#484 - It’s a Steak-Off!

Burnie goes for win number 2 in this year's Steak-off, but Gus thinks his secret plan will woo the judges.

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2018-484

Recorded: 2018-03-20 19:00:00

Runtime: 01:35:23 (5723.93 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman






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He's got that against you and appetizer and she's inside now so I just want to do something peppercorn based so I did that's my favorite brown mustard pepper pepper Stephen of time for all the states I did put a little bit of mustard as well as got like a little bit of Tabasco who just had like a little bit of spiciness was easy compared to the same kind of even though it had to expand to a different table even though this year is entirely based on the taste of the steaks I will say that Bernie wins the award for best dressed feel free to give other words it would be great if you had blood kiss the cook we're not buddies mad about it that's all I know I said that I don't know he was really excited about having a ball pit if you don't like your steak in the ball pit as a compensation is there look super gross when you're done cooking them but not before you see him when your base when you're done cooking them they actually like you six are fully cooked right now but they look right trying to step on my John Thomas this is going to end we're both in person so for Barbara I have a prime cut filet mignon because she requested that it's French I feel like steak is just one extra Allen it so we're going to start can I still there and I'm serious baby presentation screen brightness in the kitchen he does these are the sharpest knives you will ever see is on a column but I guess gave me this knife one year and so I took it over to the stage 2 machine shop and then they razor sharpened it for me today so that's how I'll be using the truck shaving with it sickest you feel you are a slight disadvantage having to leave your steaks unattended while you did the address it was I was a little worried about it but I think hopefully the truth because I won last year and I think everyone still feel sorry for Gus so I feel like I had a really step my game up to defend the title you say that but I don't remember who won I didn't either different class I think we have three judges Barber you preferred my sake Gavin you prefer Gus's food poisoning steak scoring system Barbara rated might hire you both rated them I'm going to get mad Farmer Boys tattooed yet either I'm just going to get into something I did not do I thought that getting wagyu beef would be cheating so I did not get the wag you when he did get the wagon your buddies but you know he's always going to take the cheeky pot it's amazing what we do is we sous-vide good 220 830 degrees medium rare and then sear it for 2 minutes a side that's it easy is it to stick up it's also a lesson for anyone home with the listing for anyone why just throwing that out there a microphone I'll Grill some really British I did not ask Bill what I'm assuming steak rare to medium-rare I believe you said was very juicy 2 years ago yes it was marinated. His was like sloppy mess but I don't want Sloppy juice hypodermic inappropriate I only had breakfast. Very light lunch in preparation so you're going to spoil your appetite for the steak Devon plus camera oh my God I don't know if you got even help get smell of that take is right next to open flame like that yeah it was we had a used butter for the certain part and I was a bad idea that you know where to put the intern between I'm excited I'm so excited I'm so so hungry right now I don't know I'm going it's all fun and I had a moment Rose like if I get food poisoning right before the steak off that would be super ironic favorite day of the year those are big stick specialize in very thick steak juicy steak Victory don't burn the outside with the written inside rare give a meat thermometer with you or do not prepare this year take all precautions steak and the lost its take off easily oh man so based on that information these states should both be bad once it's not going to cut it as well that's a little tricky because then it makes your meat seem like it's even tender tender or listen what the different Cuts barber we're done over here are we going to have it all might be interesting to see what the audience think based on just the looks of them which ones they prefer maybe that'll be good oh my God Doug Anderson just to recap this is the brown mustard Tabasco rub with crushed black peppercorns I mean once ready to eat I will resent my surprise secret weapon I'm just waiting for being partiality to rear its ugly head great is that this event doesn't happen very often but it's very competitive just as competitive as last time it is highly highly highly 32 slicer steak for them what's the normal age for the ribeye the weather knife is Glide right through it I'm at the diner to cut it like I'm trying to preserve the the juice how long do you recommend for letting us take the grill is ready to play them to leave them over here while we finish up over here to choose to settle a bit of play everything comes back up in your tree prepared I have some Rosemary potatoes potatoes it's a silence on the Note 8 I decide to pair this with potatoes because we're so close to Saint Patrick's Day and I thought that would be a good thing to do gospel smartskin I think it was thinking along the same lines and then right after this I read a tweet from Gavin this morning that he wanted a full English breakfast in one of those somewhere awesome we could get that so that inspired me to include mushrooms as well because that's part of the full English breakfast I figured Gavin's pallet you was ready for some mushrooms from lovely true value of a I actually did go up to bunny earlier would be best for him and I said that I was accepting bribes do you want to meet us to vote for Him in Advance just for some old clothes that cash but he wasn't having it turned me on the mushrooms the sun is making my eyes to hear and it's smudging my makeup it's cuz I'm actually crying cuz I'm so excited it's the meat over my eyes are crying for me to put it on top of the steak served us if you are I'm ready one so should I put this one down there who are in the playoffs this year telephone the final step by secret weapon is I have a beer pairing as well Blue Owl sour pale ale should pair well on the bed just yet and Patrick would recommend starting here okay I don't think I'll give you all of this so it doesn't affect collateral shrapnel try this mushroom to try potato potatoes are awesome potatoes are cooked all the way through if this is a competition for mushrooms and potatoes amazing oh my gosh it's like butter what's going on Perry Juicy very tender why do you prefer the filet mignon for like a ribeye Barbara I've always thought they were easier to like it seems like there's more meat to it you don't to cut around a whole bunch of stuff so it's important I just have to stay in last time so just listen guess which area does a really good I'm going to have to save that until after I have to meet this one I would go from here definitive choice. Is a shower pale elf very very fluffy and tender not a sloppy juicy this year you like the pepper I didn't want it to be overwhelming that's why I figured the beer would go well with it just a little bit so I can go overboard with it but it's in the back of my throat hurts a little bit so that it look up the black peppercorns can I hear do it afterwards so after I put the the mustard on it I just threw a bowl of Chris Baca freshly crushed black pepper a comedian he will not let the waiter stop are you guys done with your judging that's I think so I'm going to have to go back to this one I love Grissom Ribeyes good for that are you going to Puerto Rico how's the weather thank you and what else are you eating my sides Augusta steak that's a bold move which one do you want several different which one my invite is pretty similar to this is my last year did I just refined by Sabrina's funny that got this house I've never had a beer like this Hit and Run so are we going to we'll just going to say all votes are we going to do on Twitter okay KO cuz excellent job how to make so again I'm already making excuses I don't like cooking on the grill I don't know next time we do something to remember it's like there is uneven spots like I tried to go for a medium-rare cook and Gavin was definitely under and by the time I got to the middle and his he was a little more rare than I would have liked what was better she better than my color looks good but it was just a little more of a cook on it he's walking to a table that's off camera there's Pizza Arena Pizza everyone know there is a lot of meat you cook free steak off Jake's before night had come out last year right because it wasn't development for 7 years so none of it like you would have lost people to talk about it for a bit then I would have disappeared I think that's really has come from this pivot to the Battlegrounds game format what was the flight today we were nothing wrong with a little early when you're prepping our steaks right now so I think I know why I'm so sensitive about the pubg thing then Ford I think is because when we start making red versus blue it wasn't an overnight success but it basically was like falling off a cliff the first episode of three thousand views and then a million views on a week by the end of the month and then we were informed that we were part of this genre called Machinima and then there was a thousand other one yeah cuz they use the Halo Halo all this brain confusion and then of course than the big admission the most started as a company that made it even worse so I guess that's where that sent it to me come through after me pubg loyal it's like I haven't even tried fortnite Battle Royale that there are other games like the culling there were some other Battle Royale James P LED tried it but telling other thing until there was something popular to the genre eyes and turn and everything else it was not a jonra until pubg came out I am now it's like to be Battle Royale jonra best value stock to Gavin by we should play a game where we would play on block out the Halo 2 yeah and we would start with random weapons and you only had one life so if anybody kill somebody if you have the Needler you can pick up the rocket one we always like that kind of the game for the PS4 come minute it's an RPG for your life span is 60 seconds so you going for the word for 60 seconds then you die then with the knowledge you learned in that 60 seconds you respond and play another 50 seconds replaying this life over and over at 60 seconds at a time trying to build up enough knowledge to explore the world complete the game play for very long it was a 60-second game but the way it works is if I kinda like that Fallout 1950s futuristic style and you there's a nuclear alert that a missiles about to hit do you have 60 seconds to run to your house and get to the bomb shelter at least 60 seconds to live and I really liked it but you you just play the game that I recommended and that I really enjoyed the game played was a mobile game called life line Choose Your Own Adventure Time base cuz you can't just plow through it which LC Version factor of it as a person who works it's in the future where their space travels very calm and humans but they haven't discovered aliens and things like that and you play as a person who works in Lake Michigan Troll and then an astronaut who is marooned on a planet start getting in contact with you and is asking you for help his name is Taylor and then you will help Taylor UBC make Taylor's choices for him a lot of them but they're pretty much in real time so he said hey there's a crater and I'm going to start walking towards it and you say I think that's a great idea I'd go for it because okay I'mma start walking I'll message you in a while and then he goes away for like 5 hours and then you get a message on your phone but your phone just busted can you get really excited what's going to happen that and I thought it was a it was a long debate I feel like honestly both steaks will better than both steaks last time are better than most days I have it like fancy restaurants great cuz you can make it just the way you like it and steak restaurant will never quite that you implying that we need to learn from you should be cooking a steak or cooking a good steak is finding a good source of meat for finding like a good but usually a cow cut of meat that you want to cook like so I don't know if that affects my ability to really cook a good. And yes I have a cast iron pan just use the fireplace I don't have that either cast iron pan 20 bucks can I use it to get to really high key so if you use a sous-vide thing but see we took her he never like 70 bucks don't have like 99 bucks okay and you're pretty much done that 9 bucks and then they think I'm going to stake serve 20 bucks each number using a Myers just a little bit garlic powder salt lot of salt and then do you salt meat before you put anything else on to extract liquid or like I'm never going to see if he like how does garlic powder gun first used a little bit of salt on drugs that start that deterioration of the muscle fibers but I I mean I got those steak's ready today at like 1 I saw you in the kitchen yet during like right after lunch time already starting again if there was a creature that ate humans and disgusting what kind of rub did you use on it break down the muscle fibers no big cuts like a disco basic high we have decided but I think I'm allowed to say that we all voted for the same state the winner of the 2018 Rooster Teeth take off thank you so much gratulations right before it was good to have the trophy back for another 1 to 5 years ago epic Bittersweet right like you say that the stakes are better than last year but then I got no bullets like mother fucker was phenomenal the rub on your list and I do this you don't know her like that how to get the heat death ride or where the hot spots are in addition I track my you I can never find you that this is not actually this is a friendly competition cuz it doesn't really matter so much who wins important to recognize Circle winners there's jump 1 winner replace your emmy-nominated with two times take off window so the reason we had to take off today as we're going to try to make it an annual thing where we normally have it around the first day of spring so freaky spring typically March 21st go to have at least one food-based special Piccata pancakes the steak was ice cream melts rollfast cream is it really helped Edition guts or is it just us making steaks for free manage to weasel her way and can you stay on 15 year old female Shane that took place this weekend we're gustason hey we really great idea for me and Bernie said I'm so happy that you responded that way The Barbers was I'm 30 years old and have never made us take a woman I've never cooked a steak in my life so unless you want to die I suggest you and Bernie still make the steaks Gus I think that's a really shity super-city I did say can I drop Fat Cats will take care of it that we were going to sit there and have you guys watch as make mistakes and then right as we were disturbing to you Joel and Matt and Jeff I just feed them instead but none of them can be. Well I can say it was a competition very well done well I did what I was getting ready today by the way hats off to the broadcast we have three different things today and half-wits which always takes for fucking ever then they shot an episode of always open just call me with a really sweet Jim shot nice I guess it to Jake to bring back to you guys this is crazy early like 8 a.m. or something that he doesn't count he left like a teacher's pet with you at like noon getting some of the stuff ready to go but getting The Little Oven out of my bus and everything and then Jeff walked up and he actually said that this is not a legitimate competition because he is not invited so he's officially invited to well as long as you and Gavin are you going to take that we should do a blind steak preparation next year for the judges don't know which steak interesting we will be this tall feel like driving out there then someone from broadcast bring the steaks in very interesting that the two times that we tried something novel did the mustard this time and last time we did the Korean might have been very just straight-up traditional sticks so I've been eating my steak sorry traditionally normally it's just like salt and pepper and that's it but I feel like one of your when I'm doing something here on camera like I want to do something a little different do something a little more faded because it still gives little ride and I can just like lean on this like traditional method with potatoes because now I'm sweeping my bus eating potatoes. Tiger part about that kind of thing is the timing of it all coming out of the same time cooking any Neil it's timing everything to be hot but you're working to Petland your things I'm working intently on mine and it would cost to check in with each other like how long do you think you got how long it takes the company how you feeling deaf right now I feel Great Britain dust to give her food poisoning she told me though you know Sushi no I said I thought I had gotten there wasn't that I was last night no service to some other time you got food poisoning in your life I'm going to say it came from chicken chicken wings I had at Little Woodrow's I think you Michael and Lindsay went home woke up at like 2 in the morning and I wrecked my bathroom for the next 12 hours I'm lucky in that I've always had incidents in both rooms that have a bath right next to the toilet when you coming out both ends the same time when your body doesn't like somebody needs to get it out fluids get everything out bro because you contracted your stomach and it comes up right but what causes of gross Ness feeling before that or after your brain by prepping your mouth feels respect that's how you know you know right I have to start whenever I have to throw up I would feel pressure like right up here meat markets are like right now you're trying to protect your teeth from stomach acid school and I used to get these like black spots in my eyes like my vision holy cow and that's what I knew that I was going to get a migraine so get home and new like within an hour I was going to have a terrible migraine and the only way that it would go away as if I threw up there get so bad that I have to vomit but I know every time after that I'd feel better glad you grew that me to growing and growing pains mean we were talking about you know about food preparation how do I talk to any of you about that show on Netflix nailed it it's a baking Co competition competitors who aren't very good at baking and they presented with a really complex past that they have to create and it's just for half an hour make this incredibly a cake of like Jaws eating a surfer since it like kind of lame and make Right light in the master peace with all the stuff in the right direction and a cat that's going to be me and Gavin next year at the stake out the other day where one of the baker's put her baking pan in the oven to start making her cake but you forgot to put flour in their own oh so easily explained if you leave a flower vase to make an omelet no no no no flour eggs and milk is a really funny series of pictures of you have like the complete Master P's and then make it again like 10 times but each one has a different missing this is what it looks like a paste I do a lot of the cooking I think it's kind of a ruse because I think everyone is like I will continue to cook but then nobody else Cooks a deal though somebody else to do the cleanup you do everything is Ashley ever cook call me at Ashley and they don't fucking time about it or houses just get one fucking glass that's it don't get a new glass every time you go I use just a long walk up like Tony has like 19 glasses nightstand stacked sometimes cuz I'll bring a coffee and then that you know she wants to move a gloss and I'm going to have like yeah we use my water cup for night-light cuz I just have like a water cup that I use on my bedside tables just want if you leave wore out all night and it just gets old sometimes it does everyone have a glass of water by their bedside am I the weirdo for not having one thing you should do it I start drinking water before I go to bed as soon as I wake up and it makes a big difference yeah I feel my balls if I wake up in the night is a AC and I'll just have a sip and then in the morning I'll just chug it when I wake up okay I don't know if it's true or not official some like meth but apparently drinking like ice water helps your metabolism like at night cuz your body's trying to look heated up you just get up to pee I never do it once every night no but a bunch of glass of water before yeah I don't get up at like 3 or 4 so you need a better and then I can decide to go back to sleep for another like for our unit and I do that but I can like I can go to the next one. Yeah and you got in that rotation but it's like two to three hours and all day sleep schedule is always a lot of the place where you was not working like 2 months if I get close to close to me it's 3 days left for the demagogue of the shots you can be like can you guys been really tired lately is that just me or start in January and his allergies allergies allergies cuz I've never taken it before and I've been exhausted like I've been sleeping 9 10 hours a day every day for the last 2 weeks and I'm still exhausted maybe it's a tumor it's not a tumor is it allergies make you tired someone said it could be lack of like vitamin D since it's been pretty sure Trevor oh he gets the right to take Morrison to pill filter but but I was a kid we had only have any more Children's aspirin tasted like oranges with the terrible idea because the kids will just eat a bunch can you OD on aspirin yes I think it does yeah yeah the size of it when did whatever you have to full speed up a pet like a pill with something will have to have something you just kind of to shove it in the mouth and close it out method to getting through you and it goes away from do that to me there's no way I would go down but it just what it was syringe thing we do this thing with my dog growing up or we would do whatever we could to make the dog eat a piece of lettuce and it was amazing like we put it in rub it in bacon grease in the car. What's the dog when you let it like we did we'd give it like leftovers or something it's like I'm so I can handle my cheeseburger as a kid and the lettuce would always be left afterwards and what time I put bacon grease and peanut butter older people that is Gabe the dog. I took it down Chop Chop swallow spit out a perfectly clean piece of what does grapes playing with the do dogs get sick from grapes but. Chocolate specially don't County I look crappy thing to tell kids to kids on feed their dogs chocolate I'm not sure I believe it why would any kid get up chocolate for a dog stupid horrible videos from Veterinary Clinic of dogs just like just vomiting an incredible volume oh my God if you don't believe we would not there was that there's been it's been crazy and I think the South by Southwest right now. Smiley over would you see that I also don't want to talk to don't understand every dog in that movie as a white person let me write it like it's a movie with Japanese people but white dogs like this not working Japanese person is about maybe I'm wrong but like I look at the cats Japanese all the people are Japanese and White in real life I think Patrick's Day is that cultural appropriation a lot of time cuz everyone does like I don't give a shit if you will celebrate my Heritage by getting hammered and we're fucking leprechaun wild be insulting I thought you had a big deal with English day secrets of living I wasn't being baby Saint George's day is the patron saint of hey gorgeous well by the way Mike can I buy the Jordans that he killed the Dragon Berry like an okay have a pet snake no the Paley play Patrick did The Story Goes that he drove the snakes out of Ireland but apparently that's a metaphor for he was driving the pagans out of Ireland in the pages Richard the lionhearted fan Central Christian Commander during the Third Crusade seen the campaign after their part II of France scoring victories against the Muslim counterparts salad in although he did not retake Jerusalem from skeleton when he died 1199 but this dude there's a lot of places in Europe that claim to be the place where he died it's a good thing I don't know why according to Wikipedia if some place in France everything board I hear something to improve tourism or whatever it is when that information is this I think it's like the is what are the Dark Ages Festival in the Dark Ages right somewhere on there it. I'm sorry to go back I'm not angry with you because you wrote it's a big deal and the vast vast majority of us like that it's become an international thing cuz of the new world Dark Ages and the guy was driving it he said I said I'm really happy to be coming to Ireland to see yourself you never been here before and I said no I said that my family is Irish so it just like I've always want to come back here and eat like slowed the car way down and you got your Irish because you're of Irish descent and I said yeah you guys from America I said yeah I've never heard of that before I said oh really you haven't got no fucking all the time he told me that there's something like there's some like 10 times the amount or more of people of Irish descent in the world than there are actually Irish people like there's more Irish descent people outside of Ireland and there are actually people in Ireland my significant amount in that but I think there's more Jewish people in New York city and Israel will relocate the middle of a century also Israel tiny is awesome beautiful people in Israel it's the tiny little slower Pace these trips that's a pretty sure about this before then step Rich Jewish people and synagogues the Jewish tax they take from text me you don't pay Jewish text when you're born Jewish no you said to earn income gives you a million dollars you ate yeah yes my money is not taxed if I give it to a baby's birthday baby give it back to me I was giving an eight-year-old a million dollars that would be horrible for that person's upbringing without any chance. It is so hard without any parents if you just gave a briefcase of cash to an eight-year-old what would he like what do you end up buying a Ferrari gear for a feature on the front page of RoosterTeeth way back when we started at you better when you can jack started doing written articles for the front page and wildly popular popular best achievement guide of all time or whatever it was what was the first thing they put on the front of every video it had me a shot of the screen turn red and blue veins on the side and he kept screaming of a spaghetti I can hear what the fuck the game was what I wanted to do a full feature which is give a group of people a hundred bucks each so so I can get a thousand bucks then we can give you a hundred bucks and then a disposable camera and then you all you have to take a picture of whatever you bought that's it and then turn the camera back into us if I can look like just us back we like the smart kid but hundred bucks and Joel but like just random people what would they spend $100 on this is totally just wasn't so you've got to spend it in like the next week you got to spend $100 fidget spinner I had to spend probably buy a video game at 6 noticed me stipulations no document what it was I forgot about that idea okay yeah or put everything in one photo doesn't really boring a blowjob really awkward to get that back in the photo place Farmers left I can't even imagine I can't imagine I'm a teenager and I don't know it's been a long time I didn't where did they film developed camera stores near you don't have your end. Have you done a dark room College you failed the only photography class you've ever taken wow that's ironic sorry you had to go this way I've never done darkroom stuff ever he just I think of recently revealed that and I am the 15th anniversary doc communications degree probably probably hanging with the wrong crowd Walgreens this thing now where I will go with the with my picture what we've talked about before I go to USB stick and just print out a bunch of photo quality prints cuz they're not they look like garbage I don't have a lot of paper I don't have any temperature in and have a color printer of any kind he's like I can never justify the expense of used it like once every two years maybe you should spend your hundred bucks on a nice birthday princess that's good I never I never can make that work at all people why you put in this way of really frustrating experience this weekend oh I feel like I want to guess who's really a store that has tiles and look at Tiles for the renovation I want to do another place on the side of the road I'm going to go check it out walk in and be like hey welcome what are you up to the great tell him to like okay there's a part of the store you want to be in here to hear like all the stuff that you're going to want it right here great Sunday with after we spent about an hour and a half about that finally have like okay this how you want to get to go to the corner store and I'm like alright let me give you a piece of paper and a pencil can write down what you want so I can write it down the one that we like to play store like you know this is the one that we're going to want you know how does the process work do we like tell you and you order it or what happened oh no we don't sell the tile to you what what is the showroom where wholesaler you have to call someone else to buy the tile and they buy the tile and you pay them and I said do you have a list of people who sell your tablet no we don't what is the business and I was like I was like so you have a showroom full of tile and you let me spend an hour and a half year and I can't buy any the time but yeah okay. I just left so now you don't write it down like what the fuck did I write it down I don't know just keep it well how did the person get paid who's your talk to you I don't know where's your paycheck come from like if you do find out who is the retailer of that like how do they get any reference to make any money don't even say I've never been so frustrated and angry at the wait time at times yes he did pick out the tile you want to do yeah but they're the only place that carries that I got from someone working at a place like that I would have punched him in the face like so passive aggressive just like that sorry come on in order one from California or computer and get on the website and then you can order it there but the person sitting there couldn't sell it to you I didn't have changed but they couldn't really tell you the prices for anyting how do you say the name of that car Tesla Tesla blamed us well how do you say the steak that I made for these peeps today wagyu wag you like you say why why you tired after you stay at a beer and some steak and potatoes have lights on them right they might listen to the game last night Miami call you actually that's a great idea but it did not doing it right but I want to know if there's a part of the does this the lighting takes information from the game still like if I have 30 rounds in my gun in pubg was white but then as I was getting down to like five fullest left it would go red and if I see red it's like you should be like yeah I'd have to look at the HUD need information I think they could do more with lightning the Ashley takes game information doesn't just listen to the game has to have been like us to be a process for that data transfer to happen what case Did for Love Stuff you could do it so if you're being shot from the left you could have red light flash on the left because that information is in the order if not I should punish you for reloading we should lose the Emma or take longer but did you plug your pulled the clip out of the gun and putting bullets in to a clip that's a lot slower than going Quick Clip right you say it should take longer if you have an empty clip clip you just throw away your empty clip that's it you just want to pull in the bullets out of the other clip what you want with individual everything clit and it's like really messing up off my clit and I reload right I was just going to put 25 lose the five bullets in them for when you need them later cuz my whole thing is like the type of G I run around for 20 minutes I see something on a hill 350 yards away until that that reload immediately if I fire my gun I reload a good idea if you file for after it would you then just full mobilization not at all but if you had one bullet left shucking away my clip those are expensive if there was a good at Fiesta actually had real world stuff like you have to have to pull the thing out in VR then put in your pocket so you didn't lose it then reload like wine it up I saw I saw game I can't remember what the fuck it was but it was a very like Pro shooter from what I recall very straightforward but they had a thing in there once out of every 10,000 reloads it would just do a random animation I was Battlefield it's like really everyone's Cemetery District throwing bullets and they start going into the gun and schools reactions on what are like when you play a game on a certain day and it does stuff and I'm super super super looking forward to see if he's coming out today and I realize by the time that most people hear this podcast see if these will be out and we'll have major network connectivity issues because everyone's trying to play 11 p.m. tonight Michael Jeremy Ryan and Jack were in full characters making it less flavor can you play can you mail Title Service active anyway because I can't level up my character until I can play with the kids and we can play on the weekdays see if they can wait till Friday you got to like secretly level we can let Ya Allah patient I want play the kids with my kids tomorrow can't do it is actually going to play with you she will play it's the one game are helpful to everybody and the kids love it there's something that JD refuses to play guess it would love pubg yeah but I'm leaving like I will play it out of like just solidary socialize FPL. Real quick yeah I play a feeling normal for a hundred hours then you're going to go put on easy just can you send me one with multiple time it's weird though because the Rebellion is the bad guy which is like a weird thing for a narrative Good Guys buddy in the underdog yeah the Empire or the establishment but now you're the establishment I guess I just feel like I can can lost everything is under control minor hiccups during that and then suddenly everything will go wrong and it's completely undercover play they are billion sometimes that's a fucking game that will drive you insane RTS kind of survival Rogue game like the it's like you just do a run to the game that's it in like that you just learn how to play better and yeah this and I'm not there Billy just like 2 hours and then one zombie gets into your walls and this is everything fucking falls apart into the breach no I can't believe that I haven't played it because I love FDL so much very different but it looks it looks like Advance Wars try to have you guys played Horizon zero Dawn yes okay probably 5 hours and I'll be loving it feels like a very big game and I've never go platinum trophy before so I think I might go for it it's like a slow bullet for those Place trophies cuz I feel like it's like damn I wish I was doing this the whole time just start when is really nothing that's going to fuck you up what I would recommend is just try to collect as many Collectibles that's it things that you can do all your transcript sounds like the little figures yeah whatever kind of Panorama stuff that you do really like also just even like the material supply think the flowers and herbs and Lex I would like you don't ever want me to come out of wood I need a rose I'm going to spend the next half hour just finding what is just annoying I almost never fast travel cuz I just want to pick everything up along the way okay but I seem to be able to do it you better get to a point where you don't anymore but yeah it could I'd never play the game like that before it was like my first RPG walking everywhere to find like I like sitting Horizon I didn't I almost never fast also liked everything along the way and also just how beautiful the game wasn't getting to like take it all in but I was like all right traveling do I have to go over Shadow War cuz I feel like a load screens are long I can just do that like Elfen that run through everything as fast as I can and you get to where I'm going out of work if you want me there's a big grind it that you said that there's a big grind against his know what are you talking about I fucking hate that I stop playing at that point holy shit dude that's a long fucking yeah it's like you're playing the game but he was really fun just like okay now you got to play the game totally different and just do this thing over and over and over and over like no I don't I'm not going to do this yeah I got that I think I mowed or that's a part of the game to put in a Bushwacker transactions Forks to defend this and I don't worry about it you know the grind achievement and you'll saving it right to the end so hopefully by the time everything else is done used to grind less but whatever they like that full out for the you do then you could change I don't know. I feel so bad years of War Achievement we got to get 10,000 kg or something like that Jason Jordan you can Platinum it but then they added or going to warn you right now you can Platinum it but then they added DLC trophies on top of the Platinum if you want to get all the DLC trophies you're going to need to play the game second timer tools for hard you what you need to get it and you game plus Ultra heart so you can if you finish it Ultra hard your first playthrough it doesn't count because you also need a new game plus Ultra hard place I just said it's a hard knock life through everything the first time and then I just want to play my ultra hard for my second run I just like went through as fast as I could and just try to get to it as quick as I could I did everything including the new game plus Ultra hard honey total was about 70 hours 70 80 hours somewhere not terrible The View will you okay so there is one trophy related to doing all of the hunting grounds it's like I need you to go out there and kill ten of these creatures within two minutes if you want to get it you can lower the difficulty to easy what you doing the hunting ground and then put it back up the hearts are fucking difficult good today yeah I left it I love the game so far it's really good climbing those what are those tall is I thought there were some really interesting you twist a lot of the game you like I still don't understand what the things called Horizon zero Dawn before kind of teasing you and then you start like what happened to the world and I think that they unveil all of that really effectively very important down the road again I can't say enough good things every once in awhile I think that's game if it's if you're undecided about buying a PS4 that game is worth buying a PS4 totally got swamped by everyone's loved her breath of the wild game at the same time I was like I was playing Horizon as like everyone else should be playing this fucking game and not the fucking Zelda game or if it's like every game has a Game of the Year Edition yeah but literally every game it's like everytime planet from the moment they put the game the game of the Year Edition shelter somewhere down the road but showing me Battlegrounds on mobile surprisingly good to run pretty well I was perplexed playing it I can't believe how some parts of it that run better than the PC version I see these men are there any timers online game that comes out people always flip their fucking shit when the game doesn't work on day one if it works on day one it's a miracle it's a miracle or nobody like nobody bought it stop. Early in the game type we used to play Halo 2 lockout elimination and we have one life and everyone had a random laughing and so it's like that was telling him it's like we were even playing like a battle royale game back in the day you know where you have to kill somebody you know the who's hating life we should charge punch ability to do I don't know why you didn't want to do last place in our old game types me what am I what am I getting played the same old Halo 2 games we played in Furious video game it's a waste for Life what is it recorded everything you do with your games is just way to test really like quit making contest I really like sharing the experience you can record stuff from Xbox and PC now I mean just like that you and me and we haven't done that I think the only time I have ever played a horse who played Halo Chrissy one yeah I think I got to pour some things to the first tournament Carrie Matthews the company out what we could do some serious oh and tunnel yeah the number to tell me what he was saying that I've always liked the the Battle Royale like style of like you dying your hair out because I'm playing Minecraft on Hardcore Murphy die all your internet right now I can't go back into the world in Minecraft if you if you die with your steam account and I want to do blood work and I talked on the podcast defined area we all started with pears and then we got smaller and smaller over time and then over the course of like 48 hours so we playing in the last person standing but I had forgot that we talked about that and I didn't even know that I mentioned on a podcast and I received a tragic piece of information today let me think about this and by tragic you lost a save for Minecraft you guys are actually dead and everything that you've been envisioning is Just a Dream hundred fucking bucks dude hundred bucks you should be mad that you don't get back I'm not mad I don't get it back you're not mad about that nobody cares because it's a hundred a hundred bucks from a lot of people I care I'm glad you care Barbara but every time you do a campaign on everything to do it we we make our stuff you don't we make the thing you don't deliver on the Park yeah and we we get the thing we do the thing and it's like there's most prevalent campaign they don't do the thing what does the perks or any other gave it a shot and it's like for us like you guys are the worst product was was just a really good trailer yeah that's what most like you make a good video with just filled with fiction and then then what we've done just like the movie the board game I really don't card game the card game and then Ruby is the combat ready yep can you get that money back I don't care if I'm not mad about that the into it you're trying to make something happen if it happens great if it doesn't that's kind of why was I assumed risk I need insurance money but yeah let's start a new branch of the company that crowdfunding Insurance Fund, your your contribution level Run to the Hills and you're on the hook I thought that really annoying because it wasn't proud funny what kind of was it look like it what did you get what did you what was that was that pre-order that didn't get them filled because you can probably get that back they don't have Jesse I mean you paid $100 for parking never received a dollar something that you didn't receive the Gift of Gab a very nice gift of $100 and I appreciate it and then they were like we can make that cup but it's just a cup that keeps track of how much water you just push the button and the counter goes up by I want that's what I was leaving fyre Festival dude prison for the first time ever a pedestrian was hit and killed by an autonomous vehicle that sucks Thomas vehicle they said there was a human safety driver sitting in the driver seat at the time it happened okay and the vehicle still hit until the details I wonder if it was just the car was going too fast to stop and they just fell into the road I don't know it some point if an autonomous cars going 70 you jump in front of it you will get hit by here's all we got to do all we have to do is take the number of hours driven by Thomas cars K and divide that into number for that train accidents then do the same thing for regular cars if it's higher that's a problem if its way lower dead but that's an improvement is a better thing but every time I looked on his car has an axis of any kind they make a big deal out of it but it's still like that are selling normal human car right next to feel like three thousand times less likely to happen because of company is to blame annoyed because there's not a human robot you can't blame anybody I made this concert long and I was the first one I almost I almost hit and kill someone a couple days ago a couple weeks ago I was I was a delight it was red then the protected left green came on so I took my left and then not at the crosswalk but further back in in the middle of the street there was a woman who was crossing the road in between cars that were stopped at that red light so I take my protected left I'm going down the street that she jumps out from in between cars that are stopped at a red light into my lane just left it was dark and she was wearing all black I have time on my breaks and like you barely got out of the way I did nothing wrong there if I've been distracted I've been talking to someone else in my car if I've been look at fucking with the radio like that woman would have been under my Prius Great Clips ever get to see if the guy in New York in Manhattan Viking super fast and then a dude but it's like in the wrong way down the street but I do like comes out between two cars in the middle of street that sold you look for YouTube Wall Street guy and the fucking bikers plows into him and they both go flying and that they like recover and the The Pedestrian goes to be okay if someone is at fault but yeah I guess I'm sometimes people make an errand this it's Collision driving is so important especially like Austin I've almost been hit so many times when I'm like if I'm driving in the right lane and I want to merge into the middle Lane and someone from the left lane also wants to merge into it and like I'm looking I can see that person like starting the edge over sore like wait a second and then I start to merge over and then they try to merge at the same time as me and almost hit me I had to Swerve out of the way so many times do you know who's responsible it's a person who's further back has to deal and get out of there people who are in town I was talking about how bad the drivers are here and how people always almost hit me all the time and as I was telling us stories for the car that was trying to merge literally into me I was driving in one line and they were just going into me and has an interesting things moving to The u.s. Tides Inn Express in England it's usually you press the buttons across the street in England that's it like when it goes there's only two people crossing the in America that is also when cause turn across that Crossing that should be calling me that's illegal some states is it legal to turn left across walk if there's a person in the crosswalk at any point I just remember seeing the Walt Clyde come on I was like all right now I'm going to cost and then cause a turning and they go across the same time it's like so humans and cars go across that the same time and it was very weird to me walking on the street blocks to the shorter blocks and after a while people just like after they do like five or six Crossings the kindest don't give a shit and it just like walk and like the weave between two cars and track with the fully moving in cabs in New York City before where I'm sitting there trying to hit The Pedestrian there was someone in the crosswalk but it was clear for me to go so I went and if it if you'd like stopped and turned around and looked at me as a hole right right wrong way down the road I wasn't used to that was my bad wake me up at roundabout now the tribe of 51st street I was coming west to east right across from like airport over there to you seriously that fucking roundabout was back all the way up 51st I see about airport in the other people in my I've had people stop to let other people and honk at them and then get mad at me but you all are fucking wrong you keep going until you get off the fucking roundabout you don't stop they let people who are waiting to get in in I just retweeted so there's a will there's a way that goes all the way around and not yet. There's only one lane open two rows of cards come from the top down towards it that's our way back from work that's that's that's looking for leaving work that's the way we go I was leaving work and I still will be going the opposite way in the roundabout roundabout and I was like oh my God this bad the first I thought it was like a construction vehicle cuz this thing is like not all the lanes are open she was in more than on opened Lanes on the inside like going around this it's one Summer's construction around there too and you have no idea which way to go to go which direction does one lane you can take just takes you completely off onto Airport that's true I did that wants to go at all it's not clear what are they taking the problem is that they have some signs but didn't take the old signs down so there's contradicting sign was there before but it's no longer navigate to be there to the other sign it's a fucking mess all right. Cuz I got to go drive to that roundabout now buddy we'll see you guys next time