#465 - Trailers Spoil Every Movie

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, and Burnie Burns as they discuss trailers, comic book movies, what’s too much water, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on November 6, 2017, sponsored by Blue Apron (http://cook.ba/2l0pwsz), MeUndies (http://bit.ly/2yurK8H), Casper (http://bit.ly/2bgC0nt)

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to the podcast this week to buy a blue apron Casper and meundies Blaine hi Brittany. Today I had meetings like every hour leading up to this meeting I haven't seen with you busy like I was literally like walking out the door I got to go buy everything to meetings today we're literally I was standing up with my backpack on for the last 5 minutes I'm like trying to get out the door the meeting I had right before the podcast I was that meeting to did you know no help at all then you have to call in because I was at a meeting before that that I couldn't make it to meetings because we're at me there's another one but I parked here send me something via the Postal Service they mailed me something why did you mail this to me I literally work a hundred feet away from you make it back to bring it to me you could have just messaged me and I would have grabbed that was 2 days I get it it's still faster through the mail did it come from another place was it literally took it from where they work and mailed it from there I don't know it wasn't like they had it they made it in their office took it to the post office I guess or you have the mailman pick it up and then it was delivered to me at all just a bit confusing business now I'm dealing with a shipping problem it's going to I know it's about to lean on me because the podcast starts at 5 and I have my new iPhone is arriving on the truck right now she probably can if she's there but I'll meet you there I just checking all the time to see if it's like every time I check to see like a new one coming the first of all you said you were searching what nobody switch with me that's why I know I know it true that the letter i in? In the block have the new phone so if I can I was 11 in the new Xbox that you got what I like this way better cuz we talked about this is when I booted up to TV mode on my TV through it I thought at the time when I got my Xbox initially they don't have a lot more robust like cable features. I hit the juul and I bring up my guide it's not the full guide It's just that little like sliver on the side mirror on Friday so I only see a couple of pins how many pins is a lie when I was at the time I understand that there are just as many pens if you go to the pin section but I'm saying is it's not as easily accessible for the dumbest reason is the first thing you showed me with something so now that turned me off to the whole of us in general I believe that people should be allowed to enjoy whatever they enjoy it people like something I have a good time with that thing other people should not make fun of them for Android missing the one exception I have to this is the game cuphead people who play cuphead or fucking lunatics why I don't know why you would subject yourself to play a game like that I've watched any plant I watch Ashley played it's a it's a living digital nightmare what's wrong with it what is cuz it fits I don't know why you would subject yourself to a game that's in basically impossible to be difficult or impossible to wake by normal people jump all over the world level I've never played blade Tuesday of the cup it immediately put it down and Garfunkel away from it all the enemies firing a lot of bullets not stopping for about the last 30 minutes question do you like Super Meat Boy breath of the wild early this weekend I just finished help me beat Ganon when you be in before you be a star by your save file I don't want you to have the thing one of the weapons that you get right at the end of ganon's gone then like with all the evil be gone to it just makes me feel lazy like your cooking riding a horse for you to do I've been I've only touched any of the DLCs what's the one you said that shows all your footsteps here is puff and that's just all it does yeah one of many feets in DLC the way back to the when you start playing before that deal see the entire time for me so much to me I got to get the paraglider because then you start moving a lot quicker and I'm walking to place at all yeah I just like stop by that plane I like if I put 70 hours in something I'm by like that over the weekend I tweeted an image of an enable stats on my mouth and I tracked all the mouse clicks for the past 20 hours of me playing pubg and I post an image that you could see you like it's very little clicking in the middle it's a lot of inventory management and rage quitting but very little actual fire in the top-right hey so how can you not understand how people would be interested in stats related something to because every time you put even scrap of food in your mouth you got your phone out and your tracking it on your little macros fat that you have or whatever you are having a fat ass lately my ideal weight like you think everyone has like if they want to wait like this amount for the men's like lives in the realm of 175 what do I start questioning if you creep up till like 185 you get worried if you keep down cuz you're probably in the level of Fitness we're going down it can be a bad thing but no yeah I just pretty much maintain and if it if I lose fat or sorry if I lose muscles and I feel like I gained it back with fat so it's always just going to like hard to tell where I'm at equilibrium story but we're so are you nightmare Days Inn on on the game she went in and I play I die I give to her she played she died it to me because call Mike mattich heard she was having something with her controllers or is doing that way she goes she goes to make some sleep you little brother make some tea and we're laying in her bed and I miss sitting at the end of it and then I suddenly hear screaming bloody murder screaming and I look back and in the process of watching the screen watch me play cuphead she dropped her hot boiling hot tea right on her leg right on her ass and it just like Sportster leg is still a better experience than playing feel better yeah it was a pretty bad for the doctor anything or she was in the bathtub and we turn on Coldwater and I just sat there with a solo cup just pour cold water on her wound off so you can see it I thought you weren't supposed to put cold water on it so you left like 10 minutes no I don't think so but I think cold water is the way to school today so we're just like yellow nothing like it was a very important night what sucks it does feel like all my stories kind of just like shit off at the end of Silence it's about an improv kind of little finicky sometimes glasses that you did Buddy you didn't tell me yet okay but you transfer your old stuff or a terrible vomit inducing I hate myself destroyed my iPhone whatever the hell the last one was 7 it just did it demolished it would take like 4 times as long to brew up I couldn't even swipe between stuff it would stop everything stopped about it and apples only response that is starting to find acceptable could you lose a bunch of stuff for Apple if I got a new phone and I can transfer my car and stuff to the new one and it works and I'll be good and I did it and it works and it's the best phone I've ever had and I love you so much I did contact you and ask you what you thought of that come in now but they don't show any previews until you look at it and unlock it with your face so it was saying like message from blah blah mail but it wouldn't send the details then you look at it and it's like and what information comes up like this picture I was like 26 people dead in Texas Shootout are you so bad I really want to look at this I really need to know is not ready for that information on my fucking Thor hi cuz I movie rocks and then I want to know where the coffee shop and I will look at it and I just like I could feel myself sink but it's not even 2 months since the last one is that anything is like Columbine happen and when that happen it was just like that was fucking Earth shattering news when Columbine happened I remember like so many changes were implemented in school. The first one you remember mean because of the Boston was one of the sites ever mass shootings this will the whole country was shaking and not that this isn't the case was like two shootings happened on a bigger scale within 2 months ago at assistance and shooting a few few weeks ago in Vegas for a while is there a month ago now it was the church which was 2 or 3 days ago but we have one in Austin since then and I don't think I can be aware of this cuz it's not Global News Stowe Vermont to Stowe Vermont global news or it's not even you know national news but there's this thing where guy in Austin just randomly shot for people just started randomly shooting at car was like driving and shooting at the same time people to mass shooting it's multiple people getting shot along the interstate you want to jump on like to see some big ass so I would have been curious like what I haven't I haven't talked to anybody who tell me if you want to live in Vegas it's rare to know somebody who lives in Vegas you know after the the biggest thing it seems like we were going to see some action like there was serious effort to put some restrictions in place to cut some of the bullshit with r r gun laws and then it just all went away I would need anything at all come from the shooting in Massachusetts bump stocks and something else for the trigger cranks maybe some words that happened like right after the Las Vegas shooting in the sales of bump stocks went up I mean that's so weird stat but you know people to find out about something for the first time and they get it as a result I mean honestly Gavin there was probably a lot of those are being purchased by news organizations and YouTube creators who wants to make a video to show with a bump stock is no I didn't buy bump stock after that so so that is why she was in the blog from Vegas with the helicopter blog she was going to briefly but we didn't really like to say hello to you during the block so or we did I did I did you cut it cut it interesting I was talking to her but I was off camera camera saying hey you know because I've known her for when we meet, come, yet so now that has a going to figure out I can say this the right way now I had a really entry job where you know a lot of cosplayers who make a living from doing cosplaying she doesn't a really specific way she's the Tennessee Titans Mexican cheesy official was the official Black Widow for a Marvel licensed property so she was like the official person who is playing Black Widow all the time yeah Stella and so for the rest of the introduction I was talking to her it's just me pointing at camera at this girl in this different body like male voice please ask your questions if I just got a super like creepy anyways I didn't I just want to get back I was like this is creepy right you live in Vegas the event obviously but you were around when everything went down I was texting with my friend who was at the event and we were talking about the song that was being played the musician that was playing the song lyrics to the song she was telling me about and then like 4 minutes pause when I get this text like those gun firing or running and I'm like you know there's nothing on Twitter yet I open up a police scanner right away is nothing on a police scanner yet so just like this like horrifying 12 minutes or she didn't text me back around like is this going to fire is this like scary flying and everything started rolling in because I asked you about some events where I learned about the Texas church shooting because something on Facebook a bunch of my friends that live in Austin for reporting themselves the safe was like what the fuck happened so I'm easily went to the news and try to figure out what happened did you get off that upsets you that who here follows Donald Trump on Twitter you actually follow him I don't I do not have an unpopular opinion I think I do not like that account was deleted by some Rogan play Arijit Singh the hero we deserve this but here we need I don't like that what was the current what they say now is like some contractor on his last day they're not going to have the ability to silence an account that he disagrees with what he or she disagrees with who knows the guy I don't like the things he says but he's not violating the terms of the website people always try to show how he is threatening nuclear war and how that's a violent act to do that so I show how it's a potentially be the violation to turn the service I need to get that car checked 1915 Model T I can push it. People really yesterday or happy about that Vegas that there's no law that would have stopped Vegas killing people is already against the law for difficult what can we Implement some type of laws to make it so that it's not so easy to kill that many people that quickly is Vegas to meet Vegas to me as a place to where it's become to find where we take what is traditionally legal and make different rules for it but very specific different rules and that works out okay like people in Vegas are there going wild but they're not going like off the charts like crazy wild because they're still laws in place to govern when people doing there but it seems a place we can go to bend the rules a little bit and go in a little bit of a great living in Las Vegas near the stuff that two or three consider fun cuz it's boring and Monday Outer Limits tickets at Treasure Island is kind of a used gross you said you wanted to go somewhere for laughs and a Blog but we didn't think we were we were out late it was for the GameStop event Ashley and John had to go to bed early because they're hosting thing was the next day but mine was all done so we ended up staying out a lot later and then we had this plan never come up the plan when you're drunk he was playing a hey there's this place in Vegas where if you had a hangover you can get an IV and you can get over your hangover we talked about it about I cast of what I do it's great idea right now but the idea when your drunk ass hey let's make sure we're hungover tomorrow so then you end up just drinking a lot like good morning cuz no fucking call last call and then we end up at this way to put this is Ivy Place I got to say we can put in the block is it didn't seem related in any way you like this kind of like a little gross it was like yeah it's kind of gross but I have to say it works like a fucking charge for stuff we did include and I think that might like everyone up and down the strip and I like the big truck I mean you know it's a lot with video content on the internet if you make something that the people find unrelatable these kind of hammer on you for it in the big one for me was it's usually somebody with money in the big one for me of the ball when I went to San Francisco it was Ashley's birthday so we took a helicopter ride but too expensive it was like $750 but people are just like really Furious that we did that they were very upset and the price of getting us to San Francisco and staying in a hotel in San Francisco for 3 days was like 4 times that amount just to travel and go to San Francisco what do we freaks out when you go to a city but it still that's the more expensive I went to San Francisco it's me last year and I was like what 1800 bucks when I go there every month I want your blog to live vicariously through you and you're like weird estimate I don't want to see you getting up and making breakfast I want to see you like a fucking machine gun out of a helicopter oh that did it you by the way how cool was that right I think that's the coolest thing I've done in my entire life and I will never do anything cool it right away I was turning away and then I saw her falling down was like slow motion just like nothing I can do if she would happen this weekend right congrats to the community team they raised 58000 91002 why it why I was looking to actually bored I thought it was higher why is it listed as a lesser amount hi I know it's okay that that right there that's the pin set we have for sale this weekend it's a four set of pins from if you remember the Pokemon poster we had a couple years ago that is something only available next week in from 8 a.m. till 8 a.m. Saturday to Sunday version of Zangief I am I am I thought their life. Org / rooster teeth that is the rooster teeth super team which is all of this combined together so this weekend we had this previous week and was about you showing up on showcasing of the 25 different teams that are part of the receive super team so they end up raising about $45,000 just from the 24 hours that we we're done and we're already about 50,000 we saw them Arthur Brown case every aspect of Rooster Teeth and we figured alien parts tilemap would be the way to do it so there's a Camp Campbell and funny stuff anyway for sale this weekend from 8 a.m. Central till 8 a.m. Central on Saturday to Sunday and I'll proceeds from the that we're not making any money off the poster the pin set of shirts to wear those yet but are those are all the all the proceeds go to the rooster teeth donation to extra Life 1 million dollars 100000 without even starting our so I'm really hoping we hit it and I know I talked about possibly having it where I will have some raffle stuff where you can come to see a podcast recorded live if you win the raffle I don't know if it's still going on why don't you just buy the other thing that you want to give away in the Wrath are we doing that it was your suggestion I think a few months ago that we want to give away the old podcast chairs that you and I used to sit on for that's a great idea the black and white ones and what about the part of the word caveat I will say about the asterisk that we need to figure out yeah yeah there's a donate button right underneath kind of the window where are video be click on that will take you to a donation page and so we have fans Australia dhoni last time we did we had a group from the UK to UK they did they did an hour on time on the other community stream and went really really well we had 25 different teams from all over the planet I represent in Canada UK All Over America and I we raised a lot of money we almost got 200,000 cuz we we said it a hundred thousand dollars we managed to hit that number Michael broadcast would eat one of the one chip challenge chip oh God 11 of those wooden ship in the package and that's it this weekend anyway well Jack I agree to hear a lot of it this weekend in the coming week but I want to say depends on how much work is that you and Katie put into this thank you so much in advance it's part of the year that everyone looks forward to Gavin coming to coffee while I'm so excited Fresh Life this year were aiming for 1 million dollars so I can go and I hope we do that at one point five million don't have nothing else we had our goal now what do we do and so I'm trying to set some like stupid goals or we can get to that like what would you do what would you do for 2 million dollars anyway so thank you very much please check it out roosterteeth.com extra life is the place to go this weekend 8 a.m. Central till Sunday 8 a.m. Central is 24 hours and credible Mayhem very entertaining and absolute wine left a large bottles not knowing whether it's good or bad so you don't have to worry about that anymore you discover 6 new wines monthly from Napa Bordeaux & Beyond 8 ball is slightly smaller than Standard & Poor to share over a weeknight meal in customize each box with style and varieties you love to make learning about wine Fun by giving you the who what and where everyone they send you one today get $25 off your first wine box by going to blueapron.com / RoosterTeeth wine and custom tasting notes to help you become a wine Aficionado that's blueapron.com Christie's wine Blue Apron a better way to cook and stuff on the back variety vintage region appearance flavors in Aroma profile give these to me before I started did you taste it here's another great way for never having wine left in bottles date Ashley Jenkins you will never have one step shoe polish them off it's crazy whatever we have the party at the house you tell us the day Ashley Jenkins sure it's all the rage party and Ashley and some of the girls from the company get together it's just a blow through an incredible amount of wine and some very specifically champagne so there was a really funny female moment to happen when we had these two conflicts sometime in the company like playing with each other we can't stand each other and like just just work it out or whatever so it was in his two ladies and then who was it that they drink wine together and they had this great moment and bonded over everything worked everything out Anna and Elsa came back and said the problem we had was not with each other the problem is all the men at the company was like that's usually the way those meetings go yeah usually when you assholes we are at they have to work with a lot of us don't have mail over the years except for you I think you download used to be able to play video games this is not true you invite him to your house but it was many but basically well I kind of see her neighbors I live close by you can come by I know Jordan was out for a walk around the neighborhood and he locked himself out of his house come over to someone else for him with I can hang out with me even though I found them here so you talking about drinking wine and I've been I believe me I've been trying to get an effort to drink more water and when do you start drinking too much water today things bulshit completely clear when you pissed and it looks like it's just going right through me go ahead what could you drink so much water that is pretty much water when it comes out if you drank like 5 gallons of lost pets with a you deplete your body of nutrients entirely at that point everything out you have nothing to flush out your system at that point so you'd be dead I forgot about that I can Nintendo Wii if you guys pee in the most successful console time it's clear enough P do not flush no no I mean what's wrong with you I just asking I thought it'd be silly if somebody did that inside of your urethra should probably flush it I live with a roommate who would not flush urine and supposed to drink more than a liter of water an hour an hour because your kids are your kidneys cannot remove that can you can't remember your kidneys cannot remove eliminate some of water a day too can't get rid of more than one liter per hour so to avoid hyponatremia symptoms should not be more than a liter of water per hour on average sometimes something and I discovered when we were in India in pushkar 125° was they gave us these World Health Organization salt packets and they're like salt and electrolytes in water love them and drink one of those big like this size I'm a big tall bottles of water you dump in the drink it pretty sure it was which one cuz I had to drink it like that you felt amazing really it's hard to describe just a different feeling I had your he ordered them on Amazon since I need to not look like that they've been looked almost generic like they came out of the green and pickles and mustard before football games cuz it helps with cramps qixels got a bad rap but not to drink salt water but you take some pills you can take some pills for dehydration can you for dehydration leader of saltwater seems dangerous to me like 10 seconds ago this is going to bring salt pills for runners how dare you I'm not a runner obviously a difference between hydration soul and sodium which which parts are exported from what I understand your body has like a certain salinity to it and it can filter up to certain salinity of water and is that why you thought ocean water is to saline so in order to filter your body takes water from itself to dilute the salt water to make it less saline in order to be able to filter and that's why you're using your own water to try to delete it I was in a lot of salt water the week after packs we we went we went up to place called it's on the map is called Karen's c a i r n s saying that just saying that with their accent think one of the places where you can take a boat go to the Great Barrier Reef and Ellie is a Dive Master Certified scuba diver so she could take a whole lot longer it would be around for much longer so extraordinary bleached but the places we were gorgeous either dark spot or a white spot that looked at a place but I don't know was the swimming with what we went through a phase where was cold to swim through which I probably shouldn't have been doing it my level of scuba diving and I scraped the side of the wall I was very careful not to touch any Coral entire time and I like cut my hand and I got a little piece of coral in it that was one of the most painful Cuts I've ever had my life Jenna getting back or loud yeah you got rid of that otherwise it'll get deeply in Festus really bad to where all the bacteria living organisms that are you should not be exposed to you know and it's everywhere you look at something that can probably kill you or infect you put it in a little black I dropping Prometheus exactly what I thought you meant Covenant on the plane this and we can talk about this right now I feel like the aliens an alien Prometheus and Aliens were far superior to the aliens that then we end up with later but they make a big deal about getting to the evolution of a few more step on a Spore it infects you don't you look in a fucking egg like an idiot and give me the face Dearborn Alien X 20000 x worth give me the alien that sell guns or anything like that you take down at 7 yeah they're gone all the aliens are gone forever mechanic of the two stage life cycle of the current alien it just seems unnecessary when compared to what it came from quality Prometheus to have to have like steaks for the new movie cuz that's like the whole oh you know it weird I know but I mean the same thing as the prequel trilogy for Star Wars related back to Star Wars architecture in the ship in Alien Covenant correct me if I'm wrong. Are they on a mission to populate an area that they sent like five couples or something 100 women and three dudes it seems like that's a whole ship full of people there's like people in high bird the colonists in the deposit in the bank is embryo did James Franco yeah one more thing before you get to this discussion Hesperus Libra and I continue to roll this nice if line of products create an exceptionally comfortable sleep experience one night at a time if you do not get on the combine multiple supported memory foams for Quality sleep surface with just the right thing and just the right balance Peppers breathable design help you sleep cool and regulate your body temperature throughout the night there not just a mattress company Casper offers a wide array of product to ensure on overall better sleep experience talked about it many times I love my Casper my favorite mattress I've ever had to sleep on I can buy it usually online completely free it'll be delivered right to your door in a car box thermos been one third of Our Lives on a mattress if so important to truly sleep on a mattress before committing that's why I can't forgive you one of your night to try it out start sleeping ahead of the curve with Casper get $50 towards any mattress purchase by visiting casper.com SRT and using promo code RT check out the condition supply that's $50 worth any mattress.com RT using promo code RT at checkout okay your uterus fall of the salt pills over common during World War II to help soldiers retain their bodies water until they can find a good source of water the salt help you retain water when your situation will be shutting I guess as long as it's not too salty yeah everything in moderation right I guess everybody say hello this is Eric we we've known for a long time I feel like I've hung out with you more in other countries than this New Zealand yeah that would make sense I like your shirt in Star Wars good bad the ugly shirt Milwaukee you recently left what I consider to be really the first blog never wear any cool movies were you were an entertainment editor for how long I started writing for that site when I was about 16 years old back in the internet age that means I'm about 350 I think you're going to have to remember like back in the wild wild west days of the internet like people like barely figured out dial up at that point right so any cool got to be one of the very first places on the map that would actually talk about movie geek stuff so it was the first place like all these people like I grew up in a little town called Sunnyvale and not so little anymore Cupertino area but nobody like movies around there as much as I did anyway so like when there's a lots of little minis around on the internet did you know that the community gathered in the school was right at the Forefront of that yeah and now you're at the know and what's your official title at the 9 a.m. senior writer senior entertainment writer your avatar on Twitter Robert Shaw from holy shit I knew who you were before I knew who you were. He went by the name Quint for years which is why the Robert Shaw Jaws Quint from the kid but you have an original print of Jaws that we got to watch I have a friend who has a 35mm interesting I'm going to drop a big name but I have a 16 mm print that's a TV print which means it was a cut that was only meant for TV like back in the old days they would need to fill a certain space movies like Jaws like a little over 2 hours and so that's more than the the time that they could feel when they had in commercials they like had to cut in like deleted scenes and stuff like that so there's a very famous Quint introduction that was cut where he's like kind of given shift to this kid in the music store and then like makes me cry and all this stuff and it's the first time you meet him in the movie and nobody ever got to see that until the DVD came out but my 16mm print has this scene in it and in 2004 V I got to go to the set of War of the Worlds and meet Steven Spielberg as one of my idols and so I brought that up because you know who I'm trying to impress Steven Spielberg I guess and say I have this cool print that has the stuff in there like a little things in there that like have never made any DVD just like a shot Brody walking down the street and I might get some you know this is really cool that you know I have this right you know Steven love me and be impressed by me and and he just kind of looked at me cuz you got something I don't have and then walked away and I'm just like all right cool Steven Spielberg Jaws like Nikki's John's Blaine is like his Star Wars for you Stars he got to interview all the members of the surviving cast and Steven Spielberg in Universal Studios park in the island where the Jaws comes out for the tram that goes by and you get that was just sent to interview all of them was that this thing Joe albums does the production designer in the guy that kind of made me another shark work and Carl got Liam who was the one of the writers in the also played the newspaper guy in the movie yeah I still never met the Dreyfus like I'm assuming he would make me cry because he's supposedly not the nicest in the world I really felt like that but that was really awesome because you know every as a kid you know you go to Universal Studios and you take the tram to her when you're as big as Jaws nerd as I was like that was nothing we go to Universal cuz I wanted to see the shark and so here we are sitting in the background the trams going by and the sharks jumping out so I have this video interview of like me and Carl Gottlieb when he's talking in the background there's people screaming in the tram and you know the shark jumping out of the water but the coolest part about doing that wasn't actually sitting and talking to people it was afterwards like it you doing that are dead time in between so I'd wait for the trams to go by and it'll just be silent for like 45 minutes and at the shark like reset itself and all that and I would just go up and like take a picture in front of the jaw signed you know the the the it just kind of like I mean you see a section of it you never see from your point of view like go behind the scenes for you guys you like more than anybody else you think might be Rushmore really yeah I'll probably watch Rushmore couple hundred times it's Hot Fuzz Goldfinger Ventura Pet Detective love it as a kid that's a lot of people like it when Nature Calls at 6 if you're in the area and I can watch them before we think about Eric and you want to talk about one thing which is Thor Ragnarok boxer kind of dead which but I think it's eventually going to happen is super exciting you get the Marvel movie like the Coalition importantly in my view Fantastic Four back over to Marvel but I think it would be cool to have it within the Marvel Cinematic Universe but for whatever reason Fox just cannot make a good Fantastic Four movie the same so I don't know I think eventually they are going to that last one that's my credit for taking off the last decade-and-a-half of Hanukkah you went to going to watch it late punish blade blade blade beat them to it but it was really the double shot of X-Men and Spider-Man that like really kicked off the superhero thing that we have now this opening weekend it is the 17th release in a row by Marvel that opened it number one incredible how many movies are they putting out this point. We did this is the third model of the year or two or three cuz we have what Black Panther and infinity Wars next year, but I guess the one thing about this run of comic book movies which as a kid I was wanting to see these movies and I think what's really great about where we are this era of Cinema with all these Comic Book Heroes making their way into mainstream is I think it's something that all of us growing up as Gigi kids realized and that is that Marvel is way fucking better than decent I don't know how anybody can argue that man DC is on the level of Marvel at Batman anyway when I was a kid like I was all about Marvel Comics but I was reading material but it was DC movies it was Superman the movie was Batman Dynamic that too I was just thinking about earlier today with that with that news you like the Rodger Corman Fantastic Four open at number 1 with this with Thor Ragnarok Dave crossed five billion dollars in North American box office Star Wars attic sold for 4.2 Marvel and Disney get hold of Fantastic Four I just know that Tony Stark's going to make an appearance in the Fantastic Four movie movie or at least be mentioned in every Marvel movie that he's mentioned in the Bible to use his wallet can well in the dude you also have to remember that before Iron Man Down he was just out he was out of Hollywood he wasn't insurable it's like he he I know he only feels a lot of eots Marvel a lot for the you know you know when you have like the people that Chris Evans are like always talking about like maybe this will be my last Captain America maybe I won't resign the contract like I think we're going to have Downey pretty much until Marvel Quantum anymore which I doubt it's going to happen right but he'll get his Logan at the very end I can see why Chris Evans maybe getting bored of that role did you see the just like buff and punches and he has to be nice what's wrong with him in Spider-Man homecoming like all of his PSA making funny yeah what do you say language everybody when they say language but I'm really excited about the direction things are going did you see the new Chris Pratt Halloween photo of him with his kid is kids dressed as Captain America paparazzi paparazzi fire hose that someone who can you take that picture with the famous person that was my favorite Marvel movie that wasn't the Avengers the first one you can make a movie about the Norse god superhero and somehow they pulled it off when you compare it to the first door of the first Captain America at night and day and time does the style I have now it's just like it was at the comedy movie the comedy movie with Austin punching and improve it was great it was nothing like the one we just like Disney buy lucasfilm should take cues from Marvel like taika waititi did something fucking amazing with that character and if Star Wars the kind of like going to relinquish some control little bit in like you know like to Spencer Lord thing I think we can see more variety we're at different stages in the Marvel Cinematic Universe they built out face is starting you know even before the first Iron Man according to your serious movies been a little crazy now we're like so far removed from all that everyone knows the characters you can have some stuff that little crazy that guards the Guardians of the Galaxy beginning a phase three Star Wars they're having to relearn trust after the prequel to go to play it safe for a few movies and then you start that poem of phase 0 right to face -1 plus I have like they have that system is in place though it's like you got the main 1789 and then you can have the fun side Anthology movies on me what you think looks good so yeah let me so like it was supposed to be like that quacky version and then they just kind of like now we got to keep it but I think I think Marvel had their time where they kind of got back fire for holding on you tighten you doing too much by committee that happened with Edgar Wright leaving iron or not I am in a man him it happened with the Allen Taylor and Thor the Dark World which ended up being in my opinion the worst of the MCU movies really wears an Iron Man 3 would you don't like Iron Man 3 Iron Man 3 play Iron Man 2 and I'm like well that that's like a writer strike movie so they didn't have a script for half of that but like Iron Man 3 it it's kind of like what I love so much about Thor Ragnarok is it's very much ashamed black movie very much and it goes a little bit too far with the silliness cuz there's like in real death like on-screen deaths stuff that happens in Ragnarok that should have been a big had a big impact but everybody's joking around it the whole time so it sounds like it to me I think they aired a little bit too much on the side of silliness over emotion but I can't be upset about that because it also shows that Marvel's letting go a little bit right and that they're they're not as in a holding on as tight they're not doing it by committee there blood in the filmmakers have have the rain and I think lucasfilm will eventually get there if they haven't already I mean I've heard Ryan Johnson's got you know how pretty Fair rain on Last Jedi but like you know I have no idea you know if that's just because he's awesome or if it's because you know you know they just like him or what but but yeah I mean they're definitely fumbling right now with with the solo thing and with nine you know trevorrow getting kicked off at 9 so like 2 weeks ago pretty recently tournament director to come in to do with Ron Howard into to reshoot it for months of no idea how true it is cuz it was on the internet but I think I saw somebody say that it was about he should reach out about 80% of the movie that's a lot 9 is also a problem too because I think the issue that they're facing is how they going to do with Carrie Fisher yeah I'm dying to find out what like how they deal with there anything I can eat I'm fucking bummed because like I know that they had something set you know I'm place where they would have taken way up but now we'll never know no cuz if you look at the you know now this kind of becoming clear you know episode 7 was Hans movie episode 8 Lux movie and not the case I know it's already like if you guys saw the last trailer for like that emotional beat without spoiling too much of somebody didn't want to watch the trailer but there's an emotional beat where you between Carrie Fisher and and kylo ren that's like we're not anywhere near the same place but they connect and and there's more emotion than that like 4 seconds in the trailer than in any of the prequel that's the one he loves movies about you do you like the trailers I love the trailers there was a trailer or trailor last night it came on I realized instantly I think the first shot was Walker's Star Trek trailer I am mediately thought about Star Trek trailer lock the door and I left the theater and it came back two or three minutes later I did that too for bladerunner2049 and it came on I was on a date with Alana and I remember it came up and was like I look like a fucking crazy person I don't want to hear myself a lot more if I avoided trailers but growing up that was the thing that got me excited about moving like there's an art form do a good trailer to ruin key moments in movies but I like the suicide squad thing I said when you have a case study of my cousins like it made the movie looks something like something completely different than the movie a lot of stuff in the movie cuz I wanna never talking she said if if that reveal that was in the trailer you hadn't happened if they kept that big character reveal Secret holy shit can you imagine the movie prevent something as it's a big secret but the trailer has you know what's coming you know feels like the very first piece of art for Ragnarok anything that they released was Thor and Hulk fight him yeah I know it's like that you know I don't know but the anticipation of it's like you know I'll always I hate the Star Wars prequels with a passion but like I'll always look fondly on those two weeks leading up to Phantom Menace and just kind of reading your Journal way back on the old outside outside and you would watch like slightly more of the Matrix Reloaded trailer and then two seconds that movie where I was living in Puerto Rico United States in the US like if it was good or bad don't tell me don't talk to me at all about that movie but I went in and watch it was like sure that everyone biting her tongue was going to tell me he does not to bother Phantom Menace trailer though like really a spoiler if you seen Darth Maul's lightsaber save some of that maybe the white man nobody knows he's excited about this movie A lot of people realize Eric is one of the hosts of the poker game where I'm at Jack and Daniel fabelo and other people I would credit you are I would I would credit Eric also is being the reason why Elijah Wood was in red versus blue he was the person who helped us work that out so glad to finally be working with you and I'm so you can correct as you know it over here whenever we talk about movies me too I just left my phone over there look everything what's the comic book movie that you guys want to see but if you would love to see the movie Green Lantern the comic series that got me in the comic books was the dark Phoenix Saga for free X-Men with the hellfire club in all that stuff and I've never done it but they've never done it right brain thinkers doing another stab and I don't have much sympathy actress that plays Jean Gray like she was in the 16-17 that was working at the time she's got one of the coolest characters ever because this Arkansas character goes through The Incredibles one of them tell stories ever told in comic books and then he's never get it they never really the problem is there's no build up to it it's like they just introduced her as kind like a side character in The Last X-Men movie didn't do something where she got a little crazy evil on the apocalypse thing machine a little bit but again it just happens right away I mean you have to love Jean Grey first right and then you know what the powers and then there's got to be that slow that process will the powers take her over that's burn Phoenix Phoenix centuries I'll be here all night I would love to see Craven from Spider-Man Noir to see a Moon Knight, where the Blake the barrels by bottom of the barrel end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when they have like Moon Knight or Cloak and Dagger we go generation ROM the space-knight Easter egg in Ragnarok in Thor Ragnarok there's like the towers made up of the heads of all of the grand Masters champions yeah and one of the heads of the Galaxy there was a horse head Skeleton on a human's body on the planet that Star-Lord was like doing the dance thing she walked by a Beta Ray Bill guy scared the interest in going to reboot horrifying horrifying my head from you later okay bye bye meundies makes feel good 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It's not bad at all is it good Man from Uncle great though awesome fucking beautiful and tall and most masculine and go ahead I like him a lot I have a man crush on him and Ryan Gosling aspire to to make yourself straight up like body aspiration speak like a foot taller than me so probably be real by then we'll just roll them and they're just good looking cool guys that like to hang out with them each other and play pubg you want what you want to watch them blow each other I have a pair of someone I mean I hope nobody take the clip of it and posted on Twitter for them to be unfortunate this is a social media clip for that stupid things have been running to the ground stupid ass David pumpkins animated special it was funny I dressed up that dear but I got a year later they produce that stupid animated thing they aired it like at 10 or 10 at 10:30 p.m. like a normal SNL time slot and it was that awful it was as bad and I don't understand why there was nothing was in Tom Hanks Tom Hanks voice like there's nothing there's nothing weird about 30 minutes another 30 minutes they did a really funny Halloween skit where is like a roller coaster ride you see that one I don't remember what was the electronic Twitter once let us know the dark charge based on a Stephen King books specialized cell in which the original with Tim Curry in the book and I was older when that movie came out was so disappointed in the first one of the kids the new stuff the new one doesn't read the book no I can't possibly be creepier than some of the stuff that happened in that book with the kids in orgy did you say you like you like to hide really like the weird choice of the AC since soundtrack by they had going on I'd love to have you watch hunt for wilderpeople know he does that like you're all that moving and talking and it's a really it's a very fun movie I'm going to say something happens very early movie it doesn't spoil anything but it does potentially like kind of spoil a joke which is Thor happens across play where it's the story of Loki essentially stores like his buddy who's like all you're the best at everything and if it's meant to be like shity actress playing Thor and Loki and he's really funny and you recognize the actor who plays Loki right away yeah yeah I can't go to sleep I love to make that much but it's my biz it the whole movies fun though to its did think it was a character in there that could have been Beta Ray Bill but wasn't an alien character in it that's really fucking funny and great and I would die would highly recommend it's one of my favorite Marvel movies I think I feel like the style of the text and the post is didn't match the movie where they went stupid neon multi colored for like the taxes as Thor Ragnarok again and the person who I weigh for the movies not really like that I think they probably veered away from that because of garlic so I did that a lot in the vein of Guardians of the Galaxy like glom onto the success of guards Avengers movies don't need to do that you know on the road I just think that somebody came in and had a vision for what he wanted to make this storm moving to be and he did I think this movie is the one movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe we're like 10 years from now movie that has Wate it was pretty crazy there's like 4 character deaths was like oh okay I found myself laughing at the most random of skill moment like the current to the direct to place a piece of rock. Hey you want to go see the baby I went in with Zero taste I never saw the trailer I didn't know anything about it I literally leaned over to Lana's like low expectations very specific expectations and it completely if you haven't seen it already because there was some really amazing stuff spoiled in it and it's the one thing you said it's very obvious because you that characters on the posters as a huge part of all the marketing for the movie as well but there's other elements in that movie that are just there they're big moments the trailer cover some stuff that happens in the third act stop with the first or second act I didn't realize that this is the first movie where Mark Ruffalo voices the Hulk he doesn't normally do that before this movie I think that's really cool more dialogue a bigger part of it you know it's also going back to reset about them having holding back the Hulk was in the movie did you hear that they Hallmark Ruffalo accidentally livestreamed the premiere of the movie is the first like few minutes of it yeah. I feel like I'm at the premiere but I asked him to do like an Instagram live stream Premier Parking love you forgot to turn it off and he said that his phone was buzzing like crazy but he didn't want to be the absolute picks up his phone in the middle of the movie we were like texting like turn your phone off your life oh my God but things like the first 10 minutes of the movie did eventually realize what a major major slip-ups be that kind of stuff that I can think of any obvious he's been he's so cute gas and things like that and the internet has led to some incredible leaks of information obviously right now is the paradise stuff right through the tax avoidance what the tax dodging yeah I think I feel like that's still breaking as we're doing the sector still news coming out about Apple have 250 billion dollars in cash that's crazy day today just from the value of currency must be in San Mateo quarter of a trillion dollars but would be a very different show than a million dollars but that's the stuff you can buy for a quarter of a billion dollars F-35 fighter jets cheese Datsun B210 a fleet you can bulk discount country 2500 there's not $2,200 of that is I don't know either okay I'll look it up to see 12 oz the shity ones that there's like a bunch of graveyards in waldenburg inoperable cuz they don't have fell in disrepair are there is like super article about the government waste in there was like the main plane that use in the Air Force is just like a piece of shit plans are there are two hundred thirty one of them as of March of this year more than exist in the world super secret bad at like like dr. evil type thing like make a spaceship and leave it would be hard to make an impact of the company that size would that amount of money but what are you doing your day-to-day basis that gets you super my job to burn 1 million dollars a day behind it all the time released that statement that metric that they make in Revenue the equivalent of 8 million dollars per employee per year and we were fascinated of course the next day everyone's like I want to fucking jackass if you're making $8 per person at this company but I think even that it did it I think that could be detrimental to your motivation in your drive big companies there such a public ones there is always that pushed you can we bring in new people tell Drive things but I look at a company like valve on a cannibal wonder if the success of the company has hampered the future success of that company like their success as a platform with steam they haven't made a game and how long will debit card besides the card game eight years was the last one to write what was the last Portal 2 company get to to successfulness play if Apple had handled with able to just be like everybody $500 sporting Steve Jobs Vision Institute should be on his life would have been happy with 10 trillion dollars right and it like why why can't it bad I'm just enough cash I'm not doing anything Shirley does a point where you don't need to do anything you want to do better at Citgo that iPhone x it's selling a million less than the iPhone 7 so that's a bad thing is going to hit our stock I'm a guy to come in like looks like 2 million iPhone x is from ourselves that's what I would do shit speaking of the iPhone 10 what you can with the ex I can call the exit. Going to get the quick replacement that's a hundred bucks that's two hundred bucks you spend 200 bucks okay getting AppleCare plus which means we smashed you find kick it into a lake or something will you text that was damaged you get a new one for a hundred bucks says you're right so I was like look at the list of the first it is less than that one out of coverage a iPhone 10 however because accidental damage without AppleCare guess so much it cost again you a 550 bucks but still the difference between that and getting the coverage for something that might not happen is that that's what puts me off like at Best Buy I would buy the extended service plan everything I purchase if it was a reasonable amount of money the extended service plan is 20% of the cost of the item I'm just thinking in four years is going to be like 5 new versions of this thing that I'm buying at Best Buy I'm not going to replace it with that or if you had a problem remember that I had it 20% is my definite cut off for that probably I'd say over 15% I would even consider getting them to extend this phone is so expensive but it's normal now let you use it everyday every minute of your day so it's saying like I'm happy to spend my money where I'll get used to this sort of like I have a nice mattress and a nice TV and I thought that's the main thing but I've just got to come to terms with the fact that now fun potentially it's like a full figure expenditure computer I use it more than my computer sympathy can play games as well as your computer yes that's true no for today me I just play everything on the switch now I love the switch so much you want from PC Master race this which I love I love him he's a little Boston this my been happy like when he's older going back and forth between handheld and the doc was great I had to break the news to Ashley are there cuz now I will just go back to a normal life with Nostalgia doesn't have you play Mario said the Mushroom Kingdom that's a that's doesn't mean you got buy something that you can you would only look at if you play Mario 64 was that a light shines down in peaches cause someone to the mat in the middle of the room and you look up at it and you got to the Flying stage soon as I go in Pieces cost us like this is familiar. This exact same like it's not as many rooms but just look up at the ceiling and I came out of it when I looked at it yet call moon for summer quarter moon skin do you like turn all blocky it makes you realize how Mario looks like I'm in a phase refinished breath of the wild and I don't want to start another game although my current pic Fergie out of War year so far but they came out the exact same time breath of the Wild West. Got kind of buried under all the breath of the wild type and a lot of people think breath of the wild is there game of the year so far today today yeah Monday if the recording and so I'm tempted to go and play that but I probably won't probably the best yeah but I probably put more time into pubg than any other game but I think Horizon zero Dawn story figured that what you do is run run run run run how did I die way better not in yet the meaning of date that recently and they were very specific to say on Twitter that it was not the voting update Twitter status to have it by now but it didn't they were having trouble making it stable so they said they were delayed introduced to the public can be fun we actually do that all the time I do this thing where I was playing Rainbow Six other day and was game playing the character where you drop the armor for everybody yeah and then I was looking at the armor and I want to go put it on with f g and it dropped a little grenade right in the case I would like around it there are some games that one button does a lot and I remember Splinter Cell conviction did that when I was running from enemies I open the door and I was trying to close the door behind me I ended up switching to a weapon I didn't want them before that I jumped up into a pipe to do that jump down spin around. I accidentally did all that stuff that's going to be a video like a sketch to be made where button like the same button functions have really upset different Todd's been real life via I have to say I did watch trailer recently for a franchise that I'm a huge fan of even though I only wanted Call of Duty I watch The Last of Us 2 trailer did you watch that I didn't like it I loved Last of Us I respond to it at all I always really I mean it looks great it's it's incredible I do we reach that point where at least for me where be on The Uncanny Valley that things can be produced that it looks close enough to photo-realistic way in The Uncanny Valley it was for me for me like the Grand Moff Tarkin stuff was rough but it was almost passable for me I can feel like if they had another year of Technology on there man I wasn't as all put buy that trailer trailer connection with those characters cuz you don't know who they are but I'm pretty sure that's probably Ellie's I'm sure lots of somebody about you guys today because if we were all playing Last of Us multiplayer and then you guys just cut me out what we did we it was it was 2014 it was a long time ago we asked you if you wanted to be in a let's play know it's true we only hold it last of Gus cuz you didn't we love you both Wate no I don't ever have to be in it ever will you make a list of podcast in the building that was back when we could look around the building at the room that was when the office was small enough what you could just walk around and find someone I call you at the office I've literally never been in a let's play not why I was specifically remember going to come to work that day British what we intended British to have a video of version of the stuff we were doing outside video what is a video with a different video Gana video trying to make a video go ahead with the same people who played outside of videos of us right to say I you ask me to why would we will be playing and then we only asked us to be in it I don't know of some kind of us play with Achievement Hunter in the point of contention I know you think you're Watchmen video was first the first let's play with ODST ODST you are not know cuz the person that does the Left 4 Dead survival guide was before that was it where we trying to get like a bronze medal in ODST God was Watchman from season 1 of Chima. We have to fight over the first let's play yes I have been in Horse by we can a horse tournament that I want and I think that's it so if you consider that to be let's play Don't Forget Their ball and went home I've never been in love with you I would love to do that absolutely what do I do if my fucking cuphead I mean Michael was more Angry than some episodes of Rage Quit is torture also remind everyone that could check out the door at store. Rooster teeth.com review much every week hoodies t-shirts collectible socks is it at the castle Barbara member you know 5% off at checkout number you're really not getting savings should be first number they money.com know is it coming out they just are surprised to find out now that I don't like it they just there just figuring this out if we were raised five bucks. I can do that goodbye or stock out for that I don't reward bad behavior though are you saying that I made you a hat is bad behavior that had was he buried his super defensive about it looking like my style yeah it might be on the table beside the barber has one and this was damn you like a pot as like this is like a bunny thing make you probably make like a polo shirt or something that sore in myself I do wear baseball caps but I tend to wear baseball caps this thing that would be which I understand like that part of it fitting in but when you see the design of this thing they sell Rising you didn't like it in like what is that was like oh it's really cool that they were going to make it has a great and they gave me this hat which I guess that's not going to happen Armie Hammer I'm waiting to see if he comes back cuz I'm probably going to get it where is it 88 podcast right now remember stick around for CCTV this weekend and we'll see you guys in a bit