#457 - He Loves Barbies

Join Gus Sorola, Jon Risinger, Blaine Gibson, and Barbara Dunkelman as they discuss toys from their childhood, controversies, shooting guns, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on September 11, 2017, sponsored by Blue Apron (http://cook.ba/29J4MMj), Casper (http://bit.ly/2bgC0nt), NatureBox (http://bit.ly/2jjKxOn)

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Transcript (in progress):

you blow my mind by Blue Apron Casper and NatureBox Barbara so far away from you so far I like being close to God she misses you guys can get to each other just recently and then done right into it I knew you're so stupid. Bring anything you like to say something racist I heard PewDiePie PewDiePie said the n-word during a stream or something like it's like a very polarizing subject you know anything at all I was playing the video at lunch I think for Adam Bair to show him what happened and then Barbara was walking by with her plate look on your face because I didn't I didn't know that happen I was completely out of touch this weekend cuz it's an option but I was grabbing my plate of food and sit down at the table I hear very loudly the N word come from your phone and did you know that's rough another word for it I don't understand the people defending the situation situation and I think there's there's die hard to defend their their celebrities and their icons to The Bitter End I mean it was like the Chris Brown fans were like defending him right away and he literally had pictures of a bloody woman that went along with it and so it's just there's there's there's two people that defended in the end of the people that that that are automatically set to think that the internet wasn't a proportion the internet does on occasion and so they just automatically go well you're just blowing this out of proportion and take a joke not really appropriate to babysit little more hurt anything that shows how easily he just dropped that into normal conversation and normal like you know nomenclature for you if not from that comes up so I can easily without oh I'm sorry I should have said that I'm sorry I feel like when you know that guys reach the level of like Fame and Fortune know that I feel like he's transcended the normal rules of humanity like he doesn't care that the Trump effect looks like you've reached this level of like being Untouchable that it's just like when did you and I collectively get to that point no work for a while I made a tweet early today because like when that happened like was on the livestream someone had just donated money this is the worst time donation ever he was donating for it popped up over and over PewDiePie been accused of racist ship many times before we or is it like the Prejudice come back into fashion in a big way in America lately fascism I've never watched costume party and there was like a whole theme that they were all dressed as characters from a TV show it off but it was it was it was as a joke but that's not a really good outfit to ever wear as a joke unless you're being filmed by RoosterTeeth so they were so I'm reading his explanation he said I'm absolutely devastated this caused offense to anyone the picture was taken 14 years ago on our way to a comedy TV shows theme New Year's Eve party was dressed up as characters from the classic TV Show Ello ello ello ello balloon knows me knows I'm pretty proud of your efforts. Including my own grandfather who fought against the Nazis during the War I don't know how that's something I was taking 14 years ago you were in your thirties or forties even there was a some K-pop group a few years ago too I think where they had a music video where they were all dressed up like Nazi officers yeah and they were like that I don't I don't know how you how you how you ever dress up like that and then get photo or video evidence of it ever taken I'm currently racking my brain for mine but I'm going to throw this question out there and see if you guys can answer it if you have someone in mind what's the stupidest thing that you descended were you were just clearly fucking wrong we still defended it I think so I'm not saying I'm wrong for defending the women screening of Wonder Woman but the way I explain myself for defending it was wrong we talked it on just the discussion kind of went off the rails were drinking and I I was very much like girl power and the way I tried to back it up I think was wrong and I publicly I'm saying that big thing I defended I was wrong about was blade and my tattoo my blade tattoo on the back of my neck what what I said was because like women have been discriminated against in like have had all this history of not being able to participate in a lot of things that were justifying that because we've experienced that it's okay that now other people are discriminated against which was not what I was trying to say I did came out completely wrong yeah I think you're still fine though Scott signed to officially DirecTV Wonder Woman sequel release date Galaxy Note is adorable. Every time I can never remember you showed me once and it's it's yeah she was but she is absolutely adorable and social media or she's an interview and she's just I love her I love you like a nice person I had to work news that she auditioned for furiosa to awesome and plus like I feel like that might have muddled things for her getting Wonder Woman maybe I don't know how that turned out as Wonder Woman her meeting the little girl dresses Wonder Woman I think of that like San Diego, so admirably there's no video because it's okay we're friends were together don't worry about it yeah she's like super sweet and Aquaman's down there like the videos during the whole press junket for Wonder Woman of her and Chris Pine for some of the most fun like press screening interview several watch because they obviously through the filming of the show her and Chris Pine got very familiar and friendly and and and became good friends and so to the point where Chris would often have fun with her broken English that she would even have fun with this well and so they're little interactions when she would say like really cute ways of raising things yeah it was just fantastic the same like those the duo press screening things that happened that when to like awesome people just gets diluted on this person the best it's kind of like when Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds were on the Press screening for life and we're just getting absurd and silly and giggly like two little girls had a good time there's also been some long and strenuous to the point that the celebrities that are being interviewed Janine I get sad and tired yes I said some shit in like I don't know he said something to the effect of black widows like a sweater or something like that remember that I think I remember the context of it and I I feel like I could kind of like I I could get with the joke he was trying to make was but it didn't land so he got some shit for that yeah yeah I remember I went to Iowa to Newark, no, Khan and a lot of was like hey I've got a surprise for you okay and I didn't know what it was and I keep on guessing throughout the day and like if you know all these things were going on like Blade Runner was there and Justice League was there that I got all these big movies were promoted being stuff like that so we go into a room that I can we shoot in your life show at and we sit down in like everybody's kind of like sitting in there soon waiting around and in walks fucking Harrison Ford what she's like Villanueva or whatever is the director of the new feel like when it happened I was like yeah it was like he was supposed to be oh my oh my gosh. I'm literally grout as he will buy oh wow yeah it's pretty cool so you mentioning all these big movies what do you think some direct Star Wars Episode 9 super okay with tomorrow getting booted because I feel like she just doesn't fit like I feel like you got JJ Abrams you get Ryan Johnson trevarrow Justin really make sense like dressy part of world was like okay but I don't think it's like Star Wars quality I don't even use the right director for it it was just it was just like the script Park it's like about family and and like it's just like really it's a normal performances and I had a lot of meeting at heart to it in Jurassic world is just like pressing all the Nostalgia buttons and it would like those I think a lot of those big tent pole production things in like Blockbusters to tell like I think a lot of it's easy to say it's the directors fault but there's a there's a lot of fingers in the budget get that big everyone has a huge interest saw the Jeep I saw the T-Rex that was great and then I watched you get on the plane I was like Oregon to The Dalles in comparison that seems like that was really busy cuz usually I mean the group usually play off of each other more funny being in a group that I have watching it sure can't be in group Aliens versus Predator Alien versus Predator was like the fucking shit when it's all computers and such a terrible movie I think about it is if you're on a plane and Jurassic Park and Jurassic world are playing at the same time which is the one you tune in to watch but yeah so I'm okay with him leaving or butt and quicker I think the click click click click click click I probably won't come back Ryan Johnson seems like he's having fun with eight depending on the success like I feel like they might approach him on it immediately like I like the process I have immediately that it comes out cuz episode 9 has a release date of May 2019 or less than two years away at this point I don't see them pushing no because I feel like right now the it supposed to come out in May like summer I mean I don't have a problem with them releasing in Winter and I feel like it's not like you have no competition during the winter what is supposed to come out there in about 20-30 for 6 years for leaving Alex feel better so I can see that but yeah as opposed to like we got Darren Aronofsky Direct good David Lynch know I like often would like the director's part ways because of like it's cuz of creative differences cuz they weren't doing with the 4th at the studio would want it I would be the quickest announcement will Ikea I feel like Disney's looking for people that are like company men and I think that's why they picked up Ron Howard like I feel like he was a safe move cuz he's not like that he's not crazy to Lauren Spencer were available for that kind of like a headline texting they wanted to get like the big splash totally right now no give me give me 10 years I'd like my ultimate goal in life is to dress 10 more seasons of million dollars but Star Wars movie Red Carpet Premiere I'll see the movie and I'll shoot myself in my life I can't go up from there okay God blade what's wrong with you it's what I want to do with my life there's nothing more that I want to do except for direct the Star Wars movie Jesus alright that's probably. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend anybody. Really doing a buried after that what do you what do you want me to add you want me to pick up the okay so I have I prepared something for the podcast change the tone okay as in John's here to help playing today that were filming is the 11th of September tomorrow bring up the new John bring it up here we go September 11th tomorrow is the 12th messed my birthday I didn't know I brought you guys birthday present as a very special birthday and turning 33 it's not a special birthday Barbara okay so every every president has a lot of meaning to a night in Brussels and Bernie but he didn't he wasn't here so be sure and I'll go but it's a glittery cupcake on this. It's not that the robots movie because we're so excited about our friend Johnny was gift. I think they should go first thing about these nicely to just how fast this kind of stuff can you get to put a lot of fun I got crayons writing a lot so I got you a little note pad and some crayons to do you riding with and how you're always looking out for your health so I can see what kind of flavor did I get you my baby banana kiwi baby food and you're just really special to me and I want to make sure you knew I got you a little a little Tiara for my little princess that's really nice why did you delay so long and saying thank you gifts a lot like how you wrote To Me traveling a lot and so I figured you might be getting bored on the plane so I got your little card 800 modes it's a license Emoji product but not in the movie product you a little something to nibble on know I do kind of look like a horse sometimes that's okay and the last one is because I was always like candles so I got your Cloud I don't know I just think I can handle this to me I'm out of Jesus you're welcome my heartbeat in my age range might be a little lower happy birthday stuff in that baby food in modeling clay on your mind so I got you a little something so you can create you have some creative time on your own with modeling clay smart person you have a very stressful job and so I got you a little something that you can kind of squeeze and then and settle with just thinking for your going to help I don't know anything smells like so black guys just unhappy with it sounded cool I don't know why that would be like what the smell like why would there be something called an air freshener that would be all of these skews me a TV I went black ice melt yeah it's little emojis one more thing as well since you don't have any kids you don't ever get that opportunity play with toys I got you a Barbie and I made sure she went not just the white why was going to say thank you for getting one that I can relate yeah I got you one for color Barbie the guy that was probably grinding on Barbara at the club this week so it smells like like like a guy my access oh yeah it's it's no no it's like a Irish Spring yeah that's what is it now I am a practice so that we open those are basically applesauce oh you're fine with that and kiwi and kiwi fruit bananas oh my God it's Biscuits is like poo poo it's like applesauce I look forward to celebrating John's birthday every year and it comes out the baby at shown up so there you go happy Birthday everyone happy birthday and congratulations on surviving another year around the planet 33 old is also just clarification for Macungie Michael's birthday today is my birthday I didn't bring anything but waiting to hear Bernie's GIF the guy who holds up the signs and I got you a gift come get you I'll be able to get up can you give me the reason you're on screen right now John happens out here now it was for Bernie but I can be for you now so you be sure and and and I should be like a brand new bottle of bourbon or something actually if he doesn't have to I don't know if we can switch to the control room camera during the camera Gus's on the back of Tony's computers well it's the freezer Ice Cube's it's weirdly enamored with his Clear Eyes every single time out of God damn house yeah I know why phone up that ice is always making drink the cooking cooking cooking did you know that this podcast is brought to you by Blue Apron I did cuz you said the top of the show Blue Apron cooking hassle free and easy I don't have to worry about finding time to go to the grocery store everything's delivered right to my door their meals are delicious and the recipes are easy to follow for less than $10 per person per meal Blue Apron deliver seasonal recipes along with pre-portioned ingredients to make delicious home-cooked meals choose more variety of new recipes each week or let Blue Apron culinary team surprised you guys are not repeated within a year so you'll never get bored some upcoming music Skillet vegetable chili and garlic butter shrimp cook or they will make it right cuz each week based on your preferences Blue Apron has several dietary options you can choose what fits your needs there's no weekly commitment so you only get deliveries when you want them I know you're busy so they are now offering 30 minute meals these meals are made with the same flavor in Farm Fresh ingredients you know in love and are ready in 30 minutes or less to this week's menu for your first three meals free shipping my going to blueapron.com Rooster Teeth that's blueapron.com Blue Apron a better way to cook it's awesome service you going to eat right right may as well eat something that's good and good for you yep cooking's also therapeutic I like having in my kitchen in and cooking in front of the time. Although I did do something buried under other day when you to cuss don't bring this bubble of Navarone and went to open it and there was a cookie sheet in there that shouldn't be in there on the cookie sheet what is wrong with you put the cookie sheet on top of my oven and it's okay I'll just leave it to put something in the oven and it did not have the oven mitt I picked it up now it smells like I said I was like yeah it doesn't hurt on all my fingers but it doesn't hurt if we are you so much time for like the brain to receive that information doesn't hurt they're all gone. Congratulations Daenerys Targaryen The unburnt I've done it before we think with the cookie sheet but I did we act like a normal human being with with nerves and pain video game PlayStation my brother and I were using it in our kitchen while parents are still asleep like a early in the morning and we're like we're going to take a little cake and we are putting this thing in the tray and Willow taking out I went to go grab it with my hands not thinking it would be hot cuz I don't understand science or how anything works and so I just like grabbed it with my hand and pulled it out and I instantly dropped it smashed everywhere and Easy Bake Oven was maximum amount of effort for minimal amount of output as far as like how much work in time it took to make those stupid little things have been since we don't have like incandescent light country watt light bulbs anymore ways that I know you would do the light bulbs for Easy Bake Ovens are not around anymore without a couple years ago I remember I had something I had the boy version of an Easy-Bake Oven excuse you sorry all the cakes are in shapes of dicks easy pick up little green army man soldier soldier maker cuz I was obsessed with like Frozen in army men war and all that like this video games I remember Creepy Crawlers little green army men toy story you know so I bought Waterman parents won't have money or a job or a life Little Oven that you can make these guys in and they fucking sucks they're made of like basically like crayon plastic bins and it looks like shit what a great gift what was what was the toy that you always wanted as a kid but never got that aircraft carrier from GI Joe excellent yeah I love to be weak because of because of that toy Empire Strikes Back she everything like all that Star Wars stuff weird thing when we were getting ready for the Dragon episode of on the spot we were out at least in the skies and they have in their dressing rooms have curtains that are made of old bed sheets and I go into my my my room and close the curtain and I look and it was the fucking bed sheets that I had when I was like a little boy it was the exact Batman I think alike I guess who's like Schumacher by then but like they had a blueprints of all like his batwing his Batmobile and then he was like you know little Batman's like flying and stuff like that I think I took a picture of it but I was like Florida with the seljuk I was like and I took a picture for my mom I sent it to her like this look familiar and she like teared up maybe she donated them who knows who knows where they ended up and that was my story that was a really fun day at least in Disguise we are fun like one of those big Barbie houses in for some reason my parents never bought me the house but they would buy me like Barbie furniture so it has to be able to have like different levels on it as of Barbie house on put the furniture on the different levels and then I would always get angry when they had to change them cuz I was playing what a weird thing to use the furniture Now, where's the furniture go rent a lot for the storage unit still nomadic Barbara Remedy by Barbie Barbara Barbie you can have guts over to play with his doll Barbies not come with me Barbie broke up with Ken for a while and start dating Blaine what I dated Barbie for a while but she's ready for the pool you would never date you can name her if you don't want to think about it I don't want one like stereotype relationship a Hispanic name and did you have any toys because I was spoiled share of the x-wings you're an only child my sister is older than me but I even got like my own fucking playroom where to study that we went separate from your room yeah so like we in my sister's like 5 years older than me so she was like pulling High School by then fixing go to college like I remember I had an entire Lego City all of my Legos I built like houses in a train and like I was a great wall of Legos around the city is so blame Tire study a lot of people is it like a bunch of Lego Legos or Lego Lego Lego Lego Lego to me is plural and singular yeah it's like I was yeah I don't know if it is no see that's the thing is it is I need to know now what is the plural for Lego telling you what the plural is it would say like oh he's playing with his Lego Legos is the plural form of Lego is it it's Legos oh according to Patrick Lego company says Lego not Legos well they're wrong too I would drop it but I don't want to break it cuz it's very expensive drop the mic guy who made if this gifs yeah you can be wrong fucking wrong as we all know so if Legos no one ever said can we go play with Lego cool you guys were weird and bought furniture for houses so I thought they were going to base that as like the Baseline of like normality by The Duncan house is not wear normal start I could confirm that be where it normally starts but we least that it correctly is Legos I had a bunk bed even though I didn't have like a brother or sibling Marge's Diner remember anyways so like I had a bunk bed and I was at the top and I was making this like sweet what is that thing called a gazebo it's a gourd Gorgonzola the ski the ski thing he's got it off my own design cuz I was a brilliant child is Lego gondola you're on the right track and I had a yarn at the top of the bank and then I had the bottom at the on a doorknob and I would you know make mobile Gondola go down and I remember one time I was so fast and I fell off into the floor which is covered in Legos and belly flopping and I got up and like them off and it didn't it was like acupuncture it didn't actually hurt and I was like oh my God I survived that you have a bunk bed without another person for the bunk bed because I pissed my bed a lot so I can do the top and then when I pissed those down there probably probably too late for your normal child last night last night I promise it was the last documented pissed bed bed bed Legos Lego the word of this is from the control room the word Lego is a brand name and is very special to all of us in the LEGO Group companies we would sincerely like your help in keeping it special please always refer to our products as Lego bricks or toys and not Legos so the bricks and toys are plural the Lego is not now there feels like a Lego Lego Lego bricks Injustice 2 calling Legos I mean I'm sure tons of people do it but I'm right people normal people you're so wrong I'm so upset about this about it on January 21st someone just sent it to me I want to ask them what's the plural of Lego Lego War logos his Lego bricks Lego sets Lego elements Etc we hope this helps yeah but I think there's a point where you even a word you create gets appropriated by the Zeitgeist of the general public that then what they say is what the normality is Bionicle probably I played I didn't play by play of K'Nex we made connector red did you did did you ever buy your own toys could anyone think I did too but I got $5 I don't know feels like a week or a month some like that but one action figure like an X-Men was $5 so if I saved it I got to go have a I got to go in at church and then later on I think I spent like Pokemon cards at Toys R Us with my parents and my brother I don't think my little brother was born yet at this time but I remember my older brother would always complain that the Barbie aisle was so hot pink I want to go down this aisle it is too much as someone who has little girls like I don't appreciate it that that's like what is painted down the entire aisle that is like consider where their toys are very hard enough to like have these like to continue this conversation my girls about like about there is no like girl stuff there is no guy stuff it's whatever you like it's a girl thing if you like it and then you go down this aisle and it's just like someone just threw up Pepto-Bismol at high velocities does entire aisle and it's like there's more to the color spectrum of girls than just pink or purple can we please introduce that any toys that they like but I bought it always bothered me so much it's like heaven for me. But I have like but like I'm trying to instill this sense of like of you can do whatever you want you can like whatever you want and it's like and like I think I did I get so lucky right now my kids don't see at least of my house they don't see advertising because everything that I ever anytime they're over on something that would show ever tizing I pay for the service that doesn't have it there is no we don't see commercials in my house but in so there's a member as a kid I don't know if that is as a little boy growing up like it was just a little girl as a kid growing up as a kid growing up I just saw a commercial and you really wanted that stuff never got a commercial so good I need a list of one more time can you go to Walmart but that was that was the same thing I can't go higher no pets but if we have found the top of your dogs are just dying I never got a crossfire to play with one that's like going to have like a marble do you shoot at each other the commercial on super conflicted by the fact your kids aren't seeing commercials because I feel like like it and that's that your parenting stuff like that better part of my childhood between cartoons with you no commercials for the voice messages will be at Pokemon commercials currently so cool though it seems like simple Disney Channel or Nickelodeon Nickelodeon Nickelodeon yeah I think there's any extra extra extra extra extra like deathly definition 1081p chuckle like the most iconic aside from Crossfire what was the most iconic commercial daddy was a weird day but I don't like that was a weird day. Daddy will be this is all the discussion I get into adorable when I realize that there's different commercials in Canada sometimes you looking at me like I know I don't know what that is like I've never had the crossfire one I was working out like if a DJ came out with like a crossfire remix the show me the game what was the showing and it's like a kids game show double dare teams have to do like different challenges like trivia and like obstacle courses stuff like that I think the Canadian Crossfire Crossfire song Liv this is all right here by this looks like I like someone vomited the 90s the definition of yours ever heard of it LOL oh we're not going to say we're going to cover you in gravy and cheese curds that's okay I got it is crazy stuff at all these kids game shows like what was the thing with the aggro Crag agrocrag my God like genre of like show that just had kids do these insane physical feed core like terrible prizes Fear Factor for kids yes benchley yeah but the shit that would piss me off the most like the fucking worst was watching some little shit go into a Toys R Us and he can get fucking wanted to do a bunch of grocery card what was that it was like it was like a prize around for some bigger game show there is so inefficient they're going for the stupid bull crap like blows it super toy run over $2,000 worth of that was me watching the kids to the final challenge in Legends of the Hidden Temple I just want to point out that the official Lego Twitter account responded can you ask him if I can get up I'm leaving talking I'll come over not talking to her right now Lego Millennium Falcon can I get on Twitter here how many Twitter followers you have 100 100 hundred hundred here on Twitter at has a Catherine is asking if you remember house hippos what it's worth I do never has hippos I don't remember what they were I think there's a small hippos we are hungry right now saying it was like a fake advertisement for something I like this like the pitch like I got a house with small hippos the Canadian Public Service Announcement critical thinking what they see on television advertisement this is weird toast lumpy potatoes really really like we make it fresh yes did you guys get the this is your brain on drugs ads is your brain this is your brain on drugs any questions yeah I just remember being so much more pressure to try drugs people think I was like so uncool for not wanting to do it that's the cuz that's what the commercial for talking does that yeah no worries all the offers when I was just I was over prepared for that I was over prepared and yeah like the times that I tried substances that I had not tried before it was like like beer like liquor and tiny penis Arvest Benton Harbor putting on her lipstick 1964 casually I was with friends there was really comfortable comfortable and if I said no that I cancel your face thank you and no weed is legal in some states really weird to me. Here he would get like over 100 seizures a day and they put them on cannabis oil and he hasn't had a single one in like like 300 days or something like that dress today when you said yes to all the dreams we can actually go to that going to go back to the place where it was legal no I talked about it before no doubt you're talking to Washington Seattle in Seattle that like such a huge selection of her adult don't don't do it cuz they were like advertising that crazy I think you're not going to be able to open any dispensaries on the Strip okay I mean it's also like prostitution is legal in Nevada but it's not legal in Las Vegas that's right to be outside of legal six or seven No Maybe only six or seven other 50 we are we talking about being or having one are you asking if I'd be a prostitute Barbara you're classy lady prostitute dirty legal process bloody male prostitute puppies like I was having a hard time finding anyone want to experience human touch maybe but not the case so is hoity toity over here is recreationally in seven states medically looks like one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 in the last seven states you just made me think of something by doing. we're going to fight by the end of this podcast I think that came out of Kermit singing Rainbow Connection at the Hollywood Bowl they had Muppets live like this past week or maybe this past weekend and was the first public time or if it was just a most recent time when the new guy Matt Vogel was doing the voice and I washed it and I got really upset because I didn't like his voice and I had to actually go back in and stand and listen to the different people have done the current voice cuz it was Jim Henson and then he kind of changed his voice up later on like around the seventies and eighties and then when he died it was Whitmire Steven when you took over and he was the one who basically to find all the permits that we saw growing up it cuz he did all the way up until like 2016 but then another guy took over for a short while and then this new guy Matt Vogel like didn't you guys did awesome kids or something and that was that he was what's it called yeah he's my best don't know about this permit didn't he have like there was like some big creative differences they had they had problems with Whitmire for years that he was on very difficult to work with and had issues with the with the the the production group and and they even like said that like in like 2004 when Disney bought Muppets they wish they had some of them wish they had let Whitmire go put in have to have dealt with with Martin this new Disney revamp of it but unfortunately he stayed with but I think I read that he had creative differences and he was basically claiming like this isn't the way Hinson would be all for this new guy that they are there very much like their voice that kids who now see the Muppets will normalize it with but it's not the Kermit that I grew up you know you know even going all the way back to watching reruns of the Muppet Show it wasn't the current that I knew and it kind of bums me out he's I wonder what the process is like whenever they have James Bond a deal that the doctor change yeah what did you miss this girl really stupid for people to freak out about it but those the characters that the characters blades in rare form tonight we're talking about better than fidget Spinner by the way they are you're welcome I'm glad I could be I can bring some joy to your life with my presence forever as an enemy finished and I don't wanna do this anymore cuz it looks like I'm like addicted to that you even think as far as the original patent remember when St Jude tadeo you still use his fidget spinners I don't think I've ever actually dabbed I like I refuse to because it's right now one two three you know how your arms are braided 321 man you left me hanging stupid you're an ass pick up like the DePaul kid I brought you presents I'm your good friend to make sure you make commercials I've never seen you do that during the podcast and you promised you promised look at me look at me you promise to Dad during the full show stop it this is not saying I promise to you you're an ass you won't just dab when I was a child of what happened what happens when you flip dab in reverse what's the spell of bad yeah lower case should be weird hell yeah the lowercase Capital one more thing but another thing or what am I doing this episode of Rusty podcast is also brought to you by Casper Casper online retailer of Premium mattresses for a fraction of the cost Casper makes outrageously comfortable mattresses probably heard about a million times on podcast just like this one but if someone wants to Casper mattress I can tell you it really does live up to the hype Catherines mattress mattress at a very fair Price Cutters Maiden support of memory foam for asleep service with just the right sink and just the right balance plus it's breathable 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So you don't have to lie down in a showroom get $50 for any purchase by visiting kasper.com RT and using promo code RT that's kasper.com RT and promo code RT terms and conditions apply free shipping and returns to the US and Canada and the UK just that I purchased on the Fantastic mattress other door and I was going to be like you're going to enjoy that if you get a list of products we're opening the product is an enjoyable part of the process in Casper's like near the top of that list I very sad that I don't get to just open up on those everyday Apple iPhone announcement tomorrow they make they make very very pretty packaging we both have you seen the new design there goes back to the me and Bernie are going from forever ago supposedly they're going to do two different ones but I got like a 7s and then either an eight or a text yeah there's rumors of IX iPhone at an anniversary edition your charger thing think so where to got to take a drug from underneath that bothered me so much on my flight home because my phone was at 19% and I had to like make sure it stayed so I can get an Uber when I got home but I want to listen to music so it's like what kind of charge my phone or listen to music I can't do both Bluetooth Apple charging cables micro USB plug-in sorry I said by the Apple makes another one it has one on the thing because I've got it plugged in and then it has an output as well so they have to make that make up but yeah that feels like 400 podcast my 467 wow biker gun lot of pockets human 457b presents I got you presents from HEB this December will be the 9th anniversary of the podcast which means that next several be crazy to me what are we going to do till I got this gondolas I feel like I've heard a bunch of fun ideas thrown around for like podcast that we can do and try really going to fruition like there's a special one to another city and we would do something related to that City like that's cool yeah I don't know if it has a podcast app that adds too much by the podcast I'm listening to I prefer just to content yourself to be active I know when talk as I was going to do something special like that and I know that our viewers like when we do something cool I think it was like talk ES300 where I think people were expecting something bigger something cool to happen and it was just like on the way to set and it was like a shorter podcast you because they're almost too busy thinking that something special was going to happen to know it didn't actually sitting in the background the whole time I'm just saying notably just say no to blame it on the Persian army it's incredibly should see it did they shall not pass and then each other into holes no no they said this is Sparta May the force be ever in your favor Harry that's three different movies that's my favorite movie the double doors from and then they're sort of Obi-Wan or Luke in there to this weekend would you say blinking forgot about that I forgot about the movie together. How is this something you putting guilt on me that I didn't invite you to go shoot guns with your nervous I was very nervous because I wanted to I wanted to to treat it with the respect it deserves and I want to do well with Alex from animation and Adam and it was here with his military background knowledge and he was just very patient and helpful never made me feel embarrassed at all which is a big thing for me like a real of very deep knowledge of it yeah someone who won't make you feel bad for asking question yeah you know you want to make sure that you don't do anything wrong and I fully understand what you're getting into so it's good that he has the patience to to listen he also said he would we would do something with one of the guns and then he would like to switch up the gun or something are we switch out the ammo he like explain what's happening you like now feel how this feels like piranhas suppressor in and change that around in so he was showing me how the actual mechanics of guns work when we did it and that was a for like the nerd part of me that was really enjoyable school on top of the fact of getting to like shoot for the first time yeah I mean he did he looked pretty bad ass the entire time like the most legit person out of the office over there we got it was it was it was it was it was it was something that I've always wanted to experience it just that I think that black people talk about especially here in Texas and so to have zero contacts not even like how I never even touched a gun before that day it was it was cool as it was something new to do and I like doing new things it freaks me out about whenever I go shooting Outdoors is if you like happened to miss your Target and hit a rock or something like that that that sound that you hear in Western yeah is like it's there in the face with bullets 243 caliber rifle and it hit the rock and bounces back and it knocks off the ear protection he's got on to make it everything I just said forget everything I just said that you're probably not going to happen but I mean you think like the X Y and Z Dimension and there's like probably thousands of degrees that that bullet can go from that Ricochet it is like a 1% chance that the first time I said again that me where we went before I even moved to Austin visiting Bernie took me to shoot a gun in a gun range and there's a video I think like 19 years old and or maybe 20 and I shoot the gun and I don't know what to do with it so I just like slowly put it down on the thing but it's like tilted a little bit and just like runs and give it a try to keep it up and I'm like I don't want to touch this like slightly like that for you to keep it so straight or are you know your existence that was before we knew you existed my favorite part of the day was that to contextualizing was everything he told me he would put it in the terms of pubg call nice and so he let you know how do you when you pick up this and added to the Gunners that's what this is that were pointing at right now and I don't mean this suck Alex's dick but he's a really good dude I like him a lot he's just saw a guy dab bad and put in a mirror has it like it works it works thank you how bad is that bad is that a shattered mirror pubg yeah cuz like he had a few like he had a few guns with you know accessory like components on it and so he would kind of tell me anything like the guns like we shot a you know I clock in and that kind of thing as a red daughter a holographic gun pistols and so he don't even say that you know how the game that you can put a red dot on this pistol that's what we're doing right now to talk to Texas and for the first time ever I now own guns YouTube Jesus thank you to Cricket and clover for that tweet I sent them the video of the guy shooting the rifle and the Ricochet knocks in his ear protection. oh man that's a scary movie so I am on the way back at your protection the the dust I think the most interesting part of the day was to finally actually hear the difference in sound between a normal gun and a suppressed gun because there's always been a side dish to huge difference sounds like because in movies that's only contacts ever had a queef by Barbara yeah we even had that conversation about like that there's people that would argue like don't call it a silencer suppressor cuz it is actually silence it suppresses the sound but whatever and that was just I was very happy to finally get through with my own ears tell the difference on the entire time but then for one of the shots through suppressed gun take your house cuz he did something else to it that even surprised even further until we took one year off and and it was like it was like the sound of a BB gun is what it sounded like how quiet he got it when do it remember exactly what he did but he he able person it's weird to me because I fired my first gun when I was 5 years old wow and I received my first gun as a birthday present on my ninth birthday wow what was it a 22 rifle shot a 22 rifle and a couple rifles but one of them those doing that 22 was like this is a this is a this is an airsoft gun it was the difference in bullets and Calvin like that it was insane I want to show up to a gun range feel like that's probably Glock but I did get recognized at the gun range by the people ran the gun range from the know because the guy from the know I am the guy from frequently lately where where people are recognized me in public because of having done a reed for the know it happened at HEB the other day where specifically even bigger deal for you to see if you recognize from the from the know right it's been a long time I've actually felt like it was fun Alberni invited me I love the photos of seeing you in the in the theater by the way so you could enjoy that I like 90 Pacific Shiner Bock calling it Stephen King's The it movie because we'll be like to see it was like what the fuck are you talking about in like okay it is it moving because I get to the movie of the same name like we were just joking around with it but that was never something that hit me as a kid hit me if you found yourself in that in a room like they did in the movie where you're in a scary house and the room is filled for sure if you were in if your walk down a dark Street in the clown I was walking down a dark Street and there's a guy dressed as a Teletubby I'd be scared like it anything that's also very creepy as what would be not creepy what if you're not scared of everything that he was Ryan Gosling pictures of Troy Ryan Gosling is just a down there or you could hope Make-a-Wish speaking of you guys see that I met my future husband this weekend was his face what I was told Rose City Comic Con in Portland and there's a little boy I don't know how old he was he must have been maybe nine or ten years Going On 30 the most charismatic hilarious outgoing confident kid I've ever met in my entire life to raise a child to me it's the best day ever cuz he's like you gave me the best day ever when I met you yesterday and I'm like you are the sweetest child in the entire world from the sky and then I was like a sweetie pie and I was beautiful and I look like so much fun hey man call me in 10 years or 20 just to be safe super awesome the only thing I really saw was this place called Dante's which Leica is a bar slash music venue cuz I want to see Troy Baker perform with his band called window to The Abbey in an amazing performer that an angel from the sky that was amazing but in general was a really cool place to be phenomenal if you are not familiar with Troy Baker and his band window to the Abbey should have my check them out cuz man that's a talented group of people Portland like the Austin of the North I can think of a single thing and Austin is the Portland of the South but they had a great hotel in the great Convention Center that's all I really get to see and maybe a restaurant a day late you know that we wouldn't have Barber on the podcast tonight I can go there early come back Monday for you guys 57 Chemistry Between seasons Tuesday night in its tomorrow's the finale mean the symbol of the boys are about to wreck shop run defeated congratulations good I was amazing I hosted an episode of fuse night game fight and I was amazed at Victor run down to the broadcast crew has for like how I mean cuz everything's so packed in that shows like terms to be here when you do this and when I move here went to do this there's just so much going on if you keep straight in your head it's uh it's really super crazy production do you ever have you ever watched any sports events where you watch I've watched some OverWatch stuff I washed some of the international last year and I think that's about it I find like the production of like these words to talk about what are you doing are you eating Jackson that goes into the Beast Boy sings amazing including the guys have to be the cameraman in the games and have to be like have the responsibility of OverWatch that has so much happening and the shoes when is not only do I mean if that only the counter people in the game but it's also the technical director who's calling the shots and well I know that thing at Games common they got a lot of black hair for it and I think you know I mean it just shows that that game still has a long way to go yeah I think I saw some interviews today on polygon with like the head of blue hole in people involved are like yeah you were nervous or games still not polished still at done we will have a long way to go but if you were just so into pubg right now yeah I think they're just trying to start picking Sports work with it it's also game that has so much going on where nothing could be actually happen well those people are kind of close to maybe they'll have any counter those people over there really quick maybe they'll have an encounter helmet like praying for someone to encounter someone so something will happen right there was that video that happened where some guy was able to because his placement he won like $15,000 by avoiding everyone for about 99% of the match he drove out to the spa Niland hung out there for a while Staind the blue forever just kept yelling and did nothing the entire game other than just kept getting Loot and like that was the game at an Esports event of a guy not engaging with other players at all that sounds like whatever that convention is with the ball paid today oh yeah yeah but I don't follow csgo very closely so I don't know all the exact details but some players won $50,000 because the other team showed up late so special They forfeited wow that's a big difference yes stupid I know that I know there's there cuz there's even like insane find that can happen if you guys don't comply correctly or like they used the wrong skin for something or or there's all kinds of specific Sports you have to follow the rules are also taking the money I like watching over what about the OverWatch World Cup they did all of the all of the bike games leading up to the World Cup in August for the entire month of them traveling around the Los Angeles and Australia think that that's literally doing the entire NFL and then taking two months until the Super Bowl yeah it's weird Arena 3 months I don't understand why you do that I don't know this is bad timing maybe because they're opening a new sports arena Wright in southern California that allow yeah they're opening their own Esports arena in La blizzard Arena Los Angeles will be home to OverWatch in Hearthstone competition I was so mad at the other day how fun it used to be when we were like we're at work and we all were in this building and we have to Smite room over there which was the gaming room but we all just use the first night I know what you like Mike I was going to do that every now and then for lunch with Battlegrounds now we did the rest of the girl I love that everybody keeps getting PC to everyone is so left out of such a big portion of this company because they don't have a PC for gaming Michael Michael for the first time this weekend yeah he going right yeah he's got it all hooked up there and I know you got one thanks Adam. He actually liked the most gracious man got ever and he's Give me bunch of his old spare parts in Atlanta by car last year there are so many people who can help you out with that stuff or like I don't know anything about PC gaming or what specs anything that I need for anything what's your budget I'll take care of you when you start but if you'd like a couple of basic things it's not that bad I don't want to learn more stuff that I'm at the max at the ripe age of what you'd you're done you're done learning 28 maybe I have loaded a full playthrough of a pubg game of mine the other day admit I'm not the best player in the world we're trying to each other questions like that you're talking about I asked a question for dry hump Sasquatch today cuz that's what I was wanting Gus and yeah I know you would the second I found out the dog's name was Gus's like going back over there so like you're right next to Ellie's office and she brings us to work. I am very upset about so at the last name for trying to figure out what we're going to call him cuz we're decide we can't help me or his middle name I know you had a lot of women now and there's always a chance I'm going to happen in Barbara they're older but not a thing that I met this weekend at Rose City Comic Con I met the first fan ever named Barbara yeah there's no way you have met a barber I think I was the first fan of ever me their name but I think if you shared a name like Barbara signing it for her I put her name on it was it was weird to like sign it to Barbara and then right Barbara look at those signing it with my name to Barbara Barbara you're awesome to my biggest fan Barbara podcast is also brought you by Nature Box we all want to eat better for when it comes to snacks sometimes it feels like the whole world is delicious and a billing calories versus boring and tasteless and it doesn't have to be that way up your snack game with nature box major boxes over a hundred snacks that taste good and are actually better for you off next to me from high-quality simple ingredients which means no artificial colors flavors or so so you can feel good about what you're eating they are great snacks like crunchy BBQ twists and dried mango because they're delicious and they keep me feeling satisfied throughout the day you should find your favorite position at nature box that needs next every month if I buy real customer feedback the latest food trans and professional chefs right now NatureBox is offering 50% off your first order when you go to naturebox.com RoosterTeeth naturebox.com RoosterTeeth for 50% off your first order naturebox.com that can make a box stand for sending us delicious Max yummy what we were talking about you met Barbara what's like a fan interaction that you will forever remember okay I met someone at a gun range in somebody I just happen to me last weekend I find shoes I just bought I think she's a gross and I was signing and I remember who I think he was Bruce from fun house and we're simply signing it so that comes up as I'm with you that's all right. You just look at it like it's literally took his shoe off that's why I don't know what is brand-new out-of-the-box I made an exception what direction does another man we all have those are ticks couple years ago has to be there for the purchase a young woman she came with a brand new pair of shoes still in the box have the receipt to show she just bought how to pair of gloves for me the kind of man that I could use after the fact that I was like I know that these are new gloves I can sign it and give you your marker back and then I can sanitize all good nice it's never going to work again don't try it for the cameras someone burn that bridge City Comic Con convention you have ever and ever since then we have a lot of people tell me great stories about how it's help them or how they heard us talk about an issue that they were dealing with Not Another Not Alone it's like wonderful like that there's enough so that we did have always open where we had a tampon and will let Chris shows how to use it said he liked demonstrate who's trying to figure it out and then we showed him how to use it a girl came up to me at the booth and she goes I want to thank you so much for always open this is really weird to tell you but that episode you had to Chris I didn't know how to use a tampon before that episode and now I know how to use a tampon thank you I know it's like I never expected to hear that from anyone that's incorrect I'm so happy that that that helped you like I wouldn't expect that to help anyway you don't expect there was the convention center with separated by like most of the other restaurants in things like that by train track and the train was coming and people are trying to hurry across and his kid was just kind of not really paying attention and basically like the way that that train track thing works is coming down so it was the train left and in the thing was trying to come down with got this big metal counter Wade and his kid fit perfectly underneath it it was not paying attention and if things about to just like fucking crush his skull remember seeing that thing was happening and I grab the kid really quick nap old man feel like I'm so sorry I thought you said he was going down right after that happens a cop saw it in his cock came up and he was like a really good looking copies like a hot cop from like a something he's like excuse me sir I do he's like in Blaine like yeah he took his diaper question first question just like super passive cloudy head in the clouds from San Diego dude from like Miami Vice I had a realistic not like the fan interaction but I had a really weird thing about packs right now because of what I said but I had a really weird interaction on a plane on my flight up to Seattle I flew from Austin to Denver and then Denver to Seattle and then I got to the Denver to Seattle flight and I got on the plane I was like exit row I'm sitting down waiting to take off and then like the fun back she's like you're slick, so I can walk up and walk in the first class and next to the dude who I'm like this kind of looks like he's in a band or something right he looks like an 80s rock star 80s hair metal. He still got the huge feathered hair you were like Affliction flip flops and like like super like patches all over his shirt and I noticed it when I was boarding because he already was like drinking a Miller Lite finishing in and asking for another one of the two beers and I'm still boarding the plane for Rockstar know when I sit down he said he can I get another one that's really going to town he literally drank every Miller Lite on that flight like at one point but you know he we got up in the air cast for another the flight attendant would like to let you know there's only one more light on this plane on the podcast now I only have one more Miller Lite on the plane it's at the back of the plane already asked him to save it I'm going to go get it for you Jesus and goes over keep your inventory on the plane with this guy that we have this many cans of this it's been cancelled this okay I think I wasn't counting it first cuz I'm drinking Miller Lite drank like 10 or 11 beers on that flight or fight it was like 2 hours maybe he went he wasn't acting drunk he wasn't acting crazy acting like a totally normal dude maybe if you only got up to go to the bathroom one time does an inconvenience me or anything but wow that guy fucking drank impressive he might have had like yeah maybe for the town I'm never going to be worried about being cut off in a plane ever again if you're in first class especially they let anybody do anything cuz it's free right yeah it was it was absolutely crazy on me and then we landed and he asked me if he was complaining because he said his iPhone never auto adjust the time zone Aladdin is like it's going to be like look at my phone till in mountain time is weird it was like automatic date and time of date was enabled phone just want it that's like maybe he's going to know where it was like Andy's promise I was just on right now where is GPS is shooting him around all kinds of places like his phone doesn't the GPS is working like he has an app that you can track to see where it is and he's left it sitting on his desk and then seen what if tracton's made like insane drawings of like bouncing Ross placement as a week or two ago in Arkansas or something weird like that I would like to hear located sometimes the location can be really weird like I know Brandon lot of times when he tweets it said he's in New Orleans because I had WiFi on a tag me in Arkansas restaurant you know what's really weird there's a direct Austin and Toronto flight when Toronto Fan Expo two weekends ago it's 3 hours that's like a day or like 3 days a week or something yeah but it's like three and three was it cuz I wonder if something bothers you guys when you're on a flight and you land and you've docked in the lights don't on well you like I totally hooked up and people stand up does that bother you I'm indifferent to it it bothers me when I mean it's dumb butt muscle their way out I don't like that stand up and grab their bag and they're like ready to fucking go when the line starts moving good sitting down anymore I'm done with it I'll see it because I like to get up and not feel claustrophobic on Floyd so I always stand up because I don't know if the people over there are going to want me to stand up so I feel obligated to stand there I'm just wherever we got another like 5 minutes before they even open the doors and like a deer in the back of the plane why you standing up that bugs me and then people who crowd around blind waiting to get on even though they're boarding group but I'll be standing there and be like are you in group 2 and I know I'm sick since like I had a scary time at TSA a few flights back I was traveling with my kids because your balls what's the question John what are the numbers for the scary scary moment was that we were going through TSA and I was there with my two girls and we get to the friend this happens you whenever we go through the first part where you had your ticket in your license over the check to make sure your you and they usually turn to my kids and then you know that they ask them what their names are how old they are and that kind of thing they ask my kids like alright so who's this guy so they want to make sure most likely because I don't know if they just all parents or maybe even all all dad's by themselves but one of my kids is Caucasian in one of my kids is black and so they asked them both and I think they want to make sure that I'm not ducking both kids or maybe the one that doesn't look like me and my seven-year-old she when they ask that actually both of them passed long enough where I got uncomfortable and I got really worried a little kids read it like if I was like hey who is this guy dad that long of a pot of gold at the end like when they were about to stay there like that but it's still like it was my heart go through the back of that he's my kid yeah it was a fun game to play whenever I tried to smuggle kids to the TSA line it's the same thing as like we went over this but now I like to make sure that I have like Doc you like pictures of me with my kids my guys this is me with them and prove that you've been missing for yeah it was a little scary so I had to have a little pep talk with them after the right when they ask that just answer never mind. I'm sorry you held up your phone it's like to be able to show proof and that made me think about one of the features supposed to be coming out with the new iOS 11 is that again it's rumor nothing's impossible know tomorrow one of the rumors is that you will be able to disable Touch ID on your phone because law enforcement can compel you to unlock your phone with a fingerprint but they cannot compel you to unlock your phone with a password that's a very specific so you can tap the home button 5 times and it disables touch ID until you enter the password so wait run it by me to the store cuz I'm dumb they say your realtor in the country and you're at the Customs checkpoint on Blaine I need your login and password no need your phone but I don't want to but legally you have to and you need to unlock it with your thumbprint Security on my phone off but the flight be cancelled hungry Cinderella and rice so they can compel you to unlock it with your thumb print or your fingerprint they cannot compel you to do with a password into it so you can hit the button 5 times to disable OK Google Print like I should have automatically done it in my phone right now at least we're going to leave it to me you didn't release but Rebecca Rebecca Columbia does have one of my flying pet peeves I despise the active gathering around the baggage return if you to go. Back then everyone could see dude it'll be two seconds when your bag comes around like fucking spread out amongst the whole thing I'm back when you see your back step up and grab your bag I don't make physical contact often cuz it's like I just don't do that I mean I'll hug John I'll kiss until the end of the days but if I'm at the bag check people crowded around I don't give a fuck my bag runs into them while I'm like leaving cuz it's like they're fucking fault for getting in my way it should be standing there we're getting close to wrapping up that someone sent us this gift is podcast Brewing Company and I've been a big fan of RT Podcast for a long time hard to believe you all are pushing nine years of podcasting RT Podcast been a great source of entertainment for me in that time so I wanted to give thanks in this box apart of personalized stainless steel Growler I hope you all will like and if you leave like their social media name along with it this person left your Xbox Live gamertag so thank you Eric I'll see how much appreciated we'll we'll find a place for it here on the set may be back there so when I think it went for watching and we'll see you guys next week love you bye