#458 - The Sax Machine Plays On

Join Gus Sorola, Brandon Farmahini, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss the best people to travel with, playing musical instruments, losing stuff, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on September 18, 2017, sponsored by Maltesers (http://bit.ly/2rxjbDQ), Dollar Shave Club (http://bit.ly/2xMcCUD), Squarespace (http://bit.ly/290ucbK)

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Recorded: 2017-09-19 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns, Brandon Farmahini


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone walking to receive podcast this week brought you by maltesers Dollar Shave Club and Squarespace priority no particular order brought you equally by all those people that you couldn't you couldn't handle being a presentation at the all-hands meeting it was like a dark collect literally at the end of it you said the company so big we have a microphone and a little speaker like I'm mr. microphone where is that speaker where does it live Brandon has the mic and he says at the end and I don't have anything positive to say it's really like to do that so if you want to talk about what it was difficult to confuse them and make them think it was a suggestion. It's really great to know that not really that good if you have your name I'd really like to do that something came up last week where we had to track down a stock image and it was a nightmare cuz I went to one regular account and I couldn't find it and if for some like man did I fucked up that I create a different account for different project and put in that room cleaned up I'm not tired I cannot name was it mean that there were like 12 people who had their I will say it because he does not use it or he hasn't used it in a long time but Reisinger oh what did you mean but he hasn't used it in a long time so it's not critical of him extremely Brandon Brandon swinging at John and I appreciate somebody who's actually really really at fault for John affect his career he gets it I can't I can't name that I know none of you were registered we're all getting the stuff we're supposed to do I edit a vlog every month if you're using stock photography footage you're already a quitter excessive peeling off YouTube on your phone I gave the full speech from like the dark depths of the red like he was in the background everything was dark and it's like your face just came out of the Shadows to give that speech it was it was there was no glamour behind the speech there was nothing nothing to be proud of it's literally like guys don't because this we get it to what is that this is the day that the voice of Rocky from Rocky and Bullwinkle died in like in memoriam that's a bummer I saw that show that I was going to Natasha's accent and ask God to show me growing up but you were like this is the first pretty person ever has any shape to everybody that you pursue in life after that you don't have that guy Brady my whole life basically overtime like when you were the girl you just like trying to be sexy but I can't call me call me boy I know I wish I could invoice actresses in classic cartoons like that it makes me think of that episode of The Simpsons where they do poochie and Homer meets the woman supposed to say it wants me Lupin 3 G's that first carlucci who is the communication like a week to 10 days they did the shutdown his company or leave his company to do the job you know I think that's what you're supposed to do when you go in a position of power in the government like Jimmy Carter president before Reagan guess what the fuck did you get Peanut Farm well I thought it was a thing of his dad was a peanut farmer and you know Rose and gave Jimmy a life I don't really see you I don't remember you don't get mad like a Ken Burns documentary there in the middle of any put it into some kind of trust or escrow where was removed from him as president if you come up because obviously our current president president Donald Trump has a number of different businesses which is still actively operating while the president of the United States so it's I don't think it's a mandatory thing clearly but you normally do that when you go and become the president of all the comments that you're going to get now for that statement it's supposedly in a blind trust being run by his son but it's not really set up at appropriately at the correct address and they're all white supremacist American that woman from ESPN who called Trump white supremacist her personal Twitter account and it's got yelled at and she apologized with she apologize for calling white supremacist I guess you try to keep a job that has been the hardest fucking to eat in the world to write I would imagine I would be for just even like posting it or whatever it's just like that must have been a fucking bitter pill I guess you just think big picture here like well I mean taking is this not going to make a fucking different ways to make someone do something that they want to do even less than that woman. here she literally had to take the rest of the day off after Blake one because she's just she needs. I'm bringing that dog but really what's wrong with a dog if you can thank God damnit yeah I think Gus is mad because there's a gas in town that people like way better than you that's not true and stuff like that sundari meeting change something on our street what was Chucky have been charged potatoes Burgers. You got me there I was going to say not for cheeseburgers that seems weird to the treat me like sliders from Whataburger I would hit it with Whataburgers made slider I want to look at Whataburger right ultimate of the three things mistake of tequila for you it is that I would pick Burgers you know why I fucking hate sweet potatoes for sweet potato fries any restaurants sweet potato potato potato potato listen to you but not at the white potatoes or white potatoes bad for a particular set of eyes and mouth got removed from mr. Potato Head potato you know the HR department is writing her apology letter right now. I have had one of those mustaches because I bet you could knock him up if you really worked at it just just put his arm up this way with the rise of Nazism like we actually see people wearing Nazi armbands now I hear a lot about like white supremacy and things like that associated with nothing but I don't hear of a lot about is Barbara the Jewish Community really fucking going nuts about this and I would think that if any Community would be really vocal about the rise of Nazism in the US it would be exact same way as you do I am actually heard from the Jewish Community didn't think about it like right now 70 years ago yeah maybe they don't want to bring their Community up in the National dialogue since most people are talking about hispanic and African-Americans are just kind of like let's just sit this one out a lot of Jews in the world anymore I think they're less that I saw there was like 15 million of those left Wow Wow in the World War II is that six million. in World War II think I might just like it when we would you say were three generations removed from World War II probably like my family is messed up because we have long Generations in my family my dad had the kid it 45 so my dad was born in 1930 his mother my grandmother would want you to make me sound like I'm a thousand years old you're going Burns over there you have to go home and get my coffee and take my nap her apology tweet was she wrote so dress the elephant in the room hashtag back since I go to speak a little screenshot of text my comments on Twitter express my personal beliefs my regret is that my comments in the public way I made them painted ESPN in an unfair light are expecting the company of my colleagues remains unconditional apology I just read the headline on that one so that's a good apology on behalf of ESPN I need to find something that somebody else didn't want to do really bad make you tell me my life to that but I figured out already making a joke but here's this hundred pound British girl and I'm going to make her do all the silly stuff she's good at all this stuff that's why it sounds weird but everyone's impressed like she's a piece of Steel tempering forging her and y'all are doing oh my God I think she I think she fell out that thing where we are making fun of Sophie and I put my foot in my mouth where Sophie was saying I couldn't do the Whole 30 I think if I ever fall the stupid shit she does yeah and she said she could even do it 9:30 so I did it actually doing it and doing it because I did the one with a shovel really came up with it and so it's not have a benefit because we're together all the time and we can cook food together but when I travel to fucking way harder yeah morning radiant you can wait like steak or apple or alcohol for a long time to heal off something like 35 lb 40 yeah mainly just by not drinking it's like I almost wish I could do that you know that means I can just cut out drinking to do it but it's the fact that he was able to get crazy Gary no alcohol no grains of any kind they were getting out of the the nutritionist on the internet we're getting after me about it for being a irresponsible diet to talk to you sweet potatoes I eat those those good carbs in their area carotene got a grumpy Gus need to pick carrots right you would think of something I feel like it is I'm just wearing a hat know but the shirt too are you thinking of the hat from like 11 little roosters might be and then the red and white he's like that's what I thought when I said that's what I said and I said earlier eleven little roosters nominees for streaming wait a minute or improve Sugar Pine 7 can you get a tattoo of someone said if her tweet got to 10,000 retweets she would tattoo with the name of one of the Sugar Pine 7 cast members on her butt and sure enough I think that like 11.5 retweets right now why did you block her to go to her Twitter account at this account suspended I'll probably catch you got like a lot of retweets on Twitter suspended Castle return your time line is it the reason why they banned it looks like Alfredo is the winter so she'll be getting Alfredo tattooed on her but she's not real name tattooed attractive member of Sugarland Kia Optima was her name it was an audible. Yours now see what's up bud how you doing yeah that's why not what's the worst that could happen to catch you now I do yeah I need to get it fixed up it looks really shitty I have a lot of people think it's like a string like a Sharpie mark loaded I don't think they showed it in the documentary but when Griffin was giving Michael his heart tattoo I walked up and let me know yeah I see gives you the look at it would have wilted a plant or a tree it was amazing there is little single Eagles New Jersey Joe the beach you meant sun in the sky with sunglasses on River Public art in kindergarten or first grade oh yeah and I forgot about that that's why I blocked better than me I was going to be able to draw people can draw on people can sing fukk those people everyone was telling I know right yeah I feel like I don't have it I don't have a credit connection to my hands like if I sit down to try to draw something like my hand goes and does its own thing like that doesn't look anything like that but I was trying to see what you doing. We had the conversation with my kids I said look here you need to learn to play an instrument like play the guitar or play the piano okay you need to learn how to do now to make you some money no he's got to do one of those things your life will be immeasurably easier if you can just learn to play guitar or learn to play piano professionally and they're like that I would ever say I'd fine I just working to remember I told you that so it's like later in life you're not going to be like no I just like using your decision that you have made it since I gave you the invite your life would be way easier if you would play the piano or play the guitar out of all the skills you can get her what am I what am I just finding this out can you still do it we have a clarinet or saxophone what kind of like 20 seconds to suck that read man make a good that's the worst part of it what kind of saxophone did you play Alto Alto Sax also you can't beat that ass actor cleared it I'd like a campfire or something. Draw something that you can play that you can sing at the same time or whatever is easier if you can play the piano party it sounds like playing the piano The Dizzy Gillespie trumpet in his mouth everyday and get my cheek and Chipmunks inflatum we can store food in there and I wish we could but I try to show it to Ashley and I couldn't find it again this blew my fucking mind they pulled it out of the water and it was parked and then Indy puffed but we could open his mouth and water shot I never said it was just like Nick spell all the water I was like oh they're filled with water not here and it's a horse that's the case and that I don't think about you know that really ugly picture of the collective blobfis or something like the ugliest fish in the ocean that's not what it looks like it lives at such an extreme depth of the ocean that by the time it comes up to the store it's decompressed so it's like it's practically exploded through seem like an exploded version of it cuz I could you look it up you can see what that fish actually look like a dick and it looks like a normal fish so basically any one of those pics that you think you're just adorable exploded version Brian Brian Brian beam he is here with two cases and they are musical instruments you might remember Brian said he's part of the hottest Jazz Trio was that do I would kiss me Duo for relationship goals yeah I've got a couple sacks this year I thought it was read let me see what I have in here at the tavern Altoona tender do you play All Out 2002 banana popsicles what's going on over there in Manhattan College and I just might have been drinking and what he did not forgive me for probably 2 or 3 years and I was like outside I thought it broke his saxophone cuz I split the read it was I did not come to find out if I just something you were placing the cost Five Buck know it's a commitment and you got a snot just like like I'm on I'm not going to be as good as I could be cuz I'm just stuck in everything I want to hear some Sexy Sax Man USA so I'm so excited right now we are not going to rush you want to get like a Maltese are now in the United States in a celebrate or to be playing the game of mini corn hole with the maltesers to see who's a better cornhole player I was going to play with Brandon but he's a little preoccupied so bear with me at instagram.com maltesers and Gilmore follow and I got some Maltese he can't oh no you can't I can't unfortunately right now I can't because I can't have is a low thank you for texting me with the delicious candy that I love Cabernet only one for you, thank you hire somebody that could just like just insert this in my mouth back and forth so let me finish this place before that's probably a good idea and the Ford that version gave me before the show but your turn you're so it's like actually there you go damn it was the rules first week was good to 558 she ever gets in the hole ever gets the most in a hole that's gross that's pretty good but I was terrible. That was probably one of those I've ever seen where can I get another game up my ankle is low Cooper Barbara got to close tonight unless you get one in Barber alright what did you get these little things by the way call my angle when we are the least athletic people on the planet and I think the maltesers for sponsoring us and I'm sitting here thinking what's the game you're good at I know Barbers going to say I'm way better than Barbara at this game I believe in the bar with you in forever but like we go out nope but silly game we play you're hooking way better than you at what's a good bar game that you play that you can get out of here so I'm the best person that I know in the game where you take the ring on the string and you try to hook it up you did you didn't remember a thing now you're so good at it that I needed to say that a lot of people who don't live in Austin know what that game is are you learned that in the Bahamas super excited to see in Austin is there's a little hook on the wall like just a normal like little I hook and then you have a string of a long string with a ring a metal ring to catch it and you staying back probably like 10 ft by 12 ft is it possible to me very simple game in the best person that she knows it playing this game he's not he's actually a shit at it because what if I have an advantage because when I'm playing I'm sitting there playing in Barbara take turns with me but in between every time Barber take to turn some dude comes up and hits on her the last time I was at a bar that had this game I was like doing it and like I would like to cook it and then I would do it some more and of course a guy would come along every time I'm like not getting it on and I don't actually know what you want face I guess I can do don't tell us let it go try to get hot cross buns but the music dude I'll take it that was way better than I was expecting Brandon so bad right now but that I just got to get the right amount of suck bride you want to do regardless with something real let me put my tender together um I actually used to play the piano but only by ear only by ear I took guitar lessons for like a year when we like 10 or 11 and I gave up after about a month already pissed well my fingers are double jointed so every time I would try to press down my my fingers like been backwards you're freaking way and by the people who are double jointed but I gave up because of that because I couldn't I couldn't I get to hold a guitar the other way with my right is what I thought so I told me I shouldn't you know it's weird thing that used to be a period in time I don't think I'm left-handed in anything but there used to be a. Of time where if you were left-handed they would try to train it out of you I know people that their parents were trained not to be left handed yeah what's up buddy for the Altec something's missing I wasn't sure what was going on was like something is not right here if you like that kind of kind of the podcast is a microphone it's like the number one requirement like what did I what number did I miss the memo that God has been using a laptop the last couple years involved with Twitter and keep up with the with that we concentrate on keeping up with the car with each other communicating with the community nothing out of four of us need to be communicate when you're not here but I guess I don't really do we have the Apple TV setup right now that is near me with a saxophone look at you got cumberbund on and everything yeah I would not proud of it took a photo of it that's cute that's when I had the mustache and I looked I think I can't see it good thing I didn't have the orange highlights radish came out Orange hook a are you paranoid at all about going grey no I'm not you know what ever happened to you that's right as long as I have my hair I'm not going to lose it cuz I have so much of it I can't really complain about the world rains going to cut my hair who is that man get up you're right in the light God I so attractive what is it are you turned on we turned on when I was playing a little bit smarter you know I haven't talked to you in like 2 months now I could be an entirely different game when I have no idea I have no idea what the game is dropped off. They had a mini 14 which I'm super happy with me for teens really overpowered right now is it you don't explain it for people who don't know if that's the fog it's great because people have not really modified their play strategy in foggy scenarios so they get in the car and you're dead if you in the cartoon people can hear you and you know a lot further away when there's someone close to you every time they do they drive right by me to send it to kill about getting a PC cuz he apparently helped Michael build his and I think I want to get it. You just try and put cuz everyone here talks about it all the time can be left out of a conversation I have a land setup in my house so you can come over anytime you want to play pubg call John right now what's that talking to you gets really like worried if everyone we know Barbara I was never invited 10 years that I've known you never crossed your lips so I just think I didn't think of it that way but he says he does that for a reason would you want if you want a boyfriend or what if you wanted to judge whether or not they were going to talk and I told him after he decided not to come he made the right decision no I actually watched it alone at home I think I was in Vegas for the GameStop think he's a good human being he is solid but broken people biggest people who made me question so many things to be looking for work just saying my life very professional man excellent that's being that's only with a wonderful person wonderful person to beat Roy Baker and Ellen Burstyn in a room together I bet you would. How weird is that really your prophecy after 7 years of argument incredible animation of us arguing about the iPhone 5 he was wrong though no everyone the comments think so it's like that now you're wrong about how he cut it was wrong we were talking about the 4S not the five cuz we were at the time before we can turn iPhone 5S to iPhone 4 we didn't know the 4S was coming we are calling it The 5 because we're at the for the 4S was the phone we were arguing I can feel the split screen and they can charge the ones we have now I'm really sad about the charging wireless charging pad you have to be laying down on the packaging in like 3 feet of whatever that devices I wouldn't fucking buy it because I don't want electricity flying through my head I love you like a keychain like an old sci-fi movie run it up to the ceiling to charge them so much and I hate cables to Brandon I agree with you I agree with you cables are the fucking where's my Bluetooth earphones that will be fine it'll be good thank you by phone 10 has that stupid new feature where did you see your face to unlock it I don't think they could do it and take away the home button I can't stop thinking about it or if you have an asshole twin but I saw that some people have there's a lot of twins in the world you can wear when you sleep so your significant other can't unlock your phone by you back I'm going to go to sleep with his mask on now don't worry about it at all before you get married there is no lie way to do that to me honestly if you have access someone's smartphone or someone's face search history emails texts everything in a lot of ways it's almost like having access to someone's train of thought out of the way it how often we use these things now it's extremely personal would you want ever the ability to read your significant other's thoughts all of them and you don't have a choice of which ones you here in which ones you don't I wouldn't want that night that's why it's the we all recognize I got enough going on I don't need like more whatever you got going on and I mean you get that phone you going to find something probably going to find something I'm out and about and not not going to Paula's security code I'm like that's your business you can do with it whatever you want to do even if it comes back to bite me that's just there's a certain rights that people should be able to maintain like what they watch on porn what are searching for the right couples like my parents included who know each other's passcodes and I like on each other's phones all the time they will be and if I think I got 30s said it's amazing man would you wait to have your brother because my brother is 30 years have kids really should have a better idea 33 years I think my daughter yeah your bed what year were they married I don't know oh yeah man ungrateful wedding anniversary date reminder March 22nd or May 22nd I think it's May 22nd when I called stupid stupid stupid but they're great they're stupid you're an idiot diapers so stupid both quality Comfort I don't fit in my ear I want shit in my ears are going to fall out when you realize your headphones in the music you're so fucking you know music coming up don't talk to me doesn't work does it tell I had a pair of airpod that I misplaced exactly what I just said you know where your stuff goes City cheap headphones cuz I know I'm losing you lock your stupid head phone I misplaced them right I couldn't find them and I knew was going to take it that time it took like 6 weeks to get new ones so I thought I'm going to order another pair so I can find me six or seven to six weeks that they were being delivered if I found them coming and I can cancel the order or you know I like to think so much I'll just give it to Ashley for her birthday was in May so I gave her the new one that came in and I got her the new one come to find out she's like yeah but you just got these confirm placement for yourself I said so brand new she's like now you got yourself convinced there was no thought of Ashley when you bought this gift for weeks in advance for the breakfast that make you feel better I'm on your side despite what's Paul's big Pepe with you like going around the house pick one for me your father hates you bring me one of the top trending videos on YouTube right next to the apology video when he comes into town in a couple weeks Paul is going to subtitle in Spanish using hate me he just knows I think that I'm you know he wants grandkids and I must present him with a grandkid and I think as long as I do that he will be okay that's a good amount that I felt like I owed it to someone Mid-Atlantic spend money on the kids that's the thing I don't want to spend money on a kid you don't have to can you rent a kid like a seventeen-year-old just so I could like have that connection and you're paying for the most expensive years of their life to pay for college scholarship I'm not going to put my kid better have a person as a person who currently owns a 15 year old one you don't want to 17 year olds trust me that's when you're like oh you're leaving soon good. I'm going to text her and ask her remember when you were Seventeen by I left home at Seventeen God damn what was the moment when you flip from knowing everything to be like it's funny how little I know in life 3820 you haven't even gotten there yet 22 24 hours 28 I think it's oh no I'm actually really dumb dumb yeah I don't know shit I really don't and it depresses me when I meet people who know so much about the world and so much about different movies and culture and how do you learn all this stuff to watch everything and read everything and know everything like that probably group of people everybody knows a little bit about something that makes you feel like you don't have her on the podcast nothing about everything but yeah I'm down here now I feel like we talked about science I have nothing to contribute I don't know shit about science but we don't either, but I feel pretty confident a fucking astronomy which two at the most of other people when I was a freshman in college my my freshman chemistry teacher by profession chemistry professor won a Nobel Prize while he was my professor and I was like great like he was a great guy if you want to know what price like I'm not going to say I got the rest of semester not right like he's just going to be like riding that Nobel Prize Nobel Prize publicity trade and how to play guitar piano you can win a Nobel Prize but I'm going to tell my kids I got to go out and win a Nobel Prize physics biology to be here all day maybe Sciences but beyond that like there's a surprise so what are the other categories that I think the hippies is there is there a journalist or is that a different award all Nobel prizes okay Patrick Nobel and what did he do she was you'd be surprised what did he invent like what is his what was the thing that you guys you know there's no I thought he was just a philanthropist my crazy I thought the person who is the inventor of dynamite which seems weird because of the Nobel Peace Prize Dynamite doesn't seem like a piece of engineering and construction invention of dynamite allowed us to do a lot of you create a lot of the Nobel Prize this year we were driving out to West Texas yesterday Ashley and I are you know you drive through these Stone Hill where they just decided I-10 going through this baby and they just did a cheese like they dug out I got nothing to dig it out they blacked it out and so actually for some reason got online and when just like Drilling and Blasting tutorial so now she knows everything about how to how to carve through a mountain with dynamite the barber that's how people find things out and may come in handy Wikipedia Nobel Prize in physics Nobel Prize in chemistry Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine I defer Nobel Prize in literature Nobel Peace Prize oh and the man good luck the Furious riksbank prize in economic Sciences in memory of Alfred Nobel anyway right it's possible economic like the religion of money I read an article that the vacancy rate in Downtown LA residencies is that a 17-year high had the same thing so that would indicate VMI Springer gift gift award in economic that would think that prices would then we're looking at a supply and demand situation and we are on the point in this play occur where there is too much Supply indicated by the vacancy rate oh yeah I know it was absolutely Rick Perry well there's a supply-side economics Sky it was a big deal the trickle-down theory is that we referring to Zulily conomic lesson supply and demand you put the supply out there and the demand will follow a big Reagan push was supply-side economics create the illusion that they created the supply manufactured the demand and because they had to supply their able to effectively created by lowering taxes in decreasing regulation after George HW Bush's presidency something do economic no one cares I'm going to go home now all I got back to me about her biggest pet peeves about me and was a little too easy we'll see if I still dropping more doesn't happen if that's an indicator that prices have to go down there but people keep bitching that price then Austin increase all the time it's in a bubble but I don't think it is just because there's so many people who move here all the time we don't have nearly enough for people who like residences are how close are they to the new Rams Stadium now I can't even call it a stadium oh okay I believe I could be rocking out of a renovation don't shit about La look at me so what's your what's your wife say you deserve worse things that I forget things that I forget things such as experiences memories and just things where you left and the fact that you just leave shit everywhere like your keys but is there a biggest pet peeve cuz she always have to wait for me that's why I can't get the because I know them airpod whatever I have a history of losing things and I don't really lose things anymore but I still act like a person who loses things constantly where I'm always getting out of a car looking to get a cab I turn around I like to sit there and look over the entire cab Automotive when you lost your car key in a forest that is true and I didn't know that I lost it and thought of my pocket and was like us I lost my keys somewhere between this point and half a mile in that direction I'm traveling my passport in my wallet and my phone when you're fine you're fine probably once every 10 minutes when I'm traveling to National go back and look for it to go to Zanzibar when you guys with a different reason it isn't important and that Productions I can stop they moved on those guys were in Russia for like a month and a half trying to get out of the ground I like we're going to shaminy France whatever good luck yeah I got a job at a farm in Russia was like 19 2007 too sure why it would have been seeds back then I've never been expecting me and actually going after I take when I'm going to be over in Europe I was going to hop a flight over to Spain were going to go to Barcelona and Madrid my mom spoke Castilian Spanish so she spoke with a lisp like you just didn't like that bus Barcelona and itself she always tells you like she would try to speak Spanish people in Texas early like that means you spend for me I think that would be like so I'm already self-conscious about my Spanish baby like super self-conscious I would really understand anybody be like what the fuck are you saying to me that's it with you and whoever else are going to be incredibly touristy go to go to the go to the island with all the orgies with that called this phone and it don't happen in the phone really going to eat and like sit on a beach and don't listen don't pass up the phone you got this you can do most of the Emoji traveling with Bethany would be my nightmare I don't know cuz I feel like that is like a like a walking Marilyn Monroe quote to me she's like living your best life all the time probably my favorite person I got one better excuse me sorry she's awesome she approaches travel with the same crazy methodical mindset that I do about like how to get around and what how you move to a city what that if your family I don't know I couldn't get into it could take a long time at least favorite cast Oh Come Back to Me I will give you an answer my focus and you're always running late late anywhere I just your early every 2 hours early for you guys very often traveled eron and Lindsey and Caroline who's the who's the best one of that I mean I doubt would be a shame that be the greatest show ever I can only imagine she would really be great yeah I think she just over thanks a lot of things I need like 3 or 4 years ago for me for the reasons you say Don't Bring Me Down and I bring him down we get these make dumb decisions while we're traveling we can get this stupid shit happen best person to travel with by far the tire company besides Barbara who just wanted their self barnone is Sophie Sophie is so much fun to travel with money it's just I don't know what it is I'm a really good person is going on so people could always rely on me to know what's up so I think I'm a good person because I always have handled you do you do tell him he said about traveling with someone and experiences unremarkable right to travel with the that's not always the case when you're with somebody in a relationship somebody when you travel with them that's when you figure out where you're going. Cuz it's stressful and it would bother element and it's it's it's happened to me I hate this person after I'm traveling with him and like done you get to see what's really going on so she just traveling all that much but you do for the commercial work well with your favorite person and you yelled at me and that's okay. Cuz I wrecked the car it's raining did not like I was fucking mad about it and said he looked he totally let me run with it he was like can you give me a shit about it was absolutely one hundred percent my fault and I was just like a bridge came out of nowhere Bernie left side drive so I just like what kind of messed up it was messed up yeah they were like I was like the ones your insurance I'm like no you know what way second I want all the insurance times I went to New Zealand with you we tried to parallel park a car remember that you tried but you gave up then Matt tried the cards never move your remember that is so weird I don't remember trying to parallel park a car in this year was a fucking nightmare, give me Rita the podcast is also brought to you by Dollar Shave Club butt out every nose Dollar Shave Club ships Amazing Racist for a few bucks and I've been a member for a while and I love my shave but you might not know and I didn't is a Dollar Shave Club All-Stars products are 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try the club thanks Dollar Shave Club good idea how to be a danger to put your hand in the mail how to cut them so frequently yeah I used to but then I got these Invisalign retainers in the Hat does invisible braces by chance to talk to your doctor either we every week or every two weeks I'm doing every two weeks and I'm at Ray 12 of 21 so I'll be done probably January issue right before your B-day yeah they wouldn't do me give me a give me to yours and having a chicken app for 44 years old how dare you tell me that I met you guys I think Gus you were 27 when I met you 12 years ago yeah, it will 2005 yes a July 2005 on 28 right now like I met you when I'm I'm older than 180 so strange it's weird but I like it gets kind of weird when I talk about RoosterTeeth too cuz we've been doing a lot of like I've been having a ton of meetings I feel like in LA just recently and everything is explained people at Gavin Barbara like that end of the story and as I talk about meeting you when you were fifteen and it always sounds so good right now but if I like 15 year old today I have a 15 year old if you start a Hangout with a thirty-year-old like strangers on a train on the internet for To Catch a Predator at the organizers just turned 16 that are vvt-i oh yeah I don't know I'm going to just a total change of subject I don't know if you remember the moment when you and I met and I was like I have told you years later it's like I like this person give me what it was was it when I was hoping you could help me out there was a barbecue for Rebtel and I wanted to Barbara before I met her like I first I thought your account was fake and then when I saw you at the event I was like you know like the truth finding a pain in the ass like all these like to make another thing that just makes it BBQ drumsticks jalapeno you put cheese in it and wrapped in bacon I'm going to make those jalapenos or fucking a weird little bastard all these years later where they really good big jalapeno and they're all like that mutants or anything but they're all so the end of the big ones maybe I don't know I did that I was cutting jalapenos I was talking to people and Barbara Blondie at the time didn't say a word she just walked up there was another knife she picked up the knife and she's watching me cut and she starts cutting and just start talking because a lot of things to work at like someone who I thought someone who would just like a thing to pitch in and just help out and then be also in those situations have the confidence to do it as well I just was like I like this person and a good job good job on your hands after cutting jalapenos and I needed that and I start crying and then hurt ears were burning her face in my tears are burning my skin and I need a phone call with Gavin when he was like 15 where we called him to wish him happy birthday I forgot about that how did I lock phone calling a 15 year old boy we were like 3 a.m. and be like oh it's not even the UK let's call Gavino was calling to wish you Happy Birthday and ring Jeff at his phone number or what else did wasn't me and it was so stilted and Weirdos like this kid's not like you at all these weird if I call it goes yeah okay yeah but what do you think his reaction to you guys were going to your old bike so it whatever it is not inappropriate that said she was totally cool every calling him I was thinking the other day about the call center we were talking about there was a thread on the Austin subreddit the other day by the way Nick guyardo hold of you playing basketball. If I don't know I was holding the basketball and I was looking over my shoulder and he reached over and just hit it hit it on top of the basketball really fucked up a door was messed up for over a year and I thought this fucking guy Nick but I like he he he messed up my knuckle forget but my mom and I can't find any work for you to play basketball that happened about that location about some of the weird businesses that used to pop up there on the street drossett Road off of Burleson you remember that one really shady business called mermaids now that was down the road you know what you came out and you took a right on Burleson there's like that taco place down there and the next to it was mermaids yeah it was hot tub rental by the hour and you could rent a mermaid to be in the hot tub with you what do it was a sketchy ass so I do not want to even like anywhere near that also sitting on top of you in them what is the fastest fish for the mermaid very upset with a mermaid costume with open Plainview people contacting me a text I guess going to text from a good buddy of mine I haven't talked in awhile my parents anniversary is May 22nd for me yeah I got to drink some milk there to you in the off-topic podcast for like 30 bucks do you remember the movie no no no that's shity little sketchy business that was next to you and I so you can go like swimming mermaids or they give you a handjob so whatever exists or you can take a costume off this is like one of those people that I believe the way a fischbach is it just lays down some eggs and then Jeff will come along and just come on top of the eggs that's what that's where that works I was just making fun of me cuz I had to go to the thing and we almost fucking one that I almost did but I had an unfortunate I tell my friend Marty from college I've seen like 15 years I had to literally like right out as soon as the game is over and I like I'm not kidding I ran out of the stadium they just ran for six blocks until I thought I catch an Uber and then did that cuz he went to double overtime at the bullshit I'm wrapped up like 10 p.m. Pacific time is Family section you're not family coach family friendly resorts Packers and everybody episode yeah meaning what did Jeff regular meeting about this so you know we did that charity thing a couple months ago and what are the things people do for you can analyze Human Relationships but I don't understand how they were one of the things that people can do is if they do when they got a podcast shout out we've never done this before so I've got 4 for people that we did back in July or name and do their fun fact I'll get back to you want to give a shout out to Nicole Darden but even have pronunciations here and there's not right I think I think I think the coldest planet in the night cole Nicole teeth and she Manhunter since I was little and I have been thrilled to be a part of your growth as a company and communities bow wow that's really cool what are you guys got a bird named Nicole Rowland Arden Rose good name for a roll and argon I have various Hobbies involve reading listening to music video games and the occasional outdoor run... That's where then listen to John Wayne parrot yellow and I can print station is as expected stupid fun fact no no no no no I get that you didn't read it right it says None please :-) what no I'd say I've stayed at the same time as parents pronunciation in a fun fact about be like ridiculous pocket 8 hours to put that more time to play if I think if we gave the broadcast crew like a vote you can fire one person the company probably will be Jeff honestly could you guess what they lose. Topic probably still be able to watch that show Michael give me a call to break up their entire work week back at that point with his brutal is one that is responsible for those two shows happening go ahead well Michael is off topic, that's how you do it if you get rid of Michael it goes down like 80% of talking is going just recently Shrek so we had a long meeting about this every show has a creative weed on it and we got the heroes and half-wits cuz we're talking about stuff for coming Seasons wrapping a storyline that I was asking all these questions in my duties as Chief creative officer company and there was no answer is literally nobody but yourself for the internal production production that's it for pack Salazar unbelievable this week one another if you see the way it goes it was very professional and I appreciate that Gavin and broadcast I still need to play with that Barbie house that they got me because because I'm going to give it to a children's hospital after I try it I need to talk to Barb just need to make sure it works much better if you don't you do take me to set up the kids that be pretty cool really cool it with the hand and you can bring your puppy to play with yes any kids there today like book dollhouses I mean like they have so much stuff like voice-activated control electric really I was going to give me a call to cuddle with you and it now yeah and then what use Austin there's no way it would be a fucking way good luck if we do not have adequate infrastructure good luck been gone there's no way they said they wanted the second headquarters have 50,000 jobs wow can you say no to have five billion dollars of investment for this picture of the door at the Austin Airport I broke through the construction barrier and tape through window do I get to see like how much progress they made on this thing zero how long have they worked on that fucking door how long is probably 7 months out of your element Brown airport the airport do you fly the American flag at the ticket counter outside right across an American Airlines take a picture this Barbara in 8 months they have done nothing they've cleared out the old door that's all it's been done it is very clear it out in there but there isn't a scrap of new material that can type of construction work site no I don't think they shut it off they clearly old shit and then they leave it shut off like that for months maybe years yes and then it's like oh don't like they brought in one day and it's done is the airport is the best thing Austin does your terms of how they do construction that's how awful everything you sent me this so that square that you're seeing that's towards the parking lot on the right or the doors that they box off at are actually in the airport the same old doors are so they took out whatever that blue Atrium is and the doors that lead out to the think they've just taken it off that's what they've done I don't know what email list I got on but the airport emails me now with construction updates what are the other day which is that door at the very end of the airport in the middle on the upper level and you stop at the sign that says American elected walk into the airport it's that door okay partner dust from the city of Austin Department of Aviation I have no fucking idea how I ended up on this subject line of the email I received earlier today guitar-shaped bus shelter steel Rises and 90 terminal construction update second bar + Kitchen open construction is going on at the airport you can walk 12 ft and is not considered a stupid dumbass photo oh yeah I was like a fuse to the pretzel place is also told Auntie so they're going to fans at Target but shelter is forming and the length of the 98 thermal expansion bus stop that are so God damn proud of this is the the photo that they sent in the email to show it off pictures of John sitting in the middle of the airport where is it supposed to be orange and white barrels you can take a photo of a fucking orange and white clothes right there you see the fucking flashing Arrow people can't drive by it yes I am I the only one that looked at it. That right now but go ahead yeah I know I mean I'm sure it was just you know somebody came in and like made sure it was patted down make it was good he was probably doing squat patted down here North would not have a would have a hairy butt yeah I know I'm okay I got to hurry but I got too much here I don't like it alright I wish I could go with a little less but I did when I was single like I said I was 2% sure I was super stressed out with razor okay that's why you're playing with dynamite not so fun for me it's sad when you're crazy Yoga Austin I usually just take whichever waxers available now I go to the same person but before Betson people out there who would be sure and you are very much studying right and they're like oh this part has hair and then they use zip and then let's go back in there and check out these lights lately. It's really really moving to like get the left or the right here around 8 I was going to watch it I don't need it but the stomach strip cuz some people have like hair that grows up a little bit like a like a happy trail bad on the vine they do ask me if I want to leave a strip though how to add I'm just like not knowing what's like a butt Guy what's the what's the big turn-off like what two things like you can't hang with a guy and I know there's not much for you that's like like you're pretty down to clown but it's is there something it's like on your scale is what did the extreme and if it's like it's probably going to have probably end up parking said you're never going to be Barbara everyone has their own preferences this is just what I'm asking Barbara yes but the only thing I don't like is if there's like too much hair that you can't find the penis what is that it hasn't happened to me thankfully but I've seen porn and photos of like guys were very very hairy and it's just like you got to to find the price but it's like a quest oh yeah and it's like my only thing is like to be groomed you don't have to be hairless you don't have to be like completely natural or anything just like groomed should be good if it's too sick like thinning shears mean is good not like fucking fireworks of pubic hair everywhere has gotten to the point where it's difficult to find a dress that is there a magic number of like how how long should a hair straightened out into the bedroom before it's too long for me I always tell people with it looks like it's awesome. That's awesome low fat baby Wendy evil thing evil things always what am I doing this episode receive podcast is also brought to buy Squarespace website or online store make your next move with Squarespace Force Base offers beautiful award-winning designer templates to create a beautiful website or online store with an award-winning template all-in-one platform and installed patch or upgrade ever easy to set up for transfer your domain on Squarespace that are working with multiple vendors to maintain your online presence be able to manage all your domain and Billy said he's with Squarespace and take advantage of it easy to use DNS interface easier to sell products or services online maybe make a product orders and inventory easily for a free trial today at squarespace.com go to squarespace.com get 10% off your first purchase squarespace.com off your first just make a website that we talked about this for ever just do it just do whatever you're into it looks like if you have a website on your resume look it up and it's polished you to do it looks it looks awesome I think I'm faster than something that's been going on for a few weeks that's annoying Stephanie Austin subreddits been knowing you the photos of Austin from like 20 years ago and photos now no is it I don't know I can't think anybody it is a group of people who have organized an anti-social Breakfast Club I have seen the post about that and they have their meetings at 6 p.m. in the UK but I think these are people who think they're anti-social but aren't I can't imagine ever going out to an anti-social of deaf people that's different than anti-social people Gus's like we joke about him being antisocial but you go like about a mile and a half past Gus those are anti-social people I know people that don't want to be around other people and don't want to interact with anybody in such thing as introverted or negative people the anti-social so they wouldn't want to be social I guess a lot of people think of that as a negative thing cuz it's probably be awkward Breakfast Club right that's probably why do they meet you at Chili's at for everything have a good time there probably are not if you like I'm so shy and I don't know nobody ever talks to me and everything you be like I'm just a lonely girl and a big world how to play the ring game I do not need help figuring out how to plan the Rings playing a game with me come and give her tips she's going to be going to go test them when you stand by the ring game be like a candy buddy come over and help me I don't even need to ask Brandon but then they just is there how do I get it there's nothing to betray the principles we can be like when I get out of it like this I will say that like a social situation and out with girls if they usually have a guy like that I watch the sea like how long they're around like if they're around for like 5 minutes I'll walk up and see what's going on but I might try to shoot a guy off whatever the one person I got is Barbara Barbara Barbara is very direct like anybody you know that she has to be like tonight I'm just good at telling people to fuck off in a nice way right off all that heard you say also used to do it like I used to volunteer the rickety booth for many years before working here and so I'm used to like moving people along quickly to get to the next person and sometimes people will dilly dally at the booth and try to talk for a long time and so I would pick up you know certain cues on how to deal with that it was really nice to meet you by Method what are you doing leave you and I can't have the same ending in the way yeah I act like that my favorite fan interaction I think of all time at a convention was a guy that we were signing stuff and he came through talk to him and we start something project photo then we were saying things again we sounds like you're more people and the guy was then I saw standing there at the edge of a like you move down to the corner of the table and just stood there and I said to him I said I said I do when I said we did you need something else to go do you say something or when you left because now because now I'm just laying here and I said well do you need anything because I'm just don't know why you keep thinking it's weird that I'm still standing here but I can't bring myself to leave it wasn't crazy or anything in a moment like having an epiphany yes I don't know why you're there to leave at some point but I guess I just can't get myself to leave their normal answer I got that no actually we were out recently Paula and a couple of like a couple we know and it was like a karaoke thing one kid went up there and did a song and it is obvious you just kind of came up here to do karaoke need to really have anybody to hang out with so just kind of standing there awkwardly so we just went up and invited him and you know hung out with him for a little bit it's really nice yeah but it's just like you know it sucks cuz it's like I'm sure he didn't know anybody who wanted to go out that particular night but do you want to sing just like you should get punished for that great story no idea why where that came from or what that was about but that's really awesome I went down a rabbit hole Japanese videos recently found a video of this robotic dog that was developed with a sensor in it snows fixed if your feet stink or not it would go up to your feet and smell them if your feet smell okay it would look at you and Wags tail but if your feet smelled bad they would follow her and played some kind of battery censor that's built into it snows I don't know I have no idea why the same pair shoes so I can get rid of the fucking shoot me I could have one but it's like the shoe smelled whenever she wore them then or feel like I did not bring that up and I don't want to just you and throw it away so I the time Facebook have this thing called the honesty box where you can if not I miss Lee send somebody some information you were in a terrible relationship no way I could tell her this information without it to your shoes thing every time you take them off after you get home from work everyday I'm not a good for you sometimes you take them up like in a public place like that you know the place where we work she was just have them off and maybe p and he may be in her or socks or whatever other people notice to ya what's wrong with Jonathan nightmare your shoes have never been tied to be such an asshole about someone else's shoes where did your shoes look like that what happened how did it go but I miss you reply didn't just said thank you she knew think about it I never approached it we did it for a while and it was like there's no way I could bring this up as her boyfriend and it not just destroy her there's no way no way no trust me it's just no guidance there's that I just dealt with it and it was like that but that it is going to go in there for you if you if anybody wants to hear is having trouble being honest with somebody that's a bunch of stuff and I want to watch it with you but your feet stink and then though you're not really just me she has a boyfriend in the foot stuff and then it's like overstock.com very healthy relationship so bad bait on the poster Michael wanted me to make over here wants me to remind everyone that the day 5 season 2 finale is this week I got the ladder the previous episode of of day 5 it just came out wherever it's been waiting for that one drop I try to keep myself out of Productions unfold with why do you know anything about Dave and then watching it with the rest of the audience was just like what the fuck is it now you did 30 day free trial and you can binge watch and you'll be able to see all day 5 season 1 episodes 1 to 7 right now and then watch it with the rest of the community on Sunday it's a really great show yeah it's a really really really great if you're watching this live right now you're already a member contact why would you do that what are you can I buy the gym tonight and then two episodes and then two episodes and then I'm going to eat tonight I got to host a soup okay I've been with this whole 30 min lots of pressure cooker as a pressure cooker pressure cook stuff no pressure and it destroyed your stuff stuff was it the one of the more expensive I'm hosting something I'm hosting an award show this coming week I don't know if I can say what it is yep. See that the string used to correct that is correct I love you Gabba Gabba Barbara Barbara Barbara Barbara Barbara Barbara