#48 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth misses Burnie

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rooster-teeth-podcast-48

Recorded: 2010-02-10 21:03:55

Runtime: 00:53:56 (3236.14 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Joel Heyman, Geoff Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

canopy already Gus hey it's podcast are you doing I'm okay man I didn't get enough sleep last night thanks for last I for the morning to do something for her career and last night I was working on and then you can you can you prove a video for me about 45 minutes and 45 minutes what is with the last night waiting to prove video I'm about to the bridge show his face here the play random off for that was an impassioned conversation on the 1st of May I would like to get the Guitar Hero version of I would call that phone what's it called when I get them I know what I'm doing intro edit Josh Clark who is 604 in what 15 episodes to go in the whole series and a lot of unanswered questions 2 time I figured why not addressed something in the air that was the most I seen him at least probably 2 season's payoff whatsoever it was just when I was watching it initially don't watch this no wonder I'm too close to it now what was the best thing to come out of last night's episode the in last night's episode was when Jack swallows the pill and the dude tried to get him to like to do being very cool and collected it was under the impression we wouldn't see her again can you get infection that she's an agent of the bad guy in a black and he's going to being some sort of army for us Jacob's cabin there was a cabin and when they went and found them they saw that that's what's up just whatever that have been broken and that's what the Whispers help me and also I think that I think Jack's dad it was actually the man in Black because he can have any dead people right turned and I guess that's why I always understood that that's why I do anything for me Flash the primer only come by and we could really have a conversation I don't know I thought we came out and I think you were right on Disney I first came out I remember the podcast you know everyone was talking about it was and how was everything I would just with the Kindle and the Kindle I was going to get one of those and because she does a lot of design working on lining up the place right and she always has to go to meetings to borrow my laptop always having to schedule people and this is for her I don't intend to pay week where do we go with that we don't we can connect to Wi-Fi in Austin and for the most part yeah Final Fantasy original when you can visualize I mean why would you be able to is a piece of shit you know to do it I'm trying to no no no I know you think the public they're doing Apple TV got off on the wrong foot because they were the initial first came out you couldn't do HD is it better to integrate the PC experience more so that you can use it as a standalone as opposed to needing to get your media off of a computer or pipe I just got a case for it and I keyboard I can plug into March I think it works out I hope and I understand why you would look for game a proper handwriting recognition carrying around weight lucky keyboard sounds I think that thing will come in handy on trips to we travel a lot and I needed a lot of fun to play and I don't know how to round 25.68 kilograms for the rest of the world Joel on Daddy time to work it would be that or transfer files is limited and also can I have an FTP and gallon yeah I'm playing the hell out of it game of the year that show the video rooftop package I don't know Frank story makes sense I think so I think it is also able to not have a sequel I could probably fix that we spent live I haven't I haven't had the opportunity yet but I hear it's really really good everything a multiplayer the only really from Bioshock 1 is that the hacking is easier like a really dumb down the hatches they don't spend all day with you I don't feel like spending as much time running around searching for Shah explore the entire map at any point and that's definitely not the case and if you could go back in the round stuff do it once you put it on and so it super and I didn't get the feeling like in the level design so far I would get to a level 12 doors to go through of the clown face here that means the circus of value faster more streamlined 247 Ford listening to the idea play chicken update BioWare action RPG games I would like to get to the next week to finalize everything and I enjoyed every conversation how to make a Trilogy and have three games in the middle of some kind of on a bigger down no that makes them look for 2 next I will say I'm excited to get through Bioshock so I can get back to play Mass Effect for fun you never know what is coming 33 is Kat a Pneumatic last year and Hell in the next recently first to recommend Honda Shadow what's the different different caliber was the first game where I've reached the limit of the controller on the Xbox where I just couldn't interface with it I don't know The Wharf because I always mess down on the left stick weekend too much for the first time how far is Xbox 360 launched in November 05 so we are four years and three months in 21st 2000 what is a 2012 at the earliest they can out of the current Hardware I think I read somewhere that which I'm totally fine with in it three are good enough that I don't feel any technical limitations on Telegraph Bowl invitations I just love the system and I just want to keep I just want to the temperature there was a demo for women for PS3 for the PS3 came out of this like Uncharted 2 style third person shooter game where you were like in a desert and you were fighting and he slid over a car dream of this trailer it was the coolest looking game and I remember thinking like wow that's the best looking and it was like it was like playing at cutting to the integral hey babe just made it cool trailer to show up to show up the PS3 making the PS3 engine was pretty cool just like everyone Fantasy 7 checking on a few members of lying in the Road movie mythical giant next to me next to her I do remember trailer for and Xbox game with Xbox on play out it was kind of like something for you maybe not for for and it was like a futuristic sci-fi next Khan the shooter also look really cool and trailer which was putting for coming out next week for that game of work incorrect to and you still not believe I'm time phone is crazy you know Xbox Xbox Live for 15 final XB original Xbox will no longer be able to collect Xbox Live effective April 15th also if you play original Xbox games on your 360 April 14th Halo 2 windows crazy bad time for completely and I got lucky but it was funny it's because I'm doing a documentary Australian Center board girls with small breasts from doing porn white women with small breasts do porn girls girl so weird I just and Australian Husky allows women with a cups to being porn what country is fucking weird coach Battlefield nude women porn next of those guys are doing every video game come out I got it a brilliant idea for you to meet his parents Washington watch the last two weeks though skit comedic Circle for sale Sportster Boxee I don't get it didn't turn out like that the but this last week they had the Christian way that's coming do that show up on fucking funny Fred Armistead just completely and totally cracking up she couldn't continue turned SNL Burn Notice the promos I don't like tell me one thing about I mean Rahm Emanuel Muir and I and that was just all so very very very very very funny it is really week Portuguese no probability he's really gross actually I the only one that's it application and this one dude who was like a penny at the bar next to me and what are you Mexican or something I can favorite Super Bowl commercial Betty White One commercial commercial is your favorite I just repeat them it's the one for the country did it really Yahoo advertisers need to try a little harder once the Doritos commercial I thought we were just atrocious but the one okay that explains it but yeah one of them was pretty I guess it was 100 show me about the light followup I don't know I guess it's a win you know scanner is making pictures of you PS3 we went to one of those full-body picture from the machine how how do you have a son that was awesome I guess see you at 1 tracking number set an Austin fucking a film that makes over $21 it's funny to generate more cash flow for me we were nominated the for the price Stanley 601 in space I think is better incredible you're my favorite Riley doesn't yeah it's a little and doesn't pick up early until like the last 20 minutes and the thing about I just thinking about emotional response out of all of it will remind me to be sad play to me you're right I just the kidneys no arguing with the best picture I have medication hurt locker in Grocers near I haven't heard and I come on dude Avatar is the highest grossing film domestic and Alive of all time and it did it in eight weeks I think that Avatar is basically The Wizard of Oz I don't know but I really like the face so much for our sins on your beauty Morrow we have the popcorn store the brand is your on eMachines and next I will we come a long way since we are Xbox I don't want it for the fantasy no problem everybody know and it tastes a million times better never quite work I don't know generic under do it and and cooktop from for I might be time to upgrade microwave with the scanner on the market I guess the three ways you can scan your food definition how to connect to MicroCell in the box with the man on the steak and some sort of tattoo barcode on the cervix burn No Scrubs and stuff so I told I look like a special dinner for her and what she wanted she said that she wanted reviews on the bottom game of PS3 to turned those are more complicated and typically you put what your broiling allows you to do you want to get it like one and a half from here and you want to cook it like for instance I became a fan of Indian food week Betty time Indian food came up to me I don't like I don't like anything I am trying so hard to to break out of that because I've really got into cooking and it's hard to cook if you don't like seafood but if you only like Mexican food all the restaurants on trailers and whatever weird Griffin I found an Indian restaurant called Garage Mahal buffet and in somebody's backyard and only 8836 in a Indian food trailer is so fucking tremendous game at 5 o'clock every day on Rainey Street for me one day is there any is there any food really hard to break and I got one on to an Indian grocery store to buy the seeds called Nigella because it called for me tell me about 2 hours to try to be down at with a live for grocery stores I finally found them in the soil Indian grocery store put all this work into it MGM what kind of in Furniture Row area with shoe store and it's like Riley Azusa Halo no I don't think so pedestal probably one of the 10 best things ever put in my mouth no good in between rice and pasta it's some weird substance like they bring it to you like you freaking food did you eat with your hands actually it was great except for Tech California Betty Martin delivery what's a meter compared to what do you feel like turned out to be