#467 - Barb Beats Burnie

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss the RT bathroom situation, mind uploading, phones, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on November 20, 2017, sponsored by Boomerang (http://bit.ly/2jbo0TB), Dollar Shave Club (http://bit.ly/2xMcCUD), ProFlowers (http://bit.ly/2xCHbZu), the Rooster Teeth Store (http://bit.ly/2dJMiSK)

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Recorded: 2017-11-21 20:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Gavin Free, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

hello welcome if you podcast this week about to buy Boomerang Dollar Shave Club and ProFlowers and I'm just why does the bathroom here outside of stage 5 smell like butter ass smell like raw sewage the bathroom yeah fucking disgusting in a bathroom that smells like an open source of situation is always been terrible yeah what does it feel like it's a nice porta potty right how bad that thing God yeah it was it was the type of bathroom on a movie set like where it's like really is how long is an individual to room and also the ones back there that you are the cheapest Hunter was right here in Stage 5 before you guys moved over next door yeah they would they tore down the bathrooms in there was a Honey Wagon a trailer out back broke on it when I was in there a lot of good die from the smell and the horrible mess of it like you would like to try to see if I get lower the floor if it was better is methane heavier sweetest using hashtag RT Podcast to kill the water temperature in Sea of farts today it's like punching you in the face to take in your wallet today no it's not like a heated anal pulls a little I think I agree with them really bad at the ceiling and let him at the floor explosion Peter Hayden a methane is less dense than air masses for specific uses like the one is always to everything else is fair game I never poop in the the one that's right here my note was in my note Gavin with anal slime could have been in sound check on the back of the toilet and I'm wondering how did it get that like what was that someone's ass sweat that is just solidified in a paste from an anus somehow yell like a thick layer of at the cruise good gagging now what I think sounds like bathroom sounds like fog right back like a really good Segway to something I want to talk about Justice League no Thor Ragnarok this weekend but it still sold out yeah man good movie 10 people don't see the problem was I pick lately because it's easier to get I picked as a problem I see is too comfy to give you a blanket I saw Inception there's some guy fell asleep watching Inception I believe a lot if you want. I can't believe I fell asleep I fell asleep in that we didn't like end-of-the-year tired as a company I feel like I could do that but that I just added stuff and I keep looking to the point where it's like I'm killing myself and I had a dream about losing my phone and it was the scariest dream I've had in years 2 and it's sad how often I hold my phone but to be holding your phone as you fall asleep I didn't you drop the phone from your hand and wake you up but you realize though that was the moment I fell asleep like that in that moment it's an incredibly I don't know relaxing feeling you can hold your phone and then it's from a movie coin is that what it was where is like you didn't want to fall asleep where's my basic review of Justice League DC movies that have come out in around Tomatoes just it was totally fine in Suicide Squad the worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life Batman versus Superman oh I wear and tear from the toilet seat no it's no that's it that's just that's no fair that is moisture taking off the top layer of paint water damage we haven't gone yet but I will pay you $50 to rub your hand across that $50 can I go to women's I want to go in the women's restroom I've heard horror stories about the women's restroom it's awful from what I understand they're not good at that and the terrible the only people who know that women are disgusting pigs are people who ever lived with a woman that's the only people who know what disgusting pigs women are just like just closed everywhere makeup we have its massive town or in my house and have two sinks in it I have like this Mitch I have like this that's what I have enough of that all my stuff is lined up on that when you rather have that then just nothing and empty Gap where women used to be because you got minji about her taking over your counter do you know how to speak against bags have it so do I, are you okay are you if you complain about what you want out of life for you told me to shut up cuz you don't love me I almost never lived alone I went from college dorm to living with Matt was not really taking roommate but then having a live-in girlfriend and then married for a long time. Take up wheel counter he just whatever they cook and it's always terrible you know Matt would make crackers with steak and mash of crackers to put that on the outside then try that whole sandwiches mayonnaise on both a slice of tomato and then pepper how much to do to eat ketchup how many dip dip fries in a moment never had a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich that's weird why buy a mixing that smart from the story you made it really weird or whatever it's doing it easy to make fun of him because I think he mad about you were talking about Justice League comic con was this past weekend in the head Jason Momoa in town for that and I saw the most dismissive local news coverage about event on Friday one of the local stations I guess was doing a promo for that event and they're like yeah my producer tells me it's kind of a big deal and then it cut to be rolling The Shield nickels and the anchors like she was in Star Trek will be there to anyway it's this weekend what the fuck that was at the absolute stupid nerds are like dismissive of geek culture in general what a fucking asshole and it's going to be awesome I hope so Justice League Justice League you could probably figure out because it's everything that's wrong with it anyway the one thing that I didn't like that they didn't like the flash character who's the autistic guy from Big Bang Theory Sheldon what superhero version of that relate to other people you know what is the plan of the movie just like in general the way the story looks like the plot was a little bit I got to say this I'm not looking forward to the Aquaman movie and I was really looking forward to seeing Jason Momoa as Aquaman and I am now like I can't imagine how bad that I'll come in movies superhero movies do cuz I like Guardians the Galaxy was going to be a Trainwreck Mary was just this is for different reasons I didn't think you were going to go out of their way to watch Guardians of the Galaxy movie comic turns out that matter people do you know Aquaman's kind of a joke character but most of all people know about Aquaman in the new Justice League cartoon Super Friends from like the 70s like that's all I know about like orange and green what do you think a lot of people are banking on the fact that he was in Game of Thrones and the people are going to want to see you because of that water not breathe okay that's the other way overpowered situation everything would be fine and turns out that's right superheroes were somebody specialty is some power and there's somebody else on the team who has that power but better for a little bit a little bit better the first came out that was a concern you had before they even enough to sequels was you can't continue that story once you have a character who can do everything right the rules don't apply where do you where do you go from there because you've already got a car black character will you just know you remove him from his weird Subway prison thing and couldn't really interact with the Matrix and you just kind of gone and had to rescue him. Him and never really understood all that was it the director the architect architect right they were trying to get out of a real man I don't know you need the Oracle okay that designed the Matrix cuz there was no human that made the Matrix brought to you by that point in time because I didn't see any like I was food Rapids in there anything speaking of speaking of great benefit content that you can catch up on our mind when this episode of podcast is brought to you by Boomerang Boomerang video streaming service offering a massive library of Timeless cartoons and original Animated Series start your adventure today with Jonny Quest join Johnny and his loyal dog Bandit on an action-packed Journey Across The Globe as a discover strange scientific Mysteries and face fearsome foes you can find Boomerang on the web Mobile Apple TV Amazon Fire Roku and Chromecast for only 499 a month or discounted rate at 39 99 a year is it Boomerang promo promo code rooster to start your 30-day free trial it's boomerang.com promo promo code rooster binging a lot of Tom and Jerry on Boomerang Blakely love that series what is it is a hold up old as hell when you were a baby Gavin's got the right Tom and Jerry I watch The Little Rascals I watch Three Stooges and I was watching that stuff but now if somebody wants something an 80s cartoon today that would feel really weird you know that they went back that far to watch a lot of the humeral out of the park architecture I like it. Rude isn't any specific. Of time you hit them with a pie-in-the-face that's going to be funny 100 years ago was 300 years in the future the powder hey I'm starting the Simpsons the years to catch up on what's best of say something something what is 28 years 2948 yeah yeah next year together for you to take it easy dude can't make it you can't make it in Italy Italy Italy usually I mean you a long time to think Bill to qualify though all our powers are incredible but we're not good at it should work if you take him out of their element making play football and everything is not the best of the caption of kryptonite bullet that is true it doesn't make any sense you throw it in the gun shoot it at the enemy what is Superman anyway you said you had a perfect segue in line with the television show autistic the hittite functioning Asperger's it definitely comes across that way to me you know that we should we could have a character whose somewhere on the autism spectrum I think that's really interesting cuz I think a lot of people could relate to that for lack of a better term but I think there's a better way to do it than making it actually like this like Corky unable to fit in butt of the joke always character would you want the flash turn into actually there's another Super antisocial character in Justice League cyborg cyborg and gray should I go see Justice League it was good I enjoyed it I'm in the minority but if you want another socially awkward standoffish person free movie what was your power you make your first job melting off the anal slime in soundcheck posture you better not let me know okay if I gave you a metal straw how long before you have to take a long time because when I would play so much World of Warcraft and I will leave my hands on my keyboard they would eat through the middle of my MacBook you sure it's not just freshen base no cuz no one else ever has that what did Apple look at it and be like man you put a no I ended up putting one of those covers all of my hair sticking out of my head so I fix that hung up on your hair right now but I think it's fine what's wrong with it on twisted my legs will orange your kind of Orange what you worried about Gavin play so into your leg I can't wait for this patch of hair to grow back it's so it she like every day why is it if you wax it other than lychee of you by the way what point out that I am drinking water I have a new commitment where I'm not going to drink on camera anymore just because I just so much drinking at our company on my car on cam but I've got a new commitment to drink twice as much then I'll make up for you cuz it was against the rules of the Bush ever the person who recycles on behalf of everyone else who doesn't recycle recycle people who go above and beyond like you really not recycled but I'm going out of my way to do it you mean who do that delivery to the boss I'll put it in the recycling box recycling filled up because a question about the shirt you're wearing just have so many questions about it it says Rooster Teeth I didn't I didn't design the shirt I don't know what to say it looks like postati what does. That's the P know it's an are clearly clearly Scott is here we have talked about before the podcast this would have to be if people remember Scott they have to be a hardcore podcast list it's been awhile since 1990 1997 but he believes in some weird what's 5 times 7 how much do you want to hear that you are of Scots weird conspiracy theories over the years by who in 2006 was talking about the Mayan apocalypse is going to happen in 2012 that he was the guy who told us that there was a 10th planet in the solar system for a while what's the name of it the theory that there's this road planet that every every several thousand years comes to the solar system and destroys every planet play let me be very clear there's a fine line between being aware and acknowledging that crazy stories in there is about sending out there what side of laundry you are would you say on a regular basis we actually coming in as far as the Mind thing goes that was more on the the social psychosis of the masses I was more concerned with everybody else going nuts in making it come true making something crazy out of paste on all the crap I forgot the yellow things to reset and start all over in Apocalypse Now that they're like I'm like if you have enough people thinking crazy stuff they can make it happen in a self-fulfilling prophecy type stuff happened because people thought it would be one. That happened in Austin yeah exactly hurricane Harvey really it was just non-stop line to gas station for like a week Gus is going to die this one but I think you'll remember it just got and I had a website called longhornnation for a while and it was based on the community software that used to increase your keys and took off as much as five to ten thousand people who are there in a regular basis when there was like on planes over something in the limit the seeds for who's going to have to change a lot of controversy about that and the college football and Scott said he and I just I can't believe that Obama has mentioned I wanted what website yet why wouldn't it happen I would like to hear how I said some crazy shit but if you can I do remember that story that's got the last one I have here on Scott tour de force of conspiracy theories over the years which is Scott was telling me all about FEMA how they had fields of coffins in Louisiana like millions of coffins ready to go in case of a natural disaster and had to bury millions of people he's fucking crazy that they had the government has coffins out in the field for storing them in case of Calamity we looked it up YouTube videos of people walking around these coffin field field collapsible plastic ones drafting engineering drawings look like in it actually someone finally was able to wear them and it's just roses handful of people know it and try to that's all stuff to get people get set in their ways they're like they either choose not to investigate any further other so dead set in their ways that they anything that does not align with their way of thinking they just discounted I love how crazy right now because I don't you bring up a topic IPI don't I do related on the moon of course okay you're asking the wrong question why haven't we been back in 45 years where the 12 men on the Moon from 1968 to 1972 and 45 years and people like that are talking about sending people to Mars closest to get stuff is 39 million miles if you're going to learn how to live on another Celestial logic why wouldn't you do it on one it's two hundred forty thousand miles away for 27 years you'll have to go to Mars Which is closest against us in 25 months is 30 million miles away why won't you practice on the moon where you can save people bring supplies it's so much easier to test why are we trying to go to Mars One Gavin got to live on the moon yet been smoking 8 packs a day what's going on 81 every day can you believe that yeah let's relive that that's the reason I thought I had to reschedule with you just text me of the creepiest guy the other day and I was reading over the details of this text I thought you said just please come in and come in the podcast explain to me what they mean by that so you just wrote me..... Burns Burns could use the old Burns creativity and motivation skills I know you are working hard to move Consciousness through computer but how many questions would it take to move enough information that my person would be uploaded CPU and pass the Turing test obviously the abstract that I'm working on comes after the research is complete I guess what I'm doing now is an outline or summary of what I'd like to study to be about the question but what really, here's the problem I have to deal with a guy that's probably getting 78 tweets every 5 minutes it has very little time with my stuff so I have to sum it up in less than minutes or it's not going to get answered but probably have some insight on what does anybody watch Black Mirror woman dies in car crash she realizes pregnancy upload a question for my girlfriend and the fact that I have a girlfriend I mean okay so you think I'm smarter that overtime or left more overtime working at this job you're probably going downhill braking Point your creativeness was off the charts and that's why you're sitting here today do anyway you going to upload your contacts to computer that can't be done I'm saying you can do it on the cheap how many questions would you have to ask like for certain undeniable things that are Scott I'm left-handed I'm 5 foot 11 I have my girls are undeniable and there's things that only you and I know me and my girlfriend know me and Ross know okay then there's questions that how many questions would have to be asked before there was enough information on a computer where you or somebody else asking a question you wouldn't know the difference between the AI or me basic well maybe once you start asking probing questions like what are your opinions on that then you can start I don't know putting together other ideas that when a random question comes in it can actually formulated based on how could you give me the path how would you doing a baby how would you put a baby in a computer but I don't know if that would be worth your time how many how many questions could I answer off the top of my head like how do you measure the amount of knowledge within the typical human brain any given moment it seems annoying they will never stop I don't have that much to do playing golf that kind of stuff always request I can answer a thousand questions a day at what point do you have enough information or somebody can I tell the difference to me is that I upload your Consciousness to a computer let's say that technology existed just grabbed everything is in the computer would have a better way to access memories and things like that then you would if you went through these questions I would not be able to answer a lot of questions myself but if you upload of my Consciousness to a computer it would be able to answer some of these questions like what I do everyday without you saying what I need to know a lot about you, I guess I mean four basic personality Hardware software people would ask questions of experiences you've had on your own that you would never talk about publicly-funded Stadium first time masturbating with a teddy bear really that's called a hamburger patties and I think you got the wrong Teddy Ruxpin Barbara stepping up with that part of the teddy bear cut on teddy bear still in your home Honda Big Bear smell funny hi to Scott went how long before you think the technology exists for a week and we can go with your business plan it up louder Subs in the computer that's the point I'm trying to do that I'm just thinking can you upload nothing can you upload enough information about somebody to where the Turing test can be passed by an average person like I talk about it will have to be private questions that are not known by anybody else that when they ask them the only you to share that you have to be verified there's all sorts of steps to it I mean in the beginning phases I texted you when I just thought of it I probably should have laid out a little more I've been drinking and she said something really kind of off-putting she said something like I open one of us dies on the one who goes first and she goes because I don't want to live without you I was like that's kind of sweet kind of nuts at the same time that's the first thing I thought it was that Black Mirror episode where the guy takes the social media that kind of Technology takes this guy social media and all that stuff and they uploaded so that he can be with his wife and then it all goes down here when you might be ready for the next level of our offerings and will send you a body can you can play now you can actually touch and feel and that's when it went downhill. The guy couldn't behave the mannerisms were all wrong and she was like you're not my husband get away but what I'm saying is how far would you have to go in order to make yourself at least come at a comfortable level on a computer to someone else that misses you that's how it came up like a simulation yeah a good enough simulation play uncanny valley but for feel a lot of questions do you feel like the whole purpose of this technology lives assembly they can upload your time represent more like the people who are still alive that they might do that you would never ask them like for example if I like sometimes click my Knuckles while I'm watching a movie I feel like if I stop doing that you would notice that I stopped doing it but you would notice that I do do that either so how do you know how would the computer guy to ask that and that stuff is lost in the fact that the subconscious stuff that nobody notices but it be weird if it was going to be some how many questions need to be I need to be insulated to wear that Gap get smaller and smaller from 7% down to 5. Non-stop 24 hours a day to take over 31 years to get through a billion do you can only get one person who's the first one in a reminder for 20 20 number 20 2300 you're up there because it's because your buddy and I know you all these other I don't know who you would you and you do Meg how many of y'all want someone who is currently I miss him. Just like you would you like over the course of your life obviously up to this point I was kissing Monty preserve like this would you really want me to stimulation of your life someone who doesn't really get along with anybody yes we know so have you found someone that I can get along with I think you want you I would want to keep a hold of that somehow it would she want year maybe not as a simulation and I would not be I would not be offended you definitely can do Monday this no way a computer would get that right would never figure that out together on a scale 1 to 10 1 is you don't care about the 10 most important person in the world will ever to you how much do you like how much do you like Gavin Gill Winston you think you'd be high every week there is one week where I made a joke about it be funny if his middle name was ugly solid object have our eyes open for any anything about the world that you seen that the rest of us having no no no keep on with the dirty ass stains in the Scott everybody outbreak of some disease like stars are in the sky that dogs like with the Stars outbreak happen that's what I had just moved to Puerto Rico and I was actually glad I live on an island not as many people around like this is this is good that's a good place to be trapped on an island what year did less people get a vector that I'm in is one of the Abola outbreak is when the theme of coffee and then that's when Scott was mentioning it for the first time in the US that was really weird when the bullet made it to Dallas oh yeah that was weird cuz we all kind of freaked out about that they left it in there. It did not but then I think the healthcare workers who caught it from him deadlift I'd remember that it was that that helicopter footage of the guy who initially came back from Africa with it he was in the apartment in Dallas and he was walking out to his car and he threw up blood all over the sidewalk and then the news helicopter swing by and they showed just like a maintenance guy with a for the hose washing off or are you say that he should have just blocked it down the drain I'm just saying I want people do drugs with you do it yeah that's what I want I didn't think we're lost of dies in blood doesn't it you know she got it it's like a dislike the opening credits to some Apocalypse movie where they just showed a clip and then they showed like the numbers know the Country turning red virus Plague Inc a couple ones they're all the same I feel like there was no they should have been able to say this is a game 2048 yeah kind of same thing I guess they're playing pubg yeah I put a bunch of you guys played a pubg was vaulting the other day right James changer was good I didn't really think about it I don't know whatever fence okay but like why is that like I could have used it the other day when I was playing that's good news man. You can only do it once you go through windows then there are many more entrances and exits out of houses 15 yet get the fuck out wow that the point of view of an apple Palooza jump out window great I think I'm at like 2:05 I want to say 205 hours you got way more than me yeah I can see what I have going to see me see if I think I got like 240 yeah, you're very wrong it's okay to be wrong but you definitely changed the Dynamics as well that a lot more atmosphere drag different shape so really if the buyer the same but above like $200 so they start to act differently the gravity has a greater effect as well as if I damaged it affect where you're so much everything you said too much stupid you know what about too much fucking what is that you want to cut next Dollar Shave Club because it's only a dollar a Dollar Shave Club the amazing shave I get from Dollar Shave Club razors specially when it's used for dr. 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It's a lot of work 40 hours a week I can I can absolutely guarantee I played that much that's a lot I really have not I'd like 5 hours in the last 2 weeks so a few weeks ago a 4.6 4.6 hours in last 2 weeks 4.6 hours for the two weeks 2 hours in a week is a lot 2.3 hours and a half an hour a day we're on our way but maybe up to 30 minutes I have to do a really dumb thing where I have wireless headphones I got a Razer Manowar headset I fucking love it I'm looking into this razor phone cuz I'm like most of the stuff that makes him a good idea for you to get mega razor webcam cuz it's they finally somebody made a webcam with a ring light yeah but it's a shit it's like dying crap it is the census don't get the webcam raise it to make tremendous stuff but that game controllers ugly have you ever used the console controller controller Xbox wireless headset for the Xbox One the mouse that I learn how to play Smite on PC using a Razer Mouse interesting in the other day at Eddie's recommendation it is a Early Access game that I didn't know was in Early Access currently it is a new star control game really star control Origins but I talk to you about star control before or both play all the way through okay yeah my kids my kids had to play it as part of the video game education game pretty cool right to talk about the Battlefront stuff not really I've been playing that game of playing the campaign you play PC or Xbox which I love by the way the Xbox One was a terrible piece of shit I really like the one that revolved around like the Kinect unplugged that and then the update the recent update is better I think I don't say just runs games nice like on Hitman I can pick between HD high-frame-rate so guaranteed 60 or 4k on a console on a text to Craig counsell Battlefront 2 campaign it looks so fun I played a multiplayer match at E3 this year and that was a lot of fun but I still had a lot of fun what are the reviews been like the most downvoted comment in Reddit history because I like some DLC or something like that pay-to-win elements in the multiplayer where do you want to play as Darth Vader in multiplayer you have to end game credits on lock it in order to get enough credits to unlock him at an average credit you have to play the game for 40 hours for one character at the end of credits on anything else and there are there were you can buy with real money to unlock loot boxes that give you upgrades for other things that some of which did affect how competitive you are and gameplay how is that different from any other game in my transactions that helps you write like I think people got upset when it came to the dark Hearts were you or how you can get dark Hearts be a paying real money and the star cards affected your in-game performance by side where they played Boba Fett with no upgrade and he was shooting someone by 10 seconds before they died then he used like a star card that he paid for and heat with the same Boba Fett character on for 2 seconds and then they died if I agree that's garbage I haven't asked to play multiplayer on doing this came along for the the campaign's really fun and looks right I think he wants to look at the way OverWatch does loot boxes where you can you can earn in-game currency while playing the game or you can buy loot boxes with real money and the only things to get there are cosmetic they don't affect Gameplay at all it's like you have access to all the characters all the time does unlocking skins and emotes in spray doesn't affect how the games played it all finally felt like just great like the we got to switch so I can play Mario while I take a dump I'll go get Xbox One X which is like it's not like in living room and then and then I was realizing that some stuff is just massively behind like the the quality of a phone cool what comes after I've had a mobile phone I'm pretty sure it's always been shit I've never noticed an improvement maybe I have it I just don't realize it what they wear after your conference call Marilyn Manson and every text messaging system in like ways we can message each other on Twitter and love conference call a lot of people of all people to come at schools Barbara say the majority of people don't either way it does no good quality so bad at the FaceTime audio call tell and then someone replied with a very helpful response because FaceTime is over the Internet while phone called you is really old Network best point I was making you turn off LTE for voice if that would help to help because if you just call me I'll put you on speaker phone feature that nobody does I'm going to send you a recording message now you got for hey Gavin it's Bernie just want to see how you are doing call me love you and I have a lot of trouble cuz of the only people I told Americans Sacramento battery put it on speaker feature is 9% used by accident I would imagine mostly I should have came out that there was no sound like a robot people that I only talk to you via text and I just I've said I'm not doing this anymore because it's just it's no no no you're fine it's like cuz I see you in person or something I don't see any person I only see them occasionally and I forgot to text him on a regular basis and tone and contact you not come across like garbage you do it on FaceTime do I have any FaceTime audio never I love you babe I feel like if you go straight in with the FaceTime audio your time should be receiving FaceTime audio cool imma do you think this will be a long one get the perfect name for something it really is the perfect time for it to think they should rename it sound it makes when it rings bbbbbb Skype put you in the hole part of it is it is different to a phone call to be a phone call and it sounds better because then we can have a phone call what does the what does the f I want to phone you and I have an iPhone and so do you and we both on Wi-Fi what is it just use FaceTime well you're in the secret right next to each other is it on silent but it should know that your iPhone if both people have Barbara was right it's my ringtone it's not that I'm very excited cuz I just got to switch a couple weeks ago and I'm excited because I get to I get to play it on the really long flight to Sydney oh and it's going to be my first time having a switch on it on the flight we could all week at all player switches on the on the plane why were you stealing my line did you mess up for real no she didn't purpose I just pulled the Bernie Bernie and I will be there as well so we can figure out if Gavin can go as always Perpetual Visa issues that time of year in fact we were they were going to nap the whole podcast could going first I think but because Gavin's up in the air they were saying Bernie Barbara and Gus from the podcast we will be going I'm like you realize if you make that announcement your basic announcing with someone to knock out what you doing miss you is always an issue and he will probably want to come my Visa expires every year the end of the year so it's like 3 years for you man that sucks every smoking I'll go get to the Embassy in London about this RTX Sydney demonstrates the growth of the company and the increasing formal procedures that we have I got an invitation to go to the convention did you guys get back in February 28th please reply if you'd like I don't know if I got that I don't know why you not going no I'm going what do they want me to or not I feel like like solitary if I don't go you shouldn't go very put off by Beginnings in yet what they were very put off by be getting an e-mail she's like why would they do that to be going anywhere no it's nice actually makes you feel like you want me to get when you can talk about it I can read it to you know I just want to be like you want to go and you feel like you're going to like RTX Sydney / Sydney invitation okay everyone like to officially invite you to be a special guest at RTX Sydney 2018 below or a few event and travel details to get the process started that ended up please update an approval ASAP did you reply I said thanks so much for having me again I am delighted to accept the invitation to let's all have a great event see you there it was your reply when you making fun of them I was I was I was in the spirit of the formal invitation I think I just like she's like wow congrats you got invited because I thought they were there guideline for how much airfare should cost to fly to Australia with a little ridiculous what was it $1,500 yeah and Airline I committed to know traveling in fact of the blog this week was all about saying no dedicating my time to that and then some other things more than Twitter Gavin McInnes m4u particular I got the weirdest thing today I got invited I think I got invited to a convention in Brazil in two weeks literally it's taking place in two weeks and they want me to go to Brazil Sao Paulo Brazil that's pretty cool that you should go 2 weeks from now go 2 weeks so now I want to go to Brazil because they freaking send it to Eric instead of me I sent it to my manager wanted to invite me so I asked my boss to wow that must be in in most people's lives in my life what did I feel like 2 weeks ago I have 2 hours to spare time a week apparently that's the strange thing to you in a long time when you're traveling internationally like an average person one more time to plan for like 40 hours in one weekend play on the plane probably probably agree I think maybe that's possible if I've just been traveling and I'm just landed that day probably on the go out on a planet that day what are you talking about it remember it no heat gun app for bed somewhere else now and talk about this right Barbara and I was like oh I know that I told Barbara and I had a very is a unique unique but very rare occurrence Barbara and I traveled together and it was just the two of us we went to New York City together before we did a podcast and they had us out to sample a Brooklyn Renaissance of barbecue so we went to New York to have barbecue it was pretty cool in a long time expressing that you right before we both got booked on the trip to a lovely time 100 a plus traveling companion she's awesome she gets them may him I just want to know where I'm going what I'm doing what she's doing the wrong place did she take us to the wrong like it was Santa Monica Santa Monica versus somewhere else and contact his but it would just be the wrong day is the same Starbucks Starbucks Starbucks but it was and it was an 18 blocks away from the actual when we're supposed to be at the same name but the different one Burnie you be able to get a visa to travel to Brazil in only 2 weeks so I looked it up in order to for an American citizen visit Brazil you need to go to the Brazilian embassy to get a Visa online you cannot do it at the airport you would have to visit in Houston where's that I don't know where the nearest Brazilian embassy is so you would have to visit the Brazilian embassy before you go travel to Brazil so it's but it's Barbara best travel with that I am buddy You Pull It Yourself pretty to travel with but I just like a blow Barbara will go do stuff and you don't like to do stuff like I'm always doing stuff to do stuff like when you travel with Gavin are you the one who knows we're going what you're doing oars but then when you're traveling with me if I'm traveling with you I'm just helping you do a thing you're not like helping me do thing I'm not like I have to go to do that come with me cuz you know if that was the case I would never takes me anywhere I would like he wasn't there for me I wasn't leaving around cuz like I was my thing that he had come along with for above and beyond an organized person I appreciate that you did not give 2010-2020 and that we missed our flight out of Rome time she had the time mixed up she thought 20 mint 10 yeah but not to tell the time I didn't give a shit for it cuz it's like my car it was 8:05 or flight left at 8:15 we are still on the way to the airport is like what we can't we physically cannot do anything about this or we could just do what are they teach time to American C knows the time I think I should to make sure things that we got here for the rest of the time it's a 24 hour clock everyone else. Even if you don't use it on your appliances whatever 22 at 10 I think should be like one of those things that people do I still have to pay calculation every time I agree with what you're saying but I guess because I'll end it so young I never have to lie at 12 to 12:17 is fine to me when I used to handle events in as we were growing and doing stuff overseas I have to know like I'm calling someone is it 8 in the morning or 8 at night there when you keep track of world time with 24 hour time look as nice people who know like that is military time is when you read it that way for like if I if I look at 1750 yeah I would read it 5:50 so interesting so you would say 1751 Jared Leto on Twitter who is the Brazilian policy toward American Tourist is in response to us sanctions on Brazilian tourist to the US what did you guys have absolutely no neither one of us want to go either one of you the whole thing you put in dogs we had to record a vlog at the Renaissance Festival this weekend also was great to hear my Barb masturbating with a teddy bear social add-on at the end I let me see what Ellie said to me about this thing oh God crazy where is this. You don't know there's no shame what's wrong then it's really young I guess I'll go get her like when you're starting out use anything weird like a teddy bear feels good I keep rubbing up on that think there was a joke you know later episode of The Simpsons where Marge revisits a merry-go-round when she was a little girl mr. funny good feeling no longer young girls also really enjoy this like hot tub jets. I just saw your message about this the other day with someone where I was like I remember on Vine day where you come in with some scripts and processed it and we would love herself in the conference room for like 5 maybe we got like five done for the day so impossible but we can still do plus once we put together compilation online they had all of them and one of them was just Vines that some people from the company made in the personal can someone with a party favor and you were saying you found a new way to masturbate to you like blowing the party favorite is hitting you again and again if I can't believe I never saw that that was cool party favor I don't want to call it what's the word for that thing I'll say call a blower party blower blower High School oh yeah I'm not going to lie or suck the anal slime from that toilet you think we both hell yeah yeah I bet how's that birthday cake manager like favorite thing we've ever made you laugh so hard when I watched it yeah what's the ninja school where you're asking me if I just been busy trying to graduate school and they said there's no such thing ugly cut off at the time of your slightly off of Corey that was my favorite one too many times and I think it would go to the point where he said Sammy between recording seems like I feel like if I have to listen to you can we black guy like 67 what time should I felt like those evolved into IMDb as I don't know why but I like it like a weird like spiritual successor make Vine video this is the other than 80,000 takes on cuz we can get the birthright this one is good to you cuz there's so many jokes layered into it the piracy one YouTube videos she was looking for a girl to make-out with her is better shoot it so I was trying to find some of me doing that with the wig on and so on Blu-ray and what do audio commentary I will sell it by the way I've noticed you guys knock the Hat into the background it's right there look at it beautiful here's your opportunity Barbara I bet you can't do that if the receipt podcast is also brought you by ProFlowers ProFlowers recently sent us a beautiful bouquet and I was impressed at how precious stayed over such a long period of time ProFlowers has a perfect gift for anyone excited about the fall along rescue bouquet in their favorite fall colors their best selling cinnamon cider roses are great options for a birthday anniversary or any fall occasion cinnamon cider roses with one of the classics like 100 Autumn blooms or a dozen Autumn roses you can't lose because no matter which book can you send our listeners get 20% off any ProFlowers unique bouquets of $29 or more to get 20% off all bouquets or $29 or more go to proflowers.com and use code teeth at checkout as proflowers.com code for ProFlowers refers to the overall color palette of the bouquet bouquet is bold and color and exceptional orange roses mixed with red Alstroemeria and Pops of yellow micro palms for a gift that is truly a fall favorite what's an Alstroemeria I went out to LA for a really quick trip last week and LAX at 4:30 p.m. and I took off the next morning at 7 a.m. went to my hotel which is on the way to the to the theater drop my kid off and it just went straight to the theater did it that we live in a world where you can do that is it regular Bears to Memphis what I like looking in a mirror Barbara Barbara embarrass me I would say humiliated me of the traveler it's okay you know what you did Barbara out packed me on this trip to New York Life like incredibly so we were leaving to New York at 7 p.m. and then we were out the next day at 5 p.m. so we didn't do much but I just like to use it on my carry-on and I showed up at the airport by Migos carry-on and backpack I did but I have I have wanted God I have left God put Ellie is the cup holder bicycle yeah but she Barbara was she embarrassed me and I felt really humiliated what are the podcast coming out don't even know if it's in the podcast app on a phone is that poker this is if you watch the video is Now podcast podcast is the last remaining remnant of iPod like there's something else pod iPod Touch This is it really because I think it was Adam Curry who coined the term podcast instead of a broad but I feel like an idiot I had no idea broadcast.com there got that banner across the top yes the options are Mac iPad iPhone watch TV music there's no iPod at all in there would you buy an iPod calves appreciate you buy iPod touch the urine cool ways open a podcast distributed confusion this is the receipt podcast because I feel like I always open is a lot more produced so it could be more Michelle is also seasonal. Although I guess that's also could be a podcast though it it's both so how much is a top-of-the-line iPod cost 120 bucks top-of-the-line iPod 128 gigs cuz that's the best course you are paying $300 yeah that's not 300 FaceTime but I know any more about you know you wouldn't have a 3-g signal you would have a new type of being a WiFi all the time don't worry about it just get all the apps and everything looks like on it it looks just like an iPhone on the top right killing me which indicates how to search for something and I search for iPod iPod would like there's no link to their store even know the whole thing of Apple what are you doing why can't you find it I can't get to the store the store is the store by trying to buy an iPhone I got here like alright I found a thing called better by I clicked on it and there's no way to navigate out of this product we were complaining about Apple now just mad at the Moon into that with no way to get back up on level you have to click the magnifying glass and search like an old fogey over there I just I went right to it I found it are you going to buy the what's the code on iMac Pro what is that I think looking at the website I don't know about it I think it's like a $6,000 ice cream oh what are you searching iMac that replaced because the little been with a piece of shit so they said they're going to have a career that thing was such a piece of shit when we got it we couldn't use it it kept crashing it didn't work with Adobe software mine didn't work but doing anything trying to edit Minecraft did you eat an Apple Watch know I did have a gen 1 I got a new one at a good I can get a second gen I got a 3rd gen for the rent. It's a red dot on it the digital crown I don't like it I don't think it's the one that shows out of my sleeve is red. They don't have the right to tell you what why do you need that when do you not have your phone on you listen I didn't I didn't get the service I just got in case at want the service at some point they pay more but you don't use the feet the batteries are piece of shit cuz I will come make a battery for fuck why do you why do you rate Rises company if you're so mad about it all the time staying in an abusive relationship through the fuk attention just want to stay inside the family of 5 phones on iPhone it says lot hotter than the one time I still hate off my phone all the time and every time I get a new one or wipe one or something like that and I have to put white one but I got to put my girl talk albums back on my phone cuz you can't just download them pay for him you got to hook up to iTunes to put on your phone you have on your phone cuz I lost like 3 I find the music music from a CD I haven't even told my phone I haven't you have got soap in your phone play all party horns by the way that's not right West what are you doing where you at I need to know about it from his website YouTube demonetizing States not advertiser-friendly on the night girl talk is subject to copyright because they can't sell it or anything like that nobody you and it goes back to this side effect of course I've got to get one now why would I go back to using an iMac I love my TC I don't know who that is. I feel like a pro but I can custom if I could would you have any use dongle on your laptop I hate this trillian did I got to be a Truly Nolen company do you know whether or not the first really know a company if you adjust for inflation Shipping Company East India Company is it that one who run the world yeah by 3 trillion or something would happen to a company like it was such a huge I think they had like more ships than most countries Navy's and they're just like they don't exist anymore that big back then like how does someone over this deal that without Technology Drive regulation what is a regulation so somebody was in China they lose right like you can't keep track of inventory on time if you want to make about that company they traded was saltpeter I was your biggest thing on the East India company was founded December 31st 1600 and it ceased operations June 1st 1874 on time company because 270 4 years and then stopped what happened around somehow how to do that new Coke Coca-Cola Coca-Cola if you got 3 trillion the equivalent you just like yeah yeah no more money than any of us could spend in a lifetime it's like when in a game if you enable God mode and someone said that's god mode to you're still God yeah why you always going to work busy and having fun and making like making content yeah I can only imagine I imagine it all the time you want you to be happy to be like Adam Dunn yeah yeah I think I feel like this is the fun part would be depressing to go to the school on Monday now when Sunday is over I'm like Monday tomorrow I look forward to going to work all the time I love it you did something really unusual for this podcast I don't know if you realize you did that came out early besides that my calendar invite for this podcast interesting why did I do that you've never done that before I want to screenshot it and save the little green check mark me I'm becoming a respectable employee after it that's how we knew that we should have the orange LED light cuz you Woulda knew you were coming for sure I'm going to send you an email about something using Merrell University stuff this podcast is also sponsored by the Rooster Teeth store it is true Did you know that Ricky has new merch every week on like apple including hoodies t-shirts Collectibles and socks it's true there is a place to buy gifts in your life this holiday season or to spend that money on yourself instead because clearly you have earned it and it's cheaper but they only get 15% off at the grocery store do not watch you live head to the store at store that receipt. Com and shop for the holidays let's play and more.com work store to apple.com it doesn't take you anywhere how long until Rooster Teeth is a trillion-dollar company I never looked at everything before that happens if you want to find a key ring on a website you can do that without stuff thank you my Apple laptop for doing that for me I really appreciate that yeah acessories I'm going to guess that's right at the top when we were retired thing is our first accessory cuz it's so tired retired it's not on the first page sure. Collection I like the scarf that has teeth on it I like that can you get the much to wear in the person stuff you mean to be like that at all we were on the phone cost pick up promotion how do I send an email to be happy literally stay right here in Norman area box of merchandise that they give us in case we want to wear it every single week every week every week every week they're all they do is talk about how they can't get Gavin towards Christ what if every piece of new much was just on my desk nah no way of stuff I never received an injection I know the answer getting awkward maybe we should wrap this up alright I want to thank you for watching this episode of Steve podcast and I will see you guys next week and if your first time we can also check out the post show love you virus to see fuck Apple