#460 - Burnie Punks Jon

Join Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Jon Risinger, Barbara Dunkelman, and special guest Morla Gorrondona as they discuss The SAG voice actor strike, gun laws, dating apps, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on October 2, 2017, sponsored by Bombas (http://bit.ly/2yk5oHZ), ProFlowers (http://bit.ly/2yl4xa0), and Squarespace (http://bit.ly/1SPgAL3) 

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Recorded: 2017-10-03 18:24:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns, Jon Risinger, Morla Gorrondona




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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to the receipt podcast this week brought you by bombas ProFlowers and squarespac professional I forgot what time is Sean berny the last time you would have been on our street that we did for YouTube the Electronic Entertainment Expo right those are the three I thought I'd be great to have returned some podcasts although should preface this by saying morla have to leave early so she'll be out here after what the first Power the life of a time for me on my laptop I'm really glad that you're here morla over by someone in this company is normally a curmudgeon and does not deal with change well said that would be lovely I'm paraphrasing here he said that would be lovely because we only have 3 people the podcast night because he scheduled a meeting and invited every single person who's on the Pod can I just a table read for a new script everyone of course he wants to go to invited everyone everyone here you might Patrick as well why why you say that Patrick you just got like the head shake like the dude I'm going to be terrible time to schedule listen I can't make it doing the podcast he's like okay don't worry about it then start trying to figure out who's going to be here on Monday if I can find the same person I should be there for it as well but I got the invite and I was like I can't I got the park at if I'm in town it's what I do on Monday night or am I going to attend podcast number 460 billion what is this what is it like 4:55 maybe people will come back to this one on a regular basis totally available John was totally available channels available I don't think very much time I'm kind of lasting their list of any like invited to do anything with them or like to try out for any other projects anything like that I think I've liked spurn other than MDB which blame was nice enough after 3 Seasons to invite me I don't think I'm like me no more no mouth right there a lot of inclusion issues for people at the company trust issues and be trying to Vie for attention constantly couple steps ahead of me but I was headed in my direction my workers be well-adjusted people who are totally fine with all kinds of scenarios all the time did this egg strike with video game companies that affect you and what you do cuz you've been in the number of Dead video game franchises voice actor I think everyone everyone in who works in video games everyone who voices video games was affected by it there was just there was it just wasn't happening right now but I really like it is and there is a compromising place I know from experience how unbelievably stubborn the video game industry is when it comes to things like honestly like working conditions and pay and things like that so I was surprised that there was any kind of compromise I also know how long video game stand development and I thought you know if a video game pic of you give me naked punt a performance a year you know it strikes don't typically last that long but if you game for you in January of 2018 you know or June of 2018 our game will still be in development at that point time and we can do the voice for today depends on where the strike was happening and what part of the development cycle you're in at the very end audio is at the very end and then video at the end of audio so if you're there while the strike was going on that would have you got problems not great I would like some really big companies under desk cycle come out literally every year so they're always like some franchise to stay they have like one big franchise than they have different developers working at a different time so the rabbit hole in the invoice over now voice acting electrode isn't the right word but I was corrected that state I got to do an interview with Andy Serkis and I referred to what he does as motion capture and if you very politely but but very deliberately told me it's not called motion-capture it's called performance as it's not it's not an act but a peek at what's it's like a nice that's about the voice acting you do it so don't bring you in at the beginning of the blade on a temp track or anything like that when you get there can happen to have the whole they they they bring in actors to do like your vertical slice and to do to do table read and to do some of that doesn't know what a vertical slice explain it well and conduct 33 in a demo that the vertical flight it's not the final game it's like a Target by the way that totally backfired on me that's like a little game we play when I think no one knows anything I make someone else to explain it to the bullshit in there if that wasn't bullshittin that was really well done taking a slice of the game like it's like a complete part not the whole game like a complete part of one section of the game so that it's still get a good understanding of what it will actually be like with Crackdown Bioshock resistance using Call of Duty battery in right get your shit together I think that we were talking about it like I have lots of things to talk about and I can't talk about it yet on the destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy David best know her as the voice of Eris morn from Destiny the taken King specific but the voices of the The Hive and holler at you constantly when you go to kill it she played that I'll do that car accident that noise is go hide in that hallway outside everyone else by Ashley play cuphead and yeah I do have a problem I just uninstalled pray that he's not going to get too much in a review and games are playing this weekend and one of my biggest complaint about any kind of shooter is that we view ammo poor and every enemy is a bullet sponges everything with the sponge I was like forget it but that is like it's like a game of boss battle getting in the Next Room playing and I can hear it constantly and I'm not complaining at all but it is infuriating boss that just cannot be and I got really frustrated put it down woke up Saturday morning I think imma try again and beat him all of my first try to do stuff like that if you keep grinding at something you'll never make any Headway but if you step away from a little bit and then come back you come back fresh and it's great with the card last night it and they had zero damage they got through the whole game with zero down that was not me no way no way but we walked in at the end of a Battlegrounds map view in which they made it to the top 10 basically they had that moment like Jimmy was talking about that crazy yelling excitement of that moment and either it either ends with a super high or a super low low find you one behind the yeah it is he has ruled the world it's like I'll play pubg with you but you can't be serious about it over the weekend and you were pretty good Teddy know he got in the store the other day he got it like that how you like it a little bit of hell and so you can only bandage up so far the entering energy drink and he won't do it because he think he thinks they're like alcoholic or something he thinks their adult things and he won't do it they treat the alcohol percentage of energy drink he's in the dark laying worst rated Clan but he'll do this thing works pretty well you just but then when he loses super personal and Rainbow Six Siege another game we play that he just like when he gets killed it where was the guy that we something wall is perfect I just could be as soon as I get there soon it's a bit it's always good to do after you be good to have like a companion game you can make words like yoga simulation to something for you like to relax afterwards but chill out part is like that's the way things have been going really well we were talking with Lindsay she was in the office when I went a recording and you know she talked about how if you're in pubg and you have that moment where is like searching and searching and you're looking for stuff then you feel like you're doing something wrong that I don't see anybody for a while and then I'm going to do that no snow here can bullets realizing with you here Punchy has zero video in it there's not a single voice in it grunting when you get here yeah I think so I don't think so dang they said yeah also works in some design as well he doesn't sound design for different projects and she works on additionally to I don't know if you can talk too much about that yeah I've I've I've said I was going to call my tree kind of like the feel like talking you can tell me what to do how to put some OK Google, find the one that you put together a montage of panheads with just to get mods Republic GM get like a dang pack at the great at the great item it's the it's become you know what video game development you can try to make things that the audience is going to enjoy but inevitably I think I'll sit developers tend to make things that they don't realize the audience is going to latch onto you know like for us with Halo is a we were making movies in it that's not at all I didn't think what bungee had in mind when they made this first person shooter game and it's only everybody's making movies Bay on Halo and then sure enough 3 in Halo 3 they had a full theater mode and everything else so they really embraced it and for Battleground it's the only weapon you have a pistol you can have a gun pistols on a milli weapon not being invited I got invited eventually but anyways what is pan and a pistol and Peter Pan and the pan it just weirdly turned out also works as the best armor in the game so when you have it on your back right here give me a couple or someone uses it to like swat at bullets yeah that didn't work out it's crazy but yeah that's it since the YouTuber that died one right is it a book I don't even know there was a phone book he was a phone book and shoot him in the chair in front of his like that goes through houses yeah and he died and they were going to do it for YouTube video to be you no more followers scribe they were invited to the scripture reading for Christmas to see how many people are on it so mad about it so mad about it so participant that's 28 their name of the wrong for people to that look like 20% of the company is going to get out of that chair he's going to walk over to the right to the front row and you're going to sit there the rest of time like this I'm not going there are you mad at you can't have Chris on the podcast night cuz I know he was on the last week so he knew he wasn't coming back this week that he knows how the podcast works and when it happened in still scheduled this time right and invited everybody you need a podcast into the meeting right now well we are invited so we're just going to do that that's what that would be right but if they're all willing participants for the driver who died in a shooting like me to move in on a film set you wouldn't have like a real weapon right like what happened with the crow with Brandon Lee was just like for it to be manslaughter like right if you would have done this thing to you know like no baggage be common knowledge that it this would even you didn't mean to be a result should be obvious I don't know I'm making I'm making up proper kicking up things perfect the crime of killing a human being without malice aforethought or otherwise and circumstances not amounting to murder deliberate you know I guess manslaughter make sense but it still charge he faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $20,000 if you at least 10 years your life is not like that considering that you can choose on top of losing that much time in your life that's not it you can if you know one is not translating well you got me riled up because of how you said hi to me before the podcast about that fucked up what you do Bernie okay to take my chewed up gum off of my wallet so I have a wallet here and it's a fine leather wallet I enjoyed it serves me well and I had my little leather wallet here and I pulled it out of my pocket and I'll do it towards the camera here I just pulled it out of my pocket and I threw it toward John's face but when I threw it I said metal and I threw his face like that and so when he said they were metal like focused on your hand through Simmons at me back you know what else to do your look and I was looking at your head and then she threw like some dark object at me and yelled the word Metal Panic Pizza Castle if it was a metal band camp I start that part of my brain right side like this dude making fun of me screen we're playing pubg this weekend because at one point we are approaching another team in a in a and I was in the building and we were actually firing on them and at one point my game froze but everything kept going on still on so they were the battles have been feeling like I was just still walking for it and then like a walking towards the gunfight not in control I couldn't see it but I can still hear you guys talking over this card and then when it came back I was standing in front of a sedan from the game. Sia that just exploded in front of me I came back and then there's explosion from you and I screamed and up fun of you guys can I tell you something so I played bug you with John on a fairly regular basis and then at this particular moment under this match we were playing on his twitch stream John has a twitch Channel what situation you want to tell people it's so John was screaming at that point I'm on 1st at TV special do it right now knowing I'm upset at you and so you know that I might make fun of you because I was saying that which John was Far different than regular casual pubg John like you were kind of like you had a different tone about you what's my tone I don't know how to say I can tell you were broadcasting cuz you were just like you were a lot more talkative obviously cuz you're entertaining A lot of people that are watching a few dozen people obviously you were very vocal and it was very different to me because I couldn't I didn't know anything about the dream I can't see the chat or anything like that I think actually whenever whenever I stream would like other friends or black people that I'm actually talking with I actually don't think I get more chatty I think what it was was that you lot more descriptive to maybe maybe it's because I don't know your kids are also playing and so I was having fun talking to them in and mess around with them in the game I love watching them like figure out jokes and stuff like that like to try out material and whatnot yeah I like that I like asking them if there if they're amazing they give it to wake up every morning with the world famous they couldn't care less that was Teddy Teddy like I recently had the opportunity to work with somebody that I admire greatly and I would normally say who it was but I don't think of the story and Marky for the event and they were there we're taking photos and everything like that and this person's daughter was with them at the doctor says getting here in and take a photo with your parent and no not really five me why I've not being like like one day my phone will be like no I don't want to hang out with you right now yep yep he's 5578 me we are not on a in an argument and another one with the queen has babies like my my baby smiles At Me Maybe we already teenagers and hating every moment being at home yeah so it comes to claim us all eventually it happens we were going while we were walking around with holding it and and and he said his mom can you tell me what age I will no longer have to hold your hand walking like okay I got the right about now 20 almost out of this weekend preciate it I have A4 year old and left hold my hand I hold her hand all the time especially if we're in a crowded area disappeared in a heartbeat but this weekend I when I eat when I have my kids like to take them hiking gets us out of the house in the weather is really nice this weekend's and Austin has a lot of great hiking places so we went hiking and we actually went long enough that we got pretty tired and hot and sweaty and it was moments that were on the walk back she went to like grab my hand I had to take sweetie if you're sweaty and I'm still waiting on only one touch any other human being right now had to explain that to a four-year-old okay you got it for now I feel like 10 years from now I got I got like a like a yeah something like to get out of school rub rub yourself with Poison Ivy and he was immune to it but I didn't get anything I didn't I would like until this morning I actually thought it might go I can't get poison ivy until Bernie let me know that I suppose it once and then the next and the next time the first time you were rubbing themselves before I did that I would choke them like oh yeah like I boiled gasoline on my stove one of the kids are trying to make Napalm I read about it on the internet and I like how you tried to explain away I'd like to find out what the whole place smells like a garage you know what the mechanics is sick he's never allowed You've Lost Your gastrologist every bit of freedom for doing that. 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By the way my kids like cuz he played this weekend now my kids think he's like the greatest thing ever I know Alfredo I think we're going to replace blade and Plum Squad with a fucking cry stop playing with me cuz I can't take that kind of like my first beer in gas station want to work you been out of town you know we talked about and you got more out of town coming up I do allow me to bring something up along that way in that regard a couple things this month no she said no how are you wrapped through time before I can got a letter on first she said no then she said million dollars but alright well Gus magnet Barber on the podcast and see-through top your backpack put the crease we need a crease in your hair she was at the other filming I got you know what you eating heart healthy mix staff at the University of Texas my alma mater to the college of fine arts that was a lot of fun and a great audience for that and then go watch some of you may be aware of and after that I'm heading down to Melbourne Australia to go to the keynote speaker at the story time person for PAX Australia this year story time yeah it's been an hour with me on stage just telling a story so that's why I was going to ask you a little pigs pretty much for those of you who have followed Recife really long. Of time especially for going to be at Pax Australia what would you like to hear they are there any stories about recently that you've always been curious about maybe for the edges when did you realize you were really lucky to know the greatest human being ever like when what that moment was for you I have I have trouble knowing you but I enjoy these. I think you should just go through a simple one hour long sexual history of Burnie Burns is one hour long to fill in Pad but you know I think you should just walk to go through you know your journey as a sexual creature creature sexual send me your recommendations on Twitter hashtag show you how to let me know what you want me to do to bring the MVP packs of a Pack story sorry but I was on the podcast I don't know I've invited you like a million times and when was the last time you said yes to me on the red carpet new Bernie she was there when she walked the red carpet with mr. Stephen septic dreams now I don't remember where that was yes for Steven was so I can see why we argue we argue Funyuns terrible we both saw the same post on some form of social media I can't remember what it was was Twitter where someone was calling out white people specifically for using reaction gifs animated gifs of black people constantly and invite some people just use for a anime to get something seems like that's what you're talking about him and I said they also said the use of like dark skinned emojis as well as the other one not really comfortable when my white friends use reaction GIFs that have black people in them it seems like I don't like I noticed that I noticed the trend when somebody uses a lot of them do you know and I can't help but when it seems like it's only that kind of gift that I thought it was unusual but I never really made that connection or drawn it out like that and given it that much thought it was article in the BBC show video. I mean I think there's a line at which it could be definitely become inappropriate and start to feel that way it's an appropriately appropriate so many peas because we don't line up on a lot of stuff I just told me I'm curious about with you guys and I'm going to ask you a very direct political question and answer would you support a ban on assault rifles in the u.s. let me let me preface it go ahead a gun enthusiast I fired my first gun when I was 5 years old I received my first gun for my 9th birthday I don't like the term assault rifle cuz that doesn't really mean anything but I would you think of me that doesn't mean anything like there's no classification of gun get that already wasn't it coined by like movies I am in favor of more closely regulated ownership of God's I think that were a little wild with it at the moment and I think it's too easy to get weapons that can do alot of damage question and this is this is not me taking one stands for the other I'm just asking this as a Canadian why do people need to own guns per capita have more guns than the Americans per capita gun deaths in Canada Michael Moore point of this out in the bowling for calling Bowling for Columbine I'm totally using his data might be different from when he produced the movie in its Michael Moore so who knows if it's a hundred percent you know unbiased as well but yeah but in Canada has more guns per capita ownership per person basically in the country but has significantly less deaths per capita attributed to so it's just it's something about the combination of the availability of guns in America but then also selling very uniquely American about just gun violence is something associated with I never understood the reasoning I have a gun by two guns why home defense I have one for home defense but if know if other people didn't have guns would you still need one for home-defense I don't know I mean it's a good question I mean in a legal I wouldn't get an illegal but now oh yeah it's the Batman question is what is the Batman question is Batman is the evil or the illegal things that Batman does is it justified by the evil ladies fighting chicken dinner with me specifically like I grew up in a very rural area Haverhill area where like Firearms of a problem there was a lot of hunting there's a lot of group on the border at the time it was like you had to have them kind of rude to fans just cuz of the way things were at the time but that's not everyone grew up like that I don't understand best early every justification for having one fashion and long was but I'm in the same boat as Bernie I own a couple and it's really just for like home defense I had an a unique experience so you know right I know right you know right she's from London and one of her visits when she came to see me whenever she comes to visit me I like to take me to very very American places and Applebee's to go there were taking her if it's okay to a Cabela's in the sky blue her mind just all together because there's just when you go to England there's just not places at better that big I also took her to a super Walmart and that didn't end well at all I took it to Cabela's and she walked in and just had an immediate scale the whole building blew away but then I took her around a few places to go to the fish she likes fish and showed her the stuffed animals everything back and then go to the library and and it called The Gun Library to have a Gun Library just to steal but what's a computer going to the Rose in rows of just a lot of it was just all available there and like on a Walmart in even guns I don't know anything about it but do a quick correction posted something else after Wikipedia according to Wikipedia United States has 112 guns per hundred residents and is number one on the list Canada Canada is 30.8 per hundred residents and then died wanted to double-check that to look it up for the first disciple Wikipedia and according to Global News based out of Canada those numbers are pretty much in line according to Global Muse 89 Firearms per hundred residents in the US and Canada has 31 Firearms per hundred residents so very very wrong very wrong well or the data has Young Library in the video podcast if we're looking at a photo right now the Gun Library cynicism Cabela's that looks like a better one but there's about 40 times that amount of racks of guns behind the camera where were looking out like a shopping mall in Isle of cereal in a grocery store that's how the of Walmart do you need a license to buy a gun after this part no I do not know me before you go in and I don't mind you tell him I want that gun. Okay fill out this piece of paper and it's like your name your social security number your address they take it and then they like whatever it takes less than 5 minutes at 2 or 3 minutes. Okay then I'll ring you up and you like oh I want those bullets to and other when you up for it and then they don't give it to you there they walk you to the front of the store and then once you step out of the store that carry your gun in your bullets the whole process take just a couple minutes it's really quick that is disturbing to me they did do a check yes but I'm just going to say anyone that would be very careful with the majority of people that's disturbing to me during that was like that wasn't me know a rifle already knows I haven't so if I don't get killed how many books 6838 with a plus sign next to it and it was 400 injured or Riot you know mentality no do not say that but if you were if you look at that it's that's the thing to me is Barbara salt rifles in things if someone walk in there with a barrel loading musket they're not going to kill 58 people not going to happen on the on the topic of like these mass shootings we have in the fact that we are we get numb to them to certain extent of this one that that kind of broken up that number was a the video of the person shooting the stage with their their camera and the sound of how quickly the bullets are being fired I've heard audio of other shootings that kind of thing and it's and it's scary this sounded like lighting a string if I'm really curious to know what kind of firearms he had and how he acquired them sexually assault rifles yes that is something that that is as possible so I'm curious to know how he got that cuz like I said earlier that your average private citizen cannot get fully automatic weapon on YouTube video see how to modify to be fully a rifle how much gummy bullets you fit in a Glock extended mag 15 at the Orlando shooting was of how quickly he was able to just released that many bullets to kill that many people that quickly and there's no bulshit accessory again where it's so okay you have semi automatic means you pull the trigger and be released and you need me to pull the trigger fully automatic figured out and it continues to fire until you release the trigger attachment you can get for some firearms that you put it on the back do you have to modify the gun at all you put the statue on the back and you hold the button down or the video game you hold the trigger down and in this attachment basically we're Eddie's the weapon to fire again by Passenger that look aftermarket attachments like that should not be a lot of you if you're not allowed to buy a fully automatic weapon in the first place you should be able to easily by this attachment that makes this modification for yeah my opinion yeah I think I don't think it's unreasonable I've seen you got this I believe in you and I think of the Sun but I was watching just recently I spent some time with some very Avid hunters and I don't believe in big game hunting but we spent some time with them School in Cypress School they don't teach civilian military tactics so it's all hunting it so long range hunting and so a lot of these guys that worked out at the France they were all beginning to wonder if they even have some really incredible whether or not you're rude is his incredible training courses where they at Target that when you shoot them the targets than charge you so they can train you of like you get charged while I thought yeah if you get charged out in the you know Serengeti somewhere you can still survive a massive things that charge directly I even come to like I was watching him shoot as a group of people shoot long range with rifles and it was really incredible it was a really cool sport was amazing to watch Ellie hit stuff that was half a mile away and this big you know it was really cool to watch that but I'm also watching the way they shoot and it's like Bang and then shoot in the lighting up the next one is shooting it's to me it's like I don't know for hunting which is why I think we need guns today the past when we need to have an equal amount of Firepower to the government's that we assigned to serve us so they don't take us over we don't keep we can't have anymore we can't have nukes we can text people can have those things it just like it would be on that stove if we're at a point where we have guns I don't know what we need Beyond bolt-action rifles for that you know and then perhaps handguns for self-defense which in shotguns which I understand but when you get up into these rifles to me that you can go semi-automatic which is still super fucking dangerous or they can be modified to go fully automatic I mean they're just death machines that's what they are if you saw someone using them in a hunting environment they would get a massive fine don't think I was an avid Hunter when I was younger I don't think I ever hunted with a semi-automatic weapon everything you had to get legal to do that I don't know it's like you know I don't I don't think that's necessary you know I do I just don't think that's necessary a lot of things I feel are necessary when was guns in general yeah if you had your ideal scenario what would that be Barb police officers that have guns and nobody else nobody else yeah I know it's funny because that's who are we're taking a trip after I take one of them were deciding whether to go to Madrid or Rome we're like basically weighing the two options and someone was supposed to Twitter make a bowl and everyone is like you probably want to go to Spain now and I had no idea what was going on but then look at the news and like okay well yikes sorry about the can I say this hopefully correctly Catalan Independence the Catalan Independence Movement is a political and popular movement derive from cattle and nationalism receives the independent independent of Catalonia from Spain political movement began in 1922 in the people in Catalonia we're going to the polls to vote for independence of Catalonia from Spain and I mean it was to the point where the Spanish government was shipping right police basically in Cotton to pull these people out of polling places and just from the videos of whale on them with clubs and she'll just happened just happened this weekend it was all over the place about it so it's no it's kind of crazy because I think back when people in the thirties and suck you think I like how to think how to get to the point where you know like these groups of people in the right-wing grew so much and then suddenly we had all this fascism in the middle of like that now nobody's really don't feel like doing anything like I don't even exist Puerto Rico situation instead of talking about it looks like at what point you can get in a boat yourself and go try to start to Ferry people like you're like the American version of Dunkirk like there's this whole movie that celebrates people from Cliffs of Dover in Britain going across and getting the troops and bring him it's like where it where is that movement to like you know if you want to fucking Puerto Rico you know this is crazy what's going on when we talked about it briefly last week and I kind of regret that because at the time I thought oh well they're taking care of it right like it just happened a couple days ago that's going to be resolved here very soon and I think there was that press conference where George W Bush was talking with his team of directors like you doing a heck of a job he's doing great and was like what no he's not like shit still broken in that cycle again and I bet it's just it's just crazy to me that that's still have me like you said Katrina happened it was super fucked up and I thought well we learn to write like a funeral urn the United States now knows how to respond to this and we never going to see that again it's been 10 years but here we are again it's it's really crazy Michigan still doesn't have clean water which is just somebody asked Amazing Race we were we were in Switzerland and somebody asked if you could drink the water out of the tap and I got a question to ask and then later I heard him ask that question but American like of course water out of the tap water out of tap it's ridiculous but in this place in America now it's like you know if that's what you feel salty things like hair cuz we're aware of so many other things that happened I feel like there's certain things when they happen is like okay this is what we're doing we're all good we're going to work on this and fix this you know and sure enough we had Harvey and then and then sell it was one of those things where we know after Houston and in Florida and Puerto Rico it's just it's crazy to me that that in all these will happen at once but you talking to you know I get up and go and fix these problems you know on top of that I mentioned that as well last week. On top of that you also have like those two huge earthquake in Mexico as well it's not stand which is like you know it's super close and volcano that explodes in the world to close a lot going on for a few weeks away from Geo store in the movie coming out so, is he is he is he alive shut up right before we recorded the podcast I'm sure by the time people listen to it'll be old news but I was like that Tom Petty died and Edward are social media manager said I owe no that's not he said he's not wait are you serious Sleepy D clarify that cannot confirm Tom Petty stuff so I mean yeah but still that's a huge difference that's a big difference even with that they can't clarify he could be the most recent article I can see it from the New York daily news and says rock legend Tom Petty pulled off life support after going into cardiac arrest so he think he could still survive well yeah it's Peter out as its natural tear out and father survived 11 days after being taken off life-support it's always a tough decision when those things come up and it's like I don't know it's just such a tough decision I'm working Healthcare Fat Sick relatives it's just it's it's not fun it's not fun man Aisha Willis on Twitter his I should Venture says don't forget about the West Coast fires oh yeah that's going on as well we had an eclipse two hurricanes forest fires and a nuclear explosion and the earthquake that was two and a half weeks all of those things happen I think I'm nuts like what's it called people who theorized conspiracy theorist who believed like the eclipse brought just bad everything is usually a sign of a bad Omen thing is is they don't I mean like Mexico I don't think was even affected by the eclipse like them because they see any percentage of the eclipse know where are you sexy are you staying the bad things brought by Eclipse only affect those who see the eclipse Sons fine Summer's part of the eclipse of the Sun is from the Moon I should also point out earthquake there was the fire in the Northwest there was two hurricanes there was a nuclear explosion and also John was not invited to Theory that's the other bad habits I'm going to hide things in your house. I'm going to hide things because I'm reading for like seven different parts in that script about it I mean cuz you're missing it right now if that's okay I like I guess I wrote a lot of women into this thing but they don't have enough women to read the parking lot of women I have like 7 part that I'm reading for it I've been called pretty feminine I think there's a girl named Peggy who has one or two if you'd like that I could be at Peggy's I'm not putting you in any but you're right you're in your own stuff in your box is also brought you by ProFlowers ProFlowers recently sent us a beautiful bouquet never was super impressed with how fresh it stayed and for how long it stayed fresh ProFlowers has a perfect gift for anyone excited about fall a long lasting bouquet and their favorite fall colors their best-selling Insider roses are great option for birthday anniversary or any fall occasion or go with one of the classics like 100 Autumn bloom or a dozen Autumn roses you can't lose because no matter which of our listeners get 20% off any ProFlowers unique bouquets of $29 or more to get 20% off all bouquets of $29 or more how to get 20% off of all bouquets of $29 or more go to proflowers.com and use code teeth at checkout that's proflowers.com and code teeth teeth to treat with thanks ProFlowers I love for all respected that I said that many times before and I found some stuff today we were hanging out roll he was born to do understand more when you see it you guys are friends right kind of like paws there I have a fun story about a friend can I tell if I'm sorry about your friend's friend Bethany so I came into the office maybe 2 weeks ago and Bethany grab me and she says hey I found you on Tinder and I swiped right so if you find me yours and so I am actually thinking that I'm sleeping over not right on it or swipe left on them yeah I think you play with someone you're very very comfortable with and you know that you can have that joke with Chris Christmas yeah would you swipe right or left on Christopher Wilde I kind of want to tell you cuz I like this Chris a train it's cuz of Matt schedule go to pull up calendar right now you can do that I had a birthday happy birthday may you find me you have to swipe right on me and it's okay if I find you I'll do that and like a couple weeks went by the same time tomorrow Wednesday Thursday Friday and back mats really available Wednesday after I won't say it but yeah I only have one thing to say to that guys dang what's the message to her let me see if I can actually get this is accurate as possible I'm trying to set up it could be pretty sure she does not want to look up John is upset you know you know you know there are there a lot of people have bad taste what is the message say it says you match with Bethany and then I said will you marry me and she replied with Sunday and I said oh I said that I said dibs on Barbies my best man and then she said I was not asking I was not part of this and then I said done and then she sandrini's ahead in case something goes terribly wrong I don't know I don't know what I said she said I just ordered my wedding dress we're going to be so happy together. It might hinder under any circumstances whatsoever rifles aftermarket attachment and then she said speaking of that I'm pregnant it's yours and I said I said well we had a good run and she said but you said our love is forever and then that was this is Wednesday and then Sunday rolls around and I completely forgot and then Sunday night at 11:50 p.m. she says sorry I stood you up at the altar today you know cold feet and whatnot so we are members there's Tinder gol people like each other that's I totally get that from the store we're getting married that you two like each other with getting Burnie Burns I'm not I'm just telling you ask you will you know you can officiate the ceremony you want me to do that yet get out of here you look so honored he like 5 bucks a year for listening five bucks a year old deal so there's a few features of wine so if you swipe on someone and you like oh shit like I actually wanted to swipe the other way you can go back work really well if you don't let me go back and look at them again okay but you going to be able to do it because you're the kind of person they want to see how it works out for you or are you just swiping so fucking fast that you're just looking at photos I mean honestly decisive when it comes to that kind of stuff like the second picture that tender gold has is you could see people who like you before you swipe on them to lie to me so I just have to go through them and pick him up the number I want to see what you think is going to be because you're a guy because you're a guy what's wrong with us Burnie that is unbelievable wrong with us what's the time it doesn't work I don't know what's wrong with you and me hear what's going on Tinder Tinder sorry about there Blossom Barbara in the screen there if you want my God he's our people know you could do that when you get here what do you match with somebody how quickly do they come back to that's their thing everyone's different I had that many emails that I had to read I would just select all and delete cuz I got to start over with your inbox count at me you can I don't care if people know that number the number of like a Barber close to 10,000 people that are digits by 4 by 4 how many Golds all it says is that I have 99 plus I have a great idea it just tells you that but I don't know if that number will change it and I don't want to see if it never changes cuz I'm worried about how low it because you have 7 years I think I put 27 to 32 years that I would love to do and I hope that you would be okay with this there's not going to be good you should make Gus atender profile like including like we schedule a photoshoot and you determine what the photos are we can stage stuff like he's a helicopter pilot or something like that he is a good job he does have a good job but it doesn't translate well he looks like a dork with a mic in front of it it's phallic that can be sexy to some people some people yes that can we do that cuz I don't want to do that I don't know I feel weird about that like they're like meeting other people honor your lying upwards of 10,000 how many how many how many women are in Austin and it would be like $500,000 right yeah I found you I found you like I said I'll write Fairplex so this is something I've always wanted to just said you don't swipe on people so I thought I did everything right here in there I guess it's alright it's all pictures that I've ever posted that can be for the news smaller groups like if that was friends with the people you work with like it's like we should have that and so now the only people at Pyramid know why would I like to make her like you're you're like your Social Circle why would I be tender for my Social Circle Tinder is made so that I can fly or not in my Social Circle if I had my day tomorrow though and go to car stereo legitimately put tender in a better perspective for me just whitens your search instead of having to go and pick that bar over there and hope that there's someone in that bar that a I like and they might like me yeah I can act like a normal person you mean them in public pictures of efficiency is the ability to just be able to go through a mass amount of people beforehand and then bill to make like set plans to go on dates and that kind of thing it just deficiency there are ten thousand dicks on Twitter that are just like it says about you Barbara interested in like four of them in today I put only men but years ago you love to set people up I do you like being a great Matchmaker tell me all the come back and I'll have like this like Squadron who helped me a great person earlier you're the best person at talking me up like I feel so good about myself in that moment yeah it's Barbara email introduction be like hey this is so are you saying that because you don't have as much time as you stream reuse a application in order to expedite the process for yourself an email and actually hook up people in person use email to help this this yo you coming at me stupid Tinder did I don't know why I'm angry anymore what can a so going tender against your legs or do I care yes it doesn't tell me what the number is $30 a month when I'm not looking to be up right now that says $30 a month if you do month or if you're if you're ugly I think it's like a one time payment of $3,800 get Tinder gol case of Tinder gol is 1250 a month if you pay for 12 months 18 for 6 and then 32 go month by month Tinder gold turn off the scripture plant tender plus another 499 a month for Tinder gol and gold is the one that lets you see your likes well I should probably disable it's $3 a month money now that nowadays you know I'm only paying for myself that are interested in me the light that is also brought to buy Squarespace where do you need a domain website or online store make your next move is Squarespace scorestreaks offers beautiful award-winning designer templates beautiful website or online store with an award-winning template all-in-one platform 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machine at home doesn't have something on it because it uses a lot of Internet what machine are you talking about it in task manager now they have Network utilization I don't know why is that why do you love Chris that much is that why you read in the paper where you run out of here go over there but you read everything I blame him a little too dramatic send an update to the calendar invite as well earlier today I was just mad at you so is it like a reminder about it happening email cuz you talking about no know why we talked about Streamys blah blah blah blah Disney tales beer and pizza for you seriously thanks for coming out working for to your reactions and input so he's involved as well what according to Stefan I'm guessing you more and older people pay more I just got through making my phone bill. So you saying that guys will pay more than a girl yeah cuz they think they can get more money out of there are some bars that have that well yeah but that doesn't happen this one thing I did want to mention before we're going we're not wrapping up yet we're getting close to wrapping up that we do have some Halloween merch in the receipt or we did they told me to say it's now available at the booster Teeth store where's at work is here terrible there's T-shirts from Achievement Hunter funhaus cow chop and Ruby plus spooky silly pints and blazing with the villains torchwick jack-o'-lantern logo and only limited quantities are available, looks like a monkey Tomah Tractor I'm sure all those motherfuckers or read the ad three times for you do you think I should put the link to the fake Tinder movie trailer in my bio on tensioner bolt mascot oh yeah I do I don't use it though not yet there's a few differences the girl needs to make the first interaction which is interesting at like there's some who claim there's better guys on bumble I think it's because it's you know how to use it ten thousand people numbers everyone I think I'm not on Tinder single or where that come from I don't know why you think I pay attention everything get that when you work on a production you'd like if you work on the movie The Pirates of the Caribbean it's not going to get all the day of the new process when in fact what they said today involve everyone getting the same amount of Mercer they got Pryor okay to get a very bad process of John employees that they lose their fucking Humanity when they walk in the door fucking muckety-mucks charging people for marriage what next but you can split it your cereal with everyone feels like nothing it's communal the thing that was a charge not to buy merch from the company 75% employee discount and everyone also has like a gift card that they could use towards that somebody was going in and let go and it was cuz there was like very little bit of limitation when I first came here because the country so small so it was an image of a lot of listening to the office one of the shirt was that never occurred but it's more so the process of ordering the shirts was not an automated process for please it was a manual process for someone in eCommerce solution that allows this to happen cool I don't know why that's nothing just do that I don't know okay don't know I got it I got it she's getting ready to leave yeah I do remember it was very fun but yeah I got it yeah we did Elvis Duran sweater that's a pretty red sweater I talked about I talked to make you a line of a fashion line spawned a text every once in awhile or maybe take my when it when you send me a design that goes to read and I don't say anything that you should know cool I'll just take silence I'm going to show you okay I am kind of a job you had fun burning I ask Barbara if she like that I liked it but I also need this you need to respond no Bernie claims he's the best at responding a piece of merchandise be in the Barbara dunkelman line and I didn't like it I have a pretty birds line we don't have anybody has your name on it I'll buy all of them I can get 35% off so we can be extremely limited Jeff and Barbara and all this as you know guys all this effort goes into a day there's all these fancy designs and everything in the research multiple designers I was complaining about the fact that I was giving John a hard time about all the work that he does for Barbara and Guston Barbara excuse me for all their shirts that they make for them and he goes oh look what we made you a hat got that the Hat who is going to fucking by that. I don't like your feet without ruining what you just showed me I love you that it's a hat it makes note that makes zero sense Barbara we made that have for you would you would you would prove that people with no I wouldn't but I don't you're more iconic name that is associated with receipt than Barbara and it's going to be like the new vaping that's what I'm worried about and it could be just let me know for real what's that it's a it's a coping mechanism no man but please send me a text message a picture of her vaping and it really put a strain on our relationship my Sugar Pine 7 cosplay And I said Okay and she just a picture of Justice a story told me post yo I got to go beer and mixing right now and it starts at 7 sorry buddy he's holding you Barbara never look up Podcast I told you to have fun Barbara alright thanks for watching everybody I hope Barbara has a great time not being here I love you why not you guys