#461 - Who Cares About Szechuan Sauce?

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce, social media, the Adpocalypse, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on October 9, 2017, sponsored by Audible (http://adbl.co/2hZAT31), Blue Apron (http://cook.ba/29J4MMj), and Casper (http://bit.ly/2bgC0nt)

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Gavin Free, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

Ridgeview podcast this week rice blue apron and Casper Barbara yeah we're going to go through one time they were going to go back the other time and it was going to be coming in for quite a few podcast committed living in the desert hi Kevin I have something coffee you could you still copy of words with running in a nightmare iron table I had a meeting with will will hide to make you late for the Picasso I don't want to make you late that's how close you were that's rude you want to eat in the middle of the power play power move between where she won't cause a Ruckus but what's great about her she saves all that up for like when something goes wrong for me and she can be aggressive on my behalf so far take it out on you know if I back to you let me think about that probably or something hey that's what that's what I'm hoping that we can be seen you in over a month I was saying you were in La is very cool yes you graphic put 10 out there before I spend a month just in the desert I-10 through my shirt I don't have time line on my skin I just turn right through it I need to wear sunscreen right at all. I did say that but you did you do that I have to do I put me out a little bit sunscreen right on the line cuz you never have had it because I knew exactly what that probably can't get anything I have in the past I think I shave it during what years did. I said I don't think so I had I saved it as the previous job like I'm at that stage where it went up for a while and now it's just like becoming denser and I'm just trying to figure out how long it will put up with your head on top of your hair is that the biggest problem in your life right now it's so funny you say that because something I've been absolutely fascinated by are the people who are Furious Furious about the McDonald's Szechuan sauce and there wasn't enough of it and it's a while ago so we kind of did it because it was interesting and did this thing at McDonald's was doing but if we didn't get it that day I will but I didn't even know it was a thing I didn't know it was happening until like the internet exploded with anger at McDonald's in a rare moment of profanity my kids were aware of it and wanted to go do it and we were going to Fredericksburg Rick and Morty YouTube everything on YouTube which is why he's computer is right next to mine at home because I can hear everything you know he's listening to which is the only way you can but yes and we went to where to come all the way back or go to Fredericksburg Oktoberfest which is a great way to end Whole30 for me with Scott and he sausage and drink beer while he asked where you only eat like Whole Foods carrot Apple no Dairy no gluten no grains of any kind no alcohol no alcohol restricted but it can wrap jalapeno that you can do as long as there's no sugar as long as you no sugar added to the bacon right ingredients on a food product has more than basically three or four ingredients you probably not to be that is the idea to lose weight to reset your relationship in 35 days and I'm not going back to drinking diet coke I'm having a beer which is I went back to alcohol but I also don't eat sugar that's not true what that the juxtaposition good for you to stay away from dextrose we got that going for an amusing to me because I got the kids the car they want to go get some Szechuan sauce I went we drove all the way to McDonald's right over here right by the studio I want to get I-35 and the fucking parking lot was just like the traffic around it was a car yeah I guess I assumed that was what they were there for cuz they if you just look demographically at the line they were you there for Szechuan sauce or they were selling tickets to the opening Star Wars one of the two do you know a prozdkp hello Hot Topic I need a t-shirt that says I like Rick and Morty but not a toy but I'm not a total dipshit because I think we're the problem in this right like they were proven themselves to be pretty annoying that somebody was just something I thought that jumped out tiny fragments in white at pulling out but why would it be in the same time 11 today you guys going to have sex nowhere had a baby what would it look like one of your teeth with my girl is a pallet of the most amazing recurring stress dream where is she had a contact lens that was the size of a punch bowl and it was filled with fluid and she had to get it to me but I thought we pulled out of the parking lot of McDonald's me and the boys and Ashley we're doing it on our way to go to Fredericksburg and we saw this line I was like oh no this is going to take like probably 45 minutes to an hour to get through this line but the kids are interested in it you know when you have kids you guys don't know this but when you give kids will do the dumb shit the world to entertain them basically if they want to do it and I said so there's this delightful people for the second one starts I guess what there's people in lawn chairs and I said yeah it was a while and I don't do that at Jesus in the back seat because yeah really oh I guess I haven't hung out with JT in like a year but that seems unlike him what is this supposed to be a play off of JD from Barbara Oktoberfest in Fredericksburg by the way overrated I remembered it in my head is being better than what it was people are upset about the Szechuan sauce they are Furious on Twitter about how many McDonald's mishandled fluffy participate in this promotion didn't get any and some locations only got like 7 before that this is all Rick and Morty fans being assholes I don't mean all Rick and Morty fans are assholes I mean it's like their protect yourself clearly clearly that's exactly what I saw of a crowd of maybe four hundred people in a McDonald and they're all across siding Rick and Morty quote right to kill themselves and I just paint them in a negative light and if you watch it could have been done ironically but it just goes to prove it to you if you do something ironically you're you're being the thing that's like no one is in on the irony with you your friend you're just being the thing and that guy was a fucking idiot my career at the receipt I just want to be a person who was a consultant for major corporation had my whole thing will be bring me in when you're thinking about doing the cool like hot thing from the internet and I'll just I'll just show up at 8 don't do the cool thing about negative connotation it's in everyone's mind now work fucking talking about it right Super Size Me I want to go get some Chicken McNuggets at McDonald's that didn't have the show me when you get to Cheeseburgers for you cuz you were family from Soviet Russia wrong with you the kids had chicken McNuggets the mood for chicken McNuggets and they had a normal sauce is not Szechuan and they were totally fine with that stomach now I want one of the chicken why would you ever choose anything else no not the proportions of crust in me a wrong you don't have a lot of me not scraping batter batter kids wedges of chicken breast be rough I go to McDonald's to eat food that's already been digested and I have to do any work I just I just want to fly if you can have a Big Mac and Fries I don't have only had one of my life I broke my streak okay I'll just make it into like a food Cube much denser and you can eat in one bite but it was all the calories of a Big Mac taste like the taste enjoyment would be heightened because it's the Android eat as well but Runner the new one is considered a bomb kind of but it made as much when he was opening weekend as the first one made in its entire run I was a big fan of the first one to five different versions of it when they put out a way to go to an R-rated movie us this week inflation calculator 8482 movies cost to go to back then even get the fuck out of here $10 movie theaters in the 80s it was a big deal like this. My dad barely three times for the record would have been $320 Bethany, collapses in the environment of Blade Runner Runner they took the world that they built and they made a true sequel to it. I don't have the updated it for you no changes in modern technology and how that would have project been projected further forward there is a piece of technology Teddy has Jose right now cuz I'm a critical the movie he has a drone as part of his car but that doesn't seem to be to be like something that felt agree just to me but it's the one piece of technology that has been developed since the 80s do they have tons of companies like the original advertisements that some companies that didn't make it in the original Tony Toni Tone name of the Original Classic advertising the logos available for a Madman a bunch of Catch Me If You Can you pair the true story about it never went away terrible terrible to be upset about that imagine how many things in your life would have to go right in order for that to go wrong like all of the things that have to line up a lot of things perfectly mad about right now even register on that on the internet which is fine everything is so important you are mad about liking my boycott McDonalds and by the way my new Consulting business and I'm paying them to do it because they didn't have my particular flavor on this day at home my food bill he's going to be like human the prophecy cause I actually think we're going to be there like in 40 50 years today people to walk into it like ready player one kind of style get your pot I think about how much time I spent playing World of Warcraft and that's nowhere near like that Major World of Warcraft work just like the coolest person in the world and everyone else seems like a real person but it's just a bunch of a icon someday I never text Ashley ever I know where this is going but I guess a while ago I text her because stardew Valley was too late and then months and then I texted her again she text me saying like the state and now all we do is text about study Valley so happy for the trip to our text Linda the best kind of the wild I have my switch go in and blue New York New York on your way to London when they're right on the question for you eventually I'm glad to see you come around my way thank you eventually I could stop in New York's go downtown guess which and get back on a plane before the Tokyo way or what race was doing I don't know what's wrong with Gavin just postponing the day let me tell you the rest of the time American told me she was like unless you by specific ticket number on British Airways it's very difficult to get the upgrade and he hasn't answered line to go ahead and in 3 years this woman on the phone said she don't even got one upgrade using American miles on British Airways said it was not possible for me and I thought that's why I'm changing my plan anyway but it was not going to happen what did you get your upgrade when you fight it be funny if you didn't get the upgrade I almost don't want to buy the last minute that you will I pass by you but the real reason I change my flight so I was shooting his mouth off shooting Prieta to the video ready to go video of all the gun big fat mass shooting up so now I have to quickly at anyone you made a tweet about that about gun violence and I thought I was going to ask you about this I was going to ask you your very anti-gun the first what if I'm I'm outside like just everyone yeah I guess there cuz I'm in the USA and it's legal okay explosions in my video below and she update today maybe I shouldn't have guns my video I didn't say that I just think I just think it's interesting to hear your opinion of how you are very anti gun and it's important to you I'm not a big gun Delight have gotten that just allow people to have these like just shitloads of them and a big old fat once the fire they put that you've got in your hands on if it was the other way if it was like the England country that gun that you can fight Weiss quickly it's usually like a black powder or rifle that single-shot black-powder like a musket I think we only had black powder musket but you can shoot one and shots. That's the only show you going to get off that guy probably be the first this laws in place to prevent mass killings we talk about it when you're going to still use guns in England automatic weapons in your videos the UK band handguns in 1997 citizens are still able to own and shoot some shotguns and rifles in a licensed driver have to be licensed to carry out checks on it for firearms under shotgun how can you please give police a good reason for wanting to own one hunting remember shooting club Madison is a good reason self-defense is not considered a valid reason semi-automatic Firearms are legal as long as the size of the cartridge they are designed to fire is no bigger than .22 inches in diameter and regulations anyway I can still make the and such a thing as well I don't know if that's going to help so many cells and you had to have it plugged in things I don't know of any shotguns that's double barrel shotgun obviously hopes to for the national chamber I mean that the bills are the chamber what's the one that has three like your pump shotgun Chamberlain and that's it you just have to put a long alone we have other problems like pumpkin night and acid and stuff I was just saying that the gun laws. Machine listen I just wanted to I just wanted to ask you cuz I was curious about that and I would have asked you on Twitter but as an older person's company Twitter seems like an insane way to ask you a question about your point so I decided asking the podcast and people talk about how you're calling him out and become the whole traumatic event nobody like now you can actually talk about it even though you're the fellow gun and I have to say it so that they know I'm not someone who doesn't understand them I know I'm very intimately familiar with firearms I put three rounds in it that's another reason to look really cool since I'm out shooting a deer that would look cool is like a graphic level the lake if someone's in the daytime the guy was crying just really emotional about it because of no hunted I was like why is this guy crying cuz it really that in a big deal that we try to working within the constraints someone who does social media for a living it's kind of nice to have that flexibility no it's not nice I'm getting ahead Shake why isn't it nice Cracker Barrel I've never seen that guns for My Life podcast hashtag on Twitter Mikey on Johnny what did you miss when did you leave a question about what it might be the switch up top my toggle between your different barrel shotgun pellets can be awesome what does it mean if you see a wrap of blood test summer trigger so weird because you keep talking about fucking guns clean move on in the history of being on the spot guy I was just asking a question the required thought they were two moments of different precious go to if there's a pause in you got time you need to fill you know what you up to the Rickey podcast Audible has an unmatched selection of audio books original shows Muse comedy and more audio books are great to listen to when you're driving at the gym or shopping millions of audibl members have access to buy a list celebrities and amazing narrators audibl also has exclusive and original audio shows on your Android with audible audible audiobook 30-day free trial if you want to listen to Audible has it to go to audible.com / RT and browser unmatched selection of audio content download a title for free and start listening it's that easy if you want to listen to a book that's popular right now you listen to Stephen King's It by Stephen Webber so go get a free audiobook with a 30-day free trial at audible.com / RTX audible.com RT talk about it all the time love audibl great service we are also going on a plane with an audiobook on a plane or you could listen to the war on guns are in yourself against gun control Lies by dr. John Locke surprisingly it's got 4.8 Stars across 104 radio I've never personally heard the book myself have you heard of this book called guns of the South because I've been meaning to read it if this is the one that I think about it let me read you the publisher stomach summary of Guns of the South alternative history book it's basically General Robert E Lee face to defeat the army of Northern Virginia is Reagan and equipped Gettysburg has broken the back of the Confederacy and decimated is Manpower then Andreas Rudy strange man with an unplayable accent appropriately with an extraordinary offer a roadie offers demonstrates an amazing rifle its rate of fire is incredible it's lethal efficiency is breathtaking and Rudy guarantees unlimited quantities to Confederate the name of this weapon is the AK-47 so it goes back in time and gives the Confederacy AK-47 went back to Sparta and fought against whatever who would win or somebody popular shows on the History Channel about that but Bravest Warriors I know that's what is the John Oliver segment about Confederate statues last night I did not people's perception of the Confederacy and how much people think that are under the common defense of the Confederacy and the Civil War fought over states rights when you know he finds quotes from the Confederacy explicitly detailing how it was about slavery and he goes into how the claim that it's about states rights is tenuous while it is there is validity to it and how so how all these statues were built wait after the Civil War to have a conversation the other day we were at lunch and we she's from Lebanon and we're talking about how I said I said did number Beirut growing up all the all the stories about Beirut in the news when I was growing up in the 80s and in your country had a revolution right and she said it's a revolution win the Revolutionary civil war with a government with all the thing that's in the news today and you know California and Texas will talk about seceding and it seems like okay if they vote to leave the union Catalan in Spain is going through this right now like I said yeah we should go to split a way but that's not the case but if they try to do that like this when the Confederacy tried to put away from the US the US fought them know you're not doing that you're going to be staying in this country and you're going to do things the way we wanted you take any idea that these you know they could do that that Texas agree to when they joined the union which I think you should have the right to secede contract like a deal but very bad country guys are coming out there we got to renew I don't know it's like one thing in the New Year in the union McCarthy my paperwork so crazy about like brexit right like the year the UK join the European union now there's like trying to leave and if I could think of a couple of years to figure out the paperwork alone any effect from that for you personally like traveling there happens maybe but I think about like my Visa petition is what going back and forth for a few years on that and then at the end of it they just gave me my complete visa application petition it's like this stick and that's just for one person to move to America how thick is the paperwork for the UK to leave the European Union could you even if one person have to type it all out how long would it take that person to type out all the paperwork would you be in before you do that thing where you look at the last page see how long they're playing house to its wedges a paper it oh yeah and you're deciding shit this just means there's decided yet I would travel with the entire thing of my documents for my work because every time I would leave the country and one time I had them on the the counter of the immigration just whatever the fuck is called custom stuff and the guy was like you know you don't need to travel with all that that's a really they told me I need to bring all my paperwork every time I try to he's like no you just need the last sheet with like your card on it early traveling with a green card renewal basically so it's it's a renewal letter that she's looking Cowboys 10-years marriage age when we come back from Toronto I think until we got back where they stopped her coming she got through the Toronto checkpoint and if she got to the u.s. checkpoint in Toronto to come to the USA or like the letter here make sense because all the time great gets the USA wait why was the u.s. in the u.s. Customs u.s. customs in the Toronto person whose first letter through to the US place you know there's no problem, you don't do it in the u.s. you do it outbound because they're come definition and they're like anything anything that you're not you're not coming to the u.s. now was that so I can go help and so she was supposed to show the weather and everything like that it's always prepared to fight with this person and I will let me let me talk to my supervisor over takes one little guys are using the blog and it's like and then he's asking her about like a trip while she's at her family stuff and so is like the greatest thing ever like short-circuiting all that stuff happen if I didn't like the hard time she's ever been a little room without you I've been yelled at without there in the room in the line at Heathrow before in London Country Sweet Jesus Christ look like they're yelling at someone right next to you and yours so like never will be luck of the draw where you were born I place it definitely has to be replaced but it's kind of crazy when it's why we can't even go to the same place by the population of the good place does it's just a good place to hang out stupid ass clip paper towel mocking and so fucking dismissive terrible they still happy with himself anyway I'm sorry Puerto Rico vote if you remember they voted to become a state in May of this year at this point you know I mean one of the reasons why the US was going like that's crazy I'm 70 billion dollars of debt 7 x 40 million of which is a trump bankruptcy in Puerto Rico for a golf course in Connecticut but yeah they voted to become the 51st state in the Union which they traditionally have always voted against right yeah and then this year they're like this happen very little or very late response and very late response using and said horse and Puerto Rico the last I read was 34. That's gone hurricane amount of people without power was insanity Mega Mewtwo that powerful one time I was in talks with the governor of the island talking about trying to get solar power to help rebuild that awesome GoldenEye it would be great to let me just I have a satellite that are redirect the sun's Rays directly at Puerto Rico so that you guys can get tons of power and Desiree just like zaps everything that was done another day. Did you hear about the weird controversy around Marvel at New York Comic-Con was on Friday they announced that the next day on Saturday they're going to have a joint activation with Northrop Grumman so weird it was really weird it's a big defense contractor there like one of the largest customers of US State Department of Defense never buy anything from them but the government weapons all the time in between come by our booth we're going to do something with Northrop Grumman if you got fucking mad then the next time you're coming had no idea. Maybe wonder what the fuck were they going to announce why they get mad because it really goes to the core of a lot of what the movies and what their Cannon is dealing with right now right like Tony Stark regretting being a weapons manufacturer will you look never heard of him why the fuck not going to have a marketing tool to make a really cool people why make an actual next year or something like that and they had a Buick in a place where people be like oh my God I just don't even want to think about it makes me angry kid crying and ruin their way this is like you're looking for a sauce that you're going to try and then it's over that day unless I cook sweet and sour yeah exactly how much those conversations McDonald's in all those vacations did gangbusters business of people did exactly what you did was wondering what you think about it and when you hungry it's like I'm going to be eating it so fast because McDonald's after that I'm at the real bb-8 at New York Comic-Con the real bigger than I thought it was actually going to be up to you about like mid-thigh on me is that just ball or is that ball to head down take photo carry Lansdowne yo scary force of habit you know you put your arm around something take a picture and he starts to go like this and I personally like don't touch it and then you like us to remove his arm while you're not supposed to touch this thing at all it's the one I use in the movie one of the people touching bb-8 reminds me of a headline I read nothing was last week and I'm going to read it to you right now men at Tech bear molest 3000 pound sex robot so much it's left broken and heavily soiled what convention it was set at the Arts Electronica Festival in Lin's Lin's how would you rate the boiling looms Austria Austria shaggin it or whatever apparently going to town on it what in the world are they are filthy and broken by The NeverEnding attention and has now been sent off for repair who tested Samantha she reacts when someone massages her breast by moaning Santo complain complain the people mounted Samantha's breasts her legs and arms to fingers were broken she was heavily soiled fingers whatever her think people can be bad because they did not understand the technology and did not have to pay for it they treated the doll like barbarians giggling but this is one of those conversations guarantee In Our Lifetime this conversation will not stand the test of time in the future where this will be this way I still would like for that attraction we're not at a point where this doll has any feeling or any Consciousness there is a documentary about Real Dolls which are those like Life-Size dolls that are made with like customizable faces and breast size and body types and everything like that the first name documentary but there's this one guy who repairs these dolls for people and there's this one guy who their focus on the documentary has to send his dog away cuz it's so damaged and used by Heather's weathered soil documentary then follows the guy who repairs the dolls and he receives it in the crate and he liked me know carries in his house in like lays down on a bed to start like examining Works done any like sticks his fingers in the China he was just like he looks like they called my doctor or something I don't know but he's like looking inside of a ripped to shreds and he's just like walking around and it completely desensitized if you're tripping silicone to shred that's like we do it you're hell of a stronger than going to be doing stuff that I wouldn't do to a human what do okay yeah there's no pain tolerance on the other side doing stuff they're not allowed to do like sitting in the same room and backspace so I I went back and I looked up things that Northrop Grumman makes me a dead body ever died of natural causes Backpage whether or not you're dead body concerts did you being hurt it is your body jizzing on a bag of kitty cats at animals you talk to you about it then her kittens anything else you want to reveal this morning or is it just weird and crew know it's fucking terrible anyone interested kitten kittens being in a bag of basket Container Store I think we might say that that's wrong yet not harmful for the kids cuz I think I won the argument it's not fine just because you do it I get sticky I didn't even like you amend my previous statement Gavin is not allowed to do anything it's time for you to get home before it was horrifying Barbara is horrifying pulled out of its butt I said I miss this so I learned it up with the condoms anywhere in a place where that can describe what you have to do when the cat started pooping them yeah she's throwing away like unused condoms are you at now what makes you think I should be coming Johnny come have a cat is what it's two in the morning and give me a B-2 bomber really been embarrassed until it's 2 in the morning and you with somebody in bed you both wake up because you hear this noise. go to turn on the way to wrestle with this before but this is pretty good just putting them in the bin there because I was in a dorm room still a bit do for sure do I personally like a 40 ton fatberg that was like destroying the city to end up in the water supply porcelain fat birds with some guys job is to put those out of the sewer jobs the fatberg was the length of three football fields and it weighed 130 tons collected fat in Greece and all that other stuff is just like Cookie Cutter place Antarctica with those honey bun that's fuel worried about the iceberg melting we have fatber use it for what candle light Michael Gross can you buy birds in a way that what is that what are the contents of a fat bird bird content feed my cat in college so it will not be the cat by the way Gabby Gabby was from London Whitechapel area can't really tell how do you know that I just found it was like the first thing when I look up fatberg content Trump's present America when calling so I asked the question yesterday made him strangely nervous nervous nervous so I had to shoot something dollars but today and I was sitting at home last night and I really don't know how cow involve Blaine is with that anymore so I feel like the last few shoots been someone else directing so I said was lacking as I hate who was in charge a million dollars but you know I'm just curious. He replied it's me oh my God am I getting fired yeah why'd you do that uraku hit up what's up somebody fuck something up but they don't know just curious got MDB on my mind and it gives me the Emoji I just don't see you anymore you're just asking a very simple question that's harmless Cheer Up, cheer up at play here I thought I'd send it to you I don't receive tweets right right right now it's just reply to somebody who sent me a message it just shows people they don't follow up yeah then sometimes he'll be like it mean to involve you in a nice way anyways at least be used for the moment because I may have tweeted about guns last week so it's completely just best Tweets happening right now about it I need a tweet that blew up national boyfriend day with my boyfriend to yeah I think some people use their oh yeah they do like this this motion middle shred some silicone in her life but it has 70,000 likes and almost 20,000 retweet and nothing I've ever tweeted has had that kind of on Twitter like that on original tweets I mean it was great it was great I don't think I've ever seen a girl make that tweet I know what you're talking about work tell my girlfriend and I think it's because it's from a woman probably that big oh sorry sorry I didn't really pay attention what's the weather now in Instagram is like a lot of my friends in their underwear like I look up Instagram and I'm just like I can't load up Instagram now like in a public place because I feel like the people that I know or mostly in their underwear it's like by Jessica Nigri a few days ago and it's someone like message me like I was like hey just so you know if you can see your likes publicly you're like yeah I know how to make sure you knew that I like I like way more Instagram Twitter it's just like a noise you never like any of my photos nearest Western Union doesn't pay attention on social media social media if I just you I ruined it I ruined my Twitter just delete it no his Twitter is crazy why do you want me to send all the stuff that happened with that must be so many Rich old dudes would just like waiting like waiting out what the hell was also Harvey Weinstein's apology letter can we talk about how my phone came up with it up I want to talk about how stupid that apology letter was going to head to read it I didn't pull it up here so I don't misquote a fucking pervert podcast who lost his job for being a fucking alleged pervert how about that okay here it is pretty long so I'm going to read portions of it I guess I came of age in the 60s and 70s with all the rules about behavior in workplaces were different that was a culture than I've since learned it's not an excuse in the office or out of it to anyone so he said he'd take me to 74th and now it's not an excuse in what was once what is now completely unacceptable Dixon happened the last five years less way saying I hope that my actions will speak louder than words in that one day we will be able to earn their trust and sit down together with Lisa to learn more Jay Z wrote in 444 I'm not the man I thought I was and I better be that man for my children but no smoking Dragon Jay-Z lyrics apology letter L that anger so I've decided that I'm going to give the NRA my full attention yeah it's all over the place all over the place super Bazaar is a PR person you said that it they said it would be worst handling of anything they've ever seen the way they're handling me are we watching sexual harassment when sleep is one of the things worse like how do you even handle it it's so bad but what are you going to do terrible it's terrible and there's so many women probably that haven't come forward and I would imagine that the women who were you know make it relative the most victimized of the women who went along with it not saying anything now at this point you know this is a lot of people coming for you see that can exchange some retweeted I saw that I was like a guy saying I don't understand why people who get sexually harassed don't just come out and really talked about it and I know when was like all of the time they don't believe that the real thing as a real conversation but while Dundee kittens now so we're in my Twitter too so thanks for that we had it seems like there was like a huge Purge of these people like I said in the last couple of weeks that we're finding out a lot of it in the film world really really awful like I am I really don't know what else to say about it like I don't remember so weird like I read some of the stuff you know about like the screen junkies guy you know what you would say to two women and I was like I can't imagine saying that to my wife I know but I couldn't be found like some peanut butter to her then he's told her that he was jacking off to photos of her and that he wanted to jack off to photos of her while she was in the room and he didn't care what she did she could be sitting there reading a book for all you cared what is Thor really fucked up in the head these people make me feel so no more just like accidentally being inappropriate in some way like that since I've been really cool of you know like all the people you know in the world like people we work with and people industry there's probably some weirdos like that right maybe I'm sure it's got to be the we have a lot of people here not right how many we have enough people here it's bound to happen I am sure there's someone who works there's bound to be a weirdo is what I'm saying Twitter about that I'm almost positive there's at least one person who currently works at rouche either with Rooster Teeth who has masturbated on Snapchat or let you know do you know do you remember Travis but on the other I mean people can still engage in sexual activity and part of that is you know hitting on someone and making the first move but is it a person's like them that's when they would you remember set the chapter 9 times out of 10 when you be going to your chats if people who just have the camera on their dick and they're just masturbate so I just remember thinking like why are there so many weird fucking people doing this in the world like why is this a thing confirmation bias what are the Austin Airport UC construction right so when you go to chat roulette you see about how the argument about destruction did I did I tell you that you wrote something but it was it was weird for you because you don't usually get stuck into an argument about the construction Mopac finally wrapped up the Northbound Lanes Northbound I feel to be on 1998 iconic it's about construction now because of the argument but that bugs construction Vallejo California 906 I've seen on Chatroulette there's no real harm in that you would personally do that yeah I'd like in my mind I'm like this is a weird thing why do people get off on that I always without expecting to see penis if they hang around that it's like yeah that would be a dick or you can see that dude with a piano he's going to send you a song well sometimes but I guess there's no risk that you never actually going to get like a five year old playing on podcast I know it's about it I think I talked about this on always open but on Chatroulette what I used to do I like to chill people cuz there's so many things that would show up so I would I do I squint really close to the camera of the camera right up to my eye and it be close and I will turn my head sideways so it looks like a vagina cuz it looks like pubic hair by and see what it looks like she's going to be careful that they don't have a desk drawer with a picture of a vagina and I got you make your eye look like in the future if you're holding the webcam lighting might get weather in the light would be on one side of the lights are just so fake vagina is on the internet are not a great gift for Mother's day but you know what is a bouquet of flowers whispering eye one Perfect Day 11 on my phone is such a bag of car did Ron Potter garbage on my phone into a natural PC and Android but I really want one control center if you turn off Wifi Bluetooth that doesn't turn off WiFi and Bluetooth I'm not buying it I think of you if you get on the internet you want to see vagina if I wasn't wearing it wasn't that close up you have to have a crease or it no I can buy it I believe you you think that's got to be someone Spanish right what's that look like vaginas that makes the perfect vag on its side but it is literally just for that purpose my next YouTube video ideas the fact that the love of army guys with do they do incredible work they did a video about Las Vegas and then Casey neistat in particular and the video got demonetize Place ads on any videos that highlight tragedy and then after the money that's a weird mood demonetize in the first place but if he is planning and then Jimmy Kimmel did a bit that they make a snippet for input on YouTube and it was about Las Vegas and I think a particular GMC ad from the screenshot I saw I said get my own contract piece that like it had to run this process with the ad apocalypse is that in this particular case I think that Jimmy Kimmel's Network sales ads against their own videos on YouTube which you can do you can sell ads and place your own videos if you got on your own video if you want to do that to anybody on YouTube can do that it's part of your contract was last time I checked it was his kennel being questionable or his team ABC ABC ABC is has a huge add Salesforce it's what they do for their business so I think they they sell against older YouTube so they don't make the same decisions that YouTube does because they do we use my YouTube has the rule is because they don't want people profiting from a tragedy ABC's not going to make that same thing with Jimmy Kimmel cuz he know he's not doing that you know that deserves a vetting process by which they hired Jimmy Kimmel and gave him this late night show and YouTube can't go through that process with every single YouTube Creator who wants to make a commentary by the public recent event they can't do that because it's impossible to do that at that scale so the machines have to do it so that's going to cause he's like this when I come out of that tragedy just leave it alone and you get a positive like in the case of the love army guys but yeah it's just like everyone's upset about everything but I really do believe the design apocalypse is kind of a wake-up call for a lot of YouTube creators of that the things we all made fun of old media about how was lame and they always made the same product again again that's because of the influence of advertisers that they want to contact that was very milk toast and very easy to digest and they can put their ads against it and they paid for fucking everything and that's why I got to be that way and was able to pay for it pay for HBO to go start to get really cool things that were made for television on television and then Network started to have to react to stuff like that but the bottom line is if you're going to take money from advertisers they're going to have influence over what the content is and everyone settled like that some kind of change now it's just the final YouTube is catching up to that world will give you money usually the same thing you have that even like to go back to this outrage over Szechuan sauce people just gave their time and they were still Furious about the fact that their time was wasted over this matter if you're playing tens of millions of dollars to a major corporation Google in some of your ad is placed against Neo-Nazi content in the Wall Street Journal runs in a story about that I just get one of those things where you know it's it's it's kind of catching up with the rest of the world and I think that YouTubers in particular thought that the environment was different on YouTube but it's the exact same as a nobody was paying attention for a while and now suddenly you're paying attention gus beat by a long time coming even before that I mean I think we're starting this at apocalypse not starting braces I'm not saying that but it's just like any pie is a very reportable person in the world of you too and if he does anything wrong and it's only one person the world's going to have any point in time. By being number one right now has it but if he does anything wrong it's just like most of the mainstream World C equals YouTube like a million times and then you have every great on YouTube we all know that's not the case but for people who don't understand YouTube that's that's the way to tie in the title really could you have poor in the title probably not yeah that we have to be so careful I always open is already like you know what danger shows on one of the most recent episodes of always open that's awesome that's really awesome Khalifa lovely shoes great right lovely human being nothing but obviously she has a huge audience huge ravenous for everything she does and she was great how much pork do you have to be in to where you're labeled a former pornstar Harvey quantifying is one year is that what it is like Wonder Woman right is that it does not define you as like someone who is famous in porn pictures of blue apron he didn't get it from I'm hungry now I didn't remember because I miss them so very difficult things to eat for a month Barbara it is hard well you know who you can help you with that this October is celebrating its fifth anniversary by bringing back its top 20 recipes from throughout the past five years as pick by you the Blue Apron Community your favorite blue apron recipes are back on the menu for a limited time only that's what are cool things about the service you can actually write the recipes from 1 to 5 stars and I guess that's how they got this semester aggravated all of that for less than $10 per person per meal Blue Apron deliver seasonal recipes along with pre-portioned ingredients to make delicious home-cooked meal maker recipes each week based on your preferences Blue Apron delivery options you can choose what fits your needs there's no commitment so you only get deliveries when you want them check out this week's menu get $30 off your first meal with free shipping but going to blueapron.com RoosterTeeth you love how good it feels and tastes great incredible home cook meals with blue apron so don't wait that's blueapron.com Blue Apron a better way to cook thank you Walking Dead episode of the receipt podcast after helping make it easy to prepare delicious food you were talking earlier about Google and it's like the whole things are delayed on the Google thing about the pixel 2 and the bud that they have really cool demo where they had their making their own headphones out and they did a cool demo with someone using Google translate we're like let's say you and I were talking the other person talking in another language the phone was listening to it and then telling that person in English in the ear phones but they're saying never responded English and in the phone with speak it back in the other person's language so I could see you have like a little bit of a conversation it was it was interesting to see Babel fish biting in the earbud portion yourself I thought it was it was a really great actually works I saw a graph today it was an awesome cool thing no it's it's just you your iPhone isn't slower I saw that when you update not into in response to that I'd like to say bulshit the grass futuremark did a study based on older iPhones testing out the phones with different benchmarks along with each version of iOS and the CPU and GPU performance remain consistent you know when you're playing The Sims and he's about to die but he also needs to read and go to the gym and you cure a bunch of shit from to do and eventually get around to it so my damn phone is like we're all like hit the button to unlock it and I'll do nothing and then I'll just be like a noise top 20 seconds later my phone will go off I can open messages it would Linger on the app page I can type it in time text message by predictably putting my thumb's where the keyboard is going to be but really I'm hitting like calendar notes and all this other shit and I can send it before the message app open that's really bad ass actually because so often it's like messages yeah I think you serious that better with my headphones anymore before they are fixing all the bugs that like I never do that because it was available until the 2nd but I feel like they let you leave the state on the old version pissed you off with the everyday was like you want to do that we mailed it we've been testing it ready doesn't work so anyway what are you ordering iPhone x green people green time off of a Mac laptop anyway I'm ready I'm ready to go to Hangouts I'm ready for that like I'm happy for you today when you message people on the keyboard doesn't show up which is 25% of the time I have a problem waiting for the light on to some really soft I'll try I'll try to get it like 5 minutes you like a Friendly Ghost text my mom with the beginning the podcast about going to talk about Twitter someone Twitter using the hashtag RT Podcast hashtag ask if I go to London architect London this weekend something else happening this weekend yes Ruby Volume 5 premieres on Saturday October 14th for first members can't wait and then a week later on YouTube and then people could succeed in theaters on October 12th with fathom events in the United States of America if you are so inclined to Stacy's for like an hour and a half at every show we are not we are not previous episodes from volume for delete up into it and some behind-the-scenes footage not left out that's why it's a longer showing we had to come in to fill out the time to make their tooth did you have fun in New York I had the best time in New York it was kind of worthless looking at the Instagram stories from you and Erin and Lindsay they're all day alright that's cool I had a good time. There is nothing cooler than walking around New York City and seeing a ruby billboard huge unbelievable so cereal and everyone we met over the weekend was so great and I don't know I just like it's cool to see Ruby be that legitimate to have like The Walking Dead. It is cool but for Ruby to me the big one was when there were something about that to me was that was the year ago at this point it's amazing that the content that we make it show started in 636 Interlake back little Warehouse area where it started and it was like 22 people and we all just watch this tow company I also want to point out a lot of people have been asking and I just got confirmation that we can announce it today that the Yang trailer comes out on Saturday Volume 5 trailer is out yeah just came out today and then on Saturday I think publicly so I could see it but only first numbers could see the first episode three way talk about I thought the Yang trailer in particular was an interesting approach to the trailer the way kind of are similar is really interesting Adele cover some some backstory stuff in different ways October 14th where is the where is dr. Phil on in that place is great but I mean we looked at a lot of different venues this is we looked at it when I was still involved with you around here in Chicago and we said we were just there 2 weeks ago and is reflected back will that the Eastside of Chicago we're coming all the way to fucking Chicago you can come across town to come see you to get a million we go hang out and he said Chicago I'm going to London and I'm going to Italy after that so I'm doing like all the places that you I think of are not a bother I just was it it's a great for you we looked at many venues best one to scale with the size we grow RTX we've done plenty of them in there in a great time I'm so glad I get to walk out of this meeting what does Avon was grumpy about something laser gum pf2 apparently hasn't learned anything in his career active on what's wrong and she goes what do you think it's wrong I know she says well armours 4 RJ's London what do you think it is right now to different times when we just showed up and it was no merchandise and then I'll go home for the weekend and maybe I'll get to it until Monday when the booth one weekend we hung out we took pictures and just how to chat every now and then we get phone calls like we're working on it I think we'd like sending it back like you can't necessarily do that easily different thing with you and Jeff Falls that was another time where we had all the Grifols and nothing else we had a week it was so big that we made rooms and one of the only pieces of merchandise that I kept I have to you know where they are there in the bottom of my dick suit as the testicles balls that you could have like lay down and take a nap on them but that would have been really uncomfortable way to take a nap take a nap on 100 best episode of reciprocating property by Casper I want to get out of here dude online retailer review mattresses for fraction of the cost that you probably heard about a million times on podcasts it really does live up to the hype cast of mattresses and obsessively into your mattress at a very fair price catchers made up the port of memory foam for Sleep surface with just the right stink and just the right balance plus it's readable design sleep school to help you regulate your temperature throughout the night I'm a lunatic when it comes to sleep and I sleep on the couch for my chest every night if so it's a product that I use every single day are you might easily online and completely risk-free it'll be delivered right to your door in a compact box Casper understands the importance of truly trying out of mattress in all reality spend a 30-year life on Casper offer free delivery and payment return within a 100 day. So you don't have to lie down in the showroom get $50 for any mattress purchase by visiting kasper.com RT and using promo code RT RT and promo code RT terms and conditions apply free shipping and returns to the u.s. and Canada and now the UK which will be there very soon thanks for sponsoring this episode of The Crazy Ones will be getting ready to go to the airport soon we just got back from you at Comic-Con about an hour and a half ago it's like you're coming from the airport tonight and then tomorrow and then I get to go back to not tomorrow but eventually Kid Rock music I was at home for the first time since before August IMDb episode but I understand that Tyler Tyler and me ahead of a little she's a huge sports fan and something right now really good chemistry we're going to do podcast there how many of us to go hide certain there's a lot of people who are going weird thing going on right now the company I'm getting tired of navigating which is obviously the first year event which means we have a lower attendance at this event we have a smaller venue right which means we send less people killing people every single year yeah we can do that however there are a number of fuel the company who really want to be there for the first year event so they are saying I'm going to go to let you know take some time off I'm going to pay to go for some reason we are refusing to acknowledge those people who are making that effort on their own behalf and I'm not really sure why we aren't doing that like what if someone's going to London why don't we just say they're going to London will be there as well Jeremy on the schedule to be there ya go to think it's not fair to someone to stick them on the schedule if they're paying out of their pocket to go the way that the event gross if you don't want to have everyone go at pay out-of-pocket go to first year and then not be able to go in future years and not only herbal but you got to be careful with the way that the event rolls out in Gross because it might be because you want to have people are you want to have a reason for them to come back if you for years I want to make my day even harder with this discussion pretty you're pretty but in this cycle of their three RTX is Indiana that's like for Caillou calendar and I will never do another convention at Antarctica what do it I already stopped dance conventions the great RTX fatberg cuz I hate to mention all the people I love conventions if you are at Arctic London I love our connection and you are coming to Gavin signing do not forget to bring him a bag of kittens because that's how he rolls but make sure they're covered in jizz I'm leaving at 1 get blocked cuz then it's going to just dribble out you don't like a second or third Jesus never got the first judges on the kittens yeah you do not bring me kittens I will not I might squeeze that had a little bit if you have time can I don't think you're allowed to bring it I don't think animals are allowed on the side service and yeah dude I'll bring a kitten but I appreciate the efforts of the rule for Gavin hello Irish Irish what is the 1940s in general are we allowed allowed hey buddy we're not over there just one beer to write northern islands in Northern Ireland they're not real Irish everybody in this one today Ghirardelli British I just dislike European Southern European 54% Eastern European really 99 East Lake specifically Easton on 99% European Barbara in the Czech Republic yeah would you be or Poland like she would look like swim girl I was seeing pulling weeds that Eastern Europe could try not as in like that's where I ever looked at her and think they shut up on you when I feel like I'm a 6.7% Jewish Ashkenazi Jew a region how much they're going to probably get age-related macular degeneration how you really what I hear that which is just you just go blind. It looks freaking have a Passover seder together and get circumcised I'm only getting 6% circumcised liver I'm going to get 0% circumcised we should get an erection right now story about God no text no shaving little I get out of here getting back in the groove with us though podcast night and I love you