#469 - Ellie Calls Out Gavin x

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Ellie Main, and Burnie Burns as they discuss internet scams, British and American differences, taxes, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on December 4, 2017, sponsored by Casper (http://bit.ly/2sa1gGZ ), Blue Apron (http://cook.ba/1YpCafL ), MVMT (http://bit.ly/2AdONpA )

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Burnie Burns, Ellie Main


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Transcript (in progress):

what can the receipt podcast this week where to buy Blue Apron Casper and move man I'm Gus I'm Gavin Brit is a little late he was a part of doing something what's that what you seen it to you as well we had a pre podcast drinks in the bus you did not come outside and I would say hello to him and he did this on the phone and it goes no it was a very different Earth and what the heck two different very very very different I'm out of very important phone call can I ask you what's going to go buy some and I'm okay with it if you wait give me a minute I can figure is no escalated even more that I can do not do that is your call with Meg about your water tray argument which very clearly she was in the wrong is that was totally wrong about something but I felt bad about it because I clearly was right but we had to have to like delete the video because the people in your opinion they're going to give me an hour or so Friday you can clean but it was cleaned but it was put back in upside down so I was like things upside down and sore throat ate it like this nice upside down she like what and I was like it was really like we've been through it to death about her position to the point where they even made a Twitter poll based on this video and put a video in the pole follow shortly afterwards but then he was like 67 to 33% she tweeted it was on her profile thinking you were technology. It does not recognize it there goes the second after I saw one of the talk about this last week I saw one of the most complicated to explain scams on the internet that I've seen in a long time really really Insidious we're going to get Indian food restaurant that we like and I told her what I want if I can ask her if you can order it online so she ordered it and I think I'm going to go down to the restaurant pick it up as I'm driving to the restaurant by phone rings I answer it and it's a dude calling to confirm my order I was like yeah that's what I ordered as a dude with an Indian accent I was like that's weird normally when we order for that restaurant they never called and confirm the order I just go in and get it so I show up at the restaurant and they like right yeah we got the order on my wife also if the paper mill online I get to the restaurant and they like how do you make this order my wife just ordered it from your website to go cuz it came into it came into us a weird way like this isn't how are orders our website come in she said she went to your website so then I sit down and wait for my food and stuff to ask how did you order this food because I went to the website said okay so like I looked on their website and like yeah they have order online here and then that sounds like looking this up I got a text message text message what's up what you ordered by the chicken makhani your customer if you liked our services like our FB page stay updated with the latest offers post on the page and it's got a company named after it I'm like that's weird so and I look up the restaurants Yelp page and they're Yelp page is like verified is claimed by them so it's got like the check mark or whatever and under your page it does not have their website it's a different website the URL for the same Austin Indian restaurant but it set up. Net. Us on the real page then you click on it and it's not their logo it says order online if the actual website that you order through them and then they place the order through the real company they charge more than what are directly on the grill website and the fax the order in so they don't ever actually pay the restaurant that gives you the food what are they do they say that I looked up on Google and it's just all returns of I run a restaurant this company is sending me orders and they never pay me send an order on and it don't didn't do anything but don't pay the restaurant they don't like me just keep all the money wow that's amazing like the guy who I'm picking it up from the owner walks in and I'm trying to explain to him like he's just like a restaurant over there he doesn't understand the internet like there's someone in California who can show him the website that's our website this is not your website this is someone else coffee Northside look look the prices are wrong on it so you gave your credit card to this company right now like crazy encrypted credit card section on the website but yeah I like I can't believe that that way cuz I feel like I have to contact Yelp and ask him to change the website for for the guy and I like this who the domains registered to this email address but I don't think you able to do anything but that's it alley Indian food Indian food fuck out of here it looks good but then again like Indian English Indian food is well cloth to India and Italian food right English Indian food just like that invented in England is it really yeah was super serious about it it's also Indian food in the UK is the 2 a.m. for you guys like 3:40 a.m. when I get out of the pub Chinese food that late like the late 24-hour diner play what you mean shaved offer I'm like bad can call Resource One chips Mopar stay in that was always the curry chips after the Clubs closed so went to figure out what that meant okay James Buckley coming DJ when we were at the club that my University I got to go ahead and finish the special DJ set night with James Buckley and that was my opening to him when I met him he was cool I just happen to be there if you have no big you know how when you're dating someone and you know they're different levels of drunk like we all know our own levels of drunk like if I get to a point in the night and my brain says stop drinking right now and I don't listen to be terrible mistake I can't remember anything that happened the night before usually the last thing I remember is somebody saying hey let's get some shots for me yeah that's a good night shot it's all awful but how you learned that about some of your dating long term as well and what I learned about Ashley is there is a point of no return with her know when I reach the point of no return with drinking where there is a hot dog hot dog ate dirty hit it comes like it was open Flames would have an oven tray not an actual like Grill in oven tray on top of little burgers and they have a curry ketchup and so I know if she wants to so there at work just like just a hotdog in Seattle I went to one of the one of those like sausage stand like that giant hot dog by code in mustard and onion I was so excited to eat it and I took a bite and the entire sausage of all the condiments belt right out of my shoes what was not meant to be I was so upset I see my last memory on my birthday this year was actually saying let's get some shots really remember you texted me at like 2 in the Morning Light happy birthday have a good night and I texted you the rates for me now you shot those like it's done it's over in LA right now I just left I ghosted Ellie it was much better than Melbourne four packs and her friend completely took over the photo booth for about 4 hours straight shift into 20000 photos from a party to go to film from it like I didn't have any but I was like no more and they're like are you fucking kidding me really sorry about this weekend about the drunk guy who Broken Wheel him break into the drunk guy who went to Waffle House at like 4 in the morning and no one was there so he made his own food really he went to the Waffle House on 35th and race he went into the kitchen he made himself his food cleaned up took a few photos for sale posted on Facebook left but you probably won't open the register I need to leave a 20 on me leave money like I'm the guy I think it was in Australia you stole the entire Kabob like he stoled in massive of a dude holding a drug that whole thing the entire you were of Kabob and it's in your room wake me up to find a full donut like he was wondering to backyard but I don't know why when he was drunk and he came through some bushes and they're in front of him was a duck head so he took the duck and took it home but he couldn't remember where he got the duck God so he spent all this time going door-to-door trying to find the owner of a duck I don't. Barely more than 10 years are forever Deck 84 duck How Long Island's can live 5 to 10 years I've done some pretty stupid stuff from drunk I'm really worried about you. The guy with the Saran Wrap is on the side of it with the black one on the street would be really hot to the constant temperature for 5 to 7 days for it to be before it's even though I don't know for sure this is what it looks like right when they like cutting it off you just like I should not but I will who is this on Twitter nice nice wow did you hear about that yeah the scheduling system didn't accommodate for everyone wanting Christmas off so let every pilot take off Christmas lights 15015 * what is so bad about Pirates taking off American Airlines found it yet well was named America was named whatever the country actually is called you know and then we found it more like rounded off to like 200 people per flight is like 3 million people is the anytime throughout a travel Saga that I've been happy that I put one world ba through American Freight vibration all right. Didn't get my free upgrade cuz I don't care but can you might as well make some money for the things in your life as my favorite thing ever obviously I spend most of my time just trying to figure out how to make at least a harder that's a big part of my job now so it's right outside my office door and our ceilings here you can dish out and people here no ceiling tiles in a couple open great so the ceilings archive in play Everything none the less I didn't think she could be a proper assistant and greet people unless she had an intercom system to speak to me it's amazing that she has a button on your desk like old style what do if a catalyst so blendy mine are you free right now I'm not here I'll relay available current hits how I imagined it actually goes you be you I'll be by you need to have a sign on your door then it says please do not knock speak to Alley V I guess I'm coming from this side that's probably not a good idea how I feel about you not that all the audio can be heard through a real life you want to talk about it I had a long lunch and Matt text me to go pay you didn't quit chat with Marshall real quick is it cool for you to your office and I just wrote back yeah okay cool I'll clear out because we're in here right now I got busted a little bit there shut up you hate that and you like that I was asleep but I'll come home and sleep sleep you're bringing this up from a specific example of the film festival in the Netherlands and I overslept for something and I was just very close to me and Chrissy I also we going out the night before and we gotten miserable sorry that she had these ceramic mugs with these beer we talked about it last week but we got so drunk and that was probably the last time 8 years ago 7 years ago probably the lifespan of a duck so that you and I went to that was the last time I threw up from drinking during the day would ever know rushed it that you are asleep 7 minutes early and vomiting and completely locations that because there was another one where we had to bail on waffles because I'm about to find out for the event and then you look so because Jason was with us for the waffle cuz he got the time wrong Halle Berry pay for the waffles we just waiting for them and then this happened and we had to go running off what a bummer stroopwafels with your cookies with a bunch of caramel of The Amazing Race that is right and I get a lot of research to determine what had the highest calorie count per ounce of Carrie wait times so that these marathon runners have these should know by now what does his little waffles RBC like stroopwafels but their energy thing like the gels and everything else still weighed more versus the amount of calories they would give us the stuff in Lord of the Rings. Maybe we can talk about it like that you wanted powerful bargaining tool in a Waffle Crush bread back into dough the smallest area possible and it sucks when you have to think about food like that way you know Gloria can like trying to maximize yourself and you don't get to fully enjoy your meal like a meal that could be provided to you by Blue Apron is brought to you by Blue Apron Blue Apron delivery reports ingredients and step-by-step recipes right to your door that can be cooked in under 45 minutes the menu changes every week based on what's In season and what designer blueprints in house culinary team in fact I just looked at the next week I've got chili butter steak spicy honey lime chicken tostadas baked Cajun Catfish shiitake and black garlic Ramen Curry cauliflower and lentil so many good things each week and customers can pick 2 3 or 4 recipes based on what best fits their schedule Blue Apron cent only non GMO ingredients and meet with no added hormones from the recipes featured artist blueapron.com Rooster Teeth so check out this week's menu get $30 off with free shipping at blueapron.com Blue Apron a better way to cook pork chops with marinated apple and bok choy good so much better than cardio Olympus bring up at your house with a Donner I just give you the whole thing I got Eddie Izzard a lot on the Outer Loop apple trees are there why would you why would you speak to another person that even happen with no I don't like that you can see the full effect studies waffles when we got in the cold honey Stinger waffles we got them at REI I got to use by the way 127 bucks at REI by the end of the year to buy a coat it is pretty fun to pretend get some of your money back I'm going to go buy a climbing rope what are the about being in the bus now is the bus is such a confined space I saw your bus come by and say hello so you missed windy warmed nut today but we did do cut heal even understand why you've just been walking into Achievement Hunter and delivering me lovely things like a nice drink again maybe going to the nut that would like first class not okay hi good morning pretty doesn't have a very good vocabulary it is like a totally good but really good these are ramekins for creme brulee near that you know me 199 from Bed Bath & Beyond Amy pedin by the way if the sticker still on there I didn't watch it I watch the inside of it after I left my I left my shift blowtorch in England tell them that and isn't like this big, come in creme brulee 1480 or something like that before the country existed and after no didn't have your profile and what we did the next morning we went out with a friend of yours and had breakfast and I had everything in Delhi was very particular about what she will eat in her full English breakfast but I had the gross putting the extra girls putting in London pull the car collision fat in chicken coating oatmeal pudding is a white putting a summer black pudding but it does not include blood because it's a pork meat and fat duet with that if you eat bread and oatmeal for one hundred percent okay yeah I know that's what is the raw heart fat of beef or mutton found around the lungs and kidneys and you did you do the homework that there that a child has written supposedly question the question was if you were stranded on a desert island would you rather be by yourself or with someone else and then the answer that is kid wrote what I'd rather be on the island with someone else someone that I hate that way when I'm hungry I have someone to eat so I could take a very critical thinking that I hate that I would not feel bad about conceive how long could you live off the person WOW cable in The Two Towers The Lorax talk about like cutting off a leg of one of the hobbits right like their needs her leg just take the leg fighting for survival if you had somebody with you if you killed them you got to eat all that meat in like a week yeah oh yeah I guess you could you get sundry person Jackie wow person but they got a person in a cooler for 3 weeks back one 600-lb of way more than that 1600 lb 2400 yeah way a stomach is full and then divide that by account you can eat a hamburger right are you really stuck like a half pound burger so then that is a half a pound of beef when I call a pound or a whole pound of bread you're just eating meat okay if you can eat them I would wait to kill the past and some things have with it just to an average thousand pound steer breaks down to provide 432 pounds of saleable beef in the average American eats around 270 pounds of meat per year 27 pounds of meat is a lot so you can a person a person be lucky to get like 25 to 30% see you looking at 25% of 180 how is everyone okay with this country trapped on a deserted island of gas how long can I left who would you rather eat from this company Blaine would be good Beauty American me cuz you got a choice now you know I will write the British beef is prime rib that's long gone now you guys trapped in the 90s did you all eat beef in the nineties probably fucking tell me I'm trapped in the 90s that sucks I'll just work the other day I was to come and change the subject but what's the other day I was I had to take someone to a doctor's appointment, dated anyone of the podcast over by the way I had to take someone to a doctor's appointment with someone else that person doctor appointment oh doctor's appointment and we're getting ready to leave we're getting ready to leave out the door and the door opener says to them both thanks I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and other woman's walking out. Thank you and thank you for saying Christmas yeah and then the nurse says well there's a few holidays coming up so are you know happy holidays actually just work better so happy holidays man who who's the person was like thank you for saying Christmas Merry Christmas to the person and that person specifically asked them thank them for saying Christmas to them why would you go back on it like if I said happy Hanukkah coming to go thank you know what nevermind happy holidays Ted it's so points in a thing like that actually that means that you agree with my super exclusive thing I mean Ashley is coming up in like way to beat out that I think about it green with this narrow view the holiday greeting with their specific holiday cuz it's like yes and thank you for that the rental we are at War on Christmas who makes up the Christmas tree. The other Kwanzaa thing up on everything to you can say like Merry Christmas thank you and thank you for Christmas I hope it's a white Christmas fucking racist texts that's what I would have done to the racist Christmas to send people who do have a problem with other people saying happy holidays like it's not intended to exclude anyone include everyone happy holidays good luck with that people racist I don't know if people are we want to stand out I don't know it's just weird to me it was it was it was it was the first time I'd experienced that in perspective that we see people like types it like that I just see you read that shit online all types of the first time I've actually seen it it does happen good thing I knew amazing auditions sided right when my phone is on silent and no longer vibrate life-changing change my life but then you just not getting your texts and phone calls exactly but it's good for you I mean why is it okay if the world people need to get ahold of you sometime if I wake up at 4 a.m. but if you emailed me I go back to you 2 hours later whatever happened what's the difference between 2 and 4 hours later I started walking up and can you do the podcast on the 18th maybe I think so right now but if I have to go out of town yes right now they're such a commitment put in my calendar maybe my phone was on silent what's the point anymore I love it I love it so much I've actually selectively disabled most of the vibration alerts on my phone need like silent like old school silent I'll put my phone on me and that to me is better because that way if I'm not by my phone he's my new your phone it lights up if I got a text I'm watching out with you for drinks at a bar and stuff you have your phone in your hand all the flash goes off how to do that screen on my phone is in my pocket and on silent I don't want to be distracted by it and I'm enjoying life a lot more like being out and I'll check my phone case Lee and I've got like 16 text but I wasn't doing this like 16 times throughout the conversation everything I have notifications off on everything I'll check it when I want to check it you know to take moments away from the tech technology in our faces all the time I'm playing football games recently I saw you were playing battleship in Battleship go on next ride me but after the debate was it was it hot like after the deletion of the tweets spoke volumes to me that was a long after it was okay I was like yeah okay I smash it a monopoly in Scrabble talk about my phone being patents on efficient at the great big econ Twitter says he would have been fired if we said Merry Christmas my current job frowned upon it as well so maybe your theory about Christmas being fired for saying something you fucker like I'm not saying that I'm just saying something nice to someone yeah it's kind of important I just said seems weird to me that someone go out of their way to tell people not say merry Christmas and I was told it waitress never say have a nice day, and English people hate American corporation ask me about my day I might be part British about anyone else's day no problem if you have to say no problem to thank because it sounded like they were apologizing it's an appropriate response in the morning they're not bothering us by coming to the sub shop for saying thank you you say you're welcome it was no problem at all it was I didn't go out of my way what you think that because you're Mexican when will not go through me up when I was laughing when I moved here like an American saying if when you say thank you when someone says oh yeah yeah it's like they think I'm right yes you should be thankful okay and I took me ages to get rid like to get you to that's what people say that's rude being from England to come in here I feel like my intelligence took like maybe 5 to 10 IQ point be way less popular in England is what you're saying I definitely had to reorganize a love like that kind of social Instinct I like how you respond to stuff you like more of my brain to being an American and it's like my brain is not capacity feel like actual intelligence by trying to be normal in social situations what happens if a day today issues trying not to have a conversation about how your British how did you do yeah but some things that are different but everything is weird and that's kind of okay when you move here in like people expect you to be American and then they change the words that you use like I was safe flashlight or trash American just never spell stuff wrong know how long I'm staying in realize differently it to me but I will never spell stuff to put the squiggly red line under my laptop typing you can add the red line up to anything with the unit like Cola I think he's committed easily but I put some reason, it looks right to me cry everytime I text Bunny with the word Vlog it changed it to block and it fucking refuses to learn it I'm going to go take me to the back of bulbous like plug love don't correct the last word in the sentence when I hit send everything twice duck twice in a row or a properly spelled word to a different properly spelled word to use the an Emoji Emoji emoji er oh my God you just kind of blew my mind Ellie you have ruined communication for everyone that has to deal with me oh my God I'm so sorry messages for hours later the word is not responding to differently in different places but Australia they just use the word wrong instead of the $0.50 thanks and you will do this what do you think now you're real pretty upfront thanks on your bike there's no negotiation beyond your way because you don't like when people say please and thank you can you can you send me the please and thank you but you can look but nothing in there for like that you know you have to say it and those words that I need to say sometimes the truth would come up was like really short doesn't matter like what major actually if you always come up with like rude but you mind doing this but please it's like always reads to me is like almost a bit. Like in the same way as I say thank you if I can text you didn't have to send that to type that as well and Avenue but I'll put like a please believe me I am learning to text is I can't have a critically important conversations with your personal conversation over text I'm done with it because I got in one of the dumbest argument ever I didn't know I was in the argument until two days later when this person was still mad at me and here's what I did they were asking me questions I replied back to them and I was writing something out and it was two sentences long as I was writing something out and I had space space what's. Which way the second sentence ago and I'm just playing this too much we backed up it sent but I left a. There and because I used I didn't know this person shut down I didn't find out the two days later she was mad because I put a. At the end of my texts really punctuations a big fucking deal I always put it. No need to get that at home people still and will end every message with kit like with a kiss and if they do the Americans in do that in England and a text message every time with XX if you don't put an x on the end of a text I never heard yeah that's what I moved here and I would be like texting my new friends and I like knowing the amount of axles with brakes how I was like hey what's up hey hey hey yeah I kind of forgot about it like a really good friend of mine and accident as I know yeah I know but no I had no idea had no idea this was stupid why do British people Text ex who is responsible for the guy call you look up and got it is also brought to buy Casper Casper hours of sleep brand that continues to revolutionize it's line of products to create an exceptionally comfortable sleep experience one night at a Time cast of mattresses are designed by humans for humans that combine multiple supported memory foams for Quality speak surface with just the right sink and just the right balance it's breathable design help you sleep cool and regulate your body temperature through the night there not just a mattress company Casper offers a wide array of products to insure insure overall better sleep experience many times I love my cats are mad cuz I miss any time I'm on the road the best way to sleep easily online completely free it'll be delivered right to your door in a compact box Casper mattress in all reality you spend your life on free delivery and payment returns within a wonderful day. They don't have to lie down in the showroom cars for sale in the US Canada and now the UK orbit Frontier start thinking ahead of the curve $50 towards any mattress purchase by visiting casper.com / RT using promo code RT check out condition supply that's $50 per any mattress purchase visiting casper.com / RT using promo code RT at checkout text Riad with tax thank you is every text and it is it is exactly it's like it's like he has his information and then like how I'm feeling about this right now I be like that be really weird right now. And what they mean in British equals for a person you know you will not get an ex back from or / if you are annoyed with someone or it's Percy don't really know that well friend a girl you don't really know XX is a girl you like anything more than two x's is flirting going overboard or playing a game with someone it's also a great way to doing it between relationships like I would never like anyone I was working with an even X's cuz I would do it to your friends and then just one dialogue with a go at the Yalta 5-axis back and forth every time when I don't have to be different topics in the X's something that we talked about a couple weeks ago we talked about we were asking whatever happened to the East India Company oh yeah and after the podcast someone sent me he's like a little bit of info on a shirt with Gavin at the time and this is the company that had an AV larger than most Nations and they class. What happened apparently I'm going to get to the whole thing's it's actually really complicated but it was an event that the financial crash at 1720 call the south sea bubble poor people or speculating on these companies that did the shipping and the debt that happened as result of the financial collapse was so great that the UK is still paying on it to this day so how much is left to pay is currently 1.4 trillion pounds the last payment that I found at the UK made with a 2014 with a paid 2.5 billion pounds to it less than 2/10 of 1% of people's tax money and it just goes to like some old crap 2.5 billion trillion dollars in debt. why can't they just be like you know what I did tax assessor Roman Emperor who did that came in and out all day I don't remember that correctly that's crazy that the 300 300 year old debt still like being paid on wow yeah that's insane that's a lot of money today and they're old like tax reforms of my specific tax when it come to that but I still don't know who that goes to like right after 300 trillion trillion look like wealthy families in various countries to 1.4 trillion pounds how much you paying Peter he sent me something a little different getting interest on a 360 7 year old blonde Thomas be like that like some institution it still exists America's oldest debt question America's probably a lot to the Native Americans probably be the first thing I would like to take a bunch of casinos in Kuta quit well time will tell can I hear about what Benjamin Franklin did electricity many things Benjamin Franklin made a donation to the City to Boston and Philadelphia and he said that they could have the money $2,000 is what is the time of his donation Franklin bequeath cities a total of $2,000 Sterling with one hitch must be drawn on for a hundred years and the remainder could not be distributed for 200 years today what remains of Franklin's request is it was worth 6.5 million dollars from $2,000 Delta demonstration of the power of interest in going crazy I would like to see that they could do that the one article what is the Husky money to check your balance on ATM morning when it was like a dollar 99 to check your balance inconvenient to use an ATM I remember what I was young there was one ATM in our town and it was at the fucking bank to do anything with money using a different bank is the Apple pay cash came out today you can send money to people directly in iMessage what it was that cut I don't remember. I usually able to mow this place about to get contactless payment and I like the UK 2010 Amazed by how much better I like the way that we went straight for the entire time I never changed money not one time I just use my phone to pay for everything and it was fucking amazing it was really cool and came back here and I'm like I can use my phone in like 4 different places and then forget all the shit at the store don't want to take your phone. They want you to use their app like Target's Holding Out for really contactless payment yet barcodes CVS I think that that fart when I was serious or what does Whataburger have drove currency bill to do contact list the cat benefit thought you don't have that much money you make a lot of money controlling my American Express credit cards right I do because I might complain about them I don't want to do it directly to them or can I leave for like 5 minutes yes I will tell them and they will a male ego they discovered it themselves and didn't tell me about it and then you I would like it like I went out to lunch with a friend the other day and she pulled out she want to pay for lunch she pulls out an Amex and it was a metal mxr carbon metal coolest thing I've ever seen in my life I have not applied for the middle one yet myself either what does already mail money I know but I need to have a metal credit card why is that mean he's acting stupid would be at the car. I already home and I was just a matter of telling them hey send me the middle but I got a lot of them every card has the advantage of going into effect did improved the house versus different now that do reconciliation is that cat that goes through the tax bill goes through I'm going to crowdsource a private with fractional ownership jet era now we have to have private jet that was disgusting thing in the whole how about that you can make the argument as to why they don't pay for things for some people but they're literally putting things in the psych no only rich people have private jets there's no other kinds of evil evil enough let's put in my cute little lights for a 2012 Jetta like everyone has their own particular thing that they found the most egregious to me the private jet thing is like at least try fool us leave that out don't put that in there you said thank you to all the working class Trump voters will get crushed by the new tax bill but whose vote just bought me a new swimming pool did this just a weird disconnect going on there when you get some time for bringing political stuff as they always do when celebrities tweet about stuff that were celebrities but you know people on Twitter celebrities I follow that are you don't tweet about it and that's how I don't follow Donald Trump on Twitter but I know about everything he does because of these people that I follow I mean by normally never thought to do it we like a bunch of people myself included found out that even though I didn't directly follow him on Twitter I was signed up to follow him like I was sign up to fall I purchase and I didn't like it was a good thing that happened to the Green Card called the queen Kensington where it was big reduction of taxes popular saying big reductions of taxes for the upper class in high-income earners if they put out the entire tax plan with all the handwritten notes and everything but the end thereof ex would you guys have been okay with it but that have been maybe I'll be less aggressive fish it's really bad for self employed people write expense and things like that big thing that the current Republican party focuses on this like middle class group of business owners which I don't know like I think it's one of these over-inflated groups of people that they think is like everyone's a middle-class business owner and so they always use this person as an example of starting a business in middle class business owner at one point in my life you know and I just you know I the normal tax breaks you get some spending money and investing your own business those are great and if the business takes off and then all that money that you invested in the company then comes back to you it comes back as capital gains which is like the greatest thing ever you'll get taxed in Orland come you just get taxed at Capital games which I know people philosophic we have a problem with because like what you made this money and I'm investing it so I should be taxed on that do not tax in addition to your income tax you just text me that you're making this money that you made other and you're going to text me last night I don't typically depends on what you're eating at that point in time in your life but yeah anyway so it still is complicated break it down there was a post like it happens on a regular basis on Reddit will compare an American bill at a hospital cost to have a baby in Sweden is it cost 200 Kroner or whatever in Sweden for $200,000 what get it but sick the Swedish goes wrong it's not you because you been paying the money all along wherever you go if you have that kind of health care that I actually incorrectly reflected $200 bill that is not true but don't like it's not like it's not letting us is paying drafted he left tax then then someone in the UK and that person I think the US does play significantly less than the sweet and I didn't feel that my taxes are drastically lower Ohio here or you need to make millions of dollars text Jackie right to the Internal Revenue Service collection the memo I had was working at the Olympics and I had such a bad kidney infection ended up having to go to the hospital and I was in hospital for about a week kinds of tests do you know if you fed and everything and I walked out without the idea of having to pay a pound and like that took to my friends who like to my American friend of the time it's just like oh my gosh by if that happens to me now I would be ruined I'll be paying that off system is better than the other but I don't think people should be bankrupted for life because they had a medical emergency I didn't like the idea Gabby idea that that is something that you have to live in fear of is insane to me you're getting no help you guys provide incredible health care but like if you know I don't know plenty of people in this town who what free lunch or whatever and have to pay for their own health care and it's like they can they have to get the like minimum that they can and like still if they were to break a bone cement they would be fucked like and that's really scary places like if I do something like in anyway and kind of endanger that something I had to think about in the back of my head that if I get if I get injured after I get Bill that's going to be a terrible time for me for possibly years to not want anyone to be ruined by or do you want people to be healthy thousands of dollars and when I tell you that but I just like you can tell horror stories like like of like the NHS it's like an abandoned which which house and you go in and they feed you maggots and it's like the most evil thing ever and I put leeches on your way yet it doesn't look like a five-star hotel inside sure but it's not like terrifying it's a hospital I know it gets me that's like my my main grievances Living in America but pretty bad when you have to have any health care while you been in the US because I go scuba diving and a lot of the time if you get cut when was cool but I don't know but it's going to get infected so I came back from scuba diving in headlights thing by the way and that gets inside of your vehicle I cut my finger the whole thing just so much stuff here already so loaded down it's hard to believe you need anything else can you plug in a cold but like I said you need to do I know you just like you definitely are not for my gloves on feels weird quite with latex gloves you like me how much are like tubes and equipment to breed that you want to know that you have full access in the you don't like floundering in cuz it's specially like neoprene gloves you would not have Mobility that you have without and you won't be up like I know that I have full access to this equipment that keeps me alive. Try and be pressing a button but you like kind of restriction Mobility or whatever that's going to like help you breathe can you be in the situation workout equipment going to help you, but being alive underwater is it weird you are doing the wrong thing right now I feel like the most part of the scuba diving put all this heavy stuff on you but then the buoyancy of it is works the opposite way when turn the water Sears in Norman heavy weight belt on you which is just lead weights on a belt and so that you can sink when you when you have an air tank on your back the whole thing is it every day every step of the way is like to but if you do anything mail gloves skin and heavy as hell yeah I'm actually I should I was going to bring it in to the Oklahoma, what's the point of it it makes it like it's actually waited for humans for 25 lb blanket to put a paperclip on the back of your neck and they just pass out if I don't get the cluster phobic yeah but I would never said I would sleep in a bed too had a lid my limbs World been I'd freak out probably but if I was in a fight coffin I can stretch out I'm good I like smaller spaces even when I design work for myself I would love to work with my computer is here I have a little desk area to the right and then it's just the walls you should walk in a bus the bus is great for that one of the weirdest experiences I've ever had was the first time we went to Melbourne gust I think you were with me with the Australian center for the moving image to show something and we stayed in a hotel that was on Flinders Street and it was a hotel the roof we Satan were they taking the ballroom and Aiden said she's off in the hotel room of the ballroom amazing but the crazy thing was the ceiling was like 25 feet away when you were laying in your bed you're looking up and gave me vertigo looking up and laying in bed and I couldn't stand every like just before you hit Lightspeed know the Stars roster for the super long looking up did you get the hatch I'm looking for an excuse to go out to hatch every time I've never stopped I feel like this way less chance of an elevator falling LSU way more chance of going too far for you when you're on top of the elevator Do you think the mummy in The Mummy Returns or something and then just jumped up in the air and I always thought that's a really impressive stunt it's way more impressive than it looks you have really bad I thought take next to time been down and climb down because doing that it's too risky I would never do that Gavin had a bet with me one time we had a rental car and we open the passenger I want you to jump in the passenger seat just take a running start and you're not allowed to touch the car at all you just have to get in the pantry Beetle leap in sideways like this oh my God I run sideways like a crab Jump free car entry free running he jumped it off on the top of the car and then blinds down light flashes other on the floor it was like you got hit by a car I got to 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returns are going to mvmt.com Rooster now is the time to step up your game go to mvmt.com Black Rooster join the movement thank you mom watches for sponsoring this episode of the receipt thank you for saying happy holiday I got it you got it no I'm not a wife I never going to know if I was garbage very little WiFi the but it's like a trickle and it's awful but we have a three-part intercom system but it won't reach all the way out Peters along the way to make it rain at 1% problem between LG Stylo to string you can potentially relays the messages is the name of the place was very much yeah I think you're in achievement of the office don't make sense cuz we're recording guilty about something when it comes to visiting Achievement Hunter or the salt off the bottom of the gums and Dustin topic set I think that Jeremy hasn't learned yet that you guys don't want me around because he's always very gracious and he's always like I just really nice big greeting for me and like me too much Jeremy are you well I gave you a drink so that was a little biased God how to heal did you did you hear about that Uber hack but they went they coming up okay I'm covering all that with the crazy part is I didn't realize that they paid the hackers hush money that was the headlight information was stolen 57 million people using no notice to keep quiet and to delete the info yeah but I have to let go of their Chief security officer as a result of it email addresses and phone numbers of 50 million / Riders around the world and a personal information of 7 million drivers was accessed the fake fake name of that shit the cat was over can you while you're driving if you're writing you can I'd like to check up on you like a credit card on file or anything can you make a prepaid Visa card or something like that my credit card just be no you don't know I don't know I really don't know I made it to look up the other day do you know the Roman numeral for 500 anybody else 2600 d I think about this what I think about this m is 1100 I think Kevin's right think I might be D5 sad to know and we won't know until Super Bowl 525 see you since we had we were talking about I have no idea if I knew that or if I guess you're absolutely right day and it's toughest everything I say and numbers sorry, it's worth it it's worth a little bit Scrabble what the last of the Arabic alphabet Arabic alphabet wasn't it you no idea you go to Google Google what was the last letter so I look up there or is it really in Arabic like the scripted there might be something they taught in like the earliest that's really weird because I've never known it as anything else so what is the American alphabet called America what is the English English alphabet called I thought it was the Arabic character set me to someone should explain this to us why we both think it's called Arabic Twitter hashtag RT Podcast Xbox One pain we got what we got in from Microsoft and they came it was so fucking cool to get a console and have Mike send me a pic on top of that they sent me a stack of 20 of Triple AAA new release games you in that Battlefront somebody in the office like I just gave me a 10-year anniversary for BioShock statue in everything Colton was huge. Bioshock fan-made I said no problem I said I've got all these codes and I have a lot of these games but I think I'll just give one of these away every day in December until they're all gone and I am meetly regret it now my replies are just that I posted what I posted a Assassin's Creed Origins last night fucking great game by the way I posted that one last night somebody got it and I deleted the post that I left the original one thing I had these things I've been getting away that one a day on Twitter then I'll people are going to give me that one all I want is this one just give it to me and I'm just like I did the same thing on Snapchat I want this I want that give me the middle of my main how are you doing this post a picture of it DirecTV doing it I don't like giving stuff to people but in like a public forum at I think it's weird that the guy had these things it's like I should just give them to be but it seems like I got this because of rooster to you and I'll give it to people follow or if I do it it out to everyone is like in December in the spirit of giving and everything like that number is Arabic man okay Medicaid Aladdin character said it's a Time on the Chinese Julian calendar about alone in one that's what I've been doing I thought if I could people that worship the Greek gods like Zeus the Gregorian calendar did the Gregorian calendar replace the Julian calendar for me and I was wondering like who was it and I was like yeah you know that Norse god let's make him a superhero and let's make a comic about Thor and Odin and Loki in and take all these mythology and make a comic book out of it to make it more educational I don't know what it is towards among all the other superheroes in previous discussions of Avengers movies Avengers correct me if I'm wrong unlimited which was a retelling of the Avengers story like a reboot of the world war was presented in a really really interesting way nobody else and countered Loki Thor and everyone just thought the world was fucking crazy and he had stolen this technology does Vesti had with the circles with the ability channel lightning and the hammer that had stolen it from the technology company his brother was like setting him up and like I was in the store with nuts and in The Avengers movies in particular Tony Stark has this existential crisis and panic over the fact that he seen aliens but nobody is like oh we just met a god that complains there's an afterlife you know it kind of takes a lot off the table of okay what's the weed I there still clearly it cuz he has a guy right here that might not be but God whose after like you can get into right immediately to him because it's like a religion it just feels like Lord miss you weird play comes to this world he's more of a superhero he's not actually like a god but when he's an ass God it's like yes this is how everything looks normal for the planet that has God is on is from us I need the dimensional thing isn't it or not in the same universe they got to take the Rainbow Bridge to get there I don't I don't know what to ask on regular in Ragnarok to say that the place that they're at is on the opposite end of the universe if they could go to this other place and it would take 18 months to get to ask guard at the end of Oz of an end like does that mean they met the whole universe was in the other end of the universe is a couple more universes after the credits kills himself in enough for that was actually really cool I really like the premise that movie I don't think I've ever seen the one where the one yeah it's a really great idea when the guy who's not doing it equally becoming as powerful as is a great concept the CG looks real shit can we play the same where is Asgard wherever they say it's alright it's not really easy I don't have to be one specific Rock for the people that used to exist in another dimensional plane with a matter is denser and more durable than the world of midgard show a notice Earth so it's like the Superman first appear in the mystery pretty sure Asgard was referred to before journey into mystery number 85 is a small planetary body that serves as the home to the Norse gods store and their ruler Logan so is Idris Elba of God is a hind hour or so ago or is it just the guy on the gate so similar premise of Mount Olympus at their old gods I would watch a movie that is just about Heimdall just come to us reckon shop 6 episode 4 episode 4 episode 2 episode you should watch The Dark Tower and I'm recommending that because I fucking hate you and I'm going to be miserable and I wanted to put a gun in my mouth on the review their address Alba has done that that isn't good cuz he doesn't have to go pick up for this job that I was working on for Malibu and there was this kind of ended the whole corporate thing at this party whatever and it was like over is dj'ing tonight who wants that I would like to take he was like you know you're very beautiful yeah it was so people don't like so I'm sure he's been in some bad stuff is so good he's like episode where he had a ton of crime scene Alleyway and schedule going towards him and he just sang just got on the ground he let you know what does a DNA in blood hold on hold on the internet which tells me everything I need to know why you cannot blame him for being in the Dark Tower Dark Tower is a blood red blood cells do not have any DNA as they lose their nuclei as they mature to the DNA in your blood is in your white blood cells through the looking over time I get off at 3 p.m. headline on one of those list website but then you didn't actually read much of the time and you separate and go right away but covet you got everything there's no DNA and red blood red blood cells cells and the platelets water red blood cells are definitely red blood cells are doing all the heavy lifting and blood yes no DNA in an axon of your body go ahead have you played that game everything cell is a cell if you go smaller maybe not Brain still have it he sell it alright you just looked it up in the store but you can buy this Funhouse hat or that shirt. Starting to self there's another guy that plays blog blog blog is coming to a close in the last few weeks of it help I wrap up sometime around the beginning of the year somewhere between that and the middle of January is when you're at the end of the year of the rooster all your suggestions were they should do to at Bernie my iOS also has decided some words that I type are going to be capitalized and that's all there is to it Brit awards show Emmy has a capital S now in my phone and it's not going to let me type it any other way what type of phone does have a capital P that Sabotage by