#472 - Porgs Are Better Than Ewoks

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Brandon Farmahini, and Burnie Burns as they discuss Santa’s reindeer, highest grossing movies, horsepower, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on December 25, 2017, sponsored by Audible (http://adbl.co/2CRjvmi)

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Burnie Burns, Brandon Farmahini


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome over Steve podcast this week to try to buy Audible for Christmas Day thought we were taking the day off and we weren't doing a bun episode showed up last week I think they realized it and we have never taken the week off the clip Sho is arguably we were on that we were on the new things try new things in addition when you create content on a regular basis to give Johnny the reason to hate you occasionally you have to do that like the worst explain like past off I think I think I'm the Oscars where they make fun of a dead people's weird Riker just got sick and they're like we need to relive his memories to make him better so that they just showed it's like having a clip Sho explain why is the clip those I was think it's just like I think so we're doing the clip so it's not friends clip Sho but now I'm rethinking might be here at the end I think it's that different weld oh yeah oh hello there we had some crazy stuff over the last hundred episode here it is like 8 to 10 what am I pretty sure that Big Bang Theory the way we used to be my primary source of entertainment I didn't watch hour-long dramas like Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad or how how many episodes are in Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode telephone for Netflix and look it up and see but if you go to the first season you can sometimes be like 8 episodes 10 and then they moved like 10 and a normal full Network TV like all the random cable channels are you looked at Luther they did 6442 busy busy like that where they had the second season and it like the Christmas special and is like this long gap between them and also the office right the UK I forget what it was what it was an actor and he said I'll just exhausted I've been in this British sitcom for 6 years we've made like 10 episodes did they needed a break yourself you're crazy you're crazy doing stuff like this on Christmas day like 6 years going on the internet when I should be with my family I feel fine about it I think all of you should feel terrible for one penny immediately answer yeah I was felt bad like just being on my phone on Christmas but then I just sat there just like staring around before smartphones I didn't want me to I lived it was like where you were a lot younger then but as an adult mean like talk about did Summer and Christmas those are the two big seasons for opening movies because at Christmas and I said Star Wars movies out of Christmas there's a reason why they do that it's a big season of Summer hey gus write that one down Christmas is the opposite of Summer you say it's like Christmas and summer is the movie times weekend May June July July for sale right but we were the whole time but you let me go back to you with your family together Christmas the other thing we were talking about originally opposite of Summer right she just don't happen to get together with people you know for a long time and you're forced to talk to him and then let's go see a movie right now let's get up and walk out cuz the only way I want interact with you the rest of the day now darkroom Christmas always but not summer but okay listen I don't know why you think summer you came up with Summer being the opposite I'm saying movies come out in two major season NY summer is a good time for the three major dates Memorial Day should be the same thing as like to throw for school kids you looking for something to eat it's so so you're in that weird like no man's land between being a kid and having kids but no man's land I called the rest of my life with you no kids no kids man it's awesome so much money in and we cannot we're having issues with her are dogs like hell stuff and it's like I can't imagine how hard it is for people who have like human kids to deal with that like could probably meet Lube it's not a loop thing I like it's like they have like lunch they legitimately have pneumonia both of us there enough it's not like you know one of them ate Lube like they have like legitimate Health grumpy right there one of them probably got something and gave it a penny cuz he constantly like elixir in the face good luck he loves her but she always just kind of you know tolerate them is it dog pneumonia or is it just pneumoni of it but human can have so it may seem same basic thing is when you get pneumonia from something out like a bronchial infection or bronchitis yeah you can spread the disease underlying disease that cause I got walking pneumonia in 2011 January what's the difference between pneumonia and walking pneumonia pneumonia pneumonia is fluid in your lungs this is a really nice conversation for Christmas Day by the way some people left today then don't know you do not have Walking Pneumonia. Medically approved disease can I get through hit by a truck not really disease it's just kind of everything that's instant that's not physical but yeah that would be great to come home though from the doctor and sit down your significant others say the good news is it's walking cancer and then I'll be anything or not cuz I've never heard of before is it it is what it is what it is what it is what it is what it is look at this moment and years later about it everyone says I don't have any until he was 5 years old that I invented the color red but we didn't have it the name red or well we never had it before just blood was great facts about blood I was like no it wasn't same color confront you about it as a joke if you guys remember this you might not have gone that direction but just passed our office on Slaughter back the old office Ralph ablanedo office there was a like a big lot that was driving by and Teddy said they cut down all the trees look at the doll stumps he's like three or four and I said I did that tree they did it last week and for years he said your career puppy believe anything you say I like that does he I don't know I don't believe me there any lies that still kind of guy you know Life's good everything will turn out well I hope so another they're done with like Chris. He's 12 been bleeding a long time I think once you have an older sibling that's just off the table for if someone is watching this with that family on Christmas Day and they little young Lake mistake Yeah the more damage being done to that kid then just finding out to Santa's not real that's why we have climate change had walking pneumonia he was our guardian and we let him die what's the weather 11:11 how it was one where the name is like it varies like it used to be something in that was something else and Cupid's one of them so well then go in order in order from the back of cupid it dry get fucked your Ball Z there's a luck Patrick you have it on tape reindeer Rudolph the Reindeer fixing other stuff when they did the Rudolph story it was a new character but they fixing other stuff I was the one that wasn't for you. That's it I'm stuck after that I'm trying I need to know which one has all the reindeer names that don't know you're thinking of the word that the Rudolph Donner and Blitzen used to be called Thunder and blixem right as it and big names got changed at 1 because it's probably not English is Dunder Mifflin Scranton no Prancer and Vixen on comet on Cupid on Thunder and blixem name for reindeer let me hop in the back of that that one reindeer cupid is it the German like this is the names are thought to have come from a poem by Clement C Moore called a visit from st. Nicholas someone is found to shopping list what, culturally like we're not. I'm looking it up finding information relating it to you I cannot look it up Jewish people have radius sorry I believed in you what it was each of the kind of man he was born in the United States American Horse Barbara you know you like it seem like it's really good like every night as a friend even says that everybody actually looks forward to have you ever seen the episode of Seinfeld where before they cast Cherry tail light has really weird to see you like a different actor in that in that role it was a different different Kramer in the pilot and remembering that creamer the pilot there's no Elaine Roe and Away trailer theme was not Kramer the pilot oh right and a waitress is like the character yeah the wait at the coffee shop most of 1999 it's almost 20 years gone at this point was fucking crazy yeah but it never goes away I've seen it when it comes on and I see it I will continue to watch it I won't turn away from it so you just have the TV on in the background and decide what you're saying I don't do that anymore like I even in a hotel I don't turn on the TV and just go to channel on TV is like the radio for me so I'm just going to turn the radio on I must have brought it up before that I have a guess yes this is how many dozen is office in the car when we go to other cities to rent a car cuz I don't drive with him here and he listens to radio on the scan function where it'll go to station in plays it for 3 to 5 seconds and then goes to the next station down the band so I can find a song that's amazing I just never put it on scan and that's it what is that cuz I think it's like it's not interesting Enough by itself just to listen to One Channel Brad like another city you don't really know much about the station's you just like I'm just not going to like spend the time committing one place to go to the whole before seconds and listening to another Focus before seconds and then coming back and you've missed the last 4 seconds I do want to point something out. Just last week on the podcast you were talking about watching a movie through a transparent screen to watch another movie I'm not I'm just watching one movie but I want to watch the practical application of your theory and you see how just insane it is I will continue to work on the stereo nautical Bean early on in season 2 of the wire for like one of the the kids was grown up in a Porsche never left Baltimore's whole life they're driving to New York to go meet with some drug dealers and as he's leaving like the radio station spitting out these companies like what's wrong with the radio New York City before but that's a that's a really great writing tool that says so much about the character you get that in that moment so unique way to say it as opposed to crossing a bridge and the character saying I've never been out like that you know it's just like that's what I think some of the people had the problem miles in particular not two words in anyone's mouth but that was his big problem of the Star Wars movies how much it held the audiences can't we talk a little bit about that. The spoiler part of last week's podcast kids like him for a new round of Furbies that pokes your they should make I wish I could license I'm going to Starbucks would totally make this my favorite snow on Christmas day today potentially cook a Cornish hen small straight legs to like attached to the bottom of it so I can have the little straightforward legs what I just use attached to Lex like because they don't know dude I don't know I'm not going out and hunting with my bird dog can find a chicken tonight what's that also go straight down they come out of the ground looking like I like it just remembered I don't like to go at it you know what is like the whole chicken you don't see the shape of the chick know it freaked me out I appreciate it I just don't like that that's just it just doesn't work for me but roast must be a nightmare for you what that when do you wind you interact with a rotating bezel rotate Fan Festival outdoor Fairground and I got one for you can you fish that has eyes they need to fish at on nobody only fish it makes me nauseous to smell of it took me feel like a shit what's a what's a fish slaughterhouse SeaWorld Canary God damn it delete it delete this person your mother took you. Canary term for it and oh my God it just made me drop the factorial should read into it she is the canopy she marry but I've never thought let's go to the fishmonger when do I get it he was watching acting like she was watching me to my parents were at work cuz I work for a living and opt into the Cannery had an errand to the grocery store like a tree like really roll area yeah Louisiana like there by the water so you just go in there and buy can people rule areas going by what people selling fish everywhere then Factory plant where they process fish and put them in cans that's why they call the Cannery what the butcher shop for fish a fish market market it's like if you go to a butcher shop it's like a butcher shop what's a butcher shop in eat Market one person's business you walk in crickets for catching fish so you want to be checked all the way you like working the line in a row brought me some place that smells like dead fish how big was this place is literally next to the giant Lake I don't know what it's called next to Cecilia industrial what was Italy called it probably feeds into the Gulf of Mexico but I don't know if it's technically classified as a Mexican Kayla C Big Lake there between Baton Rouge and Lafayette Auto not technically Lafayette I'm going to find whatever this building is building for I'm pretty sure it's in Catahoula since 30 years ago nope can't fight this Waterhouse made me vomit and then now the smell of fish just makes me get the ice melt with you I want to go cuz that was like the First Liquor like I broke into my grandpa's liquor cabinet or he gave it to me and remember your grandparents were very Cavalier take him to the Cannery made me sick and now I smell it my body is just like repulsed by whiskey whiskey bourbon Scotch not Fireball yeah bring it yeah we have a very strong smell a bunch of raw fish damn it I was like that as much but there was a kid growing up a much bigger problem in my life and it went away so when I get fish has bones in it feels weird stuff sound does a kid have bones in it but now if I've never found a fishbone since I was a child genetically engineered fish to have with bone the the crazy it's pretty. It's an optical recognition but I'm at a time scale you can appreciate it if they have to really slow it down to tell what's going on your belt that automatically detect green tomatoes and kick them off the belt super fast apparently if you eat sure let's see what the differences so I got a cloudy it's probably something always open bar someone on the sum of the last I was trying to figure out how much money we spend a year on alcohol that we are in presentation last week and one of the flights that that receipt consume 20000 bottles of topo-chic open in 27th would it be bad if you want me to make the water it's busy that's really popular but you know you and I know all the cap I was in the pool straight up RT Podcast is it too if you want me to put in the glass for you on the bus yet my mom's not the place that I went to was called Vic nares McNair's in what is it to ask your mom what is this place and she's going to stay still say it's whatever Waterhouse Fishery aquarium aquarium aquariums in Catahoula they just got one traffic light not long ago aquarium is ridiculous but the fish you're my email address you gave me fucking skydiver drinking a beer at the start of this podcast for whiskey dick is there like been sitting on the setting at all dusty can you rinse a 3DS out for you want one or nothing I'm a real jerk about cleanliness I'm always asking to make sure I was convinced I got a sore throat because the glass was not cleaned properly during Heroes and how they filmed our last episode a couple weeks ago I think I don't know if it's out yet it may have just come out preseason thank you for last episode of the season was it 24 episode season you know it was not the last Almost 4 hours long if we broke up 24 episode Seasons what season are we in so I have been testing the new video site that the tech team is working on how is it good I don't want to steal your thunder by talking about features it has that I know some of the audiences curious so I'll let the texting you do the announcements on that but we're going to wear them to the test again we're Nevada in side internally we're going to Beta publicly I think pretty soon and which talking about that remind me that season's out one of the things is porting all the episodes of all of our videos over to the new one in the way we handle everything in so you can search for everything is seasons are tough I need to understand why the seasons for some shows were listed as the year and for something to listen to the number like for Red vs Blue It season 5 button podcast season 2016 isn't What's Up Abroad cash because they go if I guess Abbey season 2017 episode 354 something like you know so you don't want to break it up and make it like season 20-17 episode 500 is already out of stuff I was going to leave either of them yeah and there's so many other video experiences on the market back and forward buttons I don't want to talk about specific features because it's not my thing like it's it's just a texting this working on it and it's like I get to get mad at me when I say someone's going to an event you know so I'll just say this that I have we have to get back and forth like jump 10 seconds ahead or back we make I found out that our unsubscribe is he okay is it thank you for checking into it is the easy kind of not the jerky asshole kind of used to glasses hear that you got some ice on the way what does anybody else get like a robo calls me all the time it's turned off on Thanksgiving Day yep just bother you when it ask you to unsubscribe from the call unipress like whatever number and you press it and it just hangs up and press it into it right yeah I don't know your I do no way cuz it could be important so answer the phone hello if there's a pause it just hang up and there's not a person they're saying hello to you I don't know why the technologies that shit but they see what it does is there's a robot dialer in a call center the dials phone numbers and then when he hears the connection it then Rings the phone of someone at the company to then answer like they don't even dial out they just sit there and call her to connect call center and also the phone rings what's what's what whispertone sometimes it just tells an incoming call and they connect hey how's it going but if you have that possibly three seconds just hang up every now and then or other every now and then I'll get a call from somebody pretending to be like from Apple like trying to get access to my computer and I can't resist like I spend like 5 or 10 minutes on the phone with them just fucking with them being like I can't like I don't know I'm trying to do this like and then I started asking like do you think maybe my computer could have messed up is that me going to these web sites when I started listing listing all these really explicit porn site like in just until they get like frustrated and then they start fucking with you back I had someone call supposedly from the IRS tell me how much money I owe the IRS I thought yeah wow really you don't say missing from really was just me it's probably in my life and I don't even know that it's their fault but I'll probably my life never ever ever No matter what happens I will never buy another Ford vehicle because I bought a truck in 2009 and then the five year warranty on it expired in 2014 ever since 2014 I've gotten two to three calls a month from Extended Warranty company wanting to extend the warranty on my car probably not probably public car makes me honestly I'm not saying that is like a justification I'm just saying I know that I won't buy a Ford it is all the time since I've had about Ford and warranty warranty Ford extended warranty Ford and it seems like I'm just done it again as long as I was around RTX mention this before but they sent me an email confirming your your service appointment for your car I didn't make one and then I looked at the name I Googled it and was like there was going to call it their business development committee it's like someone whose job is just to get you in there to try to sell you a new car like they made an appointment for me to come in so they can try to sell me a new car and then they called when I missed it and we saw you didn't make the schedule appointment I didn't tell me a fucking car is that how you sell cars through making the person feel irresponsible percentage of people like maybe they say it's only a 5% success rate but 5% is still significant for selling cars in your car before anything. But a few years ago I never talked about it was like 8 years ago because it had like RvB stuff on it and I was like yeah but 15 years ago 16 years ago or so where was your car at it was parked in a parking garage fire old office at 7th and Brazos downtown right that my car was parked inside the parking garage at my apartment in the protected area like behind The Pedestrian gate and it got broken into and my radio which is like a nice like pioneer Apple play radio got jacked and find the radio you steal the radio but he took my AC unit with it AC you like a little pressure module control module that adjust the AC and yesterday it was raining and the entire inside of my window was fog and I like I open my windows in the hope that would like you know just so I'm like an Ace Ventura when he's like heads out the window it's going down the highway and then I realized that he also fucked up my airbag and I was like oh my God my earbuds not working I didn't realize that the indicator on the dash yeah I didn't notice like the airbag light was on I was like holy fuck I got to know his drivers why is there like to drive right by you want to know that there's multiple life they have a they have all those indicators come on so I can show you that they're working with everything in your mother think we're defending a thief how long ago did this happen I found this yesterday morning you just right person who steals the radiator aftermarket radio radio I feel like going in like with professionalism and going okay let me get this right by screwdriver I be concerned if I was stealing stuff from people be like I don't need this car I think I think they had that device that is that long lat I got a ride I guess but it's raw Tish and I think they came between my door and is it and it's broken into my parking garage in my apartment complex someone had their bike stolen and they refused to put in cameras so I'm going to start stealing stuff if I was the apartment complex I wouldn't put cameras up either why'd you a place to put your car they make no other assurances beyond that their business if you want me to secure parking got an extra 50 bucks a month old man parking lot parking garage and it's built into the complex and they took away our part I can't park on my level where I live at the park on the super creepy bottom level I would just throw away and then now I have to pay the deductible I love God is good all the time in the dogs the new money parking to be such a timer to one actually lives in San Francisco she lives like 5 other people and they had one parking space in the garage and even their parking space was on the lift so they had that the person who paid the first place they went in and it listed the car up and it's somebody else want to go to YouTube Kingdom park below my God we had to communicate with the person with whom that would they were in the bottom pay extra I would I would assume so you don't have to deal with that have to deal with them whenever they want to get out there there's new condo high-rise being built in downtown no parking garage no parking it's like if you want to live here don't have a car like that's the general like message that's future-proofing I think that'll be the way the buildings are in like 10-12 years will be making more more buildings like that I really do I will have these a lot of these buildings that have parking garages for the first 7 to 8 floors and the Beast I call right now what do we do about this elections of it and like the machines are like super slope because the rent for the Rams were they just made it interesting that was in the garage Burger parking garage to go to the restaurant well back in the day that's so weird clothes shortly after we left I don't know what that is going to say no to call them all the time especially if it was the their version of the Philly cheesesteak today that was so fucking good and that they would feel like no man people always ask if I know will tell you when it's on the menu is like maybe put on the fucking menu if everyone's calling on your business I'm not in the right company is this thing put it on your fucking menu don't make it the one day of the week special every other month essentially how can we increase our sales by 700% by audible thanks for supporting Rooster Teeth for free audiobook for the 30 day free trial go to audible.com RT text rt2500 500 to get started as anyone unmatched anywhere millions of audibl members across access performances by amazing narrators and audible also has exclusive an original audio shows to listen to the new anywhere book Artemis who's the author of The Martian southerly story of a high on the moon and it's narrated by Rosario Dawson use Audible send this book feature to share a book from your library with anyone if it's the first time accepting a book to this feature they can listen for free to get a free audiobook of the 30 day free trial at audible.com RT or text rt2500 500 to get started that's audible.com RT or text rt2500 500 like I said it's a good thing you can do on Christmas during your holiday break or whenever get started free free stuff at least I should look it up before I yam her about it but the World War Z audiobook if it's okay and it's it's from did you see that during the game awards there was a trailer for a World War Z video game now but it looks like it's based on the movie and not the book Common Sense we're doing the whole franchise is so weird to me because the movie the movies weird because the movie has it's such a great source material to work from and decided to completely throw it out like the reason why the book is so good is because it follows to me the Romero Style zombie and take it to its extreme and it shows how like the zombies wearing down people who are just trying to survive and unlike Walking Dead which then becomes more so about the other weird people who are alive like it goes the dead right Dead Rising around yeah like only the people who are crazy survived or nuts because of it yeah World War Z could have remained about the zombies There's PTSD stuff in stress and things like that there's some really neat stuff in it but the movie they were like super fast typer. It also know that we think about it is the highest grossing Brad Pitt movie of all time really had you like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie actually don't have huge hit movies the two of the most famous people in the world as actors in at Akron actress but they don't like her biggest thing is mr. mrs. Smith die before he world was getting mr. mrs. Smith was debating his big is not what I'm looking I'm looking up right now in Megamind and Troy what's the name Johnny Depp was like that in before he made Pirates of movies but like none of them were like huge commercial 313 million Dr Troy made that just seems like an opening weekend now right not working in 04 what was the opening weekend of The Last Jedi worldwide did you get into Dead Rising 4 I did a little bit but I just you like the photo 23 I mean was 253 for total for 73 that's crazy that's that's amazing but Star Wars and every other movies just like take the week off but it comes out Jumanji was could have this one wasn't good The Rock one in that come out I think the animated movie to watch the thousand times a VHS tape or whatever on DVD when they were kids and so with this new Jumanji comes out feel like it's ruining my childhood it's not ruining anything but I hadn't noticed a legit for dogs way better than curious after looking up the force awakens the other day and thinking about this Disney acquisition of fox I wanted to look at the top 10 biggest opening weekend and figure out how many of them were Disney film ever top 10 opening weekends all time domestically not looking for a while because Titanic never really made an extraordinary amount of money in one week and it just never stopped making money adjusted for inflation is this a trusted no there's not a difference in there it's not highest grossing movie of all time Star Wars opening weed Last Jedi Last Jedi opening weekend has sweetheart Spider-Man number 2 Spider-Man superheroes in Harry Potter and share its Star Wars the Force awakens Star Wars The Last Jedi Jurassic World The Avengers Age of Ultron civil Captain America Civil War the Beauty and the Beast that came out this year Iron Man 3 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in the Batman v Superman dawn of Justice at the inflation adjustment list of the window yelling pipeline years that means that in the future I like hundreds of years from now and someone sells a company for 4 trillion dollars going to be more impressive than someone who did it now for you know Billy and it will be because that'll be current and people give a shit about that but yeah I like East India Trading Company is worth more than 50 other companies like what age do fact let's move on to talk about anything else history boric the opening the highest grossing movie since the year 2000 adjusted for inflation is number 11 on the list it Star Wars the Force awakens adjust for inflation 965 million dollars that's the only reason why isn't it crazy that Russia has in America we have enough Atomic weapons to destroy the world 3 times over and you say to me will you know horses really revolutionized the way to Genghis Khan conquer the world okay fucking great I don't give a shit about bumps you know I'm saying what's your birthday thing at all and stuff can call whenever there is a one-horse actually one horsepower we talking about it's three dump out all I can think of is how many horses they took to drag the DeLorean how many horsepower is a horse I don't even know what measurement horsepower is is it power output is that what it is equal to 14.9 horsepower what is horsepower Got to Believe In themselves so unit of power equal to 550 foot pounds per second 550 foot-pounds for CSS mythicspoiler race lyrics We reached the limit of my 45.7 watts how many horsepower in a 40 watt light bulb 1.9 trillion Watts or something they just turned on Nevada on a treadmill how much power does it take to run the treadmill under the horse at full Gallop Ewok movie sometime the Freud although some of the time somebody you make me sick you stupid give it to me give it to the rest of it dog that walking pneumonia oh be careful to you invented horsepower the term horsepower when you see what he was working with ponies lifting Cole at a coal mine and he wanted a way to talk about the power of available from one horse you found that on average a mine Pony could do 22000 foot pounds of work in a minute event increase that number by 50% and Peg the measurement of horsepower a 33,000 how many pounds per minute per minute and then said what do all that measurement and then goes and a half horse pony is Levy 2/3 of a 330 pounds of coal 100ft in a minute or 33 lb of coal 1000 feet in 1 minute or 1000 pounds 33 feet in 1 minute to like the first gear right like the gear with the highest torque know what maybe I don't know that you guys are savants about some kind of but one horsepower is equal to 746 Watts so if you took a 1 horsepower horse and put it on a treadmill operate a generator producing a continuous 746 watts of a horse I said no so they still use horsepower today measuring supacaz and stuff but it's like a hundred sixty-five .4 horsepower come up with an agreement on two thirds of a horse from the ages ago on a pony lifting cold adjusted horse do we even though I what kind of ground is Pony was working on so I hope that it's not like a treadmill or some kind of advanced meter that does this they just hook a rope up to the back of it and have it pulled kolibash act like a mineshaft that's literally how they test horsepower if a car has 500 horsepower how many horses would you have to attach to the back of the car pulling it in reverse for them to cancel each other out or still has to go 300 miles an hour or more likely to hit the max speed with a higher like a more I have your payload why isn't playing some bud power Canadian geese power will do seagulls Hamilton flight to key and I'll run it course power in a car commercial horsepower sound sexy 20 horsepower is traditional stupid Rat Rod rooms room 60 rooms not sexy rust did you make that face whenever you say yes kind of marketing appeal to it thrust factor of 3.7 factor of 2. Have a going to have like an active component of rockets and horsepower right I mean when they try to Kuwait it to so many people going to stand there like that's 12 trillion horsepower is that the unit of measurement for force dude I don't know that's a gravity where's Trevor he's an aerospace engineer get him in the damage even had a Christmas lunch at Fogo that I couldn't go to you go to what you want to come and do this with my friends on Christmas day I will take you to go after this if you haven't read it to you so I thought we talked about this a couple weeks ago about how it seems like it seems like iPhones get slower the older they are we speculated that maybe it's just new software one not the website geekbench did some testing and they found out that as the battery in an iPhone degrees the CPU throttles itself that makes sense why in order to try to preserve the battery life as long as possible so you don't have to go in and get the battery replaced quickly or having fudge phone performance then get the battery replaced and that it starts acting fine again yeah let me if you if you smash your screen and then to express replacement you get a new everything imagine if we didn't have rechargeable batteries her phone if we had to like open the case double a batteries into columns never use my other Game Gear man it took 6 Double A's and they lasted like what like to chew ation but I do find now that I have to charge things on a house that should never have to be charged and it's just like We Dem Boyz I did say one time that they said it must be 2016 was when they wrote this because I'm having trouble take cuz I forgot to charge my watch and my book there's gears in it that have courts and then they their precise and they said about what the Christ is that doing for the time I have no idea out of the ground and thank God we still need to find it how did it come into play don't know if this is something I've wanted at several points in my life and it's like it's never enough to Google it will stay at a certain Rhythm state is the glass that you look at the watch face through what I don't know that has anything to do with mechanics I thought it was right there cuz I think that sell film cameras used to work like actually quartz clock or watch the battery sense electricity to the quartz crystal through an electronic circuit oscillates at a precise frequency exactly 32768 times each second what how much 32768 times what do you mean like it Whipple's around race back and forth it has been pretty I didn't think I had to explain it but there is it's not about how much they do I could I see that were high speed camera does not have a good then I still got some gear driven so what does deers that rotate at a certain Rhythm my fake digital watch I would assume if then there's no course in a spring water that's just the gear based yeah cuz the gears are specifically designed at a certain size were at all always go the same pay rent I mean I was getting grief on Twitter because I was sometimes when I feel really sorry for that sell like if you can customize aspect it out to the maximum just to see what it would cost on the new iMac Pro is like $13,000 not like damn that's a lot of money but you can buy it with less than one Bitcoin and everyone said that to me like I'm going to buy this thing for sure and I was getting defensive it's going to buy it why you annoyed if I was supposed to buy it like I fight the money like I didn't ask you for you didn't give me the money why you come and see how I can spend on Twitter is a vacuum in the easiest thing to fill it with his complaining and criticizing picture of the globe work out of circle and it has more people live inside the circle than outside of the circle on this is Melissa relatively small circle I sent it to draw circle on a part of the globe LIC on the actual globe and everything else thank you that's fascinating bigger than I thought of India China Indonesia loving someone southeast Asia there and Japan that's crazy that's a weird way to start a phrase like this. Continent is like actively in a massive Collision right and like it's almost like a like a car wreck like Justin super super slow motion in like every year the Himalayas are getting like an inch taller they have the Himalayas cuz the Indian subcontinent is still actively just colliding with the inauguration plate does that have a quick they don't have an air conditioner the radio's gone it's how you're still jobs at the canary though isolated our sense of time is versus you know not even the universe nevermind I know you're on drugs or your hippie if comedy podcast I had to pull rocks out of my yard back when I lived in to you. Cuz I remember that I tried to pull rocks that I do all the time and a massive rock that looks insignificant you can poke on the ground looks like it's about this big and then you just cover under these massive rocks to try to get out and move it so you like levers and wedges and pull that I used to try to get the rocks out and then we would slip and the two rocks would grind against each other on the small-scale it was the shoes like I can feel the shutter right there and I can't imagine they quote about of like a continental all at once it would just show me no way we can survive will be moving the Rocks. Just out of the country and I was trying to like get you know the kids at kids at that point I miss having babies that's the one of the places in the play that was like more wine into a big area was enough street view around in there 5 Acres Garden Farm is dairy dairy farm dairy milk and I thought you're doing your Dairy but that's why isn't it like you tell me something to eat and that's it you're Ranch you just selfish your Canary agriculture production of milk Google what makes the phone the phone and they had they grew up on a place where there Stables with the little booth so whatever the fuck I put the cows in and there's 80 cows cow and their job is to milk them all the time but that's all they did and they said I told they grow up on a farm not a dairy that you're not Griffin. They say it is an area of land that is devoted primarily to agricultural agricultural processes with a primary objective for producing food and other crops is a basic sylheti in food production what is a what is a farm that produces crops of a dairy farm is produced Eric what is crop farm farm we all think of the same thing what you think of what corn rows corn considered specialized Farms are Dairy Farms poultry farms in pig farms subcategory you when you picture of farm there's no animals on it no it's the week in Superman Superman in there somewhere that's the form to me and I never thought about this song Farm don't use the word farm at all like Vineyards and Orchards which are also Farm but specialized a peach farms in Orchard yeah you would say that people like apple form good luck Minis there we go. It doesn't seem like it doesn't seem like you're making up grapes to make all that wine underground just one little thing a great so I can put that in your bottle is that one bottle by the way I just got a 12 oz glass of orange juice what's the ratio of like usable orange to the rest of the oranges great only the skin is the shit you throw away right do they do what they do with the skin on it until the juice comes out of it can you still buy wine that people stand with your feet off the great lady. How much can you produce but if the demand here is not the same as it is you know not like other countries the way it is we have enough grape for popular is why I see a Vineyard that I know produces a lot of bottles of wine like they need way more crates in 2013 the US has the largest length of human nation in the world why is adjusted for inflation that's pretty good just telling me the movie Sideways had a big impact on like fuel consumption of why people who are what are Wine Enthusiast called when they have been around forever I paranoid somebody's gotten super into wine or super into a thing why is it only some things you can guess who printed let people are in such ease yeah why is white people not into cheeseburgers horseradish special horseradish from this region the horseradish is so good like a horseradish Vineyard and tried to like knock on the door and say I'd like to tour files files or Window files on file for that for the White House built by Dometic worldwide. The birthplace companies that put money into a bunch of Hollywood movies to like make diamond diamond diamond Hollywood movies to make diamond seem like the ultimate jewelry like apparently before like the mid-twentieth century was all about sapphires for engagement ring get some shit like that out of the stones of change of these movies to like change the culture like that use movies and then they hoard all of them only let a few out that way they can artificially control the price like tools and right of Corporation just like some out to try to artificially make it okay with that for some reason it's just like why do they let the city ones out the ones that are have the big black chunks in them go that way they can make the other ones seem nicer right that you bought engagement ring right yeah okay I know we got suckered yeah I had to can't fight the part of them they go through all the stuff like there's an occlusion and Clarity and all color of a two diamonds when you can't see one of them you go get done this what I did I went to time play sounds like this is how much I'm going to spend show me the range in this price or show me the Rings in this price range and it'll bullshiting and I just looked and say alright that's the one I like the most done anyway honestly honestly you never get like a lab-created white boy situation also a break it was the orange hammers piece of brick in the ER with a fake diamond ring is she found out about got you. I'm not saying tricker I'm saying you guys device that give it a couple is look if you're getting engaged just go get a like a fake ring you're going to do it I did don't throw a big wedding party save the money for the for the ring and for the wedding wedding to anything it multiplies the price by 10 if you take like that's 50 bucks say I want a wedding cake that's $5,000 or whatever they go in and ask for the case I would like I would like $5,000 just going to say I just want a regular cake look at it like describe the weather like but it's true it's like you just take the money throw a party everyone will be super happy and then coffee go that it's like your life save your money it's a practical thing that makes sense in practice all the older people say it would you say now after you've been married would you give that to me by somebody younger I say anyone know the person you're with and understand you know some people who care about the diamond yeah who cares about it just know everyone cares because you don't do it you know why don't I care about it because she cares about it I don't care about it it didn't like your advice like just have a better wedding or like Vice in the wisdom nobody take the advice I never have taken the advice for wedding or a vacation you can't keep a wedding or vacation keep it while you can keep the ring on your finger okay everyday well I'm a I'm a Believer in experiences more than things like a memory than I don't see no it's still should be like this Army have rings been passed out of ring do they bury it with family can we go and just start grave-robbing ring mature brain right now what document all the cars will rub some grave reviews a metal detector is fine frenzy you can't smell fish you going to dig up dead bodies need to be okay with that will fit if you know it would save me the cost of a ring wow you're by cubic zirconia what I mean if it's a nice ring it's a nice ring it's one of those things just like it needs more cuz look at all the trouble I went into it just go to the best diamond no one is ever purchased me something of the value of a diamond ring I don't think like personally purchase something for me I'm not sure about every lady played really go and have the ring checked out to make sure it's real late what where'd you go to do that typically give her the paperwork basically everything but the price that and I was like you know like I actually got it for real I want to know it everything but the guy I can just meet you can fake anything there was a guy that I went to school with he was a junior at UT and it's a long time ago but it's the long ones have a statue of limitation yeah but he was a junior and I find out the heat transfer from a smaller look real college a community college a junior college junior college and he told me jr. now how did that happen he said he got his transcript after a semester of work he had like little bit more since it's only 18 hours you know 8:15 after one semester in a 30ft to anything about 18-20 hours summer there so he got his transcript transfer the classes in the UT and then he got it from the registrar at the junior college and they got this the official rubber stamp seal and put it on there so he takes the transcript with the Rubber seal stamp on it and he goes to a rubber stamp place with can you make this week I was like yep only transcript gave himself to hours of coursework and it's stamped it and turned it into UT and that's that he got big ears don't mail it but what did he do he just made himself make is definitely to blame that it shouldn't be recreated stamps they made the stamp and stamp I can go I can bring my passport to a stamp making to be like replicate what the Customs agent steps in my passport is going to go wait a minute that's not the Paris Texas Junior College stamp :-) we're telling a guy like a like papers please the game like a passport for school not know if it's like this everywhere but you have like the 6-week official reports for your grades and then 3 weeks and you have like you're just progress like it where you are at that point and I stopped it doing homework at some point and so the my grades in like the middle of a 6-week six-week. We're pretty shity but I know like I can get him up so instead of showing my mom my actual progress report I just went to the I went to the library in the school photo copied my progress report cut out numbers that I can find on it and then pasted it onto the original progress report photo copy that and I was just like I have 3 more weeks like Smooth Sailing like like you're preparing yet money right no I didn't even try to like scan little ones will Adobe Photoshop you can't do that you like printers have unique identifiers in them but you can't see with the naked eye some dude out there he's just one of the richest people in the world one of the richest criminals world because he counterfeit quarters and nobody gives no one like nobody is paying going in England cuz there's so many of them a fake is like we just need to know that he would want a Coke from soda machine but he didn't have the time for it so he would find these like metal slugs and then grind them down to the size of like tacotillo 10 pesos machine get Cokes that way we said that we can pound Nichols I wish there an interesting video about pounding gold down into gold leaf and they Crush .001 mm thick just keep watching it goals because gold always be worse I might need civilization to be worth something really using stuff for to purchase these bitcoin's purchasing the currency people invested a lot of stores you can pay with Bitcoin you can pay with Bitcoin with a credit card the same way yeah where you go to the payment process and have her explain Bitcoin with her and she's huge a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in blockchain and all that down because somebody charge I'll fucking ridiculous amount of money to charge like $1,400 against my credit card for this thing that I didn't know what it was I don't even know I should say the name just for security purposes but let's just say it was anastasia.com and I was like okay I don't I definitely don't know what anastasia.com is so I called my bank and I said yeah I don't know I don't recognize this charge and they said yeah okay great so well did you have your card it was going to find it definitely will cancel it but they say no just say no I have their yes I have the card to the cancel it and I always want to make sure before you cancel my card I go what is anastasia.com and they said we don't know what she should I Google let me Google it really quick and I said you know what's the merchant Cadillac what do they do like what's their business you just I don't have that information can you just start like running fucking credit words without any kind of weird to apply I had to tell him all about our business and everything who these fucking people that can just process credit cards and they didn't tell me what the type of business is great it's probably a lie a lot more like there's a lot easier ways to process credit card then you can lie but at least it to take what we make wedding cake without Wiley bike hit you doing a country boy I got a text from my credit card company did you just try to make a purchase for $0.05 and whatever something Mexico no I did not I did not do that how do you know that that's your credit card company texting you I know upset as well yeah it's like when I think we just want to go into too much yeah someone calls me and they say like always detected some stuff so I need to ask you about some transactions on your car can you please verify some information for me to give me like whatever last 4 digits of your Social Security number so when you called me so I need to verify your you who you say you are not who I called me but I always hang up and call him back but did you give you a hug number I'll call you back if you ask him how to say okay call the number on the back of your credit card and you know ask for this department or was this number always write you back through a number that you know you can trust yeah yeah I don't trust him out and call never I don't understand in this day in age why credit card what are they called skimmers are still a problem like I stopped using the kiosks like their gas key outside have to go inside the damn gas station cuz that I don't know they're at least like a huge problem I grab every credit card we are on a piece of Hardware that people put over a credit card in Flint Valley that they put over a credit card reader so that when you swipe yours you are swiping for the gas pump in this case but you're also there's another thing also grabbing your card information while you're doing that so I can I can just grab the car thing just yank should be like a little that's on the front of it then you know if it's been opened up if I feel broke like I'm is required to check it like twice a day like why is it up to us to check it what's ATF business me like those private ATMs that's a little extra piece got up and at it it looks like it's obviously an extra bit but that would look totally normal if you walked in the round clear green plastic ones to be really have you had a normal right. Really interesting did you see that was at Discover Mastercard and American Express are all ditching signature starting in April do not got any more Jesus play at the point where we don't use cards and MasterCard will be an outdated name we should move to the phones that should be the primary going to get not everyone has a phone is capable of like doing that little chip thing but we got to we got to move Beyond this and not devices shouldn't be like Biometrics check when you do that stuff typically effaced 1 in this case so Big Apple put on a big thing about that maybe today like there they think all credit card like any kind of transactions like that are all going to be phased out when your standards of course they're going to say that yeah I think they just released their their venmo competitor to Apple pay kashua don't give me the money Apple pay cash it to me cuz I want to see how this works how they look it took them forever to set it up already set it up there not very technical person to figure it out but they figured it out and I got somebody that will take I don't know if so I got a balance now when I look at my wallet or is it just shows you how much money you got so screwed up to me that the default privacy settings are hey everybody in your you know your phone book your Facebook friends can just find out whatever your you're spending or whatever you're paying people on this like I've used it once but instead of Lazer team we all pitched in for something on network when I put it was like 200 bucks I was like what the hell is that you still owe me money for that dinner we had 5 years ago but do I have hey when I get information you owe him if he's have you heard about Fogo dinner the feature in Google Maps timeline yeah but now it puts on the map everywhere you go no words that mean to put on a map of where you go play I can look at yesterday it was show a line all over the Austin when I went how does it track you with my phone did you have to look up the location what do you mean what does it feel like if I'm not running Google Maps it will it can I load up Google Maps and see if ever I was in last week yeah I can't I don't want that it was on by the full weighs like Martin the way that I thought maybe I should leave by like 1% of the data from your phone anyway only a guilty person can have no more like a big he walked in here that you just killed somebody in the parking lot of an hour ago and I still think people don't lie to me Lee assumes that it's me it's like you're guilty and you need an alibi no I feel like anybody could be guilty that's the dude who was accused of something and then he went and found himself in Curb Your Enthusiasm in the Dodgers game to her that guy and he had an alibi okay people have Alibis or if you left and you actually do kill somebody what they can still pull it anyway like I said it doesn't fucking matter said I plan on killing it went very few people plan on killing other people but they just know that where you're on right after Christmas I'm a little screwed up wrap this up you can talk we talk about what that person isn't why it's delayed in the clip show everybody for watching hope you guys have a good break happy egg