#481 - The Worst Phishing Scam Ever

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Becca Frasier, and Burnie Burns as they discuss pregnancy, phishing scams, rideshare stories, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2018-02-27 20:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Becca Frasier, Burnie Burns


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hello this week presented to you by meundie you bring me talk about me and you know I'm a big believer in their product the perfect balance of comfortable every month they have new exciting Prince and they arrive at your door in a fun bag right now I'm wearing the taco and hot sauce one which I believe is a limited edition Princess Cruises Lindsay micromodal in their underwear is sustainably-sourced natural fiber that starts with peach wood trees and ends with the most amazing fabric you've ever experienced satisfaction guarantee these guarantees to love their undies or your money back minis has a great offer for our listeners for any first-time purchase when you purchase any mandeecee get 20% off and free shipping Mandy was so sure you'll love their underwear they offer what satisfaction guarantee you don't love you first. I'll get a full refund so no brainer 20% off the most comfortable on diesel ever put on get 20% off your first pair free shipping and it wasn't that satisfaction guarantee go to meundies.com that's me indeed.com Rooster Teeth thank you Mandy through presenting this episode of podcast do podcast is also brought to you by Audible and I'm just I'm me and ease pregnancy meundie we are we are we are we are going to be babied rippage probably be a problem if we ever had the first woman on the phone before you pregnant on the podcast I was right after the Amazing Race we went through Columbia as part of it and so I went ahead zika on my radar way before anybody else that I knew because it was a problem there and we got bit by a couple mosquitoes in South America and so then start learn about the zika thing I remember I actually contacted some of the people who are in The Amazing Race you look you can somebody you don't know when your pregnant or not I know he was pregnant while doing amazing race but you might have been so if anybody pregnant now to be aware of this thing did you take a test mean I need a relation symptoms for zika but not what is the symptom of zika in 30 such a good season for cuz I was rooting for for other another could you possibly spoil the 30th season of Amazing Race like if someone waiting to watch it all these think you know you're not going to pick it up a whole lot of new viewers for Red vs Blue episode 1 of season 1 Amazing Race I just didn't have to get it like I don't have TV service and it seemed like what she's under mom is real bitch what sign up Alexis now I'm sure it's on there but you got to Discovery Discovery I watch the discovery 2 episodes Star Trek show it's only on digital only on CBS all access CBS I think I bought CBS all access when I was on The Amazing Race so we can watch the episodes of digitally and I think I just kept it yeah I'm looking every 3 months to hit me for the Old Republic MMO to is what I mean is Walnut field Republic you but yeah I did that that's when I realized I've been paying like 10 bucks a month for gamertag I had to sign into in 3 years Discovery come outside watch the first two episodes was like okay you know it's just something I'm going to I want to pay for and I looked through like a catalog of shows available as like there's nothing here for me but I'm here maybe I'll go back I'll pay for like a month to watch it all and then be done with it out of the piracy window or did he piracy has gone way down. More accessible now now is that true it's just like the default is just like whatever right if it's already on your phone or it's already like tide in you think they made it more convenient to buy it that used to be more convenient to download it because I was in that industry and it felt wrong I had friends that were in the movie industry and they were just adamantly against piracy of movies but if it was a TV show they were just like it's free it's just like you you're being fucking hypocrite you know I get it it's free list of name names. We will take them out the block them I just his eyes like always been on my Chrome so everything they say they're on vacation so if you're coming back on the podcast anymore this is what I'm okay with it I'm okay with there being two models of your life you have more time then you have money and there's other parts of your life where you have more money than you have time like if your night see ya when you can buy something I can buy Cosmetics whatever eater you can play like 30 or 40 hours and when the thing or you can pay 2 bucks and get it right now and fur for me good microtransactions no required me to play something for 40 hours is just astronomically out of question and expensive it's expensive to play something for 40 hours in time to be playing the game but I do you have to be to be choosing to play it and then you're buying the few ways the end goodbye my way to get the Cosmetic thing I'll just follow my kids say the same thing they are like microtransactions it will not buy anything I bought a skin on for tonight and they're done with me it was such a lot cuz we have to buy used vehicles for GTA but I would never do that for playing that game away what are the Sochi with his Tiger Woods Golf had a thing where we want to play multiplayer you level your character up 250 hours of gameplay where you pay 10 bucks and just get the player level. I might not have a single player this is what everyone is blame game for like know something was playing the game play golf game going to the leveling thing or I'm blocking stuff I'm walking tracks in a race game it's like it take so long for play the game to unlock the game right game I bought I've got a life work for the game now I got to go to work on this thing I'd rather just like the only time I would pay to avoid something in the game is well you have to pay we have to play games with certain point to get to the multiplayer hey that if going straight to multiply I was like a buck I would do it well I would think that but I've always been one of people who plays single player first and then play multiplayer it's just annoying for making videos that graveyard there so many videos it is sometimes it's fun to be there so it's like half an hour let's play and if I don't find but you have to play it for 2 hours to get to the point where you can do the last time and then you feel like a man also feel like having other people plan your account to get you up to the point where you can play the big project that we had for Halo 3 where was but the mark Mark 6 helmet that March 6th was going to be at unlock that in Halo 3 you had to go through some more 654 Caboose hey we're the hand out these gamer tags even if you guys want to level three things up will give you will send you something for it cuz you and I were not going to play Future the names of all the recollection titles 6 7 and 8 and for some reason I blanked I blanked on a guitar construction Recreation Resurrection animated that's good that you just need to show but could feel you were like shoot'em Up characters with the name of the Gavin I seen that was one word Monte was doing animation that that's the big fight with meta explodes and all that stuff mailed in Revelation that's the man over there cuz I'm inside one of that was supposed to do it was Halo Reach how to unlock the Mark 6 helmet and it cost $300,000 and you can only lock it a brigadier which itself requires 1.4 million credit maybe that's what it was maybe that's too stack exchange quoting a Halo Wiki for that for that take Halo reach their favorite Halo game they are hardcore reach fans like they are very upset I'm really likes reach was great game I like sword base you guys were there in the campaign funny man I didn't tell you I had the the dumbest phishing attempts on me while I was overseas Qdoba weeks ago my bank account information so I got I had a missed call and I looked are listen to voicemails like hello this is Robert with fraught with fraud prevention department we know some unusual activity on your account I would give us a call back at this number option 3 I like okay so I call him but they didn't name any bank they didn't name what kind of account that's alright I'll call him back we'll see what this is about. French Department of a missed call from you guys said that I was proud of my account I only called I just want to be safe I don't like a text message from my if I didn't get a text message I do this is bullshit in the beginning so I called back and let me know if you need my account number in order for me to look it up here the call just to drive it to me I don't know if it's like you can't tell what my account is based on the phone number I called you from if no no no you got to test your account number but okay so it's like I read off like what sound like a credit card number but it wasn't my credit card number is it okay if they got your account here in order to verify your identity I need to send you a PIN to your phone via text message can you tell me what your cell phone number is and I said you want me to tell you my cell phone number so you can send a text and then verify my identity and you would send a text message and verify that it's me that the procedure here you don't realize how this is stupid he was going to send you a code like what I said I don't believe you I said I'm going to call the number to Sprint on the back of my credit card and they're like no we didn't call you in there like can you tell us what the voicemail said and I read them with a voicemail saying to go no I know you see there's three key things when I was leaving every voice I was like this this and this that was supposed to lift anything like that's not even the name of the best way to try and get around 2-step Verification by using your phone to try to make you think that they're doing it to verify the credit card number for the set that also I could verify myself look me up by my social security number want to give them a different secret words for everything it just like I used to I used and I use different passwords for every as you said every Place Drive account so I can extend that to the secret words but then I was asking like what's the secret word of the password for your account I just got this what's this what's this I know that you know six times in but it's just funny I'm just like getting around fishing never asked my phone my phone is right now my phone is missing thank you my most recent calls it seems like since the New Year I've been getting calls from telemarketers a lot more like everything reset in the first three digits of my phone number and then the last four different at least I appreciate the longest 512 XXX numbers put you in in the list of things is the first you got to cut off one thing and one of these that say is internet ping or like running water electricity seat let's say if you have gas it's separate trash service internet cable television voice phone calls heat you cut off heat first yes it would yes I could have voice phone calls I might choose a number we can text me and I call you on WhatsApp or something no voice call take me to the airport airport where you could go and put like two bucks in quarters and then anyone had a little screen on it and it will show you the weather at whatever your destination was like it would it would put them at airports maybe you like you know you can type in whatever City you're going to show you like a 5-day weather forecast life was so hard name for pay front differential a public landline phone like that every time you so I can see what they did it as well stay for like a whole month didn't pay per quart is what I mean like a block that you pay for there's something at the time though because we don't have pay phones right because if I took you cut. You said your birthday how old are 40 years old for dinner party that was just may be the most practical gift I've ever received someone else altogether we had to come to the party you would have seen they had a baby photos of me and someone mail someone mailed me the most practical best gift I've ever received a book of stamps what is the best gift I've ever received. Yeah the first time in forever I always wonder how much money is tied up in stamps in people's drawers and fucking jars of pennies someone all over the place someone came to my party from St.Louis and brought my glasses also brought me my new favorite mirror . I got some alcohol I got some whiskey and some other peers to buy me some model planes but you can't see their over there enjoying your birthday is a classic that guy he's all over Target unnecessary but I appreciate the thought thank you I appreciate your effort as there are people to company who last for free shit on Twitter it's just ice most of us at this couch crazy when they do that but it also there was more than one time when I forget who was the study was just a cheap men are posted to the PO box and you we've already can receive mail here we have a fucking address that's publicly you can give out ;-) like places like Sydney or now London and someone walks up with something really awesome that's about this big somebody sent me something I got to correct something by the way don't forget to do that somebody sent me or gave me this incredible board game and I was like how the fuck am I going to get this home because you know it's international travel use your packed to the gills so I think this is her bring a separate suitcase for that kind of container we can get back to the company as a part of the expense that day we finally moved Ashley out of her storage unit on this trip to say I like the surfboard and Snowboard be here in like 6 years for 5 years yeah yeah it was like a hundred and fifty bucks Australian every month yeah but then every month she's like if I don't pay it now I'm going to lose all my stops to every month it was worth it it just was not a financially-sound plan and last time we went down we got everything organized the company was going to come and move it out they said oh you got to be there when we move back in the United States so it can you just have the manager of the place open in the snow I even tried like shut shut me to the 2000 * calculate the cost of all things in their butts all sentimental value could you pay someone who was local in that City to show you pretend to be you could have done that I know if you could pass this asks a hell of an acting job from the pull that off when you have to do something that's really far away but whenever I have to renew my Visa is like I have to just be at the embassy on a certain day at a certain time and then that's it man I wish I could but I had a date where I was I went through in the did like killed a bunch of racks on my to do list and the big thing what else can help you know you like me I guess you just like to do the thing they told me about guys are so much fun and it's it's so well-made but it is like the same 2 minutes again and again and again and you just like looking over him and then that Revenge system Nemesis system fucking love that I've been playing Wolfenstein 2 which I like and I've been dying a lot for a game I'm playing on the hardest difficulty I don't think I'm playing on the second hardest difficulty so I looked at what the achievement was so I can play on the hardest difficulty 8 and less than 0.01% of games have it I'm not even going to call me when you get those though cuz I need some business over and over and over again cuz everything kicks off like I try and stuff love it but once it kicks off your in real danger before you get second version of you playing on Ultra hard in order to replant them like I was there too give me the two trophies I need I need to complete new game plus I need to complete Ultra hard and I'm almost done on that then you can put the next time I sit down to play it I'm going to beat it and it's going to be my proudest accomplishment ever in video gaming difficult it's just like I love that game so much having done everything that's possible but knowing that I've experienced everything I missed the first part of the story you're saying Horizon ft love that game so I'm glad that I waited so long I just I finished it the first time probably almost a year ago now I'm glad I waited so long because I still would like really experiencing some story stuff and like all right that's how this happened that's all that happens to really really read story great game that we play together a couple weeks ago I think about these Morgan Tekken guard portrait that someone had autograph for me and I mistakenly transposed to my friend of the community that it was dumb yeah the gentleman who took the Bernie said all the way down I bought a child's play. He decides what Mania he bought it was a somebody made a mock-up of it that was sold at sidequest and then he got here and RTX Austin and then traveled all the way down to Bernie's has many with itself and then also got me much Morgan hacking. Frame when she was nice enough to provide and send here but double hanger on the back so I'm like in the process of trying to like put the hanger on and I completely put on Raw and I've got to fix it department for that but they're all out hunting ghosts right place they're filming today it was spooky as hell there's like an old broken wheelchair the same place like why do they like the spooky aesthetic maybe the aesthetic good to go to make it spooky like them being there is the presents that attracts these other things such as this If This Were abandoned and you are alone too so maybe they range from the death Point makes them weak yesterday just linga by there cuz the Mexican border down in Southside Very Superstitious even like all the other stuff like when you go when you go not scared but I stayed at an Airbnb in New Zealand that I was convinced how to ghost old house that was built in the mid-1800s by a former prime minister of New Zealand and there was one room and get that still look like original like with rough brick and it's where the trash can was in at night like he was in a kind of remote areas at night when the sun was down there were no lights anywhere and there was no sound. I'm going to go into this room and I'm going to turn on a fucking light and is going to be a God damn go there but I didn't say anything cuz I don't want to scare Esther so wait until like we were leaving from that interview music on your face or something what's it called if only no sleep paralysis hallucinations and it's it's called that such a common years ago tomorrow because you said you talked about it I know I am as people who've had kids and about to do you know where your kids were conceived yeah I think so I think so like I was very busy yesterday I was like you know our bed at home which was pretty routine but this one was confusion in Montreal because I was charging everything. It was it was like we got we got to get on this and so we're staying in the song Roar like active more purposeful in this chart when we should start doing it and how far apart so I can get some excellent Canadian baby a little bit Romanticism back into the clinical nurse so even got another country as you read this on the inbound declarations when you're going into a country in there usually countries where they have socialized medicine obviously you come into the country to have a baby that's cute costume are you here to have a baby no but that's a great idea if saving cost but you're not covered by their socialized health-care like when we were in in Montreal yeah I thought I was going to have to take him to the doctor should have fever and I started looking up what to do pretty expensive yes pay out-of-pocket country have a kid like what's the best country to have dual citizenship with the amount of countries that you can go and walk in from an Austrian passport in different countries to write I mean us I think I think the United States like number 3 doesn't want to be in the EU really will it be us one of those if you go see if you could dual citizenship somewhere else they just kill your us limitations on I mean on a u.s. passport never fucking up worse and worse passport index. Org that rates the power ranking of passport is the is the best with North Korea or the North Korean passport look like North Korea I found it North Korea passport what do you think it's blue is the amount of documentation and in work you have to do in order to get a North Korean passport we should try the next dog I made you like 90% of North Korean passport so you get to the border from somewhere they stamp it they stamp it and they go like this and I'm like every possible to follow the same exact format North Korea and South Korea be considered a possible by the planet it will travel to like that like every pilot the world has to speak English language of Aviation Air Traffic Control that's a really good question I bet a lot of commercial traffic there I like the reason probably do FedEx maybe they don't really hard exception for them in North Korea what's the diameter of the places you can babysit it he was living in Seoul and he's like from Connecticut live in Austin for a long time and he was working and soul and decided you know while I'm here I might as well do this crazy thing and North Korea but it was like a couple hundred miles from Soul he had to fly to Shanghai first two then fly into North Korea and he said it was the weirdest experience he wrote about it on a medium post or serious is a few and he immediately regretted his decision to do this that you could tell he was really scared that everyone on the flight that was a Westerner was either there for like you know some Ricky crazy adventure the marathon or like someone who's really wealthy and his gun to a point in their life for their like this be obtainable thing to do yeah yeah I just got a place that I would want to go visit like that guy who needs the thing and then they gave him back and he was dead he was mostly he couldn't get, like the entire time and it's so messed up I think it was they looked they did an autopsy and they concluded that there I think it was in any true sign of abuse cost of black braided but there was definitely something that cost it so they weren't able to pinpoint it enough to where they only been so long I'm sure they have a system whatever was all the bruises it healed or whatever I was a bad idea I mean shortly like a little help here this time there's some areas in Puerto Rico we're gone down to Mexico so I turned the wrong way just like anything could happen to me this one time I went to San Antonio not too long ago in December I was very surprised I went to a Thai restaurant they found out that excellent and I thought I was going to die I really thought I was going to get murdered in there and I was like yeah and I went back and read the reviews and they're all from people who did delivery no one actually ate at the restroom so I wouldn't give a very honest review of someone who has eaten their thing I thought I was going to die sorry everyone was like running around it was Mike Tyson Undisputed from options in people voted on that place and I and Susie Astic we backed it but me the 15th year anniversary talk right now and Geoff and Griffon I took to Eagle Pass I think Frank was with her and then we went over to Piedras cross the border but there's this weird you were in the band in building would like a bolt and everything like that and we're all remember the whole really excited to be there and I couldn't remember what the fuck that was wrong. But it was like I don't know we all just thought it was only like 5 tonight or just looking for cool buildings the really early years I have found a couple of hard drives that I forgotten about would you be able to dump those for like if I don't make it into like really why we looking at it then and I just forgot the last year and I thought I should save these now because that was how how to replacing the water dumped on it survive beer don't write on it that time I saw it right now but I'm not going to stay ahead of it I put my finger in it really nice laptop to a really nice Louis Pasteur couple months looking brand new but you know who's the next Wednesday group for whatever, how much to buy the company going to declare bankruptcy there yourself for cheap and it's someone else who has equity in the coming to buy it like $4 there you go now you have it it's like a paper name Shuffle kind of deal like the main guy and I think that Backwards Challenge by that company keep the name and turn it around its what's the special post has so many negative associations with it because you need a challenging life North Korea Branch they look green and black kind of logo but I think it was just so much believe that those those crazy Hugh Hancock is the gentleman who was so early in the man gave it a name you know he was for lack of a better term used AC the Creator the Machinima movement not the company Machinima but John remission him up which red versus blue as a part-time field in that Community to you really did and people like we do back then like you know Paul Marino who we still no to this day was we were all like completely shocked that you Hancock passed away it was just came out of nowhere and that it was really really tragic early forties maybe I think you had a cock but we definitely ran in the same circles as him you know especially in the early years ago from being what was going to be a narrative story telling method into more of a personality delivery system like I think I think let's play the whole let's play phenomenon is eventually what Machinima evolved into hardest but they're Machinima artist to this personality so I think that's what happened to talk show that Kevin Smith had a few shots I'm not surprised well he's lost a ton of weight good for him next day. I guess it's like old previous damage like one of the doctor yet decided to go to the hospital probably would have passed away if you have stayed in tried just hearing any cancel the second show did you hear about that from performers like when somebody sticks in the concert tours and I think Kanye was in the middle of settling something but I cancelled to her it's a big fucking deal like I cannot recall the last time we going to be canceled if we were out doing a show where two of them and I felt like shit between them on him for doing that you know and realize he had a situation going on here must have felt when was Curious than anything he felt nauseous and then yeah I was reading reading today and to be fair I would imagine a lot of people who read Reddit look a lot like Kevin Smith do you know me he's like an inspiration for you know just the stylistic leeway lot of people dressed you know that he forgot to wait for the heavy dude to look at the cool dude and I think it's probably a lot of people that are unread on those forms that are probably thinking holy shit you know there's a lot of those dudes over overweight dudes who are have a lot of panic attacks today you know I mention that feels like a heart attack or just know yeah seriously dude this is a huge inspiration and a panel with him a few years ago and he was just like such a nice dude he's like just like my member coming up in the late 90s you know they have been feeling like Rodriguez Quentin Tarantino and Kevin Smith just like such an influential dude it's like that close to losing in the third one Robert premiere of Pulp Fiction the Cannes Film Festival and the first showing their head at Richard linklater brought them then here and Quentin introduced it and it's like we're going to college and I didn't know that prevents play was the first showing of publishing North America qualifying Yea Alabama 7 crash out I was awful that was fucking nuts bust your ass in fact that sucks dude I totally miss us to meet you Zuma was very upset with the Harvey Weinstein interview shot down the red carpet while she was eating yeah yeah she said she has something to say that control the way you say this kind of stuff because you might implicate somebody told me they're not involved with apparently the story was that Quentin Tarantino forced her or compelled her to do a driving scene in Kill Bill and she didn't feel safe Express that you didn't feel safe they had a very heated conversation about it he essentially can't make anybody get the car and drive it but he was like you need to do this she drops you fucking wreck the car and like straight into a tree. I think she was trying to stunt performers wanted to do yeah the driving and then he was apparently saying that she had to drive above the speed of light a heroin player currently I don't even really understand it because the shot is the back of her head very easy to anyone else crash into a tree or something yeah Heather away from the crew and it takes a long time for everybody to get to her Jesus oh yeah and I had no airbags about when she goes back to cuz if I'm sure they either did those exist or they pulled them out cuz it looks better there was a huge conflict over whether or not she could get footage and the footage just now came out and she's been trying to get the footage for years and years and years but again she couldn't get it and get out there was a lot of personal stuff that was said in some of these articles like the interviews where they were friends and they were you know creative collaborators in sucks. that's what kind of heartwarming to write world word but it's been it's been nice to watch them all to make Pete the man I didn't know existed and it was bad blood between them for so long and it seem to be making peace with it you know publicly I think people forget how much of a collaboration that is a man think it gets credited as concept by q&u like by both of them book rated credited as creators for know that couple couple of film maybe we'll eventually get the third one thing we talked about the second one the second one very much when it came out but as I've gotten older I've gotten back and we watched it and I like it I have a greater appreciation for it I like a lot more I do appreciate the decision to have that done as a real shot and like not to against the screen with a fan weather but there's no reason to have the app to do that in the search up in the living room or the girl who comes home from school or is that the status on the first one the first one Vivica Fox's kid I was just for the moment that I remember from 2 is when Mia at the end of that fight scene she talks to the little girl that if you're still sore about this in 20 years come see me see the concert start at the concert for the third Bill the Vivica Fox's daughter getting older and training with Daryl Hannah to then take revenge on Uma Thurman love Daryl Hannah I love her she's amazing but lives like in the middle of nowhere try the tractor this room by french fry grease was not in any way live a conventional life awesome I'll let her know that I'm going to write a tractor powered by french fries way before anybody else while I was starting to gain track Tesla an electric vehicle to really steal stolen a lot of that Thunder waste time and everything else you have a technology that's going to solve the whole problem to Sun goes off we're fucked granted there are parts of the world that probably don't get enough sun to really run off solar power you know and that's you know and I start to like their other parts of the World Imagine if you had solar panels in UK that might be a waste of money play foot south of England the difference between the longest and shortest Days by 8 hours did you read all the hubbub winter in Australia about his battery they kicked in but yes I'm a big battery installation saved everyone from having a power outage dropped out long enough to lose power two things you know if your lights anyhow they're like what was that what happened you just do it cuz I know it's coming that is today it's going to shut itself off in my house where I wouldn't waste in the Lights Boston on Alexa and if I went up above a certain speed on my treadmill at the light did Maya Angelou just went off 10 power strips to through it I went through a number of LED light bulbs to figure out which ones were gimble in which ones were led the same way as regular go to 400% 66% off even worse don't get down like the bottom of the page and it just a little bit about a Tesla for second everyone is super excited about getting ready to go to physical this this car they rejected in the space I didn't like it I thought it was and I couldn't put my finger on why I didn't like it I guess. It was Goofy or didn't take space exploration seriously enough I finally figured out what it is that I don't like about the fact that they put a fucking Tesla in space I see was an awesome by the way they are fucking time registering I guess the Lamborghini there's red Lamborghini that's fucking that's cool steak steak steak like a meat steak or what that was maybe it's like SpaceX but Steakhouse steaks Pensacola yeah cuz you can save money on that car School I don't want to be too fucking loud ass car how much money do you have to have the point where it's wise to buy a $250,000 okay if you make that in a year with the car costs and you can do it a person who makes 40K a year buying a 40K car that doesn't sound outrageous so extravagant. Dog heart doesn't add four times the value of a $60,000 car you have little dude then buy that car can we for one year pay Becca the amount of the Lamborghini and see if she replies well like she has other bills as well not just a Lamborghini monthly payment on a $50,000 car be so $210,000 what's a 1% interest over the 210,000 Lamborghini dealership around 2.8 for a car under $10,000 I'll give you your 1% I don't believe you your hundred dollars a month I would like very different student it but yeah I was like this is like twice the value of my house but I'm driving around $3,600 that is about $1,500 less than Gavin would be as my sugar baby so that's what what what colors do Lamborghini going to be if I had a Lamborghini it be matte black as you get older your taste in Lamborghinis look like my ultimate car that I'll never buy is a Rolls-Royce that swims like yeah it's more like I'm one of them more like Comfort versus sporty like I like Infinity versus say a BMW you know I just like I like more like no road noise greatest thing in the world just like if you could have to meet driving is like a chore why do hit the road from space here's one of like a Lamborghini for about 45 minutes okay I like test for a lot I like SpaceX life why did they put a Tesla in space do you know why why cuz they need to wait for me that is correct and want to send a lump of concrete for a Tesla marketing and it put Marketing in space that's what I like about it if they built a 20-ton concrete Big Mac and launch that the space people would be very fucking pissed about the fucking Big Mac in his bank and buy the rights to whatever thing you put in a thing it was a giant concrete Big Mac you got it preciate that commercializes faith in that regard I know God damn Bill investigated it back in the 90s were the million-dollar home page rate pixel was a dollar at the billion-dollar billboard that just sits up in space and he's block of is a million dollars and it should be like $5 off of it while slightly less because Becca's running Adblock so you seen it altered carbon where he puts in contact but then they call the advertisement show up it's like I don't ever if it comes easy as a private companies to access space and eventually the public this going to have to be so much space Lord I'm at now to study to become a space lawyer space for what is the dude making millions and millions of dollars because of that kind of thing that you and me to resolution but no just remember hear that no Sovereign Nation can claim a Celestial body and I own the moon and he's been selling real estate on the moon for about three decades now and he's made millions of dollars giving away is the Moon cuz he's the first person to claim sovereignty over at 7:30 leave the moon to it as well I don't know yet life alive going to Value some actuary the value of the Moon that should have said he runs the moon he should have to pay some stuff text on the moon several plots in point okay you can sleep in a Lamborghini but you can trace the house that's why I've been recently informed of a whole subculture of people who camp in there Tesla's are you familiar with this because basically they're so efficient that you could run the battery all night and have heat and air and Etc all the amenities a good point because a lot of people have their like the free supercharging as well can you just pocket and what are they stupid charges and live in it I guess you could but the cost of Entry to do that it's just it would have been in the house it is cheaper than you have no bills puffer food truck your power using gas how are you have you don't really like blenders and in toasters it like your phone and laptop LED light in the corner by the way lights in my car also feel like I said like tiny little LEDs music super efficient of the cop who have actual what's the little mini camper that you tow but it's so cool it's just like the little bit when did a little bitty pretty one culture which kind of don't have that anymore in the US like the road trip is not something this big win a Baker's take to drive across the country for vacation is also brought to you by audible audiobooks are great for helping you to be a better you end up with Audible and they're offering a free audiobook with a 30-day free trial going to listen to it Audible has it go to audible.com RT or text rt2500 - 5 0-0 download free title and start listening audibl suction audiobooks original shows news comedy and more is unmatched anywhere you will find what you're looking for I've been listening to fire and fury by Michael wolf narrated by Michael Wolff and Holter Graham really the only from the political aspect but just like thinking about organizational structure Norfolk give you more about that little bit I'll go members get a credit every month good for any audio book regardless of price and onions credits roll over to the next month don't let your audio book you can exchange it no questions asked get a free audio book with a 30-day free trial at audible.com RT or text rt2500 500 that's a u d i b l e. Com RT or text rt2500 500 I never understood the point of organizational charts until I started listening to fire and fury by Michael Wolff like who reports to who and you know who your boss is right you know what you're right I never realize that you could have a workplace that's dysfunctional enough you don't know who reports to who or or what the chain of command is it's like I'm listening to right every organization chart like it's a no-brainer who dat who dat company has the most people reporting to them I don't know to Matt Wright marketing what's the biggest department at animation how do you spell direct reports there's no way somebody has a hundred thousand director why because it's impossible 5 and 10 people Max 5 to 10 and then you start for call center we had like 20 to 30 that directly reported to us but don't Know full time so they can move the garbage thing because management goes with people doesn't go with hours you know they mean so I'm using to get some efficiencies but still most your management issues are your fucking late and I have to part-time employees get double the chance that in one day there's some people who would never late and wouldn't it be awesome if everyone at once removed translate all the time I had to do a thing with him last week and I was convinced he was going to be late I was like I said a few it on time as I know everyone I know that's right be like he was only like two minutes later to go out for calling him out for it he was very good if we agree to meet us someplace I know how late to be with different people my brother always 30 minutes late is beating sang running late like I hung out with Ashley build a cave about 15 minutes cuz I just had a feeling Ashley she wasn't here but yeah I would say that make up a half an hour early for every where we're going I would say Ezra maybe 45 minutes only thing La teachers that's okay to be late because everyone's late cuz of traffic to anybody who spent any amount of time in Los Angeles punctuality just doesn't matter I just I don't think you should ever be late enough where someone could have completed an entire a task from beginning to end in the light. But I could have done a load of laundry yeah but I'm doing the last though not doing something because it's time to do it and then fusses 45 minutes what's the shortest cost other than in your life and that of all time if there later than the amount of time to think you're being for would take like if they're more than 30 minutes late to a 30-minute meeting you don't let you just never went yeah you missed it for an hour late for dinner beautiful shop learn to it's like you learn that you can relate with certain people made in certain scenarios like you're late to certain Productions and you're always right you have figured out like for this production of a show up 30 minutes late I'm on time you know you're right I asked you do that more they try and make it so that you're wrong and late bringing them up then eventually this is it digest or they said to you earlier thinking of that but how to work with them like that they have and it happened this last weekend and they ate they promote the shit out of local news usually run holidays and stuff like that and they say this is a no-refusal weekend if you get pulled over and you suspect it suspected if I'm driving you won't be able to refuse a breathalyzer in a blood test you'll have to do it don't have to go get a court order and you can like they do it there on site or whatever is that I can apparently refuse to take a breathalyzer and a blood test every other day of the year and it says I've learned I learned that because of the no refusal weekend was the was the using a big enough problem to my by I knew people in the past who would refuse those tests you said they would take the punishment that is legally more beneficial to refuse them already under arrest they're little blogs about it I can send you if you're interested in the legal limit is different for that how I think it's back to say that the messaging to put out that this big signs on buildings like don't drink and drive you get a ticket you go to jail where is all the messaging in the UK is like the drive going to kill somebody or kill yourself you kill this person I was waiting for a lot longer than I thought I'll show videos of people I'm afraid try for different reason and I don't want to like get arrested I really go for your Visa yeah cuz I don't get the point I don't know what it is but I'm still paying attention for 2 seconds then I have to leave the country I know people that I know one person in particular that he will not speak to a law enforcement officer he simply just will not speak via Sovereign citizen know he just doesn't speak because he has no obligation to speak or just say hello or whatever or ask me questions you just sit there and won't say anything is the right to remain silent you don't have to say anything you don't have to answer any questions or anything like that but what if it's just someone checking in on something bring me check it in on something how's it going today sir take it in just walk away I mean way more inconvenience by an investigation a reason to no probable cause they know they can't do anything the Emily Blunt movie that's coming out don't know anything about the hearing about it so bad so bad it was town as being the spiritual successor to Moon had high hopes that equates to a shity cameo call back it's like on a TV in a bar Duncan Jones yes David Bowie Junior anemic Warcraft to that was like the beginning of his China about the conflict between the studio the game company in himself you can't hold a bad video game movie against anybody there's never been a good one so it's an F1 what's a good video Super Mario can you let me get in that Quiet Place movie and things crap to me like why and then you got intense acting today we watched a show you drive but it's Blu-ray over at ultimate movie the whole movie the cameras on him and he doesn't have to say anything no lines to remember just walk around I Am Legend Tom Hanks in Castaway to be the movie all by yourself yeah go ahead in The Hobbit because there was no other actors around and he was acting with green screens in like people think volunteer to be in the fucking Amazon Lord of the Rings thing as Gandalf yeah there's like maybe he's like feels like Alexa paycheck it's the shadow of War Shadow of Mordor stories for having to wedge an extra story Into The Lord of the Rings Mythos they do a fucking tremendous job but they really made by another company that. Just about like maybe what's the what's the code for the Star Wars game board did it really well once you're done with the game there's a cutscene that kind of tries to place it place the timeline with in the movie franchise as well and that was garbage. Went really well but the forecast for that Jax Teller black panthers good so good she said the way my mom says any race every single time expectations and still serve at crap they're the ponds of fighting and then all the people that like spit up on the cliff looked a little bit XO Game of Thrones budget it look it look a little bit the lighting that was so much promise that when star that's covering his face with snow right it look like it was savings and do that will take 8 weird things have but I just hate it I hate watching movies where I'm completely plastic cubes probably request Michael B Jordan was really good at killmonger I think killmonger was hate the name probably the best village probably and villains right where we were talking about this earlier. I probably the best antagonist in the entire Marvel Universe all though because I have a huge problem with villains in the Marvel Universe every fucking first movie in every franchise is basically he was a good guy and here's the bad guy who is exactly like him you know what I mean he's like you have but I am manga Winter Soldier and Captain America yeah you got Iron Monger and Iron Man yeah Spider-Man and Spider-Man like Joker and Batman flip sides of the same coin sure but they're not the same it's like children wearing a white bat suit you know it's just the flip side of the coin Superman please not the main Nemesis of Superman in Alex Lee it so we don't need to have the exact same like evil version of the good guy for every single movie we don't have to have that so Fantastic Four at this point it's just an audition movie for being in the Marvel Universe way better he's so fucking good in this I love it if you do he's like the perfect physical specimen from the lumps I just decoration at that point of cosmetics yeah there was a lot of kills with the long ones across his chest and like what is the difference with those versus the Bucks Port Orchard I would love that character Xavier and Magneto obviously we set up in the X-Men Universe have any was the villain but it just two different perspectives on the world into different approaches to to an end to that someone else will do that so yeah being wrong in general what you think is a good origin for any villain if you wanted to be sympathetic party on the opposite way mostly superhero movies where they start with the departure like Deadpool the first Deadpool appearance was so weird with no mouth and the blade hands and then think they finally figure out all we can do more this character and will do their true story from the comics Venom it seems like they're going the other way but you know that they used Topher Grace for venom in Spider-Man 3 man that is a dated casting call right there but it does the summer showing the trailer does not look anything like the origin story for Venom I'm leaving pretty soon what are you most looking forward to this coming out this summer like coming out the next month I'm so excited I want to see I want to see Infinity War any video games or anything like that or Red Dead 285 focused on that TV shows that's really all I've got cuz I can't really go to the movies that much so what's up with April 22nd Blu Ray showed up I look forward to see if he's we had it is Gavin to solve such a huge problem in our house it's the one game everyone in our house will play which is that's all I care about one person from every game I heard you're mad at me but I think it was all right that's what I heard daily challenges they probably could use some of that in pubg you know also it's a lot easier to play a match of fortnight the Battlegrounds Battlegrounds committing half an hour fortnite 3 minutes through your front desk that bad well if you go hard yeah if you just go running in but even if you play like a full one it's maybe like 15 min I like the creep I like I like sometimes I don't like I'm going to have this block of time and I'm going to dedicate to pubg and I'm going to Slow Burn my way through it and at the end if I win is a huge accomplishment and if I don't fucking anger to fuel the next round but the problem with my anger and tubs eat at that sustain me for a while when I wasn't doing well then I turned into a feudal anger because I was getting killed by hackers town so I bet it has so what you say that if you didn't play a game of pubg and then someone was half an hour late you be annoyed yes that would be annoyed by that I'm perfectly clear Battleground is a far superior game to fortnite you know fortnite they did kind of tag this battle royale thing on the end of care what anybody says I was in there easily presentation like a month before they came out and I mean the fact that they had the model set up where it's going to be retail for a certain. Of time in the movie The free play that is like we have no faith in this game basically he has that on the horizon on the road map they're all dermal sing like we don't expect this thing to last very long and came completely say that game is even more popular the Battlegrounds is on Twitch I can play fortnite where they build stuff I'd like that better and I know it's very cool to the game but it's really just be kind of blows the whole shooting thing out of water you just got to be really good at building ramps and he's all columns as fast as you fucking Ken and I just like I don't have any interest in getting good at that I don't know if you can or not I'm going to be here not I would like to see if maybe different console the man in PC is like literally you know someone gets out in the open and Battlegrounds in Kennewick way from the cleaners were they got nothing to hide behind and then you start to open fire on them it's like God and be your cover everywhere you go matches at Battleground just like make cover and it changes like crawl and they cover the whole way like in front of you that way or like a F1 which is a vertical wall and then you can just have enough wood would usually do by the middle of the game you just run and just bill just on the pass to go and you have to like time in a little bit because the early stages they can blow up the wall if they know you're going that way but not really mean it's just like everything just drives me nuts and you're one of those players who they spent a lot of time before night they're very good at it the moment that you shouldn't get to drop out of her whatever doesn't matter cuz I just always others build a fortress in like 2 seconds so with that game. Without the building I would like to try without the building I'm just going to be great if there was a mode that I can play with his new building I just like to see that bed bugs might be not be any fun whatsoever you know also is definitely part of the game that you couldn't do without building like Delhi chest and house at school mechanic in the game we can hear her chest they um but like I'll be the ceiling sometimes. Like break it and build a ramp to get up there and you would be able to get those things so maybe only built inside maybe Melo says probably some other developers of the game so you find the stuff that was fixed in history when you were a child is very very hot air when something changes its Red Hots remember when that thing was when was Pluto Declassified as every decade ago it was like a planet and then it was removed I always think of it it's like that's a new thing that's happened but I'm just older and I want to know what the new mnemonic devices for remembering the planets my very educated mother just served us nine pizzas a sword with noodles yeah I want to know what what is it I just remember remember though we are right but I don't have any special way remember the planet order I just know it because it don't eat so much Daddy feel like earlier today that was just a company made a vibrator that I thought orders pizza for you automatically what when you're done start the order at the moment you start using it when you're done if you didn't know that it's like a image of coffee so I feel like they're their web ordering system it's got a separate pizza order button on it as well so you could probably start and hit that button when you start and it connect your Bluetooth to your phone I was just order that pizza button button hello I feel like that's the kind of thing that makes you feel like we live in the future it's like that's it I really wish Barbara over here to comment on this rub rub because then they'll be like GrubHub Batwoman way home from work that day so Liam vibrator and a piece of pizza just sit around holding a vibrator and pretending like I was eating pizza and stretched side day pretending to eat pizza is the most useless of the great human achievements like you spend your whole life and then you get this gold medal and then he needs to get her money do you want to go man I don't think that's true gold medal cash it sounds like winter Olympics ago they got a gold medal in cross country ski your reaction to that would be a cool right I mean really really hard to achieve but it's like you see where the curling team road to Delta and they said hey we just want to Gold Medal how about some upgrades and down to it on the flight congrats on the gold medal Olympic Committee so this isn't the US Olympic Committee Awards $25,000 for gold medals should be way more $15,000 for silver and $10,000 for bra cover your fucking trip also you must pay state and federal tax on as well there's no way you should be happy it's a private company US Bank has Us in it what you what u.s. bank is that a bank US Bank American Airlines himself. That's horrible and the gold medal for the $570 gold play it well I did you have pyrite things bronze metal is the big penny did you like that in Japan when their citizens would turn 100 they would give them a silverplate Italy government and now Japan has so many old people over a hundred that they had to scale back the quality it's is now a silver plated plate because it was costing their government like 10 million dollars a year something to do anything like that shadow American actors what's the American way about you should play tell me it's a deck building game you like that games right and broke like games so it's like you just do a run to the game play it you like it I think you'll like it was a roguelike games you just boot of FTL you play I feel that's why I bought it used in the strategy section and I'm really enjoying Early Access but it's good enough for me I'm sure that I played papers please look up came out tweeting at me I mean Non-Stop about that fucking short film UK Sweden and Norway do not give success path for Olympic medals according to Peter Hayes dominates ever Amazon their neighbor has some like 380 further away so I guess it really snows in Denmark for yes now they pointed that right I guess it is what you make it financially worth winning gold medals just for the insane spawn system. We really just kind of one of the best things that humans can do in that the fields are used to live in an apartment over 10 years ago and my downstairs neighbors were silver medalist for swimming after what they did swimming competition but I've seen like an Olympic medal in Barcelona near Silver medal and I look across the street from a guy who dominated The Last Summer Olympics used to track the Olympian I know it's so weird as Michael won a medal in the Olympics now I wish you can hold time underwater swimming on the bottom of pool swimming against the boy that she can run on the bottom of the bottom to push yeah I can be absolutely no bulshit cardio where if you practice that you can build it up really quickly pushing you push it and you just going to be sleeping like this regular States for your birthday the gentleman on Steam I sue gentleman knows something named Mickey Omen that's probably not how you pronounce how do you pronounce Acumen m c y o m a n he tried to reach out to you for your birthday he got for you I guess he opened it I'm going to sue me opened it did pay for it he got one of the rarest items in Battlegrounds but you would return it is messing some steam I did so he sent it to me instead of steam open to Tipton on France the white leather hoodie like $140 I got it through a box and then you can pay for it I would never have taken it if you paid for it I'm going to stick to that that's the place I know Venom Ashley Uber and then I started that leads to the store but Ashley the million dollars but season 5 wrap party party say Kevin I feel like I had an obligation to go there cuz it's a wrap party pizza excellent so I think I saw it. I'm already home I thought I want to go on that you have a couple beers too I'm going to take an Uber instead of driving myself there so I went to go take an Uber Uber Uber Uber we bring it up a lot I really I shouldn't use Uber because of the light I went to go meet the driver but my ride share service of choice and you texted me and said I'm here and I said okay and where you live is not soft like I'm working picked up the street lights and so it was dark and I have my jacket on have a baseball cap on I don't open the door Burnie and pulls away while I'm standing there with my hand on an open door he just like guns it and takes off somewhere like that I like on the door the door shut down its own and just drives away and I was like what is a car can it coming the other way down the street and I kind of feel like you said get out of that person's waist I thought I will text this guy to the app I'd like hey you left haha you left me on the side of the road standing here no reply no reply halfway the destination on the GPS driving there the trip started in like what in the world won't answer my phone calls are they cancelled the trip and I cancelled it and I'm sure that I sold it he probably what why did you cancel the ride music the wonder what the fuck happened to me I was going to go all the way he thought you were in the car yeah that was crazy but I was so like and then I got another ride to go to this party at the cabin for drinks earlier and I met them at the party and I members Barbara Trevor I think Miles was there to them telling me the story about the Uber and you say Cassie arm around her she's like fidgeting like this and I'm just talking to telling a story and she's like keeps missing and eventually she just like literally takes her hand and pushes me away and I go what is the problem and she said you're trying to undo my bra and I didn't realize this while I'm telling the story I'm just like out of life curb with my left hand like absent-mindedly I don't know I'm not your bro I've been telling you for it and I have been through a traumatic experience do you like to know whether you were in the car or not you mind was somewhere else I need to make sure that I existed free-flight with lift to the car he just went right by where I was and then he just kept driving away as a missed the time I see him he's going to let me keep the boys on the highway now you going to the destination without me so I text him is like I never got in the car you got into the where I'm going you didn't pick me up he didn't reply he went all the way to destination cat go and post that and then just drove around and then eventually but after about 40 minutes because I didn't I didn't cancel it because I didn't think I don't know how to cancel a trip on Lyft while you're on the trip I just did right in progress was like he thinks I'm in the I'm in the car in front of me so I just left it then switch to Uber and then actually went where I was going about an hour later he ended the trip and I looked on the map he went all the way down South by the old office and ended up in Round Rock I was like that's not possible but no right I would want that part that you took because he went to like 4 different places and ended up like you went to miles south and ended up miles north started taking ride on another platform maybe like that one wasn't giving him you ride cuz he was all the rides and you taking up so you know price on a different platform maybe that's why I had a couple weird ones when we get the podcast on Monday I took a Rideshare down to the venue I had a driver who spoke no English this is the first time I've ever had that I'm in the other day I had one who like I put in my address for pickup they came and they parked like down the street and around the corner like I'm at your place I'm like nope I'm not there so I know I'm outside like I'm standing on the street from that they're like where are you going to 123 you know my street I'm on the pin he's like pho where is that it's at 123 my street because I call okay well I'm at turn on the left if you take a right you get to 123 Meister your fucking GPS and look at the fucking app you fucking idiot texting me on the device that will tell you this I know you have the information in front of you I put it in the pan to make sure it was in the exact right spot it's just so frustrating when I was just really annoyed at the Lyft app cuz like I have to download a different app icon always other ways to exit the triplets couldn't it made the app completely useless driver was driving dangerously I would love to know what happened with yours like did he suddenly realize you have to be somewhere else maybe it was dark that night and I was like no Moonlight out as regarded did that you just didn't realize he wrote an Amazon fire everybody