#471 - Burnie Puts Ashley on the Hot Spot

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Chris Demarais, and Burnie Burns as they discuss stupid stunts, the company holiday party, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on December 18, 2017, sponsored by Uber (http://bit.ly/1ALXxLm ), TrackR (http://bit.ly/2BvtMVN ), MeUndies (http://bit.ly/2Ac9Jxn )

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Burnie Burns, Chris Demarais


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Transcript (in progress):

Blue Ruin trailer tracker and Uber Uber D you're at your focus on close up cuz this is the third week in a row I think who was it that was upset that you got too many clothes us one time we talked about the crazy part is that where am I was missing for a little bit before we really get started I wanted to point out that something a little different this week we have the gift the first week so you are watching this life on other platforms probably only broadcast live on our website but tonight is going live across YouTube and the rest of the internet as well so welcome if you are first number you can watch this every week but hopefully you are video platform the new site video experience like we make a lot of videos about catalog videos and conforming everything it was like $23,000 on her website and we have some 4,000 let's play now I can look it up it's alright yeah 15 years almost have multiple versions of some things that like YouTube one up but to myself it like two or three different versions of it up on the website you know, different versions of RvB I mean resolutions and things and then do we have audio versions of the podcast data who used to do different audio formats for now it's to MP3 how many videos are on the let's play Channel on YouTube, if you had to guess 15 hundred your clothes 1852 how many videos are on The Slow Mo Guys Channel 179 159 fucking step it up oh I've deleted some who was terrible or not really yeah we're not contracts up ever play the game the culling Chris. It was really pissed off the jack is back seat gaming tell you recently had 15 players online globally but they didn't have enough players online globally to make a match which is just the melon yeah everyone has just moved to Battleground even though right now A Reed for the know last week we talked about you like them a lawbreaker lawbreakers at one point I had 10 really how old is that game if you want the summer what they have 10 people playing all Breakers are just said I'm a Big Clifty beef and you could join online and play with well I could like really have an impact on the community if I can't find a match so I should mention if you want to interact with that you can't we just using hashtag RT Podcast will I see peanut sauce he poop this more I want to see if you can just wait if using hashtag RT Podcast and those I will see if I see you at some point later in the park at me right before the end we'll talk about the Last Jedi humor when he already saw it what is the limitation on spoilers okay you think it now I think busy at the moment yeah I did not get anything spoil for me for this movie I was really surprised the force awakens instantly as soon as he was out there I don't know if it's a spoiler but they were the type of spoilers that will you have plenty of advance notice to check out if you want to you can hit worpswede hyperdrive or do they are they going light speed travel the speed of light travel faster than the speed of light is called Lightspeed how to travel fast in the Furious cuz it's a sci-fi movie. That's how they do it 20 light years no no no because everyone would Age differently in did you see that you have you approach the speed of light that time slows down for you everywhere they show up in the 800 years ago but thanks for stopping by I really appreciate it thank you those down why would you mean I only slows down to the people going light speed speed up the world the universe we got the speed of light in the relative this word relative fault so you moving at the speed of light one light year in one year years ago I think maybe like 9 years ago in the park as we talked about this where the clocks on GPS satellites are off from clocks that are on the ground because they've been in space going so fast for soul but they're looking at refuted their time so now like GPS units on the ground how to calculate in for the fact that the time on the satellite is off, just reach I'm the satellites satellite guy I'm so I'm letting you know what I read but having the correct time was a bigger deal right now all my devices always know exactly what time it is but the four of a kind of like kind of in the zone just realized what the surround what is it for the cookie part what is so you can know how much time has passed since you put it that way right well yeah that's for the device does TRAX time what you think think about what you're saying how did people determine what the right time was really is called time weather temperature do you call it when you call and be like what time remember this customer just like you said you wouldn't ask you was just an automated message that would tell you the time will be 4:25 p.m. yeah we have to dial 1 2 3 they have different time zones well they're all local call his cell phone back then Chris oh yeah I knew where you were earlier in California Los Angeles time where the temperature now I have I have my head when I wake up in the morning my little devices tell me everything it's crazy what do you mean and they tell me you like the weather so I have fun like my little computer assistance I have red in my house my little friends and stuff like that just tell you what this is I have been since I've been asleep and then it tells me like I would rather not be here every morning when I wake up I always the same conversation it's the alarm goes off as a computer stop your stops computer read my calendar and then she reads do for items would usually gets me to about noon and says do you want to hear more and I go no single morning exact same conversation I don't want to hear anything else much quicker just to read the color of your eyes then listen to the riddle what gets what you're busy busy with something else so maybe like in the background you have a meeting but like an endless amount of shit and then you have to get it to repeat you like I want to know what the 4th one is those fucking birthday thats birthdays off my calendar I don't wish people happy birthday activate on my calendar all the time I don't know how the fuck is unchecked birthday so many times I know what piss me off I love them happy birthday to fucking doing that what the fuck is LinkedIn tell me to wish people happy birthday on LinkedIn I want you to use it like a social meat like networking thing that they have no idea what was the 4 news on their website of people that work in an industry like you and you can see things that they're liking and commenting. I thought was just profiles of people what I do for living know when did is also the only if you are considered to be a social media platform it is the only one that allows you to creep on what other people do you can see who's looked at your profile it illegal to leave a message if you're not on LinkedIn got a couple people with your profile say when or if they make me login to change my email preferences you got to got to be honest we got you want to unsubscribe it's like text your email address to unsubscribe we can check if we work at this company we should make sure that we do I check that someone will tell you while we're on the patio melting right now the girls just go straight down on this day last week cemented his head in a microwave and it probably happened by clicking the expected will net but the thing is is he said while he was doing it this is the most dangerous thing I'm ever going to do anything I told her that I can get them out fire department at work the money being spent in that dude's head I took nearly an hour to free him but they had to use chisel screwdriver you would have the worst headache ever I mean concrete just passes every vibration along through a sand nightmare as it's like Honda around your head and I will show your head would swallow it was the end all that like what the plant YouTube video cements head but then it's like then what what went down and I did it his headphones credit polyphylla is that something that's what the concrete like phone that industrial phone I just finally got the stuff that you like it's like a big old syringes I got epoxy to Chambers in the Google poly fill out a multi-purpose Ready Mixed the Cal Poly fil Fil A polyphylla it's ready mix for a smooth creamy consistency in the different than concrete with concrete time a second concrete also concrete will suck the moisture out of anything like you work with your bare hands for a while it'll hear your hands apart Society humidifier yeah I haven't passed you coming I've been alive for a while and I've never had a situation where I needed to work with probably the most I've worked with concrete was I helped my dad in our house in Houston when I was like 14 I helped him put down Saltillo tile if you know that red Mexican tile and we put that down and because it's like varying thicknesses we had to make like a concrete like mud layer and Float these tiles in it and then it's also the way that tile looks huge grout lines in it which isn't filled with cement and concrete so that's where I learned I like basically a braided my hands down to the bone my fingertips working on this concrete floor but there it is right there oh yeah look at once with dog prints cuz that's something they always the dogs will run across the wet tiles when they're being Bates in then I guess before the important people like I said the Arizona Sun Devils basketball team playing with the dog prints fence post post really feel that I feel like you are I just redid like blinds in my bathroom and I guess I said something in the world person does like just cuts in Mount Sublime I don't feel like the person I grew up with a dude my dad was Carpenter super handy and I learned a lot from him I can work on cars early they can work on cars from before like 1993 when confronted to computerize you can't look on yoga I can just no way there's that was actually no way I'd ever seen like what runs my car I've never seen the motors that would have been embarrassing for a man to not know how a car works just like standard procedure that most people can't fix a car anymore oh yeah yeah where if I got a flat tire you can't jack up a Tesla because its potential you can do wrong and puncture the batteries which of your huge problem for a lot of people and so we had a flat tire there's no spare in the car anywhere you have to call a tow truck need a flat tire which to me is humiliated in this fucking parking lot nails per square foot and I got like 80 Nails in my car ever since I got it so I had to call the tow truck like 3 or 4 times I don't have run flat tires I don't know it's a very heavy vehicle do you have to do then like if you get a flat tire you call a tow truck where do I call Tesla Service and they send someone else I feel like it's enough to shift all the way off that wheel moves around and then you just drive it home don't like that what's that cartoon dune buggy it just lift it up super ninja what is Dune Buggy cartoon like white and orange electric bell bottom, Scooby-Doo it might even spend repurpose models from Scooby-Doo except for Speed Buggy Santa Barbara dr. Velma Daphne stuff in Clive he's like got his ask me or presenting have you seen those screens the TVs that can just looks like gloss you can want to see if they can just put like video on it the internal components of a TV when you turn it off windshield right there black Braille TV what is one here and then behind it was a different movie behind it was a different movie could you use Focus your eyes on one of them and watch one of the five movie you was watching a movie you talked about this before having a movie every other Freckle in technology web loads of the same screen well what's the same area multiple movies at once but how transparent is it though in like 2 seconds should you turn your computer monitor to fix the problems it doesn't exist fixing of an imaginary problem or efficient on a computer screen need to get like a window that's 50% transparency put in front of another movie and try that or get that go different Windows the different movies I just think too many people are trying to rely on technology to watch two things at once when in fact you can just look at a different thing what time freeze advice for today just look at a different thing world is filled with different things take a look in international airport right on the screen but the subtitles are in different languages but you can focus on which language that you read but there's like 10 different versions of the audio Planet once they're the same movie can I could probably later later English from for Red vs Blue before Toy Story stole it for Buzz Lightyear but we're stuck on the wrong setting so you just watch this thing in the different language going to Spain what was sap what does that stand for I'm very thirsty this podcast is also brought to by Uber request an Uber ride anytime with the Uber app it's a safe and comfortable way to get where you need to be like going to a company holiday party or a night out with friends and family you need to run some errands take an Uber ride and don't deal with the hassle of finding parking maybe you're heading out of town and need to get to the airport take an Uber ride and you can focus on being on time for your flight it's all the Uber app today from the app store or Google play New Riders who use code RoosterTeeth will get $5 off their first three rides that's code RoosterTeeth to get $5 off your first Free Ride Uber the better way to get anywhere you have to be New Year's only offer expires February 18th 2018 Skyler but a time to do that you can get all your holiday parties in your New Year's Eve shindigs without kids and you can be safe telling me that Uber is so successful that it is affecting the valuation of people who own parking lots interesting yet huh I never would have thought about that well right well nevermind topic to bring up after 5 minutes picture of Joseph Patrick sent me an article on for the podcast started laughing like I'm going to read your headline female monkeys are having sexual interactions with deer in Japan and scientists are intrigued I saw this article like dry humping the backs of deers on the back of your dry hump pull on their antlers there's like grinding on it and they're not trying to ride the deer I don't know V adolescent female how to say this year and Crouch then they move their pelvises as a thrusting or grinding the squid sexual sounds they also bit sniffed and pull up the deer's antlers we're by the monkeys in the deer together like two different biomes yes McKay's and female sexual interaction with a deer 258 times than one deer so maybe the deer maybe the deer like super hot of these 13 sexual interactions initiated by 5 McKay's were considered successful were still trying to figure it out we had a temporary but exclusive sexual association with the deer monkeys in human you put ice in there for a 4 we get a couple of deer right monkeys you send that to Doing It Wrong the monkeys what did they say it's so weird about stuff like that was figuring out why the monkeys do this we don't need to find out the question is why are the are the female monkeys going this route is there something wrong with the male monkeys I blame it on the males female stuff like that chimps that don't like going to buy he didn't even notice. Maybe I can pretty much anything at all you know what's the percentage of things that have lived that died of natural causes and didn't die because something else killed it made but even people that's probably we're probably have tipped the scales on that yes I'm all people been killed and died of old age organ failure sort of people eating versus not eating football War skeleton keys and the infant mortality that's the big one that's why they think that it always looks like the life expectancy of the lifespan of people increases over time it's just that we just don't die when were infants as much as we used to you know so the average goes up a little bit longer life expectancy does go up but not today like you credible degrees really in person was who died in infancy what you could have what you lost all have that then you said you would know we all have the potential yeah Chris I got it thanks don't we all have the potential to be in like we're just whether or not we meet the potential you think some people just like the ceilings a little bit lower for a lot of us there's no shots of people can also be too smart to function like he can't figure out how to fit in with all the rest of us zombies and they get lost you know but you thought you would enjoy life more if you had thought about 15 I didn't understand the level of this problem I just go about my business do you have a high IQ I don't know I don't know I feel like I'm feel like I'm getting older so how do you write what makes you say that any things is Tata cuz I'm older like it was easy like the microwave and glue your headed to set myself on fire anymore set my legs on fire that's fucking dumb so I bought them I bought them from Excel jeans and I am God they wet like dripping let him up ran around for a bit because it was so big I then just let go and helped out no I know right I know how old are you 15 who are you doing it for Noah my friends for a while but it wasn't. It's such a terrible idea I think someone has footage of that I don't have that in my possession I didn't know these jeans were 50% polyester so what exactly as I thought it would go in that when it when it was too hot I just jumped out of yeah I was fine but just looking back that could have been her friend for just regular gasoline petrol petrol buyers a bad idea to begin with and stuff outside I did not the actual thing I was going to race the gasoline Trail so I like to suck the jeans and we had a line on the ground and then my friend was lighting the trail and I had to run and see if I can run away from the flame is it look what the flame guy was like almost at the end of it I used to make regular journals on the receipt website about don't light yourself on fire just don't just don't ever do it don't ever think that's going to go out on fire Kings to see he even though I don't believe you should buy you some of her one of my favorite categories of video on YouTube are people who try to do flaming shots always goes wrong is wrong and fire induces Panic there must be something Primal about it swear if there's fire on you people just lose its way they had to drill in your head stop drop and roll it's like they run a red light and one of them catches fire and the person is only like trying to get the other cars attention to the car see the fire and it takes off yeah he was like maybe there's a fire under his car but his car is on fire so what's the dumbest thing you've done you don't you break your leg one that was probably the water and I just didn't and I'm so glad I didn't man fucking a makes me think about it. My sister's perfume and I covered my hand with it on fire it's like that I don't know on the stove so stupid how did not blow up the with a like a flame stove electric coil stove so much gas fumes in the air Spark from the fridge or something like that who knows anything I said she was really funny Amin Ali stupid so all of that information out there for everyone to find now hey there's a dude that's what you're trying to ask is what are PC specs are I'll be honest I don't know I basically want to buy a PC and what about 2 years ago I basically go to whatever the top of the line is and then drop down one or two clicks from that office and ask him what is a good video card like not the top of the line below top of the line cuz it's usually like this card is 300 and it runs every game and we run every game for the next year and the one above it is super duper awesome and it's like 1500 bucks the difference between the top of the line and just below it is significant so that I just based my computer builds off of whatever the video card is that's the video card that I bake that I based the motherboard on that so we can run that video card and then the processor based on whatever that is usually go one below top-of-the-line there as well the only thing that I really try to do now cuz I try to have a SSD for my system drive and I'm regretting that because I'm on my last one I think I'd like a 256 gig system drive and I'm always like kind of but you got there they had terabytes of SST it was like 1300 but it wasn't but the new iMac Pro is to go from one terabyte of ssd2 for is 2800 2800 if you buy that I'm at Kroger to give you a black lightning cable with it I got a splinter in my hand like 2 weeks ago and it just like finally decide to come in a little early around the iMac the price of the $2,800 for the SSD storage if that's your primary computer that use for work that will save you enough time in rendering to wear that could be worth it over a long period of time spent $2,800 maybe not that much but like $2,000 on something was kinda like to find the right ratio between dollars and gigabytes stuffing is really high with that kind of stores to yeah it's at like you can buy tons of actual storage space on hard drives for that price yeah that's like I love the price that's that comes down seemingly faster than everything else just like oh this is a flash drive 2GB flash drive but then I realize at the time it was this really ridiculous thing in the mail but it was a for your consideration package from Netflix and it had like it was like a big Square thing like this and you open it and it's got like a little video screen in it that plays like a 2-minute trailer of Netflix shows and it stops and it looks over again it's got a speaker and everything I like how the fuck does this thing work so I took it apart and inside there like a little 32 megabyte USB thumb drives like plugged into the electrical display that plays everything everything about the same thing as they went out of their way to find Lexile 32 GB thumb drive at someone and then they bought a bunch of someone bought them and then made this whole thing around the fact they could find this film this thing missing that sounds like such an elaborate production I got to hold on to that Netflix no I'm in SAG Awards we're inside yeah but your address or something I don't know what to tell you I got a check today for residuals at midnight badge is a one-way still talking about the internet creators Guild which is an organization that is trying to help online creators like she grows and it's it's interesting because unlike the producers Guild or the Screen Actors Guild everyone who's not like Critter essentially works for them self where we're actually one of the few organizations have some Video Creator that has employees usually just the person and if anything the people we don't know that work for that person you know so it's like why don't you join sag after you're in enough Productions you have to if you want to continue ordering it right otherwise you can't participate in Sag production correct right before he went on stage for something right now yeah they said if you don't sign your side paperwork right now you literally can't go on the show that it's not cheap to join Lazer team maybe that put me over the edge but it's a big deal we have one but it's a totally different way to approach production completely and totally different what's that * industry talk to the date video game so if you want to video game I'm game you were you play Hawkeye Hawkeye like one of one of the directions was was really weird it was like excited but scared or something like that I couldn't figure out how they went together excited about being scared there's like I don't know what that mean that they have at halftime and bored somebody who works at RoosterTeeth who was the voice in The Last Jedi in Star Wars movie that's B I'm not sure like that that's cool yeah he's he's in the not to spoil anything about the movie but in the huge Destiny anything away and he's a voice on the radio in one of Space Battles that's pretty cool second that's not right that's not cool that's like life change your life goes amazing crispy in the trolley right there another crazy one is our friend McKayla who's the friend of Eric's she gets picked up by, like the wrong woman to me that is the ultimate visual effects cool moment is being in the car on hat against the green screen name Fay Wray when are the original and she was like that's when I saw movie Magic Snapper when you go over to their house it's on the wall they have a photo of her with her like full-on screen is great like move just me. Tracker were looking for something for some it's love for some its purpose or Unforgettable experience is like being 18 content for most it's just your keys 8 years ago tracker changed everything when they released their first track another done it again with the all-new trackr pixel with trackr pixel you'll never have to worry about losing his things again trackr pixel is the lightest Bluetooth tracking device on the market place the trackr pixel to lose Keys wallet small enough to fit anywhere when you misplace an item that has a Tracker pixel attached to your smartphone and an IT decibel alert will help you find it in seconds and you have powerful LED lights you can find anything even in the dark lose your phone just press the button on your trackr pixel and your phone rings even if it's on silent you can even look at your item if it's miles away because every tracker user as far as the largest crowd sourcing it is part of the largest crowd locate Network in the world tracker makes a great gift and during the holiday seasons save 20% off your order when you go to the tracker.com rooster that's t h e t r a c k ar.com rooster for 20% off the tracker.com rooster thank you tracker for sponsoring this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast I was trying to find shit what are you looking at this thing right now I'm totally getting this was like a week or two ago where Mercedes took apart a Tesla Model X but because they wanted to like I get to work on their own technology for themselves for their electric vehicle but they didn't go out and purchase a Tesla Model X be used like a service to rent someone else's Model X and they took the car so it's kind of like a home away right but it's like you can let people borrow your car these people are different in that is the private citizen data Corporation you jackass Tesla Model X took it apart put it back together and it around their test track a bunch over the weekend and then take it back like nothing happened they just like people know Sadie's house it wouldn't work my car by one test left Mercedes shows up and wants to rent my card use in the lab coats show up on your front your car go are you up to no good if they would rent it doesn't say how the story came to light but they leaving Ashley psychologist work maybe I should explain why she took John Rice Krispies Last Jedi last week instead of Barcelona Spain as well sweet say about that they don't want to buy a Model X are exporting the competition what are the services they need to up their terms of service violation probably will the doors off and stuff in that amount and then put it back on but they look clean again spell Ashley Jenkins Mike during the hot seat Last Jedi was listen listen to be hooked it up lottabody work today so you have a choice you have a plus one that you could bring to the event and who did you choose to bring I took does it seem like a legitimate. Do not work on the new position did John McClane is all upset about this but when's the last time playing at anything with the no no no the know when's the last time you need anything on the no thing where I walked into a livestream and they walked out again twice and Blaine probably could have said some shit in the video having not been on the no much also one be reviewing a he'd be like oh my God Star Wars he doesn't know how to say Gavin can you stop calling yourself a Star Wars guy no don't say that that's not work on the thing John is a movie guy he did enjoy the show I feel like he would review the movie more I'm looking at that I want to see John's review watch we'd skip is that it that's it if I did the right thing so you stand by your decision butcher what you thinking about going to be broken what's the snow story contains one on Xbox One game preview technically still not at the game broadcasted game DVR I can't show you the inventory sucks and I give the guy I could hear coming around the corner I had a shotgun and I missed it I like how the fuck did I miss that yeah also I get a different guns have different powers but an over-under shotgun shouldn't be that much different power than a pump shotgun with $5 I get the one with five shells does give you more chances to hit the person from the game perspective it's a little more balanced but damn do that over under shotgun this like a fucking unbelievable alright well apology accepted for not inviting me to go see Star Wars The Last Jedi yes I'll look to the star war who would you have taken here's I fucked up because I got asked to go to the premiere of Star Wars in La someone had a right one and I said let me just make sure she's okay with me going to someone else's + 1 + in the time that it took me to get hold of Ashley just person gave away her ticket I told the story last week so important what did I say go for it you're an idiot I said you said for thinking I would have called you want to chill that is very chill Galaxy I'm working on us starting up pretty sure service number to call Airbnb and what we just want different him out long as you're turning clean this idea what's the wet when we pay the rent money do you get the money like your pimp or does he get the money directly that I get the money different tiers how much are you worth right now if prostitution is legal would there be an Airbnb for women and men and who want to have sex I mean that you like and then they keep creeping little bro I don't know that there's an app out there for it at least watching around you to add to the cart what you want in the price just like the order of events like in the red light district in Amsterdam that's fascinating to me because that negotiation of what you would like to do and what the person offers that has to take place before you go in right so we are walking down the red light district where you know all these entreprenuers on the window cupcakes and then they're having you here these conversations that people are having like negotiating of what they want to do and then personally like I don't exist without liking other clickable other bit like jacking off listen and the prices to? Domino's like pizza thing or it shows you what's happening at the texting right now just getting dressed she's on her way I don't want to be part of your Airbnb service anymore now actually I want somebody to customize a pizza along time ago no sauce no cheese would be Meena sing with 10 years ago it's been 10 years can you believe it just it just passed 10th anniversary riddle party the inventory system in Battlegrounds on the Xbox it's just it's just too tough to deal with that is one but you can hit and if all the stuff on your attacks in the ground rifle play right where she go play now Okami I like this game because I watch your plate it's like a cartoon wolf that is on an adventure I'm just going to start Teen Wolf Adventure and Ghost Rider. People on its way through journey and there's two options when you meet someone new and the two options are listen and bite that's it and everytime she walks up to somebody says listen here by time I buy always bite first and biting a good option call always the one that I have I don't play any other game but Battlegrounds and I have stayed Battlefront II is a good game I've been playing the campaign you know you can't not do that but I play the campaign if a 24-bit I know she was upset about the economic model you cut scenes have like tearing cuz he's a ship video like this is the thing right where it was now come to you like a full keg games in rest Texans last up to the games running a can do that but I think companies struggle to store full cave video from the game because if I guess the file size is Ashley are you listening to Gavin always like a stream it like when I think Quantum break came out like they didn't store a lot of the video in the shed some light in Moncks my 4K gameplay in the game play big dog shit and now he flipped me off you don't need a house over two people play video games you know where I mean everybody plays video games are now so but I feel like yes my girlfriend likes video games we don't ever play this love with these like boys that Persona 5 and then she got it down a notch which Persona 4 Golden Vita backwards to the franchise Miller call yeah I actually did give you the piece of advice I talked about Star Wars in the blog this week actually did give me the advice when we saw the movie together on Thursday she had already seen that Monday to him she told me I feel like that was okay I was saying the gunman was all over the place there's like I don't want to make it that movie and she's she said I liked it so much better the second viewing and so the next day on Friday we have the company screen with a private screening or rent out one of the Alamo theaters and I go back and watch it again and I enjoyed it so much more the second time was better the second time in my opinion it was better the second time are you going home in the living room Behind the Chair Christmas to me. Looking at the turn the lights off as soon as you walk in front of me on these every year millions of people received the least like gift of all time underwear at our family and our loved ones who just don't want it maybe it's not that underwear that's a problem maybe it's the kind of underwear so let me tell me undies only underwear that makes for an amazing gift candies made underwear the perfect gift that everyone's going to love you for it's a holiday Miracle this year don't give underwear give me on this holiday season to get your exclusive 20% off the softest underwear you'll ever wear free shipping and 1% satisfaction guarantee go to meundies.com RoosterTeeth X me undies.com RoosterTeeth said it many times only under where know the time you're going to get colder I wear lounge pants as well as well and can't go back no going back to regular underwear I'm wearing them right now as a matter fact cuz that's all I am so or give it to someone for the holidays we need to talk about you me and your company holiday party the other day for the entire time out to dinner with Matt before hand the entire time before that I said toast at this thing we talked to that no we're not going to say anything I'm like you're sure he's like yeah you look like you're in some so predicament me like waiting for someone or something to do with the car or something else is always like a time in the beginning of stuff yeah well you're trying to find someone or you trying to do something and everyone else is walking into the pie no this is now is this this is that a plans you don't talk to people you like I was they were not this is so hard to explain they were not going to park my car right they weren't going to valet at the good hotel in cars unless you're an overnight guest and I said well we have the entire 2nd floor Ballroom write it out for a company event so maybe you can valet my car and they said no we can't I said what they gave me a pass I just have to print it out so that they can have a room number Sonoma staying here as in we just rented the other room is so then I need you to give me your name and your room number it so I gave her my last name and gave her room number and she has is that your room I said I just told you I gave her like the name Uber Bethenny's last name and Matt's last name cuz I said this is booked under something and I have a passport is we can you show me the past that I can go upstairs and talk to my assistant come down and bring down if you want me to and and do that and he goes well you can't just park your car here I go and I literally that point she had Mike the internet I go I'm sure you'll figure it out already did they dismantle it probably got it I believe it I was stuck outside for like an hour they lost what do you mean it's down there somewhere I need to leave I need that car will get to it yeah I mean it is easiest and not have one is the moral of the story the other day I got so pissed off I got I got trapped in a parking lot because of some other idiot the breakdown know so I stopped to get coffee on my way to work in the morning and at the coffee shop it's like an intersection where two streets come together and I was coming out of the coffee shop and it was a buck who was at the intersection at a red light waiting to go through it and I've noticed there's another car parked right next to me as I go the car wasn't here when I got in so I got my coffee in my hand I'm walking to my car and my other car parked next to me back straight up into the bus. You can't not see that your back straight the fuk up in that bus I like God damn it and it's like I'm at the intersection so my car stuck because they're like the bus driver comes out. Coming off the bus and like I'm going to guess that it's like company protocol that he can't move that bus now like he has to wait so I woke up and I look at them and the guy who hit the buses looking right I can have the same feelings and let me guess you can't move until supervisor shows up so I can buy sat in my car for 45 minutes waiting for that Bust A Move Like I said I was just fucking stuck on my way to work business is the science that this is a business or five minute to go coffee parking as I get my coffee I'm just going to leave my car here all day they're going to tell me I was just talking stuff that sat in my car for 45 fucking minutes cuz I'm more on didn't see a bus when he backed up harassing me about this. She's doing her job but before that we were on 2nd Street which is where the hotel is and we were sitting reset for 20 minutes ago we were the 35 minutes I watch the light at the end of block turn green probably 20 to 30 times we were none of the cars on the street moved and it just there was no explanation or what was going on so by the time we got the extra 30 feet we need to get to turn into the thing it was already just to Misery by we've been like 5 minutes to get there from home and then I was like every shot so she might miss the party because it was some reason he was going to stop by or not pure gridlock some what's going on with Austin and holiday traffic the party that we had or the vent we had for last Jed I was at the South Lamar Alamo I'm not sure why there's an Alamo a block away from here we could have done that one that's what we did last four teams in 210 it was ask Bethany what was the theme what was that what was that no you weren't there call Wonderland you didn't see it though there were two big Christmas parties scheduled for the Fairmont Hotel but there's a hotel. Done so we have to move them to over there that you double the area that's why I let traffic was fuked up there really Uber driver told you that huh okay San Francisco I know that when you just have the one of the author was not built in one and a half that they're building in Austin if I'm thinking of the right Hotel skybridge over to the convention center I don't think it's done yet but you will be greater in or text cuz it's blistering we hot production and I'm working on cuz we want to go see something cool and inspiring did you remember on the podcast when he invited me to that track bicycle seat chicken water with Me podcast win and I'll go well the last two weeks ago you invited me go see the shape of water on the Thursday was it why were you there you need we need this footage I can't believe I miss Dallas and they just said he wanted to go do it while the movie was excited about something and then you smash it down if I don't want to get my hopes up and then like a handjob you like a monkey and the deer is the lady in Guana what you did to me with Crystal Palace kind of cold out you go to the holiday party because you had a new TV excited I mean when you get back Play Party of the five old dudes at the company I think only Matt and I went to the party was here it was good it was good that's what happened. It should be longer than 3 hours did you think you'd like to party by the people that was nice. The weird thing where everyone have to where they wanted everyone to wear masks just like pillows and Hue bulbs yeah I was like department store but like I told different malls everything out and he's going but standing Department Store most expensive thing to throw a party in December for three other people better than I am because whenever I go back to bed honey dripping going to the hunting trip Honey Tree free phone suspended in mid-air neon debris honeycomb suspended honey at one point but light bulb on it that was making it warm and drippy pretty cool I've never had a free before you go to the s'mores station I didn't see I didn't make it over on the side exploiting honey on the evening when the glasses for the drinks got significantly smaller dramatically shrunk know what I do that if you keep your original gloss that I still had mine you gave me a new one in plastic and I was like you got no glasses laughing cuz know if you pull that in there I'll top it up and make it a real drink for you so they can a real jerk and I thought you're going to talk about because I'm Jack and cut it I thought station station that would describe it to me as a taco in a bag or something yeah you under the Mexican son I think it's legit I don't think it was racist the way I said Mexican Sun you talk where do I see from afar intentionally but I don't know I want money but once a month now. That was a lot of fun and a holiday party I was like oh names and get right on that no no I was busy getting drip Tony and then there was this really awesome monkey humping station that was Hitler's foreign language is the Star Wars movie featuring kylo Ren so we will be discussing spoilers there anything related and things related to play We Will We Will We so if you're not popular riffic and you we want to save it and I hate to say this don't want this part of the podcast or go watch the movie and then come back and watch as part of the podcast $0.24 if you do it for the Post show holiday gift first so I went thought I was fine with it I don't know what the big uproar I feel like a lot of people wrecking very negatively towards it I didn't like like specifically anything I can do with the entire time and it added nothing is like at the end of their like oh yeah it did matter you should have done that it was a complete fit someone who didn't do anything but I'd like to I like the fact that I like the fact that I had this whole chunk of the movie so Platz like to try and do something it didn't work it felt like realistic I was like what is the mess it up first when they got to the 16th okay this is kind of cool I would like to see people who are successful like stuff that's happening outside of like this war conflict Monica I was like I agree with you I think it's good to see people fail they failed in a way that did not dare like you shouldn't have ever gone you should this was stupid and interesting what would pop off of the cruiser and get them over to Snokes ship-to-ship it's right there but there was no real consequences what if they do that ship like what was the shutdown the breaker for this mysterious device that suddenly Breaks the Rules of Star Wars try to laugh people track you like speed that should have been something else like a traitor on the ship or something like that but it was just a thing of like oh this device we're not going to show the device has like classic McGuffin creative refer to it like 5 times who's the world's worst character did the Stinger came up with it and all we're going to show the breaker that shuts it off that it's connect you to say it's a process I didn't understand what is out running Star Destroyer tender lights and the Cruisers faster and more Nimble than us we can know we can't catch up but the cruiser can't get away it's like they're constantly moving at the pace for 15 hours and never liked you get further away right Power Star Wars worse I do now like the movie a lot I really do didn't like it if I know what I want Skywalker like the difference between him and Return of the Jedi I think Mark Hamill have the same issue with it he did he just seems like kind of like a weird dope you know I don't have a lot of time has passed I guess so specific opinions about Star Wars and some of the things in Star Wars and the loot character violated that I'm go pretty deep here in this would be very spoilers so to me Yoda has talked about Ben Kenobi have talked about Pathways to the dark side and there through emotional the dark emotions like fear and anger and hate and Anakin's path to the dark side was to fear he was afraid something was going to happen to Padme and the Emperor Palpatine exploded that and turned into the dark side to his fear pad was always anger they always were saying to Luke let go of your feelings given to your hate you know they were returning still anger and Lucas Duda angry about the death of his father and then later just angry about Darth Vader General But ultimately the downfall of Luke Skywalker was one base in fear because he was afraid of kylo Ren in the darkness and kylo Ren and there's like that weird moment that they showed like 15 times from 15 different perspectives of the moment with kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker View go to that perspective about that is the only time two lightsabers touch the whole movie the whole movie that's like when non Jedis fight Jedis and invite them competently like in danger when they fight they got a Jedi throne room do you think that maybe they were the other apprentices a kylo ren I said the same thing that's what I assumed burned down the temple killed all the students and left with a handful of students are those few him. That's why I assumed they were able to hold her own and at least funny Jedi genocide every every Trilogy bad deal and I think you did to tremendous Titanic like I thought that was cool cuz I got to get around a census I assume they should I said we was that too much of it I was like I wasn't very nice place to let you know why it was out of focus in the background but you heads up heavy slump when it hits the ground but the top off of it and I was just thought the ship going through the other shift light speed was awesome it was silent silent and then I can hear like two people in the theater going to happen. But that was cool for a moment in that movie what it does to Star Wars in general it's like why didn't someone just go light speed into the Death Star and then once you do it once people are ready for it at that point I like it was such a crazy surprise move I can be sure everything's a big rail gun and they pull out that big weapon least favorite moment Cannon all they have a battering ram and pogos what is that because it's mini Death Star techno dude it's a battering ram that's one of the things call you battering ram guess what it's been I can do that if they were smart they would have taken one of that cruises and Lightspeed it through that door but like the way he should I thought was great as well but I talk to each other across some great distance I just thought that was the sound design of that and the way he shot it did it worked when you like Kayla if she pulls out her blaster on the first encounter that set that up and it was very clear that they were talking to each other I mean he's got it like they were in the room yeah it sounds like the Angles and even at the end of raise up the ram in the Falcon and he's kneeling down in the base and they're looking like down enough at each other like they even though all the geography of it works yeah I was having some pretty you like graphic moments so I thought was cool like how it came out like this and like the through the ice that was cool but it's like insinuates graphic yeah with that it wasn't anything cool off the lightsaber fights go back to like original trilogy and not like crazy super here you know when there's that show down at the very end like kylo Ren's not jumping around like a cartoon character so much better than this movie then in the first one they were in episode 7 Maria. I just like I said he was like Darth Millennial you know and the first one and the Tantrums and get the same kind of stuff in this but something about his performance I really like kylo Ren a lot more but even in the first one when he has a big betrayal at the end of episode 7 assuming people probably other ones find even that just felt like kind of like pouty to me but I am very specific in the fight with Luke Skywalker on me salt flat flat on the radio that that's it you don't need the whole scene with this guy walks out and it's a who's the fucking guy with red Footprints this guy looks like a badass and then you wouldn't think that it's going to be right this planet who gives a shit right but it's just the way his stance is so different before even like Darth Maul like Darth Maul was really precise but like when he takes his life was like this I can't even put it behind his back in that moment and I I thought that's the way he is his lightsaber technique was just so brutal you know like I hope he has a lightsaber battle again with Ray at some point I assume that's the only person left to fight with that have been held a lightsaber for a little while if you want fast Manhattan come off I'm good I'm actually glad you mentioned phasma because after that I cannot have any more people say like though she's going to be a much bigger deal in episode 8 and 9 even less than 7 seem like I was crazy stuff I was like why was that and why it didn't need to be there like you can even see a face helmet came off style fighting physical combat Chrome character in the original trilogy screen for 5 minutes and just look super cool and it was like oh my God so amazing which honestly worked all the trailers and everything 4 episode 7 and the people who go the fuck was that carry have to have my background is it was like phasma lineup for talk here love you because you think that kylo Ren is lying to Ray about her parents or something like that if I hope it's not that just made me think about like when Luke Skywalker was lied to and told that Darth Vader kills his father it's true lies of the worst kind of stay right where you would like you'd lie you know that it was like I mean from a certain perspective sure that happened that's going to be that kind of thing where I also really likes hugs his face getting smashed down to the floor Star Wars how do I don't like when they put what I consider to be modern colloquialisms into Star Wars dialogue the whole body the guy who's saying that Poe Dameron screwing with him forgot to tell her to tell him that is like a really famous British comedian who is funny to see him in a serious role theory was there to on the bridge that is not only they had to hold then they stretched out like they're like really like triple Downs on it that hold Hold Ya but I like the idea of that Star Wars that was weird last Katana Union dispute trust me you don't want to know she reminds me so much of the character from The Incredibles that makes all the suits you mad by the Lux death I like the way that they did the book ends with the two sons that was cool I like that but I didn't like the fake out that he's not there okay cool because it's like all he got them he's he's back in his home planet he's totally cool oh wait he dies anyway it doesn't matter I know it's a good thing he could have been there and could have gotten place in that same diff well you could have been there but he would have been shot immediately and they probably one of the escaped okay yeah the Hologram was able to survive the park behind someone has got to explain to me what is space Leia what is that scene in theory but he said do you think it was kylo Ren Force pushing her back to the bridge no I don't think so either cuz she put a hand out she did that it was and also he was like flying around with it it's just fucking weird and they have like she could have just like like around us she could have done that for you get a little oxygen look I'm doing it right now I mean something about it from the fact that she was like flying like Superman it's like when you're in space there's no gravity if you pull something that's Mastiff it will pull you towards it yourself by grabbing the ship and pulling it it's just a weird moment to me kylo Ren has the opportunity to kill Leah and he knows that what if he fires it'll kill his mother really doesn't matter because somebody else fires behind him they blow up the bridge and she gets sucked out with his fucking crazy ass moment when it happened and then I forget there's probably two other scenes from the AMV in the sea story that that happened and then they come back and then even that decision that didn't matter nothing matters even last because she's fine and she supposed to space like Mary Poppins so now that they killed both Cactus who's that says your life and the one tried to the survivors dead and realize the first Luke like next movie thing where he's just a sending to like a like a Ben Kenobi kind of figure is it green does he say he like you can't keep coming back very much like he's losing the ability to do that I thought so puppet Yoda again yeah I like nice things a lot like new hope it was very similar to that this one seems very similar to Empire Strikes Back the problem was after Empire Strikes Back was over there was so many things I wanted to see I want to see what how to get Han Solo back cuz he's been taken by Boba Fett are we ever going to see Darth Vader's face and we ever going to get to meet this Emperor what's going to happen in the battle between Luke and Darth Vader I don't know what I'm looking forward to in episode 9 at this point there's so much stuff has been resolved but the confrontation between Luke and kylo ren is done double your way to the Ray and kylo ren pretty much that's what I think I lost a lot of people because if you look at a bank I think that's how they're going to solve this light side Dark Side thing in the middle but I didn't like was that the Falcon that it get loose and Dee people dropped in by the leg and it's like dragging them through the ship what do you mean bb-8 so I don't feel like taking of he's a computer at taking over how do you get in how did it by the door open if it's just seems like he's always saving them he's always respected in the first light you some like oil and stuff well the first thing about prequel to the original Three rjd2 yeah he's Dustin stuff but he's not like taking over 88 a teaser true just driving 80 ft at any point in time in Pilot of vehicle Chris I'm still with your beliefs that a Droid pilot the ship they probably do that all the time. He like what are you doing I don't know I just felt like convenient that he was like taking over other ships and the bombs exploding in the ship at the beginning and you can hear shift warp into the system from hyperspace maybe there's air in Star Wars Face who knows how to fix the light speed moment with the Laura Dern character Elmo me to go out silence and that was really V I really liked the opening battle with like the bombers attacking the the Dreadnought cuz I felt like recently you know with Rogue one movie they really put like a human face on war if I do see individual soldiers dying like ships are blowing up like you see like the what the gutters like wire two bombs dropping she sees like the person needs to push the button is dead inside and get the ship that you need a remote separately after they open the door it's like don't open the door when they blew up in one of the ships before I went out. I suppose you should have been much bigger also I was kind of glad that the like you said the Jedi battles were not all Flippy and stuff because Star Wars does suffer from a problem of scale where in the first movie that had a death star in a fucking Star Destroyer is like that bad fucking news that's a star destroyer that's a bad Ship by the time we get all the way now forward we go to Jedi where the emperor's ship was so big attached shadows and all the other Star Destroyers that were around we get an even bigger Death Star worst complaint it that the weapons and then we get to episode 8 and it's now it's just Star Destroyer for nothing because there was 6 of Star Destroyers sitting there while they're attacking this enormous fucking Dreadnought and they're just like T Rex's did anything of the screen in episode 9 is just going to be like it's so big it doesn't fit on screen like yours parked in the parking lot like human materials like metal lightsabers make one that's just like like shit commercial same thing as an aircraft carrier that's why they carry planes and other vehicles or they need other ships to protect them so the aircraft carriers carry a cross to protect the aircraft carriers that this episode Last Jedi what they did so many things that are classic Star Wars mechanics but they did it from a different perspective like even the very beginning that Rebel officer she standing on the planet and she's looking up and you see the Star Destroyers coming in I like it from the ground to the atmosphere for now I was sitting at a table at warp speed and they come out of warp speed from the side and building the living rocks and all that stuff so I kind of like it they did those kinds of things with my favorite moment was just a small moment in the whole movies of beginning Poe is so fucking off except for the whole conversation when it's storming that dread taking out the surface Cannon and he's trying to get the geography doesn't work for how long take BJ to repair the stuff through the approaches that last turret but he takes that out and then he does this like he like poles and stuff over to the side of the cockpit and then jams the X-Wing around like getting art and gets around behind the Tie fighters that's a really fucking cool you know what you can do with a Tie fighters at this point in time I was there a lot of cool stuff in the movie I just paid for the parking brake is space-time break and I don't mind a lot of the decisions they made I just don't like it with the way they did them what you think about the to eat milk I have to cool that I was wondering if it through his bed I was like mad someone Mark Hamill in that kid off the bat that grows that was really weird and pointless and he's like looking like we tosses the lightsaber I don't like that idea there's a lot I that they were trying to trying to be too funny and I don't know can you imagine if they had that at the end of the last movie but that's where the end of the movie him just going to yeah I think if you enjoy it you should let people know that you like it let her know he's doing a good job I think I want I want to see it again I look good movie I would say I was I can't say I wasn't disappointed though it wasn't it wasn't the movie I want ugly wife Esther don't know what that Mumble tumble yes yes so you were invited to go see shape of water Russia podcast historian everybody we will have a pre-taped episode for you guys will still be here I would not know