#478 - Scruffy Looking Nerf Herders

Join Tyler Coe, Blaine Gibson, Chris Demarais, and Todd Womack as they discuss dating techniques, unpopular opinions, replacing people in movies, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on February 5, 2018, sponsored by MeUndies (http://bit.ly/2CQjpvr ), Squarespace (http://bit.ly/1SPgAL3 ), ProFlowers (http://bit.ly/2ykkmgZ )

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Recorded: 2018-02-06 20:00:00

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Participants: Tyler Coe, Blaine Gibson, Chris Demarais, Todd Womack


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biggest fans in London and we had her an outfit and then we were you Twitter so it was a really fun thing if you look at our Twitter account you'll see the whole exchange go down yeah we're very excited September 15th 16th Excel London hashtag RTX Linden as perused and we can't wait to see there you said you announce the dates and the location for our text limit isn't London always going to be the location for a difference in the last year the date in pretty difference for the company that's awesome very good so I'm just trying to do my best for San Francisco weather is beautiful out there is nasty out today in this stupid Beanie that's cold part of your body scrotum penis lower back and softer than cotton and all these things going on in my head like what is the softest thing like on that I have now they're what is the softest thing on me right now and I like we'll probably not going to be better question is how do they measure softener I was thinking about that too like three times softer than cotton what is soft for like materials how do you measure softness for like like skin sick of subjective and I don't know what is there like a waiter soft machine is there a way to to touch skin like is there like a skin count like a thread count but with skin or something very soft and another form of billion cell count wondering about you can even touch the skin feel it's okay so you have place you guys like okay what's the top part of what makes your scrotum softer than say your ear you know your finger then and it's always moisture down there so it's always soft and lotioned up from people right now my penis is softer than all of yours house that because I'm wearing meundie my penis is in the end it says it's three times softer for sure absolutely or your money back or you're a hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed and I guarantee you it'll keep your penis off you guys will have to excuse me during this podcast because I took a red-eye from San Francisco last night and I am on probably 45 minutes of sleep every like 2 weeks till Christmas cast after like pulling an all-nighter it's like consistent like I am only ever on the podcast whenever I'm low on sleep I don't know why that is why God curses me so I'm only on it the day after the Super Bowl really start CX Australia there's literally nobody else and just they can get to do the show and people probably won't like it and that's okay we'll put your face is on the thumbnail just just so people don't freak out right there that's it it's perfect for the rest of the show right now I can't be serious the motion some way so it right there was telling me that they saw you on a date and that your body language was interesting what does that mean I don't know it was just like yeah yeah yeah I understand the words that you don't like can you show me Tyler my favorite things to do and I know this is going to be the same for a lot of people out there was like if you're with like let's say you're with your girlfriend and you're out I love watching other couples and you trying to decide what stage of the relationship are they in there on a first date have they been dating for why are they married in the body language is just always so different usually the guys like very much if the guys here like very attentive and close to the table he's on a first date dating a girl for a while you're just like Eisenhower girls are like you know being physical themselves touching out that's probably good side or even their feet or what not but then it's it's great to see I I was out recently with somebody I was on a date with him that I saw this couple in this girl I felt so bad for her just shoot the she look like she was I thought I recognized you like backing away and just like kept checking her phone just like the waiting for it to end so we don't talk about it enough that I would go to and I would be like drunk and I people watch who's the best just like you're not like that person you are trying to go with the rest of the night and stuff what are you drinking alone at the bar actually this is like probably not too long ago in terms of like the anniversary bruised after Monty die not to make you feel bad for me but I remember I was just like the clear my head and I went to a bar and was just doing some like serious intense people watching is a lot of fun but that used to be a thing to the black people watching it looks sad when you go to bars and but if you go to a bar by yourself look sad right you know but that night I was actually wanting to just get out and be in the presence of other people because I felt like if I was in my house any longer I was just going to go crazy that make sense when you tell me you would go to bars and just look sad and it probably works for you yeah sometimes it don't matter now you know how happy I have to had to look in a bar light. Yeah that's sad you should you should just come straight pouty face I haven't but I know I can't even be mad but that is a whole nother thing I just took the where is the body language were talking about I want to go back to that one X like a film festival or something and we just going out you and I like when she like a bunch of weird clubs and like one of them was like yeah yeah but wait I don't remember to throw out like I mean nothing it's just like I've been in so many situations are seen you out in a while like on the Huns and it's funny like it's like documentaries like I remember like we just ended up at like he's looking like a Mexican night club in Airplane the best fucking music we're like the only two white dudes they're having a blast I was like I don't remember a lot from that trip but I thought it was fun yeah I actually hate Dallas but when I'm with friends there for my counters out of the city's it's a lot more fun what is an awkward playing with the body language kind of like like was he touching what years ago were you talking about the woman really where is disarming you know he's just looking them I got to do that too I like slouch load will not like slouch like down I'll just like like you know when you're just like kind of on the table I'm just like yeah that's exactly what I'm trying to do if I see co-workers or people I know during a date I leave like I will just go shoot yeah I heard the story that so I know what you're talking about are you come on out here and look it up because every time I go I run into co-workers too and I've had the same thing where I was on a date with somebody and co-worker showed up and I kind of did the same thing I didn't leave but I went to another part of the room I've got into I've had a Tinder date walked into a bar saw group of co-workers walked out I did that yeah I saw your coworker that Matt not doing this and then this is a bad this is not a good day anyway but I texted I texted girls like hey why don't we meet at this bar next door or something like that and I just change the location cuz I was like a couple minutes early so it was cool didn't like not a drastic change that was a bad date though that was a really bad thing so this was a ate like a Friday afternoon right right after by Kraftwerk those likes you know 6:30 or something like oh tappy hour type thing as a temp is a tender so we never met in real life and I I I go there and it's like one of those things you know you meet someone from Tinder and mediately know that you're not interested in them just kind of just like physical body like chemistry whatever you find it repulsive I thought you're worth something so so we sit down and in the whole time I'm like I get a drink and I'm I'm drinking this beer and I'm like I have until this beers empty to come up with a good excuse to like hey okay I'm tired or something like that right I was trying to like a plight you know stuck around for a good like 20 30 40 minutes of flight amount of time right this this amount of beer and I'm just drinking and I'm like but it's hard because it's a Friday night at like 6:30 or something right early and I've already established that like how I don't work tomorrow. Right now I'm just trying to think through everything and I'm like trying to come up with the excuse and then I'm finishing my beer and I'll look at like this much I'm like okay I'm good I still got time trying to still maintain conversation and then the girl like Downs for beer and was like hey do you want to go get some more drinks I like I panic cuz I was like I wasn't I didn't want to go get more drinks you know I didn't like we already been there for like an hour and I was and I was just like oh I can't and she was like why and I go I'm hungry okay I was hungry and then and then she was like okay I was like yeah I'm just super hungry I forgot to eat dinner so I've got to go to Cindy's home I just I just froze and I just had dinner and then she was like okay do you want to meet up afterwards maybe after dinner how do I have food poisoning from them cuz you know that the same thing you just sit down and you're not going to like each other you got to stick it out right but then you left at 6:30 at night basically I left like 7:30 45 minutes to an hour later but you didn't take her with well no well yeah it was bad best everything up where'd you end up eating and I don't remember man that was important in the Arby's night for sure quite a good like lack of better term Pick Up Artist like you to anyone and we'll just chat them up and you have his total I wouldn't say a pick-up artist cuz it's not like you're that type sound like some sort of I think Chris is very do you think they test for your character is like loves you she thinks that you're great she's like I like talking to Chris she how's Chris doing you know so like that's not the characteristic of a skinny person now Erin on the other hand she's like oh sucks just dropping talk or just take a party and you have no qualms about approaching women and that's a great trait to have what's the secret I think it's just talk to just talk to a human being, but I mean you just you just talk difference right like at least in my mind what I just want my thought is one you married anymore if I don't do it if I don't go up and talk to a girl then it doesn't matter like nothing happened anyway but if I do and then nothing happens then I'm back where I was before I never taken out of the shop and greases success for Chris will go and be like 8 o'clock something like that I go to the same place I've been going on the same date for 7 years I have the golden trying what is it called what it is like name what events activities are right and then I know that the other one is there's a owns a bar breakfast joint where is a 24-hour all night and then the other one it's on your house ice cream ice cream okay okay yeah so it's like you just hit those three points I don't do dinner and a movie I don't do alcohol I don't go out on dates of drink I never have I don't like people being inebriated by any means like I'm here like it comes down to this is like you got to respect the person not only themselves but their time and you need to respect your time as well so why we don't need to be wasting any of it I don't want to see some bullshit trumped-up version of you when you're drunk so your little loose like I want to see you for you and I like going to do an activity like Putt-Putt because you're out there you get to see how they interact with other people do they drink are the judgmental you know they're out in the world instead of like just sitting down you don't have to move you just like you're going through the bullshit questions can they cut through dragon and windmill to eat breakfast not a breakfast place that night that night and then go get breakfast and then if it's going well if you don't then I'll see you later that's your like full free money see if it's a first date for me from like Tinder something where I had met the person in real life you only guess you do something that's like in Easy Mode commit like a coffee or a drink coffee or ice cream or something and then we'll go get dinner or something like that I just know every time like you got to stick it out I'll say I accidentally went on a date not to give political but with somebody who is very gung-ho for the other person or the person who might be our president right now I did not know that there's a very interesting date I still stuck it out the very end tonight have an experience you're going to get a story I'm not saying that you did that to me when you say stick out to me it's like when you make a note 8 let's go grab a drink it's like all right if your if you if you make plans go get dinner and then stop then you got to eat the whole dinner plans to get coffee then you have like I would always go late and I always forget and it's funny you said I reason I'm going to probably be coming off like a douche bag right now but I don't do Friday dates for the weekend so you always have any she's like hey I got to get up early in the morning for work exit strategy for everybody cuz you don't want them feel uncomfortable to like if they're not buy Vans like you to know if you need Witnesses I'm just you never know man there's some crazy people out there like there's girls I met online that are like yeah where'd you never met them before and they say just pick me up at my place I'm like kidding me your judgement says hey guy I've never met in person on the internet here's my address come pick me up at my house like you already know that person is not worth dating complex and it's like you don't know know anybody out there never ever have them pick you up on the first date if you've never actually met this person that's just crazy to me because you think that they could get it from no way worse than that if you gave a guy and internet who you've never met before your address do you guys remember the craigslist killer is literally that let you know woman should be giving out their home address on the first date to somebody who they've never met before in their entire life San Francisco to hang out with one and meet her for the first time and we had like a we were I was going to stay there for a weekend so that was like our first now that's different though cuz she's kind of a public figure you'd like but yeah I know like if you disappear did you tell people hey I'm going to go you know on the stay with somebody I think that's different I think everybody should tell people I'm going on this date with this girl here's where we're going if you don't hear from me by the end of the night call play really yeah I've met some very deranged individuals in my day that I was terrified me so yeah I think everybody should do it it's good practice for all let people know where you're going don't have two people pick you up on the first date that's all that's my rules for staying alive and I'm here now so it's workout Jurassic you just stayed with her the first time I was kind of like person and I we tried texting and then text me turn your phone calls news like 2 weeks ago thank you good woman if she's okay yeah that's fine we celebrated National tattoo tater tot day this weekend I would you like a trailer park like a food truck trailer park and there's like 15 of mail have like different types of tater tots now it's pretty cool we're just the wacky couple that goes out the food trucks I think it's actually cooler like the older you get to be one of those. That's lame but like a lame couple like just go in at like a game night is like my favorite thing in the world still no reason to go out for drinks or do anything crazy like hey we went to a painting class the other night I like being basic like that like I would love to be a stay-at-home husband not that I don't want kids but what I mean maybe your kids, your kids would hump I just I just feel like they would what we are just things like they'll be like small dogs or something from you I mean maybe instead of like 5 Super Bowl parties racing about last night from the compounds I didn't watch anything I didn't even go I didn't notice the Super Bowl is apparently there was a kid texting that is now a meme and I don't understand so what happened was Justin Timberlake to the halftime show and at one point during that he went up into the stands and kind of did the The Ellen thing that you did at the Oscars where you can take a selfie with the kid and so the kid after like JT's like behind them in like to take a selfie this kid has one probably is no fucking idea who Justin Timberlake is like you just look so confused he doesn't know what to do when everybody's dancing he's just kind of standing there and so he's turned people turn that kind of into him I'm sure like broadcast could find something in there was like it should a picture of him on his phone and it showed like a screen capture someone's phone is his like who is Justin Timberlake It's Like a Lady Gaga halftime show was it was a funny one that I saw on the sports guy and I was bored by it I didn't really care for that I'm just I didn't care for the same I don't like the Patriots how much I love Tom Brady and I fucking hate Philadelphia sword of people live in Philly but the reason I don't like Philadelphia's cuz you guys know at least what is happens there's been fires the torn down God knows how many lamp post some gigantic did they lose or win and it looks like you're like people just climbing up with gigantic gay to get wherever the fuk I don't know here in Austin Texas they spray-painted are Stevie Ray Vaughan statue in Eagles jersey Philly fans are the worst fans in the entire world of terrible terrible people City of Brotherly Love my fucking ass this happened they riots Cleveland is one of those places Phillies definitely one of those places where it's like people just go crazy in fact Philadelphia fans Chris I don't know if you know this or known for throwing batteries on to the football field at opposing players and I should you not Duracell made a little video and said congratulations to Philadelphia it was just raining Greenwich is there colors and Duracell batteries it's not funny at all the city of City the shittiest arguably the greatest quarterback to ever play the game it's been pretty crazy what you doing right lock myself in your in the right you're not to go into you're in the right the right is around you if there was a cop in his ass. Probably try to help me out I probably try to do like minimal damage in to make sure that shit didn't get to Reno I thought you're going to go the other way on that one never knows how to jump in there I just like I feel like that pack mentality that they would normally do what is 1999 the World Trade Organization people were like protesting and they sent a decoy somebody to the like a decoy protester to go off the stadium to like repel down the stadium Inn on for this flag and then meanwhile I call the cops went there and then they took over a big portion of the downtown they just blocked off everything and I was like a kid like a Taurus like looking around and they I was within his only blocked off there's like tear gas in the anarchist came in like fashion McDonald's in like breaking windows and it was wild I just shat myself straight back to and there's a lot of peaceful protest a lot of people like processing economic policies of the big you know countries that were there and sitting little bit there was like teargas walking through is really weird I just tried to just leave the danger zone yeah the cops busted through clear would be depending on the riot in what my involvement would be if he was like the Phillies type situation where it was violence and Mayhem just for violence and Mayhem steak then that's when I would step in to like help people out but if it was like a protesting then they started like but Bastion Bastion people that you know civil rights stuff than I think my allegiance is my change then what about your crew depending on the situation what would I do in a riot man I don't know I asked you Chris just naked just like I mean I would try it I think I try to be a good citizen you know like you know help out people stop it yeah you know it's like I guess I just like look around and see what we watch like getting sprayed by gas or something I don't know what I would do I would stay for me I would stay and a safe space you don't maybe stay at home get online maybe I'm feeling creative maybe I'll go to squarespace.com and this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast is brought to you by what you need a domain website or online store make your next move with Squarespace Squarespace offers beautiful award-winning designer templates and you can create a beautiful website or online store with an award-winning template it's an all-in-one platform there's nothing to install patch or upgrade ever they've made it easy to set up a transfer your domain on Squarespace instead of working with multiple vendors to maintain your online presence you are able to manage all of your domain and billing settings with Squarespace and take advantage of their easy to use DNS interface it's never been easier to sell products or services online Squarespace allows you to manager Fox orders in inventory easily Squarespace can also provide you with a comprehensive set of marketing tool to engage with your audience get found across search and social and grow your Following start your free trial today at squarespace.com go to squarespace.com RoosterTeeth to get 10% off your first purchase that squarespace.com RoosterTeeth for 10% off your first purchase last time we asked you to share with us your Squarespace created what sites and we've gone through and pick some of our favorites as a reminder with Squarespace you two can make sites like this be sure to tweet with a hashtag RT Squarespace back to the podcast kind of speaking of like doing weird illegal stuff I had like kind of a moral like conundrum happened to me the other night I got home from gym if I like 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. or some like that is liquid at night so like by that our you can assume that no one else can be coming out to the parking lot of the car and the car next to me their lights were on so they expecting to wake up tomorrow during like the fries and stuff like that and I had to jump their car while it's like 20 degrees out so I was like okay well I should just get in your car and turn off your lights for them they will be none the wiser and I'm helping this person out whatever really opened up the door to get in it was unlocked it was in lost so I can open up the door to get in and then I'm like searching for the white thing and I could not find it in like 4 minutes passed me looking for this light and I was like it's this person comes out I'm going to get shots are close the door I think I'm sorry it's their problem whatever I go back to my apartment and I was just sitting there thinking I'm taking out and about the interior life yes yes it was like he was like their head there their lamps were all on those on and it's killing my battery so I was thinking on it and I text Alana. You know this person's lights are on I could I would feel bad if it's either the battery. No proof that I'm there to do good so I wrote a note and said hey you like sore on your doors are unlocked I hope you don't mind I went inside and I turned them off I hope your battery is okay from your problems from Blaine Gibson from the street address so I care that with me I went back out to the driver side door was unlocked so I start going in there and I was like fixing it and then I found the lights turn it off left a note inside walks away is a feeling like really good about it and then when I got away I was like their doors my van unlocked as soon as I broke another car or like what if they like Courtney and they can trace back you know the thing so the should I go back and should I like play clean the crime scene should I like backs like what should I do in that situation and I was texting Alana is like freaking out about it so I just leaving the note and their car moves the next day so you could tell if they were able to drive it but or got stolen how would you react if you got into your car and someone had less you would know it was a weird who is in my car and what were they doing and where is the semen someone had fixed your car for like protecting your car for you or would you just like not being idiotic some guy ripped up my rearview mirror off when I was in LA and just kind of dangling there and somebody left me know it was like hey I saw this dude he's kind of like this neighborhood kind of crazy in your coffee thing is really nice cuz I didn't have to be like it did occur to me that maybe he did it and wrote a note ending it on another guy like you're talking about but it's a really good way to drive a car I noticed the card been the window it been smashed so you write the note ahead of time like hey Danno she Windows smashed but they left the lights on so I was just turning them off but it's not have a broken window and a dead battery so I was just in there and then I noticed your you know your speakers won't fit in his life is long and you would happen like they would come up for sure yeah they were too fucked up on two occasions one was about a pitbull attack that I witnessed with a mother and her child the other one I was at El Chilito wishes taco place here in town and I'm sitting outside waiting in my tacos like 9 tonight right before about to close and this big guy comes out of a Mercedes-Benz guys choose she's like 6 6 / 300 pounds into me she looks hammered drunk like I can't really tell like maybe he's I don't know but you got to give people the benefit of the doubt maybe or something like that that's why he walks he gets up there and he loses his sandal in like staggers forward a little bit and then like turns into like this guy's hammered and I'm like sitting there like do I intervene like do I go talk to this guy and say sir you can't get back in your car but also a huge role in like I'm I'm feeling like I'm a very small guy like I would get my ass kicked by very large drunk man that was my biggest fear my fears like you got back on the road in like to possibly hit somebody yeah I feel bad about like you in and it happened really fast I just tacos other one of you grabbing you got back in the car so I didn't really know what to do just one of those were I went home and I felt she had to send you should react to something I think I messaged you just kind of call the cops just like a license plate whatever this. To do is like wasted cuz I was at a red light one time and then I look over and this guy's likes to have his drinking beers in his car was she like I'm assuming he wasn't drunk and you look back and be like yeah I like I was like a fucking asshole for invading his privacy when he's like on the do you like throws the beer at his window to Fastback feel like I don't know what to do in that situation either and I was thinking about, cost with no Legos that are over reaction I don't know it was just happened so fast like it if you stayed around and I'd time will I get out my phone and took a picture because he literally pulled up got out lots of shoe grab the taco got back in and I was like fuck the other thing with the pitbull that shit was nuts on pit bull attack singer-songwriter and then take my dog Danny to the dog park over in West Austin she's awesome and it was up to the dog park it's a bit sedated off dog park and there's one other lady with her dog can't see it is very far away nobody else is at the dog park I'm following this lady going in about 50 yards behind her she's got a stroller with her tiny little infant in a big Saint Bernard dogs a big dog as she goes in at the gate I hear the screen and this Pitbull monster pit bull rushes from the other side of the park and grab the next of the Saint Bernard and rips It To The Ground whiskey barrel Denton protected all the mother like the child in the Saint Bernard she jumped in to try to separate the dogs are shoe just you don't do you can't do nothing cuz your ass home cuz my friend did that not on a pitbull but he did that and all I got was for the dogs are you work for both the most part that was the craziest thing still like this woman jumps into try and give the dog away and I have never seen raw power like that in my life it was like just send you from the spindle stripping at the neck so Danny and I run up put around this tree Danny I like a tire to this tree and I'm sitting there and get I hesitate on my phone or fucking die today just like two days before New Year's and I was like I gotta make it to 2018 so I know if I jump in there that dog probably kill me I kill the dogs right I would smash the sudden with a rock or something I was my game plan tonight like we both be dead on the ground my throat ripped out exactly yeah that would happen but this the nurse you on the pit bull like this but she was too rough she flies out of nowhere in form tackle for pitbull on to the ground shit like one in a million chance to do that she does it at the way to escape with her babies thank God cuz who knows that people goes for the baby and then we're all just standing there and both both ladies are crying and they kind of talk to each other like you need to train your dog better and then there's like she's my dog's never done this before bullshit. I'm just standing there like a fucking asshole I didn't do anything but I'm here hey everyone just need help I did I was like that or do you want me to stay with you and comfort you cuz I didn't jump in and do anything I need to know the stories of me doing nothing I should very I need a jump in a bit these more will teach you nothing I didn't like Seinfeld I hate Seinfeld man I'm going to be very unpopular opinion but my one Bugaboo with it cuz I'd love to do that was like one of my favorite shows I love it I don't do laugh tracks don't fucking tell me why are you reacting to now or did you always hate it I hate it I don't like shows the laugh track my dad watches for you and nine and a Half Men kill myself in like 90 800 information right there at 6 but if you look back I can't watch it now at all I don't know. I guess I'll get rid of that is terrible I can see the appeal in the laugh track though because we've been doing like we didn't episode of Indie be he was alive episodes from London and there's like a laugh track and it helps like real people do the right thing and just like did Phelps joke set him up and you know so I can get why that they're helpful but yeah if it's like cuz they didn't take Seinfeld live in front of an audience today he did actually I'm not sure for Slash cuz they literally on the sign on the damn sign laugh really hard right here go Zachary oh my God you guys have anything like that like really unpopular opinions when it comes like TV and film like I love you so much fun I know baby it's ridiculous for me to hit Seinfeld but I do like that or whatever the fuck that other one was that took place in Seattle Sears no Frasier TV Journal 8 like I actually made a really mature decision in Middle School world like sitting there and I realize like I just didn't like watching TV cuz I was watching a commercial and was like this is like a quarter of the programming so I wasn't like into it I just stopped watching TV from that point on things like that like definitely warped kids are as cuz like I had HBO so I can watch it like George Carlin Richard Pryor like 13 definitely like shaped my life like I saw my first boobies on Trading Places on HBO it's like kids ready to be on the kid that did not have much people have boobs didn't yeah this is before their time they were the pay channels on Cable which have nudity in like rated R stuff you didn't pay for them then they would show up on like Channel 2 or something but they wouldn't they would be like really fuzzy and you have to like kind of like look into through the to miss and like try and see nudity as a kid like that's what you said that's what you have to do at the beginning of American walking around downtown SF this weekend I had a realization that like we are totally in the fucking future it was just like you was like a weird sensory start experience but an electric car drove by and was like Sol Duc door noise and there's this huge fucking Light Panel displays that were like giant television screens at advertisements and there's like a couple of other things that happened that like 10 years ago you know what was 17 18 year old blind word in Microsoft stock is this like this is some sci-fi shit but it's I think it's just happened so gradually that I completely agree with you on the Mars I mean every time I talk to my Alexa I'm blown away I tell her to turn on my lights and I always sit there like I can't fucking believe I'm here throughout this town right now like bragging about knowledge some shut-eye know that everything that we hear you say Alexa I was just got your point like we are living in the future but I don't know why we keep progressing it in certain areas like everybody seen Terminator a thousand times why are we making a eyes that are very intelligent why are we making my eyes that are like beefing with Chrissy Teigen like I don't like that why why are we making this were making fucking Skynet and nobody has problem with article mind you it was like something about I wasn't that you and I can't remember what it was but it was basically like Russia is going to ignore any sort of regulations to make Thomas killing robots but the drugs can be controlled and then they can also like you know they can augment the person's ability the pilots ability but at the end of the day it requires a trigger pull from a human being but dresses like not working to make someone killing it will start right there Yasser for end-of-the-world bro where's where's the laugh track I always hate those articles cuz sometimes it's like we're making so many improvements in advance was like about to end in a few years anyways well fuck not I think the damn robot could all come for us like they would downloaded the entire worlds information right and they would listen to this podcast and they would show up at my fucking house instead of hanging out the putt putt place is my girlfriend as far as like they would like somebody to hack me like your sisters porn history if you saw it like that would definitely spoil both I mean I should I don't think it's like some like weird Kitty poor nurse was like obviously things that he can't run for office. Technologies bad laugh tracks are bad take the girls to pop but example that's like your refrigerator know when you're out of milk when will tell you that was just turned into like shut up I know I'm not a milk damn it I'm lactose intolerant Tyler oh damn it I used Alexa no sorry see you guys have a an Amazon Echo at your house cuz I we key back where I was coming home from picking up some groceries music late at night and I think we had to get something in my girlfriend is taking a nap so on Spotify you can control the music that's playing to your house so I thought it'd be really fucking funny if I got to my apartment door put my key in really quietly and then played John Cena's theme song and then as soon as it started busting and then like you have like a wrestling intro for my girlfriend's like you know like make her laugh and stuff like that I did that so it's like busting and I'm like a dumbass and my girlfriend's literally screaming like bloody murder and I was like she was like you should like before she had a ghost experience that likes that went simultaneous John Cena timing but I like felt something in the room and I swear to God the temperature the room got super fucking cold it was so cold and I feel like I couldn't move my body I think she had like sleep paralysis and you coming with your fucking music and I was like I'm going to die I'm going to die so like a lot of fun she's going to die that's when you just leave that note you were talking about it wasn't me I'm sorry if you believe in them I feel like you're just so the old apartment that Aaron currently lives in that I used to live and I since I moved out was hot it was built in 66 no fucking way that people have died there and I used to remember waking up good night and I feel like there be like a cop in my room and I'd be I'd act totally normal there's a police officer just doing his duty and if so where at your house in the YMCA is a prank and then I would be like kind of in this days where I would think that someone was in the room but I wouldn't act in a way that it freaks me out like he was just kind of like a normal thing and then I wake up wake up and then I'd realize how fucking weird it was but it was such a real visceral experience that I don't know I could explain it happened so many times that apartment has had not happened since but you remember one night where I thought there was like a ghostly like presents so I play the Ghostbusters theme song and then I was like chuckle myself to sleep at someone who doesn't really believe in ghosts I don't ever have those. So hot how to spell just like that my life that next rest because I believe in like the idea of intelligent life outside the guy that works for the Department defense for 10 years he's like running it or something they came out more like a UFOs are real feelings are not real yeah yeah yeah yeah I don't know like it is aliens exist I really hope we get to meet him in our last time either way that'd be really cool if they come to destroy this whatever you know don't have to pay taxes if they're friendly then you know we know there's no other life out there a bunch of stuff on it and see if it's too just dying or you don't have to deal with it anymore so we can wear my friends and I got like super deep into alien conspiracy theories and stuff like that and it got to the point we got so freaked out and we're learning about these people that were serious who got killed mysteriously that we are just like we're going to stop doing this because our internet search history is like really going to sketch we were younger and stupider but I do remember though that the there's big argument that the government will never tell us because you would just like totally break the human Spirit like are religions are based off of us being like the center of the galaxy in the universe so for us to know that there's no being crippled people out of fear and shit. It did the same thing would like the Earth being the center of the universe like back in the day sounds cool so so the ghost thing I've always wondered about this cuz there's only two options you have when you die you can be buried or you can be cremated right what are two options I've always wondered why not I mean it'll solve a bit of a drop in the ocean I'm sure there's an option to be like processed is like for animal feed my question is right and I Wonder If ghosts exist because you don't do it the right way like if you get cremated do you become a ghost if you didn't get my body back to the Earth or if you do get buried in your house cuz you didn't get what you mean by the Earth because a white bed sheets yeah I mean what's the alternative like you could roam the Earth you might not see your time but you can be around for millennium than the you know like ca you can probably can't probably can't jerk off and probably can't drink beer. I don't know what you can do if you were going she just walking around I thought you were going to be great but you know me I wouldn't be pretty boring after a while right dose sperm it's goes for why not make sense to me watch people jerk off the same time look around Sandra Bullock out here so I'm just here watching a jerk you off just to make sure that you know just in case he comes back I scare mama I beat him off wait like I mean I scared him away oh my gosh that would be either be just my nightmare right there always wanted that always every funeral I've ever been so I've always wanted that you know like when they're putting the flowers on the casket like what is what is going to end up having that person I never know that's why you got to hold you love you just as much you can you have to love as hard as you can to Valentine's Day is coming up therefore life and death have you ever tried to impress your Valentine with a perfect gift and failed miserably I'm sure you don't want to make that mistake again ProFlowers and Shari's Berries have seen. 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Proflowers.com definitely get those cuz those are good gifts to get that first far as restaurants go there was at like to set menus that are like a hundred fifty bucks you can't change that first date cuz I'm going to go get coffee on like the 15th but like we'd hung out we like happen to run into each other in downtown and we're having such a great night that was like you know it's kind of weird but like you're just like I'm having a good time tonight so much money in that really you went from you do wake this day which is coffee more like a walk in the park some into the most expensive which is Valentine's. What is that fancy restaurant downtown think of zhad you catching the trailers I like I feel like we talked about I like the look of it I think it looks good I'm excited. I think that you know I think playing Han Solo is the hardest role how about anyone is ever stepped into this guy is getting out an air leak or whatever is getting so much fucking hate and I feel so bad for him because who wouldn't want to play Han Solo or who's not going to get that you're going to have to sit tight like if anybody would like when Jared Leto play The Joker like you're going to always have that back like right now Donald Glover like you I don't have fantastic cast I think you might be better way better than Childish Gambino didn't are you saying it's bad casting or do you think he's just got done I don't know I haven't seen the movie so I'm very tough roll two step into it's like not only is this one of the most iconic most famous Charming you know actors in movie history it's also one of the most famous role and what I think makes it harder is he's playing it and it's not that much different age-wise I did the math I think a difference of what it where he is now age-wise and where Harrison Ford was in he played solo 7 years apart to look like dogshit from pristine like perfectly my car doesn't look like that bad after 7 years looks like he's going to Kira's or whatever it's it's supposed to be like the series at Emilia Clarke it's originally planned so Lando's Falcon before I love everybody else had some trouble correct me if I'm wrong with job wrapping this thing up his didn't Ron Howard have to jump in the shower off the Record Lord Miller look like people is so subjective because people are like he does nothing like him but I think he's inflection that doesn't sound like him for Saiga well don't do that you know kind of a so good so classic by the way I think it's late enough in the game now and I am really shared my stores Las arepas in the time I can go too deep into that pisses me off because people you either have to love it or hate it these days I feel like I was like super neutral and the cats lose to find cylinders use fondant your brother there is nothing like that in this country we live in are all over the world it's there still a every single time call me by your name greatest movie moonlight the greatest it was very good why does a bear no no I think I was good but no Last Jedi though I was totally fine with it can two bites stuck but it did piss me off something that really pissed me off was at the end when they're like yeah I know you responded to the call like no one wanted to save the Rebellion Lando Lando answer the call the only thing that works in the movie is Luke drinking titty milk like in a good way like I got to know how to fill out that I was like this is what this movie will be forever is that and Adam driver's brick shithouse body and then the fish ladies the nuns I love them but yeah tell him back though solo what is a perfectly compost Rector yeah what about you just get anybody like that they've got their baskets on wall and I think like Ron Howard's like the best choice is like you know he's going to be able to handle it I think he's a very how to make a movie is there any interest in talking about the Avengers trailer there's a kind of like the type that looks absolutely as hell I'm going to shave my mustache because Henry Cavill like I'm going to get back to the Henry Cavill that what it is what lol I know I feel like you're always looking for an excuse to wear mustache always in this thing that we shot like a week ago we might do a pick up so I got to keep the bus that's like playing with just give it to the mustache I love you you're like one of my favorite people you got a heart of gold you're the best I hope you get all the happiness in your way you look like a God damn pedophile when you have that stash going to do exactly what I mean the big dusters have done that age is over Queen Freddie Mercury bigger and bushy mustaches the less like a pedofile you'll accompany okay that's a bad shot video that says it's a weird shot like a Tom Selleck big bushy mustache like a big happy smiley bushy mustache I'm working on it alright these fillers that is a rick of like six to eight what do you mean you mean you just got the ability to grow it to grow these how did you do that how did you do it it's just it just happened like my your body like something by to start doing it I guess Rihanna hard time growing your hair out no I mean I'm just like I've never had likewise if you know this will beer that I know if you can tell it's a little bit all over the place with mustache goatee but it's like the sides did your balls hell there's nothing there they were like files on my chest going to help me out all there is no I don't want to feel better which one is your favorite only have one chest hair I've since gotten quite a few more but but yeah I had girl I just had the one Chester and so I named him Chester wow Jennifer crusie as he is Tom Cruise's pretty damn good actor and I love that he does his own stunts Parts not know what in his trailer let you know about weather like him doing a stunt and broke his ankle jumping against the cliff jumping against the building and they use the shot in the movie he did to take and it was fucking great too cuz he fucking brakes it and you see it in his face is on the edge of this building climbs up and finishes running a bit his logic in that snap moment was like I don't want to have to do this again so I'm just going to run out of frame to make sure we get the fucking shot it was like I was amazing that jump I think it's Risky Business building rooftops to another and basically he when he was going out on a few guys like a weird profile white shot or something like this and it just like in the fucking shit up that jump I feel like you could take like cuts out of every Mission Impossible movie I make a new one and you wouldn't know what that's a great thing those are always like adding set pieces like Mission possible to become the new James Bond because they do everything so fucking practical like the last one was that cool ass airplane climbing down the side of the airplane and looks like I'm just going to do some like crazy helicopter shit Chris for the guy was a pretty crappy movie Ghost Protocol was at the most recent one I remember it being pretty good I like that is that the one where he was like climb the tower in Dubai 3 in his dream face thing that I can remember one word two dudes are riding at each other on motorcycles they jump off their motorcycles and type of jobs each other in air and then collide with each other and there's dogs that's what I can from the John Lewis the director didn't think so artistic yeah I know dude I thought the mission possible to knock it out the park Sims 3 I think they have this fan base to it's almost like Fast and Furious or it's like you're going to go fucking see about what I don't feel bad washing machine possible I think they're genuinely but I haven't seen any of the Fast and Furious but I was on a plane for 5 Fast 5 okay you're on a plane for 5 when it was like he was playing while you're on a plane and I really like it I think you should check them out side right bro they all blend together I mean I guess we're saying that and then possibly can't decipher the different adrift one with that dude who played quarterback Jake wentzel and Friday nightlife the you're not to show that one was from some nextlevelshit I can remember if I liked it I think it was pretty shape in the timeline like in the cannon it was supposed to take place after like 5 or something like that like her for 5 so because based character that appears in that one and he like text Hiatus and goes to Japan and dying in that movie but he appeared in all the other movies until 5 but for some reason in Japan I guess they're racing these like 20 year old cars that are fucking shit e yeah I was in the day they had Tokyo Drift like good old boy if you're in the most recent Fast and Furious movies and you just you just terrible but I heard he's not the best anyways I don't want to just like I can't ask like Christina Toto and characters funny quotes about thinking about like replacing people who died in movies what are they fidget CDI and come out of the movie Yes but are they seeing him and replacing them another actor or they reshooting the movie so why are you ask you ask me cuz Carrie yeah yeah yeah like that kind of stuff I mean I think they're going to like write her out I think so too I think about Force awakens was Han Solo's movie Last Jedi was Luke Skywalker's in the ninth one would have probably been if you were in the middle of shoot and then you died what would you want to happen if you want to be a written out of it be replaced with another actor Andre shot or see CGI depends on it depends on like what if what if I was like I'll do it I'll be your body and then they will CGI your face on to me it was you so creepy just depending on what they do on Snapchat when I feel like if you if it was like a comedy movie like a really ridiculous wacky County movie then I would want them to replace me with someone that looks nothing like me and infer that character come on and be like oh hey I just went to the bathroom I bad guys and I was like oh it's playing mr. emporiums whatever the Gilroy sound like three different people played him there's a different Blaine every time I go Sunday but still using the old you like to play you completely done how many famous people have to be when they be like who's the shity actor for the first staff was that a laugh track get that before the show's done the John Cena intro theme song that's what friends are super serious drama I don't know I think they did they have to just like Tree Place my footage or something or cut around it in a way that right me right yeah make a choice to rewrite if an actor died in one of my shoes and we spend so much time working with him and they were in a bunch of footage already I don't want to just throw that way when ready. All the sudden it's like Polar Express if you're done with the do with Han Solo which is just cats completely different guy to look and learn like I think I would have gotten it or they could have just replayed it plated in the reflection you know when he walks up to him you see him standing out like looking at the Death Star he sees reflection in it that likes and he says that you can turn it off what are you guys did you get what you needed to be replaced yeah I'd wanted it I would just want to fuck with the audience mean that's the best part about you know dying is that you know I don't even feel that it will or any information so if you bought the deal with my shit afterwards I don't deal with anything I'm like wherever the next plane of existence as far as it comes in movie had like 20 different people do Sopranos Sunday ever seen where on the movies over at 20 minutes larious I want to be replaced like Rodger rabbit style could just look like a car seems like something that is never a dress that would be the way to go like whether or not it's animated or like another actor like you never address anything's say I were to die it would fucking matter cuz I'm dead have you ever considered your legacy and like you know maybe something that you say on social media or a video that you appear in that's the last thing that I just like we know people will listen back in the account like we all die in a horrible accident right after this podcast in this is our last will and testament yeah this is not the way I want talking about soft scrotums at the beach re7 you know I was going to get myself a big so you go first I mean the internet's forever and like you know you're going to love you were going to hate you no matter what you don't get to dictate that you do get to dictate the things you say sometimes and then you just come out to like there's something around there ain't no fooling around like I can suck my own dick that's on there forever are you saying you can't I said that Auto episode of I can't but that's all that's right there like that would be my hubby on my Tombstone needs to happen to post a video of you on the internet of you sucking your dick and that's how I feel that's how I could die is by that second you're choking on or choking on my dick. How would you have that phrase done your exact phrase on YouTube Stone can you and then that would be a damn I like to do it like Nick Cage can like you know where is Dicks anyways I'm at Lincoln construction please call man yeah somebody else sucking his dick to you doesn't really matter who freed the slaves the guy at the time of his life when this happened internet yeah I don't give a fuck if people know that like if I'm dead I'm dead it doesn't really matter to me but it would try to be unfortunate to anything that you wouldn't want to happen to your course I mean I wouldn't want to get like a lot of things I don't know what is happening right now what is this why is Chris's head on my bike like one I'm going to go to the gym today in 5 6 y stop it I don't know so many Chris said he drove a car show picture of a car wow this is it's gone now. Yes is anything so say say you died what did you say a dog humping your body's a lot of things like what well I guess it's everything everything that desecrate your body your your family gets money oh well then free-for-all fuck it whatever whatever you want to do man pay my family will be embarrassing thing just like whatever whatever they're comfortable with I guess I'll just go to town on me you know necrophiliacs and just shouldn't have with it put me in the ghost masturbation and you can create your own holes everybody like great white sharks feeding on a dead whale going to be better off then yeah I'll let people fuck my body everywhere that would be fun as long as my Mom and Dad are okay I wouldn't want to be a cadaver I think that kind of sucks but realistically I don't know if I want to be that I do want to get my organs but like that's not the same thing right like you got to donate your body to science correct organ donor that just take your organs what about the about life Herbalife are you a live growing Hollinger Star Wars don't look up to it and that's why, because the journey is half the fun big Shirley imma call you okay this morning we are talking about the Han Solo movie and then and then you were like well you know it's like it was a risk for that who's that director Ron Howard and it runs like I like I think he's okay he's like yeah but it's still a big risk for unlike I don't think he's worried about me like I don't know let me see and you looked up his IMDb it's like okay yeah that's a lot of Academy oh okay well you're right he's good is it true they do not know who Ron Howard happy that you're happy with who is Don Knotts and happy days and happy day happy days yeah okay teen what would you think it'll go back to death or no cuz you have any haters on out of like that stupid will never get that they're just jealous that you even like dreamt of in that you're going for it so fuck them think it's great what are you guys go through when you going to do okay cool Star Wars I would wreck though the least known Star Wars character to make a movie about you know where is the Bounty Hunter toilet paper his tales from the bounty hunter story. Yeah dengar the movie coming out 25 and on that note that's going to be it for the RT Podcast that was an hour and a half what do we do we're good to get out of here we can keep going on my dude well well no I want to drive to Star Wars movie that's better than yours just hold on it will talk about that in the post but we're going to talk about what you want to do at the push out alright thanks again to all our sponsors meundie Squarespace and ProFlowers for not being Bernie Gavin Gus and Barbara will be back next week and I guess that'll be up to you guys