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Recorded: 2010-02-17 22:59:51

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Joel Heyman, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

Geoff Ramsey laugh welcome to the reach key 5 cast the theme song stole my intro new is see if somebody can do like that and see how we can go for maybe they can just recreate an entire podcast I'm assuming the meeting outside of the office we can have him come to the office totally fucked up my Resident Evil 5 lost in nightmares DLC videos making someone that I'm going to have lost an hour and a half long resident emission that's pretty cool actually it's like a throwback to like resident one or two days you know where your in a mansion and the camera controller a lot tighter and you have through creepy long doors in the on the West Side around it's like something that happened between you and you're the first person that just totally depends on the Resident Evil has notoriously she can't control them but supposedly that's right in the center of the for the first half of this game we don't encounter an enemy but every time you go in for a long haul that you're terrified I'm going to walk into a room and open doors back in the day when I forgot for different I had forgotten what it was like to play with those games I think it would get old very quickly but about an hour and a half is a good thing for something like that and you have like walking down memory lane play in through waiting for the alligator jumping is good more DLC walkthrough yeah well most things when they are on the way more than Xbox Live eventually you know what you know what I mean I know it's been going around the office trying to get computers to work and play a new video game cable hanging from the ceiling and around computer we can be faster than I can fix them they're fixing 3 demand electrical a computer a computer could tonight but I figure I give you guys good ammunition for the comic as I was more like scroll down I wanted to get into the school I wanted I couldn't figure out how to put that stupid in for payment balance need to be fucking resurrected from the grave to write that computers on the network over a computer you know that yesterday was like guess what I am how to tell you one of those crappy news stories about like kids really saying anyway I never play fire speed the end result is 1 + this is the internet will be going to the tutorial a chart that has anything with me but have like a patchwork of Post-its on your monitor if it's because I sent this morning from is supposed to on his knees and cried on his is always hit save before exporting like I can restart my computer would just pull out the pocket and Tweets in the Windows computer to try to get the computer will not restart my computer I have to start process don't forget movie under the desk working from under there could be it would save time we had Michigan put together for you and we had to go out what are you PS3 one at the same time alarm Star Trek reference all the breakers are fine they're already in the tunnel cork board to the wall over it is there a breaker trip down there because a board member and then Jack comes out to for screws into it it meant the week RoosterTeeth that I did that in October and no one's giving me any shit about it and it's for its February all that time st.john give me put this back up and we can have ice cream because something's going on are you sure directions to the breaker in that box all right where's the Corpus Christi believe or not is not Mission Critical Jack if in an absolute emergency it would never screw up I guess I know what coming look at your face what's the best rated because somebody did something Your solution is to remove a fire extinguisher do you create the court it's there for a reason it's all right we were awesome when you have enough but you know my birthday this coming Monday this morning Joel told me to give me to give me what's up Joel vacation lost is pretty good last night was really good it would have been hard one interesting care of something real quick and I was about it anyway because it was did the shark think it worked out and it's never going to be the shark is actually a robot 2 and he said it's because in the thousand points I have no memory of this but I don't know it was fun to watch on the island but supposedly you have to get parts to fix the robot shark in the video game a member of the interests of the half and it almost happened but that video game is also not canonical to the story in any way it's not because they had they had next to no information from those guys and so they just had to create through as a companion but it's not the end of the game and then goes into a boat that goes up into the ocean and wakes up and crashes on out again thanks for the interesting number value numbers numbers numbers Claire wasn't in there just because I didn't mean number candidates to protect was confusing and probably new black men and black is well that's my guess is going to be Jack and Sally I'm so protective over speed hard baby when she talked to him the rules or whatever referring to Jacob in third person but that opening to UK 30 trailer for the doc Jensen wrap up over last night, I don't know is very quickly in in the timeline broke up with me question grandparents in Korea right now if she disappeared and I had to choose between raising my kids are going to an island and maybe die to find out launch coming because of that so you know the final candidate ever get marked off if it's her business to take care of a kid making Grandma watch it whoever you with the scale in the Black and White Rock and pick up a little cruise around in it what did you think of it as a school teacher that was hilarious I love that I can I can look at all those in charge of putting it wasn't always that coming from the office Flower Branch live action David Brown a few is the French version German version French Canadian version of the french-canadian version is called anyway this week's in Lost what were the people on the time and every other side on letting her know now do you watch TV Joel I don't really watch a lot of for the one person in this room to work on TV shows the right now yeah I know in a little bit reach stickler for the for the last filming through the summer working lost and I was just like better that I couldn't go work on in Hawaii like for instance in its support Joel statement we worked on that when we get all those EA Sports commercials right we were if we didn't like the 3 years in a row we didn't come more like 5 or 6 Man commercials a year and we were always working in buggy alpha build is the bug and I don't ever want working for me and we had to make 700 videos in the more we have to do like those new videos 2 fucking Jumbotron videos old commercials that way I don't know I have and I just went back so I was looking how to get that we talked about and I thought I should give up in NBA Live 2010 and totally enjoying it but yeah I had to take three years off from school 250 the drive in a circle game turn left and left again turn left turn left at 4914 I'm playing Need for Speed Shift right now and I'll give me the dead of the DLC the new DLC come out last week for making videos for them other than the number now and forever in the amount of games Need for Speed is a pretty good franchise I think it's tough for someone that comes out every like 10 months or whatever and so he's always like to give you a reference I remember getting a hundred points achievement on every generation 2 I don't know if you know it is well and relax and forget that you will spend $100 plan game Navigate to Kinston burnout I think they got the Need for Speed franchise Need for Speed Shift 2 more attractive world Sea Island motorcycle island of Hawaii and they had it was literally like a girl version of Need for Speed Unlimited I think it's a bunch of for the races was around the exterior of the entire a pressure field achievement because if you mess up in 3 minutes. Take over is out confirm Criterion game seriously working on a revolutionary addition to the Need for Speed franchise game is scheduled for release in Q4 2010 will probably hear something maybe at 2 or 3i think you're something I feel like I Just Need for Speed stuff maybe I should talk about X10 Microsoft media in the events which is pretty much a hundred on the first ones we got into like that pretty much the Microsoft l4d2 DLC download Left 4 Dead 1 in Left 4 Dead 2 in a row that a guy is a genius and games on television the first chapter of the of the new whole DLC and it was pretty quick in it with a note saying there were only two more Left 4 Dead the show 24 no no apparently the Left 4 Dead 1 characters show up in the intro of the passing and then at the very end they fight with you in the phone out of my credit card number so we might as well give me a new DLC which leads up to the end of the first game coming out which is going to be directions to Wendy's everyone yeah you know it's going to be such a time when you're playing Call of Duty Jack why don't you Xbox 360 Call of Duty more to get multiple Xbox One New Creations Wichita right by my a pronoun how it was where can I go now look at my screen and the room games on the Xbox for the snow game in the conversation look up Mass Effect demand Gus I love you dead having only want to get up to recap the whole is closer than my Xbox One why 2 video game the bathroom's all the way like to look up server Iverson how often working or something I mean if you feel for the characters moving your finger but you guys really your finger I'm going to I'm going to create around times I would think you'd like him if I can move my fingers at you guys need Xbox is that okay in Xbox has a 6-disc changer in it and if you have like 3 times you can order a pizza to your house need to put half the effort into pushing that button PlayStation controller that was like the controller but you can put it in one hand that we can still Joel controller the check I meant keeper RR Johnson podcast game of the trophy Gus fruh PS3 can of beer on the top of 6500 best game of the year trophies right that's the one is going to jump out at you and say I am not sure if you don't send it yet I was going to send it to chat or to the project lead the way I'm curious what did you see the Call of Duty now and then Alan Wake Tech on 2 Dead Rising 2 and are there any other major titles on the same room or games which halo trailer Girard a Powerhouse from the for Halo 3 camera coming in and the fact that now all the different armors have equipment in Red vs. blue but I wonder if like before meeting up to May 3rd you're going to see her again and of used copies of just need to be server Network I feel like it for Call of Duty I feel like when I feel like it was 1943 when did the Christmas the Christmas the Christmas after Halo 3 came out crazy watch stuff like crazy if I log into a new has great Call of Duty was going to be when we played it we knew how great it was even Activision came out 2 weeks later you know like out price jumped by 10% it's like what what do we have to do that, we have this conversation new about some awesome Softail more like 3 I was still 14 out I was still head of it is like I saw coming I jumped in there and even her Jim Cramer iterating that he might talk about it I got it before Jim Cramer and then Jim Cramer talked about it and then when it came it was great college football coaches that's a good way to pass time to come out of that absolutely X10 there is a very very closed off one of those a timer for 5 minutes more like 3 or 4 minutes you could run around and kills me dungeon is probably going to be there 4 people in an arena Sports party game it was the kind of thing almost the trailer into coming out August 31st and you haven't for years responsible for a lot of the original red ring mean to me is the keeper 7 more than most of the games that at the time the characters and a lot of things happening on 3 more than any other team at the time but I wonder how a Dead Rising 2 like a pretty in Left 4 Dead has honestly taking a lot of fun I just finish playing Dead Rising 2 and went over to him and like I said I'll talk to you 42 I can't believe you want a drink or something he sent me an email asking me to text you room in the marketplace because it's so crowded already 2 first person shooters for Speed entire time I was there I have an idea do you think I read the reviews like heavy rain is similar to trying to game that intentionally use and/or stuff about heavy rain because I want to play it so much that I don't make sure you read and liked the now where they say like it's a great character-driven game like that I don't know anything about the game next week 6 Austin Street through the back ordered on Tropicana tropical and confined it was the most game since that's when we're doing that I don't know for any reason for having games at the office but overall the Bruins Snape kills Dumbledore for me so I guess I'm excited what kind of tie things together for sure open turn around and come up with when people don't know from the outside you know you make my a ninja more compartments people simply doesn't understand what's good about something trying to capitalize on the more than yours is like an extension of the first game do you agree that it would be really hard for them to continue it with a Bioshock 3 unless it was like some sort of freak was already contains its own game Universal compact the beginning in the end I really didn't feel like it contain its own unit they just want to think forced to reintroduce little sister is now thinking about in that in the way that they did but I bought it for that would happen one time that would be reach Jack and Elsa little sisters BioShock 2 rapture like it was like a team discovered it I would like to see a more run-down controller angel face with a rifle on his Twitter call BioShock 2 lame David Goldfarb through the first really liked it this one now I'm going to disconnect BioWare or blizzard guys make some great games 942-9043 through for Battlefield 1 games exactly is it it was empty is it good new Modern Combat now it was alright to 43 company to nearest location of the new one right I need to make a Battlefield 42 wish I was in the pool I'm really independent a little trailer PS3 a long time ago and I don't know for the metals are being in their hands and 41st hard to get doesn't have in San Francisco actually you guys working on the Bioshock commercial through the floor out from underneath them and kill on the ground you know the most important difference you're probably the first time I heard of The Office I did this for 10 minutes I never thought I never thought I never got to see you guys play 3 play 4 player co-op in the new building helicopters it's pretty badass so you can get that extended into any piece of information about X10 Game Room Microsoft Xbox One and then your friend can come in your games & your friends to come to you are confused by that then there's the Hasbro area which has like 14 of its own games with has it someone like arcade one I mean like you have working in television or you can if you want I would think so what about that has demand that you actually have your own physical or even personally actually having one of the designers of is there anything there will be a thousand times but you seem like you have 5 friends playing 5 arcade games in the arcade which means you have to purchase 5 Games to put in your cake even get that other people can play these games based on the other two can you get the first time you login game room that's the question question is gamerscore play when you get to do I say 40 Microsoft points in money clearly that's through someone's going to try to make that working any later with in Xbox Live arcade legal and illegal Xbox Live 101 last at Lake Lanier coming up and I think it's a big mistake to do stuff different too much too fast probably be around 3 or packs with something like that so it's not too shocking for Fable on Xbox one of my favorite room on how many hours you could probably if you just like pretty sweet if you want to get it like if you want to get all the achievements every time I was looking for I want to play my working at home if I put in a games tonight someone's NBA live with for sure at least the first DLC for now because once you get that first DLC changes original in the reach the mechanic connect puppy fixed with the first DLC Corporation a corporation and you can also play that almost immediately later at like level 67 which is when I played it and it's really fast and really fun to just lay down for an hour and power through it and get some sleep after you're done with the game I'm going to have the best time evil characters more Hibernia now this is Microsoft big fat guy I found my wife Michelle is coming out with this June that allows your dog to tweets and if I can use your computer in your house and I was wondering around and it generates automatic tweets for him talking crazy because puppy tweets is a very kind of why we announced the other day that's Windows mobile phones live achievement see how that works out sweet things to do for a living and then the really weird last night shutting down like 9 more servers running in March and then you'll know what I'm going to get multiplayer achievements in a few games so you don't know what the games listed I didn't think I'd multiplayer in them anyway I did mention the Simpsons Dimension Godfather one which I don't see or multiplayer 2 more but I think I was the only 3 16 is now take me to play date for next at is 117 25th at 8 o'clock p.m. Central Standard Time 2 hours Hunter X by herself but she One A Day only they would know it's both of them