#462 - Jon Wants to Touch the Rock

Join Brandon Farmahini, Tyler Coe, Mariel Salcedo, and Jon Risinger as they discuss horror movies, hypothetical situations, celebrities they want to meet, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on October 16, 2017, sponsored by MeUndies (http://bit.ly/2yurK8H), NatureBox (http://bit.ly/2yuseM3), Squarespace (http://bit.ly/290ucbK)

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Participants: Brandon Farmahini, Tyler Coe, Mariel Salcedo, Jon Risinger


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Transcript (in progress):

Princess Lucy podcast my name is Brandon am I next I never on the thing I don't know how this works my name is Mario my name is John and I'm Brandon and Brandon I didn't get into it but let everybody know that this week's podcast is sponsored by meundie Nature Box and Squarespace meundie nature box and Square Face three of our favorite welcome back for a while people opening Tyler is doing his best to get all of us ruined off of this year so I'm not going to go look at you lately and just wonder how much clothes do you can look like some of these prepping to be in a gay porno you make more money if you're not gay male porn industry on the mail there just had never met a male pornstar I told actually that actually bothers me about male pornstars is that male pornstars get away with their face not being something worth looking at too much but ugly most of the time they don't care about the guy anyway most women watch lesbian porn or you watch gave man why you even listening to Muriel for that offensive words can I can I say that word is a person who likes other women is that the rules that mean I can't wait till your father Tyler and you have to explain things to your children never will be I would actually I got to specify my statement is that straight porn is where the guys don't look very good gay porn there's a lot more good-looking I can think of stars Ron Jeremy in James Dean the only two and they are very different yeah I'm not messing up your head I'm not waking up is it like in terms of like it's not like Jesus Christ really big dicks Howard Stern will have like guys on their craziest dick in the world is awesome he's like no I can't put it in anything but that's the only thing I don't donate it if you're going to look like you know how I feel like I need more inches not an organ donor takes literally 2 seconds when you get your license to check that box off at 4 so I won't go into detail but it's irrational irrational I did so I'm so paranoid that if I check him an organ donor someone's going to come for me and take me out cuz I need my Oregon I donate blood as often as I possibly can also I have a horrible body I guarantee my organs are the one who's ever going to want these Oregon their functioning said they're better than someone who isn't functioning but I know I would I can't explain it better than that selfishly an organ donor because I forgot to check the box but I would be like oh yeah I remember like I don't remember doing it like I must have see the government check it for you cuz I didn't read your organs and call them well then I got to take a break right now I know they're not I know that that's what the rational I'm telling you it's an irrational fear of no it's not not basement telligence this vision of yours I mean I don't think that's crazy to say an irrational fear is also a dumb fear there's a reason why it's a rational cuz it doesn't make sense my favorite game not working out taking lots of drugs just kidding tell me you were I just I like to stay active doing something different world renowned for its like to have MMA fighters that train their NFL player stuff like that and I'm not trying to be either one of those I would like to know what would make it like they do not like that but I'm going to I think I'm going to quit and just do training with his personal trainer that I have to look more like ESPN body naked yes honestly think about that sometimes ESPN bodies just to show you how amazing pictures so have you seen the first one man show no she did the thing on her show just about like kind of showing nudity like non arousing unity and sting like they're your front of it like it was just a full-frontal non censored Flappy dick and boobs and I thought last night and it's a post about somebody trying to do the same thing except with the male body it was just like a hundred pictures of a hundred different men naked Full like completely naked and then like the dick just flapping free and not like you know posed not you know like glorified like I don't know what kind of try to normalize dick two penises to talking about it so much like shock and Aunt will know it's cuz we're Americans we suck that way because I John you know your big moviegoer we had a show that in last about movies sport no no Fox Sports I've never felt like one of my sons moving there's nudity in it you know the female form or male I've never once got a rouse it's just the art form of it it's when you go to the VMAs come on. You know there's a different now there's no arousal that's me it's not goodbye SPAC before you first members did you mean sex in the city or saying it wrong to Andy's house this weekend we watch the few Halloween movies and I had never seen 28 Days Later that starts off with killing Murphy's dick he's just lying there in that hospital near like his breakout role in his first scene in the movie other than like the origin of the strategically get rid of the timer for 1 minute of close-up of dude dick there's other places that I can do that if I want to look at one point she can text it makes it bodies are beautiful in all shapes and sizes do I buy beautiful but you guys not like that like I don't think she has to be arousing all the time like if you're dating somebody or married to him in your neck around each other like what does that matter like to hang out naked like you're not like constantly aroused by the Yeah Yeah I mean it you know why I text you with anything everything just kind of gets more like casual casual casual I think that's why I like pornography is a billion-dollar business because it's just tries to find things that aren't casual in that are weird there's one there's an ad that I had as a pop up and it was there was a dildo and it was in side the nice lady and on the edge of it was a fidget spinner spinning standings for the cast for the shock of it is for the shock of your self through fidget spinner put yourself through what could you put the middle of the whole yeah well they're all done it's a pretty small hole he was his cock ring or something like that cuz you know Cochran's like elastic thing that you put around your penis whatever pleases wedding ring he got like I get more and more erect and to the point of it was impossible for it like the blood to go away and then it just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger and so he went to the ER and like he took his pants off and he just had this like giant swollen blue penis tip through a ring now there's pictures of it like I said I don't know if they filed like this in a medical study or something like that any man could put his dick through a wedding ring big not big enough Ranger dick fingers there's no way you can think of that I don't understand because even if you could slip it in there like a little mouse you know going on there a door and you've lived yourself out to put yourself in the ring you know how big you would get how would that work out a smart call no desperate man why you say I want to see I want to see I can't look around looking at it not looking at it like having to go to the emergency room because something weird sexually happened oh my God it is so blue I don't know if it's like acupuncture and you have to draw blood can we move the subject to something else and we're not politics or something then by penis having the beginning of this body count that out come back at the end of the show that is bald man with the terrible movie it is the movie that it is a movie that does not hold up it is horrible I'll fucking idiot Halloween is the all-time classic horror movie it happened to Curtis got her start there it's super slow nothing happened and I'm thing to say send me a classic, nothing I'm not even remotely you need to wash it and appreciate what it did just like citizen king of Citizen Kane bad movie that overrated is not a good movie the things that they did in their became such a big Hallmark of all movies it seems routine if you don't like Halloween what else do you like I'm kind of going through until later I'm scared of that store I am but I actually like horror movies and throws not have been going back and watching stuff but the 13th Have You Seen Her razor wanting to know I just haven't seen but I love watching cabin in the woods and it follows and and zombie movies in general I've never seen scream Andersen screen door piercing one two three four or five it was one of the characters in there was like a human behind a Michael Myers is just like not human evil text Dad I didn't understand like how is it going to come to me represent a death that movie freak me out so much when I was a kid that I just keep a trash can by my door so that it Michael Myers came in it would fall down tonight at least have a second to run out of the house when they came out and they were like oh the old it's not really good but as a kid I remember seeing that or at least seeing seems as all hell but then you go like this is not scary at all and it's cheesy bad gold member or what we are all we had like to build a contextualise it back in the day but now I think we have new skills and how things can be made to be suspenseful or thrilling like it comes at night is just like an hour and 45 minutes of suspension like it doesn't let go of you the entire movie I don't even know what it's about but it scared the shit out of me that's also something about that you don't scare me things in HD don't scare me like it like old shag carpet and like it's dark and there's a clown in the background that's terrifying to me like John Wayne Gacy House like I like I like modern zombie like a train to Busan that's a good zombie wanted so bad to John read that did not age well any movie like. Like rain any horror movie like favorite movie that when I still don't know what's going on at the end where is running through the hotel and she passes by room and there's a dude in a tuxedo and there's like a man dressed in a weird dog Pig outfit looking at like she is going to blow the guy you see that when your 10 years old and you don't understand that that really scars you emotionally for a very long time you emotionally when you were like younger like what movie is really like to find things for you I'm in aisle Beetlejuice gave me nightmares for years and like Ivy same nightmare every single time like I was running and Beetlejuice is like chasing me and I might wind up in the same place like I think my daycare and like I go and I got hide under the table and I'm like everybody don't tell him where I'm at and I go there and I'm just waiting and then like a minute later the there's like you know a tablecloth and it like comes up and then like you just staring you in the face when I wake up like every time I don't want to feel like a scary movie it's just at the comedy and in reality even if you didn't get the story The Wizard of Oz ending of terrifying Wizard of Oz and the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to everybody watching a live stream right now right does the original Halloween movie stock that's a very opinionated way of putting it at like does the movie suck like he was a dozen sex I would say it's just a I mean it sucks in the sense that it's a it's a poorly crafted film like the concept of calling you out Patrick at the fucking shit e-poll damn trying to do something nice thank you you guys who couldn't hear you said that's a pretty shity you watch that movie laugh out loud it's not good it's not good it's like makes no sense and it's shot terribly it's got the pacing of a warrior, because it burst everything every horror movie actor follow that Mark it was a low budget film genre and what people like the kids are still making fucking sequel to make a new one today McBride and Jamie Lee Curtis to go fuck yourself a great movie I would marry on The Wizard of Oz call puppy I mean small fluffy dog especially I think of like I don't think I've ever Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to is it that it wasn't Wizard of Oz that scares me it was The Wiz that scared me when they're in the subway and the wall that columns and the the trash can start chasing them and like eating them like I think even trash cans get Michael Jackson's arms instead of mail ID of teeth in the park in the pillars of the subway like separate and start chasing them that freaked me out of the kid that got me I love I love like I love the wit but that part I was scared that in there is there a member there being some images from The Return to Oz scary the Jim Henson hear the movie The Wiz level good child memory of those the return of Oz was a better movie than Halloween didn't say that you just you just did yesterday in Liberty podcast is brought to you by 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actually really nice I like to go in there and it doesn't require that much work there customize it enough where people can't tell that you used something like a base jump off Rock used it before yeah a lot of times it's great for career website like portfolio website design website Prime you just tell him go do some Christmas it's a nice kicker oh man so you guys were at ACL this last weekend right before I don't not anymore not anymore so what do you do if you don't have the energy and people say all you're wasting money so it's more convenient than getting a day today but I'll go Friday usually get real fucked-up I'll skip Saturday and then I'll go back on Sunday that's what I did this year just gotten to the point now where I've been going for 7 years since I moved here and this was probably the nicest time that I had like I had access to a nice Lounge in like anytime I wasn't watching the show I can go and sit in the shade and like you know how to free drinks and whatnot but oh my God it was just just too much too many people yeah I don't think I can do that this to me people you would have had a panic attack I followed the only person I really wanted to see was Jay-Z So I was heading towards this Friday night there's a security guard who was like beelining into the crowd and so I was drunk and like like I'm going to go with him and so I went with him and grabbed onto him and just told people as I was passing with I'm sorry I have to go with him if you got them to do not feel it and he wasn't even going the whole time he was just going there to meet a woman I could hit Jay-Z with a rock in that concert while in a minute this is a this is a good start to make a circle clear out she had people clear out and then he's like literally like go Mosh Pit I got caught in one which is a backpack on cuz she was going to get trampled she was like five one oh I didn't ask if I wanted to do you got asked by a good enough looking couple would you partake you've done it if he would say yes in a heartbeat earlier as soon as I saw that Kit Harington and Rose Leslie I want to be there pulled back that's that's that's the dream and just live with them they can give me a little room and they can do whatever they want and that's just that the truth voluntarily sign up to be there sex slave different and it's like I feel like you understand it's a long-term thing if it was just like I do you want to go do it right now I'll be I'll be like what's too much pressure yeah what if I just let go and buy the whole thing you come over and we'll take care of everything I mean I don't know you don't even have to like instigate anything you walk in there already naked they get you naked you just have to lay there and feel like I'm a straight man but if I went to go have sex with a couple and other stuff happens in the moment yeah I think I'd probably roll with it depending upon what it was and I like I might just roll with it what I'm trying to say is like if they do you know performing cunnilingus on me I be like whatever I close my eyes what are grits I guess not always the way she excuse me cuz I'm doing the cunnilingus and like what I'm saying is like if he was doing that to me I close my eyes it's not gay it's fine and so then it's cool I roll like a big huge beard and it's fine you don't hate your fucking offend anybody I said I wasn't going to I apologize in a fan people you for clarifying that dude in the same room nobody's going to know we're going to know we're going to know for sure I ask for pictures of you making out with the wife for this girl and then all the sudden you feel a little tickle on your little Tyler not your little Tyler is already there close the inspector time not seeing as long as I get to do stuff for the wife some fine cuz that's my bread and water hottest hottest most attractive person woman you've ever ever seen ever been with and she's like I just want to sit here and watch you to go out it your phrasing is the best thing in the world I don't know I think it be cool either way station do they have to be imagining those situations that there are kind of rules like a compulsive spur-of-the-moment thing I think you just kind of go with whatever but it's kind of like a set-up thing like hey you're going to come have fun with us I'm sure you talk about beforehand and here's the contract disclaimer for an emergency contact and how do you say anything goes wrong I put my mom that's what I put on every single one of them I can pick you up at your threesome we talking about the same polyposis Instagram account here in Austin that just has like random shit that goes on in town post something and it posted a notice I was just like a really shitty graphic with just text and was only out for like 2 minutes but it was a band crystal crystal Castle Crystal Castles like a secret concert and then our up and down and she's like oh my god freaky yeah like I explain freaky crystal Castle I mean they're like a Electro and I don't know how to explain their music but in the really really good but they're just like it's like if you're the band Korn and Slipknot Slipknot and Korn got together and then try to make like dancing music and I like your music a lot but like sweet we saw them live during ACL and I haven't looked over at my girlfriend I was like what the fuck are we watching like their performances weird DJ / producer in the new drummer and they all had like pantyhose like you know like black like stockings on their head and like different things cut out of them in like I hold when I could not tell if the is there used to be it was a girl like the producer of guy and a girl and then she left the band and so we couldn't tell if like it was turns out it was another girl that just replaced her but it was interesting shit yeah so I was like so into this band like when she was throwing up so she could have been you never heard of it and we need the address so we go to the address and it's in like a really random kind of industrial part of town is like not like you know where you would associate like music venues for Party City and there's no sign for venue it's just a very creepy dark furniture store and not like some glamorous new age for like this this looks like it's been here for like 60 years likes his warehouse and we're like this can't be right and we get out or like this just doesn't make any sense we kind of hear some music like I could be a DJ Rock and then we see like these grungy young people you were in the right place so we fall down we go and this is where the concerts going to be at and it's like $10 cover so we pay and we're waiting and then about 20 minutes later the guy comes up I guess he says the owner that the police came in like shut down the event so the concerts not going to happen and we can get half of our money back but everybody just needs to go in like I kind of weird instead of a bummer so we like you know we laughed and we go back to work are more like what if this is a fake out what if this is like the coolest thing ever and I guess is what young people do now that they have these guys like the shows and they they fake people out and they only want the hardcore people here so we're like we can't you know we can't lose this opportunity so we turn around we go back and everyone's gone but the organizers and you just looking at us like these two likes awkward human beings like what are you at we just told you like this thing is over Justin felt old and pathetic that sounds more like a really good way to get people to give you money not do a concert and just send them home by Frank Ocean was rumored to play this past off by and it was like Frank Ocean like this address this time at like 2 a.m. and there's people lined up at this completely empty building in like no one and no one like you can have half your money back but we even didn't ask for that cuz I felt awkward or weird was going to see what you should never throw away money but like if you've already paid sandbox maybe I want to be able to have the money back from her yet maybe I'd be I'd be too awkward and anxious I went to Whole Foods the other day and I don't normally go what's that weird tonight, take another stab that went to Whole Foods and a few groceries are there any chicken I ate chicken and I haven't gotten got meet at Whole Foods in like forever forever and I walked up to the counter and before I was even able to look at like what was available and prices and stuff the guy the butcher was like for you and I said any chicken I look down I was standing right in front of the organic chicken and it was like $16 a pound and but I was already there and I was like I need chicken I need that chicken and he's a cool how much do you need is like I'll take a pound and a half and I don't know how much that is I don't know how much a pound and a half of chicken is but I think that sounds about how much I can afford right now even though as soon as he asked me if I was standing in front of the board gantic chicken I saw really quickly to the right of me down there Chicken in of the bad chicken like slap on my social awkwardness didn't allow me cuz I was standing in front of organic you know truth chicken that I had to get that and so I he gave me my overly expensive chicken and I paid for it and I left and I think it was like two meals worth of tickets at least 20 bucks with the most unhealthy organic stuff over there like I just couldn't and so I had to just take my you know My Punishment and go home with it that's me that's me like that I can't I couldn't go to somebody like had like my money back you guys can put a concert on I would just once I wasn't paying attention and after I pay for my fast food I got my car back and I left and I forgot my food and I didn't get home I just got far enough out where someone took my place and I was like I can't go back I had to go back and say I forgot my food I just went home monetary loss that that is a $20 of chicken albeit not something I should be spending for like two meals of chicken considering how much food I eat is not the mic sustain but it's not somewhere like I really should get that money back or should not have done this but I guess somebody like you know I lost like I'm not good enough money I guess I get over it awkward Airline I think it was AirAsia they had a incident where the plane depressurized of the oxygen mask came in so the pilots had to data go to lower altitude cuz you know the plans to High people to like fly out of the plane if they lose like a the pressure seal so they start sending very rapidly and apparently the flight attendants I guess they did say everybody strap in you know or brace but they were like screaming their fucking heads off and let you know what's it like a 20000 foot 42 20 or 30 to 10 or something like that so by the end of the drop everything kind of like you just calm down and then like all of the passengers are just looking at the flight attendants who was just like screaming and like freaking the fuck out like most things but if your plans going down you know you have some time before impact when you're going to die a most part everything else like that what song are you listening to you can listen to one more song before you die probably really bad songs I have bad taste in music My Boo Free Fallin mom always makes me happy that you're finally anything I would have thought of that your final answer they see you're dying and got me listening to that all you want and what you waited for still selling song it's like what is their name Bowling For Soup Bowling for Soup no I'm good on that one cuz I don't think John I don't know all I can think is so hard I listen to mostly just Wayne T-Wayne. I listen to mostly just whiny singer-songwriter stuff and so it be something like that being sad like that or something from Ed Sheeran or something you don't know you're going to die though you have to make it super depressing you're not going to die though and I would you go along with the fucking hypothetical play in his face. It's a hypothetical game this is supposed to be fun and you're dragging it down yes and okay you are going to die theme song to Duck Tales that's what you would want to hear you want to you want to get stuck you want to give me a minute stuck in your head when you get hit by somebody what no right you're going to die so what does it matter you still don't want to get your balls hit when you don't want to get a song stuck in your head even though you're going to die I don't even know where to start to unpack what you do know I completely makes sense even though you're going to die doesn't mean you want something unpleasant to happen to you you saying DuckTales theme song I'm just not even one song the length of one song Give it like 3 to 4 minutes so don't like Stairway to Heaven how about that better or worse your song dude can a doctor prove it in somebody sitting in the balls I thought you were going out and I was thinking I would hope something coming like anyone would come on Free Falling like Let the Bodies Hit the foul bought it at the place I might be more into it if it was that I think it was wouldn't have seen it but they played Tom Petty's Free Falling on all the screens because it wasn't a concert at that time and they had skydivers come out and and Jello to it Saturday that's badass you're doing tricks and stuff super cool it was really nice people were literally Free Fallin that was perfect we have a question about hypothetical this is a question that the live-action guys have asked me on different shoes and stuff one of them is if you could have a business on the moon what would it be people need shoes text against The Rock Winchester I know don't think about it I'm trying I'm really mad and Brandon I'm trying to get there they can't bring infinite shoes with them to the Moon you got like two pairs of shoes Matt so where it how are you making these shoes I don't know I have a business I'm sure there's something for her so quick to that I would have a movie theater watching a movie on the moon like I drive in if you had to drive in you had like the you know the Earth in the background I was reviewed like that be cool cars to get in the car to watch your car you can't just walk in your bare feet stuff like maybe I can just play Rocket Man Disney's Rocket Man over and over again that's the only Room Shoes Watch Wallace and Gromit on the moon food and air and I don't know how does fucking have as anybody fucked in space you know that the International Space Station why the Russians I could see that like I could thing NASA having a hard time about everything matter of fact I might have a hard time because I feel like they have to log everything I feel like with the mirror they just threw guys in there and said all right fucking see you in two years you a hundred percent NASA wanting to know how zero gravity affects everything what are you even asked if someone would fuck at the very least they would have wanted to know what are the effects like for a scientific how do you judge what does the ejaculate different like I would think so but that's the one they hide they hide that one study didn't go over that when I went to visit the NASA Space Center when I was a kid we will talk about how to heal people of different genders it's the Russians for sure not that hundreds of other countries that have gone up just the Russians of fucked up there after I leave from the International Space what's the line I'm going to fit a lot of countries have contributed money to it how many yards oh I should have thought about it while you guys were mapping the seven countries about people like what we got Moon Shoes what's what's contributing to our economy economy what kind of food tacos tacos and pizza pizza or coffee, I like I like 16 countries 107 closer to the 1400 100 men what was the other you said there was multiple hypothetical figured out the truth actually has nothing to do it just to get you sound like a brain exercise of these are all Drew sapling questions but he's asked me for the next one is if you could shut out at the only thing you should out was chocolate chip cookies would you eat them just for parts to this question perfectly edible perfectly edible it looks like a cookie smells like a cookie taste like a cookie I know it came out of my ass know it came out of your ass it's no I don't need dessert because it's if there's just the opportunity to get other cookies is too easy otherwise why would I want that connotation in my like the best cookie like John's chip cookies or like you can't get any better than that. Mrs. Field Street none of those best cookie I've ever had in my life comes out of my ass cookies to make up for the fact that I don't I'm going to organ donor if I like just shit for other people they can you nope nope nope nope the the descriptive words is the best chocolate chip cookie ever I love chocolate chip cookies so much I don't think I could have a hypothetical let me finish yuck give me to some daddy's to that would you share them hundred percent sure I would sell them tell you to call them butt munchers firework my last name in there? I think you would all say no to this would you eat someone else's cookie oh yeah I said yes I would I would appreciate it like I would I wouldn't lie I told him where it came from and I would share it with everybody I'd be like he hears this chocolate chip cookie you try and eat at you say that's the best chocolate chip cookie I've ever had and I say oh I should it out would you eat another yeah I think you're pretty clean person that I don't want even touch so I wouldn't eat a cookie that came out of her ass and I text you okay you know you're right actually went out of all the people here on this should be the last one I mean I'm not trying to be rude and I were holding cookies in front of who do you take first you're my best friend stuff out of your butt for Brandon dude and I got a cookie into my mouth when I just dropped it out of her ass why we're best friends there I'm sorry I had that he would have to close his eyes cuz then it's not gay it's always good when talking about a people group I have a good day I mean I'm friends with you I don't know I'm playing on the people that say that they're the people that they like I have a black friends like yeah oh yeah but then I have I have a cool I heard that I made so you have cancer the only reason you noses go to the doctor and they tell you that you have cancer but you've always had cancer in the cancer does not affect you you are the cure for cancer in your body you know how to stabilize you will never die from it would you allow the government to perform experiments on your body potentially killing you to find the ultimate cure for cancer would you keep that to yourself and simply what about your life because I'm a selfish prick to save the planet from cancer or would you just save yourself I think yeah I think I'd have to let them experiment on me tell me there's any other choice there's a living with yourself but that known as affected by can somebody it'd be a lot easier to do thing is that knowing people living in this moment that could survive because something isn't me I just want to go a live without that it would help cancer for animals animals like cancer and I was like well that's my personal connection to use that but now I guess I still like people let the government taking away with my they wouldn't even if you think that you wouldn't understand just keep it to yourself in the knowledge that you could cure cancer I keep it it's mine I would like a nice highly trained to kill a like doctors and I hope everybody got your from cancer there be more people there was more people would be more people to starve or getting philosophical he could be something that greatly affected could make the World War II future cancer we do have an unfortunate population problem but I don't think that is something really funny you say that this weekend I was wondering if you guys can Star Trek Star Trek well actually actually three points I guess they don't have it in all the series in Star Trek next Generation everything called replicators and the replicators can microwaves but they have saved recipes and you can just activate any recipe like you said I want steak I want you know beef stew and you press the button and then you have beef stew so it's a device that all of a sudden cure world hunger the same time I think about how many jobs and how many people way of life I mean economies are so dependent on the 30th and they explained that in the in the Star Trek series that even Picard explains it comes from a time where they've gotten rid of even the need for money where everyone's needs are met that there's not even a there that the entire human race is towards is like is working towards the benefit of the entire human race this point I'm trying to say is if that was invented tomorrow in this world like what happened to all the farmers people in America are slowly dealing with medical advances words like self-driving cars are going to get rid of a lot of jobs doing that in the more we do all automation inside of warehouses and and and that kind of service that we're getting rid of their face wants to make Boutique shops in turn them into vending machine comparison of jobs if you make a moon shoes all day long, the children will send them over there so they can make those shoes on planet Earth probably have the technology though for sending people to the Moon that cars would be you're not putting those together hey just struck me that if you were able to actually create a factory on the moon that made me shoes an import of them back to Earth you could sell them for so much he would buy Moon Shoes other important that be quite attacked by a fact alone like the transportation cost on that it's really scary when you look and see how many jobs Justin even this country are based on just Transit and not even just service industry jobs which are also like you saying like big targets for automation yeah but like when you add up like just truckers taxi drivers like if it's it's scary to look at that and then think of what are people going to be doing for money yeah in like 10 years what do you do for money 10 years Brandon what are you doing right now for money till I get to crack is going to be like my entire thing you crack guy I think you would really come visit me know what you do right now I'll crack you are believe of what you could be doing in that office that's all closed up in the blinds are pulled the reason I put the blinds there is there was like a reporter here yeah and then your office looks like a reporter at the company and the videographer like went off and just went and got beer instead of like going up to people and asking them to record them I just saw this like news package on my TV with me at my computer really creeped out so I put a curtain up okay I have a new life goal and I think it's a pretty good at Anibal and a good life goal some point in my life I'm going to no stop it at some point in my life I want to have made physical contact with The Rock and that's just simply even if it's like a fist pump or a high-five or on the garden like that I want to get some before the end of my life come in physical contact with the rock and I think the first step and I've made a first step the first step is coming physical contact with someone who has come in physical contact with the rock cuz first you touch through through through Kevin Bacon but yeah I haven't gotten there yet we're making steps here okay but I want to touch the rock before I die do you have before you die that's your time line so ecc's just amazingly interesting right now I think it's just came out of the the wonderful was happening where how should you treat your woman is if imagine how you would treat the Rocks down for you and that made me start thinking about how much the rock is an awesome person I would like if I met him if you met him how hello mr. Dwayne the Rock. I'm at the the rapper Bun B A few years ago and classy like friends with the classmate of mine from school and he came by and he was like oh like you don't ask me to guys any other kind of came down the road and I was like hello mr. B it's like so nice to meet you and I was like that's not your name I think I realize I have my dream is Ewan McGregor I want to just be a best friend in and lifelong partner for forever but I realize that I have touch someone who is touching McGregor and that both is awesome and bothers me to Riot why has she touched and she used to do scuba and she's being at work at a school place and so she would help people with the scuba tanks and everything like that and you was a client she has she helped him in his wet food I don't know I don't know if I have touch someone who is touching and I decided that I want to touch the rock if she told you that she had sex with Ewan McGregor would you like to try to find out what that was like a hundred percent yeah I'd want like her to drop pictures I don't want okay I'm about it very very open and honest about everything I touch the right I mean if you like hit me with a chair like the coolest thing in the world even just like just that that would just be like cool like that's all so someday someday someday $500 a day I wish I had his body not don't want to look like that but I do want to eat his food like I'm I'm just tired by how much maintenance I'm sure it is for you to keep that up they would like Terry Crews I can't keep on any two or three in the afternoon are you around and not make a junk food Rite in candy bars in like that that many calories in like especially for going to like vegetables in chicken in that can or fish eat other fish salty dinner in a post-dinner big Hobbit to music that don't think that would be healthy be healthy I want is it just cuz you're just cuz you're married and and and all that doesn't mean you need to stop taking care of your body very healthy back sometimes it feels like the whole world is delicious and a billing calories versus boring and tasteless calories it doesn't have to be that way up your snack game with NatureBox NatureBox has over 100 snacks that taste good and are actually better for you all snacks are made from high-quality simple ingredients which means no artificial colors flavors or sweeteners so you can feel good about what you're eating my favorites are there apple cinnamon oatmeal and they're crunchy BBQ twists because they're delicious and they don't weigh me down you're sure to add your favorite snack Obsession at NatureBox bad Mucinex every month inspired by real customer feedback the latest food Trends and professional chef it's so simple just go to naturebox.com and shoes the snacks you want and it's a box will deliver them right to your door and there's no risk you ever try a snack you don't like don't eat it NatureBox will replace it for free right now NatureBox is offering Richie fan 50% off your order when you go to naturebox.com Rooster Teeth that's a naturebox.com 50% off your first order nature box.com / Rooster Teeth now they're really good that's like the easiest thing to go is like grabbing his money Sean everyone needs to think long and hard about what they eat so much boxes a good company that helps that out who's who's who's like your person to make that kind of a goal unrealistically like it would never happen Beyonce I think Beyonce's amazing I don't think I could probably up there as well as Chance the Rapper X and Chance the Rapper as an unattainable but actually it's Hannibal people I would literally nothing else in my life I would be nothing else were just children I can't think of actually attainable people you need the Rock's attainable for me that's nice do you say that I think will cuz I think of it like doesn't Greg Miller know him he has some kind of connection respond to Greg Miller send Greg Miller a video message to think at one point I don't think it's like super far Festival anyone else maybe you I think I think there's some potential that I'm trying to think of the people that I would actually have a chance to me Michelle Obama I would also die or Brock again unattainable. Michelle middle school but I think I think I could meet Obama kisses forehead or give him a hug and not say anything is leave never look back right look at who I want to touch yes yes I don't need a brand new touch so many lives with your dog Vader's at home he's a sweetheart he's like the sweetest dog in the world to have one of the best dogs with my pug we were African I better head over there had to clip penny so much for the bomb we went to a friend's house I just got this brand new house what you need this time and in the backyard they have like a big wooden deck and Penny and we look and she got the deck and she was like trying to like around that you can't like figure out how to how to get out cuz she was kind of like a stuck in between the two to board like she can understand like okay just kind of like beer yourself and you know and get out of there and I was thinking we're going to have to tear up this beautiful deck and have it paid yet replaced and be like super expensive and then I just kind of it's like a piffany I was like Paula I need ham go and they get some ham they come back out and give it to me and then I like you know it down and I show Penny in my penny look at have ham and then she goes like all the sudden super Rambo like Marine starts like like like like digging under the jurors like anyone like 2 seconds she's there and she get this like she had no idea what she was capable of scary man I would have thought I was good scared of dogs that are pork skins rattlesnakes hugs are a breed of dog literally created by a pain as they are there there everything everything about actually naturally surviving has just been bred out of there must be a fantastic example of survival Instinct what would she do shoot straight I was like well she would just run up to a human and look adorable in during the walking anymore I just pick her up and I carrier do you still work put her in that will harness probably the best thing to the best player at sport now you are horrible at it God damn he got helicopter Brandon flew in the air like this I don't even know how you did that it was amazing how many huge like a medicine ball so it was like really boring cuz nothing interesting happened so I think your balls in the air and I like when for it I collided with one of the base runners yeah they say it is a fucking dumbass way to get hurt yeah I getting damaged in kickball of the dumbass waiting to get her yeah I'll send out an email and I'll be like hey guys like softballs coming up what are we all play softball why don't we all try and do this morning like I'm in but nobody else nobody else I want to go see the Florida project alright you might want to look good in your underwear and be comfortable right but that perfect balance is hard to find don't sacrifice style or Comfort check out meundies.com and find the best pair of underwear in the world for the fellas meundies a diamond themed pouch cradles your jewels and gives your stuff the support it needs without feeling too tight ladies will love the soft eco-friendly fabric soft and touchable hundred percent that affection guarantee that guarantee you will love your undies or your money back right now me undies the next post of offer just for my listeners get 20% off your first pair with free shipping and meundies is so sure you'll love their underwear they even offered a hunch that satisfaction guarantee you order a pair and if you don't love the first pair you'll get a full refund to get your 20% off free shipping and their hundred percent satisfaction guarantee and get the best and stuff his underwear you will ever own go to meundies.com RoosterTeeth that's meundie. Com a limited-time offer what are you waiting for start wearing the best underwear of your life it changed our lives so it's time to let me undies change yours go to meundies.com Rooster Teeth right now I think we have some meundie on sat right you guys are wearing annoying are each other you can go first I don't know if I'm going to do all that alright I haven't gotten a date just to be confident and those are the worst neighborhood I'm moving into is like a bunch of Windows like everybody has Windows and they don't cover them like so we went to see the house and then I looked in the backyard and have no fences and then our neighbor was just walking around in his underwear just in the living room just like fucking like No Remorse like no cares in the world yeah and I'm just like I don't know what am I like I'm just like I felt I want to be able to do that but I can't like I have lots of time to walk around your own house in your underwear with all of like the windows open yet the body is not chairs are going to be like that thing is just not good you need to be looking at your beautiful walk around naked right now let's all just underwear and just be happy and he was well put together Mountain Galaxy manual when I saw like the the naked guy across the street like and it was just like a freak site when he was naked in the name of the episode The Shape my body my body makes you just not good your guy is pretty much my doctor referred me to a physical therapist cuz my butt's like concave my hip like you look at my hips and there's like nothing there but concave to go in so you have this is the view from the back exactly me it's not good not good doesn't look good answer it out of Duty I don't think I have an ass man that's like the one thing I wish I wish I had that Marquee ass but I can only Mikey you just throw rocks at you that way I can get that I do I work out all the time you know that I can't do anything to help my situation out so unfortunately sorry so very self-conscious about my butt about with confidence always walk that too she like it's got a purpose alright don't be ashamed of who you are but like I am self-conscious cool Instagram account people on vacation with Abby right now I know that there's two podcast such a beautiful one beautiful mind Russell Crowe Klein not I know these are not nice thing I know Instagram Instagram Instagram Instagram little bit more generous than I am that makes me feel all of that go to Instagram and it's just people's butt butt like butts on vacation and he like just like yeah it's like people singing another page for like weird stuff that is so relaxing like it's like you're going to the ocean or going like the beach and then your butt just out like I never thought I would ever go to a nude beach let alone be like getting naked on a nude beach with somebody at the time she can fuck off to never-never land fucking hate her voice and we were laid out and there's a younger couple necklace the most part it was a bunch of old dudes kind of you know with their dicks out in whatever that's par for the course for Less in San Diego I think it's unlike La Jolla not too familiar with that area but I was like it's beautiful just like when I did it I never want to go to a beach like not naked again really sucks so unbelievable it's so liberating and like you know I'm not dropping trou down there I am swinging some Ron Jeremy down there but it was like it's very freeing to do it was nothing like this because I feel like it would take me a long time in Austin there's one in in West Austin in the lake area of there go there and see if we have a new displays but I think I talked about that was right once and she was she was so why does it why don't more people you know I wish people take full advantage of the law what I'm just thinking about topless cities in Austin that's all we talked about Libras make you sleepy want to go to Austin boobs are the best pillows you really are just made it I'm not trying to be I'm just saying it's it is like a comforting nobody made that connection little body would have met your mother and I think about your mom are you thinking about anything about your mommy Jack Jack they are there like the nicest thing I don't even want to sleep with people man you know I just want to like sleeping it's like the best thing about having a girlfriend or boyfriend. The sex I could care less about the sex it's almost like just like a checklist thing like let's get it out of the way whatever more about can we just like to take a nap together forever cuz like that shit's awesome shity thing like guys never get to be little spoon you're nice but I'm not my type rigatoni that wouldn't even wouldn't even do things to you you guys are all of your sexual tension when you're on camera cuz you can actually do it like all other time I can do it and I were to do it you're hanging out in real life yeah there's so many things I want to say but no one's recording us instead of what you're saying that sex is great but it is like it is very momentary thing and that like I'm all about like it's like kissing and making out of the hands down the best thing sleeping thing I like my sleeping space I always sleep worse when I sleep with all the same way to get me and the dogs it's too far away from her every single night yeah like that's ridiculous come on 510 minute I had I had I had I had a girlfriend that I had one of my of the highlights of my life was I think it was like it was with me during like South buy her something during a Saturday afternoon Great British Bake Off is on the TV she's lying on me and she fell asleep on me what Great Bridge because honestly the best thing while it's a good birthday dear John nobody has any idea what it was saying when I say that but it's a good show I watch this show on Food Network the other day I called Baker or faker one of the Food Network very good show where four people compete two of them are Bakers and two of them are fakers so that they're there people who bake but they're not professional I have like three or four rounds in each ground to get eliminated and ran out like oh I'm an actual Baker the guy who won the one that I just watched was actually a talent agent in New York state, how do you have time to break out the entire premise of the Great British Bake Off everybody's amateur Baker that doesn't do it for a living and has full-time jobs otherwise but have like an love of the the craft and therefore are good enough to even like someone get jobs afterwards of like doing baking fantastic Avenue hidden talents I think I don't know of anything that I haven't shared art when you're done Muriel that's my stupid little town I'll do it how many spots 33303 of anything I can't think of anything that we can do in Mike no I didn't know if I'm going to break your goddamn computer I'm going to shut the problem I already know you didn't make it look really easy look look if it was juggle three balls I can juggle three balls of anything I think you did actually just say that I was wrong it was very very wrong things are so hard nana nana nana nana nana nana wow what are the ketogenic juggling the basic what do you start some just learning the the pattern of the Cascade is like one going over the other in the same pattern over and over again just getting that and there's just muscle memory at that point that's all cuz it's everything everything is going there's two circles basically happening just over and over again and that's all it is with three balls used to do musical theatre lot more when I was younger and there was a production of Barnum happening in fact my dad was directing it and I was too young the production but everybody the production had to learn how to juggle just cuz there's a big part of it and so I decided to learn and I got really good at it and for some reason kept going to play something by the only way people know if you're real if you have pictures what song can I learn to play that will soothe Tyler Stacy's mom right I don't want to food Brandon play some Enya for him that's yours what's Tyler's what's what's yours but the music never said mine what's the music that will get you to go to bed with me with an N I never thought about that before I will say for anybody out there man woman or other or there's a lot gets everybody lady everyone lady I know some Frank Sinatra Fly Me to the Moon alright no much sexual tension and I can't I can't tell if it's just for fun or if there is really something going on here doesn't bother me I'm just like my father doesn't I'm just dumb just like I wanted to tell you jealous do you want me to be more so I'm not really been waiting on you to hit on you say I'm not going to you know he doesn't like I want stop it okay I'll remember that next time I'll try to focus on you more are you at all not at all when I was in the plane on the way to Vegas and I got really bumpy as rising I should probably more scared right now and I'm probably love it too comfortable I'll try my best to have some point yeah I think she's just right now is like people just have drones and they start flying them in like flight path all that be a good service it sucks drop a bomb then run to a plane drone like it's in the way of a planer like the engine like a huge issue for a plane and I think like imagine it's a big problem is but she was smaller planes planes before and those are those are very small especially the pennant like someone can get pretty tiny act two person playing for even one person playing around hitting that would probably especially the propeller part would not be a good thing I took out ground of the bomb into a football stadium in line for flying I mean to be a big plane and if the engine is fire in there but they take for your footage did you see the footage of the Drone following the mailman through the bird houses Redding California it was like both beautiful and depressing as as any I've ever seen where there was this guy who was taking a drone through some of the burn neighborhood and there was a mail man who was like still going to the neighborhood and dropping things off at the addresses and it was like there's nothing else in sight all the houses were literally just Cinders on the ground there's no structures at all and it was just this this drone just wonderfully like Smooth footage of this mail truck going to the neighborhood there it is oh my gosh Moore's own yeah it looks like something out of a movie almost but this is like this is a bad neighborhood in California with almost looks like he's Wally is like still doing his job even though Everything feels very like I Am Legend at your email still comes they still got to go and put the mail somewhere so they need to fire up the business if the mailbox is there yeah yeah I mean it's like you things are getting too cheap and too many people are getting out for people to like keep up and it's funny cuz like airports around the world are having to deal with this problem you shut down the airport couple lot of money in an hour and Dubai being to buy basically got like build a drone in order to find these little drones anything konstam and like identifies them so they can find the person who's transmitting to it and I think there's a country in Europe I think it might be I think the Dutch they don't have a drone they've trained Eagle to hunt I've seen that drone I think I am out of the air and just like you think them like like brutally yank them away from you know that the airport next plane back labor force weather in danger there can't like get an endangered like a bald eagle I'm asking did you did you bring this drone stuff because you had a bad experience or something yo burning of the library does have a drone don't know if you knew that John I did it did know Bernie had a drone I think he used some time for a show well thank you guys for coming hey Jen it's just it's there it is there and we need to figure this out we need a way to get it alright I think you two are wonderful sponsors and oh I guess we still need to record a thingy I will deal with the sexual tension the post show