#485 - The Gang Starts A Cult

​Join Gus Sorola, Becca Frasier, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss shaving, Sea of Thieves, online security, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2018-03-27 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Becca Frasier, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone come to the receipt podcast this week Friday by Blue Apron and Dollar Shave Club I'm Gus I would like to switch trains all week I almost said welcome to Dollar Shave Club give you dollar to save it popped off and on the bottom of my chin I'm going to pretend that I can actually go do I actually brought my beard out of the Foley for that noise is bad though because I've heard that noise before when someone is doing my hair like shaving the guard and I was going to hear this point of the garden coming off pulley work and then you hear your hair without the guard in just like Cuts Like a reverse Mohawk favorite things to watch the girl who I think she's curling her hair around and then she's got it there and it burns bill collector would work together and Cliff said that we could never experienced before the internet now you can see them something for it everywhere there's a video for repeating what you see on the internet there's the girl who puts the corn on the cob on the drill dragon eat it and it whines her hair and chunk of her hair about the videos of her like going to the doctor after work oh my God it's honestly so shocking that you don't even like a patch that big long stretch your area. The worst part and have you ever had a why I went straight to laser okay so so you've never experienced this before but the worst part of a wax is like actually on the top it's not like the inner bit over the phone over text like over to get the doctor and everything you're constantly and I feel like I'm compromising position everyday they're so desensitized myself over and over like a Brazilian like the back side but you you're lying on your back can you put your legs up or anything like that pretty sure there was one time when a little bit of wax is left in there cuz I what happens if I went to the bathroom later that day and I it's like you know when you're pushing Silly Putty truth like of mold and it comes out in that mold part of my butthole is still connected by that wax technician someone who acts as if you go back cuz you don't want to start then because you don't want them fucking it up or doing a bad job they let you but like some places don't let you can just leave a tip in like their little mailbox and doesn't you don't have to say who it's from I would want to make sure they know it's from me I always tip very high you're like please be gentle on me so what's the worst thing a laxer I mean they're professionals usually do too but it is it's like they don't do it fast enough or they do timid like both the double one but that just from from Pain perspective maybe not get all the hair and they have to keep going over an area I mean I usually do my eyebrows that's not too bad your legs waxed there for me but it's just easier to get wax ever do the fight if I do shave their face the way that a woman shaves her legs it's like like if you like equivalent Gus if I shaved like everyone else's shaver like mine chance your face like this every woman who ever shaved your fingernail yeah like I like save I feel and do it so cold out here like doing it with your hat your like touching with your hand as your shape feel but I really think it's the nail that I know I guess I just have a lot but I still have a little killie's heel was just a new blade I was clumsy I think it's going to scar I'd rather Play 3 months are there forever with shaving his legs and have that same injury would have died so Kelly's mom break get them in the River Styx was Playboy's the River Styx get them in and then The Story Goes that she had to hold him somewhere so she held them by the heel when she get them so it didn't get those didn't get to heal then get the stick River Riverside River Styx thank you and does that but what I always thought is that his heel was vulnerable cuz it wasn't a bit but then but I'm session with Achilles mom then had like Invincible finger and thumb at hand is still preserved to this day somewhere can you imagine how pissed off mother like 20 bucks killed next imagine how fast you don't have to worry about her nails getting fucked up sometimes you can't feel but you know it's you know you cut yourself pretty badly when the razor stops like you get it caught your dumb at the double bladed razor I had to perfectly really hurts is cutting your armpit like sideways foot like it slips there something like this is going to sound really bad I dry shave my underarms how I don't know I think it's cuz I'm always sweaty and I charge my face ready but it's dry when you say never have had some kind of a weird experience earlier today podcast I was in early this morning feeling all day then have to go to my house to take a conference call so I sit down at my desk you're going to call on my phone on my cell phone. My phone was sitting on my desk I got a cat from the stretch out on the couch that's in my office I walk into my couch my feet up on it I'm on the phone and I look over to the side of the couch and there's a phone just like on the arm like that stays down like I thought the cell phone is an Android phone that's weird and I pick it up and look at it there's no identifying info on it or anything how long has Conan been here like what this phone doing this is all outside cell phone still there what the fuck do I do with this phone like get two cats like unlock it at all or just have the time and it says that there's like an alarm set for 7:30 the next morning and a person would you have been paranoid about it cuz I was super paranoid did the explosive device or that if he's dropping the only people who could have gone into the office and won't your phone are people that you would have let in yeah you found someone who doesn't go into my office I'm glad I came here to record something that's like so how do you get the code for going into Edward was our former head of social media or so he works for Barbara and he has earned the moniker from the audience of being the Chive girls cuz I forgot the bikes 2014 for some reason the fucking audience last time the Chive moniker I'm poor guy you just had another option to move on I thought that we fired him because of one joke he made on Twitter that for the most part his stuff was really funny face Palmer like why I like kind of making fun of him but I thought that was like part of the fun of me like to sense of humor we all thought that she did great work but yeah well I hate hey fellow kids like 14. This does remind me and I don't think I have the tweets saved but I had it I had nothing to happen to explode something a little bit busy kind of the butcher person for the March for Life for the gun control movement at the moment she took a photo or she ripped up a shooting target and it's been now Photoshop to look like she's ripping up a copy of the Constitution and people have called this out its fake that she's not and it's gone viral course and then it's like this game called out that it's fake and I thought it look like outside of my bubble and I was looking at comments about it and it was people who are being told this is fake and they're like their response was something and paraphrase he was like yes I know this is fake but the message is real and that's why we need to mean this as much as possible it's like so we literally living like the post Information Age if you thought that was there's no reason she would be tearing up the Constitution that's not what they're trying to do right yeah well it's like they are trying to change the Second Amendment you know what I mean so the modification of child amendment that modifies the original Constitution amendment to change to the original document wasn't complete so it had to be changed and updated because I changed in the Constitution like the Bill of Rights are the first 10 amendments that were made to the Constitution and they were made very rapidly after the ratification of the Constitution itself so what are the rights that are reserved in the actual core document is it just the system of government I should know this I mean I know like the Preamble of the Constitution Bill of Rights came out 13 years later 1791 1791 mean the Bill of Rights was not and then ratified 1791 right with all of the first 10% of Americans really hold dear by the First Amendment knows things but I thought it was really interesting to see the reaction of also of Americans to something that's going on over in the UK right now in Scotland I believe specifically remember that guy we talked about who trained his pug to be a Nazi and it would get excited about stuff and now that he's going to give like a higher solute when you would say I'd doggy high five and he's going to prison context of what you would say to Trigger 2 action by the dog that I think cause problems so confused as to the actions of some people allowed his whole approach was his girlfriend always talks about how nice the dog is and he can't stand the dog so that what's the meanest thing I can turn this dog into and I figured I turned into a girlfriend that's the premise of the video that you put out and he does say that at the top of the video he says very like very reactionary you know hate speech in it and that's what he was convicted of is hate speech which is another places you can be convicted of saying things that are wrong with this sentence I don't even try to appeal it but I know it was it was potentially a prison sentence sentence but I'm trying I'm trying to find the specifics about what he was sentenced to yeah I'm guilty of hate crimes on right well you're somewhere that you can't believe you're right I think it was Scotland have you been to youtube.com how many people live in the UK he's in London I believe where he's based and you know he's a little different than this guy with the the Pug was like actually saying stuff that I would also classified as hate speech like what he would do is no offense Barbara he would train a dog to get excited when he would say certain phrases to the dog every one of the phrase was gas if you say a bunch of descendants on April 23rd and faces of the six months in prison for the offense 6 months in prison that a dumb joke yeah maybe a joking bad taste that text but even as someone who should be very offended by this I could still see that it was in jest and yeah that seems like a little extreme for that kind of thing like 6 months I guess you're sleeping like that but I feel like that would have come out at least that's the worst thing the dog could be at least like yeah implicitly he knows it's horrible log into something horrible Dopey little pug you know it's pretty ridiculous either. I live in an apartment with yard you travel you know how much is Becca so you have to kid soon-to-be kids are you have dogs were you a person who considered your dogs to be your children still after having a child do you still consider dogs to be your children really leave the dogs alone like you leave your kid alone that's like we went to breakfast with Gavin and Meg and Maddie yesterday went and got a full English breakfast and I showed her Gavin shoes he has a lot of hair has a mass of br-2 do both that I didn't realize until they both said that that was it me more and then they both look like you're 25 verses 28 and 2015 feels like very glamorous eyebrows now it's it's a very dramatic change Barb if I'm a cut of the documentary there's a shot of Barber in there that I love because it's in your awkward age and you look nothing like you do today you can kind of see the person in there a little bit you know the person you're going to become but I blew up got to search real hard on that one earlier know that the doctor is looking really good it made me really emotional to you no one regarding particular kind of precede this before people see it which is 15 years a lot to put in just one so much sister of a documentary so the problem is I'm sure there's going to be people at the company feel like they should have been featured more and I agree with that we should have made a documentary that features everyone unfortunately that document documentary would be about 15 years old in order to cover everybody how can I stop the Raven spaces that we've been in that were cut yeah yeah yeah there's so much to wrap your head around is like a lot of I think very important things that were left out as I can but I can understand like it's a very you have a very limited amount of time to try to get all this information out there any Sims 4 minutes in a year when you cussing at you turned in the bunch of footage as well so there's stuff that people have never seen before like I had to go back to take to get to know you and then I turned that into them okay remember getting you guys going give me a picture of the bar you weren't even 19 no crazy I was 18 I think I remember that me and Jeff with Becca and Nathan but I was not at that one. In Orlando blue yeah it's usually a person who has sleep in the booth but we feel weird about it cuz your girl you know if they try to make her like be like fuck you I'll do it and if it was like never want to be high maintenance does using merchandise go ahead by sea of Thieves Gus what is your share is it like everyone else was like 3 to 4 hours and did you for how long but right now to watch it's a sin to watch I feel like it gets to a point where it what else can you do I don't know, as of late start looking for humans to fuck with us to talk about the code #hashtag, Pirates it deserves I think there's people who don't get it and he said on the outside of a plane and the people who really get swallowed by it I'm fucking one of those people are you only playing single-player fine with that powder barrel and you're just fucking with people put it in the front of the ship at the bottom is blow this thing up glitching and the air like offline so anything that's an online-only game is always going to have those issues I think it's the first day it came out and I was watching Trevor play it and every time he would like give it to chest to the guy and collect the money the money would disappear instantly quit and relaunch the game that's what happened I don't feel like I've lost any money or level I did either but I have saved I said the song goes please I like the game a lot I really really really like the game and I will defend the game at the same time I completely understand everyone's criticism of it and I agree with them but those criticisms don't seem to affect me if one map and you do the same thing every time over and over hundreds of hours I will you see all the content in the first three hours and you literally see all the content the first time you play the game Uno come across different stuff site for some reason people to see if these in particular I guess they don't like the sailing cards gameplay Loop right it's about whatever the 15 or 20 minutes that you engage in you enjoy that and you enjoy repeating it then you don't mind I can see in the same continent is okay you can keep doing it over and over and over and over but I do understand people criticize people making me criticism because I like the game the way it is but another criticism criticisms are going to force them to put more content in this game you just follow the fucking fortnite model man make a battle royale with like pirate ships and then and then also update skins like once a day apparently to Fort I just had people to making skin all the time and I love about the game and specially watching someone else play it I love the sounds that like pirate movies and games have like the creaking of the ship out of the water like I love those like that's ASMR from I just love that one thing I can say is they got the basics of it like down pat a fact I've got some good for you to be looked at I brought of the announcement trailer from E3 2015 the game looks it looks the exact same as it did in 2015 3 years ago which moves no but it's like what were the last three years spend do it this way that's what makes me wonder exactly right but razor tremendous amount but I don't remember the reveal in 2015 is it possible that that was just like an animation sequence and then that was like they're there gold they built to that thing in the actual gameplay but if it is animation like action shots of two ships fighting each other and the ship models actually yeah do look a little different than what they ended up with in the final game although Maybe ship model in their back pocket I don't think so people think that my kids actually made the argument that rare is sitting on a couple things that they didn't put out a release so they could put something out a week later I don't think that's the case I think they put everything out there on the table and it might be like 6 months before we see something you hope I'm pleasantly surprised that that's not the case but we'll see but anyway Far Cry 5 which is being so far about the least about I got into that series late it was until 3 that I really started playing this feeling to have and I didn't like Pagan Min from 4 but I did like Far Cry Primal which was a weird game I could print wide and under skin Far Cry 4 they do you have the exact same app just skin in the more like primitive landscape and then change the weapons and characters overlay of the map showing how it's like the same thing but different there a weird moment if you played Far Cry 4 then play Primal you like deja vu I've been here before but you're not you've been here later later yeah it's weird but I got to say about 2 hours into Far Cry 5 It's fucking amazing it's really amazing like I like boss as a villain in three because I could kind of identify Wood Boss is like Central American dude who's like sick of American tourists and everything but I couldn't all identify with a pagan men they really didn't leave an impression on me this Joseph see the villain in five they went back now they're making a villain in America and the way they went about it is I completely believe that this guy could exist I really believe it there's some ridiculous stuff like I'm taking over a lot of land and you know the whole County and everything but this character is in this church that you going to is a hundred percent believe it I locked me in completely I don't oversell it cuz it's coming out and I just got to experience work tomorrow and I'm really loving Far Cry 5 I want to say that we should send me a code gas leak because I played it before I really love Far Cry 5 I do have a feeling that this is a fantastic game and I will play it until it's done and I think the Sea of Thieves is a really really good game and I think I'll play that like at least once a week for the next couple years if they want that experience of sailing around and everything it's beautiful like a game to you about Assassin's Creed Black Flag in Black Flag that's cuz I enjoyed the sea farring so much same kind of thing no I don't know what does metal sales and you have to come with a bucket of water in order to fight rust and you have somebody has to hold of a lantern does the stuff like that I don't think many people have seen content some stuff that people have discovered we ran into a crack in yesterday and yeah I was like all the sudden everything starts changing what's going on they reach down and grab one of her dudes and it was like really fun have a good time with my kids are too old assholes since you fresh pre-portioned ingredients and step by step recipes designed by blueprints in-house culinary Team all delivered right to your door. You heard me talk about it and I want to hear things that all recipes to be cooked in under 45 minutes which is just half of one receive podcast think about that you could achieve by combining the two I like are show the menu changes every week based on what's In season that's good new recipes each week I cuss words can pick two or three or four recipes based on what best fits their schedule boyfriend says only non GMO ingredients and meet with no added hormones when you cook with blue apron if you're not just having burgers for dinner you make short ribs burgers with a happy cheddar sauce on a pretzel bun boyfriend is treating Richie's listeners to $30 off your first order if you visit blueapron.com Rooster Teeth so get your $30 off blueapron.com teeth Blue Apron a better way to cook thank you blueprint for sponsoring this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast so did you see if there was your Facebook has been getting a lot of shit lately over this like Cambridge analytica thing a couple days ago that was really disturbing to me I was on arstechnica article that someone real someone realize that on Android for the past several years the Facebook app has been scraping people SMS messages and phone calls it's fucking awful and if you could be criminal if you like it was no longer allowed in current versions of Android but they were signing with an older version we're still about that kind of access and if you go to like your Facebook account settings you can download all the data Facebook has on you and someone get that who is an Android user and saw like a list of phone calls it made who they were calling the duration of those calls and SMS messages that they were exchanging and raise hell if you are an Android Facebook user I highly recommend you look up this article article will put in the linked up and it tells you how you can download your own data and look like I don't use Facebook very much at all sounds like I'm going to die within their shit the fuck do they just like to see all of that information I think it's crazy that they have that much information about me think about it because I'm too far gone and it just stresses me out there I've made my mistakes moving forward will maybe be more paranoid but also honestly if you don't realize that Facebook is collecting and monetizing your data then you just don't understand what Facebook is right I mean it's like it's a surprise I mean phone calls that I was always very good to have conversations with their phone nearby about things that like we're actually in their life like they would talk about babies even though like dog food was in dog food and then they would never do any Google search for it or or text about her do anything on the phone about jobs with only have conversations about it and then Facebook started showing advertisements for dog food I don't know if it's true or not I started was most likely not true but who knows things of people always listening phone in your office then you're worried about what am I listening to what am I did what I did because like I said I was going to walk through the offices with it and be anybody's phone support office 48 Tilley office manager here is your room for you, that's why I was like oh I'll start there and if it's if it's nobody in that room then I'll let you know I got all the all over privacy of iPhones came up again because of the Austin bomber no I have not heard that come back up he had not yet haven't been caught yet and then killed himself a day or two later Wednesday morning video which was kind of like a Manifesto and the police have viewed it and I know things are going to release it would kill for that account is who cares you know what this guy has to say but the people wondering how did they get into his phone you know and there was the San Bernardino shooter that there was a big deal of trying to get into that person's phone run and I think they realize after the fact I got my DL Landmark investigation because they realize now they could just use the peanut use your finger to unlock your phone at that point in time but once they get them separated from one another then they've got this thing that they can't you know it's I guess civil rights thing where they can't unlock it you know it's because your phone has so much information about you on it what you say 500 Megs of data are being captured by Facebook about you got single I don't think I have five myself I really had an ugly what I have I guess video clips and stuff like that but it's just a shitload of purchased call Gray key that can crack any iPhone password it's still unclear as to how it works and it's like a box right it's a box with two lightning cable to come out of it and then plug the one they want to crack into one and then an empty phone into the other and it sits there and it somehow bypasses the time out when you get the passcode wrong and then once it eventually get the passcode it dumps the original phone to an unlocked phone without the plug into the device the the current thought is that if you use a 4-Digit password which is likely the old default on the iPhone that can crack it like an I don't know what's 9 hours is pretty fast if use a six-digit passcode a 6 digit numeric passcode which is the current default that it takes a couple days or 3 days to figure it out but if you use an alphanumeric password it takes a crazy life for numeric password on my phone out there cuz you know how would you been be paranoid about leaving your phone in a hotel room or somewhere on a tender for a little while so someone can grab it and plug in the device like that to it all I got to do. Listen I'm just getting your phone I'm finding the dope boys got a face like you and then I can get in your phone that's what I'm doing all the Talking photos of random dudes at Burger King for looking of egg looking for in person and they said to get to me Kim Jong un's brother who got killed or it's some ship from India or some random I'm fascinated by it because I can see there's like one trait in particular on this person like mouth or eyes that look similar said it just shows like what that person uses for facial recognition it also makes it very clear to me that people now or worse at facial recognition computers are used to be a big line stops cap for machines they couldn't do facial recognition that was something that humans were way better now the bucket horse with a bigger I know what you want any Valley thing with his business just like yours like that looks nothing like me the person's horrifying looks more revolting to you like yeah one step off you know like a CG face that doesn't quite look human in little seems more you know how do I get that pretty lady grapes woman never seen this is a brand called and stuff I'm like Irish you just blind but this one like does someone working at pretty lady grapes know me and be like use my likeness for the for the logo that looks that actually does look like you it doesn't freak you out a little bit right what are the pretty ribbon pretty lady girl 05 rates will be able to find it online but somebody sent it to it and then at RTX or Migos Packs Australia when I was there they brought me the application the magazines yeah and it was a photo that somebody said it say hey look at this model it looks like a cross between Ashley and Barbara and we all looked at her like that looks like a fucking cross between asking Barbara Stanley perfect yeah yeah it was really weird because there's like when you look at it try to see Ashley cuz he asked me the photo and we looked at the try to see Barbara Barbara it was really bizarre we must have talked about this right now I'm seeing if I could find it in the chat on Twitter now that we have chat on the beta site I'm glad you brought that up I feel like we should let everyone know that when she has a brand new video website better video player when it stings does it save your spot in a video and a dramatically reduced freezing you can chat live like when you talk about with friends and Steph currently it's in public. Com Mark and come up with a hashtag for its hashtag it works there it is from screen coming out soon all happens on March 30th so check it out jump in there for now test it out I think once a week starting next week once it's live and publicly available for everyone and we switch to it I think we will probably abandon Twitter and move the conversation to chat I'm already there a little little delayed little bit delayed. I'll check Twitter for now this is your final warning Twitter moved over to the restaurant, what's the Kardashians chicken Snapchat Snapchat Kylie Kylie what's the most followed person on Snapchat with a chicken Snapchat Snapchat so fucking dead less than half the engagement that I used to get that if you're like you just don't understand how to say that they'll go back pretty much everything Snapchat use + Instagram features plus I have a much larger following on Instagram your opens and stuff I didn't want I didn't want to use Instagram and now it's a fuck like I was wrong I got it has an Instagram account didn't say nothing about it and I followed you on Instagram has some very nice photos of his Instagram to a couple weeks and then I know you're going to keep your age. I know what I think I use it more on a viewer basis like I use my account to like just see what my friends are up to although I have to say that Instagram is the one application that I when I loaded up I get pictures of my friends butts and it's usually a airplane and I'm just like what a but I just can't look at your work clothes for work it's exactly right quick I know this person recently like I like one of Jessica Nigri like one of her sexy photos and it's got to be like hey you just so you know if he will concede publicly feet lyrics why can't I send a like photos of my friends better like I like the ones that I don't find that sexy that makes sense but if I feel like that's really hot photo I'm like you might slide back up what what types of photos are recommended for you guys I also can't find that picture I never used I never use the Twitter website my stuff is all baby pigs hair videos fashion post magnifying glass kind of comedians music I want to cake decorating stuff to power washing a car in Cosplay picture of Amy Sedaris and Sarah Jessica Parker it's one of those I have a lot of baby asleep in a toilet yeah probably a lot baby stuff to lots of baby stuff hair stuff I guess I look at a lot of her pictures on Instagram couple of fish in mind I don't know what to think about that I guess maybe like travel stuff yes Bulldogs bro I don't know I just love that stuff I'm so sad that mine is gone we should do Thrifty finds a reason why we can't accept the fact that YouTube algorithm fucking hates all the time or just put them on the roof looks like compilations of Vine videos have hands in tens of millions to fill up 14 minutes volume five or six grips for one night and then we would like to have to go and get all the props we needed and we would see results down in that room for like a couple hours because in the phone before we saved it that was a fucking nightmare nightmare there is at the one that took I think the longest was the one with the gallon challenge where one of us is supposed to burp on command and then you get a burp like within a second and what are you supposed to burp and it seems right that I would just start laughing compilation we are seeing it that's my favorite so basically the new buying something horrible happening to someone in a very short. Of time honey YouTube videos I think it's like the Haiku is 5 seconds and then is also like yeah poetry there's like multiple kinds words like each descriptor is a different length of time and the Haiku one's there I think like 5 seconds but they're always fucking hilarious I've never even heard of it are / YouTube Haiku Haiku of haikus they're both of them has this one yeah a good I'm looking but my internet's not working very good I meant I meant to say if it my back in the shop and I am I still am I doing that but I get I get distracted by the content and I forget about the chat for a while but there some people just like to get locked into the chat and then they said they don't want the content so it's like it just goes to show I think that he really the chat part of the communication pirate is still the most powerful thing that's what people want something like that test dream the other week those Ali previous contacts I feel like a couple live stream but that kind of stuff is more easy to engage with like livestreams but it's like a new episode of Ruby comes out I feel like a chat would be fairly quiet for a quiet be reacting I don't know I feel like if you bounce a little better in the cloak of forgetting about the podcast and just talking to each other here guys will remember this probably there was a point time of the community site and Rooster Teeth was such a big part of the draw for the website that there was running joke of all right this this this website has a front-page like when someone will post a piece of Russia content in the forums. Like get that out of here we're not here for the video you want me to time there that was the thing that was like 2007 to 2010 was just there for the social media site and it's an embarrassing Time Capsule to go back and look at it as much now just because of all the social media that we do use it's always short form so people aren't as likely to just like talk it could be and I also think it's a gratification thing where there aren't as many people interacting with what they posted like they was the same thing on Twitter they get a lot more responses intimidation thing like as far as the content of fuel not don't have the attention span of the desire to read something more long-form I don't know it's gratification I got you a case of engagement on it I post on the Ritchie site for my journal I post about Premier League video game stuff cuz I just don't do that on Twitter I'm doing any video game-related movie related as well or just anything I want have a discussion about Twitter like I don't ask questions on Twitter you know Boston Russian trolls on Twitter that's why I didn't want to mention if you're having trouble connecting to the chat right now like I said it is still in bed I had to lunch so please refresh it try to get in there that we know if it's wrong we can fix it for you to the closest ones are going to get my ire that's okay I finished an interesting documentary mini-series on Netflix this weekend country. Wild wild country and it's got the music in me tweeting about it and watch it before it gets spoiled talk to you and ask about this that was conscious during the time that this was going on has zero recollection of it happened from like 81 to 85 Bears in Oregon cult movie they bought this 80 Thousand Acre Ranch and moved all their followers over from India that a lot of Western followers yeah and so they basically infiltrated the local government sounds like Far Cry 5 Oregon County to basically learn all the voting race and it's also part is it's really fascinating how many as far as I understand it show it was times and I want to watch it but I've been curious what made it all fall apart book called parts of the basic tenets was that they wanted to combine Eastern mysticism mysticism commerciality greed and so they just want the sex is it wrong that embraced consumerism and also had no stigmas around sex at all two cultures and also there's no signal for meditation rituals sometimes meet you first thing in the bed spontaneously that's how I relax I believe it's Baptist direct me to ask heavy clear very Noble organization Young Life Doll green. I was never been a member of young young life myself but you never had a young life never did she was born a 40 year old man for the baseball cap they said that I got to go back to it but I'm going to go back to the ER was part of a survival this group but they said it's a non-violent group that's alright what the fuck would you call your group riot my job at the box when I dropped off the box but it's not the photo that's being widely circulated like Photo that makes them look more innocent or all they had for a really long time I don't believe in the afterlife but I hope he'll existing use their lives that are lost to this like just was random fact about targeting at first at least he was targeting minorities families in his confession he said that wasn't the case recipients of the packages emailed that were caught Midway is Tiger mother and daughter who work there yet is the daughter who was supposed to be the recipient of the package never been there no no he was never mind I thought there was like some weird tenuous maybe connection I have no idea yeah very very bizarre and it's also like kind of stirred up the debate over gun control over this guy you know terrorizing people with bombs you know and bombs are illegal we talked about last week I was in the boat show me show me the political discourse in this country is just like it's just like you're on one side of the other and you have to subscribe to everything on one side or subscribe to everything on the other side it's like you can't pick and choose like where you stand on any particular issue well I like lower taxes so I'm also super pro religion but somehow they do in this country I don't get it you know I don't know it's a side effect of a stupid two party system we have is no no new lots available it's either one extreme or another with nothing in between right now everyone's like 60 Minutes interview by Anderson Cooper ratings are through the roof at what he's doing is private life right and it's like and violate election fraud because it's election funds at this is not what it's meant to catch is this kind of things like you're not doing interview with her about about this election there's enough other stuff like the whole Clinton Monica Lewinsky thing over some of that stuff because he lied under oath to a grand jury I never had to me like that but I thought okay we reached a whole new level of low was Windows Congressional hearings to have with Monica Lewinsky in them and whose power pole jump on it and they were talking about the president's comes to an address I thought it's really happening it's like is a congress is debating a cumstain from the presents like that's what I realize we reached the point is like for anything to be acceptable it just has to happen like you would never envisioned that if you let you know you were going to talk about address for the president can happen if you never do that they absolutely did it they busted that dress out maybe like I didn't like to dry clean your ass and it was it was so disgusting but now they don't give a fuck you know if Hillary wants to like beat the shit out of the fucking frying pan let her do it you know that's fine too but you know it is what does it have to do with anything you know what is Trump having sex with a pornstar what does that have anything to do with his Effectiveness as leader there's so many other things literally everything else everything about him looking at this point is the perception that it's not it's not let yourself get distracted cuz I woke up the other day to everybody talking about Trump threaten to beat up yeah he's he's old man I'll beat the crap out of them in like it was all this like schoolyard talk and it was like covering for today because that's clearly to be a distraction one is like there wasn't something else big that everyone was talking about and he got them all talking about something else that has been presidential speech into that one time like a year ago when you became president lines with what I agree with and there hasn't been much but when he went after a congressman people about being in the pocket of the NRA he just recently did that and was directly telling them that they were just taking money from the NRA and their pocket and they they need to stop doing that I really can't identify with my present today you know this is one of the few days I can say that never over there is like Trump gun control, but he didn't say it I mean crazy Joe Biden is trying to act like a tough guy actually he is weak both mentally and physically and yet he threatens me for the second time with physical assault he doesn't know me but he would go down fast and hard crying all the way don't threaten people Joe so you wouldn't you wake up and that's between of the day that you got a nice like there's something else he's making that tweet it is something else he's trying to just get mad about something I don't follow Donald Trump on Twitter I'm sure none of y'all to be there by like I see everything I hate that guy I can't miss a word exactly the same thing to me I don't know if you'd Whitesell young life is a christian-based youth group focused on leaving kids towards Jesus I'm a Junior leader for in my area in Arizona they go that's the mission of young life now we know it sounds like you're about the Youngblood it's not like a term for I don't know ignore me a Dollar Shave Club when I say Dollar Shave Club what Pops in your head living life size dollar bills shave each other for fun your way off of what you said earlier Dollar Shave Club offers an amazing affordable say that will blow your mind while keeping your face as smooth as a baby's recent recently shaved face Dollar Shave Club deliver everything you need to look smell and feel your best of course they have the best razors I've ever used I get an amazing high-quality save every morning from Dollar Shave Club executive razor it's all this stuff I didn't even pick it up so you 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sleep in bed with us and they do the same and yes it's on the pillow are all lined up like Charlie Bucket and the Charlie Chocolate Factory but they they will get up in the middle of the night one of them will go get water make a lot of noise then go to the door grass to go out I let them out they do their thing I come back and I get up again to let them back in the second I said the door and get back in bed the other one starts the process they can never coordinated ever since like a 10-minute ordeal and I'm wide awake at that point a little life doggy door in your door the door close the door has this thing where if you shut it all the way Fairfield California meow nutmeg and then if you open it like 5° it's fine but if you owe me less than 5° it stays open but then it doesn't think my baby there cuz you got the door open a little bit further WD-40 is that a lubricant or is that clean out lubricant don't use WD-40 in the place of oil cuz it's stripped out oil and leave oil is more permanent solution and I use grease to clean grease do not do not use paint over and then wipe it right away when it's all wet paint nail polish over the nail polish and then you wipe it it'll come off a dry erase board to take a dry erase marker and color over that in the race of life hack should I tell her to call me back over a really funny cut your day where someone had drawn on a dry erase board is this giant cat and then the teacher came in the race today and what part of arcade draw a huge penis on the Whiteboard dry erase date of the cat bit and then the cabinets were what kind of race scene from the from the website it's a myth that it's not really lubricant the fact is it is a unique special brand of lubricants okay we'll listen I'm a victim to an ex wives tale that you should use WD-40 to lubricate stuff through the day before where someone made a knife out of a roll of aluminum foil Twilight WD-40 is not a lubricant is the first autocomplete I seen yesterday it was such it seem like I would have taken a really long time to go through all the steps I think 10 15 * made that connection that you could do like you could make aluminum foil into a block of aluminum which is like step wonder what he does right as rolled it all up take the inside out which I don't know why I did that I need to take the original cardboard price to the first anyway that you could just take it all compress it seated hammer it down and you got a block of aluminum you doing that for a while I squeeze like tapping it to show you that it's a solid piece of metal really cool aggregate explanation of what you dislike most of it set up I want to know what the real time on it was like how many hours even like makes that would handle and put screws in it and cut them off Santa down on different types of material so I can sharpen it a roll of aluminum foil that he has heated and hammered so that is a solid block of aluminum and then make some nice out of that process so many times it's really really fast that I never thought to that I love that you to exist so you can learn something like that cuz there's stuff I wondered about my whole life like pre-internet and then finally was so I can look it up I wonder about this one of the kids looked it up I've always wondered where do they come from I'm still haven't Googled that one side of aluminum foil should you use to put around the food because one side is all in one side of shiny they're not different than the same thing it's because when they make aluminum foil they press two sheets of aluminum together and the inside makes the doll and the outside is too shiny or vice versa I separate them so that's why it looks like the street on the side Saloon I think it can make a minor difference but it's really negligible exactly which lifehacker.com WD-40 and WD-40 can be used to lubricate just about any movie metal Parts but is this true are there instances were w40 can be answer hold up WD-40 is not a natural lubricant WD Sam's for water displacing and its main use as a solvent or rust dissolver lubricant like property to become not in the substance itself or from dissolving components and the effect does not last it's only write a selection from their website now that you've read that I'm going to redo the entire passage that clean while the WD in WD40 stand for water displacement WD-40 multi-use product is a unique Special Blend of lubricant so it's true that it's after water displacement but it is still a blend of Lewbert scientific I mean it's if I want to if I want to get a little jar I can use hot water to lubricant I wouldn't use that to you know a car do you some lubed none squeaky hinges Vaseline them up earlier use Vaseline as a lubricant to use Vaseline every day for the last week but it's actually it's funny cuz Trevor happen to see a mole on my back that looked a little suspect suspect and I have a lot of moles and freckles and stuff it's it's from my mom's side everyone that says family have a lot and it's my first time going to the dermatologist to get like a whole body check your stero very fair skin you should get checked out what people have it the worst glasses that I was there anything in particular that you're wanting to get checked out like we're obviously going to look everywhere and it's like a my boyfriend's Mall in the back of my on my back that look suspicious and she's like okay we'll get to that she's looking at my body she gets my back and the second she sees it she goes oh yeah that needs to come off but yeah like today she's like this looks very suspect and so they removed it that day and I have like stitches in my back and I have to keep it moist and Vaseline up a melon baller it's the ABCD supposed to look for when it comes to moles it's a symmetry of the it's at a cemetery of the mole aardvark The Irregular border Behr color color if it's the color changes or is it colored and in the diameter the diameters bigger than the size of a pencil eraser in Decatur if you should look at when you're looking at I know because I have a lot of muscle is now bigger than a pencil eraser can stretch out on you first dog's paws tattooed on my stuff I never knew either Bosworth pause I never ever do that Becca was our very first ever model for the Russia store besides fishing for our first attempt to have lines of clothing for a female viewers she was the model for all that stuff and I didn't know until right now that it was actually based on your first dog's Paws I chased him around put poster paint on his paws in the bed for like 3 hours am I going to try to logo tattooed on my arm today at the tattoo touched it since we did it are we getting I mean we've seen it before but will close up on anyway. Very dirty bubble bubble bubble bubble is a ball that what makes wobble but it doesn't bubble and they're big on YouTube halfway a ball in a balloon but it comes to slated and it tells you to pick you up this valve with Vaseline and then insert this air dispenser into it so invasive headlight bulb fit in my car and so we have once we blew it up we have this thing it's like seriously 3 feet wide and it popped the other day I was so happy she was really sad my kids were a lot younger I went as long as I could but I explain to them what batteries were didn't do anything that's just what it is I think that's a great idea the best part is like whenever we go by kids like carnivals but there's deathtrap Cardinals and I love him too expensive lifestyle but they always have those vendors that sell those spinning whirling light things that you just told me just make noise be like oh hey look at this house but they have they sell those things like the little Lake City touristy toys but they also have these things I've never seen before they're like these slime balls where you would throw it down and it would like a flat for a second and then reform itself but it would make this like sounds like everywhere me and Bethany went in Rome especially it's very touristy areas I was just calling her kills a very Serene Place absolutely it was aggravating aggravating bookmark random shit with your browsing to bookmark something like like the quick links on my browser I don't use my bookmarks menu and then I'll load up bookmarks I see all of his random shit that I basically saved like I'm going to come back and use this but it was something I found a few things actually it was what is that article saying showing pictures of things the way they actually are versus the way they appear in people's photos and one was like going to the Leaning Tower Pisa and they went like 50 yards away and took a picture into all these dopes you don't like tons of chores trying to take that exact same fucking photo and then when was Mount Everest named shows the peak of Mount Everest and they showed a Q looks like a line of people now there's such a stranger to climb up to the top of it where it's just like it's a good you just in line basic to go to the top touristy stuff and people trying to sell you stuff but I think I bookmarked was it was one of these like life hack Pro tips whatever and it was a way to get photos of touristy stuff but get him in such a way that it looked away just posted which is you essentially in Photoshop you just sit there you put something on a tripod you take like 10 to 15 photos of it and then there's a function of our shop or you just combine the common imagery in a batch of photos and the base it takes all the people because they're moving around you that's like, I mean helps if you take a lot more photos but you can basically blank something out by doing that is super helpful to have that is a video filter for day 5 but it was really glad that was really cool thing and I didn't know that existed like that and then does it go like reform itself and make the noise what does it do you do the onomatopoeia what's up with that sound like when I said good like that's a noise that would make the noise maker thing all that stuff if I made that thing and introduce that's the world would you sleep at night you know I mean what he had any money on that one hell of a time trying to sell you flowers but they don't try to sell it to you they just try to hand it to you. It's it's a polite way to mug somebody when you don't know what New Orleans it's just there's no reason to why was afraid of shit like that at all at one time, said I can tell you where you got your shoes Stephen Curry acted like you got them on Bourbon Street like where was standing at the moment and that'll be $5 in like intimidated him until he was a friend of mine has no that's $5 and then like 2 other dude showed up and I was I heard him that you made a bet with him and you owe him $5 and it's like okay getting ready to go to the zoo and I'm sure it's like if push came to shove there would be no pushing and shoving but it's like there is definitely impression of like ocean these guys are if I just give him 5 bucks I didn't want to get all his stuff is some lady was handing out cards Inner Circle normal thing on the street that would choose him your cards but then when she handed the Carter and I took one from her and it was like asking for a donation and then she just fucking latched onto me and wouldn't leave me alone either which was weird but she was just like because I interacted with her she was like I'm on the hook at that point for her is like fuck off dude I'm out in public there's these people who are trying to talk to you or inform you or get you to sign up for like something like Greenpeace green peas or Planned Parenthood and it's like it's a great cause and I'm glad people are doing it and getting the word out but they're often times and I'll pass by people and they like all like I already supported or like I'm on my way somewhere sorry like I can't talk right now trying to be as polite as possible because I'm usually on my way somewhere there was a time this past weekend where I was on Congress and walking bikes I was on my way somewhere and someone I forgot organization that was said like 80 have a moment to talk about Bubba blah blah and I'm so sorry I'm on my way there but I'm already very informed on this subject like I'm sorry I can't stop and he goes oh I guess you just don't care then alright keep walking and I was like dude like you're the one who's approaching me in the middle of the street to like bombard me with this when I'm on my way somewhere else will you show me the courtesy of ignoring the person everyone else at the downtown office, just ignore this is like don't don't even listen to that one place in Austin you guys probably think the Chipotle from here is just like you got to run a fucking Gauntlet every time I can't believe they let people know about that a couple months ago like literally all the way around the complex to get to the Chipotle don't know what it is about that location but it's just it's just a combination of people just asking for money and then and then people who were just there promoting some kind of cause I saw some people I was driving down Lamar the other day and I saw some people in a fundraiser for something I don't know. Where is that they're holding a poster board passing around you know a container asking for money on there poster board that also said Melissa and have their venmo address they had a job but they weren't going around like bothering people like knocking on Windows or just go talk to me except I don't and don't all apps on my phone that will harvest I personally have an event at Rooster Teeth recently where we had a bartender who was like friends with someone who works here and he had a tip jar but he also had a venmo account listed right under where his leg name and information was so if you didn't have cash with you to tip him you could just hug you say that all the time when there's like an open bar but a tip jar but might not be the best word but it was someone who is like I was just in case somebody stopped me on the street and it's weird about this like people from owning a cause and then also going back to your thing about wild wild country actually fight because I don't remember this but there was an organization in Austin called zendik Farm remember zendik far they would put it out like once a month or something was telling his Dean back in the days I was younger and I remember when she was just talking to the same I start talking to her and she seems like super into me so we started talking and it was like and then I fucking realize later I look it up and listen to that is a very brief Wikipedia about the founder of zendik farms name is Wolf zendik and members zendik news on Public Access television 2006 for their t-shirt sales of t-shirts and bumper sticker saying stop itching start a revolution the community has been disbanded with the property being sold it has been accused of being a sex from the Austin Chronicle in 1993 for best Hill Country called big farm stuff from like the 90s from Public Access television and if this is even I tried to get you I think it's like Post David koresh which one came back like that in the for the comet people that come they all drinking did you like the two in the in my lifetime the two big calls like I don't remember Jonesboro Potter this is a funny concept I sent Barbara link earlier this guy had a Simpsons dinner party food from The Simpsons paper bag for slice of cheese there is a Colt deficit in Austin right now and send it forms not here we got we got books we got movies. Shows we just need to tell us a bunch of self-help books and web content super-city like watching people for 15 years what that's it is time to wrap up though so where you go start or called so I want to thank everyone for watching this week's podcast and we'll see you next time