#488 - Why Is Gavin Blue?

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss bullies, travel scenarios, Facebook and Twitter, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2018-04-17 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


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of your first pair free shipping and 1% satisfaction go to meundies.com roosterteeth.com RoosterTeeth also want to give a big thank you to Squarespace and Casper who are also sponsoring we love you guys too I'm guess I'm Bernie and I'm going to see if I miss it or did you go back in the Navy Yard in just like stopped working without everytime I legally change your name to Gus and Gus sorola can you have the middle name Gus sorola you going to say nothing why not I think you could just get her some like a couple hundred bucks what about Gustavo Gus Gus sorola have an official animal can people Jesse's name to Geoff Ramsey from a different name but nails and his name is Geoff Lazer Ramsey what was Jeff's original middle name I could I could find it of that somewhere I don't know off the top of my should we let you wait to me you are British minute think it was the original last name if you have to ask that Jeff you're never going to have any of these doesn't fit Jeff Jeffrey Phillips ink was it pole you nailed it fucking nailed don't think about fix the top last name I pulled it off really well but it says it is a tough last name there was a thing just a story we haven't talked about but that I have been watching very closely and that is the superintendent of the Katy Independent School District down in Katy Texas which is right outside of Houston suburbs so it's like used to but only white people are allowed to go there and their superintendent is under Fire for being apparently allegedly a bully his entire life like it's a hose connection is the guy who came I guess before school board meeting completely called him out on like rubbing his head that you're in when they were in school together his last name was originally last name is gay and he had to change his name cuz he got so just abused by these idiots I guess in the 80s or early 80s early 70s just got abused by the way I never had to change his damn name and or go by a different name and apparently they've gone and found other people I give it away to somebody tell me the south is not in Texas but they went and somebody who also was bullied by this guy and he's like under Fire that's it's really hard to watch where the guy goes up in front of our morning talks about any talks about how he was bullied in school and tells all these stories and then he into it and that bully was you superintendent so when so you bully me the entire time and just laugh no apologies like they still have that job I believe so it's like that kind of job is perfect for school bully though cuz I get to around kids their entire life that way and teachers to go up never listed delays at school like what was the point no idea of being a bully usually things going on in their life that they had to somehow get the energy on someone else believe how do you guys believe this but I was also a beat up by a kid in my grade and fourth grade he would slam my head into lockers with my hood on my winter jacket one time he like kicked me when I was on the ground and then years later actually he messaged me on Facebook apologizing and I was luck with that I did not respond I was like I don't know what kind of person this guy grew up to be I just don't want him to know that I exist wrap your head to the bar drinking a ton of people who get to know me now it's like I bet they're what was the point if you've done the damage and no way because they just feel bad about it but do you think it's because of like your notoriety as you earlier in life will always want to come back in like make amends for suggest a way to step on any revenge in any way I could plenty of other people I can go in till the focus on the positive Duty and I'm a good stuff that was a really tough video to watch hint hint of wedgies I saw something that was kind of disturbing last week maybe it just bothered anybody else but you know Mark Zuckerberg had to testify in front of Congress for all this Facebook privacy in the wrong here need to find out what's going on I don't like how much fun it would make fun of him for being socially awkward like I'm a socially awkward person with a booster chair kit right like I can't imagine having to sit there in front of Congress and you'll go through what you went through and then people are you know what color is darker bought for stopping him is data from Star Trek or just like really emphasizing how how awkward he is in fact I can sympathize with the internet Whenever there is something going on like this where there's a lot of people to blame I think in this whole situation and people are still take your anger out on the person who owns Facebook but to attack him for those types of qualities I think it's just unnecessary making things up her or claiming these things about the person they're making fun of them just to like make yourself feel better about the situation but it's doing nothing is adding nothing to the conversation or drink anything and everything I'm sure they're not going Supa puss no on him because I don't like him really think he's that bad it's just a funny joke to make I guess just hit like a pad on his chair if you were posting photos that he needs a booster chair to talk to Congress to me and that's like what do you what are you getting out of that design for a lower everything in the federal government probably was built in with 1940 bought a new one since the very fortunate Asian to go to the White House for the president's Committee in climate change for millennials that's a really good question I would say no but a good friend of mine I asked me that question and she was she was also she been to the White House couple times during about Mysteries and a heart and she asked me Barbie I was telling stories that I would definitely of course I wouldn't go back with Trump and she will really fucking called me on know if you have an opportunity to make a positive impact and a good show you should go do that all those Tech CEOs who set up in that take counsel with him who realize that they were having no change into effect and they all withdrew from it because they saw that it was just a figure it was Ben were just there to try to have like a PR spit and then there was no actual change occurring still go back and if he likes about how cold can be clean and you know it's no big deal we can relax TJ is holding back the economy like I I'm not I'm not call me I'm like they're absolutely is going to be open to any opposing opinion at this point yeah but if I was going to make is the White House is not that like fancy I mean I think it was like the American Palace but it's really kind of not it's just a it's a little run-down it's no more longer and they don't have been billed for certain stuff like they didn't predict certain kinds of Technology like friends is in the men's room is a copy machine because that's the only place now that you have to find a female employee working at the Y. You like we need to make copies like I can't do it copies of certain male genitalia do we really like to go quickly be good at the White House at one point what was it in the paper I think there was a where they kept the outside and the inside was going to like if you look at the construction photos it feels like the walls are being held up to protect a Passat in the insides look literally a hole in the ground. They took everything out and go to visit because it bud I would like a because it because it said they were trying to update it for that time and I think it's been updated again since then she know it's like hundreds of millions of quit crazy news happening in their 40s that was Big Ben okay I remember there was a lot of construction going on when we were there in London I was just like I can't wait to see the sights and it's like oh well covered up building I see that is Big Ben when I was there and I crazy cuz like a rat time when I was holding lyric beautiful the White House reconstruction was between 49 and 52 connect to try to get it updated to that time because it had been falling apart before that I should have got their own fiber they just have that on what what is the line to the internet for the White House they just have their own internet I'm sorry I learned something interesting about the Syrian airstrike that we just did where is a coalition of all of our countries except for yours Barb America UK and France French are you mad or something so are our forces bombed the ability for the Syrian government to create chemical weapons because there is evidence of a chemical attack and big fucking deal because this is like cold where war-era conflict where Russia is backing the current regime and all the other for like another term are backing the revolutionaries that are there depending on in Iraq and Afghanistan because we're backing the government that there now multiple Rebel groups in Syria unified front there's various back I was trying to get out here was and I'm sure people have a lot of things about whether or not a military action should have been taken agree chemical weapons is just fucking horrendous if there's actual evidence that chemical weapons were used against citizens especially children that's just that's fucking horrible and what you do but will you tell me what's the internet connection get Emily a hotline and they contacted and notified the Russian government that these attacks going to take place that they wouldn't actually like bomb any Russian got you a military press that would be a big fucking deal but it just goes to show once again it's like we're on a different level than these people like they're calling each other but they're going to bomb Syria really been notified you hear about the bomb is chemical Factory but it will notify another superpower War but we play them on what Saturday of this weekend or the Friday convention and the people who run that commission told us that there may not be a lot of people there on the Saturday and Sunday because El Paso such a big military City I guess there's a base there and so like half the people were supposed to attend that day had to get the boys to go to Syria I think for this they went to Syria on standby ready for the next couple days it's like damn just like that is the telegraph a reliable source of information in the UK that's right I mean yeah we talked in awhile he or tabloid website Russian received a series of crucial warnings for America of the eminent air strikes to a 24-hour hotline intended to limit the possibility of a direct military clash between the two superpowers it has emerged so yeah they were notified beforehand which is just I mean I would think that if you're backing regime you like they were going to Bobby's guys in the next 12 hours that's okay we won't tell him thanks for the call it is not cool that goes just to one of their phones or is that specific phone rings for that moment they have a 24-hour hotline you might have that phone regarding her bike but you're the Duke to the news what's the answer it hello I mean it's like to take that call but it's like when you know somebody's going to break up and you know both people and it's just like I don't want this information like him our phone rang is like rushing yeah you know Poland invaded them again here we go and you said it's kind of like being alert you know I'm not saying you should have made me glad they pulled out of some friendly Armistice with Russia after the event in Syria green has a friendly are my results of Russia friendly or some like really soft language in like these people don't have a nice relationship of any kind why or why were they even in this agreement they were friends on Facebook in 2007 but meaning of You official be in a relationship on Facebook Zuckerberg thing earlier they finally have a tool that came out last week or you can check if you were affected by the Cambridge analytica data mining is Beyonce just yesterday log into Facebook account today what kind of day did they take everything you post on Facebook logging custom movement as well as data that people were like using on their computer to search for other things that they weren't on Facebook for cuz that would be a little weird people over take their dress that the stuff they don't post and then just put on out there all the shipping right and got me know and I'm not going to put this up how much do you to send all your drops play right now that would do that crap is because I tried to tweet something and it didn't go through and it got put my dress like I was halfway through its way you got distracted it's never like a complete thought cuz I post those usual it's not like I'm going to come back to this and work on it for femoral it's okay. find my drafts folder quickly checking that other thing that I guess Twitter was going to look at a taser API access to the third party Twitter apps can work anymore saw that but people got really upset about it yesterday but I got really upset about it so they said they delayed it they didn't change their mind or not going back on their effort but they've delayed this API change I don't use a Twitter I think the Twitter iOS apps garbage that's what I used to twitter.com. I can't do like I can't I can't even see poll taxes isn't available to non Twitter clients like that doesn't make any sense enough to look at it on the website people who respond to those tweets with the answers that it isn't answering in the fucking phone I looked in my truck and one of them was just said whoa says I get emails from my wax place after booking an appointment that says we can't wait to pamper you pretty sure we're doing my hair at 7 please not pampering I don't know why I didn't post that I wrote a sweet about Coachella this the top in my drafts folder I really sweet about Coachella exhausting it is they see how exhausted it to watch everyone else to go to Coachella and then someone would be exactly the Coachella type and I just replied to him but I didn't send it which is yeah maybe if Coachella was a Convention of actual coaches Madison like I thought the timing of it was weird so I'm at one I did it the other day that everyone thought was really rude and Rena back I guess it could have been but I was kind of meant to be like a joke it was someone who was asking me how come when you're doing well dang you need the visor thing down to stop your eyes can but whatever the reason is but why when you're watching a video does it not blind to you through your mother and I thought the same reason bullet shot of the car Madrid coming to your living room it was like man what a dick yeah different situation the camera yeah I think it's big enough to Blind know I know I know that reason but like that kind of like seeing something about it the the light there is a physical aspect to that that's damage in your eyes yeah I guess so. Just getting over my head it was you but I see you use Gavin I don't use you so much but he's Barbara all the time I will send her tweet and I just say Okay OK Google I said it she says I don't get this dog don't post that if it's not with you over the last year I would like is this one in poor taste or not you're like you probably shouldn't post that one okay okay thanks I never posted like I usually have a pretty good gauge if like something is probably not like don't post it ever essentially like I've even discussed why isn't it I was on the fence about it before I send it to you and you're like no problem it sounds of the photo of my dog to say I got my my model 3 invite finally is it true at this point if your avatar is the picture of your face I just automatically assume you are 12 years old this is true whenever somebody like complain to me or something and if they have a default Avatar or Avatar of like a popular culture figure or even weirder a picture of Barbara or Gavin or Michael as their Avatar I just assume that they're 11 or 12 years old and I don't want to argue with him what does have really good taste of you and then we'll see I assume if someone has artificial if I'm not calling you guys out on face I'm going to assume that you're 11 or 12 years old there is another weird thing not as though she would that where people use a photo of someone else as their Avatar to me that's strange it's not what you just said strange strange anything to do with your 11 or 12 people who don't like confident in the way they look and that's understandable but using someone else's photo does get very confusing in the way that you look but you're a fucking asshole be a jackass if they tell you didn't see him play music to other classes of people that she talked about how much do you were going to hate Ready Player one and the movie shouldn't be made I would always go to their account and either Avatar or their cover photo was almost every single time was a popular icon from like I like a picture of an anime character or something like that it's like that's this is what the internet is people use popular icons and IP to express themselves that's and sake but these are the people that were the maddest about ready player one almost I'm almost a hundred percent I got my model 3 Tesla Tesla Tesla 3 to 6 weeks I got I got it on the same day Jack did was someone else CD person got first people under my new cars any fancy crap in it do is pick the color you get two choices of tires and you can add enhanced Auto driving features what color did you do it's like a silver color 93 bowling but I've been following very closely a social media influencer YouTuber who has had solar panels and the Tesla powerwall installed and it's been nothing but a nightmare for the dude and he still trying to work on the Powerball is a bank of batteries for solar power can collect energy all day and then it just run your whole house tomorrow solar kind of hard to do that if you don't have batteries to back your hours because you allow power night the nightmare about it I see people are the battery installation and he's in California hike the gamer hike the gamer was on our E3 coverage a couple years ago because YouTube live streamer has a really specific category and a question for you if somebody has an electric car just do you ever park somewhere hoping to get one of those charging parking spots and it's taken by just normal car know it was really cool when I first got my car because they think they're still illegal to buy in Texas technically it runs the website correct but people were risking it backed into the reverse utensils when I originally got my first one and those charging spots for fucking everywhere and if I had a free parking really like convenient parking typically know I don't worry about it too much and I don't fuss if somebody's in it because I also don't charge typically when I'm in the spot which is technically what it's for but those fucking Chargers they've got around your garbage out I need an adapter but that's my fault for having a proprietary power portable USB C and USB open USB C charging with a standard outlet and I think it'll put them up in this is what these charging stations at around here do they put about 3 miles every hour on the car which is not even like so if you go on vacation for 10 days you will have a full charge where is my outlet at home will put about 40 miles 30 to 40 miles an hour on the car so it 8-hour charge I get about 300 okay I think it's not cool enough yet the charging part I think my car is very cool but until it just charges through the ground up through the bottom of the car or like what I'm thinking like attach that would make it so much fun. A very limited spacing of shit I know exactly and there are like 4 spots that are charging spots out of maybe like 20 bucks so of course the other ones usually taken and often in this parking lot I'm just going to go pick up a coffee and leave takes maybe 5 minutes and so all Park in one of those spots quickly and I always feel like shit about it cuz I'm like what if it comes with an electric car and then to charge I'm in a spot I'm going to get in trouble and all this shit it is literally it's one of the only places ever I don't think I've ever done this in my life before but you know what Starbucks is right next year so I have the app where you can pre-order stuff and it just waiting on the counter right next to the door ran and ran back out like that's a recognized total dick move but I'm looking for a space in a fucking parking lot for like 20 minutes in combination of the people that know what they're doing and the parking lot being bad or what is worse than the other drivers even worse drivers I think you were in Starbucks West 35 seconds on the counter when you go in there when you order online and I was like the whole time I was in my head practicing the apology if I held somebody up for like 2 seconds I never do this. See if you got arrested while you're in there while you're white because they're why would you I was at a Starbucks in Philadelphia I believe a couple of guys who were waiting for a friend of theirs to show up and get the Starbucks employees were uncomfortable with them waiting so they call the police and the police showed up and the rest of them other dudes who were waiting or arrested or black and as they were being taken out of the place their friend showed up and eat them like why are you arresting and they're just sitting there waiting for someone without buying something so that was then trespassing in the store at Starbucks what the fuck I'm curious to know what the what the thought process was in the people who called the police the police that would actually arrest them not to feel like people are allowed to wait but I don't I don't know what the legalities I guess it's a private business right so I think if the store complaint they can have somebody check I don't know about a resting resting but I like what's the top price like a person she's not like just raced at Freddy's not like oh I hate black people going to call the cops on these guys right right there is definitely a level of racism if a group of black people makes you feel intimidated and want to like call the cops on them that's very underlying racism somebody like grilling the cops from why are you resting them and they're all on this this recording the ad on the phone like why you asking for the explanation why are they being arrested in there's no explanation of it get away and somebody put on Twitter that that's that in itself is an expression of white privilege even though it's a good version of it cuz they're trying to speak up for other people but if there was a more black people they also would have been arrested you know if they've been said why you rushing yardage the rest of those people yeah it's just I wonder who made that cool, yeah I know right I was thinking it from my point of view of someone who's in PR or something for Starbucks cuz I assume they just woke up and we're just like oh my God could you know that company doesn't have these views supposedly like it stopped by racist how do you how are you I feel like I'll be the worst job ever to have for a company that has so many branches around the world like if anything bad happens if any one of those places represent and that's crazy just think about the problem with the whole issue who was affected by that one. Starbucks was trending all weekend if you like boys Starbucks is like even if it what's a Starbucks completely went out of business tomorrow that's not going to solve the racism problem in America there's something else there snow at the Starbucks level I mean it is on that level but it's just way beyond that yeah company level is well right in the the underlying people at the country right now so I don't know exactly that manager is no longer employed by California text is a like you don't need a reason to fire a work at will state we found the super pro worker tell her not have the right to fire someone without reason I have I ever told you how much I love you all yes I like this is the definition of Right to Work relating to or promoting a worker's right not to be required to join a labor union nice is the next pay Union law that is totally makes it seem like we're doing this for you very good piece of that name this podcast is brought you by Squarespace what do you need a domain website or online store make your next move with Squarespace Squarespace offers beautiful award-winning designer templates you create a beautiful website or online store with an award-winning template is an all-in-one platform there's nothing to install patch or upgrade ever give me the easy to set up or transfer your domain on Squarespace instead of working with multiple vendors to maintain your online presence all your domain and billing settings with Squarespace and take advantage of their easy to use DNS interface never been easier to sell products or services online Squarespace allows you to manage your products orders and inventory easily Krispies can also provide you with a comprehensive set of marketing tools to engage your audience get found across search and social and grow your following you start your free trial today at squarespace.com go to squarespace.com 10% off your first purchase squarespace.com Christie's for 10% off your first purchase we did ask you to share your Squarespace websites we got to pick some more of our favorites add reminder with Squarespace you can make sites like this be sure to tweet at us with hashtag RT Squarespace I hear our favorites for stuff we got drunk yep next up we got at underscore is Auto Villa is the guy who he's got a lot of stuff also designed the achievement hunter blind box figures and left one is at unrequested thanks for showing us your site and we appreciate it I was I'm just excited by someone who works here that how to Squarespace site that's actually another flat fee at will employment is a term used in u.s. labor law for contractual relationship in which an employee can be dismissed by an employer for any reason that is without having to establish just cause for termination and without warning as long as the reason is not illegal for example firing because of the employees race for the employees religion you could just be like a right-to-work state so you can just be like you've done great work by then I was told was you can tell someone you don't have work with him cuz you don't like their face I just want to look at you that's like it was a joke you never give that as a reason but it's literally that easy to terminate someone that there was a a 60-minute report I believe it aired yesterday about Allegiant Airlines you can I please watch it from Hortonville but you never want to fly Allegiant Airlines talking about the Lacs safety culture and how many incidences airline has constantly fighting love it and how they fire department for evacuating playing the the plane was starting to take off like able to see if I remember correctly stop. They had to circle to burn some fuel I said that the circle because it clear the runway for the middle and they landed and the number to see fire truck met him at the author Runway at fire truck confirmed we see smoke coming out of your number one engine so the pilot says okay I'm going to evacuate the plane identify voice comes over the the radio and says do not evacuate you're playing and if I stay at school and the person would not identify themselves in the tower had to intervene to be like what do you say who is this in the shows to evacuate the plane supposed to be evacuated the plane and Allegiant fired him because they said that the plane did not need to be back but I guess cuz it looks back to the people jumping out on the slides cost money to deal with an infection and apparently the person who was telling him not to evacuate the plane was one of the firefighters on a different fire engine they did not why did they identify it was like there was no further detail on that just before they're about to take off you like pulled something like look up without the pilot I believe the figure they gave was that if you fly Allegiant your 3.5 times more likely to have an implied consent United or Delta crash the plane they like they have a ridiculously high number of engine flameout sore at the same airline that also wouldn't give us credit or reimburse us for a flights to Vegas when Monty passed away and his funeral was going to be the day of our trip so we were saying like telling them that we couldn't get on the site anymore and they said tough luck you're out the money that's it like when you purchase a ticket if you can't make the flight like you can take it and just apply to a different light down the road report I think or so on 60 Minutes about Allegiant Airlines super fascinating into a formation where everyone can lie down I mean I could you but can you stack people more space in win 303 maybe if it was laying flat the whole time that's the dream I think I'd rather take a flight line down the whole time instead of having you imagine flying like a 17-hour flight Houston to Sydney and you cannot you can only lay down the entire time I don't know I am I guess inside that kind of sucks all you could do is lie down I took out the overhead storage and they will bed I would buy that ticket or what are you could buy an overhead storage bin just for you and me getting in shape to get a ladder to get up in there and then shut it for the dog suffocated in there and they were ridiculously high number of Pet Club for pets for not by United equal likelihood you could buy there for the same prices in the economy chat I would buy the would you buy a ticket on a plane it was super cheap if like the back half the cabin was standing you have like one of those Subway Loops how long they can hold off just like you go hours take off like that. Everyone was in one of those like clear plastic balls but you like talking about my balls you like rolling around the whole time normal economy and it would just roll around on top of everyone but people who didn't want his old on the head there was a woman on the flight back from El Paso to Austin last night I don't know how this happened maybe someone could explain this to me she's somehow managed to get like a chick size bag all the way onto the plane I don't know how it got through security again for everything at the gate maybe but I don't know how she got it through I think she may be like screw past the gate agents cuz she was trying to get it up and she like tap is gone in his bag and it was huge fucking huge it took the space of three bags and when the overhead compartments and the whole plan was on except for a couple people and one of the attendance got on she goes what did I say about that bag I said you had to leave it at the gate like what are you doing get it down and I was just like I was his whole thing go down to this woman is putting the check bag up in the compartment it barely fits and it's taking up room for everyone else she's got her boarding pass my folder you have to leave that at the door the playing at the gate yet she tried to get it from there on to the play drop off your check bags like it's like 40 minutes before the flight. Sometimes if you're late for plane to say you don't have checked bags and then do was call the gate check it's not any kind of like Sheetz in any way it's it's you can go to the tree with a check bag typically and then a lot of time at the gate they'll even say hey this a full flight if anyone wants to check gate checked free yeah there's stuff will they check it for free and then something else out or whatever lunch board sooner as well but it's the way that we work if you're late you can just walk up to the gate they can you gate check this in the next have a little ramp right there in that way at loopholes for that but you wouldn't fly without ID I forgot my device and search through my shit and I just showed him a credit card my name on how you clear clear airport I can do it but I never clear with loving could jump the line but I every time I've been to the airport recently there's no line is that the construction listen this is a nice conversation about travel we don't need to go to a negative place but LOL all the time it will clear Starbuck nearby things like pre-check as well as Valley flow this year it's been crazy we miss you so that's okay at least one person in Sydney up so easily it's my favorite I want I want I want to see the before I get too far away from the ad read Squarespace and our new members do you want this year that's a different Rivers blue season 16 go ahead yes oh I don't know I just said that to be up for first members and then it goes public on site and there is currently no schedule and no date for its move on YouTube for a big post on YouTube so red versus blue is going to be on the road she said I personally love that exclusively still asking when it's going to be on YouTube there's no plans to put on we don't we don't have a date cuz we don't have plans to do it I'm not saying you won't do it in the past red versus blue used to be on the RT site for a year before it would go out the season 8 with showing on the website season 7 was what was currently airing on YouTube we left for a really long time season 1 didn't go up and use you for a while. so I I I love it it's really cool and super excited about some of the writing myself away from everything so I can watch it fresh and I have any sort of till I can talk about the thing I'm doing right now remind me when they're comes out to talk about it what else is b a used Beechwood Budweiser Budweiser yeah I wouldn't do it but my Beachwood Bud Light Lime another flavored version like you know that Bud Light Lime know that Bud Light orange orange how do you feel about Orange in chocolate flavor choose it over other chocolates but I will still eat it yeah so weird taste like she liked very specific stuff and one of the first alcohols I ever got to try was Grand Marnier so whenever I have chocolate and orange it reminds me that I think it's in the back of the drinks cabinets of your grandparents what are they use when are they supposed to be wiped out cuz it's like Christmas money specifically do you like a liquor and liqueur I know the one you like Liquor Locker number 43 can I put with the espresso to make a may have funny was it what kind of deal is it right out the front Margaritas in El Paso or no joke went to the small size in a texas-sized we are the normal size and I got drunk off of one it was it was just tequila and I think that's it. I did everything I wasn't there I just did now he did a really good job I would have never used the term for myself before but I'm serious foam oh yeah I was like really bummed out to miss it even seem to be having a really good time it was good for potty that was literally at work that's exactly what Chris said he said it was awesome party but also really great party for stage 4 I forgot that I was the only person Drew and Jessica vasami that went on for like 45 minutes maybe longer the crowd got it was phenomenal yeah and I'm really sorry that I do really selling this party I was trying to pay Blaine to kick it over in order to come out and watch the Ginger game because it always makes me jump on it falls down what you're really doing a good job dude what do people drink it out of the ice sculpture was really distraught that used on the car there is like a shot saying or people put their mouth at the bottom of it and Zack same way no they they put together and also see each other off that is the same thing as what does what what nail spa supplies metal weirder than blood taste like metal if you if you want Woulda left my food if you wipe a rusty nail threaten me like mad Zach ertz Beachwood let's try it let's try you were nearly Beechwood aged beer taste differently can't tell the difference what is Beachwood said it's too late now but you did twice that was like internal draft folder so I can send you pictures of donuts give me charges USB C Kasper Kasper electric rates exceptionally comfortable sleep experience one night at a time get $50 off of Select mattresses by visiting casper.com and using promo code RT at checkout Casper mattresses are designed by humans for humans to stay away robots bounce and regulate your body temperature Through the Night by in Casper is easy order online is delivered to your door in a compact box and you have free shipping and free returns to u.s. and Canada I said whenever I travel am out of town I honestly I really miss sleeping in my own bed Casper super comfortable no other is like it on a mattress if so important to truly sleep on a mattress before meeting that's why cast for give you one of your nice to try it out get $50 towards like matches by visiting casper.com party and using promo code RT at checkout Supply that's $50 towards like mattresses, RT and using promo code RT at checkout thanks Casper for sponsoring this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast why is the plane with the best in the mattresses and you have to be on that all the time that we had can I can I sit as well or do I have to lay down for sting severely like I just don't imagine that link for 17 hours straight like with this coughing would be comfortable in there and you watch The Avengers on it but whatever I've seen every movie on the fucking playing at guaranteed tilted up a little bit or II likes it up all of your Playmates to all vote for the thing like opening up so you can sit down like imagine the head on the legs come some other assholes to vote with me you know you're lying that when they when somebody leaves are obligated to that space I'm not going to begrudge anyone for reclining their check every time now they that they paid for that space on the plane making fucking out loud mean we can just fire me to Los Angeles to be fucking awesome I am but I asked him to run out of steam. They're going to make an update in May in another update in the summer with her know what that means to them but probably August September you know they said they were going to take player feedback and focus on more events and things like that and they were going to have to back burner other plans they had their initial plan was to make Pets only his fucking looking for pets I don't think about Pat's when I think it's over did you like it what kind of pet did you get any dogs every time I was living vicariously through a lot of people were playing this weekend with really fallen off see these major whatever I did something I'm tired of and I don't want to deal with anymore yeah I'm tired of people sending me links to YouTube drama sites that are like oh look at this this size talking shit about you want to watch people fight like more people to go find these videos where you don't have to send that to me I appreciate it talk shit all they want to get a reaction out of me and my reaction is oh I was just you and I was shooting like crazy and I feel like I like to look at the camera on the tripod at like 9 a.m. and suddenly it's like 4:30 but I didn't have your stuff done my makeup artist you walked in I think like 10 minutes before the podcast going to start and she just looks at you and she's like oh God it was a vein cuz it's kind of pale blue so she cleaned up on the face stuff off the chat is very happy Barbara they've been asking this whole episode why is Gavin blue and everyone is now saying thank you Barbara for finally asking voice of the people say I was just doing it for the audience knows who never would have known yeah there was a go back to what you were saying about people like trying to like oh hey look at this guy's name let me say it I hate you when you're having conversation about cats and people go out of their way to tag somebody we talked about earlier like 4 or so how people who the CEO of Allegiant Airlines would like to check it out you know there's talking shit about you what do you do when they like sit back and watch the Mayhem I just watch that happened where one of the optic optic gaming he was really fucking all over boss key put out radical Heights any Planet know it's BB's epic in the middle of fortnite development then went to start started boss key right but is he started they were working on lawbreakers lawbreakers did you obviously you know it's arguably didn't do very well and arguably to be hard to argue otherwise the game did not do well and so then all of a sudden out of nowhere boss key announced that they were making Abbey are there still a battle royale game called radical Heights and I just want to rent a house and suck he said who is this snake oil salesman the boss key first Master flop that was all Breakers and now someone came up with a cute show based VR games and BMX bikes will likely beat these 7482 Max lifetime concurrent lawbreakers had but not by much the best thing about the three days later that day after people started dreaming it and I think the fortnite servers went down which was very fortuitous I was completely wrong but in the middle of that his game up there's like four or five people they're all they did was like tagging graffiti tagging cookie be it's like okay first of all good evening. Nephew's trying to launch a new game you know after a game that didn't do so well he doesn't need to be involved with this this guy who's complaining about it so it's like when you try to do there you know it's like you making people feel bad credit it was a pretty serious rant but then like tagging Cliffy B in it because he has to read this Christmas just like yeah yeah do something else man it just sucks it's like he's having enough trouble as it is it makes me afraid to talk about anyone even positively want to talk about people but not to them sometimes, you possibly that weird thing to do in the back of what you're saying you know if you're if you're upset about something but it's like somehow tag in the person not the company makes it so personal Insight that's not your job to do that do you compliment people to other people more than you compliment them to them selves I probably I probably do you like I would talk more positively about Gavin to you then I went to Gavin himself about someone to someone else the other day it was great well and I was like I should probably tell them at some point but it's really good you're weird you would deal with people out of the clear blue sky and say hey and I was thinking about you and think about what you're working on is and I just haven't talked in a long time I just wanna let you know I'm thinking about you I text on a regular basis no like people friends in LA and I thought you were what is really cool it worked really well I'm glad we're bringing this up I want to compliment the broadcast crew we had at the end of last week's podcast I think it was where I kind of ended abruptly because he was going a little long in miles is telling the story The reason I ended abruptly is because last Monday the crew had to be here really early so we build Heroes and half-wits all day and then they had to do a quick turn around to get ready for the podcast I was throwing them they worked like I think longer than 12 hour day on Monday and then they had to be here early again on Tuesday mornings but feel more Heroes and half-wits that's not true because you're saving yourself I think so you like justifying your motives what ya theme to all the time at all so I don't know why I'm being fucking drag here through this hey there you go thank you and nothing else is the fact that I guess we're going to go higher set up to the Peter from one night and then come back and there's no interruption in anything that we do one of the days of Michael said that they have the hardest job at Rooster Teeth because they're forced to watch the content did you have a cousin reviews people people people talk about the time we make so much time so you can watch it all I watch most of it like two or three times by the time it comes out what was talking drives me crazy sometimes all the shit I have to watch it again and again and again and again but actually do anything to give me like 6 so I will have seen that probably 5 times every doc like 6 times at like 4 or 5 times each for you that you could enjoy it and that's how you go to compliment you and text you which in a way is kind of what I would take that response game Shiba hot stuff before it's up like a bloated but not life that's why I get idea what you guys are doing so it's it's watching very fresh spring break what is really like that do you think the most popular series or show at this company that you have not seen is there anything I mean I guess if you want to get down to it was so much work and watch everything I mean I guess technically I haven't seen a lot of like I've never seen that was it you're dead you're dead you're dead you're dead by Minecraft Freddy I haven't seen any sugar pine 7 Dallas I just said that there's something about that sketch that they did in the bike shop at the beginning of season 3 that's just so fucking funny to me just like their improv skills are very impressive those guys have the interface with them it's like it never stops it never fucking stops Sydney James and see what's up or just like doing movies together I'm going to be Gladiator or cutting drills talk about how life is the city of Sydney wants to break up into three cities Got That Barbecue have to dislike Mutual lean away from you will you send a text to Ramon Western Sydney Central business district CBD and then Eastern Harbor three different city every three different cities but I just put your weird idea that the city would want to break up like that in the article already didn't have it didn't seem like I didn't understand what the motivation was or what the what the reasoning behind me like it's not me it's you the conflicts in Australia rivalries make conflict is not a word like you go to Melbourne and you mentioned that you weren't sitting now it's like you're going to have that inside of it all like a different sport in Sydney 303 Patrick painter called 30 minutes City so that people are 30 minutes from either work school or Recreations at all time yeah I just went downtown you can't really live there cuz no one here that I guess there's a flesh eating ulcer epidemic in Australia right now eating all so are all sirs is not with an ulcer is just another pencil is the BBC headline Australia flesh-eating altar epidemic a mystery doctor say yeah I see it's local cases of buruli ulcer a skin disease most commonly found in Africa has searched by 400% in the last 4 years experts say and the images are fucking gross smallpox is yeah and I do not know how to prevent the disease which is caused by bacteria that breaks down tissue fuck me if so I think it's in Victoria right now in Australia what's that big thing with lettuce but you called me last now I know they banned alfalfa sprouts at Jimmy John's for a little bit there salmonella outbreaks I thought it was a carrier of salmonella I think is alfalfa sprouts sprouts and then did you see how I can help you if you never want to read ever let you don't want to read about a mystery disease that's gaining Steam and I don't know what's causing it and they don't know what I mean I remember that actually happen in my lifetime I remember was AIDS first came to like what the word is became an epidemic and they didn't know what the fuck it was and they called it the gay flu Med first and then thought it was dating app with Airborne or not and they just knew that people in a certain usually homosexual men were dying of this disease where they couldn't bear losing weight rapidly they didn't know what it was do you think it's straight from all the other fractures back then it isn't like I'm just going to eat I live a live the rest of my life to see flip the scenario what if it was like heterosexual people are getting busy or are you going to change your sexuality can you change your sexuality a lot of people have to do it back in the days I did it wrong with you think it's that what I mean obviously I understand like what that is what that means you got to turn off being gay because it's just I am cuz my parents whether I don't know what killing us I'm just going to pretend to be straight but you going to try to trick the disease viruses in the air like flying over the houses that had the the angel of death slang over the house that had two Lamps Plus they're just like because of the woman there are still people at the Hyde that sexuality even today even from diseases except for the actual diseases maybe that can be the way they can just pretend like they're from New Zealand and then they won't get the answer we can just do that when they don't understand was killing people very true I'm still went underground in the Bubonic plague days they retire communities of people that would hold festivals where the Stan you wouldn't get it I thought that was a separate brother called villages we just start going in this dancing Mania and then just like all Thai but somehow that stuff goes away and I got my box out of the garage and I'm ready to like go to the bunker what let me something about whole lot or eat coli I'm not going to get that jewelry the Stan growing up dude there was a thing did you read about I want to see was 45 days ago or maybe 2 months now this point where the dude who works at the CDC oh yeah feel good and went home and then disappeared and he was a guy who worked with infectious diseases at the CDC and they just found his body like 2 weeks ago in a river so this guy who works at the CDC and felt bad enough to go home one day and just a beautiful face. He was not the right words I speak very broadly about this but I know someone who was watching the news recently and saw a name in the news like some somebody so and so was arrested for fraud and the person I know was like oh that's weird I know someone with that name and I didn't think anything of it that person. I work with someone who has that same name the person I know when to work the next day and that person was not there and a person has not been back since I found out was watching the news I've seen that person's name or whatever wow I just wouldn't show up to work tomorrow I think you know someone and then she like that happens and just like I don't know what the biggest secret you're hiding from people why would you say that the format for this to delete his phone number from their phone so they would have a record of him but I don't know the whole thing just read like somebody crazy first chapter of a Stephen King book your deepest darkest secret Barbara the you're not telling me when you have any what's up man what's up with TJ Miller what's going on movie guy right now did you major in fact we should know he was on a bad path when he quit fucking Silicon Valley and said an article that Silicon Valley in the future of entertainment parachuting into the canne film festival to show people the Emoji Movie that's the future of entertainment that's what you want to be more part of food you would see me Emoji Movie by that point I you knew what you were talking about that's fucked up maybe liked it it's impossible it's impossible red Jordan peel of Key and Peele that you know he know what time he retired from acting but he was offered a role in the Emoji Movie and that made him retire from that played in the movie I don't look that up the name of the Emoji Movie wasn't just the emoji for movie what's the emoji for movie like the Google we don't know what to call it the movie Emoji the movie film camera Emoji Movie really help me quit acting people confess at the podium I was offered the role of poop that I would not make this up yep the poop emoji poop emoji whatever you want to play at Target Field manager told him about the offer people responded that's fucked up then after I beat said I'm just I'm going to sleep on it the next day pill called said he called his manager back to see just out of curiosity what the studio was offering to pay him but peels window for the degrading opportunity had already closed my manager said they've already given it to Patrick Stewart and I was like well fuck this quit acting after that shows you just the right thing now I like to think I'm struggling with this and whether or not I'm going to take this role of a shit emoji and then I wake up if I lost the opportunity to one of the greatest actors of our time skip Lloyd I never go to see the movie right away soon as it comes out but I know it's going to get spoiled or something to happen if I got to watch this movie like immediately I'm pretty good black panther like black panther are now my favorite Marvel highest grossing domestic movies so much money juicy a quiet place I did last week it's very good it's impossible to eat literally anything while watching that movie should be played in an anechoic chamber and then you really hear your own heartbeat in my own throat making noise tagonist antagonist I feel like you should be able to hear better because that's all they have made it louder which is why they couldn't hear sometimes I don't know my heart and I feel like that as well you know that's just like jump-scares that movie that I think we're a little bit like unnecessary but there's like a raccoon that fell off a roof at one point in the movie and it makes SRI cloud explosion sound I don't mind that people get mad that they jump scares are cheap I like all that whole movies about jump-scares is very true. It's hard to hide a cost down when I'm dead you cut through buddy I've asked for that as much as I used to either that or Ashley has gotten completely used to it there's no way you smell less than or less or that Ashley so used to it maybe you don't use that score live anymore nice try but I want to know I want to live in ignorance how are you supposed to clean your is Meijer in particular there's that drops by that kind of boat does all the wax Audiology Audiology it's incredible have you ever be able to keep all of what you're supposed to have a level of wax but if it's too much words actually blocking your pushin it in I think I want to buy one of those endoscopes if I can still feel like you cares flushed out to a lot of doctors I don't like that though I got them off stuck in my ear that's horrible it was a live in my ear and I can tell you there's nothing worse than the feeling of having a loud noise in your ear and then you cover your ear to get to block the noise but he gets on the inside of your hand by having a light bulb on your Island and usual that works a hundred percent Savage I tried to but when you go to like grab it you would freak out and go in further my neighbor was down in Buda and my neighbor said like he's only dealing with it you think I got a pair of tweezers and then goes to be said to Jordan he does because just go get some rubbing alcohol and pour rubbing alcohol near killed it was like what a fucking released but I still had to go to the doctor and then there was like legs and shit in there and they the flush it out it was so loud so loud like that most people who are you doing waiting on the Lord I'm singing at the top of my lungs I don't know why they didn't just create a load of permanent really loud noise I agree like just run the loudest generators haha little bit Woodcreek recess got until the set designers in a quiet place for amazing in all the staircases had painted places where they could step on it and it wouldn't Creek he's on his way I mean I think the painting of the stairs showed how they had a bad thing it's the weight on the woods epic the creek Coconut Creek City take out the shoes at Barefeet all the time I think that I like whenever I play with the people that play with regularly I make sure that none of us have shoes that way if I hear footsteps I can tell if it's our footsteps or someone else's or someone else about the biggest if it's comfortable but it's a different sound and audio in some situations you know you need to hear just as much as you need to. I had to ask someone in the last time for the 10-man squad I had to ask someone to stop talking but you need to talk a lot less it's a stranger volume between chat in-game chat but then you also lose if you listen to me all Channel like every one of the committee games's chat so you can hear when people walk up if it got pushed to talk open in there on all then you can hear him like you know it's fun though it's Jenny Jenny run someone's up Friday night he has a blast doing it yeah Tony's to play slot pubg what do you think what do you think is the reason why fortnite really just usurped pubg it's free right it's also like more cartoony people aren't you can't neglect the PS4 aspect of this exclusive to Xbox and PC as well I just think so many more people have a PlayStation 4 that have either an Xbox One or a PC of table for income cheap but it's weird though it's like when I ask you what they like the game is unplayable I don't see it that way but I do know a lot of people complain about it being unplayable it must be the Xbox version right cuz I play the Xbox version once I was like what is better but it's still in for a long time but he was tough to run on PC on every member that like you have never really beat a computer was so poorly optimized the first long way since then you plan on starting to think it's good for target practice just learning to make a shooting Xbox exclusives Donaldson PC with my stuff like that if you have a PS4 exclusive Xbox One platform is what's the gaming crossover they called play it anywhere I love it call a cab right on saying that I can't think of a game is only on Xbox because it's also one PC exclusive to the Xbox platform would be Mike Salk developed and all of my star Philippines use play Anywhere I know are you guys there because you talk in circles around on Mondays from home with a boy says he doesn't even know me just wandering around eats food so here's what I'm hearing you wonder if there's any games that are supposed to just the Xbox or are they on Xbox and PC as a yes part of the play Anywhere thing where they try to have one platform they have if you have for Xbox they also have a playable on the PC ID yeah but nothing's don't do that but you were making two points the first point was saying are there any games that are just exposed to the Xbox be saying not enough games do the play anywhere so is that case whatever games are saying they don't use enough their exclusive the Xbox fucking dick you can have a game on Xbox and PC that isn't play anyway you didn't play army cross play don't think it means is that not what I mean I don't know it just means you could you if you buy on the Xbox you have it on the PC that's our confusion cross plays when you can get a match with people from different platforms for my Xbox and I can play on PC to me that's play anyway who is this Ashley chance Sunset Overdrive okay that's like 4 years ago someone Xbox one either you got to wait on my Xbox One 360 or Xbox One is it your house super said I was mildly disappointed by the release of super excited I hear that from people I hear that I'm disappointed I own a game on Xbox I have it on PC for free and also I own a game on Xbox I still have to buy a stamp I understand what you're saying is there's not enough games do the play Anywhere I was the one that's what I'm saying that's not the game on Xbox One PC okay okay Halo 5 Master collection love it thanks