#480 - We’re Starting a Fight Club

Join Gus Sorola, Blaine Gibson, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss travel horror stories, Star Wars, shared universes, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2018-02-20 20:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Blaine Gibson, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

hey everyone screenshot welcome to the receipt podcast this week brought to you by Casper and Squarespace there and their I'm guess I'm Blaine so you might have heard them when we did our intro to promote RTX this coming summer here in Austin so weird and I'll topic all I from the sunset room in Sunny Austin Texas thank you Bethany you can get tickets at universe.com RTX live from Austin and if you're here in the audience you can purchase a general admission ticket to always open Live or on the spot live for $10 off boat shows are 5 to 7 Tuesday and Wednesday see Patrick in advance if you're interested Patrick where are you tickets go on sale the 26th for double Gold members 28 for first members March 2nd for the general public and early bird race run until March 9th is this a can I call you on your bullshit cuz before you're like I'm really don't like that people sing for me I didn't I said it as a joke and she fucking did it hey Bethany did yeah smart lady good job Bethany. Bad job presents and he loves hugs bring both of those no Bethany do the judges on this set a week-to-week of these you're doing always open and we doing with life on the spot as well yeah I think so tonight we had a metal detector with a four hour line hey Gus I found the greatest restaurant in Austin that you're going to go to every single day for the rest of your life now go on person restaurant closed down. I've eaten in that before you're you're getting warm you're getting warm is it a no interaction restaurant so Austin has the Austin School for the Deaf so we have what are you doing with this we have a high-def population per capita as opposed to other cities this restaurant apparently is owned by a deaf owner and then has I think from what I could tell a hundred percent all hearing impaired staff interesting so there's no talking you don't even order from the menu you just they have a bigger version of the menu on the counter and you just point whatever you want everything and then you get this and then you get food and that's it are you just think people just get kind of quiet as a result we were there in 7/4 months for their wow like all blind servers and everything like that so you sit in the dark and you're served meals in Pitch Black the full spectrum of experience is for you here you get something at barbers in its on its is that it what is it what's it for but yeah it's a great place and it's on South Lamar it's in that shopping center that's just north of the Broken Spoke where nothing lasts for more than like four months it's where the old alligator Grill used to be so I have a friend who went to a school that also had like a death like class and they said that apparently because they don't know that they're making the noises on Barbara way in here they don't know they're making the noises so people are just like a humming all the time never hold on Barbara I can't no I can't even what a Blaine's friend have you in my feels going to eat what a blank friends had sex with a deaf girl and she made a ton of noise and he's looking at me weird some to stop saying this out every time you walk by the bathrooms you here cuz I don't know so just had something really funny happened right before we came out here we were we were backstage and I were all hanging out and Blaine says take a real quick shower before you go out and do the podcast sexy go to the bathroom then about two minutes later when you're like a and it gets cream stops and turns it into the bathroom and Blaine walks out like nothing happened what happened in there from our perspective you said you would take a quick shit we heard a loud Splash and your screen there is I was turning on the faucet and I don't know if it's connected to water properly or not but it just like sprayed violent what are my hands but I had to wash my hands so cuz I don't have people on my hand so then I was like no I didn't feel my hands do not ask me this I you're waiting for it you're like set you act like that we know because we had one of those go on moments as well where you were talking to me and Barbara and you were casually mentioning you know sometimes when you laugh super hard Barbara and you pee your pants and Barbara that's our demo anyone here with a vagina should have raise your hand by the way I'm on to all of you I know how it works what happens if anybody's broadcast staff and tell him absolutely we we all pissed are pants too much but yes sir there's a kinship with us interns we understand the hardships speaking of bodily functions did you hear about that flight that got diverted to get the passenger reviews to stop farting was this like in protest like a fight broke out on this plane it was a flight from Dubai to Amsterdam and the the the pilot had to come to PA and ask the passenger to stop Bart except early it smelled terrible and since he refused to stop farting it was a fist fight that broke out to Vienna and the police had to come and take like 4 people off the plane for fighting because of foot hurting and that boy is a fire hazard risk so I can charge something else happening in the story can just be because he was farting that he wanted to fight him trying to save your Airlines flight the two judgment sitting next to him didn't take very well despite released but the unashamed man was apparently not put off and refuse to hold back guy that had to land sit in the bathroom and it smells so bad around model that's on Twitter that every follows Prestige Teigen in Tokyo that's it take a rain check on that one and then this other dudes knock on the plane and the two brothers ended up on the same plane so for hours in they turned around and came back right and then we laughed and said it would be really funny if he got on the wrong way but he still going to Tokyo he was still going to Tokyo that was the end result that played using his brothers reprinted boarding pass cuz they thought they were on the same flight together but me a book on different airlines and he didn't want to fly on the other line without his brother so you can his Brother printer up to boarding passes and they snuck on with them yeah you don't do that you don't know what happened they turn a plane around and then you have it like 80 people pissed off at you or however big the plane was flight to Tokyo on a relative scale Gus did you hear about this I'm going to look it up here for this Carnival Cruise that just got a huge problem to hear about this the lead on this a 10 day Carnival Cruise of the South Pacific turned into a floating Fight Club last week when is Siri's a brawl broke out on board up to 30 passengers were injured on what's on have described as quote the cruise from Hell the cruise line apologized and offered everyone a 25% discount on future book how did it all break out what why do they call it a Fight Club what happened close to the vest but there was showed up on a cruise ship of about 2000 people and they just said this Starship and they just started beating people up and just stayed locked in there cabins cuz they were told don't roam the hallways alone holy crap they were punching women since you don't kids everything we saw it we saw everything George really hoping for like beside an adventure kind of scenario from down at the bottom of the ship the big boys and basically do whatever they want to do to have a security was just beating up on these people and then they got the guys that like I get Shovel Coal Township I just don't want to hear about something like this 25% off I mean that vacation would be never forever know all of those people have been taught it's like going to prison work and they're all going to go and continue doing it on future cruises the dream of video from the cruise oh my God chicks in there Securities beating is that the captain the guy in The Walking Dead that's good family fun right there yeah that's great advertising speaking of travel horror stories did you see that story about that woman who was at a train station in China and she was traveling for Lunar New Year but she didn't want to put her purse unattended through the X-ray machine so she held it and went through the X-ray machine with it the picture it looks like something out of a nightmare because she's moving so I can head is all like shaped weird on the X-ray image and then dangerous that's Modern Art that's the new Mona Lisa apparently doing it during a lunar new year was a big town it's a big travel season in China and lots of times people travel with a lot of cash so it's speculated that your brother had a ton of cash in her bag and probably didn't want it to go through in a separate bowl that one up the other ones really freaky but I might actually had like a gun in her bag this is not so much that passengers go nuts as we saw from the cruise line footage there but people on airplanes like we said we haven't heard about anything while since the guy like to go really bad dump on the plane they turn around look at a farting that's a pretty tame story based on some of the stuff we talked about on the podcast before like it was the guy I think it's a famous musician right he got on to the drink card is it over with Gerard Depardieu and then took a dump on the drink nope all right I'll see if I had this really obnoxious woman that shit on a cart I don't remember the exit ramp drink beer off the drink cart and then quit his job and then went down the slide which is when we were going down to Sydney for RTX Sydney I had a first-time flyer on the flight with me so I had to I flew Austin to Houston then Houston to Sydney I had a first-time flyer on the Austin to Houston leg who's the woman who looks like maybe she was a little older than I am and she was sitting across the aisle and up one row and she walked in and immediately I was like oh there's this was trouble she walked in and she sat down and turn to the guy next to her once said very loudly I could hear it I've never been on a plane before I'm sorry I'm going to vomit all over you and the guy said don't worry it's fine it's fine she said she kept saying I told him to buy me a Megabus ticket I'm just going to Katie if you're from Austin taking a plane to InterContinental to get to Katie is about the dumbest way to get to Katie yeah I like titties like a 90-minute drive away yeah I think Katie and like an hour drive so there's no time being saved get it over with it makes sense to do like really short one but it doesn't sound like she wanted to seem like an eternity because she then immediately started ordering drinks if it's a 30-minute flight to Houston she got drunk I like immediately and then she kept saying like the guy next door at one point we were in the bulkhead he he he stretched his legs out in front of him and she said she started screaming what are you doing what are you doing are we crashing are you bracing yourself oh my God lady, I'm just stretching my legs and she's like okay I'm going to vomit all over you and then eventually we land in Houston and I'm skipping over a lot of stuff that she said she was absolutely insane but we land in Houston and her phone ring so she answers it and she says I guess it's whoever paid for her plane ticket to go to go see in Houston in Katy weird way to describe what you're doing I was like oh no no no you don't have to buy me a Jeep I'm so um I'm totally happy with my 2006 Mitsubishi how does she have a car at the destination airport I don't know also I would hate to invite someone down from Austin to Katy and I've got to buy them a fucking plane ticket to go down there InterContinental I mean I don't know if your house right then she stand up as soon as you guys landed to get their bag no she didn't. It was it was it was something else did it ever make it into the stuff we used to do on planes when we travel out in the early days I think so and we were with the new fliers did you use to do believe you would like there be a nervous I feel like you run into new Flyers way less frequently now. Would you agree with that that's going to lay down until his people don't think I'm just don't hear from that maybe they're just not as though they don't say that if you like we would know if somebody on the plane a couple different times we were seated next to Nazar buddy and remember Andrew Jackson and we beseech tattoos using people avoid them as part of the strategy right yeah it said they want to talk to you in like touch you and ask you what this means in that means it's like old shity punk bands album covers but we would sit down on the plane and they would say Hey I Just Wanna let you know I'm really nervous this is my first time I've never flown before in the super nervous and don't worry about it we fly all the time we fly 2 or 3 times a month we got this so don't worry about it then we'll be taking off we go down the runway and I'll say really casually to Jeff yeah we are not going fast enough to take off this time I guess El chapete nope it was a terrible flyer but she had a good reason to be she was on a flight st. Louis is apparently just the center of every storm that comes across the u.s. it's like right there and it's rtw a used to be there huh was in St Louis so she would always flight TWA when she was a kid and one time they decided the pilot got ambitious and we can try to punch through a hole in the storm in land and the plane. So turbulent that the overhead bins open and all the luggage dumped out into the aisle. The scary flight and when they first started to have the I know it's bad for said the turbulence the guy never goes I'm a businessman. I travel traveling salesman I fly every single day of the week this kind of thing happens all the time literally 5 minutes later he has pictures of his kids out on the tray and you saying goodbye to them she did not ever want to set foot on the plane like I love that did you think he was crying like they were trying to keep calm and they were on the piano should I have to go to brace started a Fight Club people kids I just like having with me or if things are getting Rocky get a rest oh here let me let me read this thing right here is brought to you by Caspar Casper's asleep brand that continues to revolutionize it's line of products to create an exceptionally comfortable sleep Xperia one night at a time you get $50 off select mattresses why visiting casper.com RT and using promo code RT at checkout Catherines mattresses are designed by humans for humans that got the original Casper mattress come by and see multiple supported memory foams for a quality sleep surface with just the right sink and just the right balance Casper's readable design help you sleep cool and regulate your body temperature Through the Night by Caspar is easy you can order online at delivered to your door in a compact box and you have free shipping and free returns to the u.s. and Canada considered we spent 1/3 of Our Lives on a mattress it's so important to truly sleep on a mattress before committing that's why cast for give you one of your nights to try it out get $50 for select mattresses by visiting casper.com RT using promo code RT at checkout Supply $30 for select mattresses by visiting casper.com RT using promo code RT at checkout I love my Casper mattress I missed sleeping on it while I was traveling for RTX Sydney I was really looking forward to it back to it and I'm getting a much better night sleep hey what the fuck are you been playing your attention during class playing attention I guess yeah Casper video that somebody tweeted of I'm not sure if it was the Casper Factory but it was some Factory where they compress mattresses down to where they can ship them like Casper does what's directions to a place that makes it sound like an air mattress I like that guy's asking I know that much Icelandic right not even close not even Call of Duty let's play we did with your dreams in French impressionist I feel free to make an association with nevermind yeah yeah there was like you skip a couple Denis I don't know in fact possible I just wonder why don't going at this point the most well-known movie fact now or like behind-the-scenes stuff is Tom Cruise does all of his stunts for Mission Impossible weird thing that he's been promoting a lot more like in the last 2 or 3 years I Feel Like A Pimp's that all the time as well it wasn't good are you like that or not like that what the Tom Cruise does his own stunts in movies I feel like that's I don't know why he would do that but that's what stunt coordinators and stuff teams are for like why wouldn't you let professionals who are used to doing that do there and make their life a lot easier cuz I don't want to like work around not being him the building I feel like at this point he is doing it like in like people like I'm going to do this done he's like all cool cool I would imagine so okay honey let me put it on your boo boo are you lost I mean cuz you were out of work for like 7 or 8 weeks because he broke his Han Solo that was an old manager that was kind of sad spaceship they're very robust are you upset about the Solo movie I sure am yeah I mean I know it's got a lot of like buying the Seas nightmare shit going on but like I think you're the only other person I met was excited about it I mean it's so we're going to do 90 seconds of Greedo breathing and I can't remember this one who is the director that they fired from it for you because it was Miller and Lloyd Miller Lord right you want to chat. The whole movie about General fine addition to my collection he's got a very interesting background story so don't get offended about if you can't make fun of my plane knowledge if you have that much Star Wars knowledge that's a great aspirational goal for people I can't wait to see that I'm excited about it I said he's the only person I've seen so far as well because he was like you know they're just they're just making too many now it is like dude your dirt like the back in like late night or 90s early 2000s when they were like all right Revenge of the Sith the last one you know you would be like loving this right now this light. Time where they're coming out with a Star Wars every year like fucking great first of all fuck you Return of the Jedi was in 1982 with the river we had to wait to see that you had to go like what 15 minutes between movies at this point and you have like video games and TV shows and videos with nothing been redone about The Phantom Menace of people who've been Star Wars fans for so many years and they went to go see the movie when it came out and they interview them after seeing the movie and they're just like yeah I guess I'll see it again cuz maybe I was missing something like they were just like at a loss for words before you buy tickets online so how long do you keep it for like 2 days 48 hours to get your butthole prolapse I don't know what that story or stories mixed up and bring me to happen again you should have a concrete floor again when it happened like a year ago about that I think at the time but Spider-Man computer desk before that so I finally last year you didn't own a computer desk no you just on the Florida weird okay you know if this is your mom so I would put it on the coffee table and I would sit at the coffee table and play any when I wasn't playing I just pack it up and put it back in the closet all right that's not right it's a little bit better was already like that in the middle for the office so I know it was for his butt it is tender but what happened yeah you can sit on it and it like helps like your spine sit properly on like a long flight lumbars is lumbar support anybody else have Jack pattillo zarchi store lumbar support if I buy that one I looked you looked invite him over there somewhere did you did you see that George RR Martin said that when the wind is not coming out to his rationale know I did baby really mad he's working on a Targaryen story line that's going to spend two books and the first of those 2 books is going to come out before Winds of Winter maybe this year and then when the winner will come out and then he'll do II Targaryen story and then he'll continue with Kara what's after the show wraps yeah they don't care now invested in the books are pretty different you know that they're pretty good people at this point now that the shows have passed the stories in the bin the books they're just not going to come out yeah could be crazy for like not okay is Emily crazy for like thinking that it's okay that they're building in the cousins like it was just oh that's cool weather in Cellular store there's no incest are you fucking free although why is incest porn so popular thank you always like like like if you go if you go to porn hub and you look like a top searches it's always like step mom or step sister oh my God say it's on the front page you have to look at it it's like right there next to a girl with a dick in her mouth brother you even click on it in the first place cuz I'm interested it's popular it's right there at the top never was what I was going to say as I go to your house every week to watch Game of Thrones burning right and every single week leading up to Daenerys and Jon screwing I was like cheering for in the background just like I don't know if you heard me but I was in the back of your room going and I think was Ashley who was like you know there and sand and nephew right we do have that Tradition at Game of Thrones night to wear when does slate comes up before the show starts and it says like this contains violence profanity adult situation and then if it's nudity everybody cheers but if there's no nudity that we also realize someone's probably killed in that episode that's the one I was watching have you watch that HBO show crashing with the Holmes season 1 and I'm the first episode they missed brief nudity in those cards because the one comes up like adult content adult language whatever start watching it and like in the first 2 minutes I wasn't prepared for that what it was it was weird cuz normally on an HBO show you like I know what I mean I know what I'm getting into here is like whoa okay I was expecting a nice surprise and barber you were there probably so Bernie invites me over this is like when I was like either late intern or early you know it first employee or whatever and you're like hey come on over we're doing Game of Thrones sooner if you watch that show I forgot this one podcast for so long yes I'm ready to go I'm ready to go I get all dressed up and ready to go and I get there and you like hey what we're going to do this cooking thing can you hand me a camera and I was like okay and then you made me feel very thing and I was like, can you go look at the wires with Miles and Miles all the food in the backyard and I do my sprinklers not working you were much older carbon this weekend that dude I've seen all of altered carbon okay I've heard both device many people do not like it and we talked about it when you were out and that you were out as well for the Ashley podcast we on the podcast with Ashley just recently I was on the pancake podcast we talked about on there we talked about that show is I can literally the casting process must be pay your perfect for this part we want to cash in the show by the way you have to be completely naked for about 25% of your check every single part world I could describe candy Newton's nipples no problem now go for it what's that you want to watch it I said I do hear you do direct deposit direct weiner on is it or is that not allowed is that X-rated you looking for here what do you want it's not whatever I'm just curious is that the car is at the line across like the erect penis that's like there's a dude but the dude but to move ratios okay the boob to Dawn ratio is severely skewed towards boobs she likes waiting for the long but you should yes sitting too cuz like I was imagining like the guy that played Cyclops he still with Rick we sitting but I know for a fact he's like his ass off because like everybody looks kind of shity whenever they're sitting down now but yeah okay are you flexing right now it must be nerve-wracking being naked on camera like that and so like how does your dick does not shrivel into itself out of fear I've seen it happen. Yeah like Flats plush will the shape of water reference their window on camera cuz then they got to clear the set but you also don't want to be a shriveled-up either going to be like how do you get that order Viagra what little bit brain on it warming up would be his step sister's name we but I think there's got to be a procedure right Blaine like right you go to your trailer is it call me as soon as you need me right yeah and like you do with is okay to reveal some of your stuff that you go through if Blaine is ever shirtless on camera he wants to look as best so he actually works out on set of the pump, pump it's pretty sure I passed that there are times when like you're on set and they're like ready for you you step in and then it's still 10-15 minutes before the ready to roll so it's like it's someone there was like the perfect amount of just like alright so we're just going to need to adjust that light know it come on come on come on it would be you would have to masturbate right before going on the said cuz I feel like that's optimal long flaccid time you like right at post yeah it's like post orgasm Direction you receive the dread what you're risking a drip was that mean what are you saying you're risking a drip your risky oh oh oh yeah no it's please and post it just come by that point what's Recon for like the next time the Super Bri yeah I know I would not do that I would not do that cuz then you're working on a limited time window okay yeah I still feel like if it's like an hour after it's still looking pretty pretty good no complaints 18 refractory period and the other day it was like we haven't talked about your refractory. We actually talked about that before don't know. Hahaha are you did we haven't talked about Cloverfield Paradox movie the night it was not the best 4K movie but I'm happy to see that they're making more and if they're taking risks in the minority on that one with it if I had gone to a theater and watch it I probably wouldn't be as happy but the fact it was on Netflix so I can watch it that's exactly my sentiments because like the fact that it exists is the coolest shit ever I think that they're like hey there's this movie out now it's like wow that's crazy bucks already had it yeah tell me the basic premise with no spoiler cuz I haven't seen this. Promise is that they're trying to activate a super collider in space got to create energy for the world sounds great so far they create a rift that moves them into another universe and then just like the Fallout from that like like Cloverfield and Cloverfield Lane meets stranger things life that was a switch-a-roo movie that reminded me of the name of that movie with Steven Seagal executive decision on all the posters and he's in all the commercials and you fucking died 4 minutes into the movie I was at the biggest Switcheroo ever done casting or whatever and he died but I won't give too much about life but there was people that I went to go see life for and I kind of wish the one person that you're probably thinking of had the most metal on screen death in that movie like you like you like it was Market is a Sci-Fi movies all the posters make it look like sci-fi movie which horror movie recently for some reason I didn't I didn't even hear her does it find a way very good somewhere Jeff Goldblum just took a shit but the thing about the most recent Cloverfield movie is I wonder if it was actually made for Netflix or if they're like on Netflix you know like they also did a thing where they just dropped it and didn't say anything about the movie before they put it out there like a 30-second teaser I think and that was it that day it was that it was available right now was the commercial and they don't really do that with a lot of other stuff marketing cuz like 10 Cloverfield is 3 weeks a month later this year that they really haven't said much I think I want to sit in World War II Black Mirror but four features sure I mean they're all like Loosely connected like this one had all this is really loose field Lane was connected to Cloverfield this movie kind of draws at connection out. Really yeah well the stuff that's everything's alternate universe and everything is connected annoyed when people get all excited about finding out that something is in the same universe as something else I just happen to be with Black Mirror when they released the black Museum episode and they showed how all the episodes are connected universe don't like Black Mirror still an awesome show and I don't like it cuz I feel like now they put themselves in a corner like before Anything Could Happen your you know nothing has to be connected right and now there's a timeline and now it really yeah if you sit down icy Narco to sit down to like try to place all of these episodes in order and a based on reference if they all have to each other it's like I feel like it's just too confining Somebody went through and showed how it was somebody showed how the good place to know that you're the good place. Yeah Ted Danson and is it Kristen Bell in the same universe as Parks and Rec because of magazines but they were trying to go through Brewhouse in the same universe I just don't get like what do you get out of that but it's a cool little like trivia fact like I know a lot of like Disney movies have a lot of times I don't like that to draw like based on so why don't you just assume they're all in there. I just think there's a cool thing when there's a Connecting Threads somehow make it for Marvel movies and stuff and she'll have it in the same universe I think it just kind of tickles the fans cuz like oh your commitment to the series pays off because you know you watch this other stuff so now I don't know little then you get yeah there's people there stocking aliens go for it to myself these people evolve and become humans of today do you think about that no Star Wars trailer probably actually the end when he's like everything's fine we're fine I thought was pretty telling the most people seem to like the shit that's almost what connected they saw the Millennium Falcon was apparently knew until shiny and I don't know if it's because it's like I think like 9 to 10 years different since we seen him in a New Hope and it looks like dogshit in New Hope you see if you boo during the bad ones it'll raise the bar cuz then she'll try harder if you Clapper all of them you're just encouraging the worst my my example though is at the end of Revenge of the Sith you see the 10th of Eve and then you see that same ship at the beginning of new hope it's going at Landscaping on tickets and it looks exactly like porcelain like white Christine and then you see this one looks like it's been through hell and back maybe it's the guy that played Opie on solo are you mad Memphis when you dream roll. I'm upset for him because everyone's like he's nothing like he's nothing like Harrison Ford and sucks cuz it's like who wouldn't want to be fucking Han Solo right I would take that and I would do a terrible job with it but I'd still be Han Solo and I was getting mad at them it's like dude you know like he's going to do his best I think we were shooting all over the movie before the trailer came out like right and it seems like Star Wars fans want that film to fail for some reason and I don't understand why piece of shit going to stuck looking to Star Wars and media General there's nobody that hates the thing I love more than Star Wars fan that mean Star Wars fans hate all the movies when I come out and they're always bitching and complaining about him yet they'll wait for 48 hours to go to the next one every time I had I'm in the group to but I had a Rideshare driver when I was in New Zealand who would not stop talking about the Last Jedi and how much he hated it and anything I had to say that would contribute to him he just immediately like shut me down like I want I want but he was like he told me I was like 23 24 and 26 but yeah I guess I just realized you know Star Wars owned by Disney now that's a good movies on for my generation anymore are you saying dude and he's like yeah you know now the introduce all these cute characters and animals and stuff and I was like there were you walks in Return of the Jedi I need to know fake news I don't like there were there where he walks over like ugly characters because no no I don't know how to talk to you every chance I was the most bizarre car wreck like you wouldn't break eye contact with me and you was still driving so we're like going down the road he's like no I know where you are look or you're going it was so bizarre walkies like that would have been cool that last fight you know where we live where do you need a domain website or online store make your next move with Squarespace Squarespace templates you create a beautiful website or online store with an award-winning template to all-in-one platform it's nothing to install patch or upgrade ever made it easy to set up or transfer your domain on Squarespace instead of working with multiple vendors to maintain your online presence be able to manage all your domain and building cities with Squarespace and take advantage of their easy to use DNS interface never been easier to sell products or services online for space allows you to manage your product orders and inventory easily Griffeys can also provide you with a comprehensive set of marketing tools to engage with your audience and get found across search and social and grow your Following start your free trial today at squarespace.com go to squarespace.com 10% off your first purchase that squarespace.com RoosterTeeth for 10% off your first purchase websites on through and picked some of our favorites reminder with Squarespace you too can make sites like this which if I'm right now on screen to watch a video so be sure to tweet at us with #rtxpresent base we got a few right here first. We have Matthew Desales and Chris Quigley that last one was by Ben Matzke so thanks for sharing your website with us and thanks for taking advantage of our offer with quickbase cuz I got to say one of my favorite things about Blaine and his Star Wars knowledge is when he gets something tremendously wrong like how you pronounce e Aven on that one no read yaevinn you never heard the end of it in the audience we just mentioned a ship and this is from Scott Augusta on Twitter Blaine just mention to ship called the tantive eve but it's the tantive 4 Roman numeral 4 I swear to God where she was you were there when I called at 10 to 4 in front of fucking Pablo Hidalgo that the Star Wars like candy master and he was like it's time to leave cuz I'm not fucking crazy by fucking with mustard crazy and which case I'm so sorry alright what is the show me what is that ship it's the it's the one that you see it's like the first thing you see after the credits roll in the other the first thing you would have let me dude please ship she's okay but I'm looking for it was a cr90 Corvette for in the in the service of how far gone for pronounce tentative pronounce v i don't know how I feel like the phonetic refuse to pronounce all right I like myself thank you I don't think I've ever seen a quieter room like Corvettes are also known as Alderaan Cruisers corellian Corvette zor blockade-runners reminded of something I saw my direct messages we had a gentleman correct me if I'm pronouncing his name wrong Brian camozzi the UFC fighter came by and chat with you guys going to thumbs up over there and then punched in the stomach and kick you in the shin that was dangerous and shit by the way twice here and then Trevor punch me so I mean you know sometimes in flag I was getting nervous he has a good punch it punch so anything where he was I guess he was on the stubborn he reached out to me on Wednesday this week and said hey Bernie I'm a big fan would you follow me I need to DM you something and I saw this guy since I was at UFC fighters times happy open now I think if you follow someone that person could damn you about you falling he said it's all good everyone went so I assumed it was bad. I said you're great and pretty so that I can DM you later that night I followed him I said what's up and you hate Bernie I appreciate it my name is Brian I'm going to be fighting in the UFC event in Austin on Sunday been a big fan of the podcast Achievement Hunter and I have an extra two tickets to the event if you would or anyone that company would like them I said that would be great thank you so much for thinking of us that's it I'm messaging like three more times after that and he never messaged me back came to the office visited Jeff did you get tickets the fight azra motherfucker Tyler Tyler Tyler Tyler tickets hey Tracy that was really suck when someone doesn't message you back right the difference I've never offered you anything ever I was trying to confirm if Bernie was going to be here tonight cuz I wasn't sure and I messaged him on blast what is that Wednesday are you still doing the live week podcast on 219 or you out nothing did he did he saw a read receipt nothing but it says delivered it doesn't say where you are I'm not taking Park in like this online dating culture but this is being ghosted right look what I finally did I messaged him on Sunday after not being responded to what we say about this guy is going to come back and punch me again why we lost in the first round fucking. I like you Brian you're a fun guy right he left that he's actually right there and throw me out at 7:14 p.m. on Sunday Saturday what time is the bounce back to me yesterday yeah I should fight around 7 tonight on Fox Sports 1 watch it on TV dude that's what he told me that was his response unfollow on the same as a relative scale or like a man scale I'm like now even with him right that makes me stuffy is a lot of Defenders online blade 10TV 10 TV for Pablo Hidalgo has said on an official Star Wars material that is pronounced tantivy for according to at Ryan underscore freeze on Twitter so I can I fucked it up but I kind of got it right in my fuk up though is what it stand for play The Taste I've never I've never turned around and shook in person's hand and been so happy to have interacted them then I was with Brian after he punched me it was like that was the weirdest experience cuz he was so nice he just beat the shit out of me it was like I just want to people at all like whenever he came in apparently I got like you need to do that you can train to be a UFC fighter after doing it I punch gas after having lived in the UFC know after I've taken the punch I was like it like it it kind of knock the air out of me a little bit but like I was just opened up for it sucks so bad I absolutely could not my bones are made of glass in my skin as a percent I didn't bruise I think you'd be great happy Scrappy I don't see you at least I'll be amazing that she's going to be here tomorrow so all we need is a fucking octagon let's do it get Bethany on that boxing or anything like that cuz I just like this is too pretty in the head but I feel like if you lost at UFC fight you be fucked up like you got a free punch you and kiss you twice you know it'd be a lot worse shape but you get better faster I feel like UFC fighters don't damage themselves long-term the way that boxers do yeah you don't think so really like brain damage everything else it's just Brian I mean I'm sure they would like 43 or something like that need of the hell yeah that's early simple forgot to take an arrow to the knee no you don't have to buy My Man 2 all you need to get him what's the rating of like attractive sports like what year from tanning and curling minor league hockey I don't know about curling because you guys ever watch a curling match all your hair like hard hey did I hear right did was there a curler who got kicked out of the Olympics for doping what is he taking you take the like don't for curling meth vodka cuz they are missing teeth so I said I'll take it back just eaten by step real ghost is attractive I would say what does it a sexy dudes David Beckham top 5 sexiest dude so they play soccer I gave back into the top but I don't really know soccer all that much I don't know Sports tennis on how well they can take a hit stuff like that really don't even get hit in there on the floor like bad boys exactly I think about that every time I do that Peter I know you're watching Square bottom name some sports in all random golf I'll have you know on this the day of our presidents mr. Trump plays golf at least twice a week oh shit he's we celebrate Trump on President's Day. Always welcome to our world past presidents celebrate celebrate the rooster teeth president Ezra or a diet as I like to call up your majesty I have a meeting with the president email the other day with a bitmoji and I said no so I was like probably yes or no yeah we are with miles did when I first started working with this right jackass no miles got super drunk I think it was a holiday party and he thought he walked up to Ezra thinking who knows that Abby Reinke thought he was talking to will hide oh my God so Miles walks up to Ezra is a very imposing figure and miles and he's joking with Will hey buddy to let you know you don't really shitty job everyone pick up here ever hear fucking hates you miles is who I thought he was walking up the Jordan Spears in Spain's mommy asking was actually Matt hello they were wearing the same suit jacket that night this is the same party and it happened and he turned around and is like I'm fired he was like two again now your smack Matt on the acid hahaha I really mad to take a better than Jordan I just feel like you did on permanent damage in half saree every should he is coming up this April 1st and and we've been doing a bunch of stuff so much stuff in preparation for that one of these I just did today was recording the video keys where I was going through the different locations of Rooster Teeth and talk about who got hired when and it's crazy going through starting it that in my spare bedroom my house to then going to the downtown Buda office which we almost we had Nathan Zone yeah I saw that the Berlin Film Festival it's got Robert Pattinson it I can't remember the name of the movie now for some reason I'm blanking on it but anyway at the downtown Buda office we added Nathan and then when we got the Congress we had like right away Monty and Brandon and Jack and a few other people like miles are there is an intern Chris and Marshall were there Gavin Barbara Michael Ray Lindsay I mean just a ton of people all came to Cara Blaine you started it that Ralph ablanedo location so it's fun to go through like all their flavors and then it's crazy to be bad to even more people at Stage 5 you know which is or you know everything we have is weird now so we can come up with another name for it I think you're really cool well good cuz you have that stupid lock on it that I am locked out of office on that I send you the text I said I've texted you that coat a million times they change it I was like let me know telling you that it was a holiday so it's like I guess I can work from home you have an intern now how's that guy fairing by the way what's his name where is habit of Ramsey that we hire people at the company who have the same name as somebody else and we just had an intern Amy Ramsey so have a first name Ramsey Ramsey we have Geoff Ramsey tell me where 5 Patrick's now the Patrick Rodriguez weird world for good we have all those like kind of abstract name's Brandon had no other B names of the companies so every time someone said Brandon or Bernie both of us would answer little bit little bit but also we have a show in development and the name of the show is branded Jesus it's just like every time somebody says that I think they're talking about Brandon I'm kind of stupid though I don't have that problem when I go to a conference room and when the conference room is not to use it says free on it and every time I go in there I don't know if I can get so exactly like tonight yeah did you see that the State of Arizona is considering passing a law that would allow citizens to pay their taxes be a Bitcoin why why is attracted from an investment standpoint but the volatility of it you would receive your counting on that income as a government and then you know your your income is reduced by 30% cuz of all the toilet e that's a severe budget Gap yeah but it seems absolutely ridiculous I guess I passed the Arizona State Senate and now being debated in their house you know what it is it doesn't have time zones and they didn't honor all the national holidays the King Day right at Martin Luther King Day a coin that you're skipping over it's like they're playing civilization and they went way too far down one side of his field trip this is the only option they have now well do Bitcoin and then we can get rockets and then we'll do that yeah I can't believe how what a bad idea that seems like right now. Just ruined crazy volatile ever since it peaked when it would hit like almost 20,000 and then I saw it at 6000 last week and I was like 10 or 11 it's been all over the place you have any kind of like you know the feeling left out kind of vibe or it's like I should have gotten some but I feel that way now it goes on like the more I should buy into what did you hear that thing about coinbase select coinbase is popular app that people can use to to buy cryptocurrencies get hacked and I know they had a malfunction the other day and as a result of the malfunction it started draining some people's bank accounts it was just like taking money out and transferring it out of their bank accounts as a problem with your payment Gateway that was just like taking money for some reason so they were trying to look sort out how to get all of this money back to people and I saw there was a thread on Reddit which got locked and hopefully reported to the FBI or someone was like they're going to give us our money back if we all get our guns and go to coinbase headquarters right now what are you all doing what is wrong with you people wear their man I get away from that stuff in general you know Jess right my friend Jess from The Amazing Race just started what you start her own cryptocurrency she started she started the cryptocurrency for the Cannabis industry for the legal cannabis industry because all the benefits of blockchain and everything like that she started everywhere so it's a specialty purpose for it it makes sense but I'm paying your taxes. Government you know like involved now that there was referred me on payments the steps that iPhone yet everywhere what they called exchanged anymore by the way of the podcast Touch ID way better than face ID Touch ID is a thousand times better than face ID I don't know why they changed it to touch ID Touch ID sucked at first then it got pretty good when I go to pay for something right I hold my phone up to the thing I don't like that right now I do this play that and it's also it's like if you're not looking at your phone or if you have sunglasses on your talking to the cash register person or anything it's like you would do it and you're in and you're done like it's an effort now to do it I do like the function of like if you have a text pop up and then like if you look at the phone the text comes up on the cool cool it seems like 85% of the time when you're in bed at night or in the morning and the first thing you do not know that you like grab my phone and I shouldn't but I got my phone it look at it and it doesn't recognize my face like no no no guy Gilchrist dish did you see the video of the guy who was getting a replacement battery in his iPhone and it was in China and he wanted to make sure the battery was authentic so he did it all what happened recently got his mouth and throat immediately and it just blows up in his people walk either video of it what are you testing what are you doing how do you know if you're biting a battery that he had an original battery but now it's destroyed my God fireworks literally just a little Just Wings Over in his mouth no I'm not doing that fight battery on Periscope was like the hot shit I remember John was staying over my house since he was yeah anyways might his wife phone had died on my phone it died and I was like well I'm going to just fucking just destroy this thing people I don't going to blow up John are like stabbing at it and it just kind of shit on it this is happening how you this board you have Netflix we've already established that you're the parking lot stabbing your phone yeah and it kind of just went like it's the saliva that kid who like microwaves one of those glow sticks and then takes it out and it likes love that video. It might come down here is sound of Parental disappointment you'll ever hear the guy is you know what is SodaStream is right that little device reading carbonate water and you can have the clearest oneself and it sounds like doing anything I don't think we should be doing this and that's like a go ahead it's fine don't worry about it I got to leave the Dentures like a laughing hyena I had a really great parents this weekend it was Saturday and I said to the kids I don't know how I found this out that the rodeo is going on right now in San Antonio so I said yes to the rodeo so that I said to the kids because you want to go to the rodeo and they're like going to go to buy tickets online Gus it was the most convoluted process ever to try to get these rodeo tickets I bought them and then to try to print them it was a four-step process where they didn't mail a PDF to you yeah it was like you to go to all the things that you had to generate the barcodes for the tickets to the that would make them a PDF and it said if this is your second time you need a different barcode if you lost your tickets to the way I have a new bar codes engine Renu PFS and answers question everything printed them out and make my my solution to all of this was I just give it to my kids I didn't want to go to the rodeo to Rodeo kind of sucks to be like yeah a long process to punish your kids like I know you went so I went to the Lana Del Rey concert that was at the Frank Erwin Center here building thing called the clear bag policy for girls you can't bring a purse that's bigger than like literally like maybe 2 inches by 4 in and me and we didn't know this cuz you don't go to UT so we had like I'm awake little purses with us they wouldn't let us in and they said we have a clear bag policy so what you do is you dump all the contents of your purse into this clear plastic bag and then you go check your purse in the lockers that are like off-site somewhere what the fuck like that is so much work I want to go check my bag and it was also like a truck with a wagon attached to it that have lockers in it take me to the bags in there but I don't understand why they just couldn't like the stuff into the plastic bag check the empty purse look at it be like we're good to go on the tickets I wish they did bring their phones either well what do you really think entire time videos I fucking hate when you're on like Instagram is like a fucking concert is blowing out your phone to let you know I absolutely hate all social media videos of unfollow Bethany on Snapchat whenever I know she's going to a music festival because I see it's like it's just like non-stop like I didn't want to I don't care about this she started giving me heads up when does carbonation oh man over and over on at SodaStream do not carbonate anything other than water on a regular basis and spray everywhere I mean yeah they tell you not to do it why not do it why get a machine when you could just buy the Coca-Cola though right like you make it on your own why are there a Frugal or be environmentally friendly or have one and I use it to make soda water so I could buy a mixer Temple Chico Chico let's be honest I don't care about what I know you don't but I just don't want to run out cuz I can make it I can make a ton of a shity though did you ever get that like a red build up in there, we have the same thing so it's there's like a ring of red Rusty every place I've ever lived in Austin in the bathtub or in the the shower. It always gets a orange or whatever the fuck it is Barbara any idea what this is Chrome with all of that doesn't make it wrong that you're all gross that's one of the reasons I bought that filter for my shower head but I talked about getting made fun of me endlessly for it is what it is an iron I don't know what the filter in it is activated charcoal or whatever the fuck you put in the filter yes high calcium water the water fucking stinks in Orlando convention in Omaha Nebraska and the people who are running the commission they say hey just so you know we recommend you don't drink the water in the hotel wow like it was that bad it came out kind of brown yum chocolate shekhar bonate that I always do anyways do you really know I like to look for my shampoo with my eyes closed what's the most you've ever been exposed to hey like my dad and I installed my dad and I installed granite countertops in one of our bathrooms and apparently Granite like since it's so you know far down in the Earth's surface or something like there's some sort of fear of radiation or something and sometimes brand it is like radiated and I took a chunk of the grand to my science teacher the time I was going to college and be like dude like one of those radiation swab things Geiger counter and he was like yeah you're going to get your balls going to fall off sit by the way he was not he like showed like I had the chunky granite and he was like so like every time I went to brush my teeth is like coming with balls when I told my dad he was like yeah those are like $1,000 so yeah I've never heard of that happening before they could date based on the radiation from the nuclear bombs that have gone off in the world and passing to write like there was something that they work past the age of it just because I think they do that for art forgery to tell if x 4 immersion and also for bloodfest bestest and like the paint is peeling from the wall if you watch The Fallout immersion it's where they have the toilet I'm in the bathroom you didn't mean to have any set dressing up as perfect but we found the whole day of blood pressure and I remember the crew cast or the crew the whole time had face masks on but the cast didn't so we're just like sitting there in the asbestos cuz I didn't want to like ruin our makeup and stuff like that so I'm only going to die soon probably yeah the other place where we shoot a lot of stuff is right next door to the Armory the Old National Guard Armory contact hundred percent has Asbestos and lead paint everything else there was a time playing with co-directing 11 little roosters and we were in one of these rooms where this facility is not public but it's super easy to get into and it's abandonment like clear out like bedding and close down there one of these empty rooms there was an old abandoned classrooms he found a pickle jar that had yellow fluid that much in it and at least goes you should drink that Blaine says okay any anyone to go take the pickle jar off the ground and it was stuck like you had to like put some Force like Sheila off the tile and I complain what are you doing he goes where we going to pay you whatever it was was not worth it was up there I think I worked it out there cuz you came at me like $4 well the only reason I didn't is because I was so like you convinced me I was going to die and I don't want to die before we were at production that's what I was saying so they didn't hold on to it what a shame I want they still have it in the jar of pissed I left in there there's some seeds those are Dexter a litmus test of any kind yes I want you to pick the first it to Bernie's in the new speaking of shirts that I would like to see I want to remind everyone who's here in person that can visit the merch booth at the back of the venue once we're right here cuz we're getting close to wrapping up one of mine everyone who's here to also take photos at the photo booth and use #rtxpresent and if you're here in person the documentary crew who really wants to interview some of you especially want the people from Sicily in New Zealand how did if I don't know how do you find the doctor I was just told to say that they're back there and if you're here in town you should come see blood past midnight schedule March 9th March 10th March 16th so if you hear they have a lot of layers of passes but then there are there is a point when they exhaust like all the audience want to see something with all the different passes and they do sell tickets to the public right I think you could just buy a ticket to see a movie at South by a correct me if I'm wrong maybe it just open the box office and sell the remaining seats so you might have to wait a little bit it might be kind of crowded on the first one but it might be less crowded are very first horror movie then and one last thing Bethany wants to remind everyone that tickets are going on sale for RTX again I don't know what's going on I don't have the copy in front of me so I'm going to read exactly what she sent announced ticket sales for RTX one last time pretty please so there you go alright so it's about time to wrap this up so I want to thank everyone for watching and thank everyone who here in person for coming out and I watch this report this thing hope you all have fun this week hope everyone has a good time this week during a live week so thanks and we'll see you guys next time love you