#486 - What Makes It An Ocean

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Burnie Burns, and special guest James Buckley as they discuss Ready Player One, 15 years of Rooster Teeth, Facebook, and more on this week's RT Podcast! And stick around after the show for an interview with Broken Lizard!

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Recorded: 2018-04-03 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Burnie Burns, James Buckley


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to the receive podcast this week brought to buy hymns and movement I'm guess I'm Gavin and I'm Gus guitar pick it up I almost saw a fight earlier today thinking of being in the United States and the roundabout there's a light right and there's usually panhandler's there and I'll ask him for money and I'm stopped in the left lane so I'm going to go straight and one of the one of the panhandler gets up to talk to the car in front of me I'm stuck at the light to get up to talk to the car in front of me I could see the woman in the car in front of me to her back seat so the guy. The homeless guy like go to the the rear door opened it up and there's like a bag then you grab the bag and Omens like waving to him like I guess it was like a bag of water or food or whatever nice Lady Gaga's the bag you know what happens giant bag of shit and she's pulling a prank like trash know she starts walking away to go back to where he was sitting before another car that was like the next Lane over the driver put his car in park and gets out and starts yelling at the homeless guy in walking over technique he assumes that the homeless guy just opened up that woman's door and took her bag so he's coming out he starts yelling and pay for the homeless guy and they're like in each other's faces like screaming at each other on the kindness of a fight really nice and others like I'm going to watch a fight right in front of me I was hoping it was going to help you even if the guy in like it just read that it's okay then like the guy that turned around to go back in the car and the guy still upset he's like screaming at the guy who got out of the car and that encounter the women's Lana less than that and then you just do it make mistaken old kicks off yet and you just revert to the last checkpoint. Be a situation where if I could just go back to the checkpoint I would and could play out entirely differently I never reverse the checkpoint when did everything goes on her to start shutting grenades and like running around shooting everything I do shotgun comes out so when you're playing Horizon you for the right did you pee in the bushes for like 10 seconds and 100 ticks off you just guns blazing there's a lot of parts in Horizon we got to go up pretty long distance and yellow kill. I can't walk that way what are the snake robots what do they have been like the weasel looking one in the Lord of Horizon 2 loads you got to let go you got to track them over and they just after while you're so fuck it and you get out and you should be good all the same size like that too but if I was loading States approaching it differently some people just don't have what it takes to play through so far games and try and hit man cuz you can you can go in that affected if that guy can wait just in a box for 4 days box just walking around in for like a two-and-a-half-hour the pub and is like 9:30 by the time we finished yeah you got to be steeped in the lore that's how I felt when we were in line for Ready Player one it's out by and Ashley wanted to wait in line and it was a two-and-a-half-hour line waiting to get in the movies what an hour and a half two hours 20 minutes is it okay what is your opinion of Ready Player one I did 9 none of those too many things distracting right obviously shot in tile in England like it look like England everyone in it was English pretending to be American I just wasn't my feelings and that's all of our media romaker Street in London from the UK and Oliver best actors Earl cuz when you hear about it Simon Pegg the other name English voice play Americans from Manchester or something from the office and black guy from extra extra oh good day for me Tracer from OverWatch is what British territory including potentially future IP that we don't recognize like the main characters to be these incredibly popular future IP things that they've used for the wrapped are Tracer which modern day I come back to it in five or six different scene yeah but it makes sense hopefully reference he wasn't on the back that was kind of pump I thought I was fine I didn't regret going to watch it was fun was that good thanks for the food and the Bear he's at my saved in there at the cuz I'm not going to be mad at me and then hang around with him all week I'm sick of sacrifice but they said that they were doing this thing on the on the screen or set you know if someone's annoying then you can that would be fantastic and then you would have been just like you get out I know I don't have an argument that he's all the way across the movie theater you've made a complaint delay like say that they crossed honey I think that's up to the grass particular I think has to be done holding codes down on that piece of paper for them to collect is a thing for Anna minutes he's a good guy okay yes I'll get it for you now so then Give It 2 minutes and then come back and say all this going to complain I'll tell you you are you complain and order food on the same card like hey by the way so I can go rug I don't want to be there when you are a new eBay discussion no I didn't I just knew it was going to I was going to have to see how was it it was I guess I'll leave you thing is so soon after came out what it was like the parents and then two daughters and the dogs were younger there probably like 12 or 13 the family walks in here then when I walk in the father looks at the girl that goes okay we're not sitting together you you're the 4th sit down over there and you you're like on the other end on that aisle over there the girls are just looking at him because that's not funny joke for table as soon as soon as this was at 10:11 and we go to the pictures together whatever I will get them separate safe foods of 2 so then you basically having your kid go on a date with some random strangers that was right credit card account remember any moment from the film from the office American office David Koechner whatever his name is. Tired so it isn't right by 1 can you talk I think it was cool it's the one thing that if you don't understand the reference I think you would get lost in that moment but it's absolutely should look really cool it looks really that stuff was impressive the film was very differ from the book they kept the title and the character names and that end in V all right yeah but I was expecting to release a fact that you just stupid go ahead let me see everything from the book okay what's the right there was you want to be in a movie for the most having been an actual real famous movies and then I don't know what about life said you had to work closely with his rights or is it more just like I'll take care of it just tell me what to stand or you like working on the character and camera lens in the eyepiece have a shopping list and no way they want you to stand no one says like oh maybe you should try doing it like this artist how many times on the in-between is what you told to like adjust your performance that was one time where he ignores he was one of the voices and one of the co-directors of the second movie this is why I like when we were doing the TV show his note was can you do that again but that's definitely the coolest yeah I know before but I definitely deserve it we just need to have my hand ringing the doorbell dive is the middle finger in and I was looking at the moment so I missed the doorbell at least one is here just get distracted when you see yourself on the Mona you want to look at it it cost you to miss that doorbell mm film every second we held down the record likes it hold it down was $5 the second one you waste the first second or two spitting up you do and then you have a limited amount of film on the real so you have enough for you to have enough to do a shot she has to let it go and it's like shit we saw to get it developed and everything else really weird like shoot something to say alright we'll see what that looks like in about 3 weeks cuz we don't have any of any idea whatsoever in the for that stuff so ready player one only made $41 this weekend and yeah this is the opening weekend that's why I thought it was the amount of gatekeeping that people were doing where they were they were trying to dislike this movie before they even went into it but I convinced it was going to be terrible just wanted you to know I'm really not knowing anything about it and we watched it we walked out just like white people bitching about this dude what the fuck are people complaining about it and it was fine people who think that the number of references to other IP like The Iron Giant show so there wasn't as many as I thought it was going to be the fact he's like loaded with him and some of the big scene yeah but it wasn't able to pandering let's meet tonight if you go and if you go into a VR environment today all you see her i t e r chat it's just that I'd like why would you want to support that to the more people make more movies along the lines of what you like the paperwork and legal what technical nightmare that must have been together in the same area that I think 75% of it was Anne Boleyn still bug stuff released for Ruby a tend to have no clue I didn't I didn't see her or the crescent rolls besides it's time for her and for her weapon so I don't know I notice there was no no Nintendo stuff yeah I'm going to go by Sonic Street fun nice if you would like a few times Ruby in the chat we're monitoring the chat or maybe just decipher it's just so just find it so difficult cake so I'd about stuff is so computer-generated yeah but yours she was the most the movies in CG animated movie she told me yes so do I let me know if we want to submit my top 5 movies does not single animated movie that would cancel that so yes I like The Shining they were able to recreate an exact was incredible that accept it was amazing for something that I feel like I know that space really well and they were able to replicate back in it that's scary if like I feel if that if any of that was reconstructed really like if they build a set or if they went to a location that was from The Shining recreate it and tell him it's so cool to walk as an actor impressive if that was the case I don't know even what we were looking at them was just computer-generated that's why it's what you believe me just feeling so slightly too short to lock the time when they were in ER in the Oasis everything looks easy but that shining part when they lying on the carpet is really an artistic choice right like the Oasis supposed to be crazy video gave me but then they leave to these other places that they can create that look like the real world start a bakery I think I thought the beginning of the movie was a little too heavy on the computer generates stuff would be my one thing I wish I was a little more what is the world at the top of the film immediately you're like in the in the Oasis you pull out the Gears of War Lancer immediately broke that the gun with the stacks and he's climbing down and I try to establish how many people in the world use the Oasis and just goes to show that even Steven Spielberg can't make people using VR look cool it always just looks dope even trying to make it look cool I don't know it's like it doesn't matter how you present that it always looks awful the movie set in the future and yeah we always just a pain in the ass like I've got a cold again but never use it because you still like to get out and everything and this is why isn't over the place the lighthouses Mountain like security cameras those things away right now when is the technology drilling holes in the world and stuff right there in my wall what is the connection to the lighthouse what is that you plug in it looks like I need to talk them on so you don't think you're still have enough if you have too far of a distance you're feeling sorry I don't have I don't have a Riff Raff tiny space what do you get on my level don't worry cuz it's part of your office dude at home are you running around the speed art that are you so it was our anniversary 15 years of me and you so very special what is the 15th anniversary 15 years aged cheese represent 15 is yeah I know any movies I'm going to stay if you want to see any logic we look this up cuz I remember now looking up and looking at it what was surprised about it so the 15th anniversary traditional gift is Crystal something made of crystal dust you can give me watch if you'd like we were talking about that soon but this is really the gemstone and the flower for the 15th anniversary are the Ruby and the rose holy shit like you lost it was year of the rooster that counter rolled over like 3 years from now rats I think you really think I'm a horse I think we slug us know I did 15% off Founder's favorite at the store in 15 years worth of super sale on March that's meticulously handpicked by myself Matt Jeff Bernie and also myself I need Founders Manning be at RT store Twitter for the week because why not kiss high-quality much high-quality is almost 15 is all I need some shows a good deal for a movie how it feel like when you travel internationally Oh I thought I was always you say it's time someone said you look like a shrunken head you did it yet but it was too small but yeah caught with no no I said it wrong you're right I reckon if you was around American states Loosely related to the royal family I think they got to get some but I think there was anything good can you do I love it trust me I look straight ahead what kind of replicate the thing that you he's like that's your problem your finger you like straight look at my finger look straight posture it's where your shoulders or Center. so is a good night sweetie build your confidence up as well what happens if you do to it that's right there one stop at people pre hate before it came out is people I feel like we're in a weird time right now right where Steven Spielberg has had this very prolific career and is only making a couple of films before he retires he's going to fail at making a film at this point in his career in the future where he's going to be with us anymore. Can you believe we were alive at a time when do we could go to the theater and watch a brand new Spielberg film that was going to be premiering some very Spielberg movie Jurassic Park is my favorite film Jurassic Park in Schindler's List in the same year how it goes. Fucking cost of insanity mixed up a little bit I really was it what's the address to fuck fucking amazing terrifying that whole scene where he's talking to himself in the mirror it's just like that's terrifying actually terrifying but the variety headline about ready player one say literally said exactly what you're saying Gus it said that Ready Player One proves the Spielberg can still deliver a blockbuster it's like he's not proving anything to anybody yeah yeah exactly summer blockbuster full that film he he doesn't have to prove what is the extreme that you get worse the more you do I need anything you just Sometimes good sometimes not so good but you just carry on because of this industry and you love working in it and they're still amazing weight loss this is Sting II skinny do the fourth Indiana Jones movie what day would you want me to drive to the Star Wars movie successor to Steven Spielberg and George Lucas somehow done some some good work and I think you've done a good variety of work to that I'm glad I've enjoyed in different ways like going from Super 8 till like a Star Wars kind of film I think the shows some quite a bit of death but even if and JJ Abrams for a long time you like a lot but he does things start really well and you wonder where the hell are they going after awhile you know it's a TV sucks for that cuz it just kind of me and her for a bit but I think you are now there with Cloverfield the franchise like where the fuck is this thing headed for right now I don't think I can really why I don't have watched it since it went off the air and I'm enjoying it so far. It's like the same time that picture was taken at 3104 to 10 success podcast five years in what is the end of the year because we would have started as soon as we should have a congress that's not the case we just went over all this for the wear bar key for the writer strike me of interrupted when we were talking about it as well what we can go back to the date of the podcast what started the first podcast podcast that's what that's why it started full time until like May 09 till December 8th so when was the bed was one of the first things we did was there anything to do with Itchy Butt text to the gamerscore for Jeff I mean wasn't directly sync Achievement Hunter but it was the fact that Jeff was going to get 10000 gamerscore in the first podcast and we do the Call of Duty 1 the Jeff and I were talking about I don't know what I mean. All I remember the 1st of December I don't know if the Call of Duty one or not next one yet you didn't become weekly until May and then why don't think we can missed a week since Melo 9 since we went to the week before Matt it's like this inevitable thing that you can escape from every week you have to sit down and talk with crazy chronicling our lives for almost a decade now I was thinking I was I was thinking I'd like to send me is cuz I can look back at like 2 I was up to in those years and in my head that's cool and I'm never going to do it I'm not going to listen to these 24 in 2040 I've got to find my files that I can't watch this anymore X I went through a Kodak nightmare with us in the early days yeah we had codex that were Hardware locked you need to have specific video cards in her computer in order to watch it there was also the Matrix one where you could buy a USB dongle and you could not view the video file unless you at the video card or a $300 USB dongle plug in your computer I feel like Stephen did Kodak isn't used anymore like people using YouTube even though all codex I think like people would even know what the word is anymore yeah but the code is Kotor decoder fuck I was right I should have stuck to my guns there I'm never right over Gavin anymore and now that was a Hail Mary pass is brought you by hams check this out 66% of Men start losing the hair by the age of 35 that's two out of every three dudes on Earth and that's a lot of people 66% 23 if you have this problem check out for him. 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It's like I don't feel like it's something that I need but I feel like you know what that turn E-40 it's like that's what I like you're in the people start to wonder about those kinds of things about well-being the last time James was here he pooped a lot in my toilet but yeah I know I was in trouble last night I was the barbecue and there from about 2 to 5 in the morning this morning it was honestly it was mostly water just came right out the barbecue is not a sponsor for 3 hours you dummy said yeah cuz I could it was 3 hours of all kind that's the end of that now I can go back to sleep and there's like 9 but the thing is I don't eat enough during the day you have my night will boost do bananas have any kind of fruit can run me till potatoes what check did you get sick frequently I don't know it's just Dark Souls of Austin Avenues up spending most of it on the toilet should we be worried here in the podcast I said that if I get through this to myself that's the phone I said you sent me this morning about just now because at 9 I don't think I load Zachary Lowe's vindaloo insta Florida and celebration open the light dress was awesome. Probably be like a media know I'm really you can stomach all that yeah but the barbecue I have a I don't know what I remember the name of it is but we got three medications for The Amazing Race and I kept all of them because they're hard to get medications one was an ant malaria drug one was a very wide spectrum antibiotic and then the other was this anti diarrheal medication and they're tiny little pills the answer that one thing to say to get in trouble so it like you're in a foreign country do some water and you have intense diarrhea take one of these if it's still bad take to but just know if you take to you pretty much paralyzed your guts for like 5 days so I can just shut everything down in the back of my drawer is a very in Palos tired of opiates like heroin and opiates stay slow down your digestive system so I must have time to take like that like an Imodium or whatever that pill was probably an opiate of some kind that doesn't get you high instead of just has the side effect where it shut down your digestive system without the fun part right when I read that some people who are really desperate for a high will take like hundreds of Imodium we have a tiny bit amount of what makes them high but if they take like three hundred pills that they obviously do not do that in there just collapsing and shitting themselves yeah Sedalia Movie that one did you want who has too late anyway left left people telling me that I was born in the year of the ox I'm born in January so that is before the lunar calendar rolls over so I was born in the year of the Rat which is the previous year on our information but you are racist thank you getting tired of arguing with people online with randoms I got to the other day I retweeted this Newsweek article that talked about how more children have been killed by guns in the United States since Sandy Hook then military service members in all of our conflicts since 911 and I thought I replied to me like that is a hundred percent wrong you need to learn to do some research don't reply to accept fax there's no other numbers higher than this so go through the article and I copy and paste the exact like where the research comes from why the numbers are correct and send it back to him and then no reply yes it's like the dude who tells me to research how to double check my fax ignore the fact that I just said to him I know he's read it cuz he's going back inside and there's no fucking research and check my fax and his back the wrong I sent you, right above it peanut butter for four years that would be my advice to Trump right. You're the President right switches to rise above a little bit the most powerful position in the Free World I don't know if that's the case anymore so what would that be who's got that job now in the world yeah did they gave her that before right president most powerful leader of the Free World she does not have term limits correct change they just revoked term limits so he's basically because of you know you'll do a good job I will do the best job that I can do and if you don't see her well you guys have one of the longest-standing leaders in the Free World by far Queen Elizabeth I don't know if she's an active part of the government but she's obviously a leader I think technically she is she has to be involved she has a minute so whatever is the meeting with the Prime Minister every week it's soaking about cuz he's on the world I love her but you like walked over Swedish really pretty cool the queen and specs on sa80 assault rifle November 2016 yeah that's a long time yeah I just think it's kind of crazy how she did it now get my stuff. Well the crane family. I think that great family video from YouTube. American-made saying oh you the Royal Family actually makes you guys money today that's not the case it's really not the case until they doing okay they doing fine out of being the royal family in the United States to cost us money I just don't think they don't have any inheritance tax and things like that and then we'll just be rich forever and it keeps that's right yeah it will it just keeps it keeps the status quo it really does keep the closest a minute at that time and it's getting worse and worse and the divorce is getting worse and worse the rich are getting richer and the poor were just having a terrible time and the queens of represents that they keep that tradition ins is I like it I mean do not come in the country where I should be able to say this whole thing because you guys for great big mess of War because you keep giving this family money. Don't do anything I just don't like the idea of someone being great by birth not by Mary shouldn't it shouldn't that should be the case so it should be you know everybody everyone deserves the same stop the same aspirations in life and what if there was a lottery to be the royal family and like change of plans how many people living on the family Ashby surrendered some land over the government spy off a debt and leave me like a tiny bit of an old I do is make money from the country that I don't pay any packs to live in that like it's just it's it's it's it's there is older the system is all that keep them Rich to keep the making more money and keep this thing going forever and ever and ever until people go safe. Go very well for real family finally decide what we have is like the cool English thing in NYC go to see the Buckingham Palace because they're in London that I don't have your dinner with me what time you want to get tonight in one day be sweet but you don't like this because he's the president night States was elected into that office and he owns all this stuff right now the only things and then can direct government funds towards it or trips or something like that or put ceiling Resorts and that feels gross when you read it but I mean it's just the sum of the Angels before Obama and then he had financial interest in Munitions and oil and since he did all that stuff that he did, George W yeah this one is a board of directors for Halliburton or former executive and then they became the number one contractor security and stuff I'm Security in things I like it it's like reliving the same information of gaslighting spiral now I just read Gus that people on the right feel that CNN lettuce into the Gulf War but misleading people about weapons of mass destruction and everything results CNN we got we got rid of those weapons weapons together there or their misinformation come from but it is really weird you know how do you find someone who can run a country without any type of potential personal conflict he take money out of it take money out of politics yeah but the person that wins the presidential election in this country the person spends the most money on the campaign simply it's just a person who gets the most of the show up and looks so few people vote in this country was and then I think most people voted for Trump because I would like will definitely don't want Hillary say about Trump going to become president that's how desperate I was and then you can break the same thing and then it happens with this with the system we got now and if there is an option for something to different the guy well what's the worst that can happen in the last Thousand Years the World's Fair or less Fair when it comes to those who was social I feel like money and that they didn't own any protest you could just send out a bunch of people just to beat them all to death and then just come back inside and it would be like this but yeah like I said I probably do that right I mean our country in the world where that happens and then yeah they disappear fast do you know I'm trying to find stuff from February 6th 2003 ironically on CNN.com US Secretary of State Colin Powell use electronic intercept Satellite photographs and other intelligence sources Wednesday and therefore to commit skeptical members of the UN Security Council that are active actively working to deceive you and weapons inspectors that is reading at just brings back all those memories you know for when we started red versus blue it's so funny it's like them all the time now but that was February 6th 2003 we started River School April 1st of 2003 we're actually worried that it was inappropriate to have a war based comedy show because the war start I think 6 days before red versus blue debut and we saw the people who think we're making a commentary on the war and American post 911 got a bad glazed over little bit cuz it's like you just got off of it going it did that terrorist attack you know you got it means go after him and Troy him 11 but you just got convoluted Iraq you got to do right now do you know what's the book Fast ideas okay I got some church in the UK founded in 1018 the leader of the remaining Bulgarian resistance is Ashley blyden captured by strategos someone from the Byzantine Empire who decided that the history should be written down but we need stuff recorded long beyond my life would have told stories because people in most people when literate one goes first piece of history with a diary I'm going I'm writing our current hits. Cuz we have a lot of it everything what no one thinks that far ahead tell someone just like you can see what the weather was like on a day in like 1904 I know if it was really kind of recorded history is roughly 5,000 years beginning with Sumerian cuneiform script the oldest discovered form a coherent writing from the proletariat. Around the 30th Century BC 30th Century BC 33000 BC wow I thought of Babylonian scripts I believe to manuscripts that are in Sanskrit and we've only translated like 2% of it cuz nobody cares cuz there's too many stuff that does no relevance of copper try to secure it I think I keep that around that's all. Which language we got to break out the bug got to go to Google Translate can you question I need to change subjects here how come when I'm on my mobile phone and I'm on my way browser and I go to websites they constantly bug me to get the rap so I get to get the app get the app get the app finally after probably a few months ago into one website of my you know what I'll get the app can I get the app then the problem flips on me the front flips because then I can never get back to my web browser from the fucking app every app has built-in like a fake version of wings you to the app oh yeah they put you in a fake version the website and then nothing looks right you know where are fake version of a web browser nothing looks right and it also then if you go to something else I'll leave from there it says on YouTube video it plays message in this I want to play the YouTube app and if you would have just sent this in my browser it would have sent me to the fucking attitude trying to trap you into a system looks like we both know the timing on the browser get the fucking happen I'm going to happen to get out of the fucking asking because it's so you want to change seats and if some reason you got to look good americanairlines.com through the act like a dog browser does a monkey just send me the fucking Cromer's whatever that says request desktop version cuz sometimes you can do you summon the mobile version of website. Is this picture. It never works for me if it does if you ever go to work sometimes it's like sometimes you don't get it what's the point what's the point you're right there because any time I click on the link that's all it is is just links to other shit about it and then the Builder real crappy version of a web browser and it keeps me inside there at cuz it won't be going somewhere else I fucking hate that I refuse to use their stupid ass up. I got my web browser list your good man think like you're still good good man what about that will Pinterest Pinterest is a moodboard sore stuff in it get lost this discussion or you were going to say you know what we don't need to look at any of the rest of it used to keep score is freecell games he let write down his final score 15000 Games episode of this is like a serial killer on the computer he would write us down what are you going to join look back at them and how old was he one of the most frustrating things in my career Rooster Teeth is that for the first 10 fucking years really for the first 8 years that we had one shot basically one show about backups backups of everything customer that everything was organized as part of the the pipeline Production Way to collect everything then put it onto drives and keep the drives and different location and then they're also just you would burn as well because I had a copy of my house of all these stacks of hard drives and a copy at work and then about what 5 years ago so we said hey can you have copies of the drives at home you can't have those we just need for security purposes we got to have those in the office and then the tech guy sounds like okay I go to some of the old RVD why don't you later okay literally 3 months later we needed them couldn't find their phone immediately soon as I turn them they disappeared and the first part of. I literally said we're screening it we get his part where Adam Ellis is going during looking for bands that he's fine he's old hard drive to get his I don't know they never really kept records of anything I guess gusted all these back back up then I would go fuck yourself it was Bobby I never took credit for that, I don't know why it smells like navigate to Brandi was like to chat on the website mr. good was asking why would you keep it into separate location and it was like fire or something happened to one of those I just read this on Reddit in their crappy version of the web browser this story that they don't know who invented the fire hydrant because the paper patent records were destroyed your pocket they couldn't look up the answer to that is I think you carry with you when you have previous jobs you carry those things forward with you to your next job and the guy we used to work for at the call center additionally he had a secure storage facility for data tapes and records for lawyers and doctors stuff like that and so I learned a lot about data archiving and security of things from that just like normal procedure to me to have a double backup worked in the Telecom industry for a long time and the Telecom industry is very good about redundancy and Fail-Safe Sandy no back-up plan should have any Facebook little piece of advice for anybody out there ever get a crisis you ever work anywhere some people's first reaction is to delete emails never fucking do that never ever wants to lawyers will tell you that it was ever crisis showing up think nobody delete emails deleting conversations any like other teams like what are you go right there and apparently Facebook has been caught now they're deleting internal conversations about things and somehow this is come to like maybe somebody inside a Facebook let him know about that they use black and red flag don't ever don't ever get fucked up things going on over there right now I mean that was the first was the Cambridge analytica thing and then there was the story that are technically broke which I talked about the other week where someone discovered that if you had Facebook installed on your Android phone that it was logging your text messages and your phone calls Facebook came out and denied it and then our second cuz I will here's the proof and then Facebook it's all yeah we were doing that sorry everybody and then apologize agree to that it's in the terms of service do we know if I wanted that to be done did he want to track people's texts and calls for this Gathering more data information online now what do I have on their personal stuff on Facebook and I have like an official. Facebook page and a post on there like my Twitter account I'm not going to be updating this anymore I'm going to delete it and there were a lot of people who got really mad at me saying like if I don't have anything to hide I shouldn't care if Facebook's going through my stuff is the worst that's what that's the beginning of the end when country start going in are we going to stop the search if you know just because we can and then if you got what I've got nothing to hide there's no apparent that you need to have to prove it so your bra is a human beings doesn't matter if you for anything. You don't have anything so hard these people don't have the wrong cuz I got I choose not to arrest you and detain you if I just shouldn't be like people let me ask you this how do you feel about CCTV cameras that are in you sell over the UK in what chemical is way more than that we don't really have any yeah yeah and it is you know I think I think there's a difference between just being just to see it as CCTV come out on the streets it's probably yeah to somebody personal correspondence and things in my bedroom but if it's on the street where I am I'll be glad to see some TV so I know where is right and I'll never do this again like I said I my kids as kids account and it's hard to graduate someone from a kid's account to an adult account like you not Xbox or Microsoft account and on Windows 10 my youngest kid is so now 13 weather like back when he was 10 I set him up as a kid account based on my account and then without me option without me selecting it or going out looking for it but suddenly at the end of the week on Sunday it says hey here's everything your kid did this week on the computer and like I don't want this I mean 10 so it's like he's a little bit under the age of when I think he should have total privacy but I was like I didn't I didn't ask said to have this report on my kid telling me what they're doing it out. Looks like it's a logging it somewhere you know that somebody else can read that as well by that yes this is so far it's just a little bit it was all the people was so worried back when technology was getting big they're going to track everyone never tuna put device them people never despise their own devices smart speaker to compete with like the Apple home pod and the Alexa and they have to like put it on hold and I can't wait on that was just to talk to my friends and England the only contact I don't know what a great gift for your 15th anniversary watches they also make awesome sunglasses and just released a ton of fresh new style for spring so get ready for those sunny days ahead with movements brand new looks I just actually was looking through and I saw the Hyde sunglasses really stuck out to me either Sleek stylish and they look like they're pretty lights and darks coming up this summer you know that sunglasses as I'm walking from venue the venue to meet all of you wonderful people to come down and visit us in the past I know if shelled out money for sunglasses that you know maybe don't look as good or fall apart and I have the same type of experience apparently so I decide to make quality trendy sunglasses at a fair price the art plastic there acetate you can even get them polarized the best part is they start it just $70 move-in has many different styles to choose from for him and her get 15% off today with free shipping and free returns were going to mvmt.com Rooster industry and now it's time to go check out the sunglasses go to mvmt.com / rooster join the movement so you might want for the sales department if they want movement to sponsor something at this company they should put a rack of sunglasses right by the door that we out of here because it is you don't realize how your vision adjust to being in the studio with no natural light and then you open the door and it's like the surface of the Sun Gavin Brothers do you take when it's raining how bright it stays late here so anytime we're done with the podcast on Monday when I walk out I'm always shocked at how much sun there still is and I'm just shocked that thing the sum of any and everything in Austin is just white bright material that's like what is what color is that man what would you rather have would you rather have automatic dimming or contact the give you night vision expand here would you have contacts to give you night vision contacts that dim and make things where they're you know you at the sun without having sunglasses or would you rather have your piece that does Universal translation can I throw in a fourth one that could be over and not let any lights her why cuz you have trouble sleeping are more useful give up so you can sleep in a bright room yeah right when I sleep when you close your eyes when you go to sleep mask was the easiest solution for yesterday I forgot it I'm just awake for the whole flight I want to just go and why I go dog okay I like to see some pink fuzz probably look at look like how do you say stuff like this on a plane know I might be leaving your hand in front of you on a beaver have that this is starting to happen to me it just it I don't know what it is why is that is that a shame you should do you have little metal circles on some of the stitches play look at your pocket because it's on the right side you know you have that pan that selling his stuff that I took in about 3 or 4 pairs of jeans I have a shirt that I love that has a pearl snap shirt and that part of the sleeves that's open to rip and it slowly and I'm used to roll it up and that I'm not keeping up with it like it's it's not ripped all the way up here and she just had some of the word apartment so it up for me to feel like it's rude to ask you got to witness I will just go and pay someone you know you'd be really helping me out if you could do this stuff wouldn't go I'm not no one's going to feel like they can be forcing them to do something when we recently had a steak cooking competition on the podcast I won't go into who wanted but this truck right there and I asked the the metal working crew over in dark apartment I asked him to sharpen my knives they thought they had sharper knives would make the steaks be more tender and I felt bad about it that's all I brought in and he cut them like razor sharp and he said yes I'll do that okay so if you job of course you know where I needed something you would return the favor skills that people could take advantage of a website where you can upload photos of your dogs for a while yeah I'm good I just kind of had it with dogs I've been out with you and it's like you don't bring the dogs allowed to come nobody in particular no restaurant and it's like I just hanging out there and the dog doesn't have to wear pants in public you're super happy about it but every now and then I'm thinking about him pic of Alan's dog I get so excited every day to treat an event you know why Connie Britton Castaway exactly why can't you hear she had a cat here and got thrown out cuz I started smell McAllen pissing all over the Liza koshy Patrick all over computer is about you got it you had a cat no you at Joanne Congress we get after taxes he said on the stairs and people would stop and say hello videos of me Pat and Joe at Congress he said armor that blue Ikea couch that we had and never become the most jewelry Joel. Couch together I remember that we remember putting all those desks together and I love to it's like in 50 years of this company I love when I come across something I'm like that's where that ended up like I just saw something the other day that it was something we had back in Congress and it was like 10 years ago and I said I don't know what the path it took to get from there to here like you I was just assigned to do some like tiny little things back in the day this out cuz no one could be able to do it whether we don't use it but can you email YouTube from the receipt email address and get the Steve email the receipt YouTube account yeah I was like you put like gloss us and lemon pie in Seattle night so that while I was dodging terrible desktop backgrounds Bears Jellycat absolute Joe the cat that was no longer with us unfortunately too bad the cat has departed said about you that she's very sad about it but I didn't get a pet until I was like a scene so all of the pets I've ever had or life which means I'm not ready to deal with that desk yet I've never dealt go talk when I was seven things the first time we go out and eat just don't like a few weeks ago yeah and that I just don't think I'm an animal person cuz I called my mom to something else and I just don't have the guy and she went well you know we're hanging in there. Yeah yeah I know we going to have a cremated and put her on the phone before saying you know the time is come you have to put down yeah have your own died when when he was born and start walked into a movie that was about 21 22 but yeah Nathan I don't think you love me enough to you love Smule hot dog it's like the queen and dogs are so pretty traumatic I got a phrase that really what you said when you were a kid died and I don't have that in there that the picnic tables. But you know the cat was really bad but it's like he's 12 we got a lot of fun years together that's hanging on dude you need to call me now yeah I mean it's just it's one of my favorite the when they animated Christmas talking about his mother's dog is the melting Ducks my mom's dog is dead because you're not dead but it's a Christmas special brain that was deaf and blind and also just kept having athletic says this is the point where it's like it what what is the quality of life like this the life of register as anything that this point and I have one guy where he did say the dogs gone because of all the years of Sullivan jokes that we can make about this talk we just burst out laughing we could talk in circles right outside of our back door there's an old pointer and we were is everything there who died of the winner to get some severe Frost this winter and we're about to replant everything and we noticed that there's a bird's nest in there was five eggs make you one of the security cameras that inside the house or outside set up on a tripod from my fucking VR setup dust and I now have it like I never lose at these vertigo time and cheering for the bird bath you showed I can show it to us 80 between the show and the potion of healing like but then these other birds will just do it early hang out in the area would have come back and we just sit on literally watch this last night. yes about it Green Planet Blue Planet season 2 episode 2 Amazing Story unbelievable he's going to have to go there anymore or oceans where the water doesn't get out like where's the border between the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean eventually you're in one and not the other was at the lizard running I've no idea what's going on over there. I'm hearing 91 in our body of water like okay the Pacific men's halfway now and then the left side of the Pacific is now the Japanese ocean right I might just go and claim it Europe is a continent Blind part of Asia and no one wants to fucking talk about it there's no difference between Europe and Asia you guys drew a boundary and called it a continent there's nobody water between you and Middle Eastern countries in the western us troop Town that's different every country is the same as you're stupid ocean come in a case of the people know where they are just so you know something other than people know that I lost you can get let's get very very lost and then you go to drive from what I sent to another what does it look like at the Strait of Magellan at the very tip of South America where the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean Park in the ocean with like it's different here this so security stuff I need so what you're in the legal my greatest hits at some point immigration was like people came to this country to come here and live and work in crate this country first person that got here just did a 180 and blocked everyone else from getting off the boat this is why I don't want you coming here better guy who did all the Native Americans needed to do at night to stop smoking in your possible they have to after they hatch under the sand they have to make it to the ocean and they have these fucking snakes pissing off these animals I don't know I don't look at that guy go ghost go in debt so stuff is just look at this baby now it needs to get through thousands of things that's going to kill that there are hundreds of teeth between and being alive classic that hatched in Manistee Catholic saint too much it was a a shot of like something some kind of gives out for that was African yeah that is looking around was giving birth and Darts Away and the baby just like falls out and then she was around for 5 seconds. Cuz like this year but kids watch it yeah that's in prison life and stuff in it and all the other tests fill out while they're running away it's like they wouldn't put that in front of them but yeah yeah but the water buffalo comes up by the words to fight him and then come back and kick it or not be the best thing that you stick it out animals that evolved in Le stuff everything's fine any in there was a time where the first animal was able to go yeah that was the most successful animal was a human of my dog have a situation that hasn't even come up yet cuz I know if the dog which is a dog by the way a dog if someone goes out with you is the dogs not well it needs 20,000 pounds yes all right the hell yeah that's that's that you can change how you say it I know that that's going to happen. You should look at a dog after that point cleaning has been fixed that dog is my son many gaps in my house destroying furniture out of your dog. He said he will Samsung put out a new TV that year K resolution who can predict that but that would kill mice we do want to thank him for watching if you're watching it live right now there's going to be a little bit of a bonus post show segment we had a chance to talk to Broken Lizard about Super Troopers 2 and I'm going to immediately after this if you're watching Lost then we can cut out early so I can thank her for watching we will see you guys next time that you're welcome to the supplemental portion of the receipt podcast on Gus and Jeremy is Jack and we've got broken lizard with us here LOL A lot of people on your said you guys were pushing the limits of technology for camera pretty beefy I'm not I don't think I think we're approaching a world record crowdfunding for Super Troopers 2 at the time and I know what you mean give me wrap it up at that point and now here you are coming out and you guys I'm sure everyone you guys soon as you walked in the door and was told you you guys took a record for me to go go for the Most Wanted film ever congratulations whenever I explain a film by 2.4 million still good though really good and a half but I'm super super broke and rate and try to beat that Mark and it will be that Mark yeah and then what was it like it seems like there was such a big break in-between the first film in the second film was a hard for you guys to get life back into it no I get back into character it was just a matter of growing mustaches here in a minute and get the haircut and put a piece of gum in your mouth bump firing to check if you want to you can augment that with some forearm exercises to get your your cop forearms gone but that's really the process we also you know we make sure these are twice the size of the first phone cuz she knows the sequel so have you seen the first Super Troopers you know that like that character had a really shity mustache and that was not by design that was just what he was capable or incapable of 12 Now call Jason has really taken off in the intervening year if you got a really fulfilled like for every frame find of the first day I'm going to still work you guys have made so I'm super excited I put you I wasn't able to make it to the mirror last night I saw on the subreddit people were posting about it in your photos of you guys on stage and it seems like the reaction with universally positive and I feel like the Austin subreddits normally very hostile and tell no one is saying anything bad right now I will be amazing it turned out okay I mean we had you know we've been working on the idea since 2008 and so we did like 35 draft of the script and if it is is that it is been well-received like if we had spent all that time putting this thing together and then it wasn't well received. It would have broken her heart even though we didn't never knew to check it that way we would have known I would have found out yet and they were they were eating nothing rowdy crowd it was intended rabbit Yahoo yellow farmer call outs to so that's always good and then we know that it's it's now this is the this is the best film crowd in in the country because Austin so goes and the other sometimes High Desert I'm glad that you all are doing something to try to get Stoners out of their house on April 20th in for that was I think that was the conundrum with the studio at the studio Fox was like like people love the first movie we know there's not a 90% of them didn't see the first movie in the theater they saw it on DVD or whatever end yeah they were probably mostly all stoned and so how do we then get those people to go to the theater to consume the movie in a different way than they consume the first one and that is what led to the 4:20 release date and so we'll see if that strategy I felt like the first film with a kind of film that really grew By Word of Mouth like yeah it was one of the things was like mad how did I miss this film in the theater like why didn't I have that experience but I feel like now it's been passed around so much people are so familiar with the that story in that film it's like now you got it. Everyone's been educated you know they've learned about it so hopefully that's the push to get them into the theater on the couch the whole Canada versus u.s. kind of stuff come from where does that have the 35 script for that kind of become the key moment of it life reassessment of the Border after 9/11 and so they were they were trying to make sure that they knew exactly where the board with a recess in there were two sections of the border that were in the wrong place and so we thought I'll let's make it a bigger section and so is now a section of Canada is actually being turned over the United States and where the police worse it sent there to oversee the turnover nice that's great. It's kind of funny I mean to like one that makes a little appearance in this thing and I love kids and also we do to emblematic of Canada and inviting I sent it to me and so we don't we went you know to the kids in the hall with Sheena and we had a connection to same representation whatever with egg can Bruce come and do this he's like yeah I love to but we think it would be like a civil war thing maybe Super Troopers 3 of The Kids in the Hall of her since you guys are all over I would love to where you all at nervous at all they're going to take sticky peanut butter crowdfunding real nervous at all that someone is going to take you up on your Indecent Proposal which was never actually claimed that 25 million dollars for you that's what the Indigo think it was going to be like you don't know which side to get a turkey baster in the mail and if the short and maybe you shake shake up the bag and it comes out fat short and brown some really great backing it seems like I saw there was a backer there was like a $12,500 I got done at funny campaign just how much people people showed up and did buy those prices immediately have never done something like that we are so amazed by that like oh my God the car just went to fulfil these expectations cuz I'm going to do is cough anything not only do you have to make a film for it then you have to like manage all these expectations that go along with the donation is crowdfunding managers who are dealing with small 50 plus thousand of those people in your natural thing we're taking a little longer to make the film than planned or it have to come out then plans out you know they have to Dave's have to sort of ride that you want the majors in 3 years in the post box is making the poster cast about cut funny stuff that we back that they just go bankrupt and if you don't get anything to drink water like the company went out of business in Chester see it but there are a lot of posters to the need to get signed and he have this with this realization now 7000 posters were delivered to happen in Taos I would like okay well I guess we'll carve out an entire week and do nothing cuz I don't know how you say it's it took up the space of a car over 7,000 poster to my house all week yeah yeah yeah that we would never move it around like it's crazy but it's a great success problem when the first film came out to watch that that Rice you want to see like what people start putting it up on TV and you can watch the film Enter like it's it's centered like this meme State on the internet where you know that Mother of God is like I see that on Reddit oracion the internet all the time I could reach that point where it's just like this cultural currency yeah there's gotta be something you made to like this worth everywhere it was it was a very slow burn though so like when the first when the movie came out you don't know what he wants on the theater but it wasn't huge Blockbuster anything so it was really a couple of years for even if people start watching the DVD and then you start treating to get recognized her there or whatever and then it just kind of took off Hina I think it was like 3 or 4 years later walking on the street in like in a passing car seems like you boys like Mexico and you're like what the fuc and yeah man sits it becomes to realize when we walk around together people tend to recognizes much more easily and that's what happens when you are City somebody can run out of a bar and then I got you guys a Super Troopers yeah all the bartender come you're drinking for free and that just kind of start to happen and it's at you know we didn't intend for that to happen we just want to make the best movie we could and and hopefully will be on one screen someplace and yeah it's kind of ground greatest pressure though that you would know we don't mess it up here in a minute of every second every jokes and yeah be good actually I like your writing style where you just write the jokes and then you cast after everything is done that's a really interesting way of fluid humanely where you would once you know you're playing a part you're going to be like 11 I do for my character and that's not how this group really works well it works if we're all riding the best choke for all the characters cuz you might play one so that's why you don't cash it until like draft 15 things change for Super Troopers 2 because you clearly have your character disciplined and a be a good person other people when you know all those characters like you sit down to write Super Troopers 2 and I know rabbit I know what rabbit would say that he wouldn't fall into that trap necessarily because it was awesome it was a very fluid easy kind of process to jump into that and I think that's all so you know the philosophy is the whole movie has to be great so you know let you know we got a scene in the movie that's the Canadian the mounties are in a watching TV and you know behind the curtain look at what their lives are like it's it might be the best scene in the movie in somebody asked me like does it bother you that that seen the movies not you guys and answers no I mean the ideas to make the best movie possible to every scene should be hysterical call Dick's so I is there a is there like a list we have to go down but if I don't know I don't know if I've seen your dick yet but I think I've seen everybody in the movie but not total boilers or anything I flush my Johnson let me you know in this nice naked every nook and cranny everything everything full on Requiem ready for me you dick exercises right and got it all toned up and everything right yeah yeah I lost some weight too much weight though cuz you don't want to lose any dick with no but like you don't want to you don't have fat dick either like it's a fine line Lewis about the well you're Johnson come flying out to the audience sure like to have the 43 with the vibrating seats in the wind that blows are called red actually the movie so there's a ringing a ringtone that you can I love that movie is there anything else you'd like to keep an eye on for maybe other references like slammin salmon or call Cruiser like one of those sort of like hidden gems on on the post and one of the posters okay there's like a sneaky little Broken Lizard hidden I told her we had a couple good little one like for Brian Cox to I think we did we do we had to wait for a part reference in there also mention we have been funny for the sequel instead of Brian Cox playing cheap o'hagan it was Anthony Hopkins see if anybody would have gotten that one because he was the original Hannibal actor Brian Cox, and presents in this one they needed in the first one who is a lot of good comedy in a lot of moments that I really love in this one more part of the group I think he's had enough of us every day you start to get a bit cranky and I took it out on 15 years from now laughing to be in the third one and then I can come back and he suggested plot lines for himself or Super Troopers 3 which involve him being dead looks like a Star Wars character is he really he did he says he doesn't shoot night shoot anymore that that he made an exception for us but just generally speaking you he says no to anything that involves Knight shoots and so you know I don't know in the future how that you would like to go see a week you should have played and I'll come onto a stage put me in for a blue screen in the new fuel pump in the Knight Rider like going in that direction for the third one is at his funeral and then he's just like a Friendly Ghost we were going to have him be even an invisible ghost right like you said, we had a long conversation about this and Lynda Carter in a ski chalet some rice right figure out the rest just put me in a ski chalet with Lynda Carter truly realize we bring her in to do all the heavy lifting that none of us wants to do explaining the Canada situation 20 or 25 I think I ever want to go watch it in the theater. Thanks so much for taking time to bring by the way thanks if I order a drink thank you