#487 - We Got Nothing Figured Out

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Miles Luna, and Burnie Burns as they discuss tourism, snacks, milkmen, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2018-487

Recorded: 2018-04-10 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Miles Luna, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

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Com you know I Rave about them all the time big believer in their product love them all so what am I doing this episode of the receipt podcast is also brought to buy Audible and betterment of the right up there too so I'm guess I'm miles is made of wool and animals read I'm also have that same experience you do what you like a tree that soft love look up Cork Farmers Idaho Farmers Redwood Harvesters what kind of cork is made is it the bark from a tree and they grow the trees and then they just pull the bark off and it's the most satisfying like French like it comes off as cork yeah I guess so it is crows is called I thought you remove the bark from a tree just left the would be secondary xylem if my sociology if I wasn't even say it like that that's it you covered all of it but the trees apparently you remove the bark of a tree it kill the tree but then Australia I learned on this trip the trees don't shed their leaves in the shed their bark have never felt fucking weird Australia so fuck it at least it doesn't fly and then the score trees watching them if they can pull the bark on trees said it comes up in like big lumps like right before it hits the ground it's a treat snapping like when it falls over so the boss being really annoying me right now Gavin had a camera that s version of something he was working with which is what it was old school medium format cameras this camera takes and it has the most satisfying shutter feel to it if it's what it feels so good the sounds of cameras disposable an experience Like You cover the rice I remember that thing I did for blumhouse I was in the thing where I was that tree which you were saw it on her feet. I don't really talk about it when I was there was a compilation of blumhouse did where I'm house films where they did like to 12 deadly Days of Christmas crying it was different Horror Story based on Christmas for 12 days straight and I was in the second one I believe which was I was a guy who ran a tree farm like a look at the Christmas tree lot but you know so much about trees and they had any way to hold the way the story goes to go further and further out to find these trees that were acceptable because I guess probably some kind of like climate change for in there my brother wandered too far he would he was the one who originally on the lot before I got some trees that were guarded by a tree spirit and in the tree. Came to the lot classic classic who is your brother he's dead but he died the very first part of I mean he was the person that was in it but I never whenever works at them so it was a real person but they had a photographer that was on set their who and this is underway brought this production particular they have is usually on sets that is set the timer for potatoes behind-the-scenes deals now they've mirrorless cameras which don't make much noise or any noise at all they're great but you know even going back a few years they would have this big box the camera was in a big box of a sound dampening box so they can take photos and it wouldn't disturb like while you're in the middle of a take box or whatever you have to say what's in the box now I never said that you said it bring me back the other day I can't believe more people haven't seen this film really yeah I was really good I thought it was good too I mean but you got her but I haven't heard about it at all like I think the first I heard about it was my wife watch it on the flight down to Australia friend cuz I texted me and if you don't have to watch it has had gotten around to it Kyle Moody is one of the group of Beck Bennett on our friend Nick Rutherford who were part of a group called Good Neighbor was there online, group and they all went to go work for satellite Nick ends up leaving star life he was a writer now Beck Bennett Kyle Mooney, we still on the cast right okay what is that is that but I he's but I have like he has the best awkward interviews of anyone I've ever seen a dramatic looks like Zach Galifianakis his awkward interviews as well bring me back it's about a television butts the children's television show called brigsby bear okay and it's like a a person in a big bear adventures and stuff and it's about this guy who watches Ricky Bears play by Kyle Mooney and then to a series of events in what brigsby bear in and like the world kind of throwing up side he lives in Fallout Shelter because there's like disease or something it's taking over the world yeah yes I would recommend it it's so odd but she's going to that image that's on the swing right now that's doing a lot for me from hello ladies turn on the left know that's how many butt and I would highly recommend everyone to watch the movies that I like to watch a movie from Planes and I just watched one this weekend that I was like okay I'm not going to watch it when it gets to do I watch the Matt Damon movie downsizing it's really cool it's really bizarre it's really strange is not I don't think it's what you think it is no it's it's a really interesting movie you thought that I really like a lot of work this film did not see it did not seem like the other films did his in his catalog it was it seem like it was different and that the marketing for that film was definitely Way Off the Mark I feel like they kind of Direction with the trailer commercial and it's like that it's a bad thing at all if they had gone with the actual story I don't I don't know why they did that has a twister and there is one small Twisters beginning but it doesn't matter what the story about the actually tell it was more interesting than the story that they tried to make you think of the trailer looks like it's a comedy about a guy that gets drunk and the other one was like yeah this is going to be like somewhat sad story about like a relationship and how falls apart and how you recover afterwards like you completely different be recontextualizing the size of things I think a little too much and that's bill cuz I go look how crazy crackers are huge now that would later in the trailer that show them all drinking out of a giant bottle of vodka and I'm actually happen in the film know is that the when I get to the the place they have six glorious bastards is Serbian character in this I don't maybe don't know what the Serbian accent is but I just like that guy just just one of the factors that chews up the screen whenever his on nutrition facts to me and I feel like going on over the sound of cork being pulled off a tree that might be the ideal Barber Shop liquid at the world in the future what would you guess where do they harvest corn in the major problems tropical I'll say like Borneo Bolivia Bermuda I just want to stick with the bees what did Allan Bakke what are the top 3 pork producing countries in San Avenue find out number one who said invite again what's your answer to Borneo Bermuda Portugal Portugal what's the number 23 let me see Portugal to Spain and Italy step up your game will have wine so it makes sense right now hahaha right below in Tunisia being tossed in the air listen so you can just take keys to Jingle them and you'll have no dampening then oh yeah that plastic film off of new likes getting that pineapple it off rip it down Skyrim the whispering pretty good love to do that that would hold you only take one at all well I bet that would it would it make me experience better if that were playing in the background to see how it can help let me see that Britney doing and you said that confusing feelings that I have never pulled the bark off of a cork tree before so it's like if I never done it means I'll never be able to do it I'll never be able to go with that Axe and like it up one of us and in person I just went to Korea and I got tour of a cup of Samsung and they had that very own anechoic chamber really high student by myself because in the mic feedback Annette and I just didn't notice it was awesome me out after like so the impression that you get when you're on a plane descending and you get like the pressure change but does not actually pressure changes because of no sound your kids get confused and I'm like I can hear it in my stomach I was hungry I just recently learned about something online I might have but I learned it's something I've always wondered about those kids really hard I hear a rumbling in my ears oh yeah oh yeah that's the thing it's actually a muscle that it's I think it's the muscle I just went through something I wanted my whole life. I've already forgotten the muscle that if they found it like protect your eardrum and covers at like gangsters out of the way or something I discovered it look it up was because Ellie can pop her ears without doing anything she's goes like this and possibly could you just learn how to pop your ears just buy muscle memory and she's just cheese popper ears where's I'm like blowing my nose and everything like that I can do the beginning of a you on just like that and it goes like but I can't do a full like poof pop and I can't stop doing the rumbly thing but turns out it is well returns like you can make it really Rumble at first and then it's harder and harder muscle gets weaker doing the beginning is because it's still on the but he puts it back when it's done I think it was very far but if you're holding it out like if I do that that the movement was in the beginning just relax because back as you stop. More like flexing a muscle doing it every day do you have big fat kegels kegels the dick burn pelvic floor the fight to stop pissing but must wasn't it stopped Michael would say the Roughnecks the ropes muscle about taking male enhancement pills that would give them better they were trying to semen production. There's water and Lexington Arcanine Lexington and Pikachu pygeum they're all like herbal things that like combine the Rope get stronger the only guy care about literally like no one could not be any less if it was great how did you think about it I'm curious to see if you have the same strength I did how did you feel about it in relation to interact with people as compared to like Japan I was supposed to say cuz I didn't really answer it with many people to public okay but chilled in Japan with me and less like chill I feel like in Japan I was very conscious of disturbing the culture which I think is that I felt like it was it was harder to find English speakers in Korea than Japan I say yes in Japanese you know if it's a lot of school but I know they do in Japan at one point I got really scared because my phone went to look for the message it was only Korean giant reptiles shed that's got to be a fucking nuclear bomb the low quality of the air today but I was like symbols for a pollution very very quickly Asian natural disasters what's going on with a B anime betrayals he's all three had the Lord in the fiction so you can you get complacent and Godzilla tell Yolanda Rodin what was talking about what is earthquake in Asia erupts back in my day we take I say I said Mount Fuji is an active volcano heat smoke duck brine egg on the ground and I actually we did something you never do when was Japan's we took a guided tour we were at some back yeah it was perfectly fine but I went to Chicago and I got the second City Comedy had a pizza pie best part fucking guided river boat tour of architecture tell if my fucking favorite part of the whole trip Chicago fascinating about double decker bus down the top listened and dry rack and I'm not going to one of those duck duck duck in all five dogs all right. do it from the duck if you want this is it's this bus that rides around town but that also the bus is amphibious and can go into the water and become a boat fucking vehicle ever give everyone a big duck whistle call thing Congress office all the time are the duck but that's lame as shit there's nothing to look at in Austin you know why they gave her there was nothing else to do for the fucking late Hotel and from here you can see the fucking traffic can you play in the river Ono intermissions when miles just sarcastically list great things about Austin like the traffic I think I'll be a great poker what are the top Austin rock thrown from bridge over I-35 Mecca hipster oh yeah I guess building is taller than the capitol you should have been here 10 years ago accident I say is tragedy tragedy waiting to happen automatically forever. I went to a Chili's about a month ago we were out riding and as a joke we like I was just go to Chili's and that was that was all realize that this isn't a joke this is just really really good fat ass food unless you look at the calories with some of the meals it's great go to Chili's and I like pretty good today no like you go to fuck yourself up I look somewhat down order the Boston went to Chili's and I think it was like 2300 calories in one meal Awesome Blossom they don't sell it anymore and calories in a couple hundred grams of fat man you better have that thing is like so if you can make it to the center it's just awful the worst Hepatitis in America by Men's Health Magazine it has 2700 calories Yeah a hundred 94 grams of carbs is 3 grams of fat mg of sodium that might be that was bad for you what's the daily recommended amount of sodium is in 2500 2500 write 4300 milligrams a day. It was perfect no more than 20 milligrams a day in an ideal limit of no more than 1500 mg a day for most adults Chris Kaman play dietary sodium has no effect on anything we've been doing longer than anything they eating and sleeping we still had don't have either one figured out I don't feel like I just read this thing we're up until 1780 apparently all humans slept in two cycles like they've been going over literature and they were supposedly Charles Dickens stuff where they talk about he was roused from his first slumber but before I was like 2 hours and the time was spent for like doing chores or talking about their dreams then it'll go back to sleep for another 3 hours for stuff that you had to do to live in a pre-industrial society in World War like around like 1 in the morning we are going to wake up and go so what you dream about don't know how people slept 300 years ago they have no effect on me at all what if you could go back and fix it up like pooping wheel poop wrong in the in the west I'm happy with the way I poop by the way he should be getting a fucking Squatty Potty if you don't care about the irrelevant minutiae of Life why the fuck do you have a pint of my life when they steal it from them still has I think I had one but I don't know if it's not necessarily everyone's matefit to sleep in one big lump every night in the same spot we having a fucking bedroom. I can't fucking talk to me so I fucked up my back was more I'm sitting over here today and end popularized by Outback Steakhouse in 88 and then Outback is Microsoft okay so what happen your back I sneezed I sneeze and I threw out my back yesterday I so fuck off in December and I almost got into a car accident on 24th December I almost got in a car accident I had to slam on the brakes in doing so like a back seized up training You Like Oxygen. So yeah that was back in December and I kind of got over it and then last night I sneezed go out to eat Saturday night too I was cooking silly but I had a can of beans put beans in the chili cuz yeah it's great fuck off don't at me and Ivy's yeah. I sneeze when I drop the can into the chili was splashed with hot chili and then just like a cripple down the last time I fucked my back so I took one of those soon as possible about whatever and everybody's bad and the next really whatever you do don't use heat right you got to use like you got a nice and I was all you got to go to a chiropractor next chiropractors are quacks you go and do yoga and then someone else like you just got to go like everybody it's not that it's not that it bothers me that so yeah I know I it's not that like I was ever going to try to help but the thing that drives me crazy is how people speak with such a matter of fact I know everything sounds crazy I learned to deal with this just unlike video common people make a comment maybe it's like a criticism or something and you go okay yeah that's a fair but you don't want to listen to them because of the way they said it and sometimes people get in there and they'll talk exactly like they know how like the production process works like all this is clearly why this was going to make it this way like mother fucker you don't know what the fuck you're talking about but the reason I fucking hate you cuz you talk like you do and other stupid people listen to you that's my biggest fucking problem with it and that was like yeah everybody became a fucking doctor last night though I appreciate it but ended up being the solution I fucking iced it because if I cuz I'm pretty sure it was a muscular thing which it was and asked if you put so if you if you heat it that's just like the inflammation worse so I see if you have a lot to do hot and cold for sprained ankle the fucking doctor because I'm so yeah the whole thing I got you like physical therapy and shit but like I called this morning to set up an appointment and the lady tells me I want you to go to for one something something something Medical Parkway okay so I get there at 2:20 to my apartment at 2:30 and I'm like this doesn't look fucking right at all and I look around and stuff and I called them and they go oh you're supposed to be at 14 something something something Medical Parkway at the long way so I had to drive half an hour of North went to that place got there it's this huge facility I like Kabul in there get up to the front and I'll call you at the second building 2nd floor my phone case I'm not calling cuz I'm a like 15 minutes late I please don't cancel this shit I get up there something or another hold on let me look this up you're supposed to be at ARC Cedar Park like now across the money over there muscular problem will just give you some some of this some of that and we're going to get you some physical therapy I will get you a prescription oh my God I care this going into what I was talking about before the show starts a friend of mine recently told me I don't think you let yourself be angry often so I'm trying it was great so are you angry with us now in the podcast or did you get angry in the doctor's I'm glad you brought this up I hate your guts don't fucking angry in the Doctor Who the fuck are you left me in your phone if it was like hey guys what are we doing and they're like oh you're so yes you told me to wait here for the aggressive side of passive aggressive. But the bright side I want to look at the bright side right now I was in a place where I couldn't throw some anger around at the fact that I wasn't being seen to because when I came back from Korea I got pulled into secondary screening and immigration that's bought the phone and you kind of like let me in the country today otherwise I need you bad I still made my flight price of weed tell you that you're in the country you have a hell interview it was actually less interrogation the knife receive just a little more. Usually what I want to go through that like what are you doing what is this what's the rooster teeth blah blah blah a bunch of questions like I know the correct oxygen the quickest way to get through this and this time he was just like come with me and I was like I was like interesting scanner that they usually like when you're in there they try to see who's got like elevated body temperature as you walk through immigration check in for Phoebus yeah it's pretty cool I think they were in South Korea they were very Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome I think they had a small emergency brake van that's why they were very still very on alert about that that would be appropriate you're the greatest thing at this point we should have some of this shit figured out everyone was asleep whenever you feel like it 1 p.m. go to bed come back finish you would care I believe the same thing I'm a firm believer and ask I offered carry one time when he's working 80 hours in a row on Ruby like he tends to do him like season 2 I said he was looking tired I said I said he's like down the street he said but he does have time to go home before his next thing you need to check on Michael just come to my office I can go take a nap in there and I swear he thought it was like a trick fire department we have that couch there around like 2 or 3 every afternoon to go lay down for 20 minutes places now that's nice I'm working really hard they just need some rest my eyes are tired and I know I'm not making good decisions anything I do at this point I'm probably have to redo so I'll just call it yeah take a nap come back to sleep and wake up like it's a day late but also sometimes he'll be in that situation will be having a problem you just can't fix you like step away from it for a bit you come back and sleep fix our heads up if you are working 8 hour work week podcast is brought you by betterment betterment is the largest online financial advisor designed to help customers go well time for retirement and achieve their financial goals in other words its mission is to help us customers make the most of their money how by taking complex investing strategies and using technology to make them more efficient and I provide access to unlimited personal advice from licensed experts investing should not be confusing and betterments here to change that at betterment Hidden costs are nowhere to be found no matter who you are or how much money you invest you get everything for one load management fee and ask her do she Aries to make recommendations in client's best interest they're not incentivize to recommend certain funds and they don't have their own investment products to sell you can sign up today and get one year manage free investing does involve risk podcast listeners can get up to one year marriage for free for more information visit betterment.com teeth that's betterment.com teeth teeth thank you better make this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast hour work week due to a workaholic culture that was born in the 80s and 90s South Korea's economy boots hours a day 7 days a week that's how that I worded that is a lot of fucking working dude one of those toys the one we went on in Japan where is less about like look to your right it was more about the country and how it operates and they said that everyone in every Manning South Korea does 21 months military service and then though I guess how many North Korea does how many years you have to put in the North Korea mandatory but I think you have until a certain age to do it my favorite to get done before you like 34 hairstyles hairstyles that you have video game most fascinating I forget where I saw it might have been the eye documentary but the guy who does cataract surgery and they covered the fake grocery stores that they have to just fucking weird spooky yeah there's no cash register or no wait actually buy anything it's just like a bunch of food I just played a show like so Bountiful and the fake food must have fake food it's fucked up and I hate it that. Of like having the long work week when the country was rebuilding itself in transitioning from you know essentially a third world country to you know maybe one of the most modern countries in the world I think that probably took a lot of work after the Korean War to rebuild everything and start fresh black basically man the sermon really nice but I haven't brushed email about in Camp Verde get you get like just a pint of really cereal and a tea and then t-45 more Cups of Tea and then for different apps on your phone to where you could get someone to deliver a pint of milk everyday will they be in the delightful outfit do you want to be like you to get ads to society to have the milk man walking around well he's not giving juice to everyone you put the order in for juice the juice man was an expert in to choose men wouldn't need to take when being hide the body. Tiny little juice bike that's what you think what it was we had actually you're too it's morning liquid what about coffee man throwing up like a grown up outside my front door on the porch was a little square thingy where the milk Lynnwood slot in pints of milk at every morning as cold as shit you have some nice cold milk to put in the cereal milk good for after you could have a party you could play yeah I got to the house with my dad was just chug milk from the ball like yeah what do you mean not mess with the week if I go through and I want me to pick you up so you can we talk about it for the Horizon ultra-high pasteurized milk I don't know what I'm used to skim semi-skimmed fulcrum I know what the hell's going on here that I want is full cream bad for you which is I don't even know what that is that's like water white saver. I'll sniff it out breast milk phenomenal how are we going to get here for this test, we need to talk to Bethany we all need to go to London for RTX London and we need to take American milk with us and I will be angry got to find a Milkman be able to go to London and just drink milk and be amazed at what does milk taste like milk when was cool berry he had no teeth free Milkman gutters smell water and know what's good water. We just want to drink it and I didn't even have to taste it to find out the top boy I just missed it like lame-ass abilities like that now I just wait tacos I can just give me how are you this dance it's fucking like this one's tree so I can tell you fondling my taco you say that now I do say that yet for the foil the other day maybe I go to El Chilito special so those give you like if you go to tell people you like four to six tacos and then they come out of the bag you just like I let you know because tacos up in price of Sony Bill Miller's barbecue place Bill Miller's got bomb ass breakfast tacos Austin it's really close it's awesome just like convenient except for the fact where we are in Austin there's none around but it is like Reese's kind of like the go to barbecue place if you want something fast yeah but now we barbecue just crazy if I'm still already I think they're already pumping barbecue smell out of the street from Central Market on Lamar I'm sorry went to Walmart this weekend I feel bad about it what's your problem the death of all Obama pop retail shops in we're going to fucking Walmart modern digital people if we're going to sacrifice assholes this way we should shop and they were pumping something in there they had just like they were making fries and it was like the best smell in the world and the pump that cinnamon roll smell everywhere you eat the cinnamon really like this doesn't taste as good as it smells dislike the smell is so strong for an Ikea cinnamon rolls but did you eat it and it's like that strong taste is spread out over huge cinnamon roll every week throughout the whole thing this is and I'm curious about there's this is Korean bakery down the street from here yeah they're macarons there or fucking delicious they have one called Rose and the best way I can describe it is it taste the way a roast smells I don't know what the fuck let me sleep go on where's the place I'm going to make us over look at airport Lamar yeah it's great what's the difference between a macaroon and a macaron cookies macaroon is like the coconut a thing that's like all puppy vs Bill ball is like a little Wayfair with a little like a jelly thing in the middle and one talking like that they're super fucking hard to make so I thought I'd chat or sane rosewater perfume like your mom exactly where I was going with us exactly right beside of his driver's license so I just wanted to be sure we can figure anything but how to eat her on mother's a macaroon and a macaron on the right can you have a macaroon macaron oh that's awesome it'll could be macaroni they used to it they changed all the name of the Girl Scout cookies and I'm not sure why they did try to like blank and we're just doing a whole revamp one that's what's samoas are called now what was that used to have two different names different and I think there's another decentralized what's a chocolate in America that's like different song by Kat Kit Kat Hershey cake house right but you're peeing but everywhere else is Netflix right we had our friend to Kaya from Warner Brothers Japan come and visit we had socket Kit Kats where are the magical cats go through stuff down a bunch of Kit Kats and I came to the conclusion that I like a regular cake at them and I became addicted to pot smell like sodas we got Alexa marble. For everyone in the booth but he would Shake one of them but crazy I'll be like a potluck tomorrow if you had a fat like corn dog Pocky it would daddy Grace temperature of Travis chocolate-covered churro was a churro churro is like a deep fried like cinnamon sugar deep-fried on it if it's like a cracker hockey by itself would never sell like without the Cubs or what is its Sweetness in the same way that like Kix cereal is Sweden hockey stick and a fat corn dog like Pocky stick in my head I just did you guys have the like it's like a plastic bag as we pull the film. It's got four crackers like long rectangular deck has a red stick and then a little vat of what you're supposed to be cheese but it's like a plastic yellowish thing it's amazing hours for you inspired by those Jesus Christ is that like a spreading stick yeah what is a little little square stick up his ass. I need some cookies about last one that whole fucking like tablespoon of icing goes on that little guy that's definitely a lesson to be learned I thought it was a Kinder Surprise egg shaped like when I paste in the Middle with a remake I hate chocolate is sold Harris Remix we're past the time of year when they sell them for cheap in the joints it's just like the one on Coupe and Bulls-Eye Cocoa Krispies pop expecting it to be chocolate and I was like what am I well I mean the boys chocolate in the Bulls but anyway yeah you got like a stick with it and you just buy one you feed yourself or a light snack bars in high school station or something like that it's those packs of six orange crackers that have peanut butter in them out with you it's cheese and peanut butter you never put cheese and peanut butter together ever and cheese and peanut butter beer together with my fingers two different kinds of crackers there's the cheese crackers or the peanut butter crackers the peanut butter crackers don't have cheese I know exactly there's the orange character that has that gross ass like like she's with shit on it and then there's also the orange crackers with peanut butter whatever their problem sure you're doing some weird shit yeah she's on Peanut Butter I feel like the Keebler elves in the Smurfs but I would never think to pair two cheese and peanut butter yeah dude yeah dude that she was rocking man it was fucked up grilled cheese and peanut butter sandwich recipe huge fan of Deep dive in that particular fictional about how people eat a grilled cheese like what is a grilled cheese do you want a grilled cheese you get two pieces of bread you put either butter or coconut oil on the side you put in a sharp cheddar cheese sharp cheddar I'll do whatever to Zion. If I love me like I like you also do like get like a no it's not it's a white cheese maybe a little bit of pesto fucking just like you deal with it is like having tomato with it they have that huge tomato soup or they have to have tomato slices I don't know what a girl can act like a little pickle a gherkin sounds like a sex move okay you pick you up in the country under in Houston Texas to me a pickle is a pickled cucumber kind of your pickup what is a pickle a pickle if you say if you say hey can I get pickles with that people can assume it's a pickled cucumber so it's just like normal cucumber I don't think so I don't know girl came as a variety of cucumber the West Indian or Burger King in which uses a somewhat smaller fruit in the garden cucumber say to me if you come by right thanks for the face up here if you come to me the Cucumbers I sold in waitrose more about this big and they were so ridged the cucumbers are fine here and showed no bleed the like growth on the outside and I like this picture so do you don't have cucumbers you have Snappers cucumbers and we called yours English cucumbers we do yeah I've seen those before they smelled if I hate cucumber so I'm not the right person from my spirits English cucumbers are typically more miles keep acting like if I would already I already called cucumber like the mildest vegetable side when would you like to go out anywhere in something all I taste is cucumber a crunch among some soft like tuna bit of radish remind me to text you think about I went to Jimmy John's with my kids and it wasn't with my kids I was going for my kid but this is important that story for my kid so I thought Jimmy John's to have the regular size sub and a large tub and then have the Giants like to get Teddy likes to get what they call a slim one and then Jenny gets them 5 which is nothing on its kids are liking the Italian the order and I said I'll take a slim one giant sm5 giant everything goes okay and he goes I can't make that one up and you just because I just don't want to have entry for Slim's would like the kids. But I can't make him a giant sizes I go but still getting ready to right side like half the size of what can I just order to and then you just make it like giant size like I don't have a button for that like I know can I just buy two of each and they just make it as one big one is like I like broke down okay. Nevermind compile them split the middle you order one of the other giant giant one of these on it thank you sir I can ruin my day farewell that out so I saw didn't I will probably want two reasons why I didn't push it too much as I was showing my head about something I saw in the parking lot in the same parking lot as a Jimmy John's is a grocery store and what you're talking about really cool but it's a white SUV going by and when the white SUV is going by the grocery store I guess there's kids in there that want to go in the grocery store and it wasn't going like 40 miles an hour but it was going on a steady clip to the parking lot kids just started bailing out of his car like it when he doesn't stop like a mom say all right just like bugs are playing pubg like everybody jump it was in all the way open she's like switching out of the window and she jumps off this SUV lands on her feet and it does like a roll and then runs into the garage and I waited cuz it's a person's parking gets out at the dad and I'm like sitting behind his car and I go what was that because I don't know I don't even know I don't know why you get that I have no idea is now the most profitable entertainment product in history more than any book more than any movie or is it really a crazy record a billion dollars in the first 72 hours is that yes it's just been come across all of like home video and everything it's a bummer because I feel like it's kept them from making like expansion tank GTA V no Ballad of Gay Tony no fucking they cannot a vehicle that makes the same amount of money I want a fully decked-out Deluxe are you up to then buy a bunker 11 thing is that loves the store that thing is always a building involved and sometimes two buildings then you upgrade the building so you can modify the vehicle hundreds of dollars sometimes to obtain the max 700 2 real dollars like I fucking hate clickbait titles like this is the last day of you live that's bullshit fucking works that's why people do it sucks I saw something crazy Portland's a few days ago and I was in a lift I'm going to dinner and I'm sitting in the backseat looking out the window and passing through an intersection does this weird guy walking his dog smoking a cigarette cigarette I look at the dog the dog has two dudes pack of cigarettes in his mouth like very gingerly carrying a pack of cigarettes for a guy was walking what is happening is there I couldn't wait the dog return cigarettes that I got a problem really I never been to Portland so I asked been in 11 years which important I guess it is similar in that they probably bulldoze the entire city and rebuilt it and knock on wood I haven't traveled at all this year I'd like to turn down an invite so you Dallas I haven't traveled at all this year except for Cindy for our text Sydney looks like I will not travel at all until RTX Austin like declining stuff like a trip to New York find and there's another cool trip that I had the client fortunately I might have done that one Iceland why would why would you have to travel to Austin well that's what he said that he doesn't everything up until you're right I am still would have to travel for a adamant about it because I don't have school so you know we have no business travel for longest stretch like it's just going to turn down all my travel opportunities and like I start writing stuff down the people stopped asking people ever going to ask anymore you mentioned the dinner and the one that I was at that. Japanese credit cards don't work anymore my wrist Adidas cancel your credit card reports they will they will lock our account sleeping threatening to do it for two years they finally happened by where she's at we does my reports it's probably fine but I had to leave early so I just use the excuse my car doesn't work anyway we have a million of them payment correct I think they have some that you could do that yeah I'm sure if you don't pay it they have an astronomical interest rate looks like walking into Lamborghini and put it on a credit card or just doing it with a brief case of cash cash like 3% of the price when they just for the fee depending says the highest retail charge and he had somewhere upwards of 4% for Annex which is why people don't take AMEX of the retailer the retailer typically fat except for like I just recently paid a state fee that I had and they always had the ability to pay your credit card and if I pay via credit card they were going to charge me 3% extra to do it so I just passed it back to me what's on a Lamborghini would be almost 10 grand for that if you're looking to be baller it doesn't matter I've been since I came to come visit us we like Matt National then we took him out to dinner at some like fancy place downtown that my love and good luck Steakhouse southern comfort food like real fancy and they came out with our meal ornament ship sitting there looking for the cream corn thing I'm so strong I'm going to eat it I don't look like an ass all the guy doesn't like a side keep eating. This is like a lot I get two more bites and then I send Eddie Rivas the dipping sauce light cheese fondue corn dipping sauce for the steak I was eating by the Spoonful I guess it was I didn't want to say it there because like Matt in the folks like paid for were there but I ruined that. I didn't want to eat anything like it was like in every pore of my mouth it taste like mayonnaise and cheese corn is what it tasted like I'm just like every like crevice and then you say the shop from the pepper shaker is the I just don't want to I going to not be a child that's the question was in my late 20s not much left in the world for you to learn my age that you like someone that's a different sauce go fuck you this is the way you did and yeah it is also brought you buy audible audiobooks are great for helping me be a better you and we cleaned up with Audible and they're offering a free audiobook with a 30-day free trial do I listen to Audible has it just go to audible.com RT or text rt2500 500 download free title and start listening audible selection of audiobooks original shows Muse comedy and more is unmatched anywhere you'll find what you are looking for I just actually finished up fire and fury by Michael wolf narrated by Michael Wolff and Holter Graham great pick up say it all the time you can listen to it in your car or whatever you're doing whatever you got time to spare I don't ever get a credit every month good for an audiobook regardless of price and onions credits roll over the next month did like your audio book you can exchange it no questions asked in a free audiobook with a 30-day free trial at audible.com RT or text rt2500 500 that's a u d i b l e. Com RT or text rt2500 500 thanks Audible for a podcast as we learn miles strange eating habits hipster restaurants where they come in and put their fingers or near the food and point out of the phone and excreted ppace the weather and then I was on my phone and then everyone else is using that phone says lights so we can take a shower. they came in and like interrupted cuz I've already felt like if I was actually being assholes told me something so I just pulled the food every single time they went on this bill so we wait like 30 seconds for them to explain all the food and stuff always looking but we would I was playing a prank on Den to do with the diamond play button which was actually thought I was going to say nothing I've seen this yet to see it I don't care that's cool it looks it looks honestly looks like metal yeah I played a prank on time with it and you'll see on the video I'm going to put on the second Channel that's a ton of food and Haley wouldn't they look like 5 plates the Teddy Wright which that is like a 15 times a million + 100000 metal in those right those are plastic I said I don't know I never got the front off a hundred million really a lot more, so are we still these were different too but I'm pretty sure these used to be glossy and looking know you can see you can see through them before I don't think it was plastic before you pick it up I never knew what when it's like fingerprint you this thing is never said that I was cleaning I was in a Lyft earlier here but it would get there and hold your arm straight out Godzilla how I could do that for heavy solid dude that's awesome Craigslist the cabin and the Dan as well and so are you okay with seeing how you got to buy the second one he was a little bit taller than Emy was something was like 400 bucks that is correct that was more of an Oscar oh I would doubt it I'll probably never know you can find out I'm sure they put in when you get an Emmy you have to pay for your trophy you have to pay for that they give you a free baby and the video on the second shuttle is that what that didn't know I told him one of his son so I messed with the Mellow interrupt photoshoots now in restaurants in my defense who's the greatest thing on this planet and I love it every single time it starts to me I'm just like I thought it was you ready on the menu maybe it's like a Japanese restaurant or maybe it's just like a fancy bar restaurant like his Baseline out like I live like a fast-food garbage person okay so I can I went to this place it was like arugula something something weird I didn't understand something something I would like steak arugula corn that sounds good remember it's like Matt Collins favorite place of Southern play Southern Comfort place down downtown birthday you're not helping. What's that place called that sounds so when you fix the way I see you in the source Thank God now kindly yet firmly believe miles had I believe a dry aged ribeye USDA prime cornbread and gouda fondue hold on what I said but I didn't know that's exactly what I ordered us a prime corn look me up it was it was it was example it was arugula and Spider-Man the first time I went to New Zealand I was at a restaurant and they had a similar thing where they had like a steak on the menu and it said it would serve with rocket rocket what the fuck is Rocket Fizz rocket was like yeah but is that you like I don't know what is arugula cilantro is coriander what's lettuce I would say it's just it's description and they called hamburgers if I don't like to say that I didn't even know that buffalo sauce when you said that I said I was pretty sure it was some kind of spicy hot sauce you were saying that like you just had bad luck in the United States like there's obviously there's a language difference there despite if I were supposed to go speak in English I was in a restaurant it was interested in the restaurant they're obviously not speaking in a New Zealand accent he is not the rocket is regional like he doesn't know that I wasn't my fault how did I look because you're mad the dude for for not listen to American hear people have to cater to me when I'm in their country. Explain it to them also how many countries is compared to how many countries cool at Rocket arugula she's really want to kill yourself Huda really intense I think a little soon like they taking down the fence that around the perimeter call Little Caesars Pizza in this town you might already know about it oh yeah so fucking good host is yours ruined it I didn't text it never talked about it on the podcast before murky Waters here in right now I can believe it broadcasted that and all those awesome Pizza take a break to make a delicious you take a loaf of white bread the top part off and it is covered with cheese and pepperoni and then that's it seriously you need like one of those like like a pallet jack I push it one off the back of the truck I think I was really fun I think he just hold on we should get yeah but it is a thing I was thinking of with it was watching Eclipse like you can put this in the same category as the the speed boat where they hit the the wave and everyone goes like and then you look at that house for the worst day and every one of those people's why I think he was fine if I don't know how do I get to unload a truck okay oh my God that's like 3 seconds of ways to save it that's the problem and I was watching the Winter Olympic viewing party was like that this girl got and this is not an exaggeration 3 seconds in her routine and I here we go but you fucked up in the first 3 seconds I just don't like there's something that bums me out about the Olympics and this is like I think this is why I don't like professional sports in general because when everybody's great nobody's that great like everyone's doing like incredible amazing things and I like I know that but it's not interesting cuz everybody's it looks like a fucking video game character cuz it's you can jump from here that I didn't shoot from there and see what you mean it's like a professional bowling isn't fun to watch because really just watching the first person to fuck up like that's what professional bowling is National Treasure we are at the call center you know where the 24-hour call center and when people who worked the shift I got off at midnight once a week everyone who got off at midnight would go up to the bowling alley and they both until Jeff came a lot but you would be miserable the entire time and nobody else wanted to bowl anymore it's like we were having fun being City but no Jeff shows up he's bowling like a 250 I just want to play anymore. I think you can bowling scholarship wow I know that I forgot about that, the last time I thought about that I've never been to the following and I've never much cat weird when you forget that like a person exist in so long like you ever like to come across the person we have that would be we worked with a deal call Center Surprise like people pop up I just received for the 15th anniversary doc went back to my video tapes had to go out and buy a hi-8 camcorder a bunch of stuff I send you guys some of the call center stuff like that there yeah I want to send you guys something to to show to Gus but I can't seem to get on our messaging client so can I just sent to you via email guys okay I'll do that yep I know that nobody knows it's interesting how you forget if I had to list like Sam friends with 500 people on Facebook if I had to remember who am I would get like maybe a hundred fifty but I don't forget about don't talk about okay The Monkees fear I might be an author I said there was like you get a pet monkey and this pet monkeys like train to do exactly what you want like they're going to be Rowdy isn't exactly joints like the fuck like fuck your monkey butler and Bubbles like the most fresh like that's going to be amazing that's a life easier best fucking friend now you get to dope I got Bubbles and Lily over here awesome you got to Monkey friends how many monkeys until you stop giving a shit or for get annoyed by how many fucking monkeys you use the year that you're the human in a group of monks after a while one of these things is very special to you and then you get a few more like a number 25 friends and it's really hard on your friends on Facebook and maybe they're all lovely but it's hard to keep track with all those to him it was a Vsauce to video it was about the maximum amount of friends you can have it was like different stuff as a different friends and if I could come but the most humans can have is a maximum of a little early for our checks advice or for convention vices we just got done at PAX East and the convention season has not beginning begin began but what are the pieces by 32 pool going to conventions is when you see someone there assume they remember you never asked a question do you remember me there's no upside to that question just assume that they remember you and if it's someone like you're going to see Mark Hamill and you saw him last year and then when you ask him he'd remember flashers like he probably met a thousand people in that same last year convention if you think of it I meant like 20 people and by the way one of them was Mark Hamill my name is Joe Schmo we met at packed I was the guy in the onion Knight. Perfect yeah there you go yeah but it's a very regular basis of how do you remember me and I remember everybody from but I don't remember your name in particular I don't know why people that I never never never understand it I like a bird I try to memorize everyone's it like once I need 250 field remember everybody's name in that signing went out to the mental exercise that I do to see how many people I can possibly how many people have to remember dinner party by the time you go on a circle I only know my name and I don't know why that is what it is you don't you meet them for the first time you know hi my name smiles and then as they're introducing yourself in your bring up nailed it how are you I'm Gavin I didn't listen that I'm sorry I was busy thinking about how I nailed it and then that other person went fuck dude me too I was I was about you were talking I was saying don't fuk it up don't forget it was awesome people do that cuz we're still got to pull over that's why I'll just keep going here no big and then this other truck baseball jackknifed yeah almost made it I'm good why don't people understand the concept of I missed my turn that's not a thing anymore the number one most if you're anything driving in Austin he's going on you missed it killing of 10 people I got to go to that person hey what happened on the freeway today crazy fucking truck more like flying all over the place I couldn't believe it I got off the freeway and I look like flying down sideways. It's not that people drive like idiots get off the exit was it would you have it your way but try to avoid after I mean there are some truck drivers do what you feel like I'm not flipping I'm just going to have the time what you're supposed to do that there certain situations like the best course of action is an animal to steer away from animals but that's how people die all the time it would have been a long day of the dead on the damage they fear eyes would not have been stuck in love it and I don't care I love it I don't know what it what was that game about relaxing for you that's why that's why I could get a fuck you like the game play Luther really short and they're not that interesting it's it's one of those things it kind of shallow sea is not a lot of depth there GTA V to me online is the same way it's like man this is fun because of the people I'm with exactly you hate every third person I don't know if it's worth $6 I think maybe you do that $10 games fast and then I feel like there is no podcast by just want to say I got apparently they ran out of money we had more plan for this game if we release it now will make all that money back for sure because the hyper on this thing will people hate us yes yes they will but will then get to finally make the game that we were hoping to make it was I didn't hate it as much as most people I thought it was okay I just should have been 60 bucks I got pissed about the fucking lying about multiplayer like that last new IP that came out there when it launched it met or exceeded everyone's expectations Verizon Battlegrounds in Horizon is good Horizons a good one that did well people I really do not give a fuck about that game till it came out even dinosaur game yeah so glad you finally played in like it I really am I really like the way you got a platinum trophy and I agree 100% it after the DLC if you want to go look through the list of achievements for sea of Thieves it just shows how ambitious rare was or diluted they were and how popular this game is going to be there is literally a cheese make your sisters you play the game there's an achievement in the game to turn in a thousand crates of bananas which is the drive from out there I think it's even want to turn in a thousand Captain's chest in the Thousand villainous skulls the high-level ghost and it's like something like you run across one of these like once a week enough of that 5 hours worth of fun game playing currently I'm hoping it will go the way they get a lot of the saying come from people buying it right now and they'll be able to add more to it you know we'll see what happens here we go for the combination for 1,000 banana crepes delivered on time there's do I get the fucking mission and then get a thousand times that I didn't realize I was a low-key fear of open water that I realize it may be a much higher fear the wear of jump overboard and will grab it and then put down a quarter scared of everything in all directions Matt like that episode of King of the Hill that is that has gotten me that reminds me I have with Horizon in that this like she toriel Quest thing for you is like three things with the Rope Trapt to do it do you know where is like shoot the eye of a watch the three times you have it in your quest inventory I don't know that I play the game when I found out from Dan that you could do probably like get power cells or something to get this but the first when you can miss oh yeah when you go walking through some of those labs yeah I found it by accident I lucked out that's the first one I was like this is too and I think there's a lot of people who are and I'm one of them for sure people that are responding to the fact that the most the reviews for Far Cry 5 say how poor The Narrative is it's a fantastic narrative I would do almost describe it as important important for gamers and you played Far Cry before you know there's a lot of different ways that things can go over the course the game even sometimes the very beginning of the game Far Cry 5 I fucking love I think it's a fantastic game but it's amazing to me they still fuck up your treatment on games that are so refined and Far Cry 5 is a ultra-refined version of a far cry it's crazy how they had that format down to a science and I played all but I'm Primal arcade mode that they have animals on Far Cry game it's all like user-generated content maps and if they're not they definitely feel that way and it takes like I don't think that long to get back into a match but it's repetitive very repetitive and it's just like I don't want to play Far Cry multiplayer don't make me play from Cuba to fux I heard what I heard was that it goes it like get the bottle like a 95 yard line but it doesn't quite go like a 95 yard line the pig skin I don't know but it's like it was kind of first marketed as if it was marketed as this like yo let's have like we need to face like we need be looking at ourselves America's not as great as you think it is a lot of problems in this country but then like it doesn't quite go there because doesn't want to piss off anybody that's why I think people are take to take a look at this I'm not going to spoil any by Far Cry 5 people think it take a look at it as some kind of racial divide in America they want to do that cuz it's usually cold for like white supremacist & the Gang specifically does things to make you let you know it's not about that and it's by the time you get to the end of it I believe it is a very important look at Christianity versus modern Christian winter time very different things and the things that the game rewards you and punishes you for you realize overtime really changes the way you think about the game itself to finish it all the way through I do love some backups the line I really want to hear that's around what I would say it's kind of like the the height of the Call of Duty modern shooter like craze and it is a game that like really kind of it's not it's fun it's fine like I said we can place okay but the story of that game I think it's really interesting cuz it kind of makes you go like hey like why are we making a game out of this like why why are we decided to trivialize this like very real thing that happens today that is that is like super huge consequences and shit yeah everyone involved and like by the end of the game it kind of makes me like I'm the game going to make you feel bad for playing it and I enjoyed that I enjoyed that a lot I think it's just like the way we go through games and the way we play games it just becomes routine and sometimes you have a challenge that is like yeah why we doing this why are we wired why are we acting this way but I couldn't get through it