#466 - Gus's Intervention

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, and special guests Steven Suptic and Cib as they discuss celebrity scandals, bitmojis, passion projects, and more on this week's RT Podcast! And stick around for a special interview with "The World's Greatest Card Mechanic," the blind Richard Turner, and director Luke Korem. Find out more about their documentary, Dealt, at http://bit.ly/2joPVQs. 

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Recorded: 2017-11-14 20:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Steven Suptic, Cib


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Transcript (in progress):

Rooster Teeth podcast this week brought you by Nature Box Squarespace and upside and also received a dime Kip and also Gus so we got Steven and kid from a 3.7 with us this week joining us for the first time we met we just a little while ago like earlier this afternoon aarti I've never met I've been trying to figure out how to get into an elevator elevator enough time to notice as we were struggling trying to get into an elevator Ono it seems like it's something that we could easily happen in a situation usually figure it out for us these people come with problems alright Frosty already there you guys are in town for a couple days and we missed the last three flights here we were sick one of the times 3 what are the reasons you have three definitely or two at least we literally missed one and then we made it though so maybe one we missed and didn't come because the incident was sick and then we miss another because you didn't feel like going and then the third one I think there was a car accident or something cuz that one was there was a car accident or something I'm not really entirely there was something easy answer that question there was a car accident in one car accident it wasn't my fault like I was driving down the road was really low speed I'm driving down the road like some idiot was going the other direction like just turned right in front of me and I hit him like the front of my car gets all fucked up my wife is in the car with me up inside to pull over to the side of the road and I just started screaming cuz I was so mad at that guy for like on the road in front of me I'm so fucking mad you should at least make it worthwhile all pissed off when I get out of the car to look at his car and it's like brand-new who sells dealer plate so I like okay well at least he's pissed off to you like at least not a piece of shit did you intimidate them what is Angie Foster in a situation on crack what's up in front of me I was fine my day was going fine and now I'm going to deal with this shit right if I like are you okay and then start screaming screaming screaming screaming in the car and my steering wheel I've gotten in three accidents and I drove way every time the school the school children can you hit and run a building does that even know how you would say a school of fish babbling if they're all dead in the last every last drop and I'm driving across the continent very cool who's calling me free that Lewis is calling me right now to answer the voice Courtney say nothing you don't want on the podcast alright what are we looking for the podcast can you call them during the podcast that I think he hates being content so he probably hated that right he will never let us put them in a bit he walks away like I did leave the room every single time at one point we were trying to get something done and he was coming in to Achievement Hunter to assume talk to Jeff about some nonsense that would derail a video camera. We have a parade I mean people like that run away from the camera really bad Leah we bought James he's over there doing at me apparently someone internally to me was like a good price I was going to be here do you want anyone to say cool we only have two seats that's good to catch up on set and anybody else again what's the problem being introduced to me you take your anger out on people in the Arts faculty the special wood filler I think I have like a reputation externally of being really angry but really what do you think that the people who make me angry go through Patrick to attempt to deliver message used to be way more angry I got took about 39 years of living 900 it's really nice tell us how do you learn how to meditate methods in ways that you think in your head to actually like do it and get to that meditation place to laugh I'm thinking about like important shit and I'm not exactly what you don't do what you do but then you like you close your eyes and imagine Bubbles and every thought you have you like the prophets keep popping popping them until there's no thoughts and you're just left thinking about Bubbles and Bubbles and Bubbles Gavin popping bubbles and then by the time you pop the last bubble you pop it ya by the time eventually just do it do it do it and you won't have any more thoughts and you to be left with the nice Central National car tonight imagine the thought as a bubble and I pop the bubble thought what if I'm still think it worked a double exactly and that's meditation my version of do you have to do like a certain way you have to do like the Lotus pose or something or just do it anyway your heart desires and you can be in your car screaming at your mind about you this I downloaded an app because someone was speaking about that meditation app and I download it and then it was like you have to pay for the service and I don't know whenever you say maybe never maybe not do that right now but I thought maybe I get back to it if I really need it I never again meditate how do you think about how you paid for this like I could have one of those have you ever seen those pods where they fill it with water and it's like a sensory deprivation and it was the most peaceful thing I've ever done in my entire life how long are you in the tank when you do that now or you can go and longer though but you can choose to have music on or you can choose to not have anything which is what I did because I wanted the full experience and I got in there it wasn't working for about 10 minutes away and then I start thinking up high school and then I just fell off and all the bad things you did to people and then I woke up so just kind of like a stunk it up I don't like really quiet spaces because I can hear my own is like a computer I can hear you you can't hear the pulse of your blood in a vein in your ear yeah I will look in a complete silent room get a certain way and like things are pressed in your body the right way you can hear like yeah I don't like that I don't like it has its own like quiet room where they called when it's completely silent felt like tons of soundproof and you can hear absolutely nothing sensory deprivation sensory deprivation yep that's the one potentially we wanted to do at one point we wanted to do a podcast in a room like that and we were in contact with this military base on California like a proper anechoic chamber of the quietest room in the world but it's amazing and we were like working through all of that paperwork to get like clearance to go into the military base in to get into this room and never doing it I don't know I don't know what happened I could go cuz I was one of the reasons I literally all my paperwork things are really stoked to work with us and then we had an interview and I was the last day of Rage real excited about it we can talk for 2 seconds like it sent to your Canadian and we're like oh yeah actually give a no one not yet I'll see you later Zelda rap just so excited by that point because I was already psych myself out on on doing any reality TV thing but what's your favorite kind of we do a lot of cockroaches in our office is eating anything I said Heights and bees AIDS not like a little hot little what would cause the fear to think that definitely like I'm afraid of bees because I was on a bicycle one as a kid my mom was afraid to be so we run like a double bicycle and Mom get started I'm on a bicycle these are the most dangerous creatures that was attacked by a swarm of bees in Chase for like a good km run my brother and I ran by Clay I don't even know what your claim mine or something that we were young play on shaving. They may have been wasp actually cuz they were on the ground is a bunch of them we stepped in the millions of times all over our bodies when he died and ran away from them as fast as far as we could in the chase to things like power you write like to give you adrenaline to run faster hop the fence like this stop a million times I hate these also when I was a kid I felt like when I would grow up that Visa be a bigger problem than they were when you were a kid like I felt like I was outside more so I would get stung by bees every now and then and like in the late eighties early nineties was that thing like other Killer Bees coming from South Africa they're going to sweep swarm over the country in the world I know right it's probably been like 20 years maybe longer be looking for me to this day I remember we were hardcore tell me about it I don't remember it even in the slightest I'm trying to act like I'm laughing like I know what the story is right now the green bee with a bad attitude and it's on my back and I smoke cigarettes Smokes on Forest Lane only attracts and it makes it look like like from an outside perspective because for us we know it's embarrassing to me but it's an addiction at this point when you did is really intimidating because you don't know when you do it when Stephen did it did it really hard you like sucked it extremely hard I'm pretty sure that's the thing we can't pay for the lights to go she Asian skills it's called a little bit of you just going to do it anyways just do it but I was talking to a dude on set recently who faked all the time and then one time I saw him with a cigarette and I said why what's the point if you vape inside well something that was quite nice about smoking cigarettes is everyone left away from you they would hate to smell and let me wait but only wants to be alone anyway I'll just go back to the cigarettes that 100 people smoke or use Vapes to get away from cigarettes but I think ours is slowly leading into cigarettes I don't think so not as strong as a cigarette much less much less just like a cigarette let me know there's this pay some bills right so I got a cigarette is what phone number for puff I think it's just that I don't know I don't know if we don't know if I can drink for balls at once and he was adamant that he could do it I didn't I would do it again if the time came in if I was asked to but I told to the right now I would do it if I told you right now huge mess and I think that's impressive skill staff to do it I would do it but I was asked to do it if you want to open your goal it good to put a good thing in your girl it like NatureBox and I want to remind everyone that this podcast is brought to you in D by Nature Box we all want to eat better but when it comes to snacks sometimes it feels like the whole world is delicious and a billion calories vs boring and tasteless does it have to be that way with NatureBox NatureBox snacks that taste good and are actually better for 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like you still there but the smaller little icon gone from he still going to pay out for this next season I heard by Imagine production I think they were there black film two episodes of the 10 episode season and then they just stopped it I guess they have to rewrite it or figure out what they're going to do now for the because it was already supposed to be the final season you guys watch House of Cards now I don't even watch it just disregard everything that happened after season 2 because how many times can you watch a guy just try to make it in politics like he already did everything twice the first two seasons were incredible then just dropped off season for that I thought kind of drag that's the one with like a lot of the the Russian president soap law typically 13102 13th somewhere in that range every American show them cuz it does well they just keep making it but I like to all my favorite British shows LG 6 episodes for one season then they'll do a second season that's it was just normal TV before the crazies pressure is bothering me more like what we told the story is like we had we just be making up new crap now that it's kind of irrelevant to the so you know we have profit baby it's as simple as that. They weren't that great in that season I mean I think the best villain ended after what I want to give me breaking bad because I want to ask your opinion I don't want to say anything about it though what do you think of Ozark medium really because I asked you first I don't know if I was just in a bad mood or something I found the first few episodes to be so depressing and I was going to apply to my life predictive and anxiety and then it was okay the end I really like you yeah what would you get out of town 6 how was Steve just like to see if they would give it up for it was very blue and green good it felt as though it was in the same universe as Breaking Bad and it was a different story the worst similarities there character similarities well with roasted enjoyed it more if I hadn't seen breaking bad yeah because you are about to break him back like I like that cuz I haven't seen a show in so long that I was just hide about in the same way as Breaking Bad other shows in different ways but like being a part of like the cartel manhole Drug World in like just cool I just realized I was there I still was that the other day what time do I never seen it I was like I don't get it I don't know what it's about I thought of watching it to Preston Gates really fucking good since it's so sad I don't know how but it's good compelling but yeah it is but I was really trying to watch Mindhunters okay man I'll get to it do you think the conversation between him and her the hippie girl in the they were just weird relationship even though I miss you spell adventure I really am and it's just I wish the rest of the series was like the first seen people that hate the person and that and they like the rest of it and it just I learned people have different opinions I guess not always right I feel go back in I'll keep watching it just like there's so much shit to watch like there's so many things out there if you were talking about excited Rock Ozark like maybe one fucking Raves about it I've got a million things to watch before I even think about that on top of another video games are the Charles Manson Murders no I mean despite all the things that I have another one I don't know I feel like everybody is doing right now so it's like nobody doesn't scare everybody comes back but he's coming back he's coming back hard and I'm kind of lazy Decatur on the makeup work for a company funded by Weinstein we can make that never mind crazy because I have a proper way to articulate I've been wanting to see it but I can't I haven't figured out the elegant way to say is I'm going to stay at the block away I've never shown my dick to anybody who didn't expect it I don't understand how you over that hump for you like I just can't wrap my head around like a thing is just like it's so gross and it's funny that sounded like who goes if I masturbate in front of you stupid dude like it's gross and unnecessary the worst part about that is that you can just go to a prostitute but you probably gets off on the hype of you know are they going to want it and then I don't care if they do or don't it's a little worst part about that is that I don't think anything you did is going to turn out to be illegal because he asked and they said yes but I mean there are demons that you know they felt like using play power and they had to do this which is which is a terrible thing but it's like I don't think any any legal action can come from it wasn't there something you would like a loophole I guess they don't work it's not their Superior right now a dick at work you guys have a charger right that doesn't just between you and me okay Gavin he's a predator cereal first moment Oreo balls and a stick of the Family Feud and now I don't think so much for that was not me I would definitely become more aware that I might offend someone like it was before this this candle things but we had it we have a bunch of fake dicks around the office as I should but I thought pop up one through and I'll give Sierra fill out shopping list where there's the most visible is in the office yet every way they should have that happen. She ever see each other's dicks like to know who's around who think it's pretty easy to the point where we went when this company results molars related to swing a fake dick around so how'd how do I improve it with my realtor and then you're screwed what was Pink and had diamonds on it so that people can hear from Dallas Lynch at the Mega Man talking about masturbating in front of people since I can't imagine my dog see me do that nevermind another human has been in front of my pets what you do I mean yeah I double thinking I think they're just basically not understand it so I have to even if you were doing like a couple thing like Jack and in front of each other at least you're both doing it and then I feel like if your people on and on into it they're going to be analyzing all of your face is the grunt immediately pay is not going to have an attractive naked body let alone him with the also amazingly successful and probably wanted to feel again who knows everything about last week I saw this website where someone some Professor had transcribe graffiti that he had found at the Pompeii site you can come play with that delicious I was like that the volcano eruption and I was reading this is like who knows how old is graffiti happened navigate to thousand years old and it's weird how similar graffiti and Body Talk is between that time and today it's like the first one and scribed and we know what not so this was described at a bar with you girls my penis is giving you up now it penetrates men's behinds goodbye wondrous femininity wow you know what I really smw coming out Jiffy ice crew the barmaid rock and roll bar in like to see like graffiti on the toilet stalls to share with anyone was I have buggered men Blondie has taught me to hate dark-haired girls I shall have them if I can but I wouldn't mind loving them he double back why I don't know if I could somebody hack hat he said hat to have somebody make your own two off Mount Vesuvius erupted in the year 79 so it's like almost 2000 year old graffiti now how do you know when lyrics it sound like I was defending Lewis plagiarism yeah I did I didn't really like him but I think it was the one person when all the allegations were coming out I was the one person I really didn't want to have anything come out from that was the only one I knew was coming to the room and like when it was like just like a couple years but my wife and I were talking over the weekend like all the way I feel like it would be so disappointed if you heard anything bad about Tom Hanks like another person that would be like at the top of your list and Steve Carell the girlfriend commit suicide really interesting you know made her do it or maybe he killed or something and they were into Scientology and I haven't heard about this really interesting details I just knew that she killed herself but maybe it was Jim Jim if you're watching did he do it let me know alrighty then he will face a wrongful death trial over the suicide of his latex girlfriend wow the difference between 2016 and 2017 regarding celebrities this colossal truly and now your phone what the fuc Yeah it's like you almost hope that they die and they're gone before like I do anything bad to try to rape Morty in the bathroom and then they had his box of of proof of the terrible things that that Prince is done and then he showed it to the adjuster and their whoever was part of their political party was like you close the box was like no it's just the idea of him that needs to live on you know that very very much like in the Alabama Senate race from crazy just wait to the allegations with Steve come out as this happened before wedge giant waves of celebrities was taken down by Scandal like is this like a repeat of a previous moment in history or is this a big wave huge issues 50 years ago what do you think the Advent of social media help get people to voice to where they can all be heard and like stuff like this service is easier than before they wouldn't be able to connect and they wouldn't know that there's a pattern of this stuff that's the hardest to get the word out anyway even if you want to because I'm paying like Weinstein in particular was he not paying like news organizations or threatening people that were they did have allegations and if you want to if you want to the prime minister of Israel for like the past one to try to get this I forget the group that he wants you to do this but it was a group that specializes in like digging up dirt on people and he went to them and try to get dirt on everybody that made allegations against him and thrown them government level stuff like that super fucked it's like really yeah it's crazy how much power people in the industry Hollywood like have to go and get a group like that to to just work out your own business issues it's just I hope I have that power someday if I can try to climb that ladder God I don't show it to anyone who doesn't want to see it but he showed it to me but if I say something I lose my job it's green place we called the mean green and fighting get bad boy but we call it around the office really proud of it but he's not not proud of it. Disgusting this is going to be so many people in the industry who came up and maybe a different time who is shiting themselves right now yeah I mean like I assume that they're still you know tons of people have done bad things were worried that they're going to be next to me you never know it seems like it's a different person every day now this is people are affected really prevent this happening again it's really good good to make an example of like to discuss anything Super Rich successful people have been taken out and always side with the victim in everything I think and there are two sides to this what you were like oh man is this going to devalue like all these allegations are coming out this is going to be value like I mean if there are some that aren't true value other people to try to come out you know but I feel like the shotgun effect is is definitely going to help and it's just going to hopefully change the way people not only in Hollywood just people in any industry think in general that mean I started making Gavin rethink his penis usage even like toast about it I like you. Gavin making fun of it it's a good thing it's a good thing that people are speaking out and I know people who done this kind of thing or are being taken down but it's such a put myself in that place to do that kind of stuff I did y'all hear about that subreddit they got band Mystic group who blamed women for the fact that they couldn't get girlfriends awful things about how I like to side without against them and I said that video that that guy left before he shot a bunch of people that the young guy said that like no goes with date him and it was their fault about him in a little bit what was the reason I don't know I don't think there was any one thing that made them like what's the population of it supposed to be very like Gala Therrien free speed hat for a reminder that it's a private company and they can do what they want just stop in the verification thing off of you giving what is it giving all right people verification and their their doubling back on that and I will never get back to you I treated something about that about you know them but they're fine someone who you know promotes violence and hate speech and someone replied to me defending this person was like well you know they deserve a voice to 2302 Greenwood Timothy have a voice they signed up for an account the check mark is like a legit like legitimizing that voice then it's a different thing that everybody should have a say no matter what they believe but getting verified getting verified that stores the surgeon answer private company and if they don't give me verification that's final are you not going to know who played countless times I feel like I matter on Twitter I think people are the only reason I want to right now just because it keeps I never really bring it up but people just keep bringing up to me like haha you're not verified and I know how hard it was trying to laugh a little bit of a cry it would just be funny but you know what I don't care at this point you do I mean look at me do I look like I care about hit I'm trying so hard to get verified before Steve so hard and it just will never happen I would be grateful if you got verified that would be for the world if I got it before you did who would benefit home it's only one person I know one person he knows one person we all know a person that's a cool building people your bitmoji thing is crap and you think it's funny with anyone right now it's just so bad I never thought I would want to mute someone who founded RoosterTeeth who founded RoosterTeeth why it's so annoying I'll tweet something not you you just chimed in with a big Emoji reply to my tweet reply to my tweet going to Gus's bitmoji tell him to stop Roman replies and Olaf game it's a bunch of people at Fuller yelling at you for using a bitmoji and then people yelling at each other for that so I don't know if I can just meet at the number 1 with bitmoji if you can only send a bitmoji to someone in private conversation who also has bitmoji your tweets almost every tweet look at the law he thinks he feeling it I don't know alright that's cool how long does more for once you start that there's more like months ago October by this point. Bitmoji for everything the correct response to my tweet last night was you walking on a break or whatever was regularly and you never acknowledge them or respond to them since I replied with a bitmoji and we're talking about it right now so I know you saw it when you have created your boyfriend could you going to contact you this what was your tweet that he replied a rake to so because I think it's bullshit the current iPhone ios11 they switch the video Codec to be like a superficial efficiency vehicle but if it don't work in QuickTime 10 if you got High Sierra weather in photos if you got like free 2015 Mac it just doesn't work and this was somehow a tweet don't support the codec the Apple uses as it's like a it's time to credit that is absolutely insane insane maybe just trying to lighten up the mood around your Tweet so it makes me angry and I was frustrated I'm just okay okay so you use cameras right and you don't think anybody think very true. And suddenly your camera doesn't work with your computer annoying annoying or annoying what's the question I wasn't specifically told my math was just trying to make you feel what I feel good luck with that and what I feel something so I'm going to return the US Air Force one of mine is also brought to you by Squarespace where do you need a domain website or online store make your next move with Squarespace Squarespace offers beautiful award-winning designer templates you create a beautiful website or online store with an award-winning template it's an all-in-one platform to install or upgrade ever they made it easy to set up or transfer your domain on Squarespace instead of working with multiple vendors to maintain your online presence be able to manage all of your domain and billing settings with Squarespace and take it easy to use DNS interface easier to sell your products or services online Squarespace allows you to manage your product orders and inventory easily start your free trial today at squarespace.com go to squarespace.com RoosterTeeth get 10% off your first purchase at squarespace.com receipt for 10% off your first purchase in fact I just got something sent to me earlier today we had a a listener who started his online store and he sent me like a sample of one of its products sorry about how he started his online store using Squarespace promotion and about how great it was to get his store setup and now he's actually selling stuff and I'm not talking about his products you can pay me Christmas so we have some common block recurring theme of a podcast we talked about it several times and for fun or for work but you know the air but has that big plane ride to 8380 on if you guys. It's like a big Double Decker plane the first one came out like 10 years ago October 2007 it took his first flight that plane is already retired what why do borderlines didn't want anymore they returned it to the company they lease it from where they just not using it I don't know perhaps the fuel efficiency maybe more fuel efficient but I continue with already like being returned they're not they're not using it anymore sounds like uber for plane flights like a private thing where I don't know how much it is per month but you go to the airport and get on your own you go through your own little security thing I take like 2 seconds and then they give you a little Lounge you can sit in while I check cash it and then you go on your own private plane ticket to someplace that talk about your safety about like I was just Buddy Holly but private planes just crashing same difference same difference there was a so you know that that I'm going to talk about that playing a little longer that Big Planet 3 80 I've never been on one but they have these big sweet that you're in first class it's actually like a sweet like it's got bad and like a little dance going to work area and cut like a door you can lock it like that on the Emirates uses for a lot of white people in Saudi Arabia the higher the more wealthy people have a 380 and they just make a whole thing just a private bunch of different cool rooms and have bunch of like birds real quick don't have Birds on a plane that can only fly Stoney burn when you going somewhere I'm flying to Chicago it's very lucrative bunch of research on Falcons and their collection Falcon it's really interesting I swear how many is a falcon to buy I feel like there's a falcon I can be a million bucks while I think there might be two things about don't hey there a very loyal are they have you had a really loyal what's the depreciation on a phone out of the parking lot it's goes down in price for can range from 200 to $1,000 or $3,500 but if you buy a falcon guitar the Press can go as high as $274,600 significantly lower than the million dollar what is the rarest Falcon it lately the world's slowest sea level rising quickly or not they have x in them to discourage your passengers from having sex oh you cannot have sex if I'm in a plane and there's a bed and a bedroom and a blumock on my door I'm at least you're working you know I'm definitely taking a video of a couple of a Delta flight like a couple weeks ago because I didn't make much noise I heard they didn't make much noise really they got off scot-free literally living in there awhile what was the position of the bathroom it wasn't just clean up, I guess that's their problem we'll just come inside then you hold the fries are you talking about like weird porn I saw the other day last week that PornHub started selling their own sex toys are they pick up it's like super Hi-Tech Electronics or do you mean like actually like sex toys are not just like Brandon. Real question Steve unfortunately oh my god dude I just got a dick like you and your partner from Miles and Miles Away across the country you can link up and do stuff with each other. And someone realized that the app that controls the sex toy activate the microphone on the phone and was recording any time that they were using the Victoria that you could be control pills like in the company's come out and said that those audio files never gets sent to the internet they're just local on your phone why would you want to listen to 434 voice command but not as bad as serious with recognizing what you're saying accurately that's no good pull out dropping dick off all right your phone is listening to you is not current worry like how come people be talking about things then somebody will see an ad for it yeah I mean I guess I feel like you would know right like there was that video that came out last week about supposedly Facebook's listening all the time I feel like you would know if there's an Firefox doing I don't know exactly if it's like an extension or something but it tells you what each one of you purchase a product or using App it'll tell you what information it gets I think I might invest in that because I don't feel like getting a lot of formation very cool guys I wasn't. I was just a cool is that your brother Jesus Christ yeah yeah on the Chrome extension that will limit Twitter 240 characters so you forever. You for making a tweet longer than 240 and Central limit prevents bitmoji from showing up tomorrow plus Street stop bitmoji Chrome extension when people will like Troll and no just like space space space space space space it like it's just annoying so when you have that extension Gus does it do you still see people's 280 character tweets and it just cut in half way through or never seems like a red X have you ever seen a tweet that was originally 280 characters that got cut off halfway and turned off the extension to go look at that point because you thought was interesting if you need a whole purpose of it I don't enable that function I only able to function to stop myself from doing more than 140 cuz you're not responsible enough prices for learning a lot about you but I just wait until the stucco soft filled circles. Precise what the fuck is the circle what is it get rid of the number what wait what did they do that so that you can see from the number the number would be much more like track better what circle with blue as you're getting to the max character limit which is completely useless but aesthetically pleasing but a number account would be much more practical and doesn't have the number I like it I like what they are doing well you're a bit of a cock aren't you yes, I do like your looks like what Twitter is doing Steven wasn't joking he meant every word of what he just said I think that if you're going to verify anyone just verify anybody for me looking for what we'll do that will work on that if someone if anyone is watching get on that get on that and me I feel like these days imagine if that was much more like they probably would because they have the largest social media social media followers are on Instagram are they not show timings it wouldn't take much better it's so much better you get more views on Instagram I think since Instagram selfies of myself I post pictures of the boys pictures of the girl who takes off the light function function the rate to slyfox is really great too it's just good it's an all-around like the stories are really easy to use an easy to watch and easy to skip through and go back blower loading it's like you feel like using an older software as long as it doesn't look as Snapchat it wasn't worth it no not at all odds compression list unless this and looks supreme but then the people's videos look like compress crap but it would depend on the phone I'm using cuz he's an old phone bad quality bad compression bad Kodiak it's all comes back and I can't believe it you should we went Blonde by Kotex doing that short film we did we didn't realize what Addie is it a DCP it took us like 4 hours to get that made and then we were on our way to the premier and they told us it was going to be done what he is like the package that you take to the theater at the end just that no projector and that's what they show when you go to the theater and watch a movie and if it's not like I'm locked out of real life filmed at the deep end to make that DCP we had to render in some things h.264 HQ Irma 4444 I don't exactly remember but even that I had to go online and buy like $1,000 program because it's I was on a PC I wasn't on Mack and Mack was just it's a piece of shit I had to run to it in time for this and then I had to spend $1,000 on that because for some reason the theater only accepts h.264 DCPS or the DCP Place only accept h.264 it's like why does why is there any difference for anything like an adult have the file until that day correct delayed your screening right where we had to just play it off of HDMI from laptop to not even use the DCP down the street on both sides to go in humblebrag into the theater for the premiere we realized we don't have it at all so that we can maybe do like a live show interpretation of the movie on stage but where can people see it that's for sure for the Sugar Pine 7 YouTube channel make sure that you keep keep describe at least two I thought it was I didn't think you are I don't want to spoil anything in it I didn't think you all would show the monster so clearly hey Michaela and Dale I like wow it's interesting and the movies like a slasher film but with a monster instead of a killer so we just we figure they show The Killers Tonight Show you know the monster pre-debut it was definitely legal hours like we worked 3 days straight like I even say how long we worked or should I just open up another credit card but far too many hours and we should have with not nearly as many breaks as we should have and I mean everyone was on board the beauty of it was that we had a team that was all as fired up in like willing to put in the hours as we were several considered a passion project and it worked out instead of having to go by these rules it's like he wants to take like A5 minute lunch instead of an hour and then a lot of things in the plot that just didn't really like add up seems we literally had to cut like they have going on if we can't use that was more important what we would do to work around it it was really like not gorilla shooting but at the same time they were we needed to cut out and post but we realize we had a time frame that we had to meet like a time limit on the video itself so where it will be worth people seeing it was we had a head like 22 or something then I think it was one of those like around 3025 to 3 days already short enough so when's the next one tomorrow for like 2 or 3 months before we start doing something like that again because that is just a it's a nightmare Creative Energy which we need to allocate entirely too everyday shooting I think now that your Leg Takedown time from your from your normal setting for that kind of stuff like I said when you were gone we didn't take any days off for four blocks or anything but have you ever noticed when you work on my project you go back to the normal day-to-day work and you're not at the field by it but you work on something you really want to for so long because I was editing the the woods for quite a while and then I suddenly went back to editing blogs and it's just I couldn't do it it was just on for filling and it felt like it was creatively drained I had like a weird inverse of that the other day where we have this big like off-site meeting that we have once a year when we go over a lot of stuff and at the end of the day I was like how you know there's really some stuff I'm curious about so I spent like 3 days building spreadsheets and charts as I can I was like totally into it I like I'm all about the spreadsheet like I don't want to do anything on camera I don't do the crater bike fuck yeah this is Fred it was like 7 when I'm done like yeah that really good likes look at all this I figured all this shit out if you owe the state of Texas Craigslist but I feel like it's somewhat similar where you like getting really into something like your head space is just like it strikes you just right and it's like that's all you want to do and then when I was done I was like well I got to go eat at that video really not into that right now again exactly some of these were making were that I think we just got used to doing it so now it's not as fresh as it was so when we got to do something that was so fresh and like bigger scale back it was just like and then I realized I can just make the videos we were doing recently more cinematic and that would kind of quench my thirst and is it yeah definitely fun trying to work out the story Subway things Dane bird on Twitter at Sad Panda bird is that the Final Cut of the woods myself into a lot of other two wishes have been twice as long shots that weren't used do we on we almost used everything we shot there was so we had we used to see 200 for the majority of it and then small Skeleton Crew went out and shot other things with that the 5D Mark form there's just there's no comparison between the 5D Mark 4 in the c 200 though we almost didn't use like the other side of the road kill the Box on this roadkill put it on the middle of the road shot with 5D Mark 4 and it looks like shit we still put it in the film because we really gotta not wasting 5 OtterBox on that other camera was just doesn't like the c200 I feel like it shoots it has more of an HDR effect where the skies not as Overexposed when you're shooting on the ground and it's just a lot more clear and dynamic range thing the 5D just it was so blown out in the background that I took over all the stuff in the background towards the road and people always Overlook in is that like they just look at stats like the resolution is 4K range it is what makes it way more professional and the phone and the picture profile like these guys here have an amazingly flat picture profile if you use it obviously but like they're incredible I love the what are they so flat like they immediately like raw look much more cinematic then like even if I'm trying to get ready to give us a bunch of the shoot on re6500 baby those are so good they would cost $5,000 to run today so I think are taking probably before that right what can a couple hours radical are they in this area in this building in Britain England Great Britain around here all the time ago 7 years old and one that's three years old 7 years old is that still hold up its breaking a little bit really it runs the good for like 2 hours and then they are the 4K version of Delaware yeah I did. I don't know why I never really know what to say we get a couple dragon from you guys and just when I went to see you in a few years ago when I came out I stop by showing them off and like I said I was there like trying to get information cuz we knew we wanted to get one and let nobody they would give me the time of day you're like who are you like what are you doing we want to buy a Phantom 4 like make some internet videos yeah I think that was the one we got the 4K at the time it's like 150 and then it's like 20 for the mags each and then like 10 for the reader kit Jaguar F-Type for that in the crash at what's a Falcon the bird 100 Junior yeah they don't know that I messed around everything about this is expensive because this one cable that comes with Ethan Allen one and only reason and then it's like a fish to connect to that just plugs into a Phantom cuz the custom cable that's like you use Amira what's that the success of Celexa 2K but it was really nice looking for cameras with yes I used to work in the film industry and it was like just coming in but then I haven't done that in like 6 years. I'm so glad I had to look it up what is Amira I am Ira in my two seconds of Google 13th it looks like it of course I'm sure the comments will prove me wrong he likes it happens to people just by 4 unlocking like the base package on the area like so it's like 65 Grand of something you would probably see a movie in the theaters that was shot with a camera like that they shoot him with the the Alexa where's that we're talking about you, beautiful cousin shoot in 4k they just wanted to dynamic range of the Alexa Ned's so did you hear anything about Las Vegas did you hear that AAA launched an autonomous shuttle to drive people up and down the Las Vegas Strip what I mean on the first day to meet Lee got no crash on the road and immediately got into a wreck accident was on it was in traffic and it was behind another vehicle and into the side of it a big like 18 wheeler with a trailer was backing up and the car could sense that there was another vehicle coming because it was in traffic I didn't know what to do so I tried going forward and then I couldn't get out of the way and then the trailer just backed up right into it wasn't his fault though but it could troubleshoot it didn't do anything but it didn't think to do it in that situation but you mediately just to yell at it's getting ready to scream at steering wheel fully autonomous cars where we don't have to drive anymore really 10 years from that you know also how far are we from developing a code of ethics for touching robots in weird places are we talked about this every now and then down to because there has to be like that doesn't have to be I don't know what people are going to decide in the future but one day I get so intelligent that you just feel like the real person who's the stop someone from molesting robot you know it does it have right to my cell phone exactly I don't know what it's like I'm not going to cry like would you like so what about like a dog or an animal like a pet you wouldn't do that can put a dog to that like but it's like you wouldn't say that a dog has solar Consciousness right it's not the same level of a human make a dog can't make it I think it could you make it to work you can make a dog. So I feel like if you can make it that all bets are off so then you don't care about clones and it also had a whole birth cycle where it went from a baby to an adult then you would have a problem with it because it still I don't think we have Consciousness just came up with an offspring yeah I would feel bad about doing anything that really I didn't make the robot robot child like that in the first place was able to have a child that means with programs be able to have a child but still something that you know what I mean it wasn't like natural it would have helped the shot itself let me tie my shoes if I gave it like it would have to be programmed to have a child so therefore it's just an extension of the original created will they help children in the future you would think I would enter it on itself and improve itself right like if it doesn't have a physical form if it's something that exists as software-only Shelly would be doing that actually it'll improve and replicate sounds like it's like a child necessarily as it is independent copies that continue to improve iterate on it so no I just meant specifically child designed for perverts have you seen that they use this software that cost sweedy does it feel like there's like no stop people currently people through mental process work people will run it in order to try to trap child Predators but they're working on it reading it to where it can go out on its own and it has that way cuz it's like they're constrained by the number of operators who can run it at one time the little child predator catcher self so you saying they should be child robots to wean people off Kevin no that is not what I'm saying at all 23 years people are offended by stuff today that would have been offensive in the 80s or 70s maybe as much but it's like will touching a robot eventually say so much about you as a person that we start to see it that way it's like you might as well be touching it I think if in some weird reality they had children robots that were used to alleviate like that the Pinot pedophiles then it still that wouldn't that's not the reason pedophile pedophile it's because it's a power thing right when it comes down to it out of it probably only sorry I was supposed to look at my graduation stuff. Anyway I can even try and get in the mind the kitty Fiddler relate to any of it I just think I like the sexy at all I don't understand what I think that like it to some degree yes but it's also like I'm sure I'm a genuinely sexually attracted to kid and then there's also a power thing I think there's like probably a mixture of both and that having those to wean them off would kind of also make it a little bit more okay then I'm going to go and I think I should be on the table wean yourself off kids stop will you be okay with that or I'm waiting I got to do another a dream and I'm waiting to get somewhere else so we can Segway off with it oh I'd the two beers have gone right through me and I'm about to urinate in your pants you got two months to get through James Kim doing that let me read this thing here what am I doing this Thursday podcast is also brought to buy upside listen up that business trip your body book do it over at upside.com and I'll give you two of The Best Gift Anyone will give you this holiday season first is a free pair of Bose SoundLink wireless headphones so you can have some peace and quiet on your business trip second imma give you the gift of a better business travel experience and that's what you get when you book your next business trip over upside.com and here's why only upside of customer service specialist who look out for you every step of the way on your business trip handling any problems that might pop up okay now here's how to get your free pair of Bose SoundLink wireless headphones but first business trip at upside.com and use code rooster and the Bose SoundLink wireless headphones are yours free that's code rooster at upside.com to claim this gift Bose SoundLink wireless headphones Just For Trying upside it's just one more way upside is looking out for you and help you reduce the stress of distance traveled upside.com you deserve a better business trip minimum purchase is required to Seaside for complete details so how much we talk about traveling business travel go check out upside.com seems like a great service I didn't hear no Bell side assuming a little bad I'm going to keep bugging you I know you would have been a little down Saturday and then I still have like this residual guilt over the child Matthews death right I got really drunk 2 years ago and like I derailed the whole thing and then we'll see if I can find a bloody good time everyone just so Billy the money by the way how did I get the right now right off we never say that it's like everyone who donates myself I guess so all of it. I wasn't sure if you'd be able to hit it but I want it was it was great energy in the room goes like every point I was that I would like 50 people in here and the set was so much bigger than she has talked and puking into someone's mouth the funniest thing I think I've ever seen in my entire life from Rooster Teeth and there's a bunch of things it was getting too drunk during what was that we got way too drunk America interview with a drunk self the me vs drunk me I'd like to see that he just know I'd love to see myself playing the show where they get drunk and let me talk to themselves afterwards so they're like ask questions and then go get drunk and then they'll answer the questions when they're drunk and Blaine got too drunk immediately tries to answer questions throws up everywhere that's amazing that was going to happen I feel like you'd have to get so drunk to make that entertaining so that you're not just looks like a drunk I imagine you to be a terrible one actually I am always twice as drunk as you think I am I'm like completely normal drunk I think that you would even know that I'm drunk but I'm destroyed anyways that question and I answered a question if you like a a camera that way you can see yourself ever watch the footage of yourself when you're drunk you got to watch it but I mean I've been told some people like I didn't know you're talking like I'm fucking destroy idea how you coming to the holiday party this year when is it and when and where the address and what time I have no idea I will probably know that I think I heard that we have to pay for our own place so that's not happening you mean we're not flying you out to potty in the same night between Missouri no that's not a real play I just watch the misery that's why she's lost the halfway mark between LA and Austin it's either Missouri or its weight loss Angeles Austin it's not Missouri no it's not at all Nevada Texas its main main it's means we what would it be I was going to buy me out it's Kansas City it's Arizona in Arizona somewhere I'm sure it's it's like at the Arizona New Mexico border so what's good what's good what's good let's see we go to Lordsburg New open up a new credit card take the budget for next time read that you know list of questions I want to ask you but not saying anything what it what is open like a credit cards to make a thing on a credit card with a limit so I can pay people over time for the woods and then I already had an incredible amount of that before that anyway so you got your email that you like cars actually tell you not to drive any other person I know doesn't he doesn't drive a car game I mean in the UK you don't have to drive as public transport everywhere just the people around with it I would drive I want to make sure I want to drive on the speed that I'm on break the law and then get deployed concentration and ran someone over I've been in my life at all costs I'll be a passenger open container that I'm pretty good even though she's with a Rise full on true what was so I thought you told about this podcast I haven't watch the stars there a few times and then I was upside down and then I remember putting my hands down bait X exact amount of times I flipped out that's why I ended up upside down I put my hands down on the glass and that's the only reason that I got like kind of word is because I left my hands are all bloody nose like a fuk something's gone wrong but I felt fine in the moment so I unhooked my my seatbelt on the way to start getting claustrophobic when I move the door my right or what would it be I'm in the other door that I can move it first and it was also blocked in as like this is just getting worse and worse this time when he died how fitting and then I kick the door open and I got out so it felt alive you guys can unbreakabl yesterday I just can't imagine the moment way cuz I said if you living like a slow-motion moment where it's like I've lost control let me try and correct it and I'm to the point where it's like I can't let go and I'm going to put my hands up slow motion at all messed up now yeah V held up I realized the front wheel if I can sell some of this I sat in it for a video and it was just like remarkable how like we were not his little section was relatively you know I'm skaven like you had a good little area here not too much records piece of metal sticking out in his ironing I was like God this is car luckily had a roll cage if it didn't he would have been cool yeah yeah I don't know when did a great job there that's sweet of them to crash the current year is always preferable I guess yeah truly cuz I'm in a 2004 something you should take a picture of you two can I get a lift yeah yeah me too in some ways how do you whether I like to be with you think that the people who are like on the factory line making cars ever wonder like things that guys putting the final finishing touches on the car like I wonder what's going to happen to this car ultimate fate of this brand new vehicle unhealthiest food in the UK I would consider pot noodle just terrible pot noodle ramen noodle in Canada not even actually little green pieces of terrible feel so good I love them to quit this is what do you think that backup is one of the things I say no pots where did heard about it it's like a pot with an X in it when was this like when was this on the cob years ago it's almost like when was that a chicken walking around in the absence of oxygen plan on the storage life of 8 to 10 years when was that pay growing so it looks so wrinkled than just the life. I I am hoping it was so good we have like you don't need to do that I know it on me no but my house is your house could you tell me the address and your Social Security number down the road I'm terrible for what else do you have like chocolate English chocolate in the world so I know the way I drink it okay come on it just trying to learn how to put milk in my tea black tea black orange pekoe with just milk or cream disgusting to me you just forget to put some leaves and in your water to leaves with milk more to it look at me when it's like milk on leave this way but milk on beans with no milk and cereal in you put milk on sale because the cereal it's just so I could I do to get you to never send me a bitmoji how much money is the initially I started using it ironically and then I can tell that the longer you guys smoke before cigarette don't know either so weird that you just one of the Apes how did they get we are going to get it started literally is a bit my roommate that lives within my previous place he Vapes 24/7 and he would talk like a bro and that's how the Kimbrough voice came to cuz I would have him do it as a bit together because we make each other laugh and then I was like let me try babe I miss you babe and then eventually he's like I have an extra one so I can buy off you for sure and then I started doing ironically for the video it was really stupid funny and then we just kept doing it and then I always had it and then Steve would do it and then he got one and then James got one and now everybody's baby the whole thing turns out it's really addictive something who knew the only issue that we are facing currently is if we make too much I think it could lead to popcorn lung and we do babe too much popcorn tell me where your lungs filled with fluid and get it drained and then maybe it becomes a chronic issue maybe it doesn't it's just a risk they were trying to take her to that doesn't have a cigarettes or weed or anything I don't think it's called popcorn lung it's something popcorn lung something else I think this is like what else is it is it something else or is it normal for the week is popcorn lung out of the way it is I don't know why it's called popcorn lung but when you do that don't look at images by breathing in a chemical used to flavor microwave popcorn popcorn a vegetable glycerin perhaps or a vape juice you would probably have a nicotine overdose in the windup with nicotine poisoning there is another thing and now you know I tried and nothing happened so educational you tried it that was a lie for you and if you thin many electronic cigarette flavors could be or could not be in it probably doesn't exist in liquid that would have never thought that I could have not been for several days because I just left it somewhere and didn't have it I didn't think about it until I saw it again went oh yeah I like me things like I don't because I needed I feel honored for I just if it's there I'll do it cuz I had a craving for anything to be like I need to get this right now oh yeah I could do that I'm not going to go and get it really never been like I've never enough I just need something else maybe like you're in field suck but that doesn't cut it when you want something so you just really really don't have any like you have a life that hasn't come from trauma from you don't want to talk about everything went great I couldn't hurt you who didn't who should have maybe I didn't drink for a week to see if I could make it how often do you drink what's too much there is no too much and I drink every day every day did you get drunker just have a couple beer cuz I'm very different but I don't think I get drunk okay when you're drunk then if you don't know where you are I got my old slaps me in the stomach and I've tried to vomit into a milk crate on the floor wake up I'll figure out one of these days and I got this we know which I think I got roofied once by accident by accident I was out with a friend of mine and we were at a bar downtown and I was not very late like we just had like 2 beers at the bar and I went home as years ago and I started like I like World of Warcraft like I'm play some World of Warcraft fuck yeah I'm in the worst pain ever did alright then next thing I knew I woke up the next morning and I was like laying face down in my bathroom naked I was like what the fuck happened when there is blackout drunk but but it was two beers at night and I didn't keep drinking video game look like at a bar I don't know if it was like weed so I don't know if it was if I took someone else's be here or what was going on did you take some of the beer I took was given to me while we were you at the time I'm a good friend I've known for a long time he or she but every time we go he repeats himself cuz I don't drink hoops Jesus yeah Mr. Surprisingly drunk off little alcohol before but I think that's just depends on how much you weigh or like how tired you are too drunk right now like to drink before we went out that's one and a half behind their big you can stop and take bathroom breaks on this podcast did you know if you would like let me think to crap a billion dollars I don't understand it was between $800 water bill and all I saw was that flat-out a billion do you want to know why though I mean it's pretty obvious if you seen like how large people get how quickly these kids get and like young teenagers get on musically to get like 22 million followers all of them every last thing as Christ went downhill since like last summer they had that they don't have any anyway what we're businessmen and now they're doing with an emojis right like you need that got big sex appeal to it like it's hot on musically like it's not funny he said was kids like the teenagers and everything to try to dancing being sexy so that all these other younger kids follow them on it and it'll be robots doing it it will be baby doing the robot sexually is a tooth to interception the revenue in the robots to the company money no like a robot developed something cuz I don't know what has to happen right side of the road do I have a bank account I don't think I can have a bank account if it was me I would totally go for a billion dollars easily our billing Bitcoin I bought one that was in Late July so he's got like a whole like 6 of them in the end his basement that are based GPU that grow strong as you can be like 5 grand and then you'll start making money after you make that back but his models aren't and so you know the probable for little bit then it just become obsolete electricity than your turning off of it's cold so my dad would actually use them as heating cuz they were literally felt like having it and saving it until I got to this point but I think you got too impatient and he probably sold it for myself for awhile to get one because it's like the most money I've ever spent on not like nothing if you don't get it but it's like just the kind of weird bank account and it's not really spending it on the same day you only Buy Low sell High what you know what a profit margins are needed at like 3 or trade the day of making money and come over like a month I made like you in a box and I guess I did when I bought it was like two days later that I had it it's really cool cuz you feel like you're in The Wolf of Wall Street $3 in the bank baby and then I got bored and didn't have enough time to I think I should have bought it when it was 2000 its like $3,000 in just like $707,000 isn't right now the peak of where it's going to be a pretty late 7 or so before our when I was driving but I was blackout drunk then it went up to like a couple thousand and then it went down on the old coins and they're all on the year is absolutely to check out the store remind you that if your first member for number to get 5% off of all purchases even if you buy some like this set a lightsaber sound do all your holiday shopping there and boyfriend go to The Wider are you boys have to make pee pee. We'll see you guys next time