#464 - Gus Finally Loses It

Join Gus Sorola, Brandon Farmahini, Becca Frasier, and Barbara Dunkelman as they discuss zombies, restaurant wait times, teeth, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on October 30, 2017, sponsored by MeUndies (http://bit.ly/2yurK8H), ProFlowers (http://bit.ly/2xCHbZu), TrackR (http://bit.ly/2xCrO3a)

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Transcript (in progress):

hey everyone working there Steve podcast this week brought to you by meundie Pro Flowers and tracker I'm guess I'm Brandon Lexington but I feel like when he's not here I need to I need to take the the burning chair step up Podcast now so I feel like I take the place of Bernie kitty cat more specific you are which we were the Sanderson sisters good Hocus Pocus Team episode did not want to mention that for some reason but only as cat version of course poor little little kitty cats are you a big hug 15 years since I last saw really like that movie I threw the zombie being super creepy like I'm like dumb zombies are afraid of smart zombies that had to like the whole smart zombie like a guy who is dead but cognitively is just you know example brought back and I'm just saying like it's still creepy like I think there was also one in Scrooged the movie Scrooged with Bill Murray the the Marley character rotting like things coming out of his face like looks dead but it's like talking to me where it's at terrifying yeah but I don't know cuz I just I I never get to the point where it feels real I'll get startled like you ever Duke Nukem 3D or you just like running around all the sudden that green help is on your face I'll get startled but not like completely terrified so that's your example Duke Nukem 3D thing like you just seem like the mouth why don't you remember what it's like and then you see it it's pretty heavy are you more afraid of fat zombies are slow zombies zombies just sent in Zombies carrier of fast sentient zombie or a slow sent in Zombie did you let thing to where they can almost like teleport but it's kind of weird you want to call it that like like I'm talking to you right now and if you're whatever you kind of call those call it a zombie and then I turn around I'm like whatever and then I look into that type of work you either way it's it's eating you it's not going to like we're not finished which it sucks I'm like oh no my face is being eaten no looking at my arm like it was eating my arm but that would be good but I might be terrified terrified of of a supernatural creature like that that's two brains intact and you can do that thing where it sits around so fast not that not run fast but being able to just Traverse base without any time in the employees this mechanism no but you've seen stuff like that like I think the the ring girl would you call that she has some kind of like form like a physical form I mean if the thing look like it came from a grave if it looks like it's been rotting in the ground than that to me I is a zombie but I feel like colloquially when we say zombie we think stupid zombies and not like the zombie that you see in Hocus Pocus oh this is ironic how this photo so I was hoping I was hoping it was something and they were supposed to help me with zombie makeup but they all left Paula and her friends and one of them was good with zombie makeup and he had to leave and they're like okay when you do zombie makeup in like 10 minutes and I had no idea what I was doing so I just kept grabbing stuff and putting it on my face like I did a whole layer of just like gray and then like red and does that look like a zombie really in the zombie Universe different colors and texture and slapping on your skin so what's that I just look like I was in a horrible car accident jungle Commando yeah I was soldier who was killed but my regular white and red on the nose a big part of why I put so much on with cuz someone started and they didn't know they're doing either as my wife and she's like well they told us to put like black around the eyes so she's putting black around the eyes but she kind of started going too far and I was like oh my God this is starting to look really bad so then I just covered my entire face with gray to get rid of it and I was like alright let's find some red thread on there so that's my life Brandy zombie Halloween costume recipe a cool fact the other day do you know where the term Saved by the Bell come from I was associated with school I guess cuz the bell ringing the end of some type of battle now my guess is a church bell again for the Executioner I guess from the 1760s so many people were being buried alive that they started actually putting felt like strings tied to people's fingers and toes in coffins tied to a bell so they woke up and started moving it would ring the bell and the graveyard attendant would come and why not wait another couple hours before burying them cuz it's such a slow gruesome process died of dehydration a couple that you would have no idea how I would imagine it would you would suffocate a lot sooner if you were going to at all but I guess we'll deal with it you having to conserve her breath very real and Tina's known for his realism of oxygen per minute it would take almost five and a half hours before all the oxygen and not much longer than I thought to be like 3 hours maybe now you're prepared if you ever get buried alive you 5 and 1/2 hours to see a Google is releasing their own version of a Alexa device and they gave it to some reviewers I don't know because I would have called me when did it really like that you know how to test and the people who had said maybe not all of them in life you went in there a Google account on the computer and found that the device has been listening to them and like recording the conversation I saw a video I don't know if it's true or not but I saw someone posted on YouTube or he claims that he proved his phone Facebook on his phone was listening to him all the time and explain targeted ads based on conversations he had like stuff he wasn't searching for but he would say stuff and it would show up in ads in his Facebook app enabled on your phone no I trust the reason I trusted is because Apple doesn't their business model doesn't involve selling ads like Google does don't care I don't care something listening to me doing anything illegal yeah but a lot of people who murder people are planning to just kind of happened default to that too but then it's just this whole larger debate of privacy no bar but don't make that face what do you mean by that because like a lot of you know what you would call a like murder or manslaughter premeditated people listening to meditated first-degree is the first have not heard from going down not going down like that we go down with my hey Siri option on cuz it's convenient if I go down because of that don't use it for setting timers and for converting between different formats ounces in milliliters I love I love the echo yeah we've refer an echo have you home I really like the first time you talked about it you've given Alexa turn off the lights sometime and you did it at my house and I know you did I didn't feel like I'm in the future of like things with the other day I was at home I left my house in the morning to go get coffee and Esther was at the house by herself and she said that she heard me come home and then I left as I know that didn't happen when we have a security camera outside so we looked at it and the delivery person a delivery person to come by and dropped off a package and he was listen to the podcast and it was right at the moment I was doing a Dollar Shave Club resort weird those strange avoid heard my voice outside do you have your name on your deliveries to your house who doesn't like maybe if you use Esther's maiden name or something the name of the address or like the person who owns the place is not properly on the mailing address I think I know some mail doesn't deliver it depends on the email matter though the delivery places so Amazon Amazon key basically it's like in its nightly packages entire system and getting a house I've had been piecemealing stuff but you get a new lock for your your house and where you can program custom codes and you can open it remotely and a camera that you can I guess Point put in the inside your house point at the front door and then that stinks your Amazon account and your delivery drivers will get temporary access in 5 minutes so I can come in your home put your packages down and get out weird concept like someone's like you're afraid of getting your package is stolen so let's give someone uninhibited access to your home to be a different person that makes more sense than Amazon Locker for a house or something where they don't have to go in your home I don't know why so many opportunities to volunteer there privacy at least an information this to me feel different like I can see a lot of people doing it like that I would love to hear a conversation gas station with them like maybe two people who retired from the NSA who would talk about how difficult it was to pry information from people and then now with social media Facebook whatever you want to call or sites people volunteering so much information about themselves that you know spy agencies used to have to work really hard to get like it's amazing how much we're putting out there about where we're at like when I start using internet people didn't use their first names or anything don't handle on the internet where handles Facebook names like first last names in the neighborhood crazy what's give me like when somebody who grew up during this era runs for president and it's like you finally did they have a file of all this crap you here's this search history of this person might go to bed I'm going to be like the most presidential candidates release their tax returns nightmare model B is this cancer for like everything but on leg cancer? Like a swollen lymph nodes for example the first time I ever had those I looked it up and it's just like I could be like a cold like allergies all the cancer might like I can't answer I'm good internet is not good for one of those things that's so crazy variables that I got my doctors have to spend you know so much time in school like I would love if we could get to a point where there was like a reliable that was a certain diagnostic engine that could help you figure out what it is wrong for a while like a flow chart for doctors to use and I don't know whatever it's been awhile virtual doctor visits which I think you can maybe see becoming more of a reality at least with the military and people overseas like being able to either build some apparatus for a doctor or even a surgeon with some kind of electronic or mechanical component to be able to you know address people medically on the field just got to worry about it I mean even if it's something that you were based from a long time from now I just in your house the little PR machine get real close to me I thought I had bed bugs in your apartment yeah I was terrified cuz I've been traveling like crazy the last couple months which apparently makes you very prone to getting bed bugs cuz they could be in hotel rooms in so many steps to try to prevent that when you travel make you sure that I do my laundry I can you get there make sure you inspect your luggage and everything child area or locanda understand sits on contact with the ground I got home and I went to sleep woke up the next day and had three red welts on myself and I've no idea what they are from Annie Richie they didn't look like mosquito bites I later found out there mosquito bites cuz there's a mosquito trapped inside my house it was with you when you discovered the Bison your pants and so I took the sheets off my bed wash it in hot water and dried and super high heat like to tell you to do around everything cuz they could be hiding in different places I looked through everything that I had brought with me on the trip to the last couple months couldn't find a thing couldn't find any like they tell you don't feel like blood splatters of bugs and and skin whatever the setting from the bugs like all the stuff couldn't find a single thing so I later discovered it was likely a mosquito huge problem like if you find you have bed bugs in your house they tell you to like get rid of your furniture really changed on your house maybe you want to start looking into a exterminator but if you have just a couple ways to get rid of them right Micah Mike and audible sent me a link at 3 or seen that guy who modded a Big Mouth Billy Bass so that it was his Alexa talk them bass light comes out and it smells starts moving so awesome and that made me think about another thing I saw a guy with really into the video game Forza Motorsport which is like a racing game so he created a mod so that he could use his Lamborghini as a controller for the game on the top of his Lamborghini in the hooked up sensors to a steering wheel so he could physically fit in his car and move the wheel and it would drive a virtual representation of his car in the video game Crazy Lamborghini accidentally hit the gas on the car for power steering pump for sure was open but I remember paid attention to that first person POV style is awesome Duke a Lamborghini if you got plenty of time gotten better use out of a car that expensive you can use it and it doesn't like it doesn't wear your tires down driving your car but you're not really feeling like a rumble pack in it Zayn and I thought I had another day cuz I mean it's essentially just like a high-tech version of the arcade cuz I have those things I thought something really cool Austin just opened up this really nice library and wait at the explained it is sending a lot of people when they heard about her like we don't need a library 2017 but it's like more of a what does the library in 2017 look like and they had a lot of stuff here specifically for kids in one thing was a place where anybody could come up and demo a VR system I think they had the PlayStation as one of the things I think we're so we're around this technology a lot like at this company and its culture like I'm we might take it for granted that we had access to this but like most people don't seem to be able to see like technology like that made you know available for a lot of people seem super super cool checkout area to come in what it was that mean I don't know if it's free but it has Public Access like as a 3D printing lab or any book time on it on the top of that building I mean that's what they call a garden it didn't seem huge tree that's in the middle of the Garden on the roof of a really cool solar panel like super fancy it's like that many solar panels at Publix now powers like one light still sucks but now I'm excited about this library is like I can go read at the library something very comforting about a library go to libraries when they're available to me but now that this one's over. Where is this really cool right next to the creek and then you go over to like the old Power or the old water treatment and something and being able to give a lot of people access to the stuff that I think we taking the arena we take for granted you know cuz it's just ProFlowers recently sent us a beautiful bouquet and we're all impressed I'm impressed by how precious days over such a long period of time in their favorite fall colors. Their best selling cinnamon cider roses are great option for birthday anniversary or any fall occasion or the classics like 100 Autumn blooms or a dozen Autumn roses you can't lose because no matter which boo can you send our listeners get 20% off any ProFlowers unique bouquet of $29 or more to get 20% off all bouquets of $29 or more butter Pro flowers.com and teeth at checkout that's Pro flowers.com and code teeth teeth ProFlowers response to the podcast and for sending us some flowers flowers flowers super pretty I didn't mean to ask you that something is a flower related to murder while ago but I need sports broadcaster done since I think I was at like a place that's super busy in the morning cuz like everybody goes there for breakfast and I was super annoyed by the people who are just staying at the bar and just like you drinking and not doing anything and I remember tweeting about it and then you were like free hardcore in the other direction before we start arguing so there's a basically place in Austin that is mostly known for breakfast and then called snooze like and it's very busy like most of the time the way it is about like an hour or an hour and a half yeah I like Sunday morning and we usually go in and we just try to get the first come first serve at the bar and then so we're just kind of like hovering just kind of like looking at people and people eat your meal at the pace and what you want to eat it you know don't feel like you have to show up when you're done you're not like you're not at a show bar you're not like you know where the pool Midtown police of of food and so just finished your drink and go hang out somewhere else because other people want to eat from September 3rd at 12:15. Even see people just drinking at the counter in a very busy restaurant while people are waiting at the restaurant this is not a bar there at the counter with all the liquor behind it at the bar let me say this official policy of eating and not call them right now we will call it a higher profit margin item in liquor if it'll make a new fucking pancake Hanover that's where they make your business that you didn't say that this was a breakfast Flash lunch place and I honestly thought this is why wouldn't even just fucking hang out at the bar looks like totally they're entitled to that knowing that it is snooze IC your point a little more because of the horrible way and they're going to probably end up losing customers if I don't cycle through news I would say as a counter but it's not as it closes at 2 p.m. it's not a drinking establishment on the other hand are technically that's like if it's free it could be a table but its first and foremost a bar that mean primary uses a bar if you were there if you want to go drink that is where your spot is supposed to be if you want to go eat your supposed to set a table if there are spots available to burn you want to eat there like you would you be okay sitting at the bar eating at most people today sure some people know okay mind if the establishment if the rule n d restaurant restaurant restaurant is is that you have to eat in order to see if I'm still going out there even if it's not that busy then you should get out and let them know if you've already paid yes I agree don't dilly-dally yes finish your drinks don't rush through it I don't delete those the counterpart of their feeding cue like wait list or is it like it was first come first serve that sweetie we can't wait in that line so we're just going to each kind of like hover awkward but it's just like sitting there just like waiting in like all right it is also not worth the wait there is nothing is worth that way there's a lot of very good brunch and breakfast spots in Austin, and they have I don't know man I don't know if you can find better French toast I ordered three different types of French toast when I'm there and where are you can't find a good waffle in the town in Seattle and it's incredible like they have sweet or savory one day when we like prosciutto and creme fraiche you know what a good french toast all over the city where you don't have to wait an hour she's I don't know I have to do you tell me these places for everyone did you see a line people like people hear when they feel like they go get in it I love that a lot of places have your phone number and I just text you so you can go fuck off on my walk around do something else in the city if you need to and then come back don't start making your way back I went to that conveyor belt sushi place what is the worth it I know its 6 p.m. on a Friday and it was a two and a half hour away that's just crazy to drive for us and got there a little early for dinner or like 11 1115 for lunch if you want to be there that way it's worth maybe a 15 to 20-minute wait when they're like an hour and a half an hour and a half the nice thing about that is okay that is long enough or we can just leave and go do something else come back to Black Star Co-op still waiting for a table my name is Brad and I don't feel right no but but that. That place is cool but I've been to a conveyor belt sushi place before and I expect the same thing you just be like one little slow conveyor belt but cuz there's like a there's a second floor conveyor belt where you can order something specific like something like an actual item exactly what you want and whenever they prepare it they put it on that conveyor belt and zipped right to you yeah it's awesome and you dump your plates in like a little like slide and congratulate you as you eat when he was just a plate of sushi rolling around and this one has a little lid when you lift it it can't be unlisted so you know someone with your food and they I think everything has a timer on it right it is the individual e-track when it enters into their rotation it's genius they have a game of vacation thing there it's like oh yeah it makes it so much more than you know every time 100 Hubbard came up with that not the best sushi in the world but at the end of whatever conveyor belt I'm near empty empty on the second conveyor belt if you order the high ticket items does please don't count they don't fit in a little while do you can order sushi up there as well double the plate yeah seriously it doesn't count because it doesn't count towards your plant count we are great policy every reference to do that just get in line before you even get there that I am a big fan of some other stuff where you can get in line from your 30 minute wait till when to arrive to check in so we know exactly when to leave our house the first place I saw that technology DMV and I was like sungrass government the whole stigma about to go to the DMV get in line like when it's like you're ready to go ahead and get it before you go yeah you put in your phone number and then it'll text you first thing I call you know this is his number and then you can text like a update or something like that and it'll tell you oh there are 10 people ahead of you are there are 5 people ahead of you and tell you like what time to get there so you just kind of like you know strut in and you have to do my laundry now strut strut past everybody I don't know what the fuck I was doing before I had TSA PreCheck it's like night and day Michael has it I almost always travel with him so I've gotten by with not getting it for myself cuz I was the last time we flew together my entire family six deep they all had TSA PreCheck I did not and it kicked my ass out sorry schmuck wow it makes a big difference for Union fill your ID you just like do like a fingerprint scan and then just walk right through do they cut you to the front of the line Austin San Francisco LAX I don't know about I used to so it doesn't matter I haven't traveled since I used to travel probably 2 weeks out of the month at my other job and I haven't been on since I've been here sucker I know I miss my miles it's a it's a racket man to get you looped into that and then you miss it or you can't get out earlier this morning back controversy about how the apple and the Google emojis for cheeseburgers are different ways they didn't provide any contacts and I didn't care enough I can Google employer your boy how different are they can find it if you can bring it up an international standard for emojis letter in the alphabet so what's up she's on the bottom versus cheese under the under the Tomato these are all the other the Google one has the cheese on the bun Between the Bun and the hamburger patty should be someone who worked at Burger King open has mayo lettuce tomatoes and then it goes cheese Patty and then I looked at the Apple right now from the bottom up bottom of Patty Patty cheese pickles with a swirl of ketchup two tomatoes lettuce Mayo I go bottom bun Patty cheese lettuce tomato top one I feel like the lettuce as a foundation for the Tomato fill the thing that that they teach you at Burger King you put the lettuce on the top bun and then the two tomatoes so that you hold the two tomatoes to flip it was a thing of try not to get stood up like how can we make a fucked-up hamburger but it's so no one's cute nail designs on top Canadian hamburgers if it's for little pickles it's like the little circles about that someone looped in I guess like a chef from McDonald's like someone like you looked on their website and he replied simply with a picture of the Big Mac which has the cheese under the patties no tomato though I never realized that they put in there that's like probably the most popular hamburger to The Verge did an article also where they compared every difference and every hamburger Emoji cheats for every different manufacturer out there were really right I guess they're all closed LG is probably what I would eat I bet you like we make fun of that but I'm sure these articles did they know well like I think a part of Apple strategy to get people to update their operate their iPhones are they release new emojis people will update their iPhones being released new emojis I've been there done that cuz I need to get that middle finger yeah if you're texting with someone and then you get that little square you're like what the fuck did they text I need to update so I got to get the Emoji guy fucking hate bitmojis come and ask you for all that you've done with it the other day I know you're full into it like it really that discovered through the gauntlet of the motion with a bitmoji like got like Gus replica cartoon figure that's a big build your person and then the bitmoji app has situations for your person ETA when you showing up and you can text me everything you know what's crazy is I'm sure they're working on it already like integration with the new iPhone x so it'll use I'm sorry thank you want and it'll use the infrared camera the motion track camera and you can act out your face I thought it was just like oh S10 is not OS X is it with an expo interesting I've never once called a tow assistance I was thinking of that did you see that girl whose father works at Apple released a Hands-On iPhone 10 video last week she went with her dad to work filmed on the Apple campus in the game like the cafe took her dad or her dad gave her his phone 10 out yet and Lexie film that she found herself using it and then upload it like a Hands-On video to YouTube and that her dad got fired LOL I'm sorry to say I did Michael did too so did I damn yeah I'm waiting I'm pissed cuz I am 128 gig and I got rid of that I don't need that either so what are the options now for any normous cats like I used like consistently like 65 gig just too much 16 gig phone stores like everything you've ever taken ever on its own video like for like an hour and liberating to just have all the space you need you now you have even more of that Google announced the I had something happen that are ticks London that made me realize how fucked I am and how stuck in the Apple ecosystem I am we were sitting there and I'll tell me some story about when I had gone to MCM London look back in 2011 as I always have a video of it I pulled up my phone it's go back out here to play the video from like 6 years ago so if I switched to Android I wouldn't have that video anymore like I know where it is incredible search is so powerful you can type in glasses I'll bring up pictures of every iPhone photo I know it's pretty incredible journey gores up so much space on your phone if you feel more comfortable if Bernie Bernie converted with you like one of the things was my system out of iPhone system I would need to stop using it back because it was during the day and I'm at work I never have to touch my phone cuz it's like right I'm deep into the information company that's why companies like Google or any of the company that makes their money off of information that's what I don't try that's like the bond villain from like a Rodger Moore era Apple just want to tell you phones and shit they don't want to know your search history because they're not selling ads to cater to your search history middle scan your email for Barrett okay there's like this conspiracy and I'm sure you guys have heard about it where whenever there's a new iPhone that comes out there's something in the the software update that makes older phones blower or like batteries die quicker or does not function as well do you think that's true website that did a very thorough tests and they took her phone and it's like every version of iOS they could and The Benchmark never change the CPU everything still performed exactly the same I think it's just too technology just gets better and in the phone's been like the 3rd party software adapter those capabilities though if older Hardware using it like I mean if you're still using a laptop from you know an old laptop and you keep updating your software it's going to get slower cuz it just came up like the standard things change so many times that your phone just has this epic breadcrumb trail of something is killing my battery and it's driving me crazy. Like the background app refresh my text messages 10 years ago really yeah have you ever read them so I can't read either so don't care it's so tedious to scroll up and also the search my messages sucks that it's pointless will it come up in the search field but then you want to tap it and see the context of the full message I am a digital hoarder. I said I feel like I'm one of the people that receipt with the biggest Gmail boxes I have I think I want to see I have like 45 gigs of email how can you tell when you go you can go look at your email but yeah I just save all that I got from when I would like plan what there's a there's a there's like old old travel that I planned like from 2011 right here I don't need that and you know you invited me to gmail you gave me an invite and Michael is so pissed off that I joined Gmail before him because you so early I was like I don't know dude I bet I joined earlier I got it back he was like I think he did it when they open it up to the military troops or something else like a gust knew someone that had invite since I got my firm has looked and Sho Nuff I beat him in like a week it's like the ultimate cash they like nerd cash and like it was like before you even heard about it people are with comedian so I was like yeah people are dumb. 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Com RoosterTeeth check out the only underwear I wear how can you see where you find out when you signed up for your Gmail account I just went back to my very first text message to know if my first email client was a dedicated I like that you know people how you taught me I still use Hotmail in a lot of people still you talk I used to but I didn't sign in login to my Gmail account when businesses like UCC like a local business driving around town like earlier I saw a van for like window cleaners right and they've got their phone number and your email address and your email address or something something at yahoo.com one who used to have one of those people for spots they doing a perfect segue down we don't have their own domain Yahoo Yahoo has the worst email around for a pony rental recently and I have a 3 year old child as of today happy birthday Clem yes yes that's your cousin's Brandon Court Brandon I've seen some people with an AOL address crazy what are you doing I hope someone the other day and his email address was at aim.com I bet that's going to the game yeah I'm really sad about him because you were Canadian I did but I use other things as well I used send message to buy used icq back in the day like 1 if that was a sound like a number to the username B 79179 for remember my holy shit okay well maybe I just didn't pay enough attention to my I don't remember mine but no I had am but I've only got to talk to people actually I guess I was talking to Bernie and guess what I was a member that's where Bernie offered me a job at Risa teeth on and when I started I was the official corporate communication on the way to contact them play on word for icq okay that's what I thought my first email account that I was a die-hard icq user and like Bernie and Jeff and some of the guys really like to a man trying to convince me to use the same so I finally signed up for an email account and the first steam account I signed up for was I wish this was I Seek You oh my God I remember that I need to sign into an before I completely shut down just go through all the old screen name for my buddy take a walk down memory lane I still sign into so there's this girl I like to change my name something that makes me not likeable like that is hard to find a word like cute in her mind like associated with that and I put them like it became a problem whenever I tell other people might like the name Barbara if I reached across this would look like go back to the side of Brennan go back to the sound of Brandon the Brandon that's why I asked you to get it for me sorry we're having a little fight over here but it's animal so can you like take a guess of what animal I would name it like an actual animal like a dog friendly Curley high school girl would think that I'm damned if I don't know if I told you what it was so cute yes oh it's so is not a mammal I would say like bird Turtle koala bear marsupials are subsets of mammals and marsupials I said that platypi platypus mammals are platypus the only mammals that lay eggs or platypus funny kid with a bird Epoch out to get all your science information is it partly because it lays eggs but doesn't you got to be a kid named me yeah it was not too cool to tell like random people oh yeah my screenings koala bear for free to text me anytime and things did not work out yeah I know Glee episode full of chlamydia the koala bears do like that not the Backstreet Boy one of the boy bands got chlamydia in the koala bear with the British Direction One Direction yeah I was like one of the guys from One Direction got chlamydia and people speculated that he might have gotten something from that I thought he got their money and blamed it on the corner I want to watch I want to Australia after that happened and I held a koala and it's like it is cool moments like you're holding on and got a nice picture out of it every fucking, it was like you've committed like move on from this joke what do you think if some rich do you like cheated on his girlfriend got chlamydia for it and was like I am I going to cover this up just Google spell you hold a koala bear perfect cover medication might be like yeah but I mean if she got it it'll be a marsupial chlamydia and I don't know if you have chlamydia where the fuck do you get from Evil how do you know also excuse the odds are pretty low isn't a thing of guys don't usually show symptoms of chlamydia girls don't usually show symptoms of Gonorrhea UT Austin like as soon as you get there they ingrain that you are going to get all the venereal diseases all of them all the same time every moment so they like you end up learning way too much about him shanker's what are shakers full of colia I definitely HPV or herpes chancre bunch of people with little knives that are like coming at your door like little stinkers the primary stage of syphilis could we get rid of leg gonorrhea and chlamydia syphilis the h-bomb we can so let's say those three it either one HIV does also medication as well that you can take that's preventative the World Series right like how I think someone hit a home run somewhere and everyone in the world getting a free taco from Taco Bell maybe medication for venereal disease is everybody at the world the same time take this medication don't have sex for 10 days we would eradicate the disease 10 days to take a pill every good luck everyone in the US to get to them good luck I grew up a really big baseball fan I grew up a really big Astro standing your drive to Houston and watch Astros games and then cool it was cool to see them in the World Series until the point that dude does the racist name something you hit a homerun and the Dodgers pitcher was half Japanese and half have something else and then he saw the guy who hit the homerun went to The Dugout and then like Dillard flying I think she like Spanish for little Chinese man is Japanese come on yeah the league decided to punish him but give him a five-game suspension next season not during the World Series of the radar cuz I think the the Dodgers I think I think a couple of the radar cuz the Japanese pitcher he kind of just said well that's kind of unfortunate I'm sure he's a you know an okay guy yeah let's let's move on and then I just kind of with everything else going on in the world no one really and really get picked up hot day on the New York Japanese descent interesting expression we got I think that did the Scandal a kind of I'm over took that was the owner of the Houston Texans football team using an expression you heard of inmates taken over the Asylum when he was having this private meeting with like a other owners in a few other people talking about what's been going on in football he used a version of that phrase except he's dead inmates taking over the prison wait what day he described like he used a an expression to describe the relationship with the players on his team running to prison okay I get that sorry thank you guys for me and backing me up so that kind of like took the can cook like the Viva space and all the website that's going to cover racism in sports Houston it's actually a pretty a relatively liberal City you know it's constantly blue and every way it's just every city in Texas is the most cities in the country are so we don't understand it's not really a red state-blue State thing it's mostly Urban versus rural community in Texas I saw a man who was this it was some website Halloween Express they did a survey where they mapped the most liked and the least like Halloween candy for every state in the United States that's awesome that's so awesome so I guess I text most liked Halloween candy for you want me to read you a list of all the states licorice 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 licorice jawbreakers pixie sticks Almond Joy Tootsie Roll raisinets Atomic Fireballs Hot Tamales candy corn. Whoppers Necco Wafers drugs do it one more time real quick liquor strawberry pixie sticks Almond Joy Tootsie Roll raisinets Atomic Fireballs Hot Tamales candy corn. Swappers Necco Wafers Hot Tamales jawbreakers jawbreakers Almond Joy coconut Almond Joy is not liked in Florida or Massachusetts appreciated candy Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Snickers Sour Patch Kids Butterfinger KitKat nerds Almond Joy twist twist how to do a Butterfinger Reese's peanut butter cup Reese's Peanut Butter Cup every state in the United States by the most appreciated by generation and the least appreciated overall also by generation appreciated appreciates Reese's Peanut Butter Cups the most hate jawbreakers and Gen X and Millennials hate candy corn the most no no but I'll eat it if it's sugar wax I'm not a fan of like Liquors like Twizzlers and stuff like that for like a nice gesture but it's not just red licorice Twizzlers they taste like strawberry though today is it yeah it is all liquor if it does licorice have to have it in like black licorice licorice for the different flavored jelly beans the more we say licorice the more I'm acknowledging that is a very weird word liquor but I'm licorice licorice only one candy that's on both the most appreciated and least appreciated list Almond Joy is going to say most appreciated in wait is that by mistake there's three most appreciated and Idaho KitKat and Twix most popular chocolate did you see that video yesterday how to make your own KitKat at home except it's like this big massive how do you make the Wafers 38 x 30 minutes and I thought it was really cool he looks really fucking good to make a birthday cake or something to make a total that bad to make it something that big. Oh my God I want to be in that fucking amazing chocolate though I just dropped off Kayla Parts on my God hears give me the chocolate orange Starburst I'm not a fan who is any flavor Star Burst, I got a big bag of Starburst candy and every pack is Orange is like 2 Penguins I only I only like pink and maybe sometimes read yeah I just read have you seen that you can buy just the red one I don't like Starburst that much to buy that I don't feel like talking more for me AirHeads Leverett. It's like it's too sticky your Laffy Taffy pull your filling out stickiness yeah I should be careful I just got feelings not a good time for Halloween good timing on my part, it felt like if you need if you have cavities and you telling says nothing to do like has a little bit to do but not necessarily completely in correlation to how much you brush and take care of your teeth people sometimes so soft cheese that are more prone to cavities with my dentist told me how much saliva in your mouth produce three of them back my dentist did it bad to scare the hell out of me because he's been trying to get me to get a mouthguard for ever and he's like your teeth are just gone you're going to have no teeth yeah apparently I grab my TV's like that you see that stings you show me like he's little like me to ask the Rays that you have you have like half your teeth and it's like it was like 400 bucks does that mean on Amazon will you like mold yourself but it kept choking me in my sleep I don't grind luckily but remember it being that much I would like to see you see how you're the top of your teeth are all red and veiny that's not good I'm like any just like whenever I eat me it has to be like a rare that like a well done steak take me forever I know my body is just not what you should have does that mean when you grind them that you've swallowed half of your teeth dude it must write yet I have little growth going on in my body right now to let you know when I can think about that tonight for this conversation where did your parents ever do anything crazy to help get teased like loose teeth out of your mouth kind of like my dad was but one time he was he's an army and he's gone for a really long time and it was up to my mom and we tried the door not like tying a string to the door and slamming it and it didn't work it go to traumatize it professionally pulled couldn't handle it when and where you were when you left your first tooth no I don't I do I was watching Titanic what was the first use one of my teeth I lost my living room 9899 see where you like fidgeting or just like moving playing with my tongue and it was like and I really like scary scene and my tongue like jolted and just popped It All Forever remember that your tooth will go on and I I can't remember I mean I'll probably remember my first 40s I lost yourself but I lost all my teeth by the time I was like damn I got my wisdom teeth when I was 12 and they fit I saw them at all for out there all impacted oh damn you monster I feel like a mutant that's common and Hispanic people like a really good like your dentist would like surprised at how good your teacher I never go to the dentist what the explanation for why you didn't grow wisdom teeth because I was born without them it's just there's no pollution happening but I don't think the evolution word but I thought I mean Evolution Evolution would be like not having wisdom teeth enable me to have a ton of people who did the dead like somehow didn't survive because I don't think that affect other mouth got all fucked up but I don't know I don't even think about it before Modern Dentistry and impacted wisdom tooth could kill you so people would City wisdom teeth probably died on it would be cabins on a very small scale that I was serious I just put them in the 90's about people more people being born with extra digits on their hands on the keyboard I don't know but I've been there also removing them when it happened so probably neutralizes the train a gerbil say they can you put on Wikipedia and then I'm tired Generation II to grow in a little bit not as sharp because we don't use them for the other one is very asymmetrical 4 times it's really interested oh my God how are you I really needed my car no we're not we're not getting anything. Into my teeth I'm sorry Brandon I'm sorry they're very consistent call me a cab I'm going to buy you a night guard going to go home and cry to the cardboard in your mouth for an hour Gus Gus productive he listening to his left to say I feel bad mostly my butt oh no bring you talk about your like a butt a lot and I know so I won't go into it again so it's bad I don't care what kind of but I don't like the Practical matter that you're harder to get your pants to stay up but it's not like I can control things season opener some girls check out a butt and dudes but not like I've never been like I have a ham steak I don't know the whole thing people all about it look like an instant drink Sex where you see a guy's butt just walking away going to the bathroom after work or something we can see it but otherwise it's like come over here like focused on the front part of the of the body yeah those are sensitive about my butt when I walked away as bathroom I just like you know robot backwards really nice girls don't give shots about but you heard it here so I could but hopefully if you're with someone who cares about you they won't judge you probably just laugh that's the difference of people who love you laugh at the things that are over and you know that I have a weird but now you will not like you notice his teeth because Gus is very mild canines to grind also voicemail yeah the Michael family has their very pronounced canine and Clementine has them to some dentist in Japan will turn canine if you request it like it considered rude in there if you have like a canine that's like Twisted a little bit or turned and left him in perfect cosmetic dentistry. To like twist one of their canines just a bit so it's not totally symmetrical you go to the dentist to fuck your teeth up and seeing people who I don't know if they add a gap or are they just don't get it fixed when I have like that like Gap in the middle cuz we had to look at pallet thing to write like your palate is actually has a ridge and I said yeah but it's like endearing I guess the girl I used to work with at the cutest little Gap some people not so much I found a New York Times article about that I wanted to make sure I wasn't making that up but yeah in Japan they do they have their straight teeth girl who went blind after letting her how her boyfriend tattoo her eyeball oh my God she was getting it tattooed like purple I think and it just immediately bled out like her whole life of all the wife of it turn purple and is it something that people do was just an idea that he had like is it something that's, pestered her to do it and be as many immediately broke up with her the pictures of gruesome break up with somebody you can break up with somebody after you like events at least 6 months you have to stay with them anyway I think putting a needle in an eyeball exactly whatever idea and yes I know laser eye surgery put a laser in an eyeball proven that it works all at yada yada when they have people on Twitter want to say hey we like but stop telling lies they were telling you what was going on I like the only thing that I heard while they were actually doing the procedure was office gossip and then tell me that was going to go blind temporarily so all the sudden my vision like goes away and I start freaking out and all I could hear them talk about is like you know Betsy and what she's actually doing today but it's terrifying like you losing your sight like that the huge thing I can imagine living the rest of your life without you that it's that stuff did you everything went black when I put that vacuum on your eyes out when they have the little like like it if you didn't get laid cuz I think that's what I started doing before I think they took a razor blade in like sliced Eye and Laser God you're feeling pressured to send me a link I guess there's a procedure you get done for about $10,000 you can have the colors of your I changed it's not like Christopher no no no this is if you already alive and I know that some kind of procedure not genetic alteration we live in the future maybe I like there a way to permanently change your haircolor I would save so much money yeah cuz you dye it black right yeah I have a standing appointment every 6 weeks wow my roots are bad what your natural color blonde like dirty blonde blonde you surprise me every time you mention that cuz like I've only known you as of like thoughts before and after right now oh my God that's a pretty convincing call yeah they changed it I mean yeah that's pretty crazy if you guys ever watch Star Trek next Generation obviously you know we talked about actors having to wear shit to the wharf you know how to put on the Klingon thing every episode for obvious reasons make sense Klingon apparently the actress who played Count play Troy how to put on black contacts and everything for every episode for 7 years and it's like nobody noticed that like a betazoid look like they have these eyes and she's like all right and I think other betazoids started appearing in the show and not wearing shit and she's like what the fuc I never noticed that would be that betazoid hair that shows Ford only in the nineties what happened now I'm going to read something you look up what years is next Generation ran what am I looking for something for some it's love for some its purpose or Unforgettable experiences but for most it's just your keys 8 years ago tracker changed everything when they released their first tracking device and now they've done it again with all new trackr pixel with tracker pixel you'll never have to worry about losing your things again trackr pixel is the lightest Bluetooth tracking device on the market place tracker pics on whatever you tend to lose Keys your wallet even your cat it small enough to fit anywhere when you misplace your smartphone and an IT decimal Lord will help you fight it in seconds and even has a powerful LED light so you can find anything even in the dark lose your phone just press the button on your tracker pixel and your phone rings even if it's on silent you can even look at you right away it's miles away because every tracker user is part of the largest crowd locate Network in the world tracker Thursday money-back guarantee means you truly have nothing to lose go to the tracker.com glass rooster I get 20% off any order that's the tracker.com spelled it out the track ar.com rooster for 20% off flash rooster thanks for sponsoring this episode of the receipt podcast when did I put that apparently every betazoid beside her Troy's mother wore black contacts and that was played by that character was play by the Crater Star Trek wife so I'm sure she was just like no I'm not going to do that but I think Michael Dorn had to go through four hours of makeup everyday Rhonda Klingon thing and then a lot of episodes all he's doing is standing in the back so you seem in a wide shot and he'd say I recommend torpedo like want Photon Torpedoes in Picard's be like no that's it it's like imagine having to do that like go through that every day in a show that though Ensemble base yeah I'm sure he was like hoping that he's either not in an episode or the episodes about him yeah one and a half since yeah we have your shoulder but we're going to have to let you know just in case we have to see that nothing on but a pain in the ass that stuff but I mean it's like some actors they just like make a career out of it like Andy Serkis Dennis how much time he's been in makeup and then not a fucking it is God damn it she's a lot of stuff like that God dammit Warwick Davis have a lot of time in Guardians of Galaxy who played the big blue. Dave Batista yes working it's funny cuz in Harry Potter who played two characters but one of the characters look like an elf like end of personal banker no no no the professor and I was like an intense amount of makeup and then another director commanders like a stupid you know look different you know just look like a guy and I'm sure it's just like oh my God thank you cuz like that amount of makeup and make it look legit cold out I had to do that make up for things like 3 hours working on TV so sorry about that. Thank you for doing that I'm sorry so don't feel too bad in that building full of asbestos does Matt Stone the whole time. You not us cuz we have makeup on and we have to let you know get ready to do takes after take it even if we have a break in between it's just like cover your mouth I guess for a few seconds yeah those buildings are inhabited cuz they're like condemned by the city so we all are slowly so I have an app on my phone you know I'm obsessed with airplanes and travel and I've got an app that I can track like any airplanes flying in the world I can see it in the sky you can enter like an augmented reality mode for you point your camera on it and it is a quick flight it is and it tells you like at altitude stuff I found out it has a setting I never knew it had the other day where you can get an alert you can push notification anytime any plane in the world to Claire's in emergency room My God is Awesome click on it go to flight yes do you feel like playing turning around or diverting the airport then I was walking one yesterday as I got outside of Philadelphia psychos American Eagle flights to cost in Philadelphia they declared an emergency Seether turning back around and then it like disappeared off the map I was like what just happened to a different website on my laptop and I found it cuz I thought we landed okay when you're actually flying the Wi-Fi sometimes when you don't worry about doing that and I'm getting an alert saying like when you find out before the people on the plane actually write out like I wouldn't be surprised if like they have to technically declare an emergency but they feel like I could go wrong on Playstation you would be able to tell majority of the emergency communication if I was really into it but I don't know that for sure you've been at this website the database of the Black Box recordings yeah some the last lines are exactly what you think or like oh my God the worst one is is that a mountain or something like that there's something like a Redhead Says full circle to Titanic there was a the worst one is for one of the Air France 447 like one of the last things are we crashing like a week to plan Collision that happened on the runway for Capitol Reef 2747 Island Lake if I came up with a new system there like right now we can have more planes take off and land so every time the system gets better it correlates with efficiencies take better advantage of by still having more planes analogy yeah the hardware software on it going to crash in a field somewhere actually like I'm so do you use the calculator on your phone dude. I do so there's a bug I guess what the last version of the Apple iOS iOS where it animated but whenever you press the button right like a little light pops up on your calculator 2 + 3 and tell me what it says as fast as you can I find the calculator cuz I don't remember what's so why there is 23 there's an animation that occurs when you do any calculation and it takes so long to react did it glitches out if you do it real slow you'll get the right answer that makes me afraid of like specifically like I can do some she's Emily back across the plain cuz like there's a lot of calculations that go into when they're actually have a dedicated system that's been tested by owner not using an iPhone I kind of do you know what airport is there like where it's at show me the picture of the flight in Canada the metric conversion metric to Imperial and they forgot and they put they didn't put enough fuel in the plane and it ran out of fuel at the pilot was like an avid ultralight gliding pilot so he glided down and landed it's amazing like something happen to your plane is very scary but tell the pilots are really talented and especially with not just like the technical skill but being able to stay in control the situation that's why I think watching that show air disasters made me a much better flyer I felt like better except for the guys that don't understand that they're falling or the dude that we're all trying to change a lightbulb and crashed the plane actually I don't know it's all horrible terrible every time now I got to get nervous about that stuff anymore but fascinating and complex systems are so many variables to it and there's so many like safety checks and and things that up as much as I fly now I still get scared every time I take off really Landings more scary for me at the Landing if something else is wrong with the plane very rarely does something happen only on Landing it's usually someone that the pilots don't break correctly really those are only that that's really the only thing I can think of bird of really rare that your engine be fine if you're like it's going the right direction when they see what happens if you take off your accelerating with a fuel tank with a full tank of gas is not a flying machine it's not meant to fly it is not a bird that flaps its wings like to clean as a flying machine what I'm trying to say is that what I'm trying to say is that in order to get it in the air it's like a way that you manipulate the structure of the plane though the amount of things that can go wrong and the likelihood that something going wrong during takeoff is going to crash the plane is higher than in any other part of the other part of the white especially if you ever called her and take off it is more likely to be related to a stall or cause a stall and people don't survive stall cuz it's like a belly flop if you make fun of me like if my plane is going down and it's going the right direction and not you know falling like falling I feel pretty good about surviving at cruising altitude know what I mean is I'm not going to but you can hit the ground when you're actually you're more your tractor is more like a landing if once you lose enough lift to go down you know it goes down not necessarily belly flop either way your fuck with you I'm just trying to explain a little more complicated than what you're saying I agree with that yes I'm sure it is just a couple friends who are hanging out again for the whole time thank you don't be afraid every day they're good for the hospitality we have for a a us-based airliner was like a month after the September 11th attacks it was like a plane crashed in Queens but since then I don't think there's been in there definitely happen American Airlines Delta flight upstate New York okay it was Colgate is like a subcontractor's United Express or Continental Express well I feel better before I need to finish the merger with United like 5 years ago I think this happened in 06 I want to say the palace thought that they were in the morning but it's kind of a depressing note to end on a post on Instagram he would wait to go to meals with people and wait for them to like they're looking to take a photo of your meal and you wouldn't push it like at the last second you uploaded like a compilation Instagram of him just like destroying other people's how much joy he takes other people's moment that Lonely Island video people I thought you would appreciate me saying I was wrong and you were right I'm not wrong about those things all right with you guys next time