#468 - Will Gavin Sell His Bitcoin?

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Becca Frasier, and Burnie Burns as they discuss external hard drives, net neutrality, the iPhone X, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on November 27, 2017, sponsored by Tipsy Elves (http://bit.ly/2AdzHAI), MVMT (http://bit.ly/2AdONpA), MeUndies (http://bit.ly/2Ac9Jxn), the Rooster Teeth Store (http://bit.ly/storeholiday)

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Becca Frasier, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

hello podcast this week try to buy me a movement and Tipsy Elves I said I am I don't think that's the latest you've been as the cock block in trouble play don't have that and I have. In the main in trouble for that's really pushing it that's really late so that you don't get makeup makeup makeup makeup but you're here Hitman video but I have to get coffee today at 5 p.m. so if I do it if I drink coffee like after noon it is more likely to make me jittery and what hours in the future blue hair for 2 years I remember you used to not be able to handle coffee at all the compliment I would get worried when we would work at the apartment in Buda and I see a cup of coffee in your hands either at Department of Buda or the Congress office if you had coffee if you'll be a bad day why later this is like you're sitting on my face like writing that you needed energy you have coffee in the novel to write exactly right and then I'm up in about NASA nobody else what they're doing and everything Gavin posted something on social media last week about going through and organizing all of his drives and you have no idea how much data you have before it drives varying to Messi or for individual ones I have to plug in but then they're also duplicated right I don't have everything twice in England to make copies of everything leave one at the office to take one home in case Gus and I hand them over to Brandon bruski when they said no we can't have these things out of the office we need to have my own place they were merely lost time we needed files from my gear 3 is like we don't have those right there on the drives on every Drive what we lost but we knew it was good anyway so don't worry about what is Gavin your preferred brand of external hard drive mass storage I've been used Intel drivers recently and you have to shove them into a thunderbolt and then that's more and I don't have to like read Neil Putin's name every time I plug one in the driveway just like design every Lacie drive for some reason you say Lacey hysell to see you as well let's see I got from you did you send text or pictures mainly and movie files that can your parent you understand this video files people in the future who will become the pictures take like 1 or 2 pictures every now and then but just video the crap out of the video is way more than he's been looking at the pictures on your phone and if it's actually 4K that's like an 8 megapixel still frame that you can take from it they want to take a selfie at a convention they just take video and they hit the steel frame like snag a photo from the video while they're taking it off. I guess so but I can wait on the Fly Like posing and doing it you know rapid fires essentially I think Portugal iPhoto why photos of saved my ass so many times am I dumb face selfie stick in hand I remember you telling me if I like dance at you a picture one time and when you looked at it on your phone normal screen you couldn't see his dick but if you looked at it and it was a brief time with iPhone screen wasn't 16 by 9 but the video it took was on the video store so he was kinda ignored it yeah he thought you framed out his penis and I was like the tip of his belly was weird he sent you a video of himself because he knows it pisses me off haha but it does piss you off I thought you were fascinated by it like piss under toilet and they sent me the other day that he was going to use it is added to my to do list of melee go through all the old picture drives updated so I ordered I had them on 1 terabyte drives and I now have 5 terabyte drives that are coming in a minute throw everything on there do you have the current listings in the future the current largest size for a single hard drive for OneDrive I know you're saying is that will look back at this in the future I'll just go out and give it to the crazy thing back because I always think that I've got everything I've ever done that deletes shit but you have pictures from a phone I had that I don't have two pictures from the ones I sent you I had this whole life. Of time I was taking stuff I don't know anything from that first one of your first big trips a really long time and Congress office right now there's a weird thing where we have almost no pictures from the beauty downtown office found a bunch of them I found photos from our second anniversary and I found that apartment settle that would've been okay that have been by your side chick is in the background with a Red Bull bumpers I have others that thing where I have a video camera on my desk and it took a picture of ways to find a video camera my sidekick my T-Mobile Sidekick I don't have the time or laptop E6 in a machine or something like that and I found a bunch of bunch of photos from there and I found the earliest photo I have of Gavin visiting Texas where he's in the beauty downtown office I have a bunch from you being a curse to see the video I sent you by the way station with you before I used it but trying to video you having fun if I ever listen if I ever need like anything out of these two I can just go back and just show them the videos in London in their hotel room in the bed and bath tub into us and just started giving us stronger beer after Stronger Beer and telling us the numbers for that it's like this one's number 13 is bad news he drinking a lady that owned a Belgian bar in Netherlands that sounds about right on the border with the Netherlands Bear say Holland I think they would be the most defensive about it the whole in the region of the Netherlands on the western coast of the Netherlands the name Holland it's also frequently used in Fort Lee to refer to the whole of the country of the Netherlands they have the jerseys for the national soccer team say Holland on them can we get there tell us what up shoes from Gavin exploded by the way because you said that so letters soccer fan who did qualify for this fucking World Cup who's in it like Zimbabwe vs czechia is that who's going to be a big names in the World Cup teams that you have heard of the name of the Czech Republic or czechia shekia I haven't heard anything that's not shakia shakia shakia the way you should say in English the way you read it it looks like czechia it was very lucky I still place now I don't have an episode of Heroes and half-wits a couple weeks ago and I don't know how it came up were we were we had a list of countries in front of us and Ryan goes I'll look at that crazy one Bosnia-Herzegovina I was like yeah I remember the war that was not there that have Nickel in it do you remember Slobodan milosevic and I've no idea what you're talking about what happened to Yugoslavia I don't know if we were filming at the end of the episode that was between Bosnia Herzegovina Croatia Macedonia Montenegro Serbia and Slovenia so all of the above yeah what's a crab does it also have eight six legs what were you at what the question is an octopus Peapod what is a crab a crustacean Med7 is a cephalopod mollusks have the order octopoda on octopus an octo means a bipod I'm asking you what crab has my tripod that's what's up what's the crab legs and in the two pictures of a crab and a side that makes sense to me in the middle Jamie the big guy can undergo metamorphosis did you know that I'm out of my mind sharks don't think then don't sharks eat each other in the womb yeah yeah that's fucking crazy dude we totally fine we just eat the umbilical cord. I wouldn't think they would decapod talk about that they have the last pair of legs is hidden inside the shell what would they have legs by the mouth to go to Jan stuff in and he would call his legs or arms legs Oregon hair crab what you just showed on screen marketing so gross I need a blue crab what do you want two different has lights display Alaskan king crab for the Japanese spider crab with the metamorphosis of Krabs is one of the creepiest videos I've ever seen online line is a time-lapse of one of those huge Japanese spider crabs molting and going from its Old Shell and like pulling out of it which I don't even know how she does it because it must have some point separate from its own shell and then you start to wiggle its way out when it pulls out all these long legs it's it's a horrible that creepy video amazing I would love that damn it I'm a little jealous of Steven suptic in one way and that I would just love to shave my head completely we can make that work for all of it and just like you have a big group that you evolve to have fun not all of them well yeah but it's like it's cool to take off that close or hair by Jim I think some dogs it is like I think of huskies are not supposed to be just like I was just talking about this the other day there's so much basic shit we don't understand me to make you shave a golden retriever will be somebody who will stop you tell you can't do that the dogs not cooling now the dogs actually warmer because you took away the insulating layer or something like that but then they're not sure if that's right some of the cooler in the summer it's better for the dog likewise the oldest fucking science that we have at this point has got to be nutrition right because we've been eating before we were doing anything else to understanding what we had to eat was theme for everything I think that I mean that was very big though it's like what can you eat for the longest amount of time it's amazing how little we understand about it like every couple years they say something that refutes where they said the previous decades we had a campaign called The Incredible Edible Egg know that no remember like a show us on the Food Network or one of those stupid channels that goes through and like debunk food fact and the other day they talked about like that common misconception that coffee stunt children's growth and they found the origin of that and origin of that was there was a drink that tried to compete with coffee as a breakfast drink at one point in 4 days I think and stupid name I can't remember but they spread a bunch of misinformation about coffee to try to get people to stop drinking coffee and one of the things I said was that coffee stunts growth and that's stuck with people that drink we just believing lies how come there's not a bunch of pot smokers that have lung cancer play I know people that smoke marijuana but don't smoke cigarettes at all and I don't know anybody never heard of someone who is a just a pot smoker getting lung cancer and the chemicals you don't get that stuff no cuz it's just a plant additives in cigarettes give you cancer but nothing in it and are cancer from chewing tobacco yeah but that's also full of shit to question what do the doctor I mean you're not going to get lung cancer. This is vaping bad for you in anyway tell me about two things like 10 years from now 20 years now will look back and I'll even go as you not realize that was bad for you I thought about how gross vaping as because when people exhale it's like the tangible humid puff that comes out of your lungs basically we can do it on a cold day as well I'm breathing with the flower in it and I'm not going to blow a big cloud it's going to walk through a cold you know this thing pops up that was at with it what is it what is the problem was their name by the Rooster Teeth store remind everyone to go to store. 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caffeine-free beverages created by the Post Cereal company in 1895 and Market as a healthful alternative to coffee I know I try it I need to fix the link you spell it Pasta Pasta p o s t u m I think it would be Post in that pot postal postal like you say like I sprained my postum coffee machines and pasta machines and see if maybe they're just drink this after beverage Rooster Teeth extra first-past-the-post System supposed to make a postum cocoa blend he's working hard back there leave me alone in between my two pregnancies there's been a study that came out that said you can drink up to like four cups of coffee a day when you're pregnant so I'm fully taking advantage of that where people are people are like criticizing everything you eat a baby glass of wine that's it that's all you can have that was painful holiday wow I've done this before it's not go back to the town I grew up in yeah I did I feel like I don't know what's happened the last week because there's just no signal what do you do when you go home to that town go to Walmart to get the truck I've been there and get the truck and around it all of the local restaurants that let you read it slow as hell so you can know I've signed me up you grew up in in 2010 with 5368 oil field brush so I'm I'm pretty sure it's back still do the best I have to earn their living in a small town like an hour to the nearest movie theater an hour to the nearest mall in the mall in the town in which is horrible yes to see England has lost motown's but because it was so small it's like it's pretty close to a probably a bigger town and they're like 120 people in my graduating class yeah it's it's rough it's really over a thousand people next door to my high school was the Rival high school and they had 5000 it's not any kind of exaggeration there is literally right next to each other you want to like a magnet school right now I don't want to Art science magnet schools are tacked onto a normal school is it really like a big arts and science science magnet you going to Arts Magnet and if you didn't get into one you had to settle for the next one how many feet can you go to the signs for the graduating class I had with 700 but I was bigger than my matriculating class and call it what is a matriculated classes you enter with the freshman class that I entered with they were specifically designed to describe that so I use the applicable 5th grade English level for you guys but separately for that in America cuz I don't feel bad about the last contact in my graduating class from high school and in college it was about 12,000 you just said I'll probably know you're talking about the freshman year High School haha look at you easier no hands up okay good see you deliberately used to be impressive and it was thoroughly enjoyable Barry from the word matriculate the ball down field what does that mean versity requirements Alright good for you guys to wear to the day matriculation and everyone I mean that the burden of a living with it for a few years matriculating is just an act like not the person I really like being born in one person be more matriculating than the other one supposed to be together a group for which it sucks cuz I have any better that than what I actually did what you mean just wondering around people in real life not realize that coming on to me that you never had to dating apps or anything like that right now four and a half years is that if you got married since Ashley and I started dating we start at in 5 years ago how did we pick you up that's why you had that was a big lesson you still at least I just ignored the invite to the house warming so I'll give you some credit I did where was my invite to that you're invited I was there ever an Epicurean cutting board or to give you one Cinema how to catch it on the little scraps and seeds good I got these like super thin cutting boards I think the brand is that picture or something like that look it up online they had to put a don't like cat pee when I would clean it and there was a statement ahead of my where they use some kind of food safe formaldehyde I don't want it in my prayers yeah it was like that they use and it's a totally normal smell for that product food great PCS plank of wood I really don't know but all I know is I stop using my cutting board on food master and I look like I look at the brand of The Cutting Board the third autocomplete is weird smell nice Thanksgiving across the water that looks and smells like cat piss I couldn't get it down even with the mindset yeah I mean I can never get past the smell of something I would never find out what it even tasted like I've looked at before I bought my first house I looked at a lot of different houses all around Austin like trying to decide what house I was going to buy and there was one house that I went to look at with my realtor that we walked in and immediately we were overwhelmed with the smell of cat piss like my realtor unlock the door took one step in and turn around and walk back so I'm not going in there it was everywhere permeated every single inch of that house and every time I drive by that neighborhood of cat piss out over there it's not cheaper let me a bargain for someone like Rising other I go and I look at a house. What's going to be the the weird thing that this happened for sale not announced on extra life that Becca is pregnant with her second child that's not a thing every year was the day of extra life it was so meant to be that word is that okay with you want to make sure oh yeah I want to feel like I should go on X like next year and say like this and I are expecting a pizza to be delivered right now I got to take off where can I find the fine if you have kids if you want kids have no time soon not at this particular moment that was really don't know maybe 1030 wow that's crazy I don't think you're 7 years you're not wait how many show contact information Comcast quietly drops promise not to charge tolls for internet Fast Lanes yes and I think that they wouldn't block anything but it was like some weird loophole in the statement that they had made is net neutrality that was happening right now I think we will lose it quite a bit and for the most part people deported but I do get a couple of people who are against it and I'm always curious so I kind of go through their profile and I'll look and I'll see if we know what their side is or what they're talking about and it's amazing the campaign of misinformation that's been spread about net neutrality I like all these people they just believe a lie like they have they have bought into Ally they don't they don't know where that you Kelly's actually about like brexit I'm alright government regulation government regulating and towing companies what to do then what was the stomach said what about fuck the head of a really good example I can't regulate but the regulations are to say like all day does the same people who lets you know a liberal agenda for this is not nothing to do with conservative or liberal issue it's always something that happens constantly because we go back and forth we just so we can keep this pendulum swing of you go back and forth between these two parties it seems like and does not a lot of kind of crawling about the economy right now. How will the economy is doing and how the stock market is at an all-time high and everything like that and it's it's all because of the current Administration that's what we're retool I do know that it tomorrow if it stock market David Maley start planning a beer Mama ministrations that like somehow the effects of the about Administration will have leapfrogged all of these you know what all this growth or whatever and it'll be this is all because of the Obama Administration give me a crash coming I think we have a lot of unsustained growth coin is the weirdest what the hell is Kik Messenger app cryptocurrency type thing called Ken and they immediately raise like 125 million dollars my new startup you can invest now send me money but like every other cryptocurrency just get one and see what happens right in a really even more ridiculous up swing over the last week or two are going to see it hit 10,000 soon as it goes down by like over a grand entrance to be like wow that was it sell before it goes to 2 Grand a month ago and it was $5,700 I have one that I got in July out of 2500 bucks you have won $7,500 from July 10th I like it either you have a Bitcoin that's the way people talk about it but if I said I have a stock One stock in Coca-Cola have a dollar yeah but you bought $1 in July of a Bitcoin right like an amount of Bitcoin you can buy Grands with she was in the block where we went to San Francisco right under that I know you are my lucky yeah she started this with her husband started a cryptocurrency mining for cryptocurrency a blockchain currency specifically for the Cannabis industry and legal cannabis industry which is her profession portent distinction to make blog about the legal cannabis industry and three people got very upset about me saying that Justice League was a perfectly fine movie and you should go see it but that Superman is presented in the movie as being overpowered I got I got hammered on social media Gavin I don't know what I'm talking about I have no idea what I'm talking there are Superman experts in the world and I have been reading Superman and they understand Superman and I don't understand Superman in my opinion Superman is completely wrong this fictional made up cartoon person is just how dare I how dare I say it is kind of frustrating when I should never do this I win some of those blasting either very upset with me and then I click through another profile on Twitter and that's pretty much the only discussion of having across the course of the last week like cartoon stops and there's no Avatar of the first in space that you know name yeah I have to report a weird place I reported a tweet the other day to Twitter for the first time what am I to do I need to try Leti someone replied in support of net neutrality saying oh doing anything online stuck into work which I kind of agree with what we need to do with me to load up on 556 full metal Kodomo go down in March on Washington and then he was like can they hold a meeting at the eff you see if we blow it up where they hold a meeting in the rubble okay I need to report this you are on a weird dangerous extreme like I don't know. Why would you say that I mean I don't understand that at all Star Property internet maybe that other people can come at you through it when I was a kid I didn't have a permanent record and Global microphone to be an idiot kid and it's dead just like these doing this and now. Is light blinking adult reporting in to Twitter apparently to a major corporation we'll see what happens to that person's account actually follow through with things like oh he was tweeting about it and nobody knew I had a fried Twinkie okay I'm going around everyone is also brought you by meundie people receive the gift of all time underwear but we still give it to our family or you just don't want it but maybe it's not the underwear that's the problem it's the kind of underwear so let me tell you about me and that makes for an amazing gift talk about it I feel like it just about every week it's so comfortable you look great only underwear I have everyone is going to love you for a holiday Miracle this year don't give underwear give me undies this holiday season to get your clothes are 20% off the stockist underwear you'll ever wear free shipping and a 1% satisfaction guarantee go to meundie stock com Rooster Teeth that's me undies.com Rooster Teeth they don't sign the copy with Elsa McLeod's pass that I love I will talk to pass all the time when I'm at home load up to beautiful 2000 420 last night me and the boys and I thought I was like what did you write in the threat of loss of hearing voices thinking about rice yeah I feel like big but we need to cut through a flashback but we don't have it. I feel like I've seen that yeah hot 20 you go to this one it's fighting great I really want to go black carnival rides are way more aggressive than amusement park ride amusement park rides are massive multi million-dollar throw you away like a fair or Carnival to come into the Town Center close both ends of the town and then Fairground might come in light in front of the shop stuff do you like 75 feet in the air if I owe that's the jewelry shop that is the closest thing we haven't set up the carnival under the International Bridge bike ride along the banks of the river and then one year there was a flood and you could barely see the top of the ferris wheel it was so much fun I got bit. Places to get really really bad flooding if every 10 years 10 or 20 years for the chaos rotor that's the best one I know you just move your body right that's what you want you can come do it really hurt cuz you end up like slime in the world twice as hard as gravity Facebook on the mess right now because face looks is it supposed to be incredible thank you broadcast okay what are the instructions for I will give you a dollar if you have a spoonful of just triple K tbsp popped out so similar to Coffee in so I might if you added pepper to Coffee dust some pics I'm not discouraged yet I'm going to give a shot to put milk in my coffee and cream it says you can optionally but I think about tablespoon tbsp is three teaspoons or try to put 2/3 of it does it matter what perk cup of water I'm excited for my first cup of poster custom this is this is thrilling I'm sure I'm the soup when I got my new bed me sir oh God don't drink the whole thing it's not like you filter it or anything else on the steps it's like a big lump of it floating around like an island hey I don't know do you like the new Vegemite chocolate when does it dissolve a butt oh yeah it's pretty dark not the coffee's not can I have a fun pick up your post even though it tastes like malted Coffee ingredients are wheat wheat bran molasses and wheat flour when when you hear it smells like maple syrup it's not at all it looks like someone shit in the mug so bad to be like you want coffee from the 1800s around the block and we just have the hot water is not good when they filmed white people of post them the apron like that it takes a little bit of what is that you have a new fan Barbara is a thick and salty meat extract paste similar to yeast extract built in the 1870s are biased against people that are right-handed like I got to go left handed with this looks like that only at brewskis store.com this one. I have this one at home as well I have a bug or should I be missing something in the store now you don't have to go to mug is it's it's a compliment to this one had a heart me mug with her book buffering and it's a white little face swap with a mug with a blue interior and I use that one just the ones I've been given one was nice Dynamite mugs from 4 years ago someone else about the Dreamliner If I Can Dream Lana seemed really to fit a ton of coffee in my hands yeah I'm not jealous at all you can drink out of it if you want. God damn it I've got an iPhone 10 which I like more than I expected to like but there is one that is so incredibly stupid about it the Apple pay we got to double click the button I'm fine with that turning off that is it you nailed it but it also called 911 and start an alarm on your phone no emergency. Going to hit that if you press the crown button for 3 seconds it does the same exact thing in my watch that I had no idea who it was then my phone rings and it's not even one saying hey you called us what's up did you know that the Easter egg with these things but the computerized assistant that's not an iPhone if you activate her and then you tell her how did I supposed to do a spinning icon if you ask her to charge your phone to 100 to charge my phone to 200% it calls 911 strike if your situation where yeah why would you say that like how much is a hair dryer Eagle even still it's an insane things that you're being held at knifepoint like Siri I didn't say that at the beginning of it but if you know I see people all the time you Siri in ways that I have never thought of before so if somebody did that in front of me in a situation then you know it's a way they can do my legs does a crab have Michael dropped his iPhone to am actually enjoying this fell off the counter in the bathroom tile floor and just a couple days catastrophic failure and it immensely I'd like a green line across the screen and then started leaking all the crystals in the district But ultimately it just like the whole screen starts flickering display one where he could unlock it last night called 911 and both my mom and I receive text saying contacts and my mom starts blowing up the contacts in your phone that when you make an emergency call it'll automatically alert them filled out like blood type of your old man I want to say my blood type really personal information on one of the A's have to swipe across on that thing yeah right that's an awesome sound like that I like ice cream on it but then I also kind of don't like it and then you can send it to your photo library but then if I just want to get screenshots save to my photo library so I have an extra steps to how many accidental screenshots now this phone is the hardest phone I've ever had to use as a scannable airline ticket is already passed have you use the other comfortable for putting it down try right now like you to have it up and you're going to put it down put your gun pointed downward like that just going to drop it in the back is the only photo I've ever owned right constantly just last week when I look at the back of it so that none of them have cases but I still don't get it wrong and I left before you got it and most breakable iPhone ever dropping all this money and he broke it all most expensive to replace the back if you have to replace the screen we almost got out really good fine no problem they can use photos of your face to create mask very easily they tested 3 they had have attention on the Moto just turn it off and just use if you really feel that way the only time I ever miss the touch is what I'm paying for it now when I pay for something I got a double I got to hold it up to the thing and it says double click it but I double click it take a screenshot maybe I double click it and then it tells the okay now you're ready to do it but I hold it back up there again because now he's my face and smile at the but the stupid credit card machine now be like yes the guy he's a group that cuz I feel fine I always want the best camera cuz I look like a stuff I shot like 4 years ago in an iPhone like I was but I put out the video of us that recording let's play in France recently 2013 2nd 1080 I use the difference in size between well like 7:20 today in 4k 60 by 10 times 100 megabytes a minute to do full case 64 and make it like a minute yeah damn that's a lot for fun amazing amazing me about smartphones all smartphones today is there so magical you go back and watch like a movie from the 80s where they have something that's supposed to be the equivalent of or what is a smartphone today and they couldn't even fake it as well as what it looks like today you know it's like in Robocop Robocop the thing is like it's like a red LED that they couldn't even fake it I like it when they went on the earth like a movement of something like a doll that moves and it's really just like a lion cut in behind it and they just move the light bulb socket actual physical moving things they can't fake a screen crazy give me the old there's like a like a handheld game and it was a moving red light and that's what it was it was almost like it was not a thing like an excuse to catch the moon yeah yeah Begley it called Kong handheld game by movement holiday shopping season is here with movement you can skip the crowds and standing in Crazy lines and find a gift of love at prices at beat department stores watches start at just $95 department store you looking at 400 to 500 bucks they figured out that by selling online they were able to cut out the middleman damn Metal Man providing the best possible price that's wonderful how to get to classic design quality construction and styled minimalism over 1 million watches sold in over 160 countries get 15% off today with free shipping and free returns MVM t.com rooster game or a gift for someone else go to mvmt.com Rooster join the movement you can have I fucking love the internet not only did I find the game called blip about a site called the evil mad scientist. Com back in 2010 that got one off of eBay and they open to see how it possibly were ever you get its own like what you hit one two or three to block it and then I'll head back and forth you're talking about eating a fried Twinkie earlier it made me think about a TV show I saw he was yesterday on Vice on the vice TV network is the TV show they called most expensivest and it's hosted by 2 Chainz and he goes around and does some of the most decadent most expensive things you can do in the world of the things he did was create a $1,000 donut that was covered in gold and infused with champagne and Louie the 13th Cognac and 48 or $4,900 dish of wings chicken wings and the wings recovered like in caviar while Gras product that is a a golden donut like you couldn't see the donut had so much gold leaf on it really nasty but I think but I think I picked up a App solutely ridiculous stuff like $5 hamburger vs the $800 hamburger I feel like getting like a $10 massage compared to a $500 one at the Four Seasons typically it's like the middle one is the best never was that jump diminishing returns adequate middle of the road you're going to do so much for the computer this was provided by Microsoft he was very very nice to me but when I buy like PC at home I don't buy the the biggest video card I never do the only I do that with I think is probably television sets just because getting rid of a TV now is a big deal so it's the best one I can get have it for as long as I have it and then get the best one you have sometimes you can get screwed just by being early at auction technology I love my curved TV I think I still have a curved TV you can you can you still have a TV I got it at my old place and then when I moved I had moved so I'm not sure like where things are a lot of TV I don't watch a lot of TV I'm not sure if it's curved or not I can't remember that it's only going to be an easy thing to overlook some time or LED TVs are the greatest one amazing I was watching my butler that's okay right now give me a female Butler but sound like totally like that the head Woman made other does made man sounds like Mom like when I say ma'am to Queen Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth I was really annoyed at the number of headlines at to look at about the prince getting engaged or whatever like it's an overwhelmingly obnoxious number headlines because everyone is constantly I still see every single Twinkie ever fucking mix that says a lot that dude understands modern media better than everyone else alive got a genius fucking dirty ass liar Lazer Team 2 on the polka I mentioned that I went to go see you last week are we are we yeah yeah like I felt really awkward at first day of filming like one of the first things we shot was the movie the first seen that we shot for Lazer team to was the press conference next to Nichole Bloom and like the first time I seen her for that we met like we're on Sat we we know we're getting ready to shoot and a fairly quickly in my phone like to look her up when I'm doing it in the world yeah man we we hate Emily and I'll play through it will happen she would die everything I was the first in Michael told Nicole I hate you I haven't I haven't done with my game Uno the other making an experiment is called officially invite you out for an evening I have extra tickets extra tickets to go see the shape of water on Thursday December 7th at the Alamo San Jose what time so we can have some privacy you and I would like to invite you and your lovely lovely wife Esther don't know what that mumble jumble I know she wants to see a movie what movies are out you're pregnant people out for a while I want people to invite me places but have no expectations Amigo I want to not be forgotten by also don't want to be bothered if you would like to go I have two additional I can see if you would like I don't even know what this maybe I don't even pay attention to that lady bird is the highest Rotten Tomatoes the most reviews and stayed at 1% the longest. Toy Story 2 I think I think it's at 165 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes a hundred percent rating fresh FreshCo yeah I heard about that movie a couple hours before I saw that close I'm just send me a text let me know when you jerk that's it what is it what is the story the coming-of-age story watch the trailer earlier today like a teenager doesn't fit in come of age and how could you possibly write to that there's a series moccasin what it is that we're not done watching Ashley and I couldn't watch the last episode of the series so I can watch a different Series so after all this time I decided to watch season 1 episode 1 of master of none season 2 even better is there really a god music the music is not there's a couple of seems like in season one there's that scene where he's out side and the Return of the Mack comes on and he's like dancing with that girl in the streets like it's amazing in season 2 of the scene where he drops them off in the back of the car like the music just playing at that long yeah it's it's so good such an amazing show I was in season 2 extended that Sugar Pine 7 used in the woods and I am really recognize it here song like I picked up a song last week I should know the name of the band I think they would have made its first aid kit and I never heard of them before and then I put on YouTube and everyone was like what is a really good job of sourcing some really obscure kind of indie rock hits because there's not a lot of break out stuff for Borderlands I don't think of that Cage the Elephant Song yeah that's exactly how I feel, we had it since when I remember we used to talk about this when we first met Bernie it's been a long time now but I think independently we both kind of started experimenting member that piece of software was it a acid music is like every commercial is every trailer that you see on television use this exact reason software recognized that I don't recognize the song but I know that Lucas from from Acid I've heard that I know that drum track I know I get our rest of them that metal roofs or they just taken from a library someone to give me the loot this song to you you guys taking down every week that has stopped playing it because it did that's something completely different silence should be fine strike on the receipt Channel I might be right it go for it that's exactly what he said his quote was 1998 salute based music sequencer anymore 1998 years ago there was something I did the other day where the expiration on it was going to be the year 2024 play buy it milk I am supposed to I'm just retweeted to your post them has a 188 follower.com but no it doesn't it seem like it's their account verified first Quest Food LLC post them is the perfect family alternatives to coffee and other caffeinated beverages doesn't seem likely that the post workout is not verified it only has a hundred followers bust in the night with you it's not that what is at Procter Gamble with the General Mills Eliza's Quest Charlotte North Carolina I always love when I go somewhere and I see he has a normal business like Center and there's all these little business is stuck in there I think every time I see one of his business I think that is somebody's wife but they talk about that all the time and they're like I'm going into the the store I'm going into the office and that's everything that you and your life is geared toward making that thing work I don't know I just asked me what was beautiful I would I think I just realized that this must be a big ass Market this a lot towards Mormons cuz it's caffeine-free aspect some reading hear that, posting way too much in May 2012 Craft Life in the post and trademark to Alliance Quest food with posted sold to the first American website as of January 2013 The Last Quest Food heated returning post them to a limited number stored primarily in Utah and other Mountain States I'm so impressed they got their hands on this in Utah I've never heard of that one last thing I wonder if we went when we talk about is also brought to you by Tipsy Elves everyone needs an ugly Christmas sweater this time of year do you want bragging rights for the most talked-about sweater your Christmas parties listen up Tipsy Elves has hundreds of Christmas sweater design there like nothing you've seen before but not for the faint of heart and be the life of the party with the lyrics Lia Reverend designs 2017 Florida collection you won't find them anywhere else Tipsy Elves are all about fun or serious and quality and construction all right now our listeners get 20% off Tipsy Elves. Com when you use our code teeth at checkout at 20% off of anything you order on the site shop now so you have the best selection to choose from and have it in time for your ugly Christmas sweater party going to Tipsy Elves., enter code at checkout to get 20% discount Tipsy Elves. Com need me a sweater with me send me the news talk to text to Delta faucet listen to the podcast so you went out to do you know how long we got there for we went to go see Ashley's family and for Thanksgiving and as it's just a few days you know interesting place very dry cold side to go somewhere it's cold they couldn't believe it wasn't snowing in Thanksgiving she lives up in the mountains like up towards Salt Lake do you see what it was colder months it was snowing yeah I'm not ever been there for in November I did get it I did get a good photo out at this Antelope Island that we went to some Buffalo they have some free roaming herds of Buffalo does a buffalo say it was interesting they came across the road at one point and a guy just wouldn't stop and I try to drive around them and that was a really bad idea on his part so that's like rock paper scissors buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo so it's a really cool thing I was scrolling autoplay video nightmare of you guys ever go on Facebook anymore but not every other posts video posted auto place and you just like you can turn that off anyway I did though I hate to reward that algorithm but I did see a really video from the Rockettes where they were pulling off you'd love this Gavin if someone knew where they do I think it's part of their Nutcracker Suite presentation I know that's not the Rock Cats Don't Do ballet but it's a toy soldiers are all lined up like 40 of them and then they all lay down at the same time like they disobey lay into each other and make like one long like laying down with thing and how does the best of the end if I'm on Facebook on if I see a video. I think I would watch I immediately go to YouTube and see if it's on that I'm watching Dexter ice cream is someone stolen and just put on Facebook buying stuff and putting it on there to get made rebranded was at their Facebook mentions app an outcall Facebook creators app where if you had a verified Facebook page you could use the mentions app till I can manage that page and now they kind of change it or not what they call it creators and I got more opened up a little behind the scenes of business because when we made the announcement about matching apprentice and The Boondocks theme pack they were going to go up on Facebook it was all this conjecture which makes sense of people are into what we're doing and things like first and they're looking at the end of the value of that versus other things they want to make sure that we're doing the right thing because I want to make sure you guys are so exactly how the conversation works because a lot of times when people would do anything that has a dollar sign attached to it people think we're in a room like he was like the we finally made it to the point where you know 15 years now we can Facebook the Olympics a hundred percent this is how the conversation work for me was somebody came to me and said hey Facebook wants to put some like six videos for Million Dollar spot up on Facebook you're going to make me what I make special ones that are themed packed it'll go up on Facebook and I was like you know what it was going to look like we're going to be how people to watch it you know can we ever put it back on our site what's that going to look like and then in the process of that they go and if we do this we can bundle together and also make Master Apprentice I was like oh okay well that's the conversation how to place I'll make I'll make five extra episodes or 6 extra episodes of million dollars but little thin Pack videos to go up there sure why not and yeah so I just want to be clear it's like we make these decisions when something like the ability to make you feel like Master price comes up I'm going to have to jump a chance to do it you know normally we look at stuff to make sure that experiences additive and it adds more as opposed to like taking away and I think in that case get added master and Apprentice yeah the thing about matching Apprentice is there was so much talk about how we can push push push push push and Marcus had a very specific idea for the way that he wanted to make it but then the person from like a budget standpoint was more like a broadcast show like in this room doing it and Marcus I just can't do that stuff doesn't work that same way okay we would build it like this and here it is and it's done it supposed to actually show you the construction of these really cool things that he makes making things did you hear that that flat-earther built a rocket and he's going to use it to prove that the Earth is flat he was supposed to launch his homemade rocket on Saturday but it broke down in the driveway and then he did not have the proper permitting to lock his rocket going to be really is physics are fucked up he's going to launch himself 1800 1800 feet high going 500 miles an hour and then she's going to be going to look out of curvature of the earth like you can go higher than that in an airplane I don't know I really don't know if you think the Earth is flat I don't know how I mean obviously you're not going to convince my plate I don't know what the government puts in plane Windows right in there that makes the earth look curved Red Bull free fall video the final version of an infection that is impressive as the explanation of how they did it I didn't see the fall it's so much slower than 5 I'm good yeah we go forward a little bit this thing I'll let you know ready to fall like dominoes, thing and how they were going to do it and everything this is so slow pushing over let a sugar packet molasses slow so it all comes back to slow down there's a spider guy that last person down I feel like we could do it faster do they get back up there now that's their life I don't know what you saw so I saw the video where they were practicing it was it was with the Rockettes in leg workout year which is pretty cool but they were all like practicing this move and I guess I assumed when they did it was going to be much faster but you're doing a dry run slow that was the speed that was one of my Slow Mo Guys videos as a proof that the Earth was flat that was the was when we were spinning a sponge for the water was sucked in more so the water flies out there like that does not stick to a spinning pole on this is true and I was like if you like I love it when my videos to use for education and that I've never hate it so much they describe how a flat Earth would work have never thought about this so there's no one supposed to look like many Believers in vision of flat disk ringed by CI which naturally Tokyo Canton oh my God just like the roaster pan and foil to talk yeah that's a real stretch some of those theories that great either War for having read that for knowing that now people got involved with that ironically just never stopped vaping is doing it ironically ironically used to make fun of people who killed each other be it's going to be forever you're crazy about that HQ trivia app I won $127.77 yeah it's really fast like seeing how it takes for a question you have about 3 seconds out of yourself if you had someone sitting there next to you with the laptop ready to go the amount of people that have playing at once is crazy just like hundreds of thousands and I won the first game see you like an OG the first one you're stuck there forever if it works really well really cool piece of technology the same host every time most of the time does Adam Scott rogowsky yeah I've only seen the guy there was a woman over Thanksgiving we become the first guest host it seems like such a question what question about Ruby what's the question it was like Rooster Teeth makes what animated really anime series cool idea for an app or a game I can't believe Jen seems like that before the life elements really interesting and you have to like catch it in the moment of the day on weekdays music. I understand why they do it take so long to start the game supposed to start at like 2 then the first questions about 2:05 to give people time to get there make sure that everyone's like one ranked highest ratio of clicks on push notifications for any app that actually like 2 minutes from the second you get that notification know I do sometimes but I called I forgot I do horribly if I quit work and I've had the same alert it just won't clear what's wrong with me you got damn you unread send it. That'll be in there I don't think you get alerts for either trash Emoji is this such a stupid problem. Bitmoji so I could talk to you in a bit much I got like half way through it you get full access to all of your keystrokes keyboard that they can see everything you write on your phone keyboard you of all people I'm surprised what you had a keyboard apps request that is that standard fee structure we can do that and it's annoying because it's like one more top to switch between Vietnamese Ford honestly I don't think so expect it every time but I never really used it every time I went through a phase where are back-to-back I used to quite a bit on yourself but I think I use it a fair amount it's so much effort to go from not having it to having it so much time perfectly perfect I'm all in I'm all in the stupid story earlier today I guess this guy in australie I got to look at party was I got really drunk and where was he he was somewhere in New South Wales he was really drunk and started driving and went to McDonald's drive-thru and he demanded 200 hash browns Tony's by him I mean it's what you want me to try to buy got you brown chicken nuggets chicken nuggets three circles around the idea what got back in the Drive-Thru and try to order 200 hash browns 230 Australian dollars and give it to the police and the McNuggets McNuggets or did I let me know a good time yeah right yeah right and breaded chicken at 4 in the morning 44 is the next day or two and three three is like very late than the last time I get up early to go to work swearing at the Sun at that point I just want to feel good the only reason I go for breakfast at McDonald's until I can get whatever and then a hash brown at McDonald's for now you need to protect your hand toilet paper envelope for Chris been wonderful so delicious not at all hash browns they're not they're just potato cakes is what they are individual as far as a shredded up and you can take yeah I know this is like it's a big french fry ingredients so right and I don't have Browns and french fries and potatoes what's wrong with you you try to be our Thanksgiving dinner Thanksgiving dinner what are you do anything like broccoli rice casserole giving is the cranberry sauce that is just like tapped out of a can of sliced Thanksgiving like I I don't eat it and I was helping my mom out and she had me discovered why would that is getting disgustingly when you match it up so it resembles a homemade would not be much better if you want to split it and she's like I get a little like gelatinous order of it and I threw my fork with my turkey and eat it like that the Cranberries are like a religion to some people were they have to have that the can it has to look like they can and they can't eat it any other way other people were like I will not eat that garbage I want to know cuz if not drop left is there any cranberry in it there's a lot of sugar in it yeah they are you ever had a hundred percent natural cranberry actually be home made toilet in a jar jar is an abomination turkey's all the time like we only make them maybe twice and you didn't buy turkey turkey turkey turkey bacon Christmas food what's that Christmas she said she was otherwise occupied I looked up the ingredients for Ocean Spray jellied cranberry sauce it is cranberries high fructose corn syrup water what percent of sugar and sugar and cranberry and fruit sugar cane sugar I don't like gravy you don't need that stuff so good the other serving sizes are all fucked up when you eat after Thanksgiving don't I just I would rather eat more Thanksgiving food I got it I'd rather eat bread yeah now a bowl of the stuffing that they make it's incredible it's white bread and a bunch of other stuff delicious actually we just go I guess it's out now that the latest double gold box has some goodness and it has that recipe again mechanical and we have a movie we don't use it yeah we got that thing with either Caesar on that it doesn't use that fork with the big too long time that the car Forks at the third prong it's so cool it's only once a machine could make it and a human didn't have to do it that I want to put more on there all day long or short stick two cans of jellied cranberry and then go play the bed and then go on the carnival at IHOP with the boys so that was a big debate and then they were fine today tell me I tell me how between the show it was freaking which we need to wrap this up so everybody will see you guys next week thanks bye supposed to show