#482 - Gus Gets Cut

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, and Burnie Burns as they discuss who dislikes them most, guns, best friends, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2018-482

Recorded: 2018-03-06 20:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

this week brought you by hymns I'm guess I'm Gavin wants it they told us that there was no I wasn't right I was getting ready to say my name because there's anyone that wants that you cannot get this podcast on Spotify finally in addition to all the other platform look it up on Spotify and Spotify and play some pizza Google okay but thank you for finally putting us on your service I guess who got us some Spotify 15 minutes I know right we should have said as make a phone call before I should go to the office and like he's got this composing that one that I walked around full screen once with Ezra and I watched everyone in the whole world to see for him and then just be like why don't even look you in the eyes like that makes it seem like he's a bad guy though I actually goes. Does reason ice dude he's always know he's very scary very scary I want we should sometime yeah we talked about it I talked about him maybe a game time cuz I'm in the middle of recording for games I'm going to ask him who he called a Spotify what's the number then we could do it we have one friend who's going off and have a successful career at least she's like the top of the heat like she was all like a V bank head of business development of Twitter and I think she had a product product yeah yeah the phone every time you try to call her and every time I make fun of slack I feel bad not that you watch the podcast that sucks but I think it's perfectly fine I just don't get it like why do we need it you know it's and went black what down a couple of weeks ago he wants Twitter or can't work today cuz I'm sexy cute a billion ways to message people it does have some good in a gracious but I think you really need to get into like the nitty-gritty of slacked really get the most out of Google Drive with it so if someone sends me Google Documents it alerts me in slack I can I can look at them there I feel like it's a little bit more formal than texting and phone calling but it's a little bit less like a quicker response than email to dye your beard no beard is like it's darker than your hair is like there is a man nice Grady which means his head gets darker when it is long it's just wrong I'm letting it grow out I had a horrible Milestone X website it's roosterteeth.com one word all lower case you're like the bird teeth like I didn't ever expect to hit this Milestone but they put up parts for the IV early bird passes for RTX Austin 2018 and in the Clippers that they made is Caboose Ruby and me and then Jeff but fake apparently have not updated my art to wear my beard is gray they've made a decision now that I have a Gray beard and they've updated the art but if she was me as well when I saw the graveyard I think that you have now go ahead and walk in this is like they went kind of like going to do she passed a little bit where I have one born with the color of its green and white underneath the collar so it's meant to be like popped sewing a call is up your pop if I'm going like this it's cuz I'm pushing down the colors they can't see the green one is creepier together but I definitely approve that one so you have a diet I got this hat but I just ignored it what I had on my birthday was that last week the week before I got a great birthday present from wilhide he came into my office and we had a meeting and he told me I was cut from blood no no no no really you're you're entirely from the movie that I've had like quite a bit of your whole like storyline in your whole lot it's just we cut it like it was everything it was like this weird parallel storyline of people out of the main story and she was making a pacing I was like well thanks for letting what did I heard that you were getting that I was like huh it was getting the script what happened was I could tell you that that the notes we got on that were and I think we all agree with him was that the placement of your store it couldn't be moved to a later part of the movie and it was just while you're in the First Act in your everyone's learning about everything that's taking place in your setting up the world there was just as other storyline that was in there I didn't version will have it out and released on Blu-ray as it's not a movie when it's going to be I may be like 5 premiering this Friday cuz I was involved to degree and I have some fun stories related to that but I don't know if now's the time to talk about him on camera yes you don't know that yes maybe yeah I said you blew it talk about it that's what do you say ballot for trying to find you know honestly we don't make the movies just for audience or I supposed to expand but we do recognize that the first people are going to watch it going to be the people who watch Rooster Teeth Lazer team the approach was we had half the main cast was recognizable faces from RoosterTeeth Half Men cast was people from Hollywood traditional Hollywood Hollywood and it was like man reading the notes on Lazer team of the comments from people it's like watching all these try to reconcile that was was tough we've talked about them think I'm too, Terry Gavin there was in particular in the first Lazer team people saw any time there was a rooster teeth person on screen they thought it was an inside joke like people didn't understand in the scene I'm not spoiling 18 ways you can if you haven't seen it when Michael falls in the pool at the high school party and then Trevor because he shot and Trevor's in the shot and Trevor like these hard to take the photo of the guy phones getting tazed and falling in the pool and I was like yeah but if you don't know who Trevor is you're not going to get that joke I do not that you're not going to get why it's funny to Trevor's take me a photo of Michael that has nothing to do with me anyway we just take the photo it's just like a normal moment but because it was Trevor everyone trying to put all the slaves important blank space with nothing happening in a cameo in one of the features we should do their scene and regular season they all go people notice that the trailer for blood that doesn't really feature anybody from RoosterTeeth like brothers first one or two shots lines of dialogue but she's not on camera talking right and it's like that's I wasn't I wasn't like core on that when they were in the trailer for pretty sure that's delivered to see like how people react if we're still trying to find out she was cut from the movie to completely on to her for some reason it's really weird but Barbara has the biggest role to talk about finally the Jacob when he was when he came here and he was on the on the podcast and why we hate who I return air that podcast I wasn't here cuz I've heard about that but I don't know if that's something we can just speculation that what you talked about was no no snow no not at all the case that's not at all the case tell me what can happen is there anything bad that we had issue with it and then we also had the issue that we had a 20 year old kid on the podcast and we can realize that were all drinking around a 20 year old kid that's not a good thing to do you realize he was 20 Metallica movie Charlie's 25 the time so it's like those kind of like what we could do this to rebuild a record that was a girl I just don't do that we'll just let it go interesting yeah we're here for the lemon challenge you're here talking about that and they just had the things you said that you set the world record yeah it was a couple days ago so what's the weather channel is this is like new ice bucket thing where you like to eat a lemon or something I've only heard a little bit about it if you destroy a viral competition kind of like the ice bucket challenge where they would get people to register for the bone marrow registration to where they do bone marrow matches which is really important for you know helping people with leukemia but I guess not fully understanding what the point of all of it was I guess I'll make do a video as you know with the lemon challenge thing she tweeted out and I saw a hundred flies like I get this is you know I don't understand like the lemon challenge aspect of this what's the point of all that it's not going to reply back if you clicked on the hashtag or you watch the video you would learn if I have to do is learn what the point of it is and if the fact that they're going for a world-record speaking of bone where is your skeleton it's inside you well my cousin side me your filters inside you but where the where are you I'm in my brain that's in your brain know if you're in your skeleton yeah it's not in you right back to head the skull is my cockpit and I'm like up there and like the size of my Windows RT way of telling us it's around you and that's weird that's what you're saying I can see myself like collectively me I have not I don't have a great personality so like muscles are part of this till like I have to factor that into it do you guys break up because I don't want this chicken Berrington, what do you not have as much respect for your bones as you do for your muscles do I have a lot of respect for my buns in their broken by you better at voting on muscling Marceline I got to go for my bones never going to be close I'm known for boners so there's that would suck but why do you think you have bad personality yeah maybe people most people enjoy your company my skeleton is inside of me or around me likes you the least at the company show me so I put myself a friend for you oh I mean do we want to say that though cuz I know I did see the most the most here who do you think a lot of people like me but I can't say that I think about it I know I'm a pain in the ass for a lot of people whose life do I make the live-action Department hate me more by the hate you we don't have to go down this path but I think I was just answer the question I didn't know you have to answer it was true but he might as well I don't see the problem with this is I don't know if I want to talk to him about it and I'll talk to him about it I don't want to like start some shit talk and I guess sure everything Michael has he really likes it maybe it's I misunderstand his Michael is used to being the only person who's talking cuz he just talks and talks and talks so what happens is when he's not talking he just has this yeah I need you sneeze there's you don't know a lot of people get put off by that Michael quite there but he just giving you your time to talk you guys had a moment on the podcast the way you were fronting on each other for that bet it was 10 toes 10 seriously he stepped up at audio podcast upset with the club and he was going to before Lizzie told the guy to fuck off Michael is going to step in and tell him to fuck off I never got the chance or something like that and I was like I said okay what does it look like show me who turned on the 2nd and he was got my face and he's got to hear scary sounds like I see what's in a friendly way but I can tell the most the time it's like as soon as I start talking stick space and it wasn't it was actually 10 it was he did that to me on a livestream where he was like black out drunk is like an extra life saying he got up real tight on my face and I didn't know how to interact with him cuz I was like I'm not going to let him intimidate me but at the same time I don't want to start a beef live on air in front of people who like watching this thing as I let him so I just went with it was like he doesn't like me so maybe that was what started it I don't know I like I like Michael if he doesn't want to show you like least yeah I cannot answer that I can answer when you take right now there was a moment at the all-hands earlier today and we have this all hands meeting every now and then we look up 2 comes out who was it someone was giving a presentation at the all-hands meeting and they said something out that was so funny I did a spit-take and I wasn't drinking anything the voice thing and upcoming project and then they use the term fuckboy in a very funny way where everybody's talking business and then someone was like yeah the fuckboys and then everyone's like like I did the same thing I was going to clean sink reaction that was the different station was the achieve line but you guys did one of the best photo shoots I think you've ever done was it there when I know you don't like short shorts Piper I saw you that damn like what the fuck are you wearing was that not your choice you pulled off short shorts play me some was trying to make me look like an idiot and then I thought I'm going to make them regret it by making most of the picture completely by Rolling them up so high to my pockets before I ran into you guys when you're walking over there to take those photos and you were wearing that get up and I didn't even ask you what you're doing there just like up there they go what are you doing that give me a post office a good looking thing waiting. A poster in a while this is live action is the achieve thing is that okay it just holding up right now. Now that's all I can see the photos of just holding it up Whistle Stop in a little bit on its own I get it but don't wait probably makes it slide down if it's not supported right and play wet from Angus affected by car back schedule or work with me on the live-action to park maybe we've like you are Cooperative maybe Cameron because I have to make him really strangle the schedule in the calendar for availability that's why I would say I know which department hates me the most live action account today event what else we have like comes up against your travel schedule it just doesn't like you but she used to be distant out looking for new system right now yeah why don't you be you pay me to be a sugar baby 54 what is it was the number 4400 yeah it's not bad text Reed seven-figure house probably $5,000 a month right that off that's amazing right here what for your sugar purpose of Blaine my car for the weekend we had a good girl that he knew was coming in from out of town this years ago and he wouldn't take my car first aid of myreque it yeah it was also I think I love you too cuz I didn't know this girl for like the Chive or is it the police raid of Brad I didn't want to put out the perception was she was crazy she's crazy I didn't want to put out the procedure to know me well enough that to know what my car was and I didn't want her first date showing up in a Tesla and her being like this country as a Tesla stock and then if they're excetera so I was like nah I'm going to show up in my shity Chevy HHR what are the fuck I was doing at the time I do like how you say Tesla the Tesla Tesla Tesla Tesla what was the guy's name is Tesla Nikola Tesla Tesla devil is dead I have a delayed this weekend in my car crashed it I went and took the kids to tell you this weekend was Teddy's 13th birthday for this comes from all this greybeards is no I have no more kids I have teenagers now I have no kids to take care of himself he better learn can I ask you a personal question about the reason I ask you a personal question regarding whatever we were just talking about in this weather and I'm gauging whether or not Bernie's comfortable talking about yes if it if it if they like the context of the discussion question internet personality and stuff like that do you think that you have an expiration expiration date really I mean I started doing this when I was 29 and now most the people who I think struggle with that not that Rasheeda like in YouTube been online video in general feel like younger and aging out you know what I mean it's like I said you like 6 years off for five years off my life I don't know the concept of burning super bright and then half as long and I think that the Mercedes-Benz nice steady we would never said it before we were never in the course of the last 15 years which were going to be 15 years in April 1st I can never say that we were number one ever like we never had the biggest thing was crazy that was like Homestar Runner was bigger than a few years later we still going and so has tried to guilt was always the thing that everyone was talking about that one time but you mean if you look at red first bloo it's not the most popular Machinima of all time the most popular Machinima think it's reference the most is Leeroy Jenkins at 1-1 on video Slow Burn versus Amy Leroy Jenkins was a one-off video I maybe I haven't kept up with the guys career but don't think he's done much since then you know I've had was that an event where he was speaking he was there as we were drinking like five years later oh weird yeah and imagine that's the way the internet works is if you're doing a series or doing something longer-form you're never going to be as popular as the viral thing of that day you never to be as popular as the cat that fell in the pool you know so you can try to compete with that you know but he's not being number one kind of help this so I think last longer. Of time I also like in your position actually like thinking about it there's like dude like Patrick Stewart better like old dudes but they're still like the fucking hot commodity like I fucking hang out Patrick Stewart absolutely would hang out with me a lot yeah they're like still super pilot Neil deGrasse Tyson is kind of like an older ish guy but he still like the older guy what's that yeah he's assaulted Patrick Harris Neil Patrick Harris I got confused Troopers I have my own transportation over here not fucking know Neil deGrasse Tyson start that's how old is Neil deGrasse the college he was fucking ripped his college photo so is my dad Bob Neil deGrasse Tyson I was talking to that lady today about it and I can't wait that looks like fucking Hercules when he was in like college in earlier is Easter tomorrow best dude he's an offensive line coach he's an offensive line coach at a high school in Texas are you excited for you to just let yourself go one day Edition you keep it up I don't worry I got is all I have to do with me team this this is not hard this is like five minutes a day this whole thing that you got going on with these things in those things this is like shit I feel like he did the whole like Einstein thing where Einstein was like I'm just going to wear the same clothes everyday cuz I don't fucking think about that guy that information that he had to make play Doogie Howser Christian Bale level of commitment to the role the machine is losing all that weight that's the thing. Now I'm trying to cut weight way harder way harder 45 yo yo I'm giving myself a long Runway and it's still just like he's about weight yo-yo what's what's a seesaw seesaw is when one person to the end of the board in Cecil with a lot of personal stuff that's three pair that was just to throw away, that didn't deserve the folks like find you'll Patrick Harris podcast is brought you by hymns did you know that 66% of Men start losing their hair by 8:35 when you start to notice hair loss it's too late if you have this problem check out for him. Com a one-stop-shop for hair loss skin care sexual Wellness for men from Medical Group Solutions real doctor swab for well-known generic equivalents the name brand prescriptions to help you keep your hair has no waiting room for doctor visits State hours for hymns. Com answer quick question and doctors will review and prescribe a solution for you order now or let's just get a free trial month I'm sorry I said that wrong I'm going to repeat that one cuz I was not right order now or listeners give a trial month of everything you need to keep your hair for just $5 today right now while supplies last see website for full details this will cost you hundreds if you went to the doctor or Pharmacy go to forums.com Rooster that's forhims. Com rooster for hamster.com rooster thank you for sponsoring this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast so I saw something the other day that that didn't make sense to me and I saw that Twitter announced they were discontinuing their Mac OS Twitter app why did Twitter have a Mac OS app that doesn't make any sense to me you have a web browser it's a web-based platform was like yeah yeah they had a nap and then they killed it yeah and then it was built into the OS notifications I haven't been to the Mac App Store and probably years honestly I'm probably most people like I don't I don't use apps anymore she looks like Twitter still here cuz I remember when you wanted to make money you made it you made a hot app but that was like a mobile app cuz I feel like the App Store with something new that the PC didn't have the Mac brought to like the whole equation my Windows 10 everything in the apps now as well oh so I guess this sucks the windows. I I buy moved my entire life Library content movies and music I'm slowly moving over to Microsoft music by physical media music but all movies about the ray Fidelity I'll go by the physical media for own on like my PlayStation or a console are X-Men Days of Future Past they're really fucking wanted to watch it I didn't want to go to the store and macgruber I bought the car for 2 weeks ago I really did Mayweather come see she loves that movie I came to your house that one time I came out with your penis so I was just like you come out the bottom of the hell would it be a weird start to the night if I did something similar but use real body parts probably what he had a giant dick in the lazer team mentioned it should I avoid on to spell giant dick attached to it that crushed my actual dick because of the super tight suits from the learning process with all the stuff I did the big wooden process from Lazer team was writing an R movie and then all of a sudden becoming a PG-13 movie part way through like you can see the review Lazer team when it was out at festivals by the way I just I totally pulled a humble-brag thing where I retweeted I untweet and then retweeted gamble to Toro I saw the lazer team from like 3 years ago. Right after you want to ask your reviews are so different from the other because that was the process by which you went from an R-rated movie to a PG-13 way better like they are cut way better myself as well but also because that's what I think that's what it is if you don't think I'm going to distribution it was it was a one of the business decision that was made into you don't live at the reach right right I mean it was I have a copy if you want to borrow it or at least what was the last team Burnie. Why watch a movie or pre-production police team to before the list came to Premier I think was the last time I could just kind of like mine was like I want to make sure that we carry things through for lace you feel like the you know cuz we got a bunch of Nicole it was just like you can put it up and do something since you always draw back things from the first one I don't think I called that goes to the first episode where would call it first generation in the sequel in a franchise you know that's the kind of thing where it's like kind of thing, to the whole thing you know something movie where there is an inconsistency with the character from the first one of the sequel like Rambo maybe like rainbows from The Matrix the Oracle for the character that were able to navigate that I was Rambo first Blood I watch the first time the other day about a veteran that blinks blue corrupt cops and everything Twitter got some PTSD mental health issues dark movie yeah other than the credits roll and I was like oh my God I just watch Sci-Fi and horror stuff from the early 80s which one first Blood come out it's super dark like it would mess with your head in the movie The Exorcist then when I came out like a little girl possessed by a demon in this is horrifying had sex Rosemary's Baby One Time how did that happen I will wait to hear about it went on a date and we got back and we're pops didn't Rosemary hate the fucking Netflix and chill thing but is it exactly that where she was like sure I voice crack just like that and we plugged in you know she was were going through and she was the film buff so then she was looking for the Rays baby like this ladies having a demon baby on the way I don't remember what happened cuz we're having intercourse during you didn't move out of the room turn my bedroom was a fucking pig site and I didn't expect to bring you money or mute it might have lower the volume down on a date I told myself I was like nah can bring me home tonight I'm not going to go down the path for 2 hours later in like a little little boy took over spend all my time like I really want to try to hook up with somebody I'm definitely mindset to of like I'm going to go out I'm not going to do this I'm not going to assume I clean my room cuz then I won't bring someone home so I can you make a mature decision you bring him home anyway listen I don't want to like insult you but you're better going to fuck you on the ottoman Rosemary's Baby is. It was just going to lower the volume and she wanted to watch The Boy in the Striped Pajamas on and she never seen it and then the movie ends concert with the kid to get gas with a lot of Jews by Nazis and you don't want to touch anyone off to the credits roll on that one there was a limp dick and to the night at Movies 8 on a first date how do you say it was a fantastic movie in stuff for like there was no romance after that we are becoming boyfriend girlfriend at first and we had a great conversation that night but it's just like you're just exhausted emotionally and like because of how long it was we need a better phrase then that means boyfriend girlfriend but I think it's when you say boyfriend girlfriend it sounds so like immature like through a couple when you're dating but what about you go together yeah right when I call her my girlfriend a regular basis and she says..... How dare you the go okay that's girlfriend but we're not dating she made that very clear you're not dating no I mean like boyfriend girlfriend but that's different to Dayton you going steady you're in a committed relationship you're trying to figure it out like the job interview part. The needs to be at um for boyfriend or girlfriend who lives with you tigers that knows the Price Is Right on my girlfriend Livingston girlfriend to girlfriend who lives with you it's bigger than the step from girlfriend who lives with you too wife really is it labeled divide everything by to give me my mic as I don't know what it is but it sounds horrible release there is another time where I was with someone a lady we're not going steady and it was bringing Sarah Marshall and the kids movie it is great movie we were laughing had a great time it's like that and then like towards the end you know we were doing things and then they went to the credits and then the gym like the menu song that plays in the newest is Russell Brand singing inside of you I love you and it was just on Loop and I thought it was going to stop after like 5 repeats and then I was like. I got to go in like turn to the fucking thing off and what are you inside when that happens maybe from the living room bedroom chronically dirty know that was that was my enjoy fucking on the couch that was my bedroom at my mom and dad's house which is a whole different thing you hey baby the bedroom for boyfriend girlfriend you get the bedroom how did you have sex when you're living with your parents but I never did I didn't know what you mean when you do that with me though like I might have my room is on the opposite side of the house I would have my parents were aware but right now I go at her parents yeah yeah yeah I know it's fucking risky to we almost got caught we are the garage door open and we just like it was like the whole thing where you're throwing clothes on and kind of threw out the sweat wipe off the things that was like those are really scary that you like if I had to think of it like a scary moment that was one of them works like I wish it get my ass beat never never did it my parents house you later as an adult visiting that's what I visit very frequently that's what I want to know about that never gets normal what was the oldest they were when they had sex at their parents house holidays given not do it for like a weekend so with that specific situation where we can you take out your parents SUV and you fold down the seats in the back and you find an empty neighborhood that's under construction and then afterwards you get paper towels and wipe down to the sweaty Windows speculation didn't happen Blaine you got you had a lot of experience help me with this thing I want this podcast is also brought to you by the Rooster Teeth store and it's brand-new achieve collection you don't know about receipts receipts was founded by who broke a few broke college kids wanted to make movie but couldn't afford to so they cut out the middleman and make their own a few billion views later they're still at it at the new line from Achievement Hunter to get really represents the Achieve Center guys and their punk rock aesthetic no doesn't do we got the t-shirts here I got a couple also got long sleeve tees a hoodie and a hat are they just went up this weekend they're selling like crazy go ahead and check them out at store that receipt. Com Tonka sent you that's me I'm Gus I was looking at it it was a good big giant black shirt in the gaps where there's no actual sponsorship we should get someone from sales to come on at explain themselves I'm fine with with having no at that but someone took the pool right yeah right like a long time since we've had open inventory what happened to update the creator of the most question after this one hopefully it came up last week you told me I did homework for the bot to okay you told me to watch the Cloverfield Paris and I watch the cold Cloverfield Paradox I can't remember what your opinion of Cloverfield Paradox was okay with my opinion was it's okay it's not a great movie but I'm glad they're making it so it's totally fine but if I look up for yourself I don't get I don't get why people are so mad about that but the end of the mad about the middle I think there are some weird pacing and panting consistency things but be sci-fi film a couple of cool Concepts about it and maybe they wanted more of a tie into the cornfield Universe by like the open-ended this may have to do it really good cast to had a great cat what's a Silver Linings Playbook the brother in law what that what smell it up at Mom's Silver Linings Playbook in Madden factors that it took me like 5 minutes I know this guy I know him and he was like that with the blonde lady the blonde lady you seen it the blonde lady was the Super tall yeah she's the golden lady in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. It took me awhile to figure that out the villain in Man from Uncle crazy cool and bring it to I don't think she's like swollen up like no kench like you know I should kick my ass you better be nice but when that's over but you know what she was in the pool with Jamie and then he said something she stands up and was like oh yeah if you're but yeah taking him back self the big one I was surprised that code for paradoxes at Chris O'Dowd I like what you doing to spell minutes like he doesn't get K so like weird comedic relief I called the guy who was the cop in Bridesmaids yeah that was a weird casting the cop from Bridesmaids to their address the fact that use foreign sorry so I can be sure and burn I don't like people were so fucking mad about this or the other loved it or hated it why was why is it love it or hate it but I thought it was watching it I'm happy they made it and I'm happy they going to make more yes but like not to bring up Star Wars cuz I don't want to stick on the conversation with you long to like that was the same thing where is people to like a fucking hate this movie The Greatest of all-time like why are people so am I the only one that can straighten the middle line and be like yeah I think you just hear the people who are on the extreme and I guess a lot louder than you hear that the people were like they're not out like going yeah it was alright yeah because you don't hate episodes 1 2 3 7 8 and Rogue one physically true Star Wars fan would hate all those movie controversy quotes about the solo posters know I would the Sony the graphic design as the same on this similar to some some other posters for there was some very similar but I'm glad you didn't seem like a rip-off to me it seem like I mean they're very very similar but it seem like the kind of thing that's generic enough that someone else could have come up with the same concept my problem is the posters that they're all fucking like super colorful and looks like a really groovy movie and then we see the footage from the trailer it's like really Bleak it's like the dude that did he was as soon as hard for her arrival and it's just like blue and sad and cold looking so that that was my issue is it looks like they're they're making a Guardians of the Galaxy meets Star Wars when really it looks something like else I don't like any of the older characters like watching the exciting like Solo in episode 7 I didn't like Luke really in episode 8 I just thought I don't know I didn't respond to it the way I was hoping I would respond to find a cool for him to be back in the Millennium Falcon Chris you that you see Harrison Ford and you say hey that's Harrison Ford not Han Solo that might be the case I think that might be part of it yeah but I don't feel that way model though they are similar I mean Daddy because it's a sequence and they made the exact same sequence exact same colors is the weird red blue and I mean that's really good with the little yellow post around it the yellow toad Style yeah there was a what was that Spike Lee movie in the 90s and their poster was basically some murder mystery from the 50s and they just it was a bigger body outline they just like change the head down the other way that was literally all they did was like super stylized poster I'm a look at something like that was the movie talking to somebody today and they said that they're taking issue with the Mary Poppins movie what does the upcoming Mary Poppins movie Emily Blunt that's in it anybody know shit I just see Emily Blunt married to was that what you ask Tim Catherine John Krasinski cool find movies pretty fucking intense now see the first trailer and make sure you watch the first one it's cool did you go see it I like John Krasinski cuz he he he told what was what was Hillary's emails and Benghazi what what are you talking about was in the Benghazi movie got a friend named Ben what alerica Trevor gets in it's about Jordan Peele gay. Osca but I think Cloverfield Paradox and get out fall in the same category for me everyone's going ape shitt forget out to me it felt like it's me feel like an episode of Black Mirror that was a future links episode oh my God I'm such a crazy story like this it looked like it was pretty much like straight through I think you're right I think you're getting a lot of sugar for that time just like refresh myself on and I loved it I still think even on a repeat view I thought it was recommended I was pretty well hikes at that when you watch the amazing movie that has ever seen before I didn't pick up the first time or the first go through somebody said that to me what episode 8 of Star Wars that if you go back and watch you to make it up to me and you said that because once again I think it would be I don't know when I'll do that when it's in a week and a half or whatever so things that people don't like I had a really popular tweet over the weekend about guns and gun control I think that said something to me when I was talking about this. I think he made if you made a really good point I said I wrote that I've been using firearms for years and I understand that but I think it's time for you know some gun control and Eddie said that he thinks it's time to use a different term of zinc and I don't like that cuz I never thought about it that way so I think people have a knee-jerk reaction to it they think gun control means taking everyone's guns away you know with no question and where is it open to let's meet in the middle right like it took it goes back to me talking about Star Wars in the extremes you're only hearing from people who are either fiercely Pro having whatever you want or people who want to Outlaw it all together like why just got to be way more people in the middle Just Like a Star Wars play 95% of people sit in the middle why can't those 95% people sit down and figure this stuff out why do we let the screen really loud small groups of people dictate you know what we can and can't do in this country if it's absolutely ridiculous and last night on The Last Week Tonight John Oliver had this really long piece of folks episode last night was about NRA TV now you know how there's that whole thing about boycott Amazon apple and Roku NRA TV streaming platform and it was never watched NRA t v and they showed some of the the type of programming that's on there and it's really crazy and their release like number don't have to write. Broadcast if you have no idea how people are watching that but it's really unique program I got a very fear-mongering Aura to a lot of in a very fear mongering extreme trying to drum up this fear that you need all these weapons are that the world is evil and only you can stop them with Firearms if that's not the case she crazy photos from last week of the people who were having a really strong me Wisconsin luniz I read somewhere that someone said it was the moon show doing that but I'm still around it's the dude that started that's true it's his son I believe Tony's Church but who's the song moon was first used in 1974 by the American Media church members have been have used the word Mooney including move cell present unification to catch our listeners up there was a big news thing I'm sure we saw it where is a bunch of people were like having some sort of weird like service where they brought their AR-15s specifically and crowns yeah and they have like bullet crowns and shit like that and they're doing some it was like he was a renewal of your your wedding Rights was intended or some shit like that yeah it was like is this it's if it's a card to believe that somebody friends on the right are like in that group with those people they're not you're not there in the middle right now that's what I'm saying that's kind of the point I tried to make I sent you know in my feels like I've only gone for many years, what's in the middle we can make a change ourselves if we don't Piano Tiles 2 the mick stream end is the majority in the middle I think so I think so what the NRA says they have 5 million members which is difficult number to back up what is 300 people in the US just seems very weak it seems like you have no position was just on the fence cats like I was reading about what it takes to get a gun in Japan during the procedure to go straight I think you have to take the written exam about the gun then you do if the shooting test and you please go above 90% then you go through like a criminal background check and then you go through a mental health check is only stages to it and at that point you can buy a shotgun or a rifle the all of that just to get to the point where you can get you yet show them basically for that for hunting stralia I think they have like a similar thing weird it's a pretty strenuous process you have to like explain why you need this weapon and then you have to put it in like a locker and then they examined and they check in on that Walker whatever like and then two years Columbus Lee that was a thing as a British journalist he was trying to prove a point in Flute America fluids at Kansas or something to see how quickly he got a gun and the tourist is a non-citizen and I think from the money landed to having the gun in his hand was like 45 minutes and I think the guy who sold in the gun was arrested and then the junglist was told not to come back to the US to Three Holy Cow the story mrs. going to fucking jail cuz he made a mistake or I hope you did deliver deliberately or not but yeah you go to Switzerland what you normally Associated being pretty pacifist and her friend Devon had to go through a lengthy procedure to not be required to keep a rifle in his house it'll go through prove that he was going to pacify mandatory military service right when you're done with your military service they give you a rifle to take home in case they need to call you up as like a militia and then the process to go through to fill out paperwork so you're supposed to be able to return the firearm to the government when you have that kind of time you still have to keep it locked away with the ammo or somewhere else locked away like it's not it's almost like the modern equivalent of a musket it's not something you said you like you would go into a liquor store with him rob it would be ridiculous if you try to do that I've got a buddy who owns some guns and stuff like that and he's actually I think like probably left-leaning or whatever I don't know his political beliefs are but he bites me out to go shooting and I'm always kind of like on the fence about it like I'm always preaching about like I'm not a big fan of guns to do and he's like a cool dude what what I think you should learn I think that's one of the big I've been before but more like shit kept happening every fucking month so I think you should just need to learn just to see like what the differences are what the difference in make me a hypocrite weapons are I don't think so I don't think so I mean I own guns like this I consider myself to be more left-leaning let's just say I was raised that way and I working creative field this is Doug tend to be more like them a lot of issues so the left tends to focus more on the First Amendment which is freedom of speech religion but mostly freedom of speech and freedom of speech is always brought up in the u.s. to fight things like censorship and some of the First Amendment if you what you going to say what they want you know and voice your opinion whatever they want but it is it is if you're going to give everybody at the same time I do recognize that when the founding fathers were creating freedom of speech they could Envision the internet and Global Network of computers that can just create story and put them out there and did you know machine language in machine learning can create the stories that nobody can tell the difference of what's real and what's not so I didn't but if you boil it down with some person run Windows computers that has freedom of speech that they didn't like Amplified you know it was spam email and email for no money at all for like incense how do you think it's a burden on everybody so in some cases this case from Taylor that was limiting free speech in that way to take care of some of the things that you know the founding fathers could have seen what I was going back to the gym myself away but I come back to you will you tell me what Japan and what you have to go to to get it I would come back to the US I come back to always to hand grenades does a hand grenade is I feel like everybody I've never used a hand grenade if you just want to know why I feel like I could use and most American average citizens could use a hand grenade with no training whatsoever and probably use it fairly effectively in love it right I looked it up and then you pull it out and I'm pretty sure you can figure out that deliver pasta and it is we never hear about hand grenade attacks we just don't hear about them like even in school you don't give us any Lobby hand grenades into buildings and provides I don't know what the reason why they have to do that use hand grenades are not available for purchase yet have a class 3 firearms license in a special certification in order to buy hand grenades and I can't help but think that hate where's the black market for hand grenades where's all the Outlaws with hand grenades these are the very effective you never hear about a guy walking into a liquor store the hand grenade because he got it on his very easily accessible Black Market we're only Outlaws now have hand grenades and I can't help but think also if hang grenades were made completely legal like shotguns an AR-15 tomorrow and they sold at sporting good stores in Walmart do you think you would hear about less hand grenade text because everyone has hand grenades would deter people from having her or do you think we have a son amazing in hand grenade I think the counter argument I'll take up on an opposing point with you here just for the sake of argument about that because guns are readily accessible enough that there's no need to resort to using a hand grenade when you can use a gun just as effectively for the same as what you can play so whenever making bombs because they wouldn't do it here but they just go out and buy the things but by what you need to make a bomb is a step in which you can be discovered and stumps Truth where is it feel like if you can buy a six-pack of hand grenades within a 15-minute background check or whatever it's normal and they're fucking everywhere you know they don't need to make a pipe bomb or a fertilizer bomb or so it whenever am I shooting happens and PM people I would just get rid of guns do I get mass shootings the next document is well then someone would ask you something else like they point to Europe or I suppose I can find will plow through a crowd of people to do with the Phantom in Yukon that's it for then you can't have a standoff you can't hold someone have an points does no it was not like you kind of keep people that would have had so much more than any other weapon just from how quickly you can turn the situation around 1 if you can like we got room for the people that knife you going to be at the killer approach this you know intelligently and you want to try to decrease easy access to Firearms you're not saying you're going to stop every potential crazy person from committing every kreimer's all these crimes and you're trying to make it harder and reduce the number convenient way to look at it and if you allow people can have these devices you know that can kill a large number of people that it seems like an endorsement if we continue to allow these to be legal take this feeling that we don't care that people lots of people are being killed by especially to me as a friend I'm just cuz I wasn't raised with the same mindset As Americans but now it's like living if so long I see I can see why Americans don't want to give up the gun being raised without the queen some people came after me I would like to eat cuz I said that you not find my first firearm when I was 5 and I got my first known as a gift for my 9th birthday if you were like well there's a problem you know why the fuck are you giving a weapon that can kill to a nine-year-old when my father was a lot. There's a lot more there was a reason you know in the house he wanted me to not be curious about them and try to play with them and secret without them knowing and your situation to the most Europeans Probably sounds like man I said crazy BB gun when they were really young and I didn't think anything about that when you were going up the kids at pellet guns and BB guns BB gun normal progression of that it's the American way of checking with a friend it's fun you want if you want to protect your family right that's like the reason people have them you want to tell your family a potentially fight the government if they said I'm right that mean that's the spirit of the Second Amendment is crazy now cuz one of the arguments that were making it's just like it just goes to show it's like we were losing sight of everything what the argument that keeps being made now is hey we should arm teachers which is fucking crazy yes I would a great read about that works like you we should absolutely give every teacher gun that way they can sell it and make up for the pay that we're not giving her teachers and then also or having Lawn Lawn for play some Pandora station people who are armed in schools they literally were going to use the Second Amendment to justify arming government officials and employees and putting them in our schools in our communities that's literally opposite of what the Second Amendment is all about it's literally the opposite and there but now it's like it's not about that anymore now it's just about don't take my guns going to help the most recent shooting the one in Florida and I decided to the most recent shooting the most recent big shooting in Florida there was a deputy with a gun that I don't like talking about that guy I don't like man the good guy with a gun is going to stop it it didn't happen well yeah me dick I was I mean I don't know I wasn't there but everything I read where he was there with a gun like he was at the school here's a shot and he didn't go into the building for something like 4 minutes or something like that yeah he wouldn't go in Columbia Texas it's been 6 terrible situation with kids would you feel safe sending them to a school where the teacher had a gun not but then I also live under the illusion it's probably an illusion that no one in that school has a fucking gun return texts are probably like a bunch of the seniors throw his guns in the cars in the parking lot you know the signs all over the school I think every school has a no-gun sign right yeah I'm sure my parents are both teachers and I don't want to drag them in cuz I don't speak for them cuz we have different views and stuff but I do know that his teachers they couldn't bring themselves to shoot it fucking stupid man out of their lives to teach these kids always but yeah yeah it's a really high stress situations when do that actually barricaded himself in I heard it like I don't know. That sounds like a weird situation as well the teacher it's plenty of us in the middle we should be able to figure this out I think a large part of it is just education play learning about guns and and and becoming more comfortable that way we can talk if they want to be on the same page we don't have these these misunderstandings about what it is that we're talking about former military also really loves Alex he's a very delightful person yeah we have a bunch of people at the company that look like Rainbow Six operators looks like Blackbeard Aaron win looks like Ella and I'm naming of people that nobody knows and then fucking a pretty look like he's so looks like yoga be like did I look like hell down to go to the South Korean operators new glasses like when they want their like announcing all the operators point out an update from Twitter at Swiss mom 8873 says Switzerland Switzerland no longer requires our soldiers to keep the gun at home it is voluntary now I'm switching my brother-in-law still lives there thank you that story was two van was probably 10 years old of this point stay longer than 12 or 13 Swiss Miss your face that bad joke a police with me that's crazy 29 I mean it was 2003 crossover my birthday so I started working out in 2002 in September I start work on the trailer is like contacting it out but then we started April 1st April 1st 2003 and I was 30 then I was going through some old photos and 100 / the documentary crew and I had a lot of photos in like early on the early the spare bedroom if you'd office and stuff and there's just a point where I don't I didn't have them anymore and the doctor said they were really missing photos from this time frame do you have anything I was like why don't have any photos from there and I realize that that's the time I got an iPhone all my photos are on my phone in my iCloud now and I looked psycho I do have photos I'd never think to scroll back that far I got him another 5 and 1/2 gigs of photos and videos from when people stop caring cameras as much and then they switch the phone but the phone cameras with her shit back then that it's like a really good quality and then you don't cameras and it digital cameras came out of there like a half a megapixel yes all those pictures for like for 4 years of Ash it got better like my looks but not normally Chris though cuz I just reschedule the film but then when that whatever they switch the video is like this dish is cheap and yeah it's all photos before I send them to the doctors as I felt that blurry blurry blurry huge chunk of your life that's missing cuz you don't have like the physical media to show it like you may have lost and I hope I can iPhones worth of photos which is like a year-and-a-half yeah I lost my August 2008 really yeah it sucks I'm not in the least bit worried about that because I have when my parents died I got our family photo albums and it's a basic from the time I was born till about 13 or 14 maybe even later like it all the way through high school there's like four or five books that have about $54 each and I'm an exit like that that's it now I've got tens of thousands of photos and videos of my kids and the last 15 years it's like I have more pictures of my cat than I have of myself between the ages of like 0 and 50 wall of like all of your family members and stuff like that find a Blog but it's there I moved it was like right outside my bedroom to my little writing milk that I have a check up to it what the fuck is wrong with you but everyday you have to stare a different picture and jerk off every morning and do that if he could go somewhere else yeah I would do it for $5,400. Yeah I bet I bet you would anybody have a the weird question come on we have an ex-girlfriend box box in which you store things from past relationships show you I have W-2s. If I can take 97 ever yeah I have I have finally debit don't know anybody else was filing happens if you just pdfill because I was talking about the fact that we're working on so I was a person had those cameras and I can remember there was a Sanyo camera got that was my first camera ever recorded to digital media everything was taped before I like the Sony vx1000 that classic Mini DV camera but then I had a format that only Sony have Corso micromv in this tiny little tiny it was a little handheld thing it was fucking amazing say the ark but the camera stopped working years ago since like 2004 I had this thing so when an eBay and I found a new in the box for 300 bucks as I cash it I will buy this not have access to all these tapes that I can't view any other way got it on eBay mini DV yeah that's mini DV to buy the case but I got this many and be player in and then I remember how it works like you hit the button the thing goes to cook opened it and opened up and lowers down and has a stupid lady like don't push this of course this camera by the time I get out of the box is 15 years old Hitler opens up and they got died instantaneously years are just like really tiny little years are all just like now fuse together to remove all that shit I'm in the clear tape in manually VCRs for those things right. This was for Matt so specific I did find a place online where to ship my micromv taste yeah we ran into Matt cuz he's the one that is running at Matt Hames as one of the dudes over summer documentaries and stuff and he when we were doing the documentary with me and Barbara doing connected I found out that the lady that was doing d i t which is the person that it was a girl that I had actually seen during college like it was like somebody I dated and after finding that out they gave us handycams that we work ourselves with and I stepped on the camera and I ate pizza for an hour knowing that she was going to have to flush the entire thing why are you doing a girlfriend box Digital Imaging technician at old memories but I got like one of those and then there's like hair little knick-knacks you know like like photo books I had a couple girlfriends make me look like photo books like that kind of stuff just like pictures done mixtape yeah I do I have like three mixtapes in there for an old one nice you at you sure leave had a photo booth photo with an ex-girlfriend what happened to it did you delete photos of you with your exes on Facebook yeah yeah that's like a normal thing now like I'm going to ask these Facebook page and go back and see like 4 or 5 so bad and I wish that there was like some sort of backup for that because I purged all my fat photos so like out I remember going through and I losing weight 2018 of passion I delete all these photos now I was like yeah my mind is completely change about that subject I will take them with your computer on Facebook there's the existing another form that you uploaded this thing yeah after I deleted them off my social because I was embarrassed by there but you were deleted cuz I was so embarrassing twins white white yes that's the game 20 lb I think you think I'm playing 17125 at that with I would do math exercises but I'd also like to eat like shit like I would do like a combination that way once it's done that I can even like smoking and then I come back Jack I'm the same way to Blaine oh you are 175 stand side-by-side perfect perfect human specimen right here did you hear about the guy who is the guy who eats Big Macs everyday is like 30,000 how much money how many how many stack bulshit what's on the menu conversation a bunch of Texas prices for the price I pay when I buy a Big Mac meal in the price that is included in the price I agree with you but that's not going to change the fact of the system's broken right now. 10 I know I can't afford it is the point in the price hey look up what county he lives in and you can find out what you can find out how much the taxes depending on what's the different different places because it's not on the website how much is in Texas got these are like $28,000 maybe going to price of Big Mac with 357 United States in the United Kingdom to 29 according to a fast food menu prices.com a Big Mac is 399 meal people every Big Mac McDonald's doesn't give him anything special but he's not he currently buys the whole week's worth of Big Macs up front and just microwave the reason is it really fat friendly there's the guy in supersize me that they talk about who like ate a Big Mac every day would rather fucking steal like you guys made fun of me for that the life of bread loaf of bread or French bread for $1 to make sure you get for a buck really thick French I make Japanese pancakes for the kids I was going to try to make him for the pancake podcast but we had the robot so we went with that can't do those Japanese pancakes am I good at it but I can get them like that maybe we can be more trip to Japan just to get the ins and outs and then we'll come back I would love to JD would go live in Japan that sounds like get the fuck out of here kids but I really think he really likes to there I'm big I send out back at you it's it's weird being a little weird it's like everything is just a little too small yes your opinion something and use will Gavin re-ask the question play it set up but okay? Traveling to Japan and then I have to travel afterwards one of my options to come back is through Moscow do you think I should take the hell yeah some other stuff in one of the possible routes to get back is through Moscow and it doesn't change the price it's actually cheaper with my fucking at go to Moscow you but are you worried about the safety of that I mean to be I'm doing this in like August by then we might be home or something so do you think that it's a little weird yeah like tensions are getting blamed you think it's a good idea if they got some War just get a refund or refund the star fucking collapse like had a full-on economic collapse in the late 80s right they broke up was the big one obviously is now separate the whole thing and it was 4 years we talked about just like the crazy look at how the fuck did they build such an incredible cyber crimes division that apparently is way better than what we have cheap juicy to buy computer if you don't need to be a powerful so please don't have that we should have that the problem is I think here if you do that kind of stuff to do like private sector the government doesn't actually like if you were if you're good at that you don't work for the government government building somewhere just mining Bitcoin like you out of a room in the Pentagon called the developer just Advan Bitcoin mining website for doing that we going to be at 12 mine from your phone from your benefit not for yours and power What GPU power not drain the battery on devices of theories about the sustainability of Bitcoin just based on the power consumption on Michael a bitching about the price of 1080 all right now so I can play it by like 700 bucks yeah, crazy expensive Taylor's to stop but to stop selling products to people who are remaining in to try to talk to you well if you'd like trying to buy like a pallet of cards that math thing of a pseudoephedrine that he makes a mess out on the driver's license now to buy a video card that's crazy I didn't know that so just use a GPU to buy a graphics got to take a written exam and then the score above a certain amount of video over then only the Outlawz will have Ultra high-quality what area code is 864 40 by 1440 does the wide aspect ratio which I don't care what the resolution Super Why twas feel like pubg is like I got like a you can see the cheater coming from all directions to me Kyle had this crazy some someone there if you see that the wider ones now it is like it wraps around to the Head yeah but it's a Wicked Wine wanna I don't know the resolution of it was telling me he was text was on the podcast a few weeks ago her and Peter were in town and they were talking about they saw that are modders to go you should get this really wide ones but he doesn't really know there's ones they're not like crazy Jill my gosh I could get that I've never seen in the options of the video game ever that is setting for if you play the game on two monitors will check box what advantage would spread the game out of it is not in the middle did you know so I can start find out I don't know I don't like other stuff what you play Mexico that I feel inadequate now I just got one for like 14 monitor on my desk I can have a small wire a because I'm poor but because I feel like if I get huge monitor it doesn't help me with games like I feel like I'm more focused inattentive on that I'm like that thing maybe it'll go to my office I have an Xbox in the monitors like this big I like some about that I like you I like the increase resolution cousin you see like little things like you can pick out someone like in the grass a lot better I have a inch snow more 60 by 9 but I have it pulled right up to the department keyboard can we just fit and I'm right up against it and it's great cuz you can you can really look into your cross that do you see you next time I see her on them just bring it all up to your face semi my hoodie came through today and I G 14 years old by now thanks, Gilman I now have my wife Lisa for me and you cuz now he wants to send Plum Squad like these things on Squad yeah it's a podcast let's play pubg have noticed that I've noticed that I'm on the podcast as well I don't want to be my decision Sarah Wynter next home Squad. I don't want anyone in that room resenting me like oh that fucking over there is making his own videos and he's taking our people went tell him I would just be like I'm leaving and I walk out the door I'm going to create bad blood I would rather be with you I don't know where the well is that make sense sure what is not happy right right just because you was best friend Ashley cuz we just talk about everything shit what and then I have kids but me my kids are all my job this is Miss America who's your best friend dude what's that guy from that can I ask you a personal question who's your best friend and Alana is by what they are as well my best friend is the person that I had get along with aside from that that's the obvious answer so I got you a new bed for 25 years at this point and we work together every single day maybe Joel possibly such a long time I think I already know that Jeff is your best friend I don't know that's just a weird question to me cuz you're the best friend I've never had one maybe it's only thing I've been getting ranking people you know we goes back to like the boyfriend girlfriend thing like it's like a like a little kid label or something silly is the that his he directs have you lived would you say that that's not true my mom duh girls have best friends 30 year olds don't I mean so 10 year olds are living with her best friend I mean just have lived with okay go back to the gas please help me out of this what do I do that wasn't there before I became best friends of Jeff Cuz I live with that make sense I'm sure it's if any of us block US1 and and you would be my best friend if we live together you hate me I couldn't begin to imagine it could you sure home and not hate each other that's barely said it doesn't apply to you and me we would hate each other yeah we had to stay in like hotels together in hotel rooms worst that was the worst I wanted to choke you out and leave you for dead. She just text me and said shut up cuz I was saying you can't be your best friend happened to you call Ghostbusters nice you get out early bird pricing through the end of this week I think March 8th at 11:49 p.m. is when early bird pricing ends and I think they got to get back to me. We will see you guys next time bye bye