#459 - Triggered by Social Media

Join Gus Sorola, Blaine Gibson, Chris Demarais, and Jon Risinger as they discuss conflicts with one another, dreams, nude scenes, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on September 25, 2017, sponsored by MeUndies (http://bit.ly/2aGm9yg), Skillshare (http://skl.sh/2hu231E), TrackR (http://bit.ly/2hskBPZ)

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Recorded: 2017-09-26 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Blaine Gibson, Chris Demarais, Jon Risinger


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Transcript (in progress):

hey you going to walk over Steve podcast this week brought to you by Me Andy skillshar and tracker there their and they're saying I'm Chris I'm John microphone false alarm we're all really dumb like an hour before the party starts at 3:50 I think I'm going to bring my laptop to the new version of Mac OS why would you do that unfinished literally less than a minute to go in at 4:59 it was done and I was able to login we worked I was in a meeting where I was exporting a document that I needed for that meeting this happened school too I've been in school and I needed to like do something for a classic export a video for a film class and I'll be sitting there on in class like Listen to Professor and looking at my laptop and it's like just barely finishing I hate that that happened was that the first let's play live in Austin where we're supposed to have the documentary if you watch the documentary to be a video introducing the heist but like they're literally wasn't enough time left before the field for the export like the time that's on the export bar was too far there's like two exported story end we had to do a live set up on stage and set it up was that the one where Jack like I had to apologize I had to but he chose to go bro moment, the action watch it now I don't remember if I'm in the shot or not but I was standing there and I was like yeah anybody who told the story secondhand or are even like after witnessing it said it was one of the most legitimately awkward moments I've ever experienced especially here at the company like Jack legit legitimately like lost it how do you deal with gas with like conflicts like that you just got was happy it wasn't me but yeah I were to come in again in like start a conflict with you in like an argument really guns a-blazing I guess it depends on your jacket wronged you in some way I would imagine you're you're a big enough man to apologize to depends on whether or not I thought you were correct or not Nestor argue very much a couple of times when you've been married for 11 years couple times have you ever been legitimately angry at me think so have I don't think so I don't I don't I don't nothing comes to be a lot angrier when I was younger like when we first started receipts like that was kind of known as being like the guy who would get a rationally angry but let me know I think I think you still carry on that Persona like the community and I when I came into the company at first I was wondering how you guys felt it was like a custom going to be like an asshole I'm going to give him his face I think I'm like closer to you than most of the other senior people that work here Waco I want to find out have you guys ever been mad at me or like has there been any big conflicts between any of the podcast people that are on right now I think I can't I can't think of when what was but I can remember a time being legitimately upset about something when you farted on me I know there are times where we've been in meetings and you keep farting and you laugh it off like it's a joke and I'm just like piss off of you that everyone I think that silurian Era hat is trying to do something is like the ideal friend I'm so sorry and he'll be like I can't smell it every day but even I can smell it still got it doesn't bother you like that's like asking someone is blind like even though you can't see it doesn't this bright light in all these flashing colors bodies like no it's still something that came out of his dad out of his ass a black person might care about that if you had no sense of taste and someone's like you're licked it and then you liked it and it turns out of Pacific When anybody fart the the mixture of the particles into the air becomes turned into such a low pressure sensor that you say what if he farted on you I actually in college I like a year I lived in dorm and when we were all like friends we were like 2D that was our Hall too deep and when they found out I couldn't smell they didn't believe me and so they were trying to devise a way to see if it was legitimate and what they determine was that there was one guy in the hall who was known for his farts being extra bad and so they set up a very scientific test of us standing in the hallway and him 40 right into my face to see if I reacted John there's this kid named Kenny going to end up well this kid named Kenny in my middle school and he was the kid who was like he just wanted to be light and so he would like people with would have picked up off the cafeteria floor like an old gummy bear that was like covered in dirt and eat this and he will he be like if you just wanted attention because I can't smell did you didn't farted in his face there's no I haven't done stuff that you'd regret or other people smoke any I'm not a Kenny John and let's just look through your career real you feel better Jon cuz because Chris is attacking you right now one of the First videos that I had two or one of the first things I had to do when I was an intern was edit videos for art Eli and I remember sometimes we'd have weeks where we just have constant out the but like people been filming stuff from the office he's great at it sometimes he had to dig deep into the dregs of our old old crap that was you know I know how do I remember digging through our server and going through and just video called Chris diaper and I was like okay and then I proceeded watch the poor little College Blaine a fan mailed in adult diapers into Rooster Teeth and Chris that I would be a great idea if he and I don't know if Brandon or someone else put these diapers on and then proceeded to soil themselves in these diapers and film it for an RC shoot yourself willingly peed yourself close up shots on Chris's crotch and I just like sitting there like like looking around anybody else find your face well it was never released who was never released so you know for extra life know if we had to get rid of the milk that was behind me who was the 2018 milk have to go away because it looked like it was about to explode what are you talking about or who you were here right now so it was really nasty the 2017 milk is still okay if still back over there which was that 2018 that was wrong. I just don't really dramatically the fresher milk was about two different things so that one was one where you explode maybe like in manufacturing what is the weather for electric white boys it's hard to tell them all apart okay are you watching a bunch of white boy California with my title for Keys Master last night I heard about it and they even like test on apparently like passed out at one point in these fine today but I guess he got really bad last night and hot tub involved which is not a great time in a hot tub yes there was not a hot cup of outdoor hot tub was full of alcohol it was. And I question is constantly why couldn't have been a hot tub. Please call right dude alright what is the point of this thing it's like they're going out there and doing amateur jackass stuffed right okay full of alcohol seems within the realm of possibility really does not it doesn't because like you would have to heat up the alcohol no one's going to want to drink alcohol at someone's been sitting in I wonder if I wonder if he developed into vapor got in your nose up against a large vat of boiling 130° alcohol boils faster than water right cuz the alcohol will leave right I don't know if I think you would still probably be okay I'm just saying I bet you can get really drunk. I probably would not remember that city song from the 90's Steal My Sunshine by the group last video they made for that the other day I guess like the music the label was really in there they thought the song is going to be huge so they gave the band $150,000 to make a music video and I spent $100,000 on liquor and they said that they had so much liquor they broken elevator at the hotel they were staying at trying to get it all up to their room if that was letting you spend that much money I mean I guess if you're going to hot tub for the duration of this even thinking like a lot and I were looking at the most expensive things that you can buy on Amazon just like you guys to just came up and one of them was the lubricant you can get an oil drum filled with lubricant cow chop might have done that recently but it's like it like $1,300 or $400 for the barrel of lube so that's it oh yeah be fun having cool slip and slide with Lube to be dangerous to be like in Christmas Vacation in that non-stick coating but anyway I was saying like I was I felt when we started out. Bring my laptop I felt like really discombobulated I thought I felt almost like one of those dreams you have or a nightmare where like you show up to class and there's a final and you forgot that you had that class and you're not wearing pants or in or some combination of that I only went to school for a year and I never had the pants are like the nudity dreams but I had the ones where you didn't study or didn't read or didn't go to class the entire time and just woke up with the worst Panic ever I still do I hate that like a decade out of any school and I still have those kinds of nightmares every once in awhile I have those and then sometimes will have these ones I don't know if it's based on like how the person is wired but I have a lot of Dreams where it comes to a physical activity and I can't perform like where it's like being chased by something and not like I'm running like slow motion in my rectal dysfunction dream before I think I've had that kind of a dream that's probably normal right I've never had one of those dreams were like had sex with leg fat man and I wake up like what was a bad little deeper I don't know how it comes up but I've had two drinks. It's just a fat hairy guy and I for some reason for kids and I'm like into it in the mail like I wake up and I'm like why haven't I don't know they want Ray analyze me an audience I really don't put any stock in a dream having a random firing of the stream, and I ordered this thing could be nothing I just think it's just your brain glycolix let's see what kind of cookies should we can come up with I think there is some element of like your worries and fears you know I don't think like cavemen had dreams about missing test there was a white sheet I don't know what means are you sure I don't know just keep talking to keep talking they are not like shoots and stuff and have you ever been on the street before he exactly also there's context and therefore why you would have had that dream so Random firings what I just said you can't have a dream we all know you can't have a dream about something you don't even know about like I can't have a dream about what it's like to exist in the fourth dimension you could though you don't know I just think you could have that dream has anybody ever had a dream about existing in the fourth dimension how would I have a dream but maybe I can't I can't dream about something I don't know about that still doesn't mean that it's random stuff of just what's going on in your head he's not saying random stuff of anything exists inside a dream the other night sorry I got a girl give me her phone number and I remember taking a piece of paper and looking at it and I couldn't decipher what the numbers were and I think I heard this on the podcast or something before 2 or your brain you can't read I can read and I dispute that claim I've heard people say that but I can read in my dream I think so like my brain couldn't come up with an actual phone number cuz I would really be curious if I called that number but it was one of the girls are you the girl I have most often about not being able to perform is in my dream I want to open my eyes and I think it's my body really want me to open my eyes and it's like I might wear in my dream my eyes are kind of open but not fully open and I'm trying to open them all the way and I'm just struggling with my physical body Mastermind has anybody been following what's the name of that such a fucking bullshit story few hits of bullshit Mighty here there's a dude who's a brighter for a book that's promoting his book or some shed and he's his his his apartment is haunted ain't been released so good to follow Patrick is on vacation he sent me that like last week I don't care if it's if it's fake cuz I don't believe in ghosts anyways I don't think there's anything for a ghost to be so I know for a fact it's fake there's a way to to to explain everything away but it's super fun to like to read like what's going on is he if he's if he's just writing this like as it goes he's doing a great job of creating a great ghost stories in there and poking fucking holes in everything you have no imagination and you have no fun if I was told that there's a there's a ghost in the the place is moving in to hear anything about it I know about this and that if you can ask him any question but you can only ask him to questions at a time if you ask him if third question and then he kills you oh my god what is wrong with you why this is a new development that sounds like such stupid questions thing yes because all I can remember something is up with the tall as the whole way and the cats keep staring at know this is this is got to go back to the beginning he moved into a new apartment he was told that story and then he had a dream where he met this kid and then he asked him a question the kid answer you ask me the question you can answer the estimates third question and then like it all went wrong and he woke up and then that's when a bunch of we're still having that happening before the whole hallway thing there's a whole bunch of time it's a really long story so I just I don't like that he's putting it out there really hurting Blaine apparently my feelings I know there's enough shit going on in this world there's nothing bad news on Twitter that if there's one guy in the world does HughesNet example I guess it's just the fact that it's being it's fiction that's being presented as truth that's bothering me because I don't like that he's fooling so many people when I clearly see through it but I will give you that it is it is entertaining watch and what you have this I think I think that would go into the theater and watch you like The Conjuring 2 based on a true story or yeah basically anybody who's reading this who already has inclined to think of ghost cool they actually things is happening and those are inclined to not do to believe that goes don't exist I don't think this is swaying anybody I don't think that's what's going on over there would you do will get to it when we get okay I don't need anybody it's just a fun story to read I guess it's just taking me off it's like it's like my brother my brother and me get to find a eBay listings of ghost dolls and love to read the listings of ghosts all that everybody is fantastic but it's like the same thing like they don't actually think that ghosts exist but they think those are hilarious and I'd love to tell stories that's been one of them I still read it but I'm just like I said bullshit the whole retweets thing where it's like hey if you do this then we'll do this I'm skin so fucking tired of the way I like I got to meet those dudes because it's just overboard this is the worst thing ever you have you are easily triggered by social media you get bothered by social media a lot and doing stuff on social media quite often that's why you're blocked from an Instagram oh hell I'm here blocking you complained about selfies and I was like alright you don't have to watch it so I blocked you said selfies and specific in my selfies you think you're stupid and bother you so I blocked you 3 years ago 3 years ago that you even bring him something three years ago something that bothers you with anybody but tonight is everybody against everybody fucking there is one where he like in black and white that's probably what it was the last time I was with him says you because you made a big deal about Subs going to like you don't need to make someone feel bad because they post a picture of their face in the internet I wasn't making fun of you for like you know oh you're making great progress is your body and you need to stop showing off it was anything like that it's just like you trying to make me feel bad about me using my social media in any way that I want to make this personal I won't do that there might do I post but I was going to say now please I was going to say that your girlfriend post nothing but selfies for the most part on her Instagram account and you comment and like them and it you like them and that's where it is and I'm in a lot of doing that I think that's fantastic I like her Instagram feed as well but I think you did that that Alana did it and it was like that's almost all of a lot of stuff but you but because I don't know for what reason cuz I'm your friend because I'm a guy because whatever you decide to pick me out and and then not judge your girlfriend just one of those things I guess from he wants to follow you because and I would say the same thing that the kids were friends but also I don't really want to see your donger longer valid statement as to why you don't be so short I decided flag has been removed can't even see if Brian can argue that have a conversation about the word dong goal earlier today like some people are not offended but like are bothered by the word dongle why I don't because it sounds like a dong so late it's a funny word cuz it has the word why it sounds like in computer terminology like you're dealing with multiple systems are like replicated systems it used to be you would refer to those systems as a Master System in a slave 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watch it on YouTube If today is September 27th Ruby combat-ready is a co-op board game where two to four players join forces take on inFamous Ruby villains and slay monsters Grimm board game developers are they've done games like Sheriff of Nottingham Mage Wars by roll suppliers Corpus Christi Ruby overcome a powerful violin along several deadly objectives that modify gameplay battle plays out of the series of duels players engage in the building and turn player is it Center Stage driving about Ford other players are assisting the player or Technicolor objectives action-packed tons of tactical decisions and surprises at coming to kick starter this week so be sure you check it out if you want to get more info on the game don't have it on Wednesday and so if I'm Translating that correctly the game is a is a Cooperative game where is everybody wins everybody doesn't win that kind of thing yeah that's a whole like genre back in the game of games that I never experienced until like the last two years at that was an actual way that games can play games it's just that versus kind of thing that's super fun what's the what's the one game where everyone starts with her shut up the creepy house and then at one point the event happens checkers alright I'm on the calendar Thursday but your own house on the hill that's a great game I love it cuz you started off all working together and then in event happens and one person then has to become like the antagonist any different path Integris have to go into the room read with they're supposed to do and everyone else has let out at 3 but they're supposed to it's pretty fun I played that intoxicated boy that made things interesting my was it called brain you know I'm like paranoid shit like that's like grows exponentially when I'm under the influence and yes I've experienced paranoid Blaine used to play a lot when I was younger it's like everyone and it's kind of like without any of the combat rescue your armies can move into territories but they can never fight so that they can move into an empty territory but if there's a another enemy there think they get bounced back to where they started from like everyone. In the game where everyone stops talk to each other makes deals about how they're going to move and then everyone moves at the same time it's like you said time to get fucked good deal don't move the way they said they would or I love that people to move the way you want them to move that way you can also move where you want to meet I for one would much rather stay in with friends and play a tabletop game and he night then go out to bars I would much rather do that anytime then then go out and I know that's not you not being a relationship I absolutely agree if I'm single and private I would actually like to meet someone at a tabletop party that's what I would like to do I don't think that black table top with with the Brandon pollen Jordan Holley no we didn't go go I want to go to genuinely despise the fact that in order like meet new people or to find some for like 2 to like go on a date with other than 10 you have to just go out to like bars if I had to rush when I just want to play board games with you if you want something along those lines for it like I did it I think it's something as simple as like I just want to watch British Bake Off and make out at all I wanted to let you know that I'm not trying to win someone over like trick him into like doing it like to swipe right on me but it's like if you're down with that cool so I've let us wait wait swipe right and will I will say I was going off laughton's like no Johnny you swipe right like I got to go I like that tenders like you I like has like the note that shows that you're okay and I think I think they copyrighted swipe left and swipe right cool really I think someone told me that Kingsman last night and the guy like all of my finger what are we doing I think the best way to put it is that there are two directions that few are there's 2 things that fuel why people do it as equal as far as story goes in one is that you have a new story to tell and you and you and you want to use the original characters as a as a vehicle for that new story but it's something you want to do and then there's the way where you make a sequel or you just want to one-up thing that you did in the end in the first one and you just want to do it last year and again and it's that's some people like that you want that from sequels I think that's why I move you like Finding Dory was very successful that's all Finding Dory was it wasn't really a story that was that necessary or new but Kingsman to not a bad movie but it's definitely one that didn't capture the same kind of feeling as the first one there was almost fucking shot-for-shot Recreation of a couple of scenes like this like the bar scene the First Act first and then and I just kind of thought it was good I try me the first horror movie goes I like a lot yeah yeah it wasn't like all that scary like it wasn't like sure that a lot of scary but it was still a good movie though there's one scene in a dark tunnel my girly on it with one of the that I can answer a kid but he gets caught in a tunnel and it was legit like I got freaked out but not losing no matter because the greatest movie of all times coming out in the trailer coming out and then deleted the Tweet super fucking so for later I have super low expectations should I move I have no expectations sucks so bad I wish I had that I love Blade Runner and my mind they cannot make a better mood I wish that I had that because I have such high expectations I feel like it might disappoint now I'm like it if something comes on a TV I want change the channel but like I'm really not Blade Runner the the original and I realize that it's not as good of a movie as as as I think a lot of people to remember it to be I'm boring but it definitely like blow it like rape scene in Blade Runner yeah I guess we need to leave and he tells her to stay and he tells her to tell him that he wants that she wants him to stay in like I said you I'm with you on that I always feel like Blade Runner I mean I only seen it once in a long time ago in high school that was me and then it's all really like it but only one has the world has a lot of Critters that I'm very much a fan of Dennis Dennis or near-perfect director and so I'm looking forward to see what else has he done he was he did that in Me Hugh Jackman movie where his daughter got kidnapped in the next prisoners just Fantan in its that was deacons directors like basically travel round projects with their the same people and it's nice cuz you can cuz like a lot of people tribute like the look in the final product movie to just the Director of Photography that was there as well and there's you know it's more like I don't think someone like get over there tomorrow would be what it is without his team that he works with you know but the one thing I will say I like I said I haven't watched a lot of Blade Runner trailers in a lot of promotion with your friends so maybe I'm wrong but the one thing that has struck me that seems the most different from what I have seen compared to the original is it felt like in the first Blade Runner it was a world where almost like Japanese or Asian culture in the United States had really murdered it was mixed everywhere and I haven't seen that anywhere in the you want aside from that one scene where is Ryan Gosling goes and there's like Korean written outside of a building yeah I'm wondering like how different of a warm hug in front of the world look in this generation compared to the original one has a very iconic style to it and I'm not seeing that in the in the new promotional material yeah that movie but like every time they went to like Tyrell Corporation is had a different look to it but yeah when is San Diego Comic-Con they have like a whole Blade Runner street that they did that this like big collaboration of Johnnie Walker and if you wanted there it was like it was totally like stepping into Blade Runner the original one like there was like they're serving Chinese food or serving noodles and there was like Japanese I don't know I've no idea what in the movie I don't answer I'm too I'm excited to see you I don't know it's hard for me to say I think like Blade Runner this is probably the last one that they're going to do cuz I don't know if they've mentioned doing like more and making up late is almost of equal standing to me really Star Wars yeah it's just like that with that world is just so fucking intriguing to me like any felt like I know it's like not one of those movies to tell me like right about to be entertained it's like it was meant for your like drinking some alcohol years like I just want to chill and just kind of like think about life for a bit and that's when I turn on Bladerunner so I don't know I'm really excited about it I guess different reasons than a real speaking of movies did you see the trailer for The Mummy video game yeah considered the Dragon Universe it's like this is a real game where is the most fans going around in this know if it's retro style design like 8-bit kind of looking at art there it is and if you play a soldier that gets raised from the dead and then fights through mommy likes you know settings straight through there's your character and he dies in these raised up and at the end of the trailer is a pixel version of the female mummy from the mummy movie but there it is which I find hilarious that like it was me realize that even though that movie was just terrible and failed miserably there's other reasons why they make these movies and it can be things like well we'll make the movie and then we can make a video game in the video game successful then we still make money and I can it's just cuz the movie flops there's like all kinds of other I was thinking about renting and watching the mummy this past weekend and it's bad I'd like I was looking through iTunes right there next to it yeah 16% when the trailer came out messed up the audio and fun and good movies with Brendan Fraser should go back and we watched it before putting it on my foot my mouth like that but yeah this did not capture any of that and it was so dumb just the entire time I just like that down to the point of Let's Make The Mummy but let's make her a sexy girl part is that they release a big like marketing photo where it was Tom Cruise and then like I guess Russell Crowe and then just like all of the cast of The Dark Universe yeah I know you haven't even like naughty house can really put in there just convinced that I can make this whole like Cinematic Universe I'm very excited about the rest as soon as you are already in production with a couple of them and even letting post The Mummy they announce like the creature of the Black Lagoon there an added to the roster as well who's the other there's like a bunch of papers that looks it looks like and that woman's name ever remember she was in the weather like in the mummy sequel which one that's that's that's the mummy yeah I don't know if I do anything but I ever do nude scene no I'm not proud of anything that's going on down there this week yeah you're you got an episode of Andy be coming out so I got to get you naked sorry about the wait what do you mean that you got to get me naked weevil because there's a it's in the scripture where you can you get naked, it's someone else about me getting naked you guys talked about it I don't remember talking about that because I had to like we're like a skin-tight Blue Royal senior dongle don't tell your daughter I'm so just not happy with that talk later you guys in Hollywood a guy doing a nude scene just invaded and it was like you know it was still hanging low my daughter cuz it's like you like it looks good it goes flaccid but still at the same way and I have to go jerk off and then I'll come back and we like 5 to 10 minutes and then yeah and then I'm going to be hot though, I would request a cold room I want as much drinking inverted I want it I want people to be like well what I feel like wait like squint your heels going to buy 4K TV but there was this kid that actually happened to in the locker rooms and he'd be like in the corner of the name Blaine know before puberty hit like I suffer from the same thing about your penis like if your your pride is like it's okay it's like a placebo effect that thing like your pride is so hurt and you just feel so self-conscious that your dick literally just goes like tucks in the gold turtle I'm going to have it in person that ever happen to me like before. But your dick went back in and I just like it was just like I don't shower and it was a he like micropenis a rough texture weird things are weird I feel bad for that kid nude scenes in that you would film have has anyone here seen that Korean movie the handmaide lotto overly gratuitous nudity I mean I enjoyed that movie but even I was like oh come on that's a little over-the-top you like the very last scene of the movie is like that seem to be in the movie how that's right they did the sharing the toys you just wanted to see them naked in the movie the trailer doesn't tell you anything at all to do that what's a good example of a what is the foreign language film right like you don't want or like subtitle it or music to build an atmosphere it's okay that works 10 Cloverfield Lane had some pretty good trailers it didn't reveal whole hell of a lot 10 Cloverfield Lane 10 Cloverfield every time they do one of those working there is a third Cloverfield movie but it was like under the guise of a different movie and they're like under this is a title I believe yeah I don't know what it was about though and honestly I don't mind. Probably going to like released it came out like a month later and it's coming out next month do you think people still watch movies just for the new things I don't think so I used to this I'm saying like when I was like when I was like you know because the internet was not as accessible it was hard to get to there's like maybe noon people have like one computer at in their house it's like in the living room or something I would watch movies there just because maybe some boobs for like 5 Seconds Brown note I don't know but I don't like you I hear you talking about babe that was a big part of marketing to because if you can remember back when they're selling DVDs like early internet time are they were like a picture of of balloons on the cover you know like covered American Pie 2 American Pie was the first ones like old-school scary movies wall maybe I hate or after American Pie 9898 I believe 98 or 99 Hillary more than 17,000 classes and design photo and more membership give you unlimited access you can improve your skills unlock new opportunities and do the work you love skillshar believes inaccessible learning and the price that reflects that an annual subscription with unlimited access assassin $10 a month making it one of the you can find for all I know education and skills video of the first people to use promo Link in the description will get their first two months for you to try out risk-free again at the first five or two people to sign up to receive a two month free trial go to skldoc short to start your free trial now man I feel like we had the Earth collectively has had a bad run these last couple of weeks yeah I don't even know how to respond anything like a hurricane Harvey been hurricane not then then Mexico had to earthquakes one of which was really really terrible and then her key Maria hits Puerto Rico it's like come on give me a break so much so many natural disasters caught on simultaneously right now I was looking at a photo earlier of the island of Puerto Rico note taking it and no such thing as a satellite photo yeah and it showed like before the hurricane in the islands like totally eliminated and then a picture of taking like yesterday and at night it's just like how many days will the thing is is it it looks like Houston or something right not not to say that you since it worse or better but like you said at least had the benefit of of it's connected to all these other places that still have in French sure at aren't flooded Puerto Rico it's like there's no there's no island in the middle of nowhere spotty at times and I will just go out and now they said I think I read that could take like 3 to 6 months to bring power back on in it for the right, but they are citizens yes it's like people don't realize without burning terms there are responsible there it is don't know that I like a damn was going to fail in the Northwest part of the island and then to evacuate like 70,000 people as a result of it is absolutely crazy she see that video of a guy who went to some beach and like the water and just completely like gone away like it looks like whenever there's a disaster movie and it's like going through a pre-roll newsreel of Lego all these things been building up to this like generally at it's pretty fucked in a potential nuclear catastrophic and an earthquake in Mexico yeah that's the one that hit Florida Norman didn't do as much damage as its predecessor to link him after I for people that are affected by the imagine there's like an hour no big deal for them yeah yeah not a person it's big deal 5 minutes goes through it right there still suffering from flooding and I guess I'm not going to talk about this, we have a mandatory curfew fuel can't go out between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. is that wow that is that this crazy idea I don't even know what to do to like it doesn't still a feeling of helplessness that that on a scale of like multiple hurricanes and earthquakes of a bad it's like what what what what can we do like what can we do to stop that are to help then it's like I don't know what I can know that we talked about disaster buckets and I think not that that's going to help anyone else but I see you doing that however you like hat disaster bucket at our house or not this is like going to help anyone in Puerto Rico like I have a bucket of disaster food and like I like Medical Supply I know I don't think that's a bad thing at all I think having having a what's pretty call his his bag in his own bug out bag and short of the navy action being deployed to go take care of them there's really nothing that we can do very very disheartening now it's overwhelming you want to do something and I tried you know I've given you some charity organizations some relief organization but it feels like it's a drop in the bucket. Like all that shit that's going on and even if he tried to like on social media raise awareness and get the word out there 6 people are starting to suffer from fatigue I think it's like oh and another disaster one of our writers day of his family in Puerto Rico grandma and they tried to see if they could go out there and visit her and help her to look at Linda airports are closed except for like emergency military flights and then he was also like her generators Michigan Power from so we bought a generator or sitting out there hope it makes it we have no idea cuz like it could be get loaded it could just get it out there like months later you know even delivering anything or delivery companies are able to land at the airport's there now it's crazy yeah I was looking at that was I kind of see like where I lived I think it's dark dark I would if I was still there I have no power why were you living in Puerto Rico my family had moved out there and my mother had health issues so I moved out to help take care of my younger siblings okay so I lived there for a while and also I mean tired of working when am I going to 25 in Puerto Rico school then I have nothing to do with I go to the beach and swim all day wow I like this I would like to meet this guy and he was always like picking up bottles and cans to like them in the recycling so I got to go down and I just helped him like clean the beach pick up bottles and cans and give them to him you take them off and go recycling you like hit your head in car accident or something I just changed shipwreck got nothing going on and nothing like I wasn't here in the early days but I had to do all of the I did like all of the customer service from Puerto Rico but anytime someone become a sponsor I had to like process the payment of great their account and it would make sure that the appropriate access and everything and you do nothing down there it was okay I had a cable modem but it was like 256k down or something but it was not fast you know what they was like 512 down and like 12080 or six really slow version of your life we just stayed in Puerto Rico and then never came back I don't know what's going on you're still like picking up trash without I like wish I was like presenting that like you see this Crossroads in your life this is the path you when you ended up at RoosterTeeth what would happen if you'd gone into this path reviewed stayed with a woman North you when I went to the school they're like my probably defining moment was I was like on my way to go to Texas A&M like I was just like ready to go I got accepted to both colleges with that was the one that was like I had no intention of applying for you to because I didn't think I was going to be able to get in school but Austin to drop off my girlfriend at the time to then go to a name for my college visit and it was that trip that I was like oh yeah fuck I want to go to UT this is great. Like I don't know I can be an Aggie like probably my my diversion would have been right before College I wouldn't have gone to college and I would have just gone to focus on photography and it would have just been with a lot of those farts in your face it really changed everything thank you for focusing on that Chris and then I request and culminating in me meeting my lifelong potonic partner Blaine Gibson so if you're okay with farting in your face if we do that as like an actual thing is that yeah yeah only if we get to release your pay now and I don't even think that you son of a bitch you've deleted stuff would be who it is I don't know if that there to participate all an extra like this year but it would I think it would be pretty funny if it was Bruce considering he's known for his fart farts will Bruce and Blaine bubble butt fart on each side and I just have my phone into a funnel that then focuses it down to a tube and it goes into 1 different nostril I think I was a note of Jackass wasn't into your pants cuz you guys don't have to be naked for the fart to exit and go in naked ass on extra life farting and you had better ask that we already talked about this I had a cock suck on that was it like I remember that day like they're like alright clear said planes going to the store down I just had a tube sock around my drunk and that's I still not seen it in a fucking blurred it I was like I showed my ass for this like you know I had a difficult time for that yeah I feel like we've retained a special closest now I feel small mouth yeah I don't know I got you I got a little irked about it I was like oh my gosh we can afford to buy a new one for at least one that's not labeled in my but I don't think if you would have been so so dumb speaking of butt stuff did you hear about that that woman who they're looking for in Colorado the color the Mad pooper Dawn comes out of Bob's Burgers & Bob's Burgers episode where they're looking for someone called the call in the Mad pooper but anyway this is a real life person who's been caught several times while jogging and then just sit in front of people's houses did she drop trou or she acted like shit keeps running and what you doing and she left and wondering because I feel just like a one-time thing like an accident but you keep coming back like the small area and the street at the park is one of the gas station over here people doing stuff for attention at least I don't do that okay to do with like they were old high school classmates and there's like a garage or something cuz that sounds like if you targeting that one lady got to look at her yard no I think it's like in a neighborhood it's just a thing for security camera footage video of a lady walking into a grocery store and it's raining drug test without even breaking stride takes a shit on the ground and then it's not even a half a second later in the guy walking behind her stuff out of paper horses do it yeah horses just have you seen a horse walking around like in a parade or something just like they just walk around and they don't even look back they don't think anything of it and that's it to make myself happy you know I do the whole process behind it for me but make yourself not pee or to make it when you're pooping you're saying when you poop and you have to think to not pee yeah I don't even know if I'm capable I'm having I think you can only have so many things come out at once have you ever have you ever been peeing and then sneezed. Do you think sneezing is the same as taking a dump and pissed to do that what's the limit or like have you ever also on it I think things with your mouth thing from your head cannot also come out of your ass and no I had a buddy who was vomiting into his toilet and then you started this shit while she's not the same time you can't you can't be expelling things from both your face and your butt your body like it doesn't want to allow like an airway like one point to the other maintain equilibrium you can't do it wrong but I know how to do that I'm almost 100% positive that I have at the very least sneezed while I am going pee but now I have to do we need to go get pepper bathroom it while you sneeze and it stops you're saying you have been able to poop and pee at the same time and I can do that I can do that okay I'm sorry about sneezing or vomiting it stops the other one so you can either only so what you're saying is that the body allows either head functions or or pelvic functions happen just can't the never the two shall meet guess what does might might answer my studies option I guess you are you looking this up and I will now can you vomit and poop at the same time it auto completed thank you Google yes you can no well maybe you can only if you're sick only if you're sick I think that's what I'm saying is that it's easier for it to happen if that's like in a weakened State you have to be really damn it's not a normal don't tell me what's normal I can be normal anyway I want it seems like if my normal is vomiting and pooping at the same time don't judge me images for that oh man I wish someday I should go back and like Chronicle although podcast and highlight all of the weird Google searches I did call Tamara I love like what this job does to like your Google search history like that's where I'm at right now I can see the monitors of to my designers while they're working all day and one of them is Tobin who is one of our illustrators and he's constantly looking up reference material for when he's drawing it's a very common thing when Illustrated have one more of their their pen their their their screen the drawing and then they have you no reference stuff and the stuff that I've seen him go up like excessively looking cuz he had it cuz he doesn't like you know the posters that has been drawing and we are just fucking over your entire Google search history cuz I know he's he's like just is all in the same account so what it was you looking to give us an example for coming out the we haven't released yet but it does involve he had to draw some some big muscles and he had it took me 4 days just every image you can think of on Google image search of like bodybuilders and and naked dudes half naked dudes that were like showing off every like anatomically correct big muscles and stuff images bodybuilders like for a week it's interesting to me like the the creation process for art like that so I don't consider myself a very artistic person like trying to come up with an idea and executing it's very difficult and it was weird to me I don't know if you're at the news about how Destiny 2 got in a little bit of trouble so apparently had an armor piece that looked like it had Tech on it what is the age of you'll be alright and pepe the frog symbolism flag on one of the pieces of armor and so they had to like patch the game to remove it then they made a long there it is then they made a Long blog on their website showing like the original reference and how this accident wasn't based in any of that like they had this other whole train of reference images about this whole train of thought that led to this yeah but it is parallel something else that has a different meaning of unfortunate origination is in World of Warcraft The Alliance and horde could never talk to each other and if I remember right if we were together in a horn player said LOL the Lions players top of their head ke-ke nnn that became a symbol for the all right at 6 to take a nap now so it's weird total coincidence that that came about how I feel so bad for the artist cuz I had no intent to that and the fact that that has to be associated with her to end Destiny such a hard driven game at so beautiful with the stupid PC version come out October 24th way out of this week has been invited back and played Last of Us remastered version and I'm super excited for the second one but I get right yeah I think there's like a PlayStation Expo coming up soon right yeah it's in December typically we will talk about it then but yeah they have enough PSX last year since last December 20th trailer for the fucking great trailer yeah was it like 2 weeks ago that cop had was like an ounce of forever cup him look it up he was over 2 years ago oh I remember that that was so long ago that would like the the 1950s Raven early game I'm probably going to pass on it like it doesn't super interest me for some reason they were sure why it was revealed at E3 2014 I think that the game underwear I have a buddy with the proper term like or are we focus like that you had built a game and I think the initial iteration of the game again I'm going on top of my head here please quick me on Twitter if I'm wrong about life about it I thought the initial versus the game was mainly just like a boss fights that one Boss V online another boss fight but they decided to add more story and flush it out add levels between the boss fights no good that's why I like it's taking longer to come out there that makes sense cuz I feel like a boss fights are only fun if you build up to them yeah there was a crooked man who is this XX panda cow XX other way around Alliance isn't that what I said LOL I thought you said I was supposed to have been a very difficult game what year do you think World of Warcraft will shut down their servers oh man and I don't know still have a lot of you think I'll ever do a new World of Warcraft even even even then it's like they're going to keep as long as people are enough people are paying for it makes money we going to make a sequel there's no need for secrets of the expansions are I mean there's probably some massive Square Mall you know it's cost this much to keep servers on that make things I like when is the Star Wars online servers galaxies galaxies hour but yeah I mean it's still big and like it like I said it gets a big Resurgence every time they spend time I played the expansion I probably paid for 3 months of a subscription 16 Mansion came out and then it's not playing anymore but like what if you had to guess right now put money on it what year I'm going to put it in the podcast 2004 yeah yeah I have to answer to potential answers and I'm going to go with the bus not great 12524 yeah I can maybe if you want to shock people that could do it at 2019 I got a 15 year anniversary but it seems too soon why would they like an anniversary be like thanks for being like this is the conclusion to the story like build pipe for it get to it was 2021 but that's just kind of like a guesstimate like where it's at right now like I feel like I'm four years or so and will have died down but who knows I might get to appointment because I was pivotal to I mean you look at what a game like Skyrim ore Minecraft does right like any microsex a better example where they take the game and they just put it on every platform possible and now they just had a recent update for all the platforms to play together like you might reach a point where World of Warcraft is just on everything but I doubt it on your phone you got on your tablet playing on their phone because Minecraft was the hot commodity like everyone is playing it in that time we'll go out World of Warcraft doesn't have quite the hype it up behind it anymore to other like we're going to be like oh my God I would like it to a service where it's like you pay even cheaper at least a five bucks a month and you can play on your computer you play on your phone you play World of Warcraft as I think but what are you looking to keep my Skyrim which is already a few years old and they're just partying at the new platforms and they're still charging like the retail price for that yeah for that game that's insane to me the amount of the places that Skyrim is just been put on 10 all that being said I still haven't played it yet it's been confirmed that was all that was always in the trailer thank you babe I appreciate it. I love that animation style and I love I love that idea of being able to take something like that and turn into a playable it just blows my mind you can take something to take people hours and days and months to draw and you can just have a computer generate that same style and I can actually play that character and decide what they do blows my mind is also brought to you by tracker we're all looking for something for some it's love for some purpose or Unforgettable experiences but for most it's your keys 8 years ago tracker changed everything when they release their first tracking device now they've done it again with the all-new trackr pixel pixel you'll never worry about losing your things again track a pickle is the lightest Bluetooth tracking device on the market you place tracker pics on whatever you tend to lose when it's keys while it's even your cat that small enough to fit anywhere when you misplace an item that has a Tracker pixel attached you should smartphone in an IT 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time to do it all day what is the same was like 3D environment for VR like this is stuff that used to require tons of hours of work could not have been done in real time and I'll tell you something about the fact that it's a it's a it's a drawn format I don't know because I would live there cartoon I used to watch in the fact that it's controlling a cartoon I used to watch what do you associate cuphead with the most cartoon wise Mickey Mouse Silly Symphony dial things about Silly Symphony Looney Tunes that was on read it a couple weeks ago promotional Looney Tunes promotional cartoons for Warner Brothers music catalog Looney Tunes tunes and Silly Symphonies was the same for whatever Studio put them out it was just advertising for the music catalog to my mind with that Tunes the Revelation you and yes it seems like I've never thought about that at all you know what blew my mind recently what blow your mind recently Kong who is Diddy Kong's Quest is is not Diddy Kong's Quest is Diddy's Kong Quest deadliest Diddy's Conquest Conquest like conquer no it's not got the podcast folks are too and I didn't care I like the animation being blown away by it and I remember going through phases like that as animation was progressing and its complexity especially the 3D animation stuff like I remember watching It's A Bug's Life and watching the grass move in that movie and thinking this is photorealistic and you go back and watch you like V looks like plastic and even later on like Gollum wasn't fully realized character in the in the middle of everyone else and you and your year and you're taking into their I guess what kind of got there with like a like suffered like War of the Planet of the Apes and stuff like that with like the motion-capture oval face or even like like I feel like Benjamin Button and all that kind of stuff like leaving right now but at a certain point you won't look back and be like look up bad that looked like it's just a cheap externalism I think the breaking point was definitely in Scorpion King whatever The Rock was this working so fucking bad guy at the Vanguard of I'm going to send something to the broadcast live Channel if we could bring it up and it kind of speaks to the point that that John's making so I can get in here Spirits within I thought this is amazing this look like just the fact that pours In Their Skin and and there I remember I remember that I blew my mind I was upset whenever you see like the Final Fantasy thing I did make a movie for that in that style like an animation style but like for Star Wars game Old Republic cinematic videos to promote the next thing and they look so fucking good I want to see a Star Wars movie that's on me like that like Jamie magazine covers like yes this is an actual PC game screenshot February 97 but that's what the computer game look like that's awesome you pissed if a game on your phone look like that yeah I don't even know what I'm looking at what is it like to college and ability to reproduce status is crazy now but there is still things that happened that still blows my mind like that the stuff we can do with water affects now and the stuff we can do with hair today I used to love back in the day we actually watch like featurettes for movies when you get the DVD and you watch 9 the things that I don't watch that stuff anymore but I love the pics are ones because they know they really did go in in-depth into how they were able to you know every time they come out of the movie that they had to have a new feature that was hard to anime anime before they would want up themselves all the way from Toy Story being very lot of plastic stuff up to like human hair on people like in The Incredibles and that kind of thing all all the way into Nemo overdoing water excessively and so I loved watching the behind-the-scenes stuff and there was an entire department in these companies in Pixar Everest coders that were just creating programs not like the actual animators they were just cream programs that would simulate these things and able to to make these things act a certain way I knew someone who was a coder at Pixar for many years and her job was just to make shaders yeah she would code to write shaders for the animation there's a feature at in the Finding Nemo one cuz they they made all kinds of programs to simulate different kinds of water affects not just like you know waves above the water but how would look if you looked up from the bottom of the ocean up at the Sun and that kind of thing and they even talk about that they had created this affect which is essentially the when you are at a a fish tank and there's the corner of the fish tank when you go around the corner fishtank you're seeing two perspectives and they needed to create something that would be able to do that because there was a fish tank in the dentist office and they had to put a shot into the movie that featured that's they literally put a shot in the movie just so they could feature that thing is that there is a shot that goes around the corner because someone program that and then like how pissed off would they be if the guy who programmed Health fish tank react and it was just in the background never really liked something in the bargain that really needed it was like when they were making The Incredibles they were originally cuz I was like in curls was the first time they put it a ton of human dryers and so they talk about how they made like a master person that then was just a everyone was a variation of this person but early on a production they were told there going to be on the background and we only need this so many people then as production went further further they like people kept getting in the foreground and they had to create these very detailed humans but even if you go back and watch The Incredibles not that amazing to look at but at the time that was like pushing the boundaries of what these programmers could do like the the most iconic use the visual effects of probably the show Jimmy Neutron super elastic thank you for sitting on my on my wonder when it is by States Compares I'm actually going to look like when people because like when you compared to Modern animation movies like it looks like kind of rough but it's too bad because it was the first time that I've done a ton of clothes like before the abrix in the fabric like clothing in Monsters Inc was like that one of the first time they really like me but that was a big deal in Incredibles because they had these main characters like violet has this long hair that moves and everything right but it was even seems like I'm wet hair Shannon they come out in that kind of thing and there's and they're moving at super speed but yeah when they did so they had to do all kinds of things were they had to break Sony into patches and and patches with act certain ways and react certain ways instead of program every single hair but Incredibles on a story and character and everything about is a perfect movie and I will argue that to my dying breath is perfect and I watch a movie okay I feel like 20 minutes passes Perfection maybe one of the best movies ever made there was a comparison video I saw a couple months ago since we're on the topic of Pixar pivot here you know that the d23 Expo Disney show when was the Disney there was a trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 and they showed Toy Story characters in Kingdom Hearts 3 footage from Kingdom Hearts 3 running on a PlayStation 4 compared to the original Toy Story movie in 95 and in 95 the rooms of Computers hours to render and I'll look it looks better on like a $300 piece of Hardware that you can buy in your home so then you can control the game Jason Momoa please crazy thing about that you can move the camera you can get on the was the the big almost prehistoric birds sci-fi girl one that came out recently I didn't play the name but watching images of that people are saying this is being rendered live on assistant had those kind of moment still am I amazing or in the future I love it in 20 years like we just looked at that magazine garbage was something that they showed there was there was a promotional clip they made for the most recent plan the Apes movie where it was a circus Andy Serkis talking and then they transition from Andy to Caesar and his amazing clip to watch and that's the big thing was that they can now track you know as a face and make it the performance and it's it makes me what's the thing that we're going to be marveling at cuz I'm motion-capture wasn't a thing we could do it was everyone did it manually now we can just move motion can I get all the. That's the fun part of of stuff like that I remember playing Mario 64 and thinking I was in the future oh my God you can move the camera it's like three dimensional 1080 snowboarding there was passed by the sign and I was like holy shit stick in the 1080 looks like a dick now I think a really cool new thing that's happening in cinema is the idea of of Faking the camera in that they can do things like these insane continuous clips of of scenes in movies but they make it seem like it's all like I'm supposed to camera movies nowadays that I'm like I don't know how you did that I don't know how you did that and that and I love that like watching the clip from in the Andy Serkis starts off but watching children of men like watching the first Kingsman and watching that single Take Fight sequence in the church I mean they might have cut it in park or wipes and I was like people hitting the Cameron so yeah the craziest one though is I still like you said that battle scene towards the end of the movie app works like an 8 minute long take ya to watch their the feature and how they did that and they created this vehicle with this rig that's all rigged that they didn't then putting like windshields later on it and digital print like in post but yeah that was like this car that had the camera inside the vehicle what are you talking about yeah yeah there was a scene the Reverend I think I like he goes on a waterfall or something and it's like how the block did they pull that off they pulled out the the fight scene and Creed in the middle of Creed the great it's actually a single take they actually did it if you watch treat is a single Take Fight and they actually shot in Singapore Mexico and they actually what school is that they then digitally put in damage and wounds so that they can just continue to shoot it because he gets damaged throughout this whole thing that's awesome you say that they use other people like that to go to do single take shots like that now I feel like sometimes you gotta be careful with that stuff like it gets it can be a little too masturbatory in a little to like show off of you and distracting yeah I think talking my Kingsman one pulling it off early while Kingsman to has a lot of moments like that where it's just too much it's a bit much and they're using that same technology did take out Henry cavill's mustache for Superman I'm really curious to see how what in Mission Impossible the upcoming 1.6 Weeden so then they had to take his mustache on Marco not even a marker like a little cover like you know you if that's what people who have facial hair to wear like a mask to keep their hair out of the food like I had to get like a little cover for his mustache in the next Justice League movie is probably the worst kept surprise on the fucking poster at first was here in Superman logo yeah it's just like yeah yeah cuz like yeah he's not in the trailer they're not like saying directly that Superman's going to come back but Superman's coming back like they know everybody knows he's been shooting it they've been like mentioning it in like a wolf there is like I'm glad you could be here when they don't like people think that but you can't save the world alone and it will it kill them like I don't know maybe it's cuz I'm an old comic book guy but like that death and Return of Superman is a story that's like 20 years old I understand but it's still like you should try to lead the audience to think and maybe he's going to sit this one out and it's not going to be for a few years and then like to be surprised you know I didn't read the books I have no fucking idea who Gandalf the White was and then he was there and how you write all my ride I like those moments I actually I wish I wish these franchises would would kill off characters like much more this also goes back to our previous discussion about how the handmaiden has such a good trailer because I didn't give a shit away like maintaining that surprise for you can put a trailer out that kind of gives the feel of what you're getting into. Without really giving away anything important I don't watch anything past the first teaser anymore anyone on the movie theaters I look down at the ground and put my fingers in my ears were watching you do that one sounds like an okay you really give like shoes plot points now and I'm just saying like I love movies I love going to the movie theater I love that experience in the fact of going to the movie theater alone can ruin the experience will you go see what at the movies rated before you go see it like it was reviewed well someone from seeing a lot of movies quick correction Twitter who is a total nerdster horses and a thick fit curls both have a correction it was Alfonso cuaron did Children Of Man in Gravity that's right you know you two did Revenant and Birdman but I believe that quote on was at was at a producer but he did not direct it thank you I'm going to like your tweets guys grab that they didn't order to recreate that I've liked that a huge chunk of the movie is just digital but then they filmed people you know like what's the name of the main character in this controlled space making the motions they need your make like actually flipping around and I kind of think and then having to put her into it and in the in the end in her like yoga pants not crazy. My bad. but figured I should look at places like a fetal position shot where she's like finally got the the her first breath of air since like all the stress has happened and she's in like zero gravity and just kind of curls up and just float there is a straight shot but yet she looks fantastic in her legs look great yeah I thought it looked cool take me out at all I need that was like that was an emotional moment for me. tell that to make sure that we're seeing everything correct and it looks like nobody else correcting a life without you and I try to look up as much as I can but that flows conversation Down Part 2 when you don't do the talking Talking Friends you're eating lunch we're getting close to Time Warner wrap up soon but there is one more thing I want to bring up I saw the guy with the wait oh no bummer bring that up instead you're right there was a guy in Germany who was working out but it may work out but it ended up with something different firefighters spent three hours helping extract him from wait because he stuck his dick in a wait like where the barbell should go and other than awful photo of destroyed broken because they had to break it to get his dick out and so you will give you explain to me when I brought this up earlier about how there's different kinds of wait yes it is like an Olympic-sized barbell and I can't remember what the exact measurement is but like the diameter of it the barbell is like a little bit while I think it's like it between an inch and a half or two inches or something like that so I don't know if that guy I don't think he got it stuck in that big away cuz the mail sounds like a personal gym Diane her ones and those are like us too much smaller hole to stick on the barbell but yeah I also don't know what he's doing the first thing I waited 3 hours trying to remove his dick from the disk using a cutting grinder of vibrating saw and what they called a hydraulic refuse to wait till he stuck his dick in the way yes I am yes for 3 hours while firefighters I don't know if your lips are like what was he doing it while I put the dick the disc on his dick and would like to lift it if you think it might have been doing kegels with like but I think probably 5 kilograms what is that a five and a half pounds is that he was able to slip into it and that's all fine and good but then he probably got hard and then the blood pressure just kept building up to where it like swole up to where he couldn't fit it all out so it's just like we had to pay anything or trap yeah kind of finger trap but honestly I would probably resort to like losing myself up can I can everyone just please stop fucking things that you're not supposed to fuck yeah. That is for that recreational activity please stop fucking in the butt is technically I'm not saying I'm saying stuff that is not designed for that recreational use I'd say the butt is designed for that I'm going to agree with you on that okay but I would say that the hole in a weight in the gym is not in that category so stop it you dummies when I was an Oscar Meyer on Co-op I also ran the gym and I got security camera footage of two people having sex yeah working out and was like why would you do this on the weights and boating at the same time the guy was he was like doing bicep curls with like fucking God psycho wild wild girl was like blowing up and I just was just like sitting here watching the security camera footage was like yeah cuz I remember my buddy he would like to just worked out he's a plane I found a condom on the gym floor so I think somebody might have thrown in there was like okay I'll investigate and see if I can see what happened and then I proceeded to watch the worst porno ever a guy having sex with his girlfriend lives in the building with me so I can go talk to him be like through security cameras the gym and you guys had sex and I need you to disinfect all the weight equipment because people work out there myself included and it's fucking disgusting and there's like come on the floor and I had to look over see you while they get to like what in your like lifting the dumbbell to make sure that they cleaned it was like babysitting was like you did a bad so you need to go in you need to clean it up and had to watch them do it so that homeless guy through of porno maggot me cuz I told him to get out of her stairwell cuz like it was a safety thing a girl was walking down the class and she's felt uncomfortable so she came to me and was like hey there's a guy in there and I'll go talk to him so I had to the dumpster to sorry there's a homeless shelter here you got to leave in through a porno magazine that me and I remember I just didn't react to slander my feet he's like get a life and it's like you're living in my stairwell dude you like it when I mentioned I was going to ask you mentioned before the white thing before you remind me about that was I saw this product called the Dad bag y'all heard about this it's called that looks like a gut and you were in there like different styles as well it's so realistic looking but I don't know that exist I think there's a photo shops you I can see a hard-line there I think there's the same mock-ups for like proof of concept I don't know but I realize the thing I want one okay think about it then what you take it off till like wow look how mad that I should losing weight like a normal no Pedro's to give Mickey D's I was threw away my armband for running a while ago cuz I think it broke and I was trying to come up with a solution for keeping my phone on me while I ran and not having to hold it and then I considered getting my fanny pack in like a wrecking it across my shoulder or anything anyway to make a living around your waist yeah you're in a relationship I don't care what people think so long to leave town to come in this weekend before she leaves town I'm going to go back to my safe mode anytime I go fuck I wear my special love my mustache think I can I feel excited about this I like how you phrased in the weather going to be like a mustache mustache alright well it's all right. Thanks for watching we will see you guys next week bye bye