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Recorded: 2010-02-03 22:17:29

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Joel Heyman, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

welcome to the Joel and speaking of drunk texts from a drunk singer guitar theme song for number 26 time frame to come in and I was hoping you were going to I'm the plug where is Hanoi and we had a table we know that there's so much you were in love with the waitress 7 days commission hearing Texas location room seven years that building prosecutors whatever that one block of land that goes from one thing to the other is like first locations and times Texas to Beeville TX call Sharky's I think was it Fireside of like they drew a calendar on it every day they would wish it was didn't want to pay a little bit like three nights ago and that building over there solicitation so would you pull over for speeding I don't know enjoy it 105 and I'm not entirely sober and he's grilling walks right in front of my car wash cuse you forget me already he lets me go which was the greatest thing in the world you know it's funny you say that Texas license plate covers for Texas boss 4 and I had to take a field sobriety test it would have been over like he asked me to go the car was right there in front of me let me go any kind of and I told him that I had 6 concussions okay Google take me to work and I just like invented on the extreme you gives this podcast Seaview hotel Geoff I want to Jack but I couldn't that's why I never go for the morning after getting after my the way for the record I never drove drunk 17 first when I was leaving the police station and another car you did not star live in Austin I was on tour with a band here we and my friends and I got really drunk and we're going to be on a different day East 7th and Red River 417 Congress Ave 3535 for the record I was not drunk when I got arrested I wasn't either actually mean when does has a concussion and I have been drinking I was sober and I felt I was over there the one innocent person okay what's up best 2 characters I'm having like two games I've been playing at the same time going through that game and I finished I just finished the other day with my Paragon character and I'm pretty close to finishing it was my Renegade character and it's got like 40 Perfect 2 reviews and I was a little confused apply to your weapon Toledo streamline also in Mass Effect 1 Planetary Exploration filtec not like Landing your your ship on the planet surface and driving around and then never felt right to me to remove that to thank God video School holiday first one understand what's going on in 2 first characters in a Mass Effect 1 character and continue the other when I started fresh just like I do the same thing you're sitting for Mass Effect 1 there are still characters when you like Star available me crazy because it's like this is great but it doesn't what happened in the second game as your saved character to different character import my character the import process only saw one of those characters couldn't import my other one because I thought I had it first 344 videos now great to me and I desperately want to play a couple things at me about it just like when you go to like interested in the matter actually people have complained about that at least on the airplane control 2 me Mass Effect 2 it star control 2 butt you know route 4904 can on a commercial spot in December out and look like in the San Francisco Bay area and I was walking around the office complex around us and one of the people who star control 2 on Tony Hawk game for the Wii Mass Effect 20 years ago 15 years ago I'm sure you do have to recruit people to help you do the mission right side mission for them and so far every side mission has been so good that I could see it being a movie like 30 minutes but there's a story there Miranda Miranda Nolan North The Voice every video game that came out last year did Uncharted 2 we're best friends we should tell him Keith David thank you totally what are you able to get there no Nolan North Uncharted pilot the guy who plays the fight with Joker Robot Chicken very funny star 2 wolf crazy what's the meaning of should I talk about you in the meantime I've been hiding my the teams playing Dante's Inferno for the last week and a half and I will say I'm not at all jealous of plate mass of something so much fun playing about his Inferno you don't look over at your screen sometimes when you're playing Crazy Shirts Treasure Island like they're all in there at the video probably the nipple tongue boss QuickTime out of stuff there's some of that like the QuickTime motion to whatever but I feel like you got your own Mass Effect all this week so change the intake line to the Tiger Army almost done with my second playthrough through it now and I'm having a great time with it is what it is really need all works out and it's nice to know I don't have any of the gamerscore that I received all over again in order to get on my profile Bernie production stuff inside an egg on the PS3 for 7 years been around forever taking a sick day today I came in Saturday night and I had to fax some paperwork 28 no, probably thousands morning sweetie humor and 4540 bags left I'm just not surprised at all you know I don't know that this Pax and there was last year 60,000 first time the Northeast Philadelphia you know I'm going to be 60,000 to Pax when you stuff has been announcing an intermediary plus like a lot of people like the harmonics is going to be there in a lot of companies that are based on the North East is giving more stuff I don't know I mean it's a perfect time of year to have another commission because the original Pax is October and the other side of the world the license we get up there like you know the ballpark there a couple times and just not then we can get in there talking about Tex and after Crazy Craft terrible thoughts in the comments for the podcast we talked about PAX East Boston stadium has the money out of me in the comments or not tell me if it was the place in Fallout where that town with a nuclear bomb in Megaton you know did you hear about the promotion yeah has anyone able to pitch a perfect game between March 2nd and May 2nd to get a million dollars the first person to pitch a perfect game yeah I know I pitched a perfect game into the and MLB 2K7 I feel perfect perfect game until the last out of the ninth inning and I didn't realize there was an achievement of the things they put in a 2016 thing happened to me I could do a2k NBA for like a good 3-4 years and I feel like in later versions and I feel like I would be pitching perfectly I would execute perfectly and it just didn't matter like someone was just going to hit the ball it's so frustrating it sucks that it's frustrating that's what sucks is it in the first 24 hours probably probably first person to pitch a perfect star March 2nd to May 2nd on the hardest difficulty on Masters do they do the and one thing about some people have suggested that and that it supposed to be more realistic and I probably make it more difficult at least initially new entrants must record the entirety of their game Digimon DVD Department Twin Galaxies Twin Galaxies A-frame engine for more details sliders with and I came over there they're going to make him very stringent code of Lake promotion play our games we give you money another receiver that the negative MLB 2K10 remember video David it's kind of like NBA 2K has always kind of live in the shadows NBA Live and I just read this morning that the percent increase they're shutting shutting down the servers for a bunch of older games they're shutting down NBA Live 07 which is kind of famous and because it has that stupid achievement to be online with a thousand other players at the same time and people were getting out of semen come out you know and 31st Hunter crazy and I also had another season to play a co-op game in entirety lost to other human players and I got your plate with Griffin account in my laptop 19 control 2 players are pretty confusing as possible correct me if I'm wrong thing to the star the Tiger Woods first tiger with glitched and there's even possible I know some of them cash actually had a good team when I was playing at 4 okay has a water line so I can watch it the yard or whatever Joel lost when did when did the last season and was it may have to cut the brakes always go for the first hour Griffin and 9 he likes to the door and he was like half an hour after the bomb went off and was interesting 2 realities happening at the same time but you know how come Juliet is an or where is Juliet in the good reality about how should we label leave now I never would have gone to the island to work as a fertility specialist he would still be in Portland OR Portland Florida star the Portland Oregon Portland and Lake hold a commission and Alex season three or four it was how much is the price the shark with the other 200 Specs lost lost in writers in the mission the shark with the tattoo on his back about it 7770 776 Summer Avenue the logo on the Shark Season Premiere was in the current time it was from the plane was flying over and the camera panned out if you shark in the water after the current time that means everything from that point on I guess yeah we need to the island to survive it was tethered first electricity from title shift YouTube they're forced to make new fucking sharks live tiger sharks can live to be between 30 and 40 the whale shark can live a hundred 250 shark is before they set off the new tattoo that shark put it in the water and then the Lost he showed up live the island and the shark still in the water? Last thanks for the nuclear blast AutoTrader what were the first five minutes the new Prime reality prime it would be the original crash reality on the phone like she wasn't on the plane because she was with liquor Rose was nervous and don't worry it's time around roses the one telling Jack blowing at the island it obviously caused with small Ripple throughout the rest of humanity which made minor changes like Jackson flying pussy interview with different the lottery without using the number before I blew up has the numbers from some other number Keith from from the radio station in Australia which which numbers from the dispensary if we can probably figure out what number is used to split realities or if they're ever going to rejoin how many how many next week's episode is called Kate does it which is a reference to an older episode called Keith did it so I wouldn't say we're going to start focusing on what's going on with life and heard in the news for the plane full potential Jack I was so blown away by shark interlock was definitely the light was wearing like a lighter color wearing a white shirt where is like the evil lock on the island as wearing a black shirt so I'm wondering if that has something to do with Jack Black interview Jimmy Jimmy Kimmel I think you're cheating using outside source Jimmy Kimmel obvious that you said it's obvious that the man in Black was talking to Jake about and he said no no like to recognize them as like you're the bad one someone else and also remember I don't remember Unchained about that so are we assuming now that Alfred was on the Black Rock maybe he just meant that was metaphorically chained down by having to work for Jack in and now that he knows that he can be free I don't know about that Avery dreams about lost all night I'm so confused I had 2 review the last we see of boom and Charlie absolutely not absolutely not I was supposed to be consequences for him and then boom I think they were saying was going to be a bigger part of the show that interview lots of lots of food for thought so much to become a lost moved lost $2 actually had a meeting on Thursday mornings we ran our meeting scheduled or like if everyone would show up and we just debriefed lost from the night before because everyone knew that they were just talking about it we should rename it the Lost tank what about the other day did you want to start taking lost it so excited to open up review patriotic country video without 2 BioWare and I can let me know Shark Tales Beach from the drunk guy getting drunk survive that convenience store the preview for country Montage scene with Ben and lock inside the temple where the lock was talking about Gina Whitlock twin evils you know what I was thinking when you killed him or the last thing he was thinking but he didn't understand it or whatever um so she's probably the in my opinion the best actor on the show and has had the strongest teams throughout the show and I don't think I'm going to like a confused why he didn't like the bad guy so well I think he's going to on 1530 Lakewood don't worry about me because I'm out of the temple after watching what happened in a meeting was on the phone talking with Albert or Richard Alpert about that and I'm very calm and collected already questions to basically different realities as of today he's in our characters are there Juliet Juliet before she died said it worked and then she died or something and it was really well and I was actually going to ruin everything for me I kiss my girlfriend I really it's pretty ridiculous guitar music 2 minutes and there's no television replace it and enjoyed having a you know I had to what's the first episode of the mini-series that was on the iTunes Store the Mark Singer 2025 the new season of us started solitary 4.0 first three seasons on Hulu like every episode from first 3 on Hulu and it's like every season catch up on and it started on Fox reality which is about to shut down hell yeah she said that was the first 100 digits first the elephant that show is so and so versus one of the four video one piece fighting each other McDonald's fighting about the animals and who would win it like that yeah would you feed him missionettes coming up this weekend the coaching changes