#454 - Marching with the Juggalos

Join Gus Sorola, Brandon Farmahini, Blaine Gibson, and Becca Frasier as they discuss Hurricane Harvey, the March of the Juggalos, current and upcoming TV shows, and more on this week’s RT Podcast! This episode originally aired August 28, 2017, sponsored by Boomerang (boomerang.com/promo), Five Four Club (http://bit.ly/2wN2xGR), and MeUndies (http://bit.ly/1K8qW9z)

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Blaine Gibson, Brandon Farmahini, Becca Frasier


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Transcript (in progress):

hello what color she podcast reader get ready it's like I have to rush whatever else you're doing and you just like I had to get podcasts are no got to look over all my shit I got stuff for me to go to work I put together a collection of like stories and I'm worried all day long before the podcast you send me all the shit you want to talk about and I don't send it to me send it to somebody else and it's not just me trying to explain everything like you can relate to it I don't think there's nothing more I'm excited about in life right now then the Juggalo March on Washington have you guys seen that I mean it's actually a pretty big thing that people should support. I don't know that silly Clown Posse is sorry I talked about getting off track because of the 5 p.m. start time for the things I'm sorry and thank you for the past I love you guys sorry sorry I came like 30 minutes late there was news that the FBI labeled them I don't know if it's a terrorist organization gang gang organization and so you know that kind of help with that everybody likes every group like the good victimize narrative so they kind of went with Dad and everybody feels like or the Juggalos of feel like it's coming together so I guess I don't know what year ago they scheduled a March on Washington but in that time people have just completely forgot it's like don't care about this issue at all so they're going to be on Washington marching on one side of the mall and then there's a alt right rally on the other side so they're going to be like circling around one another and you know they're going to have their painted face to face paint on the Confederate flag on one side and my check for updates on another another thing about the overlap with any group in any other group fucking love that band in might have had a tattoo high school they are like losing jobs and you know like potentially losing my custody of children in new releases Clown Posse tattoo didn't know you're not to get your kid back cuz it happened yeah jobs in like it's even though like not every ICP fan is actually like you know for take some violence or gang activities know that's what's up yeah they should March yeah I want to go I'm going to watch I want to go yeah I'll absolutely no I got it looks like I literally made like millions of dollars on that I think my favorite Juggalo story what's a concert they have every year the Gathering wedding music acts and I think this is true I remember seeing the story but maybe it was made up Tila Tequila was performing for some reason I don't know I do not know why the music album album album and I'll see your man he's my number one fan but I might fuck them it was crazy so anyway she was performing at the Juggalo concert and there were reports that somebody through human species which ain't no matter what you think about her music no not cool yeah so I don't know I mean I think it depends if they're going to get their fans amped up or they're going to try to be like try to be a little bit more polished but if you going to be I can't imagine it's not going to be awesome just let me know that in 2015 Insane Clown Posse won an appeal to remove their Juggalo fan base from the FBI's list of organized gang yeah, but I don't have anything well I mean it would be fun to go and have a peaceful protest because if they're trying to just like none of the registry like how does that cross reference the Juggalo profile pic you posted on Facebook you know they're there organizations are constantly coming to that stuff and like marking it like their catalog that just show you everything volunteer so much information to the government right and because we have the choice like thinking yeah I like all the things that you post on Facebook or Twitter or like your search history for Eufaula weather public will you follow like we volunteer so much information about who we are so going through some crazy stuff in there yeah like follow Tila Tequila I use a follower text to be crazy and then she became like crazy right there before she was like watching TV no picture of male and female contestants on TV October 2007 327 ESPN awful I mean we do multiple YouTube channels any different sexy person Nickelodeon is Diversified a ton they like six different channels under their umbrella Teen Nick throwback Nick Game Show Network habit lenses the Hidden Temple fan become so much cheaper you know overtime and then cable companies are costly looking for shit they can bundle and tell you we always get like people wanting to work at Rooster Teeth and be like hey you like we got this big thing coming out if you want to do a collaboration with us like what are some ideas you might have all those RFP request for pictures for something to do with like a Legends of the Hidden Temple early going to do that yeah yeah yeah it gets really cool Juggalos like the people okay didn't want to make sure I get it I think it's a lot of young kids who have a lot of anger and teen angst yeah but if you're going to like on March or a Gathering of the Juggalos cannot a teenager your mom can take you off like 2 or 3 blocks away like to know everyone is curious to talk about is a course of hurricane that hit over the weekend going on in Houston terrible but I felt like people in Austin had a super freak out at the end of last week so I think runs on water like you can buy water anywhere at any grocery store to fill up with gasoline and I like just in case we don't know anything about whether we think we do but there's so much stuff you can't predict and think about all the people in history who are fucked they didn't know they're going to get a lot of rain we've had flooding in the past I think of all the floods I've been through in Austin you know I've never once you get painted actually not go down this year. Totally destroyed now I think part of it was the stuff that people are putting out and it wasn't just like news channels looking to hire people like the weather channel was that this is one of the worst storms ever seen so I guess it's just try not to use past experiences you know to think what it's going to be like and just try to be safe cuz you know we have to learn our lessons and not just Hurricane Katrina which no one could have predicted the levees you know crash in Hurricane Rita where it was just a lot of rain and wind people in those situations cuz there's so much stuff you can't predict he didn't have water or where they were stuck somewhere they had to be rescued so it's just an issue of you as powerful and as far as becoming to the technology we still can't do shit and don't know shit about Mother Nature in the weather um I think the latest figure they said was that Harvey had dumped 11 trillion gallons of water on Texas equivalent would be if you covered South Carolina and water 10 inches deep the last I heard was the storms going to go back to the goal pick up more water and I don't know if it's going to get stronger and passed through Houston again so it's it's really not going to get much much better more kids right now what I heard is there like if you're in that area you can't get out cuz the roads are closed and in the north is not letting people in and was like oh well you guys called The Cajun Navy boats there are guys are organized during Katrina they came out to Texas they're helping people ever on the Austin so maybe with yesterday the day before someone was like I want to go down to Houston to help the people out does anyone have a boat I can borrow oh my God fucking idiot supposed to tell me how great person I am probably going to get resources from someone else build a boat hooked on something or whatever and then they would be someone that needs to get help yeah stupid assholes out there other ways to help a sick way one way to help is to donate to the Red Cross 999 to donate 10 bucks I don't know why they would be letting you know if you are going to help out to the people in Harvey by Harvey in Houston you could do that and there's an easy way to do it or send my mom $100 carringer yeah my parents all my friends yeah I mean they told and that the Houston mayor's being criticized for not trying to evacuate the city and that's a really easy position to take and maybe information changes really controversial issue but I guess just I understand what he's saying you cannot safely or adequately evacuate a metroplex of I don't how many people are in the Metro other card in my the world 5 million or 6 million and I think the city limits maybe 4 because the same things going to happen that happened with Rita is that the highways are just going to be completely clogged going to go anywhere on the road I've been back from the store yeah and it makes it makes sense in that the harder thing as you look at the numbers and you look at there are people who have to be rescued hopefully there's not a lot of people have lost their lives but with respect to all the other people in Houston the idea that people should just stay in their houses as long as they're not in danger in front of the numbers it works the strategy plays out it's just hard cuz when you look on the news and you see somebody having to be rescue roof emotionally you're like a white and everybody evacuate but you know people are in their homes and they might be flooded the homes might be flooded but for the most part with respect to those six million people people are okay but as the rain keeps coming reservoirs filling up by user already filled it just going to get worse you know and the other facets are from talking too much I'll shut up once it is diminish the human factor there is another thing the economic factor that is one of the biggest commercial cities in the country with energy and you not only have another underseas all these closed for the business is closed but refineries as well which not only big part of Texas but a big part of the country and a lot of the stuff they're exporting outside of the country as well so nothing more than the other but this is a huge huge issue we had earlier today like all the air traffic in Texas and Austin and then like nothing over Houston I read somewhere that Southwest is flying victims out of the hobby runways underwater weird they had an earlier it looks like it would be just see if I can let it Street somewhere but it's the actual Runway and you can see like the little marker indicate which runaway it is it looks like a lake Becca you were out so you didn't but did you guys do any sort of like doomsday prep when the internet was on the battery backup houston-hobby runaway ft tall stop sign probably 4:20 to sign for on the runway and the highway highway and underwater Jesus but you were so far from the coast we have had rain and flooding before so I knew what happened in 2015 I lost power for like twenty seven hours I know. But after power back up they like cut all the trees in my neighborhood along the power lines and all new power line and I've never lost power at all if I knew I would most likely be fine yeah we're lucky cuz we have the lake me we have two giant dams that they try to empty all the water into that just let out water into the lakes in the river so it's your lucky and It's just tough to constantly remember that and be thankful for what you never think about you have until you obviously see people are unfortunately if it happens to you the things that you don't this week and I didn't step outside like at all I was just like it's raining out I'm going to stay and play video games and right that's all I'm going to do great but Sunday's my feet today so I was going to have to go out and I fortunately live very close to a via Tron 3 so I always interchange between comes around 3 so I order my pizza going to walk to go get it and I hadn't been out probably in like 36 hours of operation apartment complex the first step I took out a tank full of water just like to put your foot in the pizza oven when you get there inside yeah it was great getting around so I'm just like that four wheel drive fine no problem at all I was doing was amazing I had black family calling me like oh are you okay is everything fine it's fine it's totally fine with it then the entire City's complex so whose house I was afraid if the world ended like five jugs of water and I'm like to hear but why shouldn't I should just have this all the time hopefully getting a house soon and I'm not going to build a bunker but it'd be nice to have you noticed these doomsday but I guess shit you don't foresee mean I do want to Bunker now you know the house I looked at that had a three bomb shelters stiff pretty Central often but I looked at it like 8 years ago and after the house and then I saw like a hatch in the yard. What's that there was another one of them just like the realtor didn't have a key to get into them so I couldn't see them so I don't know what it was but it was three different hatches that supposedly went to three different shelters that were not connected to each other because people in Texas don't really get tornado shelters because our it's so big and hard to talk or whatever it is Texas still like to schedule 3 when was the bill I don't remember I looked at that house like eight or nine years ago it's been a while what was going on in the world 50 is if I had to bring up my best friend's house they had a tornado shelter would like to know the French door metal hatch and we've always wanted to play down there it was the Ouija board down there on the other side of those two together now now that would have to be talking to lock it from the inside or outside we might grandpa had a storm shelter dealers in Oklahoma that's like right in tornado Valley whatever & Ally I like 20 to pass when I was visiting once we were like all down there to pass like a kilometre away from his house we're all just down there would be under by tornadoes I feel like you don't have very much time to get ready for them and like you said we don't have any here like I don't know where I go or what I do interior rooms basically everything is against the outside wall except one tiny little half bathroom yeah all my showers have Windows link pretty big window Master bathrooms usually have Windows in there that I could go to a Memorial Day storm I have to go in there and my dryer yeah I mean that's the scary thing about those people singing their house is like there was a tornado warning at my mom's house and then they had some wind damage you say tornado everybody imagines you know Wizard of Oz but it was what you would call a slight tornado musicales like spitting up in the air but I'm just like a mile away you know and just take much you know to damage your house or the wake of the hurricane I thought a picture of it was taken out on the horizon and it was like filled the frame of the photo Norma's is like God knowing hurricanes flooding earthquake in a tornado that happened I think on the border of Oklahoma and Texas and man it like just decimated this lady's house we just fucking gone like that is nature so scary the foundation he looks like weird shit like that works like you can't predict maybe a couple years ago level and they're like upset at me looking all this stuff and then all of a sudden there cat walks up the dog or is like a really dramatic reuniting an old lady small South Texas town he I got out of his yard he was just running through the street and he had his bag of food and it's so awesome it's like total Homeward Bound stuff down but I would love to be in the room when they talk about how there's an you know some kind of bad weather coming and the awkwardness when everybody is wondering what poor reporter is going to get sent out into the middle of that Cyclone cuz like they're always like no clothes the fight for it Patrick think I would want to do that that's not how do you spell Patrick he feels you don't know he work in local news local broadcast news for you know a good amount of time so that they're always I get to go get the attention and is it cuz they can get on national news not being International it's good on the resume enormous phenomenon where we had a lot of live streaming service is available that was following along with all this on Periscope like this guy's broadcast went down and you never came back to the other what happened is he dead but he didn't even check to see it happening in real time another interesting aspect of what do you call it if you're like stocking up on stuff in preparation for doomsday prep prep making like getting all of the usb chargers that you can find making sure they're charged and even like you know which was like big batteries that we can put stuff into just cuz I mean if you lose your phone you lose your access to all of the information of what's going around like I imagined it to be so much scarier on the table we just like stack or a little USB power thing that's the thing that's so I read this big thread in avocado to make so much fucking since they were like don't use this hashtag the greatest in the worst thing ever the people there looking for one common subject to follow these a hashtag but then if there's some dumb-ass it's like oh I wonder how things are with hashtag hurricane Harvey like people using that hashtag is it as a new source like people in Houston so whenever you're feeling that shit up with like all prayers for the victims of Hurricane Harvey you're just adding to that noise and it's like you're taking away like the ability to access that useful information in quick man who feels like they don't have TV in the radios on another using the radio or not like they have to use the cell phones in the hashtag so when people are filling it up some more of the story is don't use a hashtag for your prayers and stuff like that like you can say that but you don't have to tell you cuz you're cluttering up the whole News-Press yeah yeah maybe we're missing some kind of way to better communicate and keep people informed like I think right now you just go on Twitter and find the Weather Channel find your local paper but you're right like there's you can call her stuff up so much but if there was an official channel has boring I'm not drinking like we have alert Thruway have the emergency broadcast system with radio and television to find an equivalent with phones and cell phones that's not something unofficial like I'll just go follow this Twitter account like the closest thing we have are those those like little alerts that go to your phone I think for bad weather and when kids get kidnapped by yeah I'm sorry. You got to figure out your own problem we all we all got issues so I don't know maybe that's something that they could look into a story for Hurricane Harvey is probably 25 tweets that Encompass what happened to that point and I keep me updated would get notified when they were new things posted to it as I just find the hashtag hashtag now that you're saying before I like when you say you like when you go to the whole search bar on Twitter and then you access in there or are you saying you haven't made your own Twitter moment I love those things like it it has like super all the information that I remind everyone to buy Boomerang boomerang subscription video app offering Thomas cartoons and the original animated series you need some cartoon catharsis Boomerang Scott and Ink Crew you can find Boomerang on web Mobile Apple TV Amazon Fire Roku Chromecast and use promo code today go check it out it's pretty cool I looked into it you before they send it through our sponsor exciting cartoons from Cartoon Network Powerpuff Girls old grandpa and Tom and Jerry Looney Tunes Merrie Melodies Scooby-Doo I love Tom and Jerry was like one of my favorite cartoon growing up I love the most of the theme song it's like weird how certain things like there's a lot about my life I don't remember from yesterday but there are certain things that you can remember just from like beginning and Tanner to Nick Cannon like that at Acme University we get our 10 degree our teachers have been getting lessons 1933 dude I watched so much TV when I was a kid going to work off that until I die he ate really good today in Austin is weird the puffy Taco moved puffed up corn tortilla pork rind kind of thing but not that crispy I just saw the little gift to it because it's really good I'm not hungry at all super process bright orange juice just hear that North Korea launching a missile at Japan and apparently like Japan was like get to shelters near like 30 minutes ago maybe over Japan well they are they were definitely warning inhabitants of that Island 2 to get the filter what's the in-game the endgame is and then they said this is well you know you supposed to acknowledge what they say their goal is to not be fucked with I think the regime looks to other regimes elsewhere that have been removed and toppled because they didn't have nuclear weapons and nuclear power so the idea is that by showing that you have nuclear weapons by showing they have missiles that can take things certain places and we won't fuck with them the problem is the more they do it the more antagonize we get it it's really easy for to be slippery slope you don't know when you know to stop and you know I think the moment that everybody is worrying about is when it becomes clear that they can Strike Los Angeles yeah that's when you could see a lot of movement but you would have to wait until they can hit you well I think like when they feel like they're closed so when they feel like we were thinking I don't think like I don't think they believe they don't know if they have like the new parking and they don't they know they don't have the guided reading activity which implies that they just might be doing on the ground or something we be able to detect a thousand satellites and then I'm sure the CIA has a decent-size as well I mean there was speculation that we had spies within their program sabotaging so I think it's everyone's trying to do their best to slow things down before it gets to that point but I mean it's interesting cuz with the hurricane you have all this news that trying to gets covered with something interesting that Tillerson said who's I've been pleasantly surprised with honestly since he got the job he has been trying to talk to North Korea and previously and say we're not trying to remove you from power we need to chill and just the other day said that the president of the United States does not speak for presidential on foreign policy statements about we're going to blow you off of the face of the planet it understandably, North Korean regime that is such a mixed message we're getting close to where we have a leader that doesn't actually have any power but he does yeah right they don't present can't really do much and domestic policy and pretty relatively speaking don't worry about him yeah I mean but how can you not let me know John Oliver did a really great sack man a couple weeks ago in North Korea and I won't keep talking and blabbing but no message was that there's so many funny things to isolate about him that make really great headlines and clickbait but he's not dumb what they're doing is really bad to their own people and what they're doing and stocking up on their weapons and putting out to the world is bad the more we joke about him the more we turn them into a cartoon and don't take him seriously because what he's doing is logical like the steps he's taking our logical and if you don't take you know your enemy seriously you're never going to be able to be no deal with them you never going to be able to face them so and I mean this issue it's not his fault not necessarily Obama's fault it's not necessarily George W's fault this is something that's been getting to this point for 4 years and my grandfather was in the Korean War and it's bad like we called the Korean War but it was the Chinese American war that war was the United States going to war against China and there were North Koreans who fought it was for the most part largely Chinese with Russian back at like it's bad it was really bad and we know that going back to that just can't work I can't be sustained so then what you do and nobody has that it's not because they're dumb the other problem you're dealing with here is the countries are in such close proximity that like is within artillery range of North Korea who said that there's no way we would attack until you figure out how you don't keep 10 million people from dying in the first 30 minutes yeah yeah I mean less than 30 minutes I mean people think about missiles and nuclear weapons just shelling everything they were saying does a thousand different ways to look at it and not trying to call ourselves experts I'm sure a lot of you might disagree you know people disagree with stuff this is complicated no there's no right or wrong answer here yeah that Wayne is the case right like they have nuclear weapons and they don't use them but they test them and they use their missiles to show that they have power yet other people don't go in and they have no incentive to provoke the fight because if they provoked the fight they lose their seat of power right now they just have to show that deterrent to keep people away I mean they're banking on this idea and again I could be completely wrong but I believe after World War II Truman Administration wanted to scale down the military but with the idea that we have an air force and some people and it was a report that said look we can't like there's no bright-line for when you can drop a nuke and have it morally be accepted by the rest of the world when we're outside of this big world conflict and that's why we haven't seen a new job because it was the phrase a zero-sum game there's no winner there and I think he knows that like he knows that they can't drop a nuke on him if we don't really need to because of all the other you know the abilities we have but it's it's bad like you have the only time we only dropped to Newk's on on people but those were Atomic weapons those were it's like a single blast we have hydrogen bombs now thermonuclear bombs that are basically two bombs and one that can destroy so much more like this there's no winner with with nuclear weapons on say thanks to at the small 0:01 on Twitter who who said there's no love you must agree I'm sure I'm wrong I lost a there's you can be right about something you can be wrong about something else things are so complicated where you have to accept that there could be one small thing or one small thing you're wrong about and that's okay your position still good we can't just come under this idea that if someone disagrees about one small thing then we there and we're right and we have to defend ourselves cuz there's not enough cross talk right now within both sides and that's what inevitably going to push it I'll stop talking to me like I thought I read an interesting article a few days ago about how North Korea probably learned from Libya never to give up their nuclear weapons yeah yeah that must have had a nuclear program and then ultimately the government destabilised in Cudahy got murdered by rebels yeah yeah I remember there's a few examples they went to Iraq complicated cuz some people thought they had they had it but I mean it's it's the John Oliver episode and I might be on YouTube how to put a call or text I really don't think there's a political discussion yeah I mean we're not talking about abortion policy here or even the fucking wall you know this is this something we are all on the same page when it comes to war you don't want it no more no nuclear weapons we can talk about Game of Thrones finale spoilers I thought I was going to suggest to broadcast not going to do this I was going to suggest that we have a lower third that the spoiler that covered when we're talking and we put that that graphic up and then we don't talk about spoilers we just try to like weird things that people who put it on mute wonderful how my God that's made me nauseous hangover all the season was fun but I feel like they kind of lost their balls little bit and I'll give you that storylines they have to close out sick so I'm guessing the key was they knew where they had to be on episode 1 of the last season that wasn't under negotiation so it was just how did it get to that point that's why you saw people complain about anything was that big a deal they would they would cross huge amounts of land very quickly for two episodes season is like I get it so I don't know I mean it's just you think I should have another time right now that that's gone and I feel like Westworld trailer trailer there so fast that out to probably only shot shot to the trailer song in the trailer is like I need your sci-fi cross Dolores riding that cow like the horse just like so hot she's so cool lower motion super excited about the stranger things is going to eventually come out I hate that I've become the very thing I did not want to become which is like someone that is lives from TV show the TV show call Mike between like there's a rare like for week window in my life where I have nothing to watch I just don't like immediate governing my level of like enjoyment of life you know it's like 9 cuz I got to wait till next season though yeah I am really behind on Twin Peaks time to 3 weeks behind you watch last night but it was pretty good no no no I thought you haven't been in there the regular season they still haven't seen it I thought that was the one that that ring a bell but you haven't seen it so far so good your family and I never open the website for last week was the one where he was. It was really fucking good Rick was the super villain and it like that goes so far and I don't know if people feel like they cross the line of how ridiculously powerful Rick is like when he's drunk he like put all of this together at the chosen one that turned out to be a little like you have a personal flaws I think for him to just be like insanely smart is just as fine with me you worry about being like to do ex machina today at sex Machina new ex machinae where you can resolve any you can resolve any problem in the plot by Rick just throw something together but I mean I guess it just depends but I didn't say it's a great season I don't feel like there's no steaks and that's fine like it's just like I don't need like I was raking Titus episode like you know you don't need to do that but they still do have like that overarching story like Jerry and Beth still are separated living separately and continuing some weird to me that there is like this backdrop yeah whatever Jerry's out alone in the wind blows I highly recommend it it's really really funny just go back and watch the old episodes while I was on maternity leave and I fell asleep in my short-term memory is better like that it was like basically stoned it was very entertaining but I don't remember so much of the storyline kind of factors in Fourth of July ever you like there's so many times I wish I could forget show so I can go back and watch them for the first time coming on October October I'm so fucking suck for that so good God and I was like a perfect use of Thriller so good I was trying to find a remix version of that song cuz like a it's like it's slightly altered Vincent Price art show up in the neighbor like I feel like pumped up some of the holidays you're bright and if you do you know what is D&D type game like Shadowrun movie it's like cops in LA but there's also Orcs And elves and magic modern technology plus like D&D kind of races in dealing with like how did everyone get along and I think it came with the OverWatch what was that game called replace Supercop and future and there's like it was like one of the things that really touted destructible building down so I think was Crackdown you got a free demo or might have been reversed of Shadow Run 2 OK Google play I love the show it just because it was it was online only I mean it was a $60 full retail game that you had to play the Xbox Live but I mean what a great picture sore like I feel like you're just so ahead of its time because like now you have nothing but those types of games what destructible different and unique and I don't know why but I like remember. Like I'm really fond memories that came and I think I like it's locked. It was fun I think that there wasn't enough classes like it was it was a little the demo is badass do you think the movie so there's ourselves and just other than humans do you think it's going to be like a really kind of obvious allegory to what's going on in United States very clearly no partner is the first police officer ever and they're dealing with like racial prejudices between like all the different like there's an orc black matter contains I don't know about that I wouldn't go that far everyone's like giving him shit because he's paired up with an orca like volume of air in your face very direct about it yeah but I like the 1% like super early humans are in the middle and Orcs are like in the very bottom the guy that plays the orc fuck the name is enough yeah that guy was he and the name doesn't he was most recently he was not really dope or movie it comes at night but he's like he's Tom Hardy's brother in the Warrior that they got it does fighting movie cheerleading movies he's been in a bunch of just scales on his the guy okay that looks way more normal than I was thinking I was thinking like Shrek it's like some guy having aware like a giant thing on his face like they had an accident I haven't seen any of these mad specials Apartment 1303 Zero Dark Thirty Legend of the Guardians Guardians of the Galaxy in the unfortunate the saying reboot Galaxy really thought it was amazing there like last time we let James Gunn have some fun you know what kind of kept it under wraps feel like we do you know what to do is say James gun in you just like too much I didn't I guess I thought it was like the best bad guy that I've seen in a Marvel movie and I guess like I'm I feel like if you were the better bad guy you have you know the better more engaging story going to be and I'm a sucker like I'm too emotional and sensitive so like at the end of it when the funeral is over lyrics I'm like okay so I love Marvel movies and I can wait until Spider-Man like the bad guy that's the thing I was going to is like I feel like the bad guys in the Marvel Universe are all kind of lame and I feel like I'm getting bored of the the movies over all because like there's no steaks and less about who they're fighting because I'm pretty sure people are going to die in like I don't give a shit unless I'm going to walk or something like a character to died otherwise I like Infinity War people get killed in the Civil War situation thank you very very important in the war machine up it again so it's like he's fine just like they don't kill people off I just wanted to send you a Game of Thrones I just want them to have the balls to kill somebody or is there some storylines Tony Stark can't walk outside of the suit by nice time at the movies no I'm trying to stay like they could do the same thing except with war machine right like yeah I guess I could Civil War if Iron Man and Captain America wear more adversarial kind of like how they were at that and fight but earlier I feel little bit better about it the movie still didn't feel like it had in at Agonist and the protagonist didn't feel like they became and tactics like the second season of Walking Dead II Farm main character who was a really good friend and Shane became the bad guy he and Rick became complete antagonist one another and I thought it worked but I guess that's Civil War I just still felt like I don't over there maybe maybe I'm done Tuesday that I need a bad guy like the Warlock the best one that they've done so far I'm coming in kind of like Mike it was good but I thought it was anything that doesn't do anything for a while and does one like really crazy movie and then now he's like artist hot shit there was a bit worse I think like him or somebody was like yeah Spider-Man's like my favorite and he's like fun and then he's like oh sorry I know you're like this guy but he's a reminder one business over Steve podcast is also brought to you by 5 for looking good doesn't need to cost a fortune five four club is revolutionizing the way men shop each month they send you a box of two to three items that are hand-picked to match the current season and your style they can help me with passion for over 15 years and shipped over a hundred thousand men every month they know what they're doing so if you don't that's okay five four Club will help you build your one month at a time when you look good you feel good it's a fact of life you get $120 worth of clothes for just $60 a month you can pause or cancel anytime no commitments and as a five four club member receive up to 50% off items into online shop and access and access to exclusive members-only items free shipping and size exchanges go to five four club.com right now enter promo code for give you 50% off your first month package plus a free pair of sunglasses 50% off your first package at five four Club five four Club com promo code RTP five four club.com promo code RTP thank you five four Club Patrick sent me a link I guess the that new it movie is getting really good early review site I've had to tell Alana to refer to it as Stephen King's it or it the movie because she'll be like it's getting great reviews and you like what are you talking about you like anything about it the thing I like about the TV movie was that the clown Pennywise was like psychologically terrifying and it's almost like if we're doing this podcast and Blaine you see him here and he's fucking with you and yelling at you none of us EMT in our new place like you know a balloon full of blood kind of scary or like you just kind of popped in and like you no more I don't traditional I feel like they might be setting up like it like a series or something because it seems like from what I've seen they only have came falling the kids which is part of the story cuz he follows them children in it is like young adults adults or something yeah it's a pretty like the first part of it is just to be like a very small portion of the movie going to cover the kids or not oh God I forgot about that yeah probably not what does it mean I don't forget I forget the name of the female character she thought like a better way for them to calm down is if they were to share some kind of experience together and this is my really really bad explanation of her motivations strong and so she has sex with all of them and it's in the book it's like one of those things that crazy shit and books that are in the movie like I think the monkey and Forrest Gump and when he goes to space and crashes in India I left that out of book about that movie Forrest Gump American call them choose the right one maybe and then I read the book and there was a scene in the book that was the most gruesome fucked-up thing I've ever read as I have been included in the movie it would have been rated X zombie dick but keeps coming back to life pedophiles dick like 15 pages of descriptive call who was it there's somebody that I was talking to where they like had a friend or knew somebody or something that people would pay this person that they're friends with to come in high heels and stomp on their balls and dick high heels on with the stilettos and I was never mind his own man I would pay someone to not do that every day. Like Pam for the go away yeah I thought you start kind of resisting they come the next day and liked foot long foot long heels that are difficult earlier today that this past weekend this past weekend's box office was the worst one in 15 years is it because of the first weekend in September 2001 911 weekend was it wasn't the weekend right after 9/11 was the one after that was pretty fucking low right now this weekend combined did not break the two-million-dollar did anything open hitman's bodyguard Annabelle 2 and leap are the top three rivers for Logan lucky Dunkirk I mean last week last week would have been bad this past weekend yes the only new movies I see you on here or leap birth of the Dragon Mayweather McGregor fight is on here oh yeah a red-letter day for saw them I think it's possible Merriweather kind of Carrie Floyd Mayweather McDonald yeah he might have carried him cuz I think a lot of people were more than happy with the last fight why would he did that it just wasn't good retired Manny I think Manny Pacquiao so I think you carried a little bit longer than 5 minutes long I don't remember that's cool to me or it's like you just gets in the Rangers beat the guy's ass and no time for us to pay $200 for it with a friend II Sports Bar and they can't you go showing the fight there like now I'm like what am I here Sports Bar she transmission be the retransmission fees that they have to pay people if they're showing that they have to pay a licensing fee for that and the licensee is a lot of money so they have to make sure that they're going to meet a certain number of people charge for money back commentating on it live on YouTube I didn't see any of the fights just watching these guys end up taking to it every now and then between that and going and playing Rainbow Six Siege I'm so glad I didn't spend what it was a hundred bucks that are really good there isn't any every day and want to give any more money to Floyd Mayweather so but I did not guaranteed a hundred million but he's they say he's going to make more to get the percentage they think he got 250 last time and I think it's going to be more than that into it like whatever if you're a Hobbies fighting that's great but like I didn't want to support it because they've been doing some gross shit to to promote the fight in the club building up all the hype McDonald's started you know bring back merriweather's you know wife beating incident earlier you know it like like they start getting like he's using that is like his like rallying cry the guys can bring attention to his domestic abuse stuff Ally no idea that's fucked up to drive to Boston fans the same in a boxing Maryweather girlfriend because he thought she was with some NBA player so then McDonald's NBA player's jersey and just start talking it up it's like no one's thinking about the girlfriends that got beaten in the situation it's like what does she think about this and then you know there is like racism and stuff like that yeah that's fucked up I didn't I guess I've been paying attention I know they were talking shit which is normal but I had no idea it was something like that like Mike Tyson at least he just talked about eating children did Mike Tyson beat some women to yeah he did but I don't think he ever liked bragged about it or brought it up on the fridge I'm not saying I believe that wholesome family man infomercial boxer Muhammad Ali daughter boxing everybody does that you get people to watch the fight at McDonald's did you see the picture he's like this little baby said McGregor vs Mayweather and was a picture of Ewan McGregor in the rain song was like it looks like he's going to break his dad sneezing 4th of June doesn't throw it or something they're really into it like people that like boxing or really into boxing stuff for them to be listening to me to like a complex about not being taken seriously compared to boxing yeah maybe Merriweather did kind of like stressed the whole thing out to make it more of a show but like he held in McDonald's hold on for a long time and I think you look good even though he lost the right to be like the first first professional match against like one of the greatest boxers probably ever cruiserweights but they're like small metal weighs 4 lb gained like 15 pounds of weight after the weigh-in but still like you you imagine big boxing match light heavyweight like Tyson form in you know Allie and it was a little smaller but still these guys are just a little bit more compact McDonald's like make quick work of me but still there's someone who joined Twitter just two years ago we just made it good it's over too many opinions about Mayweather vs. McGregor of people who have no clue about fighting try smiling for a change so shut up I suppose I guess not maybe tomorrow Burger King San stuff that we don't have extra early research everything about beating off Shake comments lately I don't know what it is but it's just like I used to I used to be really upset when I first started Black Eyed Peas people don't even know me I'm okay I'm just going to ignore them whatever they have their opinions they don't know me it's it's fine like this amazing person be different but now I'm just like I look I seek them out and I'm like this person fucking idiot and they have no idea what you're talking about and I like I love to hate being to heal a rooster to you just call Muhammad Ali for an asshole for being the heel way too proud and in like Folsom self Thorpe then they're going to show me for the other and it's so fucking stupid I can relate to that no one's ever said anything mean about me more than anybody an article today that said that apparently speaking of online comments that in China as of October 1st there will be no more Anonymous comments online money that everyone have to register and you have to have your real identity tied to your account if you want to make comments on them and stuff before you can comment on an article quiz about what the article is about the whole thing up somewhere safe for my YouTube comments comments on new sites especially like papers local papers those of the war I hate everyone and everything it's rough I mean I'm sure reporters are you know it's not an easy job and stuff like us I get it sucks too cuz like if you see this happen you know I got like we get it Richard has been around this like weird you know we're used to hold internet community and stuff like that but like the girl that played Ray in force awakens whatever her name was like deleted her Instagram because people were in just shiting on her our picture comments and stuff like that and she was actually engaging them cuz it's like she no shame in a matter of weeks and yes you like delete her Instagram trolls they get bigger did you guys ever watch or have that she's off 49th Street 50 like in a week and a half bro I don't know yet. 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What it was like to be and maybe relive it like watching a stuff on fold cuz there's so much you know certainty like if you watched the Walter Cronkite I think thing of the JFK shooting and like talking to Dan Rather and stuff like you feel it you know it's crazy the downer podcast about to go to Seattle but like I feel like I'm already in Seattle cuz the weather is just so beautiful I like it a lot of trees the weekend of packed Labor Day weekend is normally pretty good weather Monday cordingly stupid ass September. If you are what you want something that's not a downer and more of a man up think it's great Japanese prank video this guy have to go meet this woman and go on a date with her except the other guys wearing a tuxedo except he's only wearing the front of the tuxedo underwear underwear on the back to her that he doesn't know is that the woman knows that he has no back hurts has no back no back on her dress from him she has to see how long she can go without reviewing it is a competition between the two of them I'm sure that they didn't like the guy didn't talk to his wife for like several years and they're trying to figure out why he fucking amazing videos that there's this dude that you like investigative journalism I'm trying to figure out like how to solve problems for the most ridiculous comedic ways like there was like this one or a dog always attacked it to me a loaner and they try to figure out how to fix that but I don't know back to each other what are you should absolutely watch this whole video for us not that long it's like 8 minutes maybe oh my gosh poor people get me something from Twitter I think CD bo3 PC the triangle Flappin underwear is to accommodate different size johnkat to allow for expansion not to pee out of oh my God a mind holy it makes you drunk look pretty good back in September right three episodes really funny story line of Bill Gates impersonated I could go into this whole story with a woman that he loved it disappeared and they track her down like I'm doing all these friends they have this one you should I put one of my favorite ones like to learn how to get himself out of steaks that have something dangerous in order to escape so that he wants to be Loctite up and he can't escape them a certain amount of times you want someone to pull his pants down in front of a mechanical arm officer there that will arrested for indecent exposure what do you learn if another person pulls his pants down that person get in trouble to get out of this trap in time for your like all these kids come you got a police officer or should I try to get himself out of it I'm just sitting here waiting these and I really thought he wouldn't come back send to the point where people recognize them when I kind of pick up on his Antics but he allowed in California the one exception is actors can smoke on stage when they're doing a performance to set up a set up like to theater chairs in a bar and if I did like theater critics down and said that everyone in the bar so performer so that smoke smoke come to the bar and take the credit to recreate that night at night for other dissipation shit and I really thought it was seriously like some really incredible commentary on fucking phenomenal absolutely crazy I wonder what the writers room is like that kind of show we're just like people just come out the most stupidest ideas and they're just like literally no dumb idea I would love to know I like that or Rick and Morty writers are meeting cuz like what we turn back into a pickle that's incredible on the Cockroach for this stuff yeah the way he said it up just the challenge for himself like he can't do anything and all my gosh this is just really clever did you guys ever have the Guinness Book of World Records book or watch TV show ridiculous records ever liked it happy people apparently people are big fans of the Guinness book and there was a record that existed for most amount of robot simultaneously dancing of God as what happens to all that and decided they wanted to break the record so they put about a thousand Robots dancing simultaneously in the same stage look like I think we have it on that Apple TV you still have that he'll do we not have it okay I thought they were so much bigger and then it was like go to YouTube and I went to YouTube so I can better share and I didn't know what to think no cuz I thought it was just a bad thing yeah okay this is great we're going to take this like how do you know there's not a command it's like March March chill guy who kicked that robot dog and the dog like her dad don't like 30 flake funny cut like comic I saw attacking human face because we like you know computer away should I can often visible goes well maybe that's how they going to monetize it would you get a handjob from a robot boy job head yeah. If you like a shelter by the dumpster I like wrapped in this like shawl oh I guess I like the noise the sound of that was disgusting yeah I mean I can see it you'll know what it's like Jesus yeah that's why I wouldn't want to throw a bow jobs is like you don't know if I can hand job I get blow job at hand but a hand job what is that difference to you make a blowjob if I call around and cut into it and I bought it take to do the same thing. the movie Teeth yeah yeah yeah yeah I guess I could just rip it off cuz we're not getting into a safety hazard just like I just want to be that much exactly in my house is very clear with a bottle of lotion for masturbating for you is it is the the experience is it the passion the journey or the destination it depends because I've actually got into this thing where I'm actually trying to make more of an effort to masturbate more because I think it's healthy so like it's gotten between a mix of all I'm going to treat myself right now or do I need to maintain my body to where I like just like a maintenance things like what if you have like a little thing you could just like another thing to where you just like immediately orgasm like you don't have to go and like you are we don't got it. Some of it or is it just like the papa you can use masturbation is like a workout routine type thing. The way you look at it it's like it's like I could potentially make this at you can make yourself better at sex while like I got one in my done so when you're at the point stop exercising you just like don't forget kegels for guys are you doing right now. I am looking around the classroom and everybody's like over the weekend that was like what thing did you learn sex at that turned out to be completely into FullyRaw at me like, wow I can't believe that these are things that people were actually taught was my favorite one was you cannot physically get an erection a member of the opposite sex is pregnant pregnant it's physically impossible to urinate with an erection like you're changing body you're going to start your period soon so that we had a psychology Lair sexual psychology I don't know what the fuck is called it was like psychology me sex and it was the best class to take a community college professor was super cool and extremely attractive best class in our in our sex ed class in high school every now and then cuz it was the coach teaching her to read out loud from the book skipping pennis and I was like oh my God coach is just kind of into that I don't know class and I think we have like a week so it was like sex like that if you see a naturally occurring sentence is like seven syllables 8 CC the benefit like it's a poem that it goes into like the Cadence of roses are red violets are blue and so there is when it was like someone was like roses are red bad farts linger and it was a picture of a sign on like a pad pen is broken please use a penis broken penis broken please use finger yeah and then it ends of the picture of penis out and then it just matches this that Megan O Bar and then you go to bed and then just smashes it and it writes on the floor like in pain it was a very likely could like seriously destroy it like that by call partylicious to delete the pictures of fat ass that's great maybe it's better for his career to do that I'm in a pickle headline basically X horrible contusion along the top of my mons pubis and it was so much pain was horrible do you guys remember those things that you throw in the pool they're like little slow in the glow in the dark but little Bill Anders and you throw them in and they would sink to the bottom of the pool but they'd be you know it's kind of standing up so it's kind of like they had to take them off the market because kids were jumping and like maybe like a cannonball and getting like impaled with them was it choke Chuck Palahniuk books masturbate in the bottom of pool drain suck on his butt hole and it's sold out of the intestine but yeah it is really gross term for that I suppose so bad on the pink sock note to download podcast yo what up you taking it back to 2003 wish it all began listen to a podcast coming back to you every Monday night to the company that sits high enjoy the hell out of you enjoy them Saturday