#483 - It Can Only Get Better

Join Gus Sorola, Jon Risinger, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss SXSW, unsafe driving, upcoming movies, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2018-483

Recorded: 2018-03-13 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Jon Risinger, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


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Com roosterteeth.com RoosterTeeth now going to show you my underwear to the podcast episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast is of course also brought to you by Squarespace love you too smart for me to talk about you a little later are there it was she just talked about well I'm John good Lord oh and I'm still just feel like things are always a little hectic little crazy around here. This would Anna do you know anybody who travels to Austin to attend South by Southwest every year travels everybody who comes to South by Southwest is there for a reason like they're working like they're there to like you never run into that person but it's like Coachella I've met a bunch of people who travel to Coachella and they're going to let you know and I'll fire Festival in the sky size 7 7714 inclined to just hate him like just by looking at him for people to be on the jury for his trial you know people who are attending for work is because that's like the industry were in so the majority of people you know are people who would it be a confirmation by yeah yeah it's like I would like to meet the person who is like I just come to South by every dimension in everyone there is having to work in hair industry of course they do yeah yeah but and is the first time I've ever seen this happen but that was a very full theater and so the theaters for those kind of showing there's a big chunk that's just reserved already for the people that made the movie and have their friends in there and then the next they're letting are people who are like Express press passes and then the next two people like us to a film or platinum Badges and then that's what he still does the theater like almost to capacity and then they let just people who have like a wristband maybe come in and we we already been in I was waiting for you to drink like a coffee I saw them letting like 5 people from that part of line 5 people who buy the way we were very fortunate to be giving free badges to South by we got that the plan imagine those are $1,600 but it was like $1,600 badge I did not work could I did not pay $6 for that it was very nice of them to give us back I have got you know how like this how much I like Ashley she really want to go see Ready Player one for the note and so the screen was last night so we had to line up movie start at 9:30 with the lineup at 7 to see it and a half hours early why the whole time did the whole time the Alamo moved to reserve seating they used to just have no reserved seating can we buy tickets like 5 minutes before the show started yeah so people would show up 2 hours early you never know if you could get into an alimony wife coming down just like with the old location expect coming down the stairs and we're only a little down the block we're probably going to make it in but those guys that they brought of that restaurant there definitely not making it have that shity and it was like I think it was of all the place like a Trip Advisor review or Yelp review with TripAdvisor where there was this huge debate an outcry about the Alamo Drafthouse theaters moving to reserve ticket and approval like this ruins the entire line culture of the Alamo it's it's a line called that is an awesome problem problem for sure for sure but we were guaranteed to get into this movie I mean it's like if you paid 1600 bucks and then you wait in line for 2 and 1/2 hours and then didn't get in the movie thing in the world in the world to me just like that's crazy I think so. Night-night further in advance like Wes has a film badge and that's only like $300 cheaper than ours Daddy really push you to spend a little more to get the already spent $1,400 on if you are traveling out of town at the end of the day the 1600 bucks if you are going to pay to go to the Festival you're paying more than that airfare and hotel and Deals it's like the trip is going to cost you more than that by the entire 9 days you're going to talks and events in movies and still end music and everything like there I could justify it right but if you're just like you just want to go to one thing right or like a few parties or whatever definitely not worth it no and it's also think South by shipping little bit more so about what's outside the event and inside the event. The movies that are showing random movies like down the block or something like that they might be doing that but I'm not aware of it if you went to the west-world thing Riley Westworld thing how was that what was that what was that got you on a charter bus and then took you way out to Manor to this small western town they built out in the middle of nowhere out there water right water replica and you would enter through like the entrance of the show and go to the train and you walk out and you're in this actor populated populated world that has stories and resets and events and mystery don't cover and there's you can shoot a dude there's like no on Sunday when I went because I was watching an event happened where some guys were roughing up like would like those the town drunk then then they got roughed up by the local sheriff and so by the end of this event the guys are on the floor you knocked out some idiot that was an attendee decides to run up and try to take one of the actors prop gun and then gets chased off by the add by the sheriff acted like he can't do that he stayed in character and got him off but then I watched a producer do to guys like the earpiece in go up grab him and escort him off the idiot like yes babe they like me like you can't just go and grab the prop gun that is not what's the difference between the black hat and white hat does it maybe how you would act in the park that's it good that you're like shooting people in the Bucking everything the activation thing when you showed up to check in the first thing you did was go upstairs and then he went to the stable and they would like what's your name and you give your name you're like you're a black hat they give you that and it's dark it's that shows really what if you removed all the morality from moral choices is like that's what it is there's no repercussions it's good it's good I hate there's a giant front-and-center dick I mean there is like they talk about a certain dick up for a few episodes and then the episode comes where you see it and they don't just put it in the background it's like it's like if if this is the camera the dick is this entire part of the screen but that's what it is it's Placid but it is directed Blastoise short sell sure but it seems like you're grower is what the right it's like you can only get better about that because I can only get better okay the time you get to give it to me and I want to say I think the Martin shkreli jury selection so the court is talking to your number 59 the court juror 59 come on up tonight your honor totally he is guilty and in no way can I let him fly out of anything because the court okay is that your attitude toward anyone charged with a crime was Ben not proven guilty sure 59 it's my attitude towards his entire demeanor what he has done to people the court alright we're good excuse me sir your number for tonight and he disrespected the Wu-Tang Clan can I get that last bit in wait wait wait for this guy being a jackass and he should go to jail for what he did but how do you disrespect a million bucks for the Rowdy talk shit about the album after he bought it everything they had and so when people were like jealous of it he was talking like he's like knowledge I have it don't like he was talking trash about it. Well good luck on the inside mother fucker well maybe you can bring it in with him like shut up his butt if anybody's in jail true either needed that drug or ran into someone who needed them or do you just like it was like a drug that is like really essential why should have to spend any more passes in South by Southwest convention stuff is that we also run our own my vet and I don't get out you never answer going to have a bunch of people in one place you're never going to solve the issue of crowd control why not exist when you go to a stadium you end up in line so you know when you go to Whitehall H is a two-day wait to go to haul a jicama con yellow lines are we have a bigger people that's what happens but like if someone is paid $1,600 it's just like holy fucking God that's unbelievable. This is a I got the picture from South by Southwest is this this year godmother branding for this year play I mean that's kind of people at the west-world thing that the whole thing was the previous night was invite-only but then the other night was that if you replied to this event thing and got a ticket you could go but then they also had a standby line but and so when I got there with Wes I saw the standby line that time and it was going way down the street I'll I know we have to wait in now he's like no that's people that been waiting here since like 8 this morning in hopes that at some point today they might get into the park I think waiting in lines is not as bad as long as you go into the event or or the experience knowing that that's going to be part of it I think people who don't expect that have more trouble with that and maybe get more aggravated was like if you understand that you're going somewhere that's going to have a two-hour wait you're going to have to stand in line to get into it like it's easier to deal with Nike like there's there's always somebody who's got more time that can just say I'm going to show up 2 days early for her and I'm done I'm just going to sit in Hall h the whole time you know what I mean you're going to bring a sleeping bag for the drug was daraprim a sixty-two-year-old drug used for protozoal infections protozoal infection the price was $13.50 and was in race to $750 a tablet WOW 7 Edge unlimited unlimited with Bradley Cooper limited limited limited I think it's a girl's clothing store in Canada hell yeah we're in bankruptcy did yesterday Claire's in bankruptcy I think that's the longest silence after a joke back to the same girl is reddit is such a great machine for discovering the perfect joke about a situation because there's this announcement of a headline and then if you're like 8 hours late to that had one you could have the comments to top, is the perfect time. Yeah yeah maybe it's like that. And then for the Scrappy go to jail visiting out of 7 years sentence the top comment was the original sentence was only 14 days but the judge increase to buy 5000 % let me know when he's going to eat probably only do two years you know like because of good behavior or what is Richard besser something that's what that was making comments about was that he's not going to jail because he screwed over poor people he's going to jail cuz you screwed over don't do that got screwed over people who have your white hat so you got two hats even though was limited they're at home I'll let you borrow excellent just not in the same boat here that it's like this on my head I have a giant head and they had like they gave me one and they're like this is pretty big I see a picture of Mike give me the next biggest one that you was like yeah I actually they both fit my head comfortably I have a giant head we could do it I have a long head it's not big this way but it's big this way measurements to precisely calibrated John John touching and that's how we came up with it's a good size and I had the same hats for 11 little roosters Jose mountie hats and hers you put it on I would just like sync to your eyes and mine won't even go over my head that's the worst I don't know I'd rather have a hat like bit wrong the other way than to have one that sits under your chin till I can hold it to a lot like Tango hands my hat off and put on her it's just like from wobbling around like that broadcasted looking for measuring tape any guesses what are you going to send me the purpose of this I never felt like a more beautiful fairy princess you later 60 cm and you have the same size as what the fucking broken a state budget measure Bernie tables here to home imma try to make my dick bigger Bernie is 63 look at that dude my head is officially bigger than your head Gus giganten we discovered as we all have gigantic watching very pissed off right now alright dildos yes 23 around my head yeah you got to be here to sell myself in a lot of yourself you're not doing straight my hair guy right there okay thank you I needed that this is really important what do they say about guys like it's a giant head hat I think that's the name of the place by our half.com get your nose reducing called rhinoplasty big head big head hats big head caps let's go big head caps and every time I just order a couple have hats might like my Dodgers hat is one of those Flexfit and there's some Flexfit hats that I can wear that's the reason why if I have a hat like how you said that rooster hat until Ryan Wyatt stolen with her Indian back nobody did she like my headlights installed within a party once as a joke but my hat so I told Jose watch ones for Gavin is orange one I had it for like 3 weeks a nice watch super good at Blackjack and I sat with him in Las Vegas and I watch them win the money in one fucking night to buy that watch it the most amazing thing I've ever seen it was incredible I'm here to do they all kinds of hats they got velcro hats and get myself a 3XL tarp hat and get it I don't I don't know I mean I just get like I think there's those Flexfit Tabs are small medium and large extra large and then if they're going to make one like you made that RvB vintage one I asked him to get me a double XL and that'll fit me It Don't Fit My My gigantic head so and then if I get that like I said if I get a hat I wear it forever that's why I wanted at Dodgers hat for like a year now, Dodgers fan but I know that she was Dodgers mentioned that you're trying to get around her showed up my older brother Stephen used to call me hot dog head when we were kids you got that like melon head now they're very just call me big head no no surprise when you're when you're when you're 40 year old do the doctors start doing you stuff to you that they've never done in the past so will your 40 they have to check your prostate never had my prostate checked before the first time and I thought that we were a long time ago where that person discovered they really like prostate massage that dude no no no I'm not that dude I'm not one of them there was very uncomfortable the two sprinters does the anus in the rectum there's the one that you can actually control and then there's the one you really can't control is what it's like and so the one that you control you can get that loosen but this one that's in the inside you got to like course it got your text and now you probably probably didn't know it did not work out so casual about it he's like Alright drop Pro picture of an event was happening. It did not feel like that on your hands Barber I just didn't interview vampire sparkling in the Sun not to completely talk about South by Southwest the whole time friend of ours and she always does he's amazing like installations in South by Southwest in those interviews and she wanted to come by but you want us to come by literally an hour before this podcast charts way to be downtown at 4 so I can in here at 5 so yeah between rush hour traffic and South by traffic that's a that's risky to use because no one's self buy used cars they just all walk around like all my drivers this last week Mo said yeah I'm not any more busy than I usually am even though all these people are in town or not local to the police station downtown exactly close to a lot of people who live in Austin are not going downtown this week hey how did they get my hat did Derek single on Twitter has my exact old and try to figure out how to remove the stitches that say that but I couldn't but I can tell it's the same here cuz he got it for me when he went to go visit his dad in Hawaii and it has the Hawaiian Islands stitched on the side so this guy has that exact hat character klingele plus that talk about blood says he doesn't get his hat back it's going to be a blood test there supporting me your one and only friend John what happened I supported my friend Barbara by seeing her feature film debut year but I had a reason I don't see why I told you I think it was pretty gross yeah it was a it was a midnighter originally supposed to Premiere at midnight at the State Theater but because there was a more people who wanted to see it she got moved to the Paramount Theater which is just next door that holds a lot more people and also do the delay it started a little later too so I think the movie started playing around 12:45 at night and finished at 2:15 ish after so late night but it was incredible being able to see the finished product with not only like my friends and people who worked on the movie about other people who had no idea what it was about or anything about the movie was really surreal the response was great everyone is laughing and everything appropriately it's it's always interesting to see what people laugh at you know what's going to happen but people laugh at things that you don't expect it's a lot worse like oh no I'm not sad that you just wasn't that funny had you watched that cut of it to that point I hadn't seen that cut of it I also haven't seen as a full movie so I had seen bits and pieces of it Idaho saw cut before guess got cut but there's going to make you an extra little short so just make the guest and we can film some more things with you and we can flush it out and have like a whole other side story like the cast of us were talking about how we are all bummed out that your stuff got cut and we really want them to take all your sins and edit it into like a really emotional short movie to make it black and white as some like French music to it can we say what your character was we talked about it and I just couldn't get into it. Trying to get in the whole time but I have my first scene where I run into them in the parking lot and I give him like the double flip off and drive off yeah I remember we always feeling that and the other day that we still need to figure stuff out and drive off and I did like a double flip off and drove off and I have to run the wheels and you know they don't cut B come over. Kate it was great don't ever do that again at least one hand on the wheel and then we have another screening the next night as well as the South by Southwest party that we had four blood test which was awesome we had like the pig butchers there and clowns and zombies and vampires and everything like that walking around the house first real experience yeah Britney was there came to the party Friday night but I don't know if it's a friend of mine had an emergency where the sewer pipe broke in her house and that was gross... Just read it as a pipe burst nevermind Yasmin helping that person that I always am hesitant till I get feedback on anything because of course when your friends are seeing stuff that you're in there like you are great you memorize all those lines okay like no one's going to do that to your face so it's always hard to know how it really wasn't people really thought so I'll have to wait till more people see it and I read reviews going to seen it yeah but that you're in a unique position in that cash in particular because your pressure blood test was on Lazer team and we talked about that you were on the podcast we talked about this but which D&D idea was 50% of the cast main cast came from the Rooster Teeth podcast Hollywood and Allie Allen Street and Colton so check out a Berry Halle yeah and we maintain that going through to West you do for blood Fest it was we cast for the primary task primarily people from Hollywood and then you were the year the loan person Nick Rutherford who's been in some other stuff was also in the primary cast of a time alone Russia person in the cast yeah I do think that Adam else wrong with the next level of person who had but I think that Barb I think that it's for you there's any people who are Roshes fans you see you as they know you really well yeah I know and they know you as Barb and so it's settled you need to look any deeper at people who aren't familiar with receipts all when they talk to you again like the podcast are always open who who know us so well as us so it's hard to separate us as who they know us as our are real selves versus the character were trying to play and it's white The Balancing Act so we know we talked about this and like I said was Lazer team and of course with with blood pressure and I read a review that had a line that kind of addresses this but I felt like they got the sentiment wrong however for those who don't know who supporting actress Barbara dunkelman is why it's funny that a group of gamers are stuck in a room but you might get lost things that are in the movie but you don't need any background to have understood I think the only reference to me being me is there's a time in the movie very early on where my character get the phone call and yang song from Ruby is playing like that that's true value of to your character that involves anything you didn't like that is the only kind of like ringtone on someone's phone but why barbers in it will wonder why Barbara said no they won't they really won't ever wonder that they'll just see a actress who's in the movie you know cuz they don't have the contact support like inside of a quiet place starring John Krasinski and if you haven't seen the office you won't enjoy a quiet place at all it's just really the layers if you don't that's her so she's at Scott shot killed by the monster very good I'm very excited to see what comes out in theaters now yay the trailer for this movie called hereditary I've never seen the trailer for movie that I did not want to see more than that it it looks so fucked up in dark to point where I feel like I would feel queasy if I saw that movie really cure for wellness had a pretty creepy trailer that was another one like that that's pseudo cannibalistic one and the trailer was so unnerving I was like, skip on this one raving about the movie is like a total retard house like fave but I'm like no other I think had a trailer like that to other turn the off and then I watch the movie was like wow the trailer sells the movie terribly I like the movie A lot of people hate other people trailer Zelda terribly there's going to be a service name of the trailer completely misrepresented the movie Black Panther told me on the movie that I had exactly bar Ranch Barber to do Carreta Terry where I saw the first trailer for quiet place I was like I'm bad solutely I'm bored with this movie and I don't want to see anything else in regards to and I was kind of upset with myself for watching the second I'm sold I got felt like in markets like all the shit you hate like that's when it all pops up enough to go see it the trailer for Thor Ragnarok kids to wait like they show some of the biggest moments in that movie in the trailer to the plot the very first trailer and if it's movie I'm sold on I'll go see it but I don't go see any better what I can do when I go in the movie theaters if I've only seen the trailer or if I are like or are the movie that number to see you will turn over and you will see me with my hands and my ears and I'll just give me pushing my eat my fingers in and out to like actually make there's a difference in sound and that's the trailer now I have headphones at the movies you play any music or play music at like a big old Blockbuster I know that I've already got my decision about and I don't want to see because it's those blockbuster movies giveaway so much in the trailers now show with a killmonger also has the suit on and like they then they start fighting every fucking Marvel movie really cool to see like in the movie like not knowing and then you like activates it so did you see that tweet about that girl who broke her arm while watching black panther an orthodontist has a Tumblr page and he wrote that let's talk about back and Orthodontics has grown man would have done what the fuck am I doing the orthodontist roast epode season that he had he had a 17 year old patient who came in because she snapped the middle of her retainer because she became so excited when Michael B Jordan took his shirt off in Black Panthers screenshot of a tumblr post like oh my God that's my orthodontist on the girl he's talking about so Michael B Jordan you look sweet as like oh hey let me know I'll pay for your security what is the cutest big old boy perfect perfect human specimen in Jesus Christ ridiculous so good about being fucking ridiculous talks on his skin like between here and the guy who played in Baku is just too many sick Boys in French I can't handle it that's a big daddy that's what it is okay what's the actual quote but he said he was laughing your little girl I feel you but now he follows now he follows her on Twitter and buy her new retainer pay for it I love you and stuff like that you know it's just such a crazy story and now she's buying her a retainer and I have no idea. But let us know you see the different there more like retainer that's more like Invisalign tray but he hasn't lost his so we have another pay to replace it so I don't really know what it cost as part of the treatment to get a retainer I wish in my life you ever get braces and they offer to put the permanent retainer in do it did you know what I came up with that shit you said your permanent retainer in Forever you did you finish with your I did and I guess you was a refinement trays so they're they're fixing some mighty still did you feel sometimes people would do stuff and because they've done it they do feel like they have a recommended I just was no it wasn't worth a year of my time I had wearing those fucking trays to not have a be perfect when it was done I had braces for 6 years did you I got him at the beginning of Junior High did not take them out into my mom begged my heart that I Stay come out for my senior photos at the end of the year thank you they are pretty messed up and because of like my development story just always being terrible I even had some baby teeth still in when I went into junior high last they had to remove and then if he still would have come down so they had to attach braces to pull the teeth down low and high school because I didn't go through puberty else had braces all the junior high and high school I think I've ever known anyone to have braces I have braces like 14 months is Patrick here what's it all adult braces and braces you can get like the actual metal braces it'll take 6 or 7 months to do it or you can just do it where no one noticed that you have them and they'll take a year to take 12 months I was like well yeah I'll do the 12 months and said I had braces for 6 months cuz I didn't know if I can cast and some stuff right now looking back. 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Just like it better to John Oak here on Twitter in Ohio it's about $300 for a retainer at Lieber 27 says between 200 $300 so it seems about someone that ran one of the funniest to hear the sound shirt off you know you got about another hour the movie with a broken retainer halfway to the movie and so she had a whole nother half the movie that just out there still number 1 4 weeks in the four weekends at the box office right now Disney has number 1 and number 2 at the box office I was just telling you last night but I read an article while back that last year 2017 Disney owned 26% of the market share of movies of a box office sales of sales tax 2017 and that's before they bought fox in all of those entities allowed to do that if it's crazy Time Warner and AT&T that merger going before Congress now trailer court officially going to court that should be clear to also we are invested in by AT&T you know so is yours disclosure things I should absolutely say that but now I'm just wondering it's like any of the company as far as I know before or since there was yelling at Microsoft for having the Monopoly on the market or some like that did anything ever happen for what like there's a while when Microsoft was being closed I'm having a monopoly happened what happened there was a core technology that was changed so what what I was doing at the time I don't know if you remember this was Explorer for YouTube Roscoe passing your desktop with Internet Explorer so that was not only a web browser but was how you browse your local files K so then we ended up breaking it to two separate things worse Internet Explorer and Explorer for your file and also I think Internet Explorer was not act on the desktop by default or something which is funny cuz I use Chrome primarily for my browser and I just type what I want to Google search in the address bar so just go in a greater than the one thing I love the thing that the only thing anybody ever uses Internet Explorer for is to find the install button for Chrome only thing that's ever typing this for free music download come whenever we talk about this people saying stop fucking using Chrome browsers go back and forth actually memory blown everything else is I looked up just out of curiosity I was having some weird issues my computer like with my browser and I was like he's there cuz I was having like a weird issue with streaming something I think is there a better browser to stream how to use even Netflix and I looked up and I found an article that said the best browser to stream Netflix through was an Explorer yeah you can get higher resolution and better Microsoft Edge compared to all this like I used to faaria my phone but I hate it on a desktop like within the last 6 months or so and I just never change the default I never download another web browser because she's lazy sub season Safari on it and then to Netflix if you're streaming content in your browser Google Chrome support of a 720p Internet Explorer 1080 Mark sokolich 1080p 60 let me find something more you got you have enough stop it Netflix help page Google Chrome is 720p on Windows Mac and Linux 1080p on Chrome OS support 1080p Mark stop edges of the 4K Firefox up 720p 720p to 1080p yeah servers just started booting up because someone said on the internet Android phone I have a pixel and that whenever you're on your iPhone even if you use Chrome on your iPhone if you have like Siri look up anything or is like that she pulls up Safari yeah so I love that it's if the Chrome is going to get a grant to the entire everything like even when I I ask it to look up something like using OK Google phone browser he dislike this house we talked about I love ya I swapped my phone was was just breaking my old iPhone right before I was about to go to trip to London and so I made the switch 11 using the pixel 2 since December I love it I'm constantly amazed I'm constantly made I was even started talking to you can you borrow to pick it up that's why I have a burger or just please do me a favor and started and then the booger when I get in the car whenever I'm doing a lot of ridesharing this weekend so a lot of people who drive professionally tend to have newer cars I'm constantly amazed that cars that are still coming out 2018 have their own proprietary GPS system L God is good as Google Maps just fucking use Google Maps you think thing but holy God especially in recent years people like laws trying to get people to stop using their phone in their car so maybe they feel like if you put in the shed but yes that is fine yeah but that's why I see most of Kleenex if you want it it's not doing coke yesterday after meeting with us and econ and I got into the to the ride and the guy starts driving and give you a ride before alright who's the guy who like gave me a ride to the Gus's birthday party for lively brace see so many people remember me specifically looking human broke up Standard Oil in 1911 leather case for him I don't know if he notices and are Uber today when you're taking the car downtown the driver was texting know I can see that yeah there was like he stopped at one point but I was going to leave our be like hey not to be rude or anything but you're doing it for like quite a bit I know that you should have a driver that I had from the airport one time I come over for breeding process we just had Uber home and when I got messed with my driver they text me immediately said they were on my way to be there soon and I don't normally get a text from the drivers I thought that was odd but he showed up and he got out and that's when when when when he introduced himself I found out he was deaf I was like okay that's interesting and got in the car that was fine until he pulled out a giant iPad that he started typing into to talk to me about like they were going to get ready to go will be there in 15 minutes is like thanks and then tell your friends you need by the way that bright star driving and about and driving out of the airport he pulls this giant iPad up again in front of himself and starts typing in nobody's driving to tell me another message I was like I think that was when you going to give me an ETA of us and he likes it he gave it to me and I was like okay please stop doing that no more please can you send me to stand in the way that was like making me nervous about driving told me when she was with me that anytime she finally like told me thanks 31 points like John I love you very much but if you don't keep both hands on the steering will you give me anxiety attacks every single time we're driving and I drive with one hand that kind of thing or like even like one hand you ever like supposed to like a leg for just a second to like adjust something and then go back yeah I've done that and that would and apparently that like worried her to know and she doesn't drive very much and so I so whenever I'm with her I said both hands I was going to tell me the German let's hang up for you want me to help you out there right when I'm okay and I keep doing stop using your phone while you're driving me please please yeah yeah it's like it's one thing if you're doing it by yourself but you shouldn't be doing anyways but like my life is now in danger because you can't do Thursday have television ads like discourage people from doing that and like the driver put down their phone like in the center console anytime the passenger seat of the driver dying and going to reach for it the pastor puts their hand out over the phone so the driver like to hold their hand in a person take in the problem I mean it's you know it's iPhone is way more distracting than anything else I've ever been my car before TVs installed in a car that's fucking lunacy might be the guy who was the guy who wrecked his Tesla autonomous mode and died whichever one was using as soon as all these things are dangerous sea I think we would be watching like something on a tablet Washington yeah and that's your phone can give you up for doing this at this time what's the temperature to begin with but this store we live in now the I read this great story that for some reason I don't remember this from internet lure and it was a guy in 2002 who is trying to check his Hotmail and he couldn't check his Hotmail account because he got errors for the domain Hotmail was maybe what maybe one of those passport there's subsidiary wants and he couldn't get it and then he looked it up and Microsoft had let the domain laps and hadn't paid the bill on it and so normally the way you think it's ruined it and was he bought the domain but no he just busted out his credit card and paid Microsoft bill for them so that he can check his email and then you posted about it that he paid Microsoft bill so they can the domain would be reactivated give me that's like one of the funniest stories ever biggest Good Samaritan go that it's like pays like 18 bucks for the next year or whatever like rewarded him something but remember what it was I remember that they did something yeah Windows phone can you take a photo like your I took a photo with Emily bust out windows phone to take a photo and I got a Windows phone I've never seen anyone using that makes sense naturally remove over she's got a toe in the water that's why I remember I thought that you just like to know be fair about it I do want to hear you all the time. I miss you more than you message me if you know that he started the last three then there's no way the last text I sent you was me texting you about ready player one and you didn't reply that was Sunday hey John I'd love to hear about ready player one okay yeah did you guys did you guys do the know podcast about it no we did not watching it went to the date of the premiere of South by movie on the south by schedule that did not get released of what it was until Saturday and they announced he was ready for the surprise and yeah I like all time heroes in the eye he was like maybe 20 feet for me and you was talking about his movie and it was ours to get in which atom is significant amount and you only complain about the line maybe 6 times in line listen I had this guy I was telling Ashley that you understand that I was asking needed huge sacrifice our behalf oh my God I was made to put away the best things actually made the experience as a special going to wait cuz there's a point at the end of the movie in the big climactic ending that anymore movie like this would have that a big moment happens and when that moment happen the audio cut out but it was a moment in a movie that sometimes the other they couldn't audio to make a dramatic and how to say in the edit as well that lasted for about 2 seconds bro was like in all this quiet moment but then the camera shifted to some that look like there should be audio and then it switches to a shot of Louie a boombox that were supposed to be playing music and we're all like oh and so I finally went to like one more cut to another's camera and then it paused is it clearly had a technical problem that came out December trying to figure this out there with us like a minute goes by they rewind play the exact same thing again moment happens audio cuts out again and raw like oh my God that sounds very clearly it sounds like some of us like we're thinking like is it like a prom like the export or something like that because it happened exact same spot so then like a couple more minutes went by the rewind it again at this point with his third time was watching to seeing everyone in the audience is already pumpkin the movie The pretty good pump-up movie amazing Boyardee it definitely will and so that so that you know we're watching like the 22nd we've seen three times now happen and then the moment occurs and we hear sound and the audience is Lily is the start of a big battle at the end and there's like no screaming over the phone the screen so it was like a fun experience it happens and that this moment comes the sound cue happens and cuts out the audio then go silent we saw I like the next three or four shots and was like you know it's the second time through because there's is battling the John so I can back. I just want to like it was I thought you were at many screenings we were showing some of the first bucking time and is a technical problem the first movie I ever made we had our first ever screening of it it took them 40 minutes to figure out how to play the thing and they were like they did and it was sounding too and they said it was like we were 20 years ago estate for this one screening family and stuff like that but now you're going to get this going to fix this piece of shit or something I did not have to sit behind a pillar but I think they cut it early during the credits which is unfortunate because a lot of people at the premiere screening for people who worked on the movie who I like the sex like that worked in LA and Hollywood he was on visual effects movies and he was like Jon does some makeup on and then I saw the news hey the premiere for the movies tonight to be there sounds like a call back as a cool you going to ignore the movie premiere tonight that's about as to what you were in the movie like one of the lead visual effects people in the movies like that's not the way that works because then we had a cast and crew screening and it's like it makes sense now that I know how many people work on a movie that that's the case but it sucks and it's like that there's a premier and not everybody gets to go to it worked on the fucking thing that's out that's crazy but if it's a limited seating thing but if everybody worked on the movie was there for like really ready player one we wouldn't know what else could be selected for a blood test I would have shown up and I know you had come in sorry and I know you're watching it like if you were watching a movie and like didn't see her scenes and that's how you got it you got cut would you have been more pissed or less best yeah but it was like I was surprised how much a movie even we made it like a two days I was on set was a shot with some actress looks like there's is twins that were I was next to and I have this thing where they were sitting on the couch and they were going out of his band and they're fucking hilarious like major character in the movie cuz I didn't have a whole script I just had the days we were there as well as much schools police officer did probably a 20th of it made it into the movie is crazy getting back into the director of the Jedi documentary today this morning it was the last Jedi everything was a thing by the way they racing the doc that movie shot for 120 + days and had like a hundred and twenty eight hundred forty sets that they made for it like to skate like that's a big project Mary showing the scale of that movie and it's pretty awesome to watch I think even if you weren't a fan of The Last Jedi between a lot of people off and The Last Jedi you still enjoy the dock and have been the way they talk about the process yet still in process. And then also like to give a lot of moments for you to you know hear from people like Carrie Fisher and and Adam Driver and all these main actor in everybody that work on the project Mark Hamill's a big part of it Mart Ryan Johnson and Mark Hamill over there this morning at the the doc from here is the most disliked Star Wars movies best trance episode 1 what's my goat your gut reaction that question a long yeah I think either one or two people yet these damn things that people have a strong reaction to one and buy them you mentioned 2 attack of the Clones to be able to just like to reboot a lot of Jar Jar yeah it's like jar jar is just so fucking grading on you and then I think they realize how about to get fucked up and they couldn't get rid of him so that I can try to mitigate that he still left with iMovie don't like but it's not like aggressively in your face my buddy Mikey Newman who runs the YouTube channel film Joy he's been in a lot curriculum-based kind of videos for his beer as they say Dylan recently where he went through to Tupac video we went through and did Research into how every single Star Wars movie was received when it came out and so did Research into the reviews that were released when it came out and how the audience reacted it went all the way back to New Hope and all that and went through every single movie all the way to the Last Jedi was really like contextualise in the moment how people react to the news cuz we all have our opinions now on the far end of Last Jedi and so is interesting to see like you know when Return of the Jedi came out with people in actual editorials say. So my reaction is like all I'm a look it up and see what it is but then your your scores are going to be off by people who were famous in the early 2000s did exist me started like 8 years after that they have female like play less than somebody who's right and it's like if Twitter it exist then they don't have millions of followers even probably should have steaks people tend to drop off that stuff at the follower count for people who are like on The Bachelor very high Twitter and Instagram is like that's like oh yeah that's questions that made me realize oh that's right because is not an Instagram good for you buddy in New Zealand pictures Scrappy the Dog if all of the dog that keeps the dog away from it I will help you I mean newest follower that's one nice thing about it I need to take more about trying to post more Snapchats just such fucking garbage now I need to get back onto Instagram to replace it exactly state-of-the-art an Instagram you don't see people Instagram stories there's a surprising number of people that work at this company that have based our lives around watching The Bachelor I'm not going to be under the bus like selfie but there's a number of people here because you were tweeting about it I watch some of the clips and then some of that stuff was fun it was one of the best episodes in a long time I don't watch this is us so I got was it really worth it for a little Sterling K brown but he was fucking great in the worst there were several squats work I had to pause it because I was laughing at something I was the last time I watch something on network television and was like laughing out loud I didn't have a lot of positive fucking amazing I want I want I want to hear some compression recording like a mini cast about ready player one right after this they were doing any cash right now recording it and then I'm going to put it up here or something funny that happened about ready player one was that once I got out of the movie generally enjoy the movie is every movie that's that's that's geared towards a certain audience and I'm part of that audience and it's genuinely you know got good things about it and I have critiques that I had problems with certain plant problems that have a new some character choices that I thought were invalid in their choices in the book the movie adaptation to the book is just night and day they did they did they had to adapt it heavily for the movie they got rid of a bunch of stuff and changed it a lot they did like yeah like actual characters in the movie and their choices they made me the end that I was like I would change that but that's just my critiques I did write something on Twitter about how I could Remini recognize that this give me a movie that they're going to be a lot of people who complain about other people enjoying this movie and it's going to be a specific reason why they complain about people and then literally like Europe like that by the way show predictive the person on Twitter who said it's me I'm not even talking about that I read a review by someone at io9 food there in Tire review of Ready Player one was them just complaining about the audience at South by Southwest reaction to watching Ready Player one at no point did they critique any plot choices or writing or production elements or anything like that they just complain about people enjoying it at the premiere saying they were critical of that they were mad about it and I was like C's what 2500 people it's a lot and balconies knowledge up to really cool vibrator for the Barenaked Ladies show was worth a try it sucks almost ready how to ask you what did you think I made the movie for me yeah I enjoyed it there is something about watching a movie with an audience that is enjoying it and they're enjoying it like out loud I can come cheering when things happen cuz it just brings the whole mood up but watching it I was surprised by some changes from The Source material I like with something would happen to go all that different but I was also like what I get why because this would have been really boring you know like that like this with the material would have been pretty boring on some and not take advantage of the like the over-the-top crazy things that they could do with this this virtual world and so it makes sense that they would change those things then so I thinking that's right the movie about like this is going to be polarizing there any book. Who hate the fact it was changed in anyway even though or his claim worked on the screenplay By Ernie Cline and his changed a little bit to be adopted first overall in the book there's three major Quest that they have to get through for this game 2 of the 3 Quest they changed completely in completely they changed everything a little bit but they change two of them when there's no other things that are not in the books that we already knew based on the trailer where the movie there's not a giant racing scene obviously we're doing everything we can to avoid any kind of spoilers for the movie what's up yeah I like all the references and everything and he even some people on the internet are going to be especially critical about it and it's one of those things where it's like this is the culture that we've created for some slick mean culture of like hey you know this this is interesting you know and people go all in on that in some parts of our culture but then when they see a movie like this to like they will somehow hate it like I don't feel like pandering I'm sure to some people you know I see what the song is I love that I wish everybody could see that movie the opening night of a convention like opening I, Tonya like that's like the perfect we will have the major Fanboys going to see it first. Especially if you can go see opening night you probably get that experience best and I would I would advise that probably going to be at your ideal. The movie I was very mixed with a book there was some things I really did like in the book song I'm really curious to see how it plays out saying if hearing that they've changed some stuff in that translation some here I would have if I don't like has been changed my my I would say they fix some things and then kind of broke a couple things in fixing others the whole price of admission is worth it for a section that comes Midway to the movie apps that if you get it good Lord is it fucking brilliant I mean it is just really just a ton of fun and hopefully by that point the movie you're like completely on board and then you also understand what doing in that same even like the there's a point in the is in the trailer there was a race in the movie and there's a point in the race where I realized they cut out music and it was all just fully and sound work and I loved it it was so Vistaril and like very like the though it made the race very kinetic and and and I every sound hit you about what's happening so that was that was just a very fun secret environment would be like me it would be receipt vrchat everyone has these licensed Avatar just this is what people do so sexy in very realistic I can grab it on TV room like I just it's really surreal like what they're doing like something by where they have like western town in Clear Lake revamped the entire bar so they have like the stacks from the movie and one area and the Oasis in another area yeah yeah nothing movie and a few of us had went there to the to the place and while you're there we heard rumors that the main character of the movie I forget his name the actor something we were like hanging out all of a sudden we hear people cheering DJing at this party but he's DJing in VR so it like we see the screens on what he's looking at but it's like from a nice person perspective so boring cuz all you see is just like someone caviar is hard to sell from I like a audience standpoint like watching him and like it was just him with his giant yard goggle thing on the whole time I think one of the biggest challenges for the movie is showing the real world and where the Oasis this VR so important to everybody all over the world but showing them using it still comes across as dorky and dad like oh my God it looks realistic in a way you know it's going to set in 2045 and 2040 yeah clubs and having suits in Subway carved chairs I think it may be in the walk really mean this were headed this way I mean there's going to be something like the Oasis probably In Our Lifetime we are Jazz the first step funny wow is being like the first ever big MMOs you know but excuse me EverQuest would like a word online would like a word boys when you play EverQuest EverQuest excuse me then I would like a word so fucking stare at a block of text when I was my video that was my game so any comment that we can watch the movie of a know we're going to do with mini cash4life Ready Player one movie later but it feels weird to do a spoiler cast before it's out for anyone to watch watch it then just spoiler for people, people do that I'd understand if you guys could try to avoid a couple like somebody's maze I can point out a few of the Major Spoilers that were big surprises everything's I like really in the book and like if you guys could avoid that and I have like like I had a face and people not eat but there's been reviews that completely already spoiled major parts of the movie of course this what we talked about spoilers I remember one time there's words that sometimes they have a negative connotation but then they grow to be beyond what other thing other people to know what the word means anymore remember one time I was with a game developer and they were talking about someone was was going to be putting out a spoiler cast for the story of their game before the DLC came out really spoil it for people that are doing I got no it's a warning that they're going to be talking in depth about the plot of your game not that they're trying to tell people like ruin it for people morning people don't watch this in case you want to ruin it with the phrase that's being perverted I think the most out is the phrase pay-to-win pay-to-win is what people say about something they just don't like it that's like if somebody has transactions and they say they all seem I don't know about that wouldn't go that far I hear it all the time yeah like how its pay to win if you win by getting a checkered jacket I've never gotten that skirt and both times I put on I was killed immediately bummer I want to get it for my but I have a cowboy hat that I love but as soon as I have to relax somewhere in between the two watch the movie cast for Ready Player one thank you pick it up film did you see that Guillermo del Toro's watching Bad scholarship for a to promote film students in Mexico and Hollywood Reporter tweeted about it and of course you mean I was like I want to see what the replies to this our son was like can you imagine if instead of saying scholarship for Mexicans to sit scholarship for white Americans Jimmy citizens of the country Mexico right it's like God it's just so fucking toxic and awful like even though I've never interact with what about men's international day the moment so I just recently learned about the story and I guess it took awhile for it to come out anyway and I don't know if it's true or not but it came up when you know the total won the picture for shape of water I never fucking heard the apparently when give her the store was working at mimic way back in the day was it we were so you know in that mimic yeah I know it's one of his first movies that allow it admit it and apparently during that process his father was kidnapped in Mexico what and the the the the kidnappers demanded up something like a million or two million or two million dollar Ransom and it was completely derailing the movie and everything like that and because this is fucking incredible because they were good friends and they got to know each other however the state that their savior eventually ride in the form of one of the greatest directors the action genre has ever produced James Cameron Cameron Del Toro and James Cameron were old friends having met during the pre-production of del Toro's 1993 call Kronos the parish struck up a lasting friendship thanks for the mutual passion for Albany Cinema in what years did Arctic excetera eventually James Cameron learned of del Toro's father kidnapping and without hesitation he immediately thought of his old friend and took him directly to a bank where he handed over 1 billion dollars in cash to him it was a long time ago when a friend dude how much do you think I would be how much for just the hair that's what I said actually get that bad as soon as valuable as the hospital I really don't want to talk about stuff like this on the air just like you're right yeah no I decided I hope nothing bad ever happens to you John God that's crazy but this is an incredible story to me and apparently they think they went and paid the person I can tell they pay the ransom or they can a person that's it like never knows if you ever got his money back or if you just like here's here's a million like in some most ways best case scenario like that kind of situation paid the money that the person back they're fine right story from cinemablend.com it's article from 3 years ago that's amazing that's a true story what now it's like it's it's really interesting seeing Steven Spielberg on stage last night and then you see the speech that gave her the total made at the Oscars what's billboard just rolls out you've got sneakers on him at least seemed nervous you'll get to that level 2 director and I'm sure he's like demanding check yeah but I mean his de personas like have a good time like he was nervous he had no work this week for 3 years I don't want to mess this up in the next 30 minutes so when you going to read from these cards he walked out on stage and Angie Justin and people started plotting and then when he came out people went even more know and when he heard them go nuts even like was getting a little like a little like like Kik likelike he was like like like how much attention is being given him in that audience the South by Southwest Film Festival she was saying she introduced him and then he did this whole thing and ready to go so hope you hope you really enjoy the movie and then he's like so there for like a second and then he goes what do I do I do not do I do do I do need to talk now to her just like it is human moment is a year on the same stage you were on the same stages of John Krasinski was the right before you guys and I think that's where was Pam where was where was Pat how big is her head they run to the office and when I would love to see somebody at the Ready Player one comes out catalog every single fucking reference and I made too much yeah I think there was like a video of someone put up on YouTube like just identifying all the references just in the trailer and it's like what kind of word for the steam times but it's ready player one video what day will not see me the millions team has video it's a name online right now this is where we are now you know it's like I don't know it's there is like geek culture was like geek cultural appropriation what people do online this is what you say this is also where I I I complain about people complaining about that about the film because it's based on a book that already tells you know what you get this is what the book is about yet this is what you're getting into and then it's like well we made a movie based on this book try a bunch of Pop Culture sign up for like don't get mad at people for enjoying if you got critiques about the movie cool bring those up like that that Twitter thing like there's like a culture of people who get who tell you you're directly to your face that you're wrong for liking something I should not speaking of which The Last Jedi just come out on digital tomorrow and I'm Blu-ray in 2 weeks and then that that documentaries on it dark backspace free digital copy isn't there a film I saw a commercial the other day for film that's big DD build like still in theaters or we can watch it at home I have is a lot of places in on Netflix in Europe now is there international my old Monte about Jumanji Jumanji The Rock open still in theaters but it's been out for a while I went saw the movie I want to see it I thought you might like the lot I just don't think yeah but it's hard dude if you go Blade Runner what is a good you like the first Blade Runner if you don't answer him enthusiastically yes it's very much that kind of movie is slow and methodical and you have in my opinion you have to love that world and no it in Oracle really you have mixed feelings about the original and Love the remix interested you might be the first person I've heard say that then I think the first one is overrated I love that first audible whistle across the room 30 minutes of 2001 A Space Odyssey if you did then yes it's easy when you make a movie about aliens or something that dailies are like people and talk to us but if you don't know how to interact with whatever this energy being or whatever they are you know I do want to remind everyone that Thrifty podcast is now on Spotify I think we're actually features there I'll be wearing page today but were there Spotify check it out shout out to ask for making that happen