#470 - Blaine Avoids Star Wars Spoilers

Join Blaine Gibson, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss desserts, Blaine’s toilet paper emergency, holidays, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on December 11, 2017, sponsored by MVMT (http://bit.ly/2AdONpA ), NatureBox (http://bit.ly/2kmvQr7 ), Squarespace (http://bit.ly/1SPgAL3 )

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Recorded: 2017-12-12 20:00:00

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Participants: Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns, Blaine Gibson


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Transcript (in progress):

Bart and buy for s'mores are probably one of the most overrated things in the world I hope that the graham crackers sticky keys on the RT Podcast in with me today Javon Barbara and I'm pretty and I'm blaming our movement NatureBox and Squarespace all of them let everyone know that there is now a flash sale going on for watching at this moment today only and the grocery store get 25% off everything loaded up on miraculous hang yourself with 25% off at the Rooster Teeth store at fast the 25% off holiday flash sale will end tonight at midnight head to the store and shop for awesome merch from RoosterTeeth Ruby Achievement Hunter let's play anymore by December 15th because then you need to order by December 15th to get your stuff in time for Christmas and I told her Christmas holidays this year with the Christmas holiday thing you determine only told the story and I'm going to totally paraphrase to hear get wrong remember the specific accent via put my hair over you how come behind you but you do that and I will do the voice as you mine will they would you know the story I just have to guess what your mouth is really hard to do a real time so you started it down everybody what is that you got that's my boss this is a sheet that I would do like like my first couple months of RoosterTeeth know you've been working here for like 2 or 3 years why are you still doing I think straight from the manager's meeting new way to sell old things what are they really concerned as to what it was until you said specifically that it's it's putting fit sweater we put on the Bulls just in case you wanted to do some mocap just hearing that okay I have the earlier and I'm just wearing it was your story position then somebody patient was leaving and they wish them a merry Christmas and the patient bout it turns it thank you and thank you for saying Merry Christmas and happy holidays like went back on it that's what it seems like at that point you got her denomination correct why not just have the moment but I got it thank you for saying that people use happy holidays and said you can never please everyone American values of the cups I think that's why it happens and that's why they do it this year they did a drawing of like families in Holiday themes things and had a cartoon that was marketing at their least it was just like you know I said happy holidays for everybody you know and it was like a couple of man and wife you know and then like a daughter and son or something in there was like a gay couple who was like I think there's like two women and they are really cleaning in for a kiss and then the camera Cuts away it is all cartoon people lost their fucking mind really yeah really yeah they did like red cups and I was a big headed to go to get Red Cups instead of like the holiday cup that they typically do and someone was just like oh they're like these aren't the Christmas cups and it's a war on Christmas surely it's just a cup crazy conspiracy to catch on Infowars I don't know what did I forget about it or t-shirt about the Christmas cups seriously like a pumpkin spice kind of a gal Barb don't you call me why I don't know nugs McDonald's look up I want to kill someone that's a drink for the holidays by only recently discovered coffee I don't know how I did it but I made it through college without ever drinking coffee like I was never gone I can keep you awake don't like the actual chemicals make you shit which they do but then you train your mind to just like the first sip of coffee do I need I need to go to the toilet never happen for me can't stay awake while sitting that you falling asleep he's trying to do that I learned that you have to give Barbara coffee before a certain point in a day before noon if not I have like just as much coffee during the day but if I drink it afternoon I get a really bad headache one cup of coffee thing it's not like I need a lot of coffee but I need to have it before noon and it today fucked up cuz I had a shoot this morning right to wake up at 5:30 I shot until about 11:30 then I went to the DMV to get my license renewed which is a huge mistake because I was there for 3 hours or eliminated I knew I didn't know that I'm not from this country and I don't have a car but I somehow knew that cuz you live with somebody else you register the car but anyway assume someone told me got that silly basic you online play Little stardew Valley $30 also a really bad gameplay if you're sitting in the DMV exhausted without coffee and without any stimulants you just like falling asleep I'm going to get my favorite game I put Skyrim can I say this got to play by play on the PlayStation VR PlayStation VR criminally underrated that is a great product it's a lot easier to set up the Vive you just have to have the little camera on your TV and then just throw the headset on hours for my setting up the VR bass in my house with the kids with the Bible is tripods for it and stuff a little PlayStation probably 85% is good but you don't like the full like a lot of experiences cuz your ear whenever you turn around it's not recognizing it is quite as well right cuz they're your gear head is getting in the way of the sensor that's on the PlayStation you can look behind me and stuff but there is definitely a range to it that is more limited than the Bible but it's way cheaper product and it's something that we had it in my house and didn't take it out of the box for probably 8 or 9 months and I wish we could take it out of my Google Games they've got a robot a room VR product they make great do you need to know how to qualify that I'm not sure I'm watching the podcast at home like after the fact that you guys record it and you make some type of noise or sounds so hard and no one else from the podcast is laughing are you going to ask you a question you agree with ask me something that confuses me what color is the underside of moon what I always do that when I'm confused what is right here and it's so great moments from podcast with Bernie where you either make weird noises are you stumble over words my favorite one ever is a kind of this one when you talking about Spider-Man at the spider Factory cuz that's okay I knew that was what you speak at the moment on timer doesn't reflect how good it was real life I can't think of anything that Bernie is done but I know that there was this one time and I can't remember what the context was he's on the spot someone was holding a sock up to you and you see it and it was like a cartoon disappear for your bottle of spinning in place while you're out of praying I think through the air and then found out it was perfect it was so perfect baclava balaclava balaclava Barbara I'm right here mother-in-law I think make Baklava and she made it and I've always heard of baklava I'm confused most amazing thing I've ever met my life like a little layers of cake with sweet maybe I know I would I would definitely do that for a baklava in the shape of a balaclava you can store on your face rub a convenience store and then snack on the way home in the store with a baklava in their head by Xbox you got out from Xbox I believe because it's an Xbox One and I assumed it came from Xbox controller to a publishing thing expected special made for pubg or were those just like some other special cool and unique for pubg I felt like I said it was a custom controller but I was second-guessing that myself when I said earlier I thought I grabbed where is goose Milo Crate & Barrel no actually a Wii Pro Controller when he's not here in memory of holiday shopping can be tough but thanks to movement all that gift-giving anxiety can disappear the Press of a button movement watches make the perfect purchase for just about anyone in your life guy or girl a member they start at only $95 with moon watch as my personal trainers move watches is that Gus Lord's his move and watch that he has over me all the damn time but it does the problem I'm doing the 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really let it go away going to pass out I was in a lot of medication are you got it how much you know that for my Instagram story when I said it was a custom pubg controller that I did try to get confirmation of that and it was a lad that's definitely Gavin I trust the people who work here so this is what you owe you get put in that none of this is when you kill somebody that's all the jumps tonight because 762s like orange or yellow nothing's like not I don't know 762 is like beige and green it is the code if I was going to give you the code for the game but it says you're not supposed to use it for December 12th and I wouldn't trust the internet to wait to use the code you don't supposed to use it what the hell I got ass come out your mouth tingle by the way did you know that the name of the place the Rangel chicken dinner thing hey how's it going to a place in pubg oh wait I think it's just an iHome movie no no this is in chicken dinner so they want you to eat good point you know his head yeah that's how it works they look how your money diet situation situation like fucked up I was telling you about it let me guess dude I was really sad but only to me my first world problems TV and you realize that we were all right of what I got my psvr going on you realize that all the stuff in your house was really good quality you have a good family play some sleep over. Everything has to do Klonopins time in the house when I was in LA to La for this is there was a big sales pitch that was going on and he said hey Bernie really want to go along for this thing I was like I did everything I could to get out of it but I gotta get out of it for you okay I'll get on this day and then while I'm in La I post on Twitter I said I'm in LA but friend of mine called me she says I have that me actually she said are you in town for the Star Wars premiere and I was like oh I don't know but that's nice what a kind of a taste of you thank you very much I'd love to go and then she text me she was being serious I have a plus one and if you want to go yeah I need to know right away how's it going to Star Wars premiere yes you know nothing nothing weird going on but I could still ask Ashley and I also had plans with the kids on Saturday yeah we just going to do some stuff and says I can't I said I got some things I have to try to work out and I'm not sure but so don't like sit on this ticket for me this this plusone8 so I thought I should think we fucking idiot yes go to the Star Wars premiere what's wrong with you and then I talked to JD and I said hey I got invited to go to the store when is that this Saturday other tickets for us know Saturday are you asking cuz you and your kids they were like fuck off in 5 minutes like everyone and their dog is getting go to Star Wars early except for me before you play some people going to do what's right now why you know I believe I can ship it to know, Star Wars guy I know anybody to a Star Wars recently and they said is the Star Wars guy or the guy claims he's the Star Wars guy guy go ahead definitely. What that let me bring my comic book collection in my extended Universe books in and then we'll talk how about that how about that ask me if I'm the Star Wars when are you going to see Star Wars I'm seeing it Thursday at 11:25 and then Friday at 6 p.m. and then Saturday at like 11 and then I go to Australia and I'm going to see it there for like three more times probably I think 9 times in theaters I need cleans water pressure such a high quality assured that it needs its water resistant is the new shirt assume that you're going to Australia because to go see Alana's family so okay whomever time. Great to see your first Christmas away from home yeah I know cuz I took her to see my family last Christmas my first Christmas away from my family I'm the same this Christmas the first terminal to beat England in America I am the best girlfriend for someone in the states to have because okay I'm Canadian and Jewish so I can always go to their family for Thanksgiving and Christmas cuz I don't do anything for either those holidays competition do you weak open up a new car every lap but Hanukkah is a day's by the way it's not that big of a holiday Passover goodnight gifts and compete over the fucking universe Christmas 07 that's a reference to the hit million dollars but episode about now I think like 3 years ago or so cuz usually the round table bits done maybe like a month before we shoot the other stuff and then I have to get you to remind me on the set like what the hell this tomorrow as well this one was an absolute AC month between biscuit dough in the one I thought it was great today on Twitter is the fantasy draft it's already on Facebook YouTube for people who yeah so you can see the Facebook NTB the show it would have notified the other stuff that I shot the other day the round table. Phase of the next season of Lost Legacy snooze like steam pack a dry or like a worm X-Men twixt Seasons yes and so I was I was in it with what are you what do you want your fucking chocolate pudding shirt back of your dressed now everybody wants around yeah I don't like a Rube Goldberg this week professional come on Blaine share Russell was a nice way to say that weird looking to stay over here with Wesley what could have possibly made that happen looking up you and looking at me and I'm like what am I supposed to be figuring out something going on right here what happened what's happening it was the music it was comfortable actually feeling weirdly relax moisturize right now I don't feel me so I thought you was true I said that you check your bellybutton I bet you missed a spot guarantee you would have dents in the belly button don't be a weirdo chocolate in your body for weeks because I dressed as the Hulk which includes the best secret I mean it's just it's not on your fucking mouth excellent while we were doing that was the old pudding remember about 5 years ago and has expired oh no that's just a nut another thing I got thanks $20 the other night I'm home alone and the best part is this is like him on Twitter you even try to invite me through hoops on Twitter and then you get their phone number and then you start texting and for some reason they go back to Twitter and start Jimmy you lately cuz you break and then go back to DM you on Twitter or SnapChat texting and then let too much time passed and like I think we would back to DM what is that done this month why we know where someone like response to an Instagram story or something and then we start messaging on that it's like I also have your text and this and that is where we messaging each other at Alana Chester DM me on Instagram like 3 or 4 with each other I was you were there the first time in a long time huh yeah we're at hotel Figueroa in LA in this like hot drunk or a walk by at the beginning of a love relationship does the function big though I put in the description of shindig Christmas shindig in parentheses also Hanukkah on the way she didn't show up I still hate social media is because like I was invited to that other thing that you guys were just slipped my mind and I was playing rainbow said and I was like coming tonight and response. It sucks the thing that we were well I'll slide up into your DM next time blame but I'm going to pop off I can text you you can text me I don't I don't know if that's even the right way to say that like 40 minutes later hours hours like it's a timer thing I didn't have no that's not a relationship just text you my number just text me all night when you texted me friendships happening Alright you're good looking stuff you have to do it what you talking about a future stop don't listen to this guy on his back in for a penny in for a pound so I might as well just swim with it I mean what's the weather at Cinema what is my last name so alright chaps I'll text you later he's in an upcoming episode of NDB and it's going to be who was on it good it was Trevor and you and Chad the Dream Team the old Gavin Trevor they put inside a snack for things like a dessert more than absolutely is puddings after you would like busted out after a nice steak dinner Kayla banana banana pudding there we go every time they invite me over for Thanksgiving they always say and yes we will have banana pudding cuz I know how much I like it go to Luby's in England taxi to get to the breakfast you get the breakfast black pudding in blood pudding another cuz of course absolutely that's the way it is for me a joke but fuck you and what is a metal band what's blood drive to put into discussion before I know we have correct you on putting putting putting represent my country what do you want me to put it Yorkshire puddings. Snack and you haven't middle of it now I'm in the middle of putting in what you having for putting you have ice cream you going to have some crackers comes out to dinner putting is a course Christ you eat crackers after cheese is often the in an appetizer that's a nap before the people like a cheese plate different places you never know I did better way off English cheddar at least hear you got stuff to do people to shop for interior to spread you need to keep your body fueled all the festivities but a lot of the holiday treats are Just Junk like blood pudding know what it's about help you with snacks that are better for you and they're also delicious NatureBox has over 100 delicious snacks and all of them are made with high-quality simple ingredients naturebox.com choose your snacks and eat your box will deliver them right to your door every single month expired by friends professional chef chef special shell can hold it for you and customer feedback roasted cashews here's what you want to eat you want to eat the Asiago and cheddar crisps I think is what they're called and then they got these mini Belgian waffles I've eaten about a billion nom nom nom nom nom those are good I like those Belgian waffles man those things are amazing they make for great like snacks in between meals there's no risk if you don't like a snack NatureBox will replace it for free right now in Russia fan 50% off your first order when you go to naturebox.com for 50% off your first order naturebox.com get your delicious snacks now we used to get probably still doing dude you're so good you know it's funny cuz those are essentially cheese and crackers out for dessert drink Coke is like to me Coke brand is the best dessert cheesecake cheesecake cheesecake I'm going to argue against that sausage milkshake milkshake yeah but it's good some sort of made a lot of cake topper little too rich little too much blow you away please don't bring up creme brulee so good what did the best dessert from Ally's mom's creme brulee answer to this question is flan flan is so good that that they just dip cake and Tiramisu I don't like tiramisu at all it's in milk milk and I feel like a bad person for it you got to go to Five Guys because now I'm going to take a double today I was too focused on the desert I don't like a double cheeseburger and then have sex in the bathroom that's my Punjab for Barbara did Sex Barbara thank you thank you a lot of people, so what talk about what you know that you read up on this podcast about the stupid crap that Lords of fun house made of people who comment either come out and they're taking a comment and they were said yeah if we if we talked about blowjobs all day we would be like a podcast I know what the fuc they were talking about I can get it to make it right now we fulfill their obligation that we can do just no organic way for me to talk about my shit story so I don't know if I should or not not a toilet paper on the seven million dollars but so I'm in the middle of directing and I go in and take a coffee coffee coffee shit it was just a set of shoot coffee coffee coffee and Bean breakfast burritos two things I will just make you explode you said it because I know right Bobby coffee shed shirt so I'm going in and take a sloppy one and look to my right and I've got about like four panels of toilet paper left before she was like well I'm going to hire we talking very bad it's an Airbnb that we're shooting at so they get the cheapest of the sheep so I was going to have to make those last and don't have to make one sheet of toilet paper to clean a stinky deuce and I don't like it I'm directing I don't want people look down on me man yeah that with my panty tune down my legs Outdoors don't have no cat flap size hole free usually you keep the bubble in the bathroom so why would she clearly they would it was elsewhere so why you keep in one bathroom toilet paper I go through one wipes to wipe three wipes toilet paper is gone extreme mess that is unusable do you use the cardboard tube no because then I would couldn't flush that or I'm looking around and provides not use a hand towel that's just fucked up I look into the trash bin Out Boy and I'm like I got to go in all my God my ass is still so dirty all right just one someone definitely blow their nose on this does a shower like literally a foot and a half away from you the whole way up if you want but it's going to be so why even in the shower if you can get your fingers in that what what I mean yeah you have to clean it out you're not to let the shower head do this to work for you I love you so I mean I entertain that idea but I had to get going fast and the thing is I was about to be in a scene where the ring a dancers belt so like what does the man song It's supposed to make you look like a Ken doll by covering up your jeans with a big paddle air but it goes straight up your ass crack so that thing was going to get dirty and I needed to make sure it's clean. Plush color should I take back after they just had my name written on it so often are you naked I use the dirty snot Rag and I had to turn off that part I'm on playing you'll pass out of toilet paper but there is one other piece of paper chewed-up gum and disposed of the chewed-up gum in a piece of toilet paper so I removed that and use that bad at this point I'm out here Mike I am all out of options and then you go over to the tiny little shower wash your hands no but I'm not washing my ass my ass in the fucking shower I don't wash my hat in the sea what is a specific contact lens in your eye what in Hollywood carefully when was Labor Day hours then throw away their contacting and you would wipe your ass with it at some point you can concentrate on that area done Alexis. You don't know how it's going to be quick cuz he got the Rex I'm going to take a shower without the water touching your upper body and then you just leave or just use the bathroom oh yeah yeah that's good point what this point I was admitting defeat on was going to go take a shower and as I get up my dirty ass hanging out in the wind turn around to like look over there was a roll of fresh seafood foil paper on top of the toilet seat behind you would like equipment and wipes it was just I was stuck there for Infinity Twiggy Rapids Chris Pratt Parks and Rec blooper reel really looks like start talking you tell cuz everyone else on the set all replies if he's in a lot of things with him and it just like she literally will just turn away from camera so you can tell that it wasn't a doctor's office and he has any questions or something like that is yes sometimes when I wipe I wipe and I wipe and I wipe still poop still. anything in the door we had the papers he's clearly going to say something to somebody and they just rip this huge horrible that fart I love Chris Pratt as soon as I think he's so funny in that show I know right so they're both on the market I know right too hot people in the market Chris Pratt damn Hemsworth Max is gay what athletic people I know I can always trust him to like pull off some like fool YouTube yeah you guys just have the ability to control their bodies in to pull off stuff that like I couldn't even buy what I like he was we got into accident on either day is Star Wars Battlefront jetpack immersion thing he was just like destroying me in it like he's just like a really athletic guy the face amount given you could have been me but that never ever shot in the face in different shoots massive do we have the image that Peter made for Barbara pick up early so distant Hanukkah oh Hanukkah overlap with Christmas Sunday Jewish Moon what what is the Jewish term I believe day that have a leap month did I look at the leap second I don't know if I'm talking out of my ass right now or not but there's it's it's basically it's a different amount of days the Hebrew or Jew around because I think I got some paper for Jewish religious observances it determines the dates for Jewish holidays and they Pro priate public reading of Torah portions incorrectly yards e y a h e x e like the angle can I spelling of the Hebrew word clear oh yeah dates to commemorate the death of a relative if you show me the Hebrew I could probably do it but I just like the American version of the Hebrew what's it called when you pet sitting shiva immediate members of your family when they passed away there's this thing called sitting shiva where are you supposed to stay in your house and essentially just people come visit you but you're not supposed to leave or or like they're just people who don't you this morning essentially can you do it like on your laptop of stuff I don't think if I remember correctly I think like very religious people don't use electricity and it's kind of like the Shabbos but I don't know if that's a mistake or not but Halo just came out stories about the having people come visit you and bring food and it's the family bonding time essentially I think the way that people engage with religion does evolved as well and I say I think that people who practice Judaism have actually held on to some of the better parts of religion kind of let some of the more serum doesn't really matter an impact our life stuff going to go a little bit where is it in Christians have a fucking really terrible stop and let go of some of the major things Christianity a benefit to everybody like kindness to others turn the other cheek and all that that's not much of that modern-day Christianity you know if the religious right in this country where to vote for a candidate and likes bad candidate was like George Bush George W Bush was president when 9-11 happened right there is not a second I thought she was going to get on very Christian man on TV and go we forgive them we're just going to rebuild them or not to worry about it I know we're going to fucking go to war and kill these people you know it's like that wasn't surprising to me at all that Uber Christian president would say something like that and it was on the phone now you excite your site your site thank you Larry thank you Dad I would have never known that Google India India we were going to RTX Sydney with the RT Podcast I was going to write an apology to advance to parents I feel like every live podcast we do your parents are amazing and supportive of the show up at everything it's a bad bad in London what was the thing that happened in London in the Oreo conversation and everything like that your mom and dad panels you guys start talking about sex and I'm like my parents are a little less blatant about their consumption of my of my stuff my content so I don't know if they've watched it or not like I don't know like if or what they think of the Dragons of them spot and Confused yeah I kind of worry about that because I don't like you know we haven't talked about it I've gotten called out for things I just had a big talk about that that was hungry anyway to Seattle yes Bernie North Texas parents know they were not not crazy but he told me you found me feel like you're proud of me know they weren't crazy about it it was just like everything that we talked about the dating a lovely night and she's like no I said I would that damn dude at the PG Cassie do that did you bring it back some like old single Blaine isms that I like now looking back I'm like I don't know if he's just like you do it to everyone does it mean that was like the tables have turned so much like couple years ago you're like the tender guy you know it's like you're in like a serious committed relationship and I want to talk about it but that happens that with everything you don't talk to her like Tinder also like I already have an established I guess character we don't just like the same person on camera forever it's like all eyes change just like that Track n diseno it 9 years ago you said you don't like Star Trek I couldn't learn to like Star Trek and 9 years I can possibly have happened or decade taste change cuz like back then I used to get these people get mad like all blank and talk about his single and I'm in a relationship is it called when you can talk about his girlfriend talk about my relationship it's a big part of your life for her saying that you guys agreed to help her with no wings Lake Preston stuff we don't do a lot of interviews and stuff like that you're just there for the event and you like agreed to get interviewed by Lana cuz you're a piece of said that it makes a very touching like that means a lot thank you and then to her too so she likes she likes you a lot to doggie race in Australia I don't know how to relax this chairs attachments water for now my ass is clean toilet flush on Amazon subscribe and save I fell into the Trap like pictures of every 3 months every time I do it anymore his replacement and then I read email and I'd start getting it but I am if you don't have a subscription on your shampoo your order they run out of that shampoo that one of the bucket like for a toothpaste nice you didn't clean the apocalypse Ball grow out this time of year there's two things to actually really love that are seasonal one is she loves is Shiner cheer beer have you had it is really good and it's hard to get because everyone likes it now and they buy it so it's really good but there's only a limited time like last year we had enough to Shiner cheer to last all the way till July nope we're making a delicious all year round pepperoni pepperoni is it less special in July as opposed to getting in December and I have to do it one hundred percent agree with Gavin I would not want to eat pumpkin pie if you have everything you want no time in your beer can be your ad was taking something that is like the joy comes from it being back delicious okay for some reason like 2 years ago try this Haagen Dazs peppermint bark ice cream Barbara I look for this ice cream everywhere I go anywhere they don't have anywhere special order from someplace where we ordered online some of these are chocolate caramel balls that you can find in Terminal 5 Heathrow Airport but I'm screaming the whole year round in England because I get the Cadbury egg pumpkin pie and eggnog had like two quarts of eggnog I don't drink but I really like I'd really like I drink like I will get fucking wasted at this holiday party this weekend but like I just don't I have tons of alcohol house and I just never thought I'd say just off liquor bottles every time I have a party but that's the best I don't invite people over because I work at Richie's you should get a lot of booze my working here for you to the office give away this weekend is really the only thing I have a fancy drink at work. It's so we like always open and soon as the podcast in like I'm at work function never drink every now and then I'll go out to like a party or at downtown let me ask you this question what percentage of the alcohol that you drink Barbara people buy you drinks and stuff streets of Paramount I feel like paper I think 75% of my drinks yeah there's like three characters that's why did you think it's good because that's a really good argument should I get pretty bored alright if that's the case in the fucking Phantom Menace would have been the greatest Star Wars Weevil time you fuck fine hey guys what's a Christmas every day this year Allstate does fucking read Satan Starbucks cups everyday open your fucking presents and have a beer doing so you're saying you like Game of Thrones because it goes off the air for 9 months 11 months are upset since it's like 300 episodes of probably wouldn't be as into it that you like Star City Star City only go there I feel like I messed up in life is stuffed in the mirror the best of like the stuff that happened that is out of your control or exciting like one event or if you could just be like my answer what's Don Pablo's in Kevin if you can buy your happiness happiness what are you talking about the difference in your life, pepperonis there are there to put this down what's what's your favorite lunch meal Thundercloud Club Thundercloud cup Club Cloud Club if you can have that meal for every meal everyday for like a month is good like that though I think would Bernie saying it'd be nice to be able to get that beer anytime you want it because it's a delicious beer and if you're in the mood for it you could have save your wings and beer have everyone gets to hear different thing what are you every Sunday where to get pizza I switch between home slice in v313 do you get the same every week now they go every week only on a Tuesday he's not going to get what he could be like for the weekend I drink like once a month I still have not digested ibh have a large every images of bread 8 slices of my favorite it's hard to say really best barber was up at 6:30 this morning at 5:35 3033 hours okay okay so I got I got 3 hours plus I put ours up riding and then I got up I had to act at the DMV for 3 hours so I'm a little fuzzy but I think that's my favorite pizza Austin understand that argument I still think I'm places when yes going out tonight thank you hey girl how you feel home and Grill my fiance's why she took John Reisinger The Last Jedi know what the fuck is up with you on Twitter this is Brad Oliver on Twitter this discussion this is like the artificial gas shortage thing in Austin I was talking about the seasonal stuff people buying it up to have it long beyond the season is why doesn't last long enough to go to the season I agree with that just isn't here and I came straight from putting shut I'm going to be running to the poker but yeah I'm just going to encourage you to take care of your Squarespace stuff I got rid of a certain archiving these things as I was this episode of the rooster Prodigy website or online store make your next move with Squarespace Squarespace offers beautiful award-winning designer template and create a beautiful website for online store with an award-winning templates if there's nothing to install patch or upgrade ever it made it easy for you to set up or transfer your domain on Squarespace instead of working with mobile vendors to maintain your online presence you're able to manage all of your domain and billing settings with Squarespace and take advantage of the easy to use DNS interface an easier to sell products or services online Squarespace allows you to manage your product orders and inventory easily also provide you with a comprehensive set of marketing tools to engage with your audience get found across search and social and grow your Following start your free trial today at squarespace.com go to squarespace.com teeth to get 10% off your first purchase that squarespace.com for 10% off your first purchase actually we keep saying over and over again you should have your own part of the web to do things and I seriously brought the stuff on Twitter because without naming any names are very popular Subscription Service where you can take donations on a monthly basis from patrons and then you can give them service to buy some at about the same but they moved a lot of it from the creators to the patrons to the customers and so people are seeing cancellations because their stuff went up slightly even I found the only I don't know if he sits in the same description service the only streamer that I actually thoroughly enjoyed I don't really like Ray dr. disrespect this is fucking sick he's most likely is very attractive he's a two-time world championship he's so funny like I I I went down the rabbit hole in the guy I would love to collaborate face I know so fucking cool cuz you got such a big personality dream of the year or something like that I mean he's gotten a very heartfelt acceptance speech for that and that was it we talked about being contacted by people who have a lot of hardship in their life and had a really really amazing very I think a little bit out of character but in a good way very heartfelt response to that news is you can look it up online Maybe I'm Wrong maybe they used his real name with an answer for trying to give me the doctor disrespec game of the year the Video Game Awards he won last night she was booked trending gamer 2017 how did the title trending gamer under I know he was up for Awards nominees of talking about anyways like he got my apologies I had that wrong he brings so much to that platform because I feel like you just like watching people play do you want to do that but like he has like production value to it and he's got like bits and he's got the Jeffersonian character and I feel like watching an archive of a stream it just doesn't do it for me I don't know why like it's just someone reading chat and like parsley paying attention to the game and it's like I'm getting my kid less experience because I'm not able to interact with me and I've seen a bunch of weird back and forth since I'm not sure yet he's helping Barbara is WWE personality trait the Agricultural and you know I don't think there is any illusion that this is a real dude walking around but like goes all in on this Persona and it's so easy to get lost in it cuz he's a really great performer he's really funny person who sells a really fucking going to be against just like sin Capa streaming the game PSX dream this past weekend to see Greg tonight but I see the huge last of us both extremes to support our friends going to do off of their Beyond podcast podcast beyond Destin over I G and did something and then I'm going to become an ASL here I just read the headline on this and I didn't actually watch the video but it sounded like a really cool concept he got his community together they played Battleground with IGN and then he got all 100 recording and recorded the cut together the entire Matchbox the entirety of a Battleground match from a hundred different perspective okay Which Wich Community yeah he just got there and he just had to record and then submit it right we can even do that with couch I really even thinking about that to be like I don't want to deal with it because it's too much so are you going to love the viewer to life cut themselves or did he live recording store in editorial team took it in editing nevermind he's not behind the scenes for that where the podcast Squad Plum Squad smut we figured out we overheard that you guys had a thing with their pants off you are that who are the Panthers playing with gut just came in and told us that you guys are all I think about that cuz I thought we were going to take it home on Squad but that took that but ended up just murdering everybody always a fucking nightmare that was Noah we put we put a bounty on Alfredo before we started cuz I had seen him play before yeah alfredo or Alfredo not Sugar Pine that guys like he's nightmare not working with him know but I have watched it looks really want to marry this guy love that guy seems like really fucking hard because like I can't remember really hard he likes to disrespect your like going into it like I haven't been to everyone a map hello I'm in a lot of places everywhere I feel like I've been a lot but every now and then I find somebody what the fuck is this like I find a burn down forest in asriel what's it called Aaron karingal or something like that I didn't know that was Wednesday so let me tell you something that I tried to do today text me few days ago and you got me excited I got you wished they pulled the rug out of here right now if you want they was here like 20 minutes mother fucker if he bailed on this to watch this. Are you sure distance to podcast origin story you like a prequel for Gus to Mandy is today mad about missed opportunities Star Wars why did you take off today just UK sorry that you rather inappropriate I'm okay thank you have a good day bye bye I will text you in a little while this is highly inappropriate. You're one of them how many pounds are there in 4 call me one more time tell you the reason we're going to do on the podcast what the fuck well don't have secrets secrets of the podcast call crisis going to say that it's not a big deal. Give me the bug yesterday or something like that deliberately text it to know say it to bring the boss that's fine or I guess I'm going to be like some diarrhea issue or something I mean after that lunch we had today when would you like chicken had some weird fucked up this afternoon Vine we get some consistency is great sometimes it's like by the way we don't get food everyday here by the Monday we get fed a lot we get fed lunch cuz it's our all-hands meeting and the company pays for lunch for everybody to company which is pretty fun to go get dinner on Monday both keeps recording I also a big fan of moving but the amount of Productions the end for me at like 4 benign and not leaving times to eat at 7:30 I had that I do not miss I don't know how we did that for so long and actually like having an evening on Monday night getting out at 7 after according to push out at 6:30 this morning on the thing you were working on and then it goes all day and you started this at 7:30 he lied he lied he said not like I said hey that was Bernie you're not a loser Augusta miss you Bernie mentioned on the podcast and start those private I passed through my phone and saw I clear my name cuz it's Garcia sorry buddy no problem that's why I lied I figured that would happen exactly who is the old guy friends now can you show a meeting I did I was bullshittin about him don't worry about it he said he did say he's not going to Star Wars okay he could be lying though you're right he has a history of lying to take off when we talk about things were going to do and then we don't get fresh towards the end of the year like sometimes we don't have the podcast Awards just cuz Gus get stubborn he says he wants to do them and then we chose a well let's put a date on the counter where to do it again and give it to someone else go ahead with in our universe podcast producer like that's your job back and stay Methodist Family Pharmacy deuced so I get I feel the same way I feel like we should do more stuff I don't have a steak off we want pancake Tuesday we want the one Sunday Monday podcast Sunday Monday podcast what's the Sunday Monday Tuesday Monday Tuesday Monday is also we want to do that for a year all we ever have done it really is pancake one cuz because I feel like maybe after I just mentioned it in a conversation we have a workout podcast and I can just do what you do know if you haven't already podcast between they were coming up on a year since last pancakes this month so I thought I was going to announce today we're doing the steak off when Gus is here and I'm going to give you guys stay in a navigate to win told me not to do that you should always gone so we can enjoy it. Barbara additional jury of people who constantly be on the ouch that Pockets but also want to be on I can judging because it's you and Barbara that's two people you can't make a judgement with two people we need a third person to vote for the winter and I might be a great idea to have Trevor on before if you get five additional people 36 pics 5 people that have to make if you make 5 right it's a one bite not for you then you got sick as a dog and try to think it could have been any one of them you ain't so much of Gus's steak last year I feel like that's because someone else Barbara did you got sick I shit my time of God nearby what you do I go to that guy like when you speak I have to cover my nose when I vomit because it always comes out my nose you know if you close your nose are we still going yeah right it would just not come out like yeah I know but then it does it just doesn't come out like came out my nose so hard that like my nose was sore for two days after every time I have to throw up like food poisoning whatever it is I always block my nose now cuz I'm scarred for life I had that same experience about a month ago I don't fuk said we should do the food challenge and I will try and poison you with when you just food for thought you like actual poison food to get Gabby out of chicken sashimi the other day I bought chicken from HEB Rossi to buy canned chicken breast Boba a normal business go to bed wake up night they realize I didn't put the chicken away sitting on the counter have been sitting out all night sounds like two days later cooked it made it totally no issues have iron stomachs I think I'm one of them I've gotten food poisoning once or twice in my life was the first time it was a pretzel from a street vendor in New York City what does the only thing I ate that day and I went with projectile vomiting so whatever was in there I don't know what I was walking and chicken wings from Little Woodrow's South Congress we were doing this photo shoot for the new Ruby merchandise and they had Airbnb like a really awesome cabin to take photos in and it was like right in your Jack's old house so we are I know you're driving by there and Mika said she'd never seen else to do not like we should take a little bit so you can find a buyer for the building who can make use of the big back Studio area I like there was a time where we still had the lease on the place or whatever in there like we should do a party in here and it looks really nice and it never happened after we moved out after you get used to it but we head down there it's a fucking listen can be down there like what I'm not sure if they were approved about this when I come there I think the reason behind is coming back is because I saw how fucking easily Instagram took away stories from Snapchat just like billion dollar valuation or something like that would public and internet because everyone's like one person that I follow on Snapchat or check by text with on Snapchat like once every two months yeah the only reason I have a phone number for some reason I just I don't know I think I hit kid what's what's the on Snapchat thumbs up thumbs down south and I think cool people do you like right next to the very very cool the real world of public of the planet uses it yeah Vine to fucking flops I have and they had some pretty funny stuff but I like 5 second films made this like putrid like that new like got Logan Paul Jake and I hate the popularity of the online video get that sounds like this is so fucking you should be more obnoxious I think about God damn your alligator one she said I just saw one is my favorite my favorite because he doesn't like the birthday cake I like the ones where you could kind of see Gavin cracking a little bit most of them for you can edit my big old dick goes on the table hit the bottom of the table it was actually quite dangerous fucking sex help me bitch oh no esta what are you bitching nervous laughter thumbs-up hey man you got it all the HOA me she wants to sit there was a bunch of retired people playing Star Wars show me the month ago that I was going to have to schedule this podcast I thought you guys did a great job yesterday when I had it today cuz somebody dropped out who is that going to be what do I do if I always do nothing about the cat that was playing on the Russia podcast join us won't you buy everybody something I love you