#490 - How Do Donuts Made?

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, and Burnie Burns as they chat about how much cash Bezos makes in a second, zero-waste food, how celery is an accountant, the Trump roast in retrospect, and france dot com on this week's podcast.

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Recorded: 2018-05-01 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, Burnie Burns


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Most companies will ever put on to get 20% off your first pair free shipping and a 1% satisfaction guarantee go to meundies.com roosterteeth.com I love you and I swear by them flowers and Shari's Berries and they're all up there right now so I'm in Des Plaines Amanda's nail that owner's cuz I want it for the ending but did something happen to a bad day that lasted forever and just missing he's doing that again what is remodeling his house fixing you a describing the fastest rate I didn't have a house and you you talk me out of buying what we didn't talk to each other out of dumb purchases is a thing is we do I don't know what I've been talked things over the years but the one that I remember talking Chef out of was he was going to get Landscaping done at his house Years Ago by some like Local Company Airport group Collective of artists that also do landscaping or something stupid and I talked about it and I felt bad about that what do you have that you wish someone told you about so many things but mostly better just go to the gym you think I'll wait if I have this I'll use it all the time and then you don't I don't think I've ever like yeah I don't do any work out stuff for my apartment I want to get a pull-up bar just cuz it's nice to occasionally do a couple but yeah so that way when it falls you'll have the footage yet when it comes down to hit you in the face while you're admitting that you hit the ground is convinced that they're not they're going to break the top of my door jamb off I'm not sure why it would do that but it just feels like I can't stand it or give it into the woods Facebook on the side and top of the pole dancing fails you see I'm convinced the every time someone has gone up all in there and house is falling down like I don't think I've ever seen a video of anyone just nailing it to spin I'm sure I've always thought they were just like what was it somebody said to me the other day and it completely I was completely wrong about them out think about going to the course the podcast but it's like I was just completely wrong about of my entire life and somebody told me something like you get solar roof tiles no I thought about it but I'm not solar tiles are from solar States American companies to get a lot of people who is it supposed to Rich oil people don't want it to interview with petroleum guy and he was talking about how Millennials are ruining the petroleum industry anybody worry about that the biggest industry in the whole fucking world legitimately worried about Millennials killing the petroleum industry also very nice offshoot of the petroleum industry the refinery industry I saw it starts really that said that Jeff has always made 9 billion dollars in two days because I was in stock just went really good if you break that down a hundred and eighty seven million dollars an hour or $52,000 a second for 2 days $52,000 second person this article about space acts they're talking about how Jeff Bezos rocket company will never go away like you don't care about them as much as you do about space space it says all these successful launches but if you needed to succeed right they were like at a point where you were going to run out of money if they did start to see so we got to the polling place in Palos and if I start making money what would a company out of his pocket much longer like they don't need to be racing to get to be first to everything they just need to do it he just wants to expand on this low level of growth that's consistent and eventually get to the point where you can send people called when you have that much money what do you do with it does it go in the back of it is this the way you could you keep making it ice cream in interest that you call him get rid of this stuff yeah there's no way he could spin faster than that would be tough for you to say goodbye and I'll go up first at Lamborghini every 5 Seconds. Comes on the market by it how to make more money in Prime subscription prices under $19 a year if all of them pay $119 a year that's 11.9 billion dollars a year what is it going to make if everyone keeps it in the increase in price to billion dollars not bad that's going to be in like 1 second so much money mesmerizing meet Jeff at the Emmys a few years ago because he bought burn a lot of people need to take and industries were there didn't know myself and I said I understand you're looking for astronauts for blue origin sounds like mother fucker what is he pissed off Jeff Bezos needs like I'm going to start an opposing RoosterTeeth company that can make blue versus red and then you like shut you down the top five richest people in the world I meant to say you got a sheet or something right there in India right it's like at some point there's nobody was going to be this Jeff Bezos Bill Gates Warren Buffett Bernard Arnold and Mark Zuckerberg waiting for him to be dethroned I feel like an ass won't let me like if you feel like it when you going to feel better about it now I wouldn't actually what is that that doesn't help me know because it's a couple weeks ago and I were saying that we went before Congress people were calling him out for being short cuz he was sitting on the pad and also call him out for being like an emotionless robot and you get more saying fuck that guy from Star Trek and everybody's get that I get that but that's like that's a joke and that's okay but it was like it was looking can't separate from everything else being said I mean I don't want bad things happen to him I do think I was a funny joke but I die if you swim shorts today I'm really starting to admire the political rights solidarity when it comes to distraction of everyone else because this comedian spoke at the White House Correspondents Dinner everyone is blasting her in the funny thing is is when the the right gets outraged the left gets completely outrageous I get more outrage and start flipping the shit out and then there's a thin forget what your intention to where's the left gets outraged Obama like tear down Trump as part of a tradition that is the comedian that normally it's pretty late I think Friday or Saturday night channel to Comedy Central had a rerun of the roast of Donald Trump was like oh I forgot about that that's a thing from work 2011 I think I imagine him is putting himself in such a compromising position in hindsight now watching at 2018 there is nothing funny about that cuz it'll Kendrick there is nothing funny about watching that Russian wow like what you mean it's just shocking with all of the jokes that make about him and ready to talk about the president now like about him running for president and he did it and you want to chill tonight we're living there congratulations Jeff belzers made to Trump's in 2 days yeah so what's $0.50 was to say $57,000 to Second 52 yeah I'm literally it would take you longer than a minute to write a check for that too right at me like it's every 5 minutes right side going to want those things 3400000 whatever whatever whatever used by the time you the writing yeah you've already got more than that amount of money does that has to be an amount of money in standard size handwriting that won't fit on a check once you go by myself didn't too many dollar check for a specific amount in the billions 486000568 how much money do you just wear the nicest stuff or is he like is he going to slum it with the Hanes shirt that I took away from it was in person that dude is fucking buff and really think he's he's a minister I guess we can all the money already hold still and then you just had some guy just like left his arms for him why you fight with the committee's lazy pay federal income tax who Amazon DP like zero last year right there a religion based there they just did they buy federal income tax make money because it's in their advantage to you have they have people on staff whose job is just to cook the books and just the right way so they could take it back to Loop also will pay more money will pay more tax and I was in this tragic news groups in ntp use groups from the mid-90s and find him posting saying hey I'm building a book retailer online Andy book company cuz everybody Mac then I need programmers and it's during the during the 2016 presidential debate Donald Trump said that not paying federal taxes made him smart yeah so now that he's criticizing Amazon for not paying taxes try to go after them when he said himself not doing it was smart she swallows hell but you don't need to buy any because your company literally has everything but you just go take me to go pick me up a pair of barbecue tongs stuff in the warehouse that like okay does he get stuff on Amazon for free special coupon code what is the most expensive single item on Amazon no I don't know how do you find that out how much can I put this up before it's going to be like what's the most expensive they auction that ever occurred would be a lot higher because you haven't won both of those things are about an article from December 2017 let's see what this a few things I've had scrolled this would need Affiliated sellers that probably has the more expensive it looks like it might be a watch Philippe perpetual calendar mechanical hand why are we alive buy a hundred K 501k price is $280,000 and I just shows up in and out of the box damn that's it I wonder if this website has an affiliate the weather doesn't look that currently unavailable want a $280,000 watch to look like really what if you were buying that why wouldn't you go buy it from a jewelry shop company you wouldn't buy it unless you have billions of dollars if I need them for the party tonight nothing matches Prime now how does that deliver to his like a little Peruvian boy rides on your back what is going to be available right now that we can buy for $200,000 in broadcast 1250 I would have bought it but it's not prime prime credit card by the way would you have to be to do like the $280,000 watch and then ship the free be here like 4 weeks the other day I bought a new washer and dryer and I went through the process of checking out if I seem right in my wallet charge up my company credit card to not have that going through I was I was very worried about half an hour trying to get someone on the phone what's the biggest mistake of her flight was a fucking wedding that weekend just puts in the wrong month me in the kids returning from Philadelphia election I put this back the following Saturday and we're at the airport and we can't find your record in her bed playing video games and I look at my phone and it's like flight reminder 10 minutes like mother and I was like my flights currently like I'm supposed to be in Dallas right now I was so pissy but the wrong day I did okay Monday at 12 a.m. when real when really I needed like I don't know I got the aims mixed up basically I goofed for me use my credit card to buy stuff to get batteries and stuff shift or Blake GoPro attachments or stuff like that and your company card and then she bought herself a switch and did that mistake where it had it set up as the default was the company card and she actually bought herself a switch on my company card she went over to accounting and told him about it and pay it off everything God damn if I don't hear about that fucking switch about once every 3 months ago I didn't fucking by the switch that we bought herself with switch and pay the company back to work she made a mistake so you saying you would never bring up the mistakes of money more than once yeah but that doesn't mean you can do with me I'm not talk about anything I did some of that someone else did in New York they have at the prices at dinner his overtime and won some money and the amount of money that has won over time has become astronomical in one sitting at the paper to make it somebody ton of money yeah I didn't get at least once a year does discussion about 10 the gate Allen's dinner you were there did you enjoy the dinner I did I don't think I should have cost Zoom for my portion was like $200 to my tools drill press tool you been to place where she was where we were being taken for this thing or love it explain it but I don't want to tell the story against the bill you fucking times I don't care I really genuinely don't care but you care about the switch bring up to me that's it my car before making fun of Allen for so many years. You couldn't fix it by buying everyone in the counting is which they gave me too much money for a reimbursement like recently in for a while I was like be outraged ha that's a lot of extra money but reporting it to the key Kentucky from my next paycheck so how much was it to buy production equipment or whatever or my case before I had Ellie I didn't do my reports they shut off my credit card since I used to like you know doing stuff on the credit card then I'll be honest I never ever I don't think for the space company that's exactly what I'm like I'm exactly like Jeff Bezos and Mars that's what I'm like I'm glad you made the comparison that was thinking about it looks like you climb four arms bullet play tennis today as I will have the 400 I pissed off a bunch of people with my tweet was anything spoiler a I was just comparing it to another big film and it was either like I completely agree or just want to know that someone has seen it before I'd seen it turn off the internet and then I saw the movie and I came back and I tweeted nothing about it in the same sense go see it this weekend and I get the life gets in the way and you can't in that case you got to take it on yourself and say I thought I just I'm going to get this might get spoiled I get it I didn't tell you why people even if I was really confused by the Phil had no idea who those people were I couldn't give away the last two seats my tickets were cursed I couldn't give them away over and over bought tickets giveaway bought a bunch 258 million-dollar hundred thirty million dollars worldwide so much money think about that fucking 10 years leave this movie Jeff Bezos takes a nap and he makes as much money as Infinity War Titanic I bet they got in Fort Worth that he knows exactly they haven't measured you my food yet to eat so you never have to go to bed ever just like it's the perfect come out everything but the body. zero-waste there isn't but not play me hot if I know that my pears I would do this for you can't digest I bet if you ate nothing but steak like a little bit of steak you could get away with it I think it's okay so we go pick one food and we only eat that food for a week you to bite me to make it it's taken our basically any good it'll absorb what does celery do cuz he's like bullshit food that you fun is a celery calories does celery so what does that mean for the poop cellulose fibers that's going to be one of our first vlog you got the extra never mind the fish in a little pond in the front of our house we have sideways like this cuz it's like it's swimming sideways and find out these particular goldfish they get constipated and that the constellation messes with their swim bladders is the nail I can't get a full bladder of Ayrsley they go Kimbo and fucking spirit animal how do you think you solve a fish constipation milk is it you just excrete peas frozen peas so I can wish him up and feed it to the fish going to make some shit like crazy if you may just be to me the best part because I was like metal work yes yes yes but I'm going to put the peas in the water and it's like 40 Lily and 45 other fish in this thing is so Pond and I've been laughing for everybody so like thanks Bill please put it like a bucket and then speed it separately best ever spaghetti blue fish look like like George Strait and write up that fish did right up my spine back in the water good for him I'm so stressed like weird you guys are a bunch of frozen peas and feed them to you how do you think a gallon I'm only try I mean I guess I guess I poop probably you know life is going to poop pee pee song by Shari's Berries and we all know Mother's Day is coming up so it's a great time to look into some Shari's Berries I know my mother loves them and I send them to her so different Roseberry shows that you put thought into your mother's gift Mama love it I swear right now our listeners can send Sherry's Berry starting at 1999 plus shipping handling check this out you can also will arrive in Shrewsbury signature gift box with a beautiful ribbon no gift wrap required we should be happy the cavity my favorite chocolate one so you choose your delivery date and it's guaranteed customer satisfaction is always number 1 or your money back an incredible unique gifts that start for sharing mom may not want to deal for mom birthday dip strawberries starting at 1999 plus shipping and handling remember you can also double the berries for just $10 more Mother's day is May 13th so that's b e r r i e s.com click on the mic in the upper right hand corner and interco teeth that's berries.com. Teeth thanks Siri very first episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast what y'all are doing OK Google fish in a bucket and we believe you did you hear about that guy who got his domain seized by the country of France compass.com since like 94 and the French dude who lived I think he lived in New York and you started a website that was talking about France France terrorism that talk about stuff that people would like and I'll cut your friends so They seized it without compensating for it I don't think they could be allowed to do that either it's another he did it close to 25 like they didn't know they didn't know that no one working or is it like friends.com friends.com so I'm going to guess it was friends.com if you were going to practice. It's an old bike Forum go to whitehouse.com just like a PHP BB for him he's gay porn site for a while what Minerals Copper knee USA don't come by that's what's up for what was it what are French people go fronts I thought you asked we do not have the code out whatever like in the American Army if they want to he said he said that he's worked at the front door in the floor in 2015 France and it to a legal battle with him and they won the lawsuit March 2018 the legal entity keep the world you know it's like in the country where where was it fought was it bought the US was it fought in France probably fucking vodka could make a loss thing is the legal to hold a front that I'm website and then use that filth what's that website I use for 25 years I get the argument you have to defend your trademark or whatever is a trademark as I made it so fucking country I know it's tough but you have to defend it but if that's the case then if you've gone 25 years without defending it then you probably should lose it at that point time I mean that there has been no attempt to get it from him before they knew it existed. You can claim you didn't know it was that weather.gov exist right government faced stop picking up front. Gov that they no one else can register one of the defroster penisland.com FR / en the English language version because you're on the.com website and it's fucking americraft america.com I'm sure for you to register a dog that far you have to have a business registered somewhere in France sure but you don't need that to register.com you need to live in America that you're right sweetie I have code at us ever seen that one is that it's usually like the American versions of far business this week when domain names first took off like people always speculated about what domain names will become popular right like they weren't sure how people were going to use the internet was like oh I want to register help.com that way if someone needs help with this specific thing I can or if they need help with anything come to help.com treated it like keywords like General things instead of like very specific use cases inside No One used to use the internet like that at all in the end I think it's like a hold over for like an amazing Stories the internet is the fact that PayPal was recalled x.com or Eddie was a couple of these came together to make PayPal give it back to you on musk did they I think so fast spacex.com or the model X anything who owns the company I was going to see if the local sporting goods has it and they went to dicks.com and I was like don't take that but it's actually being like dicks. Com like Dick's Sporting Goods at the risky what is vaginas. Com will my bookmarks you almost bought x.com from PayPal and July 2017 there was a comprable sale v.com sold in 2014 for about 7 million dollars it would be more expensive to buy every single Lessa URL then by like an entire Street sweats of houses probably stop by the alphabet on Google right do you have the username that you want on Twitter cuz I tried to get like gifts at Gibson or a plain Jane reached out to the guys that Caleb uniflow you a couple your box is till prick about it she doesn't want you to get your money but he wants his name Ashley has the gamertag fucking active on it though I an ex and she gets offers like a few loads up for Xbox Live messaging it's just constant offers for people to is Xbox Live so not buy it but trade for it like I have the domain or to me I have the gamertag like Hoobastank fan with like zeros videos hell yeah fukin Duty crazy it's like it's the weirdest dumbest offers I can screenshot so why would I want that horrible Instagram on Twitter I wanted to get Bernie on Xbox Live doesn't matter so much to me anymore but and there is a Bernie because I was in his way back there I was an Xbox Live beta test and I register the domain name cuz that was my handle back in those days we all have fake names on the internet I mean I'm telling me that her know where comes from me a Buzzbee the Busby yeah going to be would have probably been I had that idea for like a fake movies like an entertainment version of The Onion where we did talk about movies that was all fake articles on your neck affect us but that's what I mean is fake news and I've never called show Buzz news and I think the mascot was Busby The Busy Bee was the name of that we were not with the cylinders for a little while and then go anywhere but there wasn't one made it but I try to get Bernie on Xbox Live and I've contacted guy and he wrote me back and he's apparently was a member of the Xbox Live launch Team and so he's know where you're getting that reasons not to give it to God I tried to look up I took a look at my tweet recently to get Bernie on there just. Twitch streaming for commenting my friends you switching out of sick fun to drop in and be gables on Instagram and then something happened where I wasn't active in that when I came back to it was like this profile got shut down because of a very sensitive material or something is like he was like $0.10 but said that I had posted some like shit like some news or something we got maybe but I never did like The Alibi you set up for yourself here between your identities online I loaded up after I hear about it like 5 or 6 times like alright I guess got to pay them to this fucking platform I get the app sign up Bernie says username is taken away fuck you fun I'm out delete you guys ever get people to reach out to you and they're like hey just so you know someone was using your photos in your like Persona in catfishing people in a dating website it's not meant to be an insulting Gavin do you ever get that I've actually had that felt like hitting someone I know in a different country and I'm like what are the chances that person that actually knows me but this you soften eventually they'll come across my nose me hey just so you know this person is faking to be you there's one that recently was like hey just so you know if they're faking be you and I sentence some things and I found out that they weren't you so that sucks and I was like I am so sorry you should probably report but there's nothing I can do on my end so I don't know what telling me about his good I feel bad for them though clearly method for you that it does mean you have the great platform to start posing as you and then be up say that was me no I wouldn't mind of Gavin Free Service Milwaukee gave me one light origin weather and my email address would have already been registered to the public email address so use a private one and then years later I'll forget email address to the public place in what I think it is terminal password should I request the password reset I'm in on Logan Logan and stuff and then I'm like playing games playing games then I realize I just hijacked someone else's account to sign up with my email address and has games and I just take it but they signed up with your email address library that I didn't buy it's my address but I didn't pay for it and then I just don't know what to do cuz I have no idea probably use your email was probably because they used some kind of fake codes or something in order to get games for free like that's why they would use somebody else's email address I got a second email and they just Trace back to them so they just like the time I end up using account so I didn't make even though if they have my address did something where they charge me 40 bucks for HBO service and I was like no no no I already know what's going on when else that I use I use HBO Go and I was like figuring out like what the hell is this I got a refund I'm not sure how it happens you drunk and no and then they charge getting free HBO services in Amazon how do you do that so check out at Target go to PlayStation a Roku you can go into your Amazon Amazon Westworld and then you go into the west-world tab and you can watch those videos we have to subscribe to HBO or whatever so anyways that's what that's what kept happening I kept on getting you no money taken out of my account from Amazon facility bucks I assume some Al 3042 HBO on Prime video Channel today it happened and and then I went in and giving up for that it wasn't giving up a chunk why I looked into it was like last last watch video was Ballers or something cuz I don't fucking Ballers come to find out if I had my old PlayStation and they found that I was still logged in which I thought I deleted and they were just charging up my account with ballers is it good to finally sorry but I got to figure it out. You know I know he's so I imagine what happened is I sold my PlayStation 2 games did the other day I got my gas bill from Amazon someday I bet I bet you will cardboard box filled with gas propane in their material 15% per second Amazon Fire stick for entertainment everything goes to Amazon of that stuff which is why Amazon if you ever have the fucking Kindle app on your iPhone you can't buy anything to the Kindle app because the Kindle app comes from the App Store web browser go to Amazon. I don't want Apple to make money so they did that it went through the YouTube app on an iPhone you pay more how do you think creators have legitimate gripes about the waste of being demonetized for Business Insider and I was talking little bit about it and I go back and forth because I do think readers kind of have been protected by YouTube from they thought they were free from like Brandon fluence but they're running all these ads like this is the way ads when people put ads on your content they have a say in where that goes and they will be in front of her that's how TV came to exist was through that system so I guess it's hard to adjust to that world but you know take comfort that you were protected from it for probably a decade at this point anyway we were talking about YouTube for these tears like you're busy Jeff your whole business is on YouTube that's your only destination right yeah I also do you have now how do you spell 11 East okay submarine Subs million people are going to see what I put up a new video know it's only a sampling of it does it and if they want to see your videos that have now hit the hit the bell redoubling of your efforts like I know we know he's been outside doing this just do it again and there's always diminishing returns because going back what you were saying with being in the cart and not communicating to people that it's more money you know what do so see me now because even when people get all the way down to putting something in a cart and going to buy it that has a high abandonment break up like 60% in some places where people just push it in the car in the Never by you want to minimize every click do I need to do you know and now you have you as a person but also hit the Bell Bell's I have it does Vine use every time you put something up the majority of my views on subscribers just cuz if the variety of them nobody YouTube channel post your shit everywhere get Fitness you can warm up stuff and then just looks like it might be something that I can't fucking stand I hope this stops I always hate to say like why you looking right at me when you get people on the internet to stop doing something but I need a tweet this weekend hourly to buy kombucha if you just rip it up and we could BTS but none of those have ever been scientifically substantiated and several people have died from trying to make your own kombucha and drinking plenty of those mushrooms I think it's a mushroom aspect to it as bad as well as some very upsetting organization called men's Schumer Twitter for men sorghum in Somerdale posted my tweet but it's on fucking Twitter my post is on fucking Twitter there's no way to actually post on somebody else's tweet and bad to Twitter I'm not making a living off of my talking to eat you know obviously you're just trying to do anything they can to keep people on their Twitter feed and not send them anywhere else which is kind of like I need social contract Twitter retweets of the people who discovered the people but regard spent you regardless regardless whatever the word is really care about that what drives me fucking insane every time someone takes one of our things and how to get to repost on some fucking garbage website for Twitter account is what do I get I get my whole fucking mentioned filled with the big time look what the fuck is the big time like what the fuck fuck fucking break between snow do my Disney princess thing and then people be like hold and Joe and it's like someone to a test light every time I pet thing comes around that's in the Budget Suites Twitter now no longer shows me all my mentions yeah then I literally went to another third-party app and load up just my mentions the paint app that's why I was upset and why would I can only I only use the Twitter app very specific things if I really want to see what people are saying that you have to use a third-party I have to use another app to see it or hit the Bell exactly right see I won't get your own platform that's the lesson get your own plan for I think we said that before and chasing cameras all over change the way you think cuz like I can't see if she ever mentions or likes or return any of my inner any interactions with the least like it does you mean without being muted I don't get it maybe they decided the hutch we said nothing but garbage and she's being filtered directly by to you listen here is one of the nicest people you take that back maybe maybe seven times she could be anyone right Jeff she really nice pictures Regal did you hear about that or she ordered some food from a restaurant the food was delivered to her the delivery person said oh can you leave a review on Yelp the food wasn't like what she was expecting was very good to slip the three star review then that night at 10 p.m. the restaurant manager came to her house knocking on her door and calling her phone ask you to talk to her about her real preview she said the mystery caller around 10 p.m. is she heard someone knocking at your door then her phone started being greedy with the number to recognize voicemail hello this is an inaudible name the manager of the restaurant I'm outside your door I want to speak to you about your Yelp review that he was trying to bring her free food to make up for it why the fuk you do that at 10 p.m. and they said that there was a misunderstanding so that's why she thought she was getting the correct description for the GrubHub is the place that will fill the delivery how does the restaurant have her address for GrubHub deliver or do they just put an order GrubHub delivering your food is it what is it is the restaurants that don't deliver Asian food and Asian love is my food at the Chinese restaurant so that they do but like with GrubHub and Uber Eats Its Spots just similar race to your food to deliver your food then come be a coincidence I don't know what you wanted what is Grubhub you place the order via their website or they're at and then they place the order to the restaurant they pick up the food from the restaurant and they bring the food to you and your favorites. Like the same thing like San Francisco doesn't have a delivery for everything and they charge price for it like if Like Home Slice Pizza we talked about a lot I get to Home Slice is not deliver but you can call favor and say hey bring me to Home Slice Pizza and I'll charge like an extra 12 bucks but I got a bunch of friends over his party and you order pizza or when you're super fucking hung over like that time when I drink all that vodka for that one interview Myself by Ed Sheeran free and I got for some reason a bike messenger was the one that was picking up my thing so I can get a guy has a car or we can get these dudes that carried on their backpacks recently rather bike yeah no sheets like crunch the pizza in half is a large pizza so is like this long or something and when I got it like the sauce and everything like was just fucking everywhere it looks like he threw a pizza should have had a helmet that could hold a piece of flat or he should have been driving a car like that that was probably the worst things are different now so facial hair and haircut it looks different crap since I've known you but I think you note to be skinnier that are now playing. Okay so I want to give anything away hopefully both have seen it and yes anyway about Infinity War Blaine is a very buff dude he's not the most athletic guy who is that okay to say that ended up being one of our favorite moments of all time and we actually have an RT Life coming out because we filmed in RC life about it can we bring back out to you life just just for that video it's so weird because the audience was just talking about if we wasn't talking about aren't you like how you want it back I'm like what we have in our life that we're putting out because something happened it's so we still have oxy life is a show I would have canceled it is just it exists when something happens when it happened to Neo mr. Anderson goes and visits the architect do you know about that scene in The Matrix to really late playing the other night you just didn't know this is Gavin thing never says no you still have that he never says no I said no plenty of my vendors tickets but you did say note of Matrix to If I Didn't Have Pizza Ready to Go Radio silence hang out in Matrix 2 with Neil goes to visit at work orders everything down is Arctic weather for a time or whatever what is the Matrix released this summer in the town that was the phone invented for the movie in the movie The Matrix to what I did make a phone call well that'll be great I'll hold up May 22nd I was talking about the Matrix series I would watch that read the podcast until one story and it's been one not ending sequential changing after another story. Everything down there or bust your ass right was it something to do with throwing shit put I put flip cameras muzzle flip cameras here we hit a button in the USB port pops out of it if I put cameras out on the conference table and I said everyone just whenever something you want of course I'm just grab this and record something fun we can do some cool it has been it is always started in the I don't know why I think this generation if we do more to life will be different but it's always started like oh here's a couple cool things we did we're filming stuff that neat and then all of a sudden it starts to a balls and the people who were working on it turn into some very basic like I remember at 66 you guys were going over the field and playing a tossed and Marshall and Chris are you wrestling in the back in the in the milk was Michael cheap another chair races people actually do but like he's orchestrated so you always act like breakdown or to life then let it start back up again and then eventually creep back into words like produced and it's all the way back around how long it took to complete the process of making it and it becomes too big and it feels like it's like collapse of the stuff yeah yeah. Selling it like we're out to lunch one day Gavin and I would say to you that you know what's crazy Kevin Pepsi the middle of donuts have to be somewhere and then we made a video based around donut holes getting Kyle donut are the same size as the holes in the donuts they have no they're not they're not a whole into a donut but don't they take the little who out of the little girls because they they made him just because people like where's the middle so I hear that but just make a bunch of bulls another round right and they cut the center out that's the thing that supposed to the donut holes made out of a cat's Pride but here's what I always wondered what you fucking The Donut Corner I'm getting two different angle go ahead and slice them first let me the 30th right now effort almost 500 podcast bucket list and then they have a rolling pin if I remember correctly a rolling pin that's got like holes or cut all the donuts but they take out the whole movie of cut what donut McDonald's that's the thing that rolls from this rolled into a loop handcrafted I think that's wrong because if you look in there I think Bernie's right about this being by Machine most into a circle and it's a donut World. They take a load of bagels loaf of bread and they put in one of those Taffy machine that's so you're saying go to go to Krispy Kreme doing it's fully transparent how everything message Johnson Johnson around here test is also brought you by ProFlowers wonderful bouquet of flowers here to Frito-Lay course you can get pro flowers with Mother's Day coming up and doesn't mom deserve more than just one day when you send her pro flowers for Mother's Day he's guaranteed to have at least 7 Days of fresh beautiful flowers but right now our listeners can send 100 colorful balloons with a free glass vase starting it was 1999 plus shipping and handling with promo code teeth with fresh flowers guaranteed delivery and unique bases and accessories that Mom will love ProFlowers has everything you need to get your Mother's Day shopping done for all the moms you know just choose a delivery date you want and it's guaranteed to even get your gift delivered on Mother's Day May after you do that the only way to get 100 colorful balloons with a free glass based on his 1999 is it proflowers.com click on the blue microphone in the upper right corner and use code teeth proflowers.com code teeth grow flowers for sponsoring this episode of the podcast sending us some pretty flowers done to our website roosterteeth.com and got into a live feed to go join the chat and we are on podcast for 495 only do the math you correctly 10 episodes and full episode more or less fish yeah tennis is there any special thing that's going to happen for podcast 500 is that big deal how did Donuts how do I use you in like if you ever do get high enough that you do that you know and if you do it's legally but like when you think that everybody's talking about you or that there's a giant joke happening and you're the center of it like the butt of it I felt like I was one of those moments but you said fun of you but this video that we have coming out is I only wish when it started at some point where to start after something happened so but I just wish this late but it was like how she's working but she's stealing pizza I like that she's stealing no reason to be filming we tried to find it but it was supposed to trip that was actually like one of my favorite memories that just had randomly happening RoosterTeeth I thought like you just like one of those things his way out remember this for the rest of my life that I felt I felt honored to be a part of it coming out she doesn't like it should be done by tomorrow morning to the man in the podcast because I like 15 minutes to get it ready for those of you who turned in life to use the people that are in there I'm always afraid to say their fucking email address you. Everybody knows it words that mean we have a different frame rate for this text Maddie what you do I set my damn phone to shoot 4K 60 frames a second it's like 500 megabytes a minute your phone quit I quit there's like a 20-minute record while playing so that when full k60 is easily viewed by the Masters is ready to go to the 37-minute 4K 60 frame video on my phone the other day and when I went to go turn it off it was hot to the touch it had like little warning triangle on it has been disabled to cool down I mean there's a reason that's not on by the full name for something guess what is fixed my computer before before I would use it and it would not stay on and now it's okay what happened that would cause that to happen like it was heat if you I removed the cooling system free things just like a brick it was it was hard to that was the problem the only thing I did was I was going to buy stay on I was going to buy one of those dusters with Aunt Esther dude none of this was in a can to 100 by 20s and I got an electric one the cans of compressed air or like 8 bucks each this thing's 20 bucks and I'll have for the rest of my life so it sucks but it's weight would nozzles and stuff like a reverse vacuum like a dustbuster backwood cold cold air is compressed air on the side of a mountain I got a green one I bet I could blow harder than that thing that you bought I will bet you not for as long as you can't blow harder than that so my solution was I can never solve it by solution was to leave one side of the case off and put it off living fan at it blow off and then suck off so we're going to have to do this thing back in Boy Scouts where we had like two long tubes and you put your little boats in there and then you would blow them down is the race I bet I could beat that thing at that little I'll bring it in but do you know how to ping pong balls you race it I'll fuck Achilles good for you yeah all right you need to go to the number to the Boy Scout thing and then we'll have fun we'll go out and will take you to a donut make it so did you put new thermal paste thermal paste it now the computer stays on so what's the problem it was definitely he probably think also I didn't tell you this or any of the only problem I think I can tell you this or any of the other computer experts were telling me they could be the power spider thing computer rebooted it told me to see if you was over temperature I might have left that part of me but now my computer is we talking a lot that shit you don't even need to Pace any way to get one of those squares for the same thing but also very different very different station where you draw a straw if it's more than 10 meters doesn't suck too high. you can I suck so high oil pressure so I did want to see who could suck the higher the most I can drink with you you probably know Maddie do you think you could call a strong manufacturing company and get us a straw that is baby cut a 10-4 let me weird go back watch is there any rules that you can never make it anywhere talk about before we do whatever. I'm sure I could find I can find someone to make straws like that is for a video to make straws straw early make my own business so we can get the cutting accident how much you want spoiled Bruno Mars and rewarding to do goes up but this is pretty much what about it in front of that so you're from Australia your country has ruined one of the most precious resource is in the world the Great Coral Reef I made the comment that sunscreen has been proven to affect you negatively and fuck him in particular Australian to have a really deep culture of sunscreen flip flop flop and also Indian culture of dying coral reef skywriting mad at me and said that because the game is called years ago in the war chemical come off Skidaway sports like oil on it still good for it when they listen to twenty one for me yeah it's fucking living being the biggest living thing in the world was coral reef dies why is it one big finger but you leave every human health and we'd be the biggest thing we wouldn't be mad at you. But you never seem like a bacteria cluster the size of coffee table how do you know what I see billion bacteria if they're like they would make that happen they would shit that write out 98 billion billion can you just walk into the bank and go I'm passing out like what I'm up in Vegas I'm done I'm not your business anymore just like how much could you get what do you think the biggest thing he could buy would be One bank but like Kenny get it what the government stop you from trying to liquidate that much in the mountains out of circulation the FBI would have to make sure that you don't get killed doing it I'm sure wsu's Target I would like to withdraw a hundred billion dollars they would call the government if you like just so you know Define sleuth in a shitload of money today and then the FBI would come down be like what's going on dude everything I ever going to be on the phone at one store in the past they couldn't see out is as cash the world would break crash $200 notes each note weighs about 1 gram you would have a total weight of just over 1300 tons, see the $1 note in money than $1 notes that's $132,000 so I can't I can't fathom how big that is is there a building that's in a single stack of money with a hundred 32 we would be in $1 notes he would be 8200 Miles High Why isn't Tim Cook more Rich he has the most valuable company does he how is he not on that top five. First Apple imply ownership put up the biggest company you think I bet he's one of those dudes but give me a dollar a year I mean most big sea on the salary for a dollar at where is it like only had 10 billion doesn't seem right cash in the books computer running Windows in Mac OS 60% of Americans have less than $2,500 in savings but it's the majority of Americans have basically no save your I was told something something like more than half of of people can't give you $400 if you couldn't produce that which is Prince and a half or something like that but not enough people have his post on music groups the destructive Book Company wait 20 years bad believe cuz I want you know I'm sure you remember the late-night E I was I was a joke it's like who would invest in that but never going to make money for buying that I bought it then I would have been so smart to buy it you know I could have seen them at the time you could not have seen that Vision pets.com or whatever very crowded market and they were very loud vocal people who said it was going to lose and there's no way that business would ever work in the paper you look at the list of all stocks you like all these companies are doing great every company that was ever listed was still there but like a zero you be like this shit like three quarters two companies are dead no it's just that history only remembers the winners in the case Amazon stop him if he bought like a pyramid or a piece of art. Indonesia hell yeah hell yeah but like if you did that in any like broke it or like you know painted over it or something on for sale rent.com by friends.com like all the shit out of them what can you buy the Great Barrier Reef lunch let it die how many jobs are produced in tourism I'm looking here if you want from Life Science from 2012 to 2012 you want to build a pyramid today you are a lot of Technology it would cost you on 5 billion dollars can you get the gold Capstone thing is is that is that the pyramids what's your period of no value Noah give a shit about him to them being all the sudden very important because that is storical value Associated to the Mildred elley smooth but not the rough because people just go into the pyramid and take materials like the outer layer off to build shit in Cairo where is it Cairo Cairo no there was an outer layer like it was smooth and they've been pulled away would go and they would take it off it would take it off they would just walk up to it and take it off so before they said they would take off every step I just take it off move to take it off when I get off I'm going to go there was a gold Capstone how many people have died falling down just like I mean I could get a running start off at very top I do like two blocks down but they had like a rope attached to them in the very bottom there's a speeding car and then they are flare the car goes in the drag on the pyramid professional Yelp or Amazon reviewers I'm just fucking fasting but they have these lengthy lengthy thing that they have little Banner by the top 1% reviewer that's what I'm wondering is it well you know you know what the fuck you talking about you know what amount of time on his Amazon reviews and it's kind of fucking fascinating I would love to see a documentary about those people I want to see if anyone has reviewed that watch who actually is it that this person goes and what are they say like sometimes it's just like normal views and sometimes like this person has a very interesting to you on the world and I'm curious to see what they think about every wrestling ever been to you to me it's like a fast food or whatever he just looks really creepy looking on Amazon the top person has written 5200 reviews 96% helpful ranking how long does it take to write five minutes of use that people put up our fucking ridiculous this guy that guy the report of the week so you might know him know now he's just as creepy looking kid that reviews food any awards like an oversized suit guys that made my day Anna Photography in my spare time he has his thing is you know address is called and I hope I'm pronouncing his for her name correctly Ali Julia is like Julia's last name and their their email address they what's yours I'll Ali Julia reviews at fastmail.com so that's that's that they have an identity based on this be in the day that's pretty cool but in the chat the vampire of him has a higher percent helpful rating I'm fucking down the rabbit hole are checking this man no dust was that give me the top user on Dick remember that I remember dick yeah he was at this dude and if you wanted something to get to the front page of dig the gatekeeper so he can post something and it would make the it was really the front page was just it would make dig blood flow to the Hobby he was the first around everything with the hubby you still first does a while ago too though Michael I saw a few pictures are of this vampire talk about when we were talking about like how the Rooster Teeth podcast was used for announcements for the company in general why is that bad thing. Just because it's like this is different than the company itself but the way things are going with a our mistakes and be the culture of outrage that exist online we basically have every couple of months and apology statement or every month apology statement of the podcast whoever's dealing with that issue should then have a venue for that anyway that's not the whole reason for it but Matt and Ezra are probably in some other people who don't normally turn on camera going to have a show or some type of recurring video which is more about transparency of showing like what's going on behind the scenes Alicia Keys because I think a lot of you have leaned on the blog for being that for a while then without it it just doesn't seem like it exists so we're going to have an ongoing conversation for for people who are interested in the business side of a venue for people to see what's going on in to talk about that in the comment on his way back so I feel like a lot of that I just tell me that's not a vampire anyways nice fine with eating clay Golem that somebody brought a what are you talk like that you make donuts without level of eloquence all the time don't rip me to shreds my first video every night you always here off the phone I'm just always here later because I don't have class until way later so I don't want to go let me go to college for what for years but I actually don't have a class until like way later so I don't want to go on campus later I just hang out here instead I'll have two exams and two essays and that's it in French French essays are you going to go to france.com to me know when you're on your break if I leave cool front in America wow okay with me to Rosati's Cowboys are we all really admire is an adventure online her name is Simone giertz she's Swedish I hope you'll know her work probably cuz she makes really just kind of shity robots like there's a lipstick machine that puts lipstick all over her face and that she has a brain tumor which appears to be a benign brain tumor behind your eyes used to be going through brain surgery and we just have to say we wish her a very successful surgery and a speedy recovery were thinking about you so yeah we are all of your content in there but do you want to show the video for the video and then go to credits do we need to mention what happened before we start rolling on the podcast the fuk it up by my buddy so well