#475 - Is Reality Dumber Than Fiction?

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Burnie Burns, and special guest Kirk Johnson as they discuss Star Wars, the best shows of 2017, flying incidents, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on January 15, 2018, sponsored by MeUndies (http://bit.ly/2CQjpvr), Daily Harvest (http://bit.ly/2qV3vOV), Casper (http://bit.ly/2sa1gGZ)

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Recorded: 2018-01-16 20:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Burnie Burns, Kirk Johnson


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Transcript (in progress):

welcome to the receipt podcast this week brought to you by Caspar Daily Harvest and a special thanks to our presenting sponsor meundies I want to thank me an episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast you all look good in your underwear be comfortable right balance is hard to find don't sacrifice Tyler Comfort check out meundie. 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I'm me on this time correct I'm also meet me at these all the way down all the way recorded podcast have we done in the last 30 days I feel like the three of them pre-recorded all the holidays keep playing in the Monday this year what is it you know the days of the weeks in the Years it's Monday this year because it was Sunday last year unless it's a leap year and I will next year be Tuesday or is it a year what year is this your sleep you're not next to the point anything before the 29th of February do the previous either way countermand in the US are also cuz if you want an election year to be one day longer you have to call an election year is also an election year Donald Trump versus Oprah Winfrey I like living in the next few years like they're going to have have had social media when you were younger when I reach a point where it's like half naked Instagram post for the president yes I know he used to tell me all the time about when I was born in Mexico if you change your name no you get a new ID card that's it the bus tificate is then useless to certificate what a social security card so what's up for that if it's if you got different name what's the point of a birth certificate approve your bored but I think it's also a piece of documentation it says you changed your name from this to that if your birth certificate is Clyde Stephens that's not proof that you look for documentation to say that buy Stevens now if only we knew surround happened to change their name I don't know what this process maybe you would sit in a room with 8 hours a day with my name used to be toilet what's my birth name was toilet Johnson I'm really concerned about because as far as you feel like it's kind of like joking about now but that's the way the Donald Trump candidacy started like out Donald Trump's running you know he's 10 years ago it would've been too stupid it would have been the dumbest joke ever that reality is then people thought video idiocracy came out it was like I never happen that's absolutely stupid why woke up and I was like that's bullshit and I was like actually that might happen that might have been the by the way to fix that problem I had a dream the Ed Sheeran got stabbed in the throat that he couldn't say anymore what's wrong with that you can get upset from recording and recorded his next album that he had written used in computers as if it was him singing it but he actually couldn't see himself like they just took samples of his actual voice so it did sound like him and I thought that could happen probably not the people back to life in audio form what are the Black Mirror episode but there was in the history of RoosterTeeth this was a video that I took a stab at and I thought that's what the words they had done that with Rodger Ebert because he had throat cancer and someone had taken if they just technology do you have so much dialogue recorded from does variously you know movie reviews and things like that that they were able to recreate his voice in a sympathizer and African talk anymore he sat down with his wife and they was watching the wife's first experience of hearing his voice again to the synthesizer I sitting there until he sitting there typing and he plays in his voice says memory here paraphrasing hi I'm Rodger it's so good for you to be able to hear me again and then she of course just starts bawling but I thought there was a chance for funny parody video in there so I took the clip and then dubbed in a different happy that everyone's like it's yours and nobody voices and everyone else like it was funny but it was like I guess it was one of those too soon because I feel okay saying it now but at the time it was too close in that serious we could make our voices do you say the dumbest things in the world like we go an hour and a half and will write about it actually take a perfect game and no-hitter thrown no-hitters you feel perfect right now or have we already gotten something or okay we're not live at the moment which is the best yeah we did thanks though see. Ness monster that it starts with the name of it is a c blank and it starts with a clam the Apple apricot CC Archie I said I've always said and then yeah I've always said to me that sounds wrong but I use red sea monster sea creature with c DirecTV what's the best way to start with p p soup your lady is telfast and keep up with a number of different sea creatures that was really good and if you haven't seen the movies going to sound like a joke but there's a point in the movie we're halfway through the break into like a song and dance number and you like this strangely is okay it's okay I like those movies when it's over the top and you just buy into it where they live and it's a long hallway with nothing in it at the end of face each other basically but like not directly face remind me of movies in the mid-90s there was one of those underrated movies I think I've ever seen my life which was the sequel to bathe babe pig in the city is tremendous and then there was never city of lost children and Delicatessen of directors are just like it was made movies like that need an alien. Yeah it was not very good I don't wanna and Charles. I was three Okay Juno or however you say his name is what was the one way to skin gets sucked out the window right I don't remember but it has tiny hole when it's like oh yeah it has Winona Ryder beloved franchises actually are have a bunch of movies with you like a boy like me what Star Wars do you say the first day of A New Hope and Empire the prequels made Jedi look like a much better movie it's like everything Force awakens or Last Jedi we're good I like force awakens after I turned back around now and bless you guys I didn't like the way they treated more than I like force awakens did you really happy to see steps taken in a different direction play a super happy to see Star Wars movie night always am and I'll go see the next one's me know do you think the force awakens Last Jedi in Rogue one of those all about same level for you or did you not like Rogue one Rogue one fine I didn't like it as much in the last few movies it's like the best part of any Star Wars movie is good but also there's nobody in Rogue one that's like of all except for Donnie Yen and his buddy thing that last Jedi Force awakens have his likeable characters and then Rogue one there was they were all robots I guess the robot was likable more than that but I don't know if there was nobody to root for remember me yeah yeah I think you're right I think the robot was probably the the character witness personality was like a baby I didn't want anyone to be like that anyway so you wanted to hate them all and then one of the actors let it slip that like their character dies are some of those character dies a new hope you don't know who any of these characters are Sara Lee died Galaxy then go off Galaxy why do they keep bumping into the same people as true in the new movie that the fix for everything the force kid was telling me about this Jedi character who's in one of the game so he gets Kotor 2 Knights of the Old Republic 2 Sith Lord who is just says that no one else realizes that the force inhibits free will that the force is this other entity in the universe that it there in the galaxy that is manipulating everyone and making it will be known and if nobody has free well so that the Sith Lord is revealed that they're trying to eliminate the force that we all have so they're all Asian basically exactly coating saying I don't know but I think it's a cool conspiracy theory that I can get behind because I don't know what else would would be the some stuff is stuff that you just couldn't write and my sexy totally send you a text to 10101 0 is too much attention to detail and no one would ever come up with like what when in doubt throw behind me I looked up and there was like a sticker on the ceiling it was like don't mess with the smoke detector the sticker peel back slightly and someone's hair was going to stick it I thought no one would come up with that that just happened in the U give me on the simulator Easter egg just for me it's creating the world with these Sims in it and other Sims are making all the little off but why would the sticker lose it stick and peel back in the realism how do you program the stick level between 0 and and this is a stick level of 4 so we're going to know at some point this stick levels going to wear off inside of a Time the stick level might go down to 3 then two and then eventually some so I can still hold a hair because the hair is much less dense than holding itself that's the most complicated thing you came up with I don't like I'm not a fan of that sing like you couldn't write this stuff I can hear people say that like color commentators all the time yeah you people right way crazier things like a robot that goes around it has more personality than people who is manipulating in puppeteering everybody Monday and crap that you couldn't write lifetime how like facial animation frame a properties how that's gone from being like okay that the cartoon to am I looking at something real or not and that's just in probably the last 20 years that we've had. And so it is exponentially increasing so one of the arguments for this that we live in a simulation is it will get to the technology where we could live inside of a simulation and there will be people who go and live inside a simulation and that's how they live their lives cuz the one too but as that simulation progresses if they make a realistic one with the recruiter world of a she'll get to program creates its own and it does that what is the likelihood the top level that's very unlikely and it's either it is kind of existence where simulations than Progressive over they can make other simulations admin access then basically our version of the Apocalypse is that we become self aware that we are computer programs that realize we're in a simulation and it's usually likes machines becoming self-aware is the apocalypse but we're kind of waiting to become self aware we are the ones waiting to do that on a higher level machine it's about working those machines that's not the fake it's like because we're inside the simulation it's okay we need to find we need a rogue one sent to the alien server room and they crash the simulation what comes the bus we just turn into pixels you be a spreadsheet into the air force. Going to have a revolution and destroy everything on your hard drive it might it might be a bad past it would give me my way over here to record the podcast first of all the first way I was wrong was that there was no food this early so what people eat lunch I'm going to eat something don't you get this. We think it's been the broadcast for me what is temperature is a free lunch here at like 1 I got it for the guys did you picked it up for the team it's life it's the same as doing it earlier so that's why we're not eating everything about this is the same except it's not life and my tummy is empty your tummy would have been empty anyway we're doing this live at 5 you still meeting right now whatever we get A5 the fool wouldn't be here by 3:57 can we just get Gavin a snack I was so that's why I'm saying you wouldn't have eaten right now so you were late so you would have been had finals on Monday so they probably 40 minutes in the podcast not even be food here for another half hour if they even ordered food and eating at 4:30 or whenever it's like it's like Pavlov's there's always hungry and I don't know service dogs on the couch and it's kind of sexy and I'm hungry guys making me hungry egregious thing you did when I called Cindy did not take me up on it I should have I didn't know you were on the podcast Gavin and in my defense you almost work calendar I did that's how we know I'm at the time he was just making sure what was done what time is it me from the person who managed it wasn't me I don't know how I'm going to do the bus Luffy doesn't know anything she's a maniac who is the device for off the shelf and I replied yes to the calendar invite I'll text him and I did and you replied you're on your way and I said he'll be here in a minute that's exactly what happened said something was going on I'm coming down the road by her studio just to give you tell you guys you know I'm coming from the highway north of US 183 so I'm coming down I got to learn not to do that because it's like to school zones on that road and it seems faster until you hit a school zone and then you like just creeping along well in the school zone in the between us through school zone is also a firehouse so while I'm liking the super slow traffic parents picking up kids and waiting to take a left turn fire engine goes by every go through the road go back sandals to buy Everclear the road and goes back and then about 2 or 3 minutes later it's two lane road bowling going this way when we go in that way and it's in the Suburban neighborhood essentially and I just going along and all of a sudden I hear like like a person hitting it but not leaving them on so I start to pull over to the right I look in my rearview mirror to see whatever this is a fire Jenner a ambulance whatever and like people are getting over like it's not like there's nobody paying attention people are getting over like I was all the way when I can see that you behind me pulling over as well I'm at corner okay corner I'm like two cars back from the stop sign and I'm about it's a residential house to my right back fence line on the sidewalk drive down the person spent and then go through the yard Knox their friends over the fence line on the sidewalk in front of the house but look like from their fence line on the side choose their mailbox basically just like but don't over the curb I've never seen that before that I would just drive across from do you say like 5 Seconds using think is a person had turned right and then it comes across the lawn the reason why to go to close the mailbox I think is that person's pulled over the side of the road do they heard the Sirens by the cops come off the lot on your right coming out of a lawn at least you was straight across somebody and they have no idea police chase cat can get killed you know we hit the road and continue to the right when you hit the road he didn't turn his light you should have followed him and see what was urgent of citizens pulling over cops and like checking them give me man I really needed that rest like fake cops a problem wait there's videos of actual citizens pulling a cop over his stuff and it's just running through a bunch of shit I would walk the Black Lagoon really fast back there is a school zone in the one I saw that was an unmarked car or something but he was in uniform or something else this guy just know it will guy who knew where the laws to pull them home overnight stop messing with her own country and put in the u s up their own sovereignty I was just speaking with this guy and playing with Peter Pita and he he told me that his friends that are big into that and that extends from the Articles of Confederation which were put in place after the revolution but then the Constitution came in and that was you know the document that created the country but there was never a specific repeal of the Articles of Confederation so there's a group of people who say if you didn't repeal these particles then they're still valid so are there little countries in the United States their own country just one body right it's tons of videos on YouTube of like Sovereign citizens got at tops just hate him prior to ratification of the Constitution Clause is similar to a provision in the Articles Articles of Confederation quote the free inhabitants of each of these states poppers vagabonds fugitive-from-justice accepted shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of free citizens in the several States they're talking about that but I still get arrested and prosecuted under the current law to understand what's the game from that but why are we all doing it once you put a document then it's a new country in the law is subjected to that new country's Constitution repeal the former country or whatever was Raul right I could say well I'm going back to British lost and British law and 1600 was that exactly peeled and I was there back then yeah hey why stop there I'm going back to pay Matt caveman law who is Jorge why stop there I'm going back to single cell law where all you do is eat and reproduce asexually but I think the reason that you will do it also is I'm going to pay taxes to the US government since they're starving so what is it like I mean I've never heard of story of I've always heard that I got a friend who hasn't paid taxes in 5 years because of this clause in this you no particular thing in the Constitution that says I don't have to pay taxes now yeah and I haven't paid taxes for 5 years and then I never hear the flip of that story end of that which is like yeah I'm in jail I had a friend get audited for 7 years of unpaid taxes and it was like took over her life for a year because she had to just deal with this and lawyers and all these things it's not fun I can't be fun I can't wear what I was in the stuff ever ever how you pay my taxes and it's like even things are like a loophole or something like that or like a deduction that's like? Even the process of going through on it is it worth you should be doing this and you can be doing that I'm just going to go right down the line that says pay this amount of your nightmare the whole process they're nicer last part of it what the Clinton mystery house and everything like that she was talking about it all the IRS in like $5,000 and I got her kicked out of her house and everything else it's not you think it would destroy your life that way you keep making money and keep paying into the federal government to take her house is also brought you by Daily Harvest I'll see you in the mouth watering healthy smoothie on Instagram or Pinterest and thought that's the kind of thing I should be eating but who has the time to make that every day would it be great if you get those Picture Perfect nutrients about having to hit the farmers market and chop up a million fruits and veggies superfood super fast with Daily Harvest Daily Harvest Moon superfood eat straight to your door with your choice of smoothies breakfast bowls ice cream vegan Sunday's each single serving cup comes ready to blend or heat their produce organic and unrefined and looks as amazing as it tastes good actually see all the hole in the cup Daily Harvest freezes all the ingredients at Peak freshness ceiling in the nutritional value for each cup is insanely easy just add water or her feeling fancy conceptual other liquids like coconut or almond milk go to Daily Harvest, enter promo code rooster to get 3 items free off your first box that's promo code rooster for 3 free Daily Harvest cups at Daily - harvest.com daily - harvest.com thank you Daily Harvest watching this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast we'll talk about this before the the podcast about Black Mirror for the most part largely didn't like was the one that was shot in black and white but the best part of the season but I didn't think it was a bad Episode by any stretch of the imagination is it was black and white no no I just got to differentiate a kind of doesn't have as much misology or anything going on it's like a Chase movie basically and I thought it was fun they're always kind of Hit and Miss I like that it was so different than all the other ones released and the effects looks good of the little doggie little little dog with its with his bad leg Yeah I thought it was really good I really enjoyed it but if I could throw paper like a man I really didn't I couldn't get into that when I didn't like it matter know if it's like people play a lot of games respectful don't play a lot of games mentality or reply it is that some people just can't get into that one looks like one of the best I've ever had that's the one that looks kind of car can I agree on Black Mirror episodes the only one I hated was Arcangel because it was like a lifetime movie. I just like you had all this stuff going on and it was like something happens and yeah I'm it's hard to talk about without spoiling I feel like it's still it's still too new people who haven't caught on yet season 2 episode episode 7 with 6 or 7 11 goes on an adventure outside the completely irrelevant come back around that anyway this building a lower of that whole universe watch episode of yours was really over-the-top early on 11 gets off the bus and then like that Bon Jovi song starts playing like really loud you doing this thing besides day 5 season 2 digital series MHL TV series shot on digital or shot on Netflix that that's what you mean Black Mirror stranger things people Rave about Buddy Love Marc Maron who I like as a personality but I've never particularly like as a descriptive narrative actor is unbelievably good it's like I dumped on board now Marc maron's fucking hilarious Miss Alison Brie's amazing in the whole cast is incredible what about mindhunter I thought it was I thought the first episode starts really great and then gets really slow and then the series takes time to build and I felt like there was a recurring call back to a particular serial killer glasses pays off. Like at the beginning of Summer episodes you flashed that was the BTK so I think we'll get it though eventually the whole thing kind of went nowhere like I was getting into it and I was like episode 8 and 9 I was like I'm confused everyone like raved about it I was good like it was interesting but it was nice to meet you like at like you're saying like I played the last episode of Survivor watching it and it was finish it to the next one that's it that's season 1 yeah maybe they'll be more the title sequence just one of the guys was a five-minute pilot we could have passed through the year before we put up the series and one of the leads in that ended up then in what is recurring role in Walking Dead like right after that so we couldn't have him back for day 5 the proper series free crazy with work out and like I said so cool to see like people May pop up different places after we work with them you know we shot that commercial with all the time he was in Super 8 the Jack Black one he he he we are working with him and he has a lot of young actors do she's around she's like we were talking about using it for something else if I don't know he's got some really big stuff coming up here like alright mom Ryan Lee Lee Ryan Leaf quarterback right yeah I'll watch movies like you guys had a lot of things together and Lace team to Jeff under me and thought about sexual tension and I thought he was just he was being sexual but he was just hungry at the shot a nail that it got pretty that got pretty sexual especially in the final edit it gets a little bit too much for my parents I think when I'm just like playing that game I'm glad your cards to go in the second one right on Bernie and so I have to hold that over his head and get more kids is great. Kirk was died on the first movie Kirk I was the person everybody fell in love with that mean no disrespect to Colton Allen who love him after that surprise Soldier is how is what I was cast as you know where the name came from it was okay we had that you seem like you kept leaving but like we did back in the summer way it and then I never loved you from that point thanks guys I love you guys too I had a weird about this before we started filming the podcast I had a weird interaction involving Kirk a couple weeks ago I went to a coffee shop if you're close to the studio and was getting coffee in the morning I was wearing the the crunch type cast and crew shirt and what was that what was President look like but that doesn't say anything on it right they crunched okay I just did a culling of like all my clothes and now I made the cut I love this pug should I keep in the back to the story I'm wearing that shirt and I'm paying for the for my coffee in the briscoes fellow keep said he's a little bit more on that was really no way to get out of work girls like you like Kirk's a bath all the time at a theater all the time he's so funny and got like that starry-eyed kind of stalker is looking just let me have this one. This is the only let me in the sky just go get dinner one night that's great I'm going to probably head there after this and see what stiffy where was it coffee shop is down we learn hit the last week's podcast Austin is the sugar daddy capital of the world it literally is what kind of statistic place like to ever make the most sugar people we did a lot of math a lot of the average amount of sugar daddy Sugar Baby Alive is like $5,400 a month with love and attention and we are never know for the weekend we decided that you allowed to crab from the money I want it other money if you want to pay for yourself it look it up for her bucks out of pocket I'm getting a difference in the Austin area is there an app for that where you can connect to a sugar is like the capital of the world for good for those are too much sugar in every other Saturday did you hear about that flight I think it was from a flight from Chicago to Hong Kong that's a divert to Alaska because a passenger became unruly and started smearing shit in all of the bathroom wrong I think he just made it down name for that that person is what specifically like scatological station bathroom and somebody poop on the wall people have it in their arm in the bleeding on the walls what is the what is in the mine cut myself like I've got a I have to put this disease where people can see it right someone's coming to get it yeah someone get what I'm doing so is somebody walking in there being like I've been there man you know they see it and get that sort of mental state that this person was in Miami-Dade specifically Final on the plane I'm trying to see here so is that it would work like all right Chicago and go to sleep and wake up in Hong Kong white-footed what happened what if it was a blind person intentionally I'm saying maybe they wiped incorrectly and then they were like both fell into the toilet did Daredevil nose for the sticker on the ceiling properly Airlines at the passenger who was reportedly authorities in Anchorage that play I did do that in that that's on me that I really passenger helicopter kind of disturbance did the snow emergency toilet on a play I think I should but you don't think there's one in the captain's talk to it using a communal bathroom and you walk into a communal bathroom and it smells horrible in their own man to walk out in the person's going to think that I did this the person behind me just like some kind of like more like unspoken word you say you can't do that with poop smeared all over the walls if there's any place in the world that should smell like shit it should be a toilet apologize if I stink up a public bathroom smells my shit enjoy a hypothetical situation when you're not married you said what if i q girl you can set up all the parameters are we going to play Charlie there's no embarrassment on a plane let's say because it is a very intimate setting for other strangers you're not embarrassed at all when you leave a toilet and you just duked in there and there's like a line of four people you're saying legit know I'll think of the Bungalow in the toilet see I'm talking about normalcy a bathroom can feel bad that's normal a bathroom should not have shit on the wall there's a window of a seat that's horrible you got to make sure you don't sit on the seat in the water if the steps you take to make sure you don't stink up the bathroom to poop near imagine a plane together we're at an airport that there's a sign that says don't bring combustible do you have something you're not supposed to have but yeah I'm intentionally like I have this pocket knife I had this in my backpack and I put in there for some reason I had it in my backpack I have it all time I don't have right now cuz the pocket knife What's the 411 to use of opened packages packages and stuff and just today you're going to see why I have this but I had to use it to like pull use the point to pull up the nozzle on a can of lighter fluid because it was like one of them to go down as protective as really specific reason you might just in case I'm going to reach you a TSA policy here I had a huge advantage over everyone in my backpack does the entire for the story of sharp as well the dangerous girl saw your knife you're running it through security and you like damn I left this knife in that in this case my knife in the dark ages to carry up to one book of safety matches in their carry-on bag strike anywhere matches are prohibited in carry-on no matches of any kind of permitted in checked bags book of safety matches for the sink in the toilet let me the smoke detector surely go by the way I don't hear anything in that and those TSA guidelines about smearing feces on the wall I think that guy is fine and then some the poop emoji was like if you had that knife let's say you have a leg up if you were in a situation where you found you you realized on the flight that you had that in your backpack accidentally and there was some kind of situation would you use it and be a hero hero know I'm safe I got this that you were just sit in a corner waiting to be a hero I think you guys said they were like I would have done something but I was a window seat but I was like yeah yeah I just couldn't bring myself to do it by the way I'm with knife in hand safety device what if they have a pistol how to do that you would have like a porcelain gun well man I don't know I don't know can you bring a 3D printer on a plane you put yourself a gun mid-flight yeah that be awesome if an old printer we have some time I really need to get shop probably probably best 3D printer stuff is just it's hot glue something in the middle no big deal I think I'd like to think that I would stand up but I think you think about it for more than a few moments year kind of don't have a choice and I think that's what 9/11 changed for a lot of people would like it was his idea of playing this is crazy and Landon airport in your live on the airplane for two days while they negotiate your lease and then you get loose and somebody even some country gets out of prison somewhere or something and I want to shoot the guys or whatever now it's like that's what I think you know if someone stands up on the plane there standing up to kill literally everyone aboard that point I just sent you got your flight would lean towards fight before that sliding door no smoking and no fighting just turns off Dayton College one time stab something like just to see like right at 4:30 thank you one with my boy but I did the dumbest thing ever ever have a memory that we think about doing it you just physically cringed yeah we went down to Mexico for something I forgot we went to Matamoras to go drinking or something and they healthy Diamond like a vendor on the side of the road was selling knives switchblades put in a fucking stiletto which I thought was so cool straight out of arguably lower-quality stiletto back home and I was in my dorm way kind of low ceilings and it was like acoustic ceiling tiles and I messed up and I was like buy fraternity was right across the street from Ka de Leon Street yeah it was Leah stabbing it but the ceiling tile like that and then I pulled it out and I was saying that I went to retract the blade blade I look up and there's the blade in the ceiling tile still stuck in there and I pulled it out of the handle because he's trying to fucking idiot you grab pull double bladed and my trying to pull it down what did I just fucking still stuck in the Civic so I have a bad track records with the stabbing in Santa Monica the hard way on Mountain View in that hallway drowned on Mountain Dew we're working to the house and delicious pizza we're going to house it was in the middle of summer there's no AC in the house and on the third floor and someone brought me a 2 liter bottle and I was drinking and my buddy Carew Tha krew he was all the way down the first floor and he's yelling for me and I'm sitting there just like so how is 3 liter bottle he just yelled for the 4th time top of his lungs and I went to go yell back at him to shut up but I did it wrong I'm drinking and I just took a huge breath in to yell at Carew and I just standing in the hallway Drive Elizabeth so busy because my lungs were filled with Mountain Dew I couldn't couldn't make the company so we get the weirdest thing ever I will baby thank you do it I went or leaned over and then just how do you run a horrible raspy cough he's like what's wrong until you yelled at me so I sucked it up but the bad timing the third floor hallway in the abyss accept with Mountain Dew what did you discover that Mountain Dew works like that liquid in the abyss into fizzy bubbles acted as oxygen that you can breathe your body will remember remember man sleepover ever had liquid in my lungs like that I was legitimately legitimately I was going to die I'm taking little breast you could have breathed like I'm sure you did with his entire life I was thinking like Dad like first of all my body was rejecting it cuz I have fluid in my lungs and then I was trying to but I was still trying to breathe but I was fighting like to thank all my instincts were wrong but it was pretty carbon dioxide eating a process so it's like a double-edged round it was more so just it was my lungs are filled out what the problem was never about the money do that knows but it still likes him it was awful it was awful about time she would be on the show quotes do the Mountain Dew ad read and then I think work at and where did they give you that locks the whole today but we have to get up shows on the mic I thought I couldn't tell I've never choke but I have apnea so sometimes I'll stop breathing when I'm asleep and then I'll wake up like in my dream I'll be unable to breathe and I'll wake up realizing I'm taking a breath in a long time wake up like I feel like I'm so horny right now I can feel like taking a huge breath you know I was supposed to have one but hasn't been born yet from having sex I like the babies just born or you could just go would you rather 9 now or just live out yet everyone in the so you're okay with people smelling poop on bathroom walls on a plane you're okay with that you said guys what is the normal body bodily function are you okay with people farting on the plane or more less bathroom related are you okay with people snoring on a plane I'm okay with you was snoring on a plane but I get very self-conscious When I snore on a plane when you're sleeping you snort them by taking a big Growler in the bathroom the bathroom don't don't try to get me on a technicality what about fine I think on a plane everybody gets one fart to test the potency of it what if they will happen at the same time as well then it's going to be hit-or-miss which ones stink but you get one stink test and if it doesn't stink then I mean whatever you know if it does stink then you're done you can you hold it in yet there was a story I saw on Reddit nothing was yesterday about this research group that developing a pill you can take and have this play centers in it and it still goes through your intestinal tract and it's cracked your farts via an app on your smartphone so you know like the composition of the gas it's making a good comes out when it's going to happen in the future like to try to predict it a bit hey how did I do that I don't know I didn't know where to take it seriously I guess like you can check if people have colorectal cancer based on like the gas is being produced burned Diagnostics when you're blowing smoke out of your car like that's not normal but the way you said it of you can know if you're about to fart in awhile shouldn't you just be smart about what you are eating and if that's going to make you fart I'd like if you're 32 years old by now you need to know what makes you to tell how short is your thought along for me yeah you know you're going to fall like at least 30 seconds before sure Lisa probably never like we got done that maybe it like in the fall out of your eyes that sounds so precious to make a sound will the butt cheeks are the sound know the anus is why is everything I mean yeah that's it I've ever met my life just talked about a lot of your legs are you moving your legs when you roll over are you the one moving yourself today answers name for Florida I mean if you're doing it if it if you're responsible for rolling over in your sleep and you're also responsible for intentionally farting in your sleep a guy it's a great like just six second video commentary a guy had the foresight to document his first-ever farting in front of this girl how I saw it it was such like a weirdly relatable video was there now faces are we fight in front of Ashley you can see what happens to reaction already here farting in front of each other he goes to hell you just the phone look at this is Sherman I'm already spot for him I get to do that after party for something and everyone's like super dressed up as for an award show and we saw some friends who have seen her while I were all just sitting there talking and Ashley is talking and she's like telling some for $0.05 and blah blah blah blah blah Parts, before or since you got to respect Tori approved you think she doesn't think that you fart just a thought I just go ahead and do it you go away every time you have to fart yeah I don't really thought that much I'm not a huge fan I don't live in my hotel room if I'm traveling to somebody else My secret is I go to the second floor which were they close all the conferences does there we go there all the bathrooms bacon yeah but if that's what you tight Quarters Hotel room too much got your life I think does your wife feel the same way I think so baby what does that courteous you happy with her hearing you shit they are happy with her shearing machine ulundil of crackling sound like a big lug coming out my pocket but it's it's kind of like someone what you doing really big I'm talking about like a big poo coming out sound is it's not fine it's just like like it's there's little pressure holes on the side I don't know I think likes it it's like a little tiny little bubbles wouldn't know how to explain that sound and it's only that it doesn't occur anywhere else it's only big poop is coming out Infinity War oh wow change the subject and the best I think no no I'm not a mega excited when I see some of them like they're concerned but I feel like that would Last Jedi like the kind of wanted me to focus on that and then maybe start seeing it at all Marvel Now They market like maybe the month before there's a trailer at least but it feels like there's very little like store I remember they just showed up in theaters one day and I was like oh that's out already I read earlier today the Fandango said that black panther has had the most advanced ticket sales of any Marvel movie so far I like it beat the record the previous record was Captain America Civil War Jacobi the most accessible mean on an Avengers movie I mean what is currently the most Wonder Woman was the most successful solo I wasn't even mom is a witch at more representation in superheroes it's like people get really excited about that they want to go see those things and Wonder Woman crushed it because me there hadn't been you know it's been female superhero movies before but not not the gold standard like Wonder Woman I'm not surprised to hear that the Black Panthers going to kill it seems like a the premise seems like really out there I was like a country that's hidden and you can't see it and it looks like something different from the outside it's something different on the inside but it looks great what kinda yeah it's it's always place in the Marvel Universe where is the most of the time but you know they have the fictional place is unreal places in the same universe wakanda and sokovia whatever I don't sell New York It's Like a Star Wars just popped into New Orleans I thought someone was was tweeting something about Infinity War they said like I hope we see some real consequences in the debt that matters I'm tired of this comic book quiche it is a comic movies is ironically or not but the time all the time Superman died in a DC movie and it was like nine or death with no consequences but you know comic book Dexter what was the story of the next movie he wasn't dead he wasn't dead weather in Justice League and two months old so if you haven't seen it sorry if I'm at. For you they take him to the Kryptonian like regeneration chamber where they also made doomsday in Batman versus Superman going to keep going back to and it was something about got a camera that movie was so muddled but flash had to do something super precise to charge the thing at the right moment to bring Superman back but when did Lex Luthor used it it turned sod into doing the day wow Drive Toledo Siri wants to chime in how embarrassing for your class what God is it alone when the president has Neil Cavuto God because sod the end of Batman vs. Superman kind of lift up big big diffused it even in the moment that really dead but he was he was he was dead is the metaphorical person moving to me is where it was unfairly like bashed the one I can't believe this shit about it like 2 weeks straight after I said the problem with Justice League is it it Justice League the movie represented Superman is being overpowered you don't need anyone else in that movie you just need Superman and it's it's there's nothing in that movie that happens from the moment that Superman is revived is nothing happens that doesn't involve strength saving the day I mean everything is ridiculous how much he shows up Flash animation point of it in the movie that does all the stuff trapology they were explaining to me that she is not overpowered and here's why is not her powers in comics and all that stuff that's fine I don't read your mind, what do you think what happened to the industry if they at right before home video release they took the IMDb score of the movie like doubled it whatever and that's the cost of the movie to buy that would that would you think I would trust that if I want to watch Justice League that have to pay as much as I ever really good movie The factors like little things here and there that you don't like but still really enjoyable like I said you know the Star Wars movies Star Wars moments in every one of those movies like about my favorite moment probably in any Star Wars movie in terms of like space battle since I was in The Last Jedi grabs his windshield doesn't become like I guess behind the typewriter by just you know when they get the stuff like Luke suckling at the tits stuff like that what is a personal reason words that is like additional Universe stuff in his movies like that going to rock city to get it like a little piece of beef jerky and eating that I mean the same shit like Jabba the Hutt eats the Frog building squeeze in the boob Into The Jug and then drinking it I thought it was well it looks like the creature was very inflamed like she had been building up a lot of milk run so it's been like done a circle around it in the air and it would have just facial reaction of the creature to is too much tonic relationship he pays me $5,400 a month like the fake fish thing is that just so people went wondering how we survived Empire Yodas Planet the fish thing in particular like when he's walking out there like a lot before the milk was walking out there and there's that one scene where he needs to get across a big gap and he was like that big stick to get over I think that's for shadow in the factories cut himself off from the 4th because I watch that and in the moment I thought why doesn't your sports jump across that a lot of little things like that fish whose music is that still freaking is about how long is 100 furlongs 154th milk or forecast for the same time and the thing was just talking about it and it was good yeah a hundred maybe one night at a Time cast with mattresses are I'm by humans for humans the original Casper mattress combines multiple supported memory foam for Quality sleep service with just the right sink and just the right bounce it's readable design help you sleep cool and regulate your body temperature through the night and they're not just a mattress company Casper offers a wide array of products to assure an overall better sleep experience on a pillow sheets well sleep easily online completely free it'll be delivered right to your door in a compact box out of mattress in all reality spend your life on Castor offers free delivery and payment returns within a 100 day. So you don't have to lie down in the showroom cats for sale in the US Canada and now that UK get $50 for select mattresses by $30 per person casper.com RT and using promo code RT at checkout terms and conditions apply that $50 towards any mattress purchase by visiting casper.com RT using promo code RT at checkout thank you Casper for sponsoring this episode of the podcast so that ad mentioned the UK and what was the the thing Patrick that we were iTunes award for being like most downloaded and Australia top 10 for like Australia and Canada in Canada American you step it up where you at UK also not feeling kinda so you can't you can just get up there and us were popular in Australia for some reason don't know why because we go there a lot of that comes out to be like two and a half weeks away damn I don't know the source of heat for Gavin have you heard any of these stories about these people in Oregon now that can pump their own gas attendant who can pump gas right but I was the last time I saw full service attendant here in town well I mean they had them last week in Oregon if they think they can still provide oregonians are faced with a world in which they may have to pump their own gas and their mortify feel like pump your own gas sounds like it's actually that you're that like you're really good is what have you seen the photos of people doing it incorrectly crazy fucking what are doing wrong side down or holding the nozzle like a foot away and like for into the hole it's starting the whole thing in most of the attention to what was going on the car this morning have you ever seen a movie where somebody puts gas in their car lifts everywhere yes really sum up funny true isn't a driver's license to have a car so many times I'll have a pilot's license before he has a driver's license so and his whole thing is I don't know what you're saying is anymore used to hold at this point you need a driver's license you need a car to drive some people don't drive in places where you don't drive like you are City San Francisco where I'm helping the economy this is this is Texas just get it in order to pick up and park in parking spaces that are too small for a fucking Toyota we have the highest per capita for pickups in the world probably right every time I go to a fucking parking lot space what is that in space that I was over the animation Department I think over here its 2:30 when I got over here at 3 and noodles no space then nothing I'm parked all the way like over by Station 1 his delicious park my car all the fucking time like your car Blends in when I want to buy a parking space I want to go party space but I thought it would be too big of a douche bag move to like the okay guys I'm getting my own Parts space in the sign print it up and put it up on post and I was going to get reserved parking spaces to Matt and Jeff and dust and then people come to me and say why didn't you get a resort with a fake name and then nobody will Franklin hire someone who all they do is give you that name to pokken it was so much they're going to see the space reserved space everyday Kirk hey do I so I did have that was and I didn't have to think of the evil thing to do but then sometimes it like I may be a better person that do that scar hey could you get me some Funyuns and that you would be waiting around the corner. Nicholas face the problem is you say I have a whole box of like more more ridiculous definitely come up with a single reason to believe yeah but if I thought was I wonder if I decode like I'm wondering if this more like if I said to do it would she say yes that was the question about how do you say that the thought crossed my mind I hate when people like I'm circling the parking lot like I'm waiting to get a really close to the Park Circle e baby just put your car in space and we just walked in there any way to hear that you're a grocery store you're welcome. Every single Isle 15 timed was talking to the guy that I got a smaller gym and what about it I had that use the biggest dumbbells their 14lb but are you say and they've been to three different locations of the history of their thing and thought how fucking terrible would have beat him I would literally be the weekend or weekend as a course closing Bell Road and lunges the first time they moved they moved across the hall from where they were or something easy you just line up all the treadmills and then you stand on the bus right after you ride that shit anyways the news about I would just sell the business and start a new one you know that's it seems like moving a gym would be ugh impossible you would rather have people come in and move all of the gym equipment out but not put it back in the new place and then you would rather have different people bring equipment to a new place that just to Move It from one place to another you can you imagine movies are already terrible professional movers it's weird there's a don't want to break stuff they don't move everything it's probably just my extraordinary bad luck that is a hundred percent of the times I've used a moving company they've been terrible but the big thing that I've noticed among this small selection of Terre Haute roofing companies that I've had my life he said they all negotiate after the fact and the worst thing is did you was going to go she ate after they have your stuff and it's always it's always something like come out and bid on this and then a bit on it and they said you came here and bit on the stuff you walked up the stairs to get here so yeah but summer form of there was a staircase there's no box check for the staircase so that's like three hundred bucks or something like that if you don't pay if you still don't pay the dump your shit on the front yard now the only like it was auctioned off or something like that also I've had friends like through the course of my career I have not left Austin but I have help people relocate to Austin from other places and I somehow get wrapped up in their moved and the relocation and almost every single one of them if they live in their house have to come to Austin for like 6 to 8 weeks with nothing cuz the moving companies like yeah we just don't have any like trucks going your direction right now but as soon as we do we'll we'll put your stuff in the truck and send it down there yeah I would love to hear it and I was throwing myself into pick up and make run after run up to run and I have used movers probably weed movers to come from Ralph ablanedo to hear she probably the best because made a good system of like label your movers are pissed off because they probably show up till like 15% their jobs or more and people don't realize that movers just move stuff they don't pack anything little rap the couches and stuff the big stuff like couches they might handle but like they're only people who just help you are bad at packing they don't realize how long it takes to pack up everything you own so I'm sure they're like packing stuff while the movers are moving my last movies Prince was so bad I thought I was I had this projector screen is like a screen to watch movies on my break is that yeah I break and then we'll be responsible yeah I was like I don't care if it breaks to put together let it sit still there I just moved and one of the guys who is moving the big things like the couch and stuff he's sweat all over it leather couch dreads in this dude's Bullhead and I was like I'm going to sell that I guess so sir I mean no I get home pay for it to be moved than what I thought process sure to push on it it was like coming up his eyebrows but we could see it in his face and you know the one thing the movers damage in them in the move from Ralph ablanedo to hear that I was very upset about it upset me cuz it felt at the time like a super frivolous purchased me when we bought it and then when they damaged it I got mad I can match that white board that we have that's on the rollers so magnetic can you pick up something just like I felt like we need a whiteboard till I talk about ideas and stuff and it felt super frivolous to buy it and everything in it took really good care to fight for it right in the middle of it and they just feel like he was like that when we got it to buy me a new whiteboard pictures of your stuff and then hold them accountable yeah I guess you could I guess you could honestly 45 45 years ago was it with me but you forget how recent a development that is we had cameras both boys again I know we did but it's like it wasn't I feel like I wasn't taking photos of everything I can have as much storage and after you think ahead of the curve and taking videos and photos you definitely were but I had like separate items that were recorded I had a video camera on the Congress why am I so yeah but I'll be back to standard cups just the regular I don't have anything booked at all anywhere this year you guys were awake you but I'm losing systemwide upgrades that are expiring you losing them just use them well I got to use them before the 31st what am I so fly somewhere just to get the upgrade you just flew into nationally to London using then I didn't didn't I didn't use them defenses by making fun of me which seems to be her new Mo like what she had you guys doing like she did the same thing Barbara she was like she was making fun of me how many ounces how was making it sound like I was the problem unlike I had to believe this usually people. I think he just hated everyone and now she doesn't like everyone sucks and you look everyone's going to come at you just don't listen anybody don't listen to safe and we'll see you guys again next week when we will be back live by Buddy