#479 - Burnie Ups His Pancake Game

Join Ashley Jenkins, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss pancakes, nudity in film, food misconceptions, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on February 12, 2018, sponsored by Evenprime (http://bit.ly/2EE4FUH ) and Casper (http://bit.ly/2EyIz69)

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Recorded: 2018-02-13 20:00:00

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Participants: Ashley Jenkins, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

hey welcome to the riches use Comcast I'm your host Gus sorola I've been working out what the how much money do you think it would take I'm going to end this episode of the podcast is brought to you by Casper mattresses and evenprime and we'll talk more about them later that night have the thing is that an amount of money that could turn into Ashley God no I won't shut up about I never shut up about the books I love them the books are really have you watch the show yet I'm watching 10 episode 10 episodes it's like Netflix so it's been it's already all out it came out what the 2nd February 2nd aesthetic butt naked naked naked and real naked believe there is there is there naked. On the boob ratio is way off its way off and what about the booster yeah but even like we're talking about this Aaron earlier but then dies you get booze and then you get dude but even the dude but ratio is not is good to get installed on Django Unchained and I was just like hey you know his donkey like hanging upside down it's like silhouetted okay yeah but those are getting Sarah Marshall wet Jason Segel thumbs was talking about where we missed the big thing yet is the pancake vodka in carbon today is Gavin's please explain for the audience why we eating pancakes and we had a conversation about it once on a podcast you said it wasn't real and I said yeah it's and it was real and now here we are to be fair I told Ellie that we were this week for doing the pancake podcast free pancakes pancakes and I said because of shrove Tuesday and then she looked at me for probably like 10 seconds and it goes right you okay that's true yeah but you Christians celebrate shrove Tuesday and Mardi Gras cuz that's what what Sinners do I think like they want to get it all like as an excuse for they have I meant I don't think they're really religious nice people are out there like that specifically partying up that's a long time ago when I was doing all the shed stuff yeah you told me to be on so listen I got it I got to say something because of all the equipment, and say like extremely uncomfortable it's ready but yeah I was too bad because God is not here today even though Miss Ashley Jenkin very happy about this replacement first ladies first and I was trying to do a kindness if you want to hit please mr. Burns request I feel like I should tell you now I want to Club pancake only for this now get back to me what defines a club sandwich is Colette middle bread right was what made it a club I thought you had to have to be up to the club like a meat and bacon festival t t hb13 Club has to be like the triple-decker club Burger why do we have to meet disguises open up a bar called Club Burger phone number please because it's not here today and I was talking with Gavin on text but I was a little brutal I have to admit and when he travels for a convention or on vacation he didn't comes back into town but then take the day off he's very very very consistent buy plastic personal day I'm pretty sure this is the first mention to me that it was the painting podcast we asked me too cuz I had to erase the cast for this I know he didn't forget I think you did forget because we have something really really cool that he prepared it's right behind me you can see right there we have a pancake bot that will print pancakes in whatever decided that's the peak of Scientology shut down next year before Patrick revealed the pancake bought me is I was going to try to make you guys Japanese pancakes pancakes but from Japan Japan there floofy that's blue feel like they're like Bill I quickly stopped week by week because I totally understand what you're describing that was an excellent look at that pancake just because I feel like some I got really close to Mike when I said that designs for the pancake but I think we have some faces with great day you would like to spend it but we have just done it next week now we can't miss it before the first flip you probably right about that special Traditions make a terrible audio product like steak and that means it will happen again Barbara Ashley who would like the plain pancake pancake pancake Barber you get to the top of which were very critical well I'm sure I will enjoy it just as much. Can you guys have a fat lady with peanut butter use the hashtag rtpodcast send us an image that you want us to print a pancake in the shape of and will choose hopefully one by the end of the podcast will print it will load it up in the printer that you are thank you I'm going to make you one on the pancake pancake from like the deck of cards I might go to Club to my regret this. Because the way you cooked it just that was awesome is glued itself to the plate for hands and also some of us have drawn we have some people here so I can start on cruise pancakes early Target sanitary go do before you die club for like clubbing seals oh my God but Ashley what you tell them about the thick Ashley tell him about the thing we discovered in Sydney will be there for our tix City speaking of Pancakes fluffy Japanese cheesecake on my God it was agreeable the gift on the podcast before they like tap the cheesecakes in the lighter than air all my coffee eating a cloud like a sweet sugary Cloud we were trying to go find one of my favorite restaurants in the world which is like garbage you restaurant there called Pie Face where they serve all night long. Of business and we finally finally stumbled into one that was open and had pies and it was not worth it then had Japanese cheesecake so it's I think it's time for the night back up what Asian shit in English if that's it that's where they branded with that Uncle tetsu and when they branded the whole teaching goes Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle videos buying To Go waffles for the pancake podcast can I have way more chocolate chips other than this one for you off the printer I think he would probably already guessed with the pancake thing is making right now but he has a big head that horrible beard that he's got in the yard and this camera because it shows how it works but the actual presentation side of the podcast is the side of its down when you put it over bass like certain parts of it longer for different colors of it pancake I know if it's everyone's classic across his face who makes a whole thing like Doritos and button level Billy trees to write. Pancake to Matthew Cody did you want the way you want to be the one of the chocolate I believe he said championship it was a little Nice & Smooth on our first podcast that we're all back unfortunately you didn't get to go I wish I could have gone again I just want to come back home all apps put bananas on this for you but when we were staying there so for this trip I took a Teddy cuz years ago I took JD he's 5 years old I took him on a trip to Australia I'm like a solo trip yeah and when you have two kids no matter how far apart they are parody is such an important thing the fact that I took JD solo to Australia it just said he was too young to go at some point in his life I was going to have to take him on a solo what is the age restriction for Australia true small for super chocolate is that mine can you put more more and then and then because it's the club can you put more pancake on the top for Christian chocolate and banana what's the youngest do you think it should be on an international flight okay loans might like that cuz it said the flight there it from LA is 15 hours starts where they can get on the flight there's actually a window where they're good up until about probably 7 or 8 months then the way bring on a plane until they're about like 4 I would say cuz that's been seeing and fussy and they just like and they get the concept of getting bored which I don't want a 14-hour flight man we had there was one point I forget we're doing but Teddy was bored and a bored kid with trying to do something whose looks like pushing everything in life. Just stand there if you can't be the best thing happen to us on the plane back from Australia there was a there was a Oh my god there was a family with two babies two babies with them right next to me and Bethany on the flight back and obviously when I sat down it's like oh great here we go 15 hours with a family with two newborn babies right before we take off one of the Stewart is coming over and she was just a couple miles ahead that's completely empty with no one in front of it so you guys won't be disturbed if you'd like to move there and so did yeah but why not just embrace the crying baby quality control their eyes when they saw me and I don't want I don't want that reaction you think that being bored is the first emotion stat a human experiences what are the address for babies are born 4 months like it's just a baby I suck but eventually is if you run out of things to suck on itself and it's just a poor baby you have the ability to suck them I think you should get to take the guts pancakes and sell everything kind of became one color what was the spread it it's not it's okay I'm going to try to go do some stuff on the pancake but when I drew the title of the file is not a dick everybody be very surprised by the electronically programming pancakes but you have you up inside cook yeah you might have to put a bit longer but I'ma strip Teddy came with us and meet up we were able to get for a really good rate the room right next to our own for the door for the joining room the teddy basically had his own room which is really cute because he called it his apartment and he was like going to his apartment and it was you unlock door right between a room Hotel there's a Boudoir stuff on the doors and everything like it really rushed the shots already done pretty much is that van in the middle of it didn't make it maybe we'll get through it together it will all find out what happened where the gate 2 or 3 he came over to our room and then he looked at the mini bar and he goes oh you guys haven't eaten your snacks what pay for these I wanted to prove it opened everything in the mini bar Justin trying the emergency bow tie or the couple will you pick up a pack of M&M's is $9 so you just didn't know you had to pay for it so I find out how much that cost pretty soon for all that you will be a couple hundred and everything they're all the drinks you like to hear you're in another country it's okay here's some tequila forever and ever and ever by yourself. It did and I don't know you were at it for a while. To fill it in we did another layer coming down like a definition of player and it lets that cook for a while and then put another layer the top so theoretically should be multiple colors so the painting done this for really long time study engineering which is a very difficult degree and then this is what they made they made but then more specifically this is what they made with all of their work super depressed about just the trajectory of what's going on in YouTube YouTube YouTube what people are watching what people are making now on YouTube it's just like it's kind of steady fucking the client you know like Logan Paul is that like 19 million subscribers just a couple years I thought dude yesterday on one of those like little electrical scooters with a helmet and a GoPro attached to his head and a giant sign with his YouTube channel on and he was blasting shity music filming and it's like every other really you saw this in real life yeah it downtown Austin last night and it's like this is really the contact you're creating for your channel like what are you doing you should like Chick-fil-A kale and see how was successful that marketing strategy is also feel like it's very invasive like I'm just walking down the street and there's a guy selling me that's going to go but I always public pranks suck but I feel like I'm cracking down on that stuff now at least we try to avoid that stuff there's two things that I had a rule against for a really long time which was no hidden camera stuff in the office video that we did Frank Viola after that and then the other was never doing a fucking prank show ever ever ever and Chris and Erin went out and shot the pilot for social disorder and show they were pranking one another and I was like I really like it was on their own ideas and eventually you start to interviews people that's I don't think anybody's really interesting that didn't get picked up by the network television pilot but not for a while looking good as soon as possible it might seem premature but that's fine that's a good pancake buns in a bad way Steven I think it's ready it makes the gassiest pancakes it's ready Gavin do you shoot I mean play that's for scale today yeah pretty pretty accurate right Ashley yeah definitely the holes in the middle or interesting please fill in the holes what's that what you want me to do but let's just put it just put in the cab of the circumcision went wrong okay Jesus we were we were out to dinner too big for a plate Dawn pancake mix and I'll make one for you my head it's not the Belen no no no that's just oh yeah can you get it all in no pattern here that I thought you would ask for the pancake Waffle that shaped like a boot up calling it a waffle and a pancake Waffle House dinner batter there is there instructions on are there instructions on that how to make it waffle as opposed to how to make a pancake Oh you mean for the consistency of the batter right cuz there aren't any backup in case you that again so the government can hear what you said shut up please all right so you can get some gas this is for you it go watch it on YouTube or something for that you just free hand holy crap that's impressive how to make s'more pancakes anybody anybody want some Invasion right now I think they're all huddled before we say hello let me remind everyone that this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast podcast by the way even with only a facial cleanser and moisturizer evenprime brings the best in Korean skincare technology with high performance ingredients evenprime is specially formulated for men's skin and leaves visibly healthy refresh and hydrated without the shine evenprime is there a travel friendly and a perfect holiday gift for your friends Brothers fathers and partners check out the link below or visit evenprime. Co and use promo code Arts podcast at checkout for 25% off and free shipping on your first purchase that's Evie and Prime. Co Plus promo code Rooster Teeth podcast rtpodcast at checkout for 20% off and free shipping on your first purchase there's this code right there that you can use my skin the other day so that's weird timing that we could have even mad that you gave an extra 5% off the original and I think it was important yeah like I remember you like younger guys don't do it right you don't do it supposed to do they provide that so what what did cavemen do they washed and then they look really only died at 28 years like it's good for your skin so give you might not wrinkle as soon and you're still be in better condition so like the me and actually moisturize and we could be we can be 18 or 50 I'm actually 6800 look at that true true you say that like that you met me when I was 30 boy or girl or we just got back from ya so I was Stephanie Easy Choice super easy longtime friend of mine stuff even text and she used to host a good game on the ABC for Australia and now host a show called screenplay and so she's weird she's like my soul sister we are super nerds together this is the only person who would go see step up in the theaters with me and wear leggings with with like a little liking like a little warm up things on our legs at Lego Transformers oh yeah. We are really into it was amazing with us about 2 or 3 battles took place and it was like earthquake type shattering dance moves oh well yeah I'm very proud of her new hobby that she has which is making armor in our living room shaft AOL mail and chain mail but stuff is like super into it so appreciate it it was I got in from the Ren Faire that we went to for the for the Burnie vlog and I walked in and out my people I found them and so I'm actually taking like a leather armor making class in March so I'm like right now I can do chain and I can do skillmill cuz if I mess something up I can like um do it you realize you're going to have to make this Game of Thrones costumes delivered in 20 years and then we watched what 5 episodes of altered carbon in a row and over the course of I was doing some change and I made this much like it's like I made a square like Blake a little this big because you learn how to make curves and you were going around a shoulder for that yeah I was trying to make I was using a model for bras like she fit around right and you have to do what's called fractions and so I made a bunch and then it turns out as way too much I don't do have my project and redo it so it's definitely learning process do you make a mistake you have to sit pretty much just like you want I mean I feel like I think I feel like I should represent like yeah I look up butter and Vegemite is not we're supposed to like that's right yeah you should you should layer it I pay attention thank you for offering though I feel like as the international guest I am worrying way too far away from where all the awesome food actually 7000 cool nice yeah this is good it's been a difficult time since the stuff is been here because Austin is such a food-based city that when she's like well we can go eat here and we can go eat here since I arrived with you guys yeah pretty much the entire itinerary has been food and stuff you can vouch for this that we go from eating place to eating place cuz it's snowing in Austin death will be at a meal and we'll be discussing where we're going to go for the next meal in Austin was for barbecue places 3 barbecue places my bad you can look at the blog we did exacting to her on the blog for lazy keep you Twitter to ask for like recommendations of stuff to do in Austin and it was just all barbecue places live music and food cooking different kinds of meat does you want your that's the best one yet I think from the robots good practice one before the show I think it was Augustus as well that's amazing yes break me off a little balls it's a little colder by now but how to taste salty salty have your variables in what do mountain oysters never ever what are the steps you is that she's I've learned an Instagram food Aficionado that most happy account you follow her food account picture and then I wonder why I'm so hungry all the time and I'm very specific method for like finding restaurants and stuff like that and that you go to Google and you see the writing then you go to the Instagram account and then an Instagram account you go to the location tag and then you see the photos that other people have uploaded because then you can a real picture right now getting the fancy like lighting and then I kind of like the photos and I look at the menu and I can't even cross reference with the menu and I'm like okay that's what the biscuits look like to fish a little bit messy. never service that takes a menu from each restaurant and has Instagram pictures of each menu item compiled in one easy to view play why don't we make that can we play a little bit of the Franklin's death yesterday because there's a guy found who is like my spirit animal online he is I got to meet this guy they don't show space in cuz it's his Instagram account and what he does do you even like make sound effects like I do and he does this thing when he's with somebody and they're taking a picture of their food videos videos video Wilder. bad as well are there always people who are with him hit the company. Do you think she just has like a single account or something guy said that yesterday that was videoing as he's about to crack the desert and then we just we just went in with our spoons I think it runs did you a favor I was it was hard because it's still connected what's the origin of the name hacks like Mabel fantasy and stuff when I was younger and it kind of evolved into games and I'd like to play spell cost of original name now though but I still answer to both mine was Busby when I first started direct me to still call Ashley jinx Ashley patient when you got Jenks just jinx as your Gamertag was like awesome they did that old clear out of dead gamertags at one point a few weeks before that because I was working for Microsoft at the time one of my friends would give you the heads up and he's like what can I tell you want I'll take this one it would be so nice and so cuz I would have said yes the only single digit in Pokemon go to golf they moved over to Niantic you know and Teddy you want to catch a Kangaskhan and magically somehow we all ended up in the rain and now that's our life again is trying to fill out the Pokedex and they keep adding more Pokemon it will never be full they put in now yeah they just added some more, and he logged in after not having played for a year you're just like oh I got a shiny Bears playing Destiny will be like how cool was it was gjallarhorn he's literally his first game he ever play together gjallarhorn Destiny's been out for Wally random 4 years I never got he doesn't think he's lucky tall he does not see it he got his stuff at the end of whatever it is or whatever they are and I go home Galactica Buckhorn are weak in the half Hawaii Waikiki be kind of packed Austin on to this booking flights to Hawaii and Texas Austin Texas locations for a whole week with Ashley when she was living in Australia she is Hardcore someone that was like that was a fun trip was living that kind of not very long at that point you had an impressive like stash of camping gear like more than any permanent resident would have Amber that you would like you brought I like a fool like an axe to chop wood and everything she said he got blisters on your palms because you were like so committed to it and like that's what I knew our friendship was going to be like yeah it was good I had like I got a pavilion to use of the kitchen and had a camp stove and table and I had the less you'll camping we call it glamping if you work it out it's like yeah you really even camping at this point if you just bought a house in toilet within like you know it and that's it is accessible if you have to go and dig a hole and then I feel like no matter how many Magic tents you have a covers in starved you still didn't dig a hole. fix what is apparently the Barbara pancake turn off your excess hair on a trip but I didn't have like a magic toilet with me yes but if it ever sell give me my face I tweeted a picture of my dog by the way with the with the hashtag if you might be too complicated to to make her face look like a ghost I can't I can't man Twitter today there so call my cell phone let's look her up you have to put your tongue through them with a mouth is sweet us using hashtag rtpodcast y'all okay I got this a marshmallow Filson Crepes basically okay I read the wrong we've been doing it wrong for 5 years that's it I didn't recall yeah but I want to say it's not actually as bad as I thought it would base because the the pancake is broken stupid wait I honestly feel like Vegemite you like it on the schematics to be right yeah yeah how do you feel about me saying that Vegemite is like a ship mom might what do you want a moss ball and like a Milky Reddit not in Australia Galion that girl get it someone wants to do a space kid painting much longer segments audio about me an image of Space Kid In The Roaster in orbit what's up buddy when you take your car to space I'll be honest I'm glad they get it because it's gotten such a big reaction I thought it was dumb like I thought it was it was a pilot test it was going to be a block of concrete as weird as it sounds sounds more scientific to me than just throwing a car with a Spaceman in it it's like I'm being kind of curmudgeonly about it the fact that so many people opposed the pancake the Gus painted on his actual portrait his head shot through the head. Terrified of Pancakes instead of his head so you want to find of the SpaceX Falcon heavy launch and you thought it was the what was awesome I just thought that was kind of dumb publicity stunt honestly summer garbage like the fact that he wanted his cars to spell sex but he couldn't get modlily so we called the model 3 and said that's just throw you bought that's great I'm at home I don't buy it I don't think it's what we think it is I think it's like a basically like a butane torch light my stove in the bus and it's it's basically you can make a really big creme brulee you could it's a lot like that make the world's biggest creme brulee really shaped like a dick Barbara German Cross the top of the holiday what's that turn off the chocolate what would you like strawberry I got the plain ones that easy I'm not going to cook the strawberry so give me a second I'll make a new batch here Liberty Morticia from the community making pancakes at home I think we have maybe something got if you're making pancakes at home tweet us using hashtag rtpodcast how do you zoom in on the dog that sounds good I want to try to make that pancake see what we're not doing this year that we had better ones marshmallow Play It's marshmallow peanut butter have you never had a fluffernutter sandwich can you make me want to know which one of them were the first pumpkins that I had the marshmallow group yet it looks like Nina is but you said it's like marshmallow everything I've noticed that I have to say is pubg and it's when you talk about something humidifier I don't have any armor the armor let me know my level 3 armor the way it would be if you didn't mention that you still would have found it Gavin. I can't find another you going to find the home anyway I just ate hard to figure out and then I would find them on their own anyway thing as right as I talk about not having something I am usually find it in your destiny we are both very lucky to be dating ladies that play video games a problem being is that we don't play the same kinds of video games but the thing is surprised with you is you and I play a game that we don't know why Ashley hasn't played it because she would love it if we don't know why you haven't played Witcher I rely on play which are the reason I feel like I'm in a relationship with that another his lovely navigate to play Witcher what's going to take a trip out with some smoker and then you play an annoying college game and then you have to fight at Griffin and I never like I never foyer because it's too busy like people telling me about Gwen just like let me fight until you can Harlequin stuff because I have a standalone game now so if you want to know that you can it's just it is honestly in my opinion the greatest a very similar taste in kind of authentic medieval fantasy this game really encapsulate that played or watch or read but I really can you record that so I can take the video and then have it coach me through the game as well cuz I like the picture of course I seen that like the pain in TV shows and stuff like that I feel like a pretty cool more or less Australian Cinema has better ratios or is it still off I feel like a strahle does mall with kind of Art House Cinema and stuff so I say maybe not really that being said I feel like when you I think was so used to saying verbs on TV that Westside Ave Blackwood desensitized now when I see it's like a pain on TV it's an event it's an occasion like boobs are all over the place and it looks like in Australia I don't know if maybe I was just checking up on this or if it's an actual fact but I feel like people their dress a lot more scantily clad what to do is go in summer summer of good looking adoption point in the day so maybe people are just thinking ahead they're always prepared yet I don't know I was walking around like this yeah I just reminded me once again that level of shape you're doing yourself an Evernote to do service if you wear too many clothes, not going to put the robots how many people in society actually live in the middle of Australia very many I think if you look at the kind of like a population map it is literally like all around the edges and then like middle of a trailer pretty much just does it in Alice Springs bike somewhere in the middle indigenous tribes and stuff around that area and start as well shit Canada is what percentage is it of people in Canada if you live within like a hundred miles of the US border 90% of Canada's population lives South of the Border of the US I think it's similar 1995 percent of the Australian population is within like a hundred miles of the coast yeah yeah I believe it Sol Jefferson want you to know I love it when everything I can so tell that have him look better that way or the other way I see it give it all flipper oh yeah just percent just painted over it did you take a picture that I would it looks like it yeah that's like the brunch level pancake when you want to start putting powdered sugar technical discussion okay email let me check Twitter on RT Podcast bring home to make sure a lot of people think someone should slip Gavin before he burns so it's not so you can print someone else's IP implantation like a dmca thing I would like to remind everyone that this podcast is sponsored by Casper 5th episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast is brought to you by Casper Casper is a sleeper and the continues to revolutionize it's line of products to create an exceptionally comfortable sleep experience one night at a time you're invited to take advantage of transfers competitive limited-time President's Day offer that's right one for the first time ever Casper has through mattress lines to choose from the original Casper the innovate wave and the streamlined essential cast or is it just the mattress company they also offer sheets pillows bed frames and even dog beds so everyone in the family sleeps comfier than ever before you deserve to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated without back pain that's where Casper comes in for a limited time visit casper.com savings to receive up to $200 off your purchase of $2,000 or more this special offer expires February 20th 2018 the casper.com terms for more details terms and conditions of that's $200 off your purchase of $2,000 or more but going to casper.com savings this special offer expires I like it it's cool I just was going to go in our guest room and she hijacked it I have an excuse oh my sleeping on some kind of record a message just whatever we can find a Natalie so anything about Austin or Texas that you discovered any Revelations about your travels in the US cool hip divide PA set time 5 times Austin Weird 8th Austin I just love how all of the houses they're kind of you going to mix of really old kind of hippie houses next to these amazingly new modern builds houses and it feels like a lot of Personality a lot of different restaurants and bars of like different Furniture everywhere old Christmas lights and everything it was like a weird juxtaposition of new and old and pretty much every place you go cotton candy fairy floss everywhere around you that's my favorite thing about it makes everything seem kind of fairy tail lights and it makes the Summer's just like you can go out and there's these lights strung between trees and just sit out there and go that's everywhere little green bugs look like flies whatever but I mean like Last 5 Years we moved I never lived as close to the river as we do now and where we live before Park neighborhood works either houses that were built in 1930 and it's an old school Austin hippie whose own it forever and then right next to it is some cubic modern house you know that you don't even know how to get inside of and shipping container is the old like standout hold out hippies that are like I'm not moving you know I really nice the way you can like they bring your food with little table that you have while you're eating and everything but it's cost twice as much well I got back so now I know chip cookie shake so good in your fight about it but shaking Alama monster I just feel like eating a burger in the doc it's what you see and it goes down my sleep will bring me food do you want to spend to you well yes that would be nice too but I have to take a tip extra for that but the most of the food average diaper I feel like it when we have back home they bring it at 2 it's like specific times if you requested as well as you can be like okay can you bring this out of the first half of the movie and then like halfway through can I have like nachos and then right before that and keeping my Sunday please with my son to go get some food before the movie even starts and finish the food before the movie even start Allen or you can do it too cuz they have really cool pre-rolls before the movies they custom make them for each movie and not some of the footage they find is amazing Marvel movies still have a Spider-Man that was made every country Italy in India like the Hitman movie the bad one that came out that used a bunch of Awesome videos with the dude with the cheekbones you going to have to be more specific he was in Justified he was in the girl next door about the kid who moves in next to a pornstar about out Timothy old was the first one okay so they're going to start well I'm glad they're so different weight what can go he's also go. I think Katie Holmes Lake Post Pulp Fiction which I have a bunch of different stories no kind of tie up this looks like a plain pancake chocolate one here I'm going to make you know I do want to talk about something now based on what you said for Hitman since we have so many gay dating authorities here what is the best video game movie what is a b c comic book movies are huge right now to get the hell out of here so bad I mean it's okay it's adaptable material I feel like Tomb Raider is kind of a dependable hard worker. I felt bad we were like bumping into a cello you took the credit today I did throw a brick through a Moodle yeah you're going to have my glasses on when I say everything you just said again no I was here working so I played by towel over pubg as the number one viewed game on Twitch step for the seven years 6 years Ashley yeah yeah they never once mentioned Battle Royale is part of this game pubg comes out it takes off and it's just weird to think they were developed in this game for 6 years that no idea that another game was going to be develop that would make their game at 6 but I think it's fair to say that and what's crazy is that you play too and Gus we play the original fortnite in like 2012 or something it was didn't change that much between then and when it came out but then the change from when it came out to the Battle Royale mode complete different you didn't cuz they are there when they announced that they they even said in their release about it basically then hey we play Battlegrounds and we were like it's cool if we could do this and so we did and here it is released fortnite unique thing in media and now it's more popular maybe I'll buy players but if you watch the game is more popular than a million I think but it's also free to play Sol console that barrier to entry for tonight cuz be like I don't want to drop 30 bucks so I can play the free version easy whatever do you think like the Battle Royale mode has really but I think every presentation at E3 next year is going to have like 2 or 3 Battle Royale game the huge deal you can jump through Windows now and I was like yeah I stand alone so I think it'll just become a mode that other games have already like a stalker developers just now so hard mode there is a leak saying that Red Dead Redemption choose going to have a horde mode Battle Royale mode why can see companies like everything you said they're going to Easley what is it delightful am I doing is actually really good is it you think we're going to reach a point where video game movies are as mainstream and if I qualify as comic book movies are Chris Collins language in the territory for decades as well and then they bust it out I think they'll get there I think it's just no one really knows how to make it yet to twist and add that will appease the expanse of the game and then the audience just have no clue because I can get the biggest challenge right if you wanted to be a film that appeals to people who have no idea about the game and don't know nothing about it as much as it appeals to the people who you know very well that's with game yeah I think that's what I struggle with the most is honesty I think games are the superior experience like reading a comic and then you seen the movie the movies better movies like everything's in Motion in score Bay City to go from video games movies you strip out the interactive part where you participate right what you doing the game all over have you you wanted to kind of in a hand saw it expand on this experience a bit more and make it different from different or better in the gaming experience and in a different way but it was Thursday at the other way when they make a video game over movie true but I think there's like over there is the production times as well though because they stop developing a movie and then they they throw to a studio and be like okay we want this to release at the same time and it develops as a kind of forced into we make again Facebook hear one of my friends from high school who doesn't go over the stuff she was like this Deadpool character is so different in the X-Men movie versus in his own movies cuz they all in her family like the Deadpool movie then they heard he was in one of the Wolverine movies I think how do you do that that's your head off no I think we're debating on doing this by next cricket on it but we all kind of like don't like the building aspect of it so we'll see I got it right or say Halo Steven Spielberg I'm super excited about it because for me I think when you're a real fan of something is as protective as you are of the property you just want to kiss you as much of it as possible so I mean I thought it was a rumor going around that it was to be directed by Sam Raimi who did like Hercules and Xena and all that kind of stuff don't come from I love her no I mean I mean I love those shows growing up but I feel like they're from another time also joxer the mighty he was just so you know I will challenge your concern though by saying that I remember very distinctly when they announced they were going to make a high-budget Trilogy from The Lord of the Rings book and I was like yes and they said and Peter Jackson's going to recognize who I thought was knew his movie and had nothing he had before that indicated in any way that he could taste was a masterpiece brain dead super campy over-the-top Gore stuff gives a whole which is about dirty puppets like a Muppet Show backstage and they're all like doing drugs and sleeping with each other and yeah if it is really really fucking weird I had no idea of the Kate Winslet movie was a beautiful creatures is that new Spider-Man yeah yeah I mean I should probably give him the benefit of the doubt I guess made as long as it's really kind of gritty and and and like authentic to the the truth yeah I mean I don't Jason's of anything can go pretty much either way depending on what do they keep in where they take out cuz you can't keep all the material that are building something in the world I want to know if your carbon and the the books awesome the book is like really evocative and really cool and they kept all of the right things from that like boobs and the dogs in the naked and the benefit but they built out the world in a way that is really cool really make sense and the stuff they changed I was like I get this how do you feel out the costing of the main character how many Suicide Squad he was in the RoboCop to get who has really great abs and a completely wooden presentation and they're like a couple of actors because he's actually in the wrong body and so there's also a Japanese Slavic but he's end up in this why do there's a whole bunch of things online people riding up as about how it's problematic that he was whitewash not the case all I know is it starts 250 years later than the last time he was alive so that's a bit of a change from the books by it's basically just really really really far in the Future the ride specify a exactly but the Black Earth is like old old like old and busted and so that the back here is like very quaint I feel like it was an interesting if we had seen him change slave multiple times throughout the series and then you had to like cost multiple different active in that same role trying to keep some elements of cohesion and then matter is something like that smaller parts in it that are the where eat like one end up playing multiple roles because it's different people getting slammed into this body and it's actually really cool to see but I think that they have handled it really well and it's the kind of thing where they can theoretically recast the mineral anytime they want yeah I think the Best Buy's no word yet on casting for The Witcher but I think a lot of people working Mads Mikkelsen to be good Daryl's that's the that's right there that's my two favorites are you really not this season to season before it was just boring so is that you have to move through so much time and so much Logistics Barbara looking into a mirror for a long time I think I just found this picture and remember what I used to call him Nicholas what does coster-walda member holding a god Morgan head right about now what the hell in stage 2 theater the frame photo of Morgan Barbara B I don't know what you're missing how do you guys feel about the The Game of Thrones showrunners starwars.com cross-eyed your plan now so there there's those guys are Ryan Johnson Trilogy solos about to come out by the way I actually kind of the trailer for that kind of now instead of being like terrified of what was going to be like Andy in Blaine getting into a fight Witcher who's on which side what I don't remember one of them is like that coming out too often tonight Mike don't have enough time to build a new excitement and the other one was like I love them but I remember how when I'm really in my life where I am now thinking I hope they make less Star Wars movies I never thought I would reach that point most is there solo this year is there another one this year so low this year and then I think next year is episode time does that mean that you can't watch One Star Wars movie. I just I don't know I guess I got you some coming out like once or twice a decade and that was you know the gas made me build up the anticipation for any good it's your excitement that you need and because it's not enough time for you to build a stock back when you when I first met you episode 3 together and then you for some reason why you thought that morning even though we plan to go see it text me back are you saying that I'm the king of ghosting on medium and texting right that guy is trash awful hey I'm trash awful he's cussing getting after me to text back really bad that you're just not giving me enough time to build up the height maybe you should watch altered carbon the Javits text me like at least once a day need the entire day to vote at the exact text me back if you're doing a running joke like we texted the word pancakes spelt differently different iterations of Pancakes they're probably four or five times but this part of it research for the podcast give me the game of the girl like this but you supposed to shake it with your finger in it because I didn't even know that because you're not supposed to be doing it off of the game where if you think about the game you all on you know I hate the game Uno the game what countries are u.s. Australia the game so did you have a Nintendo Entertainment System is that who does big in Australia I didn't have one personally my my parents are like hates Aunty video games growing up in kind of late I mean I have a really good hooked on with a mud mud client and my parents will I call you his homework and I was like but let me ask you this let's say you're in a situation where using a Nintendo Entertainment System it's 1989 or whatever you're using at the cartridge doesn't work what do you do to try to make the cartridge work free internet how did that information spread all the way across an ocean to Australia in the world new to blow on the cartridge I think he kind of its a baby dust is the problem level thing of blowing on a Nintendo cartridge every kid did you ever eat it yet but no but I had a kid to my neighbor who figured out if you took quarters and stack them up and put them between the cartridge and the case to push it down and it worked perfectly fine that information didn't spread I do something wrong and then try to pull it out and it hurts of a catch and that spring that holds memory card in just the smallest most insignificant inexpensive part in this entire thing broke on the inside and then I couldn't put a memory card in so I had to put the memory card in the duck hit the Super Nintendo was it the the weird gray and I can when I was at the Japanese yellow green but someone sent us the mini SNES from Australia and it's the cute European version the European Japanese version with the colors I didn't realize for so long that they had made different versions and I felt left out you feel like you wish it had been called the family come to sleep. Thanks Tammy, but I think does Nintendo Little Hardware bits that you guys both went nuts over night could have could not have cared less about his most recent motivators for me buying the blowtorch because I knew was a limited edition Hardware item sold those we got some kind of a gift from Gamestop cuz we hosted an event for them in Las Vegas and I was like we should sell it on eBay it's a gift from Gamestop you can't sell it on eBay it's a cute little thing even if you don't use it looks nice I hope nobody in the audience buys it because I don't think it's going to be worth it but let some other sucker chop his money you going to sell it without even trying it Bethel Pointe before they come out and it would realize that these blowtorch Five Little Ducks Unlimited now I am listening there we go I should have more no neither did you really what kind of rehab I have like 80 beanie babies as a kid so I just collected baby thinking like all these are going to be worth ten times as much when I'm older but has a shitload and the cat then hung them and deliver them to a door Ultra 90s photo where the couples getting divorced and their number one asset with beanie babies so they brought them all to the court and they're giving them of one one by one in divorce court stuffed animal question everyone does into voicemail call Emilio are you separating miles out of court of law maybe don't wear the white sneakers that may be like take a day off don't let a black collared shirt at right now no I've always avoided collecting stuff my friends collected Comics I never did it seem like a Norms Hassle and then I dabbled with collecting in the Xbox 360 Arrow where I started getting a bunch of the custom controllers and I got way too many of them and I'm I'm never do physical collecting ever again click one thing it's Magnus I collect Magnus of every city I go to you know what sucks about bridges now that I'm magnetic on the front it true that sticks out but now that's left me with a little sliver of Magnus excited group pancake podcast that's the winning one. In Japan last September I think about you I love it back I should have done they just very strawberries or did he cut them into hot water baseboard pancake call pancake syrup siding before we go there is one more thing that we want to talk about we know that some of you have probably read reports in newspapers are online about an armed Intruder that broke into Gavin's house and we didn't talk about this previous on the podcast because obviously it's a very difficult subject to talk about Gavin is there anything that you want to say about this massive thanks for the support online it was a very unpleasant time and also a big thanks to the Austin Police Department for an insanely fast response time very fast do you want to say we love you and make very much and we're happy that you're stay for very grateful that you're safe thanks very much alright and thanks for joining us on this podcast and we will see y'all next week love you bye