by joining Dollar Shave Club members get their first month of executive razor with a two other dr. Carver's shave butter for only $5 with free shipping after that or is this just a few bucks a month that's a $15 value for only five bucks in your first month box can only way to handle for a set of four cartridges and a tubular shave butter with no hidden fees and no commitments anytime you like you can only get this to offer exclusively at dollarshaveclub.com that dollarshaveclub.com did you see oh really why not they said that it has an abnormally High rate of return in the first two years of ownership 25% for manufacturing defects I'll look up the exact they just upset humor report Microsoft Surface I didn't read that we have heard by now about the new iPhone on a bit late we're in that time placing the blog with the Thursday podcast I'm what I'm talking about doing is to get that instead of making game time this is from Twitter instead of making game time I would make the one on one podcas as I can show which kind of what the successor I'm just talking about the blocks were supposed to be the replacement the game time didn't work out the way the Blog podcast play Monopoly Here. Yeah we can do that someone bet $880,000 that Mayweather is going to win this fight and because of the Ya-Ya Mayweather's got to be the odds-on favorite to win 25% off memo says that there are quality issues but it's not quite 25% but it's probably about a 17% return rate I'm happy with my man going to watch that fight yeah I was interested in it and watching it for the spectacle and I was watching. Does anybody ever watch Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel I was watching Real Sports couple weeks ago and he had like when you close the show in ahead with this little monologue and you talked about how outlandish what a spectacle it is and how do you behaving in bizarrely unprofessional ways for PRN just turn money Illinois me to have to hear about it I might as well just watch it but Erin and a Game of Thrones 15 seconds I've never been interested in any fighting stuff I don't need you to it doesn't there's I've no interest in it with one word hockey watching people just people fight it's a sport I don't like one on one time with both hands on the same team back in high school yeah we have you just need to talk you know where you are I wish I didn't bring any warm clothes with me and it was a pretty cold inside such a long sleeve shirt I was Boston General oh it's great being cold during Pax always freezing cold from where I was at the time which is actually being able to see the Kennedy Center in it nothing covered in snow is a very weird experience and it brought me back to the time where our flight got cancelled drive from New York-New York and in Road Trip 2 me Monte miles and Shane and carry just booked the flight to New York to everyone cuz I work with children are able to everyone across like 5 different itineraries to New York then I was like trying to figure out what's the biggest car I can wrap that we can fit all these people and all of their luggage and I like I didn't want to be able to get two cars but I found like of that Friday morning so we have to be in Boston tomorrow and it's like to be there I would not have no like at all knowing what to do fucking idiot was there like hey guys in the city go fucking figure like a fucking idiot that I am certainly no no I dream that I was going to the airport and I booked it for the following month on that date and I never do that like when you go to book a flight and you back and read it this was I was at the airport and I couldn't get back to find things to me is when you're adding someone to your flight if I'm going somewhere and then it was an inside out dance coming to you I might have to let me get on the same plane to make sure that I've done everything on the same exact playing on the same day I'm always like looking at both over and over again cuz I have booked right I mean I'm the same way though I will often hold the ticket into the binders that you feel like a 24-hour hold on it and then the hold expires and then I have to pay an extra hundred bucks cuz I'm like the first time frame is cheating or something at Palmer such a bummer I always have like two different browsers open the window down so I can fit both quick enough before it gets light properly ticketed I do it constantly in Our member of JetBlue did Kevin got really hot at a bunch of people passed out and I was just like sweating I was like is the plane on fire somewhere that is not telling us they didn't say a word there's people like slumping over now but no one came over and he like loud speakers that was going on and I just cool down if you and I were on a flight back from Florida for some reason and the plane was really hot like you're saying and then you and I reached up to like open up the little air vents and it was blowing hot air feels like a blow dryer fire on this plane to close my thing because it was difficult to breed the hot outside if this is off I'm going to be able to breathe I get to fall asleep that way I don't know if it's every JetBlue flight but the we took JetBlue to Boston and there's no like there's no first class they're just seats that have extra legroom seats at down and you can pay $85 to get the extra leg room, and the boarding process is like the members who appoints a bit and then anybody who's purchase the extra leg room and then that's it but everyone else the wait for me if they break down the math would you like if a plane ticket is $12,000 to Australia or $15,000 tickets $2,000 all I do say it's about a 12-hour flight I'm basically making 12 to $13,000 by sitting in a chair for 12 hours if you gave me that job I would do that job that's what the way I always look at those upgrade it's like I'm not going to I'm not going to pay the money cuz it's like I'm just learning that money you know if I don't if I don't pay it back haha how much do hookers cost nothing you threw it out there I don't know where you going to get a hooker hooker my Google search history how to hire a hooker or prostitute or masseuse whatever whatever that's a weird way to pray that you have a professional sex worker always open for summer there we can find a guest to wear from somewhere where it's legal escorting the first returns Backpage Broadway Timber control what it is. Everyone did you look under jobs me would you like a massage with a happy ending massage with a happy ending get out of it and then massage I'm not getting excited by that I'm usually asleep you know if anything like cubile Region contact I found a website that has special right now for $280 regular price 350 to 400 play waiting for him for what one hour visit one hour visit does that go up when you've been quiet times very quick just the Tipping very sexually active or has been in the past a lot of effort is how long I last important or his refractory. refractory really really yeah because I get it going again because if it goes on for certain amount of time it becomes not enjoyable because you start to get raw and then you need some more important but like I think people put too much emphasis on being able to last a really long time it was the perfect time lost it and time between a good 15 minutes 15-20 minutes in a refractory period between maybe like 33 minutes okay my recovery times gotten slower number for the time to be like to have sex in like as your cuddling part again I'm trying to get past that the other day down to San Marcos and I visited euphemism when I was in high school went with me to the math Camp email me he wants to go down and catch up if you want to go she said yes cuz I think that it is existing is a real thing so we went down all the little nerds and stuff if it's crazy like I look at them and I'm like man that was me that was me like almost 25 years ago now at this point is it crazy to see if you told him to be like that you can end up like me if you play your cards right presentation so I sat in on the presentation and I like a couple of the kids trucks and markets to attend a map we like to play more video games you have a copy of the first place I ever use the internet right and also the first time I ever use Adobe Premiere I edited a promotional video for the math cap on where is that the director doesn't have it anymore that's like an old Abbey format you would have burned him back then I'd export its at one time they were VHS tapes looking for Matt the lasted for like 20 minutes called micromv or something microwave I can find it okay for my grandbee small go figure it's another Sony format they went through many faces of the final cure for everything out and watch this video is this Cody now it's like fucking opening multiple versions of Red vs Blue episode is just a QuickTime WMV low-rise hi-rez 6:40 before 8. quarterside nearby who's half both way way different square footage it's way different 480 HD 1080 Ela response it would be like it was by 40 but I think it's 720 like play HD it's like for HD is 4K for a jack for that's what yes so what was I say that was wrong she said it was you said standard death was half HD which it's not fair we getting more sex jokes strange conversation to remember it was good I don't know any porn by name is that you HD this is there any but I thought you meant UMD we should be okay for a lot more highly produced and it looks like very HD and I'm not into it if you too much it takes you out of it it's too late you know what is it there's always been an effort to inject narrative in to be 60fps on that you have a set up at home I think you have to have you done any VR por haven't done that yet cuz remember I talked with Ella Darling back in March and if you don't like someone like on top of you it can be there's different approaches to it like there's so like Ella talked about like cam girls using 360 video where you see them and you can look around call room but is also like appeal bista like it's more like well produced and put together as opposed to life that I have a VR setup you don't have one I think it's going to be destination-based like people can't figure it out in the house Universal Studios are fucking bad recently dead July I was with the boys we went to Harry Potter world became Harry Potter fan Universal your Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Gryffindor so Jenny wanted me to tell you we can get the boys tell you there's a game that he thinks you would like to know you look it up right now because you like pubg it's a games in Early Access to build on Steam it's a game called Foxhole I haven't I haven't played it yet they so it's a game I thought on Reddit lucky we'll head LinkedIn talking about it looks really cool I'm going to buy it and just then I checked my email and the developer has sent me a code reminds me of the old game series close combat on here play close combat but it's a foxhole is squad-based Animal World War II combat top down view view and you're right and you know the kind of games I like that cuz I'm very interested in the squad and it goes listen don't judge the game based on those people are incompetent dad he starts but in a weird way obviously we want her company goals I was kind of glad that we left that one go on the table and learn how to drive cuz I'm absolutely convinced to JD will be driving before Gavin is no way no way Nelly will be like making swords and learn to pole vault that you will have not learned how to drive yet normal for this type of thing every what does be there usually compared to making swords stream2k sent me access to war of the chosen the xcom2 expansion and a little bit of it I need a little more before clutch please on Thursday to build talk about know if I come down a couple of weeks I got something really Ed sent me the New Bern utilities out tonight maybe Thursday podcast that we could use in the pre-roll when the first and then we can play only one of the tracks from the Barenaked Ladies album for people who don't know before the podcast starts if your first member we start the show 15 minutes early and we play music and it's all the control room at Jackson before the public version so if you're ever curious about his number that's one of the things I get sad it off that's cut before we release because we realize the first time we ever did a live show that if we start the stream right on time when we start everyone's refreshing their web browser in the Chrysler website to get it doesn't get recorded either so you actually have to be watching like to see it even though I upload not there let me read this other thing here now you are not bring what you do when you want a snack but all I can find is junk food rely on yourself for resist the temptation please you eat the junk food and healthy with nature box and are better for you that are free from artificial colors players or sweeteners so you can feel great about snacking we are great snacks like honey Dijon press honey Dijon pretzels and mocha almond bars even better and I can order as much as you want as often as you want no minimum purchase required Newcastle anytime it's simple go to naturebox.com check their snack catalog does over 100 connect to choose from and their costly adding delicious new snacks to deliver them right to your door when Nature Box you'll never get bored there's new Stacks each X real customer feedback and replace it for free right now you'll see it even more 50% off your first order we go to naturebox.com Rooster Teeth that's naturebox.com 50% off your first order naturebox.com nature walks for Dawson podcast and sending us delicious sex so did you did you hear about the guy who made the 10-minute long silent song on iTunes was just silence for 10 minutes and it didn't you really sad about that it became like one of the top sellers on iTunes because he called it a space a space PA space PA space a very good because a lot of times when you're if you connect your phone via Bluetooth to your car if you've been doing very you know things like using YouTuber use music or whatever it will default to playing the very first alphabetically in your playlist play ABC by Michael Jackson always plays when I turn right onto phone so you don't have to hear the same song all the time are you go through when you can find the song you want it I hate it I hate the first song Counting Crows A Long December why don't you like Michael Jackson The Jackson I still have that one what's the ABC ABC a space PA space c space does a bee literally if it's the alphabet in alphabetical order that literally alphabetical order it depends if it's a bee or a space b along with December in MLA handbook what how do you alphabetize ah I will that be at the front I got to be with you but with me for what you paid for the Emoji Movie problem I can take that back I was very clear I do my pocket thing with Jeff it was my ex Jordan she she got she Bamboozled me she was like I was like Hey I just because you're on vacation for a week I said whatever but I would love to take 2 days no problem dirty leave on Sunday night and Saturday early on Sunday for your trip and she said sure she doesn't tell she sends me an email after she drops him off and go they all are going with 10 other friends to see the fucking Emoji movi on Friday night no she did not pay day and she even volunteered you like the group of parents she volunteered to take the bullet and be the parent who goes with the mall to go see the movie kiss on the kids are like to see all the credit repair group for like giving me the fucking nightmare that that movie has made 63 million dollars domestically overseas IO video I think extremely telling have you seen this milk that sat behind you on your shop so this is milk that will stay fresh in the fridge ultra-high pasteurized so it stays warm on the shelf for 6 months unopened if you open it you have to refrigerate it I keep saying that I labeled 1 2017 is more than six months it's a grand experiment something like this bridge can withstand two million pounds is so it's going to be ready for more than that or like expiration date and you know what that means is lousy it's going to be a nightmare next year it's going to be is at 8% on Rotten Tomatoes at 8 % on rotten egg smell holy cow Tomato movie Batman versus Superman November super has been 90% tell Greg Miller Batman v Superman thank you I don't hate it either but I don't like is at 27% I felt like it was closed the fucked up but it was it was in the area of being okay Henry Cavill he's a good soups he's a good one thanks do you have like a like the free pass do you have that I find that once you reach a certain level of Lake possibility but you would never give it to Meg right she has one what's yours I forgot I know why aren't you allowed when was it seems unfair we always said we would never be allowed that might happen like whoever this other person is going to seem guy or girl she said she thinks it like I'll just be able to go and meet you quality what's the worst that could happen you both will be the only one degree of separation from someone you like don't you do you have one explicitly talked about that with Ashley who were possible Jennifer Aniston girl who works at the coffee cup you know your sister or something so I have that conversation that person you go to the me like hey I'm allowed to have sex with you that's what most people do we have seen that happen and that's the way to do it. I have seen that conversation take place and Famous route of pennies happened multiple times where a couple comes up man the woman and the woman says a huge huge fans that picture just to let you know by 5 I can bang you and I can get away with it like a freebie If I bang you started out there and husband is like like yeah sure go for it and then he says to the husband he says that's unfortunate because you're so that's unfortunate like I said no comment on that yet so I don't know, I wonder why I wonder why she wouldn't let your ear hair your hair in a long refractory period did the someone for everyone and see how we just posted a photo of you in the tickets to Disney amazing Photoshop that is not a photo of you but it's not a Wikipedia page Springs many as I didn't even realize you had people in the community who were great with Photoshop the technical side of the community and the history of the committee said website with you guys are very familiar with Barbara and Gavin that you two are some of the people who came out of that incredible Beginnings to The Slow Mo Guys Barbers doing all this really cool Community stuff and like making characters in little sketches on there and everything but it was another guy on there who was more popular than both of you Jesse Powell just kidding he made the first block I swear that guy was so far ahead of the curve yeah all you kids we are totally obsessed with him and really funny yeah watching all of the stuff and whatever you did TV first time you ever could like watch someone's life in that Way Around video camera in like he was allowed to take him he would be like 11 the place is great yeah so and staining the first person who actually documented their entire life would be Jenny Cameron yeah she just had webcams in her house that ran 24 hours a day no privacy at all every aspect of her life internet streaming what's that yeah I would like an art piece in chess Team Stream herself for a while as well I just seen is the internet personality and former life Caster that was casting was the same through windows or a coffee pot in June of 2008 is one of the greatest defunct websites in history she was ahead of the curve people who worked at some University Illinois maybe they wanted to know if there was coffee available or not or that could ruin you a new batch they set up a webcam on it so they can all check from their desk before they got up to go get coffee that was the first live video stream on internet was fucking look at your if there was coffee if people could watch your life would you be embarrassed by flight for me it would just be really boring and I doubt be the reason I wouldn't want you to see it it's because if I just don't do anything like on the weekend I'm sorry I've just been like going all week on videos and stuff and a lot of time in the evening so I'm extra tired of the weekend nothing but I would be fascinated to see like a private dynamic between you and Meg in same with him and Esther you know just like normal to like quiet people know that right you haven't seen the private lives of other people it's normal to you adopt a voice would you talk to her in ways you don't talk to other people but looks like or softer not even your sister like you're like to everyone in my life I'm nice to her I don't like Ed Meg on the bicycle ERT lab Channel and it was like a couple podcasters me and Ashley Gavin and Meg at one point in the binaural podcast describe Gavin in bed and then like the image of him talking music stop stop stop it was oddly like gentle it wasn't like sex talk would like that just like them being together and she was imitating you don't listen to me that's why I like the content that I'm in here is because it's usually just chaos and Madness and but noises and stuff and just be a quiet boy playing in the office and they have him shooting something at the time and it was really fucking funny I know whenever you come down next week okay headed there was just weird things happen in that room like we all get together weird things happen like statistically and there was something in that video that happened it was just so we can talk about that cuz we always have like a goal is like between videos there's always going to be at Target to hit. We have $200 whole thing ever let anyone ever do it not yet the yellow pull up in the back of the ceiling tile said $200 whole got blocked so I created a new is there I guess so yeah I don't say that one so I create a new Google on a trophy in between of the day you have to throw the pool about people down at the ground off the wall socket into the cup and by the time you go in the room I would say over a thousand attempts have been made and no longer have enclosed I'm touching the mug someone may have bashed it it was like rocking put away and I found it and got it right in the cup like you did not even tell me I will find me something else that I just happened to be aiming that way you see the bull just go and shoot out and then I just passed everybody like good on camera I just happened to be filming it went in it went in this doesn't count oh that was the wrong one that was another one he sent me here when he was watching it later hey I'm going to talk to directly to a Twitter user he's watching it old around and came out and stuff who are has been doing that lately not a word did Edward Edward write up years ago Becca Apartments Gilbert on broadcast and then we worked on a see you think like a person to another web organization in and we got you back from the chive and now you're in charge of what do you charge your Twitter account not going to forget it now, maybe he's doing it ironically cuz we've talked about this and it kept happening that yeah maybe it was because of all the things that you around about the meme cold like by own memes and it's like come on down to it I think it's the first was like the jungle yeah it's like this weird things like they'll feel like a fire and might be spicy boys and two cans of shape if I was trying to understand what you're talking about but you spell the word just say it loud what is green understand it doesn't matter if we did the bouncer meme I guess it was you like Friday Thursday or Friday with me in it and I was like I said the fucking this garbage stupid weekend was looking at the response of the people but I really wanted to know and I was like come on in and previous social media manager and then you was Andrew Watson you welcome back baby back you're cute all I call you 656 is it to Memphis Barbara pipe in men is the one physical trait that everyone feels comfortable commenting on your rule out all you super short every one of your tall it just like they'll talk to you about that you're tall and I just did it so how's the weather in Sonic deadly six foot but that is pretty out there some good lighting happening to all your years of the Chive now have prepared you to be objectified so now here you go Edward sky Gap post to be going to get some slow motion I was looking through some old stuff and I guess at some point of the old place I'll grab some hand sanitizer and I was just slow mowing that hit people and I hit you with it like that like you're also the also known as the dancing person on that show Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly and Michael trivia dancer but go go summer dancer in the swim trunks that is a salad day I remember the first time that happened to me and very helpful I've been a blood test on the show maybe 2 2015 did you try the test went love you bye why do people watch the podcast have Deadpool you don't give me the excuse that know the time all podcast that have speeds hilarious it's like you had a lot that's why I watched even slower warranty billion Bing