#452 - Construction Forever Always

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, and Burnie Burns as they discuss the solar eclipse, confederate statues, construction, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on August 21, 2017, sponsored by Jersey Mike’s (http://bit.ly/2x98RFz), Maltesers (http://bit.ly/2rxjbDQ), Squarespace (http://bit.ly/290ucbK)

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Recorded: 2017-08-22 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Blaine Gibson, Gavin Free


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Transcript (in progress):

everyone looking for the receipt podcast this week right to buy malteser Jersey Mike's and Squarespace Bam Bam Bam I'm guess I'm Gavin I'm Blaine I am Burnie burn them before we started you said something interesting I never thought about what you said what if we all learn to play musical instruments to learn to play the RT Podcast do I have to play I just want to let us play the exact bit of the intro and we will have a different instrument instruments are used to make the RT Podcast theme song Alto Alto alto saxophone alto but looking to try to figure it out we'll be right back with a new podcast bass guitar yeah, do we have somebody make that for us or just heard a commercial play like the theme song for The Gauntlet would show up everywhere all the time when we made the mainstream culture that predate most the Marvel movies the year was The Gauntlet we were in Buda or even know that we were in 66 by then we were definitely we were definitely so it's like oh 9 or 10:30 on November 12th 2012 does right I was right I was just a damn. Carnival Game of Thrones currently in the process entirely no way to predict that I got to say I felt like this people really Cavalier with a spoilers as soon as the episode was very quiet about stuff like that when episode comes out but this one was like immediately people all made the same stupid joke immediately take the exact same jokes I like watching 9 p.m. in an LX starting at 8:30 or just liked nagging touch my phone or text so just wait for it to be on HBO Go cuz it starts the same time the ads on TV and I skip to the end and I work Sunday and work on this tonight does your HBO GO do you watch it on what device do you watch it? The Xbox one is too low it's like this like 3 different blacks okay great to Black special Game of Thrones going to go home and spend like an hour with my TV cuz I have people over all the time to watch Game of Thrones and invite you to play at least I told you the truth I came up and I was like listen to sorry but I've seen I like Gus's I'm going with Gus's idea that Game of Thrones is better when you could you watch it with myself in my large Homeslice pizza last time I was considering bringing anybody eat it if you like I'm sorry to be today this is very socially retarded for me to do this but I'm not letting me read it but just open it and we are really going to have the 11 but too many technical reason that you use HBO Go with service sounds like your DVR I don't have a DVR technical reason it's not 1080p resolution I get over fast I do but the depression stuff is just like I guess they should up the bitrate on that show but with so many people watching at the same time that's probably going to that's no reason to make it much lower than other shows viewing party it wasn't yours but this is the one that was like it really brought to my attention I need to watch these alone cuz people are talking to that thing but the guy had one of those adjusting TVs like the TV would like yeah it was fucking garbage oh God damn it takes so long to do this where are you I can't see it looked just like an AR thing the relish and everything else I had forgot about I totally forgot about the podcast just because you know how many people I had I had an Insider Source tell me that there was way too much fucking talking. It was too much talking to anybody at all everybody talks too much talking talking and you would stretch them and it ago they would still keep talking after you just a minute Navy ship brought you on Mike probably why I was talking in the sense where I was like going like drunk know she's going to like the entire episode oh well like you I don't even know who some people were but they were people who were like you made the right call. My phone is when I go to sleep I don't even want any alerts or anything could be an emergency I'm also worried though that burning Ashley going to try to get the revenge in oil it like send me a spoiler soon we were in Mexico and I went on a short road trip to Mexico and we were going to watch Game of Thrones Game of Thrones hey man I wrote what I said stop texting Ashley and then I realized after I wrote that that I need to explain it was like Game of Thrones I just sounded like I was meaning of Throne episode of hugs everyone that I know I think Ashley knows the most about Game of Thrones in Mexico next week to figure out how they're going to do it but I did you got your on it I believe they do the Game of Thrones live stream every Monday the know you're alright turn right here to go deep into it so if you really want talk about Game of Thrones every Monday to do livestream I did say it like noon or something like that let me post it on my Note 3 do you think I talked about this after the last episode of Game of Thrones I feel like it's been kind of reinforced again with this episode about how they really don't want to leave the stakes are not raised like I feel like nobody's actually in danger I couldn't agree more people are close to danger and then to get out of it I have red shirt characters at the end of the last episode I saw them in the back cuz they're like hauling something was like the first ago but I was thinking that only two mainspring to survive and stuff happen to like yeah I was I was pretty disappointed cuz I feel like they kind of like lost their balls little bit is it okay if I was kind of hoping that the first episode of the Season immediately kill someone a two-point is years of dedication of still life who's at Jorah Mormont Jorah Mormont and Jaime Lannister character black Aria is brought in a toss-up between Jamie and fucking never mind and or still alive like that I guess this could potentially be a spoiler as well hard home we would just watch that episode was season 5 those two seasons ago yeah that's when the dead like totally over ran in that Wild Wings it really awesome she was fucking incredible is it probably one of the best like smaller characters in entire Game of Thrones Sansa kids off and then get the kids this all season 2 years ago for the series between the night King and Jon Snow to stare each other down and just saw this in a row boat but the dead or like less than fifty yards away they're just like on the shore I have a theory based on last night I don't think the dead to cross water which is why they have to wait for winter because they cannot they cannot physically crosswater to have let the rivers three rivers and the lakes that we have to freeze over in order for them to cross them because I think about the World War Z I like zombies and how they behave under water and we didn't see any kind of equivalency by the way 7 Days to Die they do that which they just did a big update for 7 Days to Die are you playing at all I just ordered community server for it but just small enough where I think I'll make it available to like first members or something try to figure out how to do community service but they making a new 7 Days to Die update Gavin I know you're familiar with the game is there's a shitload more zombies like 10 to 15 zombies ask you about the know you're drunk stuff you don't have to run the livestream Works in I know this kind of bad cuz next week kind of wonky but basically a spoiler episode of Game of Thrones come on the know YouTube channel every week to talk about it and get paid for it and it's fun depends on who's available Blain John Allen yeah it's it's more fun because it's cool cuz we can get Corrections from chat and we'd like to have our theories and ideas are like going off of big as well I did not look like I got something spoiled from this latest episode from just a little speed blower fan of the crap everything looks like a cat moderating comments on YouTube trying to like delete them for other people I took the bullet I did it and half-wits DM share I think is behind you if there are more naked people back in season one way more nude we don't need to go crazy in the mountain in real life that's crazy for story-wise it makes sense though cuz you know cuz he's got a wildling says that so I just ran the side Splash how you did it back to a male human banging a giant female black widow male human being a good throw distance I feel like he walk in I have tons of theories I did not perform any really segment of your audience at that point of the people who care about Game of Thrones and the people who don't want it spoiled one watch you get this Ben diagram of shotgun can you please we can sell a Game of Thrones television program highly recommend that you want it doesn't really get that many ratings in the grand scheme of things alright like I mean something like that 10 million C Walking Dead at like 6 to 7 million but you need a subscription to watch Walking Dead AMC River the last season was the first season and I watched on the AMC in service to their website where you can watch it like an hour after it finishes the West Coast broadcast it didn't turn into the website and watch it but they put commercial breaks in it like not just running ads but like commercial breaks and literally the first I was like one of seven and had to 57 32nd Ave and watching what is a totally normal amount of ads for a television program versus what you used to sitting in that chair it's like this is on navigable I can't do this again I had to leave and I turned it off and I left the adult swim after that for a Rick and Morty episode that was watching the other night and I I saw that is like using a minute and a half long a music down I said Alexis set alarm for 90 seconds Alexa play me music and I just laid in bed waiting for the Advil by I was like I would rather lay here and stare my blank while listening to music and let's go fucking add this crazy speaking of ADD Alexa get to our computer computer computer not that awesome how to talk to people in my house that I have anybody over Cortana on Xbox is worse than ever dog shit I had a game let me tell you let me let me tell you something about that I finally had to unplug my Kinect I used it like you did occasionally to talk to it and complain about it but I had to give him the other day that I purchased and I went to the doc I downloaded it went to launch it and it said like the game booted up and said press a to start Quest 8 nothing nothing nothing like quitting restart the game quiz game we started press take nothing nothing hardwood in my Xbox backup watch the game at today nothing nothing nothing I look online I can I play my game unplug your connect from your Xbox hard boot it and then it'll work if you release the game that makes me unplug the purple you tried so hard to push it launched in my Tacoma constantly I'll say Katana sign-in is Gavin and it will put up on the screen when I said sign in this Gavin then I'll send that shit to the internet and I'll come back and sign in as Kevin like it's spelled Gavin first set that I got it back is Kevin it says there's no one I was like but you know what I said just do it locally and then I'm like to go to Netflix it takes me to download Netflix in the store and on that page or the page after it you can't go Voice come on anymore like you're just an option swear it's like you have to pick up a controlling ass like you just dead-ended me into the store in our house I'm the only person who can be understood by the voice recognition stuff actually just doesn't understand if I may make a suggestion to the richest man of the world richest man in the world for your Alexa Echo dot what are going to call it a little piece of equipment don't have it I don't want it I can't do this right now because of these reasons let us give you a. I'm sorry I can't find a device called spaghetti but it's not what I said at all I didn't get it that's all the information I need does your stomach shut up before we go on but I do know that you can turn off Cortana in switch buy textbooks and I have done that for every few months I try again they must have done it by now I think it's pissing me off I think of giving up a different name for the echo when we talked on the podcast like we could call it like I see it, but why would you give a random name so that we don't set off people's devices ever accused of that ever PornHub does this thing on their mobile devices where they open up Snapchat not that I've had this happen to me what will happen it will pull up and you'll be like what you see you're in face checking off an ad in like I don't know it happens to a friend of mine like 5 times to a friend of mine I don't know what it's doing is trying to get you to add somebody but it's just the second that you see your camera activating and being pulled up your OSHA it was probably the state of the video give me the future it's okay I am right now apparently we're if somebody messages me and says Bernie honey doesn't spoil on your shut up you're an idiot people falling push the fee to post our conversation you join the conversation yeah and then that person but if you follow me so elevates the whole conversation really see the whole thing search cover Sega rubbish rubbish you know what am I doing this episode RT Podcast is brought to you by Jersey Mike's want to talk to you about a legendary sandwich actually a sandwich and a damn good one at that size about in meeting for lunch so I wish I had when the game goes. 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He looks like that everyone I did not do it I didn't do that packet out of here like there was a lot of cynicism on social media about the eclipse eclipse from what are the seven years ago I don't remember this being discussed it all in the UK that was a big deal at time everyone is doing the pin hole through the on the on the sheet and see the Crescent really cool when the sun comes through the leaves of trees and tons of fun I can do that with a camera lens you can take a piece of construction paper and you can put it over the front of the lens like a black piece of construction paper and then you can cut a shaped like in this case would be a crescent moon are you do a star or hearts and then you know like you have a photo of you but I'm taking a photo of you guys and the depth of field is super shallow and the lights behind you does it a light bulbs on your arrow sign which anyone can do it any point time while I'm pointing at them know they would appear they were born I completed that the field you can get them to delete heart-shaped or whatever the shape of its me not knowing is over there really cool little bit for my Instagram of the bull Crescent bit like it's like there's a bunch of people are experiencing it at once in many different areas so it's so boring up here also with your friends I thought was fun experience outside without ruining us worker productivity by 700 million dollars but I'm sure it was posted more like an interesting stat in the cumulative time is so valuable and you don't realize it but I didn't think it was like oh we should it would not go outside so fucking stupid so we should have the support of the people was one of the main actors from bloodfest Robbie came over and tell Robbie Kay yeah he's super nice to just like to talk Dirty to Me email to talk a little bit but everything you had to say to my buddy it might take a little bit it was a really fucking bad ass shot there's a lot of really cool moments when the group is walking to the tundra and it was a lot of people who have similar experiences with an end up in the same place walking HHR they talk about stuff like tormund and the Hound having the conversation but it was a shot where is the auditorium in is talking about Vance Raider that he liked walks clears like something behind him in the Epic Shot opens up behind him the sun like pouring in and like I noticed it and I heard my dad is like in between different sounds different positions and it was still the same light as they must have been holding also doing like myself the camera to get that to match I would have like 80 cameraman Backup backup camera man for every camera basically like a dwarf John when they working side-by-side and told me was what connects the Hound sounds like a foot toys like that like I stole it has to be to take on brother so I came up the best invention what is Akon exist but I think it would be great to imagine if when your cat died are you getting worse but imagine if when your cat died a little slit opened up in the corpse of your cat and printed out a receipt a transcript of everything you've ever said I don't think it's invention invented this what that mean the cat send it to you the print as well depending how the cat was cuz I don't remember oh no not have to be a boon to be listening to conversations with just received what you were saying to it all transcript of just garbage and nonsense I would love to read everything I've said to me I would love to get a stat dump at the end of my own life just like how many pounds of hair total length of fingernails grown yeah that's kind of like that I forget what it's called but the guy can ask any question he has committed to an equation with us to just one that's kind of a funny one and then there's one that's not funny it says that your only true love and that kind of stuff General are very very funny did you ever see if I can remember the name of the channel but they did the video where the dude in the chair like the doctor evil character turns their warehouse know where the guys in the warehouse is like the video how do you know idea but it's a what's it called Chris & Jac is the name of the I like you I like you over there doing the we put that in the link, but that's a great video so great response to your idea Gavin upset looking cat that has about me whatever you know right what would you think you would think just like you again that every time when I imagine that's what he says he is like at Wiz Khalifa that you can call it past that I guess the back it up can you make an angel out of that probably media podcast What fictional impossible invention would you like to invent I think about this couch you move a lot so I moved in my parents to give me a new couch and they're looking at getting like a love seat to complement the couch that I was getting and I was like yeah if you could like I mean I'll pay for the other couch just see if they have one that has a matching fabric cuz I think it be cool if you know same thing and they're talking to the furniture salesman the first your salesman was like yeah you're not going to get your son matching Furniture if it's too matchy-matchy people going to think he's gay and yeah you're just it's best if you get like if he's going to get a great amount he like a black couch but you don't want people thinking you know how to draw and my parents are like matching furniture people think of your kid is gay the fuck I was you know how my parents how old is this guy he was like probably in his thirties I didn't receive your description and my parents would like to see the super Progressive thought for them cuz they're like it's kind of fucked-up that furniture sales was like a ridiculous thing to say matching I never give it a second thought to the fact of my couch and loveseat match each other ridiculous things people have these horrible for sure set up two couches just straight I be angry so two stories happened this week 1 is relevance we just talked about Trump and everything I'm out of trouble we are based in Austin Texas which is the home of the University of Texas at Austin we have to graduate course The Rock in retweet my graduation ceremony but he did yours and there's a number of statues that are on the UT campus that are statues of people who were big in the Confederacy and then also big contributors to the university leaha Greg Reagan in somebody else can dance and they they removed at an objective level what does protest that took place in Charlottesville at the least effective protest in the history of protest cuz I feel like because of the protest prevent there is now happening everywhere else could I do you literally within 2 weeks it's like it's happening everywhere I've never understood why we have a lot of statues of Confederacy generals and heroes this is a group who actively fought against the United States is a rebellious group that would Rebellion belt but you never even combat like any country never warship back that England has but it's like setting fire to him in a really weird thing I also read that somewhat related to that that Six Flags theme park in Texas and Georgia will no longer fly the Six Flags like they used to that they're just going to fly the American flag 15.6 American flag the name Six Flags six different governing body has that govern Texas Mexico Confederacy United States Texas Confederate flag is what we call the stars and bars The Dukes of Hazzard for lack of a better term ECU in there but not the Confederate flag that is the Confederate Battle Flag that's a flag that was indirectly in battle against the United States of America is there are still Six Flags US history of US History interesting distinction to make their like you can erase your history but the uus does stand for something it does stand for United the United States of America and specifically the Confederacy was Deacon Federated States of America it was trying to be a different thing it wasn't trying to be part of u.s. History right and then a major difference between celebrating part of your history and recording them you know it's like that's what people having an issue is that putting these statues up celebrates this point in history is there a statute I have a lot of weight to them because they were erected during the height of like Jim Crow laws as it's almost as a sign of depression or a reminder for preserve the southern you know what are the names of some level I get it because a lot of people grew up in that as well you know but we did fight a war over this you know we did so it's like to lose control over what gets to be the winners write history written by choosing to celebrate Memorial the president of UTA he sent an email in like right after you sent that email to me actually took him down or might even like like he timed it perfectly to where they were taking them down as he sent out the email but he called out the fact that they were put up in like during the Jim Crow laws and by the way to celebrate like hey we have Southern Pride even though all this you know stuff is happening with rice and stuff like that but they're putting him in a Museum's though from what I gathered like that seems like a pretty good compromise and like a lot of like I've been tweeting about it because YouTube me and I tweeted at the MLK can you take these down and watch people getting pissed off it's like I feel like I seen it seems like everybody that was mad about it they were fine with him putting them in museums still like acknowledging that but it's not give them to museums the relocating three of them in there are people that were actually a part of the Confederacy and if they are other one hog he was the son of a brigadier general make it better see what you like the first governor I think we have a number of locations we talked about Hogg Auditorium dress up up the kitchen and taste it was in the basement of hog artorium there's also a hog hall there's a lot of build-up his wife's name the hottest daughter his daughter name in the in the family lineage I don't want to dwell on this like statue in protest up too long but there is something else that I felt like I wanted to bring up do you think that all the people who went to this initial protest in Charlottesville do you think they're learning to wear Hood yeah oh yeah they are you getting docs yeah suffering from you know rightfully so I think suffering from having to participate in this protest for having a move or losing their jobs and then complaining about it and not realizing why and not realizing that they're in the wrong time so you ran off and I pulled off of his seen it racing stuffy and then he's like someone told me and confront them I'll see you in a white supremacist now and he's like so why'd you take your stuff like that bad I mean it's it's fun to say white power but that's about it for certification of the puppy kids don't have any consequence or anything like that but the moment there's like a real world confrontation that kid flip it was also amazing how he's so frightened like potentially for his life he's like I'll brass and freaking out as soon as he feels remotely safe he's like straight back to be like it was so Billy is messed up so weird and so young and I'm so confused by so many people in Trussville thing the word Nazi now has become big naughty naughty naughty and there are people who were part or are part of the Nazi party in America they were at this thing but I give you this one guy with the one flag over and over and over again this one guy he's got an admittedly if I was in a March and you should have seen it has Nazi flag what it's like for you do you know what I mean I can honestly enemy of the US and I'll see you soon cuz no one's going to argue that the Battle Flag was born again you know forces the US army forces in battle on the battlefield so was the Nazi flag was flown against US forces on the battlefield like if you those people's grandparents are grand kids were fine the Isis flag 30 years from now but what other flying the fucking Isis flag or something like that it's just like the progression matter of time before I could imagine anybody in the 50s with the government Lord dude cuz there was there was a guy who was in the protest and he was wearing a hat use like on the pro not Seaside he was wearing a Santa hat I think it's like I want to 82nd Airborne and then some guy was like I'm I was like my grandpa was in the 82nd Airborne they fight against the Nazis what the fuck is non oxy related news on Friday in the afternoon or so I was like I'm at my still kind of hurts then like at 4 in the afternoon I couldn't move my heart by left arm then like by 6 my elbow was swollen like the size of a grapefruit it was like nope still a little discolored yes I should have fun and I guess I was just kind of freaked out and I was in a lot of pain so I had to go to the emergency room and I remember there was like alright well then I'll take a look at it and I did that and like all the nurses and doctors bursitis it's like everyone has little fax in your joints that occur to them to call Bertha and what am I just became super inflamed so no reason no reason normal you hit your elbow on something or if you like rub it on the descolada will happen in jury they gave me some medicine medicine what's an anti-inflammatory and pain killer feeling better we're going to we're going to get some noodles and were going to try to see if we can extract the fluid from your Austin what kind of what kind of fluid so they get like lidocaine up to fill up the big being checked my elbow with lidocaine pinching the elbow skin and just like having a needle in there like he's like I'm not hurting you at all yeah I guess you really can't get much out but it's super weird but I can't believe you didn't know that but maybe a little uncomfortable was before the doctor started like trying to extract all the the fluid was like used outlining how safe it was and how I didn't have to worry I wouldn't worry like I feel like you're over explaining about give you some really strong antibiotics make sure you don't get Mersa as like what part would you say that like now I'm worried saw them yesterday I'm taking some antibiotics so I can't fucking drink or something too stupid to you about here oh yeah you should do that with you think I'll be up but the doctor said that he was he only he talked about video games and Anime the entire time just playing I don't remember to take my shirt off to bed I'm tired I'm looking for a job as a heel yeah Battlefield before the podcast and use the bathroom so I got 3 podcast dumpa he's like no fucking shit what I said I said they're making it difficult it's very good I was good of course I was convinced I first started hurting like I knew you would like it was a different pain like I treated like that pretty sure I got elbow cancer doesn't feel right like something feels weird story you feel fucking weird go to the doctor there's like what happens if you happen to mistaken us for like a zit and you really tried to squeeze and pop them and they just didn't do that but good for you is good for you but I'm only going to do any like long-term letters non-hodgkin that happened to this weekend where I found like this like thing that was like 10 won't be if your glands are swollen and it might have gone yeah it's not there anymore is the cardiovascular and lymphatic system lymphatic system you see I needed the lymphatic system know enough about 206 if you have to be like 50 or 60 yeah one bone ever think it's two in there how many you have in your fucking hands yeah couple in the air hole 3/4 finger and I've got is why you like not the finger down and how do I love that one this is what got you into popping your fingernails are your fingers cuz like I I remember seeing an action movie where guy pops Knuckles and was like I would be able to do that but I can't and I looked up on the Internet how do you pop your knuckles me like we just got practice didn't go to pull it out and I don't have to work now myself I push it then it got on my son get older it's the best one ever wish I could do it to myself the same way with Ashley I'll just be sitting there and I'll just do this I'll just hold my hand out to her leg will be somewhere I just like everything and every joint I just I just recently got a professional rugby Mexico I go to a lot of the same things I hate my fingers are really like a fucked-up can you pull them and she still thinks I'm trying to get her to pull my finger so I can fart to blame as well he knows I know just think so yeah and there's no nothing I can do but I'm in San Francisco and I'll be in the bathroom yeah I don't like to suggest to anyone. I thought my favorite quote of myself in the podcast with everybody else but not everybody loves you but you can in front of someone that you're in a relationship with me for this YouTube thing for where I got to get a fight with a witch before the scene and 68 year olds but I got up out of the like two or three types of wrestling with her on the ground and is like this little joint here at the base of my thumb joint be like Wiggles and connects to your hand that was a little bit store to where I could like if I pushed it back this way it would really hurt I was when I got like it will stress fracture something in there and then but I finally got to the point like that much like a roast a squeeze and I get to pop that knuckle it was the loudest like that would pop did it feel good to finally get that thing to like move again so about how long I've had a problem like there's my my hip this right hip has her for about 20 years so what the fuck do you know I'll be like 20 years. Just going to say that my hips been hurting a little bit it's a thing that you've always dealt with and someone else will get it in like wrote it off but I can do the best pops on the tip but if I've been asleep but I can't do it now it has to be in the morning I can always like get up and I stretch my leg out words and it goes and goes in my joints on my anaconda on this one and it hurts less off-road done that if I've been asleep for a long time I can barely stand before an extended Pierce I-5 run for like an hour and a half of my hip will be arriving what you doing it's me after while not great on you yeah I got you running on track because they have like Queens crowns well it was this past anymore I used to be able to be like at 6:10 but now I'm like back till like 6:40 which is a great place with Caleb he was fucking ridiculous he was supposed to work out and he was doing he would a lap of the track quarter mile and he was doing like 40 seconds 45 seconds to just run and then he would take a break and then run it again 45 seconds had like a 3-mile but obviously not in a row like that because of Ultimate Frisbee I've seen in the games but it's not the fridge in the air and people that haul ass and said he's going to go and let go take the directory like this and floats down at the lake Full Tilt Spring Fling 60-yard that dogs love watching at Fort Thomas KY big nobody else in the house understands why the fuck is watching the dogs and leave it on when you play the game of mini basketball with maltesers to see who the ultimate basketball champion me or blame so go check out malteser Instagram users and give him a follow and I'm going to pull out our props here so blade and I can do some mini basketball Taylor weather trying to make it that way when I wasn't expecting that cut to the light still on my phone and I was trying to go sideways look how you have your thing what the fuc it up there you go nearest rest area on the course imma grab my flight right now but you know you want to go out once totally missed mr. bucket after remnant high speed camera for this week oh we were none of us going to win it's our first time is going to be so easy did you go for it still exist call fuck the rim get wasted good malteser I guess countdown clock but if this ends and nobody sunk it is going to be so embarrassed my God, this is too important fuckers keep going Blaine Thank You Lord For That University bucket and then maybe practice for basketball really good just in case you might need to translate well after I came out with my friend don't even know this don't even know how it works and I would be I have my studies and have my book since I've gotten the karate room I'd have a solo cup and I have a bunch of ping pong and I've go and I do setting in Ariana and I was just like dunk it I was so fucking good man that doesn't look fun and I don't want to be anyone who was a big part of I believe the Blue Mountain State Kickstarter they had custom beer pong tables for a certain level of donation I seem to recall that stars in movies go ahead Super Troopers 2 finally has a release date crazy we really haven't talked about that we have to watch that picture of your Indiegogo campaign a long time ago long time ago and I was like right after we just finished yeah cuz they beat us the people 2015 that we did at April 24th we went to LA movies coming out in 2015 and we comes out on for 2028 I'm super fucking stoked cuz I love the first one so much but classic man I thought Dumb and Dumber 2 was going to be good in it just not hit well I feel like sometimes they might get separated from like what was the core what made it funny originally so Beer Fest more than like Super Troopers Beerfest also has but Beer Fest delivers it more deliberately I feel like like it doesn't feel like an actual plot device this is a guy's brother dies in the brother shows up identical and even better at drinking that he is fucking brilliant fuck off come out today at 28th April South National can I have been less than a year since the election crazy to think about that yours is dragged out what will the holdup Alexei Alex Jones please not too long ago in coffe all over them you see all that coverage segment about him a couple weeks ago and about all the nutritional supplements that he sells how do you identify the years when you think back to the name of urine and I'll tell you 2016 everyone died 2016 I think of the Ice Bucket Challenge yeah I guess so 2014 I think we were definitely here at 5 cuz he was 14 or 15 tell what the fuc can you please let of Alex Jones sing about the frogs will come back and what the fuc moments from Alex Jones is custody trial with his ex-wife first so he was in court and other things if you're going to see how the Persona County Shed the way when you're in court and it's like that you know the things you choose to being and then you stood by Yogurt Company mid-trial of molding your son into a conspiracy theorist a memory failure on a large bowl of I read that one had him read from a deposition transcript in which she claimed he could not remember the names of his children's teachers or the details of the school work because you ate too much proved all been there come on the lawyer asked Jones of Chile affect his memory and he said big old bowl of chili sure does yeah feel like he was too full or like the chili was too delicious of new memories slept with 150 women as a teenager and then Kelly Jones lawyers accuse Alex of paying off his therapist therapist involved in the case to take his side yeah that doesn't know who Alex Jones Infowars think it's crazy that you would that big of a like every moment is every moment it must be fun to be like Andy it's a character haha my name is really great at it don't watch it. Watch it when I text him if I was about to hit midlife crisis I probably go out if I was supposed to mail them people listen to me I just extend lunacy but usually about spending money on ridiculous things like yachts and boats Christopher give what I hear is static I'm going to say I want my God so much to give my crazy conspiracy theory to look at your cousin of Steptoe from formerly of Microsoft Anna on Twitter stuff but maybe more of a Steve Ballmer cousin but okay I want to have babies in like this is real one of the best things do you think do you think that the u.s. Navy is under attack by Merchant vessels dude I heard about this. You hear about the GPS thing I've heard about some of that stuff nations are hijacking boat navigation system trying to dude pictures of that we've had two major Collision that are taking to u.s. Navy ships out of commission in 2 months but I feel like you never hear about how does a fucking u.s. warship get hit by Merchant vessel announced I guess who they were claiming was at fault for the last collision and they got rid of their command and then this happened almost immediately afterwards can I see a ship coming is it just like they always look like they're going to crash into it what do I do that I think destroyers are supposed to be fairly odd job seems somewhat crazy maneuverability test if they do they're pretty quick and you see the book I think the oil tankers move very quickly so it's up to the warship to passenger like when John McCain was captured and John McCain would not leave the camp leave his his you know his compatriots he wouldn't leave the camp or you know be used in a way that they knew cuz he was the son of this high-ranking officer so we stayed in that camper because I think like there's a broken arms or something like that guy went through just to hold on the honor I mean really it was another accident that John McCain had been like he was involved in a fire on an aircraft carrier and we just passed the 50th anniversary of it a couple weeks ago during the Vietnam war and it was just crazy set bad decisions the circumstances that led to an aircraft on the deck of an aircraft carrier got jostled one of its missiles went off another plane and that and that aircraft carrier had just taken on some old ordinance the word supposed to be using that everyone thought was a bad idea and that old ordinance caught fire in the fire for a while fire and then the Fire Sticks ready to these old bombs that were all over their chest carrier when the initial missile went off and hit the plane John McCain was in the plane next to the one that got hit anybody saw the fire and got out of his plane as quickly as they could she had to get away from it it's like that probably did but I'm on the ocean like I don't know if you have enough altitude for that to work on the ground in a fight to survive for a golden capture its incredible both arms and a leg lift his hands above his head before he didn't take an opportunity to leave Hilton when they gave him a chance to do it that was I was kind of fascinated by its a lawsuit with Joel Silver that's going on right now no Joel Silver the famous producer of Die Hard John Silver his company silver pictures and its employee Martin Harold Melvin Angel lawsuit regarding the death of Silver's former personal assistant and not compressor name properly Carmel Musgrove the suit filed by Musgraves estate and parents is suing for wrongful death Musgrove was found dead at the age of 28 on the beach in Bora Bora during the star-studded trip to the Island Hot Spot in 2015 in Los Angeles Watkins laid out the events that led up to my scrubs that's your court regarding the setting walked in she Harold the silver lady gets along with a large Entourage movie starts at 8 at the Four Seasons Hotel by occupying over 40 part of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux provided Carmel with cocaine and possibly other sometime soon August 4th the day caramel arrived on the island and August 19th to talk about the causes of death I shall read somewhere over consumption of alcohol consumption of cocaine fatigue caused by overwerk heat stroke after the fishing trip earlier the day and then a midnight swim that you took an unfavourable weather conditions if you think the last one was she traveled yeah barely the first four factors are traceable to the conduct involving the defendants crazy man being defensive because I put my assistant to reach it like this but if this person is 28 years old sounds like I don't know like unless I don't know how you do you can sue somebody over that but I don't really think she was coerced into doing these things I mean you know Bora Bora is like I said I would take that trip if someone said hey you have to go to Bora Bora for a week I'd be like it's like it's kind of a stressful day except we do it right isn't it to LA right now she's doing cocaine drinking at the color I'm worried because you know at least like sharp blacksmithing you know that going for a swim the lawsuit was filed over 20 year old person dying in what seems like a scenario where you could potentially die if you're partying in swimming and stuff like you can follow suit for just about anything I guess you can write and I guess you can tell him it's a surprise to me I do want a reminder when this episode where Steve podcast is also brought to you by Squarespace where do you need a domain website or online store make your next move with square base Griffith office beautiful award-winning designer templates you create a beautiful website or store with an award-winning template that all in one platform upgrade ever birthplace is flexible for any kind of website to buy a wide range of creative than people musicians designers artist restaurants and more they make it simple to customize email marketing tool to measure that searches can find your store online provide real-time analytics to help you gain Insight I let you connect with your customers on Facebook Twitter and more tropical rooster teeth to get 10% off your first purchase at squarespace.com offer code for 10% off your first purchase thank you square space for healthy make the internet a more beautiful place preset Big Ben chime for the last time today for four years is going to play recorded sound there I think so dangerous for the workers to be inside years and I like God and that the ghetto lay back down prepare the Bell make a new bow I got all the way back up there and it cracked again and they just left it two days until halfway up the tower and then call it a day and then come back the next day and pulled up here do you think they moved the bill up there I don't know Lauren repelled repair bells in 4 years old Buckingham Palace needs like millions in renovations to the such an old building how old really quick and fifty years and possibly be plastic ship it was built in 1859 getting shipped to the top of the building technology has not progressed in all that time I've been alright if you woke up there you think Elizabeth Elizabeth Tower stevenstown that's fucking sexist I don't like when you say you can fight any animal it's like go up there and look at the damn size of everything up there look up look up right now how long did it take them to build the Burj Khalifa big say that now what these repairs are done the building will be secure for the next sixty years or so I'm curious if it weighs 15 Tons I'll look it up in a bit construction of Silence the Twitter account 1325 days which is just under four years in the surroundings don't go to get from scratch I'm sure they can whip up another one much faster than save the building and get the Bell done good here is why I'm angry here's why I'm angry cuz it won't take 4 years I live in a part of town in Austin that it's right by a road major road in this in this town that has been under construction now for about two decades how long is Mopac been under construction on the highway you can't drive in Austin and knocking to Harbor Freeway that are go down to one lane I-35 between between Austin and nothing I can put a strap on that Bella walking down the stairs that's nothing between Austin I-35 between Austin and San Marcos that's been exactly like 25 years right barriers are everywhere in this town and I just don't see them other places I'm sure they exist but it's her everywhere cuz you live in Austin of course I'm going to make the backup for 45 miles down to one lane or something like that never see it I'm sure it happens I never fucking shit I see it every fucking day in Austin every single day one what's the new World Trade Center building code 11 years to build a terrible terrible well I could decide what they're going to do 11 years to build it to Mopac start in 94 in when 94-94 Ace Ventura Pet Detective nothing about the freeway fucking change it that you want old construction to be done it years to build up everything to be belt Gavin any amount of time it took to build the Freedom Tower it's like I've been living my life it will never end everything will always going to construction forever everywhere I know nothing will ever be finished if that's not how the world works like Salt Lake airport construction every airports always under construction Airport it's under the door I'm talking about the sliding doors 8 months ago to fix the door it's still to this day and know how long have been on American Airlines 3 months 3 months is you can't keep track of time that door's been under construction at least eight or nine it's a doorway nobody already see it till the end of the summer I guarantee it open one door in the other one the airport in anywhere else in the US where are the major entrances is just doesn't exist and everything all the time I go to other airports a lot I don't run into construction constantly other report I run to a consoling mean where am I running into construction traffic at LAX from this more often than every time I go to Austin every trip of yours starts every time I go through Austin for like the last 5 years is under construction isn't it weird that you never see construction at Jamaica Airport never seen here what you talking about I got to go somewhere I don't forget who around the state and laying back in the airport that you only vacuum your floor and it would be Construction in the other place at least one that's all I'm saying I never seen anywhere from now on you're driving to a different airport for you can't fly from us anymore you going to drive to Houston your analogy garage and then stopping and getting out and talk sucker with you guys next time look up the goddamn off guard