#477 - Gus Has a Diva Moment

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, David Eddings, and Burnie Burns as they discuss retro gaming, celebrity deaths, an intern coming clean, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on January 29, 2018, sponsored by Tripping (http://bit.ly/2Dne7rt ), ProFlowers (http://bit.ly/2ykkmgZ ), Dollar Shave Club (http://bit.ly/2D8ErXc )

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, David Eddings, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

show everyone what kind of the receipt podcast this week in Pro Flowers and Dollar Shave Club previously sponsored podcast I don't remember I didn't say my last name but it's free did you feel the need to say your last name a lot since like David yeah most people are just call me adding or eddings off the times I get David every now and then never introduced myself to the day but yeah. Because it's David. They're heading to put the promise there's another David eddings out there to which people up as well as my cousin is a fantasy author I don't like the bill Garrity related to a lot of his followers and seven years ago maybe 6 whatever but never squat a website or anything the four years old was crazy though is that I was 33 when when he died and I was saying it was right when I first came out your dad in the moment that he said that I knew I oh my God no and it throughout the next couple hours and it was like 2 hours later possibly see the connection yeah I think I heard somebody similar where I like walked into a room and who died in a funeral home there's some people I know in life and I think David eddings you're one of them there's some people that I call by there first and last name and I don't know why and I can't think of anyone else I do it for him to go to the list of people I know in my head guess you might have been that way for a while like I might have for you is Gus sorola you know Gus's dasara yeah when you have a few words with a string together I just learned something that's not official sponsor postum the alternative coffee drinks could you show me back behind podcast 400 coming up I'll see I'll see what postings at these days you are a fellow flamethrower pre-order person from the boarding company I was going to ask you if you were going to get Slow Mo Guys you have more bees for it but then I thought he's calling Manassas 2000 times cuz I had a flamethrower in it and someone what's the shed joke and apparently you kept a lethal weapon in the shed outside your house flamethrower closet the door just throws it but you can throw it in the fire throw it did that for videos yeah I would like a 50-foot flamethrowe does seem like it's been Limited in what I can do that I might not be the most industrial flamethrowe around liquid think maybe this thing is like the equivalent of pressure price flamethrower lighter I don't get ever caught anything on fire it looks like a Bug Assault assault everyone already right all right great you're going to go to work because strictly because I have learned over my course David eddings of my career and video games as a consumer I have learned never ever ever pre-order Hardware software always pre-order Hardware Ace Hardware is always in great demand and if you get it you can just spell it I can probably see if I if I get this whatever flamethrower thing in it like next day shipping which was like 40 bucks more but I got it in case I decide when he gets here it's like oh I want these things they're all sold out now it's a big deal and then I could sell it if I want you to open it up use it and sell it for more than you bought it for a live within the first couple of days that's because of the shortage PetSmart sold those Dopey little Nintendo things that have all the Nintendo games and I hate I hate I mean just it just get the digital version on your current Nintendo console don't get it why not I don't know dude I'm just telling you what the way it is they said they should offer to look at the schedule now we got some you are going crazy I don't want this will sell it but it was given to me by as a gift for a speaking speaking engagements Nintendo why don't you ever owned the very first console I owned was the coleco Telstar it was a pong console that we had a we had a 10-key and squash which was basically you versus God it was funny as you could actually do it and lock slider between the games you have three choices the game and you could wide between tennis and hockey and give yourself an extra guy getting their course both sides have an extra guy that was at the first day you became a cheetah that was that was that was that was that was just mad cuz you couldn't help it but getting from one game to the other you would see it the transition happening with sick what if I just left it there I don't know why she's at work function is the game is on your side that's hockey that was soccer until and if you wanted to take a break and you had to align the paddle so that the ball would go right in between even if he gets up and then you can walk away from it and you can leave it there sorry came out that there was actually a giant pong at the national videogame Museum in Frisco Texas and when it opened up they invited like Palmer Luckey and Cliff bleszinski some other guys that were there has been sent Paula you know I can respond on name dropping everything like that but it was not a giant freaking pong with big paddle like this and that is it and I I kick all their asses I was undefeated on a giant pong from the no boys that are the Retro think it was awesome and and I play Palmer in and I kicked his ass and I would say good game and he just turned around the other way and watch that I can go in there is less likely a chance it'll run into them open house for my kid and her parents there had a video game Museum Frisco Texas us when you see something once you buy a car you never seem to think I'm going to go I heard about this thing for the first time and now you're bringing it up. Work going to the absolutely I'd like to say that I had a little bit to do in fact there's a little physical character that is okay it's a little robot for those fire over here rooster teeth are starting about 6 months ago so I'm the voice of Claptrap in Borderlands so TK Baha in in the game too and I do another voice in the game that we're actually publishing hair RoosterTeeth which will announce when did you want to do it whenever we want to get to that point we are trying to get for pong paddles at once and then we're going to have our whole my wife doesn't play video games like playing video games and she hasn't met you yet but she fucken hates you yeah I'm so sorry about that I totally lifted that line from from a movie or no from the cartoon an old Hanna-Barbera cartoon Tom and Jerry which they listed it from like a Bowery Boys cereal which nobody is going to know what that is no black and white days whatever but your momma can get that her or something like that forget what it is and is little mousies over there dancing with like this type of you know I think he's like the original means back in the day because I swear I swear that Curly Howard from The Three Stooges also said something like this right. There you go but the great because if you have emissions at you're supposed to complete because you beat level the missions in the whole thing screwed up so really I'm on the street come on Five Nights at Freddy's absolute favorite character is the one that's the moon one where you can play as claptrap Pre-Sequel and I thought that's going to be interesting because that the character that's playable it's like that's a lot of time with the whole idea and I thought that nobody want to play that character I was completely wrong that was the most popular character it was very very surprising given the fact that it was like it was to try to complete this game it was nuts but you don't want to say that in defense of your wife I just said he supposed to be irritating but endearing like your kid brother you know your mom says you can go hang out with your friends but you got to take your kid brother long you'll slap your kid brother around but you won't let anybody else do it will circle the wagons around your kid brother so that's what that's all that seriously games in fact I think you close to the end spoiler for the end of Borderlands 2 it's your fault again. Going to finally confront everyone then you get to the area where there's the stairs and a Claptrap decide that break down words like to thank you thank you very much in defense of your wife I want to give her Shadow for putting up with you for the 16 hours at you're not at work everyday I'm going to bring the shirt when I'm not at home that we should always have my face to look at it like this like I'm always there. sick and tired of me she's like can you work late tonight then I got a ColecoVision and some other stuff it was like probably 5 or 6 years before Nintendo came out by that point it's it's not my retro sweet spot like if you put Atari 2600 games you like you would be excited about 600,000 came out and actually had animated stick figures In Crowd noise the basement and it was great right you know and then I'll bet but they had the B-52 bomber one with the voice it was really really electronic Super Mario retro it's just what I grew up with ya like stuff like stuff and I actually bought that because I knew it would save me money at the arcade I would have stuff it I was 15 years old the time was assistant manager at the mall and I send the commercial for Lottie it was a Town East Mall in Mesquite Texas and yeah I know I saw I said unemployed the Toys R Us to pick up the NES for me and I didn't go to sleep that night I stayed up all night long playing that game and freaking loved every minute of it these days because of the state of like PC gaming and consoles now but it was a very very big deal that the NES was the same experience as playing at the arcade look the same as the ball game sucked like the transition from Pac-Man from arcade. Peter 2600 cuz the the video game Crash of 1982 which the video game industry decline by 95% that's why I didn't want the NES is a tall at retail they had to do that are OB Riley are the robot and I forgot what the other game was push the button and it picked up the top downloaded games with me is it going to be stupid little top open doors view in Jeremiah I know why they did it but it is time you would like those big eyes and it's like wow this going to do so many know he did look at the screen door light sensor on their the rapper worked on the NES was you know the screen would flash and it's not the 8th was coming out from the gun it was the sensor in the gun was reading when the screen flashed and what was hitting it right like there was no transmittal from the gun the gun with the passive receiver limited Hardware resources time that was such an incredible. It was at. 85 and and then the Christmas of the New Year's Eve 86 whatever it takes when I came out and sick so it was a it was magical and the NES brought video games back in the home like nobody even even now even though I didn't know I was 15 but when I came out that was the it's still it's retro it's still the you know there was a place in my heart even even more so that I think the Atari I think ColecoVision was the closest thing at the time the Donkey Kong was like almost like the unbelieving the finally with the NES it was arcade pollen count is microtransactions I think it's better. I think it's it's almost like the transaction right so it's almost like an equivalent of like a freemium game part your pain I woke up late you can watch the interactive it's like a little bitter the charges I wonder how the NES would have gone if you actually have to put money into it what's funny is I did think of you using me about justifying it as spending less money in RP. And yet I was still out to my parents if you buy me this game console so I will not go to that played in the more I know thanks Jack for shake that reminder with this episode of podcast brought you by trippin did you know that the average family visits 5 totally different website before booking a vacation rental you've been list I'm planning your next trip and more time relaxing with tripping.com the world's number one site for vacation rentals traffic is trusted by millions of Travelers and future by the New York Times travel and Leisure Forbes and more what you're looking for a cabin or beachfront home to get away to this winter or are already looking ahead to vacations this spring can help you find the perfect place to stay vacation rentals offer flexibility perks amenities at hotels don't like multiple bedrooms backyards hot tubs free WiFi and even fully stocked kitchen so you can plan and cook your own meal trippin one search left your filter compared and start over 10 million available properties are trusted sites like VRBO TripAdvisor booking.com and more don't wonder if you're getting the best deal you'll save an average of 18% per night by booking your vacation with tripping.com so don't forget if you want to save time and money for booking the perfect Ace rental for your next trip had to tripping.com Rooster Teeth today that's t r i p p i n g.com / which teeth tripping.com RoosterTeeth big thanks to tripping for sponsoring this episode of the podcast Microsoft has a console Sony has a console most of the big ones now today Nintendo obviously as well so many people try to make consoles over the years to make console who had that that was like the kids have the mattresses with Geoff Ramsey was that would like and 64 and the wrong thing you're talking about was probably made by Magnavox that a Magnavox made the Odyssey as well which was super cool console that very few people can afford my buddy had that I was like I'll give you the number of of those but that was and the television Cleco in the Snowman playing when they were trying to figure out video games but it's weird I love those handheld maybe they have the handheld football games played beginning a B-17 bomber planes the Run that's amazing. I got to do right it was more like a loser for that I read at one point I have to look it up but like on the Sega Genesis cartridges memory and storage space on the cartridge and the Sega the comes up the beginning that was for some games 12% of the cartridge have to be dedicated person of the cartridge memory was just the saying having to play that right I'll look it up I hear later I rent a great documentary about Mary was it was a game that was put on the Xbox console and you go through you can play games but then they also have info on The Game Headz developers and Tiffany all these games one person and everything like that and I mean huge hit with a 200,000 copies back then and a lot of times for the cartridges because they do the manufacturing their deadlines were so tight that they would ship the game and then they would test it and then they would put in the documentation for the game which was printed later they would put the things that are wrong with it as Easter eggs on finish it you know I remember somebody used to program games for for the ColecoVision remember that I'm thinking wow you've been in for so long right like that's an end and now I realize like they were in it for like a just a portion of the time that I've been in there already. At 8 and if I feel like the games that were made at that time so I just remember when she was talking about that is if that's that's freaking incredible but at the time it was like 12 years prior to me getting in the industry and I just seen my ancient right and now I hesitate to even say how long they were there was no rules for how you did it right and and there's always that Innovation that that that that next job I mean all the people that we know where we're sitting here today because Innovative to work why people are dying to know if it's in the box well guess what I got a few things to tease right now in case I never in case I never get to come on the show again I think that we're going to mention tonight that is an exclusive thing just for this audience we're going to announce the game I'm teasing it a little bit I don't know and you know the one I'm talking about depression but then I'll just do it right now because I don't think this is one of things I'm really excited about it we'll talk about Artie games and I want to talk about the secret project that we have any trouble project if we get a chance to do that but we also need a republican games we signed the game again that I'm really excited about called bendy and the ink machine I don't know if you seen this or not I've heard about this or not but it's like Five Nights at Freddy's beat BioShock meets cuphead and I'm very very very excited about that so that's that's the big news here tonight and it's so you know whenever we want to get to that week talk about it it will be definitely I know that the vending machine is by the meetly games on the Sega step here no games don't understand the video game business so I can so imagine you you're right you're an author writes Stephen King Stephen King is the developer Stephen King writes the books makes the games. Stephen King's publisher does not write the Books however Stephen King published her does indeed get the books out to Market they give him the money in advance make sure that they have to take this apply to Editor to make sure that it works it's on the page whatever they are they printed they get it out to the stores they sell at date they take the money you know and and they try to go Stephen King's out there to publish more books right now you find it like in the publishing world people at all the times you adjust focus especially when they have higher they focusing on the the publisher of this some of the developments to do but but you know I came from the school of gathering developers God games back in the day and to me it's more about the developer it's really about the above the rock stars right nobody goes to movie just because it's a universal picture Robertson directors and writers and movie stars are the ones that people go see a movie for not because of who you know basically produced it right you know nobody gives a shit about MGM film but still that's that's help publishing should be with with with developers as well the cool thing is is I hear Rooster Teeth but we're also developing games do we have an internal death team they're working on it on on Project secret code name right now we'll leave it at that it's a Sci-Fi games shooter it's it's uh set in the future and you know it's a lot of fun funny too by the way and then you know later on if we have time I was I was hoping I can get the audience to help us with some of the future jargon and catch phrases and talk about in that regard but we can give me talk about that seem right now we need to see what's in the box all right this is us first and then show videos I did I gave it to Jeff I gave this a job I have some really cool stuff I'd love to give to you to give away for extra life and he brought me this incredible piece and I'm like last year like we don't have enough time to really prep this thing let's build this up so for 2018 extra life will do something and it deserves. Thank you very much for doing this because this was a gift that I received when I was in dongguan China having the original loot chest made for the Borderlands 2 collector's edition and when I was over there this manufacturer happens to be an official Sanrio manufacturing like to see and they do Hello Kitty and while I was there if you know anything about Chinese culture if you ever say like oh I would love to see something like this nothing it's within their power as a host they will make that happen and so I said oh I would love to see a Hello Kitty loot chest and when I as I was leaving they presented me with an official Hello Kitty loot chest Borderlands 1 of a kind of dog it is the light reflecting you can see the logo there's a gearbox in 2K long as it is I was there when this was made this is made with official Hello Kitty and you can't even open it up by the way she had plastic and and stickers and and and the reason I gave it to Jack is because I knew when I received it and one I wasn't really expecting to receive that but I know that somewhere out there there is there's a Hello Kitty Fan who's the Borderlands fan or maybe just a Hello Kitty Fan that once everything does come with your business card in it to it does it does but you know the reality is is something like this I think Kim and Ray J a lot of money maybe even over 10,000 maybe even over $20,000. And if we can do to relieve some children's pain or suffering like that you know having spent a lot of time in the hospital myself I I know how much it sucks and so I would like to see this through something to something good for for for some folks so that's why that's why I came in and gave it to me right now because we will let the world know that it exists it's been hidden for a while and now that you know spread the word and maybe we can help racing a lot of money yeah wait until November to do like an auction-style on eBay and have the proceeds go to extra life or if we going to do sort of our Raffles style which would most want the majority of our Price is Right select option for this wonderful be unique and kind of one off when I do that with a couple things this year so I know get a few months were really right now it's about showing it I mean this is a one-of-a-kind Unique Piece that literally that's the only one that exist on the planet and so if you are a if you are able to use literally at so if you know anyone is in a Hello Kitty or you know anyone who's into collecting unique one more Notch things Borderlands are Hello Kitty spread the word little bit more and then I will probably have an auction maybe around RTX maybe push it closer to November towards extra Life by well we'll figure it out and we'll make sure to write a lot of money for this that's awesome I love you that we were at the first-ever child's play charity auction and it was never done anything like this before the penny arcade guys they were taking the Step 2 today playoff each other amazingly well if you've never seen them do you like it there too and a session two packs you should absolutely check it out but when they can't do the auction ever won a crab like have never been to it before washing off the first thing and the room is kind of dead silent like everybody like I guess you hate this over the years but funny dead silence for like one second feels like an hour to me and I just bid on this thing and I want it and I got it anyways this MMO cold World of Warcraft it was just about to come out and it was signed by the hold empty and my brother was excited about the game I got it for 350 bucks something like that and it came with a three year subscription does clutches Edition signed by you tired that team I gave it to my brother he sold it for years later he sold it on eBay for 1,500 bucks I bought it for less than what it cost to go to one of those Child's Play auction stuff goes crazy excuse to give money in the Halo 4 Xbox was signed by some people it was like it was 200 like 400 maybe but you sure did wow anyway so it's just like they were oxygen off like Adobe Master collection menu at the time Jordan squares are using like an old version of class to attend MIT Adventures like this auctions going for less than what Master collection actually cost I can buy this when it and then give it to Jordan eBay but it's literally the first item ever sold at the first-ever child's play auction did you guys want back for like your records what is a signed vanilla World of Warcraft collector's edition and burning Crusade collector's yeah $4,000 he still too soon for $4,000 I can get you a night with Rob Pardo how about that kid use the code to get the pets which was a Diablo demon with the coaches and I think you had an option with the Diablo demon or a little lizard from Starcraft I think when you redeem the code you can pick one of those two could be wrong it's been it's been a few years since I came out the pay for cosmetic stuff or was that that was really made that the big deal was paying for Cosmetics Counter Strike 1.6 but I've been having an amazing experience with the Sea of Thieves closed beta the two boys and we just woke up by Pirates spew paragraphs of nonsense and somehow it Rhymes most the time of the amazing to talk on a fever notice that the whole pause thing that I say I hate never happens Michael ever take a breath mint yeah but I thought you were putting out on the chat that World of Warcraft does have cosmetic mounts that you can pay for it does I was given a bunch of chicken bounce once by blizzard to give away our Christmas party and I refuse to play World of Warcraft only because of my second child already been born and and I was a huge City Heroes freak are very first live-action piece ever did as a company was the City of Heroes those short Dynamic that game so much I was the most powerful hero and the shark that I played on for even after 6 months after I quit I went and walked back in I was still number one the developer Jackhammer who designed the game I was like hey you should be speaking troller gravity kinetic controller it's really weak to have a glass jar the beginning but in the end you'll be the most powerful too and he was right and I did the math and spreadsheets crazy I was like that with you but now that lost your phone and I lost so maybe you could talk to her an MPC and depending on the first letter of their name could give you different information I can tell you my how many hours you played the game and I've never tell this to anybody else but I know how many hours I played I was embarrassed of myself since so much time and I did my second child was born I swear off in the most and then Star Wars the Old Republic came out and I know I know I was pretty pissed off about the big especially like Bethesda games and I'm going to lose a lot of time in about Skyrim full out stuff I deliberately leave the game on and walk away from it just so I don't have a truly know how many hours I've wasted over a thousand hours but I like yourself a wonderful pause when you quit the game and go back to the title. Cuz I wanted to be like as a Curative encounter as I can get I want to know how much I played this game but it's just like another Milestone Swan is Halo 2 how many matches of Halo 2 multiplayer multiplayer 1450 mounts are stats at one time thankfully bungie.net had at that point and I had this crazy thing is that I sure didn't have like 1500 matches or something and then I will get my kill death ratio and my kill death ratio across all my games was 25,000 kills 25 2010 death of the cutoff at the 25000 10010 total kill death right down the middle but just like out of the water they're closed it sometime just let you hold a note for fraction of a second to get like 15 more points but I was looking up for some reason was looking up a song that will work I wasn't Toledo boys and Jason Saldana voice of Tucka we would next to each other in the world leaderboard at like I might have like $180,564 he had a hundred 8563 we'll just like if we set out to do that we never could have done that that's amazing I actually thought I was just looking at the friend leaderboards but it was the world birthday in the room checking it for some reason I have crazy what are the craziest coincidences in my life but it's like very specific so she play guitar at that you wouldn't really relate to it and I see you and I have had and we got to go back and captions we went there. Where you and I had just insane amount of coincident living in a simulation yeah that's odd weird stuff happened to Bobby Hebb and arguing about dead I think he said no I don't know if I'll look it up and and right at that moment he died with Ray harryhausen I got a lot of witnesses 2k games and videos and Foxy gear gearbox and we will talk about Ray harryhausen I was like hey is Ray harryhausen dead like nice not dead I looked it up at that moment he died he was a little early the next morning I buy send me emails like oh my fucking god man looking like we're playing Rainbow Six get back into it even though it's like you've been out for like 60 of the time and the day that video came out he died my God yeah blame Jeff I think it's Jeff who mentioned it like I I I have been lost in some games I argue we got pretty lost in pubg not nearly as much as I did when I was in a spare time that we can collagen stuff I could get lost a few things. whatever my kids want to play a centrally but I know exactly where this is going I'm not touching this like I never got super into wow because I knew I would get stuck in he got sucked in the perfect rotation for the animation to watch the what kind of delay your night or Christmas I don't remember I don't know anymore had your rehab play don't like this for a reason it's like discovering another person so I mean that's that's what it is about these I was a God I am in City of Heroes and then people would worship me they would bow down if they have that worship animations of like that and it was crazy I went nuts as you start to identify as your as your avatar as your character guess you know what I'm talking about if you if you were that obsessed with it you know what I'm saying like to think I owe this is who I am as opposed to I'm Gus sorola and then I see if I was an anagram of cereal and it's weird and it's great and wonderful and it's terrible all the same time I don't know that's just you know one match of OverWatch Reaper God damn if it's all the play the game or whatever and I was like then it was ready for the next match I was like I think exactly where they sell it. It's amazing how little down time difference between matches there's just enough time to be like to play the game that you feel like I can play another one and I'm not Gavin pirate voice from CFCs I thought you meant your voice earlier but I think of the parachuting part is a lot of unnecessary downtime between that and the starting Island would you play a match we start you just found some things going on the plane okay I got it you better pick it you better put your spot why they put you into that anyway and you see you think we take out the island brightness phone Island Park because apparently was Xbox one was having trouble keeping up with all those people spawning in one place at one time but it's part of the game is picking where you're going to ask where you're going to land and watching the other players when playing crossover like knowing the path of the plane and keeping that in mind throughout the whole Maps I got very important for me I did not consider that and I agree with you I will retract my pitch do you feel pretty stupid after that reminder Wednesday is also brought you by ProFlowers have you ever tried to impress your Valentine with the perfect gift and film I'm sure you don't want to make that mistake again guys ProFlowers and Shari's Berries have teamed up to help you really impress your Valentine this year with their perfectly paired collection go ahead and think inside the box is Valentine's Day this really is a one-of-a-kind gift your flowers and dip strawberries will arrive together in a beautifully specially designed box that will keep your flowers fresh and you're very cold guaranteed right now our listeners can save 20% on any one of them perfectly paired combinations or any other gift over $29 with promo code teeth take the delivery date and it's guaranteed customer satisfaction is always number 1 or your money back for strawberries here earlier it's only one way to get 20% off a perfectly paired gift over $29 featuring beautiful Blooms from ProFlowers and freshly dipped strawberries from Shari's Berries visit proflowers.com today enter code at checkout that's proflowers.com code teeth ProFlowers and Shari's Berries for your beautiful flowers and your delicious proflowers.com I've been ordering like for Mother's Day for Valentine's Day. Always great looking flowers that we had some over here in the office and I was getting close to them it's like I never realized how many flowers will kill a cat okay like how many flowers are toxic for most of the lilies flowers and then maybe like roses what was the second I kill cat cat safe flowers side are allergic to plants right cats from flowers earlier before humans domesticate is your cat likes you can order option on the website this is the greatest hits greet me at the door which comes back like a trip or something like that yeah I have a bunch of flowers does the car says sorry I killed the cats by the way ordering flowers just because get you in trouble or something so if you're going to do it randomly you got to just have it sit at random times I wish I was a random function like just a stick of dynamite. Yeah they don't know when they're going to show up Maddie Ashley about the flamethrower today arguably of frivolous very expensive purchase frivolous frivolous $500 not frivolous we can all just gone over to Marcus and if I would have made us put it wouldn't say the boring company on I'll shut up you don't know so I'm boring go to Ashley when I saw her I was going to see if these closed beta code for somebody else I jokingly said you were sorry I sorry I made a purchase like a flamethrower that talk to you first and she's in talking about the bus first search for Isaac was now I'm in trouble it was a relationship yeah literally physically and I got in trouble let me know right now and if you do Skype or are you going to die for I'm at it you can insert for a long time does that work it's like it's way more fun to hang out with how long have you been into semester as well so I was but by myself so it was just me it was a little bit lonely I have so many more other intense hang out with your little while talk about that right now what time do you delete photos from it says the Grinch and it was a Christmas thing and then half way through it legal was like no don't do that yet look at look realistic and it was also had a musical component that used a very similar sounding salt different the music and the the costume would like to close a cease-and-desist before you get just saying if the dr. Seuss estate had taken down or short more publicity than the video probably would have generated for this think so in the Grinch would have killed our Christmas I feel so bad though cuz Gus was in makeup and hair for like the whole day we had everyone come out to the house I think we sent everyone home we gone every shot except for Gus's shots and 80% done with like principal photography of the idea of getting like in full costume and makeup like 6 hours long just for shows it get cancelled did you just say I was not happy I would probably be the most Diva at I've been on a on a suit we don't know if we can do this it's too close to the real thing that we may have you redo your makeup and and if you send it looks less realistic and I was like I sat and makeup for 3 hours doing this you're not going to do this but I'm not going to reshoot everything that we are shot of the Chuck Jones grants Are we more the Jim Carrey Grinch that way the conversation even though he should have the highest confidence levels of any one of the company is physical fitness in just his position in life is everybody in the middle of the shoot that was another one a couple years ago we're three-quarters of the way through the day the lead actor goes you know what I don't like this material and that I'm leaving on the phone if you walk off this set allegedly this one I heard was said if you walk up a set I'll stop representing you and the guy was like I'm out here by so you're like he was out he will pay for that shoe shortly will work with him again I don't know one person can afford that I doubt the script that he just one of the things we offered at the value to our insurance is they learn valuable Business and Professional we're supposed to teach you about how to operate properly in a professional business environment he was sitting on the podcast I was on a shoot for Marshall's got a new show new live-action show the Marshalls working on I have a part in it and I was on set Maddie working the live-action Department was there is an intern but she was coming over the podcast as well and I said I had to race to get out of there cuz we could be a podcast at 5 it was like 4 415 and we're getting to the end of the day and I might have really got to make sure I'm winding down here to get out of here and I saw Maddie to go hey Maddie I said you're coming to the podcast right and she said yes and I said okay do you need a ride I know your situation you have a car she goes yeah I have a car I said I get out of there I go out to my car Maddie comes calling out running and she said wait wait wait wait wait what I need a ride and I said oh I thought I thought I thought I thought you had a car on the application requirements for the job is in charge that you have to have a car so I just told him that I do but I don't have a car my boss bought what you going to do is obviously a liar but is this initiative like she she went to do was pick you up to go somewhere cuz you don't drive another irresponsible Foreigner over here yeah and that she had get you a list instead and kind of fool you going to take me to lift someone else to go and get you instead I was in the post-production department and so I was just editing I didn't need a cot wasn't on the application I applied online so I was in the clear I was I didn't need to call the spine and I'm so we started doing more more production stuff cuz I didn't have an inch and I was all alone by myself and then we'll was just having me do more stuff and then one day it was like okay next semester want to come back I was like yes and he's like the car right and I was like yeah I didn't write anything on paper I just kind of like we need someone to what do you do if I pick up a bunch of a bunch of different places Uber everywhere I calculated how much I spent last semester no it was like it was pretty bad about 500 Business procedure it was more than $500 more than $800 spring break I'm going to get a car yeah yeah that makes sense and I had an Australian drivers license that was valid so if I did need to drive the pickup truck I could like I need me to do something but I always said if they need me like desperately I like could but on the right hand side in the parking lot and like my license expired I can't drive here at all and so Drew will filming something we need to cost to be lined up and was like Hey Maddie can you go like can you go ask if we can move that cause just like he has using the shot and I was like okay and so I like why not the other antenna was like you got to go he going to move them I can't do it. Push them she takes that she goes to Home Depot to pick up like material Lumber Home Depot is like Lumber in your car and get coffee and they'll be like skinny 10 cases of water 3 cases of coke three cases of like Sprite and it's like I do. And I'm like please don't give me a bad ratings going next door I've been calling you for when you get there I need to make a friend Jessica's going to see this don't like playing her Javier they don't know what power my title has but you don't mind continuing to Uber everywhere. List the parent like I can do I mean like I couldn't like my I have a family account so it's like oh my God oh my God are you at why don't you call DJ on 21 221 yeah that's it work with you for the short oh man that's pretty impressive to me I should have all the photos of their car and drive it will have like interviews where the intern has to drive and then you're right back to have like an intern like a road course you know obstacle course whatever they have these kids do I Canadians were Canada's worst drivers ever seen this and it's the shittiest drivers of the world I swear to God every summer with that run into somebody who clearly has no clue what the fucking knew it that's what he doesn't know what the fuck you're going to hear I feel like everyone's job when you get to a green light like the first person to look at it the second person has to watch The Light commercial on the time you go to cameras that are all the traffic lights are not red light cameras few but most of them aren't sensors in the pavement they're just Optical now for like see if there's cars at the intersection waiting to go by faster Bryson you can get a green light or whatever to go to the red and black coffee like what I want to do that for you start manslaughters the worst like at 2 a.m. when the bars close in you got to turn left on a start date or whatever not like to stay with nobody coming and it just it just read the left turn this is nothing happening at all that's for sure and light before you realize it's broken I don't do you think anyone cuz a lot of people get frustrated other drivers on the road I seen you do it every time I've been in your car has anyone ever been like this guy in front seat driver proper use of turn signals good in a good feeling like okay like this is someone I can I'm comfortable being around this person that's a good drive behind the right away by the fact that you've noticed I could drive a couple of days ago and it makes me want like I wish there was more kind of horns like different hakaida to the green light talk like a come on I'm driving I'm continuing to be driving. Driving. Talk you can't lay on the horn hat is indicator on the whole way for those of us in America as blinker signal or whatever it was right and he wasn't right and I was like why Blossom of the horn so he's like what am I doing wrong there's a period of time you have to give for somebody even notice and then you give it like a really polite hot and there's the ass hole hog right there's a fly talk the danger how old is Thomas different when you're forgetting but if you were driving along parade and then you just got punked would you be like what's up if I was doing anything just to my Lane I was wondering what was up but if I was like drifting into a lane or maybe I was texting or maybe I was wrong I feel like if she knew he would have turned off the blinker on other people's behalf to get him in trouble and there's a right lane and I'm in the left and the right way here and then a guy comes in on a merge lighting cut you have your hands up in the air off the road while I was driving fine places you'll get your ass kicked just for Hawking Happy Hunting Hawk happy hour or like or just a hey I'm not mad at you in the early eighties and I was growing up in Houston Texas I remember like sometimes you have the electric adoption Hawkins positive reinforcement if you could record one like vocal from yourself that would be your horn I wouldn't do me I do decide to have you do your old message. how do I yeah I know I was just you like literal what I was just impressed that you sure my Angels were. After while when I was using AOL Instant Messenger I had Jason record his voice saying the incoming outgoing message I like every time you be talking with someone just give you Jason's voice constantly is there a standard like is there a government standard for what horror has to sound like like sorry in the key of f what if you want, Dad just been sucking get a different car I don't know how to get a car that's made in fucking yet your stuff change your emergency vehicle the sirens I hate the European what's that you know me about what English police cars and stuff the reflective bright yellow fluorescent color so you can see him you'll please cuz of black dick yeah not always sometimes or black and blue don't let the police cars in Austin used to be all white with blue accents but in the Prius police chief when he started he said that he complained that the police cars in Austin look like taxis so you change them to the black and white color I said the other day that was his complaint was that he said Austin police cars look like taxis Authority ice cream truck Vine traffic control and Authority from police officer because I don't like the fact that whenever I see a police car might get directions oh shit you caught me where is the white dude you know I owe my God I'm so scared that's just I mean honestly two weeks ago about that I was waiting at a red light and there's a cop in front of me and all the sudden he hits his lights and just drove past me he drove up on the curb drove through somebody's front lawn to make a right turn because that's the definition of privilege like your white dude that's the weirdest thing you've ever seen a cop who is really pretty pissed about that by the cab driver pick up 10349 Galveston 69th Street my brother's girlfriend she's fucking idiot you stole the 69th 3 sign up for 769-869-6971 you just participate in 69 questions asking me what are you guys out of time someone that way you can't just am I right when you're done and you're just getting regularly sucked off your taxes or anything else that would be going to get there. You asked me what date was let me think about during 69 last thing I want to do here and I'm trusting what's going on here because you're doing something else would cut spending and receiving pleasure and you can't do it sure seems like it so it's the worst position the world completely stupid it really is like if you got like 5 minutes and that's it it's like well we can't get to you and me what the traffic on 190 + 10 you're concentrating on receiving and your cousin she's probably not even said I'm getting stopped off at 10% on doing your job for Cinema in section is devoted you get 69% of the attention and it's 31% as you receiving write a memo clip you think this is going to be that clip I hope all my God what the age was the first exam Academy College Academy did you make that it is a moved out cuz the full rotation to figure out like just like it's almost like a little bit like the order in movies like the full rotation so I guess you do have to discuss what are you going to do while you're in her mouth oh my God it's like what it would be like rotating like this right. 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I'll look up the mood Foundation it's Mike and Julian mood is so the folks that are there making bendy and the ink machine and if you're bugging a game developer you're an aspiring game developer then by all means you know get in touch with folks and there's a lot of resources out there for you if if you want to make games and there's a community there and I think that's what it's really all about I think you know when I came to RoosterTeeth it felt like it's all about Community right even this year's about this is a year of community and went and building is it when the most important parts of what we do and it's really cool to see. Just now you know getting some success or getting some attention and that the first thing that they do is they want to give back and that's that's one of things I want to Spotlight in particular about the about the meetly games and and the mood Foundation some more stuff later on throughout the year about bendy and the ink machine and I think that the other folks out there really going to love it but but that's enough we can if we want to talk about any party games stuff for whatever I did have something out and I'll leave this for you now or I'm calling your project code name imply something different to like we're doing with the project code name whatever it's a Sci-Fi first person shooter is that in the future and and right now I'd love to get some audience feedback if you don't mind could have this is set so far in the future that there is language of all I don't know if you know this or not but but if you ever read the Canterbury Tales by Chaucer whatever the introduction of the Canterbury Tales is done in Middle English English English years ago in Old English language that you should understand better than I am right anyway the point is language is almost in decipherable except unless you know what I'm trying to come up with some far future language English but it's it's catchphrases jargon and so on and I got some examples tracks that are terrible and some other good and we mix them up and that's all I love to give you both so whatever I got you ready, you can just say like hair like that and it sucked or whatever you know if you back tag gibberish in nonsense could you do something really cool in this game that we're making a turn with right like something's really awesome something I can spoil anything about the game today I got something I'll give you I'll give you one you can you can you can do some of these you can you can say some of these missing one here we go I got the song I like that I like that you didn't like this one gave it to me. Thanks just read like the first one on your card did you tell me why something good is awesome I like to Jacqui chicky. some of these are terrible on purpose we we mix them in there so that we could see if the audience is actually being used hi so what's another one sticky poppy don't sloppy but I bet you that was my bottom teeth sometimes a whistle or not but this is what we're trying to come up with you can see how hard this is by the way by the way that could be for like Machinery it could be for liquid feels like a kind of like a brush-off or accomplish it ain't nothing but to do Tonkin hey. It's just I don't know sci-fi I have a bad habit of revealing information about things that were supposed to keep secrets to tell people don't tell me you know cuz that microphone the podcast that's why you even worry about it before we started the podcast you said you were talking about this stuff and Bernie walked up and I said hey which I got project code name don't say the code name for leopard turns name and a special code but just to be clear though Maddie also said whatever you do don't tell anyone live action I have a car what if she gets fired now I am a liar way to another job this is her second intern job here on Monday we get back from RTX Sydney walking to Matt's office it'll to feed Maddie behind his death what happened when you were gone by see how the show Duvall's as time goes on as the alcohol gets gets consumed the of the show where they will see you guys next week and stay tuned for life