#455 - He Knocks Out Aaron

Join Chris Demarais, Aaron Marquis, Chad James, and Burnie Burns as they discuss getting knocked out, natural disasters, weird jobs, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on September 4, 2017, sponsored by ProFlowers (http://bit.ly/2kI2inb), Squarespace (http://bit.ly/290ucbK)

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Transcript (in progress):

hello everybody and welcome to the Rooster Teeth podcast on Burnie Burns I'm Jed I'm Aaron I'm Chris. We went the opposite direction is that what it was I think it was the other way this time we're sorry for the audio podcast listeners we just had a really funny thing with the introductions going the opposite way on the couch as they normally do happy baby Day Labor Day or Memorial Day whichever one is always stop it should be easy cuz Memorial is May right said that should be a Labor Day celebrate like what it is it's just people who work till it sounds like a dare you should work harder admire your attitude ScrewAttack velocity rooster teeth when we have a day official day off at the company I don't know if it really works that way though yeah right to me actually I was talking to Josh about this last night football sponsors young sponsor so our sponsors today want to thank them for sponsoring the receipt podcast are ProFlowers and Squarespace like a radical professional broadcaster I'm not Patrick got a good hearty laugh at that. Anyway it's like to meet holiday at work it's just a day whenever there's other people who aren't available for working stuff that makes it like you might I might still be working on the holiday but they're other other people in the office like like you can't go to accounting and ask about accounting write your schedule in general is pretty fluid anyway yeah yeah yeah very much so you don't know what day it is right you just like I know it's 2-2 until this is done and you don't you don't think Thursday holidays because like it's cheaper for them to book over a holiday with a hotel that's why she's so many conventions during holidays and so we will always be out at some event and then we get back and it's just back to work and I'll be all that was a holiday that we missed it again did you get ahead it won't talk about that doesn't happen then you just work up until the deadline and you end up and kind of in a lot of ways when you're creating stuff you end up trying to push those deadlines sometimes you to get things more done the idea that you could ever like finish something and you okay this is complete and done it's perfect that just moment never ever comes to ever so you will work right up until the last minute on anything if I didn't work up to the last minute and obviously I didn't make it as good as it could have been I left them on the table I left something on the table it's like maybe didn't I mean or maybe you did but that's it getting in my head but I mean you might increase it by .1% in quality or who knows some intangible but like you probably could have taken that day and been okay and not you know we talked about it all the time struggle with that it's like what where do you balance that that life of pushing all the way to the end and then also having a life afterwards and I'll like actually going enjoying bowling with your friends like you should be or I don't know whatever you're going to do you and Chris and Josh as well you guys are in kind of unique position the company where you guys are very project-based all the time like 300 top 10 reality shows so we we have everything that we do so we usually take some time off in January but the problem is like you're saying especially if so are 3D animator Taurean I cannot get that guy to stop working like that as a manager like please go home like stopped working and so anytime I guess horses are like hey let's give you more time for episode like he eats sleeps in Breeze animation so then he just like well I can use that time to make it even better and he doesn't like I will get this crazy information like this is awesome but damn it go home like have a life there's been a huge upheaval of you I saw that on Twitter there was this big are people about crunch specifically as a release to video games and stuff which problem in the industry is Crunch and everything goes into a production production of any kind whether it's you know animation like we do here just general production for like live-action stuff and it's a video game so what time does crunches are like a year 12 months and some people worked 18 hours a day 6 days a week or more for months and months at a time and it said there's been a lot of high-profile incidents are in the news like ta have ta spouses I think it was one of his wives or spouses their spouses of employees who were against destroying family life worst with you we just have fucking dogs barking probably right what did you just hear gunshots and dogs and manager like you know you were just talking about that you don't want to you don't want to ever give the impression that you want him to do it yet myself as an artist I absolutely did that stuff like for red versus blue and I worked my ass off I stay up all night and then go back to my my day job and come back so it's kind of like I always hit and run in this huge dilemma of I don't want to tell people they have to do it so I don't want to go that direction but I also don't want to go all the way other direction tell him if they want to do it that they can't do it you know what I mean but it's a responsibility when I see people like that we know working 12 hours in a day is like I say all the time to go home go home don't work on this this weekend you know we did a badass Vlog this week in Vegas where she was firing at a mounted machine gun out of a helicopter helicopter Cannon out of a mountain how do we sign up for that you have to run my schedule for 6 months or something better than that everything you do is show her nature how do you think you'll really bad Ellie was like playing guitar the other day in Stage 5 and Chris and I were working in here and at least she's got like a beautiful singing voice in lsf9 and but I thought you were staying or so just your lovely and Angelic so I stuck my head outside the door I said goddamn music and as I woke up and I walked up and I said you know I didn't really mean that when you know I like cuz I talk to her about it before I didn't know that was you I thought someone was yelling at me I finally done too much. Just I don't have that like explaining your job to people when you get put into that very like Elsa what are you doing like I first time I was just like are YouTube you know I like to be satisfied with that answer that now you can say that like that years ago that you can say YouTube in the least you understand basically what you're talking about right the problem is we have death battles so nerdy because I'm like oh really I want love you too what are you doing it's like well you ever wonder which character would win in a fight to the death no such a concept that show me will get I mean the amount of use the death battle gets you know big a big show the receipt Network in terms of use for what comes you know what your average views per episode I mean usually will get it like 1.3 within a week it really depends so we've got some crazy crazy so people and people like they get it if I got the thing I think about death battle is that it's got this broad appeal that people just understand because it will have those conversations with the friends you know way back when the podcast first started we try to figure out what would that be the nerdiest conversation you can have and it was an argument over whether or not a lightsaber could cut through adamantium and then we brought that up and course we got pounded like in the forums of like course this can't happen if your job is like researching facts about in life axle crushing nerdy research cuz we decided to actually determine who would win in a fight to the death so the other shows I've ever done this for always like who do you think when we kind of think this tell us in the comments they leave it to a vote and so you know when been created shows like how I want it I want to settle it science which instantly pisses off half the audience immediately and I've gotten death threats from Goku versus Superman especially Ben and I both really bad I had a person to wish cancer upon my family and that I should take the fastest way down off of high skyscraper I could find a fictional character Steven we did The Meta vs Carolina that's not how it would go what does clumsy mean Zoey leaving the bait that so anyway it's fun to be part of the show and that was only because we've actually these battles you've seen like we're characters do face off just nobody dies right and then you guys can take it take it to the point where we haven't really done that other than that was that'll hurt your childhood if you are selling those good but normally we do stuff like this show is detectors would never meet up you know any kind of it's almost like writing fanfiction you know like it's a cool thing of these two universes coming together and then you know they fight to death but yeah we we have talked about that it where characters haven't actually ever like they may exist in the same universe would never truly like tried to fight to the death and dying to meet for the first time in first time I've been writing all this hate comments Jesse listen to cancer on this terrible seeing you for the first time like the Civic Lee what would be the first episode that you would recommend some watch of death battle to introduce them to the series home and I'll tell you what it's the most recent one that I'm super excited about it so we did balrog from Street Fighter TJ combo from Killer Instinct and it is a boxing match really special I love the amount of effort that went into this episode it was a passion project for everyone involved and I feel it's like tureens best animation that he's ever done well in advance like tonight they're like he's talking about the fight he's like so it's really cool it's like you should get on that Mayweather fight McGregor Mayweather fight pictures of height for it and then I was like we can do something that's it for ladies that somehow it and they let me know they were doing a boxing when I think that's perfect. We should talk about in a minute too but yeah I was that that was the first time I went without power for 28 hours which is in the spectrum of things that have happened to people during the storm that's like nowhere on the scale but I see I didn't have access to anything and then I end up leaving and going to Vegas for my power was still out at me really nervous because the power comes back on it's like it's not the usual leave the house at like that I leave the curling iron on yourself you don't know like you just kick back on it's like oh yeah actually look for curling iron plugged in to make a weapons grade looks like it looks like a the world's like most dangerous dildo it's a curling iron flea market in that way they're just keeping me away from having the world's most dangerous it's this black Rod that comes with a flag a Kevlar thermal glove and then she curled her hair with this thing I don't know much about beauty products all the curling irons I know they had the little bitty thing and you don't have that it's just the rod part and then she wraps that I guess I saw a video on YouTube Ergo burned her hair off using it like on her neck and her shoulder like a power comes back on the second floor like burned its way down to the foundation that's it that looks like you that is a vibrator The Velvet Claws ATV has all the different attachments there goes all the way down from Bernie up to Max. Just like I think I've heard this I don't know if I talk to Max enough to get the sense that he has asked me what I mean is it like the max is the kind of balls that like they fold up over his penis you know like when I think about it like they just kind of great time at the balls in cells were the sac-like the vacuum seal something in the art Department we can just have him draw as a photo or picture you can draw a picture of a Max is it okay if we talk about this talk about your balls back to the hair dildo we can either a Distant Fire in before it is your balls Red Sox moment but all the time it's fair yeah he's always like oh I almost made a typo. I'm embarrassing is it okay with it I'll let you know what he says later or what picture he sent turn on my turn on my phone for hurricane and then the electricity in the curling iron that does the first fight with the floor seats for $37,000 there's no way I would pay any amount of money to go see a fight in person because it's 90 seconds be convinced it would be you should you fight nobody could keep up with the guy multimillion-dollar the last pay-per-view I saw was Tyson Holyfield and that burn me once not like I pay for his my parents or something but like Mayhem it was Mayhem with the biting the ear and all that stuff and arrows like I'm not I'm not paying for pay-per-view because it was a big height of thing and then he's biting ears and everything so I don't know that was the last fight I saw him then when I legally watch this one I know it was alright it was alright he doesn't watch fights or have anything to do with fights or know what the fight is to get his ass kicked in a fight I was entertained by it I think it lived up to the hype and everyone felt that way I read this like breakdown on Reddit because when she will like he's a good job Mayweather you was back like the strategy of boxer versus non boxer as to how would go down if that makes me Mayweather actually looked like he was in trouble for my five rounds and then he looked at his feet though the entire time Mayweather speed versus you know McGregor's feet were always plan it and Good Feet that Mayweather and then and then McGregor spear just like you know he's doing whatever he was doing on and you just knew that it was going to and how it did before the entertainment value I've never done any kind of training in that regard either boxing or any kind of martial arts before but it does seem to me that all those years of training is basically just to build muscle memory so that you don't even actually have to make too many decisions that you just kind of like go you beat of your body just react so you know it's equal or greater training you know and I must be hard for someone like McGregor boxing training he's done it's hard to fall out of everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face that is exactly what you're talking about because when you get punched in the face your body goes like we got to stop doing whatever we're doing right now cuz we're getting punched in the face and then your training boxers to go like nope keep hands up keep going keep going until this red Fades away and then I can see again it's the pure muscle memory that you're talking about just like when you get hit in the face and your brain is not thinking about protection anymore just thinking about going away you have to just let you know your your arms know to go up and just to keep doing that thing videos ever knocked out before once but I used to do have you been around the office right now she's responsible haha haha haha haha winky face garage fights that we are not in high school because that was like you know they're street racing and then there's the garage fight and then so the garage fights in high school we do get together and afternoons after school and you know it some people and cry some people inboxing some people in kung fu some people just wanted to let you know crazy very different brands in Idaho the any of my friends were in karate or boxing side hard life it was a hard line for money anyway so the boxer and like I wasn't a boxer's Kung Fu guy and guy and we were young we were sparring Ryan's is when your sparring you use your supposed to know it's it's like Taps and you're fully padded and all the stuff well of course I was like you know I felt confident with this guy you know and I felt comfortable with my abilities text from Mac to come back here and give it to you give it to me give me a punch like you sure like a diamond sure so we we danced around little more I owe my arms just a little bit past my face I don't remember that I remember going like a man can't give me what happened you told me too I'm sorry man I don't like that I didn't mean I was like I went from that to this what happened in between I just I couldn't I couldn't tell you I was just black happen I got I got knocked out trying to break up a fight but I can get knocked out I don't remember it like you but I never liked lost my footing like I was like wondering but like just could not lose you just pay what you talking about like I got hit from behind or so I'm told and indeed even like everyone the room to stop and everything and I was just like and then I was and I was like in the nurse's office that's like a rabbit like it's amazing like if you wait a good shot if it's like oh this is over you know the meaning that said he had a big fight in my front yard has like 10 of my friends and 10 dudes from down the road to Russia fraternity to understand that allowed to give me a call if he was he was losing his vision couldn't see very well you know and it's like you know run across the lawn I remember I was running right at the guy and the last is he said we have the weirdest thing goes because I'm sober no it was a different time to go after this guy for So Real. I mean if you just throw out some nonsense oh yeah whatever friends were like this one guy who likes to start fights yep and then you're you're all fucking on board if the guys have girlfriends girlfriend that just like talking just starting a fight in a bar with a random person and then you're all dragged into it you know something or you know anybody that person you know that just like all they start making the senior for sure like okay you know this is a little uncomfortable and then you see it it gets this point we just like fuck now I'm involved like I have to stop like this dude going to hit this person and we need to stop in the death of a friend who knows kung fu how do I block a couple times I know about that sort of thing he wants to share his balls I guess what the world discussion of Max till later from skating just like taking a hit to the head but then most recent time where was like the closest you can get was actually on stream for that we do that stack up Charity Street at like whatever donation you know so we can slap me and so my mistake is that we're like I will get there and they call Nick should do it now Nick is just like the kind of human being in the entire world but Nick has like the reverse Midas Touch like anything this man touches brakes are going wrong in my life is sometimes I get so you can or I will you break electronic stuff for this Modia yeah I felt like I had it for a year of my life look at a picture and it fell off the wall and broke it so I'm not thinking and so I'm sitting in this chair like okay here we go and he's like getting lined up and he's like the show me Jasmine security like a good plan right so what actually happens and then he goes way back and what actually happens if he comes in and cried my world I got flipped upside down I was sitting in this chair and it was black and white and then I'm suddenly on the floor on my hands and knees and I watch everything's go and I was like nope nope nope like on stream raining in I like everything balances back out every week or next two weeks I was in this like weird like fuzzy days I kind of had a concussion right I've hit my head more times than I care to remember but I don't remember but I do think the reason why I have never passed out of a knocked out is just out of sheer force of will and I think that is something to that of like you know you're like this is horrible I'm going to go with this and pass out you know but I I fight that feeling of like losing Consciousness not letting yourself be taken by the way whatever I don't know it's like if you ever get that was that just takes over your vision if you gotten hit that when I get like super super mad and I don't get super mad that often anymore but you see me before where there's been situation even more mad when I was CEO like this like a lot of like like shit like in one basket and that's it already talked about seeing stars like I see like black dots kind of things been bad in a really long time you know about executive like throwing I have many stories about work for the same guy then advertising weird like 20 to this guy was an absolute madman and he like you know he may or may not have had a drug problem at one point that made him very excitable and the guy would do things like I'm interrupting you struggle so he had this big office space like I mean it was a multimillion-dollar company many clients but it's office space was the size of the studio and all that was there was one just going to ping pong table and whenever you got pissed off he throw the ping pong table and like and comment and he he had things that he knew he would I think he bought them just cuz you know he would break them the one time he threw but I was on the other side of the room and he's like did you did you call that client about that thing and I go I'm about to show you know what to do and how many like maybe it's an email let me help you with that he grabs my laptop from across the room and it shatters against the wall behind me and I was like I'll get i'll get on that right now I guess and Chris thought at the time that I was lying about this stuff that he likes to make up stories about the time you seen the kind of guy who in my interview and Chris had this too when I showed up for the interview he had told me to show Baptist Mexican food restaurant at 2 p.m. sharp so I show up there it's closed and I'm like what the fuc and then the manager comes on goes are you wearing like a guy and he goes Bobby is in the back I go okay this guy sitting at this 10 person table at this booth but he's in the peas in the back of it so there's you know between you and me Bernie like that's how much space is I love Vlog making fun of stuff like this where 300 and I have confirmation Brothers he goes and I've been reading about you I know everything about you how do you how do you know everything about me if you want to see he opens up his tomb of the huge book slides over across the table me I look at it and it's an astrology book and it's turned my birthday because he had asked for my birthday before and I know everything is right there so I start reading it and it goes out loud and I go Aquarius or sometimes known for their print he's going to go get to the weaknesses and I go you know Defiance something something and he goes that's not good for our business that's not get off here I need or a red I'm so he knew he was sure I knew and turn to July 28th and I go okay this week so I turned to it and read it skip the weaknesses so give the weaknesses and it says panicked Disturbed volatile and I read it as a kind of home and I got sounds like a real fucking nut right there's no one in the restaurant he's laughing yeah man that's that's pretty crazy so I can see what you want to make your first your second year in your third year and he said hi and I hadn't thought about this I said that's more than I paid anyone before what are you doing my can you show up Monday and I was like what is this job like to his office on Monday not knowing if I actually had a job or not he was not there but the office was unlocked and I will and I walked in and he wasn't he didn't show up for an hour and then when he showed up he he talked to me and said you're going to lose me money for the next year like you are worthless to me right now it for a year and I wish I could go on about this but I had that boss that you're talking about that the craziest and Chris almost came on board because I was like I got to bring someone in to help me like cuz I survived Ashley was one of them I don't know why but I was like Chris you cuz Kristina job so I got to remember memory oh yeah he would have told you I was talking to Paul and I and I filled out the email that I can I get a phone call like 10 minutes later and he seems like that I need to start talking to me and asking all the questions he's throwing out like long multiplication like what's what's 13 times and he's like don't use calculators think about it and then he's like yeah that sounds right you know either but you want to see how you'd respond I love hearing about a guy like this out there but the thing that depresses me is I feel like I'm not crazy enough like I'm so much more like awful horrible stuff I don't we can do that I I like in an interview when your perspective boss says and yeah there's a plate of cocaine from you right now I'd probably snip it up but I don't do that anymore I didn't say you did it means like well good luck move on you know you don't want to bring that kind of energy and there's that's bad energy 06 6-8 months maybe a sick of this is doing okay this is 2009 that's when everything went bad you know recession wise and all the stuff there was nothing to do like you as far as like we just graduated and a job in advertising great and so I jumped on it and it was the most insane thing I've ever jumped on my text this guy one one more thing talking about craziness he had a filing cabinet full of cash in his place not locked filing cabinet and it was just for games so the games were you know this little things of the metal balls that you try and roll around and get them into little divots yet and he goes good with plastic ones and so it's $1,000 I like I can't do things like you win I give you $1,000 I win we keep playing like okay so I won the first time he's like double or nothing I'm like okay sure I guess there's no steaks and then he's like no not going to clean my car if I win the second time but it was the wind to Grand and so I want again and he goes that's not going to happen every time and so he goes the filing cabinet and gets it he give me too did you experience that I got offered the job and then I turned it down because I was like I will put one I knew from Aaron stores also cash never do that I know it sounds like that's like I'll go over there and I'll have some ridiculous bet of like that's been going on in their office I call you see that hole in the ceiling like yours as bad as long as you can hit it's like the stuff of Mad Men beard place that they living by the way the office of people in that room and not paying off their beds happen to me again and I'm like third time I walked in there they were bouncing ball off the wall into a little bitty Cup on top of a trophy that was in the center of all their desk and I've been doing it for 4 hours and they gave me the ball and I and it goes right in and went in the cup butter cups small then we're going to come rolled around and it popped out and they're like that doesn't count how much are you fucking kidding me it went straight into the cup and what happened no hundred bucks your crazy boss gives out two grand for playing a blue marble game these guys never pay their bets it was just fine he was like and and if you say things like if you steal from me I won't know when I go okay what what is that why would you even say it exactly why he probably and he's just waiting on you probably dreamed he would catch an employee stealing from him he really do things to set you up to yell at you for like but because I have a lot more cuz I I got offered the job and then decide not to cuz I want to do felt like telling stuff and they all decided crazy but I went to the same Mexican restaurant same thing same table big thing restaurants close but we sit down eat and we're talking and he's like Alright what you don't like what what what can I get you to drink you know I would you you know what at what are you feeling this morning like I guess I'll I guess I'm a margarita and then if you know it's like Shopkin ever you want a margarita he was like I would like to buy you a drink and it was like that the context was alcoholic and then you answer and he's like why you might why are you buying alcohol going to interview Mike I thought you wanted I'll try to be Plucky all mine games Beautiful Mind Games that's terrifying sometimes about it's pretty pretty bad he also did this thing where he he always have the newest whatever car and he left the keys in it and left it unlocked and he said another one good Lord that's what he did here until I don't know if you're at work so I can't say too much because then people be able to figure out something that you would never imagined in a million years having to do with advertising that is a fucking cash cow it's you make so much money and you run a small small thing it's not it's like I can't get it to otherwise kind of person where it's like you just fast forward and you're having a conversation with cops like in the parking lot and they're having this thing we we can arrest him for not doing anything wrong it's like throwing a laptop you could probably say something about that but you weren't hit by the laptop laptop at the end of the day and if you know he also asked me to fire people even know he was supposed to do that like how would he know he would love that he didn't there was an employee who who liked him you know this employee and he's like I know I know she likes me should you know but she said she looks like a marshmallow and address and I'm not going to do anything about it I have to fire and he's like yeah and do it by the end of the day that he told me the restaurant to go to and he's like do it there pay for dinner use my card you know the number and then you don't do it by the end of the day as I was like okay I was just 22 or 23 I have a fire in the area was like keys to the kingdom in a weird way he was like a mentor in a scary so not everything he said but he had some interesting life lessons like you don't know how many pieces but I was sitting in this restaurant with this girl who was supposed to say she's a great person and and she didn't do anything wrong and so anyway I'm sitting at the very nice restaurant and I know I hate to tell you this Bob wants you gone and she bawled like in the middle of this restaurant like I had just fired someone for the first time ever is until the end of the beginning of the meal and I just stuck it out and got dessert and .2 as I was like what the fuc I can't be that so guess what we have a special guest in the sidecar we were talking about the hair dildo thing and you just threw it out there came up came up recently and it was something that somebody mentioned very casually about you that you are you're very well endowed but they were very specific about your balls are you going to call you I mean I would like to know how to layer of mystery in privacy by saying I won't talk about my dick I'll just like I was like like like like like stuff for the first time with like another guy like me too I just was like Wow smallest you need to learn that I have made almost zero considerations whenever I'm wearing pants so there's just days whenever Everett like people are kind enough not to mention it I guess but there's days where it's like I guess I'm like walking around and it's like just makes it look like whoa wedding like that she does it cover the penis in a hold over here and I mean like yeah it is not what I wanted is it a sack thing or a ball thing if the normal testicles are grapes I don't know like it's between a grape and Antelope golf ball avocado grapes yeah and I did not really anything to happen early anything you can do would like to have any sort of like they have the same aerodynamics you know they do not and let me ask you when you flush the toilet do they swirl around in the water it's called Poseidon's kiss you know maybe maybe once a week that's enough for me yeah if it's like not really it's the weirdest thing to learn and then also like now what he do with that information there's like nothing to do with the first time you were with a guy yeah and you didn't go out you know I like steroids or something like that is for you is like the first time you with somebody new this is like you know what, it's got to be going to be a fun reveal right I guess so but it's like it's just not even something that leg really is discuss I mean I don't think I've ever like really disgusted hardly at all but yeah I mean it's not like they're not like weird looking they're not like you know what is the equivalent of like fun with your friends house and open their fridge and it was full of broccoli completely full of a lot of Tommy Hockley necessarily but it's impressive that there's so much in one place with guys that's like that's your demo right I mean like I guess it's a bit like you never see like on like you know the websites like you know increase your balls same sort of mysterious would be so great on the side by the girl pulling on the dude boxers like looking like like it be great if that was why I went there last night to let the Alphard on balls are you are below big ass Latinas your blow big booty white girl not bad big dick bitch what is that what you read is what you did look it up I want you to know that when the right away you know average circumference and average length of you know penis is as I do that they don't really do testicles an unexplored research field and we're actually all you know chipping in to to learn it be easier to way though you just got on the scale as much either it's not like there's a d a r x oh yeah but I don't think so no no no no like after I leave if you weighed your balls pre orgasm in post orgasm would they weigh less right I got to go somewhere but if I could send in significant about I want to talk about fire hose company different for everybody thank you for sharing such a personal detail which were all fast wish you well on your journey, we can put this on the internet at all I'm sure it'll never caught back up never ever the one thing I didn't tell you about was that running without problems running without briefs is just know it's like it's like hitting your leg really special like a like you know like you briefs not like not like the normal hanesbrand you got to get lucky I can't run in boxers it's not it's just not going to happen so your time you can wear like a normal pair like tighty whities can but it's just like whenever I'm like trying to run or do something you know like like trying to move around like you wanted to kind of like oh so we have to find his birthday put that his weakness is you don't we make your making fun of your previous job interviews and stuff like that and we sat down with Max with interviewing he's an artist we bring me to work in the art department at some point we may want to bring you in the podcast talk to of an audience of about a million people but your balls anything like that it's funny that you mention that he discovered that a little bit because while watching porn right so moist are groups of friends growing up we had the discussion is like a circumcised and he's not right and they playing for that was like they call the Dog House Club sounds like a dog I really lost me with the penis in the dog house anyway so it'll all turn out there one day cuz you know being kids would ever in need of this one guy always right schizophrenic is really weird he would just go off in the other room and start watching porn even though they were all hanging out is really strange anyway so it would have to call me out like that. Waiting for let's go do something and a friend who's always been in me. What's wrong is that dude's dick and then they were like what is that that's a an uncircumcised penis and you just like holy shit really watch on that spot he always thought that he was uncircumcised when he was circumcised learned it right there in that room he learned how old was he when we probably 16 good Lord dude hang out in the living room I don't know why you would do it was really strange and so like we wanted to go see if we want to go to be like let's go and that's when our other friend so I was like what's wrong with that one person by name cuz I probably had told the story himself on the air but there's a bunch of the some of our groups that are almost entirely dude since so it's like I said guys are obsessed with channels when I told the story about used to play in the soccer team and a guy in the South was known as having a really big dick and this guy that we know what was like really obsessed with it and everything and apparently he just heard talk tell the story is when the soccer team would do well they would all get together then he would show it to them like that don't story wrong I'm sure but it's actually the way you walk me through it was it was really cool at first in the moment but then later he would just be upset because he would be depressed that was a cool in the moment reinforcement faces glow golden when he pulled out his pants and I like to be a good year I don't think I shut up I'm always late on reading ads in dust is way better than I am main website or am I sore make your next move with Squarespace this summer Squarespace has launched 16 templates to make to make creating a powerful online identity even easier each templates is a point for a wide range of projects with you're pursuing your side hustle or promoting your main gig pursuing your main gig Squarespace lets you create a beautiful website with their all-in-one platform there's nothing to install patch or upgrade ever and now you can transfer your third-party domains to Squarespace instead of working with multiple vendors to maintain your online presence you're able to manage all of your domain and billing settings and take advantage of their easy to use DNS service to get a 10% off your first purchase that squarespace.com for 10% off of your first purchase thank you so much for being a very consistent sponsor of the podcast good Lord sorry everybody that I had to do that for a moment we should probably talk about what's going on in Texas with hurricane Harvey right because it's been going on now for weird. Courtney is podcasting Labor day but it's been going out for over a week now the rain in Houston has just stopped because I've been in love before but since I'm Twitter when you're dealing with flooding and you're trying to get water out of your house but it won't stop raining outside it's just the most demoralizing feeling in the entire world and I'm sure you guys have seen images that have come out of you know South Texas and if Houston is just gets its unprecedented my mom was the same I was just demoralizing is exactly it because she hears what happened I think it was when it made landfall whatever day that was Thursday or Friday or something like that but she was like nope it's no big deal by Saturday I get this call at like 2 in the morning slick Aaron our first floors under water and I was like what you know because melee those images come to mind of you know people scaring other than all that stuff and I was like are you okay we'll watch the quell the generator flooded we don't have power you know luckily we have water upstairs and stuff like that but I mean you know I'm surprised you actually water bottle water or whatever I'm out yet it was the craziest thing because I in her where she was like I we are the people that you see on TV you know which I was like well that's because you're so easy to disconnect and I disassociate you don't because all those are those are disaster people you know those people are on their roofs but let me know and then your mom's like right there yeah yeah it was pretty pretty bad it still is bad people dealing with a lot of stuff but just amazing to me on a scientific level with this did you see the pictures of the flooding and its water up to the street signs and it covers a huge huge area that square miles all this water and the to me that the utterly incredible fascinating thing about that is all that water came out of the sky that water was in the sky in a weird way the ground is less capable of handling that amount of water in the sky it's insane to think about that the trillions of gallons of water just like somehow made it into the sky and then poured down and destroyed like an entire city you know and for a week at a time too I think they said it could run Niagara Falls for a couple weeks or something like that like that you never knew before and it was they were talking about like flow in the river or somebody's runoff from West Reservoir and it was one that was like it was the equivalent of Niagara Falls in terms of gallons per second to gallons per minute and it's just like that was just one like tributary that was coming out of this thing for us here was they said that like we got a Year's worth of rain in a week golfer Austin honestly a couple times in the last few years and I went on a rant on the Kentucky lake levels when the lake was dropping was like 50% all the homes out at the lake which we never really talked about the lake much on the podcast because it all seems like a couple different cultures and Lake cultures like I have anybody who's in Lake culture but the homes that were out there they just like the property values were just plummeting because this was just like what was the beautiful Lakefront was now a big like gravel front mud and everything else that was out there and then after years of drought it's like this will never change and this is like now permanently the lakes are going to be down it just started raining in 2015 it started raining in like February and it didn't finish writing until May just end it filled all of her legs backup photos like that before and after photos of grout stuff in California the show lakes and then six years later there's nothing like the Sandy floor desert basically with a bridge over it is my my friend in Houston sold his house 12 days before the hurricane hit and the house need to talk to people who sought to completely flooded and run really yeah I know if you heard me talking about the house I'm in now I bought on Friday and it flooded on Monday Memorial Day Memorial Day yeah I bought the house one of these I didn't want to do it like a renovation project so I bought some that was kind of like pretty much the way I remember the first day literally the first did the first day it flooding about that deep in water and I had to like tear out the floor and it was enough to worry about any water gets on the floors today yeah oh man I used to look like like in just a few years ago and now that that would be just completely filled with water is like all filled back up Edward a hundred percent I sound like a lake level at percent now it's 150% chance partying this weekend how little control we have over that you know it's it's like there's a hurricane and it becomes this massive thing like Katrina coming towards New Orleans now Harvey coming to towards the Gulf Coast of Texas there's nothing we can do about like there's literally like if there was an invading Army we can do something about that there's we just have to go to lose weight and also once you're in that thing you like a lot of people in floodwaters like Honey brown how to do go away it's like you don't understand until you're around an overpass that's flooded or some sort of like you know gutter or something like that that's sucking water like my high school football are my high school coach passed in the storm Saturday cuz he was helping people and he was sucked away and he was gone and people like about you know he's missing since last Saturday and I found him like this guy was like 65 strong dude awesome guy RP cook shorten but he said he got tooken away taking way too you know and it's you way way more powerful than you are in the world have more water you know the mass and volume of the tsunami in Indonesia you know and in the mail Dice and that was like that was brutal just like you're just you're in a place where you're not dealing with water and then suddenly your way Steve I think if you go up to your knees and water that's when you basically don't no longer have control over the water wants to take you somewhere it will you just physically did nobody of any size or any level of strength is going to be able to do anything above that level and you can see people worchestire at least waist-high in most of the stuff in Houston Patrick if you guys could look up the the Shoal Creek Saloon from a couple years ago they have the security cam footage of we just had a creek that just like basically overflowed and flooded like a two-block Area country and stuff and it was that was interesting because we the football stadium that kind of went underwater that look like you know and feel Bridge or whatever but it gives you a feeling this footage gives you a feeling of just like how many people get trapped in their homes or whatever has happened it's like it's fully built up over time but then all of a sudden it gets bad very very quickly and you can just see in life we can find a security cam footage that they posted online you can see just like how how quickly things go wrong and he was talking about the like you know people getting sucked down or whatever I remember seeing this. Read it and like totally change because you do whatever it's just like some water you know I like the first half and I watch this relatively so this guy was walking in there was just a manhole cover the waters like you don't like ankle-deep and then it's just gone because there was a manhole cover that have gotten pulled away as all the water trying to pour it in there but it's high enough so that you couldn't see it going and he was walking in the Middle School down and now it's starting to feel like that shit horrified by the creek and you can see it and hear the rain outside and the water's been building up and they're going to Sam just got just Waters comes flooding and fills the whole place up takes all the furniture out like there's a sign I guess going through there and you would have no time to react to that you know it's like this is a lot of stories about 2 years ago Memorial Day seem like that like like I know it's weird but I have this weird fear of being in a boat that capsized is and Turns Upside down and then you go you think you're going out but you're not really are going to the bowels of the ship and like as it's going down and very specific fear I have happened a lot since you know shipping and stuff like that but like mad that kind of being that swirling water socializing just being trapped in those kinds of stories and the people reaching out to each other I just want to call out there's a guy that I grew up watching he'll he's a local businessman he always sponsored everything like sponsored the even like the shity wrestling shows back in the late 80s out of his name is mattress Mac Gallery Furniture in Houston and some national notoriety because when this happened he turned his delivery trucks loose to be rescue vehicles he opened all of his furniture stores for people to come as a shelter yeah that's him and it's like he's like this Legend in Houston that if you grew up in Houston you know mattress Mac and you love this guy and it's so interesting to see other people discover him he's a complete humanitarian it's all National Guard people sleeping on his mattresses I think it's just you know if they're covered in mud ball blind just all I mean look like the nicest Barracks you ever seen because just pillow top mattresses in these National Guard this guy like who built a business from nothing like he had this furniture Empire in Houston and he would avoid while he had this like mattress Mac I get that you would literally go out in a mattress while carved for his face and you would have to go around this business you know the movie with the kids in it what was that called you wear that you like this like down-to-earth you too just like he's big Chuck Norris man who makes sense to me around Houston for a while there and he was you know any kind of big business owner would meet him and be like Chuck Norris this movie I'm going to be in his mattress is Jim mcingvale he provided the crash pad give you money yeah I know is that there's a lot of reaching out and he has been man it's been nice to see these you all the pictures coming out of it and and just people helping each other some of the pictures though and you probably seen you guys have seen this picture before every time there's a flood anywhere or hurricane or anything like that people Photoshop the shark in the water like going down the road and every day every time psych and look there's bull sharks on I-10 it's like fucker since like 99 or something like that trouble and they don't need that need shark they don't need that and also you're not you're not seeing a foot-and-a-half down in flood water you know it's not it's like runoff water it's a tons of dirt in it and among other things do you know you're not able to see the bottom and see a shark likes way around. Have a great white looking sharp just figures that she uses Facebook now and there's so much fake news stories and pictures and things that you posted in there that she thinks they're really just a mean onion article in an onion without redstone what's the one that works like there's some story that went around for awhile this if you did you could jump really high on a certain date is gravity on Earth was going to be like someone was telling me about it but yeah you know it's coming up with a bill to jump really high back day jump height episode of the podcast is brought to you by ProFlowers unique summer rose bouquets or any other bouquet of $29 or more they're colorful rainbow roses are always a hit if you aren't sure what to send someone profile pic cat and ProFlowers gives you more Buck big beautiful flowers with more stems for your money to get 20% off summer roses or any other bouquet of $29 and more go to proflowers.com and use our code teeth at checkout. Proflowers.com code teeth don't wait to make someone's day that's proflowers.com code is teeth guys should learn some flowers flowers do anything for him you know he's like such a giving person it seems like I know it's on the heavily weighted I gave some money to some of that Hurricane Relief organizations whatever and and Chris like you know what you could just you just give it to your mom if you wanted to I didn't think about that like I guess I can it's a weird thing like yeah I get it you know give it to everyone else or like you know my mom lost quite a bit you know it's like wow do I have to help her out early I don't know like what I don't know exactly what the right path an emergency of this magnitude you probably know someone that you could help directly and then that's what I was like man I feel like I know several people that could be help directly but it's it's a weird you also need to help the the the agency that safe in the environment of scale rights organization maybe get that more than if I get my mom 10 but she's like yeah that's fine but get some toilet paper or something easy way if you want to support the Red Cross I did it you can text and I'll look this up so we get the right information or 9699 to text Harvey at 999 and you can donate $10 does it automatically I did it you do it and then it comes back and says thanks Yousef agreed to donate money to Red Cross and he's had to reply yes to it as well zip code so we're working on some things as well I mean obviously you know where Base in Texas weren't Austin we were very very fortunate to be on The Fringe of this unprecedented storm but even just being On The Fringe of it we got what you were saying all the rainfall we normally get the year you know they were for people whose lives were affected on a personal level it's like I had to go to this thing I tried to say I had two jobs hosting job that I had news in Las Vegas right just got back from and I had to go to it's like there's like so many promotion around and everything if there's any possibility that I can you know go I I had an obligation to do it but there were so many times I was like I don't I don't feel I can leave my house right now and everything and the universe was telling me not to go because I had three flight cancellations out of Austin had to drive to Dallas and I got delayed 2 more flights then another flight got cancelled and finally got out at like 9 p.m. to go to this thing so it's just like even just being On The Fringe it like a paralyzed so many different things and then for people who were in the middle of this you know it's just say it's life-changing is a least until Patrick what's the what's the plan right now for we are putting together a GoFundMe page to help out a charity we're still deciding on which charity probably by the time to Sarah's will have it set. So the description will and Link will be on the screen right here got it and in the description as well so I agree listen to the podcast just darling dumping will be there as well to make sure it's going in the right way we have a lot of experience doing it with extra life and some other charity work that we've done and are you guys work with stack up a lot as well you're saying it was nothing worse than what it was yesterday so we do have a lot of experience doing that people here that you know know know how to handle that and do things in the right way so we can do whatever we can to help that we jumped onto the Red Cross texting donation because that was the thing that was said first and we could get on to it quickly and you know who had some time to kind of look at all the Charities and see where we can have the most so that's what we're doing next okay and the meantime if you're going to leave them hopefully that link that we have will be in it something that you can contribute to you but there's a lot of different ways that you can help out if you're concerned about people whose lives were affected in Hurricane Harvey meet me the symbol of you live in the u.s. disaster relief funding that is provided by the government you know those kinds of things it's like now you know what therefore when you see something like this organizations that help people recover from Katrina you know and then they come help people now we don't know I mean we're sitting here recording this late in the week from Friday when we recording this Monday when it airs we don't even know what the situation was reversed the process of figuring out its water recedes just what is what is left for Houston but a lot of cities along the gulf Court Gulf Coast Rockport it was heavily by the hurricane itself Corpus Christi Mustang Island yeah Beaumont right now I really wish I didn't see this and I wish someone had done at you kind of lose perspective for how big is storm is just because of how big is Texas's for something to affect most of the Gulf Coast of Texas if they laid New England over that would literally be every state in New England I think you know and I haven't seen that I would I would like to see someone in another part of the us it's like people just keep saying Texas city it's not it's an enormous enormous amount of land in a huge amount of people are affected by the third largest Nation now it's finally passed the Chicago from what I understand even though it on a smaller scale to helping out wise if you're in Houston or thereabouts like a friend of mine is helping people with their houses tear out like rubber sits in there and help them deal with the flow and everything like you see someone you know a neighbor that and again you have to be local or whatever the case is like you can just go help them you know and then they'll be appreciative of it you know clearing stuff and and and house when it gets flooded is just full of shit just mud and grass and everything's ruined and go blind if you can eat to help your neighbor that goes along way I read it really interesting perspective of someone who was talking about being in a situation where they didn't the power's out all I had was a phone right and so they were trying to get information as quickly as they could one of the things that they used in order to do that for quick dissemination of information was Twitter but they kept getting in the hashtag in the hashtags for their prices were filled with people just saying oh look at this crazy picture of this thing and hashtagging the thing or saying I'm praying for the victims you know and then I'll give me the shark in the water exactly like that kind of stuff or even my calling out like you leave somebody Photoshop this thing a heartbeat and it's like when people don't need that in a time of Crisis let people use that hashtag for nothing disseminating information but then also there's another part of it too which is just I was really supposed to be shocked by and it just I guess it shows the disconnect of people of who have never been in a crisis but I saw people posting like I was I saw a post by Kasey nystat and he said my wife's seven year old father is tracking his house here's his address can someone please help them and it was just like people saying oh my gosh I wish I could do something you know that kind of thing normal expressions and reply couple people in there saying oh my God I'm in the area I'll see what I can do but then there was also a good people that were just like why didn't you evacuate yeah I'm on it or just like I thought that I don't know that much about you know Casey's Life release party is blogging must have come up don't even like it isn't your father-in-law doctor you should be smarter than it's like to just shut the fuck up sometimes you can really help out but just not seeing a fucking thing all subject and blaming the situation no we don't serve a queen Austin that that storm take the left where I mean our houses are all gone and we have this production what I'm having it this week because this place is underwater you know what I mean I mean they specifically didn't tell Houston evacuate because I like when that happen with Katrina and Andy were vacuuming people getting killed in the cars because of the flood waters and it's like there was a reason why they didn't do that you know I mean I'm on the highway on day 4 of Hurricane to predict what the hurricane was going to do and they don't know what's going to happen plus there's a person that has to go like yeah Evacuate the six million people or at least started to be safe than sorry when you're dealing with some really awesome news live somewhere for 30 or 40 Years of your life it's hard to imagine two days ago the underwater like that you live in like you know just Deep in water just hard for anyone to imagine that I could take my son does have a history of hurricane but never seen anything like that makes a nice comedians I would definitely say that they know when there's dark parts of our history that you can go back and make jokes about it 9/11 being the big one is like people got the very sensitive about jokes after the fact once a crisis is the current I can absolutely say that's not the time to stand around and making jokes coming up with the hottest take of what's going on it's just that I was super disappointed to see some of that stuff. and if you like I can just say whatever they want I was asking you know I seen a lot of stuff on the internet as you know my search history one final thought anybody alright well anything that you can do to help contribute to the GoFundMe page that we've set up will make sure that those donations get into the right hands that can help people that are affected by Hurricane Harvey thanks for joining us everybody will see you next week