#463 - Gavin Karate Chops His Bum

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and special guest Tim Gettys as they discuss credit cards, dumb products, talking on the phone, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on October 23, 2017, sponsored by Bombas (http://bit.ly/2jaRTDC), Dollar Shave Club (http://bit.ly/2xMcCUD), Maltesers (http://bit.ly/2rxjbDQ), MeUndies (http://bit.ly/2yurK8H)

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Tim Gettys


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to receive podcast this week brought to you by maltesers bombas Dollar Shave Club and meundie record I'm Gavin and Barbara no visual picture don't worry we can never forget you Barbara the three of us just came back from our text London yeah I was invited but I feel like we like how far away can we have in our checks and keep Tim but I did on the way back I may have done the dumbest thing I've ever done in my life by United but whenever it's a long flight take my wallet out of my back pocket on my wallet my backpack and connecting connecting through Houston on the way back I got went to the bar by drink and open up my wallet to pay for the drink and my car was gone and I was like I gotta look at my wallet in a few hours last time I seen it was in London I bought something at the airport they like I threw it in my bag and got on the plane and a mother fucker I left my credit card in the in the terminal at London my backup credit card to die like call the bank or through the whole thing taste like 10 minutes so I could happen like I lost my credit card after lunch we need you to verify like a million transactions I guess all of us are fine no fraud know they okay well your cards been cancelled or send you a new one. Great hung up the phone on my credit card fell out of my bag I looked in my bag at work right now spending like $0.08 on your card they give it back to you give the money to you know it's like they always they look back at in the hat pins in this country you wouldn't be so scared to can split in two seconds after we should do away with signatures on credit cards by April of 2018 80% of transactions require signature at this point it's like really get the point of the chip in the American credit card cuz you don't have a pen here the still a magnetic strip on the same card as credit card to the chip you can't do that you have to use why the fuck does it have to say I guess it's the machines that don't have a chip reader maybe like gas station pumps is the one thing I can think of where you still like to have to swipe because I always wear my credit card got stolen in California before you call them up and they're like hey did you order the Jordan from Amazon with me if you want to go back from the gas station I had my credit card locked because I went to a gas station and I was like what gas got to take got the the pump put in my car squeezed it and no gas came out there's no gas in this place that's weird I put it back on drove to the next pump for my card and it was declined and yeah we saw a $0 transaction at that gas station on your credit card send you a new one people do when they steal cracker information they like test it with a very low transaction to see if it's actually working or not so it would come on ya call history with it it sucks it's like a lot of upset me the most about Kathy my car man it's like so many things on autopay and I guess. I just lost it I left in a restaurant I know where I was but I left the state that it was in something having went to counseling I realize I had these two pre-orders on that card that I would lose if I cancel the Cardinals like a limited amount of pre-orders they accept it so I just left it just left it there for a month until I got this thing delivered then I cancel it I had when I was at Pax West few months ago I had a meeting with a guy know if they're like a diner and we met at the at the Sheraton Hotel bar and had a few drinks and he was driving out of town have to go look through something as I go right by the sign for the drinks and took off and then he left cuz I got to go and I looked at the credit card bill that I friended sign and you left his credit card in it was like oh shit I tried calling him and he didn't answer he like bucket drinks on me so I just texted him and I was like hey you left your credit card here I'm going to leave it at the front desk for you so I went to that starred in the front desk as I take my friend to Boston drinks at the bar he took off is going out of town like you live here he works here but just called blocks away but he's not going to be back for 2 days cuz he had to go out of town for something that can I leave my kids credit card here and then you just come and get it the one was like oh I don't know let me talk to my manager and then I was like okay then Lexi goes in the back room and talk to her manager and it comes back out like this piece of paper and then she's like yeah we can hold on to it whenever your friend comes by tell him what to say this password is like a six-digit long number and we'll retrieve his credit card for him I don't like that sounds like I'm happy that that's their is very unnecessary joint credit card stuff if you wanted to buy something really expensive why can't you just like buy it and then call and say like my credit card was stolen and that is why I commit fraud can I stab someone totally do that there was one time when I ordered like some pretty big products from Amazon and then they came but they never were delivered to my house for some reason it was delivered somewhere else and I called and complained to send me another one and then eventually like 3 days later the first one showed up and I was like great now I have two of these but I was thinking about I was like yeah it would be very simple to just said you kept both won't give you want me to return it like no more hassle than it's worth I'm like I don't know what it was but it was necessary but it's happened to me before too and it's crazy me there that's the response like that you just keep it till you make it too easy for the coffee maker if you did do that delivery that would be alright one time one time I ordered a bottle of shampoo from Amazon and it showed up in a big box and I opened it and it was like a crate of shampoo the same barcode on the outside of the box is on the individual unit instead of one is really don't know what to do with all of this it's been going crazy with the Amazon with that like there was speculation about their second headquarters and we're going to be I was looking it up but I guess that the deadline for cities to submit proposals to Amazon ended this past Thursday so I looked it up and apparently or is it 238 City submitted proposals Amazon I'm sure they have money man they said that they wanted a metro area of at least a million people there not 238 cities in the United States at least a million people got to try no I think there's only like 20 Boston Proper things that about a million but he can't like the Greater Austin Round Rock 2 million people want it because they want those jobs in that right like $50,000 even though put all the local businesses out of business delivery the probably shop that would ease my Head Quarters it's not know Warehouse right headquarters corporate stuff but I saw people are going crazy I keep seeing like speculation at Austin's high on the list but I can't imagine that we would ever get that thing with it and this is why I don't know how interesting this is but there's a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff for Amazon looking to get into video game really heavy but they have twitch on that but in terms of development Studio yes but that like I've heard rumors been buying like a bigger group like I'm not Ubisoft but something like a Ubisoft where they can just kind of come in and then on that hole vertical which I don't know Audible yeah like all the other smaller companies making cost I imagine every tech companies make you try to make a self-driving car at this point one of them going to get it in the rest of Apple or Windows that's not even a question speed limit anymore Amazon Whole Foods do not use it all the time is terrible that we can Amazon grocery store that was opening up a retail store there isn't Seattle Amazon store in Seattle New York Manhattan walking by some type of card and then you just pick up whatever you want walk out in the 90s I think it was like I do things like an AT&T commercial I like some kids future you won't have to stop at the cash registers but you still need a receipt those weird prophetic the fax machine on the beach like the voice thing was Ivory watch Blade Runner the Final Cut like before I thought 2049 add you see him at one point do a video call when he goes to a payphone to do a video call yabby idea of that is like almost guys almost done with publicly ridiculous 2001 A Space Odyssey going to get to the space station it's like the phone booth give me a call on the phone at least once in a while you're on the phone with that being on the phone that I can imagine what they're doing over there but I talk to me too I just feel like there's no time I would both ready to talk on the phone I'll be busy when we talk on the phone when you first were dating when you lived in different cities it after then I guess that's for me I was in a long-distance relationship for a while that was a lot of phone calls and then I guess I'm stuck with me chill time I told someone let me in the United States in the celebrate when we play a game of marble run with the malteser to see when get there malteser in the bucket the fastest going to be there so go and check out and in the meanwhile Tim and I are going to try to race a couple of maltesers I've been practicing all day for this when we get to play if you want it's the maltesers I walked in that people thought the future was going to look like I can get you to find the one that has the right right shape this one's a winner what how did how do you win do we test this before seeds oh yeah yeah suck it can you go when your brother Steven Catcher in your gullet to make sure it's not rigged or did it you'll fuck me maybe you're just not good at maltesers Gus get out of here I don't want to see that anymore my disappointment movie the new one yes I did I really like that movie I can't imagine recommend you that movie. It's hard you need to know them I need to like make sure that they know what they're getting into it and it is a way better experience definitely like it's like this long investigation yeah. What's going on that you are not like some stuff that you expect to happen early in the movie doesn't happen until really late in the moving you like holy fuck I've been in the theatre two hours and female cat to the bad one was really good she was mean what's the name in the original two and a half hours I think one of the best movie sequels of all time but you need to know you're going in for cuz it's like it is it's very syrebral yeah I know I feel really good job of explaining the plot for what it was but it also having a lot to think about hey that is good that is Tim Getty are you still coming out cuz I got to switch hell yeah we talked about on the podcast on the Monday before we're going RTX and during the podcast I looked it up on Amazon and it's like oh you can get 2 day shipping on this and it's like a little get here by Wednesday which is the day leave that's okay my flights not till 6 p.m. chances are it'll come before that right had to leave for the airport at like 4 still wasn't here I got a notification on my phone that it arrives at 4:30 horrible trying to read for fun cuz I never did that in high school to write a book in high school because there was a lot of like book reports I had to do a reading for school and so it took all the enjoyment everything out of it for have you read it no you like the movie you should read it quite quite different for you but I can't even do it I'm like I can't turn this thing on it'll take over my life cuz I'm not feeling creative so I just decided this weekend to do nothing this weekend I'm talking about. You do nothing but yet still a flaked on us for drinks on Sunday night Big Fat Tony just lied to then I'm going to go to that and then my phone died on the way so I can even tell you I wasn't going to I didn't know I didn't realize you have to make the most of every single hour we can spend together in terms of the entire time flying to and from our checks London yeah I got played out soon or text was it fun what kind of how long do they expect it to take to be that gave her know there's a lot cuz I just downloaded that too I mean to complete the main quest is 20 to 30 hours but then to do everything that they could take a long time to eat so much korok seeds Mario and I had about 500 something moons to get the future the lamest complaint about Target Valley on the switches earlier but who is this real fast on Twitter Daniel Orbison at be tornado said that it's Sylvia hoeks plays the female role in Blade Runner other movies so I don't know about stardew Valley on the switch earlier I think it might have been an article polygon remember someone was complaining that when you play stardew Valley on the switch you don't play at the same as you do on PC or Xbox because my PC and Xbox you'd like to save your game I go to sleep at night and I switch you can just like his ass pair button stopped in the middle of an activity so you don't have like the same Rhythm to your gameplay if you do on those other platforms that really bothers you I don't know about you on multiple platforms and invested on their farm so it's like they noticed these little changes look in your laptop to your desktop look at your own tree in the middle Isaac then or what I don't know actually telling me that he's kind of like a very Sims as to where he's just kind of like relax and play it and she was telling me that game but I was like that's what I look for in game something I could just kind of turn my brain off and play I hate festivals I have a plan for my next day or so I'm going to get with a shit done as like not at the end of the festival just thinking book 4 episode of an anime rear washer to like a lot of things happen and then a Chick-fil-A on a Sunday Talking Pierre which everyone tweeted at me every time they would encounter her I was very proud moment Direct in 2 days that's going to be a game-changer for what's your Animal Crossing game everyone plays Crossing is going to continue to be one of the best way to millions of people are already selling out of all the switches so they're like we're good we don't need to give the people what they want yet I agree with that but what to do not agree with it even ask me for my opinion on the new Xbox dashboard update cuz everyone hates it gets better I think it's better than the last one to everything only issue with it where to buy just one more step to get into every menu you need to get the problem I have I can I can I can back it up here it it doesn't show as many of my pin right away so I have to go to like a pin tab that's why I said it doesn't matter I'm short like you talk for just want to see the rest of your pants yet to go to like a pins menu for that fucking disgusting I don't know what drugs the person who did that to complain about the interface it is the most important for the Playstation 3 the cross media bar or Ip Man complains when they change it but then you get used to it and then you're like oh I love this thing but that's just how it works comes out and they had more features and how every app Uber now you can get food from it is everything always needed really isn't wanted me to text you on the beach when you load up your Xbox you can do you can use the bumper tabs the top just have like my page button to a different area because people are stupid. The gamer thing to say he goes to the store she like that make it much faster about people use these systems as media device to make its first possible to play a game I thought that you kind of have to go down to your pins and go into your PIN I got find a cup so annoyed I was trying to watch a movie trailer on YouTube on my Xbox other day right I got to go to the something launch YouTube it like sat there forever just like maybe I might be 5 or 6 and I just sit there like this penny has like it won't even open so I just switch input to my Apple TV and I talk to my remote play me the back black panther trailer exactly what I want it's all that interface I'm not saying Apple Krate about that either one of the big Reasons I'm sticking with apple in terms of iPhones and stuff like that and everything in their system is because their interfaces are so clean and easy understand about what they put a lot of time and speaking of which I want to talk about trying to get are podcasts on Spotify before I get to that who is this on Twitter the great fusilli at Tokay tactics ask I wonder who the Tupac a screw to use it to Marion stardew Valley stores Pierre Pierre Pierre Pierre the sitcom break up marriages and everything like that and then you can you have to find presents to give to the different villagers are the different like Resident Evil Man without Facebook what is the point of view raceline used to make slimes in a day makes Lionel Bulls & pulls a slime come out you can compressed into eggs and rice lime and I did it and I was like I don't know why it what was the point but there's so much to that game that I played quite a bit that I still don't realize like I said that came out in this which I was reading like a beginner's guide to see now it was different and it was like don't forget to check the weather on TV everyday I think you can check the weather on TV I have no idea I was like I was like an idiot everyday like it's raining today that you can flavor your honey by putting a flower in there to be no talk this weekend I was in the Uber recently with Dan and I was describing him to get him into it and when we were talking about I want to play a game called at slime hutches are garbage you can just go into the mine and my slime is an RPG where you instead of battling you play golf against people from the Game Boy Color it's kind of like pledging monsters in battling with the people you stop against their like I'm the best call Title breakout hit I think I put 17 hours a night game before I finished it so much now that I actually have a switch on the invite came out in the switch that we would all of us were playing every night every night miles is tremendous of course I'm Michael's pretty good I went pretty good too really good what would you say about Michael's RT Podcast on Spotify so people are always asking like can we can you put the receipt podcast Spotify when I get Spotify slept fine I'm going to look into this so somebody tweeted me so I replied adding Spotify so I like I would love to get all of the receipt podcasts on Spotify how do we do this so then Spotify send an email to this e-mail address to send an email to that address but I do the reply back oh no you don't want to contact if you want to contact this other email address okay I'll talk to you email address like one Spotify what I do you like these other people give it up I'm going to talk to him like why would I do that, okay just click on this link and click on the link it like it's just the Google for what's your stardew Valley decide quick confirmation for the fortify I want to know unless you use lives in as your back and I don't think you're going to get on what are you doing today will you SoundCloud and they do it every week to reply at once I don't know what to do I don't know I just don't understand what they're thinking I wonder how many people actually listen to podcasts on Spotify another one for that all 11 and then we gotta keep going to where people are listening to a casket fucking bullshit garbage doesn't work it's been broken I think that's like iOS 7 and now everything's like now stuff was aligned with Hardware it was too clean-looking and podcast in the iPod we're all iPod Alton ominous and then now we're at the point where the podcast for just such an afterthought to them nuts that's the same as a movie for the new video Super Bowl and then update Final Cut barber vlogs you still make that yes I didn't do it the one last month because I didn't feel anything exciting so it would have been like 3 minutes log out of trouble I was also selling blood test online so it's like they care only release anything from that but I've a lot for this month lot of trouble heartaches London Roman Comic-Con like all that shit so is a lot so many people decide to go to Italy together but the banks closed for some reason to try rum what are you guys feel like coming fun thing special do you feel like extra love to there because it's your people like from your your pre America days go out and see you not tell anyone I was but I didn't realize to how you've given me a very bad perception of British people what am I done see this so bad but you know I really wish you were on this phone and then act like comes up the interest I justify all the time I find that to be hilarious. Thank you for everything that's cute we did and I was quizzing Gavin about putting milk in tea cuz I never done it before and thought you haven't got right side flying out I stopped at Heathrow and I tweeted you having a photo and I learned British people never do that because every other British person criticize the way you put milk in your tea it was a big debate about how much yeah I know it's a tea bag in Warren let it sit for a bit put the milk in and that point you can if you put too much milk can just give the tea bag of a devil I go get Morty up in there and put the tea bag was still in that photo I tweeted to you could use more tears looks like a slightly pissy War actually it looks like you just dump the bag in and immediately take the photo doesn't look like a cup of tea that was good doesn't make any sense to me don't say that out loud people be mad I don't put any milk I feel like I've ever tasted flavor of the tea better without anything in it even shocked official either so pure person just like it's pretty much like and every other country ordering a black coffee is never the same as it is in America when I'm with you guys but I was very confused give me a Trenta iced coffee black no sweetener immediately ice cream is vanilla ice cream and coffee a very small Frappuccino kinda like what we have this cold like ice and Italy you have to order an Americano essentially if you want like a Black Coffee espresso yeah what is the bad thing cuz the everything there is delicious but I got you Gavin before I went to Italy I was like what are some Italian words film greatest thing right here how often do you think about your socks you like how I used to be probably not much but I really discovered socks that change the way I think about socks forever they're called bombas Socks in the history of feet they're perfect for any occasion and come in all sorts of styles and colors cotton stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer and every pair comes with a built-in blister tab Innovative technology with so many colors patterns lakes in Styles great in the gym at the office out on the town mom's or what feet daydream about and for every purchase you make bomb ass donate a pair to someone in need keep cool keep comfortable and keep contributing with the best song in the history of feet bomba buy one pair or four at bomba stock, Russia today and get 20% of your first purchase that's bombas.com for 20% off bomba Stockholm / Rooster Teeth go get some socks put them on a comfortable is that the cat race build it beautiful I love hearing Greg do Ed Reed makes everything sound so much better about what he's actually talking about and then it sounds like we need to redo that because you're not even talking about the product 5 minutes north of shoes does Shoe Show that way he just has to throw the tagline just randomly out at that point and then they've got like 45 minutes and I saw maybe we can decide if this is like the smartest or the dumbest idea for a company ever I don't know the name of it right now but if this company in Russia where they have a private jet that you can rent to take Instagram photos in you don't fly anywhere in this plane you just go in it and it set up as a photo studio so you can take social media photos of you in a private jet and then post them online shut it down that's it the race is done early you can you can it's a Gulfstream G650 and you can I just saw the price or was it it was you get 2 hours of photos for $243 or video for $434 what's the number to Affordable even do like your hair is like the video I break the illusion of running by the window and it felt like some examples like walk up to it and it's so dumb I think I wish I wish I wish I had had that idea how to make a lot of money off of a broken jet don't have to fucking fly still has to cost a lot of money right be there right now it's an issue with having a jet in your backyard hundred but went to fire Festival hundred bucks different experience this is the look like you're having a great but how big is it for this to be a business where is the closest Russia Russia in like flying in a private jet was isn't that like a mean that people do like the Bow Wow experience or something was like where people fake these like very extravagant luxurious experiences tweeted or hue instagrammed a photo of like a private jets and I'm flying to New York today and thought I saw him on his flight will flight number for it but if it's just weird to like put that image out there, like Mike the hit movie Normal I was in that what was the cook about the business with me let's buy a jet we do you do like some kind of space thing like a space tourism thing at me fun we just heading up to space I think I think I think it's Mark I love it it's terrible but I want to take people's money yeah I know I mean there's definitely there is if there's a business there because there's the cycle of there's the two people that are making money with their sat Jack that people can come through then there's the people paying the money to be there they're making money for the Post because they're sponsored by whatever the hell hashtag influence through since I got a lot of people making money off of a very dumb idea I want to run over to Barbara still not I'm still don't get it I mean if you can afford to spend 200 bucks to take a picture on a private jet shoulder you can just take a picture on private jet bling about that kind of money take one picture photo shoot like numerous pictures and then you can pick like the best one when they come by with a car in the offer you sodas like how much does it cost to Clump together in rent a private jet flight that you got ahead of down for some like Cara Delevingne if someone was like today save me a trip and West I can afford to become a private jet member of this play who is it who's doing that I'm looking at private membership are you know what to look up flexjet lexjet Elizabeth for like leasing for flexing on Instagram look better when she doesn't just buy a private jet with how much they traveled all these conventions New York to LA to New York is $38,000 London back to LA so hundred sixty thousand dollars thank you Patrick Gulfstream G650 which is the plane that these people are taking photos on starting produced in 2008 First Flight in 2009 the unit cost depending on which one you buy is either 66 or 68 million dollars jetsmart I was out of everything that she was advertising cover the cost of fuel maintenance Pilots no I don't think so cuz I can't imagine that life is like an extra level of rich people that we know kind of like kind of know Elijah Wood and he's on the private jet life where's the life only person I know is a baseball player Hunter Pence I don't do my friend and he has his own private jet Denise explain the story I don't like this sounds like just unnecessary this service you were talking about I looked it up you can do a custom shuttle from Austin to La for $8,000 a share Charter for $10,000 or private Charter for $18,000 for the differences between I understand that you just get on with other people so she actually like plan the route yourself is 18 Grand right on that see details it does not say my nephew crime enough people into that I can see that becoming an option still at me while I was like six hundred and one way that Keith signing up for me to find where you already thought about that written by Brian question why is the flight to London so much shorter than the flight back from London to our even in the u.s. like flying from LA to Austin is faster than flying back in that direction this is like that it's not that long of a flight cuz I know it's from the east coast to San Francisco like New York to us after they an extra hour and a half 20 minutes maybe like around it down if you like whatever pilot is going to get you there early like you will get you there 20 minutes early and I'm like oh there's no gate you surprised usually obviously you always going to be there the same time you never going to be out Circle so busy in the morning because of all these international flights running the same time that you don't even land and wait you just have to just relax of London what did you see what happened on the way to London and Ecommerce took his picture of the flight pattern and it made the shape of a dick and then kicked around and not the pilot has to have done that intentionally holding pattern is the balls they have to go out to the east side right now complete the job you always do that like I've never going back home but not done a couple of hours in the car before before putting it down but every airport has like a weird thing like that like when you fly to Sydney you're also never early there cuz the China actually in Sydney but the airport is the curfew for planes aren't allowed to land before a certain time so you can never get there early like if you if you're early like you say slow down during the trip so that they don't have to Circle A don't wait every airport has like a weird stuff they just act like they don't know like Elvis lie you like and I will get you there early all the Clapping mama oh man I thought I saw the most stupid lawsuit ever man is suing Sunwing Airline when I guess Sunwing Airline had advertised as champagne service on their flight where you had like a free checked bag free glass of champagne a bunch of stuff but he's suing them because it wasn't actually champagne that you get on the flight is sparkling wine it was from Champaign that was not from Champagne in France it was from somewhere else so you started a a class action lawsuit and 1600 people have joined this lawsuit my math is miserable if you with your life to be like I'm going to sue Champaign Illinois the Pepsi of wine I'm starting to know one I told you I don't like Chardonnay has that. I don't know any of the things but I know I don't like this and it's bad that I've never met someone that is a Chardonnay Enthusiast I know people that are big on the south block but I do know I do know that Chardonnay is no one guy over here Pepsi 200 hey hey you better not tell anyone like Pepsi Diet Coke consumption play have a heart attack Sunday from holiday cookie drinks affect your belly fat that's what it pertains to I don't know why you say that like well yeah that was born in my God Heather me a hundred this thing Club ship The Amazing Racist for a few bucks I've been a member for a while I love my shave what you might not know however is that Dollar Shave Club offers products for pretty much everything else needed in the Bathroom Body Wash shampoo hair gel lip balm everything just like the razor's everything super high-quality left me looking good and feeling amazing from ingredients to sophisticated sense Dollar Shave Club is changing the game I feel like me and sick of this nonsense at the store now is the time to try out Dollar Shave Club basically giving it to new members from the five bucks and three trial size versions of the most popular products to help you stay fresh and clean in your first box to receive their shea butter body wash and one wipe Charlies butt wipes also get their executive razor which includes their premium way to handle and a full cassette of cartridges after the first box replacement cartridges set for only a few bucks a month this offer is exclusively available at dollarshaveclub.com rooster teeth.com Dollar Shave Club high-quality product will have you covered from face to butt cheeks there's no better time to try the club that's the guest leave me clean I messed up I came here and I didn't use it I got that neck piercing week we can see you know you called me they want me one time that my hair on the show watch it was like my heart to get ready everyone doing nasty 35 minutes to showering and then figure out what I'm wearing a smile that can be that day and then I look forward to the most kind of funny live is to see what you're going to wear I appreciate that a lot of thought into that little trim every morning every Bush going on so I do not little trim trim Tuesday I'm going to be on camera that day I'm feeling something just that way if we have to refill them for like continuity like I know today I feel like that's not true because of the time that it wasn't doing that thing like there was there was a time when I didn't used to do that and I shave my beard off we have to do pick up some at one short we feel together and then I showed up without a beer nothing I had a beer with this day to take mascara and paint a beard on my God I said I want to see if you had to post it notes no mixed messages and are you show me all the Post-it notes like you said your beard and a lot of different shorts I like the short about your beard yeah where it went away just responded about the worst was having my eyebrows covered up steel Timothy and try to convince me for a little while to shave my eyebrows month without eyebrows without all the time if I decide to ride my power for my eyebrows too much extra large million dollars that was actually a thing in the Bay Area I don't know if it was up your outfit in high school a lot of girls would shave their eyebrows off entirely on and off on the 19th maybe my grandmother would shave her eyebrows and then draw them on with make up every morning would you like to shave their eyebrows people are still cool you know weekly eyebrows explain this to me why it happened how much for you to get rid of both eyebrows I think I looked it up I think there's like six months for them to grow back I'll do it for private jet I don't know I'd have to really think about that I would ask her where to go to my money but Sherry will fuel pump relay for life you what though what we do. I trust in our community plan one point too so much of my life and career really wouldn't baby such a pain in the ass step Barbie all right. Come down yeah if it would have to be like double the call but yeah I know I'm think I wouldn't I would definitely not do that so I saw may be one of the dumbest product I've ever seen in my life I was actually earlier today it was a test to see if I can guess what it really could be anything it's a product that lets you cook an egg in your hand mailed it exactly what it is like a pocket egg boiler can you give me a clue as to do with men's appearance appearance wax like a toupee type thing it is it looks like a giant squeegee but it's a giant razor blade to shave your back hair that's interesting I also hate everything wrong like to try to be cool like to try to like I just have patents or like what is it like to have like a soap to clean yourself and I spelled it Klean so hip and cool I would shave the back of my back for that that sounds great I thought you was in what significant others before but then now you do it yourself body tremulous sharing this thing like masturbating you don't like baby we're good job but you know you do it better but my problem areas more down on the on the base of the back so now. I thought product yesterday that was all over Facebook you guys probably thought it it's a thing that you put on your tongue to lick cats I don't know you put it in your mouth shut when you have a giant tongue don't like clean the cats like the cats clean themselves we have you guys were on it and lick it lick that pussy like a normal human being what the fuc this is not normal. I don't want to be like a cat to my cat human to like that I got some I can relate on that let me to be honest though it's like cut a long time ago I was one of those guys cats are all bad customers to them I don't want to understand I don't want to think like I don't think that I think people are just dumb cats right this is real food mother fucker like a like a sign of Love or something so we could be like the horse's head my cats love each other so much that one point recently Colombo the younger one got locked in one of the rooms and they were like communicating for the door and Smee can open doors but this is one of the doors where we leave we have a magnet instead of like you try to open the door for a while we left on the cameras and in the end he couldn't do it so he went upstairs God Beanie Baby and delivered it in front of the door like I've done everything I can hear the beanie baby I'm going to take off Goodluck like dead animal I don't know if what I said but if we lock them out of the bedroom he will go upstairs in the box of Beanie Babies white one of his mouth to pick want to select one come down the stairs in his mouth and dumped outside the bedroom door I didn't do that once tonight and if we don't move them by the end of the week we'll have a stack of Beanie Babies I think he's done 10 before cuz you just like how many will give you stuff when I don't have your thing I can think of that read it just fascinates me know what you need to do you get discount liquor then you need to get on his level and you give him a couple licks see if you let you know what to do with me today I'll bring him a speedy baby if it was covered up what he would do what do you find something else to bring you that's what I like I like to bury that food surf the beanie baby what does it mean to him that's so weird things to do at confusing other people he probably thinks that they think that they everyone else thinks they're animals who was like I'm not going to be here guarding my boy in the other room but you can't wait for exotic so if the door is open till sleep on the bed and sometimes he just thinks cat Beanie baby go to sleep what is little cat brain made that decision why but don't understand any babies or do you just have a bunch of Beanie Babies maybe like 50 Iggy the Iguana with the like different things in the chest babies edible animals photos of post partial to UE yeah that for my time I was I was an adult to the kid baseball cards or debit cards do you like $36 of 200% chance of going to get a hit as much as I used to what is a collector the right like it's always click the kid right cuz there's Pokemon cards of Yu-Gi-Oh or meepo yeah that's the floor jack likes shot glasses if I was to collect anything from every city I visit so I have like a fridge full of all the different places I've been pretty cool alright John T right now I can feel the sexual term how much do you guys to make out for extra life literally all the money I tried to find Barbara creepy hug podcast at London to try to put your arm around me and I just did a study protocol for to avoid one episode quite in the park in the parking lot I had to carry him around by the way he is dense have you been one of those days where we have to wake up super early to go feeling like I was up Before Dawn and out there like he wasn't even in the episode with us because we mentioned him by name in the episode so bad if I could do it and I said no except for you kind of have to because they mentioned you by name of God I love that show. I'm going to be late and I figured out we're at a private jet she would have to do it yeah you're right I don't know how to ask for giving me the illusion like that it's my choice IMDb for a while I did a couple of it down then another one I would never know when does it coming out in London UK Edition I like you got a million dollars I read a really weird headline the other day about this guy or was he allegedly and someone here in Texas I don't know where Cameron County Texas unaware that he got arrested because he stole 1.2 million dollars worth of fajitas play wait but I value it over the course of 10 years what happened to Hong Kong food for a juvenile correctional facility and the facility does not serve fajitas but he would buy fajitas with the facilities money and then just plug them in the street I meant he would sell them to other businesses on the side and the way that he finally got caught with one day he took a day off to go to a doctor's appointment and on that day a truck showed up at 800 pounds of fajitas the course the definitely like to be looking like oh my God how could I think of how much space that would take up if you had a hundred 1.2 million Ramen or something even more space to be like small and she's like like an ear of corn or something or like an ear of corn you can buy for $0.25 or something I love you so much but I can't imagine like for 10 years and I was stealing for you and nobody caught it like nobody found it until he took a day off Memphis tomorrow the story then take it out of the story of a guy who's working as a Leica attended a parking garage and the guy who pretended to work as like an antenna in a parking garage and they large like it if it wasn't that the type of thing that I want to do that I haven't done that I could have done it wouldn't let me do a much better place in my life I don't think about buying stuff with your credit card and then saying it was told I wouldn't do it doesn't sound like me for speeding tickets where they would just take pictures of fans that had the address and phone number for it on the side of the van if it was a business maybe like I have a speeding ticket to make up speeding ticket because they already knew the address and the license plate was information is on the actual vehicle negative charge people like us and they would do that well not many people would even consider about it was crazy it was not enough money to really make a ball if they have my address they have my phone number Evolution formation that they must have to look in the database together really is just printed on the back which I actually made a lot of bad decisions in my life including one went along time ago my first job till the story before but if it was me and one of my best friend's Alfredo who's now when the hunters over there after we we used to run a cafe together like it was just the two of us like long story short these dudes on the cafe and didn't want to not anymore so they're like the reason someone would be there so if 17 year old Tim and Alfredo were there and they're like they put everything on it so we have to go to the Smart & Final by all that the products and stuff to then make and sell weed and drink coffee The Times They told me was a disaster but we knew we had a couple months when no one was going to talk with us there's a couple regulars that would come in and they always got T so we're like if we just by ourselves on top of the thing that we spell RT don't leave toothpaste on by so we just like we didn't get with the money that bought it was about the tip it was like we're going to sell the TV to the regulars that come in. Freak it was really sweet while it lasted about 13 now you're stuck with them cuz I was I wasn't in The Raid 2 they just recently did pot for is like so much even had a history are they needed it was Ryan versus the room pretty much and Jeff was on Ryan side felt so bad for a Friday but I've never been so proud of someone who's what is such a short amount of time I just like deep into Ichiban it out trave apps like such a get shot in at the deep end kind of video yeah that's it it's hard to to jump into a spot like that so much history with everyone it was uncomfortable to watch that video I watch the whole thing is a train wreck Kathy by sides of it but I feel like it was I thought interesting if we just did that waiting for the explanation listening and what not doing anything but I feel like for the audience to understand the next thing to do in the right that's kind of helpful anyway for the owner like if they haven't played the right whatever you want to know if you shoot this club in Atlanta and then people go over there so she nice to get that up front but I hear cholesterol given absolute I'll fix the kitchen on our way yeah I'm glad I wasn't there for that it's not you just get to watch the final product which is like you said I'm comfortable to watch cuz I thought I would always be the cause of that it was really good offense animated animated series cheetahs and then we're like how can we do that cheaper to do it so kind of funny Doodles you might know it okay 4-H Henry Civic doodle that wasn't me. We could always open after 11 sex stuff existed started yeah it's not do that and it had a buddy congrats by the way on the military is happening but apparently when I brought it up Gavin said something about like a big deal you got like a million view video or something like that I'm ready for him cuz we've we've done tons of new videos but it will car million view video of the broadcast we just passed it was supposed to say we just passed rtaa number 300 actually just came out today and it was a special episode where they had Bernie and I going to the auto closet and they said just talk about whatever makeup like fake memories of your favorite animated Adventure so we made like we try to make it the most difficult to animate animated Adventure ever both of you on the sounds great I told him there was a Slow Mo Guys rtaa corset of 12 frames a second I can normally if they have two animated at 10,000 free of the second super crazy stuff that like they try to hide like I wanted I think I might like you never see the RTA character speed so they only had one episode where you see everyone speed like really big muscles muscles five minutes of us today for 427 I haven't seen in a year never been that you've never been to the animation studio Gavin is taking a uber to a different place but I have to go there like once a week just to work when you go over there based on me being in a specific chair in a building over that there might have been some words in there we'll find them I've no idea where it is or what it looks like animation still take you over Shaw Conway surprise show me let me join the kind of funny and being like not a good example is it way better bathrooms like a coffee machine though I know what does that even mean like to make stupid jokes when it's making your coffee just make the coffee you like I don't I don't need this I don't need a joke from a coffee machine not taking up like processing power in time to make the cost more money because of that online and just what are the jokes to be the exact same it's also got like people have printed out like little labels do not push on the Pod door or whatever like cuz it's a very specific he likes it's too complicated and too complicated but it makes City Coffee studio is great and it writes its own jokes show me the cookie coffee machine Airport at the clock they are they got the screens back where you have to talk system real people where you just get your screen to get to type in order of people behind that way you can just like to sometimes there's a line and it's like there's three machines here so that from the back are you going to go up are you going to start using the machines to last night and while on bar the plot thickens summer here everyone was in a single-file line at the bar I move just like lined out for some reason was like the third in line and then the bartender was like making the first person drinks and he was just like you guys know it's a ball spread out across the bottom of what how about what Dan and spread out like an old is your butt will be proud to wear to be the most comfortable pair of underwear you will ever own and check it out yourself go to meundies.com Rooster Teeth with tons of styles and patterns to choose from for both men and ladies have the perfect fit for any personality the Mandy's feeling is unmatched because they use a natural resource because these are naturally soft fabric that a three-time softer than cotton for a limited time only first ever glow in the dark print lights out why not update your underwear drawer and glow at the same time not all the time only underwear inside and out to get 20% off the best and softest underwear you'll ever own free shipping and 1% satisfaction guarantee go to meundies.com roosterteeth.com thank you very much for not only sponsoring the podcast before making credible underwear Lady bras no two I got one it's great so you were talking about a line at a bar when I went to the when I went to the VIP party at our checks London your we have to go around and circulate and talk to a lot of people so I wanted to drink but it was a really long line for the bar it was a line actually like you said not at the bar so I got that the end of the line and I started looking at everyone through language I'm going to cut in front of you if this is a problem. Me I am cut out looking at everyone like I am cutting to the front of the line if this is not okay say something like okay I'm ordering now finally turned around I was like what the whole High seems oddly aggressive actually it even has no aggressive I got to go back out there like people to see you like I didn't have time to wait there but it's like it in between being assertive but you're not quite that I don't know is if no one says anything I guess it's okay hung up on this this thing right different ball doing nothing so we invite you out for drinks you invite me out really late it was like 10 what time you go to the bar went home from that bar and go to Europa buddy sent me a text this morning he's like hey I lost cause they hours ago so it probably just going to head out cuz I was like if it was if he was still there I'm sorry I had to explain to my pad right now what would we have done if I never get to see you I was free all weekend the best I was in London last Rome drama in London such good friends there nothing on the last night we are bunch of us got dinner together but you were sent like 8 people with a text to Michael Murphy Sophie was drunk a lot of people were drunk that night cuz I think I was just so exhausted I think so and stuff like that people should have Tibetan her and she's the even greater I forgot about this I saw this really weird thing a couple of weeks ago I guess how some teenagers have started drinking hand sanitizer to try to get drunk, you tell him what to tell him twice on obviously like drinking hand sanitizer really bad for you why is it bad for you don't know where the toilet is the you end up getting your pants but yeah I thought like I guess they're there there's like people trying to educate younger teenagers but why they shouldn't drink alcohol is for the can get you drunk when you can just buy that cleaning and mouthwash wait until your mouthwash is the gateway drug into the hand sanitizer sanitizer probably be real clean that might be the way to go about that might be too late if you're trying to get fucked up off of hand sanitizer you can I store clean and fresh sanitizer in butt today I fucked up my wiping my ass with no 7 things to never put in or near your butt 7 free colonic any sex toys not specifically designed for using butts colonic bacteria or a colonic any rubbing alcohol or anything else astringent baby wipes alcohol of any kind of baby wipes Dollar Shave club.com 360 edition fected or rubbing alcohol in your anus as likely to irritate the delicate tissue and cause conflict sensitivity itching burning or other nasties you know one that sees down there what's the weather but but make sure you get nasty with the button the right way exactly you wanted me to clean what's the best liquid to use on your butthole we just went through the wiper motor just Warbucks down and washer the day I don't know who said it look it up girl it's all good people yoga to saltwater I just want to make sure we're cleaning out a masters in the most efficient way so far I don't know and the shower I'm like Gavin what are you doing karate chop dry bar on my fingertips I'd hope that there's none in there when you showering during the crack in the shower in the shower when it comes to the down there there's a hole right we'll definitely one of those like showers are fun guys but I like to make sure that the junk swarm everything's good the follicles are feeling kind of good but then I'll turn around you know what I usually do the ones but I just want him to spread to the other hand to kind of do a clean out I just go in there and just maybe it isn't guitar I'd be with me to get the fragments out if there was pregnant but there shouldn't be pregnant I just feel like it's easier to karate chop lost it got it like the karate chop last the butthole the things I eat with order oil happen for me it's things like karate something like that day yeah things that you're going to be fine burrito and I don't even know what part of your hands is the side of your pain that way you can come over but I can't like this the shampoo and soap in the body wash or a step ahead and I just feel like things everywhere so I feel like I'm really getting in there and really like I may be getting in there a little bit as well I want to know what does look like that's going to be an angle I can shoot from where I can show it to your dad and maybe just get some side cheek and then you'll be impressed I'm Your Man Kung Fu and do it like that pretty normal up there did I clean the places you put your fingers I'm not going to get drafted but just think about it right you really think that your bottom area is worse than any of those things I will say that you just scratch it so I can get it all up in your nails and wash out your fingers like a cat the post anal cleanse scratching post myself hurt yourself who is scratch my ass off never trust your asshole. Will never happen again you're awesome clean rifle Barbara Bush fingering your own camera for it we don't get in that you go to touch it so I know I like to get the price to get in there I think that's the thing in there I need to feel the pressure of the anal area but that's it we're done here I've learned nothing from that I let nothing to see Gavin Carol of the Bells