#453 - Blaine Burns Everyone

Join Chris Demarais, Josh Flanagan, and a sidecar of guests as they discuss grievances with each other, dating, the last time they cried, and more on this week’s RT Podcast! This episode originally aired August 24, 2017, sponsored by TrackR (http://bit.ly/2vd6gwY)

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-2017-453-veghh

Recorded: 2017-08-25 19:00:00

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Participants: Blaine Gibson, Chris Demarais, Josh Flanagan




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Transcript (in progress):

hello hi welcome to the podcast featuring only Chris Tamara and Josh Flanagan and Gus and got here yep so I don't I don't know why I ever thought this was a good idea to to put me hosting the podcast and then only give support from you Josh the bottom of the barrel is it bad idea is it very bad idea but yeah I would like to thank our sponsor which is trackr so thank you sponsor so I think he's right there yeah so Josh yes before we get started how are we friends why are we friends cuz we've been friends for a while Sex and Money not even more dancer know you and I met in college because I was interested in meeting Zach anner and then by proxy just happened to meet you yeah that's it that's it I think though in college you use Tinder block around people that you also think are like like talented and you are creative people so I think that's kind of how I can we end up being a little bubble of people attend the 5 at the University of Texas and there was a small group of people who were making cool stuff but then also making lot of stuff outside of class and we're in there was a couple film clubs Ruffo was one of them and yeah we just I I know I made an effort to like gravitate towards people that I thought were talented and whose coattails or wheelchairs I could write it down so yeah when do men look there's Max in a little sidecars Max Max this is a true story Max I met when he was 16 years old in a hotel room yeah yeah that's actually true I responded to a Craigslist ad he did not a joke that actually happened for a while and we made a movie I made a movie what was the percentage of no contest it's that weird we did a 48 Hour film competition and so for some reason we had rented a friend Randy a trend like a hotel room is like the base of operations yes right next to a strip club right next to a strip club Perfect 10 now I think it was the classic and then you show up and we Hagen showed up I think was like 13 at the time yes it was it was not appropriate Show Me Love you're very different College Max you have a different College you were straight and right yeah yeah well at least you haven't come out not saying you were we divide his time into two arrows there was when he was straight when he was gay so this is the straight era where are you and Josh I'm right on the edge I'm about to die about to flip it is anytime now what it what is a live stream for that is that an extra life I had no idea that you are gay at all and then and then and then whatever I could see that cuz I'm so I'm so mask but yeah and then and then at some point someone was like oh yeah Max gay now and I'm like oh news to me I had to let me tell you how Max presented this to me to we went out to Chili's and it was me and two friends I think everyone knew but me and he like if you gave a pop quiz you think I'm going to tell you for things and one of them is true and the rest are fake and it was like one I'm dating Emily to I can run with the other ones were one was it you were gay and then they're like two other like fake out that he did it like a game show did what did you guess I guess the Emily when actually I was like yeah I just had never occurred to me I have the correct answer was all of the above yes what will I do this now become a like a question about Max killing was it did you do that with your yes did you really try to Trade A Game it up a little but did not go well it wasn't that they were like offended or anything they just didn't understand what the hell I was talking about for about 15 minutes and yeah alright did you give him like an extreme though cuz I remember so I watch Steel Magnolias a lot as a kid which my mom loves and quote the entire movie to you but there's a part where one of the characters they're telling a story about one of the characters that have come out and they said one of the options they gave was that he had like he was dying of cancer something if you did like an extreme Spectrum you can land and take it to their I think that cuz me and my brother were both coming out we told my mom let you and wait but yeah yeah yeah but yeah we we told them like I told my mom the news isn't that we got a girl pregnant the news is that we're gay that will never like it was like it was like going in this direction that does zigzagged and she was like what what what the hell was that Cheesecake Factory at Chili's and be ready for a revelation broadlake chain yeah then there's going to be an important conversation right place your good yeah a big secret had a Chili's I don't I don't have a I don't really have a lot of big secret I think it's going to give one out right now I have a weird way of dealing with conflict I think okay how how do I have ever mad at you I don't think so I'm sure you have we known each other like what 12 12 years down the same with Max this one weird thing to it's like we don't like in some way to know each other for it's like at least a decade not in Lost and it's basically lost yeah I read an article about what yeah there's always like new new apps to get really popular and it's like that then after the month or whatever that's what it's like and you post the link and you say hey leave constructive criticism it's completely Anonymous okay right and I I did want to post on Twitter while ago and it's it's just like anyone can say anything and then they get a lot of trouble because it because it's completely Anonymous end up becoming you know the internet being like angry people right at the end up like you know causing suicide in like eight and and races and all that stuff right because he was just like posting you Triton or not I'm sure some of this legitimately like evil comments that's been taken over by evil, so now I just got it I think any time you do something worse like leave Anonymous feedback for something people are going to end up killing themselves like they say to you Chris I mean it was mostly positive I got a couple of things that were like oh it's whoever like there's some stuff works like you who don't know me personally and there's some stuff for all that person knows me personally cuz they're like they're saying something that's like the Deep the Deep Chris what are you doing you get mad I don't know why I feel like I just kind of a I got mad at Erin I know recently I can we can't talk about why in like a year I hope I really think I got mad at Erin recently and and we're already planning a trip to go to LA to visit our friend Adam and I just left and didn't tell him yeah yeah he was like are you in LA that was a little cloudy I don't know what that what we were how would you describe that the passive aggressive he was just a boy as like I didn't feel like I was like I need when I get angry I kind of like what time to cool off sounds like I was going to be this person to I'm Not Angry Anymore yeah and then we'll have a confrontation whenever I'm like a nice chilled out so but you went on the trip you already planned to go anyway but separately yeah I didn't really like if you did that cuz I just went into the last thought we weren't going on the trip in okay he thought we weren't doing the trip anymore and I just went and then he found out that we are still going on the trip yeah because I was there I really want to do that to someone not to like I just like to be like like the Alaska thing it's like like we just was not in she had just like we get in a fight and I can actually see where are you going to come early on the cruise like sorry we got in a fight you left you left I put the morning when did you actually go onto a cruise without applying Chris's logic of you know big mad at people it would be nice to like pre-vacation without the person you're mad at me like you want me to come to Juneau so I just I mean I don't particularly angry person but whenever I do get angry I'll be like yeah me too I feel like I feel like I used to get angrier and now I've mellowed out as I've gotten older especially when you all like first met me cuz I just might be Army I think I was little more like Roundup yeah and get you know like send angry emails and yell at people and stuff you still pretty angry at people I do but it takes a lot to get me there I think I'm somewhat then I laughing right all right I'll try to remember what you used to send angry emails about cuz there was a lot of like we never we did like wedding videography or like what's up never mattered but you did since maybe emails occasionally there in the wedding videography about something you do this is an anonymous version of that serve oysters saraha agreement signed by the time I yell at you I have I have some friends actually we wanted to bring up the John we just got out of the make this to save space we just went right it's not a group thing I want an individual I want a personal thing isn't that a bit confrontation I have is a bit will give me a call. Josh what it what way are we sticking out this time the rubber band up and down and it's all for the attention it's all for the Glamour and when he just going to settle on one to clarify I gain weight for glamour in waiting on you lose it and everybody's like wow good job Josh when are we going to stop this wants you to pick 1 pick 1 New York Seneca Josh gain weight or lost weight I don't know how long it's just it's just always just it's it's all for a thing he but wait would you like me to be either incredibly thin or incredibly large try to wait then like like Christian Bale The Machinist last great I have a complaint for both of you okay I don't feel that you've really put in enough effort to be my friend and I'd like you to put in a little bit more time on is that a genuine complaint I have not put enough effort to be your friend in what way did abandon our department to be fair that is fair alright Patrick what do know the guy so I don't know if we for audio this is Patrick now wearing this is my natural hair why is that a genuine complaint but it's a two-way street well yeah but I'm kind of a friendship bottom and I just kind of receive friendship Health how have I not put enough effort you never call me anymore I never call you never want you to leave notes for me problem Patrick is really hot as a friendship bottom we need clear signs that you are presenting for the friendship you want and where it says not always clear to us that you're you're waiting for it I'm waiting for your friendship right that's my presentation that's it that's it I'm Josh I really like the word bitch do I pops up a lot in things does what where does it pop up in my in my work and a lot of your work okay and in in your in jest okay just never stuck out today 5 okay ready season 1 episode 1 whenever the girl beginning runs off with the medicine okay I know this line okay run out the door and they're like that I was like if a woman stole all of my medicine and I need that to survive haha I would probably be like what the fuc not but that but that character isn't Max Max cranky that your nose the character from where's that North that bitch come from season 2 episode 1 whenever that boy Hayden Panettiere that boy Ellis he's walking around I don't know what you're saying there's too much just too much bitch and daddies and peppers in a lot there's no that if there's that much but I feel like there's more than I thought you're saying on like a sexism level is that we're going to say maybe more but clearly there I think it's more just I don't know it's one of those things that I don't like it I don't know why don't you like it cuz what's his name Jesse Pinkman praise does that bother you in Breaking Bad but like that's like that's his character okay that's being tired like that's his yeah that's his catch phrase if I said it more if you'd be okay with that is that what I'm getting at the number of weight number a bitch number yeah any other night you want to if you want to run some more derogatory terms for females okay any other legitimate like confrontations to our character why are you guys like taller than me that's always blurry and how tall are you fight them cuz I can't win on open ground it was a bunch of grievances with Josh cuz I've known you since high school I haven't really Known Unknown Morrison grievances Adam just look at him and see what you think would be wrong with a face what do you want to punch him there a little bit I feel like it's it's like punching like a small animal yeah yeah yeah cuz I was just like when we were talking about this before like about you know was like oh well being oblivious doesn't really encourage like grievances because like I will he didn't have any damn clue that he did something did I do that was I was oblivious to kind of person has memory for shit so which I completely I know people multiple times I think I've offended people and been completely oblivious to it out cuz I'm like completely in my own like brains called ignorance Chris social disorder you be like super chill up until like a day or two before we have to do something and then you just lose your mind like I need you to go by shirt for me and I like what I asked me red and then I would go like try to find a red shirt for you and I took pictures like 37 different red shirts retina all that kind of like my other red shirt you noticed I go back around shirt so that's all it would be empty and I think someone has to do it like this the stress of a production is like intense especially something like social disorder where I mean we were prepping to go to my high school reunion and I completely embarrass myself I was like super just see how to make sure you're looking at everything and it's just like whenever I get stressed I kind of like it just like use from my orifices it was the funniest thing I think I was an intern at the time and we were like waiting for you to show up and they're lost cities like where is that nervous little weasel because that's like he's so chill up until a couple days before and then just like yeah I can I I can hear that same grievance I do think sometimes you it seems like you to get afraid to commit to like a thing until the very last minute so you leave like all the options open like performance-wise and things like that and then right thing as I talk to him at Chris's and then it's done and it's good but it's like a yeah I know I think we were we would do that on on receipts greatest Masterpiece we made together I blade we were fighting and yelling at each other like half that shoot up shoot though in general but also like top there on like they're all intents and yeah I think I've done my two I didn't day 5 season 2 in + 11 more roosters with the two hardest I've ever done those are both really hard shoes there is a grievance that I just thought of you say a lot like the the Masterpiece that we made or like the most amazing thing ever you're going to really have no idea when you're being serious or when you're joking about it haha so which one is it in either I don't always know I remember when we were working on the level of roosters and it was over and you were like you are done 11 Larissa's right I was like yeah and I did some stuff and like how's it feel going from the big X back to the little time to play Josh it feels like we're going from from The Medium right back to the mediums I guess you could leave the streaming animated series and go back to whatever you do how to help him with dammit how did you get that maybe some of the other people that help do it but I don't know no accept the word of God of amazing just the man upstairs I'm just the one in my one boss had me at hello weird Friday what do you have any grievances with each other or with us I always say sometimes Josh when you when there's something you don't you'll Boyd things or psycho we have a script or whatever and you're like you haven't finished that you'll just will just disappear yeah that's true too and I'll be like that a lot not not respond what's it's like I don't want to come back I don't know it's like a weird glitch in my prayers I don't want to come back empty-handed like I want to come back and then sometimes that creates a really bad cycle where it's like now I haven't like season the email like in the morning and I haven't answered it's already afternoon it's like well now I haven't responded 5 hours now the script got to be really good and so I have to go back and then I started it just five days later at your like I thought you were definitely know but here's your script and you don't respond for 3 months so the response has to be like really good. Really funny well thank you for those grievances thank you I'm just being a rooster teeth interns hello Blaine I've brought a list of grievances with the first thing that broke was this podcast is going as well as an episode of Big Bang Theory without laugh track so did you who won how we going to do this grievance status for you I was talking with Cameron and heat and I said what about Blaine and then he's like let me check and he said when he says he'll swing by he's at the Rock Gym writing what the fuck do you do how do you write at the fucking Jim what is that mean there's a what does it mean to write your like climbing mountains and also like writing at your computer. If there's a there's a lofted area upstairs it's basically like coffee shop lounge and got couches and desks and they got like super fast Wi-Fi if people actually do their home office is out of the garage to Patrick about smacks about love like working at the office though because I feel like I get distracted easily so I got to gym you're at the gym writing because I forgot he was like well for me to be on the podcast might as well get that pump on so will it so before before Blain reads his grievances I just want to make sure people have the full context of you and at least my relationship when is always hated me and he told me that later he said when I used to come before I worked at Rooster Teeth which was in the fall of 2014 when I come in for Gauntlet before that I would come on for assistant camera on the what was just told me later that because you were an intern at the time and you were basically like mean mugging everyone who you thought might take your slot of like a permanent job and so I just want you to know that before he reads his grievances that there's a long-standing hated everyone who comes in typically like I said yes like I hated air and I really hated Aaron and it mostly like interns really have to like when me over so yeah I don't give people the benefit of the doubt they have to earn my trust it so far everybody here is my trust so we're all good sweetie I'm here you I got like six or seven yeah go for it Chris why do you act like a teenager virgin to get women's attention the whole like innocence act isn't helping your sister. You look like you're 30 it scares them away on convincing some drinks why do I act like an innocent like a like a like a like a virgin like you. where are you are you on here today too with them are you liking the backseat of the car watching this where you guys are at the corner like smashing Chris talk to women and just like tumble over himself and it's like I don't I don't think so I don't need a lot of heat in the concert I mean I don't have a I don't have a idea of God damn it now I have to talk to nobody it's like I don't like talking about certain types of date or just dating in general I don't do bad what do you think when you talking to and what do you think she likes about you what's like your what's your look like tweet what do you think Chris is qualities are not sarahaha I don't know I mean I think it's like that's like it's just I think I'm I'm disarming with the teenagers god dammit my grievances you were valedictorian in high school so why do you act like a dumb fuck all the time you want me to be open and honest about the girls alright for the record I was not valedictorian second and you know I don't act like a dumb fuck no I mean I just feel like okay okay I think I can come off that way so tonight and but I'd like it all it's all rooted to like it there always is always a thought process through my brain that's like coming you know like it's all based in like some level of like logical thinking everything that I say It's just sometimes it's hard to explain it in a way that makes sense are what you got for me Logan's is going Josh your you need to stop being such a rude little man people like the Hat Pappy dorf and not the grumpy one so you should know what I'm thinking of doors from Snow White Snow White and Seven Dwarfs joke to to make fun of your height for Ticket open mic night because like I don't actually hate you but I've had a lot more negative experiences with you then, right so it's like I don't really know like where the joke is and where they actually hate is oh man this is you just know that being around me lowers your quality of life is that I consider you a very dear friend of mine but I'm definitely not have like great streaks at Poinciana if I don't pay you and I have ever been in at if I don't think we've ever actually thought about something that's true I guess I was remembering like so going into a Alamo roosters I was my first experience at co-directing so that was like a new experience with Josh if we fought the whole time it's like a process normally like Master and Commander so I could so it's had to split the responsibilities as weird yeah the Jeddah diabetes jokes are getting old is making my body feel old too so I don't know I don't want to see anything else cuz I feel like they're too personal can I can I read them can I read on it just makes me look bad in G Body shaming thing but it's like it's like you're just like kind of disgruntled about it and it's like really weird so I can't tell you 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the world trackers 30 day money back guarantee means you truly have nothing to lose go to the track art.com enter promo code rooster to get 20% off any order that's the track ar.com promo code rooster for 20% off the track ar.com promo code rooster thanks for sponsoring the podcast how can I possibly body shame you look at me fond of you being dead yeah it's like sample please like solo Jazz like usual will short little Josh cabs that you give every now and then that's just like it really like to not like specific moments that come to mind is just like it's a general negativity around me that I I was actually extremely impressed with your gym dedication during eleven little roosters like you or we would wrap it like 6 or 7 every night you were straight to the gym like I'm piano look at me that's not what I did do you guys have any criticisms for me because I would like to finish out before I leave I don't know if you want me around but like I want to say good things about you guys too so that you guys are bad taste your mouth you know bro fried yeah but Chris doesn't blame the funniest thing about the way I don't know if it's as true anymore but you used to be so on edge about getting fired all the time like you like every week you thought you were about to be fired still exist the case yeah which was really fun to do for fun to mess with you yeah my perspective on Tuesday and you immediately were like am I going to get fired am I know I wanted to brainstorm on this this thing you said something along the lines of hey let's go get a drink tonight and I was like Chris Nebraska drinks why do you want to get a drink today while I think it might be a performance fired oh we have this thing let's brainstorm for it so it's kind of late let's do it over a beer that was it yeah we can also get stuff back so I can but you immediately went to I'm going to get fired Right Where I Need to give ever ever been in danger of being fired I'll send a couple times for the couple times part-timer intern by did fart I guess his head and I was like that's fucking it there's a short short of it is we're all sitting down I was laying I was sitting on a chair and gases on a bean bag was like right here in his head was like right here and we're like all sitting around a brainstorming and try to come up with the name for the to know it was okay what about this one that farted in Augusta just like got up and he just walked off in silence and was like I'm fucking head what you did General there so why would you get general rule of thumb is don't fart on people's faces especially people who are your boss yeah guideline for like the world don't fart on your bosses ever I wasn't ready for your criticisms sorry I mean when did I criticize you am I I mean this isn't like like funny Ha-Ha but like you know we all criticize each other's writing and stuff like that but that's like this part of the part of the game not pictures on my socks in my life at the Bouldering Gym know cuz it's got the padding on for okay Chris you have both of you have done a good job like taking me under your wing you know like I feel like I've learned a lot about you guys and being something that came into Richie's fresh out of college having a ton of real-world experience aside from like you know a couple of like spare internships over before RT feel like you guys taught me a lot about the industry so appreciate that Chris too good friends I don't think I've ever actually like been super pissed off at you several a couple times over like get drunk and like break things what am I ever been violent when I've been drunk with you but like why I remember one time he just kept punching me on the arm and I was like alright Chris come down and there's no temporary like ripped off one of my like $70 shirts and I made him pay for it I offered I was like I felt bad, but you're not for you just straight-up rip the buttons off my shirt off and I was like let me give you money for it okay I did that the other day I was like a shirt off no but I was out drinking and I was like throwing we're like seeing who could the romance into each other's mouth you don't like that thing and then at some point we like what we should throw into each other's beers and then someone was covering up their beer I was super proud of this they're covering up their beer with their hand and I threw a mint in between the crevice of their fingers into their beer nice and then they are like I'll buy you a drink but I was like super proud of that that's impressive mayaro I usually cover my drinks this when I run an errand he has to get into a nice thing about you but I like your your funny little like YouTube might be like the little Twitter videos to make like there was one you made one swear you were running around and like a park and there's another you in like a treehouse yeah I was funny was it good or like Classic Roast format when I don't know where is Harsh bullshit that but yeah I'm not you're not you don't put enough effort shirt thing was good the shirt that was good like yeah I buy a red shirt once I was good who did the way that you just play that dream is that you're like yeah he's good friends preciate you can go fuck off now right now if you want to wait for Mike a repelling thing like a little notepad I had a I had a thing recently where I woke up and I was crying oh I had a dream last night I had a dream that like a family member had died in my dream and I woke up and I was crying and I was like why am I crying and I remember my dream and then I realized I don't remember the last time I cried for that what's ostomy cry Josh it's really stupid but the it was soon after I got my dog because I was so hard if it's weird but it's like you don't have a dog in of kids whenever it's basically like having like a half of the kids like a lot of work it changes your schedule and like stressed it stress me out like for 2 weeks I thought I was going to give him back I think I don't know if I can do this and I remember I was like a movie of The Crying in the shower cuz it was like it was such a weird lifestyle change and I felt really horrible cuz I thought I might have to give the dog back to the shelter cuz I just I don't know if I can handle it looks like it's what is it really big dogs like 2 years ago I don't I don't I can't remember the last time I cried before that dream which is a fake thing that didn't happen yeah economy Ivan had like my dog died recently my childhood dog but it's like most of my mom's I was kind of like trying to support her in that I feel like a bastard to pretend to cry at any point like the dress like you know is down here I don't know maybe we can do like a harsh ass break up fight from like 2 years ago that's probably it like a break up for like a long time ago yeah only cried like I don't know last week whenever I watch some dumb movie or something I'm not really anything but you're up for movies I don't know it's not a it's not a constant thing even if I'm like sad doesn't want to actually like physically got me and I'm trying to remember right now it was but like it got me and it was like one of those things are is like like actually not just like that you know like things like like more like I can't remember what it was I teared up a bit during a lyanna Mormont speech in Game of Thrones she got up and she was like he's my king and it's about a little boy girl powerful fucking moment I don't think anything I've seen as ever made me get like that emotional I lied to my girlfriend in 8th grade and told her I cried at Titanic but I didn't get an answer so I cried at the dead baby I didn't let you know both like iced out here for you and you can go for like Leo dying or any of that it's all about when you lie about that so it's like it's such a specific thing must be true that baby so I didn't cry last night but I didn't wake up in a very similar circumstance must admit that shit my pants since I was 2 in my dream I shipped my pants and I woke up and I was like I should my pants and I like waddled over to my bathroom and sat down and wipe my ass and it was Ghost heard didn't ship my pants. I was convinced to my sleep I ship my pants I've done that so many times I know where I I wake up from like sleeping in a place I shouldn't be sleeping or or or or a place that I don't normally sleep like it like an airplane or something and I'm always like I should my package take your body's like where you'd what are you doing right now why you sleeping right now and I'm going to make him think his shit have you ever shit your pants while you're asleep at work about airplanes have never had that dream so I don't know I never liked wake up and I'm like I think I shipped my pants look like maybe it's like maybe it's one of those things were you fart in your sleep and when you're in your bed and you're comfortable and you know it's just a place you just fart and you don't wake up but if you didn't like if you're on an airplane and you're sleeping and then you feel a fart you're like 5 maybe that's what time I woke up in the ACC was like blowing right in my crotch my crotch is really cool and I like I Pissed My Pants like I woke up at like is it is I don't have this at all I don't know what this is with you there I don't know I don't know I mean I could have just been like a clear light clear ship one of those you shiting clear fluid in there that's not all right you never know I mean yeah I don't know when's the last time you shit your pants was I finished your pants wow that was like a couple of months ago right we were at Lake but when we were eating if you have been to Alpine and like Marfa like there's only like 5 places to eat right so within and we were there for 3 straight weeks so it's like by Dave's to you view rotated all the restaurants almost and so I don't know just that food does not settle well and it it hit me right as I was I was like halfway in the set was like 20 minutes outside town or something it hit me like that I need to go right between set and the hotel is headed back to the hotel and there's no way I was guy almost made I got to the to the hotel parking lot and you just shit not not why I mean you know it's reasonably control but it was it was that you know it was not good it was not a good at least you made it to the least you went to the hotel I got to the parking lot in prison you had closed yeah last time you set yourself on College Bravo Blaine Susan Boyle now like none of those come to mind so I'll just go with the story that I can remember the best cuz I'm sure actually I think I shipped my pants like probably in the last like 18 months of shit my pants like like like a wet fart like a diarrhea kind of shit like I remember though tobacco college at my hometown and I was driving somewhere with my mom and my sister and I've always just kind of like decided to take the back seat cuz you know my sister she's older so I'll just let her sit in the front I was driving and I was back there and I think that's what made it worse was a passenger in the back seat and I remember like and I just been like if we could hurry up with whatever and we are running I just I was really embarrassed about it did she know that you know I don't think I should my pants at The Rugrats Movie how long ago was Adam and that was like whenever the Rugrats movie came out and I use on a Josh was in his fifth year of high school yeah we were kids and yeah then we went somewhere afterwards I again I don't know what is like do you normally not tell people that you like whenever you're younger and you shit your pants how old I think I don't know I was watching The Rugrats Movie so I can hook up to the best movie to see what you're doing to get some facts on this nobody you ever do you tell people that you shake your pants no not at my age but maybe on a podcast yeah would you would you would you tell Nadia to 1998 Rugrats in Paris 2002 wild so go wild is 2003 I was 13 so that you were like 17 16 he was like the same age 28 and how old are you how old Max in the hotel room to me so snapshot made the most amazing movie I wish I could find it online they said I can I know where to find it oh my God please send it to me. That was so guarded a panel that I want to go out and then I can talk about that no more since I was since I was the intern but you guys all know each other in college I've always felt like you guys had this like and then like I'd be like hey guys what's up baby like fuck you little brother yeah that's a projection of your insecurities yeah man I get fucking roast in the comments cuz people like why is Blake so fucking insecure all the time but he's just pisses me off his feelings so insecure and just like you blame is your projected Alpha mentality right I need situational but yes most times hosting their moments super insecure and there are times where you're very much like confident and yeah but even then you just nibble on the neck and it helps and he's back yeah I think it's I think it will be interesting about work thing about working at Richie's is that this is a company that's basically just like it's a bunch of nerds it's cakes and stuff like that and like I find myself sitting under that you know description like I'm a geek and stuff like that but because I'm a shape people assume that nah nah he's just he's like super cough and all this stuff but like if people shit on me and punch me in stuff like that because it's like I explained he can take it but really I'm like just as insecure as anybody else so I'm like if RoosterTeeth is the high school then you're the jock that like secretly is doing painting lessons used tires think yeah what would you be Josh if this was high school I was pretty cool in high school no I'm not saying who were you in high school because I can guarantee you I would knew you someone posted that and you were just as insufferable you're right so would you be give me like a man I think it'll be more like a theater Tech like yours and now it was in one play in high school I was it doesn't make the closest acting feel like Josh would be like the heart or he was like I know I'm going to make it to college and make it big I'm leaving this stupid town and all you stupid people yeah while Chris was like a Christmas party like the geeky kind of like Chris is definitely the mean girl and it's like the Regina George in my senior year in high school I was in a an independent study math class so you can study whatever you wanted for the final project I did a parody of the Matrix called the math Rick's one of the first film's I did and it was fighting to math problems but I shot it really cool that's cool yeah you should Club balcony Club Sheldon High School in like do that stuff with my friends like that published by the way you ever get a chance to Chris's The Adventures of PJ in space or whatever it's called quite good is what it was it just like seen some of it it's just me and my friends I just want to make movies that says since I was like 13 I just want to make movies and what makes stuff what's your earliest like seeing that you may like something that was actually a movie called The hit it was it was like a Hitman in high school in class okay and it was just about to hit man and and it was just like it was trying to do like an action movie I have it I have I want to do a panel at some point like an RDX or something where we like show like really bad early things that we kind of did that last year and a half to be so much fun I have some legitimately good like same kind of shit that I did on Instagram and Twitter all the time now that's a really good stuff I have some awful stuff Aaron has that one that he acted in I don't think I need directions to do whatever I wish you had that that are to be thought I was going to show something else and I dug that out that Jim came in or or any sort of art do anything in life you're going to make a lot of shity stuff yeah I did yeah we were in a film club in college and we did the film club that lasted exactly one year yes but it was worse mine was the it was the detective one but the girl who'd been murdered we wait for a job at UT where the goal was to make a feature film in a year and already do it is you it was like it was vignettes right so it was like it's not doing one feature film and devoting all his resources to 90 minutes it will make three 30-minute films and we'll split up the club in at least three groups everyone will get a chance to try their hand at different jobs and whatever else at the end of it will find a framing device in the meanwhile were writing it and put it together it was kind of yeah but it was a little more it was all took place over the same like timeline it wasn't quite as in a great as we'd hoped in the end of this but we did it we finish them in as soon as you I would be interested to watch that again why don't you and Chris in college when you join I was busy making good stuff I can smell Myself by the way so I'm sorry if I can smell myself what was that you were in some my creative class in college was actually really creative kids and you like bride was like it was like you and Aaron were in there something and you guys brought like a student film or something but then there's his kid he came in and he like men like a super like artsy-fartsy kind of class like you could do whatever you just got do a class and it would but you said I could project you've been working on it's like a third of your grade down but there's no rules other than it has to be uncanny and this guy brought in a Mentos and Coke thing everyone loves Mentos and Coke and how it explodes now we're going to do something probably different Coke and pop rocks and then he pulled the lever to Pop Rocks and that was it and then the teacher tore into him for like 20 minutes and then and then the TA tore into him and then the other team is like an hour like in this guy was with his girlfriend his girlfriend was his assistant project but it was Koken Papa's is he throwing some shit together like I don't know I didn't see how to get words like this fucking bullshit class Joe UT yeah yeah we're all still stay that have a question for you actually buying because we're talking about like being making fun of you for being a beta male or alpha male what are you confident with women when you will obviously have a girlfriend now but like going out at what point did you become or are you confident and if so what point do you become confident dutilly fluctuates like there's sometimes were like back and I was on Tinder just like killing it I had to do all the right things to say I was just kidding dates like crazy and they were going to successfully keep it vague but then there's other times I just have you like Sprouts runs just like I couldn't talk to women in bars things were very uncomfortable was like I don't know what it was but I had just told arranged I think I popped a line between being very social and very antisocial Sarah are now but like I mean once I once I get past a certain point of chemistry and I know somebody and I am able to establish a connection and I'm fine I can talk with anybody you know yeah I feel like that cuz I was doing the tender stuff when I was 20 likely late 20s been engaged like several times. Yeah I told her that I thought about my failures but when I was single the advice I just like I was kind of bumpy at first like not knowing how to talk to you but then I'd like to just told you start learn the people you have chemistry with and the ones you don't and then I picked it becomes easy like oh that's the kind of my experience with it was like I like my men like I like you were in a long-term relationship long-term relationship and there was a. Where you were just single for a while and you were just like you want a little like I was being in a little a little crazy right now. Remember they like the gauntlet and stuff and you would come in and tell some story like every I feel like every week you have a new story about you know a day that has some horrific or a great date depending upon their way I feel like you got to a point I don't know if you've ever gotten to this point but there was a point where I was going on like 4 or 5 days a week I don't deserve you. I can't wait. Didn't do more than one at night but there would be days where I like I've had it I have a date on like a Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and Saturday with different people different people did you watch the master of none episode on dating gas and it was like they just fucking nailed it was like he was going to the same routine same find certain women like make it farther than others Donna like 2 or 3 and then you just least one yeah yeah because you if you going on a first date then you end up with like a routine of like peers this conversation you gets boring will it sucks too because I remember like I was before I start getting along I just ran into this. Where I was able to get dates pretty easily that was fine and we go on them and you know I'd have like three or four different places that I would take them they're all at coffee shop type environments like you know ones that you can stick around for an hour or two or there's ones we could just pull the Escape rope and out but it always II narrow down the same few questions to kind of like sounds awful but just like basically waiting a person out based on the personality in like just knowing if that the same would go or not and the first date or if you would continue to a second date dating so worse I use the gauntlet a couple times to get out of date like I pretend like I was my boss calling me where there's a girl there's a girl who like on the first day was telling me how she like to have sex The Empire Strikes Back and I was like that's a great like bullet point that she was with some stories you told him the first day of us she had sex to The Empire Strikes Back or something and I was like the greatest no it's okay but that was that was like the only good thing rest of it was was not good but that was like the one you know when she's like walking on the street and chairs of Star Wars theme song she like only if I guess it have to be like one of the newer songs that comes in an Empire that's not in the New Hope pot City actor scary ass that's like the one song your play Star Wars Shadows of the Empire N64 because he was like a cartridge for my time is limited they're only like three songs was literally like that song the asteroid song in like something else and it was every level like a minute of the song yeah yeah but do you feel like that that. Was formative yes like you're you're just like I'm seeing on dating a bunch people on going on all these like yeah I mean like that's that's that was how I better figure it out I think the type of person I wanted to be with and it also like what like cuz before that I had been with us with one I was in high school sweetheart for a couple years out of high school to the Army I did another girl out of college for 6 years so it was constant relationships so it's like until you like really get out there like you don't really know what great sex is you don't know what like I mean if you don't have to be good like connections with the people in those in relationships with but like you don't know he just like to see the variety people I think more eye-opening you and I have like really similar dating stories I feel like we talked about this kind of earlier you don't really talk about your dating straight up a bit and I actually know so you do all this showboating you like anything you were so private and I was like I'm not ever going to break this Chris guy down like he's never going to open up to me I would never talk about anything personal ever you and I did though cuz we will be writing ways to him or whatever else and so I would hear it and that's why I know our stories are like weirdly similar cuz yeah we both have sex with each other that's why cuz we both have stories would like doing stuff with Virgin of God just started from the beginning I didn't like trip and fall into her sigh it was like there's that I did not intended to to take her virginity and end but I style my high school reunion and hang out and then you just you just gave off that Vibe like we would like to kiss like a guppie like she was just like that look like very like I like you have to but you're on the defensive like I don't know what this is and then at least we start fooling around and oh God yeah I was just like they're all the signs were there like we got naked and start trying to get to to do a hand job and it was like I'd like grabbed her arm and stopper cuz it was just like it was like to file assault charges if they're like yeah it was like vice grip on the balls like I can't do that like he's like yeah it was I need direct like survival Instinct that is a thing you can't if someone's like attacking your balls you yeah yes that's my livelihood that's my children anyways so they're all these signs and I was like this this girl there's no way this girl is experience yeah there's just no way and so I was like I don't want I don't I don't want to have sex with her cuz I don't want to be that person like I'd like I I didn't feel like I didn't know her that well and I didn't feel worthy I guess it's like you know you should save that for someone special so we've been hanging out a couple times no one night or just laying around and she was like you have any condoms and I was like yeah and then like I've waited to be as like do you want to have sex she like sounds like okay and then that one instant I thought maybe not maybe she's just not good at this but she said 10 year reunion real talking like that so that you just fresh out of high school and then I guess I guess we'll do is cuz maybe I'm wrong and then it's five seconds and I'll let you know I was right this is it was like a like a bad Jenga game it was just like his like she didn't know where to go and it was the yeah it's weird to me thinking on that because the like just I don't know if it's as prevalent today but it feels like there used to be this big thing about you don't like rushing Heights like everyone like once a virgin and they like one like all those things and it's like I don't know when you get older like no no like a virgin you're saving it that's great that's awesome but it's like if you're if you're going out to have fun it's hard to have to like another person everything you're hoping that how weird is it feels that into the game with them how weird is it now that level up fast because there's level 1 so then right now that Nadia works here after that experience after her bad hand them after after you met her at your high school oh wow that really wanted something landed all girl I want some dates with an I got a handjob from and just make sure of you what is that all the time there's a there's a girl high school I got a reputation as the Snake Charmer cuz you know how to give a hand job she gone up to a guy it's are going like this to us what's this for people at home back and forth I mean not the whole time but you're being attacked by an octopus and a squid what is so we are going to have a couple days this girl in at some point she told me she was a virgin or whatever and I was like okay cool hang out wearing a car I think as well I don't know why were in the car remember but we didn't go to like to listen to be your ammo though I can never say that like so many stories you told me it was like we were we are my car in the alley don't like this happen though like this is like post call it's because you have a house I think we were up with me I don't remember I think it's one of those things where we don't have sex we have sex it was like a good night we're both going our separate ways and we are saying good night at the car and then we started kissing and then it became like it has collated and then it was just like in the moment type thing right that was just a thing and then we were doing stuff but because it's like in a car at a like on the street she starts giving me a handjob but I might not taking my jeans off because it's there's like sure and then but but she also isn't particularly like either message she was a virgin and she's giving me a handjob but it was like he was like yeah I know that's what I'm talking about the zipper situation like she's the one that was open no no no no no it was not that was different but it was just like she was just like you was in there and he's just over was it an over the pant rub know it was like in the pants but like tacos shorts how old is she how she just likes the most violent thing I've ever experienced in my life and it was like it was like it was like she was conducting an orchestra but I was just trying not to because it was painful why would you not say and I was like oh and I was like oh just blurt it look like I was trying to be like I didn't I didn't want to like mess up your chances of getting no not whatever. I just didn't want I didn't want to like her like mental like oh that's bad. You know he's not positive reinforce positive reinforcement for the most it was bad still can't figure out how this whole thing is happening like where how she's getting her hands in she just she was like no it's like it wasn't like up my pants and then just kind of like but like I don't know why I can't sleep I think it was like it was just like this kind of thing Lake Gibson at that kind of thing and it was just so okay this is the same girl but if we've been waiting like reported to the police about this there be like the Fifth Street Handler we know her I have a lady story okay from from the time before but not really like the fire privately online but definitely didn't didn't didn't broadcast it so what happened was I was dating this this girl and then we broke up and I just got to UT was walking around now that they have the Greenpeace canvassers a Greenpeace canvasser like start hitting on me like girl and I was like oh well this will be interesting like cuz she's seems to be interested in me so we make plans for a date I literally look up online how to read body language because I don't have said yes and then we basically all the signs were there and then it got to the point where I was getting up getting a bj and it was it was really really large front teeth and yeah I was it was an attack from Salt Lake and biting type that would happen like I was like somebody's not showing up to the party and it's just kind of like me maybe if we try a little bit longer and I was like I can't tell if this is like for you know I worked this just absolutely did not know was like like which which one is it is it really figure it out but it was really bad yeah so what advice would you give to other girl or boy a virgin and they're like ready to take the next step because in my opinion I think if you're if you're transparent about it yeah then I think the rice the best route to tonight wait I have a small story that that feeds into this. I want to go back though it to the Virgin on say I was despite being handled I was still impressed that she was like like having being a virgin she just went for it you know it wasn't like there was there's a certain what would you say like a you know I don't know if there's another Shake Ya there you go to go get her I appreciate that so my first Beyonce Why did in high school had never she never done anything with a guy before and she decided one day that she want to give me a hand job she was also she was at she went on to be like a neurobiology major right so she was like okay why I want to watch you do it to yourself and then I'm going to I'm going to observe and like basically like take notes and I was like that is that's the most like brilliant use of science I've ever seen in my I watch me jerk off for like 10 minutes and it was like I should just do it okay I got it I got the form my hey man I don't know if I can do that but weird how how far is a relationship are you high school so I mean but we've been dating I don't know 6 months or so okay I guess you're not smart like heading to have never seen that again but she can ignore biologists man they know what they're doing to the point where I didn't have a then what we are installing after that bad hand job it's like I didn't talk to that girl right now so yeah it's like a communication in like growing and you know healing I don't think your son is a virgin then then that's fine if you want to wait till marriage then that's fine too or if you just haven't had sex if there's no right or wrong it's just like I do what you do whatever you want to do like as a huge stigma on virginity in the loss of it and was still like wait for marriage like someone on that insecure show yeah yeah I remember I just wanted to have sex because I was like yeah I just wanted to not be a virgin would you be afraid to share what age you are I'll say straight up I think I waited was in high school and I waited until I was like 20 or 21 bus 20 22 24 like actual sex under 18 really yeah I am knowing how you are now I can't imagine a teenage Chris but that's why don't you understand now it all makes sense that's why when you're like all you act like a teenager get women cuz that work for him as a teenager doing it the last 15 years so I don't know I might God damn it that's good we should get off the subject of sex I mean if I had notes on stuff to talk about and then we talked about sex for an hour even Sweden to it was mostly grievances I think the sex was actually pretty late reference part of the sweatshirt that I got in Alaska but cool this shirt is okay this is for Blaine to I got it just for him he can say he got it for me but it is kylo Ren on the shirt that's how the Moose color run small details like I think like one of the pilots was like an eagle yeah they're all it's like somebody was in Alaska whoever was in charge of like their merch department for tourism just they let someone go crazy and there's like 10 awesome shirts like a Harry Potter one like yeah they carry otter which sounds like another sex story but yeah oh I have a funny thing here okay do you have anything I was talking to Marshall rimmer I know it's only about like like I were talking about like when you go on it this is going back to dating but going on dating and let you meet someone in like you know that no matter how good the day goes it's not going to work out because of the name has that ever happened to name her name's wouldn't mix Jenaya married mix so like what you did Chris 6 email Chris Chris and Chris that's fine it's like the name combination if she was to take my last name is that thing some fucking creepy what is the situation now her name is Damaris kind of awesome right that's almost like I would let you need somebody named Damaris Damaris is a bad bitch and you just sat idly does a sweet boy is the context to you know like I think it bad bitches empowering term what you called women portable sings oh yeah Marshall had a good one though okay he went out with you and Allie and whether it was spelled it was spelled analyze parents farter that's the name naming anyway going but also with the last name Remeron Ali yeah like his parents are like and I swear I hope I'm not making this but isn't it like Anita and something else that no this is another one I seen my sister knew I had a friend her name was Anita and she married a guy with the last name dick to her name was in need of dick and then also also her middle name start with a c so is it Anita seadek who's just like classic she can't make reservations at restaurants near hernia just not going to the wedding a couple weeks ago where the guy last name was fear and I was like that's awesome I slide Blain fear Blain is just the worst name so it like no awesome last name will save it for your sounds like a like a like John Wick kind of like action hero John Wick yeah my first name was Goofy as a credit name which is why I had a really awful credit name in college Jesus he wouldn't yet and he also wore it whenever he was directed wear like a stupid hat they don't think it was that like I'm just nervous that smart dumb character I played on screen call Todd Spooner but there was yeah it now I am I just ate wasn't I wasn't trying to be pretentious I just didn't think that Josh Flanagan sounded good I feel like Josh and Flanigan don't meet together very well when the Hebrew name Irish so we can only covers fine but what's this what's this hat was his hat what kind of leather was like a like a like a cow leather or knows a kangaroo leather light cowboy hat looking to yeah I'm cool that sounds awesome night was awesome you're out the guy that runs Star Wars Rebels wears one of those hats in like normally be goofy but he looks cool yeah you shouldn't wear that hat that John will have it why do have it actually it's too small to fit cuz weather like shrinks overtime but the name when I finished season 1 Jason Harder gave me a brand new one Have You Seen Her wear it just that were that one in West Texas. I saw that he was also like we needed hats in that environment directing hat I wear this hat when I'm directing this difference between I'm wearing a hat to class also and places directing actors class and I was just I was really cool in college yeah that correct you were there I was there would have been to have a question for you have a question for you as an army man hasn't has an army man got it so Elon Musk and like a bunch of robotic like specialist in like scientists they made a press thing that was like we did it was urging the UN to to make it illegal to build like autonomous killing robots Okay because they're like that's like the third age of that's like the third Age of War if we go down that path it's like it's like okay gunpowder nuclear bombs killing machine right now but I feel like it's inevitable as an army man someone who's an army like what are your thoughts on that I mean that's the biggest I mean that seems inevitable to me like that there's going to be more more like unmanned things and he doesn't have to go like the goal is to like somehow fight Wars without actually losing your own Soldier so but then it becomes a thing works like then there's just robots designed to kill who just kill it kill it kill all the other side's robots when I guess they killed the people in the robots have to kill to start killing people like that you're a Star Trek episode where like they like it's like the two guys debating and they like can push a button and kill like so many of each other's troops and so they just come to these weird like treaties were they like oh well we'll lose half a million and you'll lose a million like okay and then hit the button in like somewhere you know far away their troops died in like that's the end of the the conflict or something I don't know yeah it's like takes away the the people from the shore combat-ready like weird stuff like that but I mean like to me the concept that war has rules is always been a weird thing in the Army fights by Geneva Convention rules rights when I was in Iraq there are things like if you are advancing on an enemy and you free was called the line of Advance on the way so I can give you run through an enemy's position you like shoot whatever level you get to the end of it technically you're not allowed to even stop turn around and shoot anyone who's behind you you have to render Aid as a prisoner of war so it's a weird like you or something different but it's like that's the kind of weird gray areas you get a general idea civilizing War as a bizarre things past position and they were in hiding a bunker are there still a threat than yeah but it's like if you go through and you wounded him he didn't kill people can't turn around in like execute them or that's a war crime true or you have to you have to render a it's so me work but it's I mean it's so it's also like green fuzzy and it's a long list of stuff and yeah I don't know I mean not yet the text seems inevitable the movies and they're like What's the rules for engagement yeah you're right I was there when I went to Iraq they were very different if they were much wider open it was like wild west almost and then like as people got settled their the rules changed a lot and I will see when I was in the talk wasn't about like vehicles and robots on the stuff that was about to sing a little Land Warrior system which was basically like exoskeletons like metal exoskeletons for actual soldiers and it was like digital readout that would show you know like them do you know you're I would be able to see the map of where everyone was no one actually did that that wasn't a no not on the theoretical what was in development so they had their tech companies that were working on it and bidding for government contract ever doing it I'm sure like the special ops have some of that stuff but yeah but that was the direction it's going to be going back then for Iron Man like 15 years ago yeah it's really cool but yeah I don't know I don't know what's going to happen whenever they get the random killing machines or what that's going to mean for like to like that someone like you know whoever North Korea like even like a small Melissa gets control of something like that it's like I think they made a documentary about Terminator Terminator 2 is there put it out in 3D nearest weed about that may fix like weird stuff they like that that one stunt showers coming off the like the the bridge on the motorcycle where is clearly a man like they went back in and like actually put Arnold space on it this time so I'm okay with that yeah I'm pretty stoked about seeing that I don't have any talk like that, like the robot subject I talked about like thinking about Warfare for Mike Terrace perspective not like oh those poor guys but like fighting a drone in imagine how that process would be where there's this thing that's like up in the sky super fucking far away is Bonnie should I you stronger guys in like even if you take that thing down which like chances are you're not going to you don't even kill him the person from the other person's teams killer robot in robots like how fucking disheartening that must be like an interesting way of killing a man I get it sounded just like weird put into those terms you ever think about it like that cuz that mean that it's the come in that that other thing to a lot of scientist or like or no no is Elon Musk see I feel like he's like the Builder the most visible Tech scientist type person in the world right now maybe but he was saying that hey I is the biggest threat to humanity possibly yeah if you don't know what it's going to do and he was like he was like in this is this is this is like summoning the demon you know where that's at like you got the pentagram in your summoning and you think you can control it once it's almond the cat the Pandora's Box is open or whatever yeah the cats in the Pandora's Box The Cat in the Hat mean it's hard to do like actually think about that and think about how they can apprise like I guess was Automotive like with cars becoming autonomous it would they control that or are they just going to shut down systems will you don't know they're being like are they going to be mean or did they just leave that was the other one I just like all the side like no not worth it were gone for the day go I mean it's like this to another place that I need oxygen I know I feel like they would just kill us some but I don't remember the name of it that the Nana Banana Factory thing where it was like and feel like I'm going crazy cuz it's like like I said you put a computer in charge of a banana Factory and then it just starts selling more more bananas and then it is programmed to make bananas for sale at basically steamrolls over the entire Earth to sell bananas to nobody because like I'm computer doesn't have the logic necessarily to know like what it's there too if it's prime directive is to sell banana it possible to sell bananas that was the thing that came online first it just would like to kill everybody in just a cell banana to make some bananas sell them like I know that Amazon like got rid of people in their factories because they have like conveyor belt some shit that's moving around so that they can crank up the speed of those things that I need them is danger to people that were actually there so it's like to Amazon exactly giving back thank you thank you here is your furniture I watch that movie that we won't be around then that the robots were already wanting bananas I will say a weird thought to me is the Indian act like 10 years or whatever like supposed to leave most cars are going to be self-driving oh yeah I think that's super cool I've been lots of self-driving car ramps on the podcast yeah I can't wait for I hate driving humans suck at driving robots are better they are better than a whole generation like whatever that next generation will be like they don't remember driving Corner old man I know how to drive but anyway I think that's the podcast think that is the part that the Buckeye so thank you for watching and Q and stay tuned for the post-show if your first number no we don't actually show that lives I will then my whatever whatever alright getting high