#456 - Burnie and Ashley Air Their Grievances

Join Ashley Jenkins and Burnie Burns as they discuss their relationship, dieting, who plays more games, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on September 7, 2017, sponsored by Boomerang (http://bit.ly/2jbo0TB), Bombas (http://bit.ly/2jaRTDC), LinkAKC (http://bit.ly/2vWfVYC)

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Transcript (in progress):

hello and welcome to a very well hydrated episode of the rooster teeth Thursday podcast and it might turn into couples therapy you don't know already and Link AKC talk more about them in a little bit how are you doing Ashley are you I'm so hungry hungry the neither of those things are normal for us we're doing a whole 31st September so for the month of September we're trying to eat this whole 30 diet which consists of basically you take the food that you eat and then you remove all the fun stuff and then you eat what's left basically anything that you can't you can't eat so well but it's not just that cuz you know you better sort of Claudia glutamate and lecture you can't have that but you also know sugar like no added sugar so you can have fruit but you can't have like you can't have honey but that's basically just yeah you can have fruit what does no thing to be nothing else no grains of any kind that includes rice no Gary Gary I love cheese I know you do I will eat with crackers and this was something just have fruit makes fun of selfie for this all the time and Sophie was starting it happened she was in my office and I think she was just about to start it I was like it was the day and we both decided to do it the day before she starts I message to see if I could I wanted to see if I could if I could do it if I could beat like beat Sophie Whole30 thing I said I support you I'm a gummy bear I'm a good, you know what you want to do this I will do it with you that way we can do it together and we can support each other and then I found out what it was I just looked I feel like I'm not in any responsibility for this you're in this up for yourself I feel like I'm tied to this this is this is tough all Sophie's fault right pretty much everything is her fault but we're not doing the coconut oil in her hair or the alkaline water there is part of this which training she doesn't wash her hair and then she put coconut oil in it she talked about this where Sophia Sophia reply to talk about this stuff like it so normal because we have professionals at work here I wash my hair today it's like the no poo movement where you live no poo shampoo poo Detroit try to not wash your hair so that your hair doesn't need to be shampooed I don't know yeah so won't be so oily can you use dry shampoo either your head with coconut I put coconut oil in my hair so that it's like a treatment every fifth day oil training is washing your hair once every 6 days yeah but I don't know I'm I might change how I do it I might just stop washing my hair yeah your phone and everything else wrap your head in tin foil or anything like that a lot of people do this it's not that crazy you grow because I don't want to do that I owe you an apology because we did this helicopter thing but we did it the only time we could do it was his time with you and John had something to do what you pretty much had to do Ashley the entire time you were in Las Vegas 8 a.m. one thing a 1 p.m. and then one thing at 5 p.m. so each thing was about an hour but it meant that I couldn't be away for any block of four hours Mark Van with a dude with a gun strapped to him and drive out to the middle of the desert sounds no not yet catch you at all until we cut the yeah you had a big old night and then you went and got IVs for your hangover dystopian future Hunger Games district one should I don't know what it's like it when was oxygen things while you're getting your IV just to like really drive the point home blush but we are but with Sophie literally the only place it seems like we ever travel together is New York City for the rock Santa Monica but that seems like every time we go she's doing something new and challenging long term life hack New York I think there's more support for this like she knew places we could go to feel like I got roped in I got duped into doing this by you like it that's really good that you really liked it but Austin has a wonderful food culture but it's not exactly a whole food culture for the place it's a taco place it's a it's like oh you want donuts we made a whole restaurant Adam Donuts place it's look at all the crazy ways we can make ice cream yeah it's true that's like high-end fast food restaurant you brought me a coffee and you cuz you be brought it to me on glitch please and the flavoring was like cacao cacao and cocoa buffets in that I know I just know that I'd like account nips you can push my opinions cacao chocolate bean which is better for you to get out yet that's what always happens with these things to give you something like this is bad but this is fine to stop eating that need to eat that that was a bad idea nectar Diego everybody's going to sugar and then accepted the human race would like sweet is not good for us pretty much just a little cooler dog running around here somewhere here what's up just got through eating some steak with me and then I left an entire steak on my desk and walk away and then he didn't eat the steak on the desk in the room what do you eating right now don't you like little kids where they just like put it in your mouth you know I can hold anything but you know that's one thing about little kids like if you leave them alone for 2 seconds will take whatever they have in their hand and shove it in your mouth or in an ear speaking of which I was in the airport the other day and they had those little ball super magnets because you're not supposed to go to you soon cuz they might you might swallow them and they get in on opposite sides urine testing or something and start feeling all the attention I think the carpets clean now but you're 7 I mean there's a whole timeline you can look it up really really what it's like and what happened to you and your stay 10 I told you the hump day is when people give up yeah buddy you get past that you get the crazy like endorphin rush the people vs time yeah you're supposed to become like your IV of tiger Bluff Marilyn Monroe quote basically looking at the house make it doesn't to write he's your boyfriend Nathan doesn't actually I was eating just like a normal person Nathan started all of this going to go after him because I'm hungry and I'm angry and I'm really miss I miss one year cheese crackers if you could do it right two years ago we were listening to anyone at the Howard Stern radio show and David Blaine was on and he was talking about this thing he did call the master cleanse and it seems like he was getting ready to go and I don't know some kind of like clear cube in Times Square for a week and so he was preparing himself to fast for 7 days cuz all I would have in there was a tube with water and that was it so he did this thing for like the one where he buried himself under the ground it was just like you six feet underground all he had was a little window to look out and people were can walk over and look down and do it does I seem to have missed those water performer Illusionist well there you go that's what I know he was Master Cleanse which is I think you're supposed to do it for 2 weeks and he did it for 30 or 60 days work you don't eat any solid food you just drink this from memory hear a combination of water Grade B maple syrup cayenne pepper and lemon lemon juice. Thing I know I know that is like a like a like juice cleanse plus and I went seven days and my boss was like said I was standing in a meeting and I just started like rotating one standing like I was like this teacher in Greece like you need something right now I went ate those orange and peanut butter crack first year the orange crackers with peanut butter and for the vending machine horrible diet horrible thing to eat after 7 days of no food you like just like if my crush through my body and is I Can't Describe like my buddies grabbed onto it but Jeff was like 3 o'clock one of the days he's got done I can't do it and I was like come on it cuz you got to last longer because basically skipped breakfast that's all you've done and he was like I can't take it I'm out I'm out I'm out so I gave up immediately try it again see if you can try and go like 30 or 40 days without you food what kind of gross and pepper really takes over the top I think he's not that bad that bad satiated and I feel like I ate just now at every meal starving it's been a long time since like the weirdest things about when you go into the workforce is you it's time for lunch so you go to lunch and you just eat because that's your time to eat this is like I need to eat food right now I'm starving to death so badly we'll see. So far is so far okay dokay 6 days into this the back of a potatoes I think I'd probably be out already but I have potatoes know how a lot of potatoes and that's cool it's not sustainable it's like you know right now he's like covered in bruises you guys so many this is my my favorite guy care for my file and then quite an impressive out of my leg about to get more cuz it just did a session of Krav Maga with Eddie and my Knuckles already I like I just bruise like a peach yourself in the last like these Knuckles and then if you want these ones they're all little and in Petoskey right to really good shot with Eddie today he's teaching two more classes before he comes to work next morning yeah it's amazing it's like you feel cold. I really like it mean like a super strong as well but the way they would be teaching me how to have someone like pointing a gun at you how to move yourself out the and push that hand and he light blinking he doesn't it was crazy and I was like a fumble Ian rubbish and he comes to work and mild-mannered Eddy Riva like writer and overall super nerd costume from my my hero Academia there we go if you want to talk to us on this this is the last final Thursday podcast and go home do you want him what that no he's he's by everyone that this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast use me is brought to you by Boomerang boomerang video app offering Timeless cartoons and new original animated series if you need some cartoon catharsis boomerangs got animals falling of Wylie Coyote said Tom and Jerry and Scooby Snacks with the Mystery Incorporated crew you can find Boomerang on web Mobile Apple TV Amazon Fire Roku and Chromecast visit Boomerang. Com / promo and use the promo code rooster to start your free trial today that's boomerang.com promo using the promo code rooster to get your free trial sponsored last time I was in the podcast was the first time I think I'd read from Boomerang for so you don't like you and I got anything on it was on Nickelodeon so I watched it wasn't always old cartoon but it was a lot of like the classic Disney Roadrunner stuff if they if they had it Looney Tunes yellow so much Looney Tunes old TV series Green Acres Gilligan's Island a lot of the stuff that was on it was just a block of classic TV show that they showed I love those I went through a huge phase of black and white movies and I was all like for the first time I grow up to be damned if I don't I didn't like when I was a kid I would regularly watch stuff like three stooges and Little Rascals sounds like TV that was 40 years old animated gifs to me I suggest when you're in the room I'm not making you do anything I'm doing it to be a good person like food regimen I think you tend to do things to try to get yourself back to what you were eating and you overcompensate that way but this is my crutch food like everyone on Atkins with bacon non-stop which you know well it's low carb is probably not the best strategy you can also eat healthy Eddie low-carb but for me it's like I need a lot of nuts and seeds which are probably not the best for the floor or not I need to find Bernie I follow the trail of pistachio shells you have full permission unless you're going to be in our house if you find pistachio shell anywhere put take a picture of a post it and I will you I will give you a dollar you please let the revenue generation you know you'll just stand over the counter is just start shredding them dig their shrapnel flying everywhere I could come now it's true it's true what I just want you to be like the quality of man that you're dating that I like you're very delicate that's what happened tell me doing this I have been I know I've been not eating great and like I look in the mirror and I gave squishy way instead of muscle weight and then I just won't get mad at myself and then I get sad and go eat some potatoes so it wasn't because I'm unhappy I'm unhappy because I eat a Scottish accent but you're Scottish what that I was born in the Plaid is your favorite color but we discovered something since we've lived together spoiler alert that I am really good DIYs at making decisions in the grocery store or in a restaurant and I'm terrible about those decisions at home I'm eating if I'm in the grocery store and there's a box of Cheez-Its I'm not going to buy the box of Cheez-Its and I know by the Box cheese it doesn't come to the house you know I will eat a hundred percent of them today I like all of them before and then I didn't eat all of them when you have something yeah cuz I'm the opposite I will buy anything at the store and then make it last for 2 months or so that I have is it eating your food is that bad. It makes me the maddest cuz I go to eat it and then I don't have it to eat and then I'm mad cuz I just got happy I don't believe I never pick them up and just to want to show you I made you a lovely dinner last night it was really nice you were wrapped up in your recording you said you were recording footage of Destiny 2 for the no partial part of the opening and then I wanted to play further into the game and take some game capture from different locations so the European Dead Zone in Titan thank you very much to me I think what I do is I get on one game and I plan on stopping 7 Days to Die like pretty heavy but you broke that now but yeah I don't have really bad around there on time I just kind of bad about that cuz I feel like it was like a little bit of a turn-on Battlegrounds where people were like it got kind of be cool to hate it for a while I was you I wouldn't feel bad about it they just passed like 10000000 10011001 past Doda I think it's going to be okay without you I don't know how I feel I know this is a lot of fans I just don't care about that it's fine you don't have to care about everything why would a person John are you Emoji to play what might write that was the big mobile that was the most likely I never got tried to get into like dodo and league but that wasn't any suggestions Mike about what we're doing for 7 Days to Die we started this mess that up you verified that Twitter account with my phone number I forgot to turn off text notification and then tweeted out that you started it I had hundreds of text notifications I got every single one of you please please turn it off my phone is dying it is literally vibrating to sell it to death by I started it but you took it over where do another 7 Days to Die Server 7 Days to Die server it's alive it's like it's like out today last time I jumped in a few days ago it was already up to date 96 something about 7 Days to Die Torino what does that mean with a server for anyone is on it as long as one person is in it to in Minecraft it might know it's because it's dedicated server elsewhere it's it's it's when someone logs in it goes so that's why it's up to date like we actually I jumped in with a bunch of people and jumped in a day before the next iteration of seven days and I've never played some of the side that far into a game and we held up in like a mine room and I Rob Zombie that never seen before the zombies that come after you and especially these what is a blood Harvest event that happened with a massive heart of all like the toughest zombies that come out here and you have to basically spend your six days preparing for that night they automatically automatically come at you as well as opposed to other zombies which will not come at you unless they find you they'll just charge you an Evite they all have a house party at your place zombie games strong words that have no personal interest in playing them and I get scared easily so I do this 7 Days to Die is a lot of them nothing of you like doing sandbox creation stuff and you're just minding rocks everything and then all of a sudden scared of your mind by a pack of dogs rushing you from behind to me it's like 7 days to die when it does well is it's like crafting for a purpose purpose whatsoever you just crafting craft 7 Days cycle build that because even though you live through the 7th Day of like the blood moon or whatever you then it's going to be scale in seven more days and you have to fill out to that so you are you're constantly like saying how much you pepper prepared you're at your house to be safe to how much you can go out and explore for new schematics and stuff we now have I'm at the point in that game where I'm out there was a moment where I sit like an arbitrary goal for myself and then I hate it I'm done with the game the game has no end so you have to determine where your at five nights in a row when I do that. And I think I said that I'm going to head to three in a row so then we got to 5 and I was like I am done I hit my arbitrary goal which doesn't make any sense so now I have this feeling of completion for me it was like I was on the world is 1000 km across 840 ever play in the game for probably a couple hundred hours over the course of the last year-and-a-half and I'm only like 800 km in like I'm not doing 25% of what I've already done in order to get this achievement 15% correct you better at math than I am thanks buddy wow we just we just reinforce gender roles does your moped in the game I'm sorry your sweet ass motorcycle how dare you are you making fun of me you play a game that you there's a cat that turns into a car what is that stupid Persona game you're playing I am no longer playing Persona 5 I beat it and save the world thank you very much I now playing for somebody breaking into a car that turns into a regular going backwards now in this game you playing Persona 4 I jumped into the series on 5 and I liked it so much that I was like well this is on the Persona 4 Golden on the Vita games being played in the background the whole time I heard that Persona 3 it like it shows age and I probably don't want to do the ones before that goes like to remind tree however there is the entire shin Megami tensei serious which Persona is a spin-off of this coming to us which there is a new persona Q game coming to 3DS do you want me to continue dancing night speaking dancing not to cut you off if you go get more on the list of boy saving the world by going into TVs need cell phone it was great sorry I'm just trying to be a team player it's a gif it's a gift I don't like someone comes after me saying you're pronouncing wrong I told him why I pronounce at the way that I do I feel like you guys are coming after me for it I have defended My Honor the wrong for you to meet me where you do with you like alright so the gaming subreddit yeah with that day with him dancing and dodging bullets in Destiny it's a pretty fantastic little 17 second day of the year is it was a Christian Bale one on PC so I'm waiting for October you were going to division of the company called the know which what is the cross-platform thing that Destiny it's like if I have it on the Xbox which I was happy about because I was worried that with the cross-platform PC coming out a month-and-a-half later than everybody who's on Console has all this time to build up their power level and then when I get in October or they'll be like I'll be just a baby she says not know there was a rumor that you'd be able to take your character across nothing you could cross play so if you aren't busy couldn't play with you could take your character and then you know anybody that was actually one of the reasons that I ended up getting the PS4 version the other reason being that we have a PS4 pro at home when I wanted it to be really pretty and we don't have an Xbox One X yet so by the way I pre-ordered one I ordered one but I got the PS4 version and my intention was I know that like I figured and JD would want to eventually play on the PC version and I was like I'll just get all the meal cool like max levels and stuff and then be able to help like boost everyone and like power level everyone up and now I will not do that here while I will be a scrub like everyone else on PC with us cuz I didn't either it just matters where you are relative to your own friends that like in your fireteam in people that you raid with and things like that so who's your team the only thing different is that a thing like you friends you hang out with Destiny before I don't really have an Xbox One at home but I don't really plan on it ever going to fucking hipster on the movie that you were talking about equilibriu Bean in the first 5 seconds because they decided that feeling is what made war and so now they just don't feel and everything is peaceful normal and they burn books and painting and art in anything that might make people feel and then it turns out there's an underground he's intent on saving feeling but thank God is Awesome movie really cool socks hey how often do you think about your socks if you're like I used to be not much but we should be we recently discovered socks to change the way that will think about socks forever then called bombas bombas are the most comfortable socks in the history of feet made from premium cotton bomba stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer and every pair comes with a built-in blister tab Innovative arch support stay up technology and a seamless With Many Colors patterns links and styles Bomba the gym at the office and out on the town bomba star what feet daydream about and for every Bob at first you make bomba still needs a pair to someone in need and keep being with the best socks in the history of feet bombas buy one pair or four at bombas.com today and get 20% off your first purchase that's bombas. Com / RoosterTeeth for 20% off bombas.com Rooster Teeth so that's really you're the boss I'm wearing the bombas socks and I really like the socks wearing it sucks I'm really short Socks today so will they have they have a no show socks and I've also got once I've got the boat shoes that are like I always have trouble finding socks for cuz I'm lying with my shoes on a daily basis and that would be a surprise to me that would be I would be impressed with myself for managing to keep an entire boat hidden I'm not sure what the purpose of having a whole bunch of what you think is the most the biggest thing about you Malik skeletons in the closet sucks I'm sure there's plenty of us when I was in 8th grade I wrote a writing contest I wrote the girl got sucked into a game and died what happened if you just disappeared not just like body dropped to the ground just like she disappeared into the computer and then died High School literary magazine thing and it got published in that and I have no idea where that is I would love to find it and we just had terrible it is drink it up Jimmy still liar like a sexual thing you like big girls or super the horses I was like well it's a natural progression I think yeah loving horses horses what is the story with that horse in it let me write it and feed it and go blub blub blub blub blub when you out of my hands and yeah I would think it was gigantic and Majestic and I read Black Beauty And My Friend Flicka actually My Friend Flicka I was when is a book or do you have a friend named Flicka nerd and Elementary School 4th grade teacher but me I couldn't read the my friends like it was like a 400-page book which for 4th graders a lot of pages and she couldn't read it in a week and I totally did not showed her and I'm sure she was like great good for you felt like I did it you don't think I can do it I did it more than I really like horses yourself but you can't lie to get me three City website but it was a real weapon games well that's the thing or did you think the content didn't get any tree sexual content is your Shadow run think you are you fix your credentials know I made an entire website in fact I used it as like he was also like a like an exercise that I was teaching myself different programming languages and that website I think I was teaching myself I was doing Pearl at that point so I was teaching myself and I was admitted website and databases like didn't like it integrate the date of SQL databases and all that sort of stuff and so it was a project of learning like I would like to do this I don't know how I should learn how to do this any mediately implement it so is also that kind of project and I made my very first night was like I just did one fan site for American McGee's Alice and then people liked it and said you want for this and this and this and if I did a couple of them and then I just felt like I'd General gaming with it didn't last very long and then that's how I got to be coming up frag doll that was a really super related except that I did end up having a fan site for shadowbane and playing in the beta for that and then some of the Developers for that because it was published by Ubisoft told me that he was off with casting for frag dolls and so then I submit an application for that because you can't ask for headshots or photos in a normal job application that's really interesting I never thought about that before it's if you ask for anything like appearance-wise it has to be a casting but casting it's only going to be in that regard when you were teenagers starting off in all the right tools to do different level but was being a pretty girl who plays video games with this in the enormously valuable thing for you growing up or were you like reviled in a in high school a bunch of dudes in my JavaScript classes and how clueless I was because I couldn't find JavaScript on the like on the syllabus I would like I took HTML to learn how to do basic web sites and stuff and I couldn't find it JavaScript and Java class turns out they're not the same thing just so you know I was completely useless and it but a bunch of the dudes in the class they were all playing Starcraft and I was like I don't have Starcraft but I do have a space game called home early I'm going to install that on the computers and so I basically played Homeworld in class why does go through type this in here and do this and it's just a list of basically told you step by step by step how to complete these exercises I feel like every computer class early on was like you was you. work until you just all broke down and played games fun fact I don't know cuz I was really my very first giving friend is I had a holiday job at a is like one of those are cold sores a head like a book section and here's a DVD Section music section had a game section and so I got a part-time like a holiday job in the gaming section of that store that's the closest I ever got I always aspired to work somewhere really awesome like babbage's but I want the baby there you go you're going to check out good check out the idiom to take him home I can't do that I want me to go to another friend and that's sort of like how I built a circle of friends I didn't go to school with any like no one I went to school with I played games with his real tragedy with exception of fifth grade with me over at my friend's house playing on her oh my God yeah yeah it was but I was in like 7th graders playing ultimate games it was we were there was like four of us in the corner of the cafeteria that we talked about it very much too and we didn't like we wouldn't raise our voice over a certain level of Ragdoll how much is it for a long time I really wasn't for years with no oh God no there so I started 2004 and our first frag doll to leave was cat Hunter like me 5 or 6 months you just didn't want to do that competitive thing and went off to come anything and is now married to Chris metzen delete creative on the warcraft franchises can you retire and we go ahead open up see if I should know what I'm talking about family and stuff but yeah I saw I was there for 4 years I was for the first to leave and then went off to Australia for x Xbox in Australia over there but that's where we met yes so I was Australia 2008-2012 move back 2012 and then started dating this dude like 2 weeks after I moved back and eventually left my job for him let me explain that that you make that sound like I like for should leave your job we could only go 2 weeks apart like every second weekend we had to see each other in different places like a bouncing from place to place is basically and then you ended up at IGN it was your job energy from a community gig in Australia your last year there was for Hocking right immediately after Microsoft and then wasn't really feeling that and then IGN Headhunters me you know one of the things I don't think you can talk about this when we talk about anyway when you moved from Australia from San Francisco to Austin you move all the way from Australia we had we had to pay back half of that so he had to Ransom me some money back and then you can work so this is something I have to take to bring this up but I feel like you know for talking about stuff we should talk about which is I think that you have if you have had to deal with things over the over the last year few years they were to Richie's words like because we're dating there's like I think there's sometimes the impression from the audience that likes you have had the stuff that you've Builder the stuff you've built is because you're dating me to give it some time when in reality it's completely the opposite do you think is holding you back at this company things like we're really careful to him about like there are specific things like we don't involve each other in like you and I are not involved work wise men together but kind of that was different like that was that was GameStop came and said if we know we'd love for you to do this posting thing which was really just like giving away stuff between between their conference sessions and then you were actually hosting the show and those were criticize you or anything but I'm just want to tell you that I like it Kevin Pereira high like a confetti machine how dare you compare me to Kevin Pereira how dare you in public deprecating he is I love it when we can do that if you want what do you know and don't want to dead neutral on the Kevin pereir discussion I'm just giving you a hard time I actually didn't know you were doing love GameStop conference the first and you didn't know I was going to stop conference the first individually as a work thing cuz I don't Gamble and nothing it's like that's just like cuts to the core moves like I just wasted $10 and it's like this we would do that for hours it's like I can't handle it I can't handle it you know I don't really get into it so I just skip it entirely so for me the appeal of Vegas is the show's I really like the shows and and what which we were eating when we were there and then you stopped eating regular good food walking my office and just eating a state that's on my desk at the moment today hey I feel back in the morning t-shirt on this with you and I was like I went to pack a different shirt to wear for the podcast and it didn't make it in the car today so I feel like I should I dress down for your one-on-one podcast and I thought that doesn't feel right to me I'm sorry about that that's very nice of you if it makes you feel better I forgot we were doing the podcast and I just wore this right okay I want to remind everyone that this episode of the podcast is also sponsored by linkakc everybody knows how much Gus loves his dogs Oswald and Benjamin Gus was telling me he was on the lookout for cool functional accessories for his dogs and he came across this awesome new collar called linkakc and it's not just a color back by the American Kennel Club linkakc color is a GPS locator 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Com and use code RoosterTeeth save 30% on your order with free shipping that's code RoosterTeeth this company to save 30% on your order with free shipping at linkakc. Com linkakc. Com Rooster Teeth podcast so you know what this would have actually been you know a thing that a friend of mine could have used because I had a friend who lost a dog during Hurricane Hardy and we lost we lost animals can Panic throwing stuff and they hadn't evacuated but they just the dog got out cuz of just you know I guess I guess they can send stuff and it's like they had a GPS locator though they can find it I actually having animals think humans are weird like that or something you see all the animals start freaking out they know something's coming you think I really hate dummy why are you like why are you not reacting to this because you'll be sitting there its like 1 in the morning you're in like reading a book or playing a game or something like that the cats next to you it's completely dark in the house and then the captain says this and then runs and it's like what the hell did the cat see if I can feel the Catholic did you not see that Spectre whatever that walked by and takes off and you like just sitting there like a dope reading your book you know one of my favorite things infection is the way different stories will address something like that like what is it that cats see these are they seeing ghosts are they seeing another dimension are they seeing some sort of like some form of living being that only exists as Vapor or the just freaked out all the time are we keeping score I like a lot but shows like overall better cat not getting to be a good cat for everyone I appreciate the nutmeg I appreciate the number gloves at me the absolute most and the like I'm the center point of her life and how does it ride we recognize me and then I hope that's how you from what did what did you do for your king of Joe confetti cannon smoke machine wonderful time T-shirt cannon a full day before Troy Baker yes it turns out for Baker's actually a voice actor Persona 4 which I'm playing right now it's the it was a cool thing to learn he plays konji konji konji whatever how much did he know Red versus Blue Ruby I love you seen those that's pretty good this and I thought about on the last trip to LA which is really surprising Hannah Hart who I don't associate is being a game at all in Norma's Last of Us man absolutely loves Last of Us I think the last of us is the kind of games that a lot of people who aren't hardcore Gamers can enjoy because it is it's very very tightly focused experience you can play through it and then it ends and you don't have to commit hundreds of hours to enjoying it but it will tell you a lovely story you'll have a like a great time while you're playing it and then you know and it doesn't ask the world of you also for someone like you who doesn't like zombie games are horror games which song is this you would not play it on your own but you did a thing where you watched all the cutscenes with me like a movie after I finish the game only one part of the story that was not told in the cutscenes it's when Joel gets hurt not to spoil anything but like I can get a really good idea of what was going on in and going through it but I didn't hear anything about how about you Misses in the no wait for his last of us to come out when it's ready at the date. Now that the internet Twitter is busy ranking me in the Troy Baker Kevin Pereira world so I don't I'm not going to watch it that's it I'm done I'm out and about getting close to the end to hear anything that makes it seem so lame but that's like the worst come to worst complain about me then I'm completely wrong for what else can I see what Elsa angry about sometimes after you go to bathroom you leave the bathroom light on because the door so I don't know someone's in there and sometimes I really have to go and then I have to go find another bathroom and that takes me like an extra 10 seconds really it's a real problem but never came up before I thought we were airing your grievances I mention of late anyway it's considered mentioned in case of emergency kit under the rim of the ceramic hand-building Pottery performance review you still sitting in front of the whole seats up she'll stay in front of the toilet and Meowth sadly but if the seats down she will get up there and she will drink out of the toilet to her heart's content which is disgusting but I also acknowledge that she looks around butthole she'll probably be fine that that people get upset wouldn't animals do that I don't worry about that at all I can tell Ashley we lost our fish that we we got these fish with the house that came with the house somebody tried to do something to help the fish and they made a mistake and we saw and figure out who did this they feel the pain back up with like tap water and then left it running through replaced all the treated water with tap water which fish don't like tap water and they live dying of not liking that I think they died of their gills burning that's horrible feeder fish in the fish got on Buried by something and it ate them something big something big something that could move the stones he suspect I'll talk to you about that off for you then we went out we bought instead of three big fish we have 30 of little goldfish and I can see the security cameras today that have raccoons eating the fish out of the pond it was him he was going did the guy for the sake of the story this either raccoon he's eating a fish out of the pond store of their stuff in the video with the wreck stuff and then I grab some cotton candy to go to wash it and I have seen the cotton candy disappear and I thought that was hilarious raccoon had it comin especially if it was eating a little fish before him you feed those fish every 3 days that was a previous fish current fish with feet everyday well you're supposed to feed them everyday if you go on vacation they will be fine without food for a couple of days they're like cats now we feed our cats every day and trash Panda and you know what if it's a fish eating trash Panda it deserves to be a little bit sad may I guess the raccoons wash stuff when they're not around so I don't know you're going somewhere with this fish story upgrades of fish that required to be fed every day like are we were busy people would you make better decisions in this I don't get me wrong I like to fish and you know there's one in particular that I like the fish yeah but it's like it's going to mess this up I was already so no fish for one with the exception of this morning do you have not had to feed the fish once I feed them every single time and I looked on the internet what does it a very credible places for information and it said that if they can go several days without food if necessary it's not preferable so I'm trying to fatten them up a little bit and you know it's like make sure that they have them nice regular diet so that if we have to go on vacation and they miss it feeding or two they will be totally fine you just reminded me of it you acting like I didn't I don't feed the fish you feed the fish everyday and I appreciate that you do that I also by the way we going to face for all the time in her house like I cooked you dinner last night it was very delicious dinner and I thank you for it and cleaned up did you give me the nice little Half Moon I absolutely no food no, too bad at all you just like you just Army bear eating your food you were so hungry by the time you got to dinner you didn't make a single comment about it you just started like to thank you for making dinner how dare you 5 minutes in the dinner you think before making dinner . initially you have no room for anything I should know pistachio nuts because the Roomba goes at 2 p.m. Burning Lights and all that stuff I like to have everything in the house I even got our sprinklers now or I can run it off my smartphone I got to say I got to say stupidest thing we have is a room the Roomba is the dumbest thing we have these rumbas and it's just like the thing is dumb and it just like your kids jam places and it's always gone missing like we have to go to hunt for this thing when it's it's the same as he sells it will it manages to get itself all tangled up and cables and then I just dyed it'll time sadly for a while and then die we we lost it for several weeks I think under a couch well you know we've got we've got an Alexa and football you like me more than you know me a little bit plump Alexa Simon Says Bernie smells like poop I feel bad how Alexa never ever ever listen to you the first time she really does but then you're like talking over the top of each other and that's even worse reason Alexa does not like either it's like my my tone of voice maybe she just doesn't like my attitude I really not sure what it is I try and be polite I say thank you when I ask Alexa for things in and she just won't she won't listen she just does not like me it's got a grudge you don't does it bother you when people don't in the state of voice recognition when you start talking to a computer and they don't get quiet like they just continue to talk over the do no top like saying whatever they're going to say the robot right Jack the robot needs my attention at the moment I have to speak to the robot from Sugar Pine 7 there might be a little bit I'm not sure what's going on there he likes cars car person is trying to show him how I had hooked up one of the cars to the Alexa which is why it's very cool any ideas how does it work and I say I came here on the chair I said Alexa ask my car you go so you can just tell me what to do and I'm like yeah doesn't work Alexa ask my car he does can you just ask it anything I didn't understand I guess it doesn't work that well or like you jackass you talk to her every time I was trying to like that I think you kind of got trolled with them when in doubt that rolling you yeah right right turn knock me down a peg Kennedy you think you think with that headband she's not exactly so he was he was he was remarkably by my Alexa integration back to the worst this is your chance you can Ambush me with anything at all with crazy things to Ambush you with on the podcast but if you want to buy anything we want to thank you for watching the Rooster Teeth podcast pin code on my phone you changed yours I did it's retaliatory stitches and I didn't care enough to change it to 4 so I just added to the mysterious so mysterious mysterious was like you were upset with me and I didn't know I thought your phone all the time it's just like there was a thing where I needed to use a phone yours with your by sociologists use the code no you can't do that I've been outside the circle trust can I just found out at that moment the last time I broke my phone couple months ago maybe where you trying to hide things from me know probably probably you think so probably you think so yeah I know because your phone car will play your form for you. It take it easy take it easy for somebody was saying that they every porn video should begin with five seconds of music so you know when you have time when you go to play a video and he did a timeline for the video starting at that video loading video head and starting videos buffering anytime the volume buttons are when you're in your in your ringer and then as soon as the video starts then I was in the volume of different volume so that you can never turn down a your volume on your phone in anticipation of a video about to start but we all know what he's talking about you talking about born that's why I'm not even identify with the volume in the ringers and stuff everybody else knows I'm talking about volume to zero my ringer off and just the phone set to vibrate at all times anyway cuz otherwise I get super confused whenever I hear your alerts go off I'll check my phone and so if mine is just silence and on vibrate when I don't worry about it too I don't pay attention to it and you know what ignoring all my alerts makes me happier person really frustrates me I don't ever text you unless I need something it's like we don't we don't sit there and text all day we see each other so much should be happy that I'm enjoying my life rather than living tied to a phone place in all that stuff but occasionally I need some answers for something you don't mean I just need to like this what do you want for dinner that kind of thing you want to pick something up on the way home cuz then you'll tell me you had picked us up and then I forgot it from probably Oriole Oriole pick it up and go eat it before I get home alright what I said Ashley thank you for joining me for a one-on-one podcast first couple therapy goes I think this was I think we've had worse ones than this that's for sure days what a year-and-a-half ago we'll talk about it all that much I don't know how to plan a wedding was that mean I think I might buy a book I don't know nothing you can do with your point of all this other stuff is just like you we never like we don't have a date or anything like that I'm not listening I'm just thinking of our anniversary next year we think it's the 23rd of September if you remember the 23rd of September 2018 alright alright I was going to buy some of that you know about like this like girl horses that aren't you just like like genetically is like when the when there's a wedding it's like you just like something kicked in is not happen no that's like you're making some assumptions I am I wrong between the two of us I have no idea what to do about weddings and your cute baby crazy call Shell Bell be a good way to have in the post-show you know I have I think of myself as having a business brain but an artist's heart which you know makes me like sometimes I like it quick to get angry you know and then also my heart might be kind of stupid in some cases as well and you're very extremely patient with me you've always been very patient and supportive of me and I appreciate that I'm yours right in 5 years since September 23rd so congratulations to you guys on the Thursday podcast this is the last one for our summer of experiments of having an additional podcast once a week if you like it let liked it let us know and maybe we'll figure out something else we can do I would like to do the one on one format a little bit more like to do that instead of the game time thing that we committed to for first week but we'll see anyway thank you for joining us tonight and thank you for joining us every Thursday this past summer everybody