#451 - Lindsay Gives Birth?

Join Lindsay Jones and Burnie Burns as they discuss family, women in entertainment, accents, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on August 17, 2017

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Transcript (in progress):

hey everybody a welcome to the Thursday podcast brought to you by the Rooster Teeth store back into production as of recording a podcast about me to budum for the we can put this setback in the place not many people actually work for a living had to do that so you'll excuse me can you please move tonight actually so we got to talk about ruby and going to conventions a bunch of things we ever really touched on before so it's going up stairs for you pretty recently where you were right you're one of the first people if not be first person to company words like we're going to focus on what you're doing on camera and in this case voice acting in the voice movies and things like that schedule knots with cons and everything is awesome I mean I was just talking to Jeff about it like he was seeing Ruby from the perspective of a founder and staying a while like your time I have a friend like we really had red versus blue and obviously like Kickstarter the company this is how we started now we have this thing called Ruby like wow how is this like this entity become so popular and we have the same days now that we never had before and what's it like for you to go to conventions I said it was awesome I mean now I get to hang out with like Barbara and Cara and Erin and we go across the country as soon as internationally we get to see this fan bases that we never talked to before and to see them and to know that they love Ruby is like real people who come up to you and talk to you and they know the show Ruby but don't know rooster teeth does a lot of things that you like you want to go watch a movie like I get some more awareness of because of Marvel and Disney and stuff but you know you can watch a movie like who made Ghostbusters with Columbia or was it think about how close Australia is deja but when you like tickets I can you like oh yeah it's right next to Asia leave a big influence from China and Japan etcetera so there was a big Ruby following a lot of Australia Eric Cherry he's working with Hannah B's awesome but we all are people coming to the booth and say hey like I love Ruby but I don't know what this what's this Achievement Hunter thing and I went wow like oh my God people know about this but they don't know what you've known her like a pretty enough for me to have that disconnect but it was the first inkling I had of like okay we're really onto something this is a big property here also you are a voice actress so and we dealt with that the original Founders All dealt with that original cast of red versus blue because we started to show it got very popular we were trying to build this brand Rooster Teeth behind it and also individually you know you're starting your careers you know people watch The Simpsons just like you don't know what studio makes a movie Always you watch shows you don't necessarily know who voices your favorite character the internet has helped that but it's like coming you're probably meeting people who are seeing you for the first time as well but the same thing is like we're meeting people for the first time in like we've had that disconnect people see our faces and like always you voice Ruby and like I promise I do like when we do the voice OK Google write awesome we need to disconnect for us is like you guys again were there from the beginning you know people who know red versus blue but we don't have that so I feel like I'm kind of falling into this like Legacy I guess now would be like in the final season of the blood goes Chronicle so it's usually the longer-form series we usually traditionally be that The Benchmark was like my season 3 okay season 3 we know where the shows going to go or what to do and we're going to see if I like where to hide Ruby can reach out we really don't know maybe we don't either like we both people that's like a voice actresses like okay what's happening I've no idea what I connected to the script anymore like we have some background of prepare for the rolls but that's it we have no idea what's going to happen in the future what do you think about the show is going like the possibility of you know you know you mean there's also the ability start other new story lines as well but I'm saying it in terms of potential of the popularity of the show me you playing the character of Ruby in Ruby your character I mean appears now on billboards in Japan I mean it's just like you know you're all over the place when they never reached before so yeah for me that's fascinating only humbling and again like I'm at the conventions I get to talk to people like I mean big is a perfect example they can your lowenthal he was and now it's Mercury on the shows like I used to watch him in 7th grade and I was like oh my God like anime voice acting I be the coolest thing in the world is never going to happen though I'm never going to get to do that and now here we are in the same actors are coming to us going wow what's the show Ruby I'm hearing about really voice this character and Ruby here's what we're talking about now they want to work with us that's insane I don't have the opposite end of the spectrum to deal with people all the time as well as well I've been you've also been you know what personality and like shorts and stuff like that it seems strange for you going on cuz the actress who's the voice behind Yang hello yeah I mean it's been a crazy one of his Connections in like you're saying before we felt like I can't happen at Comic-Con for the first time I was there at the booth signing autographs and someone came up to me and I like what's your name and I'm like I'm Barbara and I like who do you voice message again like oh my God I love you what else do you do like they didn't know anything about Rooster Teeth or us or anything I just knew Ruby which is a good thing people discover yeah the Ruby audience definitely has some people in it that watch just rubbing it so yeah we had a lot of people who discovered Ruby through death battle and like a roundabout ways of discovering the show the coolest thing that anyone has ever said to me though and I think it was a connection that we are out together Lindsay was I used to watch cartoons all the time and like me to like I used to watch Simpsons and Family Guy mike always free cartoons and we'd look up to these cartoon characters like were someone's cartoon now like where someone's cartoon character and that is mind-blowing to me the picture of a Gal Gadot meeting a fan and she was dressed as Wonder Woman of course was like oh that's awesome I like the Wonder Woman movie just came out I'm so inspired and so much we just saying you're someone's Wonder Woman we went oh my God like that with that it was a picture of a set of a ruby fan meet up with all these cosplayers and there's this little girl dresses Ruby and like we're both next to her smiling and she's has like giant smile on her face and someone put that the picture with a gallon that little fan getting a little forklift for sure we're like oh man like this is inspiring that's awesome we would never ever think of ourselves as I want to hear we are being able to like Embrace that roll that's awesome yeah it's one of those things where we don't we don't approach it at all like a kid show in any way there's no there's nothing that we do and Ruby that the approach like that but I think because of the aesthetic you know I mean there's some pretty violent stuff not pull anything but Barbie your characters been through some stuff I mean literally and I did not spoil but I will spoil is like volume 1 Ruby like a literally decapitate brutal I was trying to explain that to my friends who have kids and family to come up and say hey I love watching this with my my daughter my son or whatever I'm like that's awesome you can get your family brought together by Ruby but don't want anything else that I do don't worry about it she meant earlier or later like 10 years but I remember because the show has such a an audience that doesn't excuse younger than I think most of our stuff so we did have to put out I think grey wrote a journal of the disclaimer hear things are about to get a little more serious things get a little brutal yeah yeah but it's also trying to be a little bit more like no dick jokes are like swear I left and right by the way we got to turn that down we got to understand the whole discussion of like this is kind of bigger than our tea and away or like separate from Marty's like we have to understand that this is kind of a separate entity in the middle of their stuff that we can do as well with Ruby in particular that can't do what other shows like we can the characters are aging solely as you watch the show and you know even what they do in terms of costume in fashion and things like that change over time stop it no no no we also we do deal with some things as we start to distribute and Market the show in Japan that there are just certain things that is part of culture in Japan especially with no animated entertainment stars that are just normal things to do but it's like we find ourselves like protective in like a way that we normally be of real people that we are of these for you know main characters and Ruby you know the way that they represented you know the kind of materials that they appear in you know when those kinds of things we just we watch out for that a little bit more attention to what you guys said that upon the early discussions in Lake Warner Brothers Japan about dumping Ruby has an anime it's like okay will there ever be an episode where the Ruby characters go to a hot spring that's like a normal thing and there's always an interesting discussion because of the cultural differences like this is almost expected from the show is like episode like that before us is an American audience in American production company we say I can do that. I mean it's all different characters that are 16 you know I'm a parent as I understand you can grab it but I always get really frustrated by the difference between the way cultures handle and pressure by far the way we handle violence versus sex like I mean Walking Dead you watch that show their stopping on people's heads and I'm like oh my God that's part of life people are going to have brass that's fine people have sex that's part of life but I'd much rather that then like horrible violence which is technically normal yes he had these motions that make you want to be finally but you shouldn't do that to each other don't shoot each other it's like I'd rather be a sexy in that you're watching them like a horrible like Mexican standoff or something maybe a thousand of these right so this is something that I really did work well for me and it to Bernie what is your parents like we talked about some of our younger audiences because kids to watch content that's a little bit over the range range they want to do that I already movies when I was a kid I did all the time Road Warrior yeah I already went and saw Star Wars fell in love with it like I would talk about Star Wars constantly driving everybody on you crazy it was considered kids movie so all my parents took me to see it I saw it 34 times in the theaters and then a few months I don't know how long it was later new Lexus the science fiction Star Wars stuff and I was 6 I think or 5 and it's amusing alien chestburster scene Don house like just freaked out like I hate watch Jurassic Park as a kid I was horrified I'm like oh my God dinosaurs going to come and kill me and eat me I know they're extinct don't care I'm a kid this is terrifying now that's my favorite movie I love it to death so I appreciate that my father was like down numbers in therapy like to throw you in there and get you used to the movie you no more mature stuff like it wanted to like see something you know that was a little bit above their age bracket right you know the MPAA rating go to watch that you can't because it's already movies are for my dad but if you want to like if you want to read some of the read a book that's the place where you can go to like expand stuff you know what I mean so if you want to be like World War Z and we can talk about it inside of his head and one of those cheats you have is a parent words like I know they're going to like stay up till like 1 in the morning and watch something yeah it's like if I give him a way to do it and it's like they can read as a kid and I think by the time I was fifteen I think I dread every Stephen King book probably not the most appropriate identify with that too I guess I'm going to carry all over the place for his blood on me I'm killing everybody wait so you're catching up now no I don't think so which is funny because like I love seeing other people's babies like every time I am I please show me Iris like right now but no I don't know I feel like I'm too selfish of a person to have a kid like that though because everyone that kids like what would you want to do and go no not interested in how much rather have someone say no I don't want kids and just going well I guess I should have kids that's what it Society wants me to do exactly life you do understand that like Never Say Never And I am not saying what I am never going to have kids and that's just the way it is but right now where I am in my mind and in my life I don't want kids but they okay I don't know that'll change it might it might not but I probably won't be there your family line so have fun with my brother and his girlfriend Julie actually she's moving to Canada next month she finally got to prove she's in the states until she moved up to Canada but I don't know if they want kids either but you went to Canada to be with my older brother also have the option not to exactly local barber you have a good one I truly think it's been a very fun 6 years so far I would have made a lot of friends and Lindsay thank you I appreciate it just started right after him right before you and Gavin moved here yeah I was in that what we called the dungeon because one of the First dress the same way as people from Dallas so unfortunately I had like this dad like I don't know like preconceived notions about him so I was like fuck this guy Gavin but I feel bad now just like I know Gavin he's fine we're friends but he's a he told me that his mom gave him some polo shirts for Christmas and he felt like he couldn't accept it as a gift because you knew how much I hated people with polo shirts and I was like how I'm so sorry like I made your mom's back cuz she bought that for you for Christmas and you had to go no I don't want to see the Mean Girls are she gets hoop earrings for I did that like I'm sorry man I again like I just hate dick head from Dallas you look like when I'm sorry I thought it was your yogurt commercial Mike what's up I love you you came out of pictures of traditional Route 4 people coming to work at Rooster Teeth if that exist it's through tsdb television television station down the University of Texas and I did we did this massive recruiting effort I basely pull my strings does an orientation visor for the summer programs and I wouldn't talk to all the intro film classes like people coming in and we had I think like 3 people the next year I think the fastest growing organization of a part of it was like 40 or 50 people on a regular basis but she was working as a part of the show like we did the office space 10 year reunion where interview Stephen Root nicest guy in the world and I was like a really crazy that like I did with Brandon he works here and he can help me get the job along with my house cuz I went to school with Miles and then you guys again like where the frontiersmen of the whole show so it's kind of weird how that all connects but I applied the normal way I said hey okay there's no opening a recipe that kind of know but you guys need to shorts over Reseda red versus blue I watch those on YouTube because of you too bad it and I said okay I know miles from school maybe you can help me out and he asked Matt like hey this is friend I have called Lindsay wants to work here yeah other kitten I got a good word in I start interning so it's really weird how the networking kind of works with his TV is a huge part of that and I really will stay like you make a family while you're there like film producers in like creative Bohemians you want to get together and just fill in whatever they want to do it is unfortunately a lot of studying other people's work but it's not until you get into the upper division Junior and senior classes were you actually get your hand that equipment you if you even can and I'll say it to the end of the year at this like I feel like internships for the biggest like the most effective thing that I had or like the biggest reward that I was for my internship sight classes are good but the nicer with people who like don't care about the class or you have a classic 600 people it's really hard to get one-on-one time with the professor but if you do internships like how I get one-on-one time with people who actually work in an industry you have to meet the deadlines you got to like a dead here does all their work elements that they have to deal with it's like wow I'm really like a part of the work process now actually I'm like Emerson side of what is what it is to be in the production industry which is cool and sneak peek for those of you who aren't running it's a movie review so if you ever seen the Adam Sandler video that's on YouTube I'm interviewing Adam Sandler for Happy Gilmore a billion years ago Entertainment Tonight I guess it's the best comparison a little bit of the entertainment tonight in of Lego going to be coming over here to do that movie for things like that and what's the best Greening you went to college there was a screening for a movie called Leaving Las Vegas and Mike figgis the director came to the screening and it did that was awesome he was a smaller movie which became very critically acclaimed and he came down with this for like 45 minutes and was talking to the whole process everything that's really cool the first time you have bonded we bonded over CollegeHumor hardly working videos like we do we both love those a lot I applied for a call to Maryland yes yes excellent we have someone of a blonde moment personally was a Lindsay New Year feeling sick alright came in your office with a glass of orange juice and she says hey I heard you're not feeling so good headed you that much orange juice and then I'll let you finish the story dad and I guess I would normally get sick for 2 weeks a year so I was sick feeling bad in walks Lindsay with a glass of orange juice in says before I took a sip of orange juice out of it and what was it was all yellow egg yolk yep and I just like it's one of those things where you take a sip but you can't stop like draws the more in like you know it's like pulling other parts of the egg down with it like I should have been fired I think about that now is like I was the dumbest thing I could have ever done is like a CEO of the company has doubled eggs you mother fucker like I left I remember turning around from giving it to you again deadpan like hey I heard you're feeling sick I'm really sorry about this couple bags background I got them what is the chance to date with Iris hundred percent or more like that's what that feels like okay round two round feels like the first before but the first epidural didn't take that was misery and that's what I was an epidural epidural to my understanding again like major but they cut off the circulation to parts of your body so that like literally half of you down you can't feel anything from having feelings than when they pull it out of you it's pulling out a needle from your back it's all still intact is not any medicine that goes in the you couldn't find the entry point to my back ball all twisted mango the second one they were able to get and that was fine like Smooth Sailing after that I was like you can do whatever you want all 6 kids right now I don't care how I feel like them yeah I'm like let's go but once I had that absolutely I would love to have that can kids and I really want Iris to have a sibling to play with and I know that's like you can go to protect my sister and I didn't get along at all I know it was true ball play with that spoiler alert men can't have kids now. You kids myself like I've grown to be like envious of the process of growing a person to recognize that in a bit is Mike duck duck the process of Labor and having a kid is notoriously awful and horrible and painful and like one of the things that like everyone talks about it being one of the most strenuous painful experiences and I feel like throwing up and then when you get pregnant are you like are you like oshit are you like it's going to be like Mike stop stop doing that what the fuck is wrong with you if that's part of life that's fine but I totally agree with Joel I saw the RTA it isn't natural to have that kind of calcification coming out of your dick or a camera going inside of it that's okay okay not in there they are not answer if you're into that that's fine it's sounding people like that but other than that no go actually having the epidural work and delivering I was totally fine again like I would have had a million more kids totally cool like do whatever you want that's fine but can agree with him there before that don't I go fuck yourself Joe it was horrible like I wanted to kill myself I was vomiting everywhere and I was just trying to take a nap so I can forget how painful it was it was awful but I think I might have also been some of the drugs like accelerating it cuz it a certain point to say okay you have to like have the baby were doing it now they're going to give you this drug to like we talked about this is like my water broke almost 24 hours before I actually deliver wow yeah so then that okay the water broke ass go to the hospital I'm hanging out there for a little bit and they give me the drive to Kayla's accelerated make sure your contractions start more and that's when like that's unnatural that's when your body goes out I should be doing right now this kind of hurt so that was the pain that I experience and I was like no Joel I have to disagree that was the most terrible pain I've been in but after that second epidural you know Julie you're kind of right you got a point but I want my epidural so what do I know right out of it but it doesn't work deliver this baby natural and that's it like you got no other options and I went okay like I'll try it and why we got lucky that it worked. And I would have been like well alright got to push her out now which is so funny because it's like how 99% of everything that's ever been more 99.9 per cent born naturally and it's still just it's amazing all here and it's like one of the most difficult process oh yeah what did your shoulders even know somebody like hittin stereotypically Hispanic families to say like I wasn't put under I didn't have epidural so you shouldn't either I was like wow that's crazy that women nowadays still having totally natural birth Deli Griffin was the same way she's like all natural like no I don't want to I'm good like you can make me feel better with medicine I'll take it or an epidural go for it well it's either one of these two that I've always despised about the pregnancy process in some weird way I said that but the moment I would not if I was pregnant I wouldn't tell anybody for like long as I possibly could cause the motor to know your pregnant they feel compelled to tell you what to do with yourself all the fucking time oh yeah you know I was pregnant it's like I would be in the room or likely be out till like lunch or something and people would tell her what you should or shouldn't eat or you know what you should or should I say Hi and then other people just like forcing their will upon them like oil change your mind or like you know people get pregnant I stopped it let them do their thing stop like my brother-in-law how Michael side they don't like kids they just want to be the happy uncle and aunt was totally fine at their choice but their mother keep like passively aggressively sending them baby clothes to be like a one day you'll have kids when I stop I was doing this at their mother I like how you want kids don't even like that's kind of bitchy like to stop stop no that's weird but I'm not comfortable saying that I got. Behavior in the world when do we need more people well I mean yeah we're dealing with things like every demographic demographic I think except for Hispanic is having kids below the level of sustainability right which I think is 2.2 kids changed his life expectancy gross but I think it was like two point two kids per family in order to like have a stable population growth anything over that you have reductions overtime and we're definitely in a reduction territory from the most in the Hat for to make up for me hugs to all I've heard is that were like way over populated like you should have one kid to reduce the amount of people that were having a dog is like some BuzzFeed article why and why would you give up Tinder write the expectation of having a nuclear family it's okay you don't have to have kids it's like the end of like you've reached the Pinnacle of humanity like you've had a child her age it's like I don't know why did they just like I'm just looking for someone to settle down with and have a kid I want a baby baby daddy please thank you put in the profile in like screen people out why not you should absolutely go there by the way some female user on Reddit posted her profile and you could probably let me know if you have friends who use Tinder I'm sure she she posted like her matches or something or her like Swype they gave her an alert and she had something like 4500 matches are people like hey 4,500 people have swiped on you you know come come check it out or somebody it was an astronomical I'm like on there 24 hours a fucking day and I never get a match on anything yeah the most capable woman Barbara yeah I just wonder if like women when they swipe right it's like what their percentage for getting matches by swiping right you know I guess you could be getting some found out somewhere out there in the versus Like Bernie I have a your baby is here go ahead yeah you're a baby mama did someone else out there like in the in the hey Mom I like that's it I mean bye bye like kids a lot you know and if I could never be the kind of parent would be like a distant parent I just couldn't do that so it would be it would be definitely life-changing to say the least hope to God they live in the state of Texas otherwise you like on the plane all the time as well as friends. And it's like you know you're our whole Focus week I was fortunate where my split a lot of people say they're amicable breakup you don't they get awful but maybe I would say my ex not get bit on better as co-parents as we ever did as being married and yeah it's so focus is just focusing on with the kids and the kids you and everything like that and aspects to divorce which are essential for the way we do it's like we used to have someone who would help us watch the boys whenever we go off and do something will do anything anymore so our kids are with one of us literally a hundred percent of time like they're never even like grandparents and stuff for like hey you know you still like spend more time with them you know it's like now it's like oh it's like the moment we had a chance to spend some time with him we're off and doing that stuff so I think you're go like you know we don't have to dig through after generation in my family on their side of the family about that show are you showing your family honey I don't know how many brothers and sisters do you have to have one boy cousin he was like the Saving Grace of the family like you're going to carry on the lineage but he doesn't isn't dating anyone around that he wants kids at all so it's just us right now that's so funny to me because my family is the exact opposite where in my generation of my family there's like 12 kids one girl I know but like you know we wanted a daughter for a while Michael wanted daughter in likely like we kind of joke that we will turn into existence so maybe that is the case but they both sides of the family are happy because they can this the first granddaughter or grandchild at all on my side of the family and then for his it's like a first granddaughter like okay there's some you know stereotypical differences between the genders are there find about that yeah whatever she wants that's fine man that I thought I was going to be a girl just guessed it was girl to also yeah I was like we were convinced it was going to be a boy because my boys were right just accept that it's it's a guy that's fine whatever have you baby but then we found it was a girl like okay now we can kind of indulging like like we kind of wanted this that's awesome yeah some dreams do come true as we go forward things for grass in the things we talked about change as well but one of the first experience I had with like people to starting to discuss Ginger and cuz I said something about us going out they were pretty lady you know you guys did a gender reveal and it was like what is this text reveal we understand the like you know again later on she says hey I I feel like identifies as gender was okay whatever like I could not care less do what you want do you want to be specific of like as this baby is born this is what her her her physical sex is this is what her and Adam e is displaying so that's what we're going to say she is for now if she decides that she does not identify is that later okay okay what do you mean then that was enough for people and I feel like the biggest complaint I got was you shouldn't be talking about your baby's genitals because it's too sexual like now we're entering the realm of pedophilia that shouldn't be discussing was like I don't know why I was thinking that but you exactly like a moment to pause and reflect on that I mean like any any babies going to have some form of genitalia I feel like we should be able to discuss this not be worried about it it's all very similar to like people who yelled at me about advertising for The Vagina Monologues in college they were like don't swear my kids vagina swear word like are we at that point where you can't say penis without being like my virgin ears oh my god really how do you deal with negative feedback because you're one of the first emails we ever put on Christmas if we with our game play stuff and that is correct me if I'm wrong it's notoriously a very difficult place for females to establish themselves in the general secretary this weird uphill battle and you know she came into the pro gaming route and you know you know she had it from the I watch the screen savers on techtv was his old TV show and they were on there anyways so crazy here and talk about the wait what Kevin Pereira and Kevin Rose a big they were talking to Morgan about the ragdolls intermission it was like they're saying things like yeah but you know girls also do you play games and one day and no they won't be a big deal to people and working on getting your message out there and it's like everything seems like it's like it seems like from 1955 to 2008 even just in my bike compared to my childhood to now it's like I feel like a nerd culture as a whole has become so much more mainstream where's that I grew up in Dallas and knowing Like Loving anime and began to feel like a loser like get out of here whatever happened to your Akon like a good boy but the table we would go to video games in middle school I said we were less popular than the masturbators Club Yugioh cards in the back of the garage about it last week but that's why I love like meeting people nowadays for involving their culture they say wow like I feel like this is so much more mainstream and I'm so much more accepted then I was like what I've been growing up with you which is totally true so we get the luxury of kind of being a little bit more mainstream and I'll let you know people get to accept video gaming but it's totally true and Ashley has spoken about that before with me as a female in the industry representing video games as a whole it's like you got to know so much more than your male counterparts or be able to back up like any opinion that you have within it an infinite amount of evidence that they can be able to hey I also medicated on this subject and liked by all means I'm I'm by far not a bit like a good video game player at all but like it is very difficult to even come in and say ham and is she going to be like okay cool like what what do you play let's let's go down like the interview slot of like what we have for you Mike okay I just like playing video games calm down but there is somewhat of a stigma for women especially and I feel like it's it's shity but we're over coming in and we're so close to it I feel like we're so close to the equality that we want to achieve I feel like before it was like no your not a part of this now it's like okay you're part of it but but how much of a part of it are you in like okay now I can kind of like no dancer on your questions will then try and answer as much as I can so now it feels like a weird interview process like I want the job, let me ask you your answer for you here yo it's like there's a process that have to go through and we treat you know what are my favorite parts of my job now developing funny people like one of my favorites. In the company portion of Gavin Barbara community and becoming you know to the biggest faces in the history of Richard Cheese on camera the first day I ever saw him I just told him you can't work here again you're too good-looking to work here so sorry you still looking to work what male and female it's super simple to be a woman on camera on the internet you just have to be funny and pretty and smart and fashionable and not perfect shape perfect hair perfect makeup for saying like oh you just have big boobs your fancy like you're pretty so you're popular there you go if that were the case wouldn't be like a million Jessica Nigri is going to conventions with her big boobs and like looking fancy is like she's famous because of the work she puts into her cosplay Internet working and I guarantee if you watch a video of her compiling her cosplay you will absolutely take a second yourself and go wild like I can't do that because she's very talented and then she holds it on that could you be using your physical traits to like enhance your abilities or like increase networking opportunities sure but the end of the day you have to have some talent to back it up yeah people call out other people for doing like taking photos or something like that just me it's like looking at you you dumb dumb you guys are smart it's like foot you know it's like drinking but I do like to be ladylike Mike I'm with a guy but you guys are my dicks 24/7 but the second dimension vagina it's weird like whatever okay it's just me adding to the content I feel like we have the same sense of humor so who cares if dinner's not really an issue here it's just that the style of humor really has been compared to each other and any video that they're in together where is like know who's Harbor near Gus but like if you have any video of the Barb and I are and there's always like people going like Who's hotter Barbara Lindsay I'm like okay for us we don't give a shit one like Barb and I are here to work and try and like work whatever connection we have because we're trying to be professional song about this into there's really no benefit us trying to like antagonize each other and become this competitions like really benefited from each other being successful so why on Earth we turn into this weird competition that we have like yeah or else he come here like clearly so it so doesn't like someone so it's like no that's just what you're trying to make up in your head want her to be competition and have you not seen experienced where there are women that will cut down other women mainly because those spots are more limited perception that they're more limited I think there is a way that Society can train them to do that you have to prove that you are the most attractive female and male audience members are saying okay who's the best female but you better or worse if you'd like I can you get the shit there's so many different people like Barbers on the same as me at all are like Ashley same thing very very different people so why do we have to keep comparing each other and be very boring if they're only one woman always open if I wanted to hide the other women at the company away I get out of here let me know if there's the subject talk about her and other subreddits about Russia personalities Kimberly about the women I mean even are female personalities have their own subreddits there's several of them and none of her male personalities have to have that at all you know but you know I'd probably not I just don't try to bring up at Chris's Babyface right that he's like he's tapped into the like the genetic Lotto win by no idea how old is yeah he looks like he's he could easily be like 15 or 40 it doesn't help to figure it out that way but you're older so what's happening here no idea what is the most what's the word you just can't place an age on him at our wedding RDJ was like so how old is your husband like he's older than me so I thought he was like 20 no I'm not not dating a 20 year olds thank you though where I was trying to Monte not to cut my cake you know I would never have let him watch that it was like interesting side to take photos and it takes awhile to get used Milling around usually drinking or whatever but you know Monty was done with hors d'oeuvres you think I'm still hungry I'm like some cake right over there just get to have it did he feel like I'm a bad influence what the fuck is wrong with you you know that if she hadn't stopped him I would not have let him know that I did text Gavin in the middle of the ceremony like hey turn off your phone all the way up doing what he does I'm sure that the ceremony Monte does whatever he wants we were just talking the other day about an interview with about the first time you ever heard of the show Ruby and I'll look for the interview to come out to tell the story for me was because I was thinking about that you know when he was first and everybody had a different point where she heard it was the first time you guys heard about ruby and said I had this idea for a show called Ruby what is that it was like I want Little Red Riding Hood and the beauty and beast and Goldilocks and Snow White to hang out with each other and I was like cool what does that mean and then Monte just spewed for like everything you plan for the show like Season's Upon Seasons only wants to do like in depth about this like we make the show first let's make sure this happens but yeah again like we talked about before I had one day and I was at my desk and he came over and he just looks at me and goes how do you feel about playing Goldilocks and the Mike and what like who is this what are you talking about he's like I want to make like a badass Goldilocks I don't want you two player cool I whatever you want me to do Monte crazy when she was like we talked so much about the characters and everything that when it came time to do casting when it's a single internally and I had no idea that you had the talent that you have as a voice actresses and what is a cut my first voice I'm like who is this it's like I didn't know who we got to do it and can you talk a little bit about your process for the doing the voice really sure I mean I love animation 7th grade I'm still huge anime fan so I grew up like 10 minutes away from FUNimation and I thought wow that be awesome to do a voiceover but I never thought it would happen then we got the pipe dream non-existent don't even think about it just apply for a job like normal diaper Rooster Teeth again just normal way like I heard you have an opening thanks guys hole entering my way up then Monte approach just about ruby and I said why doesn't she said I want it I want to make an enemy and I went well that's awesome like you cute anime fans who I never thought that would actually be a thing and your family is never really had anime involved before so we thought okay maybe the fan base might not like it or like your Eastern audiences might go like fuck you America making an anime inspired showed only concerned so I was like okay that sounds awesome but I don't know if it's going to be successful and then you know here we are so many years later and we have this huge following in Japan like we're doing a dub and everything like it's not but before it was just like I can like a huge huge pipe dream that I never thought would happen as far as voice acting goes it's just I was doing impressions of other characters and trying to work with it would work well and I threw out then I said I hope they like it and then we did the table read and it sounds like you guys enjoyed the sound of the characters that was oh yeah it was incredible show movie first made it was probably I think that was the second most expensive production that we'd ever produced one of the companies I was like texting all this money into it yo ya no no heavy lifting trailers that weekend all the individual shorts and you know it was it was a huge investment in Monte what do you want to do in the team that he was building and the people remember this for the first season not that well received like like people for a long time and I'm glad I'm almost hesitate to bring it up because I'm glad I never read it anymore but there was a debate over whether or not Ruby could be considered an animated was not an anime giant thing in big bold letters as head Ruby is not an anime we will not discuss Ruby hear any post involving Ruby will be deleted you know we're getting our name in there and shut up like we'll see what happens and we get imported in Japan get a full Japanese voice cast dumping over it from Japan is it a wash since I was a kid and he got a little bit a little bit we talked about that but day over they sent us the forecast for Japan anime voice actors that I know all their names and work that they've done yes there were few times are really far with this is so and so and you're like that's good right when was the main character in Kill Kill and that is apparently a very Big Show steel huge voice actor so to hear that we are being done by people like that again is like holy shit that's so surreal as an anime fan I ordered the otaku culture you watch it if you watch in Japanese with English subtitles supposed to say I wondered if you were here who will watch it in English to Japanese my butt is so interesting because there is that that stigma of like sub vs dub anime of like oh no subbed is better because it's Japanese but I'm like why I think you only feel that way because you don't understand the language so to you that sounds like the perfect performance but the English actor could be perfectly replicating with the Japanese word Archer voice actors doing is just you think English is bad for some odd reason and now we're on the opposite end of the coin we're like they talked about doing a Chinese dub they said okay with trying to be interested in doing a dub in Chinese and I said no we want the English voice actors because they prefer that over Chinese it's so interesting that that's like it kind of happens to the world around I guess if you ever decided if you don't hear talking before this that most of the or a lot of the traditional American superheroes British actors yeah he British kid you know Chris Hemsworth played by the Chilean but yeah it's crazy how many British actors play Americans in anyway Carl from Walking Dead Rick is also British Welsh one of them draw a guest schedule Andrew what Lincoln Andrew Lincoln pranks for Nothin fuckers got a question for you you want to jump in here is I have a theory that the reason why British actors can play in American accent and it's totally believable yeah it's because Britain probably has the highest concentration of Accents in the smallest area possible so like like your accent is what I think central pronunciation normal accent chairs upstairs you sound like Julie Andrews to me a little bit south of Manchester when most people do not speak like me how do they speak Chatham and Ken this is why I like the time chap originated people grow up in the UK they immediately or the girl was inherent ability to imitate other English accent that doing an American is they were have someone to practice their accents that is more believable American Southern and then the rest of America maybe New York Jersey New Jersey New York terrible for Doctor Strange is there water you done to my hair from other countries to family members from Germany and they sent to me I'm like I'm a pirate if I go to another English speaking country by very quickly find myself changing the way I speak in the Cadence of whatever leader has ruined me if I talked to anyone with an ax and I start to emulate and I'm like I'm not making fun of you I'm so sorry this is natural it's going to happen so I Ellie and I talk to you like British person some people like a courtesy that they don't realize that they're doing you have to make other people feel more comfortable by emulating the way they speak in an accent get passed on right for me is when I talk to females are very hyper and energetically oh my God I'm so excited weather wow okay so I think I think I talk to other podcast for everything where my Southern accent lives in Texas now for most of my life well over most of my life and the only time I have a Southern accent when I'm in surrounded by other like Good Ole Boys basically so very specifically if I ever go to buy a car I have a Southern accent and Ashley pointed out to me I'm like yeah this always happens to me and good although it's more friendly it's more like cuddle just like part of the group is a female going to repair shop you're like okay I kind of like have to make sure the instantly people know that I know what I'm talking about so my alright look in the Ford Edge I got this over here at the 2011 is the way it's a silver it's over here and I don't know it break down the barrier of like okay you know what you're talking about yeah yeah for me American kid what kind of British regular feels like because you probably met a lot of people does Atkins like yeah we had the Jersey accent we have a Boston accent here for regional dialects but grown ups in Texas I didn't run into people you know the big boat like Justin UK next to each other that have different accent really well. The New York okay calm down honey I don't know you hold your eyes will be you don't think your are is that's like in Northeast for me so I don't know if it's the same for you or there's like specific things you can point out there like that so we do the different than everybody else I bet the main difference between 7 and and Nova English it's just an idea about how to make fun of my artist was it when Gavin has his American accent is very heavy Ari's like the fire brush what can I get a water you're really lazy water well you're really lazy and you're too good to be here right now hi can I have some water thank you I was like really parched waiters and waitresses dude you asked me before the show you're like what the name that would piss you off that we can talk about him like that specifically is something that pisses me off is still being rude to wait staff and I've seen that before we go like I want this no thank you no play no nothing like mother fucker is person's been waiting on you all night you say thank you or something I Love Me with lyrics for we wrap it up for tonight in English is there any words that you have change your pronunciation of cuz you're just sick of being called out on it yes aluminum anything against you say games and Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday adult adult adult Tuesday and I said against I say YouTube I know that my sister was like feel like the British YouTube YouTube YouTube happens and choose not to vote for YouTube company biggest schedule. I think if I die free today I talked to him he was nice to me song sounds just like I kissed a boy was great if you like that is probably the best way to do that all right with everybody and stick around if your first number for the post show