#46 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth is short because of RvB production

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Recorded: 2010-01-27 19:50:28

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Joel Heyman, Jack Pattillo




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    "What killed Duke Nukem 3D?" => "http://www.wired.com/magazine/2009/12/fail_duke_nukem/"
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    "Bioshock 2 breakup commercial" => "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvsGgCMHkrg"
    "VGA viewership is down" => "http://www.joystiq.com/2010/01/25/vga-2009-viewership-down-5-from-2008/"
    "Avatar is the highest grossing movie of all time" => "http://www.boxofficemojo.com/alltime/world/"
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Transcript (in progress):

Harrisburg we are going to the drunk tank podcast Blink 182 and I tried to go all serious I didn't realize I feel pretty miserable resident of the podcast your first a reference of your first product placement of the day what we're doing the podcast it's just Joe and Jac this week what's up Bernie and Jeff are tied up with some Rivers blue production at the T we got everything out so we're actually not recording in our normal room are there in the conference room so if you hear any buses or homeless crazy people why first Brandon that would be complaining about the sounds we hear outside a homeless guy started screaming and the first time I was legitimately call my wife when I leave work everyday and you not walk down the street the parking garage and twice now I've been harassed and accosted by homeless people who think I'm just pretending to be on the phone to avoid talking to them what time a homeless lady kicked me because she thought I was trying to ignore her and his people in the office to all thank you though anyways it wasn't was it that's the best I can feel you walking down so we sing a song I'm like you know put up a video so short right now and it's really weird that I can tell like we can't talk over each other we actually otherwise our faces how do I know if with the I still am I coming over mass is trapped between Joe and we got the laptop which weed all day during press conferences on Wednesday at noon because that's the worst possible time for our podcast his we can talk about it because are podcast recorded before then and then if we talk about it next week already secret River with some details of the tablet like we've actually know what it is like that and it just let me know proper argument shortly after we finished recording the podcast what we talked about the fact that it's likely there will be no new Half Life 2 in this year but I did hear about that episode 3 will not come out this year and never come out I thought the whole idea was to produce it out quicker that's right with the Dow what is mathematical terms 2 episode 3 especially after The Orange Box and I don't know to come out 2006 2006 really take that long it's like if you wait too long if I can look at outdated by the time it comes out that was the problem Duke Nukem 3D right was they kept wanting to upgrade the engine and like new engines will come out and start over again that was one of many problems that came out in 2007 3 years ago 2 and a half years ago I came in the one thing I was listening to the of the Ricochet Ricochet Radio podcast respawn are extremely is great it's great white background music in the background or whatever we should totally we should totally visit we should do what you get different like musical by and put it underneath different will to them and see how it effect our podcast I used to work at a radio station and that was one of the big things they were against was putting music underneath voices our lease rates in a period of time because people get distracted by the music like subconsciously don't like to listen to the music is supposed to be we are pretty got here can you pick up their topics you try to make me talk about what was on my laptop screen when I was ready to talk about it 30 heads last week for South Korea real that virtual currency is just as good as cash and Amanda and in reading this article I realize that apparently China Texas virtual Goods but only on a voluntary basis so you have to declare your goods and then pay taxes on them because your virtual good appreciating the computers you no master plan to take over the world this is got to be yesterday was the 31-year anniversary of a robot killing someone for the first time right before Monday properly a guy with in a stock room trying to get up some supplies and a robotic arm like swimming around and hit him and killed him and then it went on a search for Sarah photo of John Connor in the show actually killed I human in that scenario and not half as likely to get Porter coffe is opposed to truck bed what does the plant they made for the 2 + 25000 plastic coffe robots that was it was our number of how many humans have been killed by robots on that article Roadrunner will if your no over under on what is a got under the outline under as well a previous podcast we talked about this but you are so I think it's Staples.com Warehouse if you order something from Staples they have robots in their warehouse that go around and pick the items you order online uncle and then like I just take it to like another area where like the people grab it and then like box it up and ship it to your address and I'll come find you and kill you the Lego factory in Denmark is there somewhere that it was like you can type in whatever whatever boxes you need and like the Lego robots what robots will never and put them in the bags and stuff like that LOL most assholes on your screen I'm not going to excel be inappropriate if it's totally inappropriate to got to let it flow I guess the New Orleans Saints football player Tracy Porter before the NFC championship game the other day shaved Pac-Man ghosts in to his head. Problem is you can't tell which ones which I mean I can't tell which one and the red one yeah she's the one yelling at and harassing all the other girls to go do something we 2 Ghosts play Mass Effect 2 right now his ass is exposed Mass Effect 2 character Halo for 60 or 80 hours I want to do something enjoyable so I made my character look like Taylor Swift and lips a little in every dudes mind right now is that okay if I make my main character female is there still a way to have her make out with the other family first effect I think this one you still can with one of the characters that one character is also female solo point will a Cinnabon Fox news media focuses on when there's some more stuff out there like this effect the great story in and all you have any knowledge of this game whatsoever and her argument to that was no I haven't and that makes me remake that her are you making no sense whatsoever our games are for kids that's why I didn't play it was it was it was it was like then later she actually saw what was the big hubbub and she what she actually apologized because people are going on just like become entertainment they're just like okay we're News Channel we literally just need to find somebody who's going to take this point of view and really that person is say whatever you want me to say in and what my book looks like we have to find people who support like the extremes it's like there's no middle is no middle ground no compromise it's like someone who's either really for something and it was really against something that we have a conflict because a conflict is entertaining news will complain that you haven't been yelling enough at that meeting also said of guys on here like somehow this phone like 4:47 Jac for the Joe for fine with Brandon semis half if he's there I wish you talk about are the you know the single that the single thing I learned from that night which I'm glad that we got so many people to come out it's great that we were basically everybody that was like I'm so used to playing Modern Warfare I don't know how to control Halo when you're doing a play date don't ever let anyone else anyone else was doing invites all the people who are sending me invites learn not equipped like that was not equipped to deal with a mass of number of messages come on One Direction is just it doesn't it doesn't work out the first I was pretty much anything you can do anything 33 we are the opportunity really back on there how many people did you run into I didn't have that little Halo heart heart feels like everyone else started yelling at them to change it self-control the party we going to do 8 people in our party and we can come to the big Team Battle look for another random a to play against it so everyone in our party all had the heart symbol we got into the matchmaking we met another group of people and will have the heart and none of them had the heart what it was like Joe he was over there Modern Warfare to be stuck with hait camera involves I was actually wearing a little shirt that has a heart on it are there mark a little behind they are asking people to show that last day to try to fill their quota his $7,000 770000 is 100000 and I think I was about 10,000 people I'm trying to look at the website here so I can find it but I can't no I can't find it 11 great at not having one of those I only pick up one of the prospector what to Brandon for the Halo to launch I think we got one we got one when we went up there to play Halo 2 before it came out we were up there with quarter error from halo.bungie.or and they give us a couple of them that's awesome that's very forward-thinking the for the second game then a picture of liquid you no England or Great Britain look like like it was just completely Frozen and here it was like 23 degrees out here like in California during tornadoes and we got life I want of the Mayans are right well I guess I'm combining end-of-the-world stuff all into one to make it convenient but it's like I don't know slowly working its way down there was a picture on the internet dogs and cats living together Mass hysteria I hope your I hope you're wrong in the world coming in we can we can time the in the world be like if the Earth has 6 months to live what happens on the planet does everyone know about it everyone knows life 63 exotic society would fall apart right what happened his be the nature of Howard but you know it's like is anyone going to go do their job we have what we have you know what I mean it's like canned goods a plant look like no like I don't know I just don't show up an electrical light switch it's like you watch the Discovery Channel specials is like the only thing that keeps working is like Hoover Dam the only thing life Angeles power our Vegas or by things like a documentary about it and basically creating Hoover Dam in order to create the electricity basically spurred the growth for that part of this country screwed other parts of the county getting me the explicit tag when of the commercials we worked on is airing on TV now be seen I saw no one it was on what station was I watching Channel I was watching when bears attack Jac & in the Mass Effect 2 commercial came on I was like I really did I tell you that I'm I was by Francisco for something I think it was one of my trips we got company or something on the way back I was on a JetBlue flight and I saw a commercial are one you guys worked on on the airplane we were flying in Denver somewhere and I were watching TV and there was like a reality show about becoming a flight attendant in the airline industry I wanted to drink and I drink what to do makeup on a mission and it turned out really good I think game in and work on it and it's one of those like one of the curses of working on these commercials is getting to play the games before before their you know hundred percent done what we did playing the game though we manipulated that game for a while now sometimes your understanding business environment but the one thing that always gets me is Serious Business it is and or when you're working on if you're working on it takes you 4 hours to get to set up correct and the execution supercritical and you're working on the shot and then someone happen to accidentally shoot someone else in the face that's always fun it's always fun a single time bsrb is very very intense about people getting shot especially when you go to your broadcast are not what I wanted to be on television we were sitting at and if you actually controlling the big daddy in the shot and it was pretty hilarious crap there's somebody that people complain that we don't talk about enough stuff on the podcast It's Tricky time someone comes up here as I get to we want to show what this guy is working on we don't want to cause more work for sales in the future it's going to be like by the way you can brunch we talked about this in the past of funny female we have forgot that I still think we should make that 2 them policing the video game industry that have like a government regulation you know stepping in and doing it with marketing and production I have been on the front side of video games and working at the Y Pacific about what needs to be altered what needs to be changed in order to store to make it fit their qualifications so I will give them a lot of props and it's absolutely great day movie just know specifically specifically said if Jac works on another thing we're not going to man that we can play but we love them yeah yeah yeah yeah is much much better than a government controlled system gets very very dirty watch the VGA is Mike Tyson Mike Tyson is on the stage with the cast nice next door neighbor guy you know if Mike Tyson still around killed one punch is down again for the second year in a row this year it's down 5% from last year which was down 30% from the previous year for more mainstream and they do this and it's like the MTV movie he plays video games or is in the industry or anything does anyone feel connected to that show anyway will to F you like an is a long video game how many premieres we are you know you can still advertise and have it not kind of stuck in this video game culture anything that all of these video clip with you don't the Halo in the for people from Jersey Shore yeah I mean it's like that's five people you don't care about me what are the fish that what characters guns and a shot even now Jersey Shore's Left 4 Dead group maybe I what Annoying Orange radiation oh my God Jesus I hate that show I watch 1 full episode of that show and maybe want to kill myself I don't think I have ever seen and you're not missing anything awesome I guess maybe that does sound kind of like okay that's okay I kind of understand it's the first thought is like what MTV producer engineer that scenario is the first I mean 30 Seasons actually like real people and real situations and I was like obviously manufactured the first couple Seasons 21 or something like that Stephen I love her I wish I was on love connection we really are I have that 2 digital no man I was sitting there and I was there during casting and I've now seen people that we looked at on reality shows our interest we should probably mention that our past has the highest grossing movie of all time you know I'm almost embarrassed to say that we had doubts about this movie now we know where we first saw that I never I don't think I had doubts about it being a financial success I just wasn't sure if I was going to like it but I was wrong I like to know anything no it's going to have a big problem right now you know what the critics what is making movie of the people in Joe you don't make it awesome and even his is a critically acclaimed movie that people enjoy that outperformed Transformers to remember the number to highest grossing movie in 2009 it was just going to remember Avatar is crazier than and then 112 trying to guess the square Avatar will end up grossing for deleting 21.85 8 billion right now I'm going to say 1.95 I'm going to bed all said and done if you end up at 2.2 Miles lyrics RCA tablet