#474 - What Makes Burnie Jealous?

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Ellie Main, and Burnie Burns as they discuss small jealousies, controversies, the internet and how it’s changed, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on January 8, 2018, sponsored by Dollar Shave Club (http://bit.ly/2D8ErXc )

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Burnie Burns, Ellie Main


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Transcript (in progress):

Dollar Shave Club was the first time back there are there and break down, but yeah you forgot how to behave right a little bit react differently when we're live forces when we're not sisters better when we're live different when we get back to get like interacting with social media kind of like in a bubble and there's no I don't correct it out something and you don't know why you get a thousand any way whatsoever but I don't think perfect segue to the thing you were talking about right before the podcast ocean what was it came on YouTube videos of this guy who maintains a hamster habitat you keep his hamsters in little container at the bottom of an aquarium to fill with water and fish and it's like it's an I saw that I thought in Philly it's like it's like Space Explorers right like they are there in this hostile environment is like they have their little habitat they can live in a sector on mars or something watch very much of it look like they did not they decide that you wanted to be in space that's how old hamsters survive any different than normal right if I normally that's all they would know if they weren't at the bottom in Aquarium right away and dropped it in small boxes like it just a clip helicase what is there any hamster any hamster the hamster in a box from Essex to play with the house so much I feel like it would feel if I don't like this right it's like you can't you can't put things become a fish makes animals of fish understood why cats enjoy eating fish when is cats running to fish like when did that happen if Lions the official of a river you're like Jaguars and shit like that what do I can fish in a river go in and was not an animal make it up the group of black cats like she is the goddess or what's the other one I can laugh at it type as well you can have the big cats under Panther but it's usually if they're very dark is the fields newest Cantera is jaguars leopards black panthers in white panthers that's what I want to play the new Phyllis it got taken out of being like in this extension extension like status that they spotted for the first time in 20 years of magic rabbit it looks like something out of sci-fi where they take an existing animal Jim Henson Dark Crystal animals which clearly based on a modern-day animal like the rabbit and then they just like big long whiskers on it looks like somebody fake a rabbit basic it looks like if someone wanted to make a quokka that they would put in a Sci-Fi movie when you see that picture of a platypus that is the most of said animals ship back the remains of the Platypus they said you just made this Shake It Up see how they were made I guess same kind of way that's how it looks like whatever right look at my dab animal looks like a scene from Spirited Away made real it's weird because it looks Chinese find in China like a panda like the cut of Spirited Away so if I come in at 1:20 Chinese players teaming 20 players tee me up by watching a shoot I learn by watching your colleague Alfredo I learn by watching one of his dreams he was complaining about having to play in third person and is it called garbage so easy I was like I won't geez I'll play the first person I'm way better at least three matches I got two chicken dinners I can do the whole thing first person to shoot it so everyone has OU like looked into it and TPP and TPP third-person perspective cpg yes I like to watch it from another player's perspective you're watching someone else play in the second person aren't yeah the matter what up yeah that's what that means exactly give me a video about a second person shooters how would I know if you want to make it 64 video just recently what I like I like two of those guys and there's three to four of them are you sure if I like you those guys that got a rotating basis like I can't get all the Cole group and one time liking them I just like to see how you're doing two different ones that if I what if you have them all in their own individual rooms time together no start no start no drama like probably 1.1% of the people you hate really in real life and I would never like I would never like if you actually hate they don't get anything taken nothing is right now is it that you think you're Logan Paul and Jake Paul those guys were idiots never seen a video that wasn't his brother made for the modified to car horn yeah just wanted to get hearing damage like a train horn but I rather finger the person that suing them for giving them here you put this really powerful horn in a car when the hot did it went off and this person in front of a grocery store someone coming out of the grocery store and they honked at him and I guess that he was still in the enclosure like it was like a concrete to amplify the sound bend over and grab his ears grocery got the worst both family are they more people in my family got to watch out for those I was looking at some of his videos I've it like not watching just the titles of the moms just like I gave my mom $10,000 cash tonight then we'll thumbs-up thing it was entertaining about watching this dude like what does endearing or like what was the video to tracks or cash whatever how do you take some nice like giving your parents a gift and you make it shity best year of my life that was another one that he made this gross video about him doing all the stupid things for you and then he sat down and made his parents watch it and that was another video but they were more than just about anybody else like I feel like the Kardashians they're hitting on their level like that like I don't expect Kim Kardashian to sit down and write an award-winning novel got to make a fly I don't know why I feel I feel like in my heart that is Logan Paul Kitty actually more talented than what he's doing but it seems like you're giving him a lot really funny when you funny subversive stuff I could you just wasn't is offensive and give her money for 6 there's not much in this brother Jake Paul's just there girl turtle videos of kids outside their house screaming and the Neighbors come out like hey can you guys keep it down. Will it stop your lungs every time so he walks by window and then the neighbor walks away and of course they start making fun of the neighbors like the first time this year but it's like 50 feet that way you know where lift me 45 lift minimum age 18 Damned 16-passenger I reflected remember 21 Pastor Uber for a ride sharing license cable out I just want like one day if I'm out and I can board so that would have to sign I was just like her not to talk this is a good thing for gut because it's a very structured like meeting of other people like there's rules to it and everything on your car and they won't get out your car that's what's going to happen to you was going to have you if you could do that thing where you like your favorite driver can you paying us through Uber or Lyft to go home within the rules but you'll still hate like someone's going to follow up a storm I would never do it in the middle of the night cuz I thought it would be like middle of the day noon to 2 p.m. huh I thought I know it's a risk is that much less building you don't use this hand gesture for anything but absolutely not absolutely not the New York City Taxi Limousine Commission website as far as minimum age for a passenger it just says that children under the age of 7 can be a 15 passenger in a taxi if they sit on the other door flap that's the only age-related taxi to take it all the way to to the Hollywood Hills what if he had a really East Coast tax in there we just sounded like he belongs in the same thing like that child give me a ride I probably should pose this question you guys before the podcast but this just came up my mind cuz I'm thinking about it was hailing has anything what is the smallest possible thing that you are jealous of other people for like the most insignificant just tiniest thing that you're just right I'll give you mine I fucking hate people that can whistle super loud a cab and I can't do that and I would like what my mom does like so I can't do it yeah I cut my chicken do a proper like channeling a thing explain to you just do what you want to tell him that way and then you push air through like fuck you let me see your eggnog says everything and taxis alone at the age of 14 in York City on Twitter egg nog at Wiz Laquifa I can't wait till it all hit you guys at all that's all I got twins what are the whistle electric kettles don't whistle why would an electric only one at a time like this is not a text if you go and get one of those brown electric kettle for boiling water yeah why where would I live there don't have a stove what's the super fancy induction ones they might be super wrong but my parents got one and then they really annoyed because none of us will Stan's work on it and they had to buy new stuff done with it and cookie sheets for cooking vessel by magnetic induction instead of thermal conduction magnetic friction a coil copper wire is placed under the cooking pot in an alternating electric current is passed through it by resulting oscillating magnetic field induces a magnetic flux which repeatedly magnetize in the pot treating it like the lobby magnetic or a Transformer I would kind of give you that and I'm still not going to watch a mega 64 video that's all I take away from that I'm Joseph beer at juggling really I just never tried to learn how to juggle and I can't magically do it without letting and I'm just never going to learn I mean juggling is garbage so that's the coin guy I'm just be with you crack your back lower back it only when I'm laying down really keep the people who like effortlessly bilingual so they can just switch between I'm just like that would be so cool to do that stuff out of nose like if it's blocked out but with Mike's Giant nostrils of the fucking spray it will just go without mustaches are mustaches a really gross if you ever see someone with his mustache blow their nose it's all up in there it's disgusting Asian for you if you if you like mustaches because the lighter this is a great thing for an audio podcast is the later to see some screen or medical milk Wilson there that are made of Einsteinium and that burns red it's a metal that burns red phantom pain elements green probably alloy of some kind I'll try to look it up I found the exact one here actually what does people like what's a classification of talent or something that people have that most people are jealous of instrument backflip singing I think it's the big one does a polygon you can't I take singing lessons but like you have to know how to sing like hot will eventually probably keep me up I have a could do it car wheel left or right to go right to left Scituate hot look for in a factory probably what we probably all had a wheelchair I was most recently brought those over go back over there in the story I just talked about this earlier I'll bring the story about these dating apps in China that got shut down and people who are running them were all fine because it turned out that there were no women on these apps that they were just Bots they were program to reply to Men on these dating apps but not the company's themselves were just running it and just had an automated box sending messages yes they conned people out of 154 million dollars wow 454 billion dollars play people that long to realize how did they realize they investigating August 2017 after suspecting one of the apps of fraudulent fraudulently charging visitors to view pornographic videos which do not exist I guess that might have been the downfall for letting people pay for pornos be like what I ordered still lacking the pornography that I request to have I ever paid for Porn Hub dick going in give me like to get your means I paid like that opportunity when you watch the phone light light petrol money I don't think that I have can't think that I have paid for poor. Don't think that the found one in the world like a joke and try leaving around with joke porn like mature porn or like Grandma up on his way back from College from class whatever and let bring a friend there and it's okay hahaha porn into my friend public folder on his laptop and I would feel him opening it how many songs did he fulfilled his friends name check your photo hope you like cape when I was loving on that too so he would be quick at the clothes that I assume yeah being a straight man are you still live in before like widespread Broadband 97 apartment complex down in South Austin that had wired ethernet and you could you know you could pay to use the ethernet built in and it was like a security nightmare because you could see every other computer in the apartment complex on the lights on Dish Network neighborhood goes like this is so fuck I would not want to plug my computer in my left looks like I'm going to use it right now plug it in infrastructure was so bad in that apartment that I could hear my neighbor's phone calls if I picked up my phone if it was a call for him and please put your line I don't know what the fuc you couldn't hear me if I said anything and he was a drug dealer so I could always hear my phone ring but it would be his phone that was really raining and I would pick it up but I would hear people calling and asking him for stuff I really shouldn't be listening to you buy cocaine okay I got it and I understand now how it's going to happen on landlines if two people pick up the same please route to listen to Kohl's in your own house time I had a landline that was back in 99 yeah for like 99 when was the last time you had a level I have you been to quite recently at home they wouldn't give you internet without installing a landline and so you have two appointments phone that no one used in the student has to get a bundle bundle of like I'm still paying for Forever by then call someone long distance back the money for this call and now it's like he's called anywhere like in the same, you act like you to call if I got whatever it doesn't matter at all we have to figure out the car is on his way to pick out like the best long-distance plan for like our office phone probably stupid when a wave phone number on every form of fill out you know even mobiles like way down or a huge industry for a while long-distance carriers where you go to like a payphone maybe stickers all over at the VA for long-distance you know like 10111 you down the prefix country or something like that I don't like that inquiry Services is 11808 how many 500 and they put you through to the number you wanted it would cost you like three times as much I feel like every ad that was like a like a compare website compare car insurance but I had Market go compare 10 3 2 1 go wow what year was that the one I'm wore out for Cheese's they advertise these things how to scam a scam industry that evolved alongside remember this but I have you picked up a payphone or you picked up your home phone and you told you I cannot be an operator said to call you make a long-distance call operator ask you what longest carry do you want to use a normal you'd say like AT&T or MCI or whatever the fuck there was at the time but if you said like whichever one or it doesn't matter I don't care I don't care those were companies as well that charge a crazy high rate to Umatilla code I don't care and abusing I don't care long distance paying like $3 a minute yes it's none of that matters anymore it's all gone but what are those are internet customers for the help desk we had to inform them cuz they're in the world communities like Lufkin in Conroe that they now could choose a different long distance carrier than AT&T cuz most of them still have I spoke to people who still rented their phone from the phone company every month which might not be weird to just pay for the TVs every year but it was for a long time the telephone company owns the entire network on the phone in your house was not your phone I remember Joey my phone company with my mother to pick a new color of phone for our kitchen phone I know you went to class today want to have a fun with your phone your phone might have a problem something I like to check people's anything else you're fucked right now Apple TV the TV is not working I use this device to my grandma and iPad for Christmas I have never seen anyone less enthused to receive an iPad in my entire life she was just like I expected I'm giving me a job and try to teach you how to use it she just like it's no use if I go and meet them and they know that I go home that's what I do feel like I just kind of amazing to the hot plate now that's it via the bike dad drove me insane when she got a Mac and I set it up so that I can Remote Desktop in what they call that Mac be called something else. And he lived in Asheville North Carolina and he had this guy to look computer shops who it was annoying that he would trust that guy more than me to help himself send you everything I have to do another computer but then he also called him his name is a Mac Guru but my dad can't couldn't pronounce the word guru and so he kept calling him his Mac Guru just like it sounded Guru and it's like I just drove me insane troubleshooting or like they were just stopped working you be like what did you do what happened what is you would turn off my screen sharing stuff so I couldn't log into my dad's computer being optimistic I can always help the guy thought I'm going to take this out that guy's hands cuz everyone knows what like to be the tech support person your family that can be kind of in Nashville North Carolina a computer and I also bought them like the extended tech support put it like on a felony 800 number and I like here that's the number if there's any issues that's what you call to help you with that I got paid extra stress so that number would be active for like 3 years so they would I would not have to deal with that is a nightmare to deal with someone else's Tech problem to do a lot of stuff but grandparents find problems that does no reason to exist like it's amazing like a grandparent he's like I need to be able to plug in a USB stick to my TV and after photos you have an iPad you have a computer are you going to really drag stuff onto your USB stick and wedge in your computer and then not doing it showing for me and I was like you have to do that you think I don't know I just want to know how I found the greatest invention ever I bought it a couple years ago what is desecration in this vein it's a helmet that makes a soundproof bubble around your head Prince's greatest invention ever think it's a little plug right it looks like a like a pass through so you plug it in the power and you plug another device into it but you can figure this plug to connect to your WiFi network and if it is periodically things the internet and if the internet ever goes down it shuts itself off and then turns itself back off so what in the world you plug your cable modem into it and if the if the 5th power plug detect that there's no internet power cycle your modem for you text my wife I mean what if what if I have different WiFi you tell if you need to help someone you don't want to have to go over they don't want to learn how to reboot their devices to get that thing and it'll it reboot everything on its own with my the first world problems automotivation we're at some point through some app at set it so that if I use Alexa for a timer and then the timer runs out it will be like all of my lights Flash in every room what's the bedroom was really far from the kitchen at all the lights like they will go off individually and all the living room all the kitchens doing and I'm like Alexa stop no because it was a long time ago I don't know which app this function skills if you mean your skill I'm electron okay okay but I didn't do it because one of those consistent complaints that I got when I was making the blog was personal less Ali obviously I got was don't spend money on anything and I forget what it was was it a laundry one no I know that's what I want to do you appreciate this blog ideas that I was going to do we were traveling one time I was going to take my entire suitcase and turn into the hotels and save laundry do it all because when you see that sheet of what the laundry cause I don't tell she was to go to a laundromat it's been like 7 Bucks how much it cost to do a whole suitcase in a normal hotel at a hotel you probably pay like 500 bucks 3 bucks for shirt did to complete a simple task in the most expensive way possible to sell simple this thing was an LED light bulb but not a hue bulb just an LED light bulb and it said do you want Professional installation to 85 bucks is like I've got to be the guy who's like alright yes I want you to come install my light bulb for $85 and if you like plan to work from home safe buddy do you mind if I watch what the hell was that I'm over my head I've been trying to figure this out like there are somethings words suggest Professional installation and you really do have to wonder what the technician showing up the houses is like feels bad at all a blender on Twitter at wrong Bob Denver says Gavin glad you have alerts for hearing impaired on or is your death how did I do that then what's that is everything was happening today and right how do I shoot a big one on the mediately is a good time that we that the time that we did the quote in around a message thread on Reddit this weekend where the heck what were your favorite Reddit posts my favorite Reddit posts of all time did not make the cut for some reason I try to find somebody else posting it which was the guy who discovers prostate but you wasn't there your snail thing was in there but the Reddit version of the snail which I think was that they give you and the snail $1000000 I think I was in our original for the snail to taste you for the rest of this year refill HP like the hunt you and Tristan ways to Black you have to help him spend that money like a wealth management assistance in those posted online but I've never seen them actually apparently was a little just feel like it was like if Frank is a joke by some weird but I have pictures of this woman in like this disgusting robe and just different men in a rank box full of milk and it's like different pictures of different men and if I come a bath in my milk I'll watch how many people leave vehicle that did you see the Golden Globes last night when he talked to you it was but she talked about seeing that billboard movie think about when they were talking about was it seems like we talked about you saw the billboard saw the billboard for the movie and it had his phone number on it but you could call him and talk about the movie like the wild out there the Golden Globe for best actor on stage they go to like shake hands awkward hug kind of a thing and then as soon as they backed away from each other tell me where selene's it goes to grab the mic and Eddie just goes like this for the insane about this age but don't never give me another word again if you came into the flooring comes up like if any position still fucking grab that thing and yank on I just worry whenever he was really bad movies for the celebration of Ashley that he did do this like yeah he's super insane but he spent he made them to me but they wanted to make the whole room phenomenon I hadn't seen the room before I watch The Disaster Artist it was so so good and so funny I just put myself through at the end of The Disaster Artist side by side comparison remaking it between they look like humans play one of my favorite scenes from it is when Seth Rogen his cat goes to like cash his check and does not believe is any way that it's going to be money on the other end of this really like I'm getting paid for this movie okay I guess I'll do it cuz it's so good in the public eye and have no one know where you're from you know your real name or age same as you could pull up the James Franco scene without audio the book acceptance speech did you see the movie does but there is when to Franklin calls out his oldest friend and entertainment known him since Freaks and Geeks Seth Rogen and they cut Seth Rogen and I can't begin to describe the look on sephra Whose face when they cut to it's it's literally it's kind of like this he had a weird hair thing going on 30 holes that he does hold of her thanks for cutting the way I'm mad by the way expression for so freaking long and then they just go back to Frank but to me I was like what the hell is that look like Crossing distance chart on you the payment very much you know I know where this is going and it will make me laugh and then I watch the Natalie Portman moment she is announcing the nominees for best director and no females at the nomination since you guys have known that the old male nominees and the whole room Wonder Woman because she was right because because one of them likes best film candidates and one that won an award a couple of days ago and everyone thought like should have been nominated and would have one was a female directors scale bakes movie Ladybug one in a category long beard in the crazy hair until a story I was really excited about it damn I don't know why you think about that let me read this thing here one reminded you heard me talk about the amazing either specially when I use it with dr. Carver's shave butter well I'm here to tell you I'm never giving up my membership in fact I'm heading even more Dollar Shave Club products to the daily routine Dollar Shave Club Mix products for your hair face skin shower everything you need I got me looking and feeling amazing how does Dollar Shave Club for just about everything got me covered from head to toe and it's all their own original stuff they only use the finest premium ingredients and deliver it right to you that's a great time to give Dollar Shave Club try you get your first month of their best razor along with a travel-size versions of shea butter body cleanser and yes even butt wipes for just $5 after that replacement cartridges ship for just a few bucks a month for the razor. For the butt wipes it's the DSC Starter Set get yours for just $5 exquisitely a dollar shave club.com RoosterTeeth that's dollarshaveclub.com Josh Ritchie go and check them out for you text about the eclipse watching this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast still on the phone with a beard come back is affected the razor industry tall on the edges and stuff so on Twitter Peter Hayes a thing to Natalie Portman moment with the thing because it was straight after Oprah speech and Ron Howard started the segment with well moving on from that bad really I don't know raising well moving on from that didn't mean it in that way but who's going to come up and be like all right now time for awards people are talking about how to run for president after this incredible speech that she gave Golden Gloves which she gave incredible piece of gold gloves and it was really awesome and everything she said I agree with you 100% but the problem is I just I can't imagine I can't imagine if the race for the presidency in 2020 is Trump versus Oprah that would seem like such a like a late 90s MTV to be president musical it doesn't hurt to talk about there being a Oprah Tom Hanks ticket so it's two people that are just entertainment complex joke okay listen to Trump was going to the primaries it was big joke never have you read fire and fury now I want you I don't know I don't think so I don't know weird visceral reaction to that question people spend so much time don't fake I read it I really read a really extreme review of it which probably is proud of my Prejudice that I have against the book which is that it's it's just a bunch of things that can't be confirmed or denied nothing they could be verified a lot of which has though not all of it but that basically and this is I think about it for the country the whole right now possibly even though the world is that basically just your reaction to the book Falls along certain lines either you love the book you think it's great and so somebody wrote the book about Trump doesn't add anything to the conversation this morning just continue to amplify the conversation we continue to have read every one of the tweets because everyone I follow retweet this stuff I don't think they realize what a savant this guy is for managing media and we are good he is at people up he wrote the word like in a tweet that there's between to everyone with nuts about this weekend where he said I'm like I'm, like, mentally stable who has the word like into I thought I think he was doing I don't know any of the English language might have like an eighth grade Mastery of the English language of the I get to work and they said like now hey Jessie Street for me I'm like what really is that how that went down a lot of bad Texas guys think I refuse to believe but this actually happened super not right so we can talk about the book without really mention anything in it but is there anything that stood out for you in this book chapter 3 I think too far into it yet and there was there was there was a phrase I've never heard before that I really loved where he said that someone describe someone else's being the type of person who sucks up and shutdown sounds like that's a fucking great phrase Alex is a phrase I never heard it put into that kind of contact that's that's pretty good you guys follow on Twitter he put a side by side of me and Seth Rogen if you guys want to grab that walk away from it both pretty good at my head I think that's what he's doing what she said yes what are the chances that he's not done you said slim-to-none okay. Movie Clemson and maybe give you like to talk to you in bed is please who's the best person from Jackass that just cracks me up every time in London England to me I was just most underrated guy in jacket Bam Margera the face it's one of the greatest moments on television ever exclude with thank you Patrick for the best reactions from the TV series when Johnny Knoxville read up that doorbell that says offline the face powder devices like what happened or what happened to God it was so great but that doorbell and the big hand both of us because he is sentences is so messed up sometimes but he's like the station like I fell down kinda but it's like weird extra bits in the senses to make no sense you think he regrets not using his real name all those years is in the goat does Domino's use the stage name right they all have like their name Stevo Stevo you had a huge high-five and it is incredible if it's like the most amazing pratfall of all time if he's faking it I don't think he is cuz you just like he's flat as a board I need to go straight down if we just slide it's amazing how to make someone carry like a tray full of soup is it David Guzman is the Bam Margera what he is like flower on it so they didn't have flour on the first one but I think we man came in and then they have you can watch like the progression of what they need they add to the prank where the joke they keep adding to it as they go every time there's an iteration of it I said some of that shows is so genuine I love it and it's weird because I was thinking about the stuff of him going around Japan to figure a menace to the Japanese felt like I was like what an awful person to be around and I thought I'd watch the jackass guys do the exact same thing is like grinding up against the security guy and stuff we're actually messing with people in Japan set apart something from being like to show his audience would rather watch Logan pool then I started working with me and she was going to start working on the blog I have her sit down I said we're going to watch some other vloggers like talk about some stuff I gave up on that will a video to happen she just was like these all these people are terrible today satellite they're worth I didn't know I mean Casey neistat's impresses me a new every time he manages to do and I'm like I wouldn't say that I find his like extremely attracted to him is like a human impressed by his way to American conflict and resolution in it and he said one of his favorites or he reference one of the servers I went and watched it work he like got his drone stuck on the roof of a building and then went to a taller building but it was like 12 and he read up this thing with twine and Abed coat hanger and they lowered it down and hooked his thing 12 stories blown and brought us drone up and save it so every block has conflict and resolution the gun box of stuff that people send you I never doing boxing stuff because I always feel like and I'm not trying to call you but it works with many many people and many people clearly enjoy it but I always feel like if I do that I'm insinuating the people should send me stuff I had a happy holiday card exchange and I got my card and I thank the person who sent it on social media and count 3D have sent me a really nice gift as well but I didn't think him on Twitter and you emailed me asking if I got it and I said yeah I did but I didn't want to thank him because I don't want to thank him publicly because I want to make it seem like I was encouraging other people to send me gifts as well that makes sense sent him I should have preemptively sent him a message I guess if that that that stuff we on me but I didn't want to do it publicly on to my Amazon account to complain about an item that arrived broken out of my right and I so that you can now add unboxing videos to your post orders a spot like Amazon is on my arms is like a video to always like to you delivered order so you watch somebody else's what do you make your own make your own like that for for other people to do you look at the product of two shows up on boxing video so I wonder if it is like as it's an alternative to writing a review now you can also add an unboxing video video paw see if there's a problem with the order then maybe video write review but all I'm going to be doing in a zit popping those stupid air bags and then like breaking down boxes cuz if you'd like online versus getting it in real life but D boxing video I like it you can have it Brit Brit by tear the tape off the side and everything dealing with cardboard it feels I feel like I do feel like the Amazon culture of sending stuff directly your house he doesn't feel like it's sustainable to me because they ship all the stuff in Mass to locations then you go and buy the stuff you want to take it home you know you like you say you went to Best Buy and bought stuff but if you are buying computers or TV or something like that don't people like you can subscribe to the laundry pods a box of laundry pods right to your house it seems like laundry detergent is still something that you should go to the store to get one thing you could do is order that I managed to have everyone going to a store where everyone know that cause a one-car driving around delivering your street passing your house anyway delivery truck doesn't deliver all like 30 items you buy at the grocery store it one time so you're getting like to the grocery store we only allowed to buy for things and then come home drop off go back again for the market demands and that's the way it's going to be buy metal cat scratcher butter that she likes like for like a leopard really got to domestic cats that have what you wanted something but it was the Congress office down south I said I'm tired of lying utensils Ralph ablanedo tired of buying utensils all time to buy a 2500 of forks and knives and spoons search for the mall and I did the mistake of Edwards Air Force or the nice and people bought this also bought that the people want this no sense of scale it was a spoon but they were all this pic and we saved spoons but this time because you'd want for the cheapest for the recommended people who bought the exactly where it was people who bought this also bought this and it was like it was a classic mistake of that's not going to fit that because they're two different formats and I can't remember what it was but it was something along the lines of like a standard versus metric Allen wrenches or something like that but it was something but I know doesn't fit did you see that photo I tweeted this weekend of the giant bags of chocolate what are you doing yourself for you I was at home goods Marshalls lb bags of chocolate and it looked like in people kissing it looks photoshopped the Dixie look like a little bag of mini chocolate you buy like this big except he was 22 pounds worth of it individually wrapped in each bag was freaking out in the store what the fuck is that empty shell what the hell is that Stephanie flight hotels that made from Amazon like crate like two crates of chocolate digestive biscuits and then it said it was cold weight management help what's your currency biscuit milk chocolate to the dark chocolate haha you feel about hobnobs I love a hobnob a hobnob is a biscuit that has cream and Center into it for my friends love them and I thought you're a lunatic you're a maniac Wagon Wheel I will suck the gross it's so gross disgusting Bank of participating will see you all next week wow I know it's ready I heard the click that's a bridge together digitized a podcast so who is the real date do you guys sick we get enough for best where did you go you just said it so the wet it whistles all the lights Flash and I'll fight is over we're friends now how are you friends become friends Gavin made a pop Butch Jack what is the reference from EastEnders Larry quick and he was like hey we should be friends because no one else would love it if I put a joke tell us a joke I said you love that picture and I thought so your body by like spacely bagging on me so the way works well I guess you drink schoolhouse I think people enjoyed the fact that we should have been friends we would definitely what do we know what he said a call iPhone ringer Alexa by the million dollars but card game yes yes what the hell are you thinking about 30 well I got yours I can stop it but now I got to look at that Kevin on this this is like my house but I never liked it I was really good I knew was that your hands going ape shitt you can change different this is a nightmare that device you can change it. It will the British feel like this is what I but you can put a different accents on it and so I really like to have an Indian English and has an Indian accent and I really like it cuz I love the Indian accent however for some reason I was mad at you tell you can order stuff that you're out of like for me to trash compactor bags to that never remember to order them is it listening and then I don't know but when I went to go buy something with a guy said to that device order more trash compactor bags and says you can't order through the Amazon store with a different language really like to me why could why can I not well Patrick had his Siri Australian and he was trying to get directions and eventually had to just speak in an Australian accent for its own to send him a pic it was just trying to pick up on your life I don't know about that you train it to your voice jammer at it all day long movie feel like me you're like being the store and go to shout to it and it's not anywhere around you to know could you just use the shouting is it really is like a weird things with those voice activated things you just you get used to it and then you just randomly yell at sisig public yell out everything like that when will you come by the chocolate everything is eventually I'm going to have a 3D printer in the house I say we could print chocolate already exist he'll come from a chef you basically give it chocolate it'll melt it down and then print it out have some chocolate now can you make this into a fun shape because it's like create chocolate thing in my fridge that Shucks the food away what's wrong with you call a person with all the food I like the what is it in Back to the Future that mr. Fusion as I get into a face-to-face talk with beard yet like when you get like a chocolate Santa no, not sure why not let's make a chocolate your penis did you eat a chocolate your labia what are the chocolate million dollars every chocolate is based on your genitals from now on friendly restaurants where the chef beautiful for the liquid chocolate to a bell end little kids Halloween pumpkin story I sent you there's this I guess this town somewhere in the UK where people live on this road and the road called bell end and is trying to get the name change name is difficult that was also a roads are those butthole drive or something where they change the name to something else and now I'm taking pictures of group by the name of the is only important when you do it less and less but when you have to spell it to people over and over again when you give them your information like ablanedo no yes unless he said it on videos I have the worst tornado pop bottles avenue the avenue that started the fishing accept social engineering because those are often questions that are for security at your house or so and then you I'm really compromising information I'm going to love his name Sandra is you watching the room late night. There's that whole huge deal going on right now with the any CPU ever made in the last 10 years with the Meltdown in the Spectre vulnerabilities are you keeping up with that but all of Intel some IRS update on my people you have any update immediately what is the vulnerability technical issue and I'm not nearly enough to fully explain it properly so this to the best of my understanding that you had someone who was like a real idiot when it came to this profast CPUs will often try to run predictive like they're going to do this it so it'll start like three running some stuff to try to get ahead of you in that moment memory that is supposed to be secure becomes vulnerable because it's reading into the memory to try to pre execute your tasks and if someone writes an exploit they can gain access to you protected portions of your memory that it should not be able to be around correct and they could read potentially read anything that's stored in Ram at that moment which includes passwords and everything could possibly stolen Ram entering it would be something like a shared cloud computing service where many different websites are many different applications are being run on one system for virtual machines and it's all accessible at once it's really really scary I mean this awkward us fix it but it's at the hardware issues like processes need to be redesigned in order to address the issues so if you see any updates for your computer your phone thing in your house and Alexa is if you got a smart there with anything you have in your house that has a processor in it and then trying to guess what I'm going to do next. That's the way to work what you have Addie much alike it's up now to realize how many things in your house have processors are how many things did television play that Professional installation my my modem IP take care of that I'm going to have to do everything off for like the month are insane for a month and then it's all going to come back but one month what happened just went off for a month but if anyone last time we came back on I watch a video the internet has such a short memory looking down and anybody who does that it's a totally normal things people love unboxing stuff a loves that culture sharing a bed of Lies like real physical things and fanart know what stuff is well I remember there was a there was a whole generation of creators that it was a decision of whether or not you were going to put ads on your website it was a whole thing and they were some people who never ever get Homestar Runner never put a single at years of discussion about that I guess I'm talking about like website Banner Banner at like they was a big deal but probably more so than anything else because of YouTube Partner program it's just now people don't think twice about that type everything that I do it was too for us it was the last piece of our Revenue puzzle that we put in was at we already done subscriptions and home video and merch and Live Events before we did advertisement like presenting the appearance that like I have a mechanism for that that's why I just feel like I shouldn't do that you know because if I would have done that like in 2004 to promote the fuck are you doing yeah you know we've been on the internet I think I used the web in 1994 is fucking lifetime ago that the same guy that cut that clip is from where the Today Show's disgusting that nipple the internet before 94 what is using like different methods like three protocols like Archie like she's Archie all the time golfer that doesn't exist like nobody uses that that's the internet now like you you switch like all I'm going to go for information on this remember having like dial-up internet but never ever think anybody even needing to use it before like a while the game is thing for MSN Messenger and I was like cool but when do I ever need to do this which is crazy to think now that I can probably access the internet willing to do anything else in the day I just have to plug in a funn extension and drag it across the top of the house to the rim of the computer in it and then be like I thought you would connect do your shit as loud and might had like my Jasmine still like a little thing in the bone that tells you how much how many pennies it was using Alabama send messenger to a school anyway different types of the internet has evolved so much I could never have imagined like the phone that's in my pocket like I said that it when I was first using the way I've been naughty for like that was like something science fiction I could always be connected and it would be fast and you download movie to stream movies like spy movies and like the late 90s and 2000 to track them and now everyone has a triangle device that goes with him everywhere phone in a camera we can see you wherever you are at his request that would monitor him and it was one wall and could go to a part of his apartment and not be seen by but this flight thing ruined his life that can be monitored be like okay how much are those on the little dots and they were favored by 5 there's one free so if you pay for the price for us like that's a good deal I was headed to the head. You should put this in every room and will give you a hundred bucks for each one Amazon Prime membership fee to be part of Amazon so you can buy it it makes no sense is it okay if I don't shop online anywhere but that's a huge problem I should be shopping lots of different places but I buy an Amazon Amazon Prime do they need to come to him multiple times and talk ads based on what you said in your house even if you don't even have it open on your phone because they decided that for a weekend they would talk about cat list of her entire week and I don't even have cats that have the phone not even on or like not even like like a locked on the on the table and then we talked about cat litter and then they would we're getting all these address through Facebook for cat litter and Cat products and best yeah the three fall creepy Facebook reiterate that it does not listen to conversations after this people posted this promise it's a weird coincidence oral or there's something else going on then we don't know about yes or no I don't I appreciate how good of a show black Meredith but everytime I watch an episode of my why would anyone want to do some self this is just such a horrific purses that offer an hour just like great everything's terrible stripping to work out in the very first one first one I think a lot of people off like I normally do not recommend that as I never had a series that I've liked more but I like the first episode silly little like the Creator Charlie Booker said he said something I think is an end up regretting or he said that every episode takes place in the same universe and yeah I thought you meant when someone it was either him or someone else said that basically every episode of Black Mirror is one episode of The Twilight Zone and I'd like I'm not like going to the toilet and try and find we compared to another episode 1 episode of The Twilight Zone which is basically the premise for every black man that is like Technologies going to come back inside predicted a couple of a couple of episodes of Black Mirror I think for that was like inspirational they still like he was pretty pretty close on some of those after the after the end of my was like 3. Something just UK and its Series 3 was at 8 and I think there is 406 but a harrowing I'm just at the picture, it's really good I'm not going to last episode of Season 4 though because that one has black Museum because that one has references to earlier episodes start to share University of the big part of what you do is play video games play test is a really hard one to watch I can grind up my last sent you two pair up that's when you get episode elevation is Red State television what do you call a girl and cat boy girl and girl cat well let's wrap this up so everybody will be back next week with a pre-taped Episode by what golf clubs does ahold of