#489 - Burnie the Hamburgler

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss food sent to space, flight incidents, 15 years of Rooster Teeth, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2018

Recorded: 2018-04-24 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

yeah hello everyone this week podcast is brought to you by Harmony Honey Bunch Shari's Berries thank you to those companies for sponsoring this episode of the podcast I'm guess I'm Gavin Free lunch and you get all arrogant and up to me and you start filming yourself guys were like it was bad and it looks tremendous now we just have to the window when I came in with I drove by the office on matches the weekend and driving into the truck parked out back that's weird I don't know if you didn't recognize I was just I don't know who that is okay in there so I can pull my car around and the bay doors are open there like OSHA it like a we are we being robbed right now so I got my phone and I'm like I have like 9 1 walking in the door looking around and walked out yeah well before it was and now it doesn't look like it was the same office is when we first moved into this building that was all like old motel rooms and stuff right so it's still had that same friend 0 panel and they had to tear them down at contractually cuz it's awake yet leave the space as you found it basically and it was today you don't want us to share these things down we can give you guys some motels on our roof a short summary. This is funny how to send this to everybody came to me though care of me to everybody so this is the pillow that was and for the 15th anniversary is much different shows I'm driving looks good Barbara and I support so you can depend Gavin you can attend either but we went to think of you take the day off you gone forever I asked Michael to Michael said he could get out of filming that's why I don't think so no one right now I missed this one for cheap Made It by someone because you're so go Go goat Fogo I get it so full I feel that they still. I had one if I gave you like $20 could you eat it if I could give you a dollar state to UK when you get home that's a lot of money for most of the video game food challenge day I felt so bad you got about halfway through anything like that I know why they're called cheese curds so fucking gross the sandwiches are catch up with sandwiches to set this up how do you say Trista is that it's a place where the Cowboys come around and they have meat on the swords and they cut it for you and have a little red car to Green Card we talked about it before the podcast oh my God how do you spell 40 bucks I think it's good good cash for time audio podcast the future video it was only 2 or nothing I just remember the whole time you ate like 16 tacos and you were there when she threw up right he threw up it was horrible. Day today at least 4 hours holding it down but I do want 40 bucks if you'd if you say one must have by every 5 minutes you get through I just don't know 40 bucks now I want the 40 bus or he sent bread to the edge of space not sure why people always do like publicity stunt to be sent to space what about what food what foods do you like that pizza you never seen that type of stuff what are the ascended what are people sent to space as a joke I mean with explaining basic things have you seen videos of people sending stuff to the edge of space on Rainbow Loom that I just spaced you mean like to the atmosphere let's start with balloons and everyone understand what a fucking balloon is okay so Tom Scot garlic bread to the edge of space if you catch a weather balloon and he said that in other videos he see if he will send stuff up so he wanted to set it up and eat it when it came back down to earth recorded the weather in Spain this guy just saw his videos for the first time we should leave that's very interesting though, not the guy who does ASDF the bread wouldn't be ruined when it was at a thousand meters in close to protect a thousand members feel like if the British been at the edge of space on the way down it went all the way up and then on the way down it close yeah the the one that goes all the way up is like frozen in the middle and stratospheric bread even compare the two were they both delicious still it seems like you just put the video on the guy that like what the butter in the garlic on the bread garlic bread if you take two piece of bread in for peanut butter and jelly you made a peanut butter jelly sandwich you make pasta bake decorative slippery slope you got me on here what you got on there a seasoning right foot that shit on bread you made girl if they bite by a fucking playing donut and I put chocolate frosting on it I didn't make a chocolate donut donut that I'm defrosting a donut in a donut if you take a bagel can you put cream cheese on it what you make for breakfast I also wouldn't show up on a set be like what's up everybody listen I made a cream cheese bagel so everybody shout out to me he bought garlic bread for garlic patient transfer heat it up because it had the bread butter melted into the bread and everything and then I went up and got frozen again can bread freeze without antifreeze and it's literally the only two fries moisture in bread make it super cold like it goes below freezing and then is Frozen -40 degrees cold or does it only change density asking you right back or it gets the point does it have liquid to freeze and put in the freezer to freeze it watery Rock what are some pretty rocks and water in there and hydros you can get like rocks that have like tiny bits of water in them from like millions of years ago probably so sometimes I like bubbles for air so maybe it'll expand I'm sure some would break that guy no cuz it's inside sealed but right now I'm pretty close and I'd like to buy the stuff I want to know now is if you have some toast but some really well done to leave it in the freezer all night is it too cold to eat next day just a piece of bread cuz it'd be really rock solid need probably break the seats on it that's true but it's if so dehydrated that none of the moist chicken fries maybe you can just get it down I don't think so either does someone in chat needs to freeze toast right now and let us know but I can't freeze croutons right bread croutons or just tell if your problems or something stupid like that have you been to that new Rudy's yet but I put on my Instagram story which clearly you're a big follower what are you talking about people that will give you know if I go there for like myself and Esther and it's like I don't need three quarters of a loaf of bread with just one of the person it's like a group event we see what is all the time back when we live down South still with Michael and then we go swimming there was so good I think about that the other day we see that like like every weekend I will go to Reed's if I want like a really quick low-carb meal but then it's always once I get there and I order everything and I want to call low carb stuffed I go do a half a loaf of bread and like that and I always think the half life of red what is the best side dish with BBQ should have got to go to Olive Garden breadsticks from like how we reached the limits now you know what is a company yeah until the singer Justified we never said bread into space I feel like we're behind we needed we need to have a vehicle we send something to space space why why why not that's enough mind blown Barbara oh yeah we'll see I guess you posted on Instagram it's just weird weird I was driving down to yesterday and you know that sell Congress always sucks like but lots of cars have to be very alert when you're driving I'm driving looking out the window or drive by just drove past looks like the Queens of the Stone Age like oh really you say that was that was definitely him a fuck did you recognize him like I'm just driving down the street I have you pick him out of everyone in the crowd and she's not even like the world's biggest Queens of the Stone Age matter how did you recognize him I guess I'm terrible with that stuff looking for someone your wife is having an affair that's why she went out early enough to tell you that's that's that's the only answer a development which we're home slices is a lot of like old Austin shops then became new modern hipster shops Soco the history of Soco ends when you get to the meat packing company that refuses to move out of there if they give you bring you some basically through the front door flowers are going on you'd like to know the price it turned into whatever for you get some jerky if you want I'd probably drink to take a little bit longer they're probably just saw you dressed like a sausage horse a horse if they make glue from horse why does Elmer's Glue have a cow on it together is it the same tile that advertises Chick-fil-A God damn what does it mean to decade don't I don't know and Hamburglar if I make enough money my life I know I already said that I want to tow trucks but now I want to go rob McDonald's wearing Hamburglar costume did you seriously Camberley money for that pay bail and stuff cuz your money okay I'm down the rabbit hole here guys Elmer's Glue the mascot is Elmer the bull is a bull and milk the cow Elsie how to fix it all cartoon made Elmer the bull who created 1940 I went to Borden's vent chemical division as a mascot for Elmer's glue to repair was given offspring Beulah and Beauregard in 1948 and twins Larrabee and lobelia in 1957 that job How It's Made find out shit like this and it's fascinating I'd love to fuck out of town at Elmer's glue out of cow had apparently they're married and their powers made I want to how it's made on glue I want to see the horse carry two glue that's a horse I don't want to see a living ice cream is dead horses right also Jello they make Jello the same way I think like a render render of that fee Cat Sticky I don't know who looked at a horse is like somebody's working at the tape Factory in the other Staples dick riding a horse are you still at Elsie the cow bring the paper so is what what is oh my God are they are they going to be in Infinity War what is Hawkeye right there Thriller are you like me are you entirely sick of the most ambitious crossover meme mean seems to have run its course about 15 times at this point that resurfaces in different ways every time lemonade just wanted to advertise RoosterTeeth glassware vitamin water or somebody sue them to say they miss led the public on the nutrients in a drink and vitamin waters response was no reasonable person would think this is healthy drink drink that was their defense are you saying this is not healthy but Naked Juice drinks 5 grams of carbohydrates in the diet fucking nightmare candy shops on their Big Top Candy Shop Seger Street Zip drive in the right lane there's slanted parking spaces but the way that you work as you pull into a parking space and you turn to the right and pull in so they are slanted towards the car on South Congress there's sling to the other direction so you to go past the park you can make it easier to pull out at the space that purple thing it's a bad is bad design to pull into something from the front of the parking spaces line up with traffic so it's like they point in the direction of traffic pick up a space and then back into the diagonal parking space can you call the problem here in the car in the fucking Center didn't do it right right that's what are pointed straight ahead at the camera see the spot someone's telling him right behind and then he has to stop put on his blinkers like I want this spot and in the room has to wait for the other lane of traffic Paso they could go around so anyway it's a nightmare I never seen that Naylor City 6th Street West Alamar easier to get out because I don't want to bother trying to get into them if someone never leaves the handbrake off that cause going to roll away roll which way into the road only rule for using cardinal backwards go down there higher in the middle of the road you'll see Matt know because you're thinking about mr. Gavin Free what I believe you're thinking about is it in places like San Francisco California which has a geology topography Hills they will turn their wheels towards the curb so in case their car fails emergency brake feels a little steering to the curb and then just like driving on down the fucking Hill so you just said the road does that a hell is a different thing than just a regular Flat Road you recognize that right okay so if you pull up pull down and it rolls that's what I'm on about the side of the road anywhere E-flat fucking road the whole road is what I mean is it flat I mean black but no but it's fuck you flat and it's going down and your parking downhill if you turn your wheel into the curb and your brakes fails to go into the curb if it turned out with that way you'll go to the road facing downwards street so that South Congress actual cell phone they go they were just go what is that though how do you call ever being on any streets that windy street it's like that yeah okay there at some point it's just like companies in a given no other businesses around because only these high-level Silicon Valley Tech companies going to forward you need to be like no restaurants or anything like that I was talking to you I'll pray about that today cuz he's told him to just go to the cost of living there is ridiculous honestly it is ridiculous the cost of living there under $2,000 for anything that you're living with at least three more people probably $1,000 a month to live 5 room is what month I'm trying to see where it lists where it ends up on the world world's most expensive cities up their pets table never open a business in London what day is it in the UK first order of business dares for fixing the UK store like we're getting it up to Snuff do you want to go to the UK Ellie was excited you want to stay in America so you like America better a boy about milk and I like the people here for sure she hating with me Gavin is not falling into that trend of gamer personalities coloring their hair stupid colors something happened that he hears from a between the games it's not. It's just pain I can get off my face yeah I look at light with you to like it because you were scanning your hair from yeah you came in like a foot away from me even touched my face and didn't notice that happening to you he walked up on the set today in like an hour Remer do something where he wore the same shirt every day for 3 weeks to see if anyone would notice and no one did try to remember that sound like something you would do if I can 66 same to you everyday for a year and at the end of the year pointed out that if his female counterpart had done that even for 2 or 3 days they would let her nobody said anything but sex if you wore the exact same outfit for a tire for fancy occasions I own one I finally bought one I've never worn it out nevermind. I used to have if I may Gus just have a vest problem you would wear vests it was a lady was the mid to late night I never was cool never was cool it was a different time if that's at a formal event see where the best I think my little brother when he was 6 of bar mitzvah late 90s podcast online chats are you running too lazy text messages and conversations or random matches that don't turn into dates but have you seen the success stories from eHarmony real people are finding real matches with eHarmony eHarmony take step the other dating sites don't do in order to find you a more compatible match eharmony's bill to help you find lasting meaningful relationships not a shallow hook-up site that helped over a million people find their perfect match he Harmony data in psychological research to send you the right matches stop waiting and start your journey to a satisfying meaningful relationship it can be fun to play around with online dating apps for when you're ready to fall in love with someone and have a meaningful relationship there's one that's built to bring you real love eHarmony eHarmony can change your life go to eharmony.com and get started enter code RT Podcast. Check out thanks eHarmony for sponsoring this episode 30 podcast and I'm sorry I don't have a personal experience with eHarmony just a soul trap Bots and you don't worry about it I don't think because they're fake disagree with your head like a bunch of fake fake ladies take everything I think we're also going to a different position that time specifically but it's social media in general where people know who we are so we don't have that level of anonymity so we know we definitely would lean more towards me like that people should pay and have their real information for brazing ResMed account there is a dating app I used when I was single if I'd identity I think they would take a picture of themselves on the camera and the app would match their face with the pictures that they had on the profile it would like a little verified essentially tick or something from this holding up a picture of a picture they've given banana facial detection camera we put them on sale on the receipt store and they tweet the receipt or tweeted a photo of it but I felt like I didn't do it justice the show overboard with it right now from angle into the lights powered lights for that mean that expensive that you showed or someone showed at the all-hands meeting and everyone went what sound does not send me a direct message my birthday party but this isn't a birthday this was after a t-ball game this is what I lived in Texas City I see you dressed up in a baseball outfit and got a trophy on your birthday now on the camera looks like your hand is around whoever next to Kettle Kettle. I was older than that I was probably 7 in this photo I just looked at that Jimmy kennels around you anywhere IHOP closest restaurant if you know what this is it was closest Marie Callender's if you know that the logo with a yellow and blue blue and yellow I thought oh wow. Well how remember it but okay I'll take your word for it it looks like Kraft mac and cheese on the side where you grow up by blue and yellow podcast everyone gets to be right all right the last week I had the amazing I did to have beds in economy on flight flights on time now I've had a new good idea how about playing someone is going to modify some playing some passengers can lay down on the lower level to the plane and hold did they hear this podcast there was a bot like when the plane crashes the overhead bins lock found the plane crashes why not just a button at the flight attendants you push to lock them if I could be good if they're building any things of like to detect crashes do as I just don't crash the plane if you want to get something out of it during the flight you just have to like like a babylock want you to look at the flight Heroes find a key and then you have a locker in the overhead bins Oh I thought you meant so like they don't like Supply open and have it runs bag stuff about know I'm sick when the plane crashes and people have to get off then getting their luggage because it like testify there was an idiot and people were trying to pull that up their stuff what come out and play When the seat belt sign is on and I can't get into things like I can get in there anyway so just needs the medication right there that will blow up if you don't get off guard I was once one of those people and it's you know I did get one of those I need this right now where I was and I think was like six and the whole fucking flight do you have to the bathroom no no no no no alright beginning this will the scent what light goes on as soon as I get out of the bathroom okay what's going on what's going on. Let's go to bathroom is like 20 minutes longer and then find LAX. Ground them back for probably 20 minutes waiting to get a roll with it a little bit maybe like 10 minutes and then he's like literally screaming in his seat I'm said I'm in the bathroom is like right next to it so we can have we are all the way in the back and point right there next about it so I stood up and try again so we got up she was no he needs to sit down and I said I said I said he's have a situation here is an emergency he's got to go to the bathroom and then it was just like juicy we argued about it I was just in the bathroom she's like yeah it sucks you can talk to her keep her aggro responsibility everything you know that someone wants for getting up during The Descent to go to the bathroom I guess this guy got up or try to get up and show him sit down he said he had to go to the bathroom she said we're in descent a minute or two past I guess maybe she turn around he got up again and always here. What did I say that every was like looking back at this woman like yelling at him terrifying like I've never heard of someone speak to someone that way on a plane so you have to piss in the fall if you have to yeah sure whatever you want eggs or playing sick but I think it's another use for them we refer to them as barf bags but I think they'll so you can use for dirty diapers should be fine chunky but since I'm here at when you got a penis I'm trying to play in my mind I'm thinking as a woman how do I do this it's a pretty straight stream usually but it's still just like getting the vagina nearby jovic it's still kind of trip right if you Edge Edge of the sea and then you just bag the whole thing I guess I could do that how would I avoid being arrested for having my penis out on a plane and I have to put the bag over the fly unzip and understood contain in the bag cuz if you pee with the bag just comes back towards Patrick just sent me a story from July 2015 the headline is airplane uproar as passenger let's child urinate into sick bag Vietnam airlines passengers come under Fire for letting her son urinate into a sick bag in his seat instead of using the airplane toilets but if it was considered to be a famous Vietnamese singer on this Earth been outed on social media it doesn't when questioned by the chief steward as to why she did not take her son to the lavatory the woman ignored him said the passenger like acknowledgement of their existence I can't imagine that gets it all the time if you if you asked me to move in first class and getting upgraded ticket and you getting the first class and I feel the movie 90% of time is no normal City an economy like 75 80% sure I'll move the other random passwords like now luckily for them some other person hurt as I'm here just come out anytime soon or whatever it is but if it's like the style to this aisle or whatever it is it's literally I'm already sitting and leave me alone I'm too important to the lot there's been maybe 3 or 4 times I've ever asked and all the times it's been sure what happened after hour podcast last week so the engine exploded and some of it hit the window The Other Woman almost sucked out I don't know I guess I assumed you'd like such a ride up to like her hips that's what I was going to but the windows are small yeah both both shoulders going through I have nothing to back that up I can imagine it was like a head in a while so yeah it would make more sense yeah me up the person next to her apparently couldn't didn't have the strength to pull her back in which that says nothing about that person strength it's a difficult time I guess I maybe got down to the store now stupid or certain speed the other two guys came over and we're able to put her back in the plane but she was defending your CPR but she died Jesus was amazing did you did you hear some of the radio calls from her she's a former Navy pilot he was the first woman pilot to fly an F-18 and she's cool as a cucumber you listen to the heart on the right did you see where the engine but we're missing a piece of the aircraft that's a big thing to say and I wanted to do it in a list of choices the post in the tower is the human and the pilot just in Pilot emergency mode with Android like information only like the the guy who landed the plane in the Hudson he's like I will be in Hudson, I can make that emergency procedures for is like flight number 5 and then you practice it almost every time which Basie my friends the instructor just basically goes and pulls out the accelerator accelerator throttle the plane or something and he goes okay and then you just have to start scanning and then you mix to make the radio calls and says I'm bored this is what we look like when mangoes on the ground this is over going to look like my chances of that happening are now more significant than they were a week ago before was zero chance of hitting garlic bread in the sky now there is some some chance that could have possibly have it legal to do it I think you could be in a certain place like that because you have to have a certain qualification to be able to purchase and use those kinds of balloons I guess maybe different balloon out or not yeah so now you know about other stuff that's been sent to space I don't think of it as sending it to space I don't know cuz it just hits the atmosphere like kids at elementary school in the space different they sent it to the edge of space right I made lemonade mermaid from thanks himself in front of Australia was mad at his family who decided he wants to leave and he somehow got his passport from his grandmother a credit card from his mother and book a flight to Bali and then every year procedures probably could not sit in the exit row but I also had a hotel lined up and was able to check into the hotel by saying that you're smiling with his older sister that she was going to be showing up later it's like New York it's important life just like the rules apply to him but the fact that he can talk his way the situation is at 1203 * to get on a plane you book One Flight and the airline will not let him on the plane he was unaccompanied the book the second flight you doing a lot of other things he was under company didn't have a letter from his parents fight with a different Airline and they let him on nice which airline Jetstar flights now I think question cuz you been flying around as long as you go through that program my kids wanna run right ages equity in company minor I looked up pissing in Airlines check bags in a while ago so I was on you young adults ages 15 to 17 my travel on a minor so doesn't matter I think you need that about 8:15 sure when they don't have access to email them right now so do we so is if the Southwest incident happened after laughing podcast me to talk about the weird safety record that Southwest has their safety record this is just what like this is like the third air related fatalities for people died on planes from what natural cause running but they've never had a crash where everyone of the crash diet right that's typically how Airlines rack up fatality Southwest has essentially besides people died in the plains of death causes as far as a 3-phase how I believe that's correct the first one was pre 9-11 a dude on the plane got agitated and started banging on the cock back door came before I guess they were locked and was like messing with the cockpit door so the other passengers stomped him to death but try to restrain him and basically smothered smothered altercation and then they wrestled around 7 smothered in this one was a lady got sucked on the plane that's such a specific thing to kill this one person and then the other one was the plane over ran the runway went off the Runway went to the fence and hit a car on the road and killed the person the car vehicle to plane a car accident and killed the person right yeah I believe it was a child in a car seat to really weird set of like statistically almost impossible things but they have not had a crash where they killed a bunch of people what would I even be like explaining to the family like little Timmy got hit by a plane if you so many qualifiers when you're talking about Southwest safety record so many bizarre I mean it's so few incidents that but they're all like very bizarre when they do happen I get so much anxiety when I Fly Southwest only cuz I don't have a reserved seat I don't like everyone rushing and a good boarding number you're ready to go cuz you have a seat there waiting for you so did they sing a piece of the propeller tapsilog believe after the blades but then it just exploded dad Road Southwest flight the fan blades for the turbine one of them broke and basically went back to the expansion survive but my butt just finds them and everything stays cool but just the fact that one little bit snapped off in the whole thing exploded by that is mentally stronger than a bird right but still do you remember the old internet video it's been around forever of the guy on the aircraft carrier deck who gets sucked into the Xbox one comes out the other side but the engine explodes in the guy got shot at the other side then stumbles around like he's moved on he's not shredded it off what you don't have to watch don't know what happened in that incident why he survived he did not have the strap on his helmet so when he got sucked into tell him I got sucked off of his head the helmet went through the turbine shredded all of it and broke it off that's why he was able to come any residual suction from dude lot of force you must have been so confused as to where I was that might even think you would like spoiler alert I've never worked on the deck of an aircraft carrier but I get the feeling like there's been a few times you get close to that whatever. Vortex zone is where you probably feel the pole I couldn't do that but this guy probably just like we like to eat point of return to get sucked in this fucking engine us the video oh my God I was showing it I don't know it doesn't seem like it's going out but you just kind of stand up you see that it takes right there whoa yeah you can stand around the corner and damn what was he well done blind you suddenly turn into a tab hoarder Lots floating dozens and dozens of You tabs in your browser and search of a promo code or just even one that works afraid to close any of them and fear of missing out on a deal before you crash your browser yet again try honey but he's a free browser add-on that over 9 million people are using everyday to save money while they shop online and two clicks add honey to any browser for free that shot like you normally do any scans and test millions of coupons in the background and I check out automatically applies the best coupon Time magazine called honey quote basically free money in quote over 9 million people use honey everyday and together they save millions of dollars there's no reason not to add honey to your browser today it's free takes just to click to install and will save you tons of money get honey for free at joinhoney.com it's just 2 words join honey.com teeth to start saving with honey today that's joinhoney.com teeth philly.com West teeth so thanks for sponsoring this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast I wanted to be there slogan the kids who book that flight was born the other one if we said was it Folly alright he was born off the YouTube started he was born in season 3 of Red versus Blue season 4 Red vs Blue theme funny people who are applying to college now or I guess at this point are in college for in the year 2000 like those kids are going to college now that's why I'm going to me and I've been going through and I'm looking at there's a service Davis Tina I don't know why I use it but I do it all the time you guys choose the queue on Steam represent you would have q in the store what are you it's like a custom cue of just like to give you 12 games thinks you might like and he said he used to be nice if you hit it and it's girls like 1950 and then say okay but now it's like I get to like 2,000 thousands of January 1st 2000 that person's 18 came out came out on Friday when we were making it an emotional but like in a good way I felt very nostalgic watching it me too I have another nostalgic moment not to take away from the dock but Jamie was playing Halo 3 on the PC there's a community mod for it called El Dorado Valhalla on the PC and play with other people and elephants on Valhalla and everything else super nostalgic to see Valhalla I don't know why it's like that cuz I never gone back to the environment of different times I guess just follow once we left it we never went back and he's like oh my God that's really bizarre Petty playing Halo to me. Is weird cuz I remember like working your spare bedroom and he was so young and you always wanted to like get the controller see what we're doing but you didn't let him play cuz he was so young I mean walk around and now he's playing modded he looks so much more fun than Ragnarok even though the same Ragnarok was in what war was it looks like a Halo 4 4 budget and the dog was great to see footage I've never seen before I guess the only office I've never been to it was your bedroom funny Family Guy on that sandwich it made me realize that I've had I've been in four of them that's crazy to me think of this is the intern Thursday night or 15 a picture of Gavin in there and send it to me cuz he's happy photos himself in the feud office the only thing I remember you're doing was talking to you too about the receipt channel on that bar or like that little in the kitchen area we have this YouTube account please Officejet I saw the DVD for the doc and there's a little Q&A session at the end of it and I I mentioned this I think I think was at the end of a Q&A but it was interesting to see that dog because like for 15 years I've only ever seen my photos of experience so like I said a lot of photos and you shut a lot of photos I'm sure other people did too bad I think we probably could do it at the most so seeing it from your perspective was itching like to see think that I'd forgotten about or see myself in the photos cuz whenever I took them I'm not in the back exactly it because no one else really took photos there's not many pictures of Gus RI unless it's like an event or something like me like I assumed you completely forgot about and it was when Jeff and I were having this slap off while we're trying to slap each other once a day and you started filming little guy just got new video camera was one of the first things I recorded and you I was just a text to Jeff and then you would like to hang out with you guys in like move the dolly I see you in the video catch on Jeff and he gets up he moves the face he put in a sound effect that clip I can put up the rock lip he hit him so hard and so loud when you hit them and should the best for the rest of the clip is out of sync the audio playback the rest of it. 9 years ago now the tough part about this Doc is going back and finally I had to go get the tapes and tapes of all the Codex roll the digital stuff so. Luckily that one was one of the very first cameras that I had bought I was 5 feet right with the fold-out screen looking back at all the photos was a a walk back through shity cell phone camera so absolutely done you can see everything everything was bound to be blurry and out of focus like all fucked up a driving I think the driving San Diego and is this little you like documenting the trip and then you pull the camera back out and someone makes a joke about how nothing's changed and you got something has changed I white balance and there's like a text comes up explaining a White House in a clip on some DVDs that really funny clip such a random moments before but it wasn't until a couple years after that that I really started snowing like what you guys look like and what the office look like and all that stuff so seeing that footage even like being a fan that time I feel like I still didn't know what anything was and so watching it. That's like oh they were in this office when they made this video and in this place when I did that it just like a really cool perspective for our perspective I only talk to you I guess I talk to you about today actually it's weird for us because we feel like we told all those stories 20,000 fucking times and we make this Dock and put the footage in there and everything and people who work here like Alan and he came up that's good that's crazy cuz I didn't know you guys like the bedroom working the office it should tell you how I didn't realize this is what it was like I had no I didn't like the train was such an issue I had no idea until watching that. That you guys had an issue with a baby watch the season 4 commentary were yelling cuz that we can't record for not have strings like 5 trains come by asking to be fair the train was bad the buses that Congress were 10 times it was the worst cuz that front of that building was just lay there was no like good deal on the window at the windows windows and you would close that as well for that room and you still hear him so that's why we decided to do our first live-action to you coming to visit you are in town February 2009 and I just was like I'm going to come visit the office and don't have anything for me to do except Joel who asked me to help him with the head bobbing when he was doing the recreation of RvB so I just don't like a whole week to think that I was like this is awesome best vacation ever Joel was busy doing something so I did a little bit of recreating things season 2 of the time regretting all the Xbox shots on PC HD remaster it was just so surreal to be making the same episodes of red versus blue having watched him as a friend so many years are there I was like remember watching this and now this is going to be like the version that is sold back knowing that I had like help with the head bolts on what episode and you could clearly tell which had Bob's Army cuz it's just like it's not as easy as you think man will just look at the way phone and email it the first time I forgot how long that took and how dumb of a problem at seem like like oh we just couldn't record in HD now I have to redo all of that fucking work it's so funny too because member people to see what you guys you videos on a 4k camera and then drop him down to 3:20 by 200 foot on the website because we're never going to reshoot anything for high-def ever again like we went overboard after that project season or volume 1 & 2 cuz I guess it was done like before we improve the animation Simpsons I don't like what they've done with that. Going to text you a really good example like now when the air old Simpsons episodes they change the aspect ratio to 16 by 9 and different formats different than yeah but they like I've been to try to make it like to try to upscale it to make it look HD but it seems like you're missing you view your cutting around so even if it was full by 3 it would still be a high-rise than it was I guess it would be yeah bizarre MMA Kelso cut jokes now if you watched like broadcast reruns Simpsons Bill cut jokes for time to like I guess get more commercial breaks in I just sent the guys in the booth picture of you guys on your first visit the office I think it was your first visit to be there. I can show you this photo to the thing but I always felt like this to me photos of this week it has like 20 yeah that was My Little Pony and that's not exactly I guess it's in the nine years almost exactly but I just want to recreate that shot at some point. T-shirt for the 10-year anniversary good looking cuz I wasn't being stuck to your head I don't know how it happened we went for a breakfast tacos at the ramseys and on the way back Gavin was telling me or I was filming and then you like give me the camera on my forehead and I had gotten by refried beans all over my forehead even going back to thinking how I ate that taco how did it yourself peanut butter in my hair one time on the back of my head Department promotion for the. like very important pictures in the history of RV better so that our teeth but it's really about the history of RT like this to me is a super important but of Gus when he's in school I always reference one thing in particular and it has to do with this photo just got that photo from 14 and that. It's like a special binder that it's rigid so your stuff doesn't get folded and it comes to like cool colors and designs just like can you get so excited over to scratch fever where are they going to be in a hole in the ground to the dump for the next seven hundred thousand years back I had a bunch of photos that I was cooking for the dark and I didn't post them on the 15th anniversary cuz I wasn't sure which ones were going to be used in the top for the 20th we're going to be 5 years older than we are now that is very good what do you think the world will be like then I don't know if people would have died on Southwest flight she's mad at UPS right now why not you PS I have I had to pick up that they were supposed to come pick up Gap from my house on Friday and it's kind of a big package pickup image and soul we're waiting all day for this guy to fucking show up and get the get the get the package he finally shows up like at 8 p.m. and I got curity cameras I see this happened she opens the gate walks up to my front porch sees it looks at it you got the fucking label in his hand and turned around at least and then he update the tracking has first pick up attempted unable to get package shit then you just chased them out and delay I was upstairs by the time I thought I was like oh it's going to look at his truck and back it up because it's big heavy know he's like it's exact same thing as if it's a return for something I bought online and delivered my computer just shuts off did you eat some shut off. One shuts off and then it shuts on and off that's the only. What up what are you doing when it happens in this suddenly to see if you get overheated then shuts itself off the thermal throttling is not working so therefore it yourself from 60 to let music ring is asking what is a computer do so I ordered some thermal paste which it was a hard to get I had to go to Fry's Fry's cleaner to come and clean off thermal paste on it and put it back on the number of different species one thing I am phenomenal e bad at I mean really bad at I can put the processor in K lot of the heating everything but with the motherboard and I use Intel processors to come with the fan in it and then they have these pigs that go in and then turn you know I'm not good at that I'm genuinely not too bad that everytime I go to do it every single time so I've got off the wrong resume cell unless it's just like enormously hard I don't get what they don't get that. Also if I need to take the fan back off getting it out of those pegs holes in the motherboard is I feel like I'm going to break the motherboard and have every fucking time I do it wrong there are my ultimate thermal paste fuk up I was building a PC and I put about everything I needed and I bought the thermal paste and I thought it was weird because it was two different tubes get to mix together so I put the CPU in I'm combine the two tubes on top of those see if you and I put the fan on and it's like it's overheating and it sets off so I decide though I'm excited for the thermal paste on correctly so I take the to go to take the fat off and I've purchased epoxy like I buy two things that when they combine to turn into like this solid glue you cannot take apart you're probably shouldn't tell you this but is there anyway I can return that they're like Foxy on the Shelf where do you put that there different sticky thing is like what is this you just grab them cuz nearest expensive version of that where I went to work and Jerry's I got the Italian one that's like a thing to clear in a little things a lot of Home pistachio that's what I did and it was like a green with the little black flakes in their clothes were they put up statue in the other barely barely the entire thing was really delicious Shari's Berries do not have any you are not doing address for Shari's Berries and less than a delicious a gift from Shari's Berries shows your boy shot into the gift for Mother's Day gift mom will love it I swear right now our listeners can send Sherry's Berry starting at 1999 plus shipping handling or check this out and also get double the berries for just $10 more your prayers will arrive and Sherri's Berry signature skip box ribbon no gift required would show it to you but someone apparently they are berries before we got them I don't know we're going to find out your delivery date customer satisfaction is always number 1 or your money back and incredible unique gifts for for sharing though mom may not want to so I want me to get to the amazing gift for Mom firstly dipped strawberry starting at just 1999 plus shipping highly remember you can also double the berries for the $10 more Mother's day is May 13th to visit berries.com today that's b e r r i e s.com click on the mic in the upper right corner and enter our code teeth that's Berry's. Com code teeth thank you very very sore spots in this episode of podcast I don't know where it went and got the photo of the very first photo ever took in a DSLR ever I got my DSLR in the mail Super Bowls I had it shipped to work I set it up with this off Sunday 10:10 today but Jeff was in my office at the photo Jeff wow like that after I just got out of the box it says that God man I don't know I recognize that shirt he's wearing have a lifespan of 15 years of college is now judge time based on how filled in Jeff becomes a little bit of this one too but I was just talking about a few years ago that kind of came back around just recently guess who has started uploading to his YouTube channel baba baba said really he has started uploading only put one video he he lives I think that was the first one I think he's done multiple videos he also doesn't make sense but you guys just got like I was at a shave or just to rub your clip art of shaving everybody is channel is channel to make farm everyone goes to scratch his welcome to the video for welcome to Channel videos me and Gavin him we set up when he was in India and now he has several videos at man nice oh you was telling me about that but yeah I feel like someone's going in there and sit Em Up real nice after we left yeah so you're a video of your videos 1.2 million views views in the first week so excited what is the video that has the most views that you'll end that's not on on Channel what would yours be youtube.com Robeson you didn't bother setting everything spell Lola you so awesome I guess Tammy do anything not covered in the documentary in India while you were there who was got food poisoning after got food poisoning I rented this crew member like you like someone's later and we're talking about India and this person on the entire crew take your ass and GAP if we got six we were you going to Street vendors and stuff that you buy from this bloke on the street who could be anyone looking awesome but you tasted all day all fucking day long and how you feeling address of the dock when that be kind of shity but we were okay and I'm the last day last meal the crew decide okay we're good now we're going to go and eat with you guys a with us big ass fucking so sick Ashley included she said she was sick on a flight from Delhi to London Heathrow that's my worst nightmare still have food poisoning on international flight for 5 hours but it was 10 hour flight that we fly the wrong way like when they've been quick as I thought in Austin are you sure about that I didn't see you until he threw okay but we took different flights to that and I made my flight by about 10 seconds in a little ways like some sawdust by the looks of it it looks like bugs on the way it is fragrant it tasted like in a stick of incense and you started eating it different versions of it but this crew member I sound like 6 or 7 months later and it was always funny to us and the crew got sick after a certain kinds of weed and get sick at all I have kind of an iron stomach and then Gavin just hit a club sandwich at that I was done he said because he was so because yeah the food poison prolong fucking time I was uploading video so please please please go subscribe to bypass an on YouTube it seems like it's about it's probably end up being about the same distance to matter which direction you fly I can find is Delhi to San Francisco is 16 hours Delhi to Newark is 15 hours Ellington New York how's that wait what did you say the first Delhi to San Francisco they're cut they're coming from opposite ends you leave Deli going to eat with everything going west for New York 16 hours delete Newark is 15 hours TV recognizes what you will be able to recognize but can you tell me the event where it took place at all times we were posted all of our photos on the website was this photo in the first the second one was the first I remember talking to you about this in person in 2004 cuz I'm at the end of clip Jeff just seeing a circle and I love this I love this picture because we all obviously what it was a plan and Joel completely fuk it up like we're all crossing our arms trying to get Tough Gang on his set of Segways at Joel's Puerto Rican chain crosses arms it was at some Park I'm sure I can find it and the different Keys change your top speed and it once we were good like the last 15 minutes of our our we could change the Black Keys we all just meet Lee put on The Black Keys and just like raced all around and we were going off curb it was Greenland that was it Green Lake go to green light Peppa Pig full ones that you hold on to you where the hell they make those anymore Amazon and buy them I always laugh when I see you like a police officer at an airport on a Segway write perfectly still and moving is just weird regulations Auto on regular scooters are concerned it's like a scooter Sharin service or that little electric scooters that go 15 miles an hour that you can rent and ride around and then you don't have to leave them anywhere you just when you're done you just leave them where you are on private property but I think that's the thing if you would like ditching and we're like when I was driving from Homeslice to the day I drove by Palmer Auditorium and it were to just like in the yard in the grass there pictures of a Razor scooter electric motor to just rent or loader and bring them around here it's a bird that that that Brett is at company there's another one called line as well it was regulated better I would be a smart idea but imagine walking around downtown with just a helmet just in case you want he's one of the scooters you said I have a couple videos where they're like to show full show of the post-show so the video the main reason being is that some of these videos are like 12 13 years old and so what's acceptable to say in a video has changed over time and it was a couple times where I was like I'm going to turn this to you in for the doctor but somebody called somebody else or retard you know what I mean it's just like you said we're not going to never was cool but we're both a little bit more accepted today different world unless I know that there should be people to tell me that I'm a snowflake for but I don't give a shit fucking I thought after we talked about God I'm going to get into this yes if it's just sensitive and he'll keep sending me this this other person I do not believe this this other person says if trespassing it's like if someone came into your into your house sat on your couch and refused to leave so course you would call the police I don't keep my door unlocked with a fucking sinuses open 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. we can't ever get into because people are just sitting in there all day fucking typing their novels or whatever I mean literally 10 minutes before we had that conversation we had you and I had that conversation any of us could sit in Starbucks for undefined amount of time and not be asked to leave what year did anyone get to Starbucks today everyone can just come hang out whenever they want to buy laptop laptops with anybody have bug them you know probably not you know Starbucks they bring a fucking typewriter typewriter it's ridiculous because it's blurry event in peace if I strike of the typewriter Atlanta concert sounds like holding a Sketchbook video dude who has a typewriter at a Starbucks and he's got watlow be a full office setup and he's got a typewriter it has coffee and you got a whole briefcase army during I mean is that if he not loitering $4 coffee you like how much time does that buy you think you could walk into a Starbucks with an empty Starbucks cup sit down next to you and being there all day I don't know I just it's ridiculous that's what I think personally